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00:01 Well, you've made it this far.
00:03 Question is, where is this and now what?
00:10 It's time to join your guide Jim Ayer
00:13 for an exciting 12 episode journey
00:16 into "Remodeling Your Life."
00:19 You're going to discover that God's transforming power is real
00:23 and He is ready to provide that power to you.
00:26 Now here's your guide Jim Ayer
00:28 to take you on the journey of a lifetime,
00:31 an amazing and dynamic experience with God.
00:36 We are on episode 12 in our transformation study,
00:39 "Remodeling Your Life."
00:41 And although this is the end of the series,
00:43 it's only the beginning of your exciting marriage to God.
00:46 The life of transformation is on going,
00:49 now that the honeymoon is over,
00:50 the real work begins,
00:51 maintaining your connection with God
00:53 takes commitment to the marriage.
00:55 Therefore, if any man be in Christ,
00:57 he's a new creature, old things are passed away,
01:00 behold all things have become new.
01:02 Notice what Paul says, how many things become new?
01:05 Yes, all of them, every old thing
01:08 is to be replaced by the new,
01:10 the life that was once polluted by sin
01:12 is to be remade into the image of Christ,
01:15 the master craftsman Himself.
01:17 Over the period of 11 studies,
01:19 you've been led by the Holy Spirit
01:20 to walk in new pathways,
01:22 discover new joys in Christ
01:24 and to alter various habits of living.
01:27 It's now time to extend your walk
01:30 to new dimensions of victory, new challenges,
01:32 and fresh directions in life's journey.
01:35 Living the life of transformation on a daily basis,
01:39 in God's strength, fully trusting in Him,
01:42 you will create spiritually strong habits
01:44 and soon your habits will recreate
01:46 who you are to become for all eternity.
01:50 Andre' Gide made it clear when he said,
01:53 "Man cannot discover new oceans
01:55 unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
01:58 Now is your time to trust God
02:00 and lose sight of everything except Him.
02:05 And the very first wedding ceremony
02:07 was officiated by God Himself in the Garden of Eden.
02:11 Christ's first recorded miracle was performed at a wedding,
02:15 the Bible portrays Christ as the bridegroom
02:17 returning for His faithful bride, the Church.
02:21 You know, the marriage relationship
02:22 is the closest example that exists in the universe
02:26 represents God's desire to eternally unite with us.
02:30 But too many people,
02:32 too many Christians end up in divorce court
02:35 because they forget that after the wedding,
02:37 and after the honeymoon, the daily grind of life begins,
02:40 reality sets in, choices now need to be made
02:43 in partnership with another person.
02:46 You've done your own thing for so many years,
02:48 but now it's a new day.
02:50 Well, long term benefits
02:52 are reserved for long term commitments.
02:55 If you haven't already done so,
02:56 it's time to make an extended commitment to Christ
02:59 that will result in new habits
03:02 created to carry you forward into God's eternal future.
03:05 This means, radical commitment to your prayer life,
03:08 to your study life, and to lifestyle changes,
03:11 following His voice in all He asks of you.
03:16 The number one reason for divorce
03:18 is the lack of communication,
03:20 this became the devil's ploy from the very start,
03:22 cut off all communication between God and man.
03:26 John Bunyan said, "The truth that I have known best,
03:29 I have learned on my knees.
03:31 I never knew a thing well
03:33 till it burned into my heart by prayer."
03:36 Prayer, you see is the opening of the heart to God,
03:39 as to a friend, not that it's necessary
03:41 in order to make known to God what we are
03:44 but in order to enable us to receive Him.
03:47 Prayer does not bring God down to us
03:49 but it brings us up to Him.
03:52 You see in Step to Christ, the darkness we are told
03:55 that the evil one encloses those who neglect to pray.
03:59 The whisper temptations of the enemy
04:01 and tries them to sin
04:02 and it's all because they do not make use of the privileges
04:05 that God has given to them
04:07 in the divine appointment of prayer.
04:10 Why should the sons and daughters of God
04:12 be reluctant to pray,
04:13 when prayer is the key in healing the faith,
04:15 one locked heaven storehouse
04:17 we had treasured the boundless resources of omnipotence.
04:21 What a glorious saying that is.
