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00:01 The disciples were not good enough
00:02 to be invited to enter the school of the rabbis
00:04 but as they were tending their fishing nets,
00:07 the call came from the greatest teacher
00:08 the world has ever known.
00:11 Even though he had no home, no visible means of support
00:14 and the established church was suspicious of him,
00:17 they immediately left their formal profession
00:19 and followed the call of the Galilee and Rabbi.
00:29 It's time to join your guide, Jim Ayer,
00:32 for an exciting 12 episode journey
00:34 into "Remodeling Your Life."
00:37 You're going to discover that
00:38 God's transforming power is real
00:41 and He's ready to provide that power to you.
00:44 Now here's your guide, Jim Ayer,
00:47 to take you on the journey of a lifetime,
00:49 an amazing and dynamic experience with God.
00:55 In training to become fishers of men,
00:57 these followers many of whom were season fishermen
01:00 crisscrossed the rugged countryside
01:02 aiding Christ in the task of setting humanity
01:04 free from the bonds of Satan.
01:07 They walk countless dusty miles in their worn sandals
01:10 fishing for men and catching every word
01:11 that proceeded from the mouth of Jesus
01:14 as He shared the hope and joy of eternal life
01:16 with hungry masses.
01:18 It took almost three and a half years
01:20 walking by Christ side before truth were solidly anchored
01:23 within their own hearts.
01:25 And when it did take hold, tangible results
01:28 from His abiding presence were seen almost immediately.
01:31 The Book of Acts records a thousands upon
01:34 thousands of people flooded the church
01:36 in response to the fervent pleas given by the once abrasive
01:39 an uncouth fisherman.
01:41 It becomes evident when the abiding presence of God
01:44 inhabits one's life
01:45 and abundant harvest is the result.
01:48 I urge you to walk so closely to your master
01:51 that the ancient saying
01:52 "May the dust of your Rabbi fall upon you"
01:55 become a reality.
01:57 Jesus said that that day you shall know that
01:59 "I am in my Father and you in Me, and I in you."
02:08 Jesus stood before Governor Pilate awaiting judgment
02:11 when Pilate asked the question of him
02:13 "What is truth?"
02:15 It was too bad that the Roman governor
02:16 didn't wait for Jesus to respond to his question
02:19 because he had the answer
02:20 or should I say he was the answer.
02:23 Truth you see was standing in front of Pilate
02:25 staring him in the face, truth is a person,
02:28 Jesus Christ the God-man.
02:31 In the Book of John, Jesus said I am the way,
02:33 the truth and the life.
02:35 No one comes to the Father but by Me.
02:38 Thomas Kempis has quoted a saying,
02:40 "Without the way there is no going,
02:42 without the truth there is no knowing,
02:45 and without life there is no living."
02:48 Then Jesus continued in John and said,
02:50 "At that day you shall know that I am in my Father,
02:53 and you in Me, and I in you."
02:56 When Jesus abides in you, truth has taken up residence.
03:06 When you have a quiet moment,
03:07 take a piece of paper and attempt to diagram
03:10 that thought out found in verse 20.
03:12 And then try and wrap your mind around that verse,
03:15 it's a mind boggling situation.
03:18 We may never fully understand it
03:19 because God is God and we are not.
03:22 But we can at least grasp the concept.
03:25 It's the amazing desire of the great I am
03:28 to harmoniously intertwine deity and humanity
03:31 so closely together,
03:33 that it becomes impossible to distinguish
03:35 where Jesus begins and you end.
03:38 It had been nearly 4,000 years of separation
03:41 but humanity and divinity were once again united
03:44 and in an unbelievable way Jesus left his glory behind
03:48 to enter into the human race.
03:50 And John describes it brilliantly
03:52 "The word became flesh and dwelt among us,
03:55 and we beheld His glory full of grace and truth."
03:59 Each step and his ancient plan
04:01 has continually moved the Godhead
04:03 closer and closer to us.
04:05 His goal has always been to draw us back
04:07 into full communion within Himself
04:10 striving to remove the barrier sin
04:11 so that one day this process can reach his conclusion,
04:15 we must commit to join him in the process.
