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The Day of Atonement

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00:01 Welcome back...
00:02 before the break, we asked ourselves the question,
00:05 "Why would a sanctuary or the sanctuary in heaven
00:09 need any sort of cleansing?"
00:11 I thought heaven was a pure place,
00:13 I thought heaven was a place
00:15 which did not need any sort of cleansing from defilement
00:19 and we discussed this idea... looking at the daily service
00:24 of how the sanctuary was accumulating
00:28 the record of forgiven sins
00:30 in the typical service of the earthly sanctuary.
00:33 Leviticus chapter 4 verses 6 and 7,
00:35 "The priest shall dip his finger in the blood,
00:37 and sprinkle some of the blood seven times before the LORD,
00:40 in front of the veil of the sanctuary.
00:42 And the priest shall put some of the blood
00:43 on the horns of the altar of sweet incense before the LORD,
00:46 which is in the tabernacle of meeting. "
00:49 So, here's what took place...
00:50 when the sinner brought in the animal...
00:52 the lamb into the sanctuary...
00:54 the sinner would cut the throat of that animal
00:57 and the priest would take some of that blood
00:59 and the priest would take that blood into the Holy Place,
01:02 he would dip his finger into that blood
01:05 and he would sprinkle it before the veil of the sanctuary
01:09 and... or put it on the horns of the Altar of Incense.
01:14 Now, follow me, the whole idea of sin
01:18 and the elimination of sin and the eradication of sin,
01:23 is predicated on this notion that sin can be transferred.
01:29 Here we see a clear transference of sin
01:32 from the person...
01:34 to the lamb...
01:36 to the blood...
01:38 to the sanctuary.
01:40 So, follow me, in the annual service,
01:42 as the sins of Israel were being transferred from Israel...
01:46 to the lamb...
01:47 to the blood...
01:49 to the sanctuary...
01:50 and you can imagine with over a million men
01:52 not counting women and children...
01:55 all of those sins were being recorded
01:58 in the sanctuary.
01:59 The record of the forgiven sins of Israel
02:03 were accumulating in the sanctuary.
02:05 Now, there's an important point in this
02:08 that we can't miss.
02:09 When we ask for forgiveness right now,
02:14 it's not as though God gets out His big divine eraser
02:23 and erases that sin.
02:26 What happens analogically... in analogy
02:33 which would be closer is that every time we sin,
02:35 that that record of sins is there
02:37 and when we ask for forgiveness
02:39 more applicable in terms of the sanctuary,
02:43 is that that forgiven sin is covered by the blood of Jesus.
02:49 Praise the Lord for that.
02:51 Now, you may say that I'm parsing just a minutia here
02:55 but this is an important distinction,
02:57 some people assume that when I ask for forgiveness,
03:00 it's like abracadabra... it just disappears.
03:03 That's not what takes place.
03:04 In actuality, the reason why your sins
03:08 are able to be forgiven, is because someone died.
03:13 The wages of sin is death.
03:15 It's because someone's blood was shed...
03:18 makes your forgiveness possible.
03:22 Sin is not just this... this minute thing
03:26 that didn't require any sort of consequences,
03:30 sin is such a big deal with God.
03:32 It is the transgression of the Law of God.
03:35 I mean, think about this,
03:37 the only way that God could save us
03:39 is for Him to die to meet the claims of the Law.
03:43 I mean, if sin was not a big deal,
03:45 you just change the rules,
03:47 have you ever played a game like that?
03:48 You know, you're playing along,
03:49 you're like, "Oh, infraction... this person made a mistake,
03:53 don't worry, we'll just change the rules.
03:55 Well, God couldn't do that because the Ten Commandments
03:58 are a transcript of His character.
04:00 Think about the implications of this.
04:03 The Ten Commandments are so unchangeable
04:05 that Jesus had to die!
04:07 Think about the implications of that.
04:11 I mean, Jesus' death does not do away with the Law,
04:14 the Ten Commandments,
04:16 it establishes it.
04:17 The only way that Jesus could save us
04:20 was to die in order to meet the claims of the Law.
04:24 So, when we think about forgiveness,
04:26 forgiveness is not cheap.
