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00:04 Would you be tempted to stare down
00:06 the barrel of a loaded 12 gauge shot gun,
00:08 set to go off some time in the next 100 years?
00:12 In 1982, people lined up
00:14 for what have been called an art exhibit
00:16 to do just that.
00:25 It's time to join your guide, Jim Ayer,
00:28 for an exciting 12 episode journey
00:30 into "Remodeling Your Life."
00:33 You're going to discover that
00:34 God's transforming power is real
00:37 and is ready to provide that power to you.
00:40 Now here is your guide Jim Ayer
00:42 to take you on the journey of a lifetime
00:45 in amazing and dynamic experience with God.
00:51 Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun
00:53 is not my idea of fun
00:55 but it seems that many people disagree with me.
00:58 Why are people tempted to gamble with their lives.
01:01 The human race is drawn to temptation
01:03 like a moth is to flame.
01:05 The actual gun in the art exhibit was loaded
01:08 and set to fire a fatal blast sometime within 100 years
01:12 when the clock was set.
01:14 I'll bet you that not a single person
01:15 sitting in front of that deadly barrel
01:17 thought the gun with fire, while they were in a chair.
01:21 But who can rest assure that when you're toy would danger
01:24 that devil will always pull the trigger.
01:27 When we mess around the temptation,
01:29 we will get hurt.
01:30 But the good news is you and I don't need to get hurt
01:33 by temptation any longer.
01:42 Ideal country saying goes
01:43 I was knee-high to a grasshopper when I start fishing.
01:47 We're going up fishing serve two purposes actually
01:49 we put, food on the table
01:51 and was just loads of fun the fish would dead.
01:54 Well, I have the opportunity to fish from
01:56 Central America to Alaska
01:58 which brings up other country saying,
02:00 "the worst day of fishing is better than
02:02 the best day of working."
02:05 Fishing is one of the oldest professions
02:07 in past times of the human race.
02:09 The paralegal fishing can be as easy as
02:12 having a stick some line
02:13 and hook with the worm at the end of it.
02:15 Well, in some countries they don't even use the stick.
02:19 If it's a commercial venture,
02:21 it could cost millions to stock of boats
02:23 and prepare for a day in the ocean.
02:26 One key ingredient is the bait.
02:28 I've used flies, layers, eggs,
02:31 well, different kinds of bait and the list actually goes on.
02:34 You see, fishing is a real art and if you fly fishing,
02:38 you catch what bugs were out and you select to fly
02:41 that looks just like the bug
02:43 that are near the water on that day.
02:45 Then after studying the stream,
02:47 you determine the location where the fish will be
02:49 and your place where fly in that perfect spot
02:52 to just guide it right past of nose that unsuspecting fish.
02:57 No matter what type of bait or setup the fish it may use
03:00 they're all designed to do one thing,
03:03 tempt the fish to bite on a concealed hook.
03:08 This exactly what the devil is doing
03:10 when he dangles temptation in front of you.
03:12 He is trying to lure you, to a trap to just seduce you
03:16 to bite on a hidden hook and make no mistake.
03:20 They're always hidden hooks
03:22 ready to slice deep into your flesh.
03:25 But just like the fish in the stream,
03:27 you don't need to bite regardless of
03:29 how tempting the meal is flowing past you maybe.
03:34 Because of the devil's alarming success rate at fishing for sin,
03:38 we've been doped into the belief
03:39 that simply seen or wiggling worm must be sin.
03:43 In other words,
03:44 many Christians believe the temptation itself is sin.
03:48 Do you think that's true?
03:50 Well, even if you don't believe it,
03:52 I would venture to say
03:53 that you probably act like you do anyway.
03:57 I'm convinced that if the devil can
03:59 keep only one truth from you, this would be it.
04:02 Temptation is not sin
04:05 and God has the power to keep you
04:06 from surrendering to it from biting on it.
04:09 It is a complete lie
04:11 that you must accept His biblical fact
04:13 that falling for every temptation is unavoidable.
04:16 You and I have been held captive
04:18 to this lie far too long.
