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Lesson 12: Overcoming Evil with Good

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00:01 The Bible tells us:
00:21 Join us now for the
00:25 Our study today is:
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00:42 We are studying the Seventh-day Adventist
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00:46 This is the fourth quarter, and our study is on
00:49 Salvation by Faith Alone in the book of Romans;
00:52 favorite topic, favorite book, so I'm just in hog heaven,
00:56 as we say down south.
00:58 I'm Shelley Quinn, and allow me to introduce the rest of our
01:03 panel, who will be studying with us today.
01:06 These are my dear friends and my extended family:
01:08 Pastor C. A. Murray, Pastor John Lomacang,
01:11 my dear Mollie Sue Steenson, and Jill Morikone.
01:14 We're just so thankful, and I just want to commend each one
01:19 of you for taking the time to study deep into each day's
01:22 topic, because that's what makes it exciting, is when we get
01:27 beyond the surface of the Scripture,
01:29 and go deep into the Scripture.
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02:00 Before we begin on today's study,
02:03 which is, Overcoming Evil With Good.
02:07 Paul is transitioning now from the theology of the redemptive
02:12 act of Jesus Christ into the covenant expectations;
02:17 what God is expecting of His people.
02:19 And before we begin, C. A. would you like to invite the
02:22 Holy Spirit to be our teacher?
02:24 It would be my pleasure.
02:25 Shall we pray? Father God, again we call upon You to give
02:28 us Spiritual minds, because we know that Spiritual things are
02:32 Spiritually discerned.
02:33 Teach us so that we may teach others.
02:35 Bless us so that we may be a blessing, as we continue our
02:39 study into this marvelous work of Paul that was authored by
02:44 You, the Holy Spirit.
02:45 We thank You, Father, in Jesus' name, Amen.
02:48 Amen, and Amen. Alright, if you have your Bibles, we just want
02:52 you to go ahead and open your Bible to Romans, Chapter 12,
02:55 and you can say the memory verse with us.
03:00 This is on Sabbath's lesson: Romans 12:2.
03:06 And do not be conformed to this world: but be transformed by the
03:13 renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good,
03:17 and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
03:21 Paul is trying to disabuse the Romans of the wrong use of the
03:26 law of God, but he's also trying to show them that actually
03:33 we have stricter requirements of us now.
03:36 You know, he told the Philippians, in Philippians 2:5,
03:39 Let this mind be in you, which was in Christ Jesus.
03:43 When you think of that, that the mind of Christ was one that
03:49 humbly depended upon God, and that is what He
03:53 is wanting us to do.
03:54 So let's look at Sunday.
03:57 We're going to begin this transition as he bridges from
04:02 doctrine to duty in Romans 12:1, your reasonable service.
04:10 Paul says, I beseech you therefore, brethren,
04:12 by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living
04:16 sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to God,
04:19 which is your reasonable service.
04:22 I beseech you brethren.
04:23 He is making an earnest plea with them.
04:26 He's speaking to the children of God.
04:28 And he's now going to give them a practical teaching that will
04:34 rest on the, what he has given to them before, which was the
04:40 theological foundation that he's laid.
04:42 So when he says, I beseech you therefore, therefore is always
04:47 a bridge, bridging back to what he's laid, everything that he
04:51 has already written.
04:52 And now he's going to tell us, because of all of this,
04:56 here's what you should do.
04:57 He says, It is by the mercies of God.
05:02 You know, we have a tendency to make little of the
05:09 word mercy, I would say.
05:10 But Paul, being a Jew, knew Hebrew, and he has well studied,
05:16 so he was familiar with the word hesed.
05:19 Hesed in the Hebrew language.
05:21 And this was a covenant term.
05:24 It wrapped up God's agape love, His mercies, His long kindness,
05:29 His longsuffering with His people.
05:34 It was a term when he said, I beseech you by
05:37 the mercies of God.
05:38 God is such a merciful and loving God that He sent His Son
05:43 to die for us while we were yet sinners.
05:45 Paul said in Romans 5:8 that the gift of God is eternal
05:49 life in Christ Jesus.
05:51 He tells us in Romans 6:23 that we are redeemed, reconciled,
05:56 and justified freely, given peace with God, freed from the
06:00 power of sin, Romans 6:18.
06:03 There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are
06:06 in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1.
06:09 He talks about the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit.
06:12 And he talks about how we have been adopted as the children
06:17 of God, which gives us the assurance of the promises.
06:20 So these are the mercies of God, the most tender compassion.
06:26 He's laid out God as a covenant making, covenant keeping God
06:32 in the first eleven chapters of Romans.
06:34 And now that we recognize these great mercies, he's saying
06:39 it calls for a covenant response.
06:41 So let's go on. He says, I beseech you therefore, brethren,
06:44 by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies
06:47 a living sacrifice.
06:50 This is to yield to God's mercies.
06:54 We are to voluntarily hand over our life to God as a gift.
07:00 This is our act of worship.
07:02 And, you know, this is the same word when he says present.
07:06 It's the same word that was used when Jesus was presented
07:11 in the temple to God, to God's dedication.
07:15 And remember what he said in Romans 6:16?
07:18 Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves
07:24 to obey, you are that one's slaves; whether of sin leading
07:29 to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?
07:34 So we present our life to God, because He's
07:38 done so much for us.
07:39 This is our debt of gratitude, and it just
07:43 expresses our love for God.
07:47 And, you know, when you think about considering what God has
07:50 done for us, this gives us good reason to
07:54 submit to His authority.
07:55 When He says your bodies, it is more of your complete life.
08:01 He's talking about your physical body, your mental,
08:04 your emotional, your spiritual, because all of these powers of
08:09 God cannot be separated in mankind.