04:29 It cost the death of Jesus Christ Himself.
04:32 Now, coming back to this point and the transference of sin,
04:35 it's not as though God gets out His divine eraser
04:38 and eradicates the sin,
04:39 in reality, when we sin, the record is there
04:43 and when we are forgiven,
04:44 it is covered... that forgiveness is made possible
04:48 because of the blood of Jesus.
04:50 That sin is covered by the blood
04:53 indicating the severity of what has happened
04:55 but also the grace of God in Jesus Christ coming to die
05:00 to make that forgiveness possible.
05:02 It is covered by the blood.
05:05 So the record of that forgiven sin, still remains.
05:12 Now follow me now,
05:14 we're going to the typical service,
05:16 the typical service points to a greater reality
05:19 of how salvation works,
05:20 the sin is being transferred into the sanctuary
05:23 and moving on here, you have the Lamb of God
05:25 Who takes away the sins of the world
05:27 and this is Jesus Christ...
05:29 the Lamb of God is Jesus and Jesus died as my substitute.
05:35 Jesus died as our substitute.
05:38 Jesus died in our place and the reality of forgiveness
05:43 in the... the transference of sin
05:46 is that, it is being transferred to the sanctuary.
05:50 So, it goes from the sinner... to the lamb...
05:53 to the blood...
05:55 to the sanctuary.
05:56 So, over the course of the year,
05:58 the sanctuary was becoming polluted
06:02 with the record of the forgiven sins of Israel.
06:07 Imagine what the horns of the Altar looked like
06:11 as it was stained with the imprint of blood
06:15 that accumulated over the Jewish calendar year.
06:19 Imagine what that curtain looked like...
06:22 that was sprinkled with blood
06:24 from the lamb that had been slain
06:27 and once a year, in the Jewish calendar,
06:31 they had something called The Day of Atonement...
06:34 Yom Kippur
06:36 in which the sanctuary...
06:39 the record of the sins of Israel was cleansed.
06:44 Here we have it on the screen, we have the yearly service
06:48 and you can read about it in Leviticus chapter 16
06:51 because this was the Day of Atonement.
06:52 Maybe you've heard of Yom Kippur.
06:55 It took place in the fall of the annual Jewish calendar year,
06:59 and it was a time annually...
07:01 it was a time of self-reflection and judgment.
07:05 It was a time in which the record of sins
07:08 were removed from the sanctuary.
07:10 Remember the sanctuary was accumulating
07:12 all the sins of Israel...
07:14 the forgiven sins...
07:15 the record of those sins remained in the sanctuary,
07:18 and once a year, they would have what they called,
07:20 "The Day of Atonement... "
07:21 the cleansing of the sanctuary.. Yom Kippur...
07:24 in which the record of the forgiven sins of Israel
07:27 was removed from the sanctuary
07:30 and look at it in Leviticus chapter 16, what the Bible says,
07:32 Leviticus chapter 16 verse 19,
07:34 "Then he shall sprinkle some of the blood on it
07:36 with his finger seven times,
07:38 and cleanse it and consecrate it
07:40 from the uncleanness of the children of Israel. "
07:44 So here there was the cleansing
07:46 of the tabernacle of the sanctuary.
07:48 They went through this ceremony on the Day of Atonement
07:51 in which they cleansed
07:52 the record of forgiven sins of Israel.
07:55 They would have two goats...
07:56 they would cast lots...
07:58 one goat for the Lord...
08:00 that goat would die representing Jesus Christ,
08:03 and the other goat represented Satan
08:05 and he was led out to the wilderness
08:08 and he was not slain.
08:11 There's a distinction between the two.
08:13 The sins were transferred from the sanctuary
08:18 and one goat died... indicating Jesus Christ our substitute
08:23 and the other goat was led out to the wilderness
08:26 on the Day of Atonement.
08:28 On the Day of Atonement, the sanctuary was cleansed
08:33 of all of the record of the sins of Israel
08:36 and on this day... this day of judgment...
08:40 it was a time in which the people of Israel
08:44 would search their hearts.
