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Earth's Final Crisis

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00:57 Imagine that you develop a serious headache
01:00 that just doesn't go away.
01:01 It last for a week and your head is just pounding.
01:04 Finally you decide to visit your family physician
01:07 and he runs a series of tests and to his horror
01:10 he discovers that you have a massive brain tumor.
01:14 Now what does a good doctor do at that point?
01:16 It's not pleasant to tell you the facts,
01:19 so should he just say here's a couple of aspirin
01:22 and go home and go to bed.
01:24 Of course not.
01:25 A good doctor will sit you down
01:27 and he will tell you the unpleasant truth
01:30 that you need to know.
01:31 He's gonna recommend an emergency operation
01:34 because that's what you need to save your life.
01:38 Welcome to "Earth's Final Crisis"
01:40 what you must know to survive the days ahead.
01:44 The Bible is very clear about what is coming
01:48 and as a minister and as a good spiritual doctor
01:51 it is my responsibility to tell you the truth.
01:54 In Daniel 12:1
01:55 this is what the scripture prophesies.
01:58 That the time is coming
02:00 when there will be a "time of trouble,
02:02 such as never was since there was a nation
02:04 even to that same time."
02:08 As you look around
02:09 it's very obvious at least to those
02:10 who have eyes to see and ears to hear
02:12 that ancient prophecies are being fulfilled
02:15 and that we are on the edge of the apocalyptic grand finale,
02:20 the time of trouble predicted in the Bible.
02:23 The signs are everywhere,
02:24 increasing natural deadly disasters
02:27 like hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami's, fires, floods
02:32 they just keep coming in rapid succession
02:34 one after another.
02:35 Extreme bizarre weather patterns,
02:38 record heat, record cold,
02:41 people have never seen the kind of strange weather
02:44 that they're seeing right now.
02:46 Increased immorality, it's all around us.
02:49 People don't know what's right anymore,
02:50 what's wrong.
02:52 We live in an age of moral confusion.
02:54 Economic uncertainty
02:55 we're teetering on the edge of a global economic meltdown
03:00 and a lot of economist they know it,
03:03 maybe it's not in the news
03:05 but they know that we're in a very,
03:07 very precarious condition.
03:11 Increased pollution, dangerous toxicity
03:14 that is in the environment that is making people sick
03:17 with strange and bizarre diseases
03:19 that just can't be cured by modern medicine.
03:23 Mass animal die-offs, I've done a lot to research
03:26 about the birds and bats and the bees and the fish
03:29 and the whales and dolphins that are dropping dead
03:32 around the world for very mysterious reasons
03:36 that people just can't quite put their finger on.
03:39 One of them has to do with the bees,
03:42 the bees it's a, it's a big crisis
03:44 I don't know if you are aware of this or not
03:46 but this is the front cover
03:47 of other recent issue of Time Magazine
03:49 and it's all about the vanishing of the bees
03:51 which is called Colony Collapse Disorder.
03:54 It says here, a world without bees.
03:57 It's very frightening to read this article.
04:00 The feature story says that you can thank the bees
04:06 for one in every three mouthfuls of food
04:08 that you eat.
04:09 Honey bees are the glue
04:10 that holds our agricultural system together
04:12 and that glue is failing.
04:15 Here it says one-third at the US honeybees
04:18 the colonies have died or disappeared
04:20 during the past winter.
04:22 A 42 percent increase over the year before
04:25 and well above the 10 to 15 percent losses
04:28 that beekeepers use to experience
04:30 in normal winters.
04:31 Something is going on, something a strange
04:33 and they really can't quite figure out exactly
04:36 why all these bees are dying.
04:38 Now here it says that
04:39 what is really scary is the fear that
04:42 these may be a sign
04:43 of what is to come a symbol that something
04:47 is terribly wrong with the world around us.
04:50 If we don't make some changes soon
04:51 we are going to see disaster
04:54 and the bees are just the beginning.
04:57 When you put all these signs together
04:59 from earthquakes to fires to floods to immorality
05:02 what's happening in nature, it's very obvious again
05:05 that the biblical signs are fulfilling all around us
05:08 that the apocalypse that has been
05:10 predicted in Scripture is at the door
05:13 and just like the Bible says
05:14 "there will be a time of trouble,
05:16 such as never was
05:18 since there was a nation even to that same time.
05:20 " We are on the edge of that time,
05:22 but it's not all bad news.
05:24 Thank God there is good news in the book.
05:26 It says, at that time your people shall be delivered
05:29 everyone that shall be found written in the book.
05:33 God is going to have a people that survive,
05:37 that go through the final times
05:38 that go through the seven last plagues
05:40 described in Revelation Chapter 16,
05:43 they are going to make it,
05:44 they are going to be rescued,
05:47 they're going to be delivered at the return of Jesus Christ.
05:51 And that's what I'm here to tell you about
05:54 as we continue on with this very timely
05:56 and practical program telling you things that you need to know
06:00 to get ready for the future.
06:03 In Daniel 12:4 it tells us
06:07 that there will be a final time right before the end
06:10 when God is going to be giving special information
06:12 to His people.
06:13 Daniel 12:4 talks about a time called the time of the end.
06:18 "And when the time of the end comes
06:19 many shall run to and fro,
06:21 and knowledge shall be increased."
06:23 Now time of the end is not the end
06:26 but it's the time right before the end
06:28 when God is giving prophetic intelligence information
06:31 to his people to get them ready for the crisis.
06:37 In Daniel 12:10
06:39 it continues and talks about this time period.
06:42 Says that, in the time at the end
06:43 "Many shall be purified."
06:46 Now notice it says many not all.
06:48 Some don't want to hear,
06:49 some just would rather be entertain,
06:51 they rather just watch the sports game
06:53 they don't really want to know the facts.
06:55 They like to be like an ostrich that puts its head in the sand
06:58 and they just really don't want to know.
07:01 So not everybody is going to be upon this information
07:04 but many will, many will be purified--
07:07 God is gonna purify the people,
07:09 He's gonna purify their heart.
07:10 He is gonna cleanse their lives from sin
07:12 and He's getting a people ready right now.
07:15 Many shall be purified and made white.
07:17 They will be clothed with the white robe
07:19 of the righteousness of Jesus Christ
07:22 and then they will be tried, they'll be tested,
07:24 they'll be in the middle of the storm
07:27 but they will stand up for God
07:28 and do what's right when a crisis hits.
07:31 And then it says "but the wicket
07:32 would be wickedly
07:34 and none of the wicked will understand,
07:35 the wicked just they just don't want to know.
07:37 They'd rather take two aspirin
07:39 and go to bed then learn the facts.
07:41 The wicked will do wickedly
07:43 and none of the wicked will understand
07:44 but the wise they shall understand.
