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Participants: Shawn Boonstra (Host), G. Earl Knight, Jose Cortes Senior, Ted Wilson, Trevor Baker, Charles Cheatham, Dan Jackson, Don King, Frank Bondurant, Frank Tochterman


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00:16 Thank you, Christine.
00:17 I give you Jesus.
00:19 And what we're talking about
00:20 is bringing Jesus to New York City,
00:22 Metro New York City,
00:23 and then from there to the rest of the world.
00:26 And, gentlemen, I've been thinking about this,
00:28 New York City really is
00:30 this diverse melting pot of people.
00:32 That's where the United Nations is headquartered.
00:35 And we have more than 800 languages,
00:37 people from all over the world living there.
00:39 Tell me a little bit about the diversity in New York.
00:41 How do we tackle that?
00:43 What does that mean for our work?
00:44 What's New York like?
00:46 I mean, I know some people watching
00:47 maybe have never set foot in Greater New York City.
00:50 Actually, Shawn,
00:52 we know now that over 200,000 people
00:56 move into cities every single year.
00:58 And the same thing is happening in New York City.
01:01 And what a tremendous, diverse city it is,
01:04 with, as you said, over 800 languages
01:07 in that city alone.
01:09 We have a great, great challenge and an opportunity
01:13 to reach these people of New York City.
01:15 So how do we do it?
01:16 How do you bite off a project that big, 800 language groups,
01:20 and it's more than language diversity
01:21 in New York City, you've got all...
01:23 I mean, you've got lot of people
01:24 that grew up there.
01:26 But they have different walks of life,
01:27 there are different mentalities,
01:28 different philosophies.
01:30 When anytime you get, what is it?
01:31 Nearly 20 million people together.
01:33 You're going to have some diversity in that group.
01:35 How do we approach that kind of diversity
01:37 in a project like this?
01:39 Well, Shawn, in Greater New York Conference,
01:42 we have about 30 different language groups
01:46 that are currently functioning.
01:47 Obviously, we want to reach out
01:49 to touch the lives of many of these 800,
01:53 we're almost 800 other language group.
01:58 We are equipping our members right now
02:01 to be able to reach out
02:06 to these various groups.
02:08 Also, evangelists from various parts of the world
02:11 are going to be coming in and helping us
02:15 to accomplish this task.
02:17 And so we're going to be praying,
02:19 praying that Pentecost be repeated.
02:25 And that our members through prayer,
02:28 some small group, through evangelistic series,
02:30 through community outreach,
02:32 and various other method
02:34 will be able to reach these people.
02:38 And it's only with the help of the Lord
02:39 that we can have the wisdom
02:41 how to tackle this gigantic task, challenge.
02:44 But I believe,
02:46 part of the reaching this through,
02:49 doing the common things like the community services
02:53 and letting the people see that the gospel
02:57 that the church is, it touches them,
03:00 feeling, meeting their needs.
03:03 That's what Jesus said, then you bid them to follow.
03:06 So through our community services,
03:09 through the health ministries,
03:10 and everybody these days are interested in health.
03:13 And that's those are some of the approaches
03:15 that we need to do before we come with the gospel.
03:19 Develop these relationships
03:23 will help us reaching the cities.
03:26 So much diversity,
03:27 it seems to me that we really have an advantage
03:29 with all of our church members.
03:32 We're all diverse, we all come from different backgrounds,
03:34 different walks of life, some of us born in this church,
03:36 some of us born outside of the church,
03:38 from different ethnic backgrounds,
03:40 cultural backgrounds,
03:41 it seems like there'd be something
03:42 for just about everybody to do, wouldn't there?
03:44 And I've heard a number of things
03:45 being mentioned health outreach,
03:48 literature outreach, and do...
03:51 But there's one thing I think, in evangelism,
03:54 I've always looked at it like this.
03:57 I don't ever want everybody to do everything,
03:59 or just a few groups of people to do everything.
04:01 But this seems like an opportunity
04:03 for every member to do something
04:05 for the Lord to engage.
