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Communion And Consecration Service 2012

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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Jim Gilley (Host), Brian Hamilton, C.A. Murray, Jay Christian


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00:03 All to Jesus
00:07 I surrender
00:11 All to Him I freely give
00:17 I will ever love and trust Him
00:19 I will ever love and trust Him
00:26 In His presence
00:29 Daily live
00:33 I surrender all
00:40 I surrender all
00:48 All to Thee,
00:50 My blessed Savior
00:55 I surrender all
01:07 Let's pray.
01:09 Our loving Heavenly Father, We praise You and we thank You.
01:15 We thank You for the wonderful year
01:18 here at 3ABN.
01:19 We thank You for bringing each one of us here
01:21 to work for You in Your vineyard.
01:24 Lord, there are so many people You could have brought here,
01:26 but You brought us.
01:28 And we thank You, and we appreciate so much
01:32 what you've done for the ministry
01:35 and for our personal lives throughout this last year.
01:39 But, Lord, we're facing a New Year.
01:41 We asked for You to be with us, and guide us,
01:45 protect us in everything that we do
01:48 so that we can fulfill Your work
01:50 that You have for us at 3ABN
01:53 and the work that 3ABN has to do around the world.
01:56 We ask for Your guidance and Your blessings.
01:59 Lord, it's been wonderful over the last year
02:01 to see people accept You as their Savior
02:05 and to be facing eternal life.
02:07 We ask for an even bigger group of people
02:10 this next year to hear the message,
02:14 to accept You for You to go into their hearts.
02:18 Lord, we ask for Your blessings in all that we do.
02:22 And, Lord, we finish by saying, "Come soon."
02:27 These things we ask, we do so in Jesus' name, amen
02:31 Amen. Amen.
02:33 Thank you, Jay.
02:34 I think all of us can look back over the years and say,
02:37 "Thank You, Lord, You've been good to us"
02:38 as we look to a new year.
02:40 Ellen White makes a comment that we don't have to worry
02:43 about the future 'cause all we have to do
02:44 is look at the past
02:46 and see that God has brought us through
02:48 and He will continue to do so.
02:50 The Lord gave me this song just a few weeks ago.
02:53 You've been good to me through all the years.
03:05 You've been good to me
03:09 Through all the years
03:15 You've been good to me
03:19 Through joys and tears
03:25 I want to thank You Lord
03:29 For all You've done
03:33 You've been good to me
03:37 Through all the years
03:43 You hear my broken heart
03:46 When hope was gone
03:50 You gave me strength there Lord
03:55 To carry on
03:59 I'm going to praise Your name
04:04 Through loss or gain
04:08 You've been good to me
04:12 Through all the years
04:21 You are my comfort Lord
04:25 When no one cares
04:29 You wipe away each tear
04:33 And come my feast
04:39 My heart overflows
04:43 Because I know
04:47 You've been good to me
04:50 Through all the years
04:58 I just
05:00 Want to praise You today
05:07 I want to show my love
05:11 For You someway
05:16 So that You will know
05:21 That I love You so
05:25 I just
05:28 Want to praise You today
05:37 You've been good to me
05:41 Through all the years
05:45 You've been good to me
05:48 Through joys and tears
05:54 I want to thank You Lord
05:58 For all the time
06:02 You've been good to me
06:06 So very good to me
06:10 You've been good to me
06:18 Through all the years
06:34 Amen.
06:36 Amen.
06:41 Thank you, Danny.
06:42 God has been good to all of us, hasn't He?
06:45 And I know that as we come down to the end of this year
06:49 and the beginning of a new year
06:51 that you have many things to give God thanks for.
06:56 And there could be none other,
06:58 none greater than eternal life for which He has given us
07:04 and we have the assurance of receiving.
07:08 On the south coast of China, on a hill, overlooking Macao,
07:12 Portuguese settlers once built a massive cathedral,
07:15 but a typhoon proves stronger than the work of man's hands.
07:20 And it destroyed that great cathedral
07:23 except for the front wall.
07:26 And high above that front wall is a cross.
07:30 When I went to Macao,
07:32 that was the one thing I wanted to see.
07:34 I had to hire a cab to take me there,
07:36 but the cross is still there because,
07:38 you see the important thing about that cross
07:42 is it has always stood.
07:46 I think it was 1825,
07:49 Sir John Bowring was shipwrecked in that harbor.
07:53 It was in a fog, the fog he calls the wreck,
07:55 and he was holding on to some wreckage,
07:57 and he was swimming, he thought towards shore,
08:01 but he was swimming out to sea.
08:04 And he happened to look over his shoulder
08:07 and he saw that cross, it just broke through the fog,
08:11 and he turned and started swimming towards the fog.
08:15 Later, he wrote the words of the song
08:18 "In the cross of Christ I glory
08:21 towering over the wrecks of time."
08:24 And he wrote that song
08:26 because he gloried at the cross of Jesus Christ.
08:29 Amen.
