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Participants: Ken Cox (Host), Dona Klein, Joe Pearles


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00:19 Welcome to a Give Me The Bible production.
00:23 Have you ever heard of a Brush Harbor
00:25 or singing on the grounds. This is when
00:28 a group of church members got together
00:31 and just spend sometime singing
00:34 and playing gospel music. Well pull up
00:38 a chair, sit down, and enjoy some singing,
00:42 some playing of good gospel music.
00:46 One of the favorites that comes to
00:48 our meetings and sings for us is Joe Pearles.
00:52 Joe Pearles has sung to audiences all across
00:57 this nation and has been blessed in a very
00:59 special way with his rich full baritone voice
01:04 and he is gonna sing for you
01:06 the song entitled one more valley.
01:19 When I'm tossed on life's sea and the waves cover me,
01:28 And the dark clouds won't let the sunshine through,
01:36 Then a voice seems to say,
01:42 "Child, there'll be a better day,
01:46 Don't allow the storm to hide sweet Heaven's view.
01:54 'Cause we've got one more valley, one more hill,
02:02 Maybe one more trial, one more tear.
02:14 One more curve in life's road,
02:18 maybe one more mile to go,
02:22 Then we can lay down our
02:26 heavy load when we get home.
02:41 Don't let Satan see your tears,
02:45 learn to smile thru your fears
02:50 Hold your head up high
02:53 and give the world a smile.
02:58 You must be faithful all the way,
03:04 it'll be worth it all some day,
03:08 'Cause it's all gonna be over after while.
03:16 'Cause we've got one more valley, one more hill,
03:24 Maybe one more trial, one more tear.
03:35 One more curve in life's road,
03:40 maybe one more mile to go,
03:44 Then we can lay down our heavy
03:48 load when we get home.
03:51 Then we can lay down our heavy load
03:57 when we get home.
04:09 Millions have listened to the music of Dona Klein.
04:14 Dona has played for evangelistic meetings
04:18 even since she was 12 years of age.
04:21 She plays almost exclusively in the black keys
04:26 and sometimes she plays the organ and the
04:30 keyboard at the same time and that gives her
04:34 music a rich and very pleasant sounds listen to
04:39 and she is gonna play for you a song that was
04:42 made popular by Elvis Presley entitled
04:46 the man in the sky.
06:42 Dona and Joe are going to bring to us
06:46 a song of great assurance entitled He Chose Me.
07:07 There were so many others that
07:12 He might have chosen, to follow Him
07:17 Others with learning and greater distinction,
07:28 to follow Him Men with authority
07:36 and forceful ability Who know how to speak
07:44 and be heard I don't know exactly
07:53 why I'm here at all But today, I'll follow my Lord
08:06 It was business as usual for me when
08:14 Jesus said, follow me
08:18 I left all behind me that day when Jesus said,
08:28 follow me I empted myself of my old life
08:38 completely With no thought that this
08:44 could be wrong And as long as I
08:52 follow the steps of my Master
08:57 I know I'm where I belong
09:07 He chose me, He chose me
09:24 I could not say no when He said follow me
09:32 And I'll make you fishers of men
09:39 From now on, from now on
09:57 I will not look back on the things left behind
10:07 He chose me to follow Him
10:15 I will not look back on the things left behind
10:25 He chose me to follow Him.
10:41 I'm gonna invite Dona and Joe to come over and join
10:45 me and visit just a moment here.
10:48 Both of you have been on the road
10:52 for I should say years and
10:55 But, Dona is not longer than me.
10:57 Dona has been no lot longer.
10:58 I started a lot earlier too.
11:01 Well, it's always a great, great blessing.
11:04 You know, the scripture gives us the
11:06 assurance there in Psalms 28 verse 7
11:10 it says, the Lord is my strength and my shield.
11:14 My heart trusted in him and I am helped
11:19 therefore my heart greatly rejoices
11:22 and with my song I will praise him
11:26 and that's what Joe have been doing.
11:28 Amen. As you have done it over the years,
11:30 I am sure you like myself of seeing many
11:35 wonderful things as God has blessed
11:39 in so many ways has opened up the door
11:43 and given us so many wonderful things
11:46 also as you do that there is some hard
11:50 times that you face.