04:23 If Jesus is our example
04:26 we need prayer or how much more prayer time
04:28 do you and I need then?
04:30 Prayer time does not happen automatically,
04:33 you must plan for it.
04:37 Can you imagine the storehouse of God, the storehouse?
04:40 Would you like to tap into that storehouse
04:42 of the omnipotent creator?
04:44 We can and we must.
04:46 In Mark Chapter 9,
04:47 the disciples were confronted by a demon
04:49 that was--had complete control of the young man.
04:52 Their attempts to cast him out were utterly frustrated
04:55 and when Jesus appeared on the scene
04:57 however He didn't even waste a sweat
04:59 in casting out that fallen from.
05:02 And then later the disciples came and asked,
05:04 "Lord, why couldn't we cast out this demon?
05:07 Why couldn't we do this?"
05:09 And Jesus responded by saying that this kind of demon
05:12 could only be cast out by prayer and faster.
05:16 You know, it's a fact
05:18 we cannot do battle with the devil on our own,
05:21 that's what the prayer less disciples
05:23 had attempted to do,
05:25 can you imagine they attempted to do it on their own.
05:30 You know, when we're required to make withdrawal
05:32 from the intergalactic bank of infinite resources
05:35 to fight wickedness
05:36 in our own lives and the lives of others,
05:39 you better make sure
05:40 that you've been making deposits in that bank.
05:43 There is no over draft protection option,
05:46 prayer time does not happen automatically
05:48 you must plan for it.
05:50 You must make a daily conscious choice
05:53 to form new prayer habits
05:54 resulting in regular high quality time with God.
05:58 Really it's true that we should always have prayer on our lips
06:01 and in our hearts but like our Lord
06:03 when he walk in our shoes here on earth,
06:06 the more time you spend on the mountain
06:08 dedicated to prayer the more easily
06:10 you can handle the troubles that come here in the valley.
06:13 Prayer is not an optional exercise for Christians
06:16 in their lives, it's the life of the Christian.
06:20 If you want to stay out of divorce court
06:22 you need to talk with the Lord on a daily basis.
06:33 Can you imagine having an invitation to invited
06:36 to the White House, to see the president,
06:38 to meet with the president of the United States?
06:41 How awesome is that
06:42 but, you know, in reality each one of us
06:44 have an invitation to meet with the King of the universe.
06:47 And in order to maintain that relationship,
06:50 well, it's all about
06:51 the marriage relationship with Him,
06:53 it's an extension of your prayer life.
06:56 It's entering into a conversation with God
06:58 through His word, the bible.
07:00 You see, the Bible is God's living word.
07:03 When you read the Bible you've been assured
07:05 into the audience chamber of God Himself,
07:07 you are in the presence of the infinite One
07:10 as He speaks with you.
07:14 In the book, A Call to Stand Apart,
07:16 Ellen White says that "The Bible is God's voice
07:20 speaking to us, just as surely
07:22 as if we could hear with our ears.
07:24 If we realize this with what all we would open God's word
07:27 and with what earnestness we would search its precepts.
07:31 The reading and contemplates
07:32 and the scriptures would be regarded
07:34 as an audience with the infinite One."
07:37 Dwight L. Moody once said
07:38 "I pray for faith and thought that some day
07:41 faith would come down and strike like lightning.
07:44 But faith did not soon come.
07:47 One day I read it in the 10th Chapter of Romans,
07:49 'Now faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.'
07:53 I close my Bible and pray for faith.
07:56 And now I open my Bible and begin to study
07:59 and faith has being growing ever since."
08:03 Rick grew up as a Christian
08:05 and was a very devout pew warmer.
08:08 You might say he was living in the same house with God
08:11 but it all but filed a divorce papers.
08:15 Yes, I've always been in the church,
08:18 I was raised in a Christian home
08:20 and every week my mom took us to church.
08:22 So I grew up in the church.
08:24 Basically was a church, was a pew warmer
08:27 I was a typical Christian,
08:29 I--you know, I believed I was saved,
08:32 I was happy with my life
08:34 and I didn't want to do anymore than I had to do
08:37 and I was happy with way things were.
08:40 Well, I believed in God's grace,
08:42 I believed primarily that I was a good person
08:45 I was basing my belief that I was saved.
