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00:01 Before the break, we referenced Exodus chapter 25 verse 8
00:04 where the Bible says that Moses was given a blueprint
00:09 of the sanctuary and it was to be a pattern
00:12 implied that there was an original
00:14 that preexisted the time of Moses.
00:17 Now, let's come over to this screen
00:19 and take a look at the sanctuary from a bird's eye view,
00:23 this is the pattern that Moses was given on Mount Sinai...
00:26 there are three different compartments,
00:29 you have the Courtyard
00:30 and then you have the Holy Place
00:32 and then you have the Most Holy Place.
00:35 In the Courtyard, you have two articles of furniture,
00:37 you have the Altar of Burnt Offering
00:39 and the Laver.
00:40 In the Holy Place, you have the Lampstand
00:42 which is illustrated by this LED to my right here,
00:45 this is the Menorah... the candlesticks...
00:47 seven lamps of fire were seen in the Book of Revelation
00:50 that were burning before the throne
00:52 and here we see a replica of that.
00:54 In the bird's eye view of the sanctuary,
00:57 you have the Altar of Incense
00:58 which was also seen in the book of Revelation,
01:00 and then the Table of Shewbread as well.
01:02 Last but not least, you have the Most Holy Place
01:05 where the Shekinah Glory of God was
01:07 and on the screen behind me
01:10 is a LED of the Shekinah Glory of God
01:13 you see two wings on either side of this
01:17 and this represented the cherubims
01:19 which were hovering over the Throne Room of God.
01:23 So, you have the Courtyard,
01:24 you have the Holy Place,
01:26 and then you have the Most Holy Place
01:28 with the Ark of the Covenant.
01:30 Now, one of the questions that people have asked
01:32 is, "Did God's sanctuary exist before sin?"
01:36 In Ezekiel chapter 28 verse 14, the Bible says,
01:40 "You were the anointed cherub who covers;
01:44 I established you;
01:46 you were on the holy mountain of God. "
01:49 Now, this passage is referring to Lucifer
01:53 and Lucifer later became the devil and Satan
01:56 but prior to sin arising in the heart of Lucifer,
02:01 the Bible says in the book of Ezekiel
02:03 that Lucifer's role was a covering cherub.
02:07 Now, the other place where the covering cherub is mentioned
02:11 is in reference to the Throne Room of God
02:14 and the Ark of the Covenant which is a replica
02:17 of the Throne Room of God
02:19 and there are two cherubim's
02:21 that are covering the Shekinah Glory of God
02:23 as depicted in the Ark of the Covenant.
02:26 Now, what Ezekiel is referring to here and implies
02:31 is that this... a model of the Ark of the Testament
02:36 and the Throne Room of God
02:38 and by implication the sanctuary preexisted
02:42 the... the inception of sin,
02:45 in other words, Lucifer was there
02:47 as one of the covering cherubs
02:49 that stood closest to the Shekinah Glory of God.
02:52 This implies that the sanctuary and the Throne Room of God
02:56 was there even before sin.
02:59 Let's go on, in Isaiah chapter 14 verse 13,
03:03 the Bible here refers to Lucifer again
03:06 but here it says, "I will sit enthroned
03:08 on the Mount of the Assembly. "
03:11 Lucifer not only wanted to be like God,
03:15 he wanted to be God
03:17 and he says, "Look, I want to sit on the Mount
03:20 of the Assembly.
03:22 Now, this concept of the Mount of the Assembly
03:27 implies that the Throne Room of God... the House of God...
03:30 the Sanctuary of God...
03:32 was a place of what we would call, "Adoration and Praise"
03:36 otherwise known as Doxology, it was a place of worship
03:40 where all the intelligent beings of the universe...
03:43 created beings... angels... would gather together
03:47 to worship and adore
03:49 and give doxology... which is praise
03:53 to the Creator of the universe.
03:55 So, theologians believe that the function of the sanctuary
04:00 prior to sin was of doxology.
04:03 It was a place of worship.
04:06 It was a place where all the intelligent beings
04:09 in the universe would gather together
04:11 to worship before the King of kings
04:13 and the Lord of lords.
