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00:01 Music...
00:26 Welcome to a new Series that we are beginning entitled,
00:29 "The Sanctuary, Salvation and Our Savior"
00:32 my name is David Shin
00:34 and I want to encourage you to join us
00:36 each and every episode of this Series
00:38 as we study the relevance of the sanctuary
00:41 to our day-to-day lives.
00:43 Now, one of the questions that people have asked is,
00:46 "What is the sanctuary and why is it relevant
00:49 to our day-to-day lives?"
00:50 Many people have assumed
00:52 that the sanctuary is an Old Testament relic
00:54 and is no longer relevant in the New Testament period
00:57 and especially in the 21st Century that we're now living.
01:01 Now, David in Psalm 77 verse 13 said,
01:05 "Your way, O God, is in the sanctuary... "
01:09 In other words, if we want to understand the relevance
01:14 of the sanctuary to our day-to-day lives,
01:17 we must understand that God's reference point
01:21 for what He has done...
01:23 is doing... and will do
01:25 can be found in the sanctuary.
01:27 The sanctuary shows Jesus as the Lamb of God
01:31 who takes away the sins of the world...
01:33 the sanctuary shows Jesus as our High Priest in heaven
01:37 ministering on our behalf
01:38 and the sanctuary is our motif.. our reference point...
01:42 our lens for understanding the work of Christ
01:46 in salvation history
01:48 and one clue that we can have
01:50 for deciphering between all the different doctrines
01:53 in regards to the gospel today, is to look at the sanctuary.
01:57 If it's not in the sanctuary, it is not a right gospel
02:02 because the Bible tells us that God's way is in the sanctuary.
02:07 God has given us a framework to understand
02:10 the work and ministry of Christ in the sanctuary
02:14 and He gave us to Moses as a type of what is in heaven
02:19 as we continue through this Series.
02:22 David, in Psalm 27 verse 4 said,
02:25 "One thing have I desired of the LORD,
02:27 that will I seek;
02:29 that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
02:32 all the days of my life. "
02:34 Now, if you could ask God for anything
02:37 what would you ask Him for?
02:39 A new car?
02:40 A new house?
02:42 Money... fame... fortune... what would you ask God for?
02:45 And here David said,
02:47 "Look, if I could ask God for one thing,
02:49 and I had one request I could make of the Lord,
02:52 he said, "It would be to live in God's house"
02:56 and notice how long David wants to live in God's house.
02:59 He says, "I want to live in God's house... "
03:01 not just for a month...
03:03 not just for a year,
03:04 he said, "I want to live in God's house
03:06 all the days of my life... "
03:09 and as we go through this Series, we'll discover
03:11 that God's house is a sanctuary.
03:14 It's His home,
03:15 it's the dwelling place of God
03:17 and the Command Center of the universe
03:19 and David said, "Look, if I could have one request,
03:22 I want to live in God's house. "
03:24 Now, there are a lot of homes that I could think of
03:27 that I don't want to live in
03:28 and it has to do with one or two reasons,
03:30 either the structure is very poor and uncomfortable
03:33 or the person within the place
03:36 makes it a place that I would never want to spend
03:39 even a night in,
03:40 now, when you look at David's request here,
03:42 you can see that David wants to live in God's house
03:45 because of the person in God's house,
03:48 he says, "Look, I want to live there
03:50 all the days of my life. "
03:52 Now, what does David want to do there?
03:54 We can see what he says in Psalm 27 verse 4,
03:57 in the rest of this verse, he says,
03:59 "One thing have I desired of the LORD,
04:00 that will I seek after;
04:02 that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
04:05 all the days of my life... "
04:07 and the first thing that he wants to do
04:09 is behold the beauty of God.
04:13 God is beautiful...
04:14 we're not just talking about an inner beauty
04:17 but I believe that God is externally beautiful
04:20 on the outside
04:22 and this emanates from a character beauty
04:24 and David says, "Look, I want to live in your house,
04:26 because God... You're a beautiful God...
04:29 You're a God that's beautiful on the inside
04:31 and on the outside. "
04:34 God has a beautiful aesthetic quality to Him
04:36 and he says, "The other thing that I want to do,
04:39 is to inquire in His temple.
