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00:21 It's time to join your guide Jim Ayer for an exciting
00:25 12th episode journey into "Remodeling Your Life."
00:29 You're going to discover that
00:31 God's transforming power is real
00:33 and He's ready to provide that power to you.
00:36 Now here's your guide,
00:38 Jim Ayer to take you on the journey of a lifetime,
00:41 an amazing and dynamic experience with God.
00:46 Because my work requires a great deal of travel
00:49 I spend a lot of time in airplanes,
00:51 on occasion I'll take a window seat
00:53 so I can enjoy the amazing views.
00:55 Flying at 30,000 feet above the earth
00:58 offers expansive vistas of vast snow covered mountain rangers,
01:01 color patterns that dazzle the senses,
01:04 patch work fields and crops, lakes and dams well,
01:06 the list is almost endless and here is my point.
01:09 The view is very different
01:11 when standing at the base of a massive dam
01:14 looking up to that gigantic concrete walls
01:17 as opposed of flying over the dam.
01:19 The lake head holes and the extensive forest
01:21 covered mountain rangers that contains it all.
01:24 Flying above our world offers a different prospective
01:27 and same as true when studying the Bible.
01:30 We are going to fly over Matthew 5 to 10 today
01:32 so, you can experience vistas
01:34 that you may not have seen before.
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01:47 And once again, we cannot leave the gate
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01:54 Thank you.
01:56 It was on a grassy slope something like this
01:58 that Jesus sat with thousands of people
02:00 overlooking the Sea of Galilee.
02:03 It was a gorgeous day basically just like this
02:06 talking to them about the things
02:08 they had never heard off from a religious teacher before.
02:11 In all the world, they had not found another message
02:14 like this one found in Matthew Chapter 5, 6 and 7.
02:18 You can read the studies of the Bhagavad Gita,
02:21 you can read the Quran, the poly text teachings
02:25 but you know you're never
02:26 going to find anything quite like
02:28 the Sermon on the Mount.
02:30 It changed lives, it changed men
02:32 who take some from drunkards and make them saints.
02:34 It takes thieves
02:35 and make some beautiful people in Jesus Christ.
02:38 Children or the king.
02:40 What these are living words
02:42 from the Creator God of the universe.
02:45 In the first 11 verses
02:47 you find the -- the blessed text- -
02:49 Blessed are the poor in spirit,
02:51 for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
02:53 Blessed are they that mourn, for they will be comforted.
02:58 These all change people's life.
03:00 I went all through school the friend of mine
03:02 his name was Larry Basich.
03:04 Larry was always better every thing than I was.
03:06 I mean we were in every sport
03:08 and Larry beat me in every thing.
03:09 He was like, you know there wasn't anything I can do
03:12 but Larry was just better.
03:15 And I remember one time I heard that Larry was sick
03:19 and he contracted a disease.
03:22 I began visit him actually in a home--
03:24 we had to put him in home I want to sing
03:26 and I played the guitar for him from time to time
03:29 and this one time
03:32 I asked him a little more of his story and he said,
03:34 you know he said I went to college
03:36 on the basketball scholarship.
03:38 When I was in college
03:40 I was introduced to Jesus Christ
03:41 and I accepted Christ in my life
03:43 and it was shortly there
03:44 after I got slugged with this disease.
03:47 He said it's been an terrible disease.
03:50 And I said Larry, would you have changed anything?
03:53 Would you have changed anything in life?
03:55 Then he said, no,
03:57 I wouldn't have changed a thing,
03:59 wouldn't have changed anything.
04:01 You see, these first 11 verses.
04:04 Well, they are such a blessing,
04:06 they give us strength and a blessing
04:08 in following Jesus Christ.
04:09 They are powerful words they are real,
04:11 they are living ones.
04:13 You know, next Jesus begin to move
04:15 to the part that really strikes
04:16 that the foundation of hypocrisy.
04:19 Chapter 5:20 says,
04:21 "For I say to you that except your righteousness
04:24 shall exceed the righteousness
04:26 of the scribes and Pharisees"
04:27 oh my, ye shall in no case
04:30 enter into the kingdom of heaven."
04:32 Here He is -- while He rips apart
04:34 everything that they are thinking
04:35 about He says, you know,
04:38 hey if you are not better than church leaders
04:41 you does not gonna make it to heaven.
