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Daniel and the Revelation: The Return of Christ, Part 2

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00:07 Praise God in his Holy Word, has given us some alarms,
00:11 alarms to help us wake up from spiritual slumber
00:14 because friends we have a celestial flight to catch.
00:20 Why is it taking so long?
00:22 Because God is waiting for more people to accept Him.
00:28 And sin has been so devastating, so demeaning,
00:33 so destructive to this planet,
00:37 it's like a house that has been in a storm,
00:40 you can't go and repaint the walls.
00:42 You have to tear the walls down.
00:46 You have to tear it down.
02:10 The aftermath of these twin bombings are horrific.
02:14 A horrific scene, something no one expected.
02:17 Breaking news, reports are coming in of an attack
02:21 or quite possibly several attacks.
02:23 There will be much grieving.
02:25 I don't think this community has fully experienced
02:31 the impact of this event yet.
03:19 This look like a 4000 Cavalier started to move.
03:23 Usually they move in the back and not in...
03:30 San Francisco is also declaring a state of emergency
03:34 that nine major cities in United States alone
03:39 that are declaring a state of emergency.
03:41 That's nine now.
03:43 London, it's Paris, Tokyo,
03:45 many other major cities are in mess.
03:48 Seattle is a special case folks.
03:51 There's not even enough responders
03:52 to aid the effort there.
03:54 That's a mess...
04:49 Explosions on hillsides, amphibious landings,
04:53 combat troops, storming beaches.
04:55 The latest violence began this afternoon
04:57 in Hackney in East London.
04:59 A mega quake triggered a monster wave
05:02 that killed more than a quarter of a million people.
05:17 Not only our children still going to bed hungry
05:20 or their numbers are even higher than before.
05:23 Share prices across the world
05:24 continue to fall despite efforts...
05:26 It is being called the strongest hurricane
05:28 ever recorded,
05:29 and now this potentially catastrophic storm
05:31 is just hours away from making landfall.
05:40 It is ballooned to over 30,000 acres
05:42 that have been burnt.
05:43 Not only are we breaking temperature records,
05:45 we're doing record breaking, record breaking.
05:49 Canterbury and other senior religious leaders
05:51 have asked people to come together in prayer
05:53 at this time of great peril.
05:54 More breaking news of famine nuclear bombs
05:57 of undetermined strength have exploded
05:59 at NATO regional military headquarters in Brussels.
06:34 Okay, we're getting reports of what appeared to be rock,
06:39 meteors breaking apart.
07:23 What is it, Ted?
07:25 Look, I'm sorry, I know we talked about
07:26 you flying back home this afternoon, but I really...
07:29 Don't say it.
07:30 Really need you to do this at 6 o' clock.
07:32 Six o'clock is Gavin's block, let's just...
07:35 Let him step up.
07:36 The world is going to pieces right now
07:38 and they need us.
07:40 No, no they need you to be in front of this thing.
07:43 Ted, I don't have time to have this conversation, okay?
07:46 I told you my mother lives in Seattle
07:49 and I told you that I would do the afternoon blog.
07:52 And now I'm out of here, okay.
07:53 I'm out of here, I got to go.
07:55 We all have loved ones that probably are in trouble,
07:58 but I don't know if you have noticed or not, Sarah.
08:00 It ain't none of your word, Ted,
08:02 my mother is missing.
08:03 I need to go find my mom.
08:05 Do your job. Six o'clock.
08:08 You know what, Ted, I got a plane to catch.
08:35 What?
12:32 You got a fire over there.
12:35 Yeah.
12:39 Okay, guys, it's raining where Sam work.
12:43 We'll continue reporting as long as we can.
14:23 There is no hiding place
14:27 Down here
14:32 There is no hiding place
14:36 Down here
14:40 Oh, I ran to the rock to hide my face
14:46 The rock cried out, no hiding place
14:51 There is no hiding place
14:55 Down here
15:00 There is no hiding place
15:04 Down here
15:09 There is no hiding place
15:13 Down here
15:16 Oh, I ran to the rock to hide my face
15:23 The rock cried out, no hiding place
15:27 There is no hiding place
15:31 Down here
15:36 Down here
15:41 Down here
15:46 There is no hiding place
15:50 Down here
15:54 Oh, I ran to the rock to hide my face
16:00 The rock cried out, no hiding place
16:05 There is no hiding place
16:09 Down here
19:13 God's people are fearing
19:14 that their lives are going to be taken.
