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00:01 Welcome back...
00:02 before the break, we were talking about the Law of God...
00:04 the Ten Commandments which were written by stone...
00:08 written by God
00:09 and were placed Moses inside of the Ark of the Covenant
00:14 and we talked about how love is the fulfilling of the Law.
00:18 The Law of God is a transcript of God's character.
00:22 On the screen, we have a comparison
00:24 of God and His Law
00:26 and you will notice that every element...
00:29 every aspect of God's character
00:31 is mentioned also about the Law of God.
00:35 Here are a few examples,
00:36 God is spiritual... His Law is spiritual.
00:39 God is love... His Law is Love.
00:41 God is truth... His Law is truth.
00:43 God is righteous... His Law is righteous.
00:46 God is holy... His Law is holy.
00:49 God is perfect... His Law is perfect.
00:51 God stands forever... His Law stands forever.
00:54 God is good... His Law is good.
00:57 God is just... His Law is just.
00:59 God is pure... His Law is pure.
01:02 God is unchangeable... His Law is unchangeable.
01:05 In other words, every characteristic of the Law of God
01:11 is also a characteristic of God Himself.
01:14 The Law of God is a transcript of His character
01:20 and the fulfilling of the Law is love.
01:23 Every aspect... every characteristic
01:27 of the Law of God
01:28 is... is also a characteristic of Who He is.
01:31 It's a transcript of His character
01:33 and no wonder the Law of God was written in stone
01:37 because this is Who God is.
01:40 He's perfect... He's loving... He stands forever...
01:43 He's holy... just... and pure.
01:45 Now, we're talking about the Ark of the Covenant,
01:48 and whenever the Ark of the Covenant
01:51 was transported from place to place,
01:54 incidentally, the Ark of the Covenant
01:57 was never seen by the Israelites.
02:00 Only the High Priest was able to see the... the cherubim,
02:05 and the Shekinah glory
02:07 and he was only able to do that once a year.
02:08 When the Ark of the Covenant was being transported...
02:12 they were not able to see inside... to see the chest...
02:16 all they saw was this covering
02:19 and here in Numbers chapter 4 verses 5 and 6,
02:22 the Bible tells us, "When the camp prepares to journey,
02:26 Aaron and his son shall come,
02:28 and they shall take down the covering veil,
02:32 and cover the Ark of the Testimony with it:
02:35 they shall put on it a covering of badgers' skins
02:39 and spread over that a cloth entirely of blue,
02:43 and they shall insert its pole.
02:46 So, when the children of Israel would go from place to place,
02:49 remember the tabernacle of Moses was a makeshift...
02:52 I should say, a portable tabernacle,
02:54 it was able to be pulled up for travel,
02:57 and when the Ark of the Covenant was being transported,
03:00 it would be covered
03:02 and all the children of Israel would see
03:05 was this blue covering over the Ark of the Covenant.
03:10 I have an artist's depiction here,
03:11 this is all that the Israelites would see.
03:13 The priest would be holding the Ark of the Covenant
03:16 and this blue cloth would be over the top
03:20 of the Ark of the Covenant.
03:22 So, as they went from place to place,
03:25 the Israelites would see the color blue.
03:29 What did the color blue symbolize?
03:32 We have another text in Numbers chapter 15 verses 38 and 39,
03:36 "Speak to the children of Israel,
03:38 tell them to make tassels on the corners of their garments
03:40 throughout their generations,
03:42 and to put a blue thread in the tassels of the corners. "
03:46 So, the children of Israel were told to make this clothing
03:50 and in the clothing, they would have these tassels
03:53 and in the tassels, they were to use a particular color...
03:57 it was the color blue.
03:59 Now, why were they to put the color blue in their tassels?
04:03 The Bible goes on and says, "And you shall have the tassels
04:07 that you may look upon it
04:09 and remember all the commandments of the Lord
04:14 and do them. "
04:15 Very interesting.
04:17 So, as the children of Israel were going through their day,
04:20 and they saw in their tassels that blue cloth...
04:24 the color blue what was it to remind them of?
04:28 It was to remind them of the Ten Commandments.