07:48 God is going to have a people who are wise,
07:50 people who study the Bible, people who know the facts
07:53 and who understand what is coming.
07:55 There are many verses in the Book of Revelation
07:58 that talk about the future.
08:00 Revelation 3:10 tells us
08:02 that we are on the edge of the hour temptation
08:05 which shall test those who dwell upon the earth.
08:07 Revelation 13:16, 17 says that the time is coming
08:12 when something called the mark of the beast
08:14 will be enforced around the world,
08:16 which we will talk about in a little while.
08:18 Revelation 16:14-16 tells us that there is a final battle
08:22 the great day of God Almighty
08:25 and that we need to be on God's side
08:26 and not on the side at the enemy.
08:30 which takes us down
08:33 to the very last chapter of the Bible,
08:35 the very final words of God before the end,
08:39 chapter 22, verse seven says
08:41 Jesus says "Behold, I am coming quickly"
08:44 I am coming quickly.
08:46 The conclusion of all of these signs
08:48 and all at this apocalyptic, this the final scenario
08:53 is ultimately the return of Jesus Christ.
08:54 Jesus says, "Behold, I am coming quickly."
08:57 And that being the case the key to--
08:59 our preparation is not guns, it's not gold,
09:02 it's not a charcoal filters
09:04 and dried fruit and beans and getaways
09:06 and hide outside as important as some of those things maybe.
09:10 The golden key to getting ready for the apocalypse
09:14 it's getting to know the one who is coming again.
09:17 It's getting to know Jesus.
09:19 He says "Behold I am coming quickly."
09:22 And then He says "Blessed is he who keeps
09:26 the saying at the prophecy of this book."
09:31 God has given us a book. He's given us information.
09:33 He's given us biblical prophecy that we need to know
09:37 the real intelligence information
09:38 that you need and I need.
09:40 It's not going to come from Nostradamus,
09:41 from Edgar Casey, from Greek or Roman Oracle's,
09:45 it's not going to come from Chinese Sears
09:46 or astrologists or witches or horoscopes or palm readers.
09:50 It's going to come from the prophecy of this book.
09:54 It's gonna come from God's book, God's word.
09:57 In Revelation 22:10 it says "Seal not the sayings
10:03 of the prophecy of this book for the time years at hand."
10:08 The seconds are ticking, time is running out,
10:12 the signs are all around us, the final crisis,
10:14 the time of trouble is coming,
10:16 the mark of the beast is coming,
10:17 the last battle is coming and we need to make sure
10:20 that we are survivors, that we make it
10:24 through these final dates that we are among those
10:27 who are ready for the return of Jesus Christ
10:31 and that's what Earth's Final Crisis
10:33 what you must know to survive is all about.
10:36 So don't go away as a good doctor
10:38 I'm about to give you the facts that you need to know
10:42 to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ.
10:46 describes the final battle
10:51 between good and evil.
10:52 Verse 16 calls it Armageddon.
10:56 In verse 14 it tells us that this is,
10:58 "The battle of the great day of God Almighty."
11:01 We want to be on God's side, in that final war we want to be
11:04 on the side of truth and righteousness.
11:07 But in order for us to be on God's side
11:09 it is also very helpful to us to know our enemy,
11:12 to know what he's up to,
11:14 to understand his satanic strategy in these end times
11:18 and part of that strategy is revealed two verses
11:21 before verse 16 in verse 14.
11:23 It tells us that
11:25 "They are the spirit's of devils, working miracles,
11:29 which go forth to the kings of the earth
11:31 and the whole world, to gather them to the battle
11:34 of the have a great day of God Almighty.
11:37 Revelations 16:14 predicts
11:38 that there will be final burst of devilish activity
11:43 around the world to fasten people in deception.
11:47 They're called spirits devils working miracles.
11:50 Now it's a fact that millions of people today
11:53 don't even believe in a devil.
11:54 They don't think there is a personal
11:56 being named Lucifer or Satan.
11:58 Somebody once said that one of the greatest deceptions
12:01 of the devil is to convince humanity
12:04 that there is no devil.
12:06 And that's true, there is a devil,
12:08 the Bible is very clear and Revelation 16:14
12:12 tells us that the spirits of devils will go out
12:15 and they will work miracles
12:17 right before the final battle of Armageddon.
12:21 One of the ways that the devil performs his miracles
12:25 to deceive is to impersonate those that have died.
12:29 This is part of his satanic strategy
12:32 to fasten people in his snare
12:34 because if they believe that the devils are really
12:37 the spirits of the dead
12:38 then Satan can instruct them according to his will.
12:43 It's very easy for the spirits of devils
12:46 and for satanic agencies to appear,
12:49 to look like, to act like,
12:50 and to talk like those that have died.
12:53 They can appear as celebrities, they can appear as politicians,
12:57 they can appear as your relatives,
12:59 your parents, your great-grandparents,
13:01 even your children if unfortunately
13:04 your children die before you do.
13:06 The devil is ruthless and he is pulling out
13:09 all the stops in these last days.
13:11 And in just a few minutes I'll show you
13:13 what the Bible actually says about talking to the dead.
13:17 But first in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 God clearly warns us
13:25 about these fall satanic miracles designed to deceive.
13:28 In verse 9 it talks about the "working of Satan
13:31 with all power and signs and lying wonders,
13:35 and all deceivableness of unrighteousness
13:38 in them that perish
13:40 because they received not the love of the truth,
13:44 that they might be saved."
13:45 God tells us that truth
13:47 is what we need to avoid satanic deception.
13:49 Truth is what we need to survive
13:51 and it's not just knowing the truth its--
13:53 and it's not just loving the truth,
13:56 it is receiving the love of the truth
13:58 that we might be saved.
14:00 Verse 11 says "And for this cause
14:02 God will send them a strong delusion,
14:05 that they should be leaving a lie,
14:07 that they all might be damned who believed not the truth,
14:12 but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
14:15 These words deeply impress me
14:17 that we're in a battle between lives and strong delusion
14:20 and the truth and God wants as to know the truth.
14:24 He wants us to love the truth.
14:26 He wants us to receive the love of the truth.
14:28 This is part of the resources that He's given us
14:32 to help us to survive in the final days,
14:35 so that we're not duped and deceived
14:37 by the spirits of devils
14:39 and their global satanic manifestations.
14:43 Now let's go to the Book of Job
14:44 and see what it says about dead people
14:47 coming back and talking to us.
14:49 In the Book of Job 7:9, 10 the Bible is very clear.
14:55 The scripture says "As the cloud is consumed
14:59 and vanishes away so,
15:02 he who goes down to the grave shall come up no more.
15:07 He shall return no more to his house,
15:11 neither shall his place know him any more."
15:15 These verses are very clear that when a person dies
15:17 they can't just come back to their home and talk to you.
