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00:03 The young man came running out of the church,
00:04 he was singing to the top of his lungs,
00:06 he was so excited.
00:08 He went bounding own the street,
00:09 skipping all the way but an old man stopped him.
00:12 He said, young man, have you lost your mind?
00:15 And he said, yes, I have.
00:16 I got the mind of Christ now.
00:18 Would you like the mind of Christ?
00:20 Would you like to have that peace and happiness,
00:22 that joy in your mind
00:23 that just lifts you up higher and higher?
00:25 You can have it, stay tuned to find out how.
00:35 It's time to join your guide, Jim Ayer,
00:39 for an exciting 12 episode journey
00:41 into "Remodeling Your Life."
00:44 You're going to discover that
00:45 God's transforming power is real
00:49 and He's ready to provide that power to you.
00:51 Now here's your guide, Jim Ayer
00:53 to take you on the journey of a lifetime,
00:56 an amazing and dynamic experience with God.
01:01 To this point in our series you've been studying
01:03 the desire of God to call you from danger to safety
01:05 using His prophets
01:07 and the need for radical change in your life
01:10 using the dynamite power of God and the authority of God
01:13 to accomplish all that He asked of you.
01:16 Now it's time to apply what you studied
01:18 to enable your transformation process
01:21 so I can kick in the high gear.
01:24 Now I want to share an interesting thought
01:25 that was done by Steve Brown.
01:28 It appeared in Christianity Today.
01:29 He said, "Contrary to popular opinion,
01:31 sin is not what you want to do but can't,
01:34 it's what you should not do because it will hurt you
01:37 and hurt you bad.
01:38 God is not a policeman,
01:39 He is a Father concerned about His children.
01:43 When a child picks up a snake and the father says,
01:45 'Put that down right this minute!'
01:47 Well, the child thinks he's losing a toy.
01:49 In fact, he is not losing a toy, he is losing a snake."
01:53 Now in this particular instance
01:54 this snake is a wonderful sweet little girl
01:58 but if the father says put it down
02:00 it's time to put it down.
02:01 We need to change our mindset with God to be over-comers.
02:08 If you were to take an order of your spiritual life
02:11 how would it turn out?
02:12 Are you growing each year, are you stagnating?
02:15 Maybe even going backwards
02:16 but what's the pattern, what's the goal,
02:19 what's' the vision for this to year?
02:21 Do you have a spiritual plan at all?
02:23 If you ever hope to go home with the Lord
02:25 then you better have one.
02:27 If you don't have one,
02:29 then you probably not going to get there.
02:31 It's highly likely.
02:34 Every person you see in this world
02:35 who has ever become successful in the temple
02:38 or in the spiritual world
02:39 has a vision to focus upon and a direction in their life,
02:44 they are working toward a goal.
02:46 Dr. Dennis Wadley tells a story of Colonel George Hall
02:49 who was a four handicap golfer
02:51 before he ended up in a Vietnamese prison.
02:53 He always played one round of golf in his cell
02:56 in his imagination, his little eight-by-eight cell,
02:59 with black pajamas, bare feet and a pail and a plate of rice.
03:03 He never went outside, his teeth rotted,
03:05 his eyes went bad,
03:06 and he got atrophied and withered,
03:09 but he played that one round of golf faithfully
03:12 very well incidentally in his imagination.
03:15 He played every putt, he played every stroke,
03:17 he played games that the pros had played
03:19 and he played games that he had played over the years.
03:22 He played it all in his mind.
03:25 It's just absolutely amazing.
03:27 When he came back he played in the New Orleans Open
03:30 and in the Open he shot a 76, four over par,
03:34 right on his handicap.
03:36 The news media, they were astounded and said,
03:38 congratulation, beginner's re-entry luck.
03:41 Luck, you said, are you kidding?
03:43 I never three-putted the green
03:45 in five and a half years of solitary confinement.
03:48 This is the principle that governs the universe.
03:50 It applies to a spiritual as well as the temple realm.
03:54 As we behold so we become.
03:57 The human mind wired in such a way
04:00 so that it imitates what it sees.
04:02 It wires itself if you will, it becomes what it beholds,
04:07 what it watches.
04:09 That's why the Bible offers this council.