19:17 They seem to be hemmed in and in my mind's eye,
19:19 I can see the saints of God being surrounded
19:21 by those who are his enemy
19:24 and they are about to annihilate them
19:25 thinking they're doing God's will.
19:28 God's people are sensing
19:29 that this is gonna be the end for them,
19:31 when all of a sudden in the distance
19:33 they see in the horizon a dark black cloud
19:37 about the size of a man's hand.
19:39 And as it gets closer and it draws closer,
19:42 it gets brighter and brighter and brighter,
19:45 and it gets larger and larger, and then it gets to a point
19:48 where the sky has filled with angels
19:50 and it's no other than Jesus Christ
19:52 who has now appeared in the clouds
19:54 who come to redeem His children.
19:56 Would not allow them to be killed
19:58 because He's coming to save them.
20:00 When I was a little boy, I used to watch
20:02 those Calvary come to save those settlers in the west.
20:06 And I don't always get excited
20:07 when the people would blow
20:08 and horseman come across the hill,
20:11 I think that can't compare
20:12 with the coming of Jesus to save His children.
20:15 These are the apple of His eye,
20:17 and now He's gonna end their sorrow for evermore.
20:20 Second coming of Jesus
20:21 turns the pages of all history to make things different
20:24 for those who love and worship God,
20:27 for the righteous they will see now their salvation fulfilled,
20:31 because Christ is now coming to get them.
20:34 Christ does not touch the ground,
20:36 He does not touch the ground at this point
20:38 because He's calling His children up to Him
20:41 and when He comes, there's a sound.
20:43 In fact, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 says,
20:46 "The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,
20:50 with the voice of the archangel,
20:51 and the trump of God,
20:53 and the dead in Christ shall rise first.
20:54 Then we, which are alive and remain
20:56 shall be caught up to meet Him in the air
20:58 and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
21:00 And then we're asked to comfort one another with these words."
21:03 That's my most favorite passage of scripture in the Bible
21:07 because it is the relief,
21:08 it is Jesus Christ who's come to get His children.
21:11 Can you imagine being a part of those people
21:14 who are waiting for Jesus to come and you're alive
21:16 and being faithful and you're part of the remnant?
21:18 Then all of a sudden you switch from the fear of death
21:22 to the glory of being saved and the joy of being redeemed.
21:26 And that the enemy being backed off
21:28 because the enemy falls dead at the presence of Christ
21:31 and they cry for rocks
21:32 to hide them from the face of the Lamb.
21:34 Who runs from the Lamb?
21:35 Who hides from the Lamb?
21:37 Only when it's the judgment of God that's come
21:39 and that's caused people to react this way.
21:47 Every eye must see Him,
21:48 that is a clear indication
21:50 that this is not a secret rapture.
21:53 It is not a silent event.
21:54 It is not something that's sneaky.
21:56 When the Bible talks about Christ coming like a thief,
21:59 it's only mentioned
22:00 because He is going to come as a thief
22:03 and that He will come and bring a surprise.
22:05 It is not a silent occasion at all.
22:07 The Bible describes it clearly,
22:09 it's very noisy and very visible.
22:12 In Acts 1:9,
22:15 Jesus walks out to the Mount of Olives
22:18 after being on earth
22:19 with the disciples after His resurrection.
22:22 He's standing there talking to them
22:24 and while He's talking to them,
22:25 He began to lift from earth and ascend to heaven,
22:29 and a cloud receives Him and then angels appear.
22:32 And when he say, men of Galilee,
22:33 "Why stand you gazing up in the heaven?"
22:36 This same Jesus that you've seen going to heaven
22:38 will come in like manner.
22:40 That clearly says that Jesus gonna come visibly,
22:43 it's gonna be audible,
22:44 and there're gonna be angels, and clouds, and attendants.
22:54 The scripture describes a great earthquake
22:56 when Jesus comes like no other.
22:58 There's not been an earthquake like it in history.
23:01 In fact, I got this idea
23:02 and you can check it in scripture
23:04 and you can see if it fits with the way you think.
