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Communion and Consecration Service 2010

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00:14 O soul are you weary and troubled?
00:24 No light in the darkness you see?
00:33 There's light for a look at the Savior
00:42 And life so abundant and free
00:52 Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
01:00 Look full in His wonderful face,
01:10 And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
01:19 In the light of His glory and grace.
01:33 His word will not fail you, His promised
01:42 Believe Him, and all will be well
01:52 Then go to a world that is dying
02:01 His perfect Salvation to tell
02:10 Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
02:19 Look full in His wonderful face,
02:28 And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
02:37 In the light of His glory and grace.
02:51 In the light of His glory and grace.
03:08 Our Father and our God, it is with the greatest
03:13 desire that we invite you into our hearts,
03:18 at the beginning of this New Year.
03:21 Father, we ask that you would come into our
03:23 hearts and illuminate its walls by the power
03:27 of your spirit. You word tells us that it's the
03:31 heart, that is deceitful above all else and so
03:38 Lord we need you to shine from within.
03:42 That maybe revealed what is unlike thee
03:46 that we may surrender all to you.
03:50 Lord, help us not hold anything, help us
03:54 not to hide anything. But help us to be honest
03:59 and open with you, we ask Lord that as we
04:05 contemplate anew. The sacrifice of our Lord
04:09 and Savior and the cost of our redemption may
04:15 our hearts melt to tenderness, that we may
04:20 become pliable again in thy hand, amen.
04:25 Father, as we face a New Year, we wanna face
04:28 it in the strength of you, and in the light of
04:32 you, and in your guidance, and with thy holy
04:38 presence. Lord may as we contemplate our Lord
04:45 and all that he's done for us, may we just give
04:49 all to you, keep that which we have committed
04:54 unto the honor and glory of your name.
04:57 That we maybe fit vessels to be used for the
05:03 outpouring of your spirit and to the lives of
05:05 others who do not know you. And may our
05:09 lives reflect Lord the work that as Isaiah said
05:13 would be a work of righteousness that would
05:15 be peace and quietness and assurance forever.
05:21 Bless us now Lord with your presence we pray,
05:25 we thank you for it and we ask all these things
05:28 in the name of our Lord and Savior
05:31 Christ Jesus, amen. Amen.
05:38 This is a real wonderful time for us to begin
05:43 the New Year seeking God's presence,
05:48 seeking to have special communion with him,
05:54 this has been a week of revival and reformation
05:56 and within our church in which we have
05:59 participated and we continue to participate in
06:03 this service. And tomorrow the President of our
06:09 General Conference will be speaking at the GYC
06:13 and we would be covering that message which is
06:16 the combination of this week of revival.
06:20 And I hope that each one of you is able to
06:24 participate in that, but more then that I'm hoping
06:27 that you are participating in the spirit of revival
06:32 and reformation. Knowing our Lord
06:35 and Savior and more fully then you've ever
06:38 known him before. And as I have searched
06:42 my heart for the last few hours, it is with
06:46 the prayer that somehow he will have always
06:50 first placed there, that I come to you at tonight.
06:57 I hope that you have your Bibles and if you
06:59 do I'm going to invite you to turn with me to
07:02 the book of John and in this book we find
07:06 the story of the upper room experience.
07:11 Now, if you remember that they came to the
07:14 upper room, they found that there was water
07:17 there, there was thing, everything had been
07:20 set for them to have the Passover together.
07:24 There was water there for them to wash their
07:26 feet but if you recall no one moved to wash
07:31 the others feet. This was not really unusual;
07:36 it was not the custom of a person to wash
07:40 another person's feet at that time.
07:43 This was the work of a servant, in fact Rabbis
07:46 often had disciples and when Christ had these
07:49 12 disciples, this was not something new
07:53 because Rabbis would have sometimes smaller
07:56 groups or sometimes even larger groups that
07:58 traveled with them. These were person that
08:00 sat at their feet; these were people that
08:03 learned from them. But no Rabbi would have
08:08 ever excepted one of his students, one of his
08:11 disciples to wash his feet. He would not have
08:15 excepted them to wash each others feet,
08:18 these would have been the work of a servant
08:21 entirely. And so it was not unusual that these
08:26 men did not wash one and another's feet,
08:29 what was unusual was that Jesus rose.
08:34 And instituted something brand new, amen,
08:40 the service of somebody else. Reaching out to
08:45 someone else and serving them, he showing us
08:49 as an example, you see humility is absolutely
08:55 necessary before we accept the blood of Jesus,
08:59 amen. If we don't feel our need, if we are not
09:03 humble then we do not even seek forgiveness
09:08 and we do not seek the blood of Jesus to cover
09:11 our sins. And as we come together in communion
09:14 and in a little bit we're gonna be receiving the
09:17 bread and the wine and we'll talk about the
09:20 meaning of these two emblems which I know that
09:23 you understand. But also much has been
09:28 forgotten about humility, before we came to this
09:33 service the ladies went to one room,
09:36 the gentlemen went to another room.
