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00:01 Zimbabwe, a land of raw, natural beauty.
00:05 A land of mountains and savannahs,
00:08 forests and flowers.
00:10 In the west, the great Zambezi River
00:13 leads to the grandeur of Victoria Falls.
00:17 But in early 2004, the water of the Zambezi River
00:21 was not the only thing in Zimbabwe
00:24 in a dramatic freefall.
00:26 Hyper inflation was leading to economic collapse
00:30 and the Zimbabwean Dollar was in continuous devaluation.
00:35 Over the next five years, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
00:38 printed bearer checks of increasing denomination
00:42 from $10,000 to $100,000 up to $1 million, $1 billion
00:50 and finally, $1 trillion.
00:53 In early 2009, the use of the Zimbabwean Dollar
00:57 was officially abandoned.
01:00 Poverty is still a hard reality for many of the inhabitants.
01:07 In 2011, a group of young people
01:10 recognizing the spiritual poverty in Zimbabwe to be even
01:14 greater than the overwhelming economic poverty,
01:18 launched an effort to reach
01:20 the un-reached people of Zimbabwe,
01:22 with the good news of salvation and the soon coming of Jesus.
01:41 Put your back into it, guys.
01:51 Madinda gets us lost every single day.
01:55 So I say we go that way.
01:57 This is big country, these people need food,
01:58 they'll be good.
02:00 But right now, things are bad, little tricky.
02:04 Where I stood to visit the-- this old woman,
02:08 no missionaries have been there.
02:10 It's the coldest winter in the last 20 years.
02:14 And it's raining, we've never had a wet winter before.
02:21 If you're looking for a cute mission trip,
02:23 this is not the place for you.
03:28 Teams of young people from around the world
03:31 gathered in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, organizing and executing
03:36 the areas first ever youth conference,
03:39 followed by a world mission.
03:42 Impact teams assembled from Zambia and Zimbabwe,
03:47 PSI and Nature's Way Health Trust
03:50 brought in their finest young people.
03:52 African Exodus sent members from South Africa.
03:56 ALIVE brought representatives from Botswana
03:59 and the United States,
04:01 and ECYC contributed man power and resources.
04:06 Oh how I love Jesus
04:08 Oh, yes, we love Jesus
04:11 Are you sure you love Jesus
04:13 We're sure we love Jesus
04:16 And why do you love Jesus
04:19 That's why we love Jesus
04:20 Through the weekend conference,
04:22 stirring presentations, workshops, music and sermons
04:27 challenge the young people to ignite the fire in their hearts
04:30 to reach the lost and keep the fire burning.
04:34 Its okay to go on mission is Zimbabwe.
04:37 Its okay to go on mission overseas,
04:39 well, my point is you need to bear fruit in this soil also.
04:44 Everywhere you go, everywhere you find yourself,
04:48 wherever God plants you.
04:52 With some missionaries under the age of 18
04:56 and with an average age of 23,
04:58 this passionate team of young people
05:01 came to determined to dedicate their time and energy
05:05 to sharing the love of God with those dying to know.
05:10 Having the fire burning within,
05:11 they joined local church members
05:14 and set out into the streets of Bulawayo
05:16 to find anyone willing to listen
05:19 and to share the love of God with them.
05:22 Can we please, we came for--
05:27 The place we are going in.
05:29 so that--like I say, if I can say it's not safe.
05:33 Like I seen, and make sure you are close to somebody
05:36 maybe who knows the local language,
05:38 so any trouble you-- you can speak to them.
05:42 This is-- location.
05:47 In Bulawayo,
05:48 if we're in America maybe you call it the Brooklyn.
05:52 Yeah, yeah, Brooklyn.
05:54 Of New York.
05:57 Try to come visit.
06:00 I ask you to stop me to.
06:01 Well, I give you another one.
06:02 Yeah, yeah, thank you.
06:10 Sometimes when they talk English,
06:11 all they understand is China.
06:14 And then the rest it's like--
06:16 No, they'll be saying China,
06:18 China, somebody come from China.
06:21 Okay.
06:24 The foreigners learn very quickly
06:26 that the language barrier will be difficult to overcome.
06:30 Is close.
06:32 ( speaking in foreign language )
06:44 Something like that.
06:50 You work day and night?
06:52 Yeah.