04:18 We must invite Him in to come and dwell within us,
04:21 to abide with us in our hearts.
04:24 It is this abiding process that will cause our hearts
04:26 to burn within us and free us from sin.
04:29 He loved us so much to reach across time
04:33 and space to live with us forever.
04:35 Do we really want to live sinful lives
04:38 in response to that kind of love?
04:44 As the disciples walk with their Lord,
04:47 they became more and more familiar
04:48 with His many and varied characteristics.
04:51 Each revelation giving a new gleaming insight
04:54 in how wonderful God was.
04:57 The scripture contains
04:58 hundreds and hundreds of names for God.
05:00 Each sharing another wonderful revelation,
05:03 a gleaming facet of His glorious character.
05:07 Let me share just a few names with you
05:09 that are very special to me.
05:11 Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God,
05:14 the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace,
05:16 Bread of Life, the Light of the World,
05:18 the Word, the Living Water,
05:20 the Creator, the good Shepherd,
05:22 the Lamb of God, the Comforter
05:24 and the Carpenter.
05:25 I think it's so interesting
05:27 that Jesus' earthly profession was a carpenter.
05:30 He could have been anything
05:32 but He chose to become a carpenter.
05:34 The Master Carpenter if you will,
05:36 the perfect one to remodel our lives.
05:39 The sooner we get connected with Him,
05:42 the sooner the process can start.
05:49 There was a pastor, he was in India,
05:51 he was doing evangelistic meetings
05:53 and near the end of the evangelistic meetings
05:56 one of the people from the audience
05:57 came up and said can I have that light?
06:00 Can I have that light?
06:02 Well, it was kind of a strange request
06:04 but this pastor had been in India many times
06:06 so nothing was really strange to him.
06:09 So he said okay, and he got up on his little ladder
06:11 and he unscrewed the light, he gave it to the fellow.
06:15 Next night he's doing meetings again
06:18 and the fellow comes back with the light in his hand,
06:21 he said it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
06:24 Pastor, what do you mean it doesn't work?
06:27 Well, I put it up, and it doesn't work.
06:29 He said how did you put it up?
06:30 He said I took a string and I tied it
06:32 and I hung it off the ceiling.
06:34 The pastor said look,
06:36 you have to connect it into the light source.
06:38 Well, today I have got two interesting light sources
06:41 if you will, amazing light sources.
06:43 I'd like to think in someway and please forgive me
06:46 because this is not an absolute perfect example
06:49 because God is so massive,
06:51 God is so large and so wonderful,
06:53 we can't give any great examples of God
06:56 but today here at school I'd like to give you just
06:59 some little example.
07:00 On this side we have a Jacob's ladder,
07:03 it's 18,000 volts and it's not geared down,
07:07 I don't know the scientific terms,
07:09 please forgive me if anybody in the viewing audience,
07:11 you know, knows all the scientific terms
07:13 but 18, 000 volts
07:15 and so we got to stay always away from it.
07:18 And I'm gonna plug it in a second so we got,
07:21 I believe the Father and the Son they're up in heaven
07:23 and then over on this side,
07:25 we've got what I like to see as
07:27 representative of the Holy Spirit,
07:29 the Holy spirit, this one has 400,000 volts.
07:32 There I say 18, this one's got 15, okay
07:35 and this one's got 400,000 volts
07:37 but it's geared down
07:38 so we can get closer to this one.
07:40 Like the power of the Holy Spirit,
07:42 God is changed it,
07:43 he's kind of geared it down so he can give that to us
07:46 in our life to change and transform us, to light us up
07:50 so we can actually glow for God,
07:51 just like the light bulb.
07:53 See if I can do this...
08:00 this one just absolutely gets things going.
08:09 Look at that.
08:16 Notice that, when you get far away,
08:19 light begins to drop.
08:20 You get closer...
08:30 wow.
08:32 Notice that I can even feel that through my glove,
08:34 amazing power.
08:36 This is what happens with God.
08:38 When you get closer to God,
08:40 when you invite God into your life,
08:42 you begin lighting up,
08:44 you're being glowing for God,
08:45 God takes possession of your life
08:47 only with your permission though,
08:49 only with your permission.