04:21 Hebrews 4:15 says, "When Jesus lived on earth,
04:26 He was very tempted in every way.
04:28 He was tempted in the same ways
04:30 we are tempted but never sinned."
04:33 Our Lord came to show us how to walk the rock
04:36 and provide all the power to do so.
04:40 There is no pressure to sin
04:41 that is greater than the power of almighty God
04:44 to deliver you from it.
04:45 Just to make it very clear one last time,
04:47 fishing is called fishing and not catching
04:50 because it depends on whether
04:51 the fish decide to bite the bait.
04:53 As a fisherman, I don't stand in the water grabbing fish
04:56 and manually hooking them up.
04:59 It is the same with the devil and you.
05:01 He can dangle all the tempting bait
05:03 he wants in front of you but you don't need to bite.
05:07 According to Ellen White,
05:09 "Through belief in Satan's misrepresentations of God,
05:12 man's character and destiny were changed,
05:15 but if men will believe in the word of God,
05:18 they will be transformed in mind and character,
05:21 and fitted for eternal life."
05:29 God's word said the Lord knows
05:30 how to deliver the godly out of temptation.
05:34 By way of example I want to address
05:36 a temptation that is so sensitive
05:37 that most people don't even want to discuss it.
05:41 Biting on this temptation
05:42 is destroyed multitudes of marriages
05:44 and has wrecked entire families.
05:46 It is infiltrated every level of our society
05:48 including the church because of devil make sure
05:51 that it rarely stops with just a look.
05:54 In some cases, it is led to the most terrible of crimes.
05:58 What is the temptation?
05:59 It's pornography.
06:01 The devil dangled sex in front of us at every opportunity.
06:05 At the super market checkout counter
06:07 portrayed by scantily cloud woman on magazine covers.
06:11 On Television, on our computers,
06:13 even in public today, sometimes even in the church
06:16 exhibit in the way men and women dress.
06:19 The devil is dangling his bait at every corner.
06:23 I want you to meet Larry.
06:25 Larry is not his real name and he has requested that
06:28 we do not show his face nor reveal his true voice
06:31 due to the sensitive nature of his past addiction.
06:36 Hi, Jim, as to what the affects with pornography
06:40 was in my life and my family or others around me.
06:46 I guess the biggest thing
06:47 it was talk about younger age first was it
06:51 I drafted my younger siblings into it.
06:58 I really haven't talk much about it I tried to--
07:01 I was just pointing your life I guess we need younger 15, 16
07:06 we get you separate ways
07:07 and try to pretend those things didn't happen at younger life.
07:12 I've only approached one of our siblings to it,
07:15 to really discuss it
07:16 and basically asked for forgiveness,
07:19 since I led him into this.
07:22 The other one doesn't want talk about it as to them
07:26 and don't want to in discuss with
07:27 so like that we left doing that.
07:29 But at least in the teens early 20 years and those years
07:35 it definitely made a rift in our family
07:37 and at least as far as my siblings are concerned.
07:40 I realized more and more how much
07:44 this was affecting my relationship with God.
07:47 Not that I didn't realize that before
07:49 but the cycle had interested
07:52 imposed with my life and enough is enough.
07:55 And I was at a low point probably about a year,
07:58 year and half within a year whatever.
08:00 And Lord has a way of reaching people in their low points.
08:04 In fact, I-- I will say sincere believer that
08:07 He pushes us side of sometimes allow things to happen
08:11 that what we focus in our lives.
08:13 And about that time,
08:15 I received a manuscript from a good friend,
08:18 that manuscript turned out to be the
08:23 what was now or what was now knows as
08:25 the book of transformation.
08:27 And it did transform
08:28 and I'm a big push of behind Jim
08:31 trying to get this thing out.
08:33 It changed my life.
08:34 It-- it brought me into a much deeper relationship
08:39 with God and Bible.
08:41 My daily worship schedule was
08:44 if he to say at least my prayer time was there
08:49 but my prayers never went further than
08:51 the introduction of chapter or book
08:53 where he talks about payers now going through the ceiling.
08:55 That's all I felt.
08:57 They never made it through the ceiling.