08:49 On my standards, I believe that I was doing good
08:53 and that I didn't need to do anything more.
08:56 Yeah, what happened is that once I got into the bible
09:00 I just couldn't get away from it,
09:02 if somebody mentions something that I didn't know about
09:05 I would come to office
09:06 and I would lock myself in my office
09:08 until I figure it out what the issue was.
09:11 Because I realized I didn't know as much as I thought I knew.
09:15 Once I started getting into the Bible
09:17 I saw that there was so many things
09:19 that God wanted to reveal if someone just sat down
09:22 and took the time to study it.
09:24 Well, the old Rick was self centered.
09:28 It was all about me,
09:30 I look at the world in terms of what's in it for me,
09:35 you know, how can I advance myself,
09:38 you know, what's--what is there,
09:39 what is there in the world that's gonna make me happy.
09:42 And I realize that was the wrong way
09:44 to look at things.
09:46 Well, what I'm trying to do now what happened is that
09:50 after I gained all this knowledge,
09:53 I decided I needed to share this knowledge
09:56 and I had an opportunity to go down to the rescue mission.
10:00 And they allowed me to give a Bible class.
10:03 And it was a great opportunity for me
10:06 and the people they were just willing to hear the word.
10:10 And not only did this helped me deepen my faith
10:14 and my knowledge in the Bible
10:16 because I had to prepare for the classes
10:18 I learned a lot by the relationship
10:20 and interaction with the people there.
10:22 One day in one of the classes one of the guys
10:25 we were talking about the law.
10:27 And he ask me, he said,
10:28 "Can any one actually keep the law?"
10:32 And I answered, I said, "Yes, the Bible tells us
10:34 there will be a man that, that will keep the law."
10:37 And he said, "You know the Bible pretty well."
10:40 He said, "You keep the law?"
10:43 And I said, "No, and then he said why?
10:46 Why can't you keep the law?"
10:47 And I said, "Well, I guess I love myself
10:50 more than I love God."
10:52 And it was at that time that I was convict
10:54 that I saw that I had an intellectual knowledge
10:58 but my heart was still not with the Lord.
11:02 And so I always remember what somebody told they said,
11:05 "Give me your check book
11:07 and I will tell you what you love
11:09 by how you spend your money."
11:11 And so I looked at it in terms of my time
11:15 and I really wasn't getting that much time to know Lord.
11:18 You know most of the time that I had
11:20 I was using for myself.
11:23 So it was at that time I said you know
11:24 if we're judged by our works,
11:27 I said I have to show that I do love the Lord
11:29 more than I love myself.
11:31 So it was that time that I started to reach out
11:35 and do things for God.
11:39 Given the times were end
11:45 my wish is that God will give me
11:46 the strength and the faith to stand
11:49 because you can see the time are changing
11:52 and the more I get into God's word
11:54 the more convicted I am,
11:56 that what I really what I understand
11:58 will be the truth is actually the truth.
12:00 And so that deepens my faith
12:02 and it gives me confidence to go out and share the word.
12:06 Well, I would say that do what I did,
12:08 you're gonna have to make an assessment
12:10 of what your relationship is with God.
12:13 I know many people that know the Bible
12:16 but they are not spending time doing things with the Lord.
12:20 And I can see that lovers is not a noun it's a verb,
12:25 you may fell in love for the Lord,
12:26 you may read and think you have a beloved relationship with God
12:30 but unless you act it out it's dead.
12:34 I would say that I would probably have
12:37 more peace and joy in my life than I've ever had
12:40 and I think it's because that you know
12:43 finally in my life, I'm surrendering.
12:54 Could something be missing in your walk with Christ
12:56 but you are not sure what it might be
12:58 or what to do about it,
13:00 The Review and Herald has the answer.
13:02 The book Transformation will lead you step by step
13:05 on the journey of a lifetime.
13:06 You'll be surprised
13:07 that how easily changes in your life occur
13:10 as you focus on the power of God.
13:12 You see, it's all about God,
13:14 the God who loves you and wants to transform you.
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13:24 Jim was a drug dealer and alcoholic
13:26 and a thief until God called him.
13:29 But that was just the beginning,
13:30 as someone said, he has lived six lifetimes,
13:33 he became wealthy, lobbied on Capitol Hill
13:36 and was a church leader
13:37 but he was lost until God gave him a second chance.
