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00:46 Hello and welcome back to 3ABN Spring Camp Meeting.
00:50 We have a great audience here today.
00:52 Look like you're all happy in the Lord, right?
00:55 If you're happy let me hear, you say, amen. Amen.
00:58 Wow! You could hear that without a microphone
01:01 out around the country, that's great,
01:03 that's absolutely incredible.
01:04 We do have a wonderful group
01:06 and we appreciate all of you at home
01:08 around the world watching.
01:09 And we know many of you would like to be here
01:11 and you couldn't for various reasons.
01:13 But you're here today, it's a wonderful Sabbath.
01:17 The weather is beautiful just like I told you all right?
01:19 It's about 72 degrees, how can you beat it.
01:22 And the Sun is shining outside,
01:24 but more importantly there is sunshine inside today,
01:27 it's the S-O-N, right?
01:29 Sunshine, God's love, Jesus' love.
01:32 Today, I'm most excited
01:33 about what we're getting ready to do.
01:35 This brand new project called "Love Rules."
01:38 And I want to explain it for just a little bit.
01:41 Here's the CD cover then we have DVDs also.
01:45 But this project came as I think as a result of us
01:48 doing the Pillars of our Faith for many of the doctrines
01:53 that we believe as Christians
01:54 and in particularly Seventh-day Adventist.
01:57 And what I've found out is
01:58 children seem to really catch on to this
02:01 and lot of the children,
02:02 Jim said, his grandchildren,
02:04 mine and others were singing some of these songs.
02:07 And a few months ago,
02:08 in fact last fall is just like the Lord gave me a burden,
02:12 we needed to do "Pillars" type project
02:15 music for young people.
02:17 So I don't know what else to do
02:19 and it was like when the Lord impressed me with 3ABN,
02:21 I said, "All right, I'll just go forward
02:23 and you supply the need."
02:24 So I began to pray about it
02:26 and it seem like day after day,
02:27 the Lord would just give me new thoughts
02:29 and new ideas for songs
02:31 that would be a blessing to young people around the world.
02:34 Because as I mention last night Satan is about steal,
02:37 kill and destroy.
02:39 Satan literally, the secular world is taken over media
02:43 that we should be the heads and not the tails.
02:46 And our young people are so distracted,
02:49 we need to counteract to counterfeit
02:51 and give our young people tools something they'll enjoy,
02:55 something that makes them happy.
02:58 Not just video games,
02:59 but something-- sometime in church,
03:01 we think we have to just look like so,
03:03 you know, but I think we should be the happiest,
03:05 excited people on planet Earth, don't you?
03:08 And I believe that our young people
03:10 should be raised in an atmosphere
03:12 that's a happy, very, very happy atmosphere,
03:16 because if we're not happy at home,
03:18 we can't be at happy at church,
03:19 and if we're not happy at home and church,
03:21 we're not gonna be happy anywhere else.
03:23 Doesn't mean everything as I say barrel the fern
03:26 and roses and all of that,
03:27 but we should be happy in the Lord.
03:29 So I said we need something
03:31 that will get young peoples attention
03:33 that will reach out to them in this day and age
03:36 and what would that be CDs and DVDs.
03:40 And so we decided to do this project.
03:43 I begin to write songs, the very last one I wrote.
03:47 It was for some reason
03:49 the Lord just impressed me with it
03:51 and we entitled it "Love Rules!"
03:55 because that is the rule of the universe.
03:57 It may not seem like it today but it is.
04:00 God's love is what rules this universe.
04:03 So I solicited Brenda Walsh,
04:06 who better if I'm gonna work with young people, right?
04:09 Miss. Brenda said, "I'll do anything
04:11 and everything you need me to do."
04:12 She gathered young people together,
04:14 organize the sync, work with Dr. Yvonne Lewis
04:17 to do backup parts for the children
04:19 to learn how to do their parts.
04:21 And so Dr. Bob Ford out in Washington State
04:25 said that he would sponsor this project for us.
04:28 And the list goes go on, and on
04:30 and I'll try to give some of the credit
04:31 to the earthly folks, but mainly
04:34 what we want to give credit to is our Lord Jesus Christ,
04:37 because He is our supreme provider
04:40 and He really is the executive producer
04:42 of projects ike this.
04:43 So what we're gonna do, we've been talking about it
04:46 all through camp meeting.
04:47 So this morning we have a chance to do it,
04:49 we pre-taped it, so we wouldn't put
04:51 a lot of pressure on the kids, lot of pressure on me,
04:54 lot of pressure on all of you.
04:56 And you know how that goes when you have a lot of kids
04:58 and lot of music and everybody involves,
05:00 so we pre-taped it her just few weeks ago.
05:03 And so we're gonna start out the first song.
05:05 And I thought maybe one of the most important ones,
05:08 the Lord gave me was
05:09 "Love God and keep His Commandments."
05:11 And so many of us, and I begin to ask people around 3ABN.
05:16 And people I would meet,
05:17 can you recite the Ten Commandments?
05:18 Well, if anybody should know the Ten Commandments,
05:20 Seventh-day Adventist, right?
05:22 That's right. I'm surprise.
05:23 I'm not gonna ask you to raise your hands
05:25 how many of you could recite the Ten Commandments?
05:28 And I got quite I noticed that.
05:30 Some of you looked away, we were looking,
05:32 we were locking eyes till then,
05:33 you kind of looked away.
05:36 I'm not gonna ask you how many?
05:37 But when do we need to be teaching our young people?
05:40 When they're little, right?
05:41 When they're very, very young.
05:43 So this first song we want to go to this right now
05:46 it says, "Love God and keep His commandments."
