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Second Chances

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00:01 Our second chance is possible, God says yes.
00:03 The Bible is overflowing with examples,
00:05 King David the murderer, Samson the philander,
00:08 Peter the unconverted Christian and the list goes on and on.
00:12 And examples outside the Bible well, they're many there also.
00:15 I am one of them.
00:16 I am talking about a second chance
00:18 to board the bus bound for eternity.
00:20 You'll say you're already on it but are you sure about that.
00:30 Its time to join your guide Jim Ayer for an exciting
00:33 12 episode journey into remodeling your life.
00:38 You're going to discover
00:39 that God's transforming power is real.
00:42 And He is ready to provide that power to you.
00:45 Now here is your guide Jim Ayer
00:47 to take you on a journey of lifetime
00:50 in amazing and dynamic experience with God.
01:06 You know, I was a thief and alcoholic and a drug dealer
01:09 when God reached into my heart and spoke to me.
01:12 I became a Christian but then I quit studying
01:14 and taking time of God spending quality time with Him.
01:18 But our spiritual divorce would not finalize
01:20 so I continued to play church for years.
01:23 Then God gave me a second chance.
01:25 You know I was sitting in the church pew
01:27 listening to the preacher
01:28 when a flash of convection hit me.
01:30 I realized that I was eternally lost
01:33 unless I made a drastic change in my relationship with God.
01:37 He wanted to become my very best friend.
01:40 How would I respond? How would you respond?
01:45 You know, my choice was clear cut.
01:47 God asked me if I want to join Him on the journey of lifetime.
01:51 God's question really hit me and I needed to give an answer.
01:55 Should I stay where I was or go with God?
01:58 Do I continue placing all of my time and energy
02:00 into amassing money how was this toys--
02:05 and successes or do I began placing God
02:07 on the top of my priority list?
02:12 Moses had been going toe to toe with the pharaoh of Egypt
02:15 and finally pharaoh said, "I will let you go so that
02:18 you may sacrifice to Jehovah your God in the wilderness.
02:22 Only you shall not go very far away."
02:27 Not go very far away, that's actually the difference
02:30 between freedom and bondage.
02:33 You can be a slave to the things of this world
02:35 by holding on to the fancy car, that boat, the motorcycle
02:39 and at the same time attempt to reach out
02:41 and grasp with the heavenly pride.
02:50 I'm sure you considered very strange
02:52 to see an athlete carrying a suitcase all the way
02:55 around the racetrack trying to win a race,
02:58 attempting to reach the finish line.
03:01 Stupid you'd say well, of course.
03:03 But many Christians are trying to do
03:05 the same thing in spiritual matter.
03:08 The question is, "are you,
03:09 are you trying to keep your feet in both worlds
03:12 and not travel too far toward Go?"
03:18 The most precious gift in the universe
03:20 can be hours for the asking.
03:22 No matter how did general we have become.
03:24 We merely need to raise our eyes heavenward,
03:27 focus on the things of eternity, the things that really matter.
03:37 Satan is always very happy to let us play church
03:41 as long as we don't get too serious about it.
03:44 Well, especially the God of the church
03:46 because the word church simply means
03:48 those called out of the world
03:49 by God to head in a new direction,
03:52 to enjoy an unbroken friendship with Him.
03:55 You see the devil says, "Hey look,
03:57 its okay to look like a Christian
03:59 and even attend church but don't go too far.
04:02 There is no reason to go overboard with this God thing
04:06 beside you don't want any one thinking
04:08 you're a radical, do you?
04:10 You see, Satan never gets worried
04:12 when we are always making plans to leave Egypt,
04:15 but we never actually do.
04:18 Please understand life begins
04:20 when we're freed from sin and slavery.
04:22 The only way to be free is to point our eyes toward God,
04:26 to make our commitment to Him and move our feet.
04:29 We can't afford to pause for a moment
04:31 and look back toward the old life in Egypt.
04:34 The old life of sin but that's exactly what I did.
04:41 You see God called me out of unbelievable darkness
04:45 and when He called me from the darkness to light
04:47 I mean I was so excited, I was absolutely thrilled.
04:50 I began spending so much time studying my Bible,
04:54 so much time in prayer.