13:41 People tell us when you start reading "Second Chance,"
13:44 you can't put it down.
13:45 Your loved ones who maybe wondering
13:47 if God will give them a second chance,
13:49 will love it too.
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14:04 You know, George McDonald once said,
14:06 "How often we look upon God
14:07 is our last and our feeblest resource.
14:10 We go to Him because we have no where else to go.
14:13 And then we learn
14:14 that the storms of life had driven us
14:16 not into the rocks but into the desired Heaven.
14:20 After God called me to his side for the second time,
14:23 I responded and again enjoyed the wonderful Heaven of rest
14:27 in the bosom of God.
14:29 But there were still times
14:30 when I was bothered by the statements
14:32 like the following one
14:33 referring to the saints in Heaven
14:36 and I quote "A glorious light showing above their heads
14:39 and there were continually
14:40 shouting and offering praises to God.
14:43 Well, this bothered be because I was apparently
14:45 not experiencing that level of joy,
14:48 nor did I feel like experiencing that joy outwardly.
15:02 Have you found yourself in the same position
15:04 why thinking went something like this.
15:07 And if I'm not praising God all the time
15:08 then may be He isn't working in me.
15:11 Well, I can now speak to you with confidence.
15:13 It was a lie of the devil, he wanted me to be depressed.
15:17 It's time to change our thinking by changing our words also.
15:22 As my walk with God progressed
15:23 and my love for my best friend grew,
15:26 I found myself desiring to praise Him for may things
15:29 but it took time.
15:31 What am I trying to say to you,
15:33 well, I'm saying to have patience with yourself
15:35 because the transformation process
15:37 is exactly that, a process.
15:40 This is lifestyle change as you train yourself
15:43 to think upon heavenly things and lift your voice to God
15:46 the praises and testimonies that emanate from your lips
15:49 will cause the devil great pain and suffering
15:51 and he will flee from you.
15:54 Well, the apostle James said it best he said,
15:56 therefore submit yourselves to God,
15:58 resist the devil and he will flee from you,
16:01 draw nearer to God and he will draw near to you.
16:04 In Revelation we are told that
16:06 they over came him by the blood of a Lamb
16:09 and because of the word of their testimony.
16:13 I think of the time
16:14 when Ellen White was walking through a garden
16:16 and in her mind mentally
16:18 this other lady was walking with her
16:21 and they were enjoying all the flowers
16:22 and the things and all the beauty around
16:24 but then this particular lady began complaining
16:27 about the thorns and the thistles
16:29 and the burrows and the brambles
16:32 and the guy that was with them stopped
16:34 and said please, please he said focus on the roses
16:37 and the lilies and the pinks.
16:39 You see we need to turn our thinking towards heaven.
16:43 You know, C.S. Lewis said,
16:44 "Joy is the serious business of heaven."
16:46 And King David said "My tongue shall speak
16:49 of your righteousness of Your praises all day long."
16:55 Dave Waters was a machine gunner
16:56 and a huey helicopter in Vietnam,
16:59 that's where he encountered God.
17:03 Before I was put in that helicop unit
17:05 which was the 68 assault helicopter squadron.
17:08 I was a mechanic in an outfit
17:10 that had totally gone down the drain
17:14 you might say they were into every sin there was
17:15 and we were being attacked on the primitive the whole time.
17:19 Never got any sleep and I was loosing it,
17:23 I had been there about 5 months in that unit
17:25 and finally there were other shoulders
17:28 that were there they were committing suicide
17:31 and I was feeling-I didn't want that to happen to me
17:35 but I was feeling I had to get out of there
17:37 and I was decided into my mind
17:38 I'm going to walk out of here to up north to Cambodia
17:41 and go on from there to India and try to get home.
17:43 Yes, I was in I was in bad shape,
17:45 couldn't talk, couldn't relate to anybody
17:48 then in my mind I thought well, I've got to sit down and pray
17:52 and I prayed little bit out side but there was too much noise
17:55 so went in and got in a big freight container
17:57 that take off a ships close the door
17:59 sat in there in the dark
18:01 and prayed to God for at least 3 hours
18:04 and at the end of that 3 hours I was crying,
18:07 I was upset I was trembling with fear
18:11 because the next day I was going on my first mission
18:13 when I got to that unit.
