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01:06 Mike Davis, this stuff is crazy.
01:10 People are sprinting.
02:22 For now, all of that is at rest, at the Vatican
02:25 but in just a few short hours
02:26 from now all of that's going to drastically change.
04:00 Because shortly from now,
04:02 St.Peter's Square is going to be animated
04:04 with thousands of individuals from all over the world.
04:08 I'm talking about Catholics and non-Catholics alike.
04:11 And for some of the people
04:13 that will be attending this event.
04:14 It'll be somewhat of a capstone
04:16 to a life long spiritual journey
04:18 that they'd been on and that's no doubt.
04:20 But for the majority
04:21 and I'm talking about the majority,
04:23 this event is going to be nothing
04:24 more than an opportunity for them,
04:27 to gather with thousands of people from every nation,
04:30 from every kindred and every tongue
04:32 and every people
04:33 and focus their attention right there
04:36 and they'll all be focusing their attention right there
04:39 in hopes that they might catch even but a short glimpse
04:43 of the world's very first rock star pontiff.
04:46 I'm talking about Padre Mario Bergoglio,
04:49 the man whom the world better knows as Pope Francis,
04:52 the very first Jesuit Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
04:56 But did you know that
04:58 there was a time not too long ago
05:01 that a Pope wouldn't even step foot
05:02 out into the priestings of St. Peter's square,
05:05 let alone step out of the balcony
05:07 of the Vatican Basilica?
05:10 And, if you find that little sound bite interesting,
05:13 then wait until you find out the reason why.
05:43 On February the 10th 1798,
05:45 birth year which was the general
05:47 of the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte.
05:49 He led the armies of France
05:51 in an invasion against the city of Rome,
05:53 where he captured Pope Pius VI
05:55 and led him into exile in France,
05:57 where he died in the year 1799.
06:00 Now on this occasion, the French powers declared
06:04 that Rome was now Republic
06:06 under the French Directory and as you can imagine,
06:08 that was a huge blow to the pride of the popes
06:11 because prior to that
06:13 the Papal's state which made up the majority
06:15 of the major states in Italy, where the papacies claimed
06:18 that the Pope didn't just posses
06:19 a ecclesiastical authority
06:21 but he also possessed temporal power as well.
06:23 In other words, the papacy was saying
06:25 that the pope is the chief authority
06:27 over both church and state
06:29 but when the French declared Rome
06:31 to be a Republic although the Papacy still retained
06:34 its ecclesiastical power.
06:36 A major deadly wound was inflicted
06:39 on its ability to act as the head of civil affairs.
06:43 And what's so interesting
06:44 about this whole historical event
06:46 is that, 2000 years even before it occurred,
06:49 it was prophesied to take place in the Bible.
06:52 In particular in the Book of Revelation 13:3,
06:56 where the word of God tells us
06:57 "And I saw one of its heads as it were wounded to death
07:01 and his deadly wound was healed
07:03 and all the world wandered after the beast."
10:52 Now, if I was going to tell the majority of you out there
10:54 that the papacy is a very controversial institution,
10:58 the majority of you out there
10:59 wouldn't even believe what I'm talking about.
11:00 And this is simply because within today's secular society,
11:04 people aren't really familiar
11:05 with the sort of past of the papacy.
11:07 And then, in recent days
11:09 they've done an extremely good job
11:11 in putting a lot of time and effort
11:12 into sculpting a new public image for themselves.
11:16 But nonetheless at heart, the papacy is an agency
11:20 that detests the separation of church and state.
11:23 For instance, in the year 1905, the French made a law
11:27 that made the separation of church and state
11:29 a reality within society and in protest against that,
11:33 Pope Pius X released an encyclical called
11:35 and entitled Vehementer Nos which means our passion
11:38 or we feel very strongly about this
11:41 and in that encyclical, he stated
11:42 that not only is the idea of separation
11:45 of church and state a false thesis,
11:47 but he called it the pestilential error.
11:50 So Pope Pius X
11:51 and his papacy felt very strongly against
11:54 there not being a separation of church and state
11:57 and they were willing to protest
11:58 against anybody trying to make it a reality
12:01 and he's not the only Pope that tried to protest
12:04 against this separation of church and state.
12:06 Matter of fact, in the year 1870
12:08 the Italian troops once again went into the Papal states
12:12 and they stripped the Pope
12:13 of his authority over central Italy.
12:16 And this infuriated the Pope
12:18 so much so that their temporal power
12:20 was once again rendered null and void
12:22 that for 59 years,
12:24 there wasn't a Pope that would leave the Vatican.
12:26 I'm talking about from Pope Pius IX
12:29 all the way through Pope Pius XI.
12:31 They made themselves prisoners of the Vatican.
12:34 They wouldn't even go out onto the balcony
12:36 of the Vatican Basilica
12:38 because the Vatican Basilica faces St.Peter's Square
12:41 and that was occupied by Italian troops.
12:45 They refused to acknowledge the authority
12:48 of the Italians over the papacy.
12:51 But something was going to happen
12:53 very shortly from then
12:55 that would radically change the position of the Papacy.
12:58 And not only change the position of the Papacy
13:01 but the event that was going to transpire
13:03 was going to radically change the face
13:05 of the entire world.
14:29 On February 11, 1929,
14:32 General Mussolini and Cardinal Gasparri
14:34 came together inside of this building.
14:36 It's called the Lateran Palace.
14:38 And they signed a very important document
14:41 which came to be known as the Lateran Treaty.
14:43 Now, what the Lateran treaty effectively did for the Papacy,
14:46 was restored to it the sovereign power
14:48 that it was drooling for.
14:50 It made the Vatican effectively
14:53 a state within the state of Italy
14:56 without any outside interference.
14:59 And so from that point forward,
15:01 the papacy has been growing in its political influence.
15:04 Five months after the Lateran Treaty was signed,
15:08 the Pope once again stepped foot outside
15:11 of the Vatican onto the balcony of the Vatican Basilica.
15:14 And although this was very simple gesture,
15:17 it was a very profound political statement
15:19 that he was making because in this once gesture,
15:22 the pope was letting the world know,
15:24 he refuses to be looked upon
15:27 as simply the pastor to the kings of the earth
15:30 but rather he must be acknowledged
15:32 by the nations of this earth as a king of his own right.
15:37 And you have to wonder,
15:39 why all of the prime ministers and presidents
15:42 and even kings of the earth
15:43 would come from north, south, east, and west;
15:46 to come and pay homage, reverential homage at that
15:49 to a king whose government only occupies,
15:52 may be a little more than a hundred acres.
