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00:01 Welcome back,
00:02 before the break we were discussing the Sabbath
00:04 and we referenced Ezekiel chapter 20 verse 12,
00:07 "Also I gave them my Sabbaths as a sign between us,
00:10 so they would know that I the LORD made them holy. "
00:15 We said that the Sabbath is not only a memorial of creation,
00:17 how God takes six days of creation
00:21 and on the seventh He rests and He makes it holy
00:23 but God takes us and re-creates in us the image of God
00:28 and then we rest in that assurance.
00:31 In other words, the Sabbath is not only a memorial
00:35 of what God did in six literal days
00:38 but it's also a memorial of what He is doing in us
00:41 in creating a clean heart
00:43 and renewing the image of God in us.
00:46 So, the Sabbath is not only a sign of creation,
00:50 it's also a sign... a symbol of salvation as well
00:54 and this is the link between the sanctuary and the Sabbath.
00:59 Now, how is the Sabbath portrayed
01:04 in the Ten Commandments?
01:05 Now, the Ten Commandments...
01:06 remember, we noted that the Ten Commandments
01:09 was written by God,
01:11 it was written in stone and was placed by Moses
01:15 inside of the Ark of the Covenant.
01:17 It was the only part of the Bible
01:20 that God wrote with His own finger on tablets of stone.
01:23 He etched it Himself emblazoned with fire, I believe,
01:27 perhaps when it first came from the hand of God to Moses,
01:30 He etched it in stone and the fourth commandment
01:33 is the only commandment
01:35 that begins with the word, "Remember. "
01:38 Now, it's interesting
01:41 because the only commandment that begins with the word
01:45 "Remember"
01:46 is the one that the entire Christian Community,
01:49 it seems like,
01:50 is telling us that we need to forget.
01:52 Now, that's counter intuitive.
01:54 How in the world are we going to tell people
01:57 to forget the Commandment
01:59 that begins with the word, "Remember?"
02:01 The other implication of the word, "Remember"
02:04 is that, this is not the first time that the Sabbath
02:08 was mentioned or even instituted.
02:11 Some people say, "Oh, that's a Jewish day...
02:13 the seventh day is the Jewish Sabbath. "
02:14 Well, quite the contrary.
02:16 Why would God tell them to remember something
02:19 if He had not told them something
02:22 about the Sabbath before?
02:24 In other words, you can't tell someone,
02:26 "Look, remember this"
02:27 if you haven't told them it before.
02:29 The Sabbath was not instituted
02:32 at the time that Moses was given the Ten Commandments,
02:35 the Sabbath pre-existed the Ten Commandments...
02:40 it's at the very beginning of the Bible,
02:42 in the book of Genesis,
02:44 we can see that in the creation week,
02:47 before there was any sin, the Sabbath was there.
02:50 So, let's read the fourth commandment
02:53 which was written with God's own finger
02:55 on tablets of stone,
02:57 Exodus chapter 20 verses 8 through 11,
02:59 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
03:02 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
03:05 but the seventh day is a Sabbath of the LORD your God,
03:08 in it you shall do no work,
03:10 you nor your son nor your daughter,
03:12 nor your male servant nor your female servant
03:15 nor your cattle nor your stranger
03:16 who is within your gates.
03:18 For in six days the LORD made the heavens...
03:20 the earth, the sea and all that is in them,
03:23 and rested the seventh day;
03:25 therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day
03:28 and hallowed it. "
03:29 An important consideration,
03:32 "How do you keep a day holy?"
03:35 According to these verses, the way that you keep a day holy
03:40 is by not working on that day.
03:42 Some people say, "Oh, I keep every day holy. "
03:45 Well, we should endeavor by the grace of God
03:48 to live holy lives
03:50 but in order to keep a day holy,
03:53 the Bible tells us that we need to do no work on that day.
03:56 Now, it's worth mentioning that the Bible also tells us
03:58 in the fourth commandment, that we should be industrious,
04:01 that we should work six days and rest the seventh
04:05 but in order to keep a day holy,
04:08 you need to refrain from secular employment
04:12 on that day.
04:14 That is the way that we keep a day holy.
04:16 The other consideration that we need to make in regards to this,
04:19 is that there are seven entities that are mentioned
04:22 within this phrase... within this...
