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00:26 Hadassah.
00:28 Poppy. Welcome home.
00:32 Any news about the Queen?
00:35 She has refused to obey the king's command.
00:37 Good for her.
00:39 The man was drunk and the request was indecent.
00:41 I agree but she has had to suffer for her high morals.
00:46 How? She has been put away.
00:49 Put away? Never to see his face again.
00:52 But I thought he loved her. That does not count.
00:56 Why?
00:57 She disobeyed him before all the princess of the kingdom.
01:02 Refused to see face, he has no choice.
01:05 Then love is not supreme. Not when one is a king.
01:11 Poppy, I'm so glad to be ordinary people.
01:15 Yes, Hadassah.
01:16 We do have much to be thankful for.
01:19 Which reminds me is the afternoon meal ready?
01:23 Yes, come.
01:25 It looks good. It is good.
01:34 Oh, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
01:38 Fill us with thy spirit is thou
01:39 that fill us with the good things of the earth.
01:42 Amen.
01:49 See, this is really good. I'm glad you like it.
01:52 Like it! The King should eat so good.
01:56 Poppy? Uh-hum.
01:59 What will the King do for a new queen?
02:03 Oh, probably promote one of his concubines.
02:09 Do you think anyone ever loves a king?
02:12 Probably not.
02:14 It doesn't seem fair, does it? What's that?
02:18 The king has so much but enjoys so little.
02:23 We have so little, but enjoy so much.
02:28 And it counts most, we're richer than the king.
02:31 Yes, Hadassah.
02:33 We are the richest people on the earth.
02:36 All that remains is for God to make me a grandfather.
02:40 Do you mean you found him?
02:42 My dear, little Hadassah,
02:43 you're only barely a teenager.
02:46 Surely you're not yet impatient to find a husband.
02:49 Well, not yet. But one must think ahead.
02:54 Hadassah, your happiness
02:57 is most important thing in the world to me.
03:00 I have been watching and praying for the right one.
03:04 You're aiming too high, are you?
03:06 I mean, a baker in the arms
03:09 is better than a banker in the dreams.
03:11 No, Hadassah, not too high.
03:13 Only a man of God. But when?
03:17 God has His timing,
03:20 like the stars in the vast orbits.
03:23 God's plans know neither haste nor delay.
03:26 You always say that. Because it is always true.
03:32 Oh, great king. What?
03:37 It has been observed that the king is not happy
03:42 to have lost Vashti, the Queen.
03:45 Brilliant, Harbona, absolutely brilliant.
03:49 It is not good for the king to be alone.
03:53 Harbona, you have the makings of a genius.
03:57 What I mean, Sire, is that we should not just sit here
04:03 and bemoan the loss of the lovely Queen Vashti.
04:06 Oh, am I to rejoice instead?
04:12 I do have a suggestion.
04:16 This better be good Harbona.
04:20 I never should have called for her.
04:22 In the condition I was in you
04:24 never should have let me go for her.
04:28 Now I'm miserable. For there is none like her.
04:33 Either for beauty or for intelligence.
04:39 Yes, Sire.
04:41 So speak.
04:48 Let the King call for the most lovely
04:53 and charming girls in the entire kingdom
04:58 to be brought to Shushan, the palace.
05:02 Then let she that shall most please His Highness
05:07 be made Queen in Vashti's stead.
05:15 Good, Harbona. Yes, very good.
05:18 I like that. Let it be done.
05:21 Oh, yes, Your Majesty. Do it at once.
05:24 Oh, yes, Your Majesty.
05:32 Poppy, welcome home. Is there any news?
05:38 The King has issued a new decree.
05:40 Oh?
05:43 A decree that may destroy our world, Hadassah.
05:47 What does it say?
05:50 The king has sent messengers
05:53 to every corner of his kingdom to seek out fair young virgins.
05:58 She that pleases him most will become Queen.
06:02 So what that got to do with us?
06:04 What? Hadassah?
06:07 Do you never use the mirror?
06:10 To comb my hair. And what do you see?
06:13 Just me.
06:18 Oh, Creator God.
06:20 Can it be that she does not know?
06:23 Know, what?
06:25 Hadassah, do you really not understand?
06:29 Understand what?
06:32 That you are beautiful.
06:38 Me, beautiful?
06:40 Yes, Hadassah, beautiful, very beautiful.
06:43 How you forget to whom you speak.
06:45 It is I, Hadassah, remember me?
06:48 The rascal tomboy with pigtails and freckles.
06:50 I know to whom I speak my daughter.
06:53 But you have never so much
06:55 as called me pretty or even cute.
06:58 Am I now suddenly beautiful?
07:00 Yes.
07:02 This is some secret you've tried to keep from me.
07:05 To protect you from greedy young men
07:08 who would whisper sweet nothings in your ear
07:10 and then abandon you in search of other conquests.
07:14 I could never believe such words of empty love.
07:17 No.
07:20 Many a women much wiser than you
07:22 has been thus deceived, Hadassah.
07:25 There are dangers in being beautiful.
07:27 Well, even if I was pretty as you say,
07:31 God would never send me to a heathen court.
07:35 I agree. But we must do our part.
07:42 All right, I'll tie back my hair,
07:45 paint spots on my face and wear servant's cloths.
07:50 All your teachers will come here for your lessons.
07:55 And there is to be no more looking down from the balcony.
07:59 But my-- No. None.
08:02 The world must forget that you exist, Hadassah.
08:10 How long is my prison term, sir?
08:12 Until the king has finished the search of his kingdom.
08:16 I've got to hide for two to three years?
08:19 Yes.
08:22 Or until I have you safely married to a worthy man.
08:26 That could take forever.
08:28 God has His timing, like the stars in their vast orbits.
08:34 God's plans know neither haste nor delay.
08:37 You must believe it. I do believe it, Poppy.
08:41 But come.
08:43 Let us forget the king and his foolish problems.
08:46 I have prepared the most
08:47 exquisite experiment for the afternoon meal.
09:11 Oh, creative, God. How do I make her understand?
09:21 You were saying, Ben Israel?
09:22 I was saying, Mordecai my friend, no.
09:26 It is not possible.
09:29 But the King's decree is over a year old.
09:33 We've kept her hidden thus far.
09:35 Mordecai, you grasp at straws.
09:38 You know that Hadassah's beauty is,
09:40 it's famous among all our people.
09:43 Surely our people will not betray us.
09:45 No. No.
09:47 We're all children of Abraham.
09:50 You forget, not everyone born
09:53 to Abraham is a child of promise.
09:56 Isaac, you remember had seven brothers.
10:04 Oh, why?
10:06 Why can't God's people work in unity?
10:09 God's true people can, yes.
10:13 But God's true people, when God commanded our Father saying,
10:17 "Flee out of the midst of Babylon.
10:19 God's true people obeyed.
10:23 So what does that make us Mordecai,
10:27 keeper of the King's gate there.
10:29 I suppose that makes us
10:33 the children of the comfortable cowards.
10:35 Aye.
10:37 Just the kind it would be willing to sell
10:40 the little sister for a bit of silver or less.
10:46 Don't deceive yourself, Mordecai.
10:48 Don't deceive Hadassah. Prepare her.
10:51 Prepare her well.
10:54 But will God send her to be just another concubine?
10:58 I don't understand.
11:01 Two sons of men is not always given gift of understanding.
11:05 But to sons of men is always given gift of faith.
11:11 Therefore I trust, Mordecai, trust.
11:17 I shall. But what can I do for her?
11:22 You can prepare her for the course of Shushan.
11:25 I will not train her to be a harem girl.
11:30 Who speaks of harem girls?
11:32 And what's left?
11:34 To be Queen. Queen?
11:37 Queen!