06:53 Really?
06:54 From six to six.
06:56 Oh, and then you sleep the rest?
06:58 Yeah.
06:59 So maybe you can give me your details,
07:01 so that-- sometimes people.
07:04 Your name and phone number.
07:10 He is trying to tell you
07:12 that the sign that I showing you, word is come.
07:16 Maybe we have to, you know, some of they sign.
07:30 This is job.
07:34 Okay, I can do that.
07:35 Thank you so much. Okay, thank you for this.
07:36 Yeah.
07:38 As darkness falls, the groups return
07:41 having made contact with scores of people
07:44 desiring Bible studies.
08:06 The plan is to split into three teams,
08:09 each with about 15 members.
08:12 These teams nicknamed Paul, Elijah and Moses
08:17 are to cover three locations in rural Zimbabwe.
08:20 In Emqolwoni, in Ndakana and Glengrey.
08:26 For three weeks, they will work with the locals
08:29 doing community service, offering Bible studies,
08:33 teaching natural health remedies
08:35 and holding evangelistic crusades.
08:40 In the darkness of the hours before sunrise,
08:43 the missionaries set off into the field
08:46 with songs in their hearts
08:47 to keep out the chill of the night.
08:51 It's about four or five in the morning,
08:54 we're working, doing an assembly line right now,
08:57 trying to empty out the bus and it's cold.
08:59 Although we praise God we made it safely
09:01 and we know the Holy Spirit's gonna be poured out.
09:04 So we're grateful. Amen.
09:06 Amen.
09:13 After unloading all the luggage and equipment from the bus,
09:17 the men spend the next hours
09:19 loading and unloading the pickup truck.
09:21 Sorting luggage, dividing equipment
09:24 and trying to stay warm
09:26 as they move from there to bus left them,
09:28 to the house from which they will break into the teams.
09:45 Benjamin, come into the fire here.
09:47 Yeah.
09:48 The men.
09:55 It's cold, eh?
09:59 Breakfast, cooking for about 50 people over an open fire,
10:06 isn't exactly a science.
10:08 Sometimes it's more of an estimate.
10:11 Today the porridge comes out more like a soup or a drink.
10:16 This stuff is too much. This stuff is too much, yeah.
10:21 Served this-- and fruit,
10:23 it does much to warm and fill the stomachs of the team.
10:27 The rest of the morning is spent splitting into teams,
10:30 delegating responsibilities and learning the language.
10:36 Angie heads off with Pastor Ngwenya
10:39 to signal to the van that will be taking the missionaries
10:42 to their sites.
10:46 Our things are back,
10:47 the priests, as you can see-- look.
10:50 Everyway you go, it's more like MTN, you know MTN?
10:54 MTN this work done is everywhere you go.
10:57 Here the police, everywhere they go.
10:59 And you have to pay them a spot,
11:01 things are bad, my friend.
11:10 When the van finally arrives,
11:12 Team Elijah loads up and leaves for Ndakana.
11:18 Fire!
11:22 Keep the fire burning. Yeah.
11:26 By late afternoon the van has returned
11:29 and Team Moses leaves for Glengrey.
11:34 These are groundnuts otherwise know as peanuts in Canada.
11:38 And they are roasted and we're about to eat them.
11:41 Although there's a rule
11:42 that we're not suppose to eat between meals,
11:43 but we're eat them really slowly
11:44 'cause they're just a starter,
11:46 we're gonna eat them for a whole trip
11:47 which is an hour long,
11:48 so by the time we get there and start cooking,
11:50 there's still gonna be supper.
11:56 Cooking the food with that.
11:59 Just before dark, Team Moses unloads,
12:03 pitches their tents and prepares for the night.
12:06 We have 14 missionaries here form Zambia, Zimbabwe,
12:10 South Africa and Canada and US,
12:14 and we got very little sleep last night
12:16 after leaving at 3:30 in the morning
12:19 to catch a bus to get here.
12:20 And now we have to wait for a few hours
12:23 to get to our actual site
12:25 which is maybe half an hour away.
12:27 We juts set up our tents, we--
12:29 I use the hoe for the first time today and the rake.
12:32 And we're cooking with this blazing fire
12:35 and I just pray that our food doesn't get burned.
12:38 That's all for today, stay tuned.
