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00:07 Mary, why do you come here?
00:10 I come to remember.
00:12 Thank you for arranging this.
00:16 It means so much to me.
00:18 I'll help you inside Mary.
00:21 No, John, I need to be alone.
00:25 I understand.
00:27 Thank you, John.
00:36 To remember.
00:38 I thought I might not see this place again.
00:43 I grow older.
00:46 But, I was young once here in this place.
00:50 Once, I was young.
01:03 Good, he's gone.
01:05 Be careful Peter.
01:07 Jews don't like Gentiles snooping in their houses.
01:10 Especially if they're revolutionaries.
01:12 Who are you talking about.
01:13 Uh-oh!
01:14 Come Mary, look.
01:16 Who's the revolutionary?
01:18 Uh, nobody special.
01:21 Go ahead, Peter tell her.
01:23 Or are you afraid she'll prove you wrong?
01:25 Wrong about what?
01:26 Nothing.
01:27 Peter thinks that Joseph is a part of a revolutionary plot
01:31 against Caesar.
01:32 He told me that Joseph has a treasure chest full of Caesar's
01:35 stolen gold inside.
01:37 Joseph, a rebel?
01:40 You know he wants to be free from the Romans.
01:43 Of course he does, so do I.
01:45 Well, then maybe you're part of the plot too.
01:48 Peter, there is no plot.
01:50 Joseph is one of the most respected men in Nazareth.
01:53 Sure, it's the perfect front.
01:55 Last night when I was passing by his window, I saw him take this
01:59 little treasure chest out of a secret hiding place.
02:03 I was going to tell the soldiers this morning, but
02:05 Timna wanted to see it first.
02:07 Soldiers! Peter why would you call the soldiers?
02:10 They'll tear the place apart!
02:12 He thinks he can get a reward.
02:15 And where is this... this treasure chest?
02:19 Over there, under that blanket.
02:27 But, you don't have any proof it's stolen.
02:29 I have enough for the soldiers to make a search.
02:33 Unless, you can prove me wrong.
02:36 I can't go in without permission.
02:39 The soldiers can.
02:40 Come on Mary, practically everyone in town has seen
02:43 you and Joseph together.
02:45 We all know you like each other.
02:47 It'll be alright.
02:49 Oh, I don't know.
02:52 It's better than having the soldiers do it.
02:54 Alright, you two wait here.
03:12 Joseph? Joseph Bar Jacob?
03:21 I think he's out cutting wood with his boys.
03:32 Go on Mary.
03:34 Open it.
03:40 It's beautiful!
03:41 Open it Mary!
03:43 Yeah, hurry up. We don't have all day.
03:48 See it's empty.
03:52 Hmm.
03:59 It's not even finished yet.
04:03 You like it?
04:05 Joseph.
04:07 I began it long ago.
04:10 When I had time for such things.
04:13 It's beautiful.
04:14 Thank you.
04:16 Sorry about intruding.
04:18 There were some friends
04:19 that were questioning your reputation.
04:21 My reputation?
04:22 Um-hmm.
04:23 If there's anything people are welcome to question
04:25 it's my reputation.
04:27 Besides, we're happy for any excuse that brings you to visit.
04:30 Right, Simon!
04:32 Yes, especially when you bring those wheat cakes!
04:35 Simon, would you go to the well and get me some water please?
04:40 Yes, papa.
04:42 Thank you, Simon.
04:43 He loves you.
04:46 They all do.
04:48 And I love them.
04:50 You've taught them well Joseph.
04:52 It's been hard on them since their mother died.
04:55 I suppose that's why your visits have come to mean so much to us.
04:59 You seem to bring a touch of sunshine back into the old shop.
05:03 When you leave it... You know Mary you're different
05:08 than the other women of Nazareth.
05:10 You seem to love the scriptures and the way you talk so freely
05:14 about God, it's the way I feel inside.
05:18 I just speak of him as a friend.
05:20 And I like that.
05:22 Speaking of friendships, you know I've always
05:25 thought of you as a friend, but lately I've come to think of you
05:29 as more than a friend.
05:31 I was thinking maybe, perhaps, well that is we could...
05:38 I'm sorry I'm having such a hard time with my words, Mary.