23:07 But I think, in order for every eye to see Jesus
23:12 and the world is round,
23:13 something has to happen to the world
23:15 so everybody can see.
23:16 Follow me now.
23:18 If that earthquake is so massive
23:19 till it actually splits the earth,
23:21 where mountains will shift out of place
23:24 and hills will disappear.
23:25 In fact, the Bible talks about
23:27 all the major cities being broken down.
23:38 There's no day like it but it's the end of all things.
23:43 There is no one who has a foundation
23:44 that they can be sure of,
23:46 no wonder people cry out
23:48 for the rocks, and the caves, and the hides
23:50 because really the earth is in convulsions,
23:53 the earth is fighting what is going on
23:55 and it's reactant to the coming of its Lord and Master.
23:58 This earthquake
24:00 is one that shatters everything I believe,
24:03 and the earth is waxing all like a garment
24:05 even now the Bible says.
24:07 So it's about ready to convulse.
24:12 When Jesus comes,
24:13 the brightness is going to be astounding.
24:16 We don't have anything to compare it with
24:19 because the kind of light, and force,
24:21 and energy that the Godhead carries is indescribable.
24:26 When one angel showed up at the tomb
24:29 when Jesus came forth from the grave
24:30 and the angel called him, 100 soldiers,
24:34 hardened soldiers fell like dead men
24:36 because of the brightness of one angel.
24:38 When Moses came up from the mountain
24:41 after spending some time with God,
24:43 he had gained so much light from God,
24:46 and when he came down,
24:48 the multitude of the people there
24:50 could not stand to look at him.
24:52 He had to put a veil on his face.
24:53 What must it be like when Jesus comes in the clouds of glory
24:57 and myriads of angels that's innumerable?
25:00 Angels from that filled the whole sky,
25:02 how bright must that be.
25:05 The Shekinah glory of God
25:06 is something that we have no idea
25:09 of how bright it is.
25:10 We live in a dark world
25:12 and because we're in such darkness,
25:14 we don't phantom the light.
25:15 That kind of light that happens
25:17 when Jesus comes gonna be a purifying light.
25:19 It's gonna be a light that blinds the wicked,
25:22 the wicked is gonna search for darkness.
25:24 I don't know what you call that little bug
25:26 that's always hiding under rocks,
25:28 and as soon as you uncover it runs out
25:30 because it can't stand light.
25:32 That's the way the wicked is gonna do
25:33 when they see the light of Christ come in
25:35 as it gets brighter and brighter and brighter.
25:38 Earthquakes happening, everything is happening,
25:41 everything is in a turmoil and the light of God grips them
25:44 and all they want to do is run and hide.
25:46 While others who know Him,
25:48 others who have been carrying His light in their lives
25:51 are drawn to the light
25:52 and they go toward Jesus while others are running away.
26:21 The dead in Christ are sleeping in the dust
26:24 because Jesus said that death is a sleep.
26:27 So can you imagine somebody has died, and they rest,
26:31 and then they died with their hope in Jesus
26:33 and Him coming,
26:35 now it comes back in the clouds.
26:37 If there is a resurrection of the righteous
26:40 to meet Jesus in the air,
26:42 why is it we keep talking about them
26:44 being in heaven as soon as they die?
26:47 That is a misconception,
26:49 that is not what the Bible teaches.
26:50 Jesus is coming back for them
26:52 and we'll all be caught up to meet Him at the same time,
26:55 and the dead in Christ will rise
26:57 when He calls forth, and the angel's voice is heard,
27:00 and the trumpets sounds, and Jesus summons them,
27:02 then they will come forth.
27:04 There is no point in the resurrection
27:06 if you go to heaven right after death.
27:09 Bible says, "The dead know not anything,"
27:11 says the dead even don't praise the Lord.
27:13 Surely, if the dead were in heaven,
27:14 they'd be praising the Lord.
27:16 But they are not there,
27:17 they are waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ
27:20 and they must sleep until He calls them.
27:23 That's what God says,
27:24 we must wait patiently
27:26 and rest in the grave silently, unconsciously,
27:30 and not living anywhere, not some second existence,
27:33 we're just sleeping with no consciousness
27:35 of what's going on the earth.
27:39 No are the righteous in heaven at all
27:41 because Jesus will come back
27:42 and get us all at the same time.