04:11 Finally, my friends,
04:13 keep your minds on whatever is true,
04:15 pure, right, holy, friendly and proper.
04:19 Don't ever stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile
04:22 and worthy of praise.
04:30 This is why I shutter when we seem to struggle
04:33 to figure out why there's so much violence today.
04:35 It's been estimated that we spend
04:37 three billion hours each week playing video games.
04:40 Three billion hours on planet earth,
04:42 that's billion with a "B"
04:44 and the majority contain violent content.
04:47 The average child will watch 8,000 murders on TV
04:51 by the time they leave elementary school.
04:54 We are replaying violence in our mind
04:56 just like the POW in Vietnam practice golf.
04:59 As a world, we are mesmerized
05:01 by the temptations of the devil.
05:04 Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist,
05:06 an expert witness New York's Time
05:08 best selling author and more.
05:11 When cop killer Christopher Dorner
05:12 gathered a huge following in of fans
05:15 who were in support of his rampage,
05:16 Ablow was asked
05:17 why people are in growing numbers across to America
05:20 supporting killers and murderers,
05:22 even creating fan clubs in their names?
05:25 His response was telling, he said this...
05:28 How does he gotten that support?
05:30 Why are people coming out and supporting him,
05:32 he's a murderer?
05:34 Well, Janet, unfortunately
05:37 our society now is one in which reality is giving way to fiction
05:42 such that people are, believe themselves
05:45 to be many reality TV versions of themselves
05:48 and they are vulnerable to seeing somebody
05:51 who alleges that he is wrong
05:54 as some kind of larger than life figure.
05:56 They are not able it seems, right,
05:59 many people are able to empathies with these victims
06:02 and imagine what it would be like
06:04 to lose a father or a husband
06:06 because they are caught up in the entertainment value
06:10 of a horrible crime.
06:12 And they can cast this guy a hero because,
06:14 hey here's the script, you are the hero now
06:17 because reality is under seize everywhere in America.
06:20 I couldn't have said it better.
06:22 We are dragging ourselves to oblivion
06:25 and the devil is providing the material to help us.
06:28 How much do you want the eternal prize?
06:30 Are you committed to re-training
06:32 your mind to win heaven?
06:33 If so what would it look like to you?
06:36 Reading fewer novels?
06:37 Maybe more time with your Bible,
06:40 less time watching TV or playing video games,
06:43 a greater time commitment to prayer.
06:46 If you and I are going to be remodeled
06:48 and transformed into the Christ image
06:50 then we must start by beholding Him,
06:52 by looking at Jesus, the one who is coming soon.
06:55 You talk about reality,
06:57 when we stand before the judgment seat of God
07:00 that will be far bigger reality
07:02 than any television program.
07:04 In order to strengthen your faith,
07:06 quicken your love
07:07 and become more deeply imbued with the spirit
07:09 you must increase the time by beholding
07:12 the matchless beauty of Jesus Christ.
07:14 Choosing do to so
07:15 is the first step to the transformational ladder
07:18 of getting in that process
07:20 of climbing the ladder of transformation.
07:23 Even the Roman centurion discovered that
07:25 spending time with God is life changing.
07:28 It was his God detail stand in duty
07:31 at Calvary's cross.
07:33 He beheld the events of the day in the manner
07:35 in which Son of God acted.
07:37 At the end of the day
07:38 when Christ had died for you and for me
07:40 the Bible records His testimony
07:42 of this battle harden man.
07:45 He said in Mark 15,
07:47 and when the centurion who stood across of Him
07:50 saw that he cried out so and expired he said,
07:53 "Truly, this man was the Son of God."
07:57 It's true, by beholding we become change.
08:00 The question is, are you practicing for heaven?
08:25 As I thought about this beautiful couple
08:26 united in Christ
08:28 I recall the text that says that,
08:30 when a man leaves father and mother
08:32 he is joined to his wife to become one with her.
08:36 The first marriage ceremony
08:37 was performed by God in the Garden of Eden
08:40 and was to represent the joining together
08:42 of God and mankind.
08:44 Marriage should be a beautiful
08:46 reminder of the close and eternal union
08:49 God desires with us.
08:51 We are to leave all others and become His and His alone.
08:57 As the song says,
08:58 he gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by,
09:01 because God is the God of love.
