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Participants: Shawn Boonstra (Host), G. Earl Knight, Jose Cortes Senior, Ted Wilson, Trevor Baker, Charles Cheatham, Dan Jackson, Don King, Frank Bondurant, Frank Tochterman


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00:21 There are moments in a person's life
00:22 when you get a chance to see something big,
00:24 something monumental, something so huge,
00:28 you'll be talking about it for the rest of your life,
00:30 at least until Jesus comes.
00:32 In fact, there are some things so stupendous
00:35 that I'm convinced that even angels take notes
00:37 and feel the excitement.
00:39 And this is probably one of those moments.
00:42 By now, you've probably heard people talking about NY13
00:45 or what's going to happen in New York City in 2013.
00:48 It's possibly the most ambitious outreach project
00:51 in the history
00:52 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:55 But why is this project so big?
00:57 Why is this so ambitious?
00:58 And why is it so important?
01:01 Today, I have gotten esteem panel of guests.
01:03 We're going to get some answers from the people
01:05 who are busy dreaming God's dreams for New York,
01:07 and for the world.
01:10 Gentlemen, I'm so pleased to be with you today on the program.
01:13 And by way of introduction we've got,
01:15 I am just outshine,
01:17 there's so much here from the church leadership
01:19 that I just feel a little intimidated
01:22 by everybody that's here with me.
01:23 But we've got Elder Dan Jackson,
01:25 the president of the North American Division,
01:27 Elder Ted Wilson,
01:28 the president of the world church,
01:30 the General Conference,
01:31 Elder Don King from the Atlantic Union,
01:34 and Elder Fred Bondurant,
01:36 vice president in the Columbia Union,
01:39 which is my union and where I live.
01:41 Well, gentlemen, we've got a lot to talk about,
01:44 and only moments to talk about it in.
01:45 But I know and understand
01:47 that we're focusing a Seventh-day Adventist
01:49 on large urban centers on the cities of the world.
01:53 And I'm wondering if you could help me understand
01:55 why we're looking at urban centers
01:57 and large places?
01:59 I suppose the short answer,
02:00 Shawn, is that that's where the people are.
02:02 That's right.
02:04 In fact, about three years ago,
02:05 we passed the mark where 50% of the world's population
02:10 now live in the cities rather than in the countryside.
02:14 And when we think about Jesus' ministry to people,
02:17 the multitudes, He went to the cities,
02:19 He went to the villages, He went to where people were.
02:22 We need to follow Christ's methods
02:24 of reaching those people,
02:26 you know, when He came over the brow of that hill.
02:28 And as He was making that triumphal march
02:32 towards Jerusalem, He stopped.
02:34 And Luke 19 says, He wept,
02:37 He was weeping for the people of the cities.
02:39 And that's what we need to do as well.
02:43 We need to make it really practical,
02:45 do things that are really going to be practical
02:48 in meeting people's needs.
02:49 And we can talk about that in a few moments.
02:51 Sure.
02:53 The Spirit of Prophecy is also very particular
02:55 about working the cities
02:57 because that's where people are,
03:00 you know, in medical ministry,
03:01 that beautiful quotation, page 304,
03:05 where it says that the work in the cities
03:07 is the essential work for this time,
03:09 when the cities are worked as God would have them,
03:12 the result will be the setting an operation
03:14 of a mighty movement,
03:16 such as we have not yet witnessed.
03:18 And you were just talking about stupendous things.
03:20 I want to be part of that mighty movement.
03:21 Well, I do too.
03:23 It seems to me then, this is one of those things
03:25 that has to happen before Jesus comes,
03:27 just focusing on cities.
03:28 Elder Jackson, tell me a little bit
03:29 about right here in our backyard
03:31 in North America, and the urban environment,
03:33 and what some of the burdens are for North America?
03:36 Well, you know, Shawn, the first thing
03:37 I want to say is that God loves the cities.
03:41 He doesn't love everything that goes on in the cities.
03:43 But God loves the cities and the promise that He made,
03:47 I've loved you with an everlasting love.
03:49 And with loving chords, I've drawn you,
03:51 that's important.
03:53 You know, God loves that person who is working in a shop,
03:58 in New York City, or in some large city,
04:00 in America, or in Canada.
