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Danger to Safety

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00:01 The English field marshal, Montgomery or Monty
00:03 as he was called loved God so much
00:05 that he once observed we sing,
00:07 "Oh, Paradise, Oh Paradise How I Long for Thee."
00:10 But we do not really long for that,
00:12 we long to stay here a bit longer.
00:15 Then he added, I would like to see an author write,
00:17 oh, paradise, oh, paradise,
00:19 I have a little shop
00:20 and just as long as prophets last,
00:22 here I mean to stop.
00:30 It's time to join your guide Jim Ayer
00:33 for an exciting 12th episode journey
00:35 into "Remodeling Your Life."
00:38 You're going to discover
00:39 that God's transforming power is real
00:42 and He's ready to provide that power to you.
00:45 Now here's your guide, Jim Ayer
00:48 to take you on the journey of a lifetime,
00:50 an amazing and dynamic experience with God.
00:55 We're not unlike the slave nation Moses led out of Egypt
00:59 or the Jews Nehemiah hope to lead from Babylon.
01:02 You and I are in danger
01:04 of liking our captivity far too much.
01:06 It's always dangerous to enjoy the things of this earth.
01:09 That's why God sent us his messengers of warning.
01:20 I have a beautiful painting of Jesus
01:22 hanging on the wall in my office.
01:24 He's overlooking Jerusalem
01:26 and He said these words to the people of Jerusalem,
01:28 "Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
01:31 the one killing the prophets
01:32 and stoning those who are sent to hurt.
01:34 How often I would have gathered your children together
01:37 even as a hen gathers her chicks
01:39 under her wings and you would not."
01:41 God desired to call His people from danger to safety.
01:45 He desires to call you and me from danger to safety as well.
01:54 Sin placed a barrier between dead and humanity,
01:57 so God had to act fast, shortly after the Eden tragedy,
02:01 God began using dedicated men and women,
02:03 messengers to speak on His behalf.
02:06 From that time to ours, He has continued
02:08 to send messengers to admonish,
02:10 to warn, to direct, to counsel, encourage,
02:13 intercede and instruct human kind to call aside of sin
02:17 and gather us under His mighty wings.
02:20 We do well to take heat of the warning
02:21 that causes from danger to safety.
02:29 The prophet Malachi speaking of the Lord said,
02:31 "Behold, I will send my messenger,
02:33 he shall prepare the way before me."
02:35 It is a dangerous thing to treat lightly the warnings of God
02:39 which are provided for our help and protection.
02:42 To do so is to take a course of action
02:44 not unlike that of the devil
02:45 when he rebelled in heaven.
02:47 Luke 17:32 says, "Remember Lot's wife."
02:51 Yeah, here was a woman
02:52 who did listen to countless warnings
02:54 which ultimately resulted in her death.
02:58 The twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah had become so evil,
03:01 the Lord had to do something
03:02 before they polluted the entire earth.
03:05 But in one city His servant Lot remained,
03:08 so the Lord sent messengers with the warning to get out now.
03:12 Most of the family would not listen
03:14 but Lot, his wife and two daughters finally left.
03:17 On the way out, the messengers gave the instruction,
03:19 "Do not look back."
03:21 But the wife's heart was still closely tied to the city,
03:24 she turned again and she lost her life.
03:29 God's never ending desire is to separate us from anything
03:33 that will cause us harm.
03:34 God says in Isaiah,
03:35 "Let the wicked man forsake his way."
03:37 You see, sin is hormone steroids,
03:40 why not take a moment right now
03:42 to ask God for help in recognizing sin
03:43 and evil around you.
03:45 Then ask him to guide you
03:46 and your family far away from it,
03:48 before it's forever too late.
03:53 There's a child you know,
03:54 I was assigned to sit in the back seat.
03:56 I was the designated map reader.
03:58 I would call out every upcoming street,
04:01 every turn for my dad
04:03 especially in the streets of San Francisco, I loved it.
04:06 It was fun.
04:07 I would sit back there and guide and direct continually.
04:10 Why? I was the designated map reader.
04:14 I could find my way to almost any destination
04:16 but when the global positioning system
04:19 or GPS came in, why, things changed.
