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Growing In Christ

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00:41 He chose me
00:45 Before the world was known
00:48 He chose me
00:52 To be His very own
00:55 He made me
00:58 Then let me choose my way
01:03 I chose to move away
01:09 He loved me
01:12 When hope had taken wing
01:15 He loved me
01:19 when I lost everything
01:23 He brought me
01:26 Redemption's work was done
01:31 Through Jesus Christ His Son
01:40 Who shall separate me
01:44 From the love of God
01:49 Shall dreams of tomorrow
01:56 Pain or sorrow
02:01 Can the need of food or earthly possessions
02:07 The threat of war or man's oppression
02:14 In all these things
02:19 Victory is our reward
02:25 Victory is our reward
02:31 Through Jesus Christ our Lord
02:41 Of this I am sure
02:45 That neither death nor life
02:48 Nor angels nor principalities
02:54 Nor powers nor things present
02:59 Nor things to come
03:05 Not height nor depth
03:10 Nor any creature shall separate me
03:16 From the love of God
03:24 Of this I am sure
03:28 That neither death nor life
03:31 Nor angels nor principalities
03:37 Nor powers nor things present
03:42 Nor things to come
03:48 Not height nor depth
03:54 Nor any creatures shall separate me
03:59 From the love of God
04:07 Through Jesus Christ our Lord
04:30 Greetings,
04:32 I am David and we are the Neuharth family.
04:35 We call our ministry, New Hearts 4 Christ.
04:38 It is a play on our last name,
04:40 it reflects our desire for Christ
04:42 to create in each one of us a new heart
04:44 through the reading of His Word.
04:46 We all have a testimony.
04:48 Today we will share a part of our testimony with you.
04:51 We hope this resonates with you on a spiritual level
04:54 and encourages you to discover
04:56 and share your own testimony.
04:58 It is the most powerful witness you might have.
05:01 I was blessed to be raised in a Christian family.
05:04 I attended church every week and participated in music.
05:07 I enjoyed church and the fellowship
05:09 that came along with it.
05:11 In 2012, our family went on a mission trip to Panama
05:14 and I shared my talents to help build a church.
05:17 I discovered true Christianity lies in helping
05:19 someone else find Christ.
05:22 I enjoyed this trip so much
05:23 we have continued to go on a yearly mission trip.
05:26 My faith grows each year as I see God's many miracles.
05:30 Several years ago
05:31 I began reading my Bible every morning
05:33 and I realized that
05:35 I was a sinner and in need of a savior.
05:37 As I continue to read,
05:39 I'm finding principles for daily living
05:41 that are changing my life
05:43 and the way I think.
05:45 Growing in Christ is a process,
05:48 so I hope we will all open our Bibles
05:51 and see where Christ leads us.
05:58 Redeemed how I love to proclaim it
06:01 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
06:04 Redeemed through His infinite mercy
06:07 His child and forever I am
06:10 Redeemed, redeemed
06:14 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
06:17 Redeemed, redeemed
06:20 Redeemed, redeemed
06:24 His child and forever I am
06:28 Redeemed and so happy in Jesus
06:32 No language my rapture can tell
06:35 I know that the light of His presence
06:38 With me doth continually dwell
06:42 Redeemed, redeemed
06:45 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
06:48 Redeemed, redeemed
06:51 Redeemed, redeemed
06:55 His child and forever I am
06:59 I know there is a crown that is waiting
07:02 In yonder bright mansion for me
07:06 And soon with the saints made perfect
07:09 At home with the Lord I shall be
07:12 Redeemed, redeemed
07:16 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
07:19 Redeemed, redeemed
07:22 Redeemed, redeemed
07:25 His child and forever I am
08:07 Hello, my name is Lisa.
08:09 I was very blessed to grow up in a Christian home.
08:12 As a teenager, my father didn't want
08:14 to attend church anymore
08:15 because of issues in the church.
08:16 At the time, I was growing in my passion for the Lord.
08:20 This caused dissension in our relationship
08:22 and I began to rebel against my father.
08:24 Rebellion is a quick spreading sin
08:26 and soon I was also rebelling against God.
08:29 As a young adult, I spent a few years
08:31 in the world trying to fill the hole in my heart,
08:34 but my hole only grew bigger.
08:36 While reaping the painful consequences of my decisions,
08:39 I went through heartbreaking trials
08:40 that began my journey back
08:42 to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
08:44 God saved me
08:46 from the alluring lies of the devil
08:47 and became my personal savior,
08:49 best friend and solution to all of my problems.
08:52 Living life with Christ is ridiculously
08:54 better than I could have ever imagined it.
08:56 Through the years, my favorite hymn has been,
08:58 It Is Well With My Soul.