12:49 Sunrise, the start of a new day.
13:09 The welcomed rays of the sun
13:11 offers solace for the cold winds
13:14 that whip through the camp.
13:16 For the missionaries, the day started before 5:00 a.m.
13:20 with devotions, camp clean up, personal time
13:24 and breakfast preparation.
13:31 The food is good.
13:34 Everything else that God is brought,
13:40 everything else is super,
13:41 apart from the food and God Himself.
13:47 Just as they eat breakfast, children are arriving
13:50 at Glengrey School to begin classes.
13:54 The headmaster has asked the missionaries
13:56 to prepare a program for the children each morning.
14:00 You are so special.
14:06 You say I am special. I am special.
14:12 I am special.
14:13 I am special. I am special.
14:16 I am special.
14:18 I am special. Why?
14:21 Why?
14:22 Because God created me.
14:25 Because God created me.
14:28 Why? Why?
14:30 Because God created me.
14:32 Because God created me.
14:35 So I am not junk.
14:38 So I am not junk.
14:40 For God did not make junk.
14:43 For God did not make junk.
14:45 Okay.
14:47 Most of the day is spent walking
14:49 to the surrounding villages.
14:51 The team divides into groups
14:53 to reach the villagers in all directions.
15:06 So everything--
15:07 so if you have problems
15:08 we're suppose to get our answers from the Bible,
15:10 if you don't-- if you have--
15:11 if you look in yourself and see any wickedness in you,
15:14 you're supposed to get
15:15 the help and the correction from the Bible.
15:17 If you want to learn anything,
15:18 the instructions should come from the Bible.
15:26 So in everything in life,
15:27 every single day when you have questions
15:30 or when issues come up,
15:31 the Bible and God gives you answers.
15:41 And then in verse 17 it says that,
15:43 God give us the Bible so that we can become perfect.
15:47 Thoroughly furnished unto all living things.
16:01 It's almost the size of--
16:48 In the afternoon, Esther and several others
16:51 return to begin preparing lunch.
16:53 Today we're having rice with the beans and spinach.
17:01 Spinach be delicious.
17:08 I'm going to present a spinach.
17:11 To day we had a couple of discussion with this people
17:17 and found out their major difficulties here.
17:21 But one thing is like they're lacking food,
17:23 and if people can give these people food,
17:26 it will be good but right now things are bad.
17:29 Like tricky, worse,
17:32 but remember, God can make it better.
17:36 As the sunsets, it steals away the last hopes of warmth,
17:40 leaving the camp cold and dark for the night.
17:44 Fortunately,
17:45 the crusaded Glengrey is being held
17:47 inside one of the classrooms at the school.
17:50 The others sites are forced to find other ways
17:53 to protect themselves from the cold.
17:57 At Ndakana, they build a shelter from tarps and grasses
18:02 to keep the winds from blowing directly
18:04 on attendees from the area.
18:08 At Emqolwoni, they build several fires
18:11 for the people to huddle around
18:13 as they listen to the word of God.
18:22 In the area near Emqolwoni,
18:25 the villagers speak of a white man.
18:28 Legend has it that he lives in a house
18:31 locked away behind a barbed wire fence,
18:34 holding on to a big gun and a big grudge
18:37 against the locals who murdered his father.
18:41 Jorge the only non-black team member at Emqolwoni
18:45 is given a special mission.
18:48 Meat the white man and share the love of God with him.
18:53 Jorge makes plans to visit him.
19:31 In the chilly darkness of the predawn morning,
19:34 the teams that in Ndakana
19:36 prepares for another day of field work.
19:40 They unite their voices in song and prayer.
19:43 Remember, Lord, the ancient days
19:46 Renew thy work, Thy grace restore
19:50 And while to Thee our hearts we raise
19:52 On us Thy Holy Spirit pour
19:57 Their prayers are answered
19:59 and they set forth with a new determination
20:01 to press on farther
20:03 keeping the fire burning in their hearts.
20:13 Yesterday, Mudinda, Caroline and Michelle
20:16 gave a Bible study to a local woman
20:19 about why there is suffering in this world.
20:22 Today, they're on their way to share another study with her,
20:26 this time on the law of God.
20:29 As much as you'd tell your daughter
20:31 that she must never play with that fire.
20:38 Because you know that-- that fire is going to burn her.