04:44 So again Jesus moved from that extra note
04:46 from the outside of how you look
04:47 you know the scribes and Pharisees
04:49 they all want to look really great
04:51 before everybody put up a good front
04:53 or Jesus brings them now on the inside of the heart
04:56 what's going on in your heart.
04:57 What's happening in your heart?
04:59 He started to call them back to God
05:02 you know what the plan of a changed heart,
05:03 He didn't want them just to look good on the outside,
05:06 He wanted them to look good on the inside too
05:08 to be good on the inside.
05:11 Well, Jesus went on here and continued too,
05:14 He said "If your right eye offend you, pluck it out,
05:16 if your right hand offend you, cut it off."
05:18 This was serious business,
05:20 he wanted to take everything
05:22 moving from this all this external area
05:26 into a real relationship of God.
05:28 You see its all about God.
05:30 You can do nothing to change your own life,
05:33 you and I can't do anything to change our own life's
05:35 may be you have tried.
05:36 You know, I have certainly tried to do it on my own
05:39 but when we give the Holly Spirit
05:42 permission to enter of lives,
05:45 wow, it changes its God who comes inside, lives in us
05:50 and its God that actually does the changing inside of us.
05:54 So my question today, you know will you allow God?
05:57 Will you allow God to fully and completely change you
06:01 to allow Him enter and ascend your heart
06:03 because you know the Holy Spirit
06:05 is like this burning fire,
06:07 He comes inside of you
06:09 and He burns up the sin inside its not you doing it,
06:11 its not me doing it but God burns out
06:14 the sin completely in our life.
06:16 He has promised it, He has promised it.
06:18 He doesn't want just to leave us where we are.
06:20 He wants to lift us higher and higher and higher.
06:28 Could something be missing in your walk with Christ
06:31 but you not sure what it might be
06:32 or what to do about it.
06:34 The Review and Herald has the answer,
06:37 the book Transformation will lead you step by step
06:39 on the journey of the life time.
06:41 You'll be surprised
06:42 how easily changes in your life occur
06:44 as you focus on the power of God.
06:47 You see its all about God
06:48 the God who loves you and wants to transform you.
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07:07 You know, Jesus really
07:08 from chapter 5 into chapter 6 and 7
07:11 He really didn't miss a beat.
07:13 I mean it's just a continuation.
07:15 He was just continuing on right where He was
07:18 and you know the original Bibles
07:21 the text there were no punctuation marks or anything.
07:23 You know it just continued on no chapter
07:25 so this is just all part of the same thing
07:28 but then He right away
07:29 He jumps into the hypocrisy of many of the leaders,
07:32 many of the people of the church of the day.
07:35 You know, don't do as the hypocrites do,
07:38 don't be like the hypocrites and who are the hypocrites?
07:41 The church leaders, you know they were the ones who --
07:43 who walked around the everywhere
07:45 and they were the ones who--
07:47 who tried to look great in front of everybody
07:50 they wanted the highest places, they wanted the best places
07:53 so they could, they could give all--
07:55 get all the acolytes from everybody.
07:57 And He said no, no -- that's not --
07:59 what my kingdom is all about, it's about it all.
08:03 You see it said in verse 3 or 2
08:05 these people they already have the reward.
08:08 That's it, what they get
08:10 you know when everybody gives them the platitudes
08:12 and the best places and everything
08:13 they have got to reward.
08:14 They are not gonna be in heaven
08:16 so it's a whole good of totally just a mind set
08:19 as we think about these things.
08:21 You kind of start asking well, again, how can I get there?
08:24 And the Lord really then goes into prayer.
08:27 It's all about prayer, I like what Ellen White says,
08:31 "prayer is the key in the hand of faith
08:33 to unlock heaven's storehouse,
08:34 where are treasured the boundless
08:36 resources of Omnipotence."
08:38 Amazing statement, we are gonna tie
08:40 into the boundless resources of Omnipotence,
08:43 there is the key, prayer.
08:44 Prayer you audience
08:46 you audience with God the king of the universe
08:48 and you have that audience at anytime, any place and where
08:51 because His word is a living word.
08:54 You know in, I think its 2 Timothy,
08:58 Paul says to Timothy you know, it's a living word,
09:01 it's an exciting word of God
09:02 when we -- when we study when we open His word
09:05 we are encountering the God of the universe right there.
09:08 So, Jesus begins to talk with them
09:10 about particular way to pray.
09:12 Verse 9, Our Father which art in heaven,
09:14 Hallowed be your name.
09:15 Giving praise, Give us this day our daily bread.