11:38 Ben Israel, she is barely a teenager.
11:43 Foolish Mordecai, open your eyes.
11:47 You have been so busy to train her brain
11:50 that her body has slipped past you
11:52 and she has become beautiful,
11:56 intelligent young woman with wit, charm.
11:59 What? Yes, yes.
12:02 One who could understand
12:03 the inner workings of a kingdom.
12:05 Hadassah? Yes, this kingdom.
12:08 You seem so sure.
12:10 Mordecai, it is not by accidentally king seeks a queen.
12:21 And it is not by accident that Hadassah
12:25 has the heart of a queen.
12:28 If she is taken, it is because God
12:31 has brought her to the kingdom just for such a time.
12:39 I wish I could believe that. You must.
12:41 Why? Why?
12:45 Why, because if she goes in with the wrong attitude
12:49 they will grind her spirit in the dust.
12:51 Oh, but, if she goes in with the right attitude,
12:55 she will be queen.
13:00 You have no time to lose, Mordecai.
13:03 In your few remaining weeks or days,
13:09 you must give her the heart of a queen.
13:15 God be with you.
13:29 Any news, Father? No, Hadassah. No news.
13:32 Oh, why can't he just hurry and chose someone?
13:36 I'm so tired of being-- Hadassah.
13:38 Father? Sit down.
13:41 We need to talk. About?
13:46 Remember, how Joseph was sold as a slave?
13:51 And how he remained faithful to his God?
13:54 Yes.
13:56 When he stood half naked on the Egyptian auction block,
14:01 do you think he understood God's plan?
14:03 Probably not.
14:07 And Daniel in Babylon?
14:10 When he was made a eunuch and a slave,
14:13 when he saw his people slaughtered,
14:16 did he understand? No.
14:19 But they trusted God, didn't they?
14:23 What are you getting at, father?
14:26 Just this, soon they will begin the search of Shushan.
14:33 They will come to this neighborhood,
14:36 to our house, to your room.
14:40 You shall hide me. There is no hiding.
14:43 Too many of our people know about you.
14:45 Our people would never betray me.
14:47 Tell that to Joseph. Then I shall flee.
14:51 They're watching for girls who flee.
14:54 You wouldn't get past the city walls
14:56 before your torture and mutilation began.
14:58 Then what have we gained by playing this
15:00 foolish game of hide and seek?
15:02 Why am I forced to live as a hermit
15:04 when all my friends are going to parties,
15:08 falling in love, and getting married?
15:12 Why?
15:13 It has given us time to study
15:16 and to pray, to draw closer to--
15:18 The King seeks find young virgins, doesn't he?
15:21 Yes.
15:22 It would seem that in the past two years,
15:26 you could have found someone for me to marry.
15:29 Of course, long ago, hundreds of times.
15:32 Then what have you waited for?
15:34 A man of God, Hadassah. A man of God.
15:40 What takes so long? Are they so very few?
15:45 Yes, Hadassah, less than few.
15:48 What will become of me, then?
15:53 Ben Israel thinks you shall be taken.
15:56 Ben Israel? Yes.
15:58 No. Oh, please, no.
16:05 And you?
16:09 And you?
16:11 The same. No.
16:13 It's almost certain. My, my.
16:15 What a glorious future to took forward to.
16:18 Hadassah, the concubine. Hadassah?
16:21 And what sweet memories I shall have to look back on.
16:24 A lifetime of preparation for some great man of God,
16:28 I shall never meet-- Please, my child.
16:31 And a lifetime of learning Psalms, I shall never sing.
16:35 Please don't.
16:37 And instead of an unworthy Israelite
16:40 who is weak in faith, I shall be an evening's
16:43 entertainment for a pagan king who has no faith!
16:47 What a fine trade God has given me.
16:50 Hadassah? I should rather die.
16:54 Where are you going? For a walk in the woods.
16:57 Something I haven't done since this nightmare began.
17:00 But you could be killed? If I'm lucky.
17:04 I forbid you to leave. No. Please?
17:08 I will die before I share a pagan's bed.
17:11 That is for God to decide, not you.
17:17 Sit down.
17:20 You will obey me, child.
17:35 You play the part of a coward.
17:39 You wouldn't run into the arms
17:41 of the first faithless Israelite,
17:44 just to spare yourself of little indignity.
17:48 You think God doesn't know what He is doing?
17:51 What is He doing?
17:55 I don't know, my child. We never know.
18:00 Poppy, I'm afraid, so very afraid.
18:05 I know, my little one, so am I?
18:09 Is it so wrong to want to die?
18:11 Anyone can die, Hadassah.
18:14 The challenge is to live on when life seems
18:17 turned upside down.
18:19 I don't know if I can. You can.
18:23 It's Joseph and Daniel all over again.
18:27 God is depending on you and you must not fail Him.
18:39 All right.
18:42 What must I do?
18:45 You must memorize the words of God,
18:48 for they are food for your soul.
18:51 You must be much in prayer,
18:55 for prayer is the breath of the soul.
18:58 But these I do already. Enough for ordinary times, yes.
19:03 But you face a time with no scriptures,
19:07 no synagogue, no one to trust, except.
19:17 I understand. Good.
19:22 God still sits on His throne.
19:27 But now it is time for evening worship.
19:31 Get me the section of the Torah.
19:33 Yes, Poppy.
19:42 Poppy? Yes.
19:47 I'm sorry.
19:49 You'll be all right, my little one.
19:52 Just trust Him. I shall.
20:01 Poppy? Yes, my child.
20:07 I love you.
20:11 I love you too my child.
20:14 But hurry. The Torah grows old.
20:19 Yes, Poppy.
20:23 Good morning, Your Majesty. Oh, good morning, Harbona.
20:26 How goes the search?
20:28 More young ladies are arriving daily, Your Majesty.
20:32 And if you don't mind me saying so,
20:34 I do believe your chief difficulty
20:36 will be in choosing the prettiest.
20:39 The prettiest? Don't you think I look past the face?
20:43 Oh, but of course, a lovely body is--
20:46 No, no, no.
20:48 What I want, what I long for,
20:50 what I need, Harbona,
20:53 is someone who also has mental faculties.
20:56 Someone whose beauty has not aborted
20:58 the growth of her brain.
21:01 Oh, I see.
21:03 I seek a woman with original thoughts.
21:06 One who can wrestle mind with mine.
21:10 Have you found such a one as that, Harbona?
21:14 If she exists, Haggai will find her.
21:19 Well, he'd better.
21:21 I grow weary of beautiful idiots
21:24 who are so unsure of their beauty
21:26 that they cover themselves
21:27 with layers of grease and powder.
21:30 Have you ever kissed a face like that, Harbona?
21:35 Well, to be honest--
21:38 Like kissing a dusty floor, isn't it?
21:41 And then there are the tinkle girls.
21:45 The tinkle girls?
21:47 Yes, you know, the ones who wear all the earrings,
21:50 and nose rings, and bracelets,
21:52 and anklets, and necklaces, and broaches and pendants.
21:55 It sounds like a heard of goats coming down the hall.
21:59 But Your Majesty! It was you who commanded them
22:04 to choose from such a vast array of gold and jewels.
22:10 It was you who gave them leave to keep all that they choose.
22:15 To test them, Harbona.
22:18 To see if there will be one woman in all the world
22:21 who could chose dignity over greed.
22:25 So far all have failed.
22:31 Is there not one, Harbona?
22:34 Just one woman in all the world who is happy with who she is?
22:40 We'll find her, Your Majesty.
22:42 Haggai has already began to search here in Shushan
22:46 and there won't be a house from India to Ethiopia
22:50 that won't be searched from top to bottom,
22:53 yet we'll find her, Your Majesty. Yes we will.