05:41 Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
05:43 Yes, Joseph, I know exactly what you're trying to say.
05:48 Well, coming right to the point, I was
05:50 thinking perhaps we could arrange things
05:52 so that you might come for a visit and
05:54 not have to leave again.
05:56 Do you think there's any hope?
05:58 My heart is full of hope!
06:00 Really?
06:01 Yes!
06:02 But what about your father?
06:04 He's so protective, and although I have a little something saved
06:07 for your future, it seems so small.
06:10 Joseph Bar Jacob, you're a wise man, and I'm sure
06:15 if it's God's will that we be together,
06:18 you'll think of something.
06:21 Well I best be on my way.
06:25 I don't want mother to worry about my reputation.
06:28 Yes, of course,..
06:30 a good reputation is a priceless possession.
06:33 God go with you.
06:38 I think she likes us father.
06:41 I think so too, son.
06:45 I think so too.
06:47 Mary, you cook almost as good as your mother.
06:52 Thank you papa.
06:53 But I sure wish she was home with us.
06:57 Bread please.
07:01 Mary.
07:03 Yes, papa?
07:05 I hear that the path to the well has a new turn in it
07:09 past the carpenter shop.
07:11 Is this true?
07:13 Seems shorter to me.
07:16 Oh, if it's so short why does it take so long?
07:22 Papa, the carpenter is a good man.
07:26 And you are a good daughter.
07:28 But there are rumors.
07:29 Rumors?
07:30 How do you think I heard?
07:32 I'm sure a moment or two in friendly conversation
07:35 is no cause for...
07:36 Mary, this is Nazareth!
07:37 These people need no cause for rumors,
07:40 only an excuse, and you have given none.
07:43 But, how papa?
07:44 How, by someone saw you looking into his shop
07:47 for perhaps five full minutes!
07:49 Is this true?
07:50 But even momma says that Joseph is a good man.
07:54 Good men do not take chances with a young woman's reputation!
07:58 And you should know better, too!
08:00 You want to end up with someone like Goy the mute?
08:09 Mary, you must remember that a good reputation
08:15 is a priceless possession.
08:22 I trust we shall need no further discussion on this matter.
08:27 Yes, papa.
08:28 And as for Joseph Bar Jacob, I shall have a chat with him.
08:36 What are you smiling at?
08:38 Oh, nothing.
08:41 Alright little box, when Demas comes
08:44 I want you to smile at him.
08:46 Simon, did you deliver my message to the merchant?
08:49 Yes, papa.
08:50 What did he say?
08:51 He said that he'd come right over as soon as he finished
08:54 talking to a man about his olive oil.
08:56 Good, this will be the perfect time to do business with him.
08:59 Why don't you run along and play now.
09:04 Now remember little box, if you can't say something nice
09:08 just be quiet.
09:10 Hmm Hmm! Do you any work here or do you simply admire it?
09:16 Demas, welcome to my humble shop.
09:19 How much?
09:22 My son gave you a price.
09:24 Half.
09:27 My son gave you a price.
09:34 Alright, three quarters.
09:38 My son gave you a price.
09:42 I am being very generous, Bar Jacob.
09:45 Yes, I know Demas, you're famous for your generosity.
09:49 I have never known you to stick to your price like this before.
09:53 I've never had such a good reason before.
09:56 Hmm.
10:01 Well, I can see you're a little low on capital investment
10:03 right now, Demas.
10:04 I should not have wasted your time this way, forgive me.
10:06 I'm sure the rabbi can meet my price.
10:09 The rabbi, bah, that hypocrite has no appreciation
10:13 of fine workmanship.
10:19 You drive a very hard bargain Bar Jacob.
10:23 You sure you can afford this now?
10:26 I would not want your family to be without.
10:28 The gods have been very good to me Bar Jacob.
10:31 I can afford anything I want.
10:34 I'm happy for you, Demas.
10:40 You know Bar Jacob, with your talents
10:45 you could be a wealthy man too.
10:46 There are more important things than money, Demas.
10:49 You are wrong, money Bar Jacob money is the god of this world.
10:54 No, there's something stronger.
10:56 What?