08:51 And that's for each one of us.
08:52 God is looking for permission to enter our lives,
08:55 to come into our lives to change us
08:57 and transform each one of us.
08:59 Now I hope you -- hope you viewers,
09:01 I hope you'll look to God right now,
09:03 invite God into your life to transform you,
09:05 to change you into His image and His lightness
09:08 because He's got the 400,000 volts,
09:10 He's got His omnipotence.
09:15 God is an amazing God, all powerful God
09:17 that when He comes in,
09:18 He can do anything in your life He wants to.
09:20 He enables you to go and walk and glow for God.
09:28 For all the disciples, it had not been a happy week,
09:30 it's certainly didn't end happy
09:33 and now on the first day of the week on Sunday morning
09:36 when it's supposed to be the resurrection time,
09:38 disciples said, Jesus was not resurrected.
09:41 Everybody was sorrowful, everybody was sad
09:44 and two of the disciples, they were actually from Emmaus.
09:47 Now Emmaus was an interesting road downhill,
09:51 7.5 miles rocky, tough road
09:55 and that's the way it was for these two disciples,
09:57 their whole experience was downhill.
09:59 One of them was named Cleopas,
10:01 a stranger that time drew near to them,
10:04 and it was actually Jesus.
10:05 Bible says it was Jesus
10:06 but he kind of blocked their eyes
10:08 so they couldn't see who it was
10:09 because He wanted to share some very important
10:12 information with them from scripture.
10:16 And started of all the law and the prophets
10:19 he begin expounding about himself to these two men.
10:22 Well, this journey continued all day long
10:25 and these men found this a very exciting time.
10:28 But as the day wore on toward evening it was getting,
10:32 sun was going down now
10:34 and Jesus appears like He's going to continue on
10:37 and walk away.
10:39 But they said, no, please, please come and abide with us,
10:41 stay with us.
10:43 We want you to come and stay with us.
10:45 But Jesus again, He takes the invitation,
10:48 He kind of ignores it little bit
10:50 and the disciples say no, please come, stay with us.
10:53 You know that's the way the Lord is a lot of times.
10:55 He wants us to choose to invite Him in.
10:58 Well, they finally persuaded Him and He came on in,
11:01 He sat at the head of the table and they prepared the bread
11:05 and like He'd done so many times,
11:06 He lifted up the bread to give it the blessing
11:09 and at that moment,
11:10 I believe they saw the nail prints in His hand
11:12 because they yelled, it's the Lord
11:14 and as soon as they did, poof, He disappeared,
11:17 absolutely disappeared and the two disciples said, wow,
11:20 we've got to tell all the other disciples
11:22 and they began pushing and shoving,
11:23 to get out off the door and they start running back up
11:25 the rocks stone pathway all the way back to Jerusalem
11:28 and now on the way up they said,
11:29 did not our hearts burn within us?
11:32 Did not our hearts burn within us
11:34 as He drew near to us?
11:35 Oh, my friend, you see that's what happens with Jesus.
11:40 That's what happens with Jesus when we invite Him in
11:43 to abide in our lives, our hearts will burn within us.
11:47 And I wonder today,
11:49 well, I actually I want you to think
11:51 about this for a moment, had they not invited Him in,
11:53 He would have kept on going but they did invite Him in
11:56 and I wonder about you,
11:58 have you invited Jesus in your life
11:59 to abide in your life, to come live with you,
12:02 to connect into the living bond?
12:04 The one that will give all the nourishment to you,
12:06 the one who will change and transform your life
12:08 fully and completely.
12:10 If you haven't done it,
12:11 I'd like to invite you right now to do that.
12:13 Choose Jesus, connect into Him
12:15 and your heart will burn within you.
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12:59 Jim was a drug dealer and alcoholic and a thief,
13:02 until God called him.
13:04 But that was just the beginning, as someone said,
13:07 he has lived six lifetimes.
13:08 He became wealthy, lobbied on Capitol Hill
13:11 and was a church leader but he was lost
13:13 until God gave him a second chance.