04:07 Whatever they can, right.
04:08 To fight in their armor to do something.
04:10 And still, so some may be preachers,
04:12 some may be comfortable going door-to-door
04:15 and serving the community, handing out literature,
04:17 others are very comfortable
04:19 in the health outreach and those things,
04:20 but there is one thing that we can all do.
04:22 We can all do.
04:23 We can pray. We can pray.
04:25 Now, there is a big prayer
04:26 initiative coming up, isn't there?
04:28 Yes, there is, Shawn.
04:29 Our steering committee
04:30 is working with the five conferences
04:32 and two unions in Metro New York
04:33 to have a prayer rally, and evangelism,
04:36 and prayer rally September 21, and 22 of this year 2012.
04:40 Okay.
04:42 We hope to have a tremendous program
04:45 and this program will be uplinked and downlinked
04:48 to the various churches in New York City
04:50 and wherever else through Hope channel.
04:52 So even if I don't live in New York,
04:54 I can still participate in prayer rally.
04:55 Absolutely.
04:57 Not only that, but you can also watch it on the internet,
05:01 on your iPad, your iPhone,
05:03 it will be streamed on your computer.
05:05 So you will have a tremendous opportunity
05:08 to be part of this prayer rally with Pastor Ted Wilson,
05:11 and Pastor Dan Jackson, and others, and so many others
05:15 that would participate in this from all around the city.
05:18 So in addition, it's on the internet,
05:20 I can watch it on my iPad, on my iPhone, on my Android,
05:22 even though you won't find.
05:24 Wherever you are in the world. Wherever I'm in the world.
05:25 You won't find an Android in my house,
05:27 so we are an Apple household.
05:29 We're an Apple household.
05:31 But if you're not an Apple household, go ahead,
05:33 watch it on your Android, try to enjoy that experience.
05:36 It's also on 3ABN and on Hope Channel,
05:39 you'll be able to watch it on television as well.
05:42 And that happens again, September...?
05:43 September 21 and 22.
05:45 So a Friday evening and a Sabbath,
05:48 the morning and the afternoon.
05:50 So if summer is over,
05:51 it's time to get to the prayer rally.
05:53 Right.
05:54 That's right at the turn of summer to fall.
05:56 And, Shawn, we want to say this that
05:58 we want to bathe and inundate
06:00 this entire operation in prayer.
06:02 All right.
06:03 This is why we're having this prayer rally.
06:05 We want our people to come together to pray
06:07 for NY13 for the evangelistic campaigns.
06:10 Over 300 of them
06:11 that to be held in New York City.
06:13 How many again? Three hundred campaigns.
06:15 Three hundred campaigns in one city.
06:16 In 2013.
06:18 Well, that seems worthy of prayer.
06:20 Yes. Let me ask this question.
06:23 We often hear, pray for this, pray for this, pray for this.
06:26 Gentlemen, why does prayer make a difference?
06:28 Why is it, I mean,
06:29 in my opinion, as an evangelist,
06:31 that's the most important thing we can begin with.
06:33 That's the starting ground.
06:34 But what does prayer do? How does it change us?
06:35 Well, Shawn, I think prayer connect
06:37 people with people firstly.
06:40 And secondly, it connects them with God.
06:45 I think when people are engaged with prayer,
06:50 they feel a part of the program,
06:52 they feel a part of the process
06:56 of leading people to Christ.
07:00 So prayer is important to engage people in a process.
07:05 And it's more than that,
07:07 is the work that we do is beyond ourselves.
07:11 It's a spiritual work.
07:13 And we need the help of the Holy Spirit,
07:16 it not only engages us with the people,
07:19 but it does something for us who are involved in it.
07:23 I'd have to agree with that. And you know what?
07:24 It seems like it's a great moment
07:26 actually to stop and pray right now.
07:29 Why don't we pray for New York and for the whole project,
07:32 and take a moment and bring the whole thing?