18:15 And so when I finally ran out of all energy and all prayer
18:19 we couldn't talk anymore about it,
18:21 I just got up to start get up and walk out
18:24 and all of sudden the minute I stood up Jim,
18:27 the fear in my body from shaking just disappeared,
18:31 it was awesome and I was full of energy
18:34 and I said a couple of words and I went, wow.
18:37 I can talk again and I went out of there
18:40 and I don't know to be totally terrified
18:43 and all of a sudden be free of any fear at all was amazing
18:48 that was total miracle and I knew that God had done it
18:52 because He answers prayer,
18:53 I knew he was going to didn't know when or how
18:56 and He answered that prayer.
18:58 So I went to the rest of tour at Vietnam with no fear.
19:03 Kind of like the in the movie just sees one of those guys
19:05 do that once in a while.
19:06 I had no fear and I actually could think better that way,
19:12 I did my mission very well, I got into missions
19:14 that nobody had ever been into before
19:16 and bullets would go through the chopper at times
19:20 and we got a crash landing once
19:22 that I had to we barley made it to safety on that,
19:25 we skid down this whole runway and almost spun around.
19:29 Anyway, I don't want to go into details
19:30 but with fear of God I was able to do my job
19:34 and it's been a wonderful experience.
19:36 I had not even a scratch
19:38 when I got out of the service out of Vietnam.
19:41 I was so prefer purple heart,
19:43 but I didn't even get a scratch.
19:45 Nobody in the ships I was in ever got hurt or shot
19:50 and everything that happened to us
19:52 was a total miracle that we didn't get hurt.
19:54 Now that was God's power, if I ever saw it.
19:59 When we need God the most especially in foreign country
20:02 so we are totally unaware of what's going on around
20:05 this most of the time and what the rules are,
20:07 God is with us I've seen it over and over and over and over.
20:12 Everyday God does some miracle
20:14 that some people realize and some don't,
20:17 but you just have to step out take one step in faith
20:21 and just go from there.
20:22 What can one person do Jim?
20:24 One person can do a lot,
20:26 it's endless what one person can do.
20:28 With God in his heart, with God leading him.
20:32 One person can complete any chore
20:35 put in his hands to do.
20:37 But the biggest thing I've learned is Jim,
20:40 that when you love other people
20:43 and you want to help them to grow in Christ
20:47 and what I do in my ministry
20:49 is building churches in foreign countries
20:51 I love it, it's so rewarded to me
20:54 and when I can get other people that feel that same thing
20:57 by the end of the trip most of them do,
20:59 it's wonderful, I wouldn't give up that for anything.
21:04 You may be saying what can I do for God,
21:06 I'm just one person,
21:08 what can one ordinary person can do for Jesus Christ?
21:11 Well, let me tell you,
21:12 Moses was a murder and a shepherd
21:14 he delivered an entire nation from bondage.
21:17 Abraham, was a old man and a liar he fathered a nation.
21:21 Peter and John, well, they were simple fishermen
21:23 but they rocked the world for Jesus Christ.
21:26 John the Baptist only preached for 6 months
21:28 but Jesus said there was none grater,
21:30 he focused the worlds attention upon the Lamb of God.
21:34 Noah, was the worlds worst evangelist
21:37 he was the father of the new world
21:39 and Lazarus he was dead
21:40 but God even used him to tell the world
21:43 of the resurrection to come.
21:45 And Dwight El Moody, he was simple shoe salesman
21:48 until the day he heard a man say the world has yet to see
21:52 what God can do with and for and in and through man
21:56 who is fully and wholly consecrated to him.
21:59 Well, that changed moody's life
22:01 and my friends it can change you.
22:02 What can God do with you? What?
22:05 He can do every thing, there is no limit after all
22:08 the King is your Father.
22:18 This is perhaps one of the greatest books
22:20 ever written on biblical teachings of Christ.
22:23 Jesus used parables to open
22:25 the vistas of heaven to the people
22:27 and to expand their thinking as no other book has ever done.
22:30 Ellen White unwraps the parables
22:32 allowing us to see Christ our salvation.
22:35 Reviled in all of His beauty and slender
22:37 throughout each and every page.