10:58 Love, Demas, someday the love of God will conquer the universe.
11:04 Very pretty words, carpenter, but I've yet to see them work.
11:09 I will pray for you, that God shall open your eyes to see.
11:13 Do that. I shall send my servant for the box.
11:17 You fool, bloody thug!
11:20 Is this the sport of the wealthy, to beat the helpless?
11:24 It is the sport of all Nazareth to beat this animal from Gehena.
11:29 You'll do well to mind your own business, Joseph.
11:33 Are you alright, Goy. Did he hurt you?
11:39 Forgive him, he doesn't understand a little thing.
11:43 My oldest girl made some soup for you.
11:47 You come by tomorrow, we'll have bread.
11:59 Poor, Goy.
12:03 This is all I have.
12:06 God, I thank you for hearing my prayer.
12:09 Now I ask for the right time to speak to Rev Eli.
12:13 Joseph Bar Jacob
12:16 Rev Eli!
12:20 I have something of great importance to discuss
12:23 with you Bar Jacob.
12:24 And I have a very serious matter to discuss with you, sir.
12:27 Please, sit down.
12:28 Don't make...
12:29 Come on have a chair. Let's be comfortable.
12:39 Umm.
12:40 Yes?
12:43 Well sir, as you know my wife passed away
12:47 leaving me with my four boys, and the girls to look after.
12:50 Well the children they need a good mother.
12:55 Well, all children need a good mother.
12:57 As for me, the time of mourning is past.
13:01 I have noticed.
13:02 To quote the words of God himself, it is not good
13:06 that man should be alone.
13:08 What does this have to do with me Bar Jacob?
13:11 I want to ask you for your blessing, sir.
13:12 My blessing?
13:14 Yes sir.
13:15 On what?
13:16 On my marriage.
13:17 You're going to be married? How wonderful!
13:22 Who's the lucky woman?
13:24 She's the finest woman in all of Israel, sir.
13:26 What is her name?
13:28 Her name is Mary.
13:30 Mary, what a fine name. I named my...
13:37 Joseph, do you mean... my Mary? My little Mary!
13:43 She's the finest woman in all of Israel, sir.
13:47 Yes, I suppose she is.
13:50 But... the question is are you the finest man in Israel?
13:55 I know you're not the richest.
13:57 No sir, not the richest, but I am an honest craftsman,
14:03 and I will be faithful, and I will make her happy.
14:09 Yes, yes... I know your wife was happy.
14:14 Yes, I know your children love and obey you.
14:21 Mary does seem to have something of an interest in you.
14:26 Let us come to matters of a practical consideration.
14:33 What can you offer for her future security.
14:41 Oh!.. Oh!..
14:51 There are some, such as Levi's son who could triple that.
14:59 There are some, such as Levi's son who could not lead your
15:05 donkey to water without drowning it.
15:18 Does this mean...
15:21 It means yes, my son!
15:27 Thus we were promised one to another.
15:31 I would be his wife and he would be my beloved.
15:38 Good morning, husband to be.
15:43 Well, good morning fairest among women.
15:47 Would you like to take a walk with me, Joseph?
15:50 It's a beautiful day, and I'm sure there won't be
15:53 another like it ever.
15:55 Is that right?
15:56 Mm-hmm.
15:57 But this log I'm working on it's not going to square itself.
16:02 That old chair I need to stain it won't be done
16:07 when we get back.
16:08 But, if there won't be another day like today ever
16:15 we better go see it.
16:18 Let's go.
16:22 Now if you're wrong.
16:24 I won't be wrong.
17:04 It was a wonderful dream that Joseph and I were living in.
17:09 Little did I know that I would soon become part
17:12 of a bigger dream.
17:14 The dream of a God becoming a man among men.
17:33 Peace be unto you Mary, the Lord is with you.
17:38 You are of all women the most blessed.
17:40 Do not fear for you have found favor in the eyes of God.
17:44 You shall conceive and bring forth a son,
17:46 and shall call him Jesus.
17:48 He shall be great and shall be called the Son
17:51 of the most high God.
17:52 The Lord God shall give him the throne of his father David.
17:56 He shall rule the house of Jacob forever.
17:58 And of his kingdom there shall be no end.
