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00:01 "And suddenly there was with the angel
00:03 a multitude of the heavenly host
00:06 praising God,
00:07 and saying 'Glory to God in the highest,
00:09 and on earth peace, good will toward men.'"
00:16 Celebrate this special season
00:18 by worshiping our Savior and King
00:21 as we bring you
00:22 An Evening With Geron Davis and Kindred Souls.
00:32 Silent night, holy night
00:40 All is calm, all is bright
00:49 Round yon virgin
00:53 Mother and Child
00:57 Holy Infant
01:01 So tender and mild
01:06 Sleep in heavenly
01:10 Peace
01:14 Sleep in heavenly
01:19 Peace
01:27 Silent night, holy night
01:35 Shepherds quake
01:38 At the sight
01:44 Glories streaming
01:47 From heaven afar
01:52 Heavenly hosts sing
01:57 Hallelujah
02:00 Christ The Savior
02:04 Is born
02:09 Silent night, holy night
02:17 All is calm, all is bright
02:26 Round yon virgin
02:30 Mother and Child
02:34 Holy Infant
02:38 So tender and mild
02:43 Sleep in heavenly
02:47 Peace
02:51 Sleep in heavenly
02:55 Peace
02:59 Sleep in heavenly
03:06 Peace
03:13 Silent night Silent night
03:17 It was a holy night
03:20 Holy night
03:31 Silent night,
03:32 what an awesome song that has been,
03:35 a part of Christmas celebrations
03:37 for all of my life and a whole lot of years
03:40 before my life.
03:42 You know, one thing that happens
03:43 in December that is just wonderful,
03:46 it never happens any other time of the year.
03:48 In December, it starts December the first
03:51 and it ends on the last day of December,
03:54 but in the month of December, everybody can sing.
03:58 You may be tone-deaf January through November,
04:02 but in December, you have a license to sing.
04:05 And I love the fact that Christmas comes
04:08 with its own set of music,
04:10 and a lot of you have already started playing that music.
04:12 And we want you just to join and sing with us.
04:15 Come on, lift up your voice and let's sing together now.
04:19 Joy to the world The Lord is come
04:25 Let earth receive her King
04:31 Let every heart prepare Him room
04:38 And heaven and nature sing
04:41 And heaven and nature sing
04:44 And heaven and heaven and nature sing
04:50 All together now in the last rows,
04:52 He rules the world.
04:53 He rules the world With truth and grace
04:57 With truth and grace
05:00 And makes the nations prove
05:07 The glories of His righteousness
05:13 And wonders of His love
05:16 And wonders of His love
05:19 And wonders,
05:23 Wonders of His love
05:30 Away in a manger
05:36 No crib for a bed
05:41 Sing along.
05:42 The little Lord Jesus
05:48 Lay down His sweet head
05:54 The stars in the sky
06:00 Look down where He lay
06:07 The little Lord Jesus
06:13 Asleep on the hay
06:18 Last line.
06:19 The little Lord Jesus
06:26 Asleep on
06:30 The hay
06:38 The amazing thing about the Christmas story is
06:41 He came to us.
06:42 When we could never get to Him, He came down.