04:25 this reference here in the fourth commandment,
04:27 "your son, your daughter, your servant... "
04:29 when you go to them, there are seven entities
04:31 that are mentioned there,
04:32 the number seven is prevalent in this
04:34 and the last part of this commandment brings out
04:36 that we are to follow...
04:38 imitate the modeling that God did in the creation week.
04:42 In other words, God creates the earth in six days,
04:45 He rests on the seventh
04:47 and we are to follow in that example
04:50 by resting from our employment on the seventh day Sabbath.
04:57 Now, the question arises,
04:59 "When we mention the seventh-day Sabbath,
05:02 which day is the seventh day?"
05:04 Now, you look in any dictionary and you look up "Saturday"
05:10 what does it say?
05:12 It says that seventh day of the week.
05:15 You look in... well calendars change
05:18 but you look in the typical calendar
05:20 and the seventh day of the week is Saturday
05:23 and the seventh-day Sabbath
05:25 pre-existed the time of calendars
05:28 because you can see that even in the origination of languages,
05:32 in over a 140 languages of the world...
05:34 the word for the seventh day of the week is "Sabbath. "
05:37 What is Saturday in Spanish?
05:40 Sabádo...
05:42 and here we have on the screen, the different languages...
05:44 in the Greek... Sabbaton... meaning Sabbath,
05:46 Spanish... Sabádo...
05:47 Portuguese... Sábado...
05:49 Italian... Sabato...
05:50 you can go down through the list
05:51 in these languages... even in the inception...
05:54 the way that that languages are nuanced,
05:56 the seventh-day Sabbath... Saturday...
05:59 many times literally says, "Sabbath. "
06:02 Now, when we look at this idea
06:06 that the Sabbath is a Jewish institution,
06:10 quite the contrary...
06:11 when you read the Bible,
06:13 you see that the Bible indicates
06:15 that the Sabbath was given for all of man
06:19 indicating all of humanity.
06:21 The Sabbath is not primarily a Jewish institution
06:26 because Adam and Eve were not Jewish,
06:28 the Sabbath was made for all of humanity...
06:32 even as salvation was made for all humanity.
06:35 What about the Apostles?
06:38 Did the Apostles keep the Sabbath?
06:39 Acts chapter 16 verse 13, "And on the Sabbath day,
06:42 we went to the city of the riverside,
06:44 where prayer was customarily made,
06:45 and we sat down and spoke to the women who met there. "
06:48 Some people say that after Jesus arose
06:51 and went to heaven,
06:52 that the Christian church changed the Sabbath day
06:56 from Saturday to Sunday
06:57 but we can see no reference in the book of Acts
07:00 which is after the resurrection of Jesus
07:03 that there was any reference to the Sabbath day
07:06 being changed from the Seventh day of the week
07:10 to the first day of the week.
07:11 Quite the contrary,
07:13 the Apostles continued to keep the Sabbath.
07:17 Some people say that the "Lord's Day" is Sunday
07:21 and here's a reference to the Lord's Day
07:24 in Revelation chapter 1 verse 10,
07:26 "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day,
07:28 and I heard behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet... "
07:31 and so, people say, "Oh, there it is...
07:33 the Lord's Day... that's Sunday. "
07:34 Well, it's important Friends when we study Scripture
07:37 to let the Bible speak for itself.
07:39 Now, we need to ask ourselves,
07:41 "What did Jesus say the Lord's Day was?"
07:44 Let's go in the gospels, Matthew chapter 12 verse 8,
07:48 "For the Son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath. "
07:52 So, there is no reference here
07:54 to the Lord's Day being the first day of the week,
07:58 here Jesus said, "Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. "
08:02 The Lord's Day is the Sabbath.
08:04 What about in heaven?
08:06 Isaiah chapter 66 verses 22 and 23,
08:09 "For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I shall make,
08:12 shall remain before me, says the LORD,
08:14 so shall your descendants and your name remain.
08:17 And it shall come to pass,
08:19 that from one new moon to another,
08:22 and from one Sabbath to another,
08:24 all flesh shall come to worship before me, says the LORD."
08:28 In other words, not only is the Sabbath in Genesis...
08:32 is the Sabbath at the heart of the Ten Commandments...