09:00 I have found that as long as I cling to Jesus,
09:04 no matter how out of control life may seem,
09:06 it is well with my soul.
09:20 When peace like a river
09:26 Attendeth my way
09:30 When sorrows
09:33 Like sea billows roll
09:41 Whatever my lot
09:46 Thou hast taught me to say
09:50 It is well
09:53 It is well with my soul
10:00 It is well It is well
10:05 With my soul
10:07 With my soul
10:09 It is well
10:12 It is well with my soul
10:19 My sin oh,
10:22 the joy of this glorious thought!
10:28 My sin, not in part,
10:32 But the whole
10:37 Is nailed to the cross
10:41 And I bear it no more
10:46 Praise the Lord
10:48 Praise the Lord O my soul!
10:55 It is well It is well
10:59 With my soul With my soul
11:04 It is well
11:06 It is well with my soul
11:13 And Lord, haste the day
11:17 When my faith shall be sight
11:21 The clouds be rolled back as a scroll
11:30 The trump shall resound
11:34 And the Lord shall descend
11:38 Even so, it is well with my soul
11:47 It is well
11:49 It is well
11:52 With my soul
11:54 With my soul
11:56 It is well
11:59 It is well with my soul
12:06 It is well
12:09 It is well
12:12 With my soul
12:25 Lucas, age 17 is our oldest son,
12:27 the family alto violinist
12:29 and harmonica player.
12:30 In many ways I credit him with my salvation.
12:33 At 21, I married someone
12:34 who also grew up a Christian,
12:36 but wasn't walking with the Lord.
12:38 We both talked of how someday
12:39 we would be the perfect loving family.
12:42 Within a year I was pregnant
12:43 and in that moment
12:44 I quit my rough life cold turkey.
12:46 While I didn't love myself
12:48 enough to care for my own body,
12:49 I love that little child growing inside of me
12:51 enough to do anything.
12:53 At two days of life, Lucas quit breathing,
12:56 went into heart failure and was helicoptered
12:58 to Children's Hospital in Seattle.
13:00 I hit rock bottom.
13:02 There was nothing I could do but cry out to God for help.
13:05 Lucas' father became angry with God
13:07 and his life spiraled even more out of control.
13:10 I was told that Lucas
13:12 was missing part of a chromosome
13:13 and to expect severe delays and challenges in everything.
13:17 Lucas' first few years of life
13:19 involved more surgeries than I can count.
13:22 He was fed from a tube his first three years of life
13:24 until his brother pulled it out in a wrestling match.
13:27 After kindergarten,
13:28 he still didn't know his letters and numbers.
13:30 Children's Hospital evaluated him
13:32 and said he was retarded and would never read or write.
13:35 I knew Lucas struggled, but I knew he could learn,
13:38 so I chose to homeschooled Lucas
13:40 instead of pursuing my nursing career.
13:42 By the end of the year with lots of tears
13:44 and hard work from both of us, he was at grade level.
13:47 In 2018, Children's Hospital reevaluated Lucas
13:50 and they were not able to diagnose him
13:51 with a single learning disability.
13:54 Lucas is a unique fellow with a sweet,
13:56 compassionate and caring personality.
13:58 While Satan meant evil for Lucas,
14:00 God is using Lucas' life to show his miraculous power.
14:04 Lucas plans to spend his life as a missionary mechanic,
14:08 pilot and Bible worker in Alaska.
14:17 Would you be free from your burden of sin
14:20 There's power in the blood Power in the blood
14:24 Would you or evil a victory win
14:28 There's wonderful power in the blood
14:32 There is power, power wonder-working power
14:36 In the blood of the Lamb
14:40 There is power, power wonder-working power
14:44 In the precious blood of the Lamb
14:48 Would you be whiter much whiter than snow
14:52 There's power in the blood
14:55 Power in the blood
14:57 Come for a cleansing to Calvary's tide
15:00 There's wonderful power in the blood
15:04 There is power, power wonder-working power
15:08 In the blood of the Lamb
15:12 There is power, power wonder-working power
15:16 In the precious blood of the Lamb
15:21 Would you do service for Jesus your king
15:25 There's power in the blood Power in the blood
15:29 Would you live daily
15:31 His praises to sing
15:33 There's wonderful power in the blood
15:37 There is power, power wonder-working power
15:41 In the blood of the Lamb
15:45 There is power, power wonder-working power
15:49 In the precious blood of the Lamb
15:56 Levi, age 16, is our middle son,
15:58 sings baritone
16:00 and plays the violin and trumpet.
16:01 When I was three weeks pregnant with Levi,
16:03 I decided to leave my abusive marriage
16:05 because I feared for our lives
16:06 and I wanted to give my children a better life.