08:11 So present yourself... This is a wholehearted surrender that Paul
08:16 is telling us we should give to God.
08:19 And we are to dedicate our entire body for right living,
08:24 and honor, and service of God.
08:27 Now there's certainly the significance of the health
08:29 principles, because one thing that I am learning,
08:33 especially through the last six weeks of life that I have been
08:38 so very ill, is that if you don't have strength of body,
08:43 you can't really minister.
08:45 So it is important for us to... God is interested in our health.
08:50 And I do believe he has that meaning here as well.
08:54 Because he said, our bodies are the temple of God.
08:57 Now let's continue on in the rest of this verse.
09:02 He says, We are presenting our bodies a living sacrifice,
09:07 holy, and acceptable to God under the old covenant.
09:12 The living sacrifice, the Levitical sacrificial system,
09:17 they had to slay an animal to be the propitiation,
09:24 the animal's blood would be the propitiation,
09:26 the covering for their sin.
09:27 And this was in a physical temple service.
09:31 But now under the new covenant, Christians
09:34 are living sacrifices.
09:37 We are not... We are a sacrifice without blemish, because we've
09:43 been cleansed by the blood of Jesus.
09:46 But our sacrifice is not a propitiatory one to
09:51 try to cover our sin.
09:52 Ours is a sacrifice of praise.
09:55 So this is our spiritual temple service that we go to the
10:01 spiritual altar and we allow ourselves to be indwelt by the
10:05 fire of God by the Holy Spirit.
10:08 Now you know what the problem with a living sacrifice is?
10:11 It always wants to crawl off the altar, doesn't it?
10:15 So we have to make this surrender, this yielding,
10:22 this presenting ourselves to God a daily affair.
10:26 Now I want to look at... I'm going to skip through some of my
10:31 notes because I want to get to another portion.
10:36 But let's look here then.
10:38 He says, As we present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy,
10:43 acceptable to God. This is our reasonable service.
10:47 He's calling us to a life of holiness and sanctification.
10:52 And based on everything that God has done, then as children
10:56 of a holy and righteous God, we should allow God to
11:02 completely restore His image in us.
11:05 We have studied that justification
11:07 was a punctiliar act.
11:09 It happened at a point in time where we accepted Christ,
11:14 and our past sins were forgiven.
11:19 The penalty for that sin was dismissed.
11:23 But now what God wants to do is He wants to deliver us
11:28 from the power of sin.
11:29 And if we want to give Him a holy, acceptable sacrifice,
11:36 or just say, Lord I'm giving you my will.
11:40 Work in me to will and to do.
11:43 Justification, being declared righteous
11:49 by God, is an act of God.
11:53 Sanctification is a work of God.
11:56 So we must ask Him to do this work in us.
12:02 And, you know, I want to read 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and 24,
12:07 because I find such hope in this Scripture.
12:10 He says, Now may the God of peace... That's Jehovah Shalom
12:16 Himself... sanctify you completely; and may your whole
12:21 spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the
12:24 coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
12:26 He who calls you is faithful, who will also do it.
12:32 So as you surrender to God, this is your acceptable
12:38 sacrifice, your reasonable service.
12:42 Reasonable is logician in the Greek.
12:46 It means rational, intelligent, logical.
12:50 Surface means worship.
12:52 So as we step forward to say, God take my life.
12:57 Do with it as You will.
12:59 Then what God will do, He looks at this as our
13:03 Spiritual act of worship.
13:05 This is how we should start every day;
13:08 is presenting ourselves to God.
13:10 And then he goes on in Verse 2, and he says, Do not be conformed
13:15 to this world, but be transformed...
13:17 That word is metamorpho; that we are going to be...
13:21 It's like when the caterpillar...
13:23 it's the worm is turned into the butterfly.
13:26 ...be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
13:30 How are our minds renewed?
13:32 With the washing of the water of the Word, are they not?
13:36 So we are, our minds are renewed that we may prove what is that
13:42 perfect good and acceptable will of God.
13:47 And, you know, I think sometimes people try to say that...
13:51 or I've heard it said, and I'm not sure that I agree,
13:53 that there's God's acceptable will, there's His perfect will,
13:57 there's His good will.
13:59 I don't think... I think he's talking about one will.
14:02 God's will is always good, acceptable, and perfect. C. A.
14:07 Well said. I liked the way that you ended with that.
14:11 That is very, very true.
14:12 I'm on Monday. And on Monday we're dealing with the idea
14:15 of Thinking Soberly.
14:18 And we're covering a great deal of Scripture.
14:23 Romans 12, beginning at Verse 3 through 21.
14:27 So I'm going to not read them all, but there are some bullet
14:30 points here that I want to read, and then we'll try to ruminate
14:35 on these just a little bit.
14:36 Because in this passage of Scripture there are some of the
14:42 most powerful sentiments in the letter to the Roman church.
14:49 One, we ought to think soberly.
14:53 And that idea in the Greek is an idea of seeing things as they
15:00 really are; to be realistic.
15:03 I had a professor in college for years who used to tell us
15:07 as students, don't blow smoke up your nose.
15:10 And it didn't make sense to me.
15:12 It wasn't until years later...
15:13 Well, he would say, As bad as it is to breathe secondhand
15:17 smoke, it's worse to blow smoke up your own nose.
15:19 And he would say that over, and over again
15:21 to his theology students.
15:23 And I... What in the world is this guy talking about?
15:24 And it was years later I heard myself say to a member of my
15:28 church, It's bad to breathe secondhand smoke.
15:31 That's other people's smoke.
15:32 But it's worse to blow smoke up your own nose.
15:34 In other words, be honest, be realistic,
15:35 be pragmatic with yourself.