07:03 He could have caught a thousand angels
07:07 To surround Himself with praise
07:11 He could have chosen
07:12 Not to leave His throne on high
07:19 He could have pointed to His miracles
07:24 As evidence of grace
07:28 Or let His own creation
07:31 Testify
07:35 But that's not the God He is
07:39 And that's not the God He was
07:44 To love us from a distance
07:48 Just wasn't good enough
07:51 So He came down
07:55 He came down
08:00 The holy light of heaven
08:04 Wrapped in swaddling clothes
08:08 He came down
08:12 He came down
08:16 For console of the world
08:20 That He wanted us to know
08:24 So He came down
08:36 He could have calm and rose
08:39 A splendor instead of swaddling clothes
08:45 He could have said how much
08:47 He loved us with just words
08:53 He could have offered up a sacrifice
08:57 That's less than what He chose
09:01 And gave us only
09:03 What our sin deserve
09:09 But that's not the God He is
09:12 No, that's not the God He was
09:18 To love us from a distance
09:21 Just wasn't good enough
09:25 He came down
09:29 He came down
09:34 The holy light of heaven
09:37 Wrapped in swaddling clothes
09:41 He came down
09:45 He came down
09:50 For God so loved the world
09:54 That He wanted us to know
09:58 He knew He had to make a way
10:02 A price that only He could pay
10:06 So that we could have Eternal life one day
10:13 He came down
10:18 He came down
10:22 He was a holy light of heaven
10:27 Wrapped in swaddling clothes
10:32 He came down
10:37 Yes, He did
10:39 For God so loved the world
10:43 That He wanted us to know
10:47 He came down
10:49 He came down He came down
10:53 He came down
10:56 For God so loved the world
10:59 That He wanted us to know
11:05 So He came down
11:13 He came down
11:29 Ever since the very first Christmas
11:31 when the wise men brought gifts
11:33 to the new born Savior,
11:35 people have been seeking ways
11:36 to bring their very best to Jesus.
11:40 A song writer many, many years ago,
11:42 wrote a song that has become a Christmas classic
11:45 called The Little Drummer Boy.
11:47 It's about a little boy
11:49 who had no gift to bring to the Christ Child.
11:52 All he had was his drum and the ability to play it.
11:57 And as he goes on to tell the story
12:00 that when you bring Jesus your best
12:03 and all you had to give Him, it's always enough.
12:07 Listen to this story
12:09 as we re-sing a song that we've done many, many times
12:13 through the years.
12:14 I know you've heard it before A Little Drummer Boy.
12:26 Come, they told me
12:29 Pa rum pum pum pum
12:35 A new born King to see
12:37 Pa rum pum pum pum
12:43 Our finest gifts we bring
12:46 Pa rum pum pum pum
12:51 To lay before the King
12:54 Pa rum pum pum pum
12:56 Rum pum pum pum Rum pum pum pum
13:02 So to honor Him
13:06 Pa rum pum pum pum
13:10 When we come
13:18 Little baby
13:21 Pa rum pum pum pum
13:27 I am a poor boy too
13:30 Pa rum pum pum pum
13:35 I have no gift to bring
13:38 Pa rum pum pum pum
13:43 That's fit to give our King
13:46 Pa rum pum pum pum
13:48 Rum pum pum pum
13:50 Rum pum pum pum
13:55 Shall I play for You
13:58 Pa rum pum pum pum
14:02 On my drum
14:07 Mary nodded
14:10 Pa rum pum pum pum
14:15 The ox and lamb kept time
14:18 Pa rum pum pum pum
14:23 I played my drum for Him
14:26 Pa rum pum pum pum
14:35 I played my best for Him
14:38 Pa rum pum pum pum
14:41 Rum pum pum pum
14:42 Rum pum pum pum
14:50 Then He smiled at me
14:54 Pa rum pum pum pum
14:58 Me and my drum
15:05 Me and my drum
15:13 Me and my drum
15:21 It seems like every year at Christmas time,
15:25 when the whole world is celebrating,
15:28 somehow there always seems to be a tragedy,
15:32 something that happens maybe in our community
15:35 or maybe on the news that happens around the world.
15:37 Everybody talks about it.
15:39 But it seems like in the midst of celebration sometimes,
15:42 the most sad things can happen.
15:44 I'll never forget
15:46 when we were in Seattle, Washington,
15:49 and it came on the news on the Friday night
15:53 that a tragedy had happened.
15:55 And in elementary school called Sandy Hook
15:59 upon the East Coast,
16:00 and as the events began to unfold
16:04 and all of the story came to light,
16:08 it was just tragic.
16:09 On Saturday morning, the next day,
16:13 all the news outlets were covering it.
16:15 And I'll never forget
16:16 we were getting ready to go to a choir rehearsal
16:19 to get ready for the Christmas event on Sunday.
16:23 And one of the anchors on the news said,
16:27 "It's so sad that people are trying
16:29 to get their head around the fact that
16:32 a parent isn't coming home
16:34 or a child won't be coming home anymore,
16:36 gifts that are already under the tree
16:38 won't be opened this year."