16:09 Life seemed impossible.
16:11 When I'm pregnant,
16:12 I'm sick the entire nine months.
16:14 I also had to single-handedly provide financially,
16:17 find childcare and manage
16:18 all of Lucas' medical appointments.
16:21 Many friends advised me to have an abortion.
16:23 They said, "God would understand
16:25 this was an impossible situation."
16:27 I'm ashamed to admit that I wanted to,
16:30 but in my heart I couldn't end life.
16:32 I cried and begged God for a miscarriage,
16:34 but in his wisdom He did not.
16:37 When Levi was born,
16:38 he was the cutest and easiest baby.
16:40 At nine months Levi was running and talking.
16:42 Lucas quickly copied Levi
16:44 as he didn't want to be left out.
16:46 I was shocked to see that what I considered a burden,
16:49 impossible to bear was actually God's answer
16:52 to Lucas' and my predicament.
16:54 To this day, Levi is a pusher,
16:56 dreamer, adventurous and hard worker.
16:58 He loves God's nature
17:00 and his current dream is to support himself
17:02 as a general contractor,
17:03 get married, have a bunch of kids
17:05 and be a missionary bush pilot.
17:08 Standing by purpose true
17:11 Heeding God's command
17:13 Honor them the faithful few
17:16 All hail to Daniel's band
17:18 Dare to be a Daniel
17:21 Dare to stand alone
17:25 Dare to have a purpose firm
17:30 Dare to make it known
17:33 Many mighty men are lost
17:36 Daring not to stand
17:38 Who for God had been a host
17:41 By joining Daniel's band
17:43 Dare to be a Daniel
17:46 Dare to stand alone
17:50 Dare to have a purpose firm
17:55 Dare to make it known
17:59 Many giants great and tall
18:01 Stalking through the land
18:04 Headlong to the earth would fall
18:07 If met by Daniel's band
18:09 Dare to be a Daniel
18:12 Dare to stand alone
18:16 Dare to have a purpose firm
18:21 Dare to make it known
18:26 Hold the gospel banner high
18:29 On to victory grand
18:31 Satan and his hosts defy
18:34 And shout for Daniel's band
18:37 Dare to be a Daniel
18:39 Dare to stand alone
18:44 Dare to have a purpose firm
18:48 Dare to make it known
18:52 Dare to have a purpose firm
18:58 Dare to make it known
19:13 As I looked at the situation
19:15 I was in, a single mom with two babies,
19:17 one of them extremely sick, having to support myself.
19:20 It would be easy to feel sorry for myself
19:22 and view myself as a victim.
19:24 But the truth was, these were the consequences
19:27 of my decisions, the consequences of sin.
19:30 I had been raised in a Christian home,
19:32 I had access to the Bible,
19:34 but I had chosen to disobey God
19:36 and go my own way.
19:37 I had loved my fleshly desires above God's law.
19:41 I had set up my own idols
19:42 I worshiped instead of trusting God's love
19:45 and obeying His Word.
19:47 I had used His name in vain, disobeyed my parents,
19:50 killed myself with drugs,
19:51 dressed provocatively
19:53 and gone from relationship to relationship
19:55 attempting to find love.
19:57 I had coveted freedom and the ways of these worlds.
20:00 These sins didn't take away the sins of my husband.
20:03 But in reality, the reason I was a victim
20:06 to his crimes was
20:07 because I had rebelled against God
20:09 and stepped out of the protection
20:11 of a law of God and my parents.
20:13 While living the ways of the world,
20:14 I experienced fleeting pleasure,
20:17 but those pleasures led
20:18 to the deepest pain and consequences
20:20 that last for eternity.
20:23 Our first step back to God is repentance.
20:26 True repentance is taking accountability
20:28 for our actions,
20:29 seeing how awfully wrong we are in disobeying God's law
20:33 and seeing how wonderful God and His law are.
20:36 As we repent a peace that passes
20:39 all understanding washes over us,
20:41 we become a new creature.
20:43 The old has passed away, the new has come.
20:46 We not only keep His law, but we love to keep His law.
21:01 Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing power?
21:05 Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
21:09 Are you fully trusting in His grace this hour?
21:13 Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
21:17 Are you washed in the blood
21:21 In the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb?
21:25 Are you fully trusting in His grace this hour?
21:29 Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
21:34 Are you walking daily by the Savior's side?
21:38 Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
21:42 Do you rest each moment in the Crucified?
21:46 Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
21:50 Are you washed in the blood
21:55 In the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb?
21:59 Are you fully trusting in His grace this hour?
22:03 Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
22:07 When the Bridegroom cometh will your robes be white?
