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The Dragon Revealed, Part 2

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Participants: Documentary..The Secrets, Spirits and Powers behind the martial arts.


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00:24 And there was war in heaven.
00:27 Michael in his angels fought against the dragon
00:29 and the dragon fought
00:31 and his angels and prevailed not.
00:34 And the great dragon was cast out,
00:37 that old serpent called the Devil and Satan,
00:40 the accuser which deceiveth the whole world,
00:43 he was cast out into the earth,
00:45 and his angels were cast out with him.
00:56 Well, he trained kids for years in self-defense,
00:59 now a martial arts instructor is defending himself in court,
01:03 accused of sexually assaulting a student.
01:51 Do you really believe in magic?
01:55 You mean, Chinese black magic?
01:57 Yes.
01:59 Oh, absolutely.
02:00 Are you still serious about this?
02:02 And monsters and ghosts as well, I suppose?
02:06 Oh, sure, and sorcery.
02:10 And I suppose that you expect me to believe
02:14 in sorcery as well?
02:16 Of course.
02:17 Why?
02:19 Because it's real.
02:20 How can I know that, Mr. Shen?
02:23 How?
02:24 Yes, how?
02:25 Help me out here.
02:28 Please, how?
02:36 See?
02:37 That was nothing.
02:39 But that's how it always begins, very small.
02:50 The floodgates of Eastern mysticism,
02:52 a new age thought were opened in the west
02:54 through cinema and literature,
02:57 focused on a generation searching for its identity.
03:00 With the cultural revolution, Woodstock and the Beatles,
03:04 martial arts, yoga
03:05 and the introduction of transcendental meditation
03:08 found a growing acceptance among baby boomers.
03:12 Television shows and films
03:14 such as David Carradine's Kung Fu,
03:16 The Green Hornet, Billy Jack and Bruce Lee's epic
03:20 brought the mystical powers of the martial arts
03:23 into the homes and lives of millions of Americans.
03:27 And a country once historically Christian
03:29 in background and belief
03:31 began to flirt with the ideologies
03:33 of the Far East
03:35 and little did we realize the price we would pay
03:38 for stepping on to this enchanted ground.
03:41 During the 1970s and '80s martial arts became mainstream
03:46 with the introduction of full contact karate
03:48 and kickboxing into the public,
03:50 the martial arts were now being promoted
03:52 not only a self-defense
03:54 but as a sport, as health and fitness,
03:57 and even as a family activity.
03:59 Martial arts, Tai chi, and yoga classes
04:02 began springing up in YMCAs and health clubs across the US,
04:08 and Hollywood in the printed page
04:10 brought secrets of the Far East
04:11 within reach of the imaginations
04:13 of millions of Americans
04:16 while promising them discipline,
04:18 self-confidence, self-control and self-esteem.
04:21 During the 1990s,
04:23 Chinese masters with their internal arts
04:25 of Tai chi, Bagua, Xing Yi,
04:28 and Qigong began publishing books
04:31 which revealed the methods of attaining
04:33 these once secret abilities of the martial art legends.
04:38 And there is now a growing interest
04:39 in the spiritual powers
04:41 and practices of these men of the East.
04:44 Even many celebrities and politicians
04:46 have revealed their active participation in these
04:49 and other mystical Eastern arts.
04:51 Today, the martial arts
04:53 seductively blended with metaphysics and psychology
04:57 has begun to take on a more scientific facade.
05:01 Once traditionally secret art are now being taught
05:04 as the means to achieve not only personal protection
05:08 but self-healing, self-awareness
05:11 and emotional regeneration.
05:14 Self-empowerment has become the God of this age.
05:18 A web of Eastern philosophy and mysticism
05:21 is being spread in an ever increasing attempt
05:23 to capture the hearts and minds of this last generation.
05:27 Through Hollywood, the film and entertainment industry
05:31 is weaving an illusion of the martial arts
05:33 being both scientific as well as spiritual.
05:37 And it is this blend of science and spiritism
05:40 which will prove to be the final omega of apostasy
05:44 which was foretold by the apostles of Jesus Christ.
05:48 I put the force into the movies in order to try to awaken
05:53 a certain kind of spirituality in young people.
05:59 More belief in God
06:00 than a belief in any particular,
06:04 you know, religious system.
06:05 I mean, the real question is to ask the question,
06:09 because if you have an enough interest
06:11 in the mysteries of life to ask the questions,
06:14 is there a God or is there not a God?
06:19 That's for me the worst thing that can happen.
06:22 You know, if you asked a young person is there a God?
06:24 And they say, "I don't know."
06:26 You know, I think you should have an opinion about that.
06:29 The question must be asked, a belief in what God.
06:34 "Who hath ascended up into heaven,
06:36 or descended down from above...?
06:39 Who hath established all the ends of the earth?
06:42 What is His name, and what is His Son's name,
06:45 if thou canst tell?"
06:48 And what is this mystery which Lucas and others
06:50 are spending billions to introduce
06:52 to the youth of our generation?
06:55 "Let no man deceive you by any means
06:58 for the mystery of iniquity doth already work."
07:02 According to the Chinese classic, The Tao Te-Ching,
07:05 "The Tao is like a well, used but never used up.
07:10 It is like the eternal void,
07:12 filled with infinite possibilities.
07:14 It is hidden but always present...
07:17 The Tao doesn't take sides,
07:20 it gives birth both to good and evil.
07:23 The Tao is called the Great Mother empty
07:27 yet inexhaustible,
07:29 it gives birth to infinite worlds.
07:31 It is always present within you...
07:34 and you can use it any way you want."
07:37 This spiritual energy called the Tao
07:39 or universal life force
07:41 is symbolized by the mystical figure
07:44 of the yin and yang,
07:46 and it is through this merging of light with darkness,
07:49 these two opposite yet supposedly equal powers
07:53 that harmony and the Tao is manifest
07:56 and spiritual gifts and abilities
07:58 are said to be achieved.
08:00 This description is identical
08:02 to that of the power used by the Jedi
08:04 and Sith warriors in the Star Wars film series.
08:08 This very same power is also called by them the force,
08:12 and it is this force of light and darkness of good and evil
08:17 which Lucifer claims to be.
08:20 It is this spirit and power
08:21 which has been worshiped by every occult
08:24 in pagan religion since the dawn of time.
08:28 Albert Pike, the author of Morals and Dogma
08:31 states this belief in unmistakable terms.
08:36 "Yes, Lucifer is god, and unfortunately Adonay
08:41 or the Lord Jesus is also God.
08:44 For the eternal law
08:45 is that there is no light without shade,
08:48 no beauty without ugliness,
08:50 no white without black.
08:52 For the absolute can only exist as two gods,
08:56 darkness being necessary to light...
08:59 Simply put...
09:01 pure philosophic religion 'is the belief in Lucifer,'
09:06 the equal of Adonay, but Lucifer,
09:09 god of light and god of good,
09:11 is struggling for humanity against Adonay,
09:15 the God of darkness and evil."
09:19 "And professing themselves to be wise, they became fools!"
09:23 "For if therefore the light that is in thee be darkness,
09:27 how great is that darkness!"
09:30 According to both Asian and occult philosophy,
09:33 this force or energy is said to dwell within all matter,
09:38 the rocks, the trees, the planets,
09:40 animals and every human being,
09:43 and although hidden it is said to be
09:46 only awaiting to be awakened.
09:49 And awakening which is achieved
09:50 through the practice of Eastern meditation,
09:53 breathing techniques, mantra chanting,
09:56 visualization, hypnosis
09:58 and countless other occult practices.
10:00 It is this spiritual energy
10:02 which all Eastern religions credit
10:04 as the true source of their power.
10:07 Although this mysterious power
10:09 is called by different names in every culture,
10:12 its principles and manifestations
10:14 are always the same.
10:16 For what is known as Chi by the ancient Chinese
10:19 is called Ki in the Japanese art of aikido.
10:23 While to the Hindu,
10:24 the same power is known as Prana.
10:27 To the Polynesian people,
10:29 it is called Manna or Mana energy.
10:33 And by many new age practitioners
10:35 in the West,
10:37 this spiritual power is called Orgone,
10:39 vibrational or subtle energy.
10:42 And the same spiritual energy today
10:45 is being used and promoted by a new age gurus worldwide
10:49 to martial artists across the world,
10:51 the cultivation,
10:52 control and demonstration of this energy
10:55 is considered the highest and most sought after ability.
10:59 Chi is said to be manifest through harmonizing
11:02 both positive and negative forces of the universe
11:05 within the human body.
11:07 This energy is then demonstrated
11:09 by martial artists in countless ways,
11:12 stone, brick or board breaking,
11:14 iron body exhibitions,
11:16 performing seemingly impossible feats
11:19 of acrobatics skill,
11:20 withstanding extremes of temperature,
11:23 exhibiting superhuman strength,
11:25 speed and explosive power.
11:29 And this same mysterious energy which is used by disciples
11:33 and masters of these combative arts
11:35 is also demonstrated
11:36 by Qigong and Reiki practitioners,
11:39 by acupuncturist, acupressurist,
11:42 Tai chi masters, yoga gurus and new age holistic healers.
11:47 To many this power is called the God spark
11:51 or cosmic consciousness, but regardless of its name,
11:55 this esoteric power is from one
11:57 and the same source that old serpent, the devil.
12:02 In the philosophy of yin and yang,
12:04 nothing is of itself considered to be inherently evil or wrong.
12:09 Everything is said to be good so long as it is used
12:12 to maintain balance of the Dao
12:15 and the greater good of the universe.
12:18 This then is the martial arts most subtle deception
12:21 for according to this philosophy
12:23 that which is called God,
12:25 owes its very existence
12:27 to the joining of light with darkness.
12:30 But the word of the Lord assures us,
12:32 "That God is Light,
12:34 and in Him is no darkness at all."
12:37 In this pagan philosophy, there are no absolutes
12:41 or as Aleister Crowley stated,
12:44 "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."
12:47 And this poor man,
12:48 who was a legend and an icon in the music and film industry,
12:53 spent the final hours of his life
12:55 in a state of hopelessness, dread and fear.