08:45 It was a time of self-awareness and self-reflection
08:50 because here was the important point.
08:54 You wanted to make sure that all of your sins
08:59 made it into the sanctuary.
09:01 The provision was there...
09:03 the lamb was there...
09:04 the priest was there...
09:05 and it was a time in which you would look in your own heart...
09:09 in your own soul and say,
09:10 "Lord, is there anything that I need to confess?
09:12 Is there anything that I need to make right?
09:14 Is there anything that I need to make sure
09:16 made its way into the sanctuary?"
09:18 Because after the cleansing of the sanctuary,
09:21 after Yom Kippur
09:22 meant that there was no more opportunity after that.
09:27 Now, of course in the Jewish calendar, it rolled over
09:31 but if they did not make sure that all their sins
09:34 made it into the tabernacle as the children of Israel...
09:38 they were cut off.
09:39 In other words, probation had closed.
09:42 Now when we look at this on the macro level
09:45 because all of these things pointed forward
09:48 to a different reality,
09:49 we can see that even as Jesus came and died on the cross...
09:53 even as Jesus went up to heaven in the Holy Place
09:56 and was a minister in the Holy Place as our High Priest,
10:00 that Jesus transitioned
10:03 according to Daniel chapter 8 verse 14,
10:06 at the culmination of the 2,300-Day Prophecy,
10:09 He began the final phase of what we would call,
10:12 the Anti-typical Day of Atonement in heaven
10:16 on our behalf.
10:17 In Daniel chapter 7, when you follow it... the progression...
10:21 you have the lion, the bear, the leopard...
10:23 terrible beast... the ten horns
10:25 and then you have the Little Horn Power...
10:27 after the Little Horn Power which went from 538 to 1798,
10:31 sometime after the Little Horn Power,
10:33 in Daniel chapter 7 verses 9 and 10,
10:35 you have a scene in heaven
10:38 in which God sits down for judgment.
10:41 Now, notice the nature of the judgment,
10:44 when you read about it in Daniel chapter 7 verses 9 and 10,
10:47 is that God is sitting down in judgment
10:49 and the Bible indicates that this is not a private judgment.
10:54 This is not God in His back room somewhere,
10:56 God is having an open judgment.
11:00 The Bible indicates
11:01 that all of the intelligent universe is there
11:06 to look at the books.
11:09 The Bible says the judgment was seated
11:12 and the books were opened.
11:16 When you study the book of Daniel...
11:18 in Daniel chapter 7 verses 9 and 10...
11:21 Daniel chapter 8 verse 14...
11:23 it indicates that we are living in the Day of Judgment...
11:27 that Jesus has transitioned His work into the final phase
11:32 of the anti-typical Day of Atonement
11:36 on our behalf.
11:37 Now, if you're like me and you hear the word "Judgment"
11:43 there is anxiety.
11:46 I think to myself, "Oh, wow, that's just overwhelming. "
11:51 Well, the good news of the gospel
11:55 is that Jesus is our Representative.
11:58 In other words, Jesus is our Defense Attorney
12:04 and even though Satan is there as the Prosecutor
12:09 to... to rail his accusations of unworthiness before us,
12:14 Jesus is our Defense Attorney, He is our Representative
12:19 and we don't stand there in our own merits.
12:23 We stand there in the merits of Jesus Christ
12:26 so we have nothing to fear in the judgment.
12:29 The good news also is not only is Jesus our Defense Attorney,
12:35 but God is also our judge
12:39 and according to Daniel, He rules in favor of the saints.
12:47 Friends, as we look at the judgment,
12:50 which is taking place right now in the sanctuary above,
12:53 we can claim Jesus and His righteousness.
12:56 We can rest in the assurance
12:59 that Jesus covers us with His robe.
13:04 We can in the assurance that it is His righteousness
13:08 now our own and we have nothing to fear
13:11 in the judgment.
13:12 Well, Friends, we've come to the last installment
13:16 in this Series,
13:18 but I pray that your journey will continue.
13:20 May you continue to study the sanctuary...
13:22 our Savior and salvation.
13:25 May you continue to walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.
13:28 May God help us and restore us.


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