04:03 People who have no hope, people who feel alienated,
04:08 even from the society,
04:09 God's got a great message for them.
04:12 And that message is that He loves them.
04:14 And He wants to establish
04:16 an eternal friendship with them,
04:17 not only for now, but for eternity.
04:19 But, you know,
04:21 as we began to think about this great initiative,
04:24 we're also thinking
04:26 about the great cities in our division.
04:29 And we've had some exciting things happening.
04:31 And we feel that we can see that
04:33 by God's grace
04:34 and through the Holy Spirit
04:36 we duplicate it
04:37 or duplicated rather, the city of Houston,
04:41 120 evangelistic campaigns run concurrently.
04:46 And a baptism of about somewhere around 900 people.
04:50 And we praise God for that.
04:51 We had the churches in that city involved
04:55 and doing things for Christ.
04:57 So we feel that every city in our division
05:01 needs to be approached in some major way.
05:04 We're starting to think very much
05:05 about Indianapolis,
05:07 but there are other cities as well
05:09 that we need to reach into,
05:12 and find the resources,
05:14 and by God's grace, see a wonderful harvest.
05:16 And North America in particular
05:18 is becoming a very urban society.
05:20 That is where the people are. Yes, it is. They are.
05:22 Well, I guess there's a lot of urban centers
05:24 on this planet, you go around the world,
05:27 it's mind-boggling the size of some of these cities,
05:29 and how many there are.
05:30 The big question that I want to ask you guys
05:33 is why New York?
05:34 Why are we starting there? Why the kickoff in New York?
05:36 Why is that strategically important?
05:39 Why is that the right place to begin?
05:41 I think it's a great place to begin, Shawn,
05:43 because New York City
05:45 is the financial capital of the world.
05:47 It's the place with great industries,
05:50 it's the entertainment industry of the world.
05:52 I mean, just about everything you think about,
05:54 it's right there in New York City.
05:56 It is the place, they call it the Big Apple.
05:59 Yes.
06:01 You know, so I think that's,
06:03 you know, it's wonderful that we are making
06:06 this special emphasis in New York City,
06:08 it really needs this opportunity
06:11 to witness to the many people,
06:13 20 million plus people in New York.
06:16 You know, in addition, what Don has said,
06:19 the Seventh-day Adventist Church
06:21 has a lot of history with New York.
06:24 New York was a place that represented,
06:26 you know, a formidable challenge.
06:29 And Ellen White even challenged
06:32 the General Conference president
06:33 to go to New York
06:34 and to do special evangelistic work
06:37 and to focus in on that.
06:40 The Lord has been seeking to try
06:42 and do even greater things
06:44 for the New York make no mistake about it,
06:46 wonderful things are happening
06:48 by Seventh-day Adventist members,
06:50 and services, and activities in New York.
06:53 But God wants to explode that into something phenomenal.
06:56 In fact, it was stated by Ellen White
06:59 that New York was to be a symbol
07:02 as to how the rest of the world should be worked.
07:05 Now, in many ways, it can be a symbol already,
07:08 but I think the Lord
07:09 wants us to do something
07:11 in a comprehensive, practical way
07:13 that ties in everything
07:16 so that it's not just an event,
07:17 but it is a sequence of activities
07:20 with local church members, young people,
07:22 literature evangelists,
07:24 medical missionary work,
07:26 integrated media, everything
07:29 pointing towards reaching the hearts
07:30 of these people in New York.
07:32 Now, I hear you saying then this is something
07:34 that everybody can participate in.
07:36 It's got every avenue of approach
07:38 to those people in New York.
07:40 I've also heard you guys say,
07:42 there's prophetic significance to New York City.
07:45 It's been mentioned as an important place.
07:47 It's also the Big Apple, it will turn heads,
07:49 people may get energized by seeing that.
07:51 But as far as the rest of the world goes,
07:53 how does New York fit into the picture
07:55 as far as a strategy
07:57 for reaching the whole planet, for other urban centers?
08:00 How does it spill from New York
08:01 back into my home city,
08:03 or your home city, or in Jakarta,
08:07 or the rest of the world?
08:08 How does it fit together?
08:10 To borrow the words of the old crooner himself,
08:12 if we can make it there,
08:15 if we can make a difference there,
08:17 we can make it anywhere.