08:30 You know, the Apostle Paul said that he gloried in the cross.
08:33 In fact in 1 Corinthians 2:1 and 2,
08:37 he says, "And brethren, when I came to you,
08:40 did not come with excellency of speech
08:41 or of wisdom,
08:43 declaring to you the testimony of God.
08:44 For I determined not to know anything among you,
08:48 save Jesus Christ and Him crucified."
08:52 You know, sometimes we want to know everything
08:54 other than that.
08:55 We want to know all about one aspect of theology,
08:59 or another aspect of theology, or something about diet,
09:02 or something about anything else.
09:04 But Paul said,
09:05 "I will determined to know nothing
09:08 except Jesus Christ and Him crucified."
09:11 Now to the Corinthians, this was foolish.
09:16 They thought the cross
09:18 that is something that's demeaning,
09:20 it's not something that's beautiful at all.
09:22 But Paul said,
09:24 "For Christ did not send me to baptize,
09:26 but to preach the gospel,
09:28 for the message of the cross, he said,
09:30 is foolishness to those who are perishing,
09:33 but to those who are being saved,
09:35 it is the power of God."
09:38 1 Corinthians 1:17.
09:41 And, you know, with a flash in his eyes,
09:42 verse 23, he said, "We preach Christ crucified,
09:47 to the Jews a stumblingblock,
09:50 and to the Greeks foolishness."
09:53 Now the word in the Greek there is moria,
09:55 we get our word moronic or moron from it.
09:59 And to them this was moronic
10:01 to believe in the cross was foolishness,
10:03 moria, moronic,
10:06 but Jesus came to die on a cross.
10:10 So the foolishness of the cross
10:13 would be that His death
10:16 would save each one who believes on that.
10:20 And Paul said that, he said in 1 Corinthians 1:25.
10:23 1 Corinthians 1:25,
10:27 "Because the foolishness of God is wiser than man,
10:30 and the weakness of God is stronger than man."
10:36 Paul said, "I glory in the cross of Christ."
10:39 Now there are many things that Paul could've gloried in.
10:42 He could have gloried to the pre-existence of Christ.
10:46 Christ never had a beginning, He has always existed.
10:49 You see, we only know things that have a beginning
10:52 and an end.
10:54 But God has no beginning
10:55 and Christ is part of the Godhead.
10:58 He has no beginning.
11:00 He could have gloried in the virgin birth of Christ.
11:04 Mary, a teenage girl engaged to be married.
11:07 And an angel comes to her and says to her,
11:10 "You're going to have a child," and she's never known a man.
11:14 You see, the existence of Christ,
11:17 the birth of Christ.
11:18 This is not really his birth, this is His incarnation.
11:22 He was not born.
11:24 This is His coming to this earth
11:26 in the form of a child,
11:28 using the form of the birth of a human being.
11:32 But for a God who has always existed,
11:35 this was simply His incarnation.
11:38 He could have gloried in the teachings of Jesus.
11:42 Nobody ever taught like Jesus.
11:44 Turn the other cheek.
11:46 Someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other cheek.
11:49 That's not easy to do.
11:51 If they ask you to go one mile, go two.
11:54 Love your enemies.
11:56 Pray for them.
11:58 You think that's easy? It is not easy, my friend.
12:02 You and I both know that if we try,
12:05 and look, and see that this is something
12:07 that is difficult teachings
12:10 that Jesus had, glorious teachings
12:13 and He could have gloried in them but He didn't.
12:15 He could have gloried in the miracles of Christ.
12:18 No one ever did what Christ did,
12:20 raised the dead.
12:22 I mean, absolutely dead and raised them.
12:27 He took the fish in, and the bread,
12:29 and He fed 5,000 people.
12:32 Miracles that took place.
12:34 Walked on water, and healed the sick.
12:39 Took people who were blind and gave them sight.
12:42 The miracles of Christ.
12:44 Paul could have said,
12:45 "I glory on the miracles, but he didn't."
12:49 He could have gloried in the power of Christ
12:51 because the Bible tells us that it was by the words of Christ
12:55 that this world came into existence.
12:57 He could have said,
12:59 I glory in the creative power of Christ
13:02 because He spoke this world into existence.
13:06 He could have gloried in the resurrection of Christ.
13:09 Christ is not in the tomb.
13:11 Some of us were in Israel a few weeks ago,
13:13 we went down into that tomb.
13:14 Danny was talking about when he was there,
13:17 he went down into that tomb.
13:19 It's an empty tomb.
13:21 He is not there.
13:22 That's why that if I have a cross,
13:24 it's an empty cross
13:25 because Christ is not still on the cross.
13:27 He is not still in the tomb.
13:30 He is alive.
13:32 And he could have gloried in the resurrection of Christ.
13:36 He could have gloried in the second coming of Christ
13:39 because that is the great climatic moment
13:42 towards which all history is moving,
13:44 when Christ shall come again,
13:46 and the clouds are going to break open,
13:48 and He's going to come forth.
13:50 I had a discussion with a lady recently.