13:00 In these teachings truth becomes
13:02 merely the point of one's own perspective
13:05 and the serpent's whisper,
13:06 hath God really said,
13:09 can be as verily heard today as it was so long ago
13:13 and the shadow of doubt is cast upon Jehovah's holy word.
13:18 "Woe unto them that call evil good,
13:20 and good evil,
13:22 that put darkness for Light, and Light for darkness...
13:26 To the law and to the testimony of His Spirit:
13:29 If they speak not according to this Word,
13:32 it is because there is no Light in them!"
13:41 The symbols of the tiger and dragon
13:43 are as ancient as the martial arts itself
13:46 and familiar to all styles.
13:48 They are synonymous with the yin and yang
13:50 of Eastern mysticism and philosophy,
13:53 but what few understand is the role
13:55 which these two symbols play and the spiritual significance
13:59 which is revealed when joining them as one.
14:01 While the tiger represents
14:03 man's physical strength and power,
14:05 the earthly, carnal and unregenerate heart,
14:09 man's will to conquer.
14:11 It is the dragon which stands
14:12 as the symbol of the prince of the powers of the air.
14:16 Those principalities and powers of darkness
14:18 which now worketh in the children of disobedience.
14:22 It is this spirit of the dragon,
14:24 which the masters of the martial art hold
14:26 in such reverence and awe.
14:28 And it is this power
14:30 which is sought above all others.
14:33 While most western instructors
14:34 will emphatically deny any involvement
14:37 with the occult religions of the East.
14:39 When we watch the practices of these men and women
14:43 and compare their arts and the fruits thereof
14:46 with the Word of God,
14:47 there are serious questions which arise.
14:51 It's working.
14:52 This training is hard training.
14:55 It develops your mental faculties,
14:57 it turns into warrior and killer instinct.
15:01 We develop him as a warrior.
15:03 Jai Kali.
15:04 Kali.
15:06 It is common for these teachers to say
15:07 that they are able to divorce the physical arts
15:10 from their spiritual roots.
15:12 But according to high-level martial artists and masters,
15:15 this is a great deception.
15:17 When one looks closely
15:18 at the religious background of a style's founder,
15:21 you will discern the spirit
15:23 which inspired or inspirited that style,
15:27 and which influences its forms, techniques,
15:30 and methods of training.
15:32 The very spiritual DNA of a martial style
15:35 can never be separated or severed from its practice.
15:39 For out of the heart, the mouth speaks,
15:42 and through physical actions, the spirit is manifest.
15:46 The word of Almighty God says,
15:48 "By their fruits ye shall know them...
15:51 For how can two walk together, except they be agreed?"
15:54 Our very actions bear witness to the powers of God
15:58 which we live for, serve and obey.
16:02 A Christian instructor join to a pagan style
16:06 is spiritual adultery, unfaithfulness and apostasy.
16:11 I'm 100% Jesus.
16:12 God can see my heart.
16:14 People misunderstood, think,
16:16 "Oh, how a Christian can fight in MMA?"
16:18 Spinning hook.
16:19 Oh, and now Brando goes for the triangle choke.
16:22 Yeah, for sure, a Christian can fight in MMA,
16:24 a Christians can go to a war, a Christian can go,
16:27 we Christians, we are not different,
16:28 we are just Christians
16:30 and I see nothing wrong in that.
16:32 But do these thoughts agree
16:34 with the word of the living God.
16:36 And if this is correct,
16:38 then why does the Lord tell us through His Apostle John that,
16:42 "He would saith he abideth in Christ
16:45 ought himself also so to walk and live,
16:48 even as Jesus lived."
16:50 They call themselves warriors,
16:52 literally fighting the good fight of faith.
16:56 Never mind that the Gospel of Matthew quotes Jesus as saying,
16:59 "If anyone slaps you on the right cheek,
17:01 turn to him the other also."
17:03 Because tonight you're going to meet a group of Christians
17:06 who say, that by striking an opponent,
17:09 well, they're striking a blow for the Lord,
17:11 Ryan Owens has an encore presentation
17:13 from our series Faith Matters.
17:24 Fight breaks out.
17:28 But this isn't your grandfather's bar fight.
17:32 Hurt like little bit...
17:33 And then as soon as I tape you, let's pray.
17:35 And some of these fighters get Bible beaters.
17:38 Father, we just thank You
17:39 for the opportunity to go out tonight
17:42 and to train and compete and...
17:44 A whole new meaning.
17:45 The line of distinction between professed Christians
17:48 and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable.
17:52 As Christians there are times
17:55 where you take shots.
17:59 That's where the Bible gives you your training.
18:05 We get all the time, I don't look like the typical pastor
18:07 and that's okay.
18:09 There's actually a cool verse in the Bible says,
18:10 "Be weary when all men speak well of you."
18:13 If everybody loves you, you're doing something wrong.
18:16 God, you have called us to a fight...
18:18 When Preston came up
18:19 with the idea of having a fight club in the church,
18:23 it was an easy thing to say, yes to.
18:27 Tough guys need Jesus too.
18:29 You guys like to see me fight another pastor?
18:30 No.
18:32 Or just be a couple of God fearing men
18:33 punching each other in the face.
18:35 Ladies and gentlemen, this is Pastor versus Pastor.
18:40 Tonight, we gotta fight
18:42 and then when we talk about Jesus tomorrow,
18:43 we go to church.
18:46 How many are yet walking in darkness
18:48 not realizing the high calling upon their lives
18:51 in Christ Jesus.
18:52 And this ain't love.
18:54 At the end of the day
18:55 it's about reaching people with the gospel,
18:56 regardless of what you need to do to introduce them
18:58 into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
19:01 Punch, punch, punch in the face.
19:03 Now go for the choke right there.
19:04 For he has promised us,
19:06 "That an elder must be blameless,
19:09 the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober,
19:13 not self willed, not soon to anger,
19:16 but a lover of good men,
19:19 just, holy, and temperent in all things.
19:23 An elder must not be given to wine, not a striker,
19:27 but patient, and not a brawler.
19:30 Holding fast the faithful word,
19:33 so that he may be able by sound doctrine
19:36 and instruction to exhort and convince the gainsayers."
19:50 But the question is often asked,
19:52 what about self-defense
19:53 and what about the physical training methods
19:55 of these arts?
19:57 Can I not be a Christian
19:58 and yet still train in these arts
20:00 without their spiritual influences?
20:03 It is through actions repeated that habits are formed.
20:06 Habits which form our character,
20:09 and it is by character that our destiny
20:11 for time and eternity is decided.
20:14 If we are practicing daily to block and counter,
20:18 what will become our natural response
20:20 when meeting confrontation for opposition?
20:24 And what is the character
20:25 which these arts impart to their students?
20:29 "When pure knuckles meet pure flesh,
20:31 that's pure Karate,
20:33 no matter who executes it or whatever style is involved."
20:38 "When two tigers fight
20:40 one is certain to be maimed, and one to die."
20:44 "Jiujitsu is the gentle art.
20:47 It is the art where a small man is going to prove to you,
20:51 no matter how strong you are, no matter how mad you get,
20:55 that you're going to have to accept defeat.
20:58 That's what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is."
21:00 "If we fight for money,
21:02 I'll stop hitting you when you ask me to.
21:05 If we fight for honor,
21:06 I'll stop hitting you when I feel like it."
21:09 "The heart of our karate is real fighting.
21:13 There can be no proof without real fighting!"
21:16 "Better to be a tiger for a day than a sheep for a life time."
21:21 Many parents enrolled their children
21:22 in the martial arts
21:24 with the hopes of them learning self-defense,
21:26 self-control and discipline.
21:28 But is this the reality of these practices?
21:31 Do the training and teachings of these Eastern arts
21:34 really lead to greater obedience and submission
21:37 to a parent's instruction in the Word of God?
21:40 Do students of these arts
21:41 typically grow closer in their walk
21:43 with the Lord Jesus Christ as they progress in rank?
21:47 Or do we see another character being formed,
21:50 one of pride, of independence and rebellion to authority?
21:56 "For even hereunto were ye called
21:59 because Christ also suffered for us,
22:02 leaving us an example,
22:04 that you should follow in His steps.
22:07 He who did no sin,
22:09 neither was guile and deceit found in His mouth:
22:13 Who, when He was reviled,
22:15 He reviled and retaliated not again.
22:19 When He suffered, He threatened not.
22:22 But committed Himself
22:23 on to the judgment of Him the judgeth righteously."
22:27 "Dearly beloved, I say, Avenge not yourselves,
22:32 but rather give place to wrath:
22:34 for it is written, Vengeance is Mine,
22:37 I will repay saith the Lord.
22:40 Therefore if thine enemy is hungry feed him,
22:43 if he is thirsty, give him to drink,
22:47 for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head
22:51 and his conscience shall be burnt.
22:54 Therefore...
22:55 Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good!"
23:01 The martial arts are being marketed today
23:03 as a family activity.
23:05 But the tradition behind this idea
23:07 would shock most students and parents
23:09 if they were told the truth when they joined.
23:12 Traditional Asian martial arts styles were based on family,
23:16 or clan secrets of warfare.
23:18 These secrets were not allowed to be spoken off
23:21 or shared outside the dojo or home of the master.
23:25 We will look at one such legendary founder of the arts
23:29 so that you may see and understand
23:31 the spiritual influences
23:33 which are working behind the scenes.
23:35 The man's name is Tatsuo Shimabuku.
23:39 He is the founder of Isshin-ryu karate.
23:42 It was during a vision given him in the 1950s
23:45 that Shimabuku saw the principles
23:47 of his art revealed
23:49 and under the inspiration of the Goddess Megami,
23:53 he founded his style of karate.
23:56 By the direct instruction of the spirit,
23:58 the Okinawan master drew a picture
24:00 of what he had seen in his vision
24:03 which later was duplicated
24:04 as the logo and symbol of the Isshin-ryu style.
24:08 And under the oversight of one of his disciples,
24:11 the artwork took form.