15:55 It's because the followers of the Roman Catholic Church
15:59 make up more than 1/7 of our world's population.
16:03 We're talking about over 1.2 billion catholics
16:07 that follow the Pope.
16:09 Now that makes them
16:10 more than a formidable political adversary
16:13 for a friend to have.
16:15 That's why the leader of the free world would come
16:18 and pay homage to a king that has a government
16:23 that's not even bigger than a cattle ranch in Texas.
17:33 Now that you're a little bit more familiar
17:35 with this sorted history of the Papacy,
17:38 it should be easier for you to understand
17:41 why the whole world was shocked on February 11th of 2013,
17:45 when Pope Benedict XVI just decided out of nowhere
17:49 to resign his position as The Pope.
17:51 He was the very first Pope to do so in over 600 years,
17:56 a dramatic move that made history
17:58 but it also opened the flood gates
18:01 for a very important historic move
18:03 to take place the Vatican,
18:05 because as a result of his resignation,
18:07 they set up the very first Jesuit Pope
18:10 of the Roman Catholic Church.
18:12 I'm talking about Padre Mario Bergoglio,
18:16 Pope Francis.
19:37 Now, I want you to think.
19:39 Out of all of the dates
19:40 that Pope Benedict XIV could have chosen
19:43 to surprise the world with his resignation,
19:46 why do you think that he chose February 11th,
19:49 a date that just seems to harmonize perfectly
19:53 with the majority of the historic events
19:55 that are associated with the Papacies conquest
19:58 to maintain their authority over both church and state?
20:02 Now it could all be coincidence or it could all be by design.
20:06 Do you think may be
20:08 that the resignation of Pope Benedict XIV
20:11 was really the papacy beginning a new face
20:14 in their attempt to grab within their hands, temporal
20:18 and ecclesiastical power and unite them,
20:21 the same way they did, from 538 A.D.
20:24 all the way through 1798 A.D.
20:27 when they ruled over the then known world?
20:31 Could it be possible?
20:32 Well, ladies and gentlemen,
20:34 guessing isn't going to give you the answer.
20:36 You see the Bible tells us in the Book of John 16:13
20:41 "Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth is come,
20:43 he will guide you into all truth.
20:46 For he shall not speak of himself
20:47 for whatsoever he hears, that shall he speak
20:51 and he will show you things to come."
20:53 And I assure you as we look at the holy scriptures
20:57 that were inspired by that very same spirit of truth,
21:00 you will not only better understand
21:02 what's going on now in the world
21:05 and the papacies' role in global events.
21:09 But you're going to see what's getting ready to happen
21:11 in the very near future.
21:22 So today I'm going inside of the Vatican
21:26 and Pope Francis is scheduled
21:27 to come out of the St. Peter's Square.
21:29 So anything could happen today I might get picked up
21:33 by the Vatican police, might not make it back home.
21:37 This is my job.
21:40 I've got to make sure that everybody knows the truth.
21:43 Trust me, when I get done here, I'm gonna make sure
21:47 that everybody knows the truth.
21:54 In the Bible,
21:56 In the Book of Revelation 13 beginning at verse 1,
21:59 the word of God gives us a very significant prophecy
22:02 dealing with the papacy.
22:04 We are told there,
22:05 "And I stood up on the sand of the sea
22:07 and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea
22:10 having seven heads and ten horns
22:12 and upon its horns, ten crowns
22:14 and upon its heads, the name of blasphemy."
22:18 Now, when you're looking in the Book of Revelation,
22:20 you have to understand
22:21 that you're looking at many symbols.
22:23 The word of God tells us in Revelation 1:1,
22:26 "The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him
22:29 to show to his servants
22:30 these things that must shortly come to pass
22:32 and he sent and signified it by his angel
22:35 to give unto his servant John."
22:36 And that word signifies means that the Revelation
22:39 that was committed unto John to give to us
22:41 was placed into symbolic language
22:43 but no worries, the Bible actually decodes itself.
22:47 And so, when you're looking at a beast in Bible prophecy,
22:50 it's not a literal beast,
22:51 it stands as a symbol of something.
22:53 In the Book of Daniel Chapter 7 beginning at verse 2,
22:56 we are told by Daniel the Prophet
22:58 which is one of the most
22:59 significant prophetic books in the Bible,
23:01 in connection with the Book of Revelation,
23:04 the word of God tells us there that Daniel saw the four winds
23:07 of the heaven striving upon the great sea
23:10 and he saw four great beasts coming up
23:12 out of the sea diverse, one from another.
23:15 Then the word of God goes on to tell us in Daniel 7:17
23:19 "These great beasts which are four, are four kings
23:22 which shall arise out of the earth."
23:24 Then to make it even clearer, in Daniel 7:23,
23:27 we are told "Thus he said, the fourth beast
23:30 shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth."
23:33 So a beast in Bible prophecy is symbolic of a kingdom
23:36 in more contemporary terms,
23:37 we would say a political power or a state.
23:44 Now, did you notice
23:45 how the four prophetic beasts of Daniel Chapter 7
23:49 which we've come to find are really kingdoms
23:51 or political powers as well as that first prophetic beast
23:56 of Revelation Chapter 13 which is as well a kingdom
23:59 and a political power.
24:01 All of them are seen coming up out of the water,
24:05 coming up out of the sea.
24:06 It's evident that this water must be symbolic of something
24:10 and the Bible gives us a clear understanding
24:13 of what water is the symbol of in Bible prophecy
24:15 in the Book of Revelation 17:15.
24:19 We are told there "The waters which thou sawest,
24:22 where the whore sitteth, are peoples, multitudes,
24:26 nations and tongues."
24:28 Therefore, waters in the Bible can be symbolic
24:32 of a very highly populated area occupied by many nations,
24:36 kindreds, tongues and people.
24:38 Letting us know that this beast or political power,
24:41 this kingdom in Revelation Chapter 13
24:44 came into prominence
24:45 in a highly populated place on planet and earth
24:48 and it ended up ruling over many nations, kindreds,
24:51 tongues and peoples.
24:54 And what's so interesting about that prophetic beast
24:56 which is a kingdom or political power,
24:58 in Revelations Chapter 13
25:00 is that the word of God tells us
25:02 under that symbol of a beast
25:04 that it had upon its heads the name of blasphemy.
25:08 The reason why that's so significant
25:10 is because a kingdom or political power
25:12 is a secular entity.
25:14 But the word blasphemy has very specific religious
25:18 connotations associated with it.