27:44 There's a few people in heaven like Moses and Elijah,
27:47 they were simply tokens of the first fruit.
27:50 So we'll be assured that we can go,
27:52 that should increase our faith
27:54 that there is gonna be a resurrection,
27:56 there is gonna be a translation
27:58 because there's already demonstrations
27:59 of that in scripture.
28:01 So we know that the day has come
28:02 and when God will literally bring His children
28:05 forth from the grave and give them life anew
28:07 and they will be without corruption,
28:09 they will have no death or dying in their being,
28:12 they will be brand new.
28:13 The person that went to bed, went to sleep in Jesus,
28:17 while in the hospital bed
28:19 will one day come forth from the grave
28:21 think they're still in the bed.
28:23 The righteous will be resurrected,
28:24 and taken to heaven,
28:26 and then those who are alive
28:27 will be caught up to meet Him in the air.
28:29 When I am rising from the ground
28:31 and gravity no longer holds me down,
28:34 I'd like to be able to look over my right shoulder,
28:35 my left shoulder seeing my parents
28:37 coming up out of the grave.
28:39 I'd like to see those who've been resting that I love,
28:42 that I miss even now.
28:43 I'd like to see them come forth from the grave.
28:45 What a day when God's people are with Him in the clouds.
32:39 Just the thought of heavens sends me off on trips
32:42 that I don't want to come back from.
32:44 Of course, we have to come back
32:46 but our heaven is a beautiful site in my mind.
32:49 And almost on a daily basis I take a trip to heaven.
32:52 Sometimes I'm in prayer and just drift off to heaven
32:55 and I can imagine approaching the pearly gates with Jesus
32:58 and all these numberless host behind Him.
33:01 And over that 144,000
33:03 but then there's the number that no man can number
33:06 and they're coming toward the gates,
33:09 toward the city, that city with three gates on each side,
33:12 four sided city with 12 foundations,
33:16 with the names of the apostles
33:18 and each foundation with different jewels,
33:20 transparent that you can see through.
33:28 I think it looks like the city is riding on a rainbow
33:32 but far more beautiful than that
33:34 because a light of God's presence
33:36 shines through the very foundations of the city
33:39 shines through the walls, in fact, transparent gold.
33:42 Those walls are as high as the city is wide.
33:45 The city is 375 miles on each side,
33:49 perfect square, perfect cube up in the air.
33:52 I like the idea of heaven being a box
33:54 because you can't turn over a box.
33:56 It doesn't rule out of place, it's stable and steadfast.
34:00 I just like the surety of the city.
34:02 Put the righteous into that city,
34:04 I can hear the angels sing,
34:05 "Lift up your heads, o ye gates and be lifted up.
34:08 Be everlasting doors,
34:09 for the king of glory is coming in."
34:11 if Jesus comes in with us
34:12 and He's head and shoulders above the rest
34:15 because He is really our savior and our everything.
34:18 We follow Him into the city.
34:20 Can you imagine flowers
34:21 when they're plucked, they don't die.
34:24 They just stay alive
34:25 in a place where there are no flies
34:27 because nothing to cage and maggots don't grow,
34:30 maggots don't grow and produce flies.
34:32 Can you imagine fruit
34:33 that if you pluck it off the tree,
34:35 it does not get brown spots, it just lasts?
34:39 And then there's that tree of life
34:40 the Bible talks about,
34:42 with a trunk on each side of the river,
34:43 the river is running through.
34:45 There's massive tree,
34:47 this tree has leaves that will heal the nations.
34:56 I'm longing for the day to sit under that tree
34:58 and just eat and talk to Jesus.
34:59 Well, I don't think we're gonna go to sleep in heaven
35:02 because we'll have too much light
35:03 and sleep is symbolic of death,
35:06 and I think we'll just be up
35:07 and bright and sunshine all the time.
35:09 All there's gonna be a sun and a moon
35:11 that calculates the day
35:13 so we'll know when the Sabbath comes,
35:15 so we can come before the Lord.
35:16 The Bible says, from every new moon
35:18 and every Sabbath day,
35:19 we're gonna come before the Lord,
35:21 that's Isaiah 66:22.