13:53 She was talking about wanting so much to live
13:55 until Christ comes.
13:57 And I said, "You know,
13:58 it really doesn't make any difference
14:00 whether you're actually alive when He comes
14:02 or whether you're a sodbuster,
14:04 and you come bursting up out of the ground,
14:06 you're going to see Him in exactly the same time."
14:08 Amen.
14:10 No matter which way it happens to turn out.
14:15 So you just know that either way,
14:17 you're going to see Jesus come, and Paul could have said,
14:20 "I glory in the second coming of Christ,"
14:23 but he didn't.
14:25 He said, "I glory in the cross of Christ."
14:31 You know, when you look at the cross,
14:33 this is why Jesus came,
14:37 He didn't come simply,
14:38 He did show us how God is,
14:40 and that was part of His coming.
14:42 He did show us how to live,
14:44 and that was part of His coming.
14:45 He did teach
14:47 and that was part of His coming,
14:48 but He came primarily for one purpose,
14:50 and that is to go to the cross to shed His blood
14:55 for you and for me to die for us
14:58 so that we did not have to die for our own sin.
15:01 Amen.
15:03 But because He had died for us.
15:05 You know, when people write biographies of great men,
15:08 they usually only spend a few pages with their death.
15:12 Hayes wrote some 5,000 pages on the life of Abraham Lincoln,
15:17 and to the great dramatic events
15:19 involving the death of President Lincoln,
15:23 only 25 pages.
15:26 That was it.
15:28 One third of all of the gospels and one half of John
15:33 are devoted to the events around the death,
15:36 and burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
15:39 Why?
15:41 Because this was the purpose of His coming,
15:45 to die for you and for me.
15:48 And you know when I see, look at the cross,
15:50 I see God's love for us.
15:54 We see how man reacted
15:56 a week before they're singing, and shouting,
15:59 and throwing palms in front of Him
16:01 as He enters the city like a triumphant King.
16:05 And just a few days later, they're shouting, "Crucify Him.
16:10 Crucify Him." And they're beating Him.
16:12 And as we walked along that Via Dolorosa recently,
16:15 we realized that Christ was carrying a cross,
16:19 He was carrying the cross headed for Calvary,
16:24 and people were beating Him, and spitting at Him,
16:27 and yelling at Him.
16:29 The King of kings and Lord of lords,
16:32 you wonder how the angels held back.
16:35 And they would not have held back
16:37 if God had not said,
16:40 "Let it be.
16:42 Let it be."
16:43 You know, when we see Him,
16:45 we see the love that He has for us.
16:49 Bible says that,
16:50 "He loves us with an everlasting love."
16:53 Read an article years ago in Life magazine,
16:56 it was about the king and duchess of England.
17:02 And it called it
17:03 the greatest love story ever told
17:07 but I disagree.
17:09 The greatest love story ever told
17:12 is the story of Christ's love for you and for me.
17:17 "For God so loved the world that He gave
17:19 His only begotten Son
17:21 that whosoever believeth in Him
17:24 might not perish, but have everlasting life."
17:27 Bible says, "The Lord loves the righteous."
17:29 Isaiah 38 says,
17:30 "You have lovingly delivered my soul
17:32 from the pit of corruption,
17:33 because you have loved me."
17:36 Malachi 1:2 says,
17:37 "I have loved you saith the Lord."
17:39 Ephesians 2:4 and 5,
17:41 "But God who is rich and mercy
17:43 because of His great love which He loved us
17:45 even when we were dead in trespasses
17:48 made us alive together with Christ."
17:52 Then 1 John 3:1 says,
17:54 "Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us."
18:00 And then in John 4:8, he tells us,
18:02 "He who does not love, does not know God.
18:08 God is love."
18:10 Today, if you're at home
18:13 and you've never accepted Jesus Christ
18:15 and His death upon the cross,
18:17 I'm giving you an invitation right now to accept Him,
18:22 to receive Him as your Savior,
18:25 to step out and to trust Him
18:27 as your Lord, your God,
18:29 is the one who paid the price for your sins.
18:33 And then I invite you to join with us
18:36 in this service today.
18:39 And if you have for many years accepted Him,
18:41 I invite you to renew your vow to Jesus Christ
18:46 as our Lord and our God.
20:07 For a few moments here, we want to consider
20:13 a little morsel of bread.
20:22 This little morsel of bread encapsulates symbols
20:29 that will be our signs
20:32 and our song throughout eternity.
20:36 Just a little morsel of bread.
20:39 You know, as I look at this thing,
20:42 it doesn't look like a fine European pastry,
20:47 doesn't look like birthday cake or a wedding cake.
20:53 It's very humble, unpretentious, rather ordinary.
21:01 It reminds me of the words of Isaiah.
21:05 "He has no form or comeliness.
21:10 And when we see Him,
21:12 there is no beauty that we should desire Him."
21:18 Those of you who are Old Testament students
21:23 of the sanctuary service,
21:26 you'll recognize the ingredients
21:28 of this little piece of bread.
