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00:02 Years ago, Janene and I
00:03 conducted a series of evangelistic meetings
00:05 in Kadapa, India.
00:07 We took several couples with us
00:09 to help with the many logistics involved.
00:11 Everything I've being doing went very well
00:13 except that two of the couples
00:15 were having some personal issues with one another.
00:18 As it turned out, Ron and Pauline
00:20 along with the other couple
00:21 found themselves on a joint visitation team.
00:26 Well, that was a day they decided to visit a lady
00:28 who is having spiritual troubles.
00:30 No one at the time realized just how serious those troubles were
00:34 and how serious their trouble would become.
00:42 It's time to join your guide Jim Ayer
00:46 for an exciting 12th episode journey
00:48 into "Remodeling Your Life".
00:51 You're going to discover that God's transforming power is real
00:55 and He's ready to provide that power to you.
00:58 Now here's your guide Jim Ayer
01:00 to take you on the journey of a life time,
01:03 an amazing and dynamic experience with God.
01:07 The visitation couples had no idea
01:09 what the devil had in store for them.
01:11 Upon arriving at the lady's house,
01:13 the pastor who was with the two couples
01:15 asked everyone else to leave the dwelling
01:17 except for the lady in question and her close friend.
01:21 They sat on the dirt floor in a tiny dark room
01:23 holding hands in a circle of prayer.
01:26 Ron began to pray but as he prayed,
01:29 the woman they were praying for grabbed his wrist
01:31 and started to squeeze very hard.
01:34 Now Ron was extremely strong man
01:36 but he could not pry her hand from the painful vise-grip.
01:40 And it was hurting more and more by the moment.
01:43 The couple saw what was happening
01:45 and as the eyes of both couples met,
01:48 they realized that they were not wrestling
01:49 against flesh and blood.
01:51 Fear gripped their hearts as they immediately asked
01:54 forgiveness of one another for all the previous feelings
01:57 which had been building between them.
01:59 They cried to God and asked for help
02:01 against this enemy of souls.
02:03 Still in the deadly grip of the demon possessed woman,
02:06 Ron was now joined by the rest of the team in prayer
02:09 demanding that the demon release the arm of Ron
02:13 and immediately the demon obeyed him.
02:16 Never again did the two couples allowed any petty problems
02:19 to disrupt their mission for God.
02:21 After experiencing the power of Satan,
02:23 their focus was steadfastly fixed upon Christ.
02:27 A great need of the Holy Spirit was,
02:29 and the work set before them
02:30 was their only concern from then on.
02:38 I hate to wait at stoplights and gas lines
02:40 and traffic jams and airline tolls.
02:43 And I can't forget the checkout counters in the supermarket.
02:46 I just love the checkout counters,
02:48 yeah, of course I'm not serious, wait, wait, wait.
02:51 That misery loves company and I'm in good company.
02:54 You see, the disciples' waiting ability was tested
02:57 when the Lord told them to follow specific instructions
03:00 after He had descended.
03:02 Do not, He said depart from Jerusalem
03:04 but wait for the promise of the Father.
03:06 What promise was He speaking of?
03:08 Well, the answer is found in
03:09 the remainder of the verses associated with a command,
03:12 "You shall be baptized in the Holy Spirit
03:15 not many days from now.
03:17 You shall receive power,
03:18 the Holy Spirit is going to come upon you."
03:21 Jesus promised the power of the Holy Spirit
03:23 to those who would wait for Him.
03:25 Many theologians believe this promise
03:27 was fulfilled following Jesus' coronation ceremony
03:30 shortly after his ascent
03:32 and is described in Chapter 5 of Revelation.
03:35 Jesus alluded to the occasion in the Book of John
03:38 when He cried out saying,
03:40 "If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink."
03:43 He who believes on Me as the scriptures have said,
03:46 "Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."
03:49 But He spoke this about the spirit
03:51 which say, who believe on Him should receive,
03:53 for the Holy Spirit was not yet given
03:56 because Jesus was not yet glorified.
04:09 The followers of Christ had already received
04:11 image of the Holy Sprit
04:12 and had experienced the results of that bestowed in many ways.
04:16 But they were to receive still greater power
04:18 which would set them for a much larger work,
04:20 taking the gospel to the entire world.
04:24 The command to wait as long as they were supposed to
04:26 was given by Jesus.
04:27 They were to patiently wait,
04:29 trusting in the Master's command.
04:31 And their wait would not be in vain,
04:33 but it had been almost 10 days with no word from the Lord.
04:37 How do you react when you receive no word from God?