15:37 So this is one of the things that Paul is saying.
15:39 He's given us a marvelous theological treatise.
15:43 Now he's saying, here is where the rubber meets the road.
15:46 Here is how you take this theology and make it part of
15:50 your everyday living, and your everyday loving,
15:53 and your everyday walk.
15:54 So we go to Verse 4.
15:56 For as we have many members in one body, but all members
16:02 do not have the same function.
16:06 Now I want to jump down to Verse 6.
16:08 Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is
16:13 given to us, let us use them.
16:17 So God has given us gifts, but they're not to be static.
16:20 They are to be used.
16:21 There is, Pastor John, a sneaker commercial, and its catch phrase
16:30 is, Just do it, you know, Just do it.
16:33 And that's what he's saying.
16:34 If you have the gift to minister, then minister.
16:37 If you have the gift to prophesy, then prophesy.
16:39 If you have the gift to exhort, then exhort.
16:41 Whatever gifts God has given you; use those gifts.
16:45 Just, just do it! Just do it.
16:48 We go down to Verse 9.
16:50 Let love be without hypocrisy.
16:53 Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.
16:57 Then I jump to Verse 14.
17:01 Bless those who persecute you: bless and do not curse.
17:07 Easy to say, real tough to do.
17:10 Bless those who persecute you.
17:13 Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.
17:17 Now Verse 17. Repay no one evil for evil.
17:22 18. If it is possible,... If it is possible...
17:28 If it is possible, as much as depends on you,
17:37 live peaceably with all men.
17:40 Do not avenge yourself.
17:43 Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
17:47 So you don't have to lay awake at night thinking of ways to get
17:50 back at people who do you evil.
17:51 Just keep serving the Lord, and the Lord will take care of that.
17:55 Therefore, if your enemy is hungry, feed him;
17:58 if he is thirsty, give him a drink...
18:01 Now this is your enemy we're talking about now.
18:04 If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty,
18:07 give him a drink: for in so doing you will heap coals
18:11 of fire on his head.
18:13 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
18:20 You know, I just want to just go back to this heap
18:22 of fire on his head.
18:23 In ancient Egypt there was actually a custom to show
18:27 humility of putting hot coals in a pot and
18:30 wearing it on the head.
18:32 So this is coming from something that really happened;
18:35 this idea of heaping more coals of fire.
18:38 You just do good and then you're forcing them to do that.
18:43 A couple of things: the lesson says this, and it is very true,
18:47 we can get so hung up on... I'll use that terminology.
18:52 ...on theology that we forget to put that
18:56 theology in practice.
18:58 One of the things that led up to the 1888 General Conference
19:03 was the idea that Ellen White told the church, We have,
19:07 we've done lost so much we are as dry as the hills of Gilboah.
19:10 We just law, law, law, law, law.
19:12 Where is Jesus? Where is love?
19:14 Where is grace? Where is faith?
19:16 It's just keep the law, keep the law, keep the law.
19:18 And that can be dry.
19:20 It's the foundation for what we do.
19:22 And Paul established this with the church of Rome.
19:25 We spent the first several chapters taking about faith,
19:28 and grace, and sanctification and justification.
19:30 Okay, we got that. Now what do we do with that?
19:35 Will we apply it to our brothers, our sisters, those we
19:38 love, and those who hate us, not just those who love us.
19:42 So now he's moving into what we do.
19:44 We have to remember that those things that we talked about,
19:48 the grace, the faith, the sanctification,
19:51 the justification are the outworking of a pre-existing
19:54 love relationship with Jesus.
19:56 And if the love relationship with Jesus does not exist,
19:59 all of that other stuff that we talked about cannot happen,
20:03 because it is not motivated, or it is not driven by a
20:08 relationship with Jesus Christ.
20:09 So he's moving into that area now telling us these are the
20:14 things that this grace, and this faith, and this sanctification,
20:18 and this justification ought to work out in you.
20:21 These things ought to be seen in you, because Christ is you.
20:25 It's not law over love, it's law and love, or love and law.
20:31 They work together to make us whole in Jesus Christ.
20:34 He talks about in honor preferring one another.
20:38 And there's so much in this section.
20:41 The word for preferring... Let me get it
20:43 right, is posthumous.
20:47 Anything pro means forward or before.
20:50 So he is saying basically, you've got to
20:54 put others before you.
20:55 You don't want to do anything from a selfish motive.
20:58 Prefer others. And even when you disagree, it's not, there is
21:02 no problem when Pastor Lomacang and I agree on everything.
21:05 It's when we disagree.
21:07 When does the Jesus reveal itself?
21:09 At the point of disagreement.
21:11 It's easier to love those who pat you on the back,
21:13 and loving you and kissing you, but when we have a disagreement
21:16 that's when the Jesus has to come forward.
21:19 So he's saying prefer one another.
21:20 There are some things that we need to put our feet down on.
21:23 If you are breaking Sabbath, if you're drinking,
21:25 if you're smoking, and if you're carousing, we need to tell you
21:28 those things are wrong.
21:29 We have justification for that from Ezekiel.
21:31 But there are some other things, Shelley, that may be nuanced,
21:36 that are not salvific issues. Right.
21:38 And I need to give you the latitude, first to grow,
21:43 but not necessarily to grow in my opinion,
21:46 but to grow in grace. Yes.
21:48 And if you're growth in grace brings you to my opinion,
21:51 Well, praise the Lord.
21:53 If not, then I've got to allow you that,
21:54 because it's not a salvific issue.
21:56 And so many times we make issues out of things
21:59 that are non-issues.
22:01 And it really shows our lack of love than our point of love.