09:38 And there we served each other; we tried to
09:43 pick someone who was maybe not necessarily
09:46 a close friend, maybe someone we didn't know
09:48 very well. Because it's easy to serve someone who
09:53 is very close and maybe not always easy
09:56 perhaps sometimes as a pastor we've had
10:00 family communion where husband and wife
10:04 would serve each other. And they needed to
10:06 do that, amen In many cases it was the most
10:09 beautiful thing for a man to kneel before his
10:12 wife and to wash her feet and for her to wash
10:15 his feet. And sometimes that is so very needed
10:19 and necessary and beautiful, but it's also
10:22 beautiful for us to turn to someone who perhaps
10:26 we don't know all that well or perhaps someone
10:28 with whom we've sometimes had tension or
10:32 disagreements and we wanna say hey we
10:35 may not always agree on everything. God has
10:37 never told us that you've got to agree on
10:40 everything, he has never said that,
10:43 the only one time in the scriptures where
10:44 we find that everybody was is one accord and
10:48 that's where the Holy Spirit felt of course.
10:51 But one chord doesn't mean that they all thought
10:54 exactly the same thing about each,
10:58 of each opinion of each thing, it meant that they
11:01 allow the other to think differently then they
11:04 did and they still loved them. That is really
11:08 being in one accord, I felt that kind of unity
11:13 in our room today. As we knelt together as
11:17 we're saying John Lomacang, led us in songs
11:20 and as we sang together hymns, familiar hymns
11:24 that we can sing from our hearts. We definitely
11:27 felt the power of the Holy Spirit, we felt God
11:32 moving in a powerful way and you see this
11:36 is the way that I believe with all my heart that
11:39 God prepares our hearts to receive his crucifixion.
11:46 You see if we receive that crucifixion with pride
11:50 in our hearts we miss what he is all about,
11:55 because he is all about love for each other, amen.
12:01 What is humility? You know sometimes that
12:03 something that's so easily misunderstood,
12:06 we get the idea if a person walks around and
12:08 they kind of keep their head down and they speak
12:11 quietly that they're humble. That doesn't,
12:13 that's not humility at all, that's a false
12:16 humility. What I think is humility is being willing
12:22 to serve, you see that's what he pointed as
12:25 humility, serving the other. Serving the other
12:29 and it may not be in this custom that we would
12:32 need to wash each others feet. But it may
12:35 mean something else. We had a gigantic
12:38 windstorm here two years ago, it came through
12:41 hundred mile an hour winds, there are still
12:43 trees that are down all over the place out in
12:46 the woods. That you'll find that went down
12:48 during that storm, but at the time they went
12:51 down across roads, across power lines and
12:55 there was havoc everywhere. I was in
12:57 Chicago when it took place; immediately I got
13:01 a call from Danny Shelton and he was told me
13:05 bring me another chainsaw when you come.
13:09 Chainsaws are all sold out down here.
13:11 I said what are you doing with it? He said I'm
13:14 out trying to help people get in and out their
13:17 homes because getting some trees off of
13:20 homes. And Danny was out there serving he
13:24 wasn't standing back worrying just about his
13:27 place or worrying about even 3ABN.
13:30 But he was out with the neighbors helping them,
13:34 cutting away trees. I didn't do that for me
13:37 to tell you about it. In fact he'll be upset that
13:39 I did, but that's alright you see to me that
13:43 was true humility, amen. That was the service
13:47 of humility that our Lord would have us have,
13:53 amen. As I said a very tricky thing if you try
13:57 to humble you probably won't be,
14:00 if you try to think about it it's funny.
14:03 You know how it is, somebody tells you don't
14:05 think about this or you try to, you have to
14:08 think about it. You know how that works,
14:10 the same way with humility, a friend of mine
14:14 Pastor Ben Golisch used to tell the story about
14:16 he said that he wrote a book about:
14:19 Humility and How I Obtained it and then he
14:22 said when I read the manuscript it was so
14:25 good that pride entered my heart and he,
14:28 he said I had to throw it away. That was just
14:31 an illustration, a very humble illustration that
14:38 says we have to be careful we'll be proud of
14:42 our humility, yes. We will be proud of how
14:45 humble we are, you see the focus is away
14:51 from us, amen. Jesus says the focus is on others,
14:55 amen. And when you turn your eyes upon him
14:58 and you look at him that that is the focus.