04:41 Oh, we find an interesting situation
04:43 from the lady in Mathew Chapter 15.
04:50 This lady had amazing faith
04:52 and her promises of God sustained her.
04:55 When it seemed that God had no ears
04:57 and it says here, "Behold,
04:59 a woman of Canaan came out of these borders
05:01 and cried to Him," saying, 'Have mercy on me, oh, Lord.
05:04 Son of David, my daughter is grievously vexed with a demon.'
05:08 " But he did not answer her a word.
05:12 And there was the time that the devil slammed Jobs,
05:15 held so hard that he wished he could die.
05:17 The devil destroyed their children, his job,
05:21 his property and so Job cried out in desperation
05:24 and pain to God.
05:27 How did God answer his friend?
05:29 There was absolutely no word for 37 Chapters.
05:33 Well, I could say many other instances in the Bible
05:35 when God seemed to be silent
05:37 but the followers of God will not give up
05:40 because they completely trust in Him.
05:43 The disciples learn this trust
05:45 in the fulfillment of the promises
05:46 as recorded in the Book of Acts 2:2-4.
05:54 "And suddenly, there came a sound of heaven
05:56 as of a mighty rushing wind.
05:58 And it filled all the house where they were sitting.
06:01 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like a fire,
06:05 it sat upon each of them and they were all filled
06:08 with the Holy Ghost."
06:10 The disciples knew that they were helpless
06:12 without the promised power of the Holy Ghost,
06:14 so they continued praying and kept asking
06:18 for their Holy Spirit.
06:20 Are you willing to ask and continue asking
06:22 for His abiding presence until you receive it?
06:25 And to unite us one fellow believer
06:28 with that goal in Jesus Christ?
06:35 On the day of Pentecost, 120 people were baptized
06:38 with tongues of fire as the Holy Spirit
06:40 descended upon them,
06:41 infusing them with tremendous power.
06:44 But what had they been doing for the preceding 10 days prior
06:47 to this historic experience?
06:49 Couldn't, Ellen White she says, in a room
06:52 all continued with one accord and prayer in supplication.
06:55 They made thorough work of repentance
06:57 by confessing their own sins,
06:59 setting aside all differences and alienations,
07:01 they were of one accord
07:03 and prayed with unity of purpose for 10 days.
07:07 Wow, can you imagine that?
07:08 Praying together, coming together for 10 days.
07:14 The disciples had been at odds with one other
07:16 over many issues, one of the primary issues was
07:19 who was to be the greatest in the Kingdom.
07:22 This minute had become political clamor,
07:24 James and John even had their mother
07:26 do some robbing on their behalf.
07:28 She came to Jesus one day and asked Him to grant that
07:31 her sons sit on either side of Christ
07:33 in the new Kingdom.
07:35 And all of the behind the scenes bickering and fighting,
07:37 the Lord responded by calling the child,
07:39 they were insane, unless you are converted
07:42 and become as a little child,
07:44 you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
07:47 Think about it,
07:48 if you get a 120 people together to do anything,
07:51 there's going to be problems
07:52 that typically raise their ugly head.
07:55 Can you imagine spending 10 days together
07:57 in one location?
07:59 These followers were committed and sincere
08:02 about getting it right with one another and with God.
08:06 They would not let anything to interfere with
08:08 their desired goal of receiving more of the Holy Spirit,
08:10 more of His abiding presence.
08:13 This commitment and drive resulted in the God enabling
08:16 upper room prayathon.
08:19 Announcing His approval in their faithfulness,
08:21 the silence of God was broken and the promise fulfilled.
08:25 The Holy Spirit fell his flames of fire
08:27 upon every believing repentant,
08:29 reconciled seeker in the room that day.
08:32 And finally no one confessed sin,
08:34 the flames did not consume them
08:36 but bathed the recipients in an enabling power and glory.
08:40 The fledgling church was born through the strength
08:42 of their Almighty Creator.
08:44 Today or right now God is looking for people
08:47 He can trust with this amazing gift.
08:51 The question is can He trust you?
08:54 The sound of the Spirit rushing in the house
08:56 was so great that day,
08:57 it drew a crowd of curious searching people.
09:00 You see, when God transforms people,
09:02 He always attracts attention,
09:04 then on that day 3,000 responded to the preaching
09:07 of the once ignorant disciples.
09:18 Jim was a drug dealer and alcoholic
09:21 and a thief until God called him.
09:23 But that was just the beginning.
09:25 As someone said, he has lived six life times.
09:27 He became wealthy, lobbied on Capitol Hill
09:30 and was a church leader
09:31 but he was lost until God gave him a second chance.