25:20 So, what we are looking at in Revelation Chapter 13
25:24 is a political power that unites church and state,
25:28 we will call that a religial, political authority.
25:31 Now the Bible actually gives us a definition
25:34 of what blasphemy is in the book of John 10:33.
25:38 When Jesus was being contested by the Pharisees
25:41 and they began to pick up stones to stone him,
25:43 Jesus asked him
25:45 "For what good work are you going to stone me?"
25:48 They said to him "For a good work
25:50 we've stoned thee not but for blasphemy
25:52 and because thou being a man, makest thyself God."
25:57 So, to blaspheme is for a man to make himself God.
26:08 In Mark 2:7 the Bible gives us
26:11 another definition of blasphemy.
26:13 We are told there
26:14 "Who is this man that thus speaketh blasphemes?
26:17 Who can forgive sins but God only?"
26:21 So according to the Bible, if a man prophecies
26:24 that he has the ability or the authority
26:27 to forgive another man's sins,
26:29 he's committing the act of blasphemy.
26:37 Now in just a few minutes, you've actually learnt
26:40 a great deal about this first beast
26:41 of revolution chapter 13
26:43 because you found out that a beast in Bible prophecy
26:46 is a symbol of a political power or kingdom.
26:49 You found that out in Daniel Chapter 7
26:51 and in particular, this beast of Revelation of Chapter 13
26:54 beginning at verse 1,
26:55 it must be a religial, political governing power
26:59 because it blasphemes and the word blasphemy
27:03 has very specific religious
27:04 connotations associated with it.
27:06 And the very fact that it blasphemes means
27:09 that this religial, political system,
27:11 this religial, political power that unites church and state,
27:15 it must exalt a man to the position of God
27:18 and profess that it has the power
27:21 or the authority to forgive sins.
27:23 Now tell me do you know of any system
27:26 that's in existence in our world
27:28 that fits that identity?
28:22 Man, Pope Francis receives the adoration of God
28:26 and as you can see,
28:28 the whole world is wandering after the beast.
28:34 This man is being looked upon as God on earth.
28:38 This is clearly blasphemy,
28:40 there's no doubt about it that the papacy fulfils
28:43 the prophetic role of the beast of the Revelation Chapter 13:1.
29:26 This is horrible.
29:28 You may be wondering why I'm here,
29:31 what you are looking at.
29:33 Right now, I'm inside of a confession room.
29:35 This is the booth with inside of the Roman Catholic Church
29:38 in which it is at hearings,
29:39 are told that they must come and confess their sins
29:43 to the local presiding priest
29:44 at which point the priest will not only hear the sins
29:47 of the petitioner,
29:49 but then prescribe to them to say
29:50 a certain number of hell merries
29:52 and probably do some other type of penance,
29:54 so that God will forgive their sins
29:58 or rather that they will forgive them of their sins.
30:02 This is a perfect example of blasphemy
30:05 because the Bible tells us
30:07 that no man can forgive sin but God.
30:10 But the Roman Catholic Church has set up a system
30:13 in which people have to seek a man
30:16 so that they might feel as though
30:18 they've been absorbed of their guilt
30:20 which they have incurred
30:22 by transgressing the law of God.
30:31 Now, in Revelation 13:2,
30:33 the Bible gives us even more critical information
30:36 in not only identifying this beast
30:39 but understanding its character and the way that it operates.
30:42 We're told in Revelation 13:2
30:44 and the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard,
30:47 his feet were as the feet of a bear
30:49 and his mouth was as the mouth of a lion.
30:52 So this one singular beast is actually an amalgamation
30:56 of several different beasts, a leopard, a bear, and a lion.
31:01 Now, what's so significant about this
31:03 is that those three beasts
31:05 that make up this one singular composite beast
31:08 in Revelation Chapter 13, they are actually spoken
31:11 of in the book of Daniel Chapter 7.
31:14 You see, in Daniel Chapter 7,
31:16 there's a lion that has two wings of an eagle.
31:19 It's a prophetic symbol of the kingdom of Babylon
31:22 then there's a bear that's risen up on one side
31:24 and it has three ribs in its mouth,
31:26 it's a prophetic symbol
31:28 of the kingdom of the Medes and the Persians.
31:30 And then there's a leopard, a leopard that has four heads,
31:35 and four wings of a fowl.
31:37 It's a prophetic symbol of the kingdom of Greece.
31:55 The lion which has two wings of an eagle,
31:58 it's a symbol of the kingdom of Babylon.
32:00 The bear which has three ribs in its mouth
32:02 and risen up on one side, its Medo-Persia
32:06 and the four headed leopard with four wings of a fowl,
32:09 it symbolizes the kingdom of Greece.
32:11 And the four headed leopard which has four wings of a fowl,
32:14 it symbolizes the kingdom of Greece.
32:17 All of them collectively come together
32:19 to make this one singular amalgamation of a beast
32:22 in Revelation Chapter 13.
32:24 And note carefully that when John the Revelator
32:27 saw this vision of this beast
32:29 in Revelation Chapter 13, he said that
32:31 "the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard."
32:35 Yes, it has the feet of a bear
32:37 and it as well have the mouth of a lion
32:39 but primarily its appearance looked like a leopard.
32:44 This is letting us know that the papacy,
32:46 the Roman Catholic Church in a marked fashion
32:49 would personify the characteristics of Greece.
33:45 So, you may be wondering,
33:46 how exactly are we going to figure out,
33:49 what principles or practices, or even ideologies
33:52 that the Greeks were notorious for,
33:54 had today been adopted by the papacy
33:57 and are practiced very prevalently
34:00 within the ranks of Catholicism?
34:02 It's an easy question to answer.
34:04 All we have to do is go to the very same source
34:06 from which we've drawn the rest of our answers,
34:08 the Bible, the living word of God.
34:11 You see in the Book of Acts Chapter 17:20
34:14 when Paul was in Athens
34:16 which by the way at that time
34:17 was a part of territory of Greece,
34:19 he said that all the Athenians and strangers that were there,
34:23 spent their time in nothing else
34:25 but either to tell or to hear something new.
34:28 So in other words, the Greeks were people
34:30 that loved to engage in human philosophy.
34:33 They loved to exalt human reasoning.
34:36 And then in Acts 17:21, when Paul stood up
34:40 to address this multitude of Athenians,
34:43 he said "ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things
34:46 ye are too superstitious."
34:49 Superstition was something that was engrained
34:51 within the culture of the Greeks.
34:53 They were the people that were caught up in Paganism.