09:04 He has the desire and capacity
09:06 to make you joyful beyond words.
09:09 Perhaps at sometime in your life you fall in love with someone,
09:13 what did you experience.
09:15 Now I am guessing that
09:16 because the human reaction to love is universal.
09:20 That person was all you could think about,
09:22 all you could focus upon.
09:24 Everything and everyone else took second position
09:27 to the budding relationship.
09:29 Am I right?
09:31 Having had some experience in both areas
09:33 I can say that falling in love with Jesus is far more intense,
09:37 bringing amazing joy and peace into one's life.
09:42 I am not down playing the one over the other,
09:45 only pointing out that the relationship with Christ
09:48 is wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling,
09:50 superseding any earthly relationships.
09:55 There are a few biblical examples of that love hunger
09:58 that will be found in your forever
10:00 relationship with Jesus Christ.
10:04 Let me read first to you Psalms 42:1,
10:07 "As the deer pants for the water brooks,
10:09 so pants my soul for You, O God."
10:12 Continuing in Psalm 63:1-7, "God, you are my God,
10:17 early will I seek you, my soul thirst for you,
10:21 my flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land
10:24 where there is no water.
10:26 Because Your loving kindness is better than life.
10:29 My lips shall praise You.
10:32 Thus I will I bless You while I live,
10:34 I will lift up my hands in Your name.
10:37 Therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice."
10:42 And finally in Psalms 84:2, "My soul longs, yes,
10:46 even faints for the courts of the Lord:
10:49 my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God."
10:54 You may be wondering what I am doing
10:55 here at the whiteboard.
10:57 Well, this is my illustration for the day
11:00 and I hope you like it.
11:01 Here goes, Lord, I want to experience.
11:05 Experience what?
11:07 There's a big problem because a lot of time
11:10 in our commitment to God we put a huge period,
11:13 we put up huge period and we just stop right there.
11:16 But I'd invite you to erase the period
11:20 and then continue on.
11:23 Lord, I want to experience an eternal happiness with You,
11:26 an eternal friendship with You, eternal joy with You.
11:30 But you see, it's up to you.
11:32 You can put in a period in your life
11:35 and what kind of life is it really going to be?
11:37 Well, if you take out the period,
11:40 erase everything that looks anything like a period
11:43 and continue on with the sentence of your fellowship
11:46 and friendship with God
11:47 you're gonna be extremely happy.
11:59 If you have the opportunity to travel to Israel with a guide
12:02 and then going to the top of the Mount of Olives
12:05 your guide probably pointed out the chapel
12:07 or the dome of the ascension and said,
12:09 from this spot Jesus ascended to heaven,
12:12 but how does the scripture read?
12:14 Well, Luke tells us that Jesus went as far as to Bethany,
12:17 just over the top and down the other side of the mountain.
12:21 You know, all of those scripture doesn't tell us
12:22 why Jesus went there, I think I know.
12:25 Who live there in Bethany?
12:26 Martha, Mary and Lazarus lived there.
12:29 Well, they were Jesus' best friends.
12:31 I think Jesus went there to say goodbye to His
12:34 very special friends.
12:36 I'd like you to think about this.
12:38 Thousands upon thousands of people
12:40 crowded in around Jesus continually,
12:42 pushing, shoving and wanting something from Him.
12:46 But how many people wanted to be close friend of His?
12:50 There were not many.
12:51 Was this because Jesus was stand offish?
12:54 Was it because He was hard to make friends with?
12:56 Well, the answer is no and no.
12:59 The reason is really very simple,
13:01 few people wanted to put in the time
13:03 to be up close and personal friends with Jesus Christ.
13:07 They all wanted something from Jesus
13:09 plus most were unwilling to invest their own time
13:12 and energy into the relationship.
13:14 They always wanted something from Him
13:17 but they didn't want to give anything to Him.
13:20 Most were unwilling to work at the relationship.
13:23 Isn't that why so many people end up in divorce court today?
13:26 They are unwilling to put in the time in marriage
13:29 and what it takes to make it work.
13:32 It's really no different with the Lord,
13:34 little in, little out.
13:36 You see, it's all up to you.
13:38 Jesus desires to become your very best friend
13:41 and loving companion.
13:43 You are having a hard time with that idea,
13:45 perhaps its time for a mind transplant.