22:12 Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
22:16 Will your soul be ready for the mansions bright
22:19 Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb
22:23 Are you washed in the blood
22:28 In the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb?
22:32 Are you fully trusting in His grace this hour?
22:36 Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
22:45 While going through my divorce, to be safe,
22:48 I left my home and rented a mobile home
22:50 on church member's property.
22:51 Kathy's brother would come
22:53 over most weekends and spend time with the family.
22:55 Kathy tried to play matchmaker,
22:57 she told her brother he should marry me.
22:59 He was 34 and never married and he said,
23:01 "I wouldn't marry her, she's just a child."
23:04 Kathy tried to suggest I marry her brother and I said,
23:07 "No way, he's an old man."
23:09 But one day in church,
23:11 David sat down beside me and put his arm around me.
23:13 Eight months later, we were married.
23:15 My life had been an out of control whirlwind.
23:18 The day after we were married, all of a sudden
23:20 I burst into uncontrollable sobs for hours.
23:23 It hit me.
23:24 Here I was with a majorly messed up life,
23:28 two very small children,
23:29 one of them very medically challenged
23:31 and yet this man had taken me
23:33 as I was and loved me.
23:35 I was overwhelmed with such love and commitment.
23:38 God's love is even stronger.
23:41 He sees us as the wretch we are
23:43 because of the life of sin that we have chosen
23:45 and yet He left the perfect heavens above,
23:48 humbled Himself to be born into the poorest
23:51 of families on earth, lived a perfect life
23:54 despite the severe abuse and willingly lay down
23:57 His life to save us.
23:59 Oh, what glorious love
24:01 that our minds cannot even begin to comprehend.
24:04 Ephesians 3:18-19 says,
24:06 "So that you may know
24:08 what is the breadth and length and height
24:10 and depth and to know the love of Christ,
24:13 which surpasses all knowledge
24:14 that you may be filled up to the fullness of God."
24:26 In my darkness Jesus found me
24:31 Touched my eyes and made me see
24:36 Broke sin's chains that long had bound me
24:41 Gave me life and liberty
24:47 O glorious love of Christ my Lord Divine
24:52 That made Him stoop to save a soul like mine
24:57 Through all my days and then in heaven above
25:03 My song will silence never
25:06 I'll worship Him forever
25:09 And praise Him for His glorious love
25:17 Oh, amazing truth to ponder
25:22 He whom angel hosts attend
25:27 Lord of Heaven God's Son what wonder
25:33 He became the sinner's friend
25:39 O glorious love of Christ my Lord Divine
25:44 That made Him stoop to save a soul like mine
25:50 Through all my days and then in heaven above
25:56 My song will silence never
25:58 I'll worship Him forever
26:01 And praise Him for His glorious love
26:08 And praise Him for
26:12 His glorious love
26:24 Benjamin, age 13 is our youngest son.
26:28 He's the family pianist and soprano.
26:30 Benjamin was blessed to be born to two loving parents
26:33 and two adoring big brothers.
26:35 He quickly became one of the trio
26:37 and they grew up wandering around as farm boys
26:39 on our country property.
26:40 At a young age all three boys started singing
26:43 and playing violin and three part harmony.
26:45 At the age of six, Benjamin sat down at the piano one day
26:48 for the first time and played Jesus Loves Me
26:50 with two hands by ear.
26:52 God has given Benjamin
26:53 a very unique talent on the piano.
26:55 Besides the piano,
26:57 Benjamin loves reading missionary stories
26:58 and laying block to build churches
27:00 in the mission field.
27:01 He is looking forward to serving God
27:03 as a missionary in the United States
27:05 as he believes the US needs missionaries the most.
27:17 Amazing grace
27:21 How sweet the sound
27:25 That saved a wretch like me
27:31 I once was lost
27:35 But now I'm found
27:39 Was blind but now I see
28:15 'Twas grace that taught
28:19 My heart to fear
28:22 And grace my fears relieved
28:29 How precious did that grace appear
28:36 The hour I first believed
28:43 Through many dangers, toils, and snares
28:50 I have already come
28:57 'Tis grace has brought me safe
29:02 Thus far
29:04 And grace will lead me home
29:12 When we've been there ten thousand years
29:19 Bright shining as the sun
29:25 We've no less days to sing God's praise
29:32 Than when we first begun
29:47 One of the best things my parents ever did for me
29:49 was lead in morning and evening worship.
29:51 For a short time in my teenage years,
29:53 I personally studied my Bible,
29:55 but when I went my own way,
29:56 I no longer spent time in God's Word.
29:59 When I hit rock bottom,
30:01 it drove me back to my Bible
30:02 and a personal relationship with Jesus.