21:31 It says, fine flour
21:35 mixed with olive oil,
21:41 and a little bit of salt.
21:43 There's no leaven in this piece of bread,
21:46 no honey.
21:48 That's because this piece of bread
21:50 represents our Savior who had no sin.
21:55 There was no corruption in Him.
22:02 Jesus met with the disciples just before His death.
22:09 The gospels record, He said, and they were eating.
22:14 Jesus took bread,
22:17 and blessed it,
22:20 and broke it,
22:24 and said, "Take, eat.
22:30 This is my body.
22:33 Do it in remembrance of me."
22:38 I'd always wondered how it was
22:42 this represented Christ being broken.
22:47 Because those of you who read the gospel
22:48 recognized that Jesus had expired.
22:53 And when they went
22:54 as they went to break the legs of the other two criminals
22:58 who were hanging on crosses on either side of Jesus,
23:02 they came to Jesus,
23:03 and they noticed He had already passed away.
23:05 And so they didn't break His legs.
23:08 Scripture records, "Not a bone of His body was broken."
23:12 How was it
23:13 that Jesus took the bread and He broke it?
23:19 Well, this is my understanding.
23:25 Jesus hung there on the cross
23:28 and that mysterious laying on Him
23:35 the sins of the world, and He cried out,
23:39 "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?"
23:43 What was taking place was a renting,
23:46 a sundering of the relationship that the God had
23:51 had from all eternity past,
23:55 something that the God had never experienced before,
24:02 the renting of that relationship,
24:05 and it broke the heart of Jesus.
24:09 He didn't die because of the stripes.
24:12 He didn't die from loss of blood.
24:16 Jesus died from a broken heart.
24:21 And so Jesus took the bread and He broke it.
24:26 Just a few moments, we're going to take this bread
24:28 and we're going to assimilate it.
24:31 We're going to put in our mouth,
24:33 we're going to chew it.
24:35 It's going to mix with our saliva,
24:37 it's going to go into our digestive system.
24:40 And in a few minutes, few hours,
24:44 this piece of bread
24:46 is going to become Brian Hamilton,
24:48 a part of Brian Hamilton.
24:50 Just as each one of you will eat the bread
24:52 and it will turn into you, your actual flesh.
24:59 Jesus said in John Chapter 6,
25:02 "I am the bread that came down from heaven.
25:07 Anyone who eats this bread will live forever.
25:11 And this bread which I will offer
25:14 so the world may live is my flesh."
25:20 What Jesus wanted us to remember, I believe,
25:24 is that just as we take bread each day to nourish our body,
25:29 to become one with us,
25:31 give us energy, and give us life.
25:35 So there is a different kind of bread
25:39 that Jesus desires for us to eat daily.
25:44 To partake of this bread, for he says,
25:47 "My words are spirit and life."
25:52 And so as we take this bread each day,
25:56 and we assimilate it,
25:58 it becomes part of our mind.
26:01 It renews our mind.
26:03 And then we begin to think.
26:05 And as we think more like Jesus, guess what?
26:09 We behave more like Jesus, you know.
26:13 So as we take this bread today,
26:15 just remember
26:17 that Jesus died of a broken heart for us.
26:22 He wants us to assimilate Him each day
26:26 as we take our daily bread.
26:28 And remember that He is doing a work for us,
26:34 day by day, hour by hour,
26:35 to transform us into His very likeness.
26:41 Bow your heads with me as we pray.
26:43 Father in Heaven,
26:45 thank You so much for being the bread of life,
26:50 being our manna that fell from heaven,
26:54 a food that had never been witnessed before,
26:59 a new kind of food, a food that brings life,
27:03 and health, and healing.
27:06 Jesus we want to honor You for offering Your all
27:10 like a burnt offering,
27:13 totally and completely dedicated
27:16 to us for our salvation,
27:19 in Jesus' name we pray,
27:21 and ask that You'll bless this bread, amen.
27:25 Amen.
27:32 I had an opportunity to speak with a Hebrew Christian
27:37 living in Jerusalem.
27:40 And I asked him what is it like,
27:42 what is the plight of Hebrew Christians
27:45 in this Jewish country?
27:48 And he said," It's not good.
27:51 We are not respected really by anybody.
27:55 For the Christians,
27:57 we are too Hebrew to be Christian,
28:00 and for the Hebrews,
28:01 we are too Christian to be Hebrew.
28:05 So we're rejected by everyone.
28:07 We are a minority within minority.
28:11 We're almost a people without a country."
28:14 He said, "It's tough being a Christian in Jerusalem.
28:17 It's just hard."
28:19 And as he was speaking to me,
28:21 I thought about the Book of Hebrews
28:25 because 2000 years ago, it was the same.
28:30 It was tough
28:31 being a Hebrew Christian in Bible days.
28:36 And so the Book of Hebrews
28:38 was written to Hebrew Christians
28:41 who were feeling the squeeze.