24:14 And the symbol of his art can now be seen
24:16 adorning tens of thousands of karate uniforms
24:19 and dojo's worldwide.
24:21 Look closely at the figures
24:23 represented in the emblem of his art.
24:26 The woman is an unnatural blending
24:28 or amalgamation of the human female
24:31 and a serpent.
24:32 Above her right shoulder is the image of a great red dragon
24:37 and three prominent stars.
24:39 The female image is shown rising up out of the abyss
24:44 and seated upon the stormy seas.
24:47 The symbolism is too exact to be mere coincidence.
24:52 "Come hither, I will shew thee the judgment of the great whore
24:56 that sitteth upon many waters...
24:58 and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast,
25:02 full of names of blasphemy,
25:04 having seven heads and ten horns,
25:08 and the waters which thou sawest,
25:10 where the whore sitteth, are peoples,
25:12 multitudes, nations and tongues...
25:15 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city
25:18 which reigenth over the kings, of the earth."
25:22 The original title given by the founder
25:24 for this symbol was Isshin-ryu no Megami
25:28 or the goddess of Isshin-ryu.
25:31 Megami, me means woman,
25:35 kami or gami is the Japanese word
25:39 for Shinto deity or God.
25:42 Isshin-ryu, is or ichi means one,
25:47 chief or first, shin means spirit or heart,
25:52 ryu means tatsu, dragon or way,
25:57 the goddess of the first spirit dragon.
26:00 Even the name of the founder
26:02 Tatsu Shimabuku was symbolic
26:04 of the style's ultimate goals and purpose.
26:07 Tatsu literally means in Japanese the dragon man.
26:12 He was given this title in honor of his enlightenment
26:15 and recognition by the pagan gods
26:18 in the founding of this art to him and the initiated few,
26:22 the final revelation of Isshin-ryu karate
26:26 is the way or path of uniting as one,
26:30 the spirit of the dragon and man.
26:34 And Shimabuku's art is not the only style
26:37 which reveals its true spiritual intent.
26:40 Ai-ki-do, the way of harmonizing with spirit.
26:45 Hap-ki-do, the path or way of unity with spirit.
26:51 Xing-yi-quan, mind, will and form boxing.
26:56 Bagua zhang, eight trigram or divination palms.
27:02 In each of these martial arts, real power is obtain
27:05 only by the transfer of spiritual energy,
27:09 for it is through the inspiration of the masters,
27:12 gurus and teachers
27:13 which is passed down to their disciples
27:16 that the dragon is working
27:17 to bring about his last great deception.
27:20 And it is through these countless millions of men,
27:23 women and innocent children which strive in their training
27:27 to imitate the role of their instructor
27:29 that an image is truly being formed.
27:32 Either we are being daily transformed
27:35 by the renewing of our minds
27:37 into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ,
27:40 or we are being slowly conformed and molded
27:43 into the image of this world and its first rebel leader.
27:48 Have you ever wondered why so many dojos
27:51 and martial studios require students
27:53 to remove their shoes when entering the school
27:56 or stepping on to the training floor?
27:59 Is it possible that these practices
28:01 reveal a deeper spiritual significance
28:04 than many have been led to believe?
28:06 "And the Lord God said unto Moses
28:10 Draw not nigh hither,
28:12 put off thy shoes from off thy feet,
28:15 for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground."
28:19 Are these schools being used
28:20 as the grounds upon which to worship Eastern pagan deities?
28:25 Look at their very names in the Asian languages
28:27 and let us listen to their own response.
28:30 Dojo, a place of the way.
28:33 Daochang, the place of enlightenment.
28:36 "Traditionally the Dojo is considered sacred ground
28:40 with its own special etiquette."
28:43 "To begin, every student
28:45 submits unquestionably to their teacher."
28:48 Submission is often represented symbolically
28:51 by the simple ceremony of bowing to the teacher!"
28:55 "Whatever the floor is made of be it cement, carpet
28:59 or an expensive mat, the way I present my answer,
29:02 when the student asks 'Why do we take off our shoes?'
29:06 Is that the student removes his shoes
29:09 to yield to the instructor's right to lead,
29:13 the instructor removes his shoes
29:15 because he too, yields to a higher power."
29:20 "The dojo is a destination.
29:23 It is a place to go.
29:25 It is sacred ground.
29:27 No one ends up in the dojo by mistake.
29:31 For many of us, it is like coming home...!"
29:36 "We bow to the front,
29:38 the showmen in honor of our ancestral heritage,
29:42 then we bow to the Sensei or master
29:45 as a gesture of respect for the teacher.
29:48 In addition to being a teacher of karate techniques,
29:51 the Sensei is a guide, a guide to illuminate the path
29:56 and lead the way for the student."
29:59 "The Sensei is the guiding light
30:01 because the Sensei serves such an important role
30:04 in shaping a student's development,
30:07 physically, mentally and spiritually,
30:10 the Sensei must possess
30:11 outstanding qualifications and abilities."
30:15 The titles of Sensei and Sifu are Asian in origin.
30:19 They refer to a teacher who has dedicated his life
30:22 to instructing his pupils in the martial way,
30:25 but the Lord Jesus Christ tells us,
30:28 "Be not called Rabbi: for One is your Master,
30:32 even Christ, and ye are all brethren.
30:35 And call no man 'Father' upon the earth:
30:39 for One is your Father, which is in heaven.
30:43 And neither be ye called masters for One is your Master,
30:48 even Christ.
30:49 For he that is greatest among you
30:52 shall be your servant.
30:54 For whosoever shall exalt himself
30:56 shall be cast down,
30:58 but those that humble themselves,
31:01 shall be exalted!"
31:03 Is not this the very character
31:05 which is seen in the martial arts,
31:07 that of pride and self exaltation.
31:10 The spirit that I saw,
31:11 when I accepted Jesus into my heart was different.
31:15 That spirit was one of love.
31:17 It was one of peace.
31:18 The spirit that I received from the masters
31:21 and I trained under some of the best in the world,
31:23 oh, that spirit was one of violence,
31:25 it was different, it was one of control,
31:28 it was one of mastery over another person.
31:31 It wasn't the same spirit in the Lord
31:33 that I can love that person for who they were,
31:36 not for what I knew and what I demanded of them so,
31:39 and that really is the attitude
31:41 of many people within the martial arts,
31:43 they lorded over those who were under them,
31:46 it becomes a superiority problem.
31:49 It becomes an issue that they want control,
31:52 they do have control over you in some sense,
31:55 of control and they want to emulate their instructor
31:59 and they want to give that person
32:02 something that they receive,
32:03 so it's a spirit that is passed down
32:05 from generation to generation
32:07 and each succeeding generation either becomes stronger
32:11 or they quit one or the other,
32:13 they're all looking for that power,
32:15 power over people,
32:16 the power of violence
32:18 and they want to emulate that power
32:19 in such a way that people will fear them
32:22 and it's the fear factor that most people don't understand.
32:26 And is this not the very character of Satan
32:29 before the fall from his exalted position in heaven.
32:32 "O how art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer,
32:35 son of the Morning Star...
32:38 For thou hast said in thine heart,
32:40 I will ascend, I will exalt my throne,
32:45 I will sit upon the mount of the congregation...
32:48 I will be like the Most High."
32:52 Then we look and see the Son of Almighty God,
32:55 as He humbles Himself
32:57 and takes on the form of a servant,
32:59 that of a mere man.
33:01 And we see Him as He battles
33:03 with all the desires of our fallen nature
33:05 within His own human flesh.
33:08 And as He cries out for victory and strength
33:11 in the Garden of Gethsemane,
33:13 and He fell on His face and prayed
33:15 saying, "Oh my Father, if thou be willing,
33:19 remove this cup from Me, nevertheless not My will,
33:24 but thine be done."
33:26 And the same Lord in sovereign came
33:28 who sweat great drops of blood there in the garden,
33:31 fighting for you and I,
33:33 is the same who spoke from the heights of Sinai
33:37 with words which shook the earth like thunder."
33:40 "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me!
33:44 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,
33:48 or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above,
33:52 or that is in the earth beneath
33:53 or that is in the water under the earth.
33:56 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them,
34:00 nor serve and obey them."
34:04 Even on the most basic level,
34:06 the practice of the martial arts
34:08 contradicts not only the gospel of Jesus Christ
34:11 but also the very clear instructions
34:13 of His written word.
34:14 The Lord God Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim
34:19 tells us that we are not to bow in humility, in obedience,
34:25 nor in service to anyone in place of our Creator.
34:29 For when man chooses to serve and obey another,
34:32 he is verily committing idolatry
34:34 as if a statue were standing right before him.
34:38 "The bow-in ceremony is based on a Shinto ritual
34:42 banishing evil spirits
34:43 and inviting the presence of the gods.
34:47 However, in the context of training,
34:49 students may think of this ritual
34:51 as banishing their own personal demons,
34:54 cleansing the mind of negative or distracting thoughts
34:58 and preparing for training.
35:00 They may envision summoning their best selves
35:04 to rise to the challenges of training
35:06 and extract the maximum benefit
35:09 and understanding from the teachings
35:11 they are about to receive.
35:13 The words spoken during the bow-in
35:15 and bow-out ceremony can be translated as,
35:19 'In every moment,
35:21 another chance for enlightenment.'
35:23 "Bowing to others is not about a sign of submission
35:27 but about recognizing the spark of divinity
35:30 in another fellow human being!"
35:33 "Bowing is one of the most humble and spiritual acts
35:35 a human can perform.
35:37 It is an action that simultaneously signifies
35:39 acceptance and a deep understanding of
35:42 and feeling toward its object.
35:45 Moreover, through this action,
35:47 we cast aside the narrow confines of the self
35:51 and we accept the energy of the universe."
35:55 "By bowing, we are giving up ourselves to the universe.
36:00 To give up ourselves means to give up our dualistic ideas
36:04 and become one.
36:05 When you become one with everything that exists,
36:09 you find the true meaning of being."
36:12 As we listen to these words, are we not once again
36:16 hearing the whispers of the serpent in Eden?
36:18 Which said, "Ye shall not surely die,
36:22 but ye shall be as gods?"