08:19 And if the Holy Spirit will provide some models
08:21 that will be transferable to any place,
08:23 the smallest or the largest population areas.
08:26 I think New York is going to provide that for us.
08:28 So this is a place where we might be able to develop,
08:30 and study, and build a model that could work elsewhere?
08:33 That's the idea.
08:34 In fact, there's something
08:36 that probably most people will not recognize,
08:40 because of the complexity of the New York,
08:43 New Jersey setting.
08:46 We have three conferences in the Atlantic Union,
08:50 two conferences in the Columbia Union,
08:52 because it's the Hudson River that divides the two unions.
08:56 And these five conferences and two unions
08:59 are working together
09:00 under the guidance of both unions.
09:03 And Don King is the chair
09:05 of the special coordinating NY13 meeting.
09:09 And they are seeing such harmony
09:12 through the power of the Holy Spirit.
09:13 And I think one of the beautiful lessons
09:15 that will come out of New York is unity in Christ.
09:18 Amen.
09:19 I think there has to be a takeaway for the city itself
09:23 in moving in a large concerted evangelistic plan,
09:28 we have to make sure
09:30 that the local congregation at the end of the NY13 programs
09:36 has something that they can continue to do.
09:39 And so there's a heavy emphasis on training,
09:42 a heavy emphasis on what are the niches,
09:46 where are the areas
09:47 that we can serve as a local congregation
09:49 to be a blessing to our community
09:51 and to the city.
09:52 So I think one of the things that's very significant
09:56 is that there's a takeaway for the city itself,
09:58 so that as we move into other cities,
10:00 we are the modality of training
10:03 of inculcating kind of the values
10:06 that lead toward friendship evangelism
10:10 and so on, are there.
10:12 But there are people know
10:13 how to reach out in terms of health,
10:15 in terms of education, and on, and on, and on.
10:18 We've got a great message as a Seventh-day Adventist,
10:21 a message of hope and wholeness.
10:24 And that's something
10:25 that the world is interested in today.
10:26 We have to just make it practical
10:28 so that they're blessed by it.
10:30 And we have to help our churches grow,
10:32 and we praise God for the churches
10:35 that are there and doing great work right now.
10:37 Amen.
10:39 And, Shawn, I just wanted to say
10:40 that the NY13 initiative,
10:44 the steering committee has placed a great emphasis
10:47 this year in 2012 on training programs.
10:51 So we're having all kinds of training programs
10:53 happening in the city,
10:55 you know, youth ministries,
10:57 community service ministries
10:58 want to drive the programs
11:00 right down to the practical level
11:01 where the people are,
11:03 right in the pew and out in the streets
11:05 where people can, their lives can be touched,
11:08 and we can make an impact for Jesus Christ.
11:11 That's what NY13 is all about.
11:13 I think that's one of the most exciting things
11:15 about the project.
11:16 And I know that a little later in the program,
11:17 we're going to look at some of the nuts and bolts
11:19 and how will something like that happen.
11:21 Like, that's Frank specialty, that's what he's specializing
11:24 and helping to train people
11:26 to know how to be relational with others
11:28 and help things grow.
11:30 Well, that's where we tie in the local church member.
11:34 This becomes not just a union or a division project
11:38 that becomes a local church project
11:40 when they are empowered and they're equipped.
11:42 And know the Columbia union
11:44 is no stranger to urban evangelism.
11:46 We've got 10 of the largest 25 metropolitan areas
11:50 in our union.
11:51 And so we've been thrilled
11:53 to be able to join hands with the Atlantic Union
11:55 and to be able to take away
11:57 some of those lessons and models
11:59 that we're going to use in our union
12:01 to make a difference.
12:02 Elder Wilson, isn't this the first time
12:03 that we've ever had this type of thing
12:06 where the General Conference, the local church,
12:09 the unions, the conferences,
12:10 all working together
12:12 for one outstanding gigantic initiative.
12:16 This is awesome. This is stupendous.
12:18 Shawn, you can tell we're so excited,
12:20 we've taken the quarterbacking of this thing away from you.
12:24 I know that.
12:25 I'm fascinated if there's one thing
12:27 I love it's soul winning. And I tell you what?
12:29 The reason I today I'm a Seventh-day Adventist
12:31 is because people sat in a group like this
12:33 and brainstorm and thought,
12:34 what could we do to reach the community.