16:41 And then they made a statement and said,
16:44 "It's so sad, especially here, at Christmas time."
16:49 Well, my first thought was,
16:51 if you're the parent
16:53 or you're a family member, it doesn't matter
16:55 if it's December or June or July or February,
17:01 it's tragic, it's painful.
17:03 And then in that same moment,
17:05 there came an awareness to me about Emmanuel, God with us.
17:11 I'm so glad it's not just for a season.
17:13 I'm glad that it's not just for a month
17:16 or a certain particular time of the year.
17:18 But Emmanuel, God with us, is 365 days out of the year,
17:24 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
17:27 The good news is we have help, we have hope,
17:33 we have Jesus every single day that we live.
17:37 And I walk to the piano where we were staying,
17:40 and I sat down and started writing this song,
17:43 and it just simply says,
17:45 we need Emmanuel every single day,
17:49 we need Christmas.
17:53 I don't care what you're going through,
17:56 I hope this will speak to your heart
17:59 and be an encouragement to you
18:01 that He will never leave nor forsake you.
18:05 He is always Emmanuel.
18:09 Our hearts are filled with so much fear
18:13 Lord, we really need you here
18:19 Come and free us
18:25 The questions cut us like a knife
18:29 Please come and take our sin and strive
18:35 Bring us Christmas
18:40 We need your star to shine so bright
18:44 To come and chase away the night
18:50 Oh, Lord Jesus
18:55 Come change
18:56 Come change, come change me right away
19:00 Emmanuel with us today
19:05 We need you, Jesus
19:09 We need Christmas
19:19 Just like the world that you came to
19:23 Because of sin we still need you
19:29 Come and help us
19:34 Come bring the world Your hope and peace
19:38 Bring to our heart's nativity
19:44 Bring us Christmas Bring us Christmas
19:50 We need Your star to shine so bright
19:54 To come and chase away the night
20:00 Oh, Lord Jesus Come take our pain
20:05 Come take our pain and hurt away
20:09 Emmanuel with us today
20:15 We need you, Jesus
20:17 We need you, Jesus
20:21 We need Your star to shine so bright
20:25 To come and chase away the night
20:31 Oh, Lord Jesus
20:34 Jesus, come take our pain and hurt away
20:40 Emmanuel with us today
20:44 Emmanuel We need you, Jesus
20:48 We need you, Jesus
20:52 Come take our pain and hurt away
20:56 Emmanuel with us today
21:01 We need you, Jesus
21:05 Yes, we do
21:06 We need Christmas We need Christmas
21:09 We need you, Jesus Oh, Jesus
21:13 We need Christmas
21:16 Yes, we do We need you, Jesus
21:19 Every day We need Christmas
21:26 Take our pain and hurt away
21:31 We need you, Jesus
21:43 You know, I love stories at Christmas time,
21:47 stories about past Christmases,
21:48 and hearing our family tell stories about things
21:52 that they experience when they were kids
21:53 and hearing about Christmases in other places.
21:56 I'll never forget hearing a story
21:59 that took place during one of the World Wars.
22:03 It so happened
22:05 that both sides
22:07 had decided to call a cease fire
22:09 from midnight on Christmas Eve
22:13 until all through Christmas day
22:16 and then starting back on the day after Christmas.
22:20 On Christmas morning, the American soldiers woke up
22:24 and they enjoyed a meal provided by Uncle Sam.
22:29 And after lunch,
22:32 some of the soldiers got out on to the field
22:35 for they have been fighting the day before.
22:37 And one of them had a football,
22:38 and they began to throw the football.
22:41 And it was just a matter of time
22:44 that on the other side from the enemy camp,
22:49 some faces started appearing
22:50 and watching with great interest.
22:52 On impulse, one of the American soldiers
22:56 tossed the football.
22:58 The guy caught it, surprise look on his face,
23:02 the American soldier beckoned him out.
23:05 Some of the guys made their way
23:06 from the enemy camp out on to the field.