30:05 I found comfort in His Word,
30:06 promises that I could claim
30:08 and the Lord began to change my heart
30:10 and character through His Word.
30:12 When I married David, my daily Bible study
30:14 ended as to the honeymoon phase,
30:16 my love cup was filled through my husband.
30:18 But soon real life hit and I found myself empty again.
30:22 For years, I would pull out my Bible
30:24 when I felt my need of God and then just be too busy
30:26 when life was smooth.
30:28 One day after another tough one,
30:30 I announced to the family,
30:31 "I'm up early tomorrow morning to read my Bible."
30:33 Someone said, "And how long is it going to last this time?"
30:37 The truth of these words stung.
30:39 Out of a stubborn determination I said,
30:41 "This time it's lasting for a lifetime."
30:44 As I began to read my Bible,
30:46 I expected everything to be better.
30:48 But at first things got worse.
30:50 But God worked His miracle and shortly afterwards,
30:52 our whole family decided to get up early
30:54 each morning and individually read our Bibles
30:56 before coming together for family worship.
30:59 Through the reading of His Word,
31:00 God has dramatically changed our lives.
31:03 It hasn't taken our trials away,
31:05 but rather God has used His Word
31:07 to guide us through them.
31:09 I have learned there's only one way
31:10 to come to know Christ
31:12 and that is through me
31:13 personally searching the scriptures.
31:15 We cannot rely upon our parents, pastors, spouse
31:18 or anyone else for our salvation.
31:20 We are not saved by being a Christian in name
31:22 or showing up at church, but only through
31:25 a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
31:27 His Word, the Bible is His primary method
31:29 of communicating with us.
31:31 His Word provides real solutions
31:33 to our everyday struggles.
31:35 I challenge each one of us to rise early each morning
31:38 and seek God through the reading of His Word.
31:50 I come to the garden alone
31:57 While the dew
31:59 Is still on the roses
32:05 And the voice I hear
32:09 Falling on my ear
32:13 The Son of God discloses
32:22 And He walks with me
32:26 And He talks with me
32:30 And He tells me
32:32 I am his own
32:37 And the joy we share
32:40 As we tarry there
32:46 None other has ever known
32:56 He speaks and the sound
32:59 Of his voice is so sweet
33:05 The birds hush their singing
33:11 And the melody that
33:16 He gave to me
33:19 Within my heart is ringing
33:28 And He walks with me
33:33 And He talks with me
33:36 And He tells me
33:39 I am his own
33:43 And the joy we share
33:47 As we tarry there
33:53 None other has ever known
34:03 I stay in the garden with Him
34:09 Though the night
34:11 Around me be falling
34:17 But He bids me go
34:20 Through the voice of woe
34:24 His voice to me
34:28 Is calling
34:33 And He walks with me
34:38 And He talks with me
34:41 And He tells me
34:44 I am his own
34:49 And the joy we share
34:53 As we tarry there
34:58 None other has ever known
35:12 Jeremiah 29:13 says,
35:14 "And you will seek Me and find Me
35:16 when you search for Me with all of your heart."
35:18 As I made the decision to start reading my Bible every day,
35:21 I came to a new crossroad.
35:23 I now was learning what was right and wrong.
35:26 I was learning the power of God,
35:28 but was I willing to submit to His calling?
35:31 Not just in name as a Christian,
35:33 but was I willing to live for Him
35:35 every moment of the day?
35:37 I remember one morning as I was reading,
35:39 I was convicted of how often
35:40 I ignored the Holy Spirit's impression on my mind.
35:43 I wasn't so terrible as to say, "No," but rather,
35:46 "That's a great idea, I'll get to it later,"
35:49 but somehow later never came.
35:51 I realized each time
35:52 I was rejecting Christ, crucifying Him afresh
35:55 and going my own way.
35:57 This pain then discouraged me, so I made a deal with God,
36:01 every time I hear that still small voice,
36:03 I promised to immediately obey it.
36:05 As I made this decision,
36:06 I found my life radically changed.
36:09 All of a sudden, it wasn't me making the decisions,
36:12 it was Jesus.
36:13 And when Jesus makes the decisions,
36:15 we will have a peace
36:16 knowing that everything will be okay.
36:19 Even if I die, my salvation is secure with Him
36:23 and He will provide for my family.