15:05 I walk the lies path with an easy tread,
15:07 I wonder where pleasures and riches led,
15:10 until one day in a quiet place; I met the master
15:15 face to face, amen, amen. I met him and knew
15:18 him and blessed to see that his eyes full
15:20 of mercy were fixed upon me and then I turned
15:23 my eyes upon Jesus, yes. Look full in His
15:27 wonderful face, and the things of earth grew
15:31 strangely dim in the light of His glory and
15:37 his grace. Amen, amen. I'd like to introduce
15:42 those who are participating in our service
15:44 today. We have some pastors who are serving
15:51 here as elders, Pastor C. A. Murray and Pastor
15:55 John Lomacang and we also have Pastors who
15:59 are serving today as deacons. Pastor Brian
16:03 Hamilton, Norberto, Hal Steenson and Richard
16:09 Pinero, our deacons today are Carey,
16:14 Kristesn and Jill Morikone.
16:23 Sing with me, "Thank You Lord."
16:26 Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul
16:35 Thank you, Lord, for making me whole
16:43 Thank you, Lord, for giving to me
16:51 Thy great salvation soulful and free One more time
16:59 Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul
17:08 Thank you, Lord, for making me whole
17:16 Thank you, Lord, for giving to me
17:24 Thy great salvation soulful and free, amen.
18:33 I've spend some time on last evening reading
18:36 through the book, Desire of Ages and I was
18:42 awakened this morning at 3:30 and read more.
18:48 One of the things that struck me was the
18:52 understanding that whenever the saints of
18:54 God gather together for a communion service
18:58 we're told that angels draw especially near,
19:05 and that there are, it would appear certain
19:08 angels that just like to be near the saints of
19:12 God during this time. She says there are
19:17 literally thousands of unseen watchers who
19:22 are here just now and if you're at home or in
19:27 a church or even in a car listening on a radio.
19:32 There's an angel beside you, amen, amen,
19:35 to hear your prayer and because you chose
19:40 to consecrate yourself to God. Jesus is bending
19:46 law to hear your heart's call and the Holy
19:50 Spirit is there to seal your decision. I'm reading
19:56 out from the gospel that's written by John,
19:59 chapter 6, just several verses, where John
20:04 records the words of Jesus and speaking to his
20:08 disciples about the bread, he says: Who so
20:14 eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood,
20:19 have eternal life; and I will raise him up at the
20:23 last day. So, what we're doing here to now
20:25 here and now is seed is as we are putting
20:30 money in the bank of heaven for that last day
20:34 when Christ will call us all. For my flesh is meat,
20:37 I'm in verse 55, my blood is drink. He that
20:42 eateth my flesh, drinketh my blood,
20:45 dwelleth in me, and I in him. And then I'm
20:51 backing up now because Christ makes two very
20:56 important and succeeding statements,
20:59 verse 47: Verily, verily, I say unto you,
21:02 He that believeth on me hath eternal life.
21:07 Praise God and then he says the way of
21:11 punctuation, I am that bread of life. Amen.
21:18 So, when we eat this bread, Ellen White says
21:23 we are remembering every blow that will struck,
21:30 every booze that was inflicted, every drop of
21:35 blood that rain upon the ground, we are
21:40 remembering and recalling the awful price that
21:44 was paid for our redemption. We are saying
21:49 to the Lord, we haven't forgotten you oh no
21:55 we respect and honor the ultimate sacrifice
22:00 that you made for us. You pay too high a price
22:07 and yet without that price being paid where
22:10 would we be tonight, amen, but thank God the
22:14 Bible says he thought if not robbery.
22:18 But made himself of no reputation, died the
22:21 death not even of a servant of a slave and in
22:25 so dying became victorious and has now
22:30 passed that victory onto you and to me, amen.
22:36 Praise God for every drop of blood,
22:41 for every stroke of the lash, for every tear
22:45 that was shed. Because with that was the down
22:50 payment on eternity for you and for
22:55 me, amen. Shall we pray?
22:59 Gracious Father, we thank you for the
23:04 sacrifice of Christ, who endured the scourge,
23:10 who endured the lash, who endured the whip,
23:16 who endured the cursing and the swearing and
23:20 the belittling and took it all, and who was
23:26 faithful unto death. Even the death of the cross
23:34 and we ask dear Father, that you would bless this
23:39 bread in a very special and marked way.
23:44 Then as we eat, we will reflect and we will
23:49 remember and we will surrender anew our
23:53 bodies to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
23:59 Bless it and change it from its natural use,
24:04 so that even as it nourishes our bodies,
24:08 it will nourish our very souls and quicken our
24:13 spirits and dedicate us even more to Christ and
24:20 his soon coming kingdom. We love you;
24:24 we praise you and thank you in
24:27 Jesus name, amen, amen.
24:37 The Bible also gives us another very
24:39 unmistakable picture of the wine that is
24:43 represented in the communion service.
24:47 I would like to communicate that through
24:49 a story of two sons, there are many sons in
24:53 the Bible, but there are two sons that I believe
24:55 illustrate the power of the blood.