34:57 So the only question that remains is this,
35:00 Is the Roman Catholic Church a system of worship
35:03 that exalts the philosophy, the human reasoning of men
35:07 above the living word of God, the holy Bible
35:11 and have they adopted original pagan practices
35:15 within their religious belief system
35:18 and have re-titled it "Christianity for the masses?"
35:22 If you're not sure,
35:24 you're getting ready to find out.
35:59 Right now, we're in the Basilica of San Clemente
36:02 and if you're not sure that Roman Catholicism
36:04 is nothing more than paganism revived
36:06 and dressed up in Christian garments,
36:08 then you need to visit this place.
36:10 Because what you're gonna find out here
36:12 at the Basilica of San Clemente
36:14 is that this so called Christian edifice
36:16 was built on top of a structure where the pagans would come
36:19 and worship their patron God Mitra, the son God.
36:22 And not only that but the Christians
36:24 ended up fusing in their worship system,
36:27 paganism and what you have is nothing
36:29 more than an amalgamation
36:30 between Christianity and paganism.
36:33 So the Bible is clear and very precise
36:36 in identifying Roman Catholicism
36:38 as a cult mystery worship revived in a system of worship
36:42 that professes to exalt Jesus Christ.
36:44 It is astounding what you'll find right here
36:46 in the Basilica of San Clemente.
37:02 On this stoned artifact located within the ruins
37:05 of the Temple of Mitra,
37:06 you'll notice this carving of a decorated evergreen tree.
37:10 It's known as the sarve or the rocket juniper
37:13 that was elected to pay homage to the birth of Mitra
37:17 during the winter solstice in the month of December.
37:21 Children would decorate this tree with their wishes
37:23 that they would wrap up
37:25 in colorful pieces of silk cloth
37:26 and then hang them on this tree
37:28 as offerings to the Sun God Mitra.
37:31 In 353 A.D.
37:33 Pope Julius I authorized that during the winter solstice
37:36 of time which was previously reserved by the pagans
37:39 for the celebration of the birth
37:41 of the Sun God Mitra should now on December 25th
37:44 be a time to celebrate the birth of Christ.
37:47 Hence the emergence of "The Mass of Christ"
37:50 or "Christmas."
37:53 Though partially marked,
37:54 you can clearly see on this wall
37:56 of the temple ruins of the Sun God Mitra,
38:00 two solar wheels.
38:02 These solar wheels have eight spokes.
38:04 They are symbolic of the eight solstices,
38:07 one of which being the solstice of winter
38:10 which was known as "Yule."
38:12 This is where we get the phrase "you'll tie greetings from,"
38:15 which people use during the Christmas season.
38:18 Interesting enough, in the Basilica of San Clemente
38:21 located just above these pagan ruins,
38:24 you can find a very same solar wheel
38:27 that was used in the worship of the Sun God Mitra.
38:31 But what's even more astounding is the puzzling fact
38:35 that the largest solar wheel
38:37 that is known to be in existence
38:38 is found right in the midst of St. Peter's Square,
38:42 which is the seat of the papacy,
38:44 the sovereign governing authority
38:46 over the Roman Catholic Church.
41:03 Delete.
45:55 You know, there are a lot of things
45:56 that you can argue within this life
45:58 but one thing that you can't argue with, are facts
46:02 and as you have seen over and over and over again,
46:06 the fact is that the Roman Catholic Church
46:09 is a system that exalts the philosophies,
46:13 the reasoning of men
46:14 above the living word of God, the Holy Bible.
46:17 And, the Roman Catholic Church led out by the papacy
46:21 is a system that has adopted pagan practices
46:25 and have baptized them and renamed them Christianity
46:29 and given them to the masses.
46:31 That's what we are looking at when we look at the papacy.
46:36 In a real way, the Roman Catholic Church
46:40 amplifies those leopard-like principles
46:43 that we saw in Greece.
46:44 But I want you to think about something.
46:47 Why would God even use a leopard
46:50 to symbolize that system?
46:52 Remember, in Revelations 13:2,
46:55 the Bible says "the beast which I saw
46:57 was like unto a leopard."
46:58 Yes, it has the feet of a bear
47:00 and it as well has the mouth of a lion
47:02 but why would God say that, that system predominantly
47:05 resembles a leopard?
47:07 Well, we looked at the aspect
47:09 of how it personifies the principles of Greece.
47:13 But you know something God is a wise God.
47:15 Matter of fact the Bible tells us
47:17 that all the words of God are pure words
47:19 and when God says something, it has great depth of meaning.
47:23 There are two lesson books that God has given to us
47:25 from whence we should draw information
47:27 that we can deem as truth.
47:29 The first lesson book is the Bible;
47:31 the second lesson book is nature
47:34 because nature testifies of God.
49:36 Even in Romans Chapter 1,
49:38 the Bible tells us that the heathen
49:40 doesn't even have an excuse for not acknowledging
49:43 that there is a God, for we are told in Romans 1:20
49:47 "Even the invisible things of him
49:49 can be clearly seen being understood
49:51 by the things which are made, even his eternal power
49:54 and God had so that they are without excuse."
49:58 Through nature man can come
50:00 to comprehend many things of God.
50:02 What's my point?
50:03 My point is this,
50:05 there's a lot of truth in nature.
50:06 Why?
50:07 Because it was authored by the one whom is truth
50:11 and if God would deem it important
50:14 to use a leopard to identify the papacy,
50:19 there must be something about the leopard
50:22 that is very close in comparison
50:24 with the activities of the papacy.
50:28 In simple, I'm saying
50:29 that the papacy and a leopard must have a lot in common
50:32 and the Bible tells us something about
50:34 the character of a leopard
50:36 in the book of Jeremiah Chapter 5 beginning at verse 6.
50:40 So we are told there,
50:42 "Wherefore a lion out of the forest shall slay them,
50:46 and a wolf of the evenings shall spoil them,
50:49 a leopard shall watch over their cities:
50:53 every one that goeth out thence shall be torn in pieces."
50:57 Notice, the Bible tells us that the leopard is a creature
51:01 that watches before it seizes upon its prey.
51:05 Then in the Book of Hosea Chapter 13:7, the Bible says,
51:09 "Therefore I shall be unto them, like a lion,
51:13 as a leopard by the way shall eye observe them."
51:18 The Bible makes it clear, the leopard is a creature
51:22 that watches and observes and it watches and observes
51:26 before it does what?
51:27 Before it moves out
51:29 to violently seize upon its prey
51:32 and the leopard never makes a dramatic drastic move
51:37 until it believes that it's sure of its prey.