11:52 Plenty of those. Remember that years ago,
11:57 I became very ill, we were on the road,
11:59 and it's bad enough to be ill
12:01 when you are home let alone,
12:03 when you are on the road, but anyway
12:06 I wrote a song during that time
12:09 not knowing if I would ever be able to
12:11 praise the Lord through my songs and
12:14 I wrote this song entitled this time
12:17 and it talks about the mountains that the Lord
12:21 gives us and one part says there were times
12:26 I thought I would lose my mind and but what I
12:30 didn't know was just around the bands stood
12:33 the great, the greatest hill that life could ever
12:35 seen and that my husband Gordon.
12:39 He is battling brain cancer, I should say
12:42 the Lord he and I are battling this hardness,
12:46 but through it all we can see the Lords hand and
12:49 I want to sing the song entitled this time.
12:53 This time, this is a song about
12:56 your experience right.
12:58 It is. Well, well I am sure we will
13:00 enjoy it as you sing for us this time.
13:17 There were the little hills
13:19 that seems so hard to climb,
13:23 There were even times, I thought,
13:30 I'd loose my mind.
13:33 But I did'nt know that just around have been,
13:41 Stood the greatest hill that life could ever send.
13:52 And this time, You gave me a mountain,
13:59 dear LORD, A mountain
14:03 I'm too weak to climb. And this time,
14:12 I need You like never before,
14:19 Hold my hand, guide my feet,
14:24 Help me climb this mountain steep.
14:43 Through the pouring rain,
14:46 the path I cannot see,
14:53 And the falling leaves say winter's yet to be.
15:00 Yet in my heart, I know, Your way is best for me,
15:09 For these very trials have brought me to my knees.
15:19 And this time, You gave me a mountain, dear LORD,
15:29 A mountain I'm too weak to climb.
15:36 And this time, I need You like never before,
15:46 Hold my hand, guide my feet,
15:50 Help me climb this mountain steep.
15:57 And this time, You gave me a mountain,
16:07 A mountain I'm too weak to climb.
16:14 And this time, I need You like never before,
16:23 Hold my hand, guide my feet,
16:28 Help me climb this mountain steep.
16:35 And this time, I need You like never before,
16:44 Hold my hand, guide my feet,
16:48 Help me climb this mountain steep.
17:03 Dona thank you that was beautiful,
17:07 I appreciate that, can I don't know
17:11 if both of your parents were Christians,
17:14 but I wanna sing a song now that
17:17 my dad, I never heard my dad
17:21 sing much. The only time that I would hear him
17:23 sing is if he was out in the barn
17:25 or working on a car and didn't think
17:27 anybody was listening,
17:29 but he sang two songs that were religious
17:33 songs and but he did not like Christians,
17:37 but I heard him sing two songs and one of
17:42 them was in the garden and the other one
17:46 is a song I would like to do for you now
17:47 and that's entitled Beautiful Life.
17:58 Each day I'll do a golden deed
18:04 By helping those who are in need;
18:11 My life on earth is but a span
18:16 And so I'll do the best I can.
18:23 Life's evening sun is sinking low,
18:31 A few more days, and I must go
18:37 To meet the deeds that I have done,
18:42 Where there will be no setting sun.
18:55 While going down life's weary road
19:01 I'll stop to lift some traveler's load;
19:08 I'll try to turn my night to day
19:13 Make flowers bloom along the way.
19:20 Life's evening sun is sinking low,
19:28 A few more days, and I must go
19:34 To meet the deeds that I have done,
19:39 Where there will be no setting sun.
19:59 Joe your dad had great taste in song that was
20:03 beautiful and there was a song that I
20:05 have always enjoyed very much it's entitled
20:08 the silver head daddy of mine
20:10 can you do that for us.
20:12 I'll try.
20:22 In a vine-covered shack in the mountains
20:28 Bravely fighting the battle of time
20:35 There's a dear one who's battled life's sorrow
20:45 It's that silver haired daddy of mine
20:54 If I could recall all the heartaches
21:01 Dear old Daddy, I've caused you to bear
21:09 If I could erase those lines from your face
21:17 And bring back the gold to your hair
21:25 If God would but grant me the power
21:33 Just to turn back the pages of time
21:40 I'd give all I own if I could but atone
21:49 To that silver haired daddy of mine.
21:57 I'd give all I own if I could but atone
22:05 To that silver haired daddy of mine.
22:18 Thank you Joe. Dona has a very
22:22 good friend by the name of Ruby Jain
22:24 and the two of them together
22:26 wrote a song about our mothers
22:29 one that pretty much expresses the feelings
22:33 of our hearts and Dona is gonna sing
22:35 that for you it's entitled Mothers Hands.
