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00:01 The world is falling apart around us.
00:03 The church is not far behind
00:05 but the world has it weight in our icy grip
00:08 and its freezing the very life out of our bones
00:11 but we seem to be unaware of it.
00:13 We need help right now, we need radical change.
00:21 It's times to join your guide Jim Ayer
00:24 for an exciting twelve episode journey
00:26 into remodeling your life.
00:29 You're going to discover that God's transforming power is real
00:33 and He is ready to provide that power to you.
00:36 Now here is your guide Jim Ayer
00:38 to take you on the journey of a lifetime
00:41 in amazing and dynamic experience with God.
01:02 A friend of mine and I had rented a snowmobile.
01:04 Actually it wasn't a snowmobile but a snow machine
01:07 and in those days they were big bulky cumbersome.
01:09 They weren't the fast machines that they have today.
01:12 Well, we set off in the mountains
01:14 we're going to go this beautiful lake.
01:16 But every time we turn around we're getting stuck
01:22 And well it just seemed like we're never going to get there.
01:25 We spent most of our time getting unstuck.
01:29 And after a while it start to snowing just widely
01:31 but it was really still beautiful
01:33 so we decided to leave the machine
01:35 and set out on a journey on foot.
01:43 Well, it was a little longer
01:44 than we thought it was going to be
01:45 first of all it took us a lot longer
01:48 but we traveled for a couple hours anyway
01:50 and the snow continued to get deeper.
01:53 We finally reached the lake and it was beautiful,
01:56 it was gorgeous, snow covered everywhere.
02:00 But it had been snowing so hard now
02:02 that even our tracks have been covered.
02:05 So we decided to head on back
02:07 because we're hours from our, our machine.
02:11 And I'm even getting cold right now,
02:13 thinking about it because, it was so cold
02:15 and my friend actually is a little person.
02:17 He is about this tall
02:18 and so I'm breaking trail form as we're going.
02:21 And we're struggling
02:22 and it's getting deeper and deeper and deeper
02:25 and it's getting harder and harder.
02:26 We're getting more tired all the time.
02:30 And after a while
02:31 we started getting so cold literally so cold
02:34 that we can hardly feel ourselves,
02:36 we started to getting numb.
02:38 But then the strangest thing begin to happen.
02:40 It seem like our body is begin to get warm.
02:43 We actually, actually started to feel a little bit warmer.
02:47 And they're snowing harder and harder
02:49 and we're getting more tired all the time.
02:53 Another hour or two in our journey
02:55 and we actually finally made it to our snow machine.
02:58 We're able to get it situated again got on the road
03:02 and we actually got home.
03:05 It was only by the grace of God
03:06 that we made at home made it to a warm fire.
03:10 We just praise God for that.
03:11 Because we were so cold
03:13 we felt like we could go to sleep.
03:15 It actually the snow backend to us and we felt like
03:19 we could just curl up and go to sleep
03:21 and that icy grip of the snow.
03:38 There are many church members
03:39 who are in the same struggle for life
03:41 they're so cold they believe they're warm.
03:43 Am I such a person, are you?
03:46 We need help, we need to experience radical change.
03:49 We need the fire of God in our lives.
03:57 The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy in sorrow
03:59 over the actions of the church members.
04:01 He said for "Demas has forsaken me."
04:03 He's love this present world
04:05 and he has departed to Thessalonica.
04:07 Well, you know today
04:08 we have the same problems as Demas.
04:10 God first, give me self, give me self
04:14 just you know we can look
04:15 at the current books that we have
04:17 and see what's happening.
04:19 Self esteemed, self sufficiency, individual,
04:22 materialism and more, self, self, self.
04:25 In addition many Christians have become so lulled
04:28 in the concept of universal love
04:30 which is the popular belief that said
04:32 "all roads lead to God and to eternity."
04:35 You know, it's a human understanding
04:37 and it's not true,
04:39 its an absolute lie of the devil.
04:45 The glitz and glitter of the world
04:47 is crept into the church.
04:48 We're more attracted to the eye candy of this world
04:51 than we're attracted to God's word like Demas.
04:54 We're more in love with his present world
04:57 then we are in love with God.
05:03 You know the sands of the sea
05:05 right, seem like it's absolutely numberless.
05:07 I have been scuba diving for many years
05:09 and I looked under the oceans,
05:10 the oceans are full of sand everywhere.
05:12 The beaches of planet earth are full of sand everywhere.
05:17 I want you think about this.