51:40 Do you think it may be possible
51:42 that the papacy is just like that,
51:45 that's it's an agency
51:46 that carefully calculates its moves before it executes?
51:54 There's something else you need to consider
51:56 about the leopard, it's not a vegan.
51:59 A leopard is a carnivorous creature.
52:01 Now I know most of you out there are saying
52:03 "I already knew that so what's the big epiphany?"
52:06 I want you to think.
52:07 Remember earlier we found out that in Bible prophecy,
52:11 a political power or a kingdom is symbolized as a beast.
52:16 A beast is an animal
52:18 and that's what leopards eat, other animals.
52:22 Do you think the leopard like beast,
52:24 the papacy may be calculating the moves
52:29 of the political powers of our world,
52:33 so that it may know
52:34 when the time is right to strike,
52:38 that it might once again set itself up
52:40 as the chief leading authority on planet earth
52:44 over both church and state.
52:48 And as you consider that thought,
52:50 I want you to consider this as well.
52:52 A leopard when it hunts,
52:54 it tends to prey upon the weak and the young,
52:57 the weak and the young.
53:00 So, do you think there may be a week and young beast
53:03 or rather a weak and young political power
53:06 that's now in existence that the papacy is looking upon
53:10 as right for the kill?
53:12 Ladies and gentlemen,
53:14 what you're getting to find out may astound you
53:17 but its absolute truth that you need to know.
55:38 In the book of Revelation Chapter 13,
55:41 the Bible speaks of another prophetic beast,
55:43 a political power that begins to rise
55:46 into prominence on planet earth,
55:47 just around the same time frame
55:49 when that first beast of Revelation Chapter 13,
55:52 which we've already identified as the papacy,
55:54 re-seizes prophetic deadly wound
55:56 which mortally appears its ability to exercise
55:59 temporal power on planet earth.
56:01 The Bible tells us in Revelation 13:11,
56:03 "And I be held another beast coming up out of the earth;
56:07 and it had two horns like a lamb,
56:09 and it spake as a dragon.
56:11 Now, we've already found out that a beast in Bible prophecy
56:14 is symbolic of a political power or a kingdom.
56:18 But notice how this second beast
56:20 in Revelation 13 is seen coming up out of the earth.
56:24 Now, that's directly in contrast
56:27 from the originating point of the first beast
56:29 of Revelation Chapter 13:1
56:32 which we see coming up out of the sea or the waters.
56:35 There has to be something significant about this.
56:44 Now, it may not be readily apparent to you
56:46 but there is definitely some thing significant
56:48 about one of these beast
56:50 being seen coming up out of the sea
56:51 and the other one coming up out of the earth.
56:54 If you remember the Bible is very clear
56:56 on explaining the symbolism of what water represents
57:00 prophetically in the Bible.
57:02 In Revelations 17:15 the Bible clearly states
57:05 that in prophecy, waters are symbol of peoples,
57:08 multitudes, nations and tongues,
57:10 A highly populated area on planet earth.
57:13 And historically speaking,
57:14 the papacy did rise into prominence
57:16 in a very highly populated place on planet earth.
57:19 People call it the old world but in Revelation 13:11,
57:23 we see something that's the direct opposite.
57:25 We see the beast coming up out of the earth,
57:28 meaning that this is a political power
57:30 that would rise into prominence,
57:32 not in a highly populated place on planet earth,
57:34 not in the old world but it has to be a nation
57:37 that's rising into prominence in a sparsely populated place.
57:41 Perhaps, the new world
57:42 and when it would rise into prominence,
57:44 it would have a very specific agenda.
59:17 You know, there's something particularly intriguing
59:20 about this new beast of Revelation Chapter 13
59:22 that just makes it stand out in striking contrast
59:25 from its predecessor.
59:26 In Revelation 13:1 and 2, the papacy is symbolized
59:30 as a beast that looks like unto a leopard,
59:32 that has the feet of a bear, as well as the mouth of a lion.
59:35 These are all predatory animals.
59:37 However, in Revelation 13:11,
59:39 this new beast is spoken of as coming up out of the earth
59:42 having two horns like a lamb.
59:44 Now, lamb is not a creature of prey,
59:45 we're talking about a very docile
59:47 and peaceful animal here.
59:48 So, this is letting us know that this new political power,
59:51 this new nation when it would rise into prominence,
59:54 it would promote peace on planet earth
59:55 or at least peace within the borders of its nation.
59:58 Furthermore, in the Bible,
01:00:00 the lamb has very specific symbolism associated with it
01:00:03 because in the book of John 1:29,
01:00:06 the Bible says, "And the next day John seeth
01:00:09 Jesus coming unto him and saith,
01:00:10 'Behold the Lamb of God
01:00:12 which taketh the way the sin of the world.'"
01:00:14 In the Bible, the lamb primarily stands
01:00:16 as the symbol of Christ, Jesus Christ.
01:00:19 So, this is further insight into the nature
01:00:21 of this new political power
01:00:23 because it has two horns like a lamb,
01:00:25 the Bible is letting us know that this would be
01:00:27 peaceful nation that will profess itself
01:00:29 to be a Christian nation from its inception.
01:02:09 Now when the Bible uses these two horns
01:02:11 like a lamb to identify this second beast
01:02:13 of Revelation of Chapter 13, is doing more than using
01:02:16 these horns as a symbol of the character of this nation
01:02:19 being peaceful and Christian.
01:02:21 Because horns in the Bible have very specific symbolism
01:02:24 associated with them, in the Book Habakkuk 3:4,
01:02:28 the Bible says there
01:02:29 "his rightness was as the light,
01:02:31 he had horns coming out of his hand
01:02:33 and there in was the hiding of his power."
01:02:37 Horns in the Bible can stand as a symbol of power
01:02:40 and because these two horns are like a lamb,
01:02:43 these are like lamb like powers or Christ like powers
01:02:46 because Christ is the great Lamb of God
01:02:49 according to John 1:29.
01:02:51 And in the Bible,
01:02:52 we are given a clear understanding
01:02:54 of some principles or powers
01:02:56 that are conveyed upon humanity by Jesus Christ,
01:02:59 the lamb of God in the Book of Galatians 5:1.
01:03:02 The word of God states there,
01:03:04 "Stand fast therefore in the liberty
01:03:07 wherewith Christ hath made you free,
01:03:08 and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage."
01:03:11 Note carefully two principles,
01:03:13 power associated with Jesus Christ,
01:03:15 the Lamb of God, are liberty and freedom.
01:03:18 So let's take all this information
01:03:19 and put it together and see what we have.