36:32 I once was lost in sin
36:35 But Jesus took me in
36:37 And then a little light
36:38 From heaven filled my soul
36:42 It bathed my heart in love
36:44 And wrote my name above
36:46 And just a little talk
36:47 With Jesus made me whole
36:50 Now let us have a little talk with Jesus
36:53 Let us tell him all about our troubles
36:55 He will hear our faintest cry
36:58 And he will answer by and by
37:00 Now when you feel A little prayer wheel turning
37:03 And you know a little fire is burning
37:05 You will find a little talk
37:07 With Jesus makes it right
37:11 Sometimes my path seems drear
37:14 Without a ray of cheer
37:16 And then a cloud of doubt
37:18 May hide the light of day
37:21 The mists of sin may rise
37:24 And hide the starry skies
37:26 But just a little talk
37:28 With Jesus clears the way
37:31 Now let us have a little talk with Jesus
37:33 Let us tell him all about our troubles
37:36 He will hear our faintest cry
37:38 And he will answer by and by
37:40 Now when you feel
37:41 A little prayer wheel turning
37:43 And you know a little fire is burning
37:45 You will find a little talk
37:46 With Jesus makes it right It makes it right
37:53 I may have doubts and fears
37:56 My eyes be filled with tears
37:59 But my Jesus is a friend
38:01 Who watches day and night
38:06 I go to Him in prayer
38:09 He knows my every care
38:12 And just a little talk
38:13 With my Jesus makes it right
38:20 Now let us have a little talk with Jesus
38:23 Let us tell him all about our troubles
38:26 He will hear our faintest cry
38:28 And he will answer by and by
38:30 Now when you feel A little prayer wheel turning
38:33 And you know a little fire is burning
38:35 You will find a little talk with Jesus
38:40 Find a little talk with Jesus
38:45 Find a little talk with Jesus makes it right
38:58 Each one of us is born with a deep heart's desire.
39:01 For men it is to be respected and admired
39:04 for what he does for others,
39:05 for women it is to be loved and cherished.
39:07 Together, men and women reflect who God is.
39:11 He desires to be respected for creating us,
39:13 protecting us and guiding us in the right paths,
39:16 and he also desperately
39:18 longs to be the very first love of our lives.
39:20 Like all women, I was born with a desire
39:23 to be cherished,
39:24 to fill that hole in my heart became my life pursuit.
39:27 As a teenager and young adult,
39:29 I pursued that through education, work,
39:31 dressing provocatively, dating and drugs.
39:34 But all of those were short lived
39:36 and left me feeling even more unloved than before.
39:39 When I got married the first time,
39:40 I thought that would for sure fill my hole,
39:43 but it was only a few weeks later,
39:44 I learned my husband's passion for me
39:46 was an unquenchable passion for other women also.
39:49 When I found out I was pregnant,
39:51 I was sure that finally my love cup would be filled.
39:53 I mean, this child was flesh of my flesh.
39:56 But when he was born,
39:57 I discovered parenting is a huge sacrifice.
40:00 When I married a good guy the second time,
40:02 now I was sure I would finally be loved.
40:05 But reality set in before the honeymoon
40:07 was even finished.
40:08 As I was reading my great Christian romance novel
40:10 on the beach of Hawaii,
40:12 my husband looked at me and said,
40:13 "Did you marry me or the book?"
40:15 By God's grace, a couple weeks later,
40:17 we cleansed the home of novels.
40:19 As a sinful woman in a sinful world,
40:21 life became frustrating,
40:23 I wondered, "Will I ever be loved?"
40:26 Finally, I began to seek God, not for love,
40:29 but just to fix my problems.
40:31 What I found was an awesome and amazing love in God
40:35 better than I could comprehend.
40:37 As I read from creation how God loved me
40:39 to create me just the way I am,
40:41 that I didn't need to hide behind makeup, dress sensually
40:44 or work to prove myself,
40:46 to the cross where I saw a man who was willing to die for me
40:49 while I yet chose to reject Him,
40:51 to Revelation where God is trying to rescue me
40:54 from the devil and bring me to heaven.
40:56 I discovered a love that lifted me
40:58 out of my deepest heart sorrow.
41:00 I had found the one and only true love,
41:03 Jesus Christ.
41:14 I was sinking deep in sin
41:17 Far from the peaceful shore
41:19 Very deeply stained within
41:22 Sinking to rise no more
41:25 But the Master of the sea
41:28 Heard my despairing cry
41:31 From the waters lifted me
41:34 Now safe am I
41:37 Love lifted me
41:41 Love lifted me
41:44 When nothing else could help
41:47 Love lifted me
41:50 Love lifted me
41:53 Love lifted me
41:56 When nothing else could help
42:00 Love lifted me
42:06 All my heart to Him
42:08 I give Ever to Him
42:11 I'll cling
42:13 In His blessed presence live
42:16 Ever His praises sing
42:19 Love so mighty and so true
42:22 Merits my soul's best songs
42:25 Faithful loving service too
42:28 To Him belongs
42:31 Love lifted me
42:34 Love lifted me
42:37 When nothing else could help
42:40 Love lifted me
42:43 Love lifted me
42:47 Love lifted me
42:50 When nothing else could help
42:54 Love lifted me
43:05 Jesus loves each one of us so much that
43:07 He wants to lift us up out of our sin
43:10 and out of our heartache and frustrations.