35:23 So we're gonna come before the Lord
35:24 and there is a time
35:26 and the sun and moon has their place.
35:28 But the reality is the brightness of God
35:30 outshines the sun and the moon
35:32 and He is the source of our light.
35:41 Heaven's gonna be a place that we cannot even understand
35:45 because of where we live now.
35:46 How would you like to live somewhere
35:48 where you never have to ask somebody,
35:49 "How are you today?"
35:50 Everybody will be fine.
35:52 A place where there are no saloons,
35:54 places where there is no banks,
35:55 places where there is no garages to repair cars,
35:58 no pharmacy,
36:00 everything there is of life and flawless,
36:04 no problems at all.
36:50 You know, there's a great controversy is being going on
36:52 since the devil started troubling heaven,
36:55 and when he was kicked out, his probation was closed.
36:58 So he has been a lost person
37:01 ever since he was kicked out of heaven
37:03 because there is no Holy Spirit to draw him,
37:05 there is nothing that changed him,
37:07 so he's got increasingly worse.
37:09 He's fine tuned his skills as a devil
37:12 since the great controversy is been going on,
37:14 since heaven itself I don't know how.
37:17 It's called the Mystery of Iniquity,
37:19 I don't know how you have a fight in heaven.
37:22 A place like heaven, how is that possible?
37:24 But anyway, the devil found a way,
37:27 I think it's because of pride and self glory.
37:30 He wanted to steal that
37:31 which was God according to Isaiah 14.
37:35 So we see him show up on earth, he was cast out of heaven.
37:39 In fact, the Bible says he was thrown out to Tohu wa bohu
37:42 or out of darkness
37:44 and he came to the earth.
37:45 And of course, God made the earth,
37:48 I think the devil was able to watch
37:50 the creative power of God.
37:52 You would think that he would have changed
37:54 simply by seeing what God can do.
37:57 So when Jesus comes and the wicked are destroyed,
38:01 then starts for them
38:03 a 1,000 years of non-existence really.
38:07 In fact, you can see the picture in Revelation 20.
38:10 I see this mighty angel coming down from glory,
38:13 the Bible says, "This angel comes down
38:15 with the key of the bottomless pit
38:18 and with a chain in his hand.
38:19 As so he comes and grab the devil."
38:21 The Bible say, "Cast him into the pit."
38:24 The pit is the earth and it is dark.
38:27 I mean the lights are off.
38:29 Yeah, isn't it interesting that there will be
38:30 all kind of light in heaven but total darkness on earth
38:33 and the devil wants to be God,
38:35 so they imagine being on the earth
38:37 and he's got all these dead carcasses
38:39 thrown completely around the world.
38:42 And everywhere you look is death
38:44 and mayhem just the opposite of what's in heaven.
38:47 But I can imagine the demons fussing with each other,
38:50 I think they're fighting
38:51 and I think the devil is there to kind of show.
38:55 If he says he's God, he can do what God does,
38:58 he's got an opportunity to take
39:00 that which is left on the ground and make it live.
39:04 God makes something out of nothing, He's creator.
39:07 He does not need preexisting matter
39:09 but the devil had a head start.
39:10 If he can be God, he can take those carcasses
39:13 and breathe life into but he can't, he has no power.
39:18 You would think he recognized it
39:19 but there is no holy ghost in him to change him.
39:21 Jeremiah 4:23-24 describes
39:26 the destruction that's on the earth.
39:29 What must it be like to be in total darkness of earth
39:33 that's still smoldering because of the trouble and the fires,
39:37 and all that hit the earth, and the earthquake.
39:40 There's nothing beautiful at all left,
39:43 and the devil can't do a thing with it.
39:45 In fact, I don't think he can even make a fire,
39:47 I think he's there just with idle time.
39:51 And as busy as he's been,
39:53 he's gonna have a hard time with idle time
39:56 because he has no one to tempt, or pour, or win and he is lost.
45:54 When the 1000 year ends, guess what happens?
45:57 We've got the third coming of Jesus
45:58 as someone calls it.
46:00 But Jesus Christ is coming back,
46:02 He's coming back with His children
46:04 now because He promised the earth to the humble.
46:07 He didn't promise heaven and outer space.
46:10 God made the earth to be inhabitant
46:11 so at some point we got to get the earth back again
46:15 but not in the state that the devil has made it.