36:24 But thus saith the Lord God almighty,
36:27 'I have yet reserved unto Myself a remnant in Israel,
36:31 which have not bowed their knee to Baal...!'
36:35 For 'Sin is the faithless transgression of My law,
36:39 and... Verily, I say unto you, Whosoever continueth in sin,
36:44 is the slave of sin...
36:46 and the wages of sin is death.
36:49 A diligent study will reveal the true spiritual influences
36:53 which these masters receive for their styles
36:56 often while in a trance or a deep meditation
36:59 and worshipping their pagan deities.
37:01 And it is the same spiritual influence
37:04 which has been passed down from grandmasters,
37:07 masters and disciples to their students.
37:11 Most people in the western hemisphere
37:13 fail to realize the strong roles in family ties
37:16 which are prevalent in the Eastern cultures.
37:19 A grandmaster or founder is known as Sijo or Soke
37:23 and this title declares him to be the head of family
37:27 in an order of style.
37:29 Therefore, when a student joins a school,
37:31 they are taught through both example and instruction
37:35 to yield the highest honor, respect and obedience
37:40 to the head of their martial clan.
37:42 "When a master decides to teach a disciple
37:45 he not only takes on the role of a teacher
37:48 but also assumes the role of a parent."
37:52 Chinese people hold teachers in very high regard.
37:56 To begin, every student submits unquestionably
38:00 to their teacher.
38:01 They must be willing to empty their cup
38:04 of any previous misconceptions
38:06 and to accept the new teachings
38:09 no matter how disruptive they may be
38:11 to their personal worldview.
38:13 "This is just one reason
38:15 why it is important to begin with a good teacher.
38:18 Submission is often represented symbolically
38:21 by the simple ceremony of bowing to the teacher."
38:24 Whether to the instructor in the dojo
38:27 or to that man's master,
38:29 it is considered the highest disrespect
38:31 to fail to obey
38:33 any given instruction by this man.
38:35 A failure to comply in the traditional arts,
38:38 often even in lifestyle is frowned upon
38:42 and will hinder the student's progress
38:44 in training and the promotion of rank.
38:47 And as each student surrenders their will
38:49 and obedience to their sensei or sifu,
38:52 these masters in turn also bow in homage
38:56 before the grandmaster
38:58 and images of the style's founder.
39:00 Each one surrendering their will
39:02 in order to achieve greater skill,
39:05 and inspiration in their art,
39:07 and a higher position on the steps of the pyramid.
39:10 The spiritual hierarchy in the martial arts,
39:13 every stone set one upon another
39:15 and every rung in the ladder is achieved
39:18 by exalting self above others.
39:21 Every student and disciple bowing in reverence
39:24 and submission to the masters above.
39:26 And each one of these bowing to the man
39:29 enthroned upon the mountain summit.
39:32 For the Lord Jesus Christ says,
39:34 "The words that I speak unto you,
39:36 they are spirit and they are life,
39:40 to whom you yield yourself servants to obey
39:43 his slaves ye are to whom you obey
39:47 whether of sin unto death,
39:49 or of obedience unto righteousness and life."
39:53 And so it is that as men
39:55 listen to the voice of the great deceiver
39:57 and yield their bodies as servants to obey him,
40:01 it is then that they become pawns in the hands
40:04 of one they do not see.
40:06 They become the habitation of devils
40:09 and slaves to darkness and sin.
40:40 "Each and every master,
40:42 regardless of the era or the place,
40:45 heard the call and attained harmony with heaven and earth.
40:49 There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji,
40:52 but there is only one summit...
40:55 The divine is not something above us.
40:59 It is in heaven, it is in the earth,
41:02 it is inside us.
41:04 The art of peace I practice
41:06 has room for each of the world's eight million gods,
41:11 and I cooperate with them all."
41:14 So to whom does this man the abbot
41:16 and head of Shaolin Temple bow and pay homage?
41:20 And of whom are the figures and images which surround him?
41:23 It is they, the fallen ones,
41:26 the image of those angels cast down out of heaven
41:29 by the Lord Jesus Christ,
41:31 from whom this man receives his power and abilities.
41:34 And what is the sanctuary,
41:37 where this man worships before his pagan deities?
41:41 The figures which you now see are those found in a shrine
41:44 known at the Shaolin temple as Mahwari
41:47 or the hall of the three Buddhas.
41:50 It is here that the temple monks direct their worship.
41:54 But who is the central figure
41:56 and what is the symbolic gesture
41:58 which we see formed by his right hand?
42:00 Why do we see the very same symbols
42:02 which are associated with Wicca, black magic,
42:05 secret societies and even the rock-and-roll industry
42:09 also being displayed with Hindu,
42:11 Buddhist and Taoist idols,
42:13 some dating back more than a thousand years.
42:16 Is there a connection?
42:18 Are the same spirits which work behind the scenes in one
42:22 also influencing the other?
42:24 And who is the bearded figure
42:26 which we see standing at his far outer right,
42:30 his name is Bodhidharma or Damo
42:33 which in Chinese literally means Hairy Devil.
42:37 He is the patron saint of the Shaolin Temple
42:40 and Chan Buddhism.
42:41 He is also the 28th
42:43 in a long lineage of disciples and teachers,
42:46 springing from the founder of the Hindu Buddhist religion.
42:50 Bodhidharma brought his revised version of Hinduism
42:53 from India to China in the year 464 AD.
42:57 And legend tells us
42:59 that it was he who taught the monks of Shaolin Temple,
43:03 the methods of physical movement
43:05 combined with meditation
43:06 to enhance their spiritual abilities.
43:09 Through Hindu breathing exercises
43:12 and yoga, mantra chanting,
43:14 visualization techniques and kata,
43:17 the monks were said to develop almost supernatural psychic
43:20 and physical powers.
43:22 So we see that it was not the strict diet of rice
43:26 and vegetables which gave rise to the Shaolin monks
43:29 notoriety in the world of combative arts.
43:32 Neither this is simply due to their rigorous training regime
43:35 that these Buddhist warriors and their temple
43:38 are known as the world's birthplace
43:40 and source of all martial styles.
43:43 But their unique abilities are credited
43:45 to a more elusive and spiritual power
43:48 something working subtly in the things
43:50 they were taught by this Hindu priest.
43:54 After his death, legend has it that the monks of Shaolin
43:57 found a set of writings
43:59 that were left hidden within the temple wall or his tomb
44:02 in which he gave detail yet cryptic instructions
44:06 written in his own native Sanskrit tongue
44:09 on the way and its power,
44:11 exercises which would enable the masters
44:14 and their future disciples to reach Nirvana
44:17 and enlightenment.
44:19 It is these writings known as the muscle tendon changing,
44:23 marrow brainwashing classics
44:25 which are revered among martial artists worldwide.
44:28 And it is these which form the foundation
44:31 of all modern martial forms kata, qigong and training.
44:38 There are many who begin training in these Eastern arts
44:41 and say they will practice only the physical disciplines,
44:45 laying their Eastern spiritual influences to the side.
44:48 But according to the founders,
44:49 grandmasters and gurus of these arts,
44:52 this is not only impossible but futile in its attempt,
44:56 it verily cannot be done.
45:00 "When an old man is able to defeat many attackers,
45:03 how could it be due to his strength."
45:07 "We live in two realms, two dimensions
45:10 the spiritual and the material.
45:13 So to live an effective life, both aspects must be addressed.
45:18 The spiritual contains the real power
45:21 but the natural is the trigger to release it.
45:24 The two must work in harmony!"
45:28 "One of the greatest gifts of the martial arts is that
45:30 they ultimately guide us to new levels of spirituality."
45:36 "Always more vital to karate than techniques or strength
45:40 is the spiritual element that lets you move and act
45:44 with complete freedom."
45:46 In striving to enter the proper frame of mind,
45:49 Zen meditation is of great importance.
45:52 The man who wants to walk the way of karate
45:55 cannot afford to neglect Zen and spiritual training."
46:00 But what saith the word of God?
46:02 "Blessed are the undefiled in the Way,
46:05 those who walk in the law of the Lord."
46:08 So how are these men claiming to serve Jehovah
46:11 and yet walking after the steps of another master?
46:15 "Spiritual development is paramount,
46:17 technical skills are merely a means to the end...
46:21 You may train for a long time,
46:23 but if you merely move your hands and feet
46:26 and jump up and down like a puppet,
46:28 learning Karate is not very different
46:30 from learning a dance.
46:32 You will never reach the heart of the matter,
46:35 you will have failed to grasp the Quintessence of karate-do."
46:40 Quin-tes-sence an interesting word,
46:43 "The 5th and highest 'element'
46:44 in ancient and medieval philosophy,
46:47 that is said to permeate all nature,
46:50 and all matter,
46:52 and is the substance composing all celestial bodies.
46:56 In physics,
46:57 it is the hypothetical form of 'dark energy,'
47:00 the 5th fundamental force, the 5th element.
47:05 And by the ancient Greeks, it was this force
47:07 which was thought to fill the universe
47:09 and hold and bind all things together."
47:13 Are we not hearing echoes of the same philosophy
47:16 in the media and films today?
47:19 For my ally is the force.
47:22 And a powerful ally it is.
47:26 Life creates it, makes it grow.
47:31 Its energy surrounds us and binds us.
47:36 Luminous beings are we...
47:38 Not this crude matter.
47:41 You must feel the force around you.
47:44 Here, between you...
47:47 me...
47:48 the tree...
47:50 the rock...
47:51 everywhere!
47:52 Yes, even between land and ship!
47:57 It is this elusive spiritual energy,
48:00 which the Taoist and Buddhist priest
48:02 spend their lives seeking to invoke and harness.
48:06 Are these mystical abilities
48:08 only the figment of the imaginations of Hollywood?
48:11 Are they not mere fantasy that make believe?
48:15 But we must remember that fiction often lies
48:18 closest to the path of truth,
48:20 else it has no power to deceive.