24:59 We know that when Adam and Eve sinned,
25:02 sin entered the world and until eternity rose,
25:11 there will be a countless record of the multiple
25:13 millions who've lost their lives. Because of the
25:17 decision of one man. Adam had two sons,
25:24 Paul the Apostle the says: The wages of sin is
25:26 death, but the gift of God is eternal life.
25:31 Adam had two sons, one was Cain the other
25:36 one was Abel and I believe it was not
25:40 until the death of Abel that Adam really
25:42 realized the depth of his decision. The wages
25:46 of sin is death, Abel's life represent the wages
25:52 of sin, a payment by humanity. And the Bible
25:57 records in Genesis 4 and verse 9 when the
26:00 question was asked by God where is your brother
26:04 and Cain responded. "Am I my brother's keeper?"
26:08 And God said, "The blood of your brother cries
26:11 from the ground." That was the payment by
26:17 humanity for sin, but there is a second son that
26:20 gives me hope today for there is a second
26:25 Adam as it were. He had a father and his
26:30 father had a son and I will say today that
26:35 instead of the blood of Jesus crying from the
26:37 ground. A payment by humanity the blood of
26:42 Jesus is crying from the cross, a payment for
26:46 humanity, amen. This second death was one
26:51 that was willingly given, one that was given
26:54 without reproach, one that was given with the
26:56 love, one that was given with a desire to
27:00 save all humanity. For the Bible records:
27:03 For God so loved the world, that he gave his
27:05 only begotten Son. Adam did not give his son
27:08 Abel, sin took his son but God so loved us when
27:14 the blood of Jesus Christ was shed. It was not
27:18 by humanity, but it was for humanity, amen.
27:22 And so today we find that it was not the wages
27:25 of sin alone but what caused Jesus to shed
27:29 his blood was the gift of God. So, today we live
27:34 under the shadow of the cross, not lamenting
27:36 the death but rejoicing in the death of the
27:39 second son. The one who is also Abel, his name
27:45 is not Abel but I say he is Abel, alright.
27:48 Paul the Apostle made it very clear: where
27:52 there is no shedding of blood, there is no
27:54 remission. Jesus shed his blood to reverse
27:58 the effect of sin, so you see generation after
28:01 generation waited for that son to come that,
28:04 that promised seed and I could see mother
28:06 after mother hoping their son would be the one
28:10 and when it appears though he would never arrive.
28:12 The Bible says: "When the fullness of time
28:15 had come God sent forth His Son." Amen, never
28:18 too early, never too late, the one who is Abel
28:22 to say to the uttermost those who come unto
28:24 God by him, was the one who appeared.
28:27 And so what did this blood represent John tells
28:31 us the one who Jesus loves. He said the blood
28:35 of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from all sin.
28:40 The wine here today represents the blood of
28:42 Jesus the only price to pay for the redemption
28:46 and the removal of sin. And it cleanses us from
28:49 all sin, can you say Amen to that, amen.
28:52 But it also represents the New Covenant, Jesus
28:55 said to his disciples at that supper that
28:57 many call the Last Supper, but I submit to you,
29:00 it was only the last supper for Judas.
29:02 There is another greater supper coming,
29:05 Matthew 26 verse 27 to 29 the Bible says:
29:09 Then He took the cup, and gave thanks,
29:11 and gave it to them and said, "Drink from it,
29:14 all of you. For this is My blood of the new
29:17 covenant, which is shed for many for the
29:19 remission of sins. But I say to you,
29:23 I will not drink of this fruit of the wine from
29:26 now on until that day when I drink it new with
29:30 you in My Father's kingdom." Not just the
29:33 symbol of a new covenant, but a symbol of
29:36 a promise that we cannot wait to be fulfilled
29:38 amen. And finally one more implication of the
29:41 blood of Jesus, Pastor C. A pointed out the
29:44 broken body of Jesus, but Paul said,
29:48 as a recipient of God's grace.
29:51 For as often as you drink this cup,
29:55 you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes.
29:59 So, the wine a payment for humanity,
30:02 a promise of a greater dinner
30:04 that's yet in the future, amen and
30:08 the reality that whenever we partake,
30:10 we are individually and collectively proclaiming
30:13 the death of Jesus, the promise of his
30:15 soon return until he comes. Let us pray.
30:22 Our Gracious Father in heaven,
30:23 we thank you so much, that when you make
30:27 a promise it is sure, amen. We stand today
30:31 between two economies to pass over,
30:34 has passed over and this covenant that
30:39 you've made with us continues to be ratified.
30:42 Every time we partake of the blood of Jesus,
30:47 today Heavenly Father made this wine remind us.
30:53 That as not that it's just unfermented
30:56 but it is the only blood that can save
30:58 us from our sins. And so Lord help us
31:02 to consider the price, help us to consider
31:04 the Cross, but help us to consider the giver.
31:08 And when we partake Lord may
31:10 you be glorified in our hearts,
31:13 in our lives and in our voice.