04:55 I would go out early in the morning under a tree
04:58 and pray to God may be for hours so.
05:00 I mean it was absolutely delightful.
05:03 But then along the way,
05:05 I began looking at things of the world.
05:08 I started in to real estate.
05:10 I got into the top 4% of all of Coldwell Banker
05:14 agents in all of North America.
05:17 I had my own radio talk show.
05:18 I was, I was doing every thing that people would say
05:22 "Oh, wow, you are so successful."
05:24 I was making a lot of money.
05:26 I had my motorcycle, I had all the cars,
05:29 I had property, real estate, lands.
05:32 I virtually had it all I was lobbying on Capitol Hill.
05:35 The Congressmen and senators,
05:37 I was rubbing shoulders with them on a regular basis.
05:40 As the world looks at success I was very, very successful.
05:44 And I was, I was in church, you know, I was dressed nicely
05:48 matter of fact I was going to places preaching all the time
05:51 but you see something had happened.
05:53 There was is a real difference because I was preaching
05:56 without the power of Holy Spirit.
05:58 I had stopped praying.
06:00 I had stopped really studying, matter of fact,
06:04 my study time was almost nonexistent any more
06:07 but I looked apart.
06:09 I did every thing just the way I was supposed to.
06:12 As I traveled the places
06:14 and I talked about Jesus Christ like
06:16 why no one would probably know the difference
06:18 unless you're someone sitting in the pew
06:21 and you had that converted heart you've totally left Egypt.
06:24 You had your long experience with Jesus Christ.
06:27 And you would be able to tell.
06:31 But I doubted my own mind that there was a lot of people
06:33 who could tell because unfortunately even today
06:36 there are many people who do not have
06:38 that experience with Jesus Christ.
06:40 Who do not spend that time on their knees
06:42 and prayer and study with Jesus.
06:46 One day sitting in the church pew all of a sudden Lord said
06:50 "Jim, the Holy Spirit is going to be poured out all around you.
06:54 You're never going to recognize it
06:55 or receive it however."
06:58 Wow, all of a sudden that woke me up
07:00 I thought "Lord, what do I do?"
07:02 I talked with a friend of mine orthopedic surgeon
07:04 he was having the same problems that I was having.
07:07 We said well, let's get together on a Friday evening.
07:10 Let's study together.
07:12 We got together on that Friday evening.
07:14 He'd got hold the day Bible study that we had to commit
07:18 to spend about 45 minutes everyday in prayer and study.
07:21 And I looked at that and thought "I'm too important for them.
07:25 Spend 45 minutes a day I can't do that.
07:27 Right, I've got all these other things to do.
07:29 You know I've got to earn money.
07:31 I've got to go places. I've got to do things."
07:34 Everybody else signed but I didn't sign.
07:37 Toward the end of the evening
07:38 they plugged in a video and I began watching
07:40 that preacher was preaching just to me.
07:42 He said "Jim, you've piled up
07:44 so much stuff in front of your door
07:46 and God does call you to go on mission for Him
07:49 you'll never be able to get to the door
07:50 to even answer the call."
07:52 And I began, begin shedding tears.
07:54 Luckily the lights were off. I hurried up.
07:56 I wiped my eyes and they turned the lights on.
07:59 The video was over everybody began walking out the door
08:02 and I still had in my hand that guide
08:04 and I'm looking at that guide
08:05 thinking what do I do, what do I do.
08:08 And finally at the very end I signed my name.
08:12 And I tell you it was a most exciting second chance.
08:15 God gave me an amazing second chance
08:18 and I woke up and guess what.
08:19 The first thing I did when I got home
08:21 I got rid of all the premium channels on television.
08:24 And I had time to study.
08:25 I had time to get in God's word again
08:27 and it became a life to me.
08:29 It opened up again.
08:30 I began praying and talking with God
08:32 on an amazing regular basis.
08:34 Well, I sometimes I spend an hour
08:36 or two hours talking with God.
08:39 I would have never believed it before this time
08:43 but it was such an exciting experience.
08:45 And my friends, you know its time,
08:48 its time we quit playing church
08:51 and get on with the business of following God
08:53 and giving our lives fully and completely to Him.