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09:41 if God will give them a second chance
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11:21 I want to ask you a very personal question.
11:24 Do you sense that God is telling you that
11:26 there is, there are relationships in your life
11:28 that need repairing, reconciliation.
11:32 You don't want anything coming between you
11:34 and the gift of the latter rain,
11:37 in little book called Last Day Events.
11:39 This counsel is very appropriate.
11:41 Now I quote, "we need not worry about the latter rain
11:45 all we have to do is keep the vessel clean
11:47 and right side up
11:48 and prepare for the reception
11:50 of the heavenly rain and keep praying.
11:52 Let the latter rain come into my vessel,
11:55 you want God's vessel,
11:57 the very temple for His Holy Spirit."
11:59 Its time to clean away all the hard feelings,
12:02 the bad blood and the alienation
12:04 which may be lingering in your vessel.
12:06 It is time to become one again
12:08 just as those disciple did in the early days,
12:11 those church members in the early days
12:12 by putting away all of their differences
12:15 just like Peter.
12:19 Disciples were a real mess,
12:21 the animosity between them was so thick
12:23 that you could actually cut it with the knife,
12:25 and Jesus was going to be leaving them soon,
12:28 what would He do, what could He do to reach their hearts
12:31 and soften them so that they could become
12:32 children of the king.
12:34 Judas was the first whose feet Jesus washed.
12:37 Judas had already closed the contract to deliver Jesus
12:40 into the hands of the priest and the Scribes
12:42 and Christ knew His secret but he didn't expose him.
12:46 He hungered for his soul.
12:48 His heart was crying, oh, how can I give you up?
12:51 He hoped that this act in washing Judas' feet
12:53 would touch the heart of the erring disciple
12:56 and save him from his compelling act,
12:58 the one of disloyalty.
13:00 For a moment the heart of Judas thrilled, thrilled, and thrilled
13:03 with the impulse to confess a sin right then and there.
13:07 Oh, he just-- he was ready to jump out of his skin almost
13:10 but he continue to listen to the whispers of the adversary
13:13 who is standing near by.
13:15 He decided he would not humble himself
13:17 and he hardened his heart against repentance
13:19 and would not succumb to the urgings of the Spirit.
13:23 He made his choice
13:24 and now he was offended at Christ's act.
13:27 If Jesus would humble himself like this,
13:30 what he could not be the king of Israel,
13:32 how could he do such a thing?
13:35 Well, even Judas had he repented,
13:38 would have been received and pardoned.
13:41 The guilt of the soul would have been washed away
13:44 by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ.
13:47 But self confident and self exalted,
13:49 cherishing a high estimate of his own wisdom,
13:52 he justified his course of action.
13:55 And now it was Peter's turn.
13:58 When Peter came, Peter was unable to restrain himself
14:01 and he exclaimed in absolute astonishment,
14:03 Lord if you wash my feet, what-- this is humiliating.
14:08 I can't stand, I don't want you to wash my feet.
14:11 He thought Christ the king
14:12 and now he was going to do the task of a servant.
14:15 You will never wash my feet, you will never do this.
14:20 Peter said in a strongest terms,
14:22 he wanted to push Jesus away,
14:24 but then Jesus said Peter, if I don't wash your feet,
14:27 you will have no part in my work.
14:30 Well, that immediately touched Peter,
14:32 there was a ray of light that penetrated
14:35 the mind of this disciple.
14:37 He saw that the service he refused was
14:40 actually a type of higher cleansing,
14:42 the spiritual cleansing if you will of mind and heart.
14:46 He could not endure the thought of
14:48 being separated from Jesus Christ.
14:50 Not my feet only he said,
14:52 but also my hands and my head.
14:55 You see at the promptings of the Holy Spirit,
14:57 Judas has hardened his heart
14:58 and he left the presence of God but Peter,
15:01 Peter on the other hand chose the opposite course
15:04 and allowed the God to continue
15:06 the transformation process.
15:13 At age 75 my mom and dad Jim and Janet
15:16 became Christians and they were baptized.
15:18 This was an exciting time for Janene and for me
15:21 because we've been praying for them to come to Christ
15:23 for so long.
15:25 Their joy was evident from the very beginning.
15:29 They made new friends at church,
15:30 they joined in to help missions in other parts of the world.
15:34 It was so exciting for them.
15:35 There was however one large problem
15:38 that kept cropping up.
15:40 You see in my dad's new experience
15:42 he still had terrible feelings about his sister
15:44 who had wronged him years earlier.