05:59 Love God and keep His commandments
06:04 This is the duty of man
06:08 Fear God and keep His commandments
06:13 They are His gift to man
06:17 Love the Lord with all your heart
06:21 And love your neighbor as yourself
06:26 Blessed are they that do His commandments
06:30 These are the children of God
06:41 The loves of God are His promises
06:45 To guide and protect us from sin
06:49 The love of God is everlasting With no beginning or end
06:59 Love the Lord with all your heart
07:02 And love your neighbor as yourself
07:07 Blessed are they that do His commandments
07:12 These are the Children of God
07:18 Exodus 20 verses 1 to 17, Commandment 1,
07:23 "I am the Lord your God,
07:25 who brought you out of the land of Egypt,
07:28 out of the house of bondage.
07:30 You shall have no other gods before Me."
07:33 Commandment 2, "You shall not make for yourself
07:36 a carved image, any likeness of anything
07:39 that is in heaven above
07:40 or that is in the earth beneath,
07:41 or that is in the water under the earth,
07:44 you shall not bow down to them nor serve them,
07:46 for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God,
07:49 visiting the iniquity of the fathers
07:51 upon the children to the third and fourth generation
07:54 of those who hate me and showing mercy to thousands
07:57 to those who love me and keep My commandments."
08:00 Commandment 3, "You shall not take
08:02 name of the Lord your God in vain,
08:04 for the Lord will not hold him guiltless
08:07 who takes His names in vain."
08:09 Commandment 4, "Remember the Sabbath day,
08:12 to keep it holy.
08:13 Six days you shall labour, and do all your work.
08:16 But the seventh day is the Sabbath
08:18 of the Lord your God, in it you shall do no work,
08:21 you, nor your son, nor your daughter,
08:24 your male servant, your female servant,
08:27 nor your cattle, nor your stranger
08:29 who is within your gates.
08:30 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth,
08:34 the sea, and all that is in them
08:36 and rested the seventh day.
08:38 Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day,
08:40 and hallowed it."
08:42 Commandment 5, "Honor your father and your mother,
08:45 that your days may be long upon the land
08:49 which the Lord your God is giving you."
08:52 Commandment 6, "You shall not murder."
08:55 Commandment 7, "You shall not commit adultery."
08:59 Commandment 8, "You shall not steal."
09:02 Commandment 9, "You shall not bear
09:04 false witness against your neighbor."
09:07 Commandment 10, "You shall not covet anything
09:10 that is your neighbor's."
09:14 Love the Lord with all your heart
09:17 And love your neighbor as yourself
09:22 Blessed are they that do His commandments
09:27 These are the children of God These are the children of God
09:35 These are the children of God
09:52 Amen. Praise the Lord.
09:54 I was raised in an era and maybe lots of you were
09:58 in 50s or so and my parents were wonderful Christians.
10:01 But there was quite a bit of legalism in our home.
10:04 And I think lot of-- without any ignorance
10:05 they loved he Lord.
10:06 But there was an awful lot of do's and don'ts.
10:09 There're still are things
10:11 and we didn't really understand
10:12 the relationship with the Lord,
10:14 real relationship, I personally didn't,
10:16 I know my parents did
10:17 but I didn't till later on in life.
10:20 And so the next song that Lord gave me,
10:24 I think kind of, lot of people will say,
10:26 "Oh, you know, Seventh-day Adventists,
10:28 they just think they're saved
10:29 by keeping the Commandments."
10:30 Well, this next song brings balance to that.
10:33 It's entitled "Jesus is the key
10:35 to heaven only He unlocks the door."
10:38 And it talks about
10:39 our personal relationship with Jesus.
10:41 And so therefore it rules out any other way
10:43 to get to heaven, right?
10:44 When you say, "Jesus is the key
10:46 only He unlocks the door."
10:48 Okay, now, now what you're gonna say.
10:51 All right but keeping the commandments
10:53 we say, we shouldn't be hearers of the word,
10:55 but doers also.
10:57 So it's a balance that some people
10:59 seem to fall out of the boat.
11:01 And as we always say, "The devil doesn't care
11:03 which side of the boa you fall out off
11:05 just long as you fall out."
11:06 So this song is the song the Lord gave me,
11:10 "Jesus is the key to heaven," and it helps young people
11:13 and all of us understand who we are and who God is?
11:26 Jesus is the key to heaven Heaven, heaven
11:34 Jesus is the key to heaven Only He unlocks the door
11:41 The Bible tells us in Acts Chapter 4 verses 10 to 12.
11:46 That the only way we can be saved
11:48 and enter heaven is by believing on the name
11:51 of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
11:54 who is the chief cornerstone of our faith.
11:57 Let's read it Acts 4:12,
12:00 "Nor is there salvation in any other,
12:03 for there is no other name under heaven
12:05 given among men by which we must be saved."
12:08 Jesus is the key to heaven Heaven, heaven
12:16 Jesus is the key to heaven Only He unlocks the door
12:23 The Bible also said in Romans 3:23,
12:26 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."
12:30 And in Roman 6:23, it says,
12:33 "For the wages of sin is death,
12:35 but the gift of God is eternal life
12:38 in Christ Jesus our Lord."
12:43 Jesus is the key to heaven Heaven, heaven
12:50 Jesus is the key to heaven Only He unlocks the door
12:58 Boys and girls, here's the good news
13:00 found in First John 1:9, "If we confess our sins,
13:04 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
13:07 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
13:13 Jesus is the key to heaven Heaven, heaven
13:21 Jesus is the key to heaven Only He unlocks the door
13:28 John 3:16, "For God so loved the world
13:32 that He gave His only begotten Son,
13:34 that whosoever believeth in Him
13:37 should not perish but have everlasting life."