08:58 What kind of commitment is God asking us to make.
09:02 A lawyer came to Jesus and asked one day
09:05 what he had to do to inherit eternal life.
09:07 An interesting response
09:09 "and you shall love Jehovah your God with all of your heart,
09:12 with all of your soul, and with all of your mind."
09:15 That was Jesus response.
09:17 The key is found in the word all.
09:19 Does that describe your present experience?
09:22 Well, if not the same power that lifted me
09:24 out of my prison of sin and slavery
09:26 is the same power waiting for you.
09:40 Ever wondered why your life
09:42 doesn't reflect the powerful change
09:44 that supposed to be part of every Christian experience.
09:47 Do temptations weigh on you and leave you saying
09:50 may be I'm trying hard enough for wondering
09:52 if God's holding up His end of the deal.
09:55 Could there be some secret everyone but you knows.
09:58 Well, there is a well kept secret
10:00 and few Christians know about it
10:02 or talk about it until now.
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10:40 Jim was a drug dealer and alcoholic and a thief
10:43 until God called him but that was just the beginning
10:46 as someone said he has lived six lifetimes.
10:49 He became wealthy, lobbied on Capitol Hill
10:52 and was a church leader.
10:53 But he was lost until God gave him a second chance.
10:57 People tell us when you start reading
10:59 Second Chance you can't put it down.
11:01 You're loved ones who may be wondering
11:02 if God will give them a second chance will love it too.
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11:10 I came across the story by Max Lucado some years ago
11:13 that to me really represents the love of God.
11:17 Story about Maria, Maria was such a wonderful lady
11:20 lived in a small town had a difficult life
11:23 but it was wonderful in some ways
11:25 because she just had a daughter Christina.
11:28 Unfortunately, her husband died and she had a very tough time
11:33 but now Maria was a proud lady she was a wonderful lady
11:36 and she decided to continue
11:38 working hard to raise Christina up
11:40 in a little tiny hovel which she have.
11:44 But as Christina grew well she became a beautiful lady
11:47 but as she grew up she kept saying "mom,
11:50 I want to go to the city. I want to go to the city."
11:52 Maria said "honey, the city will only bring you heartache."
11:55 Because her mother knew it will be
11:57 so difficult to get a job there.
11:59 She knew what would happen to Christina
12:01 and how her life would change dramatically.
12:06 One day mom walked into the bedroom
12:07 and there was a note on the bed
12:10 that "mom, I have gone to the city."
12:12 And mother immediately knew what it meant,
12:14 what was going to happen to her sweet little girl.
12:18 She grabbed up a few clothes put them in her suitcase
12:21 and headed down to the bus station
12:23 on the way she stopped at the pharmacy.
12:25 And there at the pharmacy they had a little place
12:26 to take photos in a photo booth.
12:29 She spent most of her money on photos.
12:31 She jammed all those black and white photos in her suitcase
12:34 and she got on bus and headed to the city.
12:37 She is praying the whole time. She got to the city.
12:40 She began to stopping and searching every sleazy hotel
12:43 every, every dive, every bar, every place
12:46 that women of the night hangout.
12:50 And she got to each one she placed a photo
12:52 in the bathroom, near a mirror, down the stairwell,
12:57 every place she could find the shrug may be her daughter
13:00 with one day discover that photo.
13:03 But she finally ran out of, out of money,
13:05 she ran out of photos and she had to go home,
13:08 sitting on the bus was very difficult
13:11 and that homeward journey
13:12 because she cried the whole time thinking
13:13 about her poor Christina what would happen.
13:16 About three weeks later Christina walked
13:19 down the stairs of an old hovel of a hotel
13:22 and as she got to the bottom she looked and there,
13:25 there was a photo of her mother on a mirror.
13:27 Wept and she choked up
13:30 tears begin to comedown her eyes as she reached over
13:32 and she grabbed the photo and she looked.
13:34 She turned it over and there on the back of the photo
13:36 written on her own mother hand writing said "honey,
13:40 it doesn't matter what you've done,
13:42 it doesn't matter what you've become
13:44 I love you please come home."
13:48 That's the way God thinks about us.
13:51 That's what our Lord thinks about you and for me
13:52 it doesn't matter what we've done, what we've become.