23:09 And in a matter of minutes,
23:12 on the field that they had been fighting on the day before,
23:16 soldiers from both sides of the battle
23:19 were playing a game of football.
23:20 At the end of the day, when the sun began to go down,
23:24 they all went back to their respective camps,
23:26 and the following day, the fighting would resume.
23:31 But for a moment,
23:33 there had been peace on earth
23:36 because it was Christmas time.
23:54 See the bright lights twinkle
24:01 Feel the door and window
24:08 See the kids' eyes sparkle
24:16 As they wish for snow
24:27 Kids on bed speak ardour
24:34 Never pound or whine
24:41 Magic feels December
24:49 When it's Christmas time
24:56 It's a special feeling
25:03 In the world
25:06 Tonight
25:13 Peace on earth
25:16 For a moment
25:21 When it's Christmas
25:26 Time
25:31 Grandmas make their goodies
25:39 Houses fill with joy
25:47 And to think that it's started
25:54 With a baby boy
26:02 And it's special feeling
26:10 In the world
26:13 Tonight
26:20 Peace on earth for a moment
26:27 When it's Christmas time
26:35 Peace on earth
26:39 For a moment
26:43 When it's Christmas
26:51 Time
26:59 Christmas time
27:13 That's one of my favorite songs.
27:15 I love that song.
27:17 I love to write songs
27:19 that have that tight four-part harmony.
27:23 Our family always sang and so I love anything
27:27 with harmony.
27:29 And this is a song I wrote a number of years ago.
27:32 And I always look, we have a track on it
27:35 that has a big orchestra
27:38 and all the instrumentation,
27:40 but I love the sound of voices
27:43 harmonizing just around the piano,
27:45 and this is one of my favorites,
27:48 and I want Shelton and Allison to sing the verses.
27:52 It's a very simple chorus.
27:55 And it just simply says Jesus be born in me
27:57 and make my life what it should be.
28:00 Jesus be born in me.
28:01 As we sing it, I'd love for you
28:03 to just to join in and sing along with us,
28:06 not just as a lyric
28:07 but let it become the prayer of your heart.
28:10 Don't let Him come to your house and hear,
28:12 "No room."
28:13 Let Him find a place to be born in your life.
28:17 So far away
28:22 And long ago
28:28 You gave yourself
28:33 To earth below
28:39 Now in return
28:44 My love to show
28:51 Jesus, be born
28:56 In me
29:03 Jesus, be born
29:08 In me
29:14 Jesus, be born
29:20 In me
29:26 And make my life
29:32 What it should be
29:38 Jesus, be born
29:43 In me
29:49 Something of Christ
29:54 At Bethlehem
30:00 And that's where
30:03 The story ends
30:09 For them
30:12 But I wish
30:15 That all world
30:18 Say to Him
30:24 Jesus, be born
30:29 In me
30:31 Come on, let's say that to Him right now.
30:34 Jesus, be born
30:35 Jesus, be born
30:41 In me
30:47 Jesus, be born
30:52 In me
30:58 And make my life
31:03 What it should be
31:10 Jesus, be born
31:15 In me
31:22 Jesus, be born
31:28 In me
31:35 That's a cry of my heart.
31:36 I hope it's the cry of your heart.
31:38 I am part of a big family.
31:40 I am the oldest of four kids.
31:43 My mom and dad were pastors the day I was born.
31:46 And so all I knew was growing up
31:48 in a pastor's home.
31:50 I firmly believe if God let you be born first,
31:53 He intended you to be the boss.
31:54 So that's a ministry
31:57 I cultivated at a very early age
31:59 over three younger siblings.
32:01 And one of them singing with me,
32:03 my little sister Allison.
32:06 We're all four kids are married,
32:08 we all have kids.
32:09 And so Becky and I have been married 36 years,
32:13 and Shelton and Allison have been married 29 years.
32:16 And when we get together at Mom's house,
32:20 some play bass, some play guitar,
32:21 some play drums, everybody gets on
32:23 a different instrument
32:24 and we start singing and we can make a record.
32:28 It's always lots of music and lots of food.