20:43 So God also has all put Lord for us to protect us.
20:52 So we just come out from a study with a lady
20:56 who's husband had run away and abandoned them,
21:00 and the previous day we had studied
21:03 with answer the question
21:05 why is there suffering in this world.
21:07 And we've prayed for her and amazingly this morning,
21:11 her husband came back
21:13 and we've just had a study about the law of God.
21:16 And what was really moving was her prayer
21:18 in which she was explaining to God how she was so surprised
21:23 by how he answered so quickly
21:25 and doubted us in situations so it effectively.
21:28 So we just happy about how God is, you know,
21:31 blessing our ministry as we go door to door.
21:35 At all three sites,
21:36 the missionaries are pushing the limits
21:38 to reach people farther away from their camps.
21:42 Walking for hours, sometimes covering as many as
21:45 20 miles on foot in a single day.
21:49 And with all the time spend
21:51 tracking across unfamiliar terrain,
21:54 sometimes they get lost.
21:57 Mudinda gets us lost every single day
21:59 and you know what he'll say,
22:01 oh, let's check this out, let's check this out, it's shorter,
22:03 we walk through thorns, bushes and we wind up lost.
22:07 Today we say we're not gonna trust Mudinda.
22:10 And you know, what he says,
22:11 hey, let's check this route it's shorter.
22:28 You sure there's a compass in there.
22:33 Got us completely lost, an hour and half late.
22:35 I'm sorry.
22:37 Wasted.
22:39 I always get us out of situations, you know.
22:40 No. Into. Into.
22:42 Okay, maybe I do get you in but I always get you out.
22:45 No, no.
22:46 Don't leave that out.
22:49 No, God gets us out.
22:50 I'll say you know, what? Lets' pray.
22:51 Who told you to take that route?
22:52 We pray and then the next thing you know, we find a way out.
22:54 No.
22:55 The first time I said, let's pray
22:57 we ran into a man who'd showed us the way to go.
23:00 The second time we prayed,
23:01 we went away and we ran into people
23:03 who are going to the same place where we are going.
23:04 Yes.
23:05 Mudinda had nothing to do with it.
23:07 I was praying too. I was praying too, all right.
23:10 You do nothing.
23:11 What's you mean? I was praying too.
23:12 Nothing.
23:13 That's how we actually, oh, God we're already here.
23:18 All right, where is the camp?
23:22 Okay, now there.
23:28 No, no.
23:31 Exactly.
23:33 Lily of the valley
23:37 Let your sweet aroma fill my life
23:50 Rose of Sharon
23:51 Show me how to grow in beauty in God's sight
24:06 Fairest of ten thousand
24:11 You can show me how to do this thing
24:23 Daystar shine down on me
24:27 Let your love shine through me in the night
24:39 Lead me, Lord, I'll follow
24:43 Anywhere You open up the door
24:55 Let me know your wisdom
24:59 Show me things I've never seen before
25:10 Lord, I don't know how You did it
25:14 But You take what's the wrong and make it right
25:26 Daystar shine down on me
25:30 Let Your love shine through me in the night
25:43 Today, Jones and Derrick are going to the uttermost.
25:48 The team at Glengrey has nicknamed it Samaria
25:51 because of the great distance they must travel.
25:53 Go forward, Samaria.
25:54 Samaria is the-- does hope for Samaria.
25:57 It's far.
25:59 Samaria, that's how it is in the Bible.
26:02 Oh, it's far. You gonna see it.
26:04 Just watch.
26:05 At Ndakana, Mudinda, Caroline and Michelle
26:10 are also preparing for a study with Mr. Majola.
26:14 He has been attending the crusade
26:16 and has many questions on the topics presented.
26:20 Today they'll be bringing him some of the answers.
26:25 Remove from me my sin
26:30 And please shape this heart
26:35 For here am I, send me
26:41 Lord I long to do your will
26:46 Here am I, send me
26:52 I don't own the real sit still
26:57 I'll make...
26:59 He tells them, don't have any other God besides me.
27:02 Because it is me who is your Lord
27:04 and I'm the one who brought you out of the dungeons,
27:07 out of the seas, into this light and colorful
27:09 from just where you are suppose to walk in as a Christian.
27:12 Oh, it was awesome. It was powerful.