05:18 If I take just one handful of sand
05:23 and think about all the sand
05:25 on planet earth represents eternity.
05:27 I know, its not absolutely
05:28 the greatest analogy in the world
05:31 but it's a best I have for eternity sense.
05:33 None of us have totally made it there yet
05:35 but think about this if I can pick off
05:37 with my tweezers one grain of sand
05:39 well, I don't know how many I've got there.
05:41 I have got so many.
05:42 May be that's one grain
05:43 and the camera probably can't pick it up.
05:47 That's your seven years of life may be here on earth.
05:50 If we get a little more
05:51 may be a little left but just 70 years.
05:54 Wow, think about that.
05:57 Here is my point
05:58 God created you for eternity not for time.
06:01 This life is like a blip on a radar screen forever.
06:05 When Jesus comes everything here is going to be burned up.
06:09 The only thing that counts is a relationship with Christ.
06:12 That's the only pathway to life.
06:15 Rick Warren said it perfectly when he said
06:17 you cannot fulfill God's purpose for your life
06:20 while focusing on your own plans.
06:23 God used a preacher on a video to speak to my heart years ago.
06:27 It changed my life when he said
06:29 "you've piled up so much that this world's stuff
06:31 in front of your door
06:33 that even when God does knock
06:35 you can't make your way to the door to answer."
06:38 How about you?
06:39 Is God knocking at your door?
06:41 Is He calling out to you?
06:43 You know it doesn't matter where you are
06:45 He is calling to you just like He called to Jim.
07:02 I met Jim years ago in a church.
07:05 This guy came up gave me a big whole bear hug
07:07 with his tattooed body and welcomed me to the church.
07:11 This isn't the same guy
07:12 who is head of a national biker gang
07:14 or the same guy who spent a lot of time in prison.
07:17 A guy actually who is rap sheet
07:19 and I have got a little bit of it here today
07:20 why its over 60 pages long.
07:24 Unbelievable what God has done to this guy.
07:26 Hey, Jim. Hey, brother.
07:28 It's good to see you. Amen.
07:29 Good to see you.
07:30 How you're doing? I'm blessed.
07:32 You know I was just telling everybody
07:33 about your amazing journey of transformation in Jesus.
07:37 You were in prison in Pelican Bay
07:39 a maximum security prison what happened,
07:42 how did, how did you end up here today?
07:43 Well, let me tell you Jim,
07:45 I haven't always been involved with the road.
07:49 Years ago I got caught up with the outlaw motorcycle club
07:54 and it's strung out into a lot of years
07:57 of drug addiction and drinking alcohol.
08:00 It got me a few prison terms
08:03 and the last one a young man introduced me to Jesus.
08:11 You're in a maximum security prison
08:13 and he introduced you to Christ
08:15 well then what happened?
08:16 Well, actually I got introduced at the county jail.
08:19 Okay.
08:20 And eventually, I got to maximum security prison.
08:23 But I met a guy while I was in the prison
08:27 who told me about the truth about what is it called
08:33 when we die what really happens?
08:37 And from that I took a Bible study
08:40 and which led to other Bible studies
08:42 and eventually I really gave my heart to Jesus.
08:49 Let loose of all the drugs, alcohol.
08:51 I have been clean and sober now for over 30 years
08:55 as you can see I'm involved
08:56 with the motorcycle ministry, chaplain.
08:59 And the Lord just keeps blessing us, and blessing us.
09:03 And you said you've gave your heart to Jesus.
09:05 Now what do that really entail and you said you quit drugs
09:08 did you just stopped them because you felt like it
09:10 or was it there a power behind this.
09:13 Well, you know several times
09:15 before I tried to stop doing drugs
09:17 drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes
09:20 other normal thing outlaw biker do,
09:23 amongst other things.
09:24 But they never seem to worked
09:27 and I tried going to alcohol
09:30 enormous one time and narcotics enormous
09:33 and just and nothing really pierced my heart.
09:37 And when I start to reading the Bible
09:40 just kid they told me about the Bible
09:42 he introduced me to this verse in Hebrews it says
09:45 "The word of God is quick, and powerful,
09:48 and sharper than any two-edged sword,
09:50 and its piercing to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit,
09:52 and of the joints and marrow,
09:53 and is a discerner of the thoughts
09:54 and intents of the heart."
09:56 And I read that verse and I went wow,
10:00 God's word can actually pierce my heart.
10:03 So I started doing Bible studies on that and prayer,
10:09 Bible study fellowship with likeminded believers
10:13 what a change came in my life.