22:07 So we've got Spiritual gifts, we've got things to do,
22:11 we've got a call from God to do some things,
22:13 and we need to get them done.
22:15 This idea of balance; don't, you know, if we just look at Peter,
22:21 Peter says we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation.
22:23 You can kind of get lifted up.
22:25 So Paul brings a balance now.
22:28 Don't think of yourself a little more than you should.
22:30 So there's a balance.
22:31 Don't look too high; don't look too low.
22:32 Kind of keep your life balanced.
22:34 Be sober. Look at yourself as you really are.
22:37 And the problem is a lot of Christians look at themselves
22:41 through parallax mirrors.
22:42 You know, you go to the fun house and if you're thin the
22:45 mirror can make you look fat, and if you're fat the mirror
22:47 can make you look thin, you know, kind of thing.
22:48 And we're looking through these parallax mirrors,
22:51 and we're not seeing ourselves as we really are.
22:54 Paul is saying, See yourself as you really are.
22:57 Be honest with yourselves.
22:59 Look at yourself in the light of the gospel.
23:01 I should not compare myself to Pastor Lomacang.
23:03 He should not compare himself to me.
23:05 Because if I compare myself with Pastor Lomacang, I will always
23:11 find something that I can say is better with me than with him.
23:16 You know, you're going play with this so that you come out on top
23:20 some, because your ego will make you do that.
23:21 Right. The natural leaning.
23:23 Precisely. But if I look at Jesus...
23:25 Can I say there ain't no way?
23:28 There ain't no way I'm ever going to come out
23:31 better than Christ, because I see myself as I really am.
23:36 So I close with this statement: Christian humility is being so
23:43 secure in God and His gifts that you don't have to look up to
23:47 anyone, but it is also being so secure in God and His gifts
23:52 that you don't have to look down on anyone.
23:55 It's looking at yourself as you really are in Christ Jesus.
23:59 Wow! Thank you Pastor C. A., thank you Shelley.
24:03 I have Tuesday's lesson, The Christian and the State,
24:09 The Christian and the State.
24:11 Now this is so timely, because we're living right now where,
24:15 on the heels of the last 8-12 years of elections,
24:20 your Christianity, or lack thereof, has become a very real
24:27 litmus test to occupy offices in America,
24:30 where it never was intended to be; not by our Constitutional
24:34 framers, by our Bill of Rights.
24:35 Religion was never intended to be the precursor.
24:39 And even to pander to those who are religious was never intended
24:44 to divide a nation.
24:46 And so right now we have a nation that's somewhat
24:48 fragmented, and divided into all different categories.
24:51 And religion tends to be at the central focus of that.
24:55 So when you have a lesson that forces you to go back to
25:00 Romans 13, you ask yourself the question, Does the religious climate give me the freedom to
25:04 climate give me the freedom to now go ahead and segue to
25:11 the authorizes that be?
25:12 We're almost coming to the place now where we are questioning
25:15 authority so much that we would aquesque to authority
25:19 if we agree with it.
25:20 But I want to just point out, I want to bring out a particular
25:23 comparison about authority.
25:26 And a few things that I want to lay the foundation for: one is
25:31 perceived authority and actual authority.
25:33 Man's authority is generally perceived authority.
25:37 As one person once said, The speed limit is only applicable
25:41 when the police are around.
25:42 I tend to think that.
25:45 You tend to think that, but that's not the case.
25:48 To the person who wants to live within safety, the speed limit
25:51 is the speed limit whether the police are around or not.
25:53 But we tend to look at the speed limit as optional,
25:56 because the person to enforce it is not present.
25:59 Where in fact in God power is actual,
26:03 because God is never absent, and manpower is perceived.
26:07 And manpower is bestowed, and God power is resident.
26:12 And manpower is temporary, and God power is eternal.
26:18 And manpower is conditional, and God power is constant.
26:23 So when we are told what we are told in Romans 13...
26:27 And I'm going to begin by reading that because this
26:29 lesson, The Christian and the State, is a very real issue.
26:32 As Adventists we know the time is not far distant when we have
26:37 to take a stand like the early Apostles did.
26:39 We ought to obey God rather than man.
26:40 But until that climate comes, we ought not to run ahead of the
26:47 prophetic timetable to bring upon ourselves
26:50 unjust persecution.
26:51 And I think sometimes you can be so heavenly minded that
26:55 you're no earthly good.
26:56 You can be so concerned that the world ends that you're trying to
26:59 bring about your own Armageddon.
27:00 And we've seen that in many of these religious movements.
27:03 And the people of the, you know, the Jim Jones,
27:06 the list goes on and on, but that's just an example,
27:09 the David Koresh's.
27:10 We malign the government needlessly only to give rise to
27:15 the legitimacy of our cause, when in fact our cause is
27:18 illegitimate in God's sight, because it's one that brings
27:21 division and not unity.
27:22 And that's the same thing that happens in Christianity.
27:24 When the cause we stand for results in division,
27:27 and God is not supportive of it, it's not something
27:30 that God has endorsed.
27:31 So Paul brings out this point in Romans 13:1-7.
27:35 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities.
27:39 For there is no authority except from God:...
27:42 That's actual authority.
27:43 ...and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.
27:47 Paul is obviously in a contextual of his day.
27:49 But as time goes on we wonder, you know, we look at the
27:52 authority that Hitler had.
27:54 We know that God didn't give him that authority.
27:55 We look at the wars through the dark ages, where millions of
27:59 Christians were persecuted.
28:00 We know that God did not give man that authority.
28:02 But the context that Paul is talking about, the development
28:05 of the Christian church, these authorities that existed in the
28:10 Jewish economy, among the Pharisees, Scribes,
28:13 Sadducees, and Asians.