08:59 I was sure God love me I've never had any claims
09:02 all my life in that area.
09:03 It was just my relationship with God was their fault
09:07 and I didn't know how to get it back on track.
09:10 I think Benjamin Franklin
09:12 put his finger on the problem with temptation
09:13 when he said,
09:14 what makes resisting temptation difficult for many people,
09:18 is it they don't want to discourage you completely.
09:22 Could that be what happens with you and me?
09:24 Many times we will make the conscious choice
09:26 to open the door of temptation, just a tiny bit.
09:29 We're scared to close the door completely
09:32 even though leaving the door open
09:33 will result in our destruction.
09:37 Satan's soul focus is to destroy
09:39 every hint of Christ in you
09:41 which is why he's in the business of tempting you.
09:44 But when you're faced to what seems like an
09:46 overwhelming errs to sin, you have an out.
09:49 "God dwelling in you, therefore submit yourselves to God
09:53 resist the devil," the Bible says
09:54 and he will flee from you.
09:56 You see God can do anything He wants to do
10:00 because after all He's God, and when He's living in you
10:03 while He wants to keep you from sinning.
10:06 Remember the angel told Mary to call his name Jesus
10:09 for He shall save his people from their sins.
10:13 Here's the key, your prayers and mine
10:15 will be far more effective in the battle with evil
10:18 if we start by surrendering all to God, not just 99% but all.
10:24 We need to completely close the door to temptation
10:27 and lock it, the devil does not own bold cutters.
10:31 And contrary to what Satan was like us to believe
10:34 temptation is not sin, don't miss this.
10:38 The first look is not sin, but we must turn away
10:41 from the second look.
10:43 This is critical, at the moment of recognition,
10:46 call out to God and He will give you the power
10:48 to turn away to keep you from sinning.
10:52 This is not just wishful thanking, its Bible truth.
10:56 Just as falling out of the tree resulting gravity
10:59 pulling you down to the ground.
11:01 Well, then resisting the devil
11:03 will resulted him bolting from the scene
11:05 when we appeal to our best friend Jesus Christ in prayer.
11:09 At that moment it becomes God's battle.
11:12 And, well, when you appear to, to be overwhelmed.
11:17 You're fighting against all odds,
11:19 those things will soon evaporate
11:21 and leave an empty battlefield
11:23 when you call upon Jesus Christ.
11:33 Ever wonder why your life doesn't reflect
11:36 the powerful change that supposed to be
11:38 part of every Christian experience.
11:40 The temptations way on you and leave you saying,
11:43 maybe I'm not trying hard enough for wondering
11:45 if God's holding up His end of the deal.
11:48 Could there be some secret everyone but you knows.
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11:55 or talk about it until now.
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13:05 Even better than resisting temptation
13:07 once you're confirmed with it,
13:09 is to do all you can to avoid it.
13:11 And if you're once a smoker and alcoholic
13:13 you certainly will not choose
13:14 to hangout at the bars or the liquor store.
13:18 And if you're a drug dealer like I was
13:19 you wouldn't hangout around the pot shops
13:21 that sell the stuff.
13:23 Temptations were always there.
13:27 In fact, I share with Jim that
13:29 it's been about a year and I felt a few weeks back
13:33 it was, it was not a joyous experience.
13:37 When the Lord's up on that we feel again,
13:39 but I can honestly say that I haven't since my teen years
13:42 I have not gone a year without indulging
13:47 in these addictions.
13:50 Well, I be tempted, probably rest of my life.
13:54 Satan knows everybody's weaknesses
13:56 and he learned this weakness on-- long time ago.
13:58 He will probably continue to tell me.
14:00 I know now that and I did know
14:02 before I just didn't want to accept
14:04 I went to acknowledge it.
14:06 I know that with God's help I can beat this addiction.
14:12 When I feel an urged with--
14:14 hey, I need something to fill an addiction
14:18 I turn the other way.
14:20 I used to stay stare at ladies,
14:27 did I found attractive.
14:29 I don't do that anymore, so I'd like that my own wife
14:31 I don't know another wife where to look at.
14:33 Where are you looking for anyway?
