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00:52 Throughout almost 34 years of the ministry of 3ABN,
00:56 the Lord has been performing numerous miracles.
00:58 The one that is so important for about 300 million
01:01 Russian-speaking people living around the globe,
01:04 it's the miracle of the ministry
01:06 of 3ABN Russia.
01:07 Today, we're happy to update you
01:09 on what has happened since we reported to you
01:12 at 3ABN Camp Meeting last time.
01:15 Only in the eternity will we know
01:17 how many precious souls have found their salvation
01:20 during the 25 years of the ministry of 3ABN Russia.
01:24 Twenty five years, a quarter of a century-proclaiming
01:28 three angels' messages in Russia.
01:30 What a mighty movement of God's power.
01:32 To celebrate our anniversary,
01:34 we had the founder of 3ABN in 3ABN Russia, Danny Shelton,
01:38 come to Nizhny last October
01:40 with a group of our dear friends, colleagues,
01:42 and family in Christ.
01:44 Yvonne Lewis-Shelton, Greg and Jill Morikone,
01:47 Reggie and Ladye Love Smith, Tim Parton, Brad Walker,
01:51 Rodney Laney, Jean and Pat McClintock.
01:54 The celebration began on Friday, October 6
01:57 with a wonderful concert of American and Russian singers.
02:00 On Sabbath, October 7, we had a joint worship service
02:04 of all Nizhny Novgorod churches.
02:06 Church members were so happy to greet 3ABN leadership
02:10 and our dear guest, Pastor John Carter,
02:13 who came for our 25th anniversary
02:15 to preach in Russia again.
02:17 When during Sabbath school class
02:19 we asked those people who had been baptized
02:21 during Pastor Carter's evangelistic programs
02:24 to stand up,
02:25 practically the whole audience rose to their feet.
02:28 No wonder that a quarter of a century before in 1992,
02:33 Nizhny Novgorod newspapers had called Pastor Carter
02:36 "John the Baptist"
02:37 and the Volga River, the Jordan River.
02:40 Indeed, such a massive baptism had never taken place
02:43 since the baptism of Russia into Christianity
02:46 in the 10th century.
02:48 When Pastor Carter
02:49 held that huge evangelistic campaign in our city
02:52 and 3ABN was a part of this program,
02:55 more than 2,500 people were baptized.
02:59 That was when God inspired Danny Shelton
03:02 to purchase an unfinished construction
03:04 and rebuild it into the outstanding facility
03:07 of 3ABN Russia's Evangelism Center
03:10 and to start 3ABN Russia's TV and other media production.
03:14 During our 25th anniversary celebration,
03:17 we were very pleased to hear the words of gratitude,
03:20 appreciation, and support
03:22 from the leaders of the Russian church.
03:24 The representative of Euro-Asia Division,
03:27 Ivan Ostrovsky, handed Danny Shelton
03:29 a commemorative plaque
03:31 from the president of Euro-Asia Division,
03:33 Mikhail Kaminskiy,
03:35 for the dedication and invaluable contribution
03:37 to the buildup of Christian television
03:40 and radio broadcasting in Russia.
03:42 And later, we were so happy to hear the words of gratitude
03:46 for our 25 years of ministry
03:49 from the president of the General Conference,
03:51 Elder Ted Wilson.
03:53 First of all, let me express deep appreciation
03:56 for what 3ABN in Russia has been doing.
03:58 It started just about the time
04:00 when I first came to Russia to work here,
04:03 and we praise God for the preaching of the Word
04:06 through 3ABN.
04:07 And I want to encourage you
04:09 to continue to proclaim your very name,
04:12 the three angels of Revelation 14,
04:15 turning people back to the true worship of God
04:18 with the righteousness of Jesus Christ
04:20 at the very core of those three angels.
04:21 Thank you for what you've done.
04:29 All the major events
04:30 of our 25th anniversary celebration
04:33 were on the air of 3ABN
04:35 as well as a new evangelistic campaign
04:38 that Pastor Carter held
04:39 at 3ABN Russia's Evangelism Center
04:42 after our celebration
04:43 from October 14 till October 28.
04:47 Our main concern in prayers were about Pastor John
04:51 and his team getting special visits
04:53 from missionary activities.
04:55 The answer from the Lord and His blessing
04:57 was that Pastor Carter and his whole team
05:00 got missionary visas,
05:02 and the evangelistic series in Nizhny Novgorod took place.