09:18 He continues on, "For thine is the kingdom,
09:21 and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever."
09:24 Contains a lot of giving praises to God.
09:27 You know, how often do I,
09:29 How often do you wake up in the morning
09:31 and just start praising God.
09:33 You know I loved what a fellow once said, years ago, he said,
09:36 if you wake up in the morning
09:38 you don't have anything to praise God about
09:40 hold your breath for five minutes
09:42 and then see if you got anything to praise God about.
09:44 You know, well, how many of us here
09:46 can hold the breath for five minutes?
09:47 Probably not many of us especially me,
09:50 you know, I use my little asthma thing from time to time.
09:53 But its like we praise God for breath for life
09:55 and that's the way we should start out our day
09:58 as looking to God up lifting praising Him.
10:01 Then He continues on,
10:03 "Lay not up for yourselves treasures in heaven,
10:06 where moth and rust does corrupt,
10:08 but lay up for yourself treasure in heaven
10:10 where neither rust nor moth is corrupt."
10:15 Totally different thing, you know
10:16 we want to gather on this earth
10:17 we want to gather all the things how often
10:19 you turn on television, what's its about?
10:21 You know it's about getting the new boat
10:22 the new car, the new Harley,
10:24 the new this, the new that.
10:26 All of us thinking is focused on the things of this earth
10:29 and God says, Hey, its all gonna, its all gonna
10:31 you know the moths are getting eat it up,
10:33 the rust is gonna destroy it
10:36 eventually the fire of the second coming
10:37 are going to wipe it out.
10:39 So what are the really important things?
10:43 In verse 24, He gets it right down to now it says,
10:46 "No man can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one,
10:49 and he will you know, hold to the other"
10:52 here despise one and despise other.
10:54 You cannot serve God."
10:56 And men or money or the things of this life
10:58 or the death really you can't serve both of them.
11:01 You can't get on the fence and try
11:03 and walk that fence all along the way.
11:07 So, question comes what is our focus?
11:09 You know, what is your focus, what is my focus?
11:13 What are the things that are really important in this life?
11:18 Verse 33, "But seek Ye First the kingdom of God,
11:21 and all these things will be added on to you."
11:25 God wants us to prosper,
11:26 He said I wouldn't have thought proper and be in hell.
11:29 So He does want us to prosper,
11:30 but the way it really prosper
11:32 is grab a whole first of the things of God
11:34 the things of the kingdom
11:36 and then He will give us these other things
11:38 you know its just to keep us going on planet earth
11:41 while we are still here in our -- in our journey here.
11:44 And then He goes on right immediately in chapter 7,
11:48 "Hypocrite" you know if you say --
11:50 point to somebody else they look at you -- look at you
11:52 what's the matter with you,
11:53 Hey "hypocrite first cast out the beam out of your own eye,
11:58 so they can see clearly then you can cast out
12:00 the mote out of your brother's eye."
12:02 Some people today talk about well,
12:04 you knows we can't judge anybody out.
12:07 It's interesting what the Lord is saying here.
12:08 What does he tell us?
12:09 He said look you can take
12:11 the mote out of your brother's eye
12:12 but first work on your own life.
12:15 And once your own life
12:16 you have the power of God living in you
12:18 you have the transforming power in you
12:20 when you begin getting this together with God in your life
12:23 then you can go help your brother
12:25 and its help its not point to finger out its help,
12:28 your brother or your sister big difference, big difference.
12:32 Then he -- he goes on here
12:34 and he enters into a really interesting area
12:36 it cause a lot of people a lot of struggle verse 13,
12:40 "Enter you in at the strait gate for wide is the gate,
12:43 and broad is the way, that leads to destruction"
12:46 and many are going to find that gate
12:50 because the gate is what?
12:52 But the Lord says, I need you enter
12:54 in at the straight gate than narrow gate.
12:57 Lord, the narrow gate,
12:58 how do I ever make it to the narrow gate,
13:00 where most of the world is going to the wide gate?
13:04 Well, again it's all about
13:05 a personal relationship the Lord says,
13:08 this is life eternal that they might know you,
13:11 the only true God and Jesus Christ
13:13 whom I have sent.
13:15 It's all about a friendship and a fellowship
13:17 the knowing there is basically like Adam knew his wife
13:21 and they can see the child is very personal,
13:23 it's very intimate.
13:25 So do you know Jesus?