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13:35 Have you considered how transformation
13:36 takes place in your life?
13:38 Every fiber of your bean
13:39 is to be either laced on a cellular level
13:42 with the parent stock
13:43 absorbing the ever so precious life giving nutrients.
13:47 Constantly bathing your DNA with light,
13:49 peace, goodness and happiness,
13:52 like every good farmer.
13:54 When the father has performed his task well,
13:57 he expects to receive a bountiful harvest
13:59 from the vine
14:00 he's been tending to, that would be you.
14:03 What kind of crop is God expecting
14:05 to receive from you?
14:07 Well, let me give you a hint.
14:08 In Galatians 5:22 and 23, it says
14:11 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love,
14:13 joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness,
14:16 goodness, faith, meekness, and self-control."
14:21 Let me make a point here, the spirit has one fruit
14:24 but many flavors.
14:25 Fruit productions requires the help of the vine dresser
14:29 to access and to remove if necessary every twig,
14:32 leaf and stray vine of your life
14:35 to produce the maximum harvest
14:38 or anything worth anything at all.
14:40 You can't tell God no, no,
14:42 this area in my life is off limit.
14:44 You can't say that.
14:47 The reason we prune every year
14:49 is because the old crop has come off of these vines,
14:53 so we call the old word
14:55 and as the vine's going to dormancy
14:57 and do go into dormancy for probably
14:59 two to three months each year,
15:01 they'll turn into this right here
15:04 which is just a dormant vine.
15:07 And about two weeks, these vines
15:08 the new buds will come out.
15:10 These are all the new buds that are coming
15:13 and they will be this year's crop.
15:15 If we do not prune them, what happens is
15:17 this becomes a great big bush that hasn't been cut
15:22 and if you don't prune it,
15:24 what happens is you'll get a lot of small bunches
15:27 and too many for the vine to handle
15:29 which means you won't sugar properly.
15:31 And so you won't have a quality grape,
15:32 you won't have a quality raisin which comes from the grape.
15:35 And so therefore you have to cut it back every year.
15:39 This is a younger vine, this vine --
15:40 actually this is the vine that's been --
15:42 this was an old vine and we had to cut it here
15:45 because it had some problems
15:47 and we reshaped it so now a nice vine
15:51 but usually leaves six to eight canes
15:53 depending on the strength of the vine
15:54 and then you'll have quality grapes the next year.
15:56 Down here at the root, the stump had a little bit of
16:01 damage done here,
16:02 little maybe some bugs or some things
16:06 but one thing about these vines,
16:08 these vines are planted I think
16:11 this 20 acres that we're on right here
16:13 there's 40 total that we own here.
16:17 This side here was planted around 1930.
16:20 Think about that 1930.
16:22 And if you take care of the vines,
16:23 fertilize them irrigate them properly
16:25 and cut them,
16:26 prune them every year the way they are supposed to be,
16:29 they'll live forever.
16:31 Fruit production is not an optional exercise of the vine
16:34 but a byproduct to being connected with the parent stock,
16:37 it's about choice,
16:38 your choice of connecting into the heavenly plant.
16:42 In a summarized bible, there is a beautiful thought.
16:45 Jesus is the true vine
16:47 in which the life of the believer
16:48 as abiding braches is here abiding in Him
16:52 the believer is able to walk in purity of life with Christ
16:55 sharing all the interest of his life
16:57 taking all the burdens to Him
16:59 and drawing all wisdom and strength from Him.
17:02 It's only about the abiding life that bears the fruit
17:05 to the glory of the Father.
17:07 This living connection will assure you that
17:09 you can weather the storms of life
17:11 brought against you by the devil himself.
17:22 I'd like to share a word from Jesus with you
17:24 because He knew that you would be facing trials
17:27 and troubles in this life because not all is joy.
17:31 "Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them,
17:35 I will liken him to a wise man
17:37 who built his house on the rock, and the rain cane down,
17:41 and the floods came, and the winds blew
17:43 and beat on that house, and it did not fall,
17:47 for it was founded on the rock.