15:21 I remember when I was a little boy
15:22 there was a woman that claimed--
15:24 my father's house in Southern California
15:27 and I remember her name was Mary.
15:29 And one day Mary came up to me and she said Steve,
15:32 you never gonna guess what I saw.
15:34 And I said, what?
15:35 I was just maybe nine or ten years old
15:37 and Mary said that her husband had died
15:41 and that one night he walked right in
15:44 through the screen door into her bedroom
15:46 and had a conversation with him.
15:47 And She told me she said, it was him,
15:49 I talk to my dead husband.
15:51 And as a nine-year-old I really didn't know what to say.
15:53 I hadn't studied my Bible,
15:55 I didn't know what Job taught about this
15:58 and so I just probably just thought wow,
16:00 that's quite amazing.
16:02 A number of years ago I was a pastor
16:04 in North Dakota and by this time I'd grown up
16:07 and I was studying my Bible and I knew
16:09 what God had to say about this.
16:11 And there was a story circulating around the town
16:14 where I lived, just a small town
16:16 about a little boy that had died.
16:18 And this boy was maybe 13 or 14 or maybe 12
16:23 and he started appearing to his relatives and talking to them.
16:28 And so the stories were really going around.
16:30 Wow, this little boy's ghost has come back.
16:33 Well, as time went on eventually
16:36 this ghost appeared to this little boy's--
16:40 this young man's grand grandmother
16:44 and this grandmother knew her Bible.
16:46 She knew what the Bible says
16:47 that those who go down to the grave don't come back
16:50 and that they do not return anymore to their houses.
16:54 And she knew this and when this ghost
16:57 of this young boy appeared to this grandmother
17:01 and started talking to her she remembered the Bible
17:04 and she confronted the spirit
17:05 and she said in the name of Jesus Christ
17:09 get out of here in the name of Jesus go.
17:12 And all of a sudden that boyish face just changed,
17:16 it was transformed into a hideous expression
17:19 and then it was gone.
17:21 And word continued to spread around the town
17:24 that obviously that ghost was not the ghost
17:28 of that little boy it was a spirit of a devil
17:32 that was impersonating a dead loved one.
17:36 We need to know what the Bible says about the topic of death.
17:40 We need to know what's gonna happen when we die.
17:44 If we don't we're subject we're actually sitting ducks
17:49 that can easily be misled and be deceived
17:52 by spirits up devils impersonating the dead.
17:56 Somebody once said be careful a half-truth
18:00 because you may end up with the long half.
18:02 We need more than half truths in these last days.
18:04 We need the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
18:07 So help us God and that truth is in the Bible
18:11 and the Bible is very clear that communication
18:13 with the dead is taboo, its out.
18:15 God says no, stay away from it don't involved at all.
18:19 Now here's the reason, in the Book of Ecclesiastes 9:5
18:26 the Bible gives us a very pointed truth
18:30 that many refused to accept, they refused to believe
18:33 but its right here in God's book.
18:35 Ecclesiastes 9:5 says that
18:38 "The living know that they will die
18:40 but the dead know not any thing."
18:43 The dead don't know anything.
18:44 And verse 10 it says "Whatever your hand finds
18:47 to do you do it with your might for there is no work,
18:49 nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave,
18:53 where you are going."
18:55 According to these inspired words dead people
18:58 they just don't know anything.
19:00 They're not up there looking down on us.
19:02 They're not down there looking up on us.
19:04 They can't go into the spirit world
19:06 and then come back and forth at will.
19:09 They certainly don't return as a mouse or frog.
19:13 The Bible is very clear that these things
19:15 are just they're just not true.
19:18 God's word says that the dead they don't know anything.
19:22 Now let me just give you a quick survey
19:24 of some very powerful biblical facts
19:30 that we need to know to survive the deceptions
19:33 that are going to be all around us
19:35 in the last days of this earth's history.
19:38 Psalm 6:5 says that
19:41 "In death there is no remembrance"
19:44 of God, in the grape who will give you thanks."
19:48 In Psalm 115: 17 the Bible is very clear
19:52 that "The dead do not praise the Lord,
19:54 nor any that go down into silence."
19:57 In Psalm 146:4 and you can look up
19:59 all these verses in your own Bible they're right there.
20:02 Psalm 146:4 says that in the very day
20:05 when a person dies "His thoughts parish,
20:08 he doesn't continued think after death."
20:11 He is dead as Ecclesiastes 9:5 says,
20:13 "The living know that they will die,
20:15 but the dead know not anything.
20:20 First Corinthians 15:3, 4
20:24 tell us in the midst of the bad news
20:26 it tells us the good news that there is hope
20:28 on the other side of the grave
20:30 that death is not the last word,
20:32 that when we breathe our final breath
20:35 that we can still hope for a future
20:37 and it's a beautiful future.
20:39 In 1 Corinthians 15:3, 4
20:44 it tells us what Jesus did for us,
20:47 the gospel, good news of our Savior.
20:50 Paul wrote "I delivered to you first of all
20:52 that which I also received, how that Christ died
20:55 for our sins according to the scriptures
20:58 that he was buried, and that he rose again
21:00 the third day according to the scriptures."
21:03 Go back all the way to beginning at the Bible
21:05 when God made a perfect world and then
21:07 Adam and Eve chose to sin and follow the serpent
21:11 to follow Lucifer the whole world has fallen
21:13 and as a result we die.
21:15 Death has entered humanity because of sin
21:18 but the good news is that God still loves us.
21:20 He hasn't forsaken His world,
21:22 He hasn't turned His back on us forever
21:24 but He sent His own Son to come down into human form,
21:28 to live a perfect life, a holy life, a loving life,
21:31 a godly life and at the end at of that life
21:34 the Bible says that Christ He died, He gave His life.
21:37 He suffered in Gethsemane and on the cross
21:39 and He died for our sins according to the scriptures.
21:43 And He was really dead.
21:45 Jesus Christ really didn't die, He entered the grave,
21:47 He was placed in Joseph's Tomb and a big rock
21:51 was placed over the darkness of that tomb.
21:54 He was buried but on the third day
21:56 He rose again from the dead according to the scriptures.
21:59 Jesus died, was buried and He rose.
22:01 Here is resurrection from the dead.
22:03 Verse 6 says "That, He was seen by about
22:05 five hundred people after his resurrection,
22:08 of whom the greater part remain to this present,"
22:10 but then Paul says "some of them have fallen asleep."
22:14 Which means they've died.
22:15 In the Bible death is simply described as a sleep.
22:18 Just like when you go to bed at night,
22:20 you are out and if you have an alarm clock
22:23 in the morning it wakes you up and it's time to wake up.
22:26 And the Bible talks very clearly about death,
22:28 burial and resurrection.