04:43 Now, when you look at the original language,
04:45 the word "inquire" is talking about an intellectual inquiry
04:49 after truth.
04:50 So, God's house is not only a place of aesthetic beauty,
04:54 it's also a place of beauty of truth as well,
04:59 not only an aesthetic beauty,
05:00 but also an intellectual assent of knowledge and truth.
05:05 God's house is a place of inquiry and truth,
05:09 he says, "I want to talk with God. "
05:11 Now, I read an article not too long ago
05:13 about individuals that would spend tens of thousands
05:18 and hundreds of thousands of dollars
05:20 to have lunch with Warren Buffet,
05:22 one of the richest men in all the world
05:25 and these individuals... one of them I read about
05:28 spent $600,000 to have lunch for an hour
05:33 with Warren Buffet
05:35 and they were asked afterwards...
05:37 these individuals that had won this bidding lottery
05:40 to have lunch with Warren Buffet...
05:42 they were asked, "Was it worth it?"
05:43 And all of them said, "Absolutely, yes!"
05:46 Now, evidently, having lunch with a billionaire
05:49 is... is worth a lot of money
05:51 but can you imagine having lunch with God
05:53 every single day in His house?
05:57 What would that conversation be like?
05:59 What would be the interaction?
06:01 What would be the knowledge gained from an inquiry
06:05 to understand the mind of God?
06:08 So, David says, I want to dwell in your house
06:11 all the days of my life...
06:12 I want to live there
06:14 and I want to behold the beauty of God
06:17 and I want to inquire in His temple,
06:19 I want to understand what God has to do
06:22 and what God has to reveal in His truth.
06:25 Now, the question is, what does God's house look like?
06:29 And in Revelation chapter 11 verse 19,
06:33 we have a picture of what God's house looks like,
06:35 God's temple...
06:37 it says in Revelation chapter 11 verse 19,
06:40 "And then the temple of God was opened in heaven... "
06:43 this is God's house... the dwelling place of God...
06:47 "and the ark of His covenant was seen in His temple. "
06:51 Here John in vision sees the house of God...
06:55 the temple of God
06:56 and the doors of the temple are opened
06:59 and inside he sees a particular article of furniture
07:04 known as the ark of the covenant.
07:06 We have another idea of what is also in God's house...
07:10 the same book, Revelation chapter 4 verse 5,
07:12 And from the throne proceeded lightnings, thunderings,
07:17 and voices: and seven lamps of fire
07:20 were burning before the throne. "
07:22 So not only in God's house is the Ark of the Covenant
07:25 but also in God's house is a light source,
07:29 there are seven lamps of fire that are burning
07:32 before the throne
07:33 and another verse in Revelation indicates what else is seen,
07:38 here's a picture of the candelabra...
07:41 the lampstands that are found there... the menorah...
07:44 and Revelation 8 verse 3, the Bible tells us,
07:48 "he was given much incense,
07:50 that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints
07:54 upon the golden altar which was also before the throne. "
07:58 You see, an altar of incense that is also located
08:02 in the house of God as well
08:05 and here's an artist's depiction of the Altar of Incense.
08:09 So, in review, in the Book of Revelation,
08:12 you see that in God's house, there's an Ark of the Covenant,
08:15 there are lampstands...
08:17 there's an Altar of Incense that is also found there as well
08:21 and in Exodus chapter 25 verse 8, the Bible says,
08:25 "Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings
08:29 exactly like the pattern that I will show you. "
08:33 Moses went up to Mount Sinai
08:35 and when he went up to Mount Sinai,
08:38 he came down with two things after the conversation with God.
08:42 The first thing that he came down with
08:44 was the Ten Commandments.
08:46 The other thing that Moses came down with
08:49 was a blueprint of the sanctuary
08:53 known as the Mosaic Sanctuary or Moses' Tabernacle
08:57 and notice what God told Moses about the Tabernacle,
09:01 He said, "This tabernacle and all its furnishings
09:05 exactly like the pattern I will show you. "
09:10 In other words, the sanctuary preexisted
09:14 the time of Moses,
09:16 now, if you make something after the pattern
09:18 of something else,
09:19 it indicates that there is an original that also exists
09:23 and as we've just seen in Revelation chapter 4...