27:15 The word of God has been spoken up.
27:17 Now people have to choose for themselves.
27:18 There is nothing else we can do, just to wish they went
27:21 and they'll make decisions for themselves.
27:24 It's God.
27:26 Right, the first one was love for God.
27:30 Okay, yes.
27:32 And the second one was love for your neighbor, right?
27:38 So Jesus is saying those ten rules that I gave you--
27:46 Is simply means love for God.
27:52 And love for your neighbor.
27:54 Well, we're praising the Lord because we're able to give them
27:56 clarity on the subject,
27:58 we just came from studying God's honor
28:00 and he was asking questions about it,
28:02 the day before and so we showed him
28:05 how God draws a lot of love
28:07 and that it we'll never be a abolished.
28:09 And we just finished having the longest discussion
28:13 on all the questions that he's asked
28:14 and we gave him a through history of
28:16 why the church is the way it is now.
28:18 So for praising the Lord,
28:20 he's gonna come out to Bible studies tonight,
28:22 we'll be in crusade, so stay tuned.
28:25 So this one get this--
28:27 it is religion at the will of God.
28:30 June, she has promise that
28:32 she is going to start to reading the Bible
28:34 and at least we,
28:35 who are able to convey the message to her
28:39 that God has for her, using this very Bible,
28:43 Jesus Christ Himself which testify over him.
28:47 All too soon, it is time to head back towards camp.
28:51 Glengrey is just beyond the blue mountain
28:54 in the distance.
28:55 It will take them about three hours to make it back.
28:59 Hopefully before dusk.
29:01 Lord I long to do it
29:07 In my sin be
29:12 I no longer will sit still
29:16 That evening Derrick is transferred to Ndakana
29:20 to help with repairing equipment.
29:27 This place is cold.
29:29 Compared to the last site where.
29:34 Oh, man.
29:35 I can't even go outside, is like it's freezing.
29:40 Now people are singing and I hope to join them soon.
29:44 But this place, this tent will be wet.
29:50 It will also be raining in here.
29:52 Our beddings will be wet.
29:56 Oh, no.
29:59 And it's fine, it's fine, the Lord is helping.
30:02 Amen.
30:04 And I pray that he sees us through
30:06 the end of this program.
30:09 Mr. Majola again attends the crusade
30:12 and seems to be satisfied by the answers he has received.
30:19 The temperature for the mission has been stable,
30:22 dropping the lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night
30:25 and warming up considerably when the sun is shining.
30:29 The wind however has been unforgiving.
30:33 It often drives heavy clouds across the sky,
30:36 of obscuring the light and warmth of the sun.
30:39 With winds up to 20 miles per hour
30:42 and gust up to 40 miles per hour.
30:45 The wind chill can drop the temperature below freezing.
30:50 With little protection from the elements,
30:52 some of the missionaries are falling ill.
30:55 At Glengrey, Panji has come down with a common cold
30:58 and receives natural remedies
31:00 to help boost his immune system.
31:07 The treatment that we just give him here
31:10 is called heating compress for the throat,
31:14 it looks like a miracle and this is the remedy,
31:19 natural remedy which God has provided
31:23 for the healing of the nations.
31:25 Yeah. With Jesus in the--
31:31 Miriam at Ndakana has contracted influenza.
31:35 Seeing no improvement in her condition over several days,
31:39 the leaders opt to move her to Emqolwoni
31:42 where she maybe better protected
31:44 from the elements to aid in her recovery.
31:48 Emqolwoni has become the hospital
31:51 for the sick team members at the other sites.
31:57 Likando was moved here after collapsing at Ndakana.
32:01 Now he feels good.
32:07 I'm fine, I feel.
32:12 I'm a witness to Ari standing.
32:15 Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.
32:20 Today was his first day going door to door again.
32:25 I feel was good man, was good and nice.
32:28 Except that I met these Jesuits, man.
32:31 They have a problem.
32:33 They're just misquoting,
32:35 yeah, man, I didn't love it, you know.
32:37 I didn't love it.
32:39 Give them something they want to change it
32:41 to something I forget.
32:43 Those guys, they need prayers, you know,
32:47 they need more prayers in fact, more prayers, yeah.
32:51 I think when we met the Jesuits,
32:54 yeah, now hold the best, the best of it.
32:59 Yeah, it was good, I can say.