28:45 Christians were hated by the pagan world.
28:52 They were hated by the Hebrews
28:56 and Hebrew Christians were hated by everyone.
29:01 There were some Hebrews
29:03 who were trying to re-judaize them,
29:07 and there were others who simply wanted them dead.
29:11 And so there was a great incentive
29:16 to give up on Jesus.
29:19 And so Paul wrote the Book of Hebrews
29:21 to Hebrew Christians who were feeling that squeeze,
29:27 trying to let them know that the Jesus
29:30 that you are suffering for
29:32 is all sufficient,
29:34 He is all powerful.
29:36 There's no need to go back.
29:37 There's nothing behind you.
29:40 Your destiny lies ahead in Jesus.
29:45 And so you have a number of statements
29:46 just statement after statement,
29:48 letting us know that it's all about Christ
29:50 that your sufficiency is in Christ.
29:52 The sacrifices are no good.
29:53 The blood of bulls and goats
29:54 aren't going to help you anymore.
29:56 There is some blood that was shed
29:59 and that's where you need to put your confidence.
30:02 So I go now to Hebrews Chapter 9,
30:06 just a couple of verses beginning at verse 19.
30:10 Paul writing to those Hebrew Christians,
30:14 he says, "For when Moses had spoken
30:17 every precept to all the people,
30:21 according to the law of the book of blood
30:26 of calves, of goats, and water,
30:30 and scarlet, and wood, and hyssop,"
30:32 and hyssop is an ancient herb of cleansing.
30:36 So every time you see hyssop, you see cleansing.
30:38 "And sprinkled both the book, and all the people saying,
30:41 'This is the blood of the testament,
30:44 which God has been joined unto you.
30:47 Moreover, he sprinkled with blood,
30:51 the tabernacle
30:52 and all the vessels of the ministry,
30:55 and almost all things by the law purged with blood,
31:00 but without the shedding of blood
31:03 is no remission.'"
31:06 Those several verses could be preached on literally for,
31:09 for weeks.
31:10 They are powerful, powerful verses.
31:14 But if you were to give the Reader's Digest version
31:17 of those verses,
31:19 it would simply say,
31:20 "That in order for sins to be forgiven,
31:25 something has got to die."
31:27 Somebody's gonna die.
31:29 And since your blood can't cleanse your own sins,
31:35 Jesus had to do it.
31:38 People say, was there any other way?
31:40 Was there any other mechanism?
31:42 Could not the mind of God conceive some other way
31:46 for my sins to be forgiven,
31:48 short of the agonizing death of Jesus Christ?
31:53 And the answer simply is "no".
31:56 There's simply was no other way.
32:01 And so He gladly yielded His life
32:05 and shed His blood for you and for me.
32:10 And now He ministers the benefits of that shed blood
32:13 in our behalf.
32:15 The blood, we used to sing, shall never lose its power.
32:20 It's an old song that the young people sing,
32:22 but it's a powerful song.
32:24 And the words are very, very true.
32:26 It will never ever lose its power.
32:30 Years ago, early on in my ministry,
32:31 I was driving a little faster than I should have
32:34 trying to get to our camp ground
32:36 for an appointment,
32:39 heading up the Taconic Parkway in Upstate New York,
32:43 and I hit my first deer.
32:46 I've hit several since then, but that was my first deer.
32:49 And I smacked it pretty hard.
32:53 I saw the two over here,
32:55 I didn't see that third one coming across.
32:57 And by the time I saw him or her,
33:00 she saw me,
33:02 we met there
33:03 on the Taconic State Parkway in the dark.
33:05 And I remember, getting out of the car,
33:08 and somehow a police car appeared right behind me.
33:11 He must have been, maybe he's coming after me
33:13 because I was on the pedal a little hard.
33:16 But he was right there.
33:17 And I hit the rear end of the deer,
33:22 and the deer was making this strange noise.
33:25 And I guess it was the dying pains
33:27 of this animal.
33:28 And the policeman went back to get his shot gun
33:31 to put the animal out of its misery.
33:34 But by the time he got his gun, the deer had passed.
33:39 And I remember standing there watching the deer's chest heave
33:44 and relax, and heave and relax, and then I saw it stop.
33:49 Eyes fixed.
33:50 And he or she had died.
33:54 And I remember thinking about the death of Christ,
33:58 there on the cross.
34:00 His chest heaving and relaxing, heaving and relaxing,
34:05 and then it stopped,
34:08 and He had died for you and for me.
34:15 And the thought that impressed itself upon me
34:16 was Sunday morning
34:21 that chest began to heave and relax again,
34:26 and heave and relax again,
34:29 and heave and relax again.
34:33 And then Christ stood up and walked out of that tomb.
34:39 And now He's in heaven.
34:41 And every time Moses makes a mistake,
34:45 or Irma makes a mistake,
34:47 Joe makes a mistake, Amalia, Camille, Brian,
34:52 Jesus says,
34:54 "My blood. My blood."