22:31 In Daniel 12:2, 3 it says that
22:34 "Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth
22:37 will one day awake, some to everlasting life
22:40 and some to shame an everlasting contempt."
22:44 In John Chapter 6, Jesus very clearly tells us
22:48 four times about the hope that we have
22:51 as believers in Him, those who trust in Jesus,
22:54 who give Him their sins and receive His forgiveness.
22:58 John 6:39, Jesus said
23:00 "I will raise them up again at the last day."
23:02 Verse 40, "I will raise him up at the last day."
23:06 Verse 44, "I will raise him up at the last day."
23:10 Verse 54, "I will raise him up at the last day."
23:14 Four times in John Chapter 6, Jesus Christ promised
23:17 that those who believe in Him will be resurrected
23:20 at the last day and Jesus strongly taught
23:22 death burial and resurrection.
23:26 In 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4 and this is a wonderful
23:30 and it's an encouraging and it's a powerful passage
23:33 in the Bible which I have read to bereaved families
23:37 many times after they have laid a loved one into the grave.
23:42 First Thessalonians 4:16 tells us that some day
23:45 and I believe it's very soon
23:47 "The Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout,
23:49 with the voice of the archangel,
23:51 with the trumpet of God
23:52 and the dead in Christ will rise first"
23:55 that's a resurrection "then we who are alive
23:57 and remain shall be caught up together
23:59 with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord
24:01 in the air so shall we ever be with the Lord.
24:05 Wherefore comfort one another" Paul says "with these words."
24:09 These words from God have been given to us
24:12 to comfort us in time of loss.
24:15 I heard an old-- about an old saint who said,
24:17 "If you miss me don't dismay.
24:18 I may have to rest in a mound of clay,
24:21 but when I hear the trumpet sound
24:22 I'm coming out off the cold, cold ground."
24:25 These words from God are the truth.
24:28 We cannot afford in these last days
24:30 to simply trust our hearts,
24:32 we can't trust just our feelings,
24:33 we can't trust impressions
24:35 or what many popular preachers may say, we can't even trust
24:39 at New York Times bestselling books
24:41 that claim to have people seeing things on the other side
24:44 that really just don't agree with the Bible.
24:48 And we certainly can't just rely on miracles
24:50 because many of the signs and wonders will be false.
24:52 They'll come from the spirits of devils trying to trick us
24:56 and to lead us away from Bible truth.
24:59 If we don't know the truth about death,
25:02 burial and resurrection according to the Bible
25:06 we don't have a ghost of a chance.
25:10 But if we want to be ready
25:11 for the battle of the great day of God Almighty,
25:14 if we want to survive these final days
25:17 then we need to know the truth of what Jesus Christ taught
25:21 and hold on to it no matter what.
25:24 The Book of Revelation is the last book of the Bible.
25:26 It's the greatest book on prophecy ever written.
25:29 And in chapter 14 we read about three angels messages
25:33 that God sends to the whole world
25:35 to help people to get ready for the return of Jesus Christ.
25:39 In Revelation 14:6 the first angel talks about
25:41 the everlasting gospel which is the good news of Jesus
25:45 that He came down here, became a man,
25:47 died on the cross for all of our sins
25:49 and then rose from the dead.
25:51 In verse 7 it says "Worship him that made heaven,
25:55 and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters."
25:59 And verse 12 says
26:00 "Here is the patience of the saints,
26:02 here are they that keep the commandments God,
26:06 and have the faith of Jesus."
26:09 And these people, these saints,
26:11 these commandment keeping saints
26:12 who follow Jesus are the ones that are ready
26:15 for the return of Christ.
26:17 In verse 14 John wrote "And I looked, and behold
26:20 a white cloud, and upon the cloud
26:22 one sat like the Son of man,
26:23 having on his head a golden crown,
26:25 and in his hand a sharp sickle."
26:27 So the sequences in the last book
26:29 in the Bible in Revelation 14
26:31 we have the three angels messages talking about
26:34 worshipping the Creator, keeping the commandments,
26:36 following the everlasting gospel
26:38 and those messages develop people
26:41 who are ready for the return of Jesus Christ.
26:45 The world that we live in is filled with laws.
26:48 Every country has its laws.
26:50 There even a lot of laws in the Bible
26:52 but there is one set of laws that tower above all other laws
26:58 that have ever been written by man.
27:00 I have here two solid tables of stone.
27:04 These are the Ten Commandments
27:06 and what makes the Ten Commandments so unique,
27:08 so different from every other body of laws
27:11 is that they were written not with a pen,
27:13 not with a pencil, not with some kind of a stylus
27:17 or computer mouse or speech recognition,
27:21 audio speech recognition, it's not some high-technology
27:24 but these commandments were written
27:27 with the finger of God himself that's what the Bible says
27:30 in Exodus chapter 31:18 and they were written
27:33 on solid stone which means that they can never,
27:37 they can never be changed.
27:39 And the Bible tells in Revelation 14:12
27:42 that God is going to have a people,
27:44 a group of saints who keep the commandments of God
27:47 and have the faith of Jesus
27:49 and who are prepared for the return of Jesus Christ.
27:52 Now I want you to sit down and brace yourself,
27:55 because I'm gonna tell you
27:57 something that is not politically correct,
27:59 it's not in many religious circles
28:02 its not religiously correct,
28:04 it's an unpopular truth but it's a solid
28:08 as what was written with the finger of God.
28:12 We ready in chapter 14 verse 7
28:15 that God is going to have the people
28:16 "who worship him who made heaven,
28:20 and earth, the sea, and all that is in them
28:22 who worship the Creator."
28:23 Verse 12 says "the saints are going to keep
28:26 the commandments of God."
28:28 Now it is a fact that when you look at the Big Ten
28:31 the Ten Commandments there is only one,
28:34 only one of these ten that specifically talks about
28:38 the Creator of heaven on earth, the sea and everything in it
28:41 and it's right there in the very heart
28:43 at the law of God and it is commandment
28:46 number four that talks about remembering
28:50 and not forgetting the Sabbath.
28:52 Now if you have a Bible I invite you to open up
28:55 to Exodus Chapter 20 and let's take a look
28:59 at this fourth commandment which is written
29:04 with the finger of God on tables,
29:06 which was written with the finger of God
29:08 on a table of stone.
29:10 Exodus 20:8 the Bible says
29:14 "Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy.
29:20 I think it's safe to say that there are millions of Bible
29:23 believing Christians today that have a general belief
29:27 in the Ten Commandments,
29:28 they believe in the authority of God's law.
29:30 If you ask them should we avoid idols
29:32 which is commandment number two, they say of course.
29:35 What about lying? Should we lie?
29:37 They'd say no, definitely not. That's commandment number nine.
29:40 Commandment number six talks about killing,
29:42 number seven talks about committing adultery,
29:45 commandment number five says, honor your father and mother
29:47 and most Christians would agree.