13:55 Could something be missing in your walk with Christ
13:58 but you are not sure what it might be
13:59 or what to do about it,
14:01 The Review and Herald has the answer.
14:04 The book Transformation will lead you step by step
14:06 on the journey of a lifetime.
14:08 You'll be surprised
14:09 that how easily changes in your life occur
14:12 as you focus on the power of God.
14:14 You see, it's all about God,
14:15 the God who loves you and wants to transform you.
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14:26 Jim was a drug dealer an alcoholic
14:28 and a thief until God called him.
14:30 But that was just the beginning, as someone said,
14:33 he has lived six lifetimes, he became wealthy,
14:36 lobbied on Capitol Hill and was a church leader
14:39 but he was lost until God gave him a second chance.
14:43 People tell us when you start reading "Second Chance,"
14:45 you can't put it down.
14:47 Your loved ones who maybe wondering
14:48 if God will give them a second chance will love it too.
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14:58 You know, I think back to Baby Fae in 1984,
15:01 remember that little girl who had a heart transplant,
15:03 a baboon heart placed within her chest cavity to keep her alive.
15:07 That surgery put Loma Linda University,
15:10 a Seventh-day Adventist hospital on the map of the world.
15:14 Organ transplant science has made tremendous strives
15:16 over the last 30 years and I am not sure
15:19 how many different organs of the human body
15:21 can now be routinely and successfully transplanted
15:24 but I do know
15:26 that the human brain is not one of them.
15:29 Transplanting a brain requires a skill far greater
15:32 than any surgeon here on planet earth has.
15:34 But why did I even bring up this subject?
15:37 Because the apostle Paul says, the secrets to growing in Christ
15:40 is to have His mind, a new mind.
15:44 I want to share with you what Philippians 2:5 says,
15:46 "Let this mind be in you, which was in Christ Jesus."
15:50 Yes, we need a brain transplant.
15:58 We know that Paul was not talking
15:59 about a medical procedure
16:01 but he's speaking of a spiritual procedure.
16:04 How can it happen?
16:05 Well, in the same way the creator of the universe
16:07 transplanted God into a human womb
16:09 to be born into the world.
16:12 We need to remove all of the obstacles
16:14 in our thinking process
16:15 that continually place roadblocks
16:17 between what God can do
16:19 and what you think He cannot do.
16:22 Well, it's easy to-- for Him to accomplish
16:25 anything He wants to,
16:26 He just needs you to sign
16:27 the authorization papers for surgery.
16:30 When you begin falling in love with the Lord,
16:32 the mind transplants starts to take place.
16:35 It's natural and an inevitable outcome of the relationship.
16:40 Remember, it's a God thing, it's all about Him.
16:43 He can make it happen if you choose.
16:46 Start counting on God right now.
16:49 There are amazing things that will happen
16:51 when you open your heart and your life to Him.
16:59 But this is a process
17:01 that devil does not want you to embark up on,
17:03 under no circumstances does he want you
17:05 to receive the mind of Christ.
17:08 Therefore the process of receiving the mind transplant
17:11 will not be pain free.
17:13 Those who only want the crown
17:15 without the cross will have neither.
17:18 Jesus council as this, take my cross He said
17:20 and follow Me.
17:22 The prosperity gospel that is so popular today is not factual.
17:27 Does God want us to prosper and be in health?
17:29 Yes, He does.
17:31 But you only need to look at Jesus our example
17:34 and you will see that the devil hit Him hard and very often
17:37 and we are invited to follow Him.
17:40 Keep in mind
17:42 that God created you for eternity
17:44 and not for time.
17:45 Anything you give up or go through in this life
17:48 will be rewarded multi-fold in the next life
17:51 and the blessings will never stop.
17:54 The martyr throughout history always kept this in prospective.
17:58 They knew that man could kill the body
18:00 but not the person who is hid with Jesus Christ
18:03 and will be raised to eternal life.
18:06 There are real decisions and choices
18:08 you and I must make.
18:10 We're not going to simply float into the kingdom
18:12 on a wing and a prayer.
18:20 Since 1849,
18:22 the Review and Herald Publishing Association
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18:32 And they continue to be committed
18:34 to bringing you the very best,
18:36 helping you fall more deeply in love with your Lord.