48:23 Since the beginning of Earth's history,
48:25 Satan, that old serpent has told mankind
48:28 that we have within ourselves the very powers of divinity,
48:33 that we need look no further nor higher
48:35 than our own mind and consciousness
48:37 for the wisdom and powers of a God
48:40 and that through the joining of light with darkness
48:43 and partaking of that forbidden tree.
48:46 Mankind may complete the final step
48:49 of his evolution into godhood.
48:52 But the devil is a liar and the father of all lies.
48:55 For it is through
48:57 the ministration of fallen angels
48:58 that all these miraculous feats of strength
49:01 and skill are achieved.
49:03 And it is for this purpose alone that the devil entices,
49:06 men, women and even little children
49:09 to compromise with evil.
49:10 And thus, opening the doors wide to the power and influence
49:14 of the forces of darkness.
49:16 The Hindu gurus have a word
49:18 for this merging of flesh with spirit.
49:20 It is called Avatar and literally means
49:24 the manifestation of the fallen ones
49:26 or those which came down from the heavens.
49:29 Is this just coincidence that a major film production
49:32 was recently released by the same title?
49:35 And is this the reason
49:37 we see such a barrage of mystical teachings
49:39 and terminology in the media updates today?
49:44 Is Satan preparing mankind
49:45 for the coming of his final and greatest deception,
49:48 one which the scriptures declare
49:50 will if possible deceive even the very elect
49:54 with all power, signs and lying wonders.
49:57 The magicians of heathen times
49:59 have their counterpart in the mediums,
50:02 the clairvoyance
50:03 and the fortune tellers of today.
50:05 Could the veil be lifted from before our eyes?
50:08 We should see evil angels employing all their arts
50:12 to deceive and to destroy.
50:15 I saw the rapidity
50:16 with which this delusion of spiritualism was spreading.
50:20 A train of cars was showing me
50:23 going with the speed of lighting,
50:25 the angel bade me, look carefully,
50:28 look carefully, as I fixed my eyes upon the train
50:32 it seemed that the whole world was on board.
50:35 Then he showed me the conductor,
50:37 a fair stately person
50:39 whom all the passengers looked up to in reverence.
50:43 I was perplexed and I asked who it was?
50:46 He said, he is a Satan, he is the conductor
50:50 in the form of an angel of light
50:52 and he has taken the world captive.
50:55 "They have been given over to strong delusions,
50:58 to believe a lie...
50:59 and they are heading with lightning speed
51:02 to perdition!
51:03 This delusion will spread,
51:05 and we all shall have to contend with it face to face
51:09 and unless we are prepared for it
51:11 we shall be ensnared and overcome.
51:14 The people of God must be prepared
51:16 to withstand these lying spirits
51:18 with the Truth from the Word of God!"
51:28 Yoga, to yoke or to join in union with the Hindu gods.
51:35 Through the martial arts, Tai chi and yoga,
51:37 the doors being open for the introduction
51:40 and the acceptance of many mystical practices.
51:44 When women come together and you let go off the judgment
51:47 and just be together as women and brief together as women,
51:50 truths come out, ritual happens, connection.
51:59 Yoga is the state where you are needing nothing,
52:02 but you feel whole and complete.
52:06 I would say it will save your life.
52:08 It will change your life.
52:09 It will make you so much more accepting of yourself.
52:15 Yoga has in the last two years really exploded for Americans.
52:19 A lot of folks swear by it, some Christians,
52:21 they believe there is actually a real problem with yoga.
52:23 Michael Galanos is here with today
52:25 as he get to the point.
52:26 Anyway you bring us these hot button topics in with morals,
52:28 faith, values.
52:29 What do we have here?
52:31 All right, let's find out, Erica had mentioned it's big,
52:32 17 million of you out there practice yoga.
52:36 But again, Erica mentioned it, some Christians,
52:39 one in particular says a Christian should not do yoga.
52:42 He's Pastor John MacArthur;
52:43 he is pastor of Grace Community Church,
52:46 also host of the radio show Grace to You.
52:48 He joins us now.
52:50 bottom line, basically you can't get the physical benefits
52:53 without incorporating the spiritual roots of yoga.
52:55 We'll talk with John MacArthur in just a minute.
52:57 Also joining us is the pastor who completely disagrees
52:59 and says, "Hey, doing yoga is okay, Doug Pagitt.
53:02 His church in Minneapolis
53:03 actually offers a class in yoga.
53:05 But let's start with you John MacArthur.
53:07 All right, let's say, I do decide to try yoga,
53:09 head to the local gym, give it a shot.
53:11 What am I opening myself up to spiritually that could go
53:14 against my Christian faith?
53:16 Well that would depend on how the yoga is conducted.
53:19 If it's just purely exercise, and you're a strong Christian,
53:22 it probably wouldn't have any impact on your faith.
53:25 But in the big picture,
53:26 why would Christians want to borrow an expression
53:30 from a false religion, from pantheism,
53:33 god is everything, you're god, everything is god,
53:36 when we believe there's only one true God,
53:37 the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
53:40 Why would we need to import that?
53:41 If you want to exercise, exercise.
53:43 But why borrow a term
53:45 that has been part of a false religion for centuries?
53:47 Doug Pagitt, let's get you in on this.
53:49 And as we do, I want to read the definition
53:51 from Webster's on yoga.
53:53 It says, "It's a Hindu theistic philosophy
53:57 teaching the suppression of all activity of body, mind,
53:59 and will in order that the self may realize
54:01 its distinction from them and attain liberation."
54:04 Kind of tough one to cipher
54:06 but on a spiritual front for a Christian,
54:08 that does not sound like Christ-centered faith to me.
54:10 On the surface of that definition,
54:13 what's going on here? Help us out.
54:15 Well, for people who perform yoga,
54:18 what they're normally trying to do
54:20 is to find a whole and complete and healed life.
54:23 So when people participate in yoga,
54:25 most of them aren't on some kind of a yoga agenda.
54:28 What they're trying to do is use
54:29 whatever practices they can find
54:31 that would help them have a whole and complete life.
54:33 And for a Christian,
54:34 that's certainly what we're after.
54:36 The Jesus agenda is a whole life,
54:38 is a complete life, is a healed life.
54:40 So when people use it to relieve stress,
54:42 to be healthy in their relationships,
54:44 to feel good in their body, that's a really good thing.
54:47 Is all yoga bad yoga for the Christian?
54:50 Well, let me just respond to what I've been hearing.
54:53 That doesn't sound anything like Christianity.
54:56 If you want a whole life,
54:58 if you want your life to be what it should be,
55:01 you don't put yourself in some weird physical position,
55:04 empty your mind,
55:05 center on yourself and try to relieve your stress.
55:09 You go to the Word of God, to the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
55:13 you embrace in faith
55:15 the sacrifice of Christ in His death
55:16 and resurrection as your savior and redeemer.
55:19 God comes, regenerates you, transforms your life,
55:23 makes you a new creation,
55:24 and you're saved and you're on your way to heaven,
55:26 and you can live a life of peace and joy.
55:28 That's the promise of the gospel.
55:29 There is no contribution made to that
55:32 by any physical position or any kind of meditation.
55:37 The idea of Christianity is to fill your mind
55:40 with biblical truth and focus on the God who is above you.
55:44 That's Christian worship.
55:45 The idea of yoga is to fill your mind
55:48 with nothing except to focus on yourself
55:51 and try to find the god that is inside of you.
55:53 From a Christian viewpoint, that's a false religion.
55:57 And it is the goal of all yoga practice,
56:00 regardless of name or methodology
56:02 to relax the body,
56:04 to open the mind and let down the guard.
56:08 And it is that which the Hindu yogis call
56:10 the Great Serpent Spirit.
56:12 According to ancient Hindu text,
56:14 this Spirit lives within every human being from birth.
56:19 Thus inviting the spirit to awaken
56:21 from its coiled slumber below the navel
56:23 and climb the spiral staircase
56:26 to the throne of the human will.
56:28 A throne which is said to reside at the third eye
56:32 or frontal lobe of the human mind.
56:35 Within every human lies a divine cosmic energy
56:38 called Kundalini.
56:40 Almost every tradition speaks of it in one form or another...
56:44 In Japanese it is called Ki, in Chinese it is called Chi.
56:50 The scriptures of Christianity call it the Holy Spirit.
56:54 What is Kundalini?
56:56 It is the power of the self!
56:59 The power of consciousness.
57:02 "Kundalini is Shakti,
57:04 the supreme energy whom the sages of India worship
57:08 as the mother of the universe.
57:10 It is only when the Kundalini is awakened
57:12 that we become aware of our true nature,
57:15 of our greatness,
57:18 of the fact that not only do we belong to God,
57:21 but we are God."
57:24 "When one acquires the strength of Kundalini,
57:26 one no longer remains a bound, limited creature,
57:31 one achieves total union with God."
57:35 But which god are they speaking off?
57:38 I don't think there's a way
57:39 to kind of close your world again,
57:41 once it's opened, it's opened.
57:44 One of the wonderful things about yoga as a practice,
57:47 is that we really become connected
57:50 to our authentic self.
57:55 If you go back to the mat every day
57:56 because it's a practice
57:58 and you will see the miracles unfold,
57:59 I mean it's so often in a physical pose or asana.
58:01 You will breathe in
58:03 and suddenly everything will be clear.
58:05 People are trying constantly to find peace,
58:10 to find that power,
58:12 to find inspiration their own inner beauty.
58:18 It's no coincidence that yoga is really popular today
58:21 because the world needs yoga right now.
58:25 The reason why so many people practice yoga is
58:31 because it tastes good.
58:36 Thus the martial artist and yoga practitioner
58:39 is said to achieve enlightenment
58:41 and Nirvana beginning the path to immortal life.
58:45 But this is that same lie
58:47 which the ancient serpent spoke to Eve in the Garden of Eden.
58:51 Thus saying, "That by faith was disobedience
58:54 and rebellion to the word of Jehovah
58:57 and partaking of that forbidden fruit
58:59 of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,
59:02 ye shall not surely die but ye shall be as God."
59:07 Satan wove in a labyrinth web of deception,
59:11 twisting and distorting the word of Yahweh.