18:01 But I'm not even married yet.
18:04 How can this be?
18:06 The spirit of the Holy One shall come upon you.
18:09 Therefore, the Holy Child to be born of you
18:12 shall be called the Son of God.
18:15 Your cousin Elizabeth, has also conceived a son in her old age,
18:19 for with God nothing shall be impossible.
18:22 Behold the handmaid of the Lord.
18:24 Let it be to me according to your word.
18:33 Joseph...
18:44 Hello, Joseph.
18:47 Mary!
18:48 Going somewhere?
18:50 Yes.
18:51 Where?
18:53 To Judah.
18:54 A weeks journey in this weather?
18:57 Why?
18:59 I need to visit my aunt Elizabeth.
19:02 The old woman whose husband sees angels?
19:05 Mm-hmm.
19:06 What does she have to do with our wedding?
19:07 Nothing, really.
19:10 Then why this trip, when our wedding draws so near.
19:14 I can't tell you yet.
19:19 Mary, we're engaged to be married in a few months.
19:23 I know Joseph.
19:24 I need you here with me.
19:27 And, I need you.
19:30 But, sometimes God's needs are bigger than ours.
19:34 You're going on some sort of mission there, for God?
19:38 You might say that.
19:40 Alright then, let me help.
19:43 There's nothing you can do.
19:46 I see.
19:51 So, when are you coming back?
19:55 I'm not sure.
19:58 Now let me see if I understand.
20:02 You're going to see your aunt Elizabeth,
20:05 but you can't tell me why.
20:06 We're getting married in a few months,
20:09 but you don't know if you're coming back for the wedding.
20:11 Is that what you're telling me?
20:13 Yes.
20:16 So how am I to plan my life?
20:19 Only God knows.
20:23 I can only ask that you trust me.
20:26 You're not making this very easy.
20:28 I know I'm not,
20:29 and I wish with all my heart it could be different.
20:33 But, it can't.
20:39 Joseph, don't let yourself feel this way.
20:48 Don't you think it hurts me to leave you... especially now?
20:57 I know you don't understand.
20:59 I'm not even sure that I do.
21:03 But, please... please.
21:09 You're right Mary... I don't understand.
21:14 But, I have no reason to doubt you.
21:18 God go with you.
21:25 Goodbye, Joseph.
21:27 The Lord bless you... and keep you.
21:42 Knowing that Joseph could not understand made my farewell
21:47 all the more painful.
21:49 But my desperate need for understanding
21:52 drove me to seek she of whom the angel had spoken.
21:57 Aunt Elizabeth.
21:59 Mary! Blessed are you among all women, and blessed be
22:07 the fruit of your womb.
22:10 And who am I,
22:12 that I should be visited by the mother of my Lord.
22:16 My soul sings the praises of the Lord,
22:19 and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.
22:22 For he has called upon his lowly maidservant, and behold
22:26 from this day forward
22:28 all generations shall call me blessed.
22:30 Oh, Mary, when I heard your voice the babe leaped for joy
22:36 within me.
22:38 Blessed are you for believing, and all the things
22:42 God has said unto you, will surely come to pass.
22:47 He that is mighty has done great things for me,
22:50 and holy is his name.
22:52 He has kept His promise to Israel and has remembered
22:55 to show mercy to Abraham and his children, forever.
22:59 Oh. Oh, Mary. What an answer to prayer you are.
23:08 My dearest Joseph, I don't yet know when God will send me home.
23:14 I pray it will be soon.
23:16 Elizabeth is due now and everyone is eager
23:19 to see this child of a miracle.
23:27 Papa, someone from the caravan said this is for you.
23:34 Is it from Mary, Papa?
23:37 Yes, son.
23:38 Does it say what her secret is?
23:41 No, son.
23:44 Papa?
23:47 Yes, son.
23:49 It's been nearly 3 months when is she coming back?
23:53 I don't know son.
23:56 Well, she's still going to be our mom. Isn't she?
23:59 Everything will work out like God wants, son.
24:03 Why don't you go play with your brothers and sisters.
24:05 Sure, Papa.
24:14 Look at how fearfully and wonderfully he is made.
24:17 What a miracle.