28:14 This authority was given to them by God.
28:16 But because they had rejected Christ and the righteousness
28:20 that comes through faith, they delegitimize themselves.
28:25 But the authority was, nonetheless, appointed by God
28:28 for more than a thousand years.
28:29 But he says in Verse 2, Therefore whoever resists the
28:34 authority, resists the ordinance of God: and those who resist
28:37 will bring judgment on themselves.
28:39 For rulers are not a terror to good works,...
28:43 That could be argued in the courts of,
28:47 does it really matter?
28:48 Because Jesus pointed out His persecution was, He says,
28:51 At least, at least give Me a pass for My good works.
28:56 If you don't believe I'm the Messiah, at least judge
28:59 Me based on My works.
29:01 You know, By their fruits you will know them.
29:02 It says: For rulers are not a terror to good
29:05 works, but to evil.
29:07 Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? do what is good,
29:11 and you will have praise from the same: For he is God's
29:16 minister to you for good.
29:18 But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword
29:22 in vain:... In other words the system of justice will,
29:26 as one person says, It grinds oh so slow, but oh so fine.
29:30 So people that live out of harmony with the laws of the
29:33 laws of the land, they're really not getting away with anything.
29:35 They are bringing on themselves unnecessary judgment,
29:39 as my good friend would say, Pastor Ricardo Graham,
29:43 a good friend of ours.
29:44 He's now Union President in California, the Pacific Union.
29:49 He says, The Devil will throw stones at you,
29:51 but don't give him any.
29:52 And sometimes Christians give the Devil stones.
29:56 And here is being pointed out that the judgments are there.
29:59 The sword will be swung against those who live out
30:01 of harmony with God.
30:03 It says: For he is God's minister and avenger to execute
30:06 wrath on him who practices evil.
30:08 That's the context.
30:10 Therefore you must be subject not only because of wrath,
30:14 but also for conscience sake.
30:16 In other words, if a Christian can walk down the street
30:19 not looking over his or her shoulder at the police when they
30:21 pass by, that's a clear conscience.
30:23 If you could walk into a building and know that people
30:26 look at you with great respect and honor and admiration,
30:29 you're living a life worthy of that.
30:31 But don't bring the attention to yourself
30:32 and call for worthiness.
30:34 Live a life that's worthy of your calling.
30:36 Verse 6. For because of this you also pay taxes: for they are
30:46 God's ministers, attending continually to this very thing.
30:49 And I like this part: Render therefore to all their dues:
30:53 taxes to whom taxes are due; customs to whom customs;
30:57 fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.
31:00 I want to bring out the fact that we're living in what I call
31:04 the anti-authorian society.
31:07 But I must remember, and as Isaiah 9:6, As we look at the
31:11 governments of the world... And right now there's a lot of
31:13 fragmentation in our world.
31:14 It's not new. It has been residing from one
31:17 Administration to the other.
31:19 So for those of us who are surprised by the present
31:20 Administration, let us not get beyond ourselves.
31:24 Because America, while it's a country of laws, and principles,
31:27 and maxims, and things that are constant, everything that is in
31:33 operation in our country is run by frail human beings.
31:37 So we have to accept the reality.
31:40 But the thing that gives me courage is Isaiah 9:6.
31:42 The government shall be upon His shoulders.
31:45 The final authority is always going to be God's.
31:48 Then also come to the realization that,
31:51 as Peter pointed out, that one day we're going to have to part
31:54 ways with our government.
31:55 Because Matthew 24:9, Then they will deliver you up to
32:00 tribulation, and kill you: and you will be hated of all nations
32:03 for My name's sake.
32:04 So when the scenario changes, and Christians become the focus
32:09 of being ostracized in society, the comfort that we must get
32:13 are: Blessed are those who are persecuted for
32:15 righteousness sake.
32:16 Alright? Paul also suggests that we should live out of
32:23 harmony with the government, when it is not
32:26 in harmony with God.
32:27 But we also should be model Christians.
32:33 But I like the stand that Daniel and the Hebrews took.
32:36 You know, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,
32:37 they said to Nebuchadnezzar, The God whom we serve
32:42 is able to deliver us.
32:44 But we shouldn't serve God just because He delivers us.
32:46 We should serve God because what He calls us
32:49 to serve Him for is right. Alright?
32:53 Daniel did not modify his walk as a Christian.
32:57 When I say the word Christian, we use that word today,
32:59 but as a person who honored God, he said, when Daniel knew
33:04 the writing was signed, he continued in
33:06 his daily prayer life.
33:08 So when the government says you cannot pray, you cannot worship,
33:12 continue, because the outcome will be a blessing when our
33:16 allegiance to God is not modified by political maxims.
33:20 Don't change your allegiance to conform to the laws of the land.
33:24 But don't forget to render to Caesar what belongs to him,
33:27 and to God what belongs to Him.
33:29 And finally, remember this very important thing: The end of the
33:33 scenario would be, as Paul says in Philippians 3:20,
33:35 For our citizenship is in heaven; from which we all
33:41 so eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ:...
33:45 My encouragement is this: Conform to those things that are
33:48 not out of harmony with God's principles, and God's laws.
33:51 Tolerate and be accepting of those who differ from you.
33:58 But do not needlessly cause controversy between you and
34:03 those in positions of legal authority.
34:05 May your life always be an honor and a reflection of
34:09 the character of Christ.
34:10 Amen, you know I've got Wednesday, and we're looking
34:15 at, Love One Another.
34:17 And it starts with Romans 13:8, which is right, comes right
34:22 after what you just shared.
34:24 You know, I almost went there, but I said, Mollie has that. Ha!
34:26 And it would have been fine if you did, because I'm sure what
34:29 you had to share would be different from me.