59:14 And today the very same lie
59:16 is being spoken through the senseis, gurus,
59:19 masters and instructors of the Eastern mystical arts.
59:23 Taste and see they say,
59:25 for in the day ye thereof your eyes shall be opened
59:29 and ye shall be as Gods,
59:31 knowing both light and darkness, good and evil.
59:37 Is this the enlightenment which Jesus lived,
59:40 suffered and died to give His people?
59:43 Is this that mystery
59:44 which He rose again from the dead,
59:46 the third day to freely impart?
59:49 Now I beseech you brethren,
59:50 "I would have you wise unto that which is good,
59:53 and simple concerning evil!"
59:57 This is the ultimate purpose of the Eastern mystical arts,
01:00:01 the joining and merging of humanity
01:00:03 with the forces of darkness.
01:00:05 Millions are being deceived by the ancient dragon
01:00:08 as they are told that we are on the brink
01:00:10 of the final evolution of mankind.
01:00:12 And in this final step, we will achieve Godhood.
01:00:16 As man is delving into the occult practices
01:00:19 of the Eastern religions,
01:00:20 in his effort to see beyond the veil
01:00:23 of our physical world,
01:00:24 the doorway is been opened to spiritual forces
01:00:27 and powers of which the Bible has warned us
01:00:30 in no uncertain terms.
01:00:32 Spiritualism takes many forms in the Eastern arts
01:00:35 but all of these regardless of how they are clothed
01:00:39 are about the working of demons upon the human mind.
01:00:43 The Greek work for sorcery is a magician
01:00:47 or an oriental scientist.
01:00:49 Do we not hear many of these occult skills now
01:00:53 falsely being called science?
01:00:56 Although, these esoteric skills were once reserved
01:00:59 for only those who would spend their lives in the dark arts.
01:01:02 Now in this end of this age
01:01:04 when the powers of darkness see that time has almost run out,
01:01:08 the dragon is working to make this abilities
01:01:11 not only desirable
01:01:13 but available to all who are willing to yield to his voice
01:01:16 and take that step onto enchanted ground.
01:01:20 "Hear the word of the Lord, O house of Israel,"
01:01:23 Thus saith the Jehovah,
01:01:25 Learn not the ways of the heathen,
01:01:27 and be not intrigued by the signs of the heavens,
01:01:31 for the heathen are dismayed at them.
01:01:33 Thou shalt not learn to do
01:01:35 after the abominations of these heathen nations.
01:01:39 There shall not be found among you
01:01:41 any one that maketh his son or daughter
01:01:43 to pass through the fire,
01:01:45 or that useth divination to foretell the future,
01:01:49 or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, a hypnotist,
01:01:55 or a consulter with familiar spirits,
01:01:58 nor a wizard, or a necromancer,
01:02:01 one who speaks with the dead.
01:02:04 For all that do these things
01:02:05 are an abomination unto the Lord Yahweh."
01:02:17 Practices which are rooted
01:02:18 in the pagan religions of the Far East
01:02:20 are now becoming popular
01:02:22 among health and medical communities
01:02:24 which claim to be healing rather than combative in nature
01:02:28 and that which was once called witchcraft
01:02:30 only 50 years ago is now being widely accepted
01:02:34 as an alternative form of medicine.
01:02:37 Cloaked in garments of pseudoscientific terminology
01:02:40 many health food stores, chiropractors,
01:02:43 and even western medical doctors
01:02:45 are now incorporating traditional Chinese medicine
01:02:48 and ancient Hindu healing techniques
01:02:50 as part of their practice.
01:02:52 Acupuncture, acupressure, Ayurveda, iridology,
01:02:57 energetic kinesiology, reflexology, magnetism,
01:03:02 and hypnosis
01:03:03 are now being recommended
01:03:05 as a safe means to recovering and maintaining health.
01:03:09 But we would do well in taking heed
01:03:11 to Jehovah's instructions to avoid profane
01:03:15 and vain babblings and oppositions of science
01:03:18 which are falsely so called.
01:03:21 Today, many Christians are turning back to Egypt
01:03:24 in seeking relief from pain and physical disease
01:03:27 rather than simply seeking help
01:03:29 from the Word of the living God.
01:03:32 The mysteries of heathen worship
01:03:33 are being replaced by secret associations
01:03:37 and seances.
01:03:38 The obscurities and wonders of spiritualistic mediums
01:03:42 and the disclosures of these mediums
01:03:44 is being eagerly received by thousands
01:03:47 who refuse to accept light from God's word.
01:03:51 Believers and spiritualism may speak with scorn
01:03:54 of the magicians evolved
01:03:56 but the great deceiver laughs in triumph
01:03:59 as they yield to his arts under a different
01:04:01 or more modern form.
01:04:04 The apostles and followers of nearly all form of spiritism
01:04:08 claim to have power to cure disease.
01:04:11 They attribute their powers to electricity, magnetism,
01:04:15 the so called sympathetic remedies,
01:04:18 or to the laden forces within the mind of man.
01:04:22 There are many who shrink with horror
01:04:24 from the thought of consulting spirit mediums.
01:04:27 But who are attracted
01:04:28 by the more pleasing forms of spiritism,
01:04:31 form such as the Emmanuel Movement,
01:04:34 Christian Science, theosophy, and other oriental religions.
01:04:40 Through a flood of spiritualistic teachings
01:04:42 from Hollywood and the printed page,
01:04:44 Satan is working in this final generation
01:04:47 with a fierceness such as never before.
01:04:50 The dragon is fighting to blind the eyes
01:04:53 and the minds of all mankind.
01:04:55 So that we might not see and comprehend
01:04:57 the glad tidings of Christ
01:05:00 which is according to the scriptures
01:05:02 the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes.
01:05:08 Working through infiltration
01:05:09 rather than by a direct funnel attack,
01:05:12 millions are now being swept away into a religion
01:05:15 which requires no blood atonement,
01:05:17 no cross, no personal sacrifice,
01:05:20 no death to self the world or their flesh.
01:05:25 "For if our gospel be hid,
01:05:27 it is hid to them that are lost...
01:05:29 In whom the god of this world
01:05:31 hath blinded the minds of them that believe not,
01:05:34 lest the Light
01:05:35 and revealing of the glorious glad tidings of Christ,
01:05:38 who is the image of God, should shine unto them."
01:05:43 So it will be in the great final conflict
01:05:45 between righteousness and sin while new life, light,
01:05:49 and power are descending from on high
01:05:51 in the lateral rain upon the disciples of Christ.
01:05:55 A strange force is springing up from beneath
01:05:57 and energizing the agencies of Satan.
01:06:01 Intensity is taking possession of every earthly element
01:06:05 and with a subtlety gain through centuries of conflict,
01:06:08 the prince of evil works under a disguise.
01:06:11 He now manifest himself cloth as an angel of light.
01:06:16 In the days of Christ,
01:06:17 the leaders and teachers of Israel
01:06:19 were powerless to resist the work of Satan,
01:06:23 for they were neglecting their only means
01:06:25 by which they could have withstood the evil spirits.
01:06:29 For it was by the word of God
01:06:31 that Christ overcame the wicked one
01:06:34 and it is by His work that we also are to overcome.
01:06:39 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
01:06:41 and by the word of their testimony,
01:06:44 and they loved not their lives, even unto death."
01:06:47 For with the heart man believes unto righteousness,
01:06:51 and with his mouth profession is made unto Salvation."
01:06:56 The leaders of Israel professed to be expositors of God's word,
01:07:01 but they had studied it
01:07:03 only to sustain their traditions.
01:07:05 By their interpretation,
01:07:06 they made God's word express sentiments
01:07:09 that God had never given.
01:07:11 Their mystical construction made indistinct,
01:07:14 that which the Lord had made plain.
01:07:16 They disputed over insignificant technicalities
01:07:20 and practically denied the most essential truths
01:07:23 and thus infidelity and the seeds of doubt
01:07:26 were scattered everywhere.
01:07:28 God's word was robbed of its power
01:07:31 and evil spirits worked their will.
01:07:34 Today, history is repeating with the Bible open before them
01:07:38 and professing to reverence its teachings.
01:07:41 Many of the religious leaders of our time
01:07:44 are destroying faith in it as the Word of God.
01:07:49 They busy themselves with dissecting the word,
01:07:52 setting their own opinions above its plainest statements.
01:07:56 In their hands God's word losses its regenerating power
01:08:00 and this why infidelity runs riot
01:08:03 and iniquity grow so widespread.
01:08:11 And so it is
01:08:12 that when Satan has undermined faith in the Bible,
01:08:15 he then directs men to other sources
01:08:17 for light and power, thus he insinuates himself.
01:08:22 Those who turn from the plain teaching of Scripture
01:08:25 and the convicting power of God's Holy Spirit
01:08:28 are thus inviting the control of demons.
01:08:32 Criticism and speculation concerning the scriptures
01:08:35 have opened the way for spiritism and theosophy.
01:08:38 Those modernized forms of ancient heathenism
01:08:41 to gain a foothold even in the professed churches
01:08:45 of our Lord Jesus Christ.
01:08:47 For side by side
01:08:48 with the preaching of the gospel,
01:08:50 agencies are working
01:08:52 which are but the medium of lying spirits.
01:08:55 Many a man tampers with these merely from curiosity
01:09:00 but seeing evidence of the working
01:09:02 of a more than human power,
01:09:04 he is Lord on and on
01:09:06 until he is controlled by a will stronger than his own.
01:09:11 Many church leaders of every denomination
01:09:14 are now being trained
01:09:15 in what is called spiritual formation,
01:09:18 practices which have been taken
01:09:20 from the works of Eastern mystics
01:09:21 and Ignatius of Loyola,
01:09:24 and these men are now leading our churches
01:09:26 in the acceptance
01:09:27 of an emerging new form of Christianity
01:09:30 through the practices of Lectio Divina,
01:09:33 contemplative prayer, centering prayer, meditation,
01:09:37 spiritual drumming, and other ancient spiritual exercises.