13:43 Jesus is the key to heaven Heaven, heaven
13:51 Jesus is the key to heaven Only He unlocks the door
13:58 Only He unlocks the door Only He unlocks the door
14:14 All right.
14:16 I'm gonna quickly go over a list of names
14:18 of the young people that you see up there.
14:20 We have Daniel Babb from the local area here.
14:24 Ferra Berry is also here locally.
14:26 Samara Bauden or Bowden, I'm sorry, Samara Bowden.
14:31 Kelley Chance is here, my sister's granddaughter.
14:35 Caleb Denzy and of course, Johnny Natalya Denzy
14:39 and Mario Henriquez, this little girl this side.
14:43 She gets to me when I watch her
14:44 she has so much joy and so much expression
14:48 that I find myself always with a big smile
14:50 when you watch Mario sing.
14:53 Lucy Garger, she's from here locally.
14:56 Jamie Henderson, Shelby Hughes,
14:58 Justin and Noah Mundal, the grandsons,
15:01 two of my grandsons.
15:03 Trinity Murray, who is precious little girl
15:06 that I love with all my heart.
15:07 And Ruzel Tumana,
15:10 Ruzel and she's the other little girl,
15:12 the youngest two and these two girls,
15:14 they both, I don't care when they're not on camera
15:18 they're smiling and just as happy
15:20 and show just as much expression.
15:22 They are such a joy to be around.
15:24 And so in between song
15:26 I had the privilege of cutting up with them a little bit,
15:29 and they've got quite a sense of humor too,
15:30 but I found out they're too smart for me
15:32 so I didn't try to, try to go into anything deep with them.
15:36 Because whatever I want to do about
15:39 whether it'd be music or anything else
15:40 they've studied a lot more than I have,
15:42 so I just try to keep it on a very young level.
15:47 Okay, then we had Holly Thompson
15:49 came from the Grand Caymans and Tierra Walker,
15:53 who is my brother's granddaughter.
15:55 And of course, Bradley and Beverly Bradley
15:57 is a director here and is their daughter Tierra.
15:59 So that's a list of some of the young people
16:02 who are taking part in this project
16:04 and I just said, you know, what?
16:06 We give these songs to each of the kids
16:08 if you really like these, if you wanna do them.
16:11 No one is required to do anything,
16:13 if you wanna be a part of this
16:14 you really have to work at it, you have to learn the songs.
16:17 And virtually every one of them did
16:19 and they came here and we did this in one day.
16:22 We started at about 9:30 or 10:00
16:24 had some technical problems that you that can do
16:28 when you have such a huge group.
16:30 And so by 1 O'clock
16:32 or so we only had two songs done
16:34 and I, someone had to leave in that evening
16:38 and I said there is no way.
16:39 So we prayed about it and Brenda Walsh assured me,
16:41 we'll have them done by 5:30,
16:43 they won't even be later tonight and we were.
16:46 And this thing the Lord just continue to bless
16:49 and one song after another.
16:51 The next song is a song
16:53 that's very difficult for young people
16:55 it was for me to wrap my mind around.
16:57 I would go to church
16:58 and I would hear sermons on the trinity.
17:01 But the trinity tried to explain
17:03 to a 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old about the trinity.
17:06 And it's a pretty tough subject
17:08 to really to deal with.
17:10 And so several months ago,
17:11 the Lord impressed me to write a song
17:13 about the trinity and I wasn't so sure
17:16 how I could do it if these were possible
17:19 then I think two or three nights later
17:21 I came over here to one of our anchors of faith
17:23 and Ty Gibson was here,
17:25 he was giving a sermon on the trinity.
17:27 And I said, "Okay, this must be of the Lord."
17:29 So we'll go home and Lord help me
17:31 to get this together to put it in a way
17:33 that young people can understand it
17:36 and maybe some of us older folks too.
17:38 Sometimes we try to read too deeply in the things.
17:42 And I'm glad that the gospel is simple,
17:43 it really is.
17:44 Otherwise it wouldn't be fair,
17:46 only the smart people could go to heaven, right?
17:48 So it really is simple
17:51 but sometimes we try to make things too difficult.
17:54 So this is the song that the way we finished it
17:57 and we believe the Lord gave it to us
17:59 entitle "The Trinity."
18:07 God the Father, Holy Spirit,
18:11 Jesus Christ the Son
18:17 They are three, yet they are one
18:21 The Father sent His Son to Earth
18:23 where He was born as human birth
18:27 The Holy Spirit given by the Son
18:31 They are three yet they are one
18:37 The circle of love within the three
18:39 brings salvation to you and me.
18:42 It's all part of a heavenly plan
18:44 to forgive and restore a sinful man.
18:50 God the Father God the Father
18:52 Holy Spirit Holy Spirit
18:54 Jesus Christ the Son Jesus Christ the Son
19:00 They are three yet they are one
19:04 The Father sent His Son to Earth
19:06 where He was born of human birth
19:10 The Holy Spirit given by the Son
19:14 They are three yet they are one
19:18 The Father illuminates the Son and through His death
19:22 since victory has been won.
19:24 The Holy Spirit works within our lives
19:27 to renew God's love in our hearts and minds.
19:33 God the Father God the Father
19:35 Holy Spirit Holy Spirit
19:38 Jesus Christ the Son Jesus Christ the Son
19:43 They are three yet they are one
19:47 The Father sent His Son to Earth
19:49 where He was born of human birth
19:53 The Holy Spirit given by the Son
19:57 They are three yet they are one
20:02 They are three, yet they are one
20:08 Amen. All right.
