Strategies for Strongholds

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
SFS220001S Video NA God's Intervention NA
SFS220002S Video NA Preparing for Today NA
SFS220003S Video NA Adele's Journey NA
SFS220004S Video NA Stolen NA
SFS220005S Video NA Identity and Same-Sex Attraction NA
SFS220006S Video NA The Worst Sinner NA
SFS220007S Video NA By Beholding I Was Changed NA
SFS220008S Video NA What It Takes to Have A Healthy Relationship NA
SFS220009S Video NA The Amazing Transforming Power of God's Grace NA
SFS220010S Video NA Understanding Transgenderism NA
SFS220011S Video NA A Way of Escape NA
SFS220012S Video NA Fatherless NA
SFS220013S Video NA From Tragedy to Triumph NA
SFS220014S Video NA Success and Failure In Children's Education NA
SFS220015S Video NA Short Circuit NA
SFS220016S Video NA A Broken World NA
SFS220017S Video NA His Thoughtful Design to Overcome NA
SFS220018S Video NA The Stranger Within NA
SFS220019S Video NA Triumphant Strategies NA
SFS220020S Video NA The Journey of a Mother NA
SFS220021S Video NA Abortion NA
SFS220022S Video NA Bonding with Your Children NA
SFS220023S Video NA Twelve Years of Strategies for Strongholds NA
SFS220024S Video NA Fighting Church-Related Sexual Abuse NA


Updated 2024-05-25