04:23 Now a days, I don't think
04:24 I could live without that sweet voice saying...
04:26 Turn left on Dobbin road.
04:28 And my attention no longer needs to be dangerously
04:30 focused on negotiating multiple lanes or traffic
04:34 and trying to turn or find the prefect off-ramp
04:38 that I may not even know where the off-ramp is,
04:41 but with the GPS system, it guides me there perfectly.
04:45 I no longer need to worry
04:46 that I'm turning into one way traffic,
04:48 well, most of the time.
04:50 But it has helped me to avert so many dangerous situations
04:54 and kept me safe on more than one occasion.
05:17 Did you know that God has His own GPS system?
05:21 God, His prophets and His spirit,
05:24 they work far better than any man made systems.
05:27 Isaiah 30 says, "And your ear
05:29 shall hear a word behind you saying,
05:31 'This is the way walk in it.'
05:32 When you turn to the right hand, when you turn to the left."
05:36 See it's very convenient unless we don't listen.
05:39 Unless we don't really care less
05:42 then it becomes an annoying nuisance to us,
05:45 but that's our problem.
05:47 God has used prophets like Isaiah
05:49 throughout history to guide His people
05:51 you and me safely on our journey.
05:54 But God's people always seem to have a problem listening
05:57 to His prophets and believing them.
06:00 He says all stiff necked
06:01 and uncircumcised heart and ears,
06:03 which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute?
06:07 But they did not listen nor bow their ear
06:09 but walked in their own plans
06:11 in the stubbornness of their evil heart
06:13 and went backward and not forward.
06:17 Do you see a pattern developing here?
06:19 God has always labored to bring us under His protection
06:22 but we rarely listen to the messenger or the message
06:25 designed to bring us from danger to safety.
06:28 And after all, who needs a GPS anyway.
06:31 I'm doing just fine following my own route.
06:34 But God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
06:37 He doesn't change, He is still speaking to us
06:40 through His appointed messengers.
06:47 Ever wonder why your life
06:49 doesn't reflect the powerful change
06:51 that's supposed to be part of every Christian experience?
06:54 Do temptations weigh on you and leave you saying,
06:57 maybe I'm not trying hard enough or wondering
06:59 if God's holding up His end of the deal.
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07:47 Jim was a drug dealer and alcoholic
07:49 and a thief until God called him.
07:52 But that was just the beginning,
07:53 as someone said, he has lived six lifetimes,
07:56 he became wealthy, lobbied on Capitol Hill
07:59 and was a church leader but he was lost
08:01 until God gave him a second chance.
08:04 You have a family member who no longer loves the Lord
08:06 or who's wandered away in spirit and not in reality?
08:10 I believe the story of my life's
08:12 second chance could be a help to them.
08:14 You see, I was a drug dealer
08:15 and alcoholic and a thief
08:17 and then God spoke to me
08:18 and I became an on prayer Christian for a time.
08:21 Then the riches of the world overtook me and I fell
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08:48 You know, Samuel was God's prophet
08:50 and the visible head of Israel.
08:52 He communicated God's guiding desires to the nation
08:55 but one day, the people rose up and said to Samuel,
08:58 now make us a king to judge us like all of the other nations.
09:02 Yeah, Samuel's hurt but God's response was,
09:05 the people have rejected Me and not you, Samuel.
09:08 So it seems that rejecting God's messenger
09:11 is in reality, rejecting God.
09:14 That's why 2 Chronicles 20:20
09:16 speaks the necessity of following God's plan.
09:21 "Believe in the Lord your God, so shall you be established.
09:25 Believe in His prophets and so shall you prosper."
09:28 You can't do one without the other,
09:30 they're joined together as inseparable.
09:33 You can't say you'll follow God
09:34 but then not listen to the very ones
09:36 who've been sent to guide us in the direction
09:39 He is asking us to travel.
09:41 The desire to rebel against God's word
09:43 and His leadership has been embedded
09:45 in our DNA since Eden.
09:47 Our only hope with salvation is to listen and follow.