29:49 Yes, we need to follow those commandments,
29:51 they're just, they're just basic moral laws
29:54 that we need to live by.
29:56 But when it comes to commandment number four,
29:58 when it comes to the commandment
30:00 that says "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy"
30:04 for some strange reason many just flip flop
30:07 and all the sudden they say that,
30:08 you know, really that command it just really doesn't make
30:11 any difference what day you keep
30:13 but that doesn't make any sense.
30:15 Does it make sense that the only commandment
30:18 that God says remember is the only one
30:22 that it's okay for us to forget?
30:24 No, it doesn't make any sense at all.
30:28 The fourth commandment continues and says
30:30 "Six days you shall labor, and do all your work.
30:33 But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord
30:36 your God in it you shall not do any work."
30:39 Now what is that seventh day anyway?
30:42 Which day of the week is that?
30:44 If you ask any Jew or at least if he's a good Jew,
30:47 he'll tell you that the seventh day Sabbath
30:49 is from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night.
30:52 If you look up Saturday in the dictionary
30:56 it'll tell you it's the seventh day of the week.
30:58 If you look it up an encyclopedia
31:00 it will tell you it's the same.
31:02 Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament
31:04 are very clear that Jesus Christ rose
31:07 from the dead not on the seventh day
31:09 but on the first day of the week,
31:11 that's the day that Jesus rose which is Sunday.
31:14 He rose on the first day the week,
31:15 but the first day that week is not the seventh day
31:17 it's not the day that is specified
31:20 in the fourth commandment.
31:22 In Exodus 20:11 Gives us the reason
31:27 why we should keep the seventh day Sabbath.
31:30 It says "For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth,
31:34 and the sea, and all that in them is,
31:36 and he rested on the seventh day,
31:38 wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day,
31:41 and hallowed it."
31:43 He made that particular day a holy, special day.
31:48 Now let me just give you a brief history lesson
31:51 based on the Bible.
31:52 I don't have time to read all of these verses
31:54 but you can write them down or you can look them up later.
31:58 They're very clear right in the Bible.
32:01 In Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 which is the very beginning
32:04 of have the Bible when God made the heavens
32:06 and the earth, He made the earth in six days
32:08 and He rested on the seventh day
32:10 and He blessed that day
32:12 and he made that day a holy, special day
32:14 because it is a day to commemorate
32:17 who He is as the Maker of all life.
32:21 When you go down to Exodus 20 as we've already read
32:23 God put that day into the heart of His law,
32:26 the lawless command of all the fourth commandment
32:29 which says remember the Sabbath day
32:31 and keep it holy.
32:33 If everybody did that
32:35 there'd be no struggle over evolution,
32:36 people wouldn't think that we came from the goo,
32:39 the cosmic goo or through a monkey
32:42 eventually it became you and me.
32:43 People wouldn't believe any those things
32:45 because they'd know what the Bible says
32:47 that God made the heavens and the earth
32:49 and He rested on the seventh day.
32:52 When Jesus Christ was here, in Luke 4:16 it says,
32:56 that as His custom was He went
32:58 into the synagogue on the Sabbath day.
32:59 Jesus was a Sabbath keeper.
33:02 In Mark-- Matthew 12:8
33:05 Jesus said that He was the Lord of the Sabbath day.
33:08 In verse 8 and verse 12 He said it's lawful to do
33:11 good on the Sabbath day and He is Lord of that day.
33:15 The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ died
33:18 on the day before the Sabbath.
33:20 In Luke Chapter 23 it's very clear
33:22 that He died on the preparation day right before the Sabbath.
33:25 He rested in the tomb on the Sabbath
33:27 and then He rose from the dead on Sunday.
33:30 Which is, is a parallel to the creation of this world
33:33 that God made the earth in six days
33:35 and then He finished His work
33:37 and then He rested on the seventh day.
33:39 And Jesus rested in the tomb on the Sabbath
33:41 and then He rose from the dead on Sunday morning.
33:44 In Luke 23:56 it tells us plainly that the disciples
33:49 of Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath
33:52 according to the commandment after Jesus Christ died.
33:57 That's what the Bible says it Luke 23:56.
34:01 In Acts 13:42-44 the Bible says that
34:05 when Paul was going out as a missionary
34:07 and preaching the gospel that gentiles
34:10 kept the Sabbath day that they gather together
34:13 on the Sabbath day to hear the Word of God.
34:16 In Acts 16:13 the Bible tells us that
34:19 on the Sabbath day Paul prayed
34:22 and he went out by river to spend some time in prayer
34:25 even when there were no Jews.
34:26 Even when he was doing missionary work
34:28 among the gentiles he was still keeping the Sabbath
34:31 a long way from Jerusalem.
34:33 In Acts 16:13,
34:36 when you go all the way down to the Book of Revelation,
34:39 Revelation is the last book of the Bible
34:41 and its special number is seven,
34:43 there are seven churches, there seven trumpets,
34:44 there are seven plagues, there are horns,
34:47 seven eyes, seven angels, there's all kinds of sevens
34:50 and eventually God warns us about the number 666
34:54 which is not quite seven.
34:56 Seven is God's number from Genesis to Revelation
35:00 it is a number that represents Him
35:04 as the Creator of heaven and earth.
35:06 In Isaiah 66:22, 23 the Bible also says
35:10 that the Sabbath will be kept in the new earth
35:12 that from one Sabbath to another all flesh
35:15 in God's new earth will be keeping His holy day.
35:18 Now follow this is true which it is from the Bible,
35:21 then the big question is well,
35:22 how did the Sabbath get changed anyway?
35:25 Here have in my hand Convert's Catechism
35:28 of Catholic Doctrine from the Roman Catholic Church.
35:31 It says on page 50, question "what day is the Sabbath day?"
35:35 Answer, "Saturday is the Sabbath day."
35:37 Question, "Why then do we observe Sunday
35:39 instead of Saturday."
35:41 Answer, "We observe"
35:42 that's Catholics "Sunday instead of Saturday
35:45 because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity
35:49 from Saturday to Sunday."
35:52 It's an amazing admission but its right there.
35:55 And really, ultimately the question
35:57 we have to ask ourselves
35:59 and the decision that we have to make is,
36:01 are we gonna follow a man?
36:02 Are we gonna follow the Catholic Church?
36:04 Are we gonna follow even what the pope says
36:06 or are we gonna follow what God says
36:08 and what He wrote with His own finger on solid stone?
36:12 That's the issue, man or God.
36:15 I've made my decision and I hope
36:17 that you will make yours as well.
36:20 Now what about Grace? I are we saved by grace?
36:23 We don't need to keep the law
36:24 because we're saved by grace many say.
36:26 When you look Ephesians 2:8 Paul is very clear that yes,
36:30 we are saved by the grace of Jesus.