35:00 And God looks at us
35:03 through the lens of the blood of Christ
35:08 and says,
35:10 "I'll forgive him again, and again, and again,
35:16 and Johnny again."
35:19 And the blood
35:21 will never ever lose its power.
35:27 So as we drink this grape juice,
35:31 this emblem of blood.
35:35 Just think back to that morning
35:38 when a still chest
35:41 and a still heart began to beat again.
35:46 And Christ walked out of that tomb
35:49 as a living Savior
35:53 and sacrifice for us.
35:57 Father God,
36:00 we ask You now, please, dear Lord,
36:05 change this juice
36:09 from its natural use to a spiritual one.
36:13 May it cleanse us within,
36:17 may our hearts be recommitted to you
36:21 as we take again this emblem of the shed blood of our Savior.
36:26 Oh, we praise You and thank You, dear Father,
36:29 in Jesus name, amen.
40:08 Bible says in 1 Corinthians Chapter 11
40:12 and beginning with verse 24,
40:15 "And when he had given thanks,
40:17 he broke it and said, 'Take, eat.
40:21 This is my body which is broken for you.
40:25 Do this in remembrance of me.'"
40:55 And in the same manner,
40:57 He also took the cup after supper saying,
41:01 "This cup is the new covenant in My blood.
41:05 Just do as often as you drink it
41:08 in remembrance of Me."
43:52 What a friend we have
43:55 In Jesus
43:59 All our sins and grieves to bear
44:06 What a privilege
44:09 To carry
44:14 Everything to God
44:17 In prayer
44:20 Oh,
44:22 What peace we often forfeit
44:28 Oh,
44:29 What needless pain we bear
44:35 All because
44:37 We do not carry
44:42 Everything to God in prayer
44:52 We're going to have a season of prayer
44:54 at this time and going to invite you to kneel
44:58 and Davey, and JD, and Mollie,
45:04 if you would pray for us as we kneel.
45:14 Our Father in Heaven, what a wonderful way, Lord,
45:18 to end this year and to begin a new one.
45:22 Amen.
45:24 Lord of fresh start a clean page to know that
45:29 our sins have been washed away
45:32 by the blood of Jesus.
45:34 Lord, today, we have done this in remembrance of Your Son
45:39 and Our Savior, Jesus Christ.
45:42 And, Lord, we ask that
45:44 as we consecrate our lives to You today,
45:47 that You help us to remain faithful to You
45:50 all the days of our lives.
45:53 We believe, Lord, that Jesus is coming soon
45:56 and He's at the door and help us O Lord,
45:59 to prepare our hearts and minds
46:01 to see Him coming soon in the clouds
46:06 with great power and glory with many, many angels.
46:09 We look forward, Lord, to that time
46:12 when Jesus comes back for His people.
46:16 We thank You, Lord, once again for casting our sins
46:19 to the depths of the ocean, never to be seen again.
46:24 We thank You and we ask,
46:26 we love You in Jesus name, amen.
46:32 Holy Father, what joy You have brought
46:34 to our heart as once again
46:37 we have been put in remembrance of all
46:39 that You have accomplished for us at Calvary.
46:41 Thank You, oh God, for that mighty sacrifice.
46:45 Thank You for the opportunity of humility
46:49 to bring us once again to Your feet,
46:53 to humble ourselves,
46:54 and to open our hearts up to You.
46:57 And oh, Father, we lay our hearts
46:58 before You today.
47:00 We ask, oh Lord,
47:02 that You would look into our hearts
47:03 and that You would purify and cleanse us.
47:05 Our hearts cry today
47:07 and say we would be like You
47:09 that You would transform us by the power of Your Word
47:12 into Your very image and into Your likeness.
47:14 Thank You, oh God,
47:16 for giving us all that's necessary
47:18 to accomplish that.
47:20 And, Father, as we go into this new year,
47:23 we ask, Lord, that You would continue
47:26 to keep us on the path that will lead us to You.
47:30 Father, we pray for that on individual basis,
47:34 Lord, that You would take our lives
47:35 and You would make us
47:37 all that You would have us to be
47:40 to bring glory and honor to You.
47:41 But, Father, we pray
47:43 for Three Angels Broadcasting Network
47:44 for this ministry that You've placed us all in.
47:47 Father, that you would let us be instruments in Your hands
47:51 to bring total completion to the vision
47:56 that You've cast for this ministry.
47:58 Lord, we pray now for Your divine intervention
48:02 in any area where we have deviated,
48:04 Lord, that You would put us on nothing
48:06 but that straight path that leads to You.
48:09 And Father, once again,
48:12 refresh us by the power of Your Spirit,
48:14 fill us with Your holy presence,
48:16 that we would come to know You
48:17 in a deeper and in everlasting way.
48:19 And, Father, we pray for everybody that's viewing,
48:22 every person that's viewing today,
48:24 Father, that You would fill them with Your holy presence
48:27 that this communion service would be something
48:29 that would lead them into a deeper relationship with You.