04:32 It was to remind them of the Law of God
04:35 so, as they went through their day,
04:37 and even as they looked at their clothes,
04:40 the color blue represented
04:44 the Ten Commandments
04:46 and the Ark of the Covenant was colored in blue...
04:49 covered in blue
04:50 signifying also the Ten Commandments as well.
04:53 There's another place in which the color blue arises
04:57 and this is from Exodus chapter 24, verses 9 through 12,
05:01 "Then Moses, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu,
05:03 and seventy of the elders of Israel went up
05:05 and they saw the God of Israel,
05:07 and there was under His feet as it were,
05:10 a pavement of sapphire stone,
05:12 like the very heaven for clearness.
05:15 And the Lord said to Moses,
05:16 'Come up to the mountain and wait here
05:19 and I will give you the tables of stone
05:21 with the law and the commandments
05:23 which I have written for their instruction. '"
05:26 Here they see God
05:28 and notice that God is standing on something,
05:31 they see God and He's standing on a sapphire stone.
05:35 What a picture that must have been
05:39 that God is standing on this sapphire stone.
05:42 What color is sapphire?
05:44 Sapphire is the color blue.
05:46 In other words, the very foundation
05:48 of what God is standing on is the color blue
05:52 and then God says to Moses,
05:54 "Come up here and I will give you tables of stone. "
05:59 Now, let's back up here, God is standing on a stone
06:03 and the stone is the color blue
06:05 and God says, "Come up here and I will give you
06:08 tables of stone. "
06:10 Now, there's something here in the richness of the Hebrew
06:14 because when you study the Hebrew here...
06:17 the richness of the Hebrew brings out...
06:20 when it says, "Tables of stone... "
06:22 it should actually say, "The tables of THE stone. "
06:27 Now, there's a difference.
06:29 The tables of THE stone
06:31 and when you look at the literary context of this,
06:35 scholars believe that the tables of THE stone
06:39 that Moses was given on Mount Sinai
06:41 came from the sapphire stone that God was standing on.
06:46 In other words, when God was going to find the material
06:51 to give Moses the Ten Commandments,
06:54 He wanted to portray the significance
06:57 of the Ten Commandments
06:59 and what better significance of the Ten Commandments
07:03 than the very foundation of what God is standing on
07:07 and what His throne is founded upon.
07:10 He took it from the sapphire stone
07:13 and so, scholars believe that the Ten Commandments
07:17 the tables of THE stone
07:19 which God took from the very foundation
07:22 on which He was standing on.
07:24 In the Hebrew, the nuance... the evidence is there
07:26 that God took the tables of the sapphire stone
07:28 and gave it to Moses
07:30 that when Moses took it down from the mountain
07:32 and placed it inside the Ark,
07:34 that the Ten Commandment stones were sapphire...
07:37 in other words, they were the color blue.
07:40 There's another place in Scripture
07:43 where the color blue arises
07:44 and it's 2nd Chronicles chapter 5 verse 10.
07:46 There was nothing in the Ark
07:48 save the two tables which Moses put therein at Horeb,
07:51 when the LORD made a covenant with the children of Israel,
07:55 when they came out of Egypt... "
07:56 now, Horeb is another name for Sinai.
07:58 Now, in the transition period
08:00 between the tabernacle of Moses and Solomon,
08:03 there was only the tables of THE stone
08:06 that were left in the Ark of the Covenant.
08:09 Remember there were a couple of other articles
08:11 that were placed inside the chest...
08:14 the Ark of the Covenant,
08:15 it was Aaron's rod that budded and a pot of manna
08:18 and the Ten Commandments...
08:20 but when they transitioned from Moses' tabernacle
08:24 to Solomon's temple,
08:26 only the tables of these stones were left there.
08:31 In other words, the Ten Commandments
08:32 were the only things that were left
08:34 inside of Solomon's temple... this is important.