24:18 A miracle that an old woman could bear a child.
24:22 That any woman could bear a child.
24:25 My baby.
24:36 So Joseph Bar Jacob, do you still believe in love?
24:45 I still believe, Demas.
24:47 Open your eyes Bar Jacob.
24:49 Money not love is the tool that will break the Roman yoke,
24:53 It is money not love that will find you a good wife.
24:57 The shop is closed for today Demas.
24:59 Let me escort you to the door.
25:04 I am not just speaking my own words Bar Jacob.
25:07 The whole town is saying that you...
25:08 You'll want to stand out of the way,
25:10 while I shut the door, Demas.
25:19 Well I must hurry on my way. Joseph waits for me.
25:23 But will he understand when you tell him...
25:28 He is a man of faith.
25:32 But he is also a man.
25:34 My husband had trouble believing an angel.
25:38 Joseph has had no angels.
25:41 He has only the mysterious pregnancy,
25:44 of which he knows nothing about.
25:46 We'll be alright, Joseph trusts me.
25:50 Well that will be the greatest miracle of all.
25:53 Joseph is a miracle.
25:55 I hope so for your sake.
25:58 Goodbye Auntie. Thank you.
26:01 God bless you, God bless you.
26:04 Oh, Mary!
26:06 Yes?
26:07 Whatever men may say or do or believe, remember I understand.
26:14 But also remember that it is God's doing,
26:18 and only He can lead you through the darkest night.
26:22 God bless you, my child.
26:26 And God bless you, Aunt Elizabeth.
26:40 You were a lot more trouble than you're worth little level,
26:44 like a lot of things.
26:47 But not all things.
26:48 Mary! Welcome home!
26:54 I never dreamed it would be so long though.
26:58 Joseph, I'm sorry you've been hurt by this
27:04 The children kept asking if you were ever coming back.
27:08 I had no answer for them.
27:11 I can explain, Joseph.
27:13 Once you understand you'll be as happy as I am.
27:16 I would like that.
27:19 Joseph, it really is so wonderful.
27:23 Aunt Elizabeth. Her husband did see an angel in the temple.
27:27 She did give birth to a miracle child.
27:30 A child who is to be the forerunner of the Messiah.
27:33 Mary, that's all very fine.
27:36 I really hope I live to see Messiah walk the earth.
27:39 Right now I need to hear words about us.
27:43 This is about us. Joseph listen.
27:47 Remember how Isaiah prophesied that a virgin would conceive
27:50 of the Holy Spirit and bear God's Son.
27:53 Remember how we studied
27:55 and found that Daniel's time prophecy of the coming
27:58 of the Messiah was nearly fulfilled.
28:01 Yes, but.
28:02 Joseph, you will not only live to see the Messiah.
28:09 You will be his father.
28:13 Don't talk foolishness, Mary.
28:15 How could I be his father?
28:18 Because I am his mother.
28:26 Do you understand?
28:30 No, I'm afraid I don't understand.
28:35 Joseph, I have been called by God to bear his Son.
28:41 And I have accepted.
28:43 I have been chosen.
28:46 To bear the Messiah?
28:48 Yes, Joseph isn't that wonderful?
28:51 Mary.
28:52 And you're to be his father!
28:53 Mary.
28:54 We're to name him Jesus!
28:55 Oh, isn't that a fine name, Jesus!
28:59 Oh, Joseph, I'm so excited!
29:00 I feel so happy. I could just sing and dance for joy!
29:04 Mary.
29:05 Yes, Joseph?
29:07 Do you know what you're saying?
29:09 Of course, an angel came to me,
29:12 and told me I was the chosen one.
29:15 And it's true. I'm with child right now.
29:23 You're...
29:24 Yes, Joseph, with God's baby!
29:29 You're pregnant?
29:31 Yes, pregnant!
29:33 Did it happen in Judah, or before you left?
29:37 Before.
29:38 Before... before... then I must know the man.
29:46 Joseph, how could you say that?
29:50 Would you care to tell me his name?
29:51 Joseph, haven't you been listening to me?
29:53 Enough to know that you're with child,
29:55 and that I'm not the father! Yes!
29:57 Because it's God's child!