05:07 Daily, hundreds of people attended these meetings.
05:10 At the end of the program,
05:12 those who responded to Pastor Carter's call
05:15 to give their hearts to Jesus Christ were baptized,
05:18 but these evangelistic meetings didn't end
05:21 after those two weeks.
05:23 Even now, they continue
05:25 in the homes of the Russian people.
05:27 You'll ask, "How?"
05:28 Pastor Carter asked 3ABN Russia to produce 2000 DVD sets
05:33 with all the meetings
05:34 and beautiful musical performances.
05:36 At his request, we have delivered 1,500 sets
05:40 to the West Russian Union for their further distribution
05:43 to local conferences and churches.
05:46 All the 25 years,
05:47 3ABN Russia has been working very closely
05:50 with our beloved church.
05:52 Our purpose is to inspire and activate church members
05:56 for their involvement and support
05:58 of God's cause through media evangelism.
06:01 Here is how West Russian Union president, Ivan Velgosha,
06:05 thanks 3ABN and Pastor John Carter
06:07 for their evangelistic outreach.
06:11 Dear friends, warmest greetings
06:14 from your Russian brothers and sisters in Christ.
06:19 I'm very excited for the opportunity
06:22 to express our gratitude for your prayers
06:25 and a tremendous help in sharing the gospel
06:28 and reaching your hearts.
06:32 Today, we got the new DVDs
06:36 with John Carter's series.
06:38 We believe and hope that spreading these DVDs
06:42 will help thousands of people to meet Jesus Christ
06:47 and see the beauty of Scripture.
06:51 I have an old cassette in my hand
06:54 which actually has Pastor Carter's old program.
06:58 It was recorded many years ago here in Russia.
07:02 I was a young pastor at the time
07:05 and I know that lots of people listen to these cassettes
07:09 and came to Christ.
07:12 I would like to read the verse from the Bible
07:14 that inspires us to evangelistic ministry.
07:18 "And this gospel of the kingdom
07:20 shall be preached in all the world for a witness
07:23 unto all nations,
07:25 and then shall the end come."
07:27 May the Lord bless abundantly the work you do,
07:31 your families and churches,
07:34 and your ministry in serving the Lord
07:37 and reaching new hearts for His kingdom.
07:45 Praise the Lord for the amazing opportunities
07:48 of public and personal evangelism,
07:50 numerously multiplied by more than technologies.
07:53 We're convinced that this is the purpose
07:56 for which the Lord has raised up 3ABN
07:59 and 3ABN Russia.
08:01 Through these technologies,
08:03 the coverage of our programs increases tremendously.
08:06 We uplink our signal
08:07 from 3ABN Russia Evangelism Center
08:10 to two Russian satellites
08:11 and they cover the whole territory of Russia
08:14 and the nearby countries.
08:16 What an amazing miracle of God.
08:19 Satellite broadcasting of 3ABN Russia
08:22 began at the end of 2013.
08:24 From January 2014 to January 2016,
08:28 putting a lot of prayer and effort into it,
08:31 we concluded contracts with 42 cable operators
08:35 which aired us around the clock in 141 Russian cities.
08:40 We continue to pray
08:41 and earnestly look for new opportunities.
08:43 This was when we invited you to join us in prayer
08:47 that by the end of 2017,
08:50 our partnership would be not less than 100 cable companies.
08:54 This was about prayer and the Lord answered it.
08:58 By the end of 2017,
09:00 He gave us 101 cable operators,
09:04 rebroadcasting all around the clock,
09:06 signal to 371 Russian cities.
09:10 Glory be to our Almighty God for these amazing results.
09:15 Thank you, our dear viewers,
09:17 for uplifting 3ABN Russia in your prayers.
09:21 Thank you for being God's prayer warriors.
09:25 Now, we invite you to join us in prayer
09:27 for even further spreading
09:29 of three angels' messages in Russia.
09:31 Lord, please, make it possible according to Your will,
09:35 that by the end of this year,
09:37 we have not less than 150 cable partners.
09:42 For our satellite channel,
09:44 we need to pay about $9,000 a month,
09:47 and we're so thankful
09:49 for your sacrifice and dedication
09:51 due to which the Word of God in its full truth
09:55 is proclaimed over the former Soviet Union
09:58 around the clock.