14:35 I know there's a higher power of responsible
14:37 to this higher power baby creatively
14:41 and gave me a will to make choices to accept Him
14:44 and to be a friend of His.
14:46 First thing I would say is acknowledge
14:49 that you have an addiction.
14:53 That's far first thing than any step to recovery
14:56 is to acknowledge there is a problem.
14:58 The second is to seek obviously God's help.
15:02 Confess your sin to the Lord,
15:03 let Him know that you're sorry
15:05 and you want to make a change.
15:07 And I think He's for people here
15:09 on earth to help us on these things,
15:12 seek out of friends somebody you can be accountable
15:15 for and make that friend accountable
15:16 ask you questions to check in on you.
15:21 And it's got to be somebody of your trust
15:23 and we will hold your confidentiality.
15:26 But to make yourself accountable,
15:28 to a spouse to your friend
15:31 there is nothing like that for feel pressure
15:34 if you want to use the word
15:36 it somebody tangible right here
15:38 not those every God is intangible.
15:40 But God has a small voice.
15:41 So friend can be pretty pesky right in front of you
15:44 and it's hard to tell him to their face
15:46 that you done something to leave
15:48 they've been encouraging you for a while not to do.
15:50 I'm a firm believer
15:52 that you can't just throw something out.
15:56 The Bible is pretty clear
15:58 that when we speak a room and clean in our mind,
16:00 and if we don't focus something else,
16:02 the devil is gonna move right in.
16:04 And I've been down that room many times
16:05 before I don't know how many times
16:08 I had given up this addiction.
16:11 And that would last about two weeks at the most
16:17 and we're back to and it's worse than the time before.
16:22 It's-- the sorry state of sin.
16:26 You know, if you think you got to cleaned up
16:28 and the next time around is worse
16:29 and worse and worse.
16:31 Now this time we got to felt with something.
16:34 The Book of James says, "Therefore submit to God,
16:37 resist the devil he will flee from you."
16:40 Moses had all the richest of Egypt at his disposal.
16:43 He was inline to become pharaoh
16:45 but he decided to turn away from all of it
16:47 because he realized that it would cost him
16:50 his eternal position of royalty in the courts above.
16:53 The same royal court
16:54 you and I are destined to live in
16:56 and reign for eternity.
17:04 You know, we tend to exercise
17:05 our physical bodies so we can build muscle.
17:08 We tend go to the gym jump,
17:09 the track all these places to exercise those muscles.
17:13 But what do we do about our spiritual muscles?
17:16 You know it's easier to resist temptation
17:19 when we exercise our spiritual muscles as well.
17:21 The more we exercise our power of choice for good.
17:24 Well, it's easier to resist temptation and see
17:27 that's our part in the plan of salvation to choosing,
17:30 the turning from evil.
17:32 When we do that, the stronger we become in Jesus Christ.
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18:42 Jim was a drug dealer and alcoholic
18:45 and a thief until God called him.
18:47 But that was just a beginning as someone said,
18:50 he has lived six lifetimes, he became wealthy,
18:53 lobbied on Capitol Hill and was a church leader
18:55 but he was lost until God gave him a second chance.
19:00 People tell us when you start reading "Second Chance"
19:02 you can't put it down.
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19:05 if God would give them a second chance
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19:21 This is the key, God allows us to exercise freewill.
19:25 We can select the road to oblivion
19:27 which is a coming to temptation.
19:29 It's very wide, nicely paved
19:31 and gradually descends to destruction.
19:34 There're times when on this road
19:36 you would never have a clue
19:37 that the Lord ends in complete annihilation.
19:41 C.S. Lewis, once wrote and quote
19:43 "Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one,
19:46 the gentle slope, soft underfoot,
19:48 without sudden turnings,
19:50 without milestones, without signposts."
19:54 We must understand and when speaking of temptation
19:57 a Christian cannot use the excuse that,
19:59 that devil made me do it.
20:02 God has given every human free choice.
20:04 That's why we're here
20:05 in this messed up world in the first place
20:08 because our first parents Adam and Eve
20:10 bit on to the devil temptation.