18:40 That's why they partnered with Jim Ayer
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18:47 There's no doubt that your heart and mind will be thrilled
18:50 as you read Transformation,
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18:58 that are in your church group,
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19:03 You owe it to yourself and to those you love,
19:05 Transformation.
19:06 Call us today to purchase the book, study guide,
19:09 the DVD series or all three at a package price.
19:12 Now here's the information you need,
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19:25 We've all had nightmares at sometime in our lives
19:28 but I dreamed about having a daymare.
19:30 You know, that's a nightmare that happens in a day time.
19:33 All of a sudden I was standing on a mighty plane,
19:35 looking at celestial city in the distance.
19:38 I seemed to be standing in a graveyard
19:40 with many other people.
19:42 Everyone like me was looking toward that most beautiful city,
19:46 a beautiful city like we've never seen before.
19:49 And all of a sudden there was a giant of a man
19:51 standing in front of me, he looked down to me and said,
19:54 I just resurrected you, we can take that city.
19:57 Well, a chill ran up my spine because I knew what this meant
20:01 and it was not good news.
20:03 I was in the second resurrection,
20:05 the resurrection of the lost.
20:12 If you attend most funerals today
20:13 you will discover that no matter
20:15 how evil the person was in life,
20:17 many preachers have dearly departed sitting in heaven
20:20 and join the comforts forever.
20:22 It's just not true.
20:24 Now that everyone knows
20:26 how terrible Satan's plan for the universe has been
20:29 the Lord will never allow sin to raise its ugly head again.
20:33 The only ones admitted to eternity are the people
20:35 who have fall in love with Christ here on earth
20:38 and are proven to be trustworthy.
20:41 I want to go home with Jesus
20:42 when He comes to pick up His family.
20:44 How about you?
20:46 Do you want to be in the first resurrection
20:48 and stand with Jesus on the inside of the holy city
20:51 and not on the outside with Satan?
20:57 In order for that to happen
20:58 the master worker with your permission
21:00 must remake you, totally remodel you.
21:03 This reconstruction process is a necessity despite
21:06 what the devil continually tells everyone.
21:10 Just that we are perfectly clear on the transformation plan,
21:13 if you have your Bible
21:14 I'd like you to turn with me to Ezekiel Chapter 36.
21:18 I am going to read a few verses
21:19 from various locations in the chapter
21:21 that give you an idea of where I am going with this thought.
21:25 Verse 25 says, "Then I will sprinkle clean water on you,
21:29 I will cleanse you," God says.
21:32 Verse 26, "I will give you a new heart,
21:35 I will put a new spirit within you,
21:37 I will take out the stony heart out of you,
21:39 I will give you a new heart.
21:41 I will put My spirit within you."
21:44 Verse 33 says, "I will cleanse you from all your iniquities."
21:49 And verse 36, the last half said,
21:51 "The Lord, I the Lord, your God have spoken it
21:54 and I will do it, I will do it."
21:58 Twenty six times in this chapter alone
22:00 the words of God are using basically I will.
22:03 You see, it's always all about God.
22:06 It was God who clothed the demoniac on shore
22:09 covering His sinfulness with His own righteousness.
22:13 But God did not want to leave
22:14 the old sinful mind in this man in His heart
22:17 so He gave him a new mind too.
22:19 God's justice and mercy
22:21 to the angel of the heaven into us
22:22 demand that we began the remodeling process,
22:25 the renovation of the entire being.
22:28 God does it all. It's all about God.
22:31 I hope you will accept this covering of righteousness
22:34 offered to you completely free.
22:36 The Lord invites you to take Him right now.
22:39 Please accept the master craftsman into your home
22:42 to accomplish this amazing job of transformation.
22:49 Dr. Dennis Wadley once said, learn from the past,
22:52 set vivid detail goals for the feature
22:55 and live in the only moment of time
22:57 over which you have any control right now.
23:00 It's been said that if you sow an action
23:02 you reap a habit, you sow a habit
23:04 you reap a life and sow a life
23:07 and you reap a destiny.
23:08 Your daily actions determine your destiny.
23:15 Meriah is a life, a mother
23:17 and a child of God first and foremost.
23:20 She's had her share of problems
23:22 but she has chosen to sow a life
23:24 that will reap an eternal destiny.