17:49 And everyone who hears these sayings of Mine,
17:52 and does not do them,
17:54 shall be compared to a foolish man
17:56 who built his house on the sand."
17:58 Notice there's two choices, there are two paths.
18:01 "And the rain came down, and the floods came
18:03 and the wind blew and beat on that house
18:05 and it fell.
18:06 And great was its fall."
18:10 Did you catch that?
18:11 Everyone involved in the building project
18:13 and the cataclysmic storm was a church member,
18:17 understand that no one was exempted from trial.
18:19 My friends Jesus our example went through trials.
18:23 The disciples suffered trials
18:24 and if you are expecting
18:26 the trial of life to just disappear
18:27 when you became a follower of Christ,
18:29 well, you haven't read your bible.
18:42 Well, briefly we--
18:46 we're indicted for conspiracy against United States government
18:50 for some income tax problem
18:52 and ended up in prison for 21 months.
18:58 So part of that six weeks of those 21 months,
19:04 I was actually in a medium security prison
19:09 to be sent back to India where I was born,
19:12 'cause they didn't know if I was American or not.
19:15 Well, we hear all the stories about
19:18 when we go through trials, we can call on God.
19:21 He's there to answer our prayers
19:24 and for most of my life that was true.
19:32 For this one occasion, you know, God didn't answer.
19:35 Well, obviously I didn't want to go through this situation.
19:42 Had it been 30-40 years ago,
19:44 we wouldn't have gone through this situation,
19:45 but today is a different world.
19:49 And I think it's important that people understand
19:52 that they're gonna be some tough times
19:55 and just because God doesn't answer
19:58 the way we want those things to be answered
20:00 doesn't mean He's not answering.
20:02 He is answering, sometimes we won't know the answer
20:05 in this world, in this life but He still is answering.
20:11 That's the interesting point there are a number of people
20:13 in the church that did rally around us,
20:17 the church by enlarge I would say did not.
20:21 In fact we had friends from other denominations
20:24 that were much more supportive than our church members.
20:28 And I don't fault them,
20:31 it's just that people don't realize it.
20:35 When you go through situations like this,
20:38 a lot of people think you don't want to talk about it
20:41 and for most people I think it's better to talk about things
20:47 because you need to vent,
20:49 you need to get these things out.
20:50 And when everybody kind of steers the conversation
20:53 around the problem,
20:55 you can never kind of resolve the problem.
20:57 You know, I still wonder why we went through this,
21:02 some of the friends that have,
21:03 that we have talked to at length that said well,
21:06 you have a lot to give to people
21:09 who really want to know what tough times are like.
21:14 I don't know if that's a real consolation or not,
21:17 it's you know I'm glad we can help
21:20 although we haven't done that that much.
21:23 But I think it's the biggest situation
21:26 I would say with people is
21:28 what's changed me the most is to recognize that
21:32 when you go through tough situations like this,
21:36 you've got to remember who you are.
21:40 You can be stripped down to nothing
21:44 and there I was a nobody,
21:46 I had no degrees after my name, nothing.
21:49 But I was a child to God.
21:51 Well, I'd say the most important thing is
21:53 to keep your eyes lifted up.
21:57 There are times when it just doesn't seem like
21:58 God's answering your prayer, no question.
22:02 But He is faithful
22:04 and you keep your eyes lifted up,
22:08 keep your eyes open
22:11 and you can start seeing Him answer in little ways
22:14 that you know he's there.
22:16 He may not be getting you what you want
22:19 but He's gonna be answering, definitely.
22:22 And just remember who you are, you're child to God,
22:25 just like Job, you know,
22:27 we get that story in the bible for a reason.
22:29 Job went through some tremendous problems,
22:33 that was not a cake walk he went through
22:35 and yet God was there with him
22:40 and for some of our viewers what they may be going through,
22:44 they may be in the midst of the great controversy,
22:46 just like Job was.
22:48 Where God says I can trust this person to represent Me well
22:54 and that may be why they are doing it
22:55 and maybe the only reason.
22:59 You know the trials and troubles of this world
23:02 are the means that God uses to refine
23:04 and transform our character.