01:09:43 For me serenity is prayer,
01:09:45 to come into the presence of mystery
01:09:49 and sit with attention, in attention, reverence,
01:09:53 gratitude need not be spoken, we don't have to use the words.
01:09:58 What would I do with words
01:10:00 when I try to remind God as something God for God?
01:10:04 When you completely be mindful of this present moment
01:10:07 and recognizing that its depth,
01:10:09 its mystery is deeper than any thought you have
01:10:14 that any feeling that you have,
01:10:15 it's hard to find words for this,
01:10:17 that's when you feel that you are held,
01:10:20 that you are sustained,
01:10:22 that what you really are is deeper
01:10:26 and what you think you are,
01:10:28 or than anything anybody says you are,
01:10:33 it's deeper and that reality is the Christ spirit,
01:10:36 that reality is our Buddha nature
01:10:39 that's what really happen.
01:10:41 Many honest Christians
01:10:43 are now being led into the snare
01:10:45 of that old serpent
01:10:46 and the apostasy foretold by the Holy Scriptures
01:10:50 in these last days.
01:10:51 "Now the Spirits speaketh expressly,
01:10:54 that in the latter times some shall depart
01:10:57 from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits,
01:11:00 and the doctrines of devils...
01:11:02 But this know also,
01:11:04 that in the last days perilous times shall come.
01:11:08 For men shall be lovers of their own selves...
01:11:11 Having a form of godliness,
01:11:13 but denying the power thereof...
01:11:15 I tell you from such turn away!"
01:11:19 All of these practices are deeply rooted
01:11:22 in the occult philosophies
01:11:23 of Asia's three primary religions.
01:11:26 And each of these religions
01:11:28 share five common principles or doctrines.
01:11:32 The first being the doctrine of reincarnation,
01:11:35 and the immortality of the soul.
01:11:38 The second is pantheism,
01:11:40 the teaching that God is an energy
01:11:42 or force which resides within all matter.
01:11:46 The third is known as the principle
01:11:48 of the divine spark or the Godhood of all mankind
01:11:52 waiting to be revealed
01:11:54 through pagan and occult initiation.
01:11:57 The fourth principle is the doctrine of evolution,
01:12:01 the teaching that mankind is only a higher form of animal
01:12:05 not created in the likeness of God
01:12:07 but in that of the brute beast
01:12:09 and now slowly evolving
01:12:11 through spiritual exercises in the Godhood.
01:12:14 And the fifth and most fundamental
01:12:17 of all is that principle of yin and yang.
01:12:21 The belief of the dualistic nature of all things
01:12:25 that there are no absolutes
01:12:27 and each of these five teachings
01:12:29 stand in direct opposition to a clear thus saith the Lord.
01:12:34 Today, they are coming into educational institutions
01:12:37 and churches everywhere,
01:12:38 spiritualistic teachings
01:12:40 that undermine faith in God and in His word.
01:12:44 The theory that God is an essence and energy
01:12:47 or force pervading all nature is now being received by many
01:12:51 who profess to believe the scriptures.
01:12:53 But however beautifully clothed,
01:12:56 this theory is a most dangerous deception.
01:12:59 It misrepresents Jehovah
01:13:01 and is a dishonor to His greatness and majesty.
01:13:04 It tends not only to mislead but to debase man,
01:13:09 for darkness is its element and sensuality its sphere.
01:13:13 The result of accepting this philosophy
01:13:16 is separation from God
01:13:18 and a fall in human nature this means ruin.
01:13:23 These spiritualistic theories concerning God make His grace
01:13:27 and divine influence of no effect.
01:13:30 For if God is an essence
01:13:31 which pervades all nature then He dwells in all men.
01:13:35 And in order to attain holiness,
01:13:38 man has only to develop the power within himself.
01:13:42 These theories, if follow to their logical conclusion
01:13:45 sweep away the entire plan of salvation,
01:13:49 they do away with a necessity for the atonement
01:13:52 and they make man his own savior.
01:13:55 These theories regarding God make His word of no effect
01:13:59 and those who accept them
01:14:00 are in great danger of being finally led
01:14:03 to look upon the whole Bible as a fiction.
01:14:07 The spiritual exercises of Ignatius
01:14:10 resound with almost identical philosophies
01:14:13 as those of the Hindu,
01:14:14 Taoist and Buddhist religions.
01:14:16 The occult principles of his writings
01:14:19 are being thought not only in yoga
01:14:21 and Tai Chi classes
01:14:22 but now also in many contemporary spiritual retreats
01:14:27 as well as spiritual formation
01:14:29 in emergent church leadership programs.
01:14:31 It should come therefore as no surprise
01:14:33 that the Roman church has even recognized Buddha
01:14:36 as one of our own under the name St. Josaphat.
01:14:41 For the word Catholic literally means universal
01:14:44 and as the universal church,
01:14:46 she welcomes with open arms
01:14:48 all religious beliefs into her fold.
01:14:51 So long as they recognize the Roman pontiff
01:14:54 as the highest spiritual authority upon this earth.
01:14:57 So what is the purpose and gathering into one
01:15:00 all the religions of the world?
01:15:02 And how is the art of war
01:15:04 being used to promote a thousand years of peace?
01:15:08 "And in the latter time of their kingdom,
01:15:10 when the apostasy has come to the full,
01:15:13 a king of fierce countenance,
01:15:15 and understanding dark sentences, shall arise.
01:15:19 And his strength shall be mighty,
01:15:21 but not by his own power.
01:15:23 For the dragon shall give him his power and his throne,
01:15:27 and great authority!
01:15:28 And he shall destroy marvelously
01:15:31 through signs and wonders and shall prosper,
01:15:34 and shall accomplish,
01:15:35 and he shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.
01:15:39 And through his knowledge also he shall cause craft,
01:15:43 treachery, subtlety and deceit to prosper in his hand.
01:15:48 And he shall magnify himself in his heart,
01:15:50 and by peace he shall destroy many."
01:15:55 "Church members love that which the world loves,
01:15:58 and are ready to join with them
01:16:00 and Satan determines to unite them in one body,
01:16:04 and thus strengthen his cause
01:16:06 by sweeping all into the ranks of spiritualism.
01:16:10 Papists who boast themselves of miracles
01:16:13 as a certain sign of the true church,
01:16:15 will be readily deceived by this wonder working power
01:16:19 and Protestants,
01:16:21 having cast away the shield of Truth
01:16:23 and faith in the Word of God, will also be deluded.
01:16:28 Papists, Protestants, and worldlings will alike
01:16:31 will accept the form of godliness
01:16:33 without the power,
01:16:34 and they will see in this union a grand movement
01:16:37 for the conversion of the world,
01:16:39 and the ushering in
01:16:41 of the long expected millennium."
01:16:43 And what is this message,
01:16:45 which is to prepare mankind for a coming new age of peace
01:16:49 in order to have world harmony,
01:16:51 all mankind must acknowledge equality of all faiths.
01:16:55 One cannot be said to be better or worse than another,
01:16:59 neither can one be said to hold the truth
01:17:02 and all others be in error.
01:17:05 All the religious leaders and founders
01:17:06 of every age must be recognized
01:17:09 and acknowledged as divinely inspired,
01:17:12 and all influenced by that same spirit.
01:17:16 Are we seeing this happen in the media today?
01:17:19 When I was 10 years old, I asked my mother, I said,
01:17:23 "Well, there is only God,
01:17:25 why are there so many religions?"
01:17:27 And over the years
01:17:29 I've been pondering that question ever since
01:17:31 and it would seem to me
01:17:32 that the conclusion I've come to
01:17:34 is that all the religions are true,
01:17:37 they just see a different part of the elephant.
01:17:46 According to the grandmasters
01:17:47 and the founders of the Eastern arts,
01:17:50 the ultimate purpose of all martial systems is peace.
01:17:55 First it is said by creating peace or harmony
01:17:58 between heaven and earth
01:18:00 within the man and then in creating peace
01:18:03 between all of mankind,
01:18:06 with the crisis facing our world today
01:18:08 through continued and ever larger natural disasters,
01:18:11 the crumbling of financial empires,
01:18:14 epidemic outbreaks of disease and plague, bloodshed, famine,
01:18:18 and war, humanity is searching,
01:18:22 desperately searching for an answer
01:18:23 to this world's dilemma,
01:18:25 a solution to the world's calamities,
01:18:28 a safety in the coming storm,
01:18:31 a savior if you will to lead all mankind
01:18:35 into a thousand years of peace.
01:18:38 And just such a being will appear,
01:18:41 one who is clothed in light
01:18:43 and manifest himself with miraculous powers
01:18:46 of reconciliation, healing, and peace.
01:18:50 He has been expected for generations
01:18:52 by all of the major religions.
01:18:54 Christians know him as the Christ
01:18:56 and expect His eminent return.
01:18:59 Jews await him as the Messiah.
01:19:02 Hindus look for the coming of Krishna.
01:19:05 Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha.
01:19:08 And Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi.
01:19:13 Although the names are different,
01:19:15 many believe they all refer to the same individual,
01:19:19 the world teacher
01:19:20 whose personal name is Maitreya.
01:19:25 "World peace must develop from inner peace.
01:19:29 Peace is not just the absence of violence.
01:19:32 Peace is the manifestation of human compassion...
01:19:36 The very name 'Maitri' means 'loving kindness'...
01:19:40 in today's world, we really need maitri, Maitreya,
01:19:45 loving kindness."
01:19:48 Are these just the sentiments of a few new age mystics?
01:19:52 Or is there a spirit working behind the scenes
01:19:54 to bring all the world together as one.
01:19:58 1997, in Washington DC, Dr. Sun Myung Moon
01:20:04 established the Martial Arts Federation
01:20:06 for world peace,
01:20:08 for the purpose of building world peace
01:20:10 by encouraging all martial artists
01:20:12 to work together.
01:20:14 It has tried to transcend all differences
01:20:17 that exists between people who practice martial arts.
01:20:21 "The Federation respects all martial arts
01:20:23 and is dedicated to bringing about unity
01:20:26 and co-operation for a bigger purpose,
01:20:29 namely world peace."