29:59 Mary, don't add blasphemy to your unfaithfulness.
30:03 Don't you understand?
30:07 No, Mary. No I don't understand.
30:11 All I know is that I let myself believe in you
30:14 enough to let you wander off to who knows where, with...
30:20 I told the children you had a secret.
30:23 Little did I know.
30:25 Joseph. Please believe me.
30:30 I want to Mary, with all my heart I want to.
30:34 Don't you understand what you're saying is impossible.
30:39 But, Joseph please.
30:41 I can't Mary.
30:43 You must.
30:44 I can't Mary!
30:49 Please, leave me alone.
30:54 Joseph, I love you
31:03 Go!
31:05 But, Joseph. Please!
31:08 Now Mary!
31:22 What more could I have told him to make him understand,
31:31 Only God could reach him then.
31:33 Only God knew his heart.
31:52 Oh, come in. She's been praying you would come.
32:03 Joseph.
32:04 An angel just spoke to me.
32:07 An angel?
32:08 He said to call our son Jesus.
32:11 Is that alright with you?
32:13 Oh, yes Joseph!
32:15 Our wedding was simple. I remember that.
32:19 And the work that followed, hard and long.
32:23 But, full of love for everyday, every moment we lived
32:28 with the promise of the child.
32:31 Even when they noticed my pregnancy was too great for our
32:36 time together, and the women of Nazareth would whisper and
32:39 turn away, and the men would threaten and sneer,
32:43 even then it could not dim the promise.
32:59 You know son, I'm feeling very tired.
33:05 Vicious slobs!
33:06 No! No! No!
33:08 How could you keep on letting them do these things.
33:10 Children are only mirrors of their parents.
33:13 We can't fight the whole village.
33:17 Why, of all the vulgar evil! Here! Read this!
33:22 This was not written of a child's hands.
33:25 I know. Forget it.
33:28 Joseph, how can you let them say these things about you and Mary?
33:31 Because to fight it, is to feed it!
33:35 So let it die.
33:36 It's a sad day when God comes to his earth and receives
33:40 a welcome such as this.
33:42 I know.
33:48 How is Mary holding up?
33:51 All this has only driven her closer to God.
33:58 There's a blessing behind every curse, I suppose.
34:02 I suppose.
34:06 God Bless.
34:07 Rabbi.
34:08 Good day, Rabbi.
34:09 Well Bar Jacob, you make a habit
34:13 of hanging your tools on the floor?
34:15 It was an accident, Rabbi.
34:17 Yes, there have been many accidents in the past months.
34:23 Can we help you, Rabbi?
34:24 Well, I come to bring you news.
34:26 You probably already heard.
34:29 Of the decree.
34:31 Decree?
34:32 Yes, from Caesar Augustus, we must all return
34:35 to our ancestral homes.
34:38 To be, what he calls, enrolled, but what he means is taxed!
34:42 Caesar's a fool!
34:44 You truly said it.
34:46 But remember a fool with a million soldiers
34:50 must be obeyed as if he were a wise man.
34:55 When must we go?
34:56 Oh, immediately.
35:00 I can't go right now Mary's time is...
35:02 Uh, yes?
35:04 That is, it is the time Mary needs me most.
35:07 Bar Jacob, no matter how much you or somebody may have been
35:14 needed at the beginning of her confinement,
35:17 I'm sure she can do just fine now on her own.
35:20 Well, I must be on my way, oh tell dear Mary how much we miss
35:27 seeing her around.
35:32 What now, my son.
35:34 I must go. The only question is, whether Mary will go with me?
35:49 The answer is, whither thou goest, I shall go.
35:54 If I were to sing a song of Bethlehem.
35:58 What would I sing?
36:00 I would sing of Joseph as he comforted me,
36:03 and of the warmth of the animals in the manger, and the sweetness
36:07 of the straw, and the shepherds.
36:14 If I were to sing a song of Jesus as he grew from a boy
36:20 to a man.
36:21 What would I sing?
36:23 I would sing of his eagerness to learn.
36:31 I would sing of his work and his play,
36:35 and his willingness to help, his cheerfulness, his spirit,
36:43 and I would sing of his love for those only God finds lovely.