13:26 That's what its all about, do you really know Jesus
13:29 and when you know Jesus,
13:30 when He becomes your very best friend,
13:32 they you are willing to surrender
13:33 the things of this world, they become meaningless
13:36 because you found a very, very best friend.
13:40 Will you accept Jesus totally in your life
13:43 to allow Him to become your best friend?
13:45 To allow Him to -- to change you,
13:46 so you can easily then walk into that straight gate
13:50 because that's what its all about,
13:52 is allowing God to guide and direct our steps.
13:56 He says this is the way, walk around, walk in that light,
14:01 but again it's your choice.
14:03 So how many of you choose to take it up?
14:05 Anybody here?
14:06 You choose all right, praise the Lord.
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14:19 more meaningful walk with Christ,
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14:49 When Jesus finished chapters 5, 6 and 7
14:53 they begin coming down the mount.
14:54 They were finished with that three days
14:56 of time up on the mountain.
14:58 When they came down people were thinking
15:00 that multitudes follow him and they are thinking
15:02 where do I get this power when He is talking about,
15:04 where do I-- I come up with--
15:07 with the energy the fortitude to do what he is asked.
15:12 But its interesting because Jesus starts
15:15 writing the devil slabs Jesus as soon as He comes down
15:18 into the lower levels near the lake,
15:20 the devil hits Him time after time after time
15:23 and immediately a leper came to Him
15:25 and said Lord, heal me, heal me
15:27 and Jesus put forth His hand in the touch
15:30 of the king of the universe the Creator God,
15:32 the touch immediately his leprosy was gone.
15:37 And it continues on, Peter's mother,
15:41 Peter's mother is sick she has a fever
15:43 Jesus reaches down and touches her
15:45 and lifts her up and she is healed
15:48 immediately again the touch,
15:51 the fever was gone
15:52 and then we find there is a -- a centurion
15:54 where the list continues on, actually there are --
15:57 there are about ten different major miracles,
16:00 just in chapter 8 and 9.
16:04 Well, I love it, there is one that is one of my favorites
16:06 because this lady had heard about Jesus,
16:08 I don't know exactly where she had heard about Him
16:11 but she had heard about Christ
16:13 and she thought if I can just touch Him,
16:16 may be I'll be heal you see,
16:17 she spent a long time with doctors,
16:19 she has spent a lot of money on doctors
16:21 and she couldn't be healed just it didn't happen.
16:25 But she heard so much about Jesus,
16:27 she just knew in her heart if I can just touch Him
16:29 I'll be healed.
16:30 By the time she found Christ,
16:32 there was people crowding all over everywhere
16:35 and she couldn't get to Him
16:36 but she finally got down in her heals and knees
16:39 and there in her hands and knees
16:40 she crawled through the crowd and she finally reached arm
16:43 and she touched the hymn of His garment
16:45 and immediately, immediately she was healed
16:48 and she crawled back up and she went away rejoicing.
16:52 She got out of the crowd and she started going away
16:54 and Jesus stopped.
16:56 Jesus turned around and said who touched me?
16:59 The disciples all say but-- you know Lord,
17:02 look at all the crowd around you and you say who touched?
17:04 You people are pressing on You from every side.
17:07 He said, I felt virtue go out of me and then He looks
17:12 and He sees this lady, He knows who it is,
17:14 He sees this lady He says daughter,
17:17 this lady had never been called daughter.
17:19 He never, Jesus never called anyone daughter
17:21 that I know Him the scriptures before daughter come here.
17:26 She wanted, you know she wanted to be left alone kind off,
17:28 she want to secretly go away but Jesus called her to Him.
17:32 And had a wonderful conversation while this ladies heart
17:35 when she finally went away she was just thrilled
17:38 she was rejoice over talking with the-- the master
17:41 with the Lord of the universe.
17:44 God, you see it's the touch of Jesus Christ, His touch.
17:50 Jesus would talk through entire towns,
17:52 He would come in one gate and go out the other
17:54 and everybody in the town would be healed, everybody,
17:58 there wasn't anybody
17:59 that who wouldn't be healed by the Master's touch.
18:03 Over in chapter 9,
18:07 we find an interesting thing, He says, verse 36,
18:11 "But when He saw the multitudes,
18:13 He was moved with compassion on them,
18:16 because they were as sheep having no shepherd."
18:20 They were scattered everywhere, as sheep having no shepherd.
18:24 Jesus wanted to come here to planet earth
18:26 to dispel the lies of the devil.
