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Sanctified in the Holy Place

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00:01 Music...
00:26 Welcome to the Series that we've entitled:
00:29 The Sanctuary, Salvation and our Savior.
00:32 My name is David Shin
00:33 and I'm honored to have you join us in this study
00:36 as we re-discover the significance of the sanctuary
00:40 in understanding the work of Jesus Christ...
00:43 past, present and future.
00:46 Now, for today's presentation,
00:47 I want to read from 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 2,
00:51 the Bible says,
00:53 "Like newborn babies crave pure spiritual milk,
00:57 so that by it, you may grow up in your salvation. "
01:02 Here the apostle Peter is using the metaphor
01:07 of physical birth and growth to describe an analogous way
01:15 the way that we also are born spiritually and grow.
01:19 Notice that in this text, there are two distinct periods
01:23 that are there by implication,
01:25 there is Christian birth
01:27 and then there is Christian growth.
01:30 Now, in the physical world,
01:32 it's important to be born obviously
01:35 because if you're never born, you don't exist
01:37 but after you're born,
01:39 it's important to grow after birth.
01:43 Now, we have in my home... we just had... two years ago
01:48 a baby boy... he's two right now...
01:51 hard to believe
01:53 and all of the focus in the pregnancy and rightfully so,
01:58 was on his birth.
01:59 We went through classes,
02:01 we went and prepared our bag
02:05 there was so much of the emphasis on birth
02:07 and then when the birth of my son came,
02:10 there was this realization that came over my sleep-deprived
02:16 consciousness
02:17 that this baby needed continual daily care.
02:23 In other words, birth was one thing
02:26 but care and growth after birth was another thing
02:29 and we'd go to the Pediatrician on a regular basis
02:33 and they would weigh and measure the baby
02:35 because if the baby is not growing,
02:38 there is something wrong.
02:40 In an analogous way, the Christian experience
02:45 is about birth and growth as well
02:47 and I believe there are many Christians that have been born
02:50 but are no longer growing.
02:52 In other words, metaphorically speaking,
02:55 they're still in diapers.
02:57 They have not grown as a Christian
03:00 and so much of Christianity today is emphasized on the birth
03:04 and praise God for that
03:06 but the Bible points out that it's important to grow
03:10 after birth as well
03:12 as we're seen here in 1st Peter 2 verse 2
03:15 "That you may grow up in your salvation. "
03:19 Now, here is a model of the sanctuary
03:21 that we've been referencing,
03:23 this is a bird's eye view of Moses' sanctuary
03:26 and you come into the Courtyard
03:30 and that is where we are born again as a Christian.
03:35 You accept Jesus as your Savior,
03:37 He comes into your heart...
03:39 you come to the Laver where you are baptized
03:42 and then, after that,
03:45 God says, "I want you to walk with me into the Holy Place
03:49 where you can grow after you have been born.
03:53 You see, in the Courtyard, you are born as a Christian...
03:58 in the Holy Place, you grow as a Christian.
04:02 Now, I want to mention something very quickly here,
04:05 it's not about how far you get,
04:07 it's about being in the process.
04:10 Now, when you look at the thief on the cross,
04:13 the thief on the cross didn't get very far,
04:15 he wasn't even baptized...
04:16 he made it to the first article of furniture...
04:18 he accepted Jesus as His Savior
04:20 and he died a few hours later.
04:22 Now, I believe on the cross,
04:23 he was growing but he didn't get very far.
04:26 You see, it's not about the destination,
04:29 it's about being in the process,
04:32 however, as long as you are alive as a Christian,
04:37 you should be growing... you should be in the process...
04:41 so, in the Courtyard, you accept Jesus,
04:43 you are covered... you're cleansed...
04:46 you're born again and then you come to the Holy Place
04:50 and God says, "I want you to journey with me..
04:52 I want you to grow with me...
04:54 I want you to be transformed in character with me... "
04:58 and this is where we experience something called
05:01 "Sanctification. "
05:02 Now, we use these terms,
05:04 "Sanctification and Justification"
05:06 but they're synonymous with Christian birth
05:10 and Christian growth.
05:12 Justification is like Christian birth.
05:15 Sanctification is like Christian growth.
05:19 Now, as we've noted, this is an important point to look at
05:25 when we look at the sanctuary,
05:26 remember God's intention in the sanctuary
05:28 is to bring us all the way back
05:30 and He does this in three distinct stages
05:32 and we're studying Stage Two today,
05:35 we are justified in the Courtyard,
05:38 we are covered
05:39 and then we are sanctified in the Holy Place,
05:43 this is where we experience Christian growth,
05:46 we are justified in the Courtyard...
05:49 we are born again...
05:51 we are sanctified in the Holy Place...
05:53 this is where God wants us to grow in grace
05:56 and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
06:01 So we come in... we accept Jesus...
06:03 we're baptized at the Laver
06:05 and there's three articles of furniture in the Holy Place,
06:08 the Table of Shewbread...
06:10 the Altar of Incense
06:11 and the Lampstand
06:12 typifying in our own Christian experience,
06:16 Bible Study, Ministry and Prayer as well.
06:21 These are important considerations
06:23 in our Christian experience to help us grow in grace...
06:26 in our knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
06:29 Now, here on the screen,
06:30 I have some synonyms for Justification and Sanctification
06:35 to help us to better understand
06:38 the distinction between these two.
