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Participants: Shawn Boonstra (Host), G. Earl Knight, Jose Cortes Senior, Ted Wilson, Trevor Baker, Charles Cheatham, Dan Jackson, Don King, Frank Bondurant, Frank Tochterman


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00:14 And we're back.
00:15 And we're talking about NY13 or this monumental project
00:19 that's going to focus on the metro New York area
00:22 in 2013.
00:24 Now, here's something I bet you didn't know
00:25 about New York City.
00:27 Did you realize that Washington DC
00:29 was not actually the first capital of America?
00:32 No, it was in 1789
00:34 that George Washington took his oath as president
00:37 on the balcony at Federal Hall in New York City.
00:40 So it was the place,
00:42 a place where America got a real start,
00:44 and we're praying,
00:45 it'll be a place where the wrap up of the work
00:47 will get a real impetus and a real start.
00:50 Now I'm back with a panel,
00:52 and you'll notice that my panel has shifted somewhat.
00:55 While Christine was singing, we changed some seats around,
00:58 and now I have a very esteemed panel of conference
01:01 and union presidents with me.
01:03 I've got Frank Tochterman
01:04 from the Southern New England Conference.
01:07 I'm going to get these wrong.
01:08 You know I'm going to get them wrong
01:09 because I'm nervous about getting them right.
01:11 Trevor Baker from New England.
01:13 Northeastern.
01:14 No, Northeastern, I knew it was an NE,
01:15 Northeastern.
01:17 Elder Earl G. Knight from Greater New York,
01:20 and our board chairman for the project,
01:22 Elder Don King from the Atlantic Union,
01:25 president of Atlantic Union,
01:26 Elder Jose Cortes from the New Jersey Conference,
01:29 and Elder Charles Cheatham from Allegheny East.
01:32 I almost got them right, I almost did it without a flaw.
01:36 Guys, tell me a little bit about your territories
01:39 and why you are presiding
01:42 in the best territory in the United States.
01:46 Southern New England Conference
01:48 is made up of three small states,
01:49 Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.
01:52 We have 11 million people living in that area.
01:55 Wow, 11 million, that's a third of the population
01:57 in my home country Canada
01:59 living in that little area, amazing.
02:00 Wow. Yes. Elder Baker?
02:01 Well, the Northeastern Conference
02:03 shares its territory with the Greater New York Conference.
02:05 But we expanded to New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts,
02:10 Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and even Vermont.
02:14 Wow, I get lost
02:16 to try to look around in the territory?
02:18 But the southern part of Connecticut
02:21 along with the New York territory,
02:25 they'll be the ones that mostly involved
02:27 in this New York 13 initiative.
02:29 We have a membership of 50,000 plus.
02:32 Fifty thousand plus.
02:34 Elder Knight?
02:35 I'm privileged to share territory
02:37 with my good friend Trevor Baker,
02:39 who is in Northeastern Conference.
02:41 Greater New York Conference covers the territory
02:46 mainly in the metropolitan area of the city of New York.
02:50 We extend to about 100, 120 miles north towards Albany.
02:56 We have 25,000 plus members that we are currently serving,
03:01 we would like to add many thousands
03:04 to that next year.
03:05 Let's double it.
03:07 We're excited about the prospect of New York 13,
03:10 and our people are getting ready,
03:12 we are geared up for tremendous success,
03:15 and to see souls come to know Jesus better.
03:17 Fantastic.
03:19 Elder King, we met you in our first segment
03:21 in the Atlantic Union,
03:23 just a second or two about the Atlantic Union?
03:25 Well, the Atlantic Union
03:26 is one of the two unions involved with NY13.
03:30 We have about 107,000 brothers and sisters,
03:32 believers in that union.
03:34 It covers all the way from New York to Buffalo
03:36 across to Bermuda,
03:38 and we're just excited about the wonderful possibility
03:42 of working together in New York.
03:43 You almost make it into Canada. Almost, right on the border.
03:47 Elder Cortes, New Jersey?
03:48 New Jersey is this side of the river.
03:51 And we have over 8 million inhabitants,
03:56 very close to New York.
03:59 We belong to the Columbia Union.
04:01 We already passed the 14,000 members
04:03 going to 15,000,
04:05 and we are ready for the mission
04:07 together with our work,
04:09 Seattle Conference, Allegany.
04:10 Elder Cheatham?
04:12 We cover the vast area in the Northeast.