23:06 Each trial cuts away the dead wood
23:08 it reshapes the crooked pyres,
23:09 it improves the spiritual strength
23:12 that sharpens the heavenly intellect
23:14 and fits you to live in the company of holy beings
23:16 for all eternity.
23:18 God never said that doing His will would be easy.
23:21 He only said that it would be worth it.
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24:10 You will receive the book, the 12 week study guide
24:13 and the 12 episode DVD series.
24:15 Each item will offer you, your family and your church
24:18 the tools to transform a dull lifeless Christian experience
24:22 into a vibrant and victorious life.
24:24 This will truly be an investment for eternity.
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24:34 My wife and I were in a flight to another country
24:36 and as usual I began writing,
24:38 in this case I was writing for my book Transformation.
24:41 I want to share a paragraph with you
24:42 that I was writing at the time.
24:44 Would you like to become a more loving person?
24:47 Would you like to experience greater joy
24:49 and peace in your life?
24:50 Well, most of us could use a good doze of patience
24:53 as well as lots of kindness along with some
24:55 goodness thrown in.
24:56 I doubt that anyone would complain
24:58 if we were given extra measure of faith
25:00 and if you ask my wife,
25:02 I could always use an additional dash
25:04 of gentleness and self control.
25:06 Well, can't we all.
25:09 When I finished this, we got off the plane,
25:11 we went to the customs agents.
25:13 Let me tell you we ran into the custom agents
25:15 from another place,
25:17 they were having a bad day
25:18 and they asked me where are you flying?
25:21 Oh, excuse me, where are you going to?
25:23 Well, I said we're going up north,
25:25 I'm gonna speak at a meeting.
25:27 That was the wrong thing to say.
25:29 Had to go get our luggage, ushered into another room
25:31 and for half an hour
25:32 we were questioned with very kind of thing you can imagine.
25:35 What meal I had two weeks earlier?
25:37 Why we were there? What was going on?
25:39 And my patience level was dropping farther
25:41 and farther and farther.
25:43 I'd about had it with these people
25:45 and then they began talking to my wife
25:46 asking her why are you here.
25:49 Well, I'm sorry, you can almost see as I get going
25:51 I start reliving that moment of that day.
25:54 In reality, you know, it's a good thing
25:56 that transformation is a growing process.
25:59 We all continually grow
26:01 and God teaches us to make more room
26:04 for the Holy Spirit all the time.
26:06 You know it's exciting to realize
26:07 that when the Holy Spirit abides in you,
26:09 the old character traits begin passing away.
26:12 They're going out of your life
26:14 and the new fruit of the Holy Spirit comes in.
26:17 The more spirit you have,
26:18 well, the less of your there is.
26:20 It's an interesting phenomenon that happens,
26:22 as the transformation process just continues.
26:26 You know when you continue to study,
26:27 when you continue to pray and walk with the Lord,
26:30 the light of God begins to radiate from you,
26:33 you know just like the tesla coil,
26:34 you begin to light up almost glow for God.
26:38 Yes, people will recognize that you have been with God,
26:42 I can guarantee that.
26:44 As God allows himself to be more fully come out in you
26:48 and abide in you, it's an amazing change,
26:50 almost we might say a magical change.
26:53 Now I do apologize for that word,
26:56 but I'm at a loss to describe how absolutely delightful it is
27:00 when the Holy Spirit comes and abides in you
27:03 and when God begins to change your life.
27:09 I hope and pray that I'm presenting God's truth
27:11 to you in the very best way possible
27:13 so that you can grasp the enormity
27:15 of all that God wants to do in and for you.
27:19 Remember you're in loyalty training,
27:21 He wants to draw your daily experience ever upward
27:24 washing away all the past life
27:26 and filling you with the kingdom life.
27:28 Changing you from what you were
27:30 to all you will become as He abides in you,
27:33 you will not be moved by the life,
27:35 the storms or the temptations of the devil.
27:38 He is forever ready to fill you to overflowing with His spirit
27:42 so you will shine out to the world for Jesus.
27:45 And remember remodeling your life
27:47 is all about God and His power working in you,
27:50 transforming you into loyalty.


Revised 2014-12-17