13:55 Matter of fact may be you have been settling
13:57 in your own church for years but in reality,
13:59 you haven't turned your life completely over to God.
14:02 You haven't surrendered 100%.
14:05 But God says "Hey, I want a friendship with you.
14:08 I want a relationship with you.
14:09 It doesn't matter what you've done,
14:11 what you've become, come home, I love you."
14:17 I ask this question of church congregation all the time,
14:20 is there anything too hard for God?
14:22 What do you think?
14:23 Can you think of a single thing God cannot do, to give up?
14:28 If you answered no, you would have lot of company
14:31 but you would have been wrong.
14:32 There is one thing that God cannot do.
14:34 He cannot save you if you will not allow Him to do so.
14:38 You see, the devil can't make you do
14:40 anything against your will and God won't.
14:43 In other words God will never force His way into your life.
14:47 He will not push or change you
14:49 or do anything if you do not ask Him to do it.
14:52 It's as simple as that.
14:54 Your salvation, my salvation depends
14:56 upon a solid understanding of this biblical teaching.
15:00 Let me share a story with you.
15:01 This story is about Mathew the tax collector.
15:04 Mathew loved money.
15:05 He was, he was always collecting money.
15:07 I mean people hated him for it but he did everything
15:10 he could to garner the money of this worlds goods.
15:15 That's all he focused on, that's all he thought about
15:18 money, money, money.
15:19 But one day Jesus came over to him
15:21 and said "Mathew, follow Me."
15:24 And immediately, immediately,
15:26 he closed the cash register of the day,
15:29 he got up and he followed Jesus.
15:31 You see, our first parents gave away the right
15:34 and the option of free choice to the devil.
15:36 But Jesus entered this world as a man.
15:38 He died to reestablish the option of free choice,
15:42 free choice to choose
15:43 who our leader will be, God or the devil.
15:47 Many people keep themselves into believing that
15:49 they have the third option
15:50 but there is no third option, there is none that exists.
15:54 But God's love is so liberating that even though
15:57 those who have served the devil for their entire lives
16:00 can choose to be transformed by God's power.
16:04 It's an amazing power.
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17:19 You know Jesus was always about His Father business.
17:22 On this particular day He traveled clear across the Sea
17:25 of Galilee to meet one person,
17:27 a man whose home was in a graveyard.
17:31 They got to the shore,
17:32 Jesus and the disciples get out of the boat
17:33 and they proceeded to go near the graveyard.
17:37 And when all of a sudden
17:38 this man came running out of the tomb,
17:40 his hair was mad and blood is coming down
17:43 probably form self inflected wounds
17:44 he'd been cutting himself.
17:46 He broke every restraint-- nothing could hold this man.
17:50 Well, the disciples were scared to death, they took off running
17:53 and as they're heading to the boat
17:55 they get down to the boat.
17:57 And they turn around and Jesus wasn't with them.
17:59 They turned and they looked
18:00 and Jesus is back with this man this possessed man.
18:04 Matter of fact, he had turned his life over to Satan
18:07 so long, so far, so deeply that Scripture tells us
18:11 that could have been 2,000 demons
18:13 residing in this poor pitiful human being.
18:17 But Jesus didn't leave the screaming, the hovering,
18:19 the viciousness of this man.
18:21 Jesus stayed right there because there was something
18:24 that had called out to Jesus in this man and so Jesus came
18:26 specifically to meet with him.
18:28 And He got there He had to stop.
18:30 He could go no further when Jesus was there
18:32 and Jesus commanded the demons come out of him.
18:36 And all of a sudden by the time
18:37 the disciples get back form the edge of the water
18:40 they looked and Scripture records
18:42 that this man was clothed and in his right mind.
18:45 Now, where did he get the cloths because Scripture also says
18:49 "he was naked in the tombs."
18:51 He was naked, where did he get the clothes?
18:52 I'd like to thank that Jesus took of His own clothes
18:55 His own righteousness and wrapped it around this man.
18:59 How beautiful, what a beautiful example of Christ taking His
19:03 and just, just masking all the evils within his
19:07 but He didn't want to just leave him that way.
19:09 Scripture also says "he was in his right mind."