32:31 But one of the things growing up in a Christian home,
32:35 in a pastor's home, one of the things
32:36 that was always such a big part of our Christmas
32:40 is Christmas worship.
32:42 We would get together and sing and have a good time,
32:46 but it always turn to worship.
32:48 We would always go to Christmas service,
32:50 we would always enjoy the presence of the Lord
32:53 and be reminded
32:54 that He not only came to a manger in Bethlehem
32:57 but He still comes to where we are
33:00 and graces us with His presence.
33:03 And so I would just love
33:04 this part of our Christmas celebration tonight.
33:07 I would love for us
33:08 just to have a little time of worship
33:12 and sing about the one who came.
33:16 We're in the presence
33:23 The presence of Jehovah
33:31 God almighty.
33:33 God almighty
33:39 Prince of peace.
33:41 Prince of peace
33:48 Troubles vanish
33:55 And broken hearts
33:58 Are mended
34:04 When we're
34:06 In the presence
34:13 Of the King Troubles vanish
34:21 Troubles vanish
34:29 Broken hearts are mended
34:36 When we're
34:38 In the presence
34:46 Of the King
34:50 That's where you'll find your answer
34:54 In the presence
34:59 In the presence
35:02 Of the King
35:16 We've come
35:21 To worship
35:25 Oh, we've come
35:32 To worship
35:39 We've come
35:44 To worship
35:49 All glory belongs
35:55 To Him
36:00 I don't care what you're going through
36:02 right now.
36:04 A lot of times, they say,
36:06 there are more depressed people in the month of Christmas
36:11 than any other time of year,
36:14 but I'm here to tell you when you begin to lift Him up
36:18 right in the middle of your situation
36:20 that may not be the best,
36:22 it may not look like everything's going great,
36:26 but He will come and be Emmanuel to you.
36:30 So I want you to sing this with us
36:32 and just to begin to worship Him,
36:35 not because necessarily of where you are
36:38 but just because of who He is for He's worthy.
36:42 Let's sing it together again, we've come to worship.
36:45 Let His presence surround you.
36:47 We've come
36:52 To worship
36:55 O we've come
37:03 To worship
37:09 We've come
37:13 To worship
37:18 All glory belongs
37:24 To Him
37:30 We sing worthy
37:35 We sing worthy
37:39 We sing worthy to the Lord
37:45 Come on, sing this with us, we sing worthy.
37:48 We sing worthy
37:52 We sing worthy
37:56 We sing worthy to the Lord
38:02 Praise and glory
38:05 Praise and glory Praise and glory
38:13 Praise and glory
38:15 To the Lord
38:22 Praise and glory Praise and glory
38:29 We give praise and glory to the Lord
38:35 We sing worthy
38:39 We sing worthy to the Lord
38:45 One more time.
38:46 We sing worthy We sing worthy
38:51 To the Lord
39:02 For He alone
39:07 Is worthy
39:11 For He alone
39:16 Is worthy
39:20 For He alone
39:24 Is worthy
39:29 Christ the Lord
39:34 O come, let us adore Him.
39:36 O come
39:38 Let us adore Him
39:44 O come, let us adore him
39:52 O come,
39:54 Let us adore Him
40:01 Christ the Lord
40:06 We give You all the glory.
40:08 We give You
40:11 All the glory
40:17 We give you
40:20 All the glory
40:24 We give you
40:28 All the glory
40:34 Christ
40:39 The Lord
40:49 What you feel right now where you're sitting
40:52 is the presence of the very one
40:56 who was born over 2,000 years ago
40:58 and wrapped in swaddling clothes
41:00 and they laid Him in a manger.
41:03 He's not a baby anymore,
41:05 He's not the same Jesus that walked the seashore,
41:10 He's not the same Jesus that did the miracles,
41:12 He's not the same Jesus that hung on a cross
41:15 and was laid into a tomb because that Jesus
41:23 then walked out of a tomb, and now
41:26 He's a Resurrected, Risen Savior
41:28 that can give life everlasting to each of you.
41:33 And wherever you are, because of Jesus,
41:38 we now experience, we've talked about it
41:40 through this program
41:42 about the fact that He is Emmanuel.