22:57 Dear God, isn't there another way?
23:02 Haven't You one more miracle for me?
23:09 Please! And if You do say no,
23:16 help me to trust.
23:24 Such a sad prayer, my little one.
23:28 They have begun the search here in Shushan.
23:33 Why does God not answer?
23:36 Perhaps, He has.
23:41 Do you think I can remain true to Him?
23:44 If you breathe. Breathe?
23:48 Prayer, remember, a breath of the soul.
23:52 Breathe freely and deeply of the atmosphere of heaven
23:56 and no matter what happens to you,
23:59 God is there. I shall.
24:04 I will not let a day go by without praying.
24:09 Something else. What?
24:15 You must not reveal your people.
24:19 I'm not ashamed to be one of God's people.
24:23 No. I know whatever I speak.
24:26 Promise me silence.
24:29 Because I love and trust you, father.
24:33 I promise.
24:38 One thing more. What?
24:42 You must change your name.
24:45 Change my name? Yes.
24:47 But my name is who I am. It is a Jewish name.
24:55 Your new name will be...
25:01 Esther.
25:04 I'm a flower, not a star. I don't like it.
25:08 You don't have to like it. You just have to use it.
25:13 Hadassah is no more.
25:19 I know it hurts, my child.
25:22 But it must be. You understand?
25:30 But this is foolish to speak as if I'm really going.
25:33 God may not put-- Poppy! May God be with us?
25:36 Open up, in the name of the king.
25:38 Poppy, what shall I do?
25:39 From this moment on, you must conduct yourself as a queen.
25:42 I am a frightened little girl.
25:45 Open up, I say. Poppy.
25:46 Silence. You will cry only to God.
25:50 Do we have to break this door now?
25:52 Let him in.
25:59 You're the master of this house? I am.
26:02 One of your neighbors tells me
26:04 that you have a pretty girl here.
26:09 Huh.
26:12 And so you do.
26:14 Come, into the light my lovely.
26:27 Messy hair.
26:30 Painted face. Slaves clothing.
26:36 Who did you think you could fool, girl.
26:39 Come. Now.
26:42 Sure, now. What do you think yesterday?
26:46 But may she bid the servant's farewell.
26:49 My orders from Haggai are for speed not sad farewells. Come.
26:56 Do you dare interfere with the king's business?
27:01 Shall we go?
27:08 Esther?
27:12 Yes, good sir.
27:14 Breathe deeply.
27:17 I shall.
27:19 Unto Joseph, I shall do my best.
27:29 God go with you.
27:30 397, 398, 399,
27:38 empty heads.
27:41 Oh, Haggai.
27:45 Is there any hope for you?
27:49 Master, Haggai.
27:50 Well, what have you for me today?
27:54 A most lovely creature, sir.
27:56 You've said that about all of them.
27:59 Ah, but this one is different. You said that too.
28:07 Send her in. Yes, sir.
28:19 Good morning, number 400. Good morning, sir.
28:25 Do you have a name, number 400? My name is Had...
28:30 Surely you do know your name?
28:35 My name is Esther. Esther.
28:39 I could use a star right now.
28:41 Tell me. Did you come willingly?
28:44 I prayed with all my heart to be passed by.
28:47 You seem religious. I love my God, yes.
28:52 Good. It will give you something to cling
28:55 to until you adopt our religion.
28:57 Is that required?
29:00 It just happens that way.
29:03 When the girl see the gold splashed everywhere,
29:07 hear our finest music,
29:10 and see the flower of our youth dancing before the golden gods,
29:15 they all bow down.
29:19 You will bow down. Perhaps.
29:24 Tell me, my little nun.
29:28 What does your God expect you to do in the present situation?
29:33 My best.
29:37 Tell me, how do you feel about being beautiful?
29:42 What makes you think that I am?
29:46 Call it an educated guess.
29:48 Why won't you look at me? I am looking at you.
29:51 How do you feel about being beautiful?
29:54 I never thought much about it.
29:56 Oh, why not?
29:59 I've always had more important things to think on.
30:03 Tell me, have you any education?
30:08 Some. In what?
30:10 Cooking, a trade, some music and little science.
30:16 Did you say science? Some, yes.
30:19 We shall see.
30:31 Here we have a large cylindrical vase.
30:36 Use this ruler to find its volume.
30:58 It should hold about three and three-fourths Ephahs.
31:03 Let me see that ruler.
31:20 You are wrong. I am?
31:23 It holds four.
31:25 Did you remember to account for the thickness of the clay?
31:37 Vashti. What's that?
31:40 Nothing.
31:43 Sing for me.
31:45 I left my heart. Sing without it.
31:49 You wish.
31:52 By the waters of a river
31:58 in a very distant land
32:02 We hung our harps in silence
32:07 as our tears fell in the sand.
32:11 Then our captives cried for music
32:17 while mocking at our fear
32:21 Tell me who can sing a song of joy
32:26 when their eyes are full of tears
32:35 You are not happy to be here? I wanted to die.
32:41 I know how you feel.
32:43 How could you possibly know how I feel?
32:45 You never had to say goodbye forever?
32:49 Yes, I have. When?
32:57 When my people sent me to this place
33:04 as part of their tribute.
33:07 One does not choose to become a eunuch.
33:11 Then you understand.
33:14 Yes, Esther, I understand. Then send me home, please.
33:21 Just because I understand
33:23 does not mean that I've gone mad.
33:26 What do you mean?
33:28 If I lose you, I lose my head.
33:37 You'll begin training tomorrow.
33:41 You shall live here in Vashti suite.
33:45 You will have the best beauticians,
33:48 the best masseuses,
33:50 and seven of our finest maidens to cater to your every whim.
33:55 Me? Yes, Esther, you.
34:00 Let us begin by putting on some decent clothing
34:05 and washing your face.
34:11 Who did you think you could fool anyway?
34:18 Hey, Mordecai, my friend. Ben Israel.
34:24 Any news yet? Yes.
34:27 She has found favor in Haggai's eyes.
34:29 It is the hand of God. I think so.
34:32 He is sparing no pains to make her queen.
34:35 Oh, she will be queen.
34:39 The only question is.
34:43 Why will she be queen?
34:46 What do you mean?
34:48 God does not elevate one of our people without reason.
34:51 Joseph in Egypt, to save our ancestors from starvation.
34:55 Daniel, so Cyrus would release our fathers, but why?
35:00 Why would He elevate Hadassah?
35:03 Surely not to save us again.
35:05 No.
35:07 You forget, there is a price to pay for comfortable cowardice.
35:13 Ah! Your imagination runs riot.
35:16 I hope so. But, because Messiah is to come of our people.
35:22 The evil one has ever sought to destroy us.
35:27 Could there be destruction in the wind
35:30 and Hadassah is to save us?
35:34 Wait and see.
35:37 I just wish I could help somehow.
35:40 Help? Help who? Hadassah, of course.
35:44 Oh, Mordecai, there.
35:46 There comes a time when a parent has done all that he can do.
35:50 Now Hadassah's future is up to Hadassah.
35:54 Besides, when it comes to charming the king,
35:59 I don't think Hadassah needs any help from you.
36:07 Good morning, Esther. Good morning, Master Haggai?
36:10 You seem cheerful this morning.
36:11 I hear you've written a love song for the king.
36:14 Well, I've put it together-- I hear it is very lovely.
36:17 Well, thank you.
36:19 You must sing it to the king.
36:21 Someday.
36:23 No, some night. Some night?
36:27 Like tonight.
36:31 Tonight? Yes, tonight, come.
36:34 Wait, wait, where to? To the royal dressing room.
36:37 But I-- Come, come.
36:49 Oh! Oh my! I've never seen so many jewels,
36:55 and fine gowns, look at the furs.