31:17 In Jesus name we pray, amen, amen.
32:34 Shackled by a heavy burden
32:44 Neath a load of guilt & shame
32:53 Then the hand of Jesus touched me
33:02 And now I am no longer the same
33:10 I want you to sing it with me.
33:12 He touched me, oh He touched me
33:21 And oh the joy that floods my soul
33:32 Something happened and now I know
33:41 He Touched me and made me whole.
33:52 Oh since I met this blessed savior
34:02 And since he cleansed and made me whole
34:11 Oh I will never cease to praise him
34:20 I'll shout it while eternity rolls
34:29 He touched me, oh He touched me
34:39 And oh the joy that floods my soul
34:49 Something happened and now I know
34:59 He Touched me and made me whole.
35:41 The Bible says: 'Take, eat: this is My Body,
35:49 which is broken for you,
35:52 do this in remembrance of me.
36:16 And then it says: In the same manner
36:18 he also took the cup, after supper saying,
36:22 'This cup is the new covenant in my blood.
36:26 This do, so often as you drink it,
36:32 do so in remembrance of me.'
37:45 We're going to involve you,
37:48 the viewer in this special service today.
37:51 I know that some of you at home have
37:53 probably receive the emblems are gone
37:57 and joined with us and I hope that you have.
38:00 If you haven't this program will be shown
38:03 again and perhaps you'll be able to do
38:07 it at that time, however right now
38:10 we want to involve you in our season of prayer.
38:13 Because we wanna be praying for you,
38:16 There are three that we have ask John Dinzey
38:19 who is Director of Latino,
38:21 he is going to be praying,
38:23 Mollie Steenson our Vice President
38:25 and General Manager, will also be praying.
38:28 And Brian Hamilton our Financial Director
38:31 will be praying and we invite you at home
38:36 to quietly enter into a
38:41 Spirit of Prayer as they lead us.
38:54 Our Loving Heavenly Father,
38:59 we've thank you so much Lord for
39:02 the privilege to partake of the
39:06 Holy Communion. We thank you that the
39:10 blood was shed our behalf.
39:14 Father, we want to thank you Lord that
39:20 while we were yet sinners,
39:22 Christ died for us. We've thank you
39:26 Lord for your great mercy, because all
39:30 we as sheep have gone astray.
39:36 But we thank you Lord that you have laid
39:39 the iniquity of us all; upon your son Jesus.
39:45 We thank you for that sacrifice,
39:48 we thank you Lord that even though
39:52 we all have sinned and come short of your glory.
39:57 Your love that is beyond parallel,
40:02 was extended to us, and Lord
40:07 we just marvel as we behold that
40:12 manner of love. That is bestowed upon us
40:16 and even though we have gone astray,
40:22 the good shepherd has found us and
40:26 we can be called your children.
40:28 We pray for us here, that you will forgive
40:34 us for our sins, cleanse us from unrighteousness.
40:39 The same we pray for the viewers and listeners,
40:42 that as they chose to allow Jesus into
40:47 their hearts. You will do the same for them,
40:52 we thank you Father that you were in
40:56 Christ reconciling the world unto yourself.
41:02 So, that we can be called,
41:04 so we can become the righteousness
41:07 of God. We thank you Father wash us,
41:12 cleanse us and make us pure through
41:16 the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ.
41:20 In Jesus name, amen.
41:27 Heavenly Father, we come before
41:28 you in the precious name of your son Jesus
41:32 and we thank you Holy God that you've
41:34 given us this opportunity to share
41:37 in Holy Communion thank you Holy God.
41:40 For the blood that we shed that make this,
41:43 this available to us. Now Father on a
41:46 personal basis we yield our lives up to
41:49 you today as we start this New Year Lord,
41:52 let us start this New Year with clean hands
41:55 and a pure heart before you and now
41:57 Father draw us by the power of your
41:59 Holy Spirit into a deeper and a richer
42:02 and a more meaningful relationship with you.
42:05 Oh Father, we recognize this night,
42:08 if you don't grace us we are not graced,
42:10 if you don't bless us we're not blessed,
42:13 if you don't show mercy to us then
42:15 there is no mercy shown to our lives.
42:17 We look unto you oh God,
42:18 for we are totally depended on you
42:20 and every area and every relationship
42:22 of our life. And Father we, we just
42:25 lay our hearts open before you and
42:27 ask you oh God to search us oh God
42:29 in our heart. Try us in our thought,
42:32 see if there be any evil lay in us
42:34 and lead us in the path that's everlasting.
42:36 Oh God our hearts decry, our hearts
42:39 desire is to be, is to be like you know God.
42:43 Father that we would be transformed
42:45 into the very image and lightness of
42:47 you oh God, Father that's our prayer
42:50 on a personal basis and now bring
42:51 Three Angels Broadcasting before
42:53 you, this ministry that was started
42:56 and birth by you Oh God.