10:15 The Lord sent the Holy Spirit. I believe that change my life.
10:19 I know that you ended up in the baptism of water,
10:21 you were baptized.
10:23 So was there any growth from that point on?
10:26 Well, the Lord keeps working on my heart everyday.
10:30 Everyday, we wake up we have our morning devotion
10:33 we read the Bible and there is another verse
10:38 that comes to my mind that says
10:40 "He who has begun the work in you
10:42 will complete it until it day of Christ of Jesus."
10:45 So its a ongoing process in our life.
10:48 So Jim, you were baptized about ten years ago
10:51 do you see any growth in your life from them today?
10:54 We got baptized.
10:57 So many things in my life have changed.
10:59 I used to be a real angry person.
11:00 I used to have a lot of communication problems.
11:05 And the Lord is still working on all that.
11:07 Day by day I think my wife was testified out that
11:11 things are getting better.
11:13 Amen, amen.
11:15 What advice would have for other people
11:17 may be, may be watching your interview right now
11:20 that are struggling with problems and sins
11:23 and troubles in their life.
11:25 What would you tell them?
11:26 I look at it like this,
11:28 without Jesus there is a big hole in our heart.
11:31 And we try to fill it with so many different things
11:33 that before long its just clutters up your life.
11:37 And Jesus said "behold, I stand at the door knocking."
11:42 And if we open that door and let Him in He will come in
11:46 and clean our house for us.
11:50 There is power as you see in Philippians Chapter 2,
11:54 it says it is God working in you
11:56 to willing to do His good pleasure.
11:58 And I believe that. Amen, amen.
12:01 Anyway thanks for coming, man.
12:03 Sure appreciate it. Oh, it's a pleasure, brother.
12:05 God bless. Oh, my.
12:08 Same old bear hugger.
12:17 You know God reached into that soul
12:19 that heart of Jim in Pelican Bay prison
12:23 and Jim answered.
12:24 Jim answered Him and his life has been changed
12:26 and now he walks with Jesus.
12:28 His best friend everyday allowing
12:31 the fire of the Holy Spirit
12:32 to change him and transform his life.
12:35 That's what God is looking to do in your life too.
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14:19 Janine and I were recently driving past to church
14:21 that had a sign posted out frontal rib
14:24 "the church is not a museum for saints
14:26 but a hospital for sinner."
14:28 Now, I heard that statement for years
14:30 and actually used it in myself.
14:32 But then it hit me.
14:33 When you check into a hospital
14:35 that don't you go in with the expectation of getting well.
14:39 What kind of reputation would the hospital have
14:41 if everyone checked in sick
14:43 but no one got any better?
14:46 Why should you expect anything different
14:48 from the church and God?
14:50 We don't even give it a thought
14:52 because well the devil's lied to us so long.
14:57 Let's use my biker friend as an example.
14:59 The attitude is in the church today
15:01 well that's great that he changed his heart
15:03 and he was baptized
15:05 but now God can't do anything else for him.
15:09 Well, wait a second
15:10 we just keep on sinning until Jesus comes.
15:13 No it isn't true that isn't what happens.
15:22 In a book Christ Objects lessons Ellen white write these words.
15:25 "None are so vile, none have fallen so low,
15:28 as to be beyond the working of this power."
15:30 God's grace.
15:31 "In all who will submit themselves to the Holy Spirit
15:34 a new principle of life is to be implanted.
15:37 The lost image of God is to be restored in humanity."
15:41 Wow, what amazing words.
15:43 You see God's saving grace as two parts
15:46 justification and sanctification.
15:48 Now these are big words but they shouldn't frighten us.
15:51 Let me explain Janine and I have the privilege
15:54 of visiting many of Europe's great castles.
15:57 We have discovered that many castles
15:59 have been restored on the outsides
16:00 but are in a state of ongoing restoration on the inside.
16:05 They typically start with the outside
16:07 they make everything look beautiful to attract the tourist
16:10 and then they continue work of restoration
16:12 on the inside as time and money permit.
16:15 Every molding every staircase
16:16 each window and every ornate tile
16:19 is brought back to the original glory
16:21 and in some cases even brought back
16:23 to better than the original.
16:25 It's fascinating to watch the craftsmen
16:27 painstakingly applied sheet after sheet of gold leaf.
16:31 The plain old looking wood, walls and door jams
16:33 and window casing and more.
16:35 Gold, gold, gold is applied everywhere
16:38 until the lightening of one tiny candle the flicker of the light
16:42 and lights in entire room a radiant glory
16:44 and the sparkles through out.