10:00 We have free coverage
10:01 through five other satellite TV channels
10:04 that air some of our programs for several hours a week
10:08 and also through 54 regional TV companies
10:12 that broadcast certain programs
10:14 from 10 minutes to 2 hours a week.
10:17 Thirty regional radio stations
10:19 and two satellite radio channels
10:21 broadcast our radio programs.
10:23 Also, we have 24/7 internet, video, and radio streaming.
10:32 An amazing testimony of God's power
10:35 has been how He uses different people
10:37 from secular, high-ranking officials
10:39 to the representatives of different religions
10:42 to promote His cause
10:43 accomplished through 3ABN Russia.
10:46 At the celebration of 500 years of Protestant Reformation,
10:50 at the Russian Religious Freedom Association meeting,
10:53 at the National Prayer Breakfast,
10:55 all of which were held in Moscow
10:57 under the auspices of the Russian government.
11:00 The Lord provided for our participation
11:03 as mass media that allowed us to tape interviews
11:06 and to record the words of encouragement
11:09 concerning Protestantism in general
11:11 and 3ABN Russia in particular.
11:13 Based on them,
11:14 we've created promo videos for cable operators
11:18 and this undoubtedly increases the number of our partners.
11:21 Using the interviews with these well-known people,
11:24 including a deputy head of the administration
11:27 of the president of Russian Federation,
11:29 where they talk about religious freedom,
11:31 God, and prayer,
11:33 we make short videos to air them
11:35 between our programs.
11:37 The Lord has given us this amazing opportunity
11:40 which will undoubtedly attract new people
11:42 to watch our channel.
11:44 Now you can see the amount of TV
11:46 and radio programs produced by 3ABN Russia
11:49 since we reported to you a year and a half ago.
11:52 In addition, the following new series are being developed.
11:55 Blessings for Every Day, Fancy That,
11:58 Contemporary Russian Poetry, a big inspirational series,
12:02 The Bible,
12:03 television evangelistic series, Learning the Truth,
12:06 a new youth series, Speaking Point-Blank.
12:09 We praise the Lord for all the talent and ideas.
12:12 They are all His and for Him.
12:15 We receive lots of letters from our viewers
12:18 and send thousands of copies of spiritual literature
12:21 and Bible studies.
12:22 On the screen, you can see
12:24 the statistics of our call center.
12:31 We never stop thanking the Lord
12:34 for what happened almost 26 years ago
12:37 when Danny Shelton,
12:38 for the sake of the eternal salvation
12:41 of the Russian people,
12:42 responded to God's calling
12:44 to build 3ABN Russia's Evangelism Center
12:47 that, with your help,
12:49 our dear viewers and supporters,
12:51 has turned into the beautiful facility
12:54 that carries the light to the world.
12:56 We're so thankful
12:58 that the new 3ABN General Vice President
13:00 and General Manager,
13:02 our dear friends Greg and Jill Morikone,
13:05 shared the same vision.
13:07 They have been awed at the scale of our center.
13:10 Where apart from 3ABN Russia's studios,
13:13 we have the largest Adventist church
13:15 in Nizhny Novgorod.
13:16 The offices of Volga Conference,
13:18 a Christian school, an ABC store,
13:21 healthy food store, and many other entities
13:24 that hold numerous outreach events
13:26 serving for the benefit of the community
13:28 and Nizhny Novgorod church members,
13:30 bringing them to the knowledge of who God really is.
13:35 During the period under report,
13:36 we have renovated the facade of the building,
13:39 replaced the windows, repaired the roof
13:42 and several rooms, fixed part of the heating system.
13:46 We praise the Lord
13:47 for all these so much needed repairs
13:50 and will continue as the means allow.
13:54 Thank you, our dear viewers,
13:55 for your vision and heartfelt support
13:58 of God's work accomplished by 3ABN
14:00 around the world, including Russia.
14:03 Only due to you, our ministry exists,
14:06 develops, and brings more and more Russian people
14:09 to the salvation in Jesus Christ.
14:12 May the Lord abundantly bless you
14:14 and prosper you in health, wisdom,
14:17 and hold your circumstances according to His riches.
14:21 Unto Him be the glory in the church
14:24 and in Christ Jesus,
14:25 unto all generations forever and ever.
14:29 Amen.


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