01:03:21 We have a beast coming up out of the earth
01:03:23 and Revelation 13:11
01:03:25 or rather a kingdom, a political power,
01:03:27 a nation rising into prominence
01:03:29 in a sparsely populated place on planet earth.
01:03:32 Let's just say, it's the new world
01:03:34 and as this nation rises into prominence,
01:03:36 it has two horns like a lamb
01:03:38 or rather this nation promotes peace,
01:03:40 it professes to be Christian
01:03:42 and it upholds the principles of liberty and freedom
01:03:45 and just own and justice for all.
01:03:47 And what nation do you have?
01:03:48 You know exactly what nation we're talking about,
01:03:51 it's none other than The United States of America.
01:04:16 So, now that we've been able
01:04:18 to identify clearly from the Bible
01:04:20 that The United States of America
01:04:21 is the second beast of Revelation 13:11,
01:04:24 which is identified as having two horns like a Lamb.
01:04:28 There is something very interestingly frightening
01:04:31 that we have to also take notice of
01:04:33 because we are told that this Christian nation
01:04:35 that will promote peace, liberty, and freedom,
01:04:37 and justice for all under the symbolism
01:04:39 of these two horns like a lamb.
01:04:41 It would ultimately speak like a dragon.
01:04:44 And the only way that a nation can speak
01:04:46 is to its legislative bodies and its judicial officials.
01:04:49 For instance,
01:04:50 this is the United States of America's Supreme Court.
01:04:53 it's the highest law making body in the land.
01:04:55 When the justices
01:04:57 of the Supreme Court rule on an issue,
01:04:59 it's as if they're speaking for the nation
01:05:02 and the Bible says that the U.S.
01:05:03 will one day speak like a dragon
01:05:06 and there's only one dragon that the Bible speaks of
01:05:09 and it's found in the Book of Revelation 12:9
01:05:11 where the word of God clearly states,
01:05:13 "And the great dragon was cast out,
01:05:15 that old serpent called the devil and Satan,
01:05:18 which deceived the whole world.
01:05:20 He was cast out unto the earth
01:05:21 and his angels were cast out with him."
01:05:24 This is telling us that the United States of America,
01:05:27 this once great Christian nation
01:05:29 that promoted liberty and freedom, peace,
01:05:32 justice for all, will one day begin to repudiate
01:05:35 the principles of its constititution.
01:05:37 To make way for legislation,
01:05:39 that will promote the agenda of the dragon.
01:05:41 The devil himself.
01:06:03 Now if you're a thinking person I'm just gonna assume right now
01:06:05 you're interest has been peaked as you've come to the reality
01:06:08 that the United States of America,
01:06:10 this nation is going to prophetically speak
01:06:12 like a dragon, setting in place, legislation
01:06:15 that will fulfill the agenda of the devil himself.
01:06:17 But that's an issue that I'm gonna have
01:06:19 to delve into in greater detail at a later date.
01:06:22 But I presented this information right now
01:06:24 to bring you to a point
01:06:26 that I would really like you to focus in on.
01:06:28 For this nation to reach to the point
01:06:30 that it would speak like a dragon,
01:06:32 set in place legislation that will fulfill
01:06:34 the agenda of the devil, it has to first repudiate
01:06:37 the principles of its constitution
01:06:40 or first go back on those two horns like a lamb,
01:06:43 those powers that lay at the foundation
01:06:46 of this strength of this nation,
01:06:48 which are Republicanism and Protestantism,
01:06:51 a government of the people, by the people,
01:06:54 and for the people, that's a Republic
01:06:56 and Protestantism, meaning that we can worship
01:06:59 what we want to worship, when we want to worship,
01:07:01 and how we want to worship.
01:07:03 But by definition, to be a protestant really means
01:07:06 one that protests against the Catholic Church
01:07:09 and historically the United States of America
01:07:11 was a nation that protested against the Catholic Church.
01:07:14 That's the reason
01:07:16 why the pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock,
01:07:18 so that they could enjoy religious freedom.
01:07:21 But what will happen
01:07:22 if the government of the United States of America
01:07:24 begins to take the power out of the hands of the people?
01:07:27 It begins to put it on the Oval office.
01:07:30 Or what will happen if the politicians
01:07:31 of this country looked at the papacy
01:07:33 to act as a mediator for their international relationships?
01:07:37 What will happen if the presidents
01:07:39 of the United States of America begin to have birthday parties
01:07:42 at the white house for the Pope?
01:07:44 And ladies and gentlemen, this country is no longer
01:07:47 operating like a Republic and that horn of power
01:07:50 has been weakened.
01:07:52 And this country will no longer stand in the position
01:07:56 as protesting against the Catholic Church
01:07:58 and that horn of power has been weakened.
01:08:00 Ladies and gentlemen what I'm saying is,
01:08:02 if these things begin to transpire
01:08:04 in the United States of America,
01:08:06 then indeed what is taking place
01:08:08 is the weakening of the horns
01:08:10 of Republicanism and Protestantism,
01:08:13 these two lamb like horns that lay at the foundation
01:08:16 of the strength of the success
01:08:18 of the United States of America.
01:08:20 There by this nation
01:08:23 instead of being a mighty nation
01:08:25 will be rendered into a young nation
01:08:27 that is now weak, the very type of beast
01:08:31 that a leopard likes to make its prey.
01:08:34 And what I'm suggesting
01:08:35 or what I'm trying to help you comprehend
01:08:38 is that as the United States of America
01:08:40 has been making radical changes in its policy,
01:08:43 we've been paving the way for the leopard like beast,
01:08:47 the papacy to rapidly once again rise to the ascent
01:08:50 of the chief leading authority in planet earth
01:08:54 in the realms of both church and state,
01:08:57 a position which it's been salivating for since 1798
01:09:01 when it received its prophetic deadly wound.
01:09:04 And as you begin to look out into our world,
01:09:07 as we analyze the current events,
01:09:10 it is undeniable that right now we are living
01:09:14 during the time period in which we are seeing
01:09:16 these prophecies fulfilled right before our very eyes
01:09:19 and this means that all of us
01:09:22 need to make some very serious decisions.
01:09:44 Let us be clear, we are here tonight
01:09:48 because the president continues to conduct
01:09:51 an illegal program.
01:09:53 The president started this program
01:09:56 without congressional permission.
01:09:59 We are not collecting the information of spies,
01:10:02 we are not collecting the information of terrorists.
01:10:06 We are collecting all American citizens' records
01:10:09 all of the time.
01:10:11 Are we going to so blindly give up our freedom
01:10:15 and realize that they were dishonest about the program
01:10:19 until we caught them?