37:18 Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature, and in favor
37:24 with God and man.
37:26 But, God led us to keep Jesus away from the schools
37:30 of Nazareth with their man-made traditions.
37:34 And this, along with his ever growing knowledge of scripture,
37:38 began to be a thorn in the side of the teachers.
37:54 You look upset.
37:57 It's the way the Rabbis treated Jesus today, isn't it?
38:00 Yes.
38:01 Mary, this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last.
38:07 Joseph, why must they torment us so?
38:12 All we are trying to do is obey the word of God.
38:15 Is that so wrong?
38:17 This world is not a friendly place for those who obey God.
38:21 But, we've done them no harm.
38:23 Not yet.
38:25 Or ever.
38:27 Jesus could never harm anyone.
38:30 His ideas, Mary, his ideas if taken to their end would
38:34 destroy their entire system.
38:37 That's what they object to.
38:39 I'm afraid, Joseph.
38:41 Afraid, of what?
38:43 The pattern.
38:45 First, it was petty gossip, and then it was
38:50 rumors and harassment, now it's pressure from the rabbis to
38:54 attend their schools, to conform to their thousands of rules.
39:00 What comes next, Joseph?
39:02 I don't know, Mary.
39:07 I really don't know.
39:09 Do you think they'll try to take away our little boy?
39:13 Or try and hurt him?
39:15 Like Herod did?
39:17 That's in God's hands, Mary, not ours.
39:21 Do you remember the old prophet in the temple?
39:24 How he said a sword would pierce my very soul.
39:29 How could I ever forget.
39:31 I feel that sword drawing nearer.
39:35 Oh, Joseph, how can I stand.
39:39 The word of God, Mary.
39:42 The word of God is a fortress for your soul.
39:45 You sound like Mother.
39:49 Your mother is a wise woman.
39:51 I love you, husband.
39:53 And I love you, fairest among women.
40:11 Joseph?
40:14 Go! Come in. Come in.
40:17 Joseph Bar Jacob.
40:22 Yes, Goy.
40:24 I have wood.
40:27 Did you finish this leg?
40:29 Yes!
40:31 Where did you get my wood?
40:33 Jesus.
40:34 Jesus gave it to you.
40:36 Yes.
40:37 Did he show you how to round and smooth it like this?
40:40 Uh-huh. Yes.
40:42 Well, that's perfect, Goy.
40:48 Take this one and do the same.
40:57 Take it. A working man is worthy of his hire.
41:03 Goy, is Jesus teaching you how to speak?
41:07 Yes. I love Jesus.
41:13 We all love Jesus.
41:15 You bring that back as soon as you are done.
41:43 Uh, Mary.
41:45 Good day, rabbis.
41:47 Where's your husband?
41:48 They're bringing a tree from the woods, with the boys.
41:51 Well, we would like to speak with him... about... Jesus.
41:57 We are deeply concerned about him.
42:00 About Jesus, why?
42:03 Mary we've already told you.
42:04 You know he is still a rebel.
42:07 It is our consensus, that you are the primary source
42:11 of his rebellion.
42:12 Me, what have I done?
42:14 You have insisted on educating him at home.
42:17 Had you not given him support by now we would already
42:21 have him under control.
42:22 Well, Rabbi, why don't you ask Jesus what he wants.
42:27 We have.
42:29 Several rabbis have. His only response is to quote some
42:34 obscure out of context scripture that seems to justify
42:37 his actions.
42:39 At least he knows scripture.
42:40 Mary, open your eyes he associates with priests,
42:45 gives water to Roman soldiers.
42:47 He carries their packs for them, without being asked.
42:51 Worse, he tells Gentile dogs that God loves even them.
42:56 Did not God say I will also give these a light to the Gentiles.
43:01 Sure you are not serious, Mary?
43:03 He even tells men that they may interpret scriptures by
43:06 going directly to the Highest.
43:09 God says, Ye shall seek me and ye shall find me.
43:12 Ye shall search for me with all your heart.
43:14 No!
43:16 The common man is to receive the scriptures as interpreted
43:19 by those of us who know them.
43:21 God says, cursed is every man that puts his trust
43:24 in the arm of flesh.
43:25 Excuse me.