08:37 In Ezekiel chapter 10 verse 1
08:39 "Then I looked, and, behold, in the firmament
08:41 that was above the head of the cherubim's,
08:43 there appeared over them as it were a sapphire stone,
08:47 as the appearance and likeness of a throne. "
08:50 Notice that in Ezekiel chapter 10 verse 1,
08:53 here Ezekiel is not seeing the Ark of the Covenant,
08:57 he's seeing actually what the Ark of the Covenant
09:00 pointed toward and that was the throne of God,
09:03 here Ezekiel is seeing a throne or the throne of God
09:08 and notice that this entity... the sapphire stone appears
09:13 and notice, there are cherubim
09:16 that are above the sapphire stone
09:18 just like it's depicted by the Ark of the Covenant.
09:21 The Ark of the Covenant had the cherubim
09:25 and inside the Ark of the Covenant,
09:27 was the sapphire stone
09:29 and here Ezekiel is seeing the real thing...
09:34 he's seeing this vision of heaven in Ezekiel 1 verse 26.
09:37 "Above the firmament over their heads
09:40 there was the likeness of a throne,
09:43 in appearance like sapphire;
09:46 and seated above the likeness of a throne,
09:50 was as it were the likeness of a human form. "
09:53 Let's look at this, Ezekiel sees a vision of God
09:58 sitting on His throne
10:00 and the very throne of God is made of sapphire.
10:05 This has special significance, Friends,
10:08 because it indicates
10:10 that the very foundation of God's government...
10:13 the very principles on which God governs the universe...
10:18 the very throne room of God is made of sapphire
10:21 indicating that the Ten Commandments
10:23 and the principles found therein
10:25 the Law of Love and Liberty
10:28 is the very undergirding and the foundation
10:31 of the Government of God...
10:34 the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
10:37 It's no wonder that Lucifer in the great controversy
10:42 made an attack against the Law of God
10:45 because if he can strike at the foundation of God's government,
10:49 you can undermine all of the principles
10:53 of which God and His kingdom stand for.
10:57 "In these verses,
10:58 Ezekiel identifies the blue sapphire stone
11:00 that God is standing on as the throne of God,
11:02 that means that the sapphire stone God is standing on
11:05 in Exodus chapter 24 represented God's throne
11:08 and the Ten Commandments were taken directly
11:11 out of God's throne. "
11:14 In Hebrews chapter 1 verse 8, the Bible says,
11:17 "But unto the Son he said,
11:19 "Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever;
11:24 a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of Thy kingdom. "
11:28 If God's throne is eternal,
11:30 then it also means that God's Law is eternal as well.
11:34 The Bible says that God's throne will last forever,
11:38 and by implication,
11:40 if the Law of God... the sapphire stone is God's throne
11:43 then the Law of God is forever as well
11:46 and God wants to write the Law of God
11:49 in our own hearts... in our own minds...
11:52 Romans chapter 13 verses 8 through 13,
11:54 The commandments: "You shall not commit adultery,
11:57 You shall not murder, You shall not steal,
11:59 You shall not covet
12:00 and whatever other command there may be,
12:03 are summed up in this one command:
12:05 'Love your neighbor as yourself. '
12:08 Love does no harm to a neighbor,
12:10 therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law. "
12:14 Back in Eden... in Edenic perfection
12:18 Adam and Eve did not have to wake up every day
12:21 and go to this Law that was there, and say,
12:23 and say, "Oh, I got to remember today
12:26 not to lie, cheat and steal. "
12:27 No, the Law of God in Eden
12:30 was written not on tables of stone
12:34 but it was written on the hearts of Adam and Eve.
12:38 They were converted,
12:39 they were sanctified,
12:40 they were naturally loving,
12:43 the Law of God was written in their hearts
12:46 and the sanctuary message
12:48 is the message of how God wants to bring us
12:51 into the Courtyard...
12:52 into the Holy Place...
12:53 into the Most-Holy-Place experience
12:56 where the Law of God is
12:57 and He wants to bring us all the way back to Eden
13:00 were Adam and Eve were,
13:01 He wants to write the Law of God today
13:04 not on tables of stone
13:07 but on the tablets of your heart.
13:10 He wants to write it on your mind... on your heart...
13:14 on your consciousness
13:16 so that you will, by the grace of God,
13:19 respond by loving your neighbor as yourself
13:22 and loving God with all your heart.
13:25 Stay with us as we continue our study
13:27 of the sanctuary, salvation and our Savior.


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