18:28 The devil lied to us so much but I remember a time
18:31 when a big old limp fell across to our van
18:34 and it crushed the top of our van
18:37 and I called the insurance company and I said --
18:39 can you -- can you do something here
18:40 and they said no, no, no that's an act of God.
18:44 I said, what do you mean an act of God?
18:47 I said can I-- can I take you to court
18:50 and I'll prove it to the act of the devil then what?
18:53 Well, there was dead silence on the other end
18:56 because you see the devil has tried to portray
18:59 throughout human history that it's all God's fault.
19:01 We are stuck here on this planet with all this--
19:03 all this evil all the heartache, all the troubles and trails
19:07 and we blame it on God but its all the devil's fault,
19:11 its all about the devil in that case, its not God's.
19:16 God has come here to show us His love.
19:19 He came here on planet earth to show us that
19:21 He will set us free when we call out to God.
19:24 He will kick the devil out,
19:25 He will change things when we call out to God,
19:27 He will change our lives fully and completely.
19:32 And that's what God is inviting you to do,
19:33 to invite Him in and see stains and marks
19:36 at the doors of your heart of your temple.
19:39 He want's to remodel your life when you invite Him.
19:42 He will do just that-- He has the power.
19:44 He has got the -- the explosive power,
19:47 He is the king of the universe to change your life,
19:50 to invite Him into their way.
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20:39 Now, this home was built in the 1700s,
20:42 during that period the famous preacher John Wesley said,
20:45 give me 100 men who fear nothing but sin
20:48 and desire nothing but God and care nothing
20:50 whether they be clergymen or lay men.
20:52 They alone will shake the gates of hell
20:54 and set up the kingdom of heaven here upon earth.
20:58 Now, here I'm, in the 21st century
21:00 and God is still looking for such men and women.
21:03 Men and women He can trust with His power.
21:07 We discover Jesus confirming believable power
21:10 in Matthew 10 on His disciples.
21:12 He called the disciples together and gave them this power,
21:16 He said here I give it to you.
21:18 Now, there are two types of power
21:19 one is the -- the Exousia power
21:22 in the Greek it means the authority
21:24 he conveys upon them the authority.
21:27 The other is the Dunamis power
21:28 the dynamite power the explosive power
21:31 it's where we get our English word for dynamite
21:34 it is absolutely explosive.
21:41 As the creator of the universe and ruler of all
21:43 God has the authority to command,
21:46 both His authority and explosive power
21:48 were and are combined to defeat the devil
21:50 and his evil angels.
21:52 That's why when the 70 followers of Christ returned
21:55 they were so joyful because they said
21:58 even the devils are subject onto your name.
22:00 They were absolutely, amazed
22:02 that the power of God had given them.
22:04 Look I read my Bible from cover to cover, and God never looses.
22:09 Any time He goes toe to toe of the devil God always wins.
22:13 That's why I believe in Matthew Chapters 8 and 9.
22:16 Well, they are included in here
22:18 because it chronicles every loss of Satan.
22:21 Nothing is too hard for God.
22:23 Oh, yes, except dealing with your will.
22:26 He cannot do anything against your will,
22:29 He must be invited in to help you.
22:31 If you invite Him God will use that explosive power
22:35 to fight for you indeed He will give it to you.
22:38 Power will come and abide in you.
22:41 You are not left to fight the devil on your own,
22:43 no matter what your problem is,
22:44 no matter what you are dealing within life.
22:47 Romans 8 says, what shall then we--
22:49 we say about these things,
22:50 that God before us who can be against us.
22:57 Ephesians 6:10, 11 says these words,
23:00 "Finally, my brother, be strong in the Lord
23:03 and the power of His might put on the whole amour of God,
23:06 so that you may be able to stand against the wilds of the devil."
23:11 John Wesley was looking for a 100 Christians
23:13 who feared nothing but sin and desired nothing but God
23:16 and they would rock the world for Christ.
23:19 Jesus is still looking for such men and women today.
23:22 Will you choose to become one of them?
23:29 Billy Sunday once said, "We have a God
23:31 who delights in impossibilities."
23:34 In Matthew Chapter 10,
23:36 Jesus multiple times said fear not, fear not,
23:39 don't fear but you know in this world
23:41 we got such a quite mild sin where,
23:43 we are bagged down so many times.
23:45 It's really difficult to -- to begin getting a grasp on this
23:48 until we actually begin looking at the size of God.