34:31 Because God gives different things to different people.
34:34 But this is so appropriate to go now into, Loving One Another.
34:40 Paul is dealing with how we relate to one another.
34:43 He's dealing with personal relationships, and he's showing
34:48 that the principle of loving one another isn't a New Testament
34:52 principle, or a New Testament concept.
34:55 It was an iatrical part of the Old Testament system.
34:59 Let's read Romans 13:8.
35:05 Owe no one any thing, except to love one another: for he who
35:12 loves one another has fulfilled the law.
35:15 Now we're back to the law.
35:16 That's right. Back to the law.
35:18 Okay, owe no one anything.
35:21 What does debt do? What does debt do?
35:24 It will make you a slave.
35:25 It makes you a slave.
35:27 Debt brings you into bondage.
35:28 Hal and I made a decision between ourselves years ago.
35:34 If somebody comes to us and asks us to borrow.
35:37 And money is what we're thinking.
35:39 If they want to borrow our lawn mower, if we had one, you know,
35:43 we wouldn't give them our lawn mower, necessarily, but if they
35:47 want to borrow money.
35:48 And I'm just telling the whole world this, the answer is not
35:51 always yes, but we never loaned money to anybody.
35:55 We, if we had it to give we would give it to them.
35:59 But they didn't because, have you ever had a friend,
36:03 and you loaned them something, money particularly,
36:06 and they were your friend.
36:07 And then they had trouble looking you in the eye,
36:11 because they couldn't repay it.
36:12 So we aren't to owe anybody anything, because that debt
36:20 brought separation to the point where it could destroy a close
36:24 friendship, because they couldn't repay.
36:26 So we are to owe nobody anything but what? but love.
36:32 And I've always got an abundance of love to share.
36:36 And you've got an abundance of love to share.
36:38 And I want to look at this.
36:40 Now it says that, For he who loves another
36:45 has done something.
36:46 He's fulfilled the law.
36:49 Now how could that be?
36:52 Because the ten commandment law of God, His moral law,
36:58 and we're going to show you that this is the law that
37:02 Paul is talking about.
37:03 It's a transcript of what? the the character of
37:06 God, and God is love.
37:10 Therefore to love is to fulfill the law.
37:13 And that's 1 John 4:7, 8.
37:16 There's a song about this.
37:18 But let me quote this to you.
37:19 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God;
37:25 and every one who loves is born of God, and knoweth God.
37:29 He who does not love does not know God; for God is love.
37:36 Now I think we get confused sometimes with this word love.
37:40 Because now we've said it here on this
37:44 Sabbath School Panel repeatedly.
37:45 I love this Scripture.
37:47 I love that. I love you, Pastor John.
37:48 I love my Bible. We kind of use that word a lot.
37:53 And I love my ink pen.
37:56 Well, no I don't love that ink pen!
37:58 Love, we've got to separate... They are just different kinds
38:01 of, different types of love.
38:03 And I wanted to just look at the agape love of God.
38:09 The love that we're talking about here.
38:11 Now God's love is Divine love.
38:16 And this is what Paul tells us in Romans 5:5.
38:20 Now hope does not disappoint; because the love of God...
38:26 Not this love I'm talking about: loving my ink pen,
38:29 loving this object.
38:31 ...but the love of God has been poured out.
38:35 Now the King James says, shed abroad, but I like this
38:39 in the New King James.
38:40 It's been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit
38:45 who was given to us.
38:48 That agape love. Let me just tell you, I don't think we could
38:53 describe it with a whole Webster's Dictionary.
38:56 I don't think there's enough words in there that could
38:59 describe this love of God.
39:00 But let me use a few.
39:02 It involves faithfulness, commitment, an act of the will.
39:09 It is distinguished from other types of love by its lofty moral
39:15 nature, and strong character.
39:18 And that love, this is rejoicing time, that love has been poured
39:24 out in every one of our hearts by the Holy Spirit.
39:27 We can't say, I just can't love someone.
39:32 I'm sorry, Pastor, I just can't love that church member.
39:35 Because it's not our love.
39:37 The love of God has been poured into our hearts, and now that
39:44 love is what we love others with.
39:48 We rely on what God has put into our...
39:51 The Holy Spirit has poured the love of God; poured it,
39:55 not sprinkled it, but poured the love of God into your heart.
39:58 Now Pastor C. A. looked at a Scripture earlier.
40:01 It's Romans 12:14. Bless them which persecute you:...
40:06 And Pastor C. A. said, You know, that's a hard,
40:09 that's a hard saying, isn't it? Pastor C?
40:11 A hard thing to do.
40:13 But Matthew 5:44 goes even further.
40:17 It says, Love your enemies...
40:20 Do what? Love your enemies.
40:24 Then it goes on to say, bless them that curse you...
40:28 That's a hard saying.
40:30 That's a difficult thing to do.
40:32 And to think we had to do it in our own strength,
40:34 we could definitely say, I cannot love that person.
40:38 I cannot do it in my own strength.
40:40 But because of this love of God that's been poured out in our
40:44 hearts, Yes, we can.
40:46 We do it by asking God to love that person through me.
40:51 Can you imagine God saying, You know, I just can't love her?
40:55 You know God is love.
40:57 All God can do is love.
40:59 And that very love, that very love, it's the love of God
41:04 that's been poured into our hearts, Pastor John.
41:06 We've got the very love of God poured into our hearts.
41:10 We all say we love Jesus.
41:13 Can we all say that?
41:15 We love Jesus. But there's a thing called a litmus test.
41:19 That's like proof of action.
41:23 And that would be... Let's look at that Scripture.
41:26 It's John 14:15. You don't have to turn to it because every
41:30 one of you can quote it.