16:46 The key is that the craftsmen
16:47 do not place new gold over old wood
16:50 they styled by replacing any worn or rotten wood first.
16:54 You know let me-- let me give an illustration to my point.
16:57 Jesus was standing before the crowds
16:59 when they brought in a prostitute
17:01 they cast this prostitute to His feet.
17:04 He got down He began writing
17:05 and scribbling here on the paving stones
17:08 and pretty soon all the leaders came up
17:10 they begin peeking over His shoulder
17:12 and they discovered that Jesus is right out there in own sense.
17:16 And pretty soon Jesus said to the women,
17:18 "woman, where are your accusers?"
17:20 She finally dares to lift her head up and she looks
17:23 and she said "there isn't anyone Lord."
17:25 And He says "neither do I condemn you.
17:29 Neither do I condemn you."
17:31 Justification He wrapped His righteous robe all around her
17:34 and says "when I look at you
17:35 I see a beautiful woman in Jesus Christ."
17:39 But then He just doesn't want to leave
17:40 the rotten wood on the inside.
17:42 You know He wants to change that too.
17:44 And then He says these words, "woman go and sin no more."
17:48 That's sanctification.
17:51 What was He really saying He saying
17:52 women don't ever be separated from me again,
17:55 allow the Holy Spirit to come in your life,
17:57 permeate every fiber of your life.
17:59 And we will have the fellowship or relationship
18:02 like nothing you can ever imagine.
18:05 When we enter the church or God's hospital,
18:08 God wants to heal us fully and completely.
18:11 This is the process of sanctification
18:14 you might say that well this,
18:15 this works come to temple of restoration project
18:18 actually in your life.
18:20 It's a work of demands our full concentration
18:23 our full cooperation and obedience
18:25 well, it's the work of a lifetime.
18:30 Think about this question.
18:31 There is the sun try to shine
18:33 or it's simply a product of the energy
18:35 that is bursting out from it inside.
18:37 Jesus said I'm the way the truth and the light.
18:41 Notice, He didn't say
18:42 follow me and I will show you the way.
18:45 He didn't say follow me and I will show you
18:47 where to find truth.
18:48 No "He said I'm truth, I'm light."
18:51 And when we invite God in
18:53 who stands at the door and knocks,
18:55 when we invite Him into our lives
18:57 we invite the light
18:58 and that light cannot coexists with darkness
19:02 that darkness has to flee.
19:04 As you surrender your life to God
19:06 through what the world would consider radical obedience
19:09 you begin to glow from the inside out
19:12 just like Moses, just like the Son of God.
19:17 Yes, the church is a hospital for the sinners
19:20 and here is the look the treatment process.
19:22 The healing process, the restoration process
19:25 that God has designed
19:26 to take place in every single patient.
19:29 When the light of God comes in contact
19:31 with the sin in your life,
19:33 it's vaporized, gone.
19:34 The impurities of rebellion are purged from you
19:37 so God can occupy the space.
19:40 The key is for you to allow access
19:42 that every room in your spiritual house
19:44 so the process can continue.
19:47 Yes, Jesus is the light of world
19:49 and His greatest desire is to live in you,
19:51 to glow out from you to a vast and dying world
19:54 so others can enjoy the light as well.
19:57 Christians are to bear fruit and the healing process
20:00 cannot continue unless the light is shared with others.
20:03 But how does that happen.
20:14 So many things are happening in the world today.
20:16 I wonder if the Bible is really true.
20:20 Understand, what just took place here.
20:23 The Holy Spirit is working in her heart.
20:25 How do I know?
20:26 Because God has revealed that to me by the comment
20:29 she made about I wonder if the Bible is correct
20:32 that doesn't happen without God intervention.
20:35 Now, since he's revealed that to me
20:37 that means God has wanting me to join Him at work.
20:40 What does that mean?
20:41 Well, mine this is stop coming up.
20:45 What do I do now, do I get off at my stop
20:47 or do I continue on and go with God
20:50 and join in a conversation to share Jesus Christ with her.
20:55 Well, that's the key, that's what God wants
20:56 because you can't stay where you are
20:59 and go with God.
21:00 It's impossible,
21:01 when God reveals to you joining the work.
21:05 Hi, I couldn't help overhearing.
21:08 What you said about the Bible,
21:09 would you like to know little bit more about it?
21:11 Sure.
21:13 Let me, let me give you my card
21:15 and may be we can talk a little bit by email
21:17 or get together I'll be happy to discussing with you.