46:17 So Jesus comes back with the Holy City,
46:20 the Holy City comes down,
46:22 the new heaven and the new earth
46:23 where in dwelleth righteousness begins to descend.
46:26 How can you picture a city
46:29 that's floating down from heaven,
46:31 little by little no rush, no motor,
46:33 nothing causing it to happen but the presence of God,
46:36 and God causes the city to come back to the earth
46:39 in a place that's prepared.
46:40 For when the city comes down to earth
46:42 and the earth is purified,
46:44 and the spot where the city is going to be,
46:46 and the city sits down in the valley
46:49 that God has created.
46:50 So therefore, it's kind of like a hill all around
46:54 and the wicked are resurrected.
47:04 Have you ever been disappointed?
47:06 I have been disappointed when I missed my bus
47:09 and its gone by and I can see it
47:11 going off in the distance and I sit there,
47:13 knowing now I'm gonna not make my appointment
47:16 or my day is gonna change because I missed my bus.
47:19 I've been disappointed to look forward to an occasion,
47:23 and once that occasion comes, I'm too late and I missed it.
47:28 How would you like to have a event planned,
47:31 a party you're supposed to go to,
47:32 to celebrate somebody's birthday,
47:34 and then you get the wrong day, and you missed the day,
47:37 and you come back next at the wrong time
47:40 and all of a sudden it's all over
47:42 and you missed it.
47:43 There is some disappointments in life
47:45 that is kind of crushing, but let me tell you something,
47:49 when it comes to being saved,
47:51 you do not wanna be disappointed
47:54 when it comes to being in the right resurrection.
47:57 For those who are in the first resurrection,
47:59 the Bible calls, "Blessed and holy
48:01 is he that had part in the first resurrection."
48:03 But those that's in that second resurrection
48:06 with the 1000 years in between according to John 5:28-29,
48:10 that second resurrection is for those who are the wicked.
48:15 You don't wanna be in that situation
48:18 to be disappointed to that degree
48:20 to get up and find out that you're not in the city
48:25 but you remember enough of the Bible to know
48:26 that those in the city are the saved
48:28 and you're outside.
48:30 And when the devil suggest to take the city,
48:32 you can't do anything but follow
48:34 because you've been following him all the time
48:36 because he rules and reigns over you.
48:37 You got on an automatic pilot for making bad decisions,
48:41 but what a horrible disappointment
48:44 to open your eyes and know that you're lost
48:48 and that there's no hope for you
48:50 and there's no more prayer that can be prayed.
48:52 You can't appeal to God anymore
48:54 because you cut yourself off from God
48:56 by one sin too many.
48:58 I there's some who gonna turn to the devil and say,
49:02 "Why did you deceive me?"
49:04 Gonna turn to preachers
49:05 and say, "Why didn't you tell me."
49:07 They gonna turn to loved ones and friends
49:09 that should have known better.
49:11 You're gonna say, "Why didn't you tell me what was coming?"
49:15 The question might be asked,
49:16 "Why didn't you study for yourself?
49:18 Why didn't you search out and know?
49:20 Why didn't you make your own calling and election sure?
49:23 Why don't you take responsibility
49:25 for what resurrection you're gonna be in?"
49:27 We must not follow wherever the devil leads.
49:30 We must not be duped into thinking
49:32 whatever he thinks.
49:33 We got to judge everything by the Word of God.
49:36 That resurrection will be the most disappointing time
49:39 to anybody
49:40 who winds up in that second resurrection.
49:43 It is a horrible thought to think
49:45 that you could have been in glory,
49:47 that you could have been happy,
49:49 that you could have life without end.
49:52 But all of a sudden you wake up in darkness,
49:55 you wake up doomed forevermore.
49:58 You wake up lost and you know you're lost.
50:06 But know they come forth from the grave
50:08 and they see the city.
50:10 I don't know what causes the devil
50:12 in his small mind to think
50:14 that he can take the city at this point
50:16 but he has nothing else he can do.
50:18 He's on a dead end course.
50:20 So when he sees the city, he marches his force
50:22 and he puts his army together to try to take the City of God.
50:26 How can you take the City of God from God?
50:29 I don't think that's possible, I'm glad he can't,
50:31 I feel secured.