07:35 And wherever you are,
07:36 I'd asked you to watch not just with your eyes,
07:39 but with your heart at this moment
07:41 to enjoin us in prayer.
07:42 And we've got Elder Don King praying,
07:46 and Jose Cortez, president of New Jersey.
07:48 Let's stop for a little prayer at this moment.
07:51 Let's do that right now.
07:52 Our Heavenly Father,
07:53 we in the wonderful
07:55 and precious name of Jesus Christ,
07:57 we just want to thank You for the opportunity
08:00 that we have today and tomorrow.
08:03 And as long as You give us life, Lord,
08:06 to spread the everlasting gospel of Jesus,
08:09 and to share with our brothers and sisters,
08:12 and people in the street, and wherever we go, Lord,
08:15 NY13 is a wonderful opportunity for all of us,
08:19 as church members, as brothers and sisters,
08:21 believers in Christ to reach out
08:24 and touch the hearts and lives of our fellow New Yorkers,
08:28 and to endeavor to point them to the one person
08:33 that can be the answer to their problems,
08:35 their solutions in this life.
08:38 I pray, Lord, that You will bless NY13,
08:41 and bless our church members,
08:42 and bless all our people as we work together
08:45 towards this great and gigantic initiative
08:49 in reaching the cities for Jesus Christ, amen.
08:52 Amen.
08:54 Now, Father,
08:56 You know that this mission is greater than us,
08:59 we cannot do it for our self.
09:02 So please give us
09:03 a double portion of the Holy Spirit.
09:06 Bless every pastor,
09:08 bless every elder of the church,
09:11 bless every member of the church,
09:13 and help us to have the power to go to the streets
09:16 and find the people that need to meet Jesus.
09:19 They need Jesus
09:20 and we need to give Jesus to them.
09:22 But please, Father,
09:24 bless all the structure because the structure
09:26 without Your blessing is nothing,
09:28 and we need to receive the power of the Holy Spirit
09:32 in order to be successful in this beautiful opportunity
09:38 to serve in the area of New York metropolitan.
09:42 Bless us, because we pray in the name of Jesus, amen.
09:46 Amen. Amen.
09:48 That's the beginning of a mighty prayer army.
09:50 And I'm excited about what's going to happen.
09:52 Now, prayer is something everybody can do.
09:56 There is another thing that everybody can do
09:58 and that is pitching financially.
10:01 And you know, I was so deeply moved
10:03 when I heard about...
10:05 Because you transit to the finances,
10:07 I need to say something about prayer.
10:09 Prayer is no preparation for the mission,
10:12 is our mission itself.
10:14 In this invite them of a revival and reformation.
10:19 Everything begins with prayer.
10:21 People believe reformation needs to be critical
10:24 and trying to purify somebody else, but this is not.
10:27 The Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy is very clear.
10:30 Real reformation and revival begin with prayer.
10:33 And when we pray, we are going to do the mission,
10:36 and we are going to do Bible stories
10:39 and an army of people praying and doing Bible stories
10:42 are going to bring success to this important mission
10:46 that the GC, NID,
10:48 the unions and the conferences are embracing.
10:51 Amen.
10:52 Just go for it. Amen.
10:53 I want to say to you as you're watching.
10:55 As an evangelist, I've seen it time and time again,
10:57 if you walk through a neighborhood,
10:59 and pray over the houses,
11:00 and then send out an invitation,
11:02 the response is two, three, four times
11:04 as great as if you hadn't prayed.
11:05 I'd like you to make a commitment at this moment
11:07 to pray for what's happening in New York City
11:10 because it's going to spill across the whole world.
11:11 This is huge.
11:13 Make a covenant with me at this moment to pray.
11:16 And the other thing that you can do is support.
11:19 Elder King, you mentioned a moment ago,
11:21 39 cents for a copy of the Great Hope book.
11:24 And as I heard that, I thought, you know,
11:26 my family really could do 1,000 copies,
11:28 we could band together.
11:30 My daughter's, my wife and I,
11:31 and I think that's what we're going to do.
11:33 We're in for 1,000...