01:20:33 "Since war begins in the minds of men,
01:20:36 it is in the minds of men
01:20:37 that defenses of peace must be constructed."
01:20:42 "From my own personal training and experience,
01:20:45 I think the first step towards world peace
01:20:48 is personal peace.
01:20:50 One thing about this organization
01:20:51 that I find very interesting is its emphasis on the concept
01:20:55 of creating a moral society, a strong society.
01:21:01 Because of my experience in Asia,
01:21:03 the original martial arts were formed
01:21:06 for the purpose of creating a safe and stable society."
01:21:11 "The martial arts are truly a unifying force
01:21:14 in our troubled world today.
01:21:16 Aside from religion itself,
01:21:18 the martial arts comprise the one philosophy
01:21:21 which brings the inner goodness and strength
01:21:24 that everyone possesses...
01:21:26 to the surface.
01:21:27 Both in one's own life,
01:21:29 and to inspire the best in others."
01:21:32 "Why can't all the people of the planet
01:21:34 live together in harmony?
01:21:36 I just don't know.
01:21:38 There have been three big walls
01:21:40 that have caused wars throughout history.
01:21:42 They are national, religious, and racial walls.
01:21:47 The day the people of the world agree
01:21:49 to construct one universal country,
01:21:53 one universal religion,
01:21:55 and one universal human race
01:21:58 by everyone becoming color blind,
01:22:01 everyone on this planet
01:22:02 will be happy with every breath of life."
01:22:06 It is interesting to note that in order to obtain peace,
01:22:09 these men practice fighting
01:22:11 and in order to gain harmony within,
01:22:14 the martial arts teach combat, domination,
01:22:17 pride and control.
01:22:19 However, if we practice fighting
01:22:21 in order not to fight,
01:22:23 if we practice striking
01:22:25 in order to develop self-control,
01:22:28 if we practice retaliation in order not to retaliate,
01:22:33 there is something terribly wrong
01:22:35 with our spiritual world view.
01:22:37 This is exactly the product
01:22:39 of the Eastern, Taoist, Buddhist,
01:22:40 and Hindu philosophies.
01:22:42 The fruit of that forbidden tree,
01:22:45 for light becomes darkness, error becomes truth,
01:22:49 and that which is declared as evil
01:22:51 by the word of Jehovah
01:22:52 is now looked upon as being good.
01:22:56 The teachings and doctrines, and practices
01:22:58 of the martial arts Tai Chi and yoga
01:23:00 are in direct opposition to the Word of God
01:23:04 and through these arts,
01:23:06 man is being led into rebellion against his creator
01:23:09 by transgression of God's Holy Law
01:23:12 and His instructions and righteousness.
01:23:15 We are bringing upon ourselves
01:23:17 and all of the world the sure results
01:23:19 of our own arrogance and pride.
01:23:22 Humanity under the influence of that great serpent,
01:23:25 the devil is striving to revive the ancient empire of the sun.
01:23:29 And under global cooperation to rebuild a temple to the gods
01:23:34 and place upon its throne a new world leader,
01:23:38 a teacher who will guide
01:23:39 all mankind into a thousand years of peace.
01:23:43 "But of the time and seasons, brethren,
01:23:45 ye have no need that I write unto you.
01:23:48 For you yourselves know perfectly
01:23:50 that the day of the Lord
01:23:51 so cometh as a thief in the night.
01:23:54 For when they shall say, Peace and safety,
01:23:58 security then sudden destruction cometh upon them,
01:24:02 as travail upon a woman with child,
01:24:04 and they shall not escape!"
01:24:09 "This 'end of an age' inevitably produces
01:24:12 a certain number of natural disasters
01:24:14 such as floods and earthquakes,
01:24:16 and we are seeing a dramatic climax
01:24:19 in the number of disasters taking place around the world.
01:24:23 Maitreya says, "The last time I came,
01:24:26 as Jesus, it was written in the Bible
01:24:29 that when I appeared again
01:24:31 the very elements of nature would be disturbed.
01:24:35 After the disasters have peaked
01:24:36 there will come a period of calm,
01:24:39 the violence and destruction will come to an end.
01:24:42 As people gain awareness, their guilt will recede."
01:24:47 "But ye brethren, are not in darkness,
01:24:50 that that day should overtake you as a thief...
01:24:53 For ye were some-times darkness,
01:24:55 but now are ye light in the Lord...
01:24:59 Walk then and live as children of the Light."
01:25:03 "Let no man deceive you by any means:
01:25:06 For that day of the Lord shall not come,
01:25:09 except there come a falling away
01:25:11 an apostasy first,
01:25:13 and that man of sin,
01:25:15 the transgressor of Jehovah's law be revealed,
01:25:19 the son of perdition,
01:25:21 who opposeth and exalteth himself
01:25:23 above all that is called God, or that is worshipped.
01:25:27 So that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,
01:25:32 shewing himself that he is God."
01:25:36 "The Protestants of the United States
01:25:38 will be foremost in stretching their hands
01:25:41 across the gulf to grasp the hand of Spiritualism,
01:25:45 they will reach over the abyss to clasp hands
01:25:48 with the Roman power..."
01:25:50 Bothers and sisters, Luther's protest is over,
01:25:53 is yours?
01:25:58 In 1999 this was signed by the Lutheran Church,
01:26:03 the federation worldwide.
01:26:04 Later but five years later
01:26:06 the worldwide Methodists signed the same agreement,
01:26:09 but as of today we still have had no protest in evangelical
01:26:12 that will stand up and sign this agreement.
01:26:15 "...and under the influence of this threefold union,
01:26:18 this country will follow in the steps of Rome
01:26:21 in trampling on the rights of conscience.
01:26:24 As Spiritualism more closely imitates
01:26:26 the nominal Christianity of our day,
01:26:29 it has greater power to deceive and to ensnare.
01:26:33 Satan himself is converted,
01:26:35 and after the modern order of things,
01:26:37 he will appear as an angel of light.
01:26:40 Through the agency of Spiritualism,
01:26:42 miracles will be wrought, the sick will be healed,
01:26:46 and many undeniable wonders will be performed.
01:26:50 And as the spirits will profess faith in the Bible
01:26:53 and manifest respect for the institutions
01:26:56 of the Roman church,
01:26:57 their work will be accepted
01:26:59 as a manifestation of divine power."
01:27:03 I've told you, you'd never forget it.
01:27:08 Yeah. Wow!
01:27:11 I tell you, I'm telling you right now,
01:27:15 heaven is real over this.
01:27:18 Hallelujah.
01:27:20 You know what?
01:27:22 You know what's so thrilling to me?
01:27:23 I mean, when we went into the ministry 47 years ago,
01:27:26 this was impossible.
01:27:28 The closing chapters of the Book of Revelation
01:27:30 tell us that there will soon be one final stand
01:27:33 between the children of light and the forces of darkness.
01:27:37 And it is for this last great and decisive battle
01:27:40 that the dragon is preparing his armies.
01:27:43 For not alone will Satan and his fallen angels fight
01:27:46 for dominion of this earth,
01:27:48 men also will have their part to play.
01:27:51 And truly this can be seen all around us today
01:27:55 through the medium of secular literature,
01:27:57 popular magazines, video games,
01:28:00 music, and movies,
01:28:02 we are witnessing an entire generation of men,
01:28:05 women, and little children
01:28:06 being conformed into the image of this fallen world.
01:28:10 And through the avenues of the soul,
01:28:12 many are yielding themselves
01:28:14 to the influence and control of demons.
01:28:17 Little do they realize the forces
01:28:18 working behind the scenes for their destruction
01:28:21 and it is these spirits once exalted as angels of God,
01:28:25 who are now joining and working within the hearts and minds
01:28:29 of the children of disobedience,
01:28:31 for they are the spirits of devils working miracles,
01:28:34 which go forth unto the kings of the earth
01:28:36 and of the whole world to gather them
01:28:38 to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.
01:28:43 "Fearful sights of a supernatural character
01:28:46 will soon be revealed in the heavens,
01:28:48 in token of the power of miracle working demons.
01:28:52 The spirits of devils will go forth
01:28:54 to the kings of the earth
01:28:55 and to the whole world, to fasten them in deception,
01:28:59 and urge them on to unite with Satan
01:29:01 in his last struggle
01:29:03 against the government of Heaven.
01:29:05 By these agencies, rulers,
01:29:08 and subjects alike will be deceived."
01:29:11 Through the martial arts, yoga, and Eastern mysticism,
01:29:14 the door has been opened to the spirits
01:29:16 and religious practices of the East.
01:29:18 And now in this final generation,
01:29:21 the dragon is tempting all mankind
01:29:24 to taste of that forbidden tree,
01:29:26 the knowledge of which brings darkness,
01:29:28 guilt, shame, and bondage to sin.
01:29:32 Through the modern media, popular fiction,
01:29:34 Eastern healing techniques,
01:29:36 and the practices of spiritual formation
01:29:38 that old serpent, the devil is blinding man's eyes
01:29:42 to the absolute verity
01:29:44 and unfailing truth of God's word
01:29:47 of the character of our Father in heaven
01:29:49 and of His great love and power to set the captives free.
01:29:54 By casting his shadow between men and the light
01:29:57 shining from the pages of the scripture,
01:29:59 Satan is seeking to destroy men's faith
01:30:02 in Jehovah's word,
01:30:03 and thus severing him from his only means of salvation,
01:30:07 redemption, deliverance, and healing.
01:30:10 It is through the blending of light and darkness,
01:30:13 truth and error,
01:30:14 good with evil that the dragon is leading men
01:30:17 in open rebellion against our creator.
01:30:20 And through the transgression of his holy law,
01:30:23 Satan is preparing all mankind for his last great deception,
01:30:28 an event prophesized by scripture,
01:30:30 which will take the whole world as an overwhelming surprise.
01:30:35 But today, the door of mercy is still open
01:30:38 and the Lord is calling to every man, woman, and child.
01:30:42 If ye will only hear his voice, he is saying, "My son,
01:30:47 my daughter give me your heart,
01:30:50 choose ye this day whom ye will serve.
01:30:53 But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"


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