15:47 The hurt ran so deeply, he refused to forgive her
15:50 and he did not talk to her for many years.
15:53 This hated festered so long that he was poisoning him
15:57 from the inside out.
15:59 Some one once said that hate is like taking poison
16:02 and expecting to kill the other person.
16:05 But the Holy Spirit is relentless,
16:08 desiring our greatest good.
16:09 The Lord continued to speak to my father
16:11 until one day he picked up the phone called his sister
16:15 and the festering wound was healed.
16:17 His vessel had been cleansed and God was the winner now.
16:20 It was evident in my dad's smile and mannerisms
16:23 that the burden had been rolled away.
16:26 Many people think that they have no part
16:29 in the reconciliation process.
16:32 Even if they are not the ones at fault,
16:34 but remember neither was Jesus Christ at fault.
16:38 In his book Radical, David Platt says,
16:40 these words quote,
16:41 "He stands ready to allocate his power to all
16:44 who are radically dependent upon him
16:47 and radically devoted to making much of him."
16:51 What a God we serve.
16:55 When the disciples walked out of the upper room
16:57 on the Day of Pentecost,
16:58 Acts 2:6 indicates that the crowds
17:00 had already began to gather
17:02 because of the rushing tornado like sound that brought fire
17:05 of the Holy Spirit to their lives.
17:08 Set on fire by God,
17:10 the disciples already they take of every opportunity
17:13 God set in their pathway.
17:15 On the Day of Pentecost
17:16 they witness the mighty fire of the Spirit at work
17:18 in the hearts of an ever expanding crowd
17:21 and knew that was their invitation to partner with God
17:24 for the saving of many people.
17:26 Are you able to identify God at work
17:28 in and around your everyday life
17:30 and willing to partner with Him regardless of the earthly cost?
17:35 When you open your life to the Holy Spirit,
17:37 He will reveal where He is working,
17:39 He did it for Jesus and He will do the same for you.
17:42 And as you grow in your understanding of how God works
17:45 and become better able to see Him at work,
17:47 your life will take on a new and exciting dimension.
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20:06 The Dead Sea lies between Israel and Jordan.
20:08 It's over 1300 feet below sea level,
20:11 the lowest point on the planet.
20:13 Vital nutrients designed by the creator
20:15 provide life to the planet flow downward into this basin
20:18 and they become trapped.
20:20 What was meant to bring life stagnates and dies.
20:23 Likewise in order to have life
20:25 you must share what God is sharing with you.
20:28 Jesus said, "Behold, I say to you,
20:30 lift up your eyes, look on the fields,
20:32 for they are white to harvest already."
20:35 It was true then and it's true now.
20:37 The harvest of souls hungering to find hope is massive
20:40 and God is calling you to join Him at work.
20:43 There is no doubt that God wants you to join Him.
20:46 You can impact the world for God
20:49 as long as He is abiding in you.
20:55 You know you can't stay where you are
20:57 when God has asked you to join Him at work.
21:00 What is the work He has asked?
21:01 Well, fishing for men and woman?
21:04 As the children of the Lord, fishing is not non optional
21:07 as Pam and Dan Bullock discovered.
21:09 Dan and Pam had been our good friends for years.
21:13 As a life long church member and the wife of a surgeon
21:16 Pam did not feel that witnessing was for her,
21:19 suddenly it was optional.
21:21 No, no I'm very shy really,
21:26 most people don't think that
21:27 because I'm pretty outgoing in some ways
21:30 but I've been very shy about verbally witnessing.
21:35 I've been just quietly working doing my job,
21:38 being my good little Seventh-day Adventist self,
21:41 but I would never really say much,
21:43 but I think that unless you're really willing to grow
21:48 that's not enough.
21:50 One of the main reasons I fell in love with her
21:52 was that she had a heart for the Lord
21:54 from the very beginning,
21:55 she was a youth leader at her church,
21:58 but many of us fall into the mistaken belief
22:02 that it's okay to just be ourselves,
22:05 love people as they are
22:07 and not really actively share, may be occasionally
22:12 a word of prayer here and there on the slide,
22:15 but nothing outright
22:16 because we don't want to offend people.
22:18 And Pam went from being loving, caring person
22:23 going to community Bible study
22:24 with other women and things early on
22:27 to women who overcame her fear of
22:31 going to third world countries on mission trips.
22:33 And even recently overcame another big fear.
22:37 Well, she never wanted to have Bible studies with people.