37:01 Who are these people?
37:03 Makeup artists, to make you as lovely as you can be.
37:07 But what is all this for?
37:10 For you, dear Esther. For you.
37:13 The king has provided the finest gowns, veils, jewels, perfumes,
37:19 whatever it takes to make the best impression on the king.
37:24 And not only that, but the king has decreed
37:29 that you may keep as your very own,
37:32 all the jewels and clothing you choose to wear.
37:35 I choose? Yes, choose.
37:38 Choose whatever it takes
37:40 to make you all the woman you want to be.
37:42 But I can't.
37:44 It is thus ordered by the king.
37:48 All this nonsense is what prostitutes use to trap fools.
37:54 You choose for me, dear Haggai.
37:59 Are you sure?
38:00 Well, you know what the king likes.
38:02 Oh. Oh, I have prayed that you would let me do this for you.
38:07 That green gown will accentuate your eyes.
38:11 For perfume wear essence of carnations,
38:15 the king loves carnations.
38:18 Let's see, a veil or no veil?
38:24 You must wear your hair simple.
38:27 May I suggest blue eye shadow
38:29 and liner to bring out her eyes?
38:31 And may I suggest sequins and glitter?
38:35 Go home fools.
38:38 Do you add to the luster of a pearl
38:40 by covering it over with paint?
38:43 They all make the same mistake.
38:46 Too much paint. Too many jewels.
38:51 So many clothing that the king can't find them
38:54 or so little that he needs no imagination.
38:59 But not tonight.
39:03 Tonight you will be
39:05 simple, pure, lovely.
39:12 And tomorrow night,
39:15 the king will call for you again.
39:17 Not yet, Haggai. Wait until we're sure.
39:21 Listen, Esther.
39:23 And if you are not the queen, there will be no queen.
39:29 Girls, come, dress Esther for her wedding night.
39:36 Well, I think you're ready.
39:38 Is a girl ever ready for her wedding night?
39:41 How do you feel? A bit nervous.
39:44 Good. It will keep your eyes bright.
39:52 Well, this is goodbye, Esther. It's been a pleasure.
39:58 Thank you. You've been good to me, Haggai, too good.
40:04 No, dear Esther.
40:06 You have been too good to us.
40:09 The way you comforted the other girls.
40:14 Your love for those of us
40:16 who don't understand the language of heaven.
40:22 All that your parents have made you to be,
40:25 it's what we all want to become.
40:31 Well, the king has waited over two years for you.
40:36 We mustn't keep him waiting any longer.
40:41 Goodbye, Esther. Your God go with you.
40:46 He's your God too, Haggai.
40:51 Goodbye, Haggai.
41:09 God go with you, little star.
41:14 I love you.
41:16 Will she really be queen, master?
41:29 You tell the chamberlain
41:32 that tomorrow there will be a coronation.
41:35 Can you be sure, master?
41:38 Look.
41:44 She is singing to him. Go.
41:56 My Queen. Hetack, what's wrong?
41:58 An urgent message for you, Queen Esther,
42:00 from Lord Mordecai.
42:07 To Esther, the Queen.
42:10 You must immediately inform the Great King
42:13 that his two doorkeepers, Bigthan and Teresh
42:16 have serious designs on the king's life.
42:19 Action must be swift.
42:21 Mordecai, keeper of the king's gate.
42:24 Hetack. My Queen?
42:25 Take this to the king, immediately.
42:27 His life may depend on it. Yes, Your Majesty.
42:29 Make sure that he understands that it comes from Mordecai.
42:33 You could sign your own name, my Queen.
42:35 Hetack, what I say is what I mean.
42:38 The name is Mordecai.
42:40 Yes, my Queen.
42:44 Thank you, dear God.
42:47 Thank you, Mordecai.
42:51 Well, Haman, how is the king enjoying his new bride?
42:55 To be honest, I've never seen the king more content.
43:00 So how does that change things for us?
43:03 Well, not at all, my dear.
43:05 She's only a woman
43:07 Besides, I have the king's total confidence
43:11 and once the honeymoon is over
43:14 I'll begin the process of
43:16 neutralizing little Queen Esther.
43:18 That's sounds like a tall order, Haman.
43:21 What? You are talking to Haman,
43:24 son of Hammedatha and for descendants of Esau,
43:29 there are no tall orders,
43:33 especially in view of my promotion.
43:37 Promotion? Promotion to what?
43:41 To Prime Minister, second in the kingdom.
43:45 Prime Minister? Oh, Haman, how wonderful.
43:50 My husband, second in the greatest kingdom on earth.
43:56 Oh, the wonder of it all. Yes.
43:59 The wonders have just begun, Zeresh, only begun.
44:03 Soon I will be ready to make serious plans.
44:08 My ten sons shall be princess. Yes.
44:12 And head someone, they shall be.
44:16 Can't you see them all in white chargers, Lord Haman.
44:20 Sounding the trumpets
44:22 and leading the procession before me.
44:26 Oh, I tell you, Zeresh,
44:27 the glories of the Amalekite kingdom
44:29 did not die when Samuel the Jew smoking a gag.
44:35 But, oh, how I thirst for revenge upon those murderers.
44:40 No, no, Haman, don't make any rash moves.
44:46 Your time will come. Yes.
44:50 And it's almost here.
44:53 Soon I'll wear the king's signatory.
44:57 Come, let's call a banquet for all our friends and family.
45:02 I have much to tell them of the glories of Haman the Agagite.
45:14 Shalom, Mordecai. Hey, Ahiezer, shalom.
45:18 I hear rumors about you. Rumors?
45:23 They say you do not bow very low to the prime minister.
45:27 That is not true. No. It's not?
45:30 The fact is I don't bow at all. Time to start.
45:35 Some of the other gatekeepers have told Haman
45:38 and today he will be on the watch for you.
45:40 So let him watch.
45:42 They told him you're a Jew. I'm honored.
45:45 Mordecai, what I'm trying to say is that Haman is a big man.
45:50 You've got to bow down,
45:51 or you are going to get us all in big trouble.
45:53 No. What he demands is too much.
45:57 But you must. Not to Amalekite dog.
46:01 If King Saul had been faithful, there would be no Haman.
46:05 Mordecai, listen.
46:07 We are strangers in a strange land.
46:09 We must be prepared to compromise.
46:13 "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me."
46:17 You are going to get us in trouble.
46:19 If we get in trouble by obeying God,
46:23 God will deliver us.
46:24 Make way. Come on Mordecai.
46:27 No, Make way for Lord Haman.
46:29 Bow down.
46:31 All bow down by order of the king.
46:35 You fool bow down. To God alone.
46:40 Bow down, before our prime minister.
46:44 All bow down by order of the king.
46:49 Mordecai, please, for your people.
46:56 Make way. Make way for Lord Haman.
47:00 Bow down.
47:02 Oh, now you've done it. Now you've really done it.
47:06 God will help us. Oh really.
47:08 Then where was God when Jerusalem was
47:10 burned to the ground and the temple sacked?
47:13 He was driven away
47:14 by the same spirit of compromise
47:16 that you're advocating right now.
47:19 Someday, God will have a people
47:22 who will glorify His name by simply believing
47:26 that God says what He means and He means what He says.
47:31 Hey, Ahiezer we could be that people.
47:35 You speak foolishness.
47:37 Now go after Haman and apologize,
47:40 before he takes serious measures.
47:42 No. I command you.
47:44 Command a sun to freeze.
47:47 You're an escapee from the lunatic fringe.
47:51 The rabbi will be by to see you.
47:53 I'm sure he will. Fool.
47:55 The raw nerve of that Jew. Can you believe the gall?
48:00 The whole world bows down to me except one lousy Jew.