23:01 Although it's been so long ago
23:06 it's seems like yesterday
23:09 I hear her voice, I feel her touch,
23:15 I see her loving face
23:19 How sweet the memories of those years
23:23 of mothers tender care
23:26 And her hands were always there for me
23:36 Yes mothers hands were always there for me
23:45 Those dear hands would toil the soil,
23:49 those dear hands were tired one
23:52 But she held oh, so tight through the
23:59 long and lonely night
24:03 Mothers hands were always there for me
24:10 Her hands would heal my little hearts
24:16 My face she would cares, she would call my fears
24:23 She dried my tears and hold me to her breast
24:29 Those dear sweet hands are now addressed
24:34 She gave the very best and her hands
24:40 were always there for me
24:45 Yes mothers hands were always there for me
24:54 Those dear hands would toil the soil,
24:59 those dear hands were tired one
25:03 But she held oh, so tight through the
25:09 long and lonely night
25:14 Mothers hands were always there for me
25:21 And someday in the promise land once again
25:27 I'll hold her hand
25:33 Mothers hands were always there for me.
25:40 My mothers hands were always there for me.
26:05 Thank you Dona. It's nice.
26:09 Joe have you ever you know been in a place
26:13 doing a concert or something and forgot
26:16 the words that you were gonna sing.
26:17 Yeah today, you know, I have
26:22 and I'm not sure if I am the only one,
26:25 but one of the worst the worst
26:27 is been several years ago. I was out in
26:31 Oregon and I was asked to do a song
26:35 at the end of the sermon. Now you don't
26:37 wanna mess up there, as they have got
26:39 everything brought down to a final
26:41 and so my music started I got up there
26:45 and I am thinking okay I don't
26:50 remember the words, so it was time
26:53 for me to start singing and I made up
26:55 that whole first verse. I have no idea what
26:58 I said, but the words rhymed, so I thought
27:01 well when I get to the second verse I'll
27:04 have that one down, the second verse came and
27:07 I don't remember it either. I sang that whole
27:11 song and made it up and I am scared
27:14 because I know the pastor is going to tear me up,
27:19 so I just kind of snug out or whatever
27:23 and sat down in the front row waiting for
27:24 the church to be out and everybody could go
27:26 and I thought well I better go back and
27:29 apologize to him, and I start to walk out
27:32 and here he comes right at me and I thought
27:37 oh my, so before he could open his mouth
27:40 I said Lee this is pastor Lee Larson out in,
27:44 out in the Oregon and I said Lee I am so sorry,
27:48 he said, what for what, I said
27:51 now I am not telling this story because I am
27:53 bragging that I made up the song no I didn't,
27:57 but what God can do and he said well I
28:01 didn't know that he said I thought those were
28:04 just words that I never heard before and I was
28:06 coming down to get them from you,
28:08 so that was one of the worst times,
28:12 but I mean it happens a lot.
28:14 That was the work of the Holy Spirit, wasn't it.
28:16 Well, absolutely because I can't, I can't
28:19 even write two sentences that make sentence.
28:22 Well, I need to tell you about Maddy that
28:24 kind of goes Maddy our wonderful
28:26 little singer Maddy Kuperous, whose health
28:29 doesn't permit her to travel with us anymore,
28:31 but do you remember over the night that
28:33 maybe you don't that you had a call
28:35 and there were two songs that kind a
28:40 sound alike, but they are in opposite ends of the
28:41 keyboards as far as keys and so
28:44 I put it in the key to sing Lord Jesus, I
28:48 long to be perfectly whole. Maddy starts out
28:52 with look upon Jesus and it's a totally
28:57 different key, much higher, and she sings low,
29:00 anyway she got through it, she has got marvelous
29:03 range, but well Ken was then giving his
29:07 the rest of his little talk on altar call way,
29:11 she is standing by the org and then she said
29:13 turn to me she said, wrong key and I turned to her
29:18 and said wrong song. So anyway we turned,
29:23 we changed keys and she then did the other song
29:26 when you came back to her. I don't
29:27 remember that, but I do remember being in the
29:31 meeting and I was speaking and I was coming down
29:36 at the end of the sermon and about to make
29:40 an appeal and I could remember that justice
29:45 May I step in here please, Justice I was
29:48 make, please let me don't say it, don't say it that's
29:49 best part. I did you know I have always said
29:53 you know what they say about to be old and wise
29:57 you must first be young and stupid,
29:59 so anyway I am a hairdresser and my brother was
30:03 doing the singing is that the time
30:05 you are talking about. Yes, that's the time
30:06 I'm talking about. Okay, let me tell this
30:07 really quickly and I knew I could give
30:10 this for my, I had a shop and I was
30:12 used to doing steps so quickly and so when we got
30:15 to this meeting, I decided very bad idea
30:19 that I would do this perm on him that's when men
30:22 were having perms remember back in the 80's
30:24 or 70's, so I was back there given his perm and
30:27 I had a timed out I thought and then I heard
30:31 Ken making his call, he was coming
30:34 down to the end of the sermon and
30:36 I am, and Jerry is supposed to sing the appeal song
30:38 my brother Jerry and he is up in
30:41 perm rods and probably looked good to
30:43 come out, so I began to pray. I said Lord,
30:47 I am so foolish forgive me help me out of this,
30:50 do you know what he did, dear Lord
30:54 he shed of electricity and Ken
30:58 had 21 projectors at that time and
31:02 everyone of them recycled, and by the time
31:04 they all recycled I had his perm out, he
31:09 was up there saying it took me about
31:10 three years to tell him what
31:12 really happened that night.