41:44 Still today, He is Emmanuel, God with us.
41:49 And wherever you are, whatever you're going through,
41:53 you may be by yourself on the job,
41:55 you may be driving down the road in your car,
41:57 you may be in a hotel room,
42:02 but wherever you are,
42:04 when you invite His presence in,
42:06 you just begin to worship Him.
42:08 He comes and changes that very atmosphere.
42:13 Even if you're by yourself, you don't have to necessarily
42:16 be in a church building, His presence goes everywhere.
42:21 And He will change that place to holy ground.
42:26 When I was just 18 years old,
42:29 I wrote a song one Saturday night
42:31 for a service
42:32 that we were having in my dad's church,
42:35 a new building we had built.
42:37 And I want us to sing it now.
42:40 We're standing on holy ground.
42:43 But as we sing it in the spirit of Christmas,
42:47 I want you to think of this song
42:48 maybe in a way you've never thought of it before
42:51 if you've heard this song.
42:53 And I want you to think of it as the fact
42:55 that He is Emmanuel.
42:57 And right now, no matter what you're going through,
43:00 He is there to turn your room, your car, wherever it may be,
43:07 into a holy and hallowed place with His presence.
43:11 We are on holy ground.
43:40 When I walked
43:46 Through the doors
43:50 I sensed His presence
43:58 And I knew
44:03 This was a place
44:08 Where love abounds
44:16 For this is a temple
44:23 Jehovah God
44:28 Abides here
44:32 Yes, He does
44:35 And we are standing
44:40 In His presence
44:44 On holy ground
44:51 We are
44:55 Standing
45:00 On holy ground
45:04 Holy ground
45:07 Yes And I know
45:14 There are angels
45:18 All over us All over us
45:26 And us
45:29 Praising
45:35 Jesus now
45:40 Let's praise Him anyhow
45:43 For we are standing
45:48 In His presence
45:51 On holy ground
45:55 Ground
46:01 In His presence
46:05 I know there is joy
46:10 Beyond a measure
46:17 And at His feet
46:22 Sweet peace of mind
46:27 Can still be found
46:36 When we have a need
46:41 He is still
46:45 He is still the answer
46:49 O reach out and claim it Claim it.
46:54 For we are standing
46:58 On holy ground
47:05 Sing it with us.
47:07 We are standing We are standing
47:14 On holy ground
47:18 Yes, it's holy,
47:20 Holy ground
47:23 And I know
47:26 And I know there are angels all around
47:34 I can feel them, they're all around
47:39 Let us praise
47:42 Let us praise Let us praise
47:47 Jesus now
47:50 Let's praise Him now
47:55 O we are standing
47:58 We are standing
48:00 In His presence
48:02 On holy ground
48:05 Holy ground
48:09 Let us praise.
48:11 Let us
48:14 Let us praise
48:20 O let us praise God now
48:26 Praise Him anyhow
48:30 For we are standing
48:34 We are standing in His presence
48:38 We are standing
48:41 In His holy wonderful presence
48:46 We are standing
48:50 He loves us in our hour of fall over
48:54 We are standing
48:56 He's our hope,
48:59 Our hope for tomorrow
49:03 We are standing
49:04 We are standingin
49:07 In His presence
49:09 On holy ground
49:16 Here on holy ground
49:31 Amen.
49:32 Geron Davis and His wife Becky are some of the best writers
49:36 and worship leaders today.
49:37 And they've been nominated and won multiple Dove awards.
49:41 Their group, Kindred Souls,
49:42 has performed songs like Holy Ground,
49:45 and In the Presence of Jehovah to millions around the world.
49:49 Their songs have also been recorded
49:51 by the Gaither Vocal band, Sandy Patty, Barbara Streisand,
49:55 and many other well-known artists.
49:57 Geron and Becky's passion is to lead people
50:00 into the presence of God through music.
50:02 And if you'd like more information,
50:04 just visit their website GERONDAVISMUSIC.COM.
50:08 You may also call them at 615-809-082
50:13 or email GeronDavis@me.com


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