04:16 Most of the cities that we cover
04:18 are in the states of New Jersey, of course,
04:22 but also in Pennsylvania, in Maryland,
04:25 and Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware.
04:27 So we have a large area,
04:29 but our target populations
04:31 are primarily in the heart of the urban and inner city,
04:34 the hardcore urban inner city structure.
04:38 And we are happy to have a number of churches
04:43 on the western side of the Hudson River.
04:47 And that's our targeted area
04:49 for this campaign of New York 13.
04:52 Great stuff.
04:53 Now we've got a lot of territory
04:55 and only a few minutes,
04:56 but if you guys could tell me a little bit
04:59 about what's going on in the field,
05:00 how are we getting ready for this big initiative?
05:02 How are we working together?
05:03 What are some of the things going on
05:05 in your neck of the woods?
05:06 I know that we won't be able to do any of them justice
05:09 because we have only seconds for each,
05:10 but what's going on in the field
05:12 to get ready for this big initiative?
05:15 Well, in Northeastern,
05:16 we're trying to spread the word first of all,
05:19 and then trying to get the members
05:22 and the pastors trained.
05:24 One of the mediums that we are using
05:27 is through our health ministries,
05:29 a lot of missionary training, medical missionaries,
05:32 Bible's instructors,
05:34 those are two of the initiatives
05:37 that we are starting to work with,
05:39 train individuals so that they can get out.
05:42 So a lot of emphasis
05:44 on getting the members into the streets,
05:45 and they're the ones being ministers.
05:47 Right.
05:48 We believe that
05:50 until you mobilize the lay members,
05:53 you're not going to be able to accomplish the task,
05:56 and that's what we're doing.
05:57 We are currently training lay Bible workers.
06:01 We have been training our pastors.
06:04 We are engaged with prayer ministries.
06:07 In fact, we in Greater New York Conference
06:10 intend to have 3000 prayer warriors
06:13 for this project.
06:16 We are working on the medical aspect as well.
06:19 We have people who are working there.
06:23 We have what?
06:24 Department leaders,
06:26 who are already engaged
06:27 in preparing the various segments
06:30 of the conference.
06:33 We are currently also getting ready
06:36 with The Great Hope book,
06:40 we are intended to scatter them like the leaves of autumn.
06:44 Now The Great Hope is the condensed version,
06:46 it's the abridged version for...
06:48 A sharing version really of The Great Controversy.
06:49 Yes, yes.
06:51 And we are very enthusiastic
06:54 about the prospect of sharing several thousand.
06:59 In fact, this New York 13
07:02 is not only considering 2 million or 3 million,
07:05 we are hoping that we could do even 4,
07:07 5 million, maybe 20 million.
07:08 Unbelievable.
07:10 And so we're excited about that in Greater New York Conference
07:12 along with my sister conferences,
07:15 we want to make this a tremendous success
07:18 for the advancement of the kingdom of God.
07:20 Elder King, tell me a little bit more
07:22 about this Great Hope Project?
07:23 Yes, Great Hope, as you mentioned earlier,
07:26 is a condensed version,
07:27 a distribution version of The Great Controversy.
07:31 And our hope and vision is to distribute
07:36 two to three million copies of these books,
07:38 which is sort of like one tenth of the entire population
07:41 of New York City.
07:42 And we're excited about it.
07:44 And we are depending on our church members,
07:47 and to really be able to purchase these books,
07:51 boxes up them so that they can be made available.
07:55 There are other parts of the world
07:57 where this has been done,
07:59 and we hope to do the same thing
08:00 in New York City.
08:01 I'm a member in one of your churches,
08:03 how many copies, how much would you hope
08:04 that I would support The Great Hope Project.
08:06 What would you recommend to my family and I,
08:08 perhaps as something that we could do
08:10 to participate in that?
08:12 I think if you could purchase a few hundred of these books,
08:16 you know, I'd like to recommend thousands,
08:18 you know, especially for you.
08:21 Wait, because we're all... They are only 39 cents.
08:23 Elder Earl, but they are 39 cents.
08:25 So it's not unrealistic for a family
08:27 to pray about 1000 copies.
08:29 Absolutely.
08:30 I mean, it's still a fair sum of money
08:31 for some families,
08:33 but we're stepping out in faith,
08:34 and this is about
08:35 making something happen by faith.
08:37 So really, for a family like mine,
08:38 1000 copies wouldn't be
08:40 out of the realm of possibility.
08:41 I think it's a doable.
08:43 Fantastic.