48:04 This is incredible. Who does he think he is?
48:08 He thinks he's one of the remnant
48:10 of God's chosen ones, that's who.
48:13 There's probably a 150,000 stiff-necked bigots
48:18 just like him out there.
48:20 God's chosen ones. What a joke.
48:25 Ought to exterminate the whole lot.
48:27 No, no, Haman.
48:29 To kill one measly Jew is one thing.
48:33 But a whole nation is something else.
48:36 They are leaders in banking, commerce, and industry.
48:40 And they have the power that comes with wealth, Haman.
48:43 Yes, they are a wealthy lot, aren't they?
48:48 It's too bad there isn't some way
48:51 to use their wealth against them.
48:53 Hmm.
48:56 Maybe there is. How could there be?
49:00 What if the king were to pass a law
49:04 making all Jews open hunting?
49:08 And what if each hunter were allowed to possess
49:11 the property of every Jew he kills?
49:16 What did you say? Oh nothing. It was stupid.
49:19 No. No. I like it.
49:23 Get this Zeresh.
49:25 We will pass a law making it open season on all Jews.
49:29 And each hunter will be permitted
49:32 to keep the property of each Jew he kills.
49:35 That way the richer the Jew
49:38 the more dangerous it is for him.
49:40 Yes, yes. And what do you think of it, Zeresh?
49:44 It's too dangerous, Haman.
49:47 A bold plan to be sure.
49:49 But I feel the spirit moving.
49:52 And I think it will work. Just be sure.
49:55 In fact I know it will work.
49:58 Men, women, brides, little children,
50:03 all shall perish together.
50:05 And Mordecai will watch it all
50:08 knowing that he was the cause.
50:11 Are you really serious?
50:13 Serious? Yes, I'm serious. Dead serious.
50:18 Why should I be content with a single Israelite
50:22 when I can destroy them all?
50:24 Move carefully, Haman. Move very carefully.
50:29 They are dangerous people.
50:32 You think I don't know.
50:34 Their distant fathers annihilated my nation.
50:38 My throat has long been cracked with the thirst for justice.
50:43 And now time to drink the sweet wine of revenge.
50:48 No, no Haman. Don't make any rash moves.
50:54 Best to seek counsel of the wise.
50:58 But of course. Call them all.
51:01 Call the soothsayers,
51:03 the necromancers, the high priests.
51:06 The witches and wizards.
51:09 The astrologers. The palm readers.
51:11 Call the whole sacred lot.
51:14 You know, it is a full moon tonight.
51:19 Good. Tonight.
51:23 By moon full we will deliver and engage the team.
51:27 Cast the die and swing the key.
51:30 Spy out the planets, Venus and Mars.
51:34 Line up the paths of all the bright stars.
51:38 Nothing by chance when this we do.
51:42 Set us a time to kill the last Jew.
51:46 Love it, Haman. Just love it.
51:50 Sleep well, Mordecai.
51:53 For tomorrow you begin to die.
51:59 And what is this special request you mentioned,
52:02 Haman, my friend?
52:04 It is not so much a personal request, Your Majesty,
52:08 so much as an affair of state.
52:10 Oh? Yes.
52:12 You see, there is a certain wicked nation
52:16 that has infiltrated your kingdom
52:18 at all levels of society.
52:21 There is? Yes, Sire.
52:23 They are seeking to spread unrest
52:26 and insurrection everywhere,
52:30 saying that they are the only
52:31 true people of the only true God.
52:35 And that all the rest of us are worshiping devils.
52:39 What's in so? Indeed, Your Majesty.
52:43 They refuse to join the rest of the world in our day of worship.
52:49 Choosing rather to do their own thing on their own day.
52:54 Neither kindness nor punishment can bring them into harmony.
53:00 Therefore it is my opinion
53:05 that you should destroy them utterly.
53:09 Rather strong measures?
53:13 The only final solution, Your Majesty.
53:18 Yes, in fact, I feel so strongly about this matter,
53:23 that I propose to contribute 660,000 pounds of silver
53:30 to help with the expenses.
53:32 333 tons of silver? Yes, Your Majesty.
53:35 My, you certainly put your money where your mouth is, Haman.
53:40 When one considers the blessings,
53:42 it will come to our divine kingdom
53:44 and view of such a measure.
53:46 One soon sees that the price is cheap enough,
53:50 Your Majesty, cheap enough.
53:54 Do as you deem best.
53:56 Only remember, a law of the Medes and the Persians
54:00 may never be changed.
54:02 But of course, Your Majesty.
54:04 A law that can be changed labels it's maker a fool.
54:08 Indeed.
54:11 How would you like the silver to be paid, Your Majesty?
54:14 What is a handful of silver among friends?
54:17 Oh, Your Majesty. Keep it for your old age.
54:20 Thank you, Your Majesty.
54:22 I shall not trouble you further about this minor matter.
54:26 Good day, Your Majesty.
54:28 Oh, Haman. Sire.
54:30 You'll want my signet ring.
54:34 Of course, Your Majesty.
54:40 Good day, Your Majesty.
54:42 Good day Haman.
54:44 My most trusted friend.
54:58 My Queen. Did you send the new clothes to Mordecai?
55:01 Yes, my Queen.
55:03 Did he put them on?
55:04 He refused them, my Queen.
55:06 Did he offer an explanation
55:07 why he is mourning with sackcloth and ashes?
55:10 Yes. He sent you this.
55:13 Why, it's a royal decree, sealed with the king's own ring.
55:19 Informed by Haman.
55:21 That there is humungous of wicked people,
55:24 I give order that the Jews to smothercate
55:27 both mother and child, old and young
55:29 shall be utterly destroyed. This is insane.
55:33 Haman is personally in charge of the purge
55:35 and has promised 660,000 pounds of silver
55:38 to the king's treasury to pay for all the expenses.
55:41 Oh, no.
55:44 He's also made a law that
55:45 anyone killing a Jew may possess his property.
55:48 Oh God, no.
55:51 Lord Mordecai also told me to give you this.
56:02 "My beloved Hadassah.
56:05 You must at once prepare yourself
56:09 to go before the Great King
56:11 to make supplication for your people."
56:19 My Queen, what's wrong?
56:21 He wants me to go before the king,
56:24 to make supplication for my people.
56:27 But to go unbidden to the king is to die. Yes.
56:32 And there is no record of the king
56:33 having extended the scepter to anyone.
56:35 I know that Hetack.
56:38 Well, I should consider this a most impossible request.
56:41 Yes, it is impossible.
56:43 Tell Mordecai, the king has not called me for 30 days.
56:47 There's nothing I can do.
56:49 Yes, my Queen.
56:53 "My beloved Hadassah.
56:56 You must at once prepare yourself
56:59 to go before the Great King
57:02 to make supplication--"
57:04 No, he'll kill me.
57:10 My Queen. What did he say?
57:12 He sent this.
57:16 Please leave me.
57:21 "My beloved Hadassah.
57:24 Do not think that you shall escape
57:26 just because you are in the king's house.
57:29 If you hold your peace
57:31 then God will surely send deliverance from another place.
57:35 But you and your father's house shall be destroyed.
57:39 And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom
57:43 just for such a time."
57:46 "For such a time." Could it be.
57:51 Oh, dear God. Is this why I have come?
57:57 Is it for such a time?
58:02 I shall do as you bid me.
58:05 Only grant me courage I pray.
58:12 Hetack. Your Majesty?
58:15 Take answer to the Lord Mordecai.
58:17 Yes, Ma'am. "Father Mordecai.
58:20 Tell all the Jews of Shushan to fast for me.
58:23 Take neither bread nor water for three days and three nights.
58:28 My maidens and I shall do the same.