04:16 There are other clues in the Bible,
04:18 here in Ezekiel chapter 28 verse 13,
04:21 the Bible says, "The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes... "
04:24 and interestingly enough timbrels and pipes
04:28 were sanctuary instruments.
04:30 So, there are clues in Scripture indicating
04:33 that God's house, prior to sin,
04:36 took on the role of doxology and worship
04:40 and after sin, the house of God
04:43 took on additional responsibilities
04:46 in the plan of salvation.
04:48 Now, this tells you how important
04:50 saving you and me really is.
04:53 It is so important that God brought
04:55 the activities of the plan of salvation into His home...
05:00 the Command Center of the entire universe.
05:04 Going back to our first reference,
05:06 in Psalm 27... what did God call David to do in His temple?
05:11 In Psalm 27 verse 8 which is at the high point
05:15 of the structure of Psalm 27,
05:17 He says, "When You said, 'seek my face,'
05:21 my heart said to You,
05:23 "Your face, Lord, I will seek. "'"
05:26 Remember what David said in Psalm 27?
05:28 He says, "If I have one desire,
05:30 I want to dwell in the house of the Lord forever. "
05:33 He says, "I want to inquire in Your temple,
05:36 I want to see Your beauty. "
05:38 But here, he says that God's call to us... in His house
05:43 is to seek God's face.
05:47 Now, remember, Adam and Eve before sin
05:50 were able to have a face-to-face encounter with God...
05:54 a conversation...
05:55 a face-to-face encounter
05:57 in which they could look into the eyes of God
06:00 and have a communion... a conversation with God
06:03 that... that we can't even imagine today
06:05 because of sin.
06:07 Now, the sanctuary shows us the telos or the end-goal
06:11 of what God is intending to do in the plan of salvation.
06:15 He wants to bring us all the way back
06:18 to that face-to-face encounter with Him.
06:21 Now, this is what we referenced in regards to Eden before sin...
06:26 here it is in Genesis chapter 3 verse 8,
06:28 God was walking in the garden in the cool of the day.
06:33 God had a face-to-face communion...
06:36 conversation with Adam and Eve.
06:37 The Bible is implying that every day God would come down
06:41 and walk in the Garden in the evening
06:44 to have this conversation with Adam and Eve.
06:47 I wonder what that would have been like
06:49 to have a conversation with God every single day
06:51 and God says... the sanctuary motif...
06:54 the sanctuary goal is for God to bring us back.
06:59 We lost that relationship with God
07:01 and He wants to bring us back.
07:03 Now, you can see immediately after the fall
07:06 that this face-to-face encounter with God
07:09 was no longer possible
07:10 because we see in Exodus chapter 33 verse 20,
07:13 when Moses went up to see God, he says,
07:16 "Look, I want to see Your face...
07:18 I want to see the face of God"
07:19 but God said in Exodus chapter 33 verse 20,
07:23 "But He said, 'You cannot see my face
07:26 for no one may see My face and live. '"
07:30 Now, notice the change,
07:32 now the Bible indicates that Moses was a righteous man
07:35 but immediately after sin, this face-to-face encounter
07:39 was no longer possible
07:40 not because God had restricted it
07:42 because He no longer wants to have a relationship with us,
07:45 but the Bible indicates
07:47 that sin changed our relationship with God
07:49 so that we could not longer have this face-to-face encounter
07:52 with Him anymore.
07:54 We can see another instance in 1st Samuel chapter 6 verse 20
07:58 and the people of Bethshemesh asked,
08:00 'Who can stand in the presence of the Lord?
08:03 This holy God to whom will the ark go up from here. '"
08:08 You remember the story? The Ark of the Covenant
08:11 went into a town and the people of Israel uncovered the Ark
08:15 and many people died and notice what they said,
08:18 they said, "Who can stand in the presence of a holy God?"
08:23 Because of our sin, we are unable to have a relationship...
08:28 a face-to-face relationship with God anymore
08:30 and here is the condition for seeing God face to face
08:35 found in Hebrews chapter 12 and verse 14.