21:27 Remember to place your life in God's hands
21:30 to be fully led by Him
21:32 takes complete surrender that's your part and my part
21:35 we need to surrender our will to God.
21:38 And when we do, when we walk toward God
21:40 He will enable us to do all that He has bid us to do.
21:44 Remember, its all about God.
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23:01 Jesus use parables
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23:05 and to expend their thinking.
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23:27 The degree of blessing enjoyed by any man
23:29 according to A. W. Tozer corresponds exactly
23:33 with the completeness of God's victory over him.
23:36 Dwight L. Moody once standing before a large audience
23:38 took an empty glass he said
23:40 "this glass represents your body.
23:42 The air in it represents sin.
23:45 How do you get the sin out of your life?"
23:48 Well, the people had all kinds of ideas one thing, this thing,
23:52 that thing everybody and finally after a while
23:54 Moody simply put the glass down.
23:57 Took a pitcher of water and filled it up.
24:01 The water of course representing the Holy Spirit
24:04 and he filled the glass all the way up to overflowing.
24:07 And said "here its very simple.
24:09 Just allow God to fill your life with the Holy Spirit
24:12 and the sin will immediately
24:13 will be showed out of your life."
24:14 You see victory over sin is possible
24:17 when you surrender your life fully and completely to God.
24:21 At that moment the Holy Spirit
24:22 takes up precedence or abides in you.
24:25 Abides in your temple, your life and provides you
24:28 that overcoming power that God has.
24:31 This is essential for salvation.
24:34 Let me give an example in Revelation Chapter 2 and 3
24:36 and also in chapter 21,
24:39 God speaks continually to the church about overcoming.
24:42 He says to him overcome
24:44 I will give you to right to eat of the tree of life.
24:47 To him overcomes allow him to sit with Me in My throne.
24:52 You see the more you depend upon God
24:55 the more the dependable it will become the more,
24:58 the more you allow God to work in your life
25:00 and more you see how wonderful God is
25:03 in the victory He has in store for you
25:05 to make you an overcoming.
25:08 See God is God and anything He wants to do He can do.
25:12 If you invite Him to abide in you
25:14 and you've invited victory to take complete control of you.
25:17 It's not about you its all about God.
25:20 Can you do it? No.
25:22 Can I do it? No.
25:24 But when you allow the third person
25:25 the God head the Holy Spirit
25:27 could dwell and you to fill you.
25:29 The one who has never lost battle with evil,
25:31 you will not lose the battle either.
25:34 Can you think of any situation
25:36 where Jesus ran up against the trial?
25:38 Any temptation, any problem or any demon
25:41 and ever lost the battle.
25:47 You will not find one instance
25:49 where Jesus did not firmly beat the devil his minions
25:52 human or otherwise.
25:53 As a matter of fact
25:55 I have read my Bible from cover to cover
25:57 and guess what God always wins.
26:00 This is the power you must have in your life by invitation.
26:04 God will give it to you
26:05 in the form of the in dwelling Holy Spirit.
26:08 Follow Him and claim His power as your own.
26:13 An angle appeared to Ellen envisioned and said these words.
26:16 "Time is almost finished.
26:18 Do you reflect the lovely image of Jesus as you should?
26:21 Get ready, get ready, get ready.
26:24 You will have to die a greater death to the world
26:26 than ye have ever yet died."
26:29 Imagine this, think about this for a moment
26:31 an angel materializes right where you are right now
26:34 in your very room at this moment
26:36 stares at you and makes that statement.
26:46 You know it's been sad that some churches are so cold
26:48 you can skate down the ice
26:50 right down the center of the church isle.
26:53 We need to be revived and transformed
26:55 by the power of God living in us.
26:58 The church is made up of individuals
27:00 you and me and how is your heart today.
27:04 Is it cold as ice or is it warmed up.
27:06 I can guarantee you that you'll be greatly blessed
27:08 by giving all the as of you to God.
27:11 He will melt your heart.
27:12 He will change your life, give you victory over sin,
27:15 you will no longer need to come home at night
27:18 and end the day and tears and sorrow.
27:20 Allow Him to transform you now.
27:23 I'd invite you to join me in the prayer.
27:26 Lord, I've tried it on my own I tried to do all the years,
27:29 I had tried to fight the devil on my own I can't.
27:32 Lord, come into my life today right now
27:35 give me power of melt my heart
27:37 in Jesus name, amen.
27:40 God will do it for you,
27:41 you can beat the devil, right now today.


Revised 2014-12-17