31:15 So you know lot of exciting things happen
31:17 of course Dona just got through singing
31:20 when she was young and foolish you know.
31:23 Yeah. And I think I remember something about
31:26 her buying a car. That is, that is priceless.
31:32 Yes, Dona, do you want us to tell it
31:36 or do you want to tell it. Dona who?
31:38 The only problem is when Dona talks,
31:40 she'll go on forever. Okay, I'm going to
31:42 interject here. I think I can tell that nicer then
31:45 you can, oh yes another stupid,
31:47 why are we, why is this my thought.
31:49 Dona, please tell it, it is true. This is true.
31:51 I had bought this cute little car you know the
31:55 guy just brought, the price just kept coming
31:57 down and I prayed about it, it was
31:58 little Porsche red and so he called I said
32:02 if you come down on this price I will take
32:04 it and so the days went by and I didn't hear from
32:07 finally anyway, the point being is that I bought
32:09 the car. Well, Gordon had to go to work
32:13 and I wanted to have that car.
32:15 Foolish, so I drove the 10 miles to pick up that
32:20 car. Problem is, I had another car with me
32:25 and I drove, so I thought well I can drive
32:28 one car a mile and come back and get the other,
32:32 so I did that. It took me almost all day to get home,
32:36 but the funny part was I kept meeting
32:38 people coming the way that I and I kept just
32:41 beat them and because you drive.
32:45 I drive ahead of them and then come
32:48 back and get the other car. And walk back
32:49 to get the other car, yeah and get the other car,
32:50 drive it back. That really is foolish.
32:54 But I got my car home. One of the things
32:57 that I run into quite often is people
33:00 come up and talk to me and it's a mistaken
33:03 identity they think I'm somebody that I'm not.
33:07 Are you asking me? Have you ever had
33:11 that happened? I have, this is another true story.
33:13 Ken, Dona, Gordon, Maddy, we were all doing
33:18 some series in Sacramento, California
33:22 and we went down to a buffet to grab a bite to eat
33:27 and as I was getting ready to sit down this man
33:31 came up to me and he said I know you,
33:34 you are my favorite singer. He said I have
33:38 all your songs and I just play them over and over and
33:41 I just love them and I am thinking oh, this
33:43 is alright.These guys were hearing this
33:46 and I had been with them very long
33:49 and I am just enjoying this a lot, so finally
33:52 he left and pretty soon here he comes back again.
33:57 He said what I just wanted to tell you that my
33:59 wife wanted me to come over here because
34:02 she was too embarrassed. She wanted me to
34:04 come over here and tell you that you
34:05 are her favorite singer also and she plays
34:10 your music all the time and she has got
34:12 everyone of them in her car and she plays them
34:14 over and over and over and on and on and on
34:16 finally he said, you are Roy Drusky, aren't you,
34:20 my bubble just broke. Lord has way
34:24 of taking care of things, he does, does, yeah.
34:26 You know, I had a man come up to me one time
34:30 and he just thank me for my music and for the
34:32 songs that I had written and I said what you know
34:35 that this is the Lords doing, it's not me
34:39 because do I look intelligent enough to do
34:42 this and he looked real close at me and he said.
34:44 Aha! Aha! He was an honest man.