19:12 What mind was this?
19:14 Well, I believe it was the mind of Jesus Christ,
19:16 this man had opened up to Jesus and Jesus transformed
19:19 and He gave him the new mind, and new heart.
19:22 Philippians 2 says "Let this mind be in you
19:24 which was also in Christ Jesus." That's the mind.
19:27 God wants to give us His mind also.
19:31 Jesus traveled clear across the lake to reach this one man.
19:35 You and I have a similar destiny.
19:37 You and I, why-- we were created
19:40 very unique and very special for God
19:43 to do mighty things in this world.
19:46 The question is will you allow God to do it?
19:48 Will you allow Him to come in transform your life,
19:52 wrap His righteous robe around you
19:54 and also give you a new mind?
19:57 What a, what a God we serve, choose this God,
20:00 He will never let you down.
20:04 Have you ever wondered if God can do the same thing today
20:07 like He did with demoniac give someone new mind.
20:10 He did just that for Susan.
20:15 Yes, I was raised going to catholic school
20:18 from ages first grade to sixth grade.
20:23 And during that time we went to church three times a day
20:26 and catechism after school
20:28 and this was really involved in the catholic life.
20:32 I followed godliness it's-- it was more of going to mass
20:36 and lightening the candles and being present
20:38 but was it really something
20:40 that I understood or took into a character.
20:46 We never really attended church we only attended church
20:48 while we are going to catholic school.
20:51 So, my family didn't attend church at all.
20:53 And when I transferred from in the sixth grade
20:56 to seventh grade into a public school
20:59 is when I began to head down the wrong road.
21:03 Well, I was sexually molested
21:04 when I was younger and I just knew
21:06 that I was never going to be with a right person.
21:12 I just felt like I was damaged like
21:13 I had a deep dark hole inside of me
21:16 and I just searched for a way
21:18 to get out to be away from that pain.
21:21 And I could just never understand
21:23 why God would allow something like that to happen to me
21:26 and because I didn't think that I did anything to deserve it.
21:30 So, when I-- at the age of 10 I started to drink and smoke
21:34 so that I could get out of myself
21:36 and be somebody different than who I was.
21:38 And that just continued to on and things got worse
21:41 and worse the further I went down the wrong road.
21:45 My drug addiction lasted for 25 years
21:48 and I did things that
21:51 I never dreamed that I would do.
21:53 And my drug addiction took me to places
21:56 that I just had no and it wasn't my plan
22:00 to end up a three time felon and in and out of jails
22:03 and intuitions and to ruin my life
22:05 and the lives of people that I came in contact with
22:08 but that's what happened.
22:09 The way that God finally got through to me
22:11 was the last time that I was in jail.
22:13 I met a women and she said to me "Susan,
22:15 why do you keep doing what you're doing?"
22:17 And I said "I knew no other way."
22:19 Since I was 10-years-old I was seeking to cover the pain
22:25 that I had and that's all I knew.
22:26 All I knew was being an addict.
22:28 And she said "can I pray with you?"
22:29 And I said yes.
22:31 She prayed with me,
22:32 I don't even remember what she said.
22:34 All I know is from that point
22:35 I never had the obsession to use drugs again.
22:38 And my life I knew that God was the one that freed me.
22:42 God was the one that, that took that away from me.
22:45 So I began to search for Him as hard as I searched for drugs.
22:49 So, He became, He became my focus everything about that
22:52 I wanted to live I do no longer
22:55 wanted to kill myself, I wanted to live.
22:58 And so, that's what I did everything became different.
23:03 Now the way that I look at my past that
23:07 there're always varying circumstances
23:09 that are goanna happen to all of us.
23:12 And now I have, I realized
23:14 that God has given me a choice, how I respond.
23:18 See, before I taught that it was everybody's fault.
23:21 I thought it was Gods fault, my mom and dads fault,
23:23 why didn't they protect me when it was the cops fault
23:25 and then my probation officer.
23:27 But now I recognized
23:28 that I have the freedom to address life
23:32 the way that I want to so bad things are gonna happen to me
23:35 but it's my choice to look at the right way now.
23:38 So, now I no longer God's someone that saved me.