36:32 That what happened was on cross
36:34 Jesus took our sins of breaking His law
36:36 into His mind into His mind and into His heart
36:39 and He died on the cross
36:40 for every sin we've ever committed.
36:42 Praise God.
36:43 But that doesn't change God's law.
36:45 He rose from the dead
36:46 but that doesn't change God's law.
36:48 In the same Book of Ephesians 6:1-3
36:52 Paul is very clear that Christian children
36:54 should still obey the fifth commandment,
36:57 honor your father and your mother.
36:59 In John 14:15 Jesus said,
37:02 "If you love Me keep my commandments,"
37:06 which is actually a quote
37:08 from the third commandment right here
37:10 written with the finger of God.
37:12 So yes, we're saved by grace, its grace that that forgives us
37:16 because we've broken God's law.
37:17 Its grace that clothes us
37:19 in Christ robe of righteousness.
37:21 Its grace that gets us out of the pit of sin
37:24 but when we're changed by grace
37:25 and when we've been renewed and transformed
37:27 by His love and His goodness and His power
37:30 then we are going to become commandment keepers
37:34 because that's what the Bible says.
37:36 Back to Revelation Chapter 14, Chapter 14
37:41 we have the three angels' messages to the whole world.
37:43 Verse 6 talks about the everlasting good news.
37:45 Verse 7 says "Worship him that made heaven,
37:48 and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of water."
37:52 And then verse 12 says
37:53 "Here is the patience of saints,
37:55 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
37:58 and the faith of Jesus."
38:00 It is a fact that when you look at the Big Ten
38:03 which God wrote with His own finger
38:05 onto two tables of stone there is only one,
38:08 only one commandment that has to do
38:11 with worshiping the Creator of heaven and earth,
38:13 the sea and everything in it
38:15 and that is the fourth commandment
38:17 that tells us to remember not to forget
38:19 the seventh day Sabbath
38:21 because that is God's day to commemorate Him
38:25 as the maker of heaven and earth.
38:28 "Here's the patience that the saints,
38:30 here they that keep the commandments to God,
38:33 and the faith in Jesus."
38:34 Verse 14 "I looked, and behold a white cloud,
38:37 and he that sat upon the cloud was the Son of man."
38:40 God is gonna have a group of commandment
38:42 keeping people who love Jesus, who follow the Bible,
38:45 who are ready for His return that is the truth
38:49 that you need to know
38:51 and may God help all us to follow His truth.
38:55 The Book of Revelation is the last book of the Bible
38:58 and it contains God's last warning for perishing world
39:01 before the return of Jesus Christ.
39:03 That last message is called the third angels message.
39:06 In Revelation 14:9-12 the Bible says
39:10 "And the third angel followed them,
39:12 saying with a loud voice, if any man worships
39:15 the beast and his image,
39:16 and receive his mark in his forehead,
39:19 or in his hand, the same shall drink
39:22 the wine of the wrath of God,
39:24 which is poured out without mixture into the cup
39:27 of at his indignation and he shall be tormented
39:29 with fire and brimstone
39:31 in the presence of the holy angels,
39:32 and in the presence at the Lamb,
39:34 and the smoke of their torment ascends up
39:36 for ever and ever and they have no rest day or night,
39:39 who worship the beast and his image,
39:41 and whoever receives the mark of his name."
39:45 This is the most solemn warning in the Bible
39:48 and it's a warning about getting
39:51 or not getting the mark of the beast.
39:56 The mark of the beast is obviously not a minor matter
39:59 it's a life or death matter.
40:00 It has to do with our souls and with eternity,
40:03 the Bible is very clear on that.
40:05 Those who get the mark they will not survive.
40:09 Now there is a lot of speculation about
40:11 what this mark is,
40:12 who the beast is, what the mark is?
40:14 Many think that it's some kind of high-tech
40:16 computerized microchip that's gonna be placed
40:19 under the skin in the hand and in the forehead.
40:23 There are some problems with that idea.
40:25 First of all you know, what if technology changes?
40:27 So what if they do an upgrade?
40:28 What if their computer breaks?
40:31 There's a lot of the issues to deal with
40:33 but the bigger question is,
40:34 is that really what the Bible says?
40:36 Is the mark of the beast
40:38 something that is just skin deep
40:39 or is it something much, much deeper
40:42 that that goes to our minds and to our hearts.
40:45 Well, let's find out, let's have a Bible study
40:49 about this very controversial subject.
40:52 In Revelation 14:9 we again read about a warning,
40:57 about worshiping the beast and getting the mark.
41:00 Obviously we need to know who this beast is,
41:03 in order to understand the subject.
41:06 So I hope you're sitting down
41:07 because I've got some solemn information to share with you.
41:11 When it comes to the beast,
41:12 if you were to go back 400 years
41:14 from today approximately and find Martin Luther
41:19 who founded the Lutheran Church and ask him
41:21 who do you think the beast is?
41:22 He would give you a straight answer.
41:24 If you were to talk to John Calvin
41:26 who founded the Presbyterian Church
41:27 and ask him who is the beast?
41:29 He would give you the same answer.
41:31 If you were to ask John Wesley
41:32 who founded the Methodist Church
41:34 who is the beast?
41:35 He would give you the same answer
41:37 or Charles Spurgeon one of the greatest Baptist pastors
41:40 who ever lived or countless other scholars,
41:42 reformation scholars
41:44 who have lived for the last 400 years.
41:45 Who is the beast?
41:47 They would give you the same answer.
41:49 I have in my hand here one of the classics
41:51 in Christian history called Foxe's Book of Martyrs
41:54 and Foxe's Book of Martyrs is also very, very clear.
41:58 You can get this book in any Christian books store.
42:00 If they don't have it they can order it.
42:02 On page 43 it talks about the people church,
42:06 the Roman Catholic Church
42:08 and refers to it as having the power of the beast,
42:12 the power of the beast.
42:14 This is what Protestants used to believe,
42:16 this is the reason why they left the Roman Church
42:19 and eventually protested in became Protestants
42:22 because they saw all of these different teachings
42:24 and doctrines they were in the Roman Church
42:26 and they realized that these doctrines
42:28 did not agree with the Bible.
42:31 They didn't apply the beast to individual people
42:33 but to a system that leads away from scripture,
42:37 that teaches praying to Jesus through Mary,
42:40 that teaches penance to earn the favor of God,
42:43 that talks about indulgences to cover sin,
42:46 confession of sins to priests
42:48 that, when you die you go to purgatory,
42:50 salvation through the church
42:52 rather than through faith in Jesus Christ.
42:54 These are all doctrines of the Roman Church
42:56 which really do not line up with scripture.
42:59 And so if the beast as described
43:02 in Revelation refers to the papal power then
43:07 what about the mark?