43:27 Now she's twisting scriptures just like he does.
43:32 Madam, do you realize that the child consistently and freely
43:36 mingles with those who are under the curse of God.
43:38 Yes, he associates with the very dregs of humanity.
43:43 God says, To deal thy bread to the hungry
43:46 and to bring the poor and outcast to thy house.
43:49 When thou seest the naked thou shalt cover him.
43:52 That's all Jesus is trying to do.
43:55 Mary, the boy has a good mind.
43:58 Give us three years.
44:00 Why, we could make him a wonder in Israel.
44:02 Indeed. Madam, if you truly love your son,
44:06 you will place him in the care of those who have
44:08 his best interest at heart.
44:10 Meaning you?
44:11 Yes!
44:12 You must permit us to undo the damage you have done.
44:17 His mind must be unbent on the anvil of tradition.
44:21 It is the only hope of making him an obedient son
44:24 of the church.
44:26 Jesus is very close to God.
44:28 Don't you think it possible that someday God might
44:31 use him to free us.
44:33 No!
44:34 Free... us?
44:37 No. No! No!
44:39 It is utterly impossible that this child of...
44:43 of sin!
44:44 Sin?
44:46 ...should ever amount to anything.
44:49 He is not a child of sin!
44:52 He's the Son of...
44:54 Yes.
44:55 Of whom?
44:59 He is a son of... of God.
45:04 Oh, so that's how you explain it.
45:06 Ha-ha. That's no answer.
45:08 Take heed to our counsel, Mary.
45:11 If you do not, your son will meet with nothing but thorns
45:16 along his way, and you will meet nothing but sorrow.
45:20 If you love and fear God, Mary, you must do your God given duty,
45:26 and put him in our care before it is forever too late.
45:30 Going somewhere, Goy?
45:32 My name is Samuel.
45:36 Remember those who think strange new thoughts
45:41 often lead very short lives.
45:46 But only do such teachers die young.
45:48 Their mothers often fair poorly after their gone.
45:53 We're not afraid, Rabbi.
45:56 He completely ignores the teachings of tradition.
45:59 But he lives by every word that comes from the mouth of God.
46:02 But, if some of those thoughts are put into action,
46:06 it could mean the destruction of the nation of Israel
46:10 No!
46:13 Jesus is not bad.
46:18 These hands they only knew to beg, and Jesus
46:34 taught them how to work.
46:43 This mouth, the first word it said was Jesus.
46:59 Goy was garbage.
47:06 Jesus taught me to love me, Samuel.
47:19 Samuel loves Jesus.
47:25 Jesus is not bad!
47:39 Jesus is not bad!
47:49 I too have been blessed. When I was hungry, he gave me his food.
47:51 When I was hungry he gave me his food.
47:55 When I was cold he gave me his coat.
48:00 This assembly is becoming a bit unruly guard shouldn't you
48:06 send it home.
48:07 When no one would even speak to me, Jesus showed me God.
48:14 Oh, blessed are you Mary and God bless your son!
48:21 Guard, how long are you going to let this woman
48:25 stir up rebellion?
48:27 Disperse this mob!
48:28 These people who knoweth not the ways of tradition are cursed!
48:32 Go home all of you!
48:34 Guard, do your duty!
48:41 What is the reason for this inaction?
48:44 He gave me a drink.
48:56 Is that what you meant Bar Jacob when you said
49:00 love will conquer the world?
49:02 Yes, Demas, that's what I meant.
49:05 God has answered your prayer.
49:09 Your son has made these eyes to see.
49:16 God bless you, Demas, God bless you.
49:24 You were wonderful.
49:26 Joseph, you were right.
49:28 The word of God is a fortress.
49:32 I knew it would be.
49:33 So, fairest among women, can you walk with me?
49:39 It's a beautiful day and there won't be another like it ever.
49:45 Well, if there won't be another like it ever.
49:52 We better go see it.
49:57 Now, if you're wrong.
49:59 I won't be wrong.
50:03 It's the memories that bring me here.
50:06 When I think of how God led me it gives me confidence to know
50:12 that he can lead His people.
50:16 When Jesus comes again I look forward to hearing their song,
50:24 as they have heard mine.


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