01:10:21 They kept saying over and over again,
01:10:23 we're not doing this,
01:10:24 we're not collecting your records and they were.
01:10:27 "Vice president Joe Biden will head to Rome
01:10:29 for the installation of Pope Francis.
01:10:32 Biden is America's first Catholic vice president
01:10:34 and the highest ranking
01:10:36 Catholic official in the country."
01:10:38 "This is the center piece of the president's hope
01:10:40 for whole presidency.
01:10:41 He's choosing what will be enforceable
01:10:44 but not be enforced.
01:10:45 And I want you to just let your mind drift back
01:10:48 to when people left Europe to come to America.
01:10:50 They got in rickety old wooden boats
01:10:52 would not very good navy systems
01:10:53 but they came here for a reason.
01:10:55 They set their course to north,
01:10:56 they were coming to get away from a monarchy,
01:10:58 they were coming to get away from an imperials.
01:11:01 They were getting the way from tyrants.
01:11:03 Why did they come here and what did they grab?
01:11:06 It is so carefully laid out in our constitution
01:11:09 so why are we having this debate
01:11:11 about this as silliness.
01:11:12 This is who we are; this is who we are not
01:11:15 as Republicans and Democrats but who we are as Americans.
01:11:18 Why would we turn our back at our constitution?"
01:11:20 "I worry very much about the United States
01:11:23 moving rapidly infront of Orwellian type of society
01:11:26 and you know, it's not just the NSA
01:11:29 is collecting every phone call, virtually every phone call
01:11:32 made in America has accessed the websites
01:11:34 that visits the emails that you send.
01:11:37 It's the private sect of knowing
01:11:38 what books you're buying, what food you're reading,
01:11:41 you have medical records, your banking records.
01:11:43 This is really scary stuff."
01:11:45 "I understand the executive office has great power
01:11:48 but I also understand that
01:11:49 the constitution harnesses that it does not allow it
01:11:52 to run roughshod over the people."
01:11:54 "Tens of thousands of people lined a parade route
01:11:56 and thousands more filled
01:11:58 the south lawn of the white house
01:12:00 as Pope Benedict XIV celebrated his 81st birthday
01:12:04 and was officially welcomed to America."
01:12:06 Happy birthday, Holy Father.
01:12:12 "This is critical the way we look at this;
01:12:14 the executive cannot make exceptions
01:12:17 and just enforce the laws he or she wants.
01:12:19 That's not who we are as people."
01:12:22 "Two ground breaking world leaders met this morning
01:12:24 for the first time, President Obama greeted
01:12:26 Pope Francis in Vatican City saying,
01:12:29 I'm a great admirer."
01:12:31 "We left Monarchs, we left terrorist to come here.
01:12:33 This is a government by the people, for the people,
01:12:35 and off the people.
01:12:37 If we ever forget, that's what are job is
01:12:39 as the members of the house of representatives
01:12:40 then what are we doing here?"
01:12:42 "It turns out that the historic break through
01:12:44 between the United States in queue with this month.
01:12:46 There was a lot that Pope Francis,
01:12:48 the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics,
01:12:51 personally lobbying for the deal
01:12:52 and the Vatican hosted,
01:12:53 actually the final meeting between the two sides
01:12:55 that led to the breakthrough."
01:12:57 "We have to worry about martial law.
01:12:59 Is our federal government coming in
01:13:02 and gonna practice imposing marital law on Texas?"
01:13:05 "The military is labeling Texas, Utah
01:13:08 and southern California as hostile."
01:13:11 "This is actually taking areas of our home country,
01:13:15 The United States in saying Texas is hostile,
01:13:20 Utah is hostile, Southern California is hostile
01:13:23 and we gotta take it back from the hostiles.
01:13:25 I find that incredibly offensive."
01:13:28 "And he thinks it's no coincidence
01:13:30 that the Jade Helm 15 map looks like awful lot
01:13:34 like the 2012 political map.
01:13:36 So called hostile states are colored red."
01:13:39 "This is statue that's been trampled
01:13:41 upon by the executive, has an over reached
01:13:43 that we never be seen before."
01:13:45 "As we continue our coverage,
01:13:47 it can only be called a historic day
01:13:49 at the Supreme Court in legalizing same-sex marriage
01:13:53 across the land."
01:13:54 "Five unelected black rogue judges
01:13:57 have taken over the government, have re-written an institution
01:14:00 that's 4000 years old, an institution that relies
01:14:04 on popular consensus and ancient tradition
01:14:07 and there is no authority whatsoever in the constitution
01:14:10 for them to do so."
01:14:12 "With each decision of ours that takes from the people,
01:14:15 a question properly left to them,
01:14:17 we move one step closer to being reminded
01:14:21 of our own impedance."
01:14:23 "Can we not please return to those days
01:14:25 and why those folks came here?
01:14:27 What were they seeking?
01:14:28 Freedom and liberty.
01:14:30 What if we allow these people to do
01:14:31 turn their backs from that and turn away from it
01:14:33 and turn away from the constitution
01:14:35 that over a million people have given their lives
01:14:38 to make sure that we could have this today?"
01:14:40 "On a happier note a bit of good news.
01:14:44 On September 24th his holiness Pope Francis
01:14:48 will visit us here at the United States capital.
01:14:51 On that day, his holiness will be the first Pope
01:14:55 in our history to address a joint session of congress.
01:14:58 His holiness will be the first Pope
01:15:00 in our history to address a joint session of congress
01:15:03 and we are humbled that the Holy Father's
01:15:05 accepted out invitation
01:15:07 and certainly we'll look forward
01:15:08 to receiving his message on behalf
01:15:10 of the American people."
01:16:18 So our investigation has taken us
01:16:20 from the old world to the new world
01:16:22 and what you've just witnessed,
01:16:24 that was just a minuscule representation
01:16:26 of the malignant immorality and shameless disregard
01:16:30 for liberty and freedom in the United States of America
01:16:33 that is destroying its once valued Protestant ideals
01:16:37 and undermining its status as republic.
01:16:40 And as a result of all this, the leopard-like beast,
01:16:43 the papacy has been able to gain traction
01:16:46 so that it can rapidly move forward
01:16:48 to seize upon its prey.
01:16:50 And when you hear me say over and over again
01:16:52 that the papacy is going to make
01:16:53 the United States of America its prey.
01:16:56 I'm not somehow trying to suggest
01:16:58 that the U.S.A. is one day
01:16:59 going to be consumed by the papacy.