20:14 Don't these young people do-- can you tell they're happy,
20:16 they're enjoying themselves?
20:18 And the balance is what it all
20:20 it's all about it as I said earlier.
20:22 It seems like that this world,
20:24 Satan tries to get everything out of balance.
20:27 And it takes our focus away from the Lord Jesus Christ.
20:32 And as Christians a lot of times
20:35 in particular lot of us
20:36 as Seventh-day Adventist Christians
20:38 we don't really seem to have the joy in our life.
20:41 You know, the song says, or the scripture says,
20:44 "Fear God," first angel's message,
20:46 "Fear God and give glory to Him
20:48 for the hour of His judgment has come."
20:49 We keep the hour of His judgment
20:51 but we sometimes forget about the first part.
20:54 Fear God and do what?
20:56 Give glory to Him.
20:57 And when people see us,
20:59 they should see Jesus shining out of us, right?
21:01 Doesn't mean we're always happy about everything
21:04 and everything is going our way,
21:05 but it doesn't have to as I've mentioned before.
21:08 We've read the back of the book
21:09 and the back of book says, "We win," right?
21:12 And so my burden for this has been
21:15 and this is a tremendous burden.
21:17 I can't even tell you, the burden that I have.
21:20 This is important to me as when the Lord said,
21:22 "I want you to build the television station
21:24 that will reach the world with an undiluted
21:26 Three Angels' messages
21:27 one that would counteract the counterfeit.
21:30 I had no idea how it would happen,
21:32 20, nearly 28 years later
21:34 this fall would be 28 years since that idea.
21:36 My brother Kenny and other people
21:38 begin to join in, so many people,
21:40 and today 3ABN is going around the world.
21:43 Just assuredly I am convinced the Lord impressed me
21:47 that our young people are being taken out away from us.
21:52 And that Satan surely desires them.
21:55 And that it's up to you and me to do something about it
21:58 and to provide them tools that will help them
22:02 to keep their eyes on Jesus Christ.
22:04 Because how many of us, probably I won't even ask,
22:07 but how many kids and grandkids
22:09 have these little DSS.
22:11 My grandkids says, "Hey I wonder
22:13 what that name means." I say, "It's Danny Shelton."
22:15 They just copied my name,
22:17 I guess that's what it is DS, I don't know.
22:19 And so they say, "Papa."
22:22 But how many of us will spend 200, $300 on these things
22:27 that are games and we'll spend all kinds of money
22:30 and let these kids listen and download things.
22:32 Now you can download songs on your phones.
22:36 And yet somehow, and I'm talking about
22:37 those of us as Christians allowing our children
22:40 to watch all kinds of programs.
22:43 But we will be responsible if we're not providing
22:46 and placing the tools in their hands.
22:49 Not just what we tell them.
22:51 We can't depend on our school and our school teachers.
22:54 We can't depend on others.
22:55 We have to depend on ourselves as parents and grandparents
22:58 and great-grandparents that is our responsibility
23:02 to see that these kids understand
23:05 and know who Jesus Christ is and know how to get to heaven
23:09 and so anytime we have tool.
23:12 So that's why I'm excited about this project.
23:14 I could talk about it for a longtime
23:16 and you probably hear about it,
23:18 because I really feel this is something
23:20 teaching our young children these doctrines
23:23 and how to give their lives to Jesus.
23:25 And I was talking about the joy,
23:27 Christmas day, I'd had maybe five or six,
23:30 seven of these songs written this past Christmas.
23:32 And I went in to my computer where I do write songs
23:37 and I looked at some of the other songs,
23:38 this Christmas morning early.
23:40 And something hit me about the joy of Jesus
23:44 and I said, wow, "Joy was born."
23:46 And I said, that's the song, that's got to be a song.
23:49 Joy, this thought came to me.
23:50 Joy was born this Christmas Morn.
23:53 And so we understand and not getting
23:55 into all of the December 25th.
23:58 It makes no difference what day it is.
24:00 But the fact that Jesus was born on one of these days
24:03 that what's important, right.
24:05 And that He gave His life for us here
24:07 and now He is back into heaven
24:09 ever interceding at the right hand of the Father
24:12 that what's important.
24:13 And so this occurred to me joy was born,
24:16 so I said, "wow! Lord that's a song."
24:18 So I just started typing some words in.
24:21 And then all of a sudden this thought came to me
24:23 and it's so neat, I know that you understand
24:25 that some of you, if you're preaching
24:28 or doing your teaching your Sabbath lesson
24:30 or maybe you're just driving down the road.
24:32 But these thoughts will come to you
24:33 and you just say, "Thank you Lord."
24:35 Because you know that's not of you.
24:36 This thought came into my mind
24:38 before the song was even written.
24:40 The package was small but the gift was so great. Amen.
24:44 It was a baby boy that we now celebrate. Amen.
24:49 I said, "Okay, that's deep, that's from the Lord
24:51 that's not for me, that's deep."
24:53 The package was small but the gift was great.
24:55 So I said, "Lord, write this song."
24:57 This next song is entitled "Joy was Born."
25:04 Luke 2 Verses 8 through 11,
25:06 "Now there were in the same country
25:08 shepherds living out in the fields,
25:10 keeping watch over their flock by night.
25:13 And behold, an angel of the Lord
25:14 stood before them, and the glory of the Lord
25:17 shone around them, and they were greatly afraid."
25:20 "Then the angel said to them, 'Do not be afraid,
25:23 for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy
25:26 which will be to all people.
25:28 For there is born to you
25:29 this day in the city of David a Savior,
25:32 who is Christ the Lord.'"