09:26 Revelation chapter 11 and Revelation chapter 8...
09:29 there are the true articles of furniture
09:33 that really exist in heaven
09:35 and God said, "I want you to make a replica...
09:39 a miniature of what is in heaven
09:42 so, Moses' sanctuary was not created and instituted
09:48 during the time of Moses
09:49 and it was not created by God during that time.
09:52 All of the Biblical evidence indicates
09:55 that it was really a replica of the real deal
09:59 that was really in heaven.
10:01 Now, in the New Testament,
10:03 in Hebrews chapter 8 verses 1 through 5,
10:06 Paul says, "Now this is the main point of the things
10:09 that we're saying, we do have such a High Priest,
10:12 who is sat down at the right hand of the throne
10:16 of the Majesty in heaven,
10:18 who serves in the sanctuary, the true tabernacle
10:23 set up by the LORD and not by a mere human being. "
10:29 In other words, the Bible indicates
10:31 that when Jesus went to heaven,
10:34 He went as our High Priest to be a Minister
10:38 in a true sanctuary
10:41 which was not created and instituted by Moses
10:44 but it was actually created by God.
10:47 In other words, there is a sanctuary in heaven
10:52 and this is actually God's house.
10:55 It is the dwelling place of God
10:57 and when Moses was instructed to build a sanctuary,
11:01 it was to be a replica of what was actually in heaven.
11:06 Hebrews chapter 8 goes on,
11:07 "Every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts
11:11 and sacrifices and so it was necessary for this One
11:14 also to have something to offer. "
11:16 They serve at a sanctuary and listen to this...
11:21 "that is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. "
11:25 I don't know how the Scriptures can be any more clear.
11:30 There's a lot of discussion for the last 40, 50, 60 years
11:34 about whether there is a sanctuary
11:36 actually existing in heaven
11:38 and you cannot get any more clearer than this, Friends,
11:41 Paul, in Hebrews chapter 8,
11:43 tells us there is a sanctuary in heaven
11:46 and this sanctuary is a replica
11:49 or the sanctuary of Moses, rather,
11:51 is a replica of what is actually in heaven.
11:54 Hebrews chapter 8 goes on, "This is why Moses was warned
11:59 when he was about to build the tabernacle,
12:02 'see that you make it according to the pattern
12:05 shown you on the mountain. '"
12:08 Here Paul gives a direct quote
12:11 of Exodus chapter 25 verse 8 and 9
12:14 in which he says that Moses built the sanctuary
12:18 in a replica of what actually existed in heaven.
12:23 Now, this is a bird's eye view of Moses' sanctuary
12:28 and remember what we said before,
12:29 this is a replica of what is in heaven.
12:33 Remember in Revelation we saw the Altar of Incense?
12:37 In Moses' replica, we see the Altar of Incense,
12:40 Remember in Revelation we saw the Ark of the Covenant?
12:43 And here you see the Ark of the Covenant
12:46 in Moses' replica.
12:47 In Revelation, you saw the Lampstand
12:50 and here in the Holy Place, you see the Lampstand as well.
12:55 In other words, this is a miniature
12:57 of the real deal that is actually in heaven
13:01 and here, Moses was given a blueprint...
13:04 a model...
13:05 a miniature scale
13:07 so that we could understand the work of Christ...
13:10 and what He has done... is doing... and will do...
13:13 and I want to encourage us in this study
13:16 to use the sanctuary lens
13:18 for understanding the work of salvation
13:20 and the work of Christ
13:22 because God is trying to tell us
13:24 and teach us about heavenly things
13:26 in terms of things that we can understand...
13:30 a reference point that He has given us
13:32 in the model of the sanctuary.
13:34 Now, we're going to take a short break right now
13:37 and when we come back, we will see from Scripture
13:40 as to the reality of what the function of the sanctuary was
13:45 before sin
13:47 and we'll look at the Bible for evidence and support
13:50 of this notion and this fact.
13:52 Join us and stay with us as we come back to our study
13:56 of the sanctuary.


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