43:12 He wants to give us a victorious life
43:15 every minute of the day.
43:17 He left perfect heaven
43:18 where every being respected and adored Him,
43:21 to come to this world to show us
43:23 how to live victoriously.
43:25 In my life I have experienced
43:27 the power of scripture to overcome sin.
43:29 For years I was plagued by depression and worry,
43:32 how to solve a problem,
43:33 what the future holds,
43:35 what others think of me and the list goes on and on.
43:38 When I'm overcome by worry,
43:40 I now sing Isaiah 26:3,
43:42 "I will keep Him in perfect peace,
43:44 whose mind is stayed on me because he trusts in me."
43:48 As I claim these words through song,
43:50 I find the worry rolls away
43:52 and I am in the perfect peace of Jesus Christ
43:55 who died for me
43:56 and will always take care of me.
43:58 In a world where the devil rules
44:00 and evil is the accepted standard,
44:02 God has given us His words so we can know
44:04 the difference between truth and error,
44:06 so we can claim His word
44:08 and so we can walk victoriously into His kingdom.
44:11 Romans 8:37 says,
44:13 "In all of these things
44:14 we are more than conquerors through Him
44:17 who loved us."
44:28 I heard an old, old story
44:31 How a Savior came from glory
44:35 How He gave His life on Calvary
44:39 To save a wretch like me
44:43 I heard about His groaning
44:47 Of His precious blood's atoning
44:51 Then I repented of my sins
44:55 And I won that victory
44:59 O victory in Jesus
45:02 My Savior, forever
45:06 He sought me and bought me
45:10 With His redeeming blood
45:14 He loved me ere I knew Him
45:18 And all my love is due Him
45:22 He plunged me to victory
45:25 Beneath the cleansing flood
45:31 I heard about a mansion
45:35 He has built for me in glory
45:38 And I heard about the streets of gold
45:43 Beyond the crystal sea
45:46 About the angels singing
45:50 And the old redemption story
45:54 And some sweet day
45:56 I'll sing up there
45:57 The song of victory
46:01 O victory in Jesus
46:05 My Savior, forever
46:09 He sought me and bought me
46:13 With His redeeming blood
46:17 He loved me ere
46:19 I knew Him
46:21 And all my love is due Him
46:24 He plunged me to victory
46:28 Beneath the cleansing flood
46:39 In the spring of 2017, David and I both heard
46:42 God's distinct voice tell us to sell our home
46:44 and move from Monroe, Washington.
46:46 We didn't want to move.
46:48 David had grown up there,
46:49 bought family property and worked for a family.
46:51 My mother had moved to be close to us.
46:53 We had remodeled our home into our dream home,
46:56 built a shop and we were deeply involved
46:58 in our beloved church.
46:59 We were finally reaching our dream,
47:02 but God clearly revealed
47:03 His path for us, one step at a time.
47:05 It was scary and it defied all human logic,
47:08 but we decided to trust and obey.
47:10 Looking back, we can clearly see
47:12 God's wisdom in leading us
47:14 to our new home in New Port, Washington
47:16 and shortly after into ministry.
47:18 God has a purpose for each one of us.
47:21 It is to love Him with all of our heart,
47:23 soul and mind and it is to spread
47:25 the great news of who God is.
47:27 We are called to full time ministry
47:29 within our families,
47:31 workplace, community, and wherever God send us.
47:34 We may feel too small
47:36 or we may feel like complete failures,
47:38 but God will strengthen and provide for us.
47:41 Galatians 6:9 says,
47:43 "Let us not become weary while doing good,
47:45 for in due season we will reap a harvest
47:48 if we do not give up."
47:58 Seeking the lost yes kindly entreating
48:03 Wanderers on the mountain astray
48:07 Come unto Me
48:09 His message repeating
48:12 Words of the Master speaking today
48:17 Going afar Going afar
48:19 Upon the mountain Upon the mountain
48:23 Bringing the wanderer back again
48:28 Into the fold Into the fold
48:31 Of my Redeemer Of my Redeemer
48:34 Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain
48:39 For sinners slain
48:42 Seeking the lost and pointing to Jesus
48:46 Souls that are weak and hearts that are sore
48:51 Leading them forth in ways of salvation
48:55 Showing the path to life evermore
49:00 Going afar Going afar
49:03 Upon the mountain Upon the mountain
49:06 Bringing the wanderer back again
49:12 Into the fold Into the fold
49:14 Of my Redeemer Of my Redeemer
49:18 Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain
49:22 For sinners slain
49:26 Thus would I go on missions of mercy
49:30 Following Christ from day unto day
49:34 Cheering the faint and raising the fallen
49:38 Pointing the lost to Jesus the Way
49:43 Going afar Going afar
49:45 Upon the mountain Upon the mountain
49:48 Bringing the wanderer back again
49:54 Into the fold Into the fold
49:57 Of my Redeemer Of my Redeemer
50:00 Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain
50:04 For sinners slain
50:14 First history began 6,000 years ago,
50:16 when Christ created this earth
50:17 with the power of His voice alone.