08:35 is the Sabbath all the way through the Christian church
08:38 in the book of Acts,
08:40 but the Bible also indicates that when we get to heaven,
08:44 and we stand with God in heaven,
08:47 we will keep the Sabbath in heaven as well.
08:50 Now, follow me in this line of reasoning.
08:53 If we keep the Sabbath at creation,
08:56 if we keep the Sabbath in the Ten Commandments,
08:58 the Apostles kept the Sabbath
08:59 and we're going to keep the Sabbath in heaven,
09:01 isn't it only logical and reasonable and rational
09:05 to assume that we are to keep the Sabbath right now?
09:10 I believe so.
09:11 I believe that the Bible evidence supports
09:14 that the seventh-day Sabbath is something
09:17 that is to be experienced today
09:20 not only as a sign and a symbol of creation,
09:25 but also, re-creation of our own hearts.
09:29 It is a sign and symbol of the salvation experience
09:33 as illustrated in the sanctuary.
09:35 This is from the Catholic Cardinal, James Gibbons,
09:39 "You may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation,
09:42 and you will not find a single line
09:45 authorizing the sanctification of Sunday.
09:48 The Scriptures enforce
09:49 the religious observation of Saturday. "
09:53 The Faith of our Fathers, page 89.
09:54 There are many other references like this
09:57 but Friends, you cannot find
10:01 a single reference in Scripture,
10:04 indicating that there has been a change or a transference
10:08 from Saturday to Sunday.
10:10 The... the notion of the first day of the week being sanctified
10:16 does not come from Scripture but it comes from tradition.
10:21 Now, tradition is an interesting thing
10:23 because sometimes you can do things
10:26 and not recognize the significance of them.
10:29 For instance, Easter...
10:31 what in the world do bunny rabbits and Easter eggs
10:36 have to do with the resurrection?
10:38 It's part of tradition
10:39 and what happened was there was this melding
10:43 between the goddess of Ishtar
10:45 which was the goddess of fertility and Christianity
10:49 and they melded them together
10:51 and today, people practice Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies
10:55 and meld them with the resurrection of Jesus
10:58 not recognizing that this is part of tradition
11:01 but there is no Biblical support for Easter Eggs
11:04 and bunny rabbits
11:06 and in the same way this idea of pagan sun worship
11:11 fused with Christianity...
11:14 the pagans worshipped the sun on Sunday,
11:17 the Christians worshipped on Saturday
11:19 and through a period of time, Sunday observance
11:23 was made prominent
11:24 and Saturday became something that was obscure
11:28 and was done away with through the centuries
11:32 and this happened years and years ago
11:35 and the question to us today Friends,
11:38 "Are you going to worship and obey God
11:40 or are you going to worship and obey the traditions of men?
11:45 The Bible tells us, "In vain do you worship Me,
11:48 following the traditions of man... "
11:51 and here God is calling us back to the Bible...
11:55 back to Scripture
11:56 and back to the Biblical Sabbath
11:58 because every time we experience the Sabbath every seven days
12:02 as it comes like a holy wave over planet earth
12:06 wherever you may be,
12:07 the Sabbath comes like a holy wave...
12:09 it was instituted at Creation
12:11 and to be a continual reminder to us
12:14 of God's created process
12:16 and when you celebrate the Sabbath,
12:19 it reminds us that God can create the earth
12:23 which was without form and void
12:25 and He does it with a word.
12:28 "Let there be light... and there was light... "
12:31 and you trust in that creative process
12:35 for our own personal salvation
12:38 and even as He took the earth without form and void
12:41 and He formed it and He fills it,
12:43 He takes our lives which are a mess
12:47 and He restores in us the image of God
12:50 and every seventh day we celebrate
12:53 and we rest in that assurance that I can't make myself holy.
12:59 It is God Who makes us holy.
13:02 Won't you surrender to God today?
13:05 Won't you celebrate the Sabbath...
13:07 the seventh day of the week
13:09 and rest in the assurance that God can take you
13:13 and re-create in you the image of God.
13:16 Won't you accept Him today as your Savior
13:19 and Lord of your life?
13:21 I want to encourage you to stay with us
13:24 as we continue our study
13:26 of the sanctuary, salvation and our Savior.


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