43:08 I have an amazing old Bible here,
43:10 this Bibles practically falling apart.
43:12 It was the Bible lay Presbyterian preacher
43:16 and somehow I inherited this
43:18 and gonna handle it very carefully.
43:20 But in Revelation 13:16
43:23 when it talks about the mark of the beast,
43:25 notice what it says here.
43:27 It says, "A mark, it has to do with submission to the rights
43:30 and the ceremonies of the people communion
43:34 in their right hand represents active obedience
43:37 to the papal power and in the forehead
43:40 that represents outward profession
43:43 of its doctrines and infallible authority."
43:46 These are the footnotes of an old Presbyterian Bible
43:50 and it shows that not only did the old ancients believe
43:54 that the beast was the papal power
43:56 but they also connected
43:57 the mark of the beast to this same power.
44:01 Now, let's go back to our Bibles and I'm gonna,
44:04 I'm gonna lead you in a very, very solemn
44:07 and powerful sequence of clear scriptures
44:10 that we have to understand
44:12 in order to understand the subject.
44:13 the first angel says
44:19 "Worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea,
44:22 and the fountains of waters."
44:23 Verse 9 warns "Don't worship the beast
44:27 and the image and don't get the mark."
44:29 So verse 7 tells us to worship the Creator
44:31 and verse nine says don't worship the beast.
44:34 And then verse 11 talks about "whoever receives
44:37 the mark of his name the mark of the beast."
44:40 And then verse 12 says
44:41 "Here's the patience of the saints,
44:43 here are they that keep the commandments of God
44:47 and the faith of Jesus."
44:49 These scriptures are very, very clear.
44:53 They tell us to worship the Creator, not the beast.
44:55 They tell us to, they tell us to keep the commandments
44:59 and to avoid the mark.
45:00 And as I mentioned in the last segment
45:02 when you look at the Big Ten the Ten Commandments
45:05 which God wrote with His own finger on solid stone
45:08 there's only one commandment about the Creator
45:12 which is the fourth commandment.
45:13 That says remember the Sabbath day
45:15 and to keep it holy, and that commandment
45:18 has been specifically changed by the Roman Catholic Church.
45:23 Here again the catechism of the Catholic Church.
45:26 I didn't write this,
45:27 this is an official document from Rome,
45:30 from the Roman Church.
45:31 Page 50 Question, "What day is the Sabbath day?
45:34 Answer, "Saturday is the Sabbath day."
45:35 Question, "Why then do we observe Sunday
45:38 instead of Saturday?"
45:39 Answer "We observe Sunday instead of Saturday
45:41 because the Catholic Church transferred
45:44 the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday."
45:48 The Roman Catholic Church not only changed
45:51 the Bible Sabbath which God wrote with His own finger
45:54 on stone into the first day of the week
45:57 and claim that change has her act,
45:59 but she also believes that that act is a mark
46:04 of her spiritual authority
46:07 that she really is the true Church of Jesus Christ.
46:11 That is a belief of the Roman Church.
46:16 Changing the Sabbath according to Rome is,
46:20 and represents a mark of its authority.
46:23 Who else could change the law of God?
46:26 Except the true church says,
46:28 Rome but as I look at these issues
46:31 my conclusion is that what God wrote is above
46:35 and beyond anything that man has to say.
46:39 Revelation 13:16 tells us that at some point in the future
46:45 when the final crisis hits, as a result of this crisis
46:48 and as an apparent solution to a crisis
46:51 there will be the enforcement of the mark.
46:54 Revelation 13:16 says "He causes all,
46:57 both small and great, rich and poor,
46:59 free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand,
47:04 their right hand or in their foreheads
47:06 that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark,
47:09 or the name of the beast, or the number his name."
47:13 If it is true what I'm telling you
47:16 and what on other people believe
47:18 who have studied this out very carefully.
47:19 If it's true that the mark of the beast
47:23 is the mark of the authority of the Roman Church
47:27 in changing the Bible Sabbath into the first day of the week,
47:31 if that is true and if Sunday
47:33 is to become the final mark of the beast
47:36 in the last days then we must expect
47:39 that there would be Sunday legislation
47:42 around the world at the very end of time.
47:45 Is that a possibility, could such a thing ever happen
47:49 especially in America, the land of the free
47:52 and the home of the brave?
47:53 Well, let me give you a little history lesson.
47:56 Sunday has been enforced by law for a long time.
47:59 It started in the year 321
48:01 by the Emperor Constantine in Europe.
48:04 All right, study European history
48:06 you will find Sunday legislation in various degrees
48:08 that has happened off and on.
48:10 In the history of Britain, of England
48:13 there were Sunday laws.
48:14 Go to the time of early colonial America
48:17 when the pilgrims came across of the Atlantic
48:19 and began to settle and to develop colonies.
48:23 There were strict Sunday laws in the American colonies,
48:26 they were called Blue Laws.
48:28 There are organizations today
48:30 such as the at European Sunday Alliance
48:33 that are pushing for Sunday legislation.
48:36 There are Sunday laws right now to various degrees.
48:39 In Germany the Roman Catholic Church
48:41 is pushing for Sunday legislation.
48:44 They would like to see it around the world.
48:46 Is this possible that Sunday could ever be
48:48 globally enforced by law?
48:49 I like to take you back to the fateful Tuesday,
48:53 September 11, 2001
48:54 when the two twin towers came down
48:57 in New York in the heart of our financial center.
49:01 That crisis, September 11 was on a Tuesday.
49:06 Remember that Tuesday crisis-hit.
49:08 Friday three days later there was a big church service
49:11 in the national religious,
49:13 the National Cathedral in Washington DC.
49:17 All the living presidents where there, senators,
49:18 Congressmen, there were major religions represented.
49:22 Billy Graham was there talking--
49:24 representing the Protestant world.
49:25 There was a Catholic Cardinal that was there.
49:27 A rabbi was there, an imam was there representing
49:30 the Muslim community and they came together
49:32 to pray in the midst of a crisis.
49:36 And I certainly believe in prayer
49:37 during the crisis but as I observe these events
49:40 I noticed we had a crisis on Tuesday
49:42 and then on Friday a move toward unity.
49:44 And then what happened two days later?
49:47 What happened two days later?
49:48 Significantly church attendance on Sunday
49:51 went through the roof all around world.
49:55 In Australia, in Europe people work keeping Sunday,
49:58 going to church on Sunday because they knew
50:00 that this was a crisis, a big crisis
50:02 that has a potential ripple effect
50:04 to affected the global economy.
50:06 And so people were scared and they were praying
50:08 that God would help humanity in this crisis.
50:12 And I looked at that scenario,
50:14 that week and I saw crisis on Tuesday,
50:16 unity of the world's religions on Friday,
50:19 and then church attendance
50:20 going through the roof on Sunday.