33:02 And our last house, where we were asked to--
33:06 to visit this old woman,
33:09 was good as a we did the love of God
33:12 and no missionaries have been there,
33:15 and we did the love of God and it was good,
33:18 man, I loved it, I did the sharing, man.
33:22 You would have been there. It was good, yeah.
33:27 This food, it is also good.
33:31 You know, I--
33:33 I feel like eating the old zebra you know,
33:35 yeah, go, go.
33:37 Oh, man.
33:38 I love-- you know, this food--
33:40 He can't finish this, so I'm gonna help him.
33:44 You're not welcome.
33:46 Who said-- who said you help me?
33:48 This is really good.
33:49 Where you--
33:50 This is really, really good.
33:52 Can you-- can you wash your hands, please.
33:55 You are from touching there. Please.
34:01 Okay.
34:02 He said, he wasn't sure
34:03 if it was this road or the other one.
34:06 So, so which road is it?
34:10 I don't know, many roads leads to road,
34:12 let's just take this road.
34:15 Why don't we ask--
34:17 Oh, he said the church is there
34:18 and we know that the house is next to some church,
34:21 so we are on the right track.
34:25 We won't get lost today I guess.
34:26 He is sure we are on the right track.
34:34 Oh, ye of little faith.
34:46 I want to be ready
34:50 I want to be ready
34:53 I want to be ready
34:56 To walk in Jerusalem
34:58 Just like John
34:59 I want to be ready
35:02 I want to be ready
35:05 I want to be ready
35:13 I want to be ready
35:26 I want to be ready
35:37 I want to be ready
35:41 I want to be ready
35:44 I want to be ready
35:47 To walk in Jerusalem
35:49 Just like John
35:50 I want to be ready
35:53 I want to be ready
35:56 I want to be ready
35:59 To walk in Jerusalem
36:01 Just like John
36:03 In Jerusalem Just like John
36:06 In Jerusalem Just like John
36:08 In Jerusalem Just like John
36:20 The teams have boldly taken on the challenges
36:23 of walking a long distances, braving the winds
36:26 and sleeping in close, sometimes wet quarters.
36:30 But the greatest challenges they face
36:32 are in giving the studies themselves.
36:38 Although about 90% of the Zimbabweans are literate
36:41 in rural areas, Bibles are not readily available.
36:46 The missioners do all that they can to help the people
36:49 to be able to read God's word for themselves.
36:52 Yeah, we had a study about--
36:56 the blood of salvation and it was awesome
36:59 that the people didn't have a problem
37:02 to receive it and at least they were--
37:04 they were able to read for--
37:06 some people they takes by themselves they need a--
37:09 it's more like a problem.
37:11 And I'm well pleased that they receive Jesus Christ
37:13 and they are willing to live and give Him a chance
37:17 to lead their life, and give the Bible studies,
37:19 they give they get back we should pray them
37:22 that's we can win that true worship to Christ,
37:24 and that they can allow Christ to be there in their lives.
37:28 That was the most powerful thing I've done,
37:30 happened in the past.
37:31 At times it is difficult for the missionaries to be sure
37:34 that everything is making sense to the local contacts.
37:38 Come and tell us that God loves us.
37:43 And then He will take care of us.
37:47 But still the question remains, why do we suffer?
37:55 They learn that even language barriers are no match
37:58 for the power of God.
38:00 We ask these things in Jesus name, amen.
38:06 All right, so we just got finished
38:07 doing the study with this woman
38:09 and I was just trying to share with her the love of God
38:11 and the plan of salvation.
38:14 You know, in the light of the great controversy
38:15 and I got to the end of the study
38:17 and I'm like do you want Jesus to--
38:19 to help you,
38:20 to help you to crush the serpent under your heel
38:23 and she's like, no,
38:25 and I'm like oh, snap, what did I do wrong?
38:27 What did I do wrong? And then--
38:29 I saw you.
38:30 It became clear that she--
38:31 she didn't understand what-- what that meant.
38:34 And so I have to go back and explain you know,
38:36 you just believe on Jesus
38:38 and God will use you to destroy Satan
38:40 and she accept it, we prayed with her
38:42 and my heart is warm, praise Jesus.
38:45 Often times, the contacts are so full of questions
38:49 that it seems almost impossible to stay on topic.