08:38 "Without holiness, no one will see the Lord. "
08:43 God wants to have a face-to-face encounter with us.
08:46 He wants to have that intimate conversation with us
08:50 and we're told that conversation is relationship
08:53 but the criteria... the condition
08:56 for having this face-to-face encounter with God
08:59 is holiness.
09:00 Now, I don't know about you but when I hear this
09:03 it's overwhelming... there's anxiety
09:06 because I see myself and I'm anything but holy
09:10 but when we look at the sanctuary,
09:12 we see the beauty of what God wants to do
09:16 in Hebrews chapter 12 verse 14,
09:19 He says, "I am the Lord who makes you holy. "
09:24 In other words, we don't have to make ourselves holy,
09:28 the beauty of the sanctuary experience
09:30 is that really... it is God Who makes us holy
09:34 and we can rest in that assurance.
09:37 Here we see the bird's eye view of the heavenly sanctuary
09:40 this is a model of the heavenly sanctuary...
09:43 the model that Moses was given on Mount Sinai
09:45 and we can see that Adam and Eve back in Edenic perfection
09:49 had a Most-Holy-Place experience.
09:52 They were to have that face-to-face communion with God
09:55 but because of sin the entire human race
09:59 was placed outside of the gate
10:01 and what God wants to do in the sanctuary model
10:05 is to bring us into the courtyard...
10:08 into the Holy Place
10:10 and finally, into the Most-Holy-Place experience
10:15 to that face-to-face encounter with God.
10:17 The problem is sin
10:19 and the sanctuary shows us how God takes care of sin
10:24 and how God makes us holy...
10:27 the sanctuary is the model of salvation
10:29 how God will bring us back
10:33 and here in the book of Revelation...
10:35 Revelation chapter 22 verse 5, you can see
10:38 that God has restored Edenic perfection
10:41 not only in the place but in the person.
10:44 Revelation chapter 22 verse 4, the Bible says,
10:46 "And they will see... " and notice the language here,
10:50 "And they will see His face" just like Adam and Eve
10:55 were able to see the face of God.
10:56 We will be able to see the face of God
10:58 when the heavens and earth are created
11:00 "They will see His face,
11:02 and His name shall be on their foreheads. "
11:05 What is on the forehead?
11:07 This is not a literal name like Yaweh or Jehovah
11:11 that is placed on the foreheads
11:12 of God's redeemed and restored people.
11:15 On the forehead, the pre-frontal cortex
11:18 is our conscience and our character.
11:21 In other words, God will recreate the image of God in man
11:25 in other words, He will make us holy
11:28 and because He has done this work,
11:30 we will be able to see the face of God.
11:34 We come to our last text, Revelation chapter 21 verse 3,
11:40 "Behold, the tabernacle of God is with man
11:45 and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people.
11:50 And God Himself will be with them and be their God. "
11:55 Here we see that David's request
11:59 to live in the house of the Lord forever
12:03 will come to actualization... it will be a reality
12:08 because the Bible tells us that the temple of God...
12:12 the New Jerusalem will come down to earth
12:17 and we will live in the house of God forever.
12:21 Some people have said, "Didn't John see no temple?"
12:25 Well, when you look at the dimensions
12:28 of the Most Holy Place, it is a perfect square.
12:32 The New Jerusalem is also a perfect square.
12:35 In other words,
12:37 the reason why John was not able to see a temple
12:39 is because the New Jerusalem is the temple.
12:43 God has completed the plan of salvation
12:47 in bringing man all the way back...
12:51 Eden lost... Eden restored...
12:55 and my appeal to you today is to allow God to do His work
13:00 to bring you into the Courtyard...
13:02 into the Holy Place
13:04 and into the Most Holy Place
13:06 so that we could have again
13:08 that face-to-face encounter with God.
13:12 I want to encourage you to walk with Jesus Christ.
13:16 Stay tuned for our next installment of this Study
13:20 as we study the sanctuary, salvation and our Savior.
13:25 May God bless you and keep you to that end.
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