25:40 In a little town called Bethlehem
25:46 Early in the morning
25:51 In a stable just behind the inn
25:57 Joy was born Joy was born
26:06 Joy was born
26:09 On that first Christmas Morn
26:15 Joy was born Joy was born
26:20 As the Savior of the world
26:29 The king of kings from heaven above came to set us free
26:41 He died that we might live with Him for eternity
26:53 Joy was born Joy was born
26:59 On that first Christmas Morn
27:04 Joy was born Joy was born
27:10 As the Savior of the world
27:16 The package was small But the gift was so great
27:21 It was a baby boy That we now celebrate
27:27 He created the world by a spoken command
27:33 Now He holds the world in the palm of His hand
27:39 No, it wasn't just a baby boy born
27:42 that first Christmas Morn.
27:44 It was the Almighty Counselor,
27:46 Prince of peace, the Lion of Judah,
27:49 King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
27:54 Joy was born Joy was born
27:59 On that first Christmas Morn
28:05 Joy was born Joy was born
28:11 As the Savior of the world
28:17 Joy was born Joy was born
28:22 As the Savior of the world
28:41 A few months ago I was talking to Trinity Murray
28:45 when Melody was young.
28:46 I said to Melody we should write a song.
28:48 what should we write a song about.
28:50 Together we wrote a song,
28:51 "There is Power in the Name of Jesus."
28:53 So one day, I said Trinity,
28:54 I said, "If you could write a song,
28:56 what would you write a song about?"
28:58 I like to hear young people,
28:59 you want to know where they're coming from, right?
29:01 I said, "What would you write a song about?"
29:03 And she said, "Papa, is there a song called, "He promises."
29:09 And I said, "You know, I don't think so."
29:10 But I said, "What would He promise."
29:13 And she said, "Well, He promises that He loves us."
29:17 I said, "Okay, I like that."
29:19 She goes, "He promises that we can have a happy life."
29:23 I said, "Yeah."
29:24 She goes, "And He promises that
29:26 we don't have to be afraid even in the dark."
29:28 I said, "Let's write this song." Amen.
29:30 So we sit down and wrote this song, "He promises."
29:46 He promises that He is love In First John Chapter 4
29:54 And even though we love Him lots
29:58 He loves us even more
30:02 First John 4:16, "God is love.
30:06 And he who abides in love,
30:08 abides in God, and God in him."
30:12 He promises that He is true And He will make us free
30:20 He promises eternal life In St. John Chapter 3
30:28 John 3:16, "For God so loved the world,
30:32 that He gave His only begotten Son,
30:34 that whoever believes in Him should not perish,
30:38 but have everlasting life."
30:40 He promises a happy life In St. John Chapter 10
30:48 And all we have to do is this Just trust and humble Him
30:57 John 10:10, "I have come that they may have life,
31:00 and that they may have it more abundantly."
31:04 He promises when in the night That I feel all alone
31:12 Isaiah Chapter 12 tells me He is my strength and song
31:21 Isaiah 12: 2, "I will trust and not be afraid,
31:26 for the Lord is my strength and song."
31:31 Oh, how I love Jesus Oh, how I love Jesus
31:38 Oh, how I love Jesus Because He first loved me
31:46 And even though we love Him lots
31:50 He loves us even more
32:05 That's a good song for all of us
32:07 to remember, isn't it?
32:08 No matter what, we don't have to be afraid.
32:10 The next song, for years I go to churches
32:13 and my main topic, I don't consider myself a preacher
32:17 nor the son of a preacher, but a speaker or a talker,
32:19 I talk a lot and all that.
32:21 But would be "Go Ye."
32:23 I talked about "Go ye into all the world."
32:25 And we want to help our young people
32:27 as well as this older folk to understand when Jesus said,
32:31 "Go ye into the world," that who are the ye's?" You and me.
32:35 How many ye's are there here today?
32:37 Every hand should go up unless you don't have one, right?
32:41 Because "Go ye into all the world"
32:44 it's personal responsibility
32:46 for taking the gospel to the world.
32:48 And these young people that are here,
32:50 the ones who're singing this
32:51 have taken that gospel commissions.
32:53 Some of those traveled out of--from the Cayman Islands.
32:56 They traveled from California, from Florida,
32:58 they're going and they came here
33:00 and didn't ask for a penny.
33:02 They said, "We want to do this.
33:03 We want to be a part of this."
33:04 So their parents are already training them up
33:07 in the way that they should go.
33:09 These young people are taking this--
33:11 you and I have tremendous potential
33:13 to take the gospel into all the world,
33:15 but sometimes we get distracted.
33:17 So we want to play this song now, "Go Ye."
33:33 Jesus said, Go ye into all the world
33:39 If He said it We can do it
33:41 Yes, He said it So let's do it
33:44 Take the gospel into the world
33:51 We're not too young We're not too old
33:54 To tell I love Jesus love
33:56 We're not ashamed so let's be bold
33:59 To tell I love heaven above
34:04 Jesus said Go ye into all the world
34:09 If He said it We can do it
34:12 Yes, He said it So let's do it
34:15 Take the gospel into the world
34:19 Matthew 20, it's 18 to 20,
34:22 "And Jesus came and spoke to them saying,
34:25 'All authority has been given to Me
34:27 in heaven and on earth.'
34:29 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,
34:32 baptizing them in the name of the Father
34:35 and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
34:37 teaching them to observe all things
34:40 that's I have commanded you.
34:42 And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."