48:33 Father, we pray for all of our viewers,
48:35 all of our listeners,
48:36 Lord, that they will come close to You this year,
48:39 in Jesus' name.
48:40 Amen.
48:43 Our Father in Heaven,
48:45 we come to you in the name of Jesus,
48:49 refresh us a new, Lord,
48:52 we welcome the Holy Spirit to touch our hearts.
48:56 We thank You, Lord, for this wonderful occasion,
48:58 Lord, that we can rededicate ourselves to You.
49:03 Father, we thank You that we have clean hands,
49:05 clean hearts, and clean minds.
49:08 And, Father, we just ask Lord,
49:11 that You will increase our humility,
49:14 increase our wisdom, our courage,
49:18 and increase our faith, Lord.
49:20 Father, we thank You.
49:22 We thank You again
49:25 for the blood that You shed for each one of us, Lord,
49:29 that we can have life.
49:31 Father, we love You, and we thank You,
49:34 and give You the praise, the glory
49:35 that only You deserve, Lord.
49:37 In the name of Jesus', amen.
49:48 Danny, we've come to the end of another year
49:52 and the beginning of a new year.
49:54 And God has been blessing
49:57 in such a tremendous way here at 3ABN.
50:00 And as you look at how many years we've been here,
50:03 28, in our 29th year, you were here from day one,
50:10 as you're saying earlier, God has been so good.
50:13 Yes.
50:14 Share some of those good things that God has done.
50:17 Well, I was sitting here during this wonderful service.
50:23 And I was thinking about,
50:25 we never have to be discouraged.
50:27 Think about it, folks,
50:29 we never have to be discouraged,
50:31 because as I've so often said,
50:32 we've read the back of the book.
50:34 And the back of the book says, "We win."
50:37 And so through all the years, people have said to me,
50:39 "Don't you ever get discouraged?"
50:40 And I said, "No, I've never gotten discouraged."
50:43 Because this is God's work, this is His ministry.
50:46 I have concerns.
50:47 I have concerns about a lot of things myself,
50:49 and mission, and programming,
50:51 and all the things that we have finances
50:53 but that's not discouragement.
50:55 That's simply just every day that we're here
50:58 and we need to do the best we can,
51:01 and be the best stewards we can be of the donations
51:03 that people give to support the ministry.
51:06 But I'm sitting here
51:07 and I'm thinking about miracle after miracle.
51:09 But the greatest miracle
51:10 was that Jesus could love us enough
51:13 that to come down,
51:15 that God could love us enough to give His only Son
51:18 to be a sacrifice for frail human agents like us.
51:22 We have nothing to give, we're simply,
51:24 you know, breath of life and clay.
51:27 I mean, that's all we are,
51:28 from dust we come to dust, we go.
51:30 And yet, how can God love us that much?
51:33 How can He love us so much
51:35 that He would make that type of sacrifice for us?
51:37 And when I think about it, Jim, it makes me,
51:41 I'm thrilled to have an opportunity
51:44 to be a part of a network that is giving Bible truth
51:48 to the lost and dying world.
51:49 For instance, right now the world is confused.
51:52 Christianity is confused
51:54 because people in many, many churches,
51:57 many, many denominations, I'll tell you,
51:59 Johnny, Jesus loves you, He died for you,
52:02 He made a plan of salvation for you,
52:03 He is coming back for you very soon in clouds of glory.
52:06 So you need to give your heart to Him
52:08 because He loves you so much.
52:09 So Johnny is like, "Okay, well, this is great."
52:12 Then they say, "But, Johnny, if you don't,
52:14 He'll burn you forever, and ever,
52:16 and throughout all eternity God will burn You."
52:19 Doesn't makes sense. What does that do to Johnny?
52:21 Johnny is like, "Wow, how can He be love."
52:25 And with 3ABN we have the opportunity
52:27 to tell the world God is love, it's just what the Bible says.
52:30 There's no way in between.
52:32 God is love.
52:33 And there is no life without God.
52:36 So I'm so thankful to serve a risen Savior.
52:38 As you said, you were just there recently.
52:40 He's in the world today, the song says,
52:42 "I know that He's living no matter what man may say."
52:45 Right?
52:46 You know, I bet you that was extremely beautiful,
52:49 right there doing it.
52:50 But I'm so thankful to be a part of a ministry
52:52 and know that when Jesus was hanging on the cross
52:55 that all of us, and those of you at home,
52:57 and those here, we were on His mind.
52:59 And that He could look down that stream of time
53:01 and see if people that would be willing to give their lives
53:03 unto death if necessary for the cause of God.
53:06 I am so thankful
53:08 for each and the folks that we have here
53:10 that we get to work with on a day to day basis,
53:13 and those of you around the world
53:14 that we get to read your letters,
53:16 we get to visit you when we travel.
53:18 And I'm so thankful
53:19 for your love, and your prayers,
53:21 and financial support of this ministry.
53:23 And I know this that 3ABN is going continue to go forward
53:27 as long as we're faithful
53:29 to the mission that God has given us.