23:52 When you begin seeing the size of your God,
23:54 you see that determines--
23:56 determines the success of your transformation journey.
24:00 Children of Israel had that real problem too, they--
24:02 they ended up at the boarders of the promise land.
24:05 God said, hey, it's all yours
24:07 I have given it to you take it, just go in and possess it.
24:11 Well, the first thing they had to do is send the spies.
24:13 Forty days the spies were in there and on the way out
24:16 I get the idea that one of them they looked and said wow,
24:19 look, look here comes the spies mom,
24:21 here comes the spies.
24:23 Between those two spies had one pole
24:25 and one monster cluster of grapes.
24:27 Can you imagine it took two guys to carry a cluster of grapes,
24:30 its kind of like hey come on over to my house
24:31 we will split a grape, you know,
24:33 and it was every thing that God said it was -- it was marvelous
24:39 but then one of the guys said nevertheless,
24:43 nevertheless there is giants in the land.
24:45 And another one said,
24:46 yeah, we are like grasshoppers in our own sight,
24:48 we are like tiny grasshoppers.
24:50 We can never go and possess the land
24:52 and they wined and they cried and they--
24:54 they wept all night long even thought to of the spies said
24:57 we are well, able to go in and take it over.
24:59 We are well able to do this, and so God said fine,
25:04 and for 40 years they continued the journey.
25:06 Every one of them died off, everyone of them--
25:09 Well, they didn't posses the Promised Land
25:11 even though it was all about God
25:12 and God said, "you can do it."
25:15 They lost out on the Promised Land.
25:17 See, when you believe it nothing
25:19 significant can happen through you,
25:21 you said more about your relationship and about God,
25:25 then you really said about yourself.
25:29 It was such a promise, such a terrible situation
25:31 but it's been that way seems like to our history Jesus
25:35 and the disciples got on a boat.
25:36 But you know, we've got a more modern boat today
25:39 but they got on a boat.
25:40 And they're out there and these season fishermen rowing in it,
25:43 they're rowing and pretty soon
25:45 the wind blows off the lake or down to the lake
25:49 and the waves are whipping up higher and higher and higher.
25:51 And the season fishermen, they're about to ready to drown.
25:54 I mean it's looking pretty critical for them.
25:57 And they look around and all of a sudden
25:58 there is a big old flash of lightning
26:00 and they see Jesus in the back of the boat and guess what?
26:03 What do you think Jesus was doing?
26:05 He's sound asleep.
26:06 He is a asleep in the back of the boat
26:08 and one of the disciples they get up from the rowing
26:10 and runs to the back of the boats and said, Lord,
26:12 don't you care we are going to die.
26:16 What do you think Jesus really care?
26:18 Yeah, Jesus really did care
26:20 you know, he -- all alone he said fear not
26:24 you know the creator God of the universe
26:25 was in the boat way.
26:27 And Jesus said, oh, you of little faith.
26:29 He stood up held His hands out and says,
26:32 peace be still and billions and billions of gallons of water
26:35 raging a revolutionary storm
26:36 on the Sea of Galilee smooth out like a mirror
26:40 and all the boats surrounding them
26:41 close proximity said what manner of man is this,
26:43 even the winds and the waves are bam!
26:46 He is God incarnate He took of his kingly robes
26:49 stepped into steeped into humanity to save us,
26:53 but He is still God also.
26:54 He can do anything God wants to do
26:56 and He can do anything in us.
26:58 You see remember, He choose to die for you.
27:01 And that's how special you are when you ask for help.
27:05 All of heaven will be there to assist you.
27:07 When you ask to be remodeled and transformed into his image
27:11 He'll answer your prayer because He has the power.
27:16 On the mountain top, our Lord laid out His desire for us
27:19 to be separate from sin to stop
27:21 following every will of the devil.
27:23 The moment He came down from the mountain top,
27:26 the devil hit Jesus with everything he had
27:29 but it was useless.
27:31 God is the all time undefeated champion of the world,
27:34 He never loses.
27:36 He's asking you to live a life fully committed to Him
27:39 to serving Him to dispel the sin
27:42 and the darkness in your life by inviting Him in,
27:45 allowing Him to kick the devil out.
27:48 When you're standing upon the shoulders of God
27:51 there are no giants in the land.
27:55 Right now asks Him to change, change you this moment.
27:58 You will be happy you did and remember
28:01 when the will of man cooperates with the will of God
28:04 it becomes one all powerful will.


Revised 2014-12-17