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23:19 Oh, I wish I was able to take you to see the Holy city of God.
23:24 Where we will be meeting with the Father for the first time
23:26 when Jesus comes to takes us from this place.
23:29 I wish I could show you
23:30 the streets of gold and glittering mansions
23:33 the loving Lord is prepared for each one of us
23:36 but I can't all I had to show you is this.
23:39 Everything that we are told
23:41 that would be burned up in the last days.
23:44 All of this is the devil's kingdom.
23:46 He has used lies to steal it from our first parents
23:48 and he's used thousands of lies
23:51 and thousands of years to demonstrate
23:53 what kind of parent He really is.
23:55 And it's time it's almost done,
23:57 the pain and suffering cannot continue
23:59 on forever it must end soon.
24:02 But God in His infinite mercy and wisdom
24:05 has been waiting just as long as he possibly can
24:08 until everyone makes their choice
24:10 of who's plan is the best one.
24:12 Who will be the best parent? Who is the best lord to serve?
24:16 Well, let me tell you for me and my house
24:19 God is a hands down winner
24:21 and I'm speaking from personal experience
24:23 because I served both God and the devil.
24:29 You know, I travel down every low road of this life
24:32 testing the temporary trills of a drug dealer
24:35 enjoying the momentary rush of the thief.
24:37 The sensual pleasures of darkness
24:39 and the rush of gambling.
24:41 Well, the list is endless but then God spoke to me
24:44 and then I answered that beautiful voice.
24:46 But then the attractions of gold and silver seem to backend me
24:49 so I filled my pockets with homes, land
24:52 and what the best money could buy.
24:54 But I think God needed not forget my address,
24:57 oh, no not at all.
24:59 He came calling on me and I answered Him once again.
25:03 He gave me a second chance
25:04 and now I speak to you as child of the King.
25:08 His promises are sure His love is real,
25:11 the new world is factual
25:13 and it's powered to give us the life of victory.
25:15 So we can inherit the throne
25:17 is anchored in the solid rock, Jesus Christ.
25:20 Yes, you can believe it.
25:22 She's sealed the agreement with his blood
25:24 and he can't wait to pick you up
25:26 from planet earth zip you across the cosmos
25:28 and personally guide you through their new mansion
25:31 and the heaven will be made new all I tell you,
25:34 your name is already there,
25:35 your crown is set in on the shelf
25:37 just inside the door,
25:38 it's waiting for you the choice is yours,
25:41 happiness wall to wall, or this.
25:49 Remember it's all about God, at your invitation
25:53 He will remodel your home your life by transforming you
25:57 on the outside and on the inside.
26:00 Immediately after he gives you a beautiful new exterior
26:03 his righteousness the Master Carpenter begins
26:06 the process of taking the old deteriorating sin laid inside
26:10 and rebuilding you into the image of Jesus Himself.
26:14 This process requires your complete cooperation
26:17 so let's review the steps
26:19 recognize that you cannot rebuild your own life.
26:22 Surrender your life completely 100% to the Master Craftsmen
26:27 and at that moment He instantaneously wraps
26:30 a new exterior around you.
26:32 Now He is ready to start on the inside.
26:35 He doesn't want you to pretend to be new,
26:37 He wants you to be new everywhere.
26:51 Because of your cooperation and invitation to come inside,
26:54 the Lord will go room to room
26:56 cleaning out the filth from the garbage
26:58 the old rotten wood and give you the most beautiful interior.
27:02 A dwelling fit for the Holy Sprit
27:04 to live in forever.
27:06 At times the process can be painful dramatic
27:10 and even a bit stressful as you battle with self
27:12 to allow God to examine
27:14 and change every dark corner of the old you
27:18 but the results, you will be out of this world.
27:21 The Apostle John fully understood,
27:23 the transformation process when he said
27:26 we know that when he shall appear
27:28 we shall be like Him.
27:30 The daily choices we make determine our destiny
27:33 so I urge you to choose wisely.
27:36 I can't wait to meet up with you
27:38 and the Father in the celestial city
27:40 what a day it's going to be.
27:42 Let's make it a day shall we?
27:43 You pick the galaxy
27:44 and we can have lunch together or dinner
27:47 better yet you choose.


Revised 2014-12-17