58:30 And then--And then, I'll rise and go on unto the king.
58:37 And if I perish-- I perish."
58:44 My Queen, you can't. Go.
58:49 Going my Queen.
59:00 Oh, Lord, deliver us from our enemy.
59:04 There you are. Go away.
59:07 And where shall I go to escape a universal death decree?
59:10 Tell me that would you.
59:12 I don't know. We can only pray.
59:15 What lousy good do you think
59:16 a little prayer is gonna do anybody?
59:18 I told you not to cross Haman.
59:20 But no, you have to be a hero.
59:22 Mordecai, the righteous fanatic,
59:24 has to be the one to do the work of Satan.
59:28 I obeyed God. And look what it got us?
59:31 A whole nation doomed to die.
59:34 Where do you see God's hand in that, huh?
59:37 Just what do you think you've accomplished from all this,
59:39 Mordecai or what?
59:41 All I know to do is what the scriptures command,
59:46 the rest I must leave with God.
59:48 Well God better do something soon, friend.
59:50 Because if He doesn't, I'm coming after you myself.
59:53 You've got that, fanatic.
59:59 Oh, Lord, forgive me for my mistake.
01:00:04 Shalom, Lord Mordecai.
01:00:07 Shalom, Ben Israel.
01:00:11 Well, you were right
01:00:14 about Satan time to destroy our people.
01:00:17 It will never be thus even to the end of time.
01:00:20 But God has given us Hadassah.
01:00:24 Yes, today she takes her life before the king, because of me.
01:00:31 You take this too personally. Should I not?
01:00:34 You acted as any true believer.
01:00:38 And I foreseen the results.
01:00:42 I don't know if I would--
01:00:43 For this reason God does not always open to us the future.
01:00:48 But He does reward faithfulness, Mordecai.
01:00:52 You watch, you wait and see.
01:00:56 When they took my little Hadassah,
01:00:59 all I had was God's promise.
01:01:02 It is the same now.
01:01:04 At least now we know
01:01:06 why our little flower was ordained to blossom
01:01:10 just at the approach of the king's gardeners.
01:01:15 Yes, it was, just for such a time.
01:01:20 Our people have been fasting with her for three days.
01:01:23 We are meeting at the synagogue to pray for her.
01:01:25 Can you come? Yes.
01:01:27 We shall commit to God.
01:01:32 Do I look my best Hetack.
01:01:35 Hetack. My Queen.
01:01:37 Why must you appose me?
01:01:39 Because you go to die. I go to save my people.
01:01:43 No. To die.
01:01:45 Death holds no fears for one already under the death decree.
01:01:48 My, Queen, listen.
01:01:50 The king knows not that you are Jewish.
01:01:52 Keep it that way.
01:01:54 My robe please. But you are innocent.
01:01:56 And are not all of my people,
01:01:58 the young, the old, the bride, the groom, the little children.
01:02:02 They have no choice, but you do.
01:02:05 You do not have to die for naked little ghetto girls.
01:02:08 I was once a naked little ghetto girl, Hetack.
01:02:11 You? Yes.
01:02:12 The only difference is it someone taught me
01:02:16 about a God who thought I was important.
01:02:19 But-- Hetack, this is difficult enough without watching you cry.
01:02:25 My robe please?
01:02:34 Your robe, Your Majesty.
01:02:38 Thank you, Hetack. See you soon.
01:02:46 Esther's God.
01:02:50 If you are really there, help her. Please.
01:02:59 Next.
01:03:00 The merchants of Shushan request the privilege
01:03:04 to licensing the beggars about the city gates.
01:03:08 To what purpose? Well, they didn't say.
01:03:11 Well, they didn't need to say.
01:03:13 The power to license is the power to control.
01:03:17 They probably-- Someone comes.
01:03:20 Unannounced? Unannounced, Sire.
01:03:23 Harken! He who passes these portals passes to his death.
01:03:28 Guards, to the ready.
01:04:16 What is your request, my Queen?
01:04:18 I will grant anything.
01:04:20 Even unto half of my kingdom.
01:04:23 If I have found favor in the king's eyes,
01:04:26 I'd like to request that He and Haman come to a royal banquet
01:04:30 I have prepared for them.
01:04:33 Harbona. Yes, Your Majesty.
01:04:37 Is there anything else you wish to say my Queen?
01:04:40 No. There is time to talk later, oh my king, live forever.
01:04:47 I shall be waiting for you.
01:04:56 Harbona, what do you make of that?
01:05:02 She obviously wants something very, very badly, Your Majesty.
01:05:07 Yes. But she won't say what it is until tonight.
01:05:13 Do I guess correctly that His Majesty is a bit curious?
01:05:19 A bit. How long until dinner, Harbona?
01:05:25 Four hours, Your Majesty. Four hours.
01:05:30 May I suggest a lion hunt to how pass the time, my Lord?
01:05:34 Are you mad? But you love to hunt lions.
01:05:37 Of course I love to hunt lions.
01:05:40 But hunting lions requires one's full attention.
01:05:43 In my distracted state, I could get killed.
01:05:47 Call the next case. Oh, yes, Your Majesty.
01:05:54 And so friends and family, I presently find myself
01:05:58 to be one of the wealthiest men in the world.
01:06:01 Yes, one two.
01:06:03 Second only to the king in power.
01:06:07 Is that the king's signet ring? Yes.
01:06:13 Show it our friends, Haman.
01:06:15 But, best of all, I have finally won
01:06:18 the heart of Esther, Queen of Persia.
01:06:23 Esther. Esther.
01:06:24 In fact, I have just returned from a royal banquet
01:06:28 where I was the only guest.
01:06:32 Yes, just the other night.
01:06:34 Thank you, thank you.
01:06:36 And to top it all off.
01:06:38 The Queen has invited the king and I,
01:06:41 once again to another banquet tomorrow night.
01:06:45 I know what this means,
01:06:47 this means that you are in now Haman.
01:06:52 You must be a happy man now, my Lord.
01:06:57 No. No? What? Not happy?
01:07:03 All of this avails me nothing
01:07:05 so long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king's gate.
01:07:10 Is that your biggest problem?
01:07:12 That's my only problem?
01:07:14 We'll solve that little problem right now.
01:07:18 I propose you build a gallows
01:07:22 high enough for the entire city to see.
01:07:26 Where? In our courtyard.
01:07:29 When? Tonight? Yes, tonight.
01:07:34 Why? To hang there on Mordecai the Jew.
01:07:44 But the time of the general death decree
01:07:46 is many months away.
01:07:50 Well, you're a special friend of the king.
01:07:53 Right? Right.
01:07:55 Go to him, first thing in the morning
01:07:58 and ask for a special little favor.
01:08:03 Yes, yes. Send for the carpenters.
01:08:08 You know, Zeresh,
01:08:10 for a mere woman, you're a sly little vixen.
01:08:16 I just don't want my hero
01:08:18 loosing any sleep over some silly little Jew, that's all.
01:08:23 Am I right? Oh, yeah.
01:08:31 Your Majesty? Yes.
01:08:34 But before you retire, may I ask a question?
01:08:39 Ask. What was the queen's request?
01:08:44 I don't know, Harbona.
01:08:47 You don't? She didn't say.
01:08:52 What strange behavior, to risk one's life for nothing.
01:08:57 No. Not for nothing.
01:09:01 For something of utmost importance.
01:09:04 Well, why does she delay?
01:09:08 I don't know, but Haman and I
01:09:11 are invited again tomorrow night to another banquet.
01:09:16 I'm sure that she will present her request at that time.
01:09:20 You mean, we have to--
01:09:22 I mean, you, have to wait yet another day?
01:09:27 Yes, another day.
01:09:30 And no, I don't want to pass the time hunting lions.