42:58 Oh Father, let us look at this ministry,
43:00 let each one of us examine our hearts
43:02 and examine our hands, see oh Lord
43:04 if there was any area where we have
43:06 laid man's hand to this ministry.
43:08 And let us oh Father take it off for oh God
43:10 we only want this ministry to be perfect
43:13 and pure before you that Lord it will
43:16 reach out and it will accomplish all that
43:17 you've called it to accomplish that
43:19 truly Lord God this ministry will go to the
43:22 four corners of the earth and church
43:24 and touch every seeking soul of God.
43:27 Father, that when we stand before
43:28 you in that Day of Judgment you will
43:30 say to us, well done my good and
43:32 faithful servant. Oh Father we yield our
43:35 lives, we yield our hopes, we yield our
43:38 future unto you to the, the degree that
43:40 we know how to do it, Father we surrender
43:42 to you spirit, soul and body.
43:44 Every area we surrender to you oh God
43:47 and ask you to lead us and direct our
43:49 path in Jesus name Amen, amen.
43:59 Father God, I counted it
44:01 a privilege to bend my knees and bow
44:05 before you. Acknowledging
44:08 before our viewing audience and unseen
44:11 worlds that you are the Sovereign of the
44:14 universe, the God of all living, the Creator,
44:19 the Sustainer. What we've just participated
44:24 in Jesus is acknowledging you as our savior,
44:28 our brother. Born of our bone and flesh of
44:30 our flesh, Holy Spirit, we accept you as our
44:35 comforter and our guide. You are sealing us
44:39 for eternity and we ask that you will complete
44:43 that work that you begun in us.
44:45 Father, our viewing audience and ourselves
44:49 here at 3ABN are beginning a New Year,
44:53 a year though that has many uncertainties
44:57 before us. We live in troubles times,
45:00 the nations are angry and getting more restless,
45:04 the economy is sinking, there is
45:08 trouble in every direction that we see
45:10 but you've told us that these things
45:12 would come about. And so we would like
45:16 to place ourselves and this ministry
45:20 and our viewing audience into your hands
45:24 for this year. Asking that you would lead us,
45:27 that you would guide us, and that you would
45:30 sustain us. And may we never stray from
45:35 you as our guide, as our savior, as our Lord,
45:39 as our God. And so we ask a special blessing
45:43 upon all who are viewing that you
45:46 would bless them in their health,
45:49 that you would bless them in their finances
45:52 and that you would grow them and
45:54 prepare them Jesus for your second coming
45:57 which we believe is very soon.
45:59 This blessing that we ask for audience
46:01 we ask for ourselves here at 3ABN,
46:04 we rededicate ourselves to the
46:07 mission of taking this gospel to all the world,
46:12 so, that Jesus you may come soon.
46:15 Please bless our efforts, multiply the
46:20 fruits, as, as we the television takes
46:25 these messages to every home and
46:27 every nation and every corner of this world.
46:30 Father may your word not come back wide,
46:34 may that accomplish all that you've ordained
46:37 for it and we give you the glory and
46:40 you the honor and you the credit.
46:43 In Jesus name I pray, amen. Amen.
46:53 This will be my forth New Years to spend
46:57 here at 3ABN; amen, I thank God for the
47:02 opportunity to be here, to work with
47:04 this particular group of people.
47:06 The leadership team that's here in the
47:09 studio today as we have had this time
47:13 of commitment together.
47:15 The leader of this organization the one
47:17 who God called is Danny Shelton.
47:20 And Danny has been gifted in so many ways,
47:24 not the least of which is the gift of
47:26 encouragement, amen. There been times when
47:29 I've been worn out and he is lifted me
47:32 with words of encouragement and
47:34 hope and challenge. And as we have come
47:38 to this New Years and this time of our
47:42 recommitment to our Lord.
47:44 I've ask him if he would share some
47:48 words of encouragement with you our viewers.
47:52 Thank you Jim and thank you for
47:54 bringing this communion not
47:55 only to our family here in house that
47:59 for allowing people and allowing us to
48:01 enjoy this with people around the world.
48:03 So, we wanna thank you for that,
48:05 thank you for your leadership and I think
48:09 I can speak for all of us when I say that
48:11 God knew just the man to bring at the
48:13 right time, amen. And we appreciate your
48:16 leadership so much, you and Camille
48:18 and your family and it's been a privilege
48:20 to work with Pastor Jim Gilley and
48:23 I say work with because Jim has
48:24 a spirit that we're all in this thing together
48:27 and I know you feel the same way.
48:29 And so we feel like that we're, we're
48:30 encouraged as we go together, someone
48:33 said to me don't you ever did get depressed,
48:36 you know you go through so many things.
48:39 And I said well I would but I read the back
48:40 of the book, amen the back of the book says:
48:43 "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
48:45 and the word of their testimony.