09:52 The guidance that God wants to give us
09:54 is through His prophets, in rejecting God's prophets,
09:57 Israel chose a path of national ruin,
10:00 no prophets, no prospering.
10:07 And I'll be the first one to tell you to be careful,
10:09 don't listen to just anyone or anything.
10:12 Jesus did warn us about false prophets
10:15 trying to infiltrate the church.
10:17 But logic tells us that if they're false prophets,
10:20 then there are real ones also.
10:24 Notice Paul's statement to the Ephesians' church members.
10:27 And truly He, God gave some apostles and some prophets
10:32 for the perfecting of the saints,
10:34 so that we no longer may be infants tossed to and fro
10:37 and carried about by every wind of doctrine,
10:39 in the dishonesty of men.
10:41 In the cunning craftiness to the veils of deceit
10:45 but you and I, people of the 21st century,
10:48 we often find it difficult to look to a modern day prophet.
10:52 I have a question for you.
10:54 How many apples, how many apples will be eventually
10:58 produced from a single apple?
11:00 You see, God knows the answer,
11:02 then the same holds true for your life,
11:04 He sees the end from the very beginning,
11:06 He steps in and out of time it will to examine and determine
11:10 the best route for you and me to take.
11:12 He's yearning for you to utilize His GPS system
11:15 so you can, as the Bible says, prosper and be in health.
11:20 We cannot continue to follow
11:21 after the world desiring to be like it
11:24 in the very way Israel did when they asked for a king
11:27 rather than a prophet.
11:29 I understand to listening to God's counsel
11:31 is diametrically opposed to the view of the world
11:34 and has been for much of the church as well.
11:37 From the beginning to the plan of redemption,
11:39 those standing in opposition to God's plans
11:41 and called His messengers stupid, strange, and crazy,
11:45 and even killed many of them.
11:46 Remember now, we're talking about
11:48 the actions of the church members.
11:51 We must be so careful and cautious to not,
11:53 as the old saying goes,
11:54 "Throw out the baby with the bath water."
11:57 We must study every subject to know for ourselves
11:59 what scripture says,
12:01 do not take the word of anyone else.
12:04 Your safety is found in solid Bible study.
12:14 I cannot express to you the intense desire of my soul
12:18 that you should seek the Lord
12:20 most earnestly why He maybe found.
12:23 We are in the day of God's preparation,
12:26 let nothing be regarded as a sufficient worth
12:29 to draw our minds from the working
12:31 and preparing for the great Day of Judgment.
12:34 Get ready, let not cold unbelief hold your souls away from God
12:38 but let His love burn on altar of your hearts.
12:43 This message of love and general caution
12:45 was written by Ellen White
12:46 and is very representative of her council to God's people.
12:51 Many of her messages of love, rebuke,
12:53 exhortation and guidance
12:55 were written while living in this country home
12:58 here in the foothills of Napa, California
13:00 during the early 1900s.
13:03 After studying her counsel on,
13:04 a millions of other people around the world
13:06 believe she has been used by God to lead us into a deep
13:10 and lasting relationship with Him.
13:13 She tirelessly labored for 70 years
13:16 calling God's people from danger to safety,
13:18 lifting them ever higher
13:19 to the Lord she so dearly loved.
13:31 Paul Hardy in his noon time
13:32 ABC radio broadcast of 1997 reported on Ellen White.
13:37 "Her writings have been translated into 148 languages,
13:41 more than Mark for Tolstoy, more than Agatha Christie,
13:44 more than William Shakespeare.
13:46 Only now is the world coming to appreciate
13:49 her recommended prescription
13:50 for optimum spiritual and physical health.
13:53 Ellen White, Ellen White,
13:55 you don't know her, get to know her."
13:59 She was the fourth most translated author
14:01 in the entire history of literature.
14:03 She's the most translated woman writer,
14:05 the most translated American author of either sex.
14:09 Ellen White, get to know her.
14:17 The children of Israel could not prosper
14:19 or be gathered on the wings of the Almighty
14:21 because they continually stoned and killed the prophets.
14:25 Satan is aware of the fact
14:26 that he has a much better opportunity
14:28 to deceive God's people
14:30 if we do not listen to the guiding voice
14:32 and warnings delivered to his prophets.