11:34 We're gonna do the same, Shawn.
11:35 Another thousand. We're gonna do the same.
11:37 Absolutely.
11:38 Why don't you pray about it, too?
11:39 I mean, 1,000 copies, maybe your family
11:41 that's not that much of a stretch.
11:42 Maybe you could take a step of faith
11:44 and think about 10,000 copies,
11:46 if the Lord has blessed you like that.
11:47 There are people who are gifted such
11:49 they could do 100,000 copies
11:51 if the Lord laid that on their hearts.
11:53 And I'd ask you to pray about that.
11:54 What would the Lord have you do in New York City?
11:57 Everybody could take a leap of faith.
11:59 And I've discovered that
12:00 when you take that leap of faith,
12:02 the Lord never leaves you hanging.
12:04 He never makes it impossible.
12:05 The prayer I've often prayed is, Lord,
12:07 here's what I would do if you made it possible.
12:09 And then I stretched just a little bit.
12:11 And I'd encourage you to do the same thing.
12:13 Lord, here's what I would do.
12:15 If you would make it possible, and watch what would happen.
12:17 Now, if somebody wanted to give
12:20 they can do that at NY13.org.
12:24 The information they need is there.
12:26 Yep.
12:27 There's the button right at the top
12:28 that says, "Donate."
12:30 Great.
12:31 I think we can move the world if we pray.
12:33 And if we get behind this thing,
12:35 I think the Lord ways to see us getting behind this thing.
12:37 Gentlemen, I have burned through all of our time.
12:39 I have used it all.
12:40 But I want to thank you so much...
12:43 And very profitable. For being here.
12:44 And I'm excited by some of the ways
12:46 that God is really blessing in the field.
12:49 Shawn, I do think we have an army of youth
12:53 that are ready and willing to be engaged in the academies,
12:58 in the elementary schools, and in the college,
13:01 and universities.
13:03 They are also willing and ready.
13:06 So our youth ministries are also engaged.
13:11 What will they be doing?
13:13 Sharing it with their fellow youth,
13:16 with the Facebook, with Twitter, with...
13:20 Compassion movement.
13:23 The electronic...
13:24 Social media. Technology.
13:27 You know, these are areas that they are using,
13:31 and they can use.
13:32 That's right.
13:33 Shawn, there's a minister, the youth ministries,
13:35 planning a compassion movement they call it.
13:38 Fantastic. Compassion movement.
13:39 I like the name of it.
13:41 Of getting into the streets and just working the streets,
13:44 these young people.
13:46 And not only that, we're going to have young people
13:47 coming from all around the world,
13:49 the 13 divisions of the world
13:51 are going to send a youth representative
13:54 to New York City,
13:55 to join with the youth in New York City,
13:57 to do this compassion ministry...
13:59 Oh, imagine that.
14:00 And, you know, there're also women,
14:02 women groups are now gathering for this great event
14:05 where everybody is working together.
14:07 Everybody.
14:08 Again, it's something that everybody,
14:10 there is a spot for everybody in God's family
14:12 to be a part of God's army this time around.
14:14 Amen. Let me ask you a question.
14:17 When John was on the Isle of Patmos,
14:19 God showed him the whole world lighting up
14:21 with the glory of Jesus Christ.
14:23 He saw people, sharing the everlasting gospel,
14:26 men and women making a difference
14:28 as they take their place on God's side
14:31 in the great controversy.
14:33 So here's the question that I have for you.
14:35 When John saw those people, did he see your face?
14:40 Did he actually see you envision,
14:43 taking your place in the final moments
14:45 before Jesus comes?
14:46 Did he see you sharing the gospel with your neighbor,
14:49 your friend, your family member or just out on the street?
14:53 You know, he saw somebody,
14:55 John saw somebody in that vision.
14:57 And at this moment,
14:58 I can't think of a single good reason
15:00 it couldn't have been you he saw on the Isle of Patmos.
15:04 Thanks for joining us.
15:06 Pray about your place in this great work.


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