41:31 If you love Me,... do something. ... keep My commandments.
41:36 Okay. Proof of action; litmus test is what? to show that we
41:42 love God, or that we keep His commandments.
41:46 We want to show our love for Him, but the only way we can
41:49 keep these ten commandments isn't in our own strength,
41:53 but it's got to be in the context of love.
41:57 We keep His commandments, not as a matter of legalism,
42:01 which people would try to make you think,
42:03 but as a matter of love for Him.
42:05 We're delighted to do what He tells us to do.
42:09 This is not legalism or bondage, it's not a debt.
42:13 What this is liberating freedom.
42:16 That love of God is in our heart, and we love Him.
42:19 Now let's look at some commandments...
42:24 I've got to hurry on this.
42:26 ...that illustrate the principle of love.
42:28 And the reason we know that it's the ten commandments law
42:31 that Paul was talking about...
42:32 Look at this. And we're in Romans 13:9-10.
42:36 Hurry with this. For the commandments...
42:38 Now remember these are commandments that illustrate
42:41 the principle of love.
42:42 For the commandments, you shall not do what? commit adultery,
42:45 you shall not murder, you shall not steal, you shall not bear
42:48 false witness, you shall not covet; and if there is any other
42:52 commandment, are all summed up in the saying, namely,
42:55 you shall love your neighbor as yourself.
42:56 Love does no harm to a neighbor: therefore love is the
43:00 fulfillment of the law.
43:02 How do these commandments exemplify or illustrate
43:06 the principle of love?
43:08 Because if you love your neighbor, you're not going to
43:12 commit adultery with your neighbor's spouse, right?
43:15 Alright. You're not going to steal from your neighbor.
43:19 You're not going to bear false witness against your neighbor.
43:22 That's demonstrating the principle of love.
43:26 The principle of loving your neighbor wasn't
43:28 a new principle at all.
43:30 Paul is quoting Leviticus 19:18.
43:37 You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against
43:40 the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor
43:44 as yourself: I am the Lord.
43:46 And then James so aptly repeats this when he says, If you really
43:51 fulfill the what? the royal law.
43:54 According to the Scripture, you shall love your
43:57 neighbor as yourself.
43:59 And as we are showing our love one for another, we are actually
44:04 showing our love for God.
44:06 So let me encourage each one of you.
44:08 The love of God has been shed abroad in your heart.
44:11 You have the ability to love not only God, but to love your
44:16 brothers and sisters.
44:18 Amen! Well done Miss Mollie.
44:20 Thank you so much. I've been so blessed sitting here
44:23 listening to each one of you getting into the Word of God.
44:26 I think Romans, Chapter 12, is probably one of my favorite
44:30 chapters in the whole Bible.
44:31 I love Romans 12; such practical application.
44:35 I love practical application.
44:37 I like a practical working out of the theology that we study
44:41 in the Word of God; but then how is it put into practice?
44:45 So on Thursday I have, Now Is Our Salvation.
44:49 This is Romans 13; picking up right after where you
44:53 left off, Miss Mollie.
44:54 I'm looking at Verses 11 through 14.
44:58 Now it's interesting, and I think, Pastor C. A.,
45:01 Shelley touched on this, and several have touched on this.
45:03 The focus of the book of Romans was really the role of faith and
45:08 works in the new covenant context:
45:11 how are we saved, justification by faith, sanctification by
45:15 faith, the role of sin, the law, righteousness.
45:18 Now we're into Christian growth, you could say.
45:22 But in this section, the four verses that I have,
45:25 we're looking at a doctrine: the second coming of Christ.
45:29 Now most of what Paul has written about the second coming
45:33 of Christ would be covered in what, the Thessalonian epistles,
45:36 or the Corinthian epistles?
45:38 But in this section he takes just a couple of
45:40 verses to touch on that.
45:42 Let's look at Verse 11.
45:44 Now I'm going to look at two aspects: first we'll look at the
45:48 nearness of Christ's return, and then we are going to look at
45:51 how are we to live in light of His return.
45:55 So first let's look at the nearness of His return,
45:57 Verse 11. And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high
46:02 time to awake out of sleep: for now our salvation is nearer
46:08 than when we first believed.
46:11 You know, Greg's grandfather is, I think he's 94,
46:15 lived a full life. When he was a young man he was instructed
46:20 by the elders in the church.
46:21 He was a teenager. Do not get married.
46:24 Do not have children.
46:27 The Lord is coming soon!
46:29 Now, you know, there is truth to this Scripture.
46:33 Paul wrote it 2,000 years ago, and what did
46:35 he say at that time?
46:36 Now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.
46:41 And, you know, for each one of us probation closes
46:44 at a different time.
46:45 Sabbath night when Greg and I have worship,
46:50 and close the Sabbath, Greg always prays some variation
46:52 of this, but: Father we don't know what this coming
46:55 week is going to hold.
46:56 We don't know what we're going to face, and honestly we don't
47:00 even know if we're going to be here tomorrow.
47:01 Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
47:03 We want to live now, right now for Jesus, in light of His
47:09 second coming, reaching out to other people.
47:13 So Paul says here in Romans 13:11, Be aware:
47:17 Christ is coming soon.
47:19 Let's look at Verse 12.
47:21 It says: The night is far spent, the day is at hand:
47:25 therefore let us cast off the works of darkness,
47:29 let us put on the armor of light.
47:33 In the New Living translation I like that verse.
47:35 It says: The night is almost gone, the day of salvation will
47:40 soon be here: so remove your dark deeds like dirty clothes,
47:44 and put on the shining armor of right living.
47:48 The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
47:51 It says: let us cast off the works of darkness,...
47:55 To cast off: it means to put off, lay aside, or renounce.