50:19 And thus I have faith Christ can recreate in me a new heart
50:23 with the power of His Word alone.
50:26 Adam and Eve walked and talked with Christ
50:28 until Eve doubted
50:29 God's guidance and chose to obey Satan
50:32 the great deceiver.
50:33 Thus Christ's plan of redemption began.
50:35 A Messiah was promised.
50:37 He'd expected her son Cain to be the Messiah
50:39 and when he murdered his brother,
50:41 she then expected Seth to be the Messiah.
50:43 Soon cause people gave up on a coming Messiah.
50:46 But a few individuals
50:48 who were personally studying God's Word
50:49 knew when to expect the Messiah,
50:51 and they were richly blessed to see
50:53 and recognize Jesus Christ
50:54 when He came to this earth to redeem us.
50:57 I fear once again in 2020, we are reaping history.
51:01 Like Eve, we have been deceived by the devil,
51:04 followed our feelings, disobeyed God and made excuses.
51:07 We have forgotten Christ's love for us,
51:09 His sacrifice
51:11 and that He is going over the records right now,
51:13 so He can come soon to take His children home.
51:15 Christ begs us to repent,
51:18 read His Word to know truth,
51:19 talk to Him as our best friend and follow His voice.
51:23 As we read our Bible,
51:24 we realize we are living in the very last of days.
51:27 Christ indeed is coming very soon.
51:30 We must get ready.
51:32 We must not let anything stop us.
51:34 We must persevere.
51:36 Just when we feel like giving up,
51:38 just when we think Christ is never going to come,
51:41 that midnight cry will sound,
51:43 the trumpet of God is heard and we indeed will see
51:46 Jesus coming in the clouds with our very own eyes.
52:28 I hear the sound
52:33 Of a mighty rushing wind
52:41 And it's closer now
52:46 Than it's ever been
52:53 I can almost hear the trumpet
52:59 And it's Gabriel sounds the chord
53:07 At the midnight cry
53:13 We'll be going home
53:19 When Jesus steps out
53:26 On a cloud to call His children
53:33 The dead in Christ shall rise
53:39 To meet Him in the air
53:46 And then those that remain
53:53 Shall be quickly changed
54:01 At the midnight cry
54:06 When Jesus comes again
54:15 For the Lord Himself will be sent
54:16 from heaven with a shout
54:18 and with the trumpet of God,
54:19 and the dead in Christ will rise first.
54:21 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up
54:24 together with Him in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air,
54:26 and thus we shall always be with our Lord.
54:32 I look around me
54:36 I see prophecies fulfilled
54:45 And signs of the times
54:50 They're appearing everywhere
54:56 I can almost hear my father
55:03 As He says son get your children
55:10 At the midnight cry
55:16 The children Christ shall rise
55:19 We will rise
55:23 When Jesus steps
55:30 On a cloud to call His children
55:36 The dead in Christ shall rise
55:43 To meet Him in the air
55:50 And then those that remain
55:57 Shall be quickly changed
56:05 At the midnight cry
56:10 When Jesus comes again
56:16 And then those that remain
56:23 Shall be quickly changed
56:31 At the midnight cry
56:36 When Jesus comes again
56:44 At the midnight cry
56:50 When Jesus comes again
56:57 Comes again
57:11 Brothers and sisters,
57:12 Jesus Christ is returning very soon.
57:15 He loves us so very much.
57:17 We would like to respond to that love.
57:20 We invite you to join us
57:21 in deciding to follow Jesus today,
57:24 tomorrow and for eternity.
57:26 When Jesus steps
57:33 On a cloud to call His children
57:39 The dead in Christ shall rise
57:46 To meet Him in the air
57:53 And then those that remain
58:00 Shall be quickly changed
58:08 At the midnight cry
58:13 When Jesus comes again
58:22 "For the Lord Himself
58:23 will descend from heaven with a shout,
58:25 with the trumpet of God,
58:26 and the dead in Christ will rise first.
58:28 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up
58:31 together with them in the clouds,
58:32 to meet the Lord in the air."


Revised 2021-12-02