50:22 Crisis unity Sunday, crisis unity Sunday,
50:25 and I learned a big lesson from that.
50:27 Now thankfully that crisis didn't continue to deepen
50:30 and unravel and eventually things got better
50:34 but one of these days the Bible is very clear
50:37 that a final crisis is coming.
50:39 Daniel 12:1 says "There will be a time of trouble
50:41 such as never was since there was a nation."
50:44 The biggest crisis of all is at the door,
50:48 it's on the horizon.
50:50 And when it happens we'll see the same things
50:52 as what happened during the week of 9/11.
50:54 We will see crisis, we'll see unity,
50:57 and we will see people flocking to church on Sunday
51:00 to pray for God to do something in the midst of this crisis.
51:04 And if that crisis
51:06 which eventually this is gonna happen
51:08 if it doesn't go away, if it deepens
51:11 and if it gets worst,
51:13 you will see governments working together.
51:15 You will see religions working with government
51:17 and you will eventually see Sunday attendance
51:21 shipped to Sunday legislation.
51:24 It's a, it's as plain as the rabbi is Jewish.
51:27 It's as plain as the pope is Catholic.
51:29 This certainly will happen, crisis, unity, Sunday
51:33 attendance, finally Sunday legislation in the midst
51:37 of at the final crisis in history of this world.
51:41 And when that time comes then humanity
51:44 will find itself in the middle at the Book of Revelation,
51:48 in the middle of the apocalypse.
51:49 You mean in the middle of the last test of God
51:54 that will come to the whole world.
51:57 the third angels message
52:00 will sound with a loud voice and say
52:03 "if any man worships the beast and his image,
52:06 and gets the mark in his forehead,
52:08 or in his hand, the same will drink
52:09 the wine of the wrath of God."
52:11 And then verse 12 will appeal to people
52:13 "don't do it but be among the saints
52:16 who keep the commandments of God
52:19 and the faith of Jesus."
52:20 Be among that group that love Jesus,
52:22 that follow Jesus, that have been saved
52:24 by His grace and touch by His power
52:27 and because they love the Lord
52:28 they're willing to stand up for all the Ten Commandments
52:31 including the one that God said remember,
52:34 remember don't forget.
52:37 Everyone will have to make a choice
52:39 during that final crisis when people hear the truth
52:41 that they must know to survive.
52:43 Those that reject it, those that believe
52:46 in the beast will get his mark in their foreheads
52:49 which represents their mind, their minds
52:52 and God will see that.
52:53 Those who go along with the beast
52:55 will get the mark in their hands
52:56 because they're doing what they shouldn't be doing.
52:58 They're rebelling against God Himself fighting His law
53:01 and they're following the beast and getting the mark.
53:04 But God will have a people who will not do it.
53:07 Who will stand for Jesus no matter what,
53:08 even if they have to-- they don't--
53:10 they can't buy or sell
53:11 no matter what they're gonna follow Jesus
53:13 and keep the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.
53:15 These people will be sealed and protected.
53:18 When the seven last plagues in chapter 16
53:21 following those that get the mark of the beast
53:22 when the final trouble hits the world
53:24 God will have a people who go all the way
53:26 through to the end and you are ready
53:29 for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
53:31 I want to be one of those people.
53:33 During the American Civil War
53:34 somebody asked Abraham Lincoln
53:36 and they said Brother Lincoln, you think God is on our side?
53:39 And his response was,
53:40 I'm not concerned whether God is on our side.
53:43 The big question is, are we on His side in this war.
53:47 May God help you and me to be on God side to survive,
53:52 to go all the way through
53:53 and to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ.
53:57 In the last chapter of the Bible
53:59 in verse 16 Jesus says,
54:01 "I Jesus have sent my angel to testify to you
54:05 these things in the churches.
54:07 I am the route and the offspring David,
54:09 and the bright and the morning star."
54:11 A number of months ago my little boy
54:13 who at that time was eight-years-old
54:15 came running into the living room
54:16 early in the morning.
54:17 His name is Seth and he said daddy, daddy,
54:19 I just had a dream.
54:21 And he said, in my dream I was taken up
54:23 to the New Jerusalem.
54:25 Daddy, I saw the streets of gold.
54:27 And then he said, daddy, I saw a thrown inside the city
54:30 and on the throne he said daddy,
54:32 I saw Jesus Christ.
54:33 And He was so bright,
54:35 He was so bright I had to squint
54:37 in order to look at Him.
54:38 And I thought wow, what a dream.
54:42 The truth is that Jesus Christ
54:44 is the center of the entire Bible.
54:47 In John Chapter 1, it tells us that
54:49 Jesus is really the one who made the earth in six days
54:52 and who rested on the seventh day.
54:54 When Adam and Eve sinned and went against God,
54:56 Jesus did not forsake us.
54:59 On Mount Sinai it was Jesus that came down
55:01 and wrote the Ten Commandments with His own finger
55:03 to show us what's right
55:05 and what's wrong and what sin is.
55:07 The New Testament tells us
55:08 that "God so loved the world, that He sent His own Son."
55:11 That Jesus came down here born in Bethlehem.
55:14 He lived a perfect life.
55:15 He kept the Ten Commandments for us
55:17 and then in Gethsemane and on the cross
55:19 He took our sins, all of our sins
55:21 into His mind, into His heart.
55:23 The finger that was on a hand
55:25 that wrote the law was also on the same hand
55:29 that was nailed to cross for our sins.
55:32 Praise God. And then He rose from the dead.
55:35 He went to heaven.
55:36 And it was Jesus that gave us the Book of Revelation
55:40 to tell us about earth's final crisis
55:42 and what we need to know to survive.
55:44 It's Jesus who warns us about the mark of the beast
55:47 and calls us to be among the saints
55:50 who keep the Commandments of God
55:52 and the faith of Jesus and who are ready
55:54 for His second coming.
55:57 One of these days all sin is gonna be gone,
55:59 all pain and suffering, sorrow and death will all be behind us
56:03 and God will have a people who enter a bright
56:06 and beautiful eternity where they will live with Him
56:10 forever and ever.
56:11 In verse 17 the Bible says
56:14 "And the Spirit and the bride say, Come.
56:16 Let him who hears let him, come.
56:18 Let him who is thirsty, let him come.
56:20 And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."
56:26 In order for us to survive earth's final crisis
56:29 we must know Jesus Christ and we must know Bible truth.
56:34 That's how we can be ready for the second coming our Lord,
56:37 so that we can live in a bright, beautiful,
56:40 sinless, happy, loving tomorrow where we can look at Jesus
56:45 as He sits upon His throne
56:47 and be with Him forever and ever and ever.
56:50 May God help you and may He help me
56:53 to be among those who survive.
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