47:58 Let's put those aside.
48:00 And then what are we to do?
48:02 We are to put on the armor of light.
48:04 Now, interestingly, the word for armor can mean a weapon,
48:08 implement, or a tool.
48:11 It's also used in 2 Corinthians 10, you know, where it says,
48:15 The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through
48:18 God through the pulling down of strongholds.
48:20 The word for weapons is the same one you used here as armor.
48:23 So if we were to replace that word, just for interest sake,
48:27 it says, Let us put on, instead of the armor of light,
48:29 let us put on the weapons of light.
48:31 It, this symbolizes warfare that we're engaged in here.
48:35 So let's look at how are we to live in the light of His return?
48:40 And I want to look at four ways that we're to live.
48:43 1. We already touched on this.
48:45 This is from Verse 11.
48:46 We're to wake up. We're to be aware of the
48:50 signs of His return.
48:51 Remember the parable of the foolish and wise virgins
48:56 from Matthew, Chapter 25?
48:57 They both had... They both fell asleep; all ten of them.
49:02 But remember, five had the oil, and then five did not.
49:05 And when the call came: the bridegroom's coming;
49:08 go out to meet him.
49:10 Five of them said, Oh, we don't have any oil.
49:12 We've got to go buy it.
49:13 And then five were prepared and ready.
49:15 Now, you know, when I read this, and this is just Jill's
49:18 interpretation, but when I read that, I don't want to be a wise
49:22 or a foolish virgin, to be honest with you.
49:24 I want to be one of those whose making the cry at midnight.
49:28 One of those who's not of the ten who are sleeping.
49:31 I want to be one of those who's awake, who says, Behold, the
49:34 bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him.
49:37 God calls us to be awake.
49:40 It says: Knowing the time, be aware of the last day events.
49:45 Be aware of the signs of the times, be aware that
49:47 Jesus is coming soon!
49:49 The second: first is to wake up, second is to
49:53 use proper weaponry.
49:55 That would be to put off the works of darkness,
49:58 and to put on the weapons of light,
50:00 or the armor of light, as is mentioned.
50:02 Ephesians 4:22. That you put off concerning your former conduct
50:07 the old man, which grows corrupt according to deceitful lust.
50:12 There's many verses in the Bible that talk about putting off
50:16 the old man; putting off those works of darkness.
50:19 And when I think about putting on the weapons of light,
50:22 you know, the verse I think of is Ephesians 6, talking about
50:26 the armor of God, or the weapons that we are to wear as we
50:30 engage in this warfare.
50:31 That would be the waist girded with truth, the breastplate of
50:37 righteousness, the sandals shod with the preparation of
50:42 the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of
50:48 salvation, the sword of the spirit.
50:51 And then it also says, praying always, right after that,
50:55 So I think prayer is integral with all the other weaponry
50:58 that we are to put on.
51:00 So first we're to wake up; know the nearness of the time.
51:03 Second, use proper weaponry: cast off the works of darkness,
51:06 put on the armor of light.
51:09 Third, walk appropriately.
51:11 We find that in Verse 13.
51:14 Let us... And let's look at how we're to walk,
51:17 and then how we're not to walk.
51:19 Verse 13: Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry,
51:25 and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust,
51:29 not in strife and envy.
51:31 How are we to walk?
51:33 The word for walk is not just symbolizing to walk,
51:36 but it can also mean how to conduct my life,
51:39 or how I live my life.
51:41 So we're to live our life for the Lord Jesus Christ,
51:45 and not to walk in revelry.
51:48 In the Greek that's a riotous party or drunken feast,
51:52 which hosted unbridled sexual immorality.
51:56 We're not to walk in drunkenness.
51:58 And we all know what that means.
52:00 We're not to walk in lewdness; repeated
52:04 immoral sexual encounters.
52:06 We're not to walk in lust or licentiousness, wantonness.
52:11 We're not to walk in strife or contention.
52:14 Not to walk in envy toward other people.
52:18 But there's one more step: that is prepare for battle.
52:21 That's found in Verse 14.
52:24 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the
52:30 flesh to fulfill its lust.
52:31 Now, Mollie, you talked about we use the word love a lot.
52:34 I'm going to use it again.
52:35 I love this Scripture.
52:37 It's been pivotal in my own journey, my own walk with God.
52:41 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.
52:43 I think from Romans 12:1, where this practical instruction
52:46 begins, all the way through the end of the book of Romans,
52:50 this could be one of the pivotal verses.
52:52 We are to put on Christ.
52:54 We are to be clothed with the disposition, the attitude,
52:57 the habits, and the character of the Lord Jesus Christ.
53:00 And at the same time we are to make no provision for the flesh
53:04 to fulfill its lust.
53:06 The word for provision means foresight, forethought,
53:10 or allowing for something to happen.
53:12 So you know what that means? if you have don't make
53:16 provision for temptation?
53:19 If you have books in your home that are causing you to stumble,
53:23 get rid of the books.
53:24 If there's TV in your home, and you can't keep from watching
53:29 certain programs, cancel your cable.
53:32 If it's movies that are a struggle, throw that movie out.
53:38 If it's a magazine, don't pick up the magazine
53:41 at the supermarket checkout.
53:42 You know, if that's what causes you to struggle.
53:44 If it's food, stay away from the mall.
53:47 If it's clothes, sorry, if it's clothes stay away from the mall.
53:51 If it's food, and there's a certain thing you struggle with,
53:55 don't buy that particular item of food.
53:57 If it's someone else that you're struggling with, with emotional
54:00 feelings for, and you meet them at the gym,
54:02 cancel that membership and go to a different gym,
54:05 or if they're at your place of work, find a