34:46 He was very honest. Well, we have
34:49 a lot of wonderful interesting experiences
34:53 in what we do and the Lord blesses in so
34:57 many ways and gives us so much we are
35:00 so thankful for that and it's really so
35:06 important in what we do to keep our rhythms
35:13 in his hands and Dona is gonna sing for
35:16 us a wonderful song one that you will enjoy
35:20 immensely entitled "In His Hands." Can I say
35:23 before you did that wonderful introduction.
35:26 We had a flat tire in our motor home one time
35:29 just show you the Lords protection
35:32 and had it not been for the lord we would roll
35:36 that, we would have been gone and didn't gone,
35:37 but we Gordy wrestled it off to the right side
35:41 of the road and I got to give him a
35:44 haircut on the side of the road.
35:46 Anyway a motorcycle policeman came up
35:49 behind us and while they were waiting for the
35:52 tow truck to come he began, when he found Gordon
35:55 was a minister he began to tell him
35:58 about his family life that his wife was
36:01 leaving him that his children, when taking the
36:05 children and he began to cry and so
36:08 Gordon put his arm around that patrol mans,
36:10 young patrol mans shoulders and prayed with him.
36:14 I wished for my camera just to see that his
36:17 tears streaming down his face and cars
36:19 swishing by on the free way and Gordon
36:22 praying with that young man some day when the Lord
36:25 comes he is gonna show us and let us see
36:28 see maybe if that flat tire was for a reason.
36:31 Now I will sing in his hands. In his hands.
36:47 There are times I am overwhelmed
36:51 with the onset of trails
36:59 And this burden that I've carrying
37:02 it seems I've carried it for miles
37:12 That's when I realize that in
37:15 my own strength I cannot stand
37:23 Then I know the time has come
37:27 when I must put it in Gods hand
37:35 In his hands, the mountain look much smaller;
37:48 In his hands, the valleys not so long
37:59 When I have carried my burden as far as I can
38:14 Help me remember Lord to put it in your hands
38:25 I read where Gods mighty hand had parted the sea
38:40 And when his children were safe across
38:49 he turned and drowned there in me
38:50 I love that part but when the water
38:54 is rising and the rivers seems to wide to spend
39:02 Then I fall down on my knees
39:09 that's when I put it in Gods hands
39:17 In his hands, the mountain look much smaller
39:27 In his hands, the valleys not so long
39:41 When I have carried my burden as far as I can
39:55 Help me remember Lord to put it in your hands
40:08 So when I have carried my burden as far as I can
40:24 Help me remember Lord to put it in your hands
40:44 Thank you Dona. Life would be so much better
40:48 if we learned day by day to put it in his hands
40:52 just to trust him let him guide lead our lives.
40:57 Joe and Dona are gonna do a Medley songs
41:02 for us at the piano that I am sure you will
41:05 be blessed by at this time.
41:14 When I take my vacation in Heaven
41:21 What a wonderful time that will be
41:26 Hearing songs by the Heavenly chorus
41:35 And the face of my Saviour I'll see
41:41 Sitting down by the banks of the river
41:48 'Neath the shade of the evergreen tree
41:54 I'll rest from my burdens forever
42:02 Won't you spend your vacation with me
42:10 How long has it been since you talked with the Lord
42:18 And felt your days worth living
42:24 How long since you knew that he cared for you
42:33 And would keep you the long night through.
42:41 How long has it been since you knelt with the dawn
42:48 And said this day is worth living
42:53 Can you call him your friend
43:00 How long has it been since you knew
43:05 that he cared for you
43:12 I have everything I need to make me happy
43:19 I have Jesus to show me the way
43:28 For you save me and you gave me life eternal
43:35 And now I have everything and now I have everything.
43:55 Do you remember when I first,
44:01 we were in Portland together,
44:03 met you and I had heard you sing and
44:05 I was so blessed by it and you sing a song
44:09 oh, gentle shepherd and that was back in 70s,
44:13 1870, no, no, no, anyway course that date me too
44:18 don't know, but are you could you if I can
44:21 find the right key, do you think you could do
44:23 this for, for me. I don't guarantee this.
44:36 My soul is lost, so lonely and so cold
44:47 Just like a lamb that has strayed from the fold
44:59 Across the barren waste of sin I roam
45:10 Oh, gentle shepherd hear my
45:15 cry and lead me home.
45:21 The hours go by on frightened wings of flight
45:32 While wolves of hell are waiting for the night
45:43 To claim the soul that wandered from the fold
45:54 Oh, gentle shepherd hear my cry and save my soul.