23:26 Meriah, I am so very please today
23:28 that to let everyone know that you are my daughter.
23:32 I am so proud of you and your walk with God.
23:34 I want to hear how God is working in your life,
23:37 transformation in action.
23:39 Meriah, tell me, how is transformation,
23:42 how is God working in your life?
23:45 A transformation action going on in my life
23:48 is just watching God work everyday.
23:50 You know, so many times I think that
23:53 we can be like the children of Israel
23:55 and we can forget the miracle that we just came through
23:59 and we hit the next roadblock
24:00 and we can get all panic and wonder
24:04 what is God going to do next, God where are you?
24:07 And it's just trying to hold fast to Him
24:11 and hold fast to know that
24:13 He brought us through the last trial
24:16 and He's gonna bring us
24:17 through the trial that we face currently
24:19 and it's just exciting to watch Him work everyday
24:24 from the little things to the big things in our lives.
24:28 My secret to find a relationship with God
24:31 is to not categorize Him.
24:34 God doesn't have like a little spot here
24:36 in my life or little spot there,
24:37 He is part of every part of my life.
24:40 He is like my finger as a part of me
24:44 like my heart is a part of me.
24:46 He's not just-- it doesn't just have a category,
24:50 He is my entire life and fits in each part
24:54 of everything I do in life, every part of it.
24:58 Journaling is fabulous
25:00 because Journaling is a way to keep track of the miracles
25:04 that God has done in your life.
25:06 Sometimes we may-- a year from now me
25:09 may forget the wonderful things
25:12 that God has done for us in the year prior
25:15 and Journaling is a great way to--
25:18 whether you take five minutes a day or 15 or an hour,
25:22 whatever time that you decide is best for you to set aside
25:27 to write down some miracles that God is doing in your life
25:31 and then it's wonderful to be able to revisit those later on.
25:34 And so you can see if there is doubts in your mind ever
25:38 that God has pressed in your life
25:39 and that He is with you.
25:41 Just go back through those pages
25:43 and read some of the miracles
25:44 that God has done for you.
25:45 And it's really amazing to watch Him work in your life.
25:50 I absolutely see growth now
25:52 from where I was five years ago in my spiritual walk
25:55 and I believe the reason for that
25:57 is time spent with God.
26:00 And not only time spent with God
26:01 but recognizing the blessings
26:04 that He has brought forth in my life
26:07 and recognizing Him at work in my life.
26:09 You know, friends come in all varieties
26:13 of close friends to distance friends
26:16 but the friends that are really close,
26:18 usually are the ones that you spent time with
26:20 and I believe that, that's how it is with God.
26:23 You know God has a great desire to be our best friend.
26:26 He cares about every aspect of our lives
26:29 and everything that we go though.
26:31 And the more time that we spend with Him
26:33 the more we will get to know Him,
26:35 the more we will recognize His voice
26:38 and the more that we will fall in love with Him
26:40 and just want to be with Him
26:41 and spend more time with Him everyday.
26:44 I believe that God will bless the time that you give Him
26:49 and once you commit to give Him your time
26:51 He will bless that immeasurably.
26:54 And if you start out with five minutes a day,
26:56 I believe that five minutes will grow to 10 minutes
26:59 and that 10 minutes will grow to 15
27:02 and 15 will grow into half hour and an hour
27:04 and the time will grow and you will grow
27:07 because of the time that you devote to God.
27:09 But I believe that He tells us that
27:11 we got to step out in faith first
27:13 and once we step out in faith
27:15 and give that time He will bless it.
27:19 Meriah, thank you so much for coming.
27:22 As you can see God is at work in the lives of real people.
27:26 It can't be explain by science
27:27 but transformation is real nonetheless.
27:34 True happiness is not a location
27:36 we can travel to nor is it something
27:38 we can earn by our efforts,
27:40 nor can it be worn or consumed.
27:42 It can only be obtained through our conscious
27:44 daily choice of becoming God's best friend.
27:48 When Jesus resides inside of you happiness has arrived.
27:52 I can testify that after, it get sweeter
27:54 and sweeter as the days go by.
27:56 Once you taste the Lord and see you will wonder
28:00 why you ever waited so long.


Revised 2014-12-17