34:47 Christ gave His life upon a Cross
34:50 To set us free from sin
34:52 He said that day was not a loss
34:55 He's coming back again
35:00 Jesus said Go ye into all the world
35:05 If He said it We can do it
35:08 Yes, He said it So let's do it
35:11 Take the gospel into the world
35:16 Jesus said Go ye into all the world
35:21 If He said it We can do it
35:24 Yes, He said it So let's do it
35:27 Take the gospel into the world Take the gospel into the world
35:34 Take the gospel into the world Take the gospel into the world
35:40 Take the gospel into the world Take the gospel into the world
35:50 "Go ye, go ye into all the world."
35:54 Brenda Walsh called me a few days ago.
35:56 She said, "Danny, you know, I love you."
35:58 I've known you all of my life.
36:00 We knew them since they were kids,
36:01 her father lives just down the road here
36:03 away from West Frankfort.
36:05 She said, "I know I love you but on this program
36:07 that you're doing with the kids.
36:09 Be sure you make some notes in between each song
36:12 so you won't just ramble in between."
36:14 And she said, "I know, you don't like to make notes.
36:19 And I know that you don't like to be confined,
36:21 but please do this so that it runs smoothly."
36:24 And again she said, "Don't ramble."
36:27 And I said, "Okay."
36:28 And she said, "Now don't tell anyone I said this."
36:30 So I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna repeat it,
36:33 I know, she is watching today.
36:35 And this was just our own little secret
36:38 here for us right now.
36:40 But she called me one day and she said, "Listen,
36:42 I need a theme song,
36:44 we're doing this Vacation Bible School.
36:46 And I need a new theme song for Kids Time."
36:50 And she said for things we're doing
36:52 and she just wrote one for Vacation Bible School.
36:54 But she said, "Would you write me a song
36:57 for kids for Kids Time."
36:59 And I said, "Brenda, I'm on my way right now.
37:02 I'm gonna doing a live program."
37:03 I think it was like 15 minutes from now
37:06 and I was late leaving the house,
37:07 I said, I got to get over there
37:08 and she said, "I may have 20 minutes."
37:10 She said, "Well just think about it
37:11 if you can write a song."
37:13 Now I said, "I don't know
37:14 if I can write a song like that."
37:15 So I started go out of the door
37:17 and all of sudden this little tune popped in my mind
37:19 and so I ran back in real quick and sit down
37:22 and typed out the words.
37:25 And on the way over to the station at 3ABN I sang it.
37:28 I said to her, she goes,
37:30 "Oh, I love it, that's perfect."
37:31 And I said, "Really?"
37:32 She is little hard to please sometimes.
37:34 I said, "Really?"
37:37 And well, she's a perfectionist.
37:38 You know, perfectionist through that way.
37:40 So I said, "Really?" She said, "I love it.
37:42 Don't change your thing."
37:44 And so later I said, "Man, I got off easy."
37:47 That I said-- that probably
37:49 I was telling someone in front of her,
37:50 I said, I think I wrote that in 15 or 20 minutes.
37:52 She said, "No, it was 4 minutes and 31 seconds."
37:56 And I said, "Well, how would you know that?"
37:58 She said, "Because from the time I hung up,
38:00 I looked in my phone
38:02 and the time you called me back
38:03 with the song was 4 minutes and 31 seconds."
38:06 So I said, "Okay, well, it is a short song.
38:09 I hope you enjoy Kids' Time."
38:19 It's Kids' Time to help each other
38:23 It's Kids' Time to love one another
38:26 It's Kids-- It's Kids' Time
38:33 It's Kids' Time to share about Jesus
38:37 Kids' Time to help those who need us
38:40 It's Kids-- It's Kids' Time
38:46 Hey, kids did you know that we're valuable to Jesus
38:49 and that He loves us each and everyone?
38:51 And did you know that He died to save us,
38:53 because God was willing to give His only son?
38:57 Here's how we can show Jesus, how much we love Him.
39:00 It's Kids' Time to catch the vision
39:04 It's Kids' Time to join in the mission
39:07 It's Kids-- It's Kids' Time
39:14 It's Kids' Time to help each other
39:17 It's Kids' Time to love one another
39:21 It's Kids-- It's Kids' Time
39:26 It's Kids' Time It's Kids' Time
39:29 It's Kids' Time
39:35 All right, and they make it believable too, don't they?
39:39 The next song is called "On This Your Sabbath Day."
39:44 And I was thinking about a song
39:46 that would describe not only talk about the Sabbath,
39:49 but which day is the Sabbath
39:51 and explain that God is the Creator.
39:54 And then explain some of the things
39:56 that we're to do and not to do on this Sabbath in detail.
39:59 So young people when they read it.
40:01 And these are for folk of all denominations.
40:03 We're wanting this Love Rules CD to go into Book
40:08 and Bible stores all over the country.
40:10 And we're hoping that people can receive these
40:13 and as they listen, because what's in here is Bible,
40:16 I didn't write it, this is our Bible.
40:18 And "On This our Sabbath Day,"
40:20 we try to incorporate the things
40:22 that for a young mind that we thought would be simple
40:24 and they could grasp and understand that
40:26 who we are and who God is, "On This Your Sabbath Day."
40:44 We come to worship you On this Your Holy day
40:56 We feel You near You presence ordain
41:02 On this Your Sabbath day
41:08 We rest in You today We honor Your command
41:19 We find such peace when our work we cease
41:25 On this Your Sabbath day You sanctify Your day
41:37 You blessed and hallowed it
41:43 Six days to work the seventh to rest
41:48 On this Your Sabbath day
41:54 Exodus 20 verses 8 through 11, "Remember the Sabbath day,
41:58 to keep it holy.
42:00 Six days you shall labor, and do all your work,
42:03 but the seventh day
42:04 is the Sabbath of the Lord your God.