48:47 And so I tell people sometimes in churches,
48:50 a lot of times people will buy a book and
48:52 before they buy they go to the book store
48:54 and they will thumb through the books
48:56 and they will say this looks like a good title.
48:58 I think I will take a little peak and see
48:59 what it says so they turned to the back
49:01 of the book. When they get to the
49:03 back of the book, it says John and Marry
49:05 road often into the sunset happily ever
49:07 after. Well, if we're gonna be reading
49:09 you might well read something that's good
49:11 and they got a nice ending.
49:12 The book's 200 pages long so we read 100
49:16 pages and all of a sudden tragedy happens
49:20 John and Mary instead riding often
49:22 into the sunset, somehow fell over
49:25 a cliff but they were hanging on a branch
49:28 and the branch seems to be cracking
49:30 it's a thousand feet below them.
49:31 That's the terrible situation to be in,
49:34 isn't it? Amen, but now for you the reader,
49:37 for me the reader what happens you
49:39 don't say oh no this is terrible tragedy
49:42 I can't finish the rest of the story why not?
49:44 Amen, you've read the back of the book, amen.
49:47 Now, you actually get excited, you actually
49:49 get encouraged, because you say
49:51 how is the author who are gonna get these
49:53 folks out of this jam. Right, now think about
49:57 it the author, the finisher of our faith
50:00 the Lord Jesus Christ how's he gonna get us
50:02 out of this jam, alright, right
50:04 because we're all in a jam if we don't know
50:06 what we need to wake up, amen.
50:08 Right, sometimes we think we got it all
50:10 together we don't. We have nothing together
50:12 without Christ; we can do nothing, amen.
50:15 Through Christ we can accomplish all things,
50:17 amen I was thinking for this service what
50:19 a wonderful service. Not all churches do
50:22 this and we do the foot washing as well
50:24 as the, the communion part here with the
50:27 embalms and the breaking the bread
50:29 and the new wine and emphasis new wine.
50:31 Some churches do it with wine but we use
50:34 new vine as Seventh-day Adventist
50:36 Christians grape juice, to symbolize Christ
50:39 blood. I was thinking about this and what
50:41 an opportunity to be alive in the closing
50:44 moments of earth history, yeah, being
50:46 in a ministry that God has ordained, yes, yes.
50:50 I mean that's it right there, Amen.
50:51 God has ordained, yeah I didn't build
50:53 this ministry, you didn't build it how
50:55 you were there in the very beginning,
50:57 you didn't build it, no. Mollie you didn't
50:59 build it, Tammy you didn't build it,
51:00 none of us did, the Lord ordained this
51:03 and he allowed us to be a part of it, amen.
51:05 And we done a lot of good things
51:07 and a lot of bad things when it comes to
51:09 making decisions, sometimes we make
51:10 good decisions, sometimes we make bad decisions.
51:13 But ultimately, this is God's project and
51:16 guess what? We are not the only ones
51:18 who failed, if you look through the Bible
51:21 I wonder why God even messed with
51:23 those people, I mean would like,
51:24 I would have got rid of them before then,.
51:25 I mean look how terrible they are
51:27 and then all of a sudden it's like what about you?
51:29 Then I'm like boy am I glad God is merciful,
51:32 amen. That he doesn't just destroy us at the
51:34 first sign of problems and trials aren't
51:36 you glad for that? Amen, I know I am
51:38 but as I was thinking about it,
51:40 what an incredible time to be alive
51:42 where technology and the communication
51:45 high ways are changing brother
51:47 Moses almost everyday. New ways to get this
51:50 gospel into millions, ye billions and I'm
51:54 gonna use the b on that, billions of homes,
51:57 yeah. And, and do it in a split second,
51:59 three angels flying in the midst of the heaven,
52:02 Revelation 18 says: the Fourth angel helped
52:05 the three and the earth was lightened
52:07 with the glory of God and I see satellites,
52:11 I mean this is safe Danny, this is not at
52:13 all safe you know the Bible necessarily.
52:15 But an angel is just what? It's the
52:18 messenger, so satellites are what?
52:21 They're messengers, so when I see satellites
52:24 in Heaven and the earth was lightened
52:26 with the glory of God, just think about it.
52:28 We speak signal goes up twenty two
52:31 thousand and three hundred miles to
52:32 space goes around and in our case
52:34 what eleven satellites normal, around
52:37 doctor Moe, around, around the world at
52:39 literally traveling the hundred and
52:41 eighty six thousand miles per second
52:43 I believe it is what it is hundred and
52:44 eighty six thousand and two hundred miles
52:46 per second. So, even with the connections
52:49 within two or three seconds the earth is
52:51 lightened with the glory of God.