01:17:02 What I'm trying to help you understand
01:17:04 is that currently, the papacy is preying
01:17:07 on securing the civil power of the United States of America
01:17:12 that the U.S's status
01:17:13 as the world's leading civil superpower
01:17:16 can be enlisted on the side of the papacy
01:17:20 to accomplish the papacies' ecclesiastical designs
01:17:23 because historically that's the way
01:17:25 that the papacy always operates.
01:17:27 For instance, in the year 508 A.D.
01:17:30 through presenting itself
01:17:31 as the leading moral authority of mankind,
01:17:34 the papacy was able to influence France
01:17:36 to enlist their civil power on their behalf
01:17:39 to uproot the Aryan nations that were antagonistic
01:17:43 against the rapid progress of Roman Catholicism
01:17:46 in the world at that time.
01:17:48 And then in the year 533 A.D,
01:17:50 once again through insidious political maneuvering
01:17:52 and presenting itself
01:17:54 as the moral compass for society,
01:17:56 the papacy was able to influence emperor Justinian
01:18:00 to declare the Pope to be the head
01:18:02 of all Christian churches
01:18:04 and the corrector of all heretics.
01:18:06 There by successfully enlisting the civil power
01:18:09 of the armies of Rome to crush out any individual
01:18:13 or any group that would dare to protest
01:18:16 against the Papal bulls or encyclicals of the Popes.
01:18:20 And as the Bible makes it clear in Jeremiah 13:23,
01:18:24 that it's impossible
01:18:25 for a Leopard to change its spots,
01:18:27 just as impossible as it is for an Ethiopia
01:18:30 to change the color of his skin.
01:18:32 We can know of certainty that the papacy,
01:18:35 the leopard like beast, it will never change
01:18:38 because Rome never changes.
01:18:41 I know appear as though she's changed her ways
01:18:44 but all we are looking at is a well tailored disguise
01:18:47 to cover up her true intentions.
01:18:49 Ever since 2013 when Priest Mario Bergoglio
01:18:53 became Pope Francis, the Roman Catholic Church
01:18:56 has underwent extensive renovations
01:18:58 and Pope Francis, he's been able to capture
01:19:01 not only moral influence but political influence
01:19:04 on a world wide scale that has not been known
01:19:07 by any other Pope in the last millennium
01:19:10 and he's done so gracefully.
01:19:12 And yet it's such a breathtaking pace
01:19:14 that the current progress of the Roman Catholic Church
01:19:17 can only be rightly represented
01:19:19 as the tactical attack of a calculating leopard.
01:19:23 And in September 2015, when Pope Francis
01:19:28 makes history by becoming the very first pope
01:19:30 ever to address the U.S. congress
01:19:33 and then makes his way
01:19:34 over to the city of brotherly love,
01:19:37 Philadelphia, where he'll address
01:19:39 the world meeting of families, you can be certain
01:19:42 that he will use these two platforms
01:19:45 to challenge the policy makers of the United States of America
01:19:49 to rethink their fundamental understanding
01:19:51 of what constitutes liberty and freedom
01:19:54 and how these principles
01:19:55 should be implemented within society.
01:19:58 And even more important than that,
01:20:01 he will use at least one of these platforms
01:20:03 to suggest to our world that there is in need,
01:20:06 no only to abide by Biblical truth
01:20:09 but papal policy.
01:20:11 Papal policy like the first day of the week,
01:20:13 Sunday being a sacred day,
01:20:15 which has no root within the Bible
01:20:17 but was established as a day of rest by the papacy,
01:20:20 in the year 321A.D. by Constantine the great.
01:20:23 He will suggest that Sunday need to be a day of rest,
01:20:26 not only for Christians but for all mankind
01:20:30 for the purpose of the reunification
01:20:32 of the family circle
01:20:33 and the salvaging of the destruction of society.
01:20:37 And when these seeds of deception are sown,
01:20:41 they will not be done so, without making an impact.
01:20:44 Because the Bible tells us
01:20:46 in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13:12,
01:20:49 "And he exerciseth all the power
01:20:51 of the first beast before him and causeth all the earth
01:20:55 and them which dwell there in, to worship the first beast
01:20:58 who's deadly wound was healed."
01:21:01 The Bible is speaking of a time not far distant from now
01:21:05 and which the United States of America,
01:21:07 like the papacy of old,
01:21:09 will use its governing authority
01:21:11 in the realms of both church and state
01:21:14 and will give over to the papacy, its civil power,
01:21:18 its civil influence providing for the papacy,
01:21:21 its long sort for remedy to heal its deadly wound.
01:21:26 And when this happens
01:21:27 the Bible warns in the Book of Revelation 13:8,
01:21:31 "And all that dwell upon the earth
01:21:33 shall worship the beast, the papacy whose names
01:21:36 are not written in the Lamb's book of life,
01:21:39 the Lamb that was slain
01:21:40 from the foundation of the world."
01:21:42 Ladies and gentlemen,
01:21:44 people are getting ready to wander after a system
01:21:47 which the Bible clearly declares,
01:21:49 blasphemes against God.
01:21:51 It is the enemy of God,
01:21:53 it is no friend of truth and it is no friend of you.
01:21:57 The word of God warns us in Revelation 14:9,
01:22:02 "And the third angel follows saying with a loud voice,
01:22:05 if any man worship the beast and his image
01:22:08 and receives his mark in his fore head or in his hand,
01:22:11 the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God
01:22:15 which is poured out without mixture
01:22:16 into his cup of indignation
01:22:18 and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
01:22:21 in the presence of the holy angels
01:22:23 and in the presence of the lamb."
01:22:26 This is why God admonishes all humanity
01:22:28 in the Book of Revelation 14:7,
01:22:31 "Fear God and give glory to him
01:22:35 for the hour of his judgment has come
01:22:37 and worship him that made the heavens
01:22:40 and the earth and the sea and the fountains of water."
01:22:43 In these last days in which we are now living,
01:22:46 all humanity will be engaged in one final conflict
01:22:51 and this conflict will concern the controversy over worship.
01:22:57 Who will stand on the side of the worship of the true
01:22:59 and living God or who will stand
01:23:02 on the side of the worship of the beast?
01:23:05 The choice is yours,
01:23:07 and ladies and gentlemen, time is running out.
01:23:11 So now, now is the time that you make a wise decision
01:23:16 but please chose life
01:23:18 because why would you die for your sins
01:23:22 when God gave his son Jesus Christ to die?
01:23:25 So that you might have eternal life
01:23:28 and that, my friend, is a fact.
01:23:31 Whether you like it or not, the truth is the truth.


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