23:42 You know He is one that sustained me through all that
23:45 this 25 years of drug addiction.
23:48 So, I looked to Him as my Savior
23:50 and Redeemer and the person who has reconstructed my life
23:54 because when I was in jail the last time
23:57 I was you know 25 pounds lighter than what I am today,
24:00 my hair is falling out, my teeth were falling out.
24:03 I was in mess and He has restored
24:05 not only me physically but mentally.
24:08 So, yeah, He is the best.
24:12 And when I look at God at the end of my addiction
24:14 I was incapable of looking at myself in the mirror
24:17 because not only did I have my past,
24:20 my past that happen to me but I had all of the years
24:22 of regret everything that I've done wrong
24:25 to everybody including to myself.
24:28 And I was doing drugs
24:29 at the end of my addiction in order to survive
24:33 because I had done so much damage.
24:35 So, when He freed me you know
24:39 I could finally be okay with who I am
24:43 and He, you know, He tells us that
24:45 He were a new creature in Christ,
24:48 right and all things have passed away.
24:50 So that-- I don't even know who that person is.
24:52 Now I tell my-- and you know, I don't even think about it
24:56 and that's I want to, everything is gone it's all gone
24:59 and I'm a new creature in Christ.
25:03 What I tell people when they need to
25:06 when they ask me how I got out of it,
25:08 you know, what steps I took.
25:11 You know the number one thing is prayer
25:13 seeking God and telling Him
25:16 letting Him know how weak you are
25:18 and that you are not capable of doing it on your own.
25:20 You don't know the choices you need to make that
25:23 you need His strength to direct you
25:26 because if you go to Him and you tell Him I need
25:28 because a lot of times we are saying
25:30 I don't need you God, I don't need you for anything.
25:33 But if you go to Him you tell Him I need You for everything.
25:36 I need You to change my will,
25:37 I need You to change my thoughts,
25:39 my surroundings, He'll honor that.
25:41 So that's going to God and asking Him
25:44 that ultimately to me is the answer to the problems
25:48 that we all have whether you are an addict or not.
25:51 You know what, there is nothing you know a lot of times
25:54 when we make changes in our lives
25:56 we think that we're not gonna be
25:58 able to survive for the fear of the unknown
26:00 but there is no greater happiness
26:02 than having the peace that passes all understanding
26:05 because God is the only one that can give us that peace.
26:08 So yes we can definitely be happy.
26:13 A friend of mine shared her daughters
26:14 door to door witnessing experience
26:16 which perfectly illustrates that Jesus and the person
26:19 the Holy Spirit is still actively
26:21 pursuing a love relationship with everyone.
26:25 The two young ladies have been
26:26 sharing Christ in the neighborhood
26:28 when they ventured upon a large home
26:30 with the hearse parked in the driveway.
26:32 They thought about skipping the residence all together
26:35 but then remember the words of their trainer,
26:37 go to every home don't pass by any of them.
26:42 Gathering up every ounce of courage
26:43 they could muster they rang the bell.
26:46 Within a heartbeat a multicolored spike hair,
26:49 body pierce, black clothes,
26:50 bizarre looking man stood before them.
26:53 And after gathering up their composure
26:55 they invited him to signup for Bible studies.
26:58 It was a moment of pause then he spoke,
27:01 go ahead leave the card.
27:03 They gave him the card and rapidly left.
27:06 Months later while visiting a church
27:08 a handsome young man approached the girls and said,
27:10 "Hello, you may not remember me
27:13 but I'm the fellow that had hearse parked
27:15 in front of the doorway at the home you came to.
27:18 I was so unhappy with my life
27:20 that I just prayed that day at it really was a God,
27:24 He would send someone and you came."
27:29 And God traveled across the sea
27:31 to rescue a guy living in a graveyard.
27:33 He sent two young ladies to save a whacked out young man
27:37 and he reached Him in the church to save me to from eternal ruin.
27:41 What do we have all in common?
27:42 Well, we all realize as devil
27:44 is being lying to us about the character of God.
27:47 The Lord will enable you
27:49 to get out of the major mess we're in soon.
27:51 Are you willing to let Him after all,
27:54 you have everything to gain and sin and heartache to loose.


Revised 2014-12-17