01:09:35 Yes, Sire. And good evening to you sire.
01:09:40 Harbona. Yes, Your Majesty.
01:09:44 What is that infernal racket I hear?
01:09:48 I don't know, someone in the wealthy sector
01:09:53 seems to be remodeling his house.
01:09:55 At this hour, the stupid fool.
01:09:59 Remind me to make a law about that.
01:10:02 Yes, Sire, good evening Sire.
01:10:06 Good evening, Harbona.
01:10:11 397, 398,
01:10:15 399, 400.
01:10:22 Oh, curse it all. Harbona!
01:10:28 Harbona! Coming, Your Majesty.
01:10:36 Did you called, Sire? I can't sleep.
01:10:40 Mathematics always put you to sleep in school.
01:10:43 Have you tried-- Yes.
01:10:46 Bring me, my Chronicles of State Events.
01:10:49 I shall review my past decisions.
01:10:53 Yes, Your Majesty.
01:10:57 What is that racket?
01:11:02 And you said the man was giving
01:11:03 command to one of the provinces?
01:11:06 For his outstanding service to his Highness.
01:11:08 Good, good. Read on.
01:11:11 "And it came to pass that two of the king's doorkeepers,
01:11:16 Bigthan and Teresh by name,
01:11:19 plotted against the life of the king.
01:11:22 Howbeit, they were foiled
01:11:24 by the swift action of one, Mordecai the Jew.
01:11:29 Upon investigation, Mordecai's charges were found
01:11:33 to be accurate and the two conspirators
01:11:37 were visited with death."
01:11:38 The wretches. Read on.
01:11:41 "Upon one occasion, the king being greatly in need of--"
01:11:45 Wait! Wait! Yes, sire?
01:11:48 What about Mordecai? What about him?
01:11:52 What honor was paid him for his deed?
01:11:57 Nothing, sire. What?
01:12:01 Nothing is recorded here, sire.
01:12:03 Is this how the king rewards his most faithful servants?
01:12:07 We must end to this matter at once.
01:12:08 Oh, indeed at once.
01:12:11 The only problem is, what to do?
01:12:15 The prime minister, Your Highness.
01:12:18 Just who I needed. Send him in.
01:12:21 The Prime Minister, Lord Haman!
01:12:27 Your Majesty. Haman.
01:12:30 What brings you to the court at this early hour?
01:12:33 I have come to request a small,
01:12:35 but important favor of Your Majesty.
01:12:38 Anything you wish.
01:12:39 You see-- But first,
01:12:41 I have a small favor to ask of you.
01:12:43 But of course, Your Majesty.
01:12:45 I'm your most humble servant.
01:12:49 Tell me, Haman, as my trusted counselor,
01:12:54 how may the king best honor
01:12:56 a one in whom he has found great delight?
01:13:01 "Is there any besides myself
01:13:03 whom the king might more delight to honor?
01:13:07 Nay, I can think of none."
01:13:11 A very difficult question, Your Majesty.
01:13:15 Certainly you would want to honor this person
01:13:20 in a manner suitable to your munificence. Yes.
01:13:25 Give me but a moment to consider.
01:13:27 "Ask for thyself honor of the highest order."
01:13:31 Yes, let this be done for the man
01:13:35 whom the king delights to honor.
01:13:38 Let the king bring forth one of his royal robes.
01:13:42 Yes, good. And the king's royal crown.
01:13:45 Oh, yes.
01:13:47 And the king's personal stallion.
01:13:48 Oh, a good touch.
01:13:50 Then let the king choose one of his most noble princes.
01:13:58 And have this most noble prince
01:14:00 dress the honored man in the king's royal robe.
01:14:04 Place the king's royal crown upon his most noble brow.
01:14:10 Mount him upon your magnificent charger.
01:14:14 And personally lead him through the streets of the city.
01:14:19 Excellent, Haman.
01:14:20 Your Majesty. And further--
01:14:22 More? Haman, you're a genius.
01:14:25 And furthermore, Your Majesty.
01:14:28 Let this noble prince stop at each intersection
01:14:33 and proclaim loudly, "Thus it shall be done
01:14:37 and to the man whom the king delights to honor!"
01:14:40 Excellent, Haman. Excellent!
01:14:42 Thank Your Majesty, it was nothing.
01:14:44 Haman, my beloved friend, since you are my prime minister,
01:14:50 my most trusted confidant, my most noble prince.
01:14:54 Your Majesty. I want you to take my robe.
01:14:57 Oh, Your Majesty.
01:14:59 Get my crown, choose my personal stallion and without fail.
01:15:03 Your Majesty--
01:15:05 Do all these things to Mordecai the Jew.
01:15:10 Did you say, Mordecai the Jew, Your Majesty?
01:15:15 Yes. He sits at the king's gate.
01:15:17 You may have noticed him there.
01:15:20 Yes. I think I have noticed the man.
01:15:26 Are you all right?
01:15:28 Fine, Your Majesty, thank you, just fine.
01:15:30 Good, good.
01:15:32 Now start immediately
01:15:33 and I want you to cover the whole city.
01:15:35 I shall, Your Majesty, I shall.
01:15:39 Oh, Haman? Sire?
01:15:42 Wasn't there something you wish to ask of me?
01:15:45 Oh, no, Your Majesty.
01:15:48 You have answered all of my questions.
01:15:52 I have. Yes, Your Majesty, good day.
01:15:56 Good day. Don't forget our banquet.
01:15:59 I'll there, Your Majesty.
01:16:02 Be sure to be on time. I shall, sire. I shall.
01:16:10 How long now, Harbona?
01:16:13 How long? Until the banquet.
01:16:17 Oh, uh.
01:16:19 Ten hours, sire. Ten hours.
01:16:22 Oh, time!
01:16:24 What a mysterious substance.
01:16:26 It races like water during the good times,
01:16:29 but turns to glue during the bad.
01:16:33 Stubborn, sticky stuff.
01:16:41 And then I had to lead him all about the city,
01:16:48 stopping at each intersection to proclaim his honor.
01:16:53 I tell you, Zeresh, I've never been so humiliated in my life.
01:17:01 This is serious. You think I don't know?
01:17:05 But what am I to do?
01:17:09 I don't know yet.
01:17:13 But if you've been publicly humiliated by a Jew this way,
01:17:19 there's no way you'll prevail against him now.
01:17:23 But there's the king's death decree
01:17:25 which can never be altered.
01:17:33 Dark, Haman. Very, very dark.
01:17:39 I fear for our lives.
01:17:41 Now, now, Zeresh, it's not that bad.
01:17:46 I have won the confidence of the queen.
01:17:49 And I still wear the king's signet ring.
01:17:53 I'll work things out yet, you watch.
01:17:57 Indeed I shall. Enter.
01:18:02 The king summons Haman,
01:18:04 the Prime Minister to attend the banquet of Queen Esther.
01:18:10 Time already? Past time already.
01:18:13 Oh dear.
01:18:15 The king hates to be kept waiting.
01:18:18 I'll be with you. I'll go help him dress.
01:18:26 You work here? Yes, sir.
01:18:34 What are the big gallows for?
01:18:36 Nothing.
01:18:38 You don't build gallows that high for nothing.
01:18:41 Yes, sir.
01:18:44 Who are the gallows for? Haman built them, sir.
01:18:49 Who did Haman build them for, miss?
01:18:53 Nobody. What is the nobody's name?
01:19:00 Mordecai, the Jew, sir.
01:19:03 Oh, how interesting.
01:19:12 Ready, sorry to keep you waiting.
01:19:15 Oh, you haven't kept me waiting.
01:19:17 Oh, see you this evening, Zeresh.
01:19:21 Yes, dear. Have a good dinner.