50:32 I think I'll be happy inside the city
50:34 while the devil is gaining his ground with his forces.
50:37 I think if I'll look through the transparent walls
50:39 and saw them gathering with their armaments
50:41 to come and try to take the City of God.
50:43 I think that I won't even get nervous.
50:46 I think I'll just move a little closer to Jesus.
50:48 I think I know that God is going to handle this one
50:50 'cause He's already told us
50:51 what the end of the story is gonna be.
50:53 For the Bible says that they go upon
50:55 the height of the earth
50:57 and they look down to the City of God
50:59 and attempt to take it.
51:00 Can you imagine them charging the City of God?
51:03 Fire comes down from God out of heaven and destroys them.
51:08 This is the scene of hell itself.
51:11 Hell is a place where sin and sinners are annihilated.
51:14 We've been talking about hell for a long period of time
51:17 since the beginning of earth almost
51:19 about hell being eternal torment,
51:21 a time without end.
51:23 If God would burn people in hell
51:26 throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity,
51:29 it would mean that sinners have eternal life.
51:32 But sinners don't get eternal life, they get death.
51:36 It only goes to show that God is not intentional
51:40 about burning people over and over and over.
51:43 It makes God look sadistic.
51:51 But God can't take individuals
51:53 who don't agree with Him to glory
51:55 as they wouldn't enjoy it anyway.
51:57 If you got a heart for this world,
52:00 heaven won't please you anyway.
52:02 You really got to have an appetite for heaven
52:04 in order to enjoy it.
52:06 So we must change our likes and dislikes here and now.
52:11 In order not to wind up in hell's fire,
52:14 we got to despise sin and love righteousness.
52:17 We really have to be and have a mindset like God
52:21 and heaven is so easy to get.
52:24 For the Bible says, if we confess our sins,
52:26 He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins
52:29 and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
52:31 As 1 John 1:9, so no one should be lost,
52:35 no one should spend time in hell.
52:38 Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels,
52:41 not for any human being at all.
52:43 If anybody goes to hell will be a volunteer project,
52:47 you will go by choice, you will go because
52:50 you refused to accept the love and the mercy of God.
52:53 And God's got a whole lot of love,
52:55 whole lot of forgiveness, and a whole lot of mercy.
52:57 In fact, we get a fresh supply of mercy every day
53:00 we live and breathe, so there is no excuse
53:03 for not giving ourselves to God and being safe forevermore.
53:08 Yes, John 3:16 is right, "For God so loved the world
53:13 that He gave His only begotten Son,
53:16 that whoever, that's anybody,
53:17 who believes in Him should not perish
53:20 but have everlasting life."
53:22 You see perished means to be annihilated,
53:25 that everlasting life is life eternal,
53:28 that's the difference between the saved and the lost.
53:33 To be lost is a horrible thought,
53:35 to be saved is surely exuberating.
53:41 It is exciting.
53:44 It is joy forevermore.
53:47 Oh, I long for that day and it won't be long,
53:50 there are no more prophecies to be fulfilled in scripture
53:53 other than those that surround the very coming of Jesus.
53:56 So we may as well get our houses in order
53:59 because soon there won't be any more chance
54:04 to apologize to God or repent,
54:07 we'll just be locked in to being lost.
54:10 And there is no going back from that.
54:13 May God bless you and help you
54:15 to make your calling and election sure.
54:18 The only thing that makes sense to me
54:20 is to give our hearts to God
54:23 and to make Him our all and all with no regrets.
54:29 Let's throw our all selves on the altar,
54:31 entire being on the altar
54:34 and serve God today and every day,
54:38 one day at a time, constantly repenting,
54:42 constantly worshipping, constantly loving Him,
54:45 and constantly improving ourselves by trusting in Him
54:49 as our God.
54:51 Stay in His Word, let's love Him
54:53 and help others to be saved as well.
54:56 May God give you the grace and understanding.
54:59 As Jesus said,
55:00 don't be deceive, not on this one.
55:03 If you're deceived on this one,
55:04 you don't get a chance to have good sense again,
55:07 for you are lost forevermore.
55:10 Make heaven your choice, make God your all and all,
55:14 die to self, live for Him.
55:17 and heaven will be your home.


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