20:12 That's why Jesus came to provide an alternative
20:14 to continually falling for every temptation
20:17 that comes our way.
20:19 As soon as He was baptized
20:20 the Holy Spirit led Him to the desert
20:22 to do battle with same and show us the way.
20:25 But don't miss this, the first item of preparation
20:28 for battle was to spend 40 days in prayer.
20:37 Perhaps it was the touch of a supernatural being
20:39 that brought Him out of His
20:40 40 days of communion with the Father.
20:43 When He looked up there it was this dazzling being
20:45 who said "I come to warn you about one.
20:47 Well, a matter of fact, you look like the one.
20:51 If you're really who you say
20:52 you're the savior of the world-- here
20:54 take this stone and turn it to bread."
20:58 Well, for Jesus it was a temptation,
20:59 He was the God of the universe incarnated in human form.
21:03 He looked at that one and He said no, no, no
21:05 "Man shall not live by bread alone
21:06 but by every word that proceeds
21:08 from the mouth of God."
21:11 Now temptation number two,
21:13 the devil takes Him up to a high temple,
21:15 he says if you're really the Son of God cast yourself down.
21:18 And Jesus quotes scripture,
21:21 now the devil pulls His mask away
21:23 takes Him up to the highest mountain top,
21:25 shows Him all of the glories of planet earth he says
21:27 I got it from Adam it's mine, I claim it as mine.
21:30 But if you bow down and worship me as your lord
21:33 I'll give it all to you all the riches of planet earth.
21:37 And Jesus says Satan get behind me now, it's full blown.
21:40 He says no, no, no.
21:41 I want none of your temptations.
21:44 My friends, temptation does not have
21:47 to be something that we abide on.
21:50 Jesus provided the way to get his past temptation.
21:53 We know longer have to succumb to temptation.
21:58 So let's bring these temptations of Jesus down to our day.
22:01 The first was lust of the flesh.
22:03 That's food and drugs and alcohol fit in this category
22:06 along with many other consumable items.
22:10 It's evident in our world that
22:11 this is a major area of temptation.
22:14 It was part of the temptation of thief.
22:16 Abuse of the natural appetite was also the first temptation
22:19 that the devil tried to hook Jesus with when he said,
22:22 turn these stones to bread.
22:25 The lust of the eyes is actually number two after Eve fell,
22:28 she ran to Adam as the devil's temptress.
22:31 Adam saw what she had done and knew
22:34 that the penalty for her disobedience was death.
22:37 He looked upon her beauty
22:38 and he desired the woman more than he desired God.
22:41 So he took out the fruit and he ate it.
22:45 In the final when is the pride of life.
22:48 So many things fit into this category
22:49 but they'll focus on the power the fame and the wealth.
22:54 None of these things are sins ended themselves
22:56 but power, fame and wealth are easily abused by those
23:00 who are humbled before God
23:02 and they can become idols to those
23:04 who seek after them before they seek after God.
23:08 Satan tempted evil with his power
23:10 and she desired to have it,
23:12 her pride of life went out over her love for God.
23:17 Jesus gained the victory just as we must gain.
23:21 He laid aside every bit of Himself and instead relied
23:24 upon the Father's power to overcome.
23:27 He defeated the devil on every level of temptation
23:30 and He did it for you and for me in the same way
23:33 that we must do it by relying upon the power
23:36 of the indwelling Holy Spirit
23:38 that third person of the Godhead.
23:41 In order for us to be victorious Christians
23:43 avoiding falling for temptation,
23:45 we must choose to tapping into that mighty power
23:48 that Jesus offers you and me today.
23:53 You know Jesus had asked the disciples
23:55 to get in the boat and go to the other side
23:57 that someway somehow He would meet them there.
24:00 Well, as they're rowing in the middle of night
24:02 the waves are getting bigger
24:03 and bigger and they're quite huge
24:05 and the disciples are getting little nervous about this
24:07 and all of a sudden they see this foam,
24:09 walking across the water.
24:11 And they think who is this, is this is the bad omen,
24:13 is this an omen that we're going to die.