14:35 But that has never stopped God from issuing messages of hope
14:38 and warning to His children, why?
14:40 I shared it with you earlier,
14:42 "Believe His prophets so shall you prosper."
14:45 God never stops offering warnings and guidance
14:48 because His love compels him to help us prosper.
14:56 I had the good fortune of being able
14:58 to spend a few moments with a young man
14:59 who is deeply in love with His Lord
15:02 and he attributes his relationship
15:03 to not only listening to God's counsel
15:06 but God's messenger as well and following that word.
15:12 Well, Jim, it happened when I was in high school.
15:15 I was actually headed to academy
15:18 and as I prepared to leave,
15:21 I was thinking of the things that I would need in academy
15:23 and I was in public school before.
15:25 And you know, I was getting into
15:27 just about everything I could at that time,
15:30 that was the time when hip hop music
15:32 and rap music was just growing and I was into that,
15:35 I grew up with Seventh-day Adventist
15:36 but you know how it is, you dabble and sample things
15:40 and that's what I was doing.
15:42 But as I prepared to leave for academy,
15:44 you know, I was like-- you know,
15:45 I need to get my life together with God
15:47 and try to head down the right road
15:49 and all those things started coming to me somehow.
15:52 And I went to my dad who was a minister
15:55 and he said--Hey, I've got two books for you.
15:57 He gave me a two volume set
15:59 by this wonderful woman, Ellen G. White
16:03 called "Mind, Character and Personality."
16:05 And that two volumes had really made an impact on me
16:09 because it was very practical.
16:11 Well, I think if anything has changed it is been that
16:14 I see even more power in her writings today
16:19 than I did back then.
16:21 As is often the case with most Christians,
16:23 I kind of strayed a little bit, you know.
16:25 Yes, I read those things in high school,
16:26 they were meaningful to me.
16:28 But as you grow older,
16:30 you think you know enough and you can move on
16:33 but I've come to see now later on in life that,
16:35 you know, the writings of Ellen White
16:38 are from the very whispers of God.
16:41 And they are intended
16:43 for the entire length and breadth of a life,
16:45 not just, you know for a moment.
16:48 So if anything has changed,
16:49 it is that I have found her counsel to be
16:51 even broader and wiser and deeper than I did,
16:55 you know back when I was in high school.
16:57 It started then but books like Desire of Ages,
17:02 The fierce urgency of the great controversy.
17:05 Books like, Steps to Christ, the simple way
17:11 in which she talks about walking with God,
17:14 those books have been really meaningful to me.
17:17 And I don't want to suggest that that I'm totally transformed,
17:20 I'm not there yet, God is still working with me
17:23 but an integral part of that process
17:25 has been His writings through His servant.
17:28 I believe that when God gives light,
17:31 it is for us to filter it through His word,
17:34 to be sure it is light but when we see it,
17:37 to follow the light and I think in my life,
17:41 I've seen the writings of Ellen White
17:42 had tremendous impact on other lives
17:45 but I've also seen where the truth
17:47 that God has given her has impacted me greatly.
17:50 I stand here, today I believe in this house
17:53 because God led me to this place
17:56 and led me to this point in my life.
17:59 My parents, my father led his way
18:02 into this truth and his life was transformed
18:06 in large part by the writings of this wonderful prophet.
18:10 So I know what it means to have history with her,
18:14 the same thing that it did to my dad, it did to me.
18:17 And I believe that's nothing but the hand of God moving
18:20 upon His servant even after her death, years now.
18:24 He continues to lead people to Him through her.
18:28 I think the counsel I would give is,
18:30 number one, be sure that God's word is the center,
18:33 the fulcrum around which you build your life.
18:36 That's very important.
18:37 And the second thing I would say is,
18:39 be sure that you make the reading and the imbibing
18:42 of the writings of Ellen White
18:44 a part of your Christian experience,
18:46 a part of your devotional life.
18:48 I think you're gonna find that those two things
18:50 are like bookends that help to keep you balanced
18:53 and standing for Him.