08:44 Elder Cortes, tell me about what is going on in New Jersey
08:46 and what you guys are doing to prepare the soil?
08:48 Oh, New Jersey is very excited.
08:50 As you normally, yours is a bit of evangelism.
08:53 They have bit of evangelism
08:54 and the home of the small groups.
08:57 And we are working in that direction.
08:59 We selected 80 cities
09:01 where we have not the presence
09:04 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
09:06 and we are starting with 12 committed Christians
09:10 beginning the mission in that particular city
09:12 and two universities,
09:14 Rutgers University and Princeton University.
09:16 And this group begin to get together with people,
09:20 and begin Bible stories,
09:21 sing a small group style as Jesus did it.
09:24 And then we already enlightened these cities
09:28 with the Gospel of Jesus.
09:29 And the plan is to have 80 new churches
09:33 in these 80 cities where we had not previously.
09:37 So you're dreaming of 80 new churches.
09:39 I think that's a kind of dream
09:40 that makes God smile about the project.
09:42 And the idea is not take 40, 50 member
09:48 for a particular church
09:49 and bring them to another city
09:51 because this is not church planting,
09:52 this is transplanting the church.
09:54 And what we are planning to do is church planting,
09:57 12 people to begin to have a critical mass,
10:00 and then organize them in a company
10:03 and then in a church.
10:04 So the dream really is new churches?
10:05 New churches with new people.
10:07 We have 100 million people in this country,
10:11 unchurched people,
10:12 people who know nothing about church,
10:14 they don't go to churches.
10:15 So we don't need to be picking members of the church.
10:18 We need to bring new people to our community.
10:21 Fantastic.
10:22 Elder Cheatham, tell me about what's going on
10:23 in your neck of the woods?
10:25 Well, again, in the northern part
10:26 of the New Jersey,
10:28 we are concentrating primarily
10:30 in the area of modeling the ministry of Jesus.
10:35 We're told that Jesus, He mingled,
10:39 He built relationships
10:41 regardless of what culture or whatever,
10:43 He reached out to Samaritans, Jews, everyone, poor, rich,
10:49 and that were, those were the what methods
10:51 that Jesus used.
10:53 In the heart of the urban area
10:55 that have lot of hurting people.
10:57 Rather than just,
10:58 we will be a part of spreading the message
11:02 through the book,
11:03 but we're training our pastors and our members
11:05 to get out in the streets,
11:07 go up and down the neighborhoods,
11:09 knock on doors,
11:12 find out what the needs of that community are,
11:14 and meet their physical
11:16 as well as their spiritual needs,
11:18 and win them to Jesus Christ.
11:20 So a real community based approach?
11:21 Right.
11:22 Elder Tochterman, tell me a little bit about your?
11:24 Yes, Shawn, in the Southwestern part of the Connecticut,
11:26 there are three counties, the Fairfield County,
11:30 the Litchfield County, and the New Haven County.
11:33 In those three counties are 20, rather two million,
11:39 two and a half million people, you know,
11:42 and they are the counties closest to New York.
11:45 And in those counties, we have 11 churches,
11:47 they're growing churches,
11:49 but they're looking forward to growing more
11:51 as they become a part of NY 13.
11:54 Well, now, recently,
11:56 we started talking to pastors and so on,
11:58 pastors are looking at this, I mean that...
11:59 You guys are representing groups of workers,
12:02 how can pastors become involved in this?
12:04 What role should they be playing
12:05 as we reach out into all these metropolitan areas?
12:09 Training the members of the church
12:11 how to do that type of ministry,
12:13 that's what I want my pastors.
12:15 So really a model
12:16 where pastors aren't doing the work
12:18 and the members are watching
12:19 and an entertainment based kind of a model.
12:22 Pastors serve as mentors and coaches.
12:23 And so if members would like to participate,
12:26 the best thing to do,
12:28 it's coming to the pastor and say,
12:29 "What can I do? And how can I get started?"
12:33 Am I hearing right?
12:34 Pastors are the gatekeepers.
12:36 They are in charge of the church.
12:38 And their mission is to be the trainers of the trainers.
12:41 If we are going to grow, we need people to be trained
12:44 to do the mission of the church in the right way.
12:47 I should also say, Shawn, that pastors,
12:49 the pastors will be constantly updated
12:51 with information about NY13.
12:53 Okay, and how does that happen?
12:55 Well, we're going to have newsletters
12:57 through our website, NY13.org.