12:35 I'm here because of evangelism. So talk away.
12:37 Well, just let me tell you
12:39 about the international aspect of this.
12:41 We presented to the whole world field
12:43 at the annual Council of 2011,
12:46 the opportunity of making a difference
12:49 in 630 to 650 cities,
12:53 major cities around the world.
12:54 Right.
12:55 And I wanted to touch on that this is not just for New York,
12:57 the whole world is going to benefit from this perhaps.
12:59 Absolutely.
13:01 And over the next two to three years,
13:04 divisions are now focusing upon cities of their own,
13:08 that they are going to be nurturing and featuring
13:11 in very direct areas of emphasis,
13:14 not just in public evangelism.
13:16 But as Don has said, community services,
13:19 and using young people,
13:21 and literature going door-to-door,
13:23 Bible studies,
13:25 people relating to others in a very practical way.
13:28 And New York has been chosen
13:31 as the first one of those 650 cities.
13:37 Because primarily that quotation
13:41 that says New York should be a symbol.
13:43 New York isn't the largest city in the world,
13:45 but it's like a microcosm of the world
13:49 we're going to have representatives
13:51 from every single division, 13 of them,
13:54 coming to New York to assist the conferences
13:59 and, of course, the two unions in helping
14:02 to hold public evangelistic meetings.
14:05 But that's just the tip of the iceberg.
14:07 Everything else is leading up to it,
14:09 and then after it to keep that momentum going.
14:12 But these divisions
14:13 will also be coming with their representatives.
14:16 And we will be having a training school,
14:18 a field school of evangelism,
14:20 Mark Finley will be leading out in that,
14:22 others will be involved,
14:24 I hope you'll be part of that.
14:26 And there will be others so that
14:28 when those people go back to their cities,
14:31 in their 13 divisions,
14:33 they will carry with them some of those experiences
14:36 and the knowledge that they've gained.
14:38 And it will affect the entire world
14:41 not just because of what they learned,
14:43 but because the Holy Spirit
14:44 is going to go with them and open the way.
14:47 Amen.
14:48 So the whole world in many ways has come to New York City.
14:50 There's 800 and some language groups.
14:52 That's the general population,
14:54 the Seventh-day Adventist from around the world
14:55 are also going to come to New York
14:57 and then from there,
14:58 go back out with the everlasting gospel.
15:00 And they're going to work with local people,
15:02 local pastors, and lay people, and everything.
15:05 It's going to be powerful, awesome.
15:07 All right, guys.
15:09 Well, thank you very much
15:10 for taking some time with me, today.
15:11 We're about to listen to Christine Sinclair,
15:14 sing "Each One, Reach One."
15:16 And as she does I hope you'll be thinking
15:17 about how God can use you to reach somebody
15:20 for Jesus Christ.
15:46 Today a man is somewhere
15:51 proclaiming the good news
15:55 Winning families for Jesus
15:59 All around his neighborhood
16:03 He tells them that God is able
16:06 To make their house a home
16:11 He wants to win his world for Christ,
16:16 but he can't do it alone
16:22 But each one can reach one
16:29 As we follow after Christ
16:32 We all can lead one
16:37 We can lead one
16:41 To the Savior
16:45 Then together we can tell the world
16:48 That Jesus is the way
16:53 If we each one reach one
17:08 Now the message is unchanging
17:12 Go ye into all the world
17:17 And share your love for Jesus far away and door to door
17:24 You see, just like somebody told you
17:28 That Jesus loves you so
17:31 You must tell someone,
17:34 Who will tell someone
17:36 Until the whole world knows
17:42 That each one can reach one
17:49 As we follow after Christ
17:52 We all can lead one
17:57 We can lead one to the Savior
18:04 And together we can tell the world
18:08 That Jesus is the way
18:13 If we each one reach one
18:19 So will you go and labor
18:23 Will you hold high your light
18:28 One by one and two by two
18:31 We can win our world
18:34 For Jesus Christ
18:39 Each one can reach one
18:45 As we follow after Christ
18:49 We all can lead one
18:53 We can all lead somebody to the Savior
19:00 Oh, yes, we can
19:04 Then together we can tell the world
19:08 That Jesus is the only way
19:14 If we each one
19:20 Reach just one


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