06:40 So, I'm going to go through them here very quickly,
06:42 Justification is like birth... becoming alive,
06:47 Sanctification is like growth and thriving alive,
06:50 Justification... we accept Jesus as our Savior,
06:54 Sanctification... we accept Jesus as Lord,
06:58 Justification is God's declaration,
07:02 Sanctification is our transformation,
07:05 Justification is the reinstatement of status,
07:09 Sanctification is character transformation,
07:13 Justification is our title for heaven,
07:16 Sanctification is our fitness for heaven,
07:19 Justification is what God thinks of us,
07:22 Sanctification is what we think of God,
07:26 Justification is God's imputed righteousness,
07:30 Sanctification is God's imparted righteousness,
07:35 Justification is like getting married,
07:38 Sanctification is like staying married.
07:41 Justification is pardon, Sanctification is power,
07:46 Justification is the objective gospel... what God does for you,
07:51 Sanctification is the subjective gospel... what God does in us.
07:57 So, here are some other ways of understanding
08:00 God's plan of restoration,
08:02 Justification is the born-again experience,
08:05 and Sanctification is the growth experience after birth.
08:10 Now, which one is more important?
08:13 I would say, "Both. "
08:15 Many times in the Christian community,
08:17 we get into these either/or scenarios,
08:20 Is it Justification? Is it Sanctification?
08:22 Is it Law or Grace?
08:24 either/or...
08:25 but in the Hebrew mind,
08:27 they took a very holistic approach...
08:30 they said... it was not either/or
08:33 it's both/and...
08:34 and in this case, it's not justification
08:37 or sanctification,
08:39 it is justification and sanctification.
08:44 Now, some people want to give a discount on the sanctuary,
08:47 they want to dwell in one compartment of the sanctuary,
08:50 but, here we can see that God's plan is restorative...
08:54 he wants to bring us back.
08:56 Now, it's important to note
08:58 that justification precedes sanctification
09:01 in the same way that you're born and then you grow
09:05 so, this is important for us to recognize
09:08 that first we come into the Courtyard
09:11 and we experience justification,
09:13 then we experience sanctification as well.
09:16 Now, in 1st Corinthians chapter 6 verse 11,
09:20 the Bible says, "Some of you were washed,
09:24 you were sanctified,
09:26 you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. "
09:31 So, here we have Paul using justification and sanctification
09:36 in the same phrase.
09:39 They are both essential for our Christian experience.
09:43 Justification is pardon from sin,
09:47 and Sanctification is power over sin.
09:50 We need both in our Christian experience.
09:53 What if I told a drug addict that was hooked on Heroin
09:57 and I said, "Look, I have good news and bad news,
09:59 the good news is that you are pardoned,
10:03 all the record of your drug abuse is immediately erased...
10:07 Jesus has washed them away
10:09 and when Jesus looks at you, He no longer sees you...
10:12 He sees the righteous record of Jesus Christ.
10:14 But, I have bad news as well.
10:17 The bad news is, even though your record is cleansed,
10:21 that there is no power to cure you from your addiction.
10:25 In other words, it is an incomplete gospel,
10:29 this... this person is going to be a heroin addict
10:32 for the rest of his life.
10:33 Now, that is not a complete gospel
10:36 and I praise the Lord that in God's plan of salvation,
10:41 He not only cleanses us from the past record of sins,
10:45 but He also... in the present...
10:48 in our struggle with our addictions and our habits,
10:52 and our sinful tendencies, He also gives us power
10:56 to overcome those sins in your life,
10:59 now, if you areas in your life that you want forgiveness for,
11:03 absolutely.
11:05 Do you have areas in your life presently
11:07 that you not only want forgiveness for
11:10 but you want power to overcome those areas of your life.
11:16 Now, the good news of the gospel
11:18 is that not only does God forgive us,
11:22 He also provides power in the present...
11:26 the beauty of the gospel is that Jesus Christ
11:30 can give you the victory over your drug abuse.
11:34 The beauty of the gospel is that Jesus can give you the victory
11:40 over lying... cheating... and lustful thoughts...
11:44 every addiction...
11:46 every sin that are like chains that enslave us,
11:51 God can give us the victory.
11:54 Now, when I came to Jesus
11:57 and accepted Him as my personal Savior
11:59 and was baptized,
12:00 I came up out of the water
12:02 and I naturally assumed that the next day
12:06 I would not have to deal with those sinful tendencies
12:09 and those neuro pathways that I had been developing for years
12:13 after baptism
12:14 and I woke up the next day and I realized
12:17 that those inclinations and those tendencies
12:20 were still there...
12:22 in other words, baptism is not a Lobotomy.
12:26 A Lobotomy is where a part of your brain was removed...
12:30 God does not come down and erase those tendencies,
12:34 rather, He gives you power to develop new habits
12:39 and new tendencies
12:41 and there is grace and assurance through the journey.
12:45 This is the beauty of the gospel.
12:47 You have the assurance of salvation,
12:49 Jesus said... come to Me just the way that I am
12:51 and you're saved in Him
12:53 and if you were to die today, you can have the assurance
12:56 of eternal life
12:57 and the gospel not only is pardoned,
13:01 but it's power for the present
13:03 and Jesus says, "Walk with me...
13:05 you may stumble and fall
13:06 but I'm right here to catch you if you do
13:09 and I'm going to give you the victory
13:11 to live a Christ centered and victorious life by His grace. "
13:17 We're going to take a short break right now
13:20 and when we come back, we will continue our study
13:23 of how Jesus helps us to be born
13:26 and also to grow up in Him.


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