01:19:27 Things don't look good, do they mistress?
01:19:32 Does the guard know about the gallows?
01:19:36 Does he? Yes, mistress.
01:19:40 Pack my bags.
01:19:45 Delicious, my Queen, absolutely delicious.
01:19:48 Thank you, Your Majesty.
01:19:50 Have you enjoyed supper, Haman?
01:19:52 Oh, certainly, Your Majesty.
01:19:54 More I like of the Queen's cuisine has never been seen.
01:19:59 Sort of has a ring to it, doesn't it.
01:20:01 Indeed.
01:20:03 But now, to the business at hand.
01:20:08 What is your request?
01:20:11 I hesitate to ask you do a favor, Your Majesty.
01:20:13 Nonsense, my fairest.
01:20:15 Ask whatever you will and I shall grant it--
01:20:18 unto half of my kingdom.
01:20:20 Isn't that right, Haman?
01:20:22 Indeed, Your Majesty.
01:20:23 Do you love me?
01:20:25 What kind of question is that?
01:20:27 Do you?
01:20:31 From the moment I first saw you.
01:20:36 Would you prefer that I leave Your Majesty?
01:20:39 Well, come to think of this.
01:20:41 No, no please stay.
01:20:43 This involves you.
01:20:45 It does? It does?
01:20:47 Have I found favor in your eyes, oh King?
01:20:49 More than I can tell you, my love.
01:20:52 But what is your request?
01:20:54 It is but a simple favor that I ask.
01:20:57 Well, ask.
01:20:59 There is a decree that has gone out
01:21:01 from the hands of an evil one,
01:21:02 that will destroy the peace and prosperity of your kingdom.
01:21:05 What decree?
01:21:09 Does the king wish to see a copy?
01:21:11 Yes, go.
01:21:15 Who does this decree involve?
01:21:16 Your most diligent and faithful people, Your Majesty.
01:21:19 Who? The Jewish people.
01:21:21 The Jews? Yes, Your Majesty.
01:21:24 I know of no decree concerning the Jews.
01:21:28 I am sorry to trouble you with such matters.
01:21:31 If only we had been sold into slavery,
01:21:33 we could have endured the bitterness thereby.
01:21:35 But, we--- We?
01:21:40 Yes we.
01:21:42 If we had only been sold into slavery,
01:21:45 we could have endured the bitterness.
01:21:49 Though your kingdom would have suffered great loss thereby.
01:21:52 But, now by the hands of the evil one,
01:21:55 we are doomed to die! To die!
01:21:57 I know, I ask is that you don't kill me.
01:21:59 Kill you? And don't destroy my people.
01:22:02 Destroy the Jews?
01:22:03 And don't kill my beloved Mordecai.
01:22:05 He who was my savior? Yes, My Lord.
01:22:08 Esther, my Queen, what are you talking about?
01:22:11 The Jews have done us no harm and we love Mordecai.
01:22:15 There is a decree gone out from the king.
01:22:17 The king? And he sentenced me
01:22:19 and my people to be destroyed.
01:22:20 What? To be slain.
01:22:22 Slay my Queen.
01:22:23 No one is to be spared.
01:22:26 This is utter madness.
01:22:28 Who is he?
01:22:30 Where is he that would dare to do such a thing?
01:22:33 Well, speak.
01:22:37 The adversary and enemy is this wicked man.
01:22:43 Haman!
01:22:44 Haman.
01:22:54 Oh, my Queen, you must save me.
01:22:57 I didn't know it would involve you.
01:22:59 Please you must help me.
01:23:03 Esther, you must hear me.
01:23:09 Please Esther, I beg of you please--What!
01:23:13 Will the vile wretch now force the Queen as well?
01:23:18 The decree, Your Majesty.
01:23:20 "Xerxes, the King.
01:23:22 Be destroyed, with their wives and children.
01:23:26 No mercy. Signed Xerxes, the King."
01:23:31 King, may be interested in knowing
01:23:33 that Haman has had a gallows erected of 75 feet.
01:23:38 To what purpose?
01:23:40 To hang thereon Mordecai, the king's officer.
01:23:47 To destroy my most industrious people.
01:23:52 You would slay my Queen.
01:23:55 And then you would reward
01:23:56 those who save my life by hanging them.
01:24:01 And what were your plans for me, Haman,
01:24:04 my most trusted friend?
01:24:08 Away, vile wretch.
01:24:11 Go to your gallows
01:24:12 and see if they work to your satisfaction.
01:24:16 Oh, Haman. I want my ring.
01:24:29 Traitor. Foul betrayer of trust.
01:24:40 Are you all right, My Queen?
01:24:42 I am, Your Majesty.
01:24:45 I must apologize for the fool, Haman.
01:24:50 And apologize forever trusting him
01:24:52 with such important matters.
01:24:56 The question now is.
01:25:00 What to do to save your people?
01:25:02 May I suggest my adopted father be consulted?
01:25:07 But of course. Who is he?
01:25:10 Is he who formerly saved your life.
01:25:14 Mordecai? Yes. When my parents died,
01:25:18 he took me and raised me as his daughter.
01:25:20 He raised you to be what you are?
01:25:24 Yes. He is a wise and gentleman, Your Majesty.
01:25:27 Yes. He must be.
01:25:32 By all means in for him.
01:25:36 He shall take the place of the foul Haman the Agagite.
01:25:42 We shall give him this.
01:25:49 Yes. Your Majesty.
01:25:58 Lord Mordecai to see Her Highness.
01:26:00 Send him in.
01:26:05 Oh, Poppy. Hadassah.
01:26:08 I've missed you so.
01:26:10 I though, I would never see you again.
01:26:12 Are you all right? I'm fine. God is good.
01:26:15 You are more beautiful than I remember.
01:26:17 And you haven't aged a day.
01:26:21 How are our people? They fear the decree.
01:26:25 As well they ought. God will save us.
01:26:28 But, how? The decree cannot be altered.
01:26:31 No, but it can be countered with another.
01:26:34 Saying what?
01:26:36 Giving the Jews permission to defend themselves
01:26:40 and by appointing the king's officers
01:26:42 to insure fair play.
01:26:43 Yes, draw it up.
01:26:46 But, who I'm I to make such a--
01:26:49 The king told me to give you this.
01:26:52 The king's ring.
01:26:53 For the new Prime Minister.
01:26:56 You draw up the edict and I will go
01:26:58 and hand it to him, have him sign it.
01:27:00 You will risk your life again?
01:27:02 It is no risk.
01:27:04 I love the king and he loves me.
01:27:07 Truly, Hadassah, God has sent you,
01:27:10 just for such a time.
01:27:13 You know, Poppy. What you said was true.
01:27:15 What's that?
01:27:17 "Like the stars in their vast orbits--
01:27:19 God's plans know neither haste nor delay.
01:27:29 "The spirit of Haman lives on.
01:27:31 While you led out your calm and quiet lives,
01:27:33 the spirit of religious intolerance
01:27:35 is knocking at legislative doors.
01:27:38 And history speaks with a united voice to tell us
01:27:40 that state enforced religion has always,
01:27:44 and will always lead to persecution.
01:27:46 This country was founded on the principle of separation
01:27:49 between church and state.
01:27:51 And if religion, any religion, shall ever control
01:27:55 the laws of our glorious land, the spirit of Haman
01:27:58 will rule once more.
01:27:59 And the story of Esther will happen again.
01:28:01 This must never be.
01:28:04 In the Bible story, God sent Esther.
01:28:06 In the coming crisis, God sends you.
01:28:09 It may be, that as He guides
01:28:12 the stars and galaxies in their vast orbits,
01:28:15 so as He placed you where you are,
01:28:17 knowing what you know, just for such a time."


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