53:31 And that's to give an undiluted three angels' messages
53:34 that one would counteract the counterfeit
53:36 into all the world
53:37 that God is going to continue to lead,
53:39 guide, and direct this ministry.
53:41 And all we have to do
53:43 is come to the foot of the cross
53:44 every day and say, "Lord,
53:45 you know, save me, I'm a sinner."
53:47 I realize that nothing that I can do is of any good,
53:51 but I will glory what you were saying is so beautiful.
53:54 Dottie Rambo wrote a song says
53:55 "I boast not of words, nor tell of good needs
53:58 for not have I done to lay at thy feet.
54:01 Oh, glory and praise shall rest upon Him."
54:04 Because you see we've done nothing.
54:06 So she says, "I will glory in the cross."
54:08 In the cross.
54:09 And thank you, Jim, for you and Camille,
54:11 and what you do here,
54:13 and how you literally uprooted your lives,
54:15 you've come to Southern Illinois
54:17 that you're dedicating your time,
54:19 talents, gifts, and abilities to this ministry.
54:22 Thank you so much
54:23 for what you do for the cause of God.
54:24 It's our pleasure to be here, Danny.
54:26 And we had no question
54:27 from the day that God put it upon your heart,
54:29 the boards to call us
54:31 that this is where He wanted us to be.
54:33 And when we have this message to share with the world
54:36 as you mentioned about a God of love,
54:39 it's amazing how that we can look at the Trinity,
54:42 God the Father, God the Holy Spirit,
54:44 God Jesus Christ and then we can say,
54:48 now the Holy Spirit is loving, and kind,
54:50 and drawing you to the salvation.
54:53 Jesus is loving. Look at Jesus.
54:55 We see the picture of Him in the gospels.
54:58 But God is a vengeance God,
55:00 He wants to destroy people forever.
55:02 You see when you see Jesus, you've seen God.
55:06 And so now we understand this
55:08 and we've recently saw a young man
55:11 who's an actor who accepted Jesus Christ.
55:15 And He accepted Christ before,
55:16 but he got the look at the three angels' messages,
55:20 he got to look at a God of love
55:22 and that he said
55:24 when he studied the subject of hell
55:27 and saw that God is going to bring an end to sin,
55:30 not continue it forever and ever,
55:33 that this he fell in love
55:35 with the truth of the message of God's Word.
55:38 And that's what it's all about at 3ABN,
55:40 that's what we want to do is to spread the truth.
55:43 And as I look at our group here,
55:46 most of our leadership staff and our pastoral staff
55:51 and these pastoral staff
55:54 are every day sharing this with people on the phone.
55:58 I was in Huntsville, Alabama, for a leadership dinner
56:01 this past week recently anyway.
56:04 And there was a lady there who came,
56:07 her name was Doris,
56:08 and she told me about the loss of her daughter,
56:11 and she told me about calling and praying with these men,
56:15 and each one she mentioned to me,
56:18 how she had prayed with them, and they had council with him.
56:21 Then her pastor told me said,
56:23 "Your pastoral staff
56:25 has been able to do more counseling with her
56:29 and praying with her
56:30 than we've even been able to do here."
56:32 That's a ministry that 3ABN
56:35 is a part of on a day to day basis,
56:38 spreading the gospel, helping those that are hurting,
56:41 raising up the truth wherever we can,
56:45 and preaching it.
56:46 And then, also talking about a Lord that loves you,
56:51 who cares for you,
56:52 and the Lord that will see you through.
56:55 And we want to continue another year of that
56:57 in this ministry.
56:58 Absolutely.
56:59 There's never been a time in earth's history
57:01 where people need to know truth more than they do now.
57:03 And it seems that people want to know truth
57:06 more than they do now.
57:07 Have you noticed that all of you as you're traveling,
57:09 you're talking to people, people want to know,
57:11 but people need somebody to help them to see the truth.
57:17 The Bible says, "The truth will set us free."
57:19 So that's been the goal, the mission of 3ABN.
57:22 What a privilege to be able to literally reach out
57:25 to a lost and dying world.
57:27 And once again, just thank you
57:28 for your love, your prayers, financial support.
57:31 And thank you for what you do
57:32 for the cause of God on this earth.
57:34 Remember, you too were chosen for such an hour as this,
57:38 then we all read the back of the book.
57:39 So never be discouraged because the back of the book,
57:42 Revelation says,
57:43 "And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb
57:45 and the word of their testimony."
57:47 And in essence, two words, we win.
57:50 That's right.
57:51 And Jesus Christ, He is our Lord,
57:53 our God, our Savior.
57:55 He is the one that loves us.
57:56 He's the one that sustains us.
57:58 He is the one who has given us the promise of life eternal.
58:02 And today, as we have had communion service,
58:05 we have recognized
58:06 the cross of Jesus Christ' death,
58:09 His burial, and His resurrection.
58:12 May God bless you throughout this New Year.
58:15 Amen.


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