42:06 In it you shall do no work,
42:08 you, nor your son, nor your daughter,
42:11 your male servant, nor your female servant,
42:13 nor your cattle, nor the stranger
42:15 who is within your gates.
42:17 For in six days the Lord made the heaven
42:19 and earth, the sea, and all that is in them,
42:23 and rested the seventh day.
42:25 Therefore the Lord blessed
42:26 the Sabbath day and hallowed it.
42:30 We ate the law of God We give our heart to you
42:41 Please fill us now with holy power
42:47 On this Your Sabbath day
42:53 Please fill us now with holy power
43:01 On this Your Sabbath day
43:21 Praise the Lord.
43:22 These young folk cheered me up jesting on that.
43:26 But again, I just so appreciative to their parents
43:29 in allowing them to come and teaching them.
43:32 How important it is to use their gifts
43:35 and talents and abilities for Jesus while they're young.
43:39 Our next song is just a little happy song.
43:41 It goes back from what I mentioned little bit ago
43:44 first angel's message,
43:46 "Fear God and give glory to Him."
43:48 And I think when we go to ball games
43:50 we get excited, we get happy, right?
43:52 When we have a birthday, we get excited,
43:54 we get happy, we get all kinds of things.
43:56 And yet sometimes in church or as Christians,
44:00 we think we have to look so sober
44:01 and so serious all the time.
44:03 And this song is just a reminder
44:06 of who God is and who we are.
44:08 And it's a joy and privilege and He says,
44:11 "He inhabits the praises of His people."
44:14 And so this little song is entitled
44:17 "Let's All Praise the Lord."
44:27 Come join in singing join in praising
44:31 Let's all praise the Lord
44:34 We'll sing out loud our voice is raising
44:37 Let's all praise the Lord Hallelujah, Hallelujah
44:47 We'll tell the world how much we love Him
44:50 Let's all praise the Lord
44:53 Psalm 100 verses 1 through 5,
44:56 "Make a joyful shout to the Lord,
44:58 all ye lands.
45:00 Serve the Lord with gladness,
45:01 come before His presence with singing.
45:04 Know that the Lord He is God.
45:06 It is He who has made us,
45:07 and not we ourselves.
45:09 We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
45:12 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
45:15 and into His courts with praise.
45:17 Be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.
45:20 For the Lord is good, His mercy is everlasting,
45:23 and His truth endureth to all generations.
45:26 We've come to worship our Creator
45:30 Let's all praise the Lord
45:33 We love Him because He is our Savior
45:36 Let's all praise the Lord
45:39 Hallelujah, Hallelujah
45:46 We'll tell the world how much we love Him
45:49 Let's all praise the Lord
45:52 Psalm 34 verses 1 through 3,
45:55 "I will bless the Lord at all times,
45:58 His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
46:01 My soul shall make it's boast in the Lord,
46:03 the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.
46:05 Who magnify the Lord with me,
46:07 and let us exalt his name together.
46:10 Come join in singing, join in praising
46:14 Let's all praise the Lord
46:17 We'll sing out loud, our voice is raising
46:20 Let's all praise the Lord
46:23 Hallelujah, Hallelujah
46:30 We'll tell the world how much we love Him
46:33 Let's all praise the Lord
46:35 Come on let's all praise the Lord. Amen.
46:44 Well, this takes care of the
46:46 "Fear God and give glory to Him."
46:47 We just praise the Lord, but the last half
46:50 of the first angel's message says,
46:52 "For the hour of His judgment has come."
46:55 So we felt it was impropriate,
46:56 it would be appropriate to write a song
46:59 "The hour of His judgment."
47:00 There's a judgment coming for all of us.
47:02 And what happens when we die
47:04 and what happens when the judgment hour is here?
47:07 And I think young people should know
47:08 and old people should know
47:09 around the world, right?
47:10 Since this gonna happen to all of us,
47:12 none of us are gonna escape
47:14 the "The Hour of Christ's Judgment."
47:16 Here it is.
47:33 Jesus is coming to earth again
47:37 To take His children home
47:40 He's coming in clouds with power and light
47:44 The hour of His judgment has come
47:47 The hour of His judgment has come
47:51 The hour of His judgment has come
47:55 Are you ready All get ready
47:58 The hour of His judgment has come
48:07 The trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall awake
48:10 A happy day that will be
48:14 And we who are living, the Lord will take
48:17 To heaven eternally
48:21 The hour of His judgment has come
48:24 The hour of His judgment has come
48:28 Are you ready All get ready
48:31 The hour of His judgment has come
48:35 First Corinthians 15 verses 51, 52, and 58,
48:40 "Behold, I tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep,
48:43 but we shall all be changed.
48:45 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
48:48 at the last trumpet, for the trumpet
48:50 shall sound, and the dead shall be raised
48:52 incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
48:55 Therefore, my beloved brethren,
48:57 be stedfast, unmoveable,
48:58 always abounding in the work of the Lord,
49:01 knowing that your labor
49:02 is not in vain in the Lord."
49:05 The hour of His judgment has come
49:09 The hour of His judgment has come
49:12 Are you ready All get ready
49:16 The hour of His judgment has come
49:19 First Thessalonians 4 verses 16 through 18,
49:23 "For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven
49:25 with a shout, with the voice of an archangel,
49:28 and with the trumpet of God.
49:29 And the dead in Christ will rise first.
49:32 Then we who are alive and remain
49:34 shall be caught up together with them
49:35 in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.
49:38 And thus we shall always be with the Lord."
49:42 The hour of His judgment has come
49:46 The hour of His judgment has come
49:49 Are you ready All get ready
49:53 The hour of His judgment has come
49:56 Are you ready All get ready
50:00 The hour of His judgment has come
50:11 The last song that I wrote
50:13 I really didn't intend to write it,
50:14 it just kind of came to me that I was thinking
50:17 about this universe.