22:40 She was desperately afraid of going to study the Bible,
22:45 even though she is a good Bible student herself,
22:47 she just didn't see herself doing that
22:49 and she recently went alone to how to give Bibles studies
22:53 on her own without me even prompting her,
22:55 so it was a wonderful thing for her and for me to watch.
22:59 What's amazing is that Bible studies really are fun.
23:02 I would never say that as a typical Pam,
23:09 it's just what was amazing was that my friend Paddy
23:14 just made it pleasurable for me.
23:17 She didn't put any pressure on me,
23:19 she just invited me to go, I took my Bible,
23:23 I just followed along.
23:25 And believe it or not, they have guides who would think
23:29 I was always thinking that Bible studies wherever
23:32 I would take my Bible and just have to know
23:35 all the scriptures.
23:36 If any body asks me a question,
23:38 I have to open it up
23:39 and just be able to know the answer.
23:42 No, thank goodness, I didn't have to,
23:45 the guides were there to kind of lead you along.
23:48 They open up questions they--
23:50 and you have more verses that you can look up and it just,
23:54 it all falls into place and of course that's God.
24:01 Yeah, highly recommend it.
24:02 It's a really good growing experience.
24:08 What's cool about it is.
24:09 Once you have learned to recognize
24:10 where the Lord is working,
24:12 you can see Him do all sorts of amazing things.
24:16 So in this particular situation,
24:18 the couple that were studying with
24:21 happen to get interested in coming to church
24:24 from my medical practice.
24:26 And I had invited them to church
24:28 and then to see Pam and her friend invite them
24:32 to study the Bible to see if they were interested
24:35 and then go and see it develop from me being concerned
24:38 for these people offering to pray with these people,
24:41 inviting them to church and then seeing Pam follow it up.
24:44 And seeing her find a new way of sharing her love of Jesus
24:50 in an area where she never would have thought
24:52 to have the confidence before.
24:55 She just blossomed in that area.
24:57 The Holy Spirit can really do amazing things.
25:00 Well, I have made up my mind early on practice
25:03 that I wanted to touch people and let them know
25:05 that I cared about them, but at that time
25:08 I wasn't in active prayer for people.
25:11 It wasn't until we experienced God
25:13 in this way showing us
25:15 how He was at work in people's lives
25:18 that I began to be much more open to the fact
25:21 that everyday was a fresh opportunity
25:23 to see the Lord at work and to join Him there.
25:27 And see where people were having challenges
25:29 and to reveal to them that they are in a spiritual battle
25:33 against the principalities and powers in the heavens above
25:36 and that they have power potentially available
25:39 on their sides through prayer.
25:41 I just could not pray with them any more.
25:45 I was thinking about when you invited those girls to church,
25:49 they came to church and you were on call,
25:51 you didn't even go to church that day
25:53 and so the pressure was really on me
25:56 at that point to go up and introduce myself
26:00 and meet them which I would have normally just let Dan do it,
26:04 because he already knew them,
26:06 but since he wasn't there God forced me
26:10 sort of into the situation and then of course my friend Paddy
26:15 helped me out and then she took bread to them
26:18 and she set it up and you know she does made it easy for me.
26:22 And I think when you're in a situation
26:24 where somebody makes it easy for you,
26:27 then you learn from it and you enjoy it.
26:30 Yeah, you're growing, sometimes it's faster,
26:32 sometimes it's slower, sometimes you feel little pauses
26:36 and sometimes those are your fault.
26:39 But the experience of working with the Holy Spirit
26:43 to actively seek souls every day is,
26:47 it just can't be beaten.
26:52 You know Dan and Pam's rebirth experience with Christ
26:54 really begin right here in this home.
26:57 I know because my wife and I were part of that group.
27:00 Dan and I talked at the time and came to the conclusion
27:03 that the Holy Spirit was missing in our lives.
27:06 We decided to get together for study and prayer.
27:09 Not unlike those disciples on the day of Pentecost
27:12 only we needed far more help.
27:15 Our tool was a study guide that laid out five days
27:18 of study and prayer each week.
27:20 It seem like a big commitment at the time
27:22 but as we can now all testify, it was life changing
27:26 and well worth it.
27:27 Janene and I remember those times with great joy
27:30 with wonderful happiness, as we see the fire in the hearts
27:34 of God's people go out today we yearn for that time
27:37 when more Christians will wake up
27:39 and prepare for the Lord soon return.
27:42 For that reason we've written Transformation,
27:45 it's a study guide a 12 week study guide and also a book.
27:49 Is designed to lead you to a closer walk
27:51 with your God than ever before.
27:54 We urge you to start your study now.


Revised 2014-12-17