13:00 In fact, anyone can go on NY13.org
13:03 and find out information about what's happening,
13:05 what is taking place, what is going to take place
13:07 and so forth,
13:08 all the announcements will be there.
13:10 So newsletters, the website, you know, the internet,
13:13 you know, all these various medium
13:16 we'll be able to get this information out.
13:18 What about Facebook? I'm a real Facebook guy.
13:20 Yes, absolutely.
13:22 It will be on Facebook, Twitter, yeah?
13:23 Are you on Twitter as well? I tweet on Twitter.
13:26 Oh, you do. Okay, good, good.
13:27 Yeah, you know what? I do it too much actually.
13:29 I'm up in the two in the morning tweeting away.
13:31 It's good thing that wasn't around
13:33 when I was in college.
13:34 We want to use every possible way
13:35 of getting this word out to our members,
13:38 so that they can be a part of this great initiative.
13:39 So it's a really broad based communication.
13:41 Very broad based. Broad based training approach.
13:44 I'm a member in one of your churches
13:46 in your district.
13:47 I want to do something, I mean, I'm hearing this New York, wow,
13:50 we're going to touch the world through New York.
13:53 I mean, the world is come to New York,
13:54 it's a wonderful place to kick off,
13:56 it's a very visionary project
13:57 that's going to trickle back to the rest of the world
13:59 we are praying.
14:01 And yet, what can I do?
14:02 I'm sitting in the pew in church,
14:03 and I'm hearing about this, and I'm really excited,
14:05 what do I do?
14:06 I mean I want to be in. Yes, yes.
14:08 Actually, Shawn, this year 2012,
14:10 we're planning and we're already having
14:12 a number of training programs,
14:15 there are youth programs, youth ministry programs,
14:17 there's Bible work ministry,
14:20 you know, learningh ow to become a Bible worker,
14:22 you know, to visit homes
14:24 and study with people that you can become involved.
14:26 There's also the language ministries
14:28 that are, you know, through the Hispanic,
14:30 you know, Spanish language, French language
14:32 and many other languages as well.
14:34 And there's just a plethora of training programs
14:40 that are happening.
14:41 If our church members
14:43 simply go to their pastor and say,
14:45 "I want to be involved."
14:47 Their pastor will be able to help them
14:49 and tell them how they can become involved.
14:52 It's an exciting opportunity.
14:53 Okay, fantastic, guys.
14:55 We're going to take a short break.
14:56 We're gonna come back
14:58 and pick it up where you left off.
14:59 But what we're going to do in the meantime
15:00 is listen to Christine sing again
15:02 about reaching people for Jesus Christ,
15:04 and how important that job is
15:08 in the work that Christ has given the church.
15:10 So let's listen to Christine, I'll be right back.
15:28 If the ship of your life
15:31 Is tossing on the sea of strife
15:36 You need someone
15:42 If you feel so all alone
15:46 And your house is not a home
15:50 You need someone.
15:57 If life seems so unfair
16:01 And there's no one left to share
16:03 All those lonely days and nights
16:08 When things just don't turn out right
16:11 And you want someone to care
16:15 And someone to just be there
16:20 You need someone
16:24 I give you Jesus
16:29 He's the peace that passes all understanding
16:39 I give you Jesus
16:43 He's the perfect love that casteth out all fear
16:53 I give you Jesus
16:58 He's the water that you drink
17:02 And never thirst again
17:08 I give you Jesus,
17:12 My friend
17:16 I give you Jesus
17:24 If the pressures all around
17:28 Keep your spirits to the ground
17:31 Then you need someone
17:38 If your body is in pain
17:42 And your health you can't regain
17:46 You need someone
17:53 If the times that you have tried
17:57 With all the strength you had inside
17:59 And it seems that you have failed
18:03 Remember on the cross He nailed
18:07 All the bitterness and grief
18:10 To give you peace and sweet relief
18:14 He is that someone
18:17 That someone you need
18:21 I give you Jesus
18:25 He's the peace that passes all understanding
18:35 I give you Jesus
18:39 He's the perfect love
18:41 That casteth out all fear
18:49 I give you Jesus
18:54 He's the water that you drink
18:58 And never, never thirst again
19:04 I give you Jesus,
19:08 My friend
19:12 I give you Jesus
19:18 I give you Jesus
19:22 Oh, He's the water that you drink
19:27 And never, never, never thirst again
19:34 I give you Jesus, my friend
19:40 I give you Jesus


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