18:59 This beautiful mural depicting the earthly journey
19:01 of God's people is located in Ellen White estate
19:04 here in Silver Spring, Maryland.
19:06 Notice, Ellen has portrayed experiencing
19:08 the first of her more than 2,000 visions
19:11 used in guiding God's people.
19:13 Her visions and life work were focused on just one thing,
19:16 Jesus Christ.
19:18 Jesus Christ and His eternal love for us
19:20 and His power to recreate us in His image.
19:23 Some of her visions were almost four hours in length.
19:27 While in vision, examining
19:28 physicians found her to have no breath,
19:31 no eye movement or blinking at all.
19:33 On one occasion, she took this very Bible,
19:36 18.5 pound family bible
19:39 and lifted it up and extended it outward
19:40 at arm's length for close to half an hour.
19:44 This little lady was only 80 pounds in size and 5'2" tall.
19:50 Now the messages God gave her in vision
19:52 help to create a health work spanning the globe.
19:55 Our health system is one of the largest in the world.
19:58 It all started with Doctor J Harvey Kellogg
20:01 located in Battle Creek, Michigan.
20:03 You know, Kellogg's cornflakes fame.
20:05 From those humble beginnings,
20:07 our health work now embraces 170 hospitals,
20:11 381 clinics and dispensaries,
20:13 a 115 nursing homes and retirement centers,
20:16 36 orphanages and children's homes
20:19 and the numbers are growing.
20:21 Because of the health message
20:22 she shared, studies are showing
20:23 that Seventh-day Adventist women live
20:25 6.1 years longer than their peers
20:28 and men 9.5 years longer than their peers
20:32 and it's all because of Jesus Christ.
20:37 Ellen White's complete focus is on Jesus Christ.
20:41 Let me give you an example,
20:42 here are just a few of the books
20:43 that she published out of the many.
20:45 Christ's Object Lessons,
20:47 Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings
20:48 on the teachings of Jesus Christ,
20:50 the Desire of Ages, the great masterpiece
20:52 on the life of Jesus took 10 years in the making.
20:55 The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan,
20:57 Steps to Christ, you know,
20:59 The Life of Christ, Christ our Savior.
21:02 Jesus Christ is all and all to Ellen White
21:05 and she wanted to uplift Him to each one of us
21:07 and because of that amazing guidance,
21:09 we have a publishing work that encircles the globe
21:11 comprising 63 publishing houses,
21:14 17 literature ministry seminaries
21:16 literature workers.
21:19 Due to Ellen's urging and counsel,
21:20 our school system expands the globe
21:22 with 7,761 universities and schools in 145 countries.
21:29 God has been faithful according to His word.
21:31 Because of following White's counsel,
21:33 the Seventh-day Adventist Church
21:34 is the fastest growing denomination in United States
21:37 and the sixth largest in the world,
21:39 expanding 209 countries.
21:42 Would you like to prosper?
21:44 I hope you will join with me and millions of others
21:46 who have been blessed beyond measure
21:48 because we have listened to the voice of God
21:50 he has shared through His messenger.
21:56 Since 1849,
21:58 the Review and Herald Publishing Association
22:00 has produced the best of Christian literature
22:03 helping guide people around the world
22:06 into a closer walk with Jesus Christ
22:08 and they continue to be committed
22:10 to bringing you the very best,
22:12 helping you fall more deeply in love with your Lord.
22:16 That's why, they partnered with Jim Ayer
22:18 to place Transformation
22:20 into the hands of every Christian.
22:23 There's no doubt that your heart and mind will be thrilled
22:26 as you read Transformations,
22:28 encounter life's choices in the weekly study guide
22:31 and spend quality time with family, friends
22:34 that are in your church group
22:35 viewing this exciting 12th episode DVD series.
22:39 You owe it to yourself and to those you love,
22:41 Transformation.
22:42 Call us today to purchase the Love study guide,
22:45 the DVD series or all three at a package price.
22:48 Call 800-876-7313 or log onto
23:06 Hey, you going north, huh?
23:08 Yes, I am. I'm north bound.
23:10 Well, I'm going that way too, you want a ride?
23:13 I would love one, but I can't.