52:53 And then it's able to come down into
52:55 homes through all sorts of ways,
52:57 through with satellites, through radio,
52:59 through television, yeah. Through the computer,
53:02 to be able to do this, I graduated from high
53:04 school in 1969 in that class there was
53:08 31 people and only two got to use electric
53:12 typewriters because the others you had
53:14 to handle them. That's how far we came,
53:17 no such thing is a computer when I went
53:19 to take typing they said boys don't take typing,
53:22 why would you ever need to learn to type?
53:24 Well, that's a long story, I won't get
53:26 into the rest of the story but I did take typing
53:28 and I'm glad I did just one of the few things
53:30 it's that I think I go back on from, from
53:33 the high school years. But as I was thinking
53:35 about this, words of encouragement
53:36 we have no reason to be discouraged,
53:38 alright. Because it's not about us, amen,
53:41 my dad used to say, this world doesn't
53:43 revolve around you? I said but dad
53:45 I wanna do son, son no it's not gonna
53:48 happen that way I say but dad I want
53:49 to, son this world doesn't revolve around
53:51 you? But it does revolve around our Lord
53:54 and Savior Jesus Christ, amen and he
53:56 has hand picked each and everyone of you
53:58 here, those of you at home God has called
54:01 you to do something great and mighty
54:03 and marvelous for him in this closing
54:04 moments of earth history, isn't that
54:06 amazing? Yeah, God can use us no matter
54:08 who you are, what our background is,
54:10 where we come from and guess what?
54:12 He uses the least unlikely people,
54:14 so no excuses. Remember that old song
54:16 how Excuses, excuses, I'm hear them every
54:19 day. The Devil he'll supply them, if the
54:21 church you stay away. You know when people
54:23 come to know the Lord, the Devil always,
54:25 what's he do? He, guess them folks excuses,
54:29 that's what he does he'll supply you with
54:31 all the excuses, it says some goes to the
54:33 church and now say these seats are too hot,
54:35 too hard, others oh these sears,
54:38 there are too soft I don't like them.
54:40 Now, we've got a excuses but we have
54:42 nothing no reason for excuses.
54:44 We are serving a God, Matthew 28: 18 to 20
54:49 Jesus says: All power is given me in heaven
54:51 and in earth, yeah all power go ye so what
54:54 he said is this: I'm taking away your
54:56 excuses, he establishes who he is,
54:58 he is a creator, God of the universe
55:00 and all everything is his within his grasp.
55:05 All power is given Me, Go ye into all the world,
55:07 Dr. Thompson says: When the Lord commission
55:10 us to go into all the world, he had counted
55:12 his resources and found that he's not wanted.
55:14 Amen, isn't that great? Alright, so now we
55:16 have nothing, nothing to fear, all we have is
55:20 encouragement that Jesus said all power is
55:23 give Me, Go ye into all the world, amen.
55:25 And we can do it as long as we trust God,
55:28 amen Go is an action word we have to move
55:32 and as we go forward God will open the door
55:35 as I believe that if we sat around nothing
55:37 will happen. I think the idea came to a number
55:39 of people to build 3ABN, I went to Chicago,
55:43 I went to Indianapolis as I begin to tell the
55:45 story about building a television station to
55:48 reach the world. I had people come up to me
55:50 and they said three years ago, five years
55:52 ago the Lord impressed me that same thing
55:54 exactly but I just didn't do it.
55:57 I thought it was impossible I don't know
55:59 how I could do it, but see the good part
56:01 is God uses the least unlikely people.
56:03 So, that takes away the excuses
56:05 because you and God are a majority,
56:07 alright any one of us and God is majority.
56:10 So, when Jesus says go ye he made it,
56:12 go ye into all the world.
56:13 We just as just recently did the eulogy
56:16 for great friend Mai Chiang, amen.
56:18 Wonderful lady and as I recount her story
56:21 in the encouragement that she would give
56:24 us and how she would go she took it literally
56:26 in her seventies, she said the Lord impressed
56:29 her to go to different countries and give
56:31 the precedence of these countries the
56:33 Ten Commandments. Now, here is the thing
56:36 she didn't have any invitations,
56:37 not one President had invited her to
56:40 come and, and present them what the
56:42 Ten Commandments. 17th countries she
56:45 went to, including countries big as,
56:47 big as India one billion people and
56:49 without fail the presidents all hared
56:52 her and allowed her to come in and give
56:54 them the Ten Commandments
56:55 and let her talk about God.
56:57 Folks we should be encourage today
56:59 we have a lot to be encourage for, amen.
57:01 And I think we would like to close
57:02 as part of our service with a song that
57:04 I think most of us know it says:
57:06 "My Jesus I Love Thee."
57:14 My Jesus, I love thee, I know thou art mine;
57:27 To thee all the follies of sin I resign.
57:35 Sing with me. I resign.
57:40 My gracious Redeemer, my Savior art thou;
57:53 If ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.


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