38:53 What word is here?
39:05 Nevertheless, by God's grace,
39:08 they receive the answers to their questions
39:11 and they are convicted to make decisions for Christ.
39:15 We just came out from this house here,
39:17 around the corner and it was just so hectic
39:20 with attachments, spiritualism, stage of the dead,
39:23 on the Sabbath, and also touch of the soul,
39:27 and this old man are just asking so many questions,
39:30 but the graces of them all is that he--
39:34 he understood the truth and he said,
39:36 he find it difficult for him to keep Sabbath,
39:38 he wants to but it's just so difficult so we praying for you
39:41 that the Lord might work
39:43 and that His great will shall be done.
39:45 I think he's a great man
39:46 who can take the gospel in this place.
39:49 Amen.
39:52 Noondabuku joins the team for the rest of the day,
39:55 listening to the studies and helping at the camp
39:58 when they return at the end of the day.
40:01 During the crusade, an appeal was made to the people
40:04 to make a decision on keeping the Sabbath.
40:08 Noondabuku makes the commitment.
40:18 With the majority of the missionaries
40:20 being in there late teens and early 20s,
40:23 each site made an extra effort
40:25 to reach out to the children in the surrounding areas.
40:30 Many families are poor,
40:31 and the children's only clothes are tattered rags.
40:36 They have so little and yet they are content.
40:41 The children of Emqolwoni
40:43 have won a special place in Miriam's heart.
40:52 The children are warm and friendly
40:55 and they participate in singing songs,
40:58 listening to Bible stories,
41:00 playing games and sharing of each other.
41:24 Jorge and Miriam have been spending much time
41:27 with these children
41:29 and many of them come to the Sabbath's service.
41:37 Anyone strong.
41:41 I know the guys, no strong guys?
41:43 Yes, there come on over here.
41:46 Come on over here.
41:48 Do you live far away?
41:53 Okay, wait.
41:54 Do you think you can carry this for me?
41:57 Go ahead, I know you guys doing well in your head.
42:06 Wow, pretty good.
42:10 Now can you hold my hand?
42:18 All right thank you very much. Thank you.
42:22 We carry so much problem with us, all right,
42:27 oh, I got to get the food to eat.
42:34 Oh, I can't go to school.
42:38 Oh, I have been screw up for the--
42:41 oh, I can't carry it anymore.
42:44 I can't take it anymore. I'm tired.
42:48 And you know, what Jesus said, Jesus says, come unto me.
42:53 You who are labor and heavy-laden.
43:00 And I will give you rest.
43:05 We can lay everything at Jesus feet.
43:11 Especially today, on his Sabbath day.
43:15 So we're just returning from the church service
43:17 so we just got here at the site to a lot of attendees.
43:22 It feels great to see some people stand up for the appeal.
43:26 I was really happy to see like the people
43:27 that we visited, they came all over,
43:31 from their village to here.
43:34 And one of the guys that came was some of the young boys
43:38 who are missing for past like few weeks
43:40 and it was so amazing 'cause they are the ones
43:42 actually came up with the appeal.
43:43 You mean Solomon? Yeah, Solomon.
43:46 All Sabbath afternoon, the children stayed,
43:49 listening to stories and singing songs.
43:53 As evening draws near,
43:55 after having sung every song at least three times,
43:58 the children still want more.
44:01 The exhausted team keeps the program going
44:04 until all the children go home.
44:26 So where are we?
44:27 I mean we can walk back the way we came.
44:29 My Lord, where are we?
44:30 No, no, oh, thy servant is also in confusion.
44:35 Behold.
44:37 It's become an everyday trend.
44:39 We, you know--
44:40 Behold that no other way, no--
44:41 This is the problem.
44:43 What is the problem? Everything looks the same.
44:44 Yeah.
44:46 There's thorn bushes everywhere and there's dry and dead grass,
44:51 there's no landmarks,
44:52 what so ever where you get possibly say,
44:54 oh, yes, I remember that tree, not like that at all.
44:57 So navigating is completely, very, extremely difficult.
45:02 Not if you have a compass in your head like me.
45:04 So I say we go that direction.
45:05 It's broken.
45:10 So I mean, I guess we can follow the broken compass,
45:13 it's not a problem and we can be lost in the cold rain.