24:16 And then all of a sudden they finally see that,
24:18 that maybe it's Jesus
24:19 and Peter said Lord, is that you?
24:21 Tell me to get out the boat.
24:23 Oh, tell me to get out the boat
24:25 and the Lord said sure come on Peter,
24:27 come on get out the boat.
24:28 So Peter steps out,
24:29 he and gets one of the top of the water
24:31 while he is walking just like it cement.
24:33 He walks across towards Jesus
24:34 but then he does an interesting thing
24:36 he turns back to look at the rest of the disciples
24:38 kind of like hey, check me out, look what I'm doing.
24:42 And about that time, the bigger wave comes up
24:44 between Jesus and Peter and Peter turns back
24:47 and looks he can't see Christ and he sinks like a rock.
24:50 Man and he is gone his eyes were off of Jesus
24:53 don't miss this part.
24:54 His eyes were off of Jesus began sinking like a rock
24:56 and immediately Peter cries out
24:58 Lord, save me, and Jesus says right there.
25:01 Picks him up by the hand
25:02 and the next thing they're in the boat
25:04 and they're all their way to shore.
25:07 It's amazing the power of God.
25:09 You know I made-- I'd always giving
25:11 Peter a bad time about his failures
25:13 until one day I thought, forget the storm,
25:16 but I've even gotten on the boat even in calm conditions.
25:20 Well it's truly Peter received a mildly rebuke from the Lord
25:23 but it wasn't because he didn't trust Jesus
25:25 when he got out of the boat.
25:27 When he got out of the boat
25:28 he had faith that Jesus could take him a distance,
25:31 he was only on the way
25:32 that Peter began to having a troubles.
25:34 You know the Lord says, interesting thing
25:36 and the Lord says, go and sin no more.
25:39 Are you really going to get out of the boat of sin
25:42 because you know you believe Jesus,
25:45 you believe in Him or you gonna stay in the boat
25:47 with the rest the crowd
25:48 and never test His mighty power to save you from sin.
25:53 I think it's interesting that the Bible doesn't tell us,
25:56 how Peter got back in the boat.
25:58 Already I think you know
26:00 did he walk back what really happen.
26:03 I like the think that the Lord when He picked him up
26:06 they walked arm and arm all away back to the boat
26:08 with the power and strength of Jesus,
26:11 he became a waterlog.
26:13 You know we think about this central
26:16 wonder about these things
26:17 and we try and deal with these stones
26:19 in our lives for things that are happening.
26:21 But with God along side of his,
26:23 we become water walkers were
26:25 we can learn how to become water walkers with Christ.
26:28 You know this is where,
26:29 this is where I shrink from temptation
26:32 originally-- remember it's firm temptation.
26:34 That's what all originates is in Him.
26:36 What He wants to do in and through you to,
26:38 to make you an over-comer.
26:41 Its mind boggling but in order to walk on the water
26:44 you need to choose to get out to the boat.
26:46 It's basically that simple.
26:47 As you go arm and arm with Jesus,
26:49 you can walk anywhere God wants you to walk.
26:53 When He told the pretty lady
26:54 and the prostitute to sin no more He was saying,
26:56 hey don't loose sight of me,
26:58 don't let go in my arm and I will lead you to victor.
27:02 That's what He was telling.
27:04 Remember as you cooperate with the will of God,
27:07 it becomes omnipotent.
27:11 If you want to walk on water,
27:12 you need to trust Jesus
27:13 and actually get out of the boat.
27:18 He will be trusted as the creator God of universe
27:20 He is able to keep you above the waves
27:21 you use your life or you don't.
27:23 If you don't trust Him, you will loose out
27:25 on an unbelievable experience walking on water.
27:29 The reality of the situation is that there is no need to sink
27:32 beneath the ways of temptation
27:33 that bid against every moment and every day.
27:37 Call out to God right now,
27:39 ask Him to turn you from the temptations
27:41 that are plugging you at this very moment.
27:43 Pledge for a His strength, look into His loving eyes
27:46 and He will take you by the hand,
27:47 lift you up in arm and arm with God,
27:50 you will become a water walker.


Revised 2014-12-17