46:12 Thank you Joe and Dona wonderful very,
46:15 very beautiful. Now you know
46:18 we each day by day convert to Jesus Christ,
46:24 he will take care of you, guide and direct your
46:28 life and he is concerned about each one of you.
46:31 Joe, I understand in a new album you've just done
46:35 that there is a song that you get more requests
46:38 for then any other and that's one called the Sparrow.
46:41 That's correct. Would you mind
46:43 doing that for us. I love to do.
46:52 He sees a sparrow fall to the ground
47:00 His eyes go misty as he reaches down
47:08 Gently he lifts it from somewhere below
47:15 Touches and heals it and then that it goes
47:25 How much more does my father on high
47:32 Care when I am burdened, care when I cry
47:41 Sometimes I forget he knows all my sorrows
47:50 Over then I rejoice when I remember the sparrow
48:10 Why should I commit as treasures today
48:16 In the space of our heartbeat they'll all pass away
48:24 And why should I carry this burden of doubt
48:32 I'll give it to Jesus and he work it out.
48:42 How much more does my father on high
48:49 Care when I am burdened, care when I cry
48:58 Sometimes I forget that he knows all my sorrows
49:07 Over then I rejoice when I remember the sparrow.
49:16 Over then I rejoice when I remember the sparrow.
49:36 Thank you Joe that was wonderful.
49:39 I appreciate that very much, you know,
49:41 each day following the Lord Jesus Christ
49:45 and walking with him is just like walking
49:48 in the sunshine and Dona is gonna play
49:51 that beautiful song for us.
51:45 Thank you Dona for that song,
51:47 it's wonderful, I appreciate it very, very much.
51:51 Have you ever considered if you had
51:55 your life to live over again, would you do
52:00 the same thing that you have done
52:02 or would you change it, what would you do.
52:06 Well some things I definitely would change,
52:10 but working for the Lord no, no
52:13 I do it again in a heart beat if he just
52:16 have me nothing like serving the Lord.
52:20 Well, I agree with Dona as far as my life
52:24 goes only there are some things that I would
52:28 definitely do different. I'm thankful that
52:33 God put me, where I am and I have got to
52:36 do music because you know when I was
52:42 younger, young dad, young husband,
52:46 my dream was to move to Nashville
52:51 and get into country music. Well that
52:57 didn't happen, but the one thing that I would
53:00 change, I would do my best to be a better
53:05 dad and husband then I was, I mean I can't look back
53:09 and Ken and I think, you know, lot of people can't,
53:12 but some of them aren't very pleasant memories
53:15 that's what I wonder my family even speak to me.
53:18 I'm sure they does. They love you Joe,
53:21 I know that, I as far as myself is concerned
53:25 if I had to do it all over again I would do the
53:30 same thing as far as what I have done in
53:34 evangelism over the years, I would stay
53:36 right in that, I wouldn't change that,
53:38 that's something that's been very fulfilling
53:43 in my life and brought a lot of joy,
53:46 there certainly a lot of things that I
53:49 would have changed far as not
53:52 understanding one of the biggest problems
53:55 I had was understanding the difference
53:57 between what the Lord wanted me to
53:59 do and what they call the Lords work,
54:01 you know, and I realize it I probably Joe
54:05 didn't spend the time with my children and
54:08 my wife that I should have, but as far as
54:11 doing the work of evangelism I stayed right
54:15 there and I thank the Lord for the opportunity
54:19 he gave me to work in his vineyard
54:21 that's been a blessing. But aren't you glad
54:23 he doesn't give up on us.
54:24 Amen, I am so glad and so when we come
54:28 to the end, we are thankful, we are gonna
54:32 share with you Joe and Dona the song
54:35 entitled When I Come To The End.
55:51 When you come to the end of the day,
55:58 And the night calls your worries away,
56:07 Do you ever watch the setting sun,
56:17 And dream of things that you might have done?
56:26 Do you turn from your work with a smile?
56:33 Do you feel that it's all worth the while?
56:43 As you dream the twilight hours away,
56:53 When you come to the end of the day!
57:03 When you come to the end of the day!
57:17 Let's pray. Heavenly father as we come
57:21 to the end of this program, we thank you
57:25 for the presence of your spirit, for the
57:29 opportunity you have given each one of us to walk
57:32 with you, to follow you, in all that we do,
57:35 bless each one we pray in Christ name amen.


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