23:15 Don't you-- you want to go north?
23:17 Yes. I'm going north.
23:19 And you want a ride? I would love to, but I can't.
23:23 Well, why not? I would have to drive.
23:28 You'd have to drive?
23:41 We are so happy to let God
23:42 be a passenger in our car but God wants to drive.
23:46 Are you aware that 99% obedience to God
23:49 is still 100% disobedience?
23:52 After years of following Jesus, many disciples finally realized
23:56 that it required radical commitment to Him
23:58 in order to enter the kingdom.
24:01 When they did, they turned away from Him
24:03 and never walked with Him again.
24:05 They thought the cost was just too high.
24:08 They cannot bring themselves to the point of surrender.
24:11 God has put in place a self imposed restraint
24:13 that restricts him from this
24:15 jumping into our car and driving.
24:17 He won't do it unless we invite Him to do so,
24:20 no matter how much He'd like to help and protect us.
24:23 He will not operate against your will or mine.
24:27 Paul Tripp said it best when he said,
24:28 if Christ does not reign over the mundane events in our lives,
24:32 he does not reign at all.
24:36 Addressing this very issue of surrender,
24:38 Ellen White made a surprising declaration
24:40 regarding the spiritual state of God's people.
24:43 It is a solemn statement
24:44 she said that I make to the church
24:46 that not one in twenty
24:47 whose names are registered upon the church books
24:50 are prepared to close their earthly history
24:53 and would be as verily without God
24:55 and without hope in the world is the common sinner.
24:58 This half and half work is a constant denial of Christ
25:02 rather than a confessing of Christ.
25:04 If we review biblical history, it's a very sobering thing,
25:07 think about this, at the flood,
25:09 only eight people out of--perhaps
25:11 millions accepted God's gift of mercy.
25:15 At the borders of the promise land,
25:16 Israel rebelled against God and they were turned away.
25:20 Of the original million plus church members,
25:23 only two men crossed over the Jordan river,
25:25 40 years later to enter the promise land.
25:29 Do you remember the wedding party
25:30 of the ten virgins spoken up in the Bible?
25:32 The percentage that went with the groom was higher,
25:35 50% finally made it.
25:38 This may come as a huge surprise to you
25:40 because those numbers are not good on us.
25:43 Why gamble with your eternal destiny?
25:46 The Lord is not willing to initiate perish
25:49 but there will be those who choose
25:50 not to accept His wonderful gift of life.
25:53 Following God and His prophet at this time in earth's history
25:56 is critical to your salvation.
25:59 Generations have not allowed the Lord
26:01 to be the driver in their lives
26:03 but it's time to allow Him to control your destiny.
26:07 AW Tozer said the true follower of Christ will not ask.
26:11 If I embrace this truth, what will it cost me?
26:14 Rather he will say, this is truth,
26:16 God help me to walk in it, what come what may.
26:29 Jesus knew that in the last days,
26:31 there would still be prophets
26:32 because He said, beware of false prophets.
26:35 Notice He didn't say beware of all prophets,
26:38 only false ones.
26:40 No, I'm not asking you to immediately jump
26:42 in with both feet on this critical subject
26:44 before you explore the issue in depth.
26:46 What I am asking you to do is study,
26:49 examine and seek God's leading through prayer.
26:52 He said to test the prophets and examine their fruit
26:55 and that's what you should do as well.
26:58 As part of your study, I encourage you
26:59 to obtain a copy of this wonderful book
27:02 written by Ellen White called "Christ's Object Lessons".
27:05 Many believe it to be an inspired commentary
27:08 on the parables of Jesus Christ
27:10 with practical application for everyday life.
27:14 Here's Jean Boonstra to tell you how to get your very own copy.
27:18 This is perhaps one of the greatest books
27:20 ever written on the biblical teachings of Christ,
27:23 Jesus used parables
27:24 to open the distance of heaven to the people
27:26 and to expand their thinking.
27:28 As no other book has ever done,
27:30 Ellen White unwraps the parables,
27:32 allowing us to see Christ our salvation
27:34 revealed in all of His beauty and splendor
27:37 throughout each and every page.
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Revised 2014-12-17