50:18 And so many times we get depressed,
50:21 we get discouraged.
50:22 And as I mentioned before we read
50:24 the back of the book, Revelation says,
50:25 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
50:29 and the word of their testimony."
50:31 And so it says in essence that the universe--
50:35 this universal--all of the universe will at one point.
50:40 It says, "Every knee shall bow,
50:43 every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."
50:46 God is in charge of the entire universe.
50:49 I guess that's what I want to say.
50:51 God is in charge of the entire universe.
50:53 And since He is love then love rules the universe.
50:58 Satan has come in to discourage,
51:01 he's out to steal, kill, and to destroy the Bible says.
51:04 But you know what in the end he is a loser
51:07 and all of those who submit and commit their lives
51:10 to Jesus Christ win.
51:12 And so we will see that in God's creation
51:15 throughout His universe for all eternity
51:18 that "Love Rules."
51:30 There are rules at home and rules at the school
51:34 Rules on the playground and rules in the pool
51:38 But there's one rule that is the best
51:42 And if you keep this rule, you will be blessed
51:48 Isn't it cool that Love Rules
51:52 Isn't it great, there's no hate
51:55 When Love Rules It's no accident you see
52:02 That's the way it's meant to be
52:06 Since God is love, love rules Love rules
52:17 There are rules for this and rules for that
52:20 There are even rules for our dogs, our cats
52:24 There are some we like and some we don't
52:28 Some we'll keep and some we won't
52:32 But there's one rule that is the best
52:36 And if you keep this rule, you will be blessed
52:41 Isn't it cool that Love Rules
52:45 Isn't it great, there's no hate
52:49 When Love Rules It's no accident you see
52:56 That's the way it's meant to be
53:00 Since God is love, love rules Love rules
53:11 Now the Bible tells of God's great love
53:18 How Jesus came from heaven above
53:27 He gave His life on Calvary
53:30 He died that day So the whole world could see
53:36 Isn't it cool that Love Rules
53:41 Isn't it great, there's no hate
53:44 When Love Rules It's no accident you see
53:51 That's the way it's meant to be
53:55 Since God is love
53:58 Isn't it cool that Love Rules
54:03 Isn't it great, there's no hate
54:06 When Love Rules It's no accident you see
54:13 That's the way it's meant to be
54:17 Since God is love, love rules
54:24 Love Rules Love Rules
54:31 Love Rules Love Rules
54:41 All right, we all agree that Love Rules? Amen.
54:44 Right, exclamation, you know,
54:45 we put after that Love Rules!
54:48 Because that is the law of the universe
54:51 since God is love and He is everlasting.
54:54 Our time is about gone, again I want to thank
54:56 all of the young people who took part in this.
54:59 I've already mentioned Brenda Walsh,
55:01 but her crew would seek you graphics
55:03 and Mellissa that work so diligently on all of this.
55:06 Bobby Bradley, over to sound engineer over here.
55:09 Bobby has done an incredible job working with all of these.
55:12 E.T. Everett, who has also helped in all of this project.
55:15 Tim Parton, the piano player,
55:17 you can hear Tim's arrangements and Tim in this,
55:20 it's all over this project.
55:22 Tim is an incredible musician.
55:25 Milton Smith, our productions Milton does incredible jobs.
55:28 And our 3 ABN production crew for this DVD
55:32 to do this thing in one day to put it all together.
55:34 Especially I want to give thanks to Rodney Laney
55:37 because he did spend extra hours doing editing
55:40 and doing everything and made this thing
55:42 really such a project that we can be,
55:45 I don't want to use the word proud
55:46 in a wrong way but pleased with.
55:48 It's a product that we believe is good enough
55:51 that it can go out to the world
55:53 and the world's not gonna look at it.
55:54 And somebody ask me one time and said,
55:56 "Well, why don't you just used to
55:58 that you put ladder strips up behind you
56:00 and it save your sets and would save all kinds of.
56:03 I said, "Cable stations don't want that.
56:05 People won't watch something
56:07 that's not up to the quality.
56:09 So not only has to have the quantity,
56:11 you know, the quality programming good quantity,
56:16 but you got to have good quality nowadays too,
56:18 if you want people to watch it.
56:19 So we believe that this, God has put this together.
56:22 We give Him the honor and glory and praise.
56:25 And for those I may have missed,
56:27 there are numerous people who has helped in this project.
56:31 Yvonne Lewis, I mentioned earlier.
56:33 One of America's premier backup singers
56:35 working with this, coming to the studio,
56:37 volunteering their time, working with these young people
56:39 to get all their parts right
56:41 and to help them do this, this is incredible.
56:43 So many people that I could give a lot of thanks to
56:46 but once again we give our thanks
56:48 to the Lord Jesus Christ
56:50 because He is the supreme provider.
56:52 These CDs and we have DVDs, even songbooks,
56:55 sound tracks, all of those things after Sabbath hours.
56:58 Those of you here that'll be available tonight.
57:00 Those of you at home you can order from 3ABN
57:02 at any time other than the Sabbath hours.
57:05 But this is a project we hope that you will take
57:08 and you'll give to the young people.
57:09 Every school, I'd like to see every Adventist School
57:12 in the world have these.
57:14 They're already talking about doing them in Spanish,
57:16 doing the Love Rules in Spanish and different languages.
57:19 So again thank you all for your love
57:21 and your prayers and financial support.
57:23 Jim Gilley for allowing me to take a lot of time
57:26 from regular business to do this great project.


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