45:17 Again.
45:20 So where are you going, Mudinda?
45:24 Guys, wait where are we so?
45:29 We should call this the expeditions of group one.
45:34 The journeys of Mudinda and friends.
45:36 Where is the main road?
45:38 Does this look like the main road?
45:40 I don't know. Here all looks the same.
45:44 As the mission draws to a close,
45:47 there is still much to do and many more people to reach.
45:51 Team Elijah has dug a massive hole
45:54 in the ground at Ndakana to use as a Baptismal pool.
45:59 The young woman who misunderstood Benjamin's appeal
46:02 is getting baptized and so are many others.
46:06 Team Moses form Glengrey has sent Angie and Jones
46:10 on a four hour hike to Falcon College
46:13 a prestigious private high school for boys
46:16 with a total of 200 students.
46:21 At Emqolwoni Jorge is running out of time.
46:26 Early on, he took on the challenge of reaching out
46:29 to the mysterious, foreboding white man who lives near by.
46:33 Each time he has tried to make contact,
46:36 the white man has been unavailable
46:38 or unwilling to meet.
46:40 With only a few days remaining before leaving,
46:43 Jorge and the others set out
46:45 to make a final effort to reach him.
46:51 They have heard stories of his racism and brutal demeanor,
46:54 his grudge and his vow of revenge.
46:58 Their hope and prayer is that the revelation
47:00 and understanding of the love of God
47:04 may open his mind and soften his heart.
47:08 They go along with the prayers of their teammates,
47:12 prayers for safety and success.
47:15 No one knows what to expect
47:18 but they are determined to go no matter what.
47:35 This is literally the field.
48:05 To their surprise he greets them with a warm welcome,
48:10 he shows them around his farm, shares his story,
48:13 and leaves an open invitation for them
48:16 to return tomorrow if they can.
48:19 The next day they return,
48:22 they come not as missionaries but as friends.
48:26 They each share their personal stories of
48:29 how they came to this soil, at this time.
48:32 They tell of their experiences with God
48:35 and by the end of the day his heart has been touched.
48:40 Patrick makes a commitment
48:42 to begin praying and reading the Bible
48:45 they give him the book, "Steps to Christ,"
48:49 pray with him and part ways.
49:09 No one likes to say goodbye,
49:12 for the past three weeks these young people
49:15 have hiked rugged paths over rocks and thorns.
49:19 They have endured wind and rain, hunger and cold.
49:24 They are no longer friends, they are family.
49:29 Today,
49:30 many of the international missionaries are leaving.
49:33 It is the time of joy and sadness.
49:37 Joy that they have fought valiantly together.
49:41 Sadness that they may never see each other again in this life.
49:46 They will also be missing the Baptisms.
49:49 More than 60 people will be baptized as a result
49:53 of the combined efforts of the three teams.
49:57 But due to changes in the scheduling
49:59 of the baptism day,
50:00 their visas expire and their flights and buses depart
50:04 before they can see the crowning moment
50:07 of their weeks of ceaseless labor.
50:11 United in prayer and power,
50:13 they have taken up the challenge
50:15 to bear fruit wherever they are planted.
50:18 For these three weeks, it is been Zimbabwe, this soil also.
50:24 And whether or not they see the harvest,
50:27 they know they have been faithful to the call.
50:30 They join together, singing an Ndebele, a song of victory.
50:36 Beyond the river, beyond,
50:39 beyond the river we shall see each other.
50:42 We'll say hello beloved, hello, my friend, hello, conquerors.
50:50 No more tribulations.
51:51 I told you.
51:52 You have got us for a lost place.
51:54 I told you to trust my compass.
51:57 You know, time a time again I tell you,
52:00 and you never believe me.
52:02 Have I ever been wrong.
52:05 Oh, Michelle, but honestly I've been right every single time.
52:09 Every single time.
52:11 You were going that way.
52:13 Yeah, so that I can turn and go on.
52:15 Yeah, right.
52:16 Where is the tent? Where is the tent?
52:18 You just found the tent, you didn't know it was there.
52:19 It points where they changes,
52:20 it points to the direction of the tent.
52:22 The tent is there so you are going that way.
52:23 Exactly thank you, and which way I was going?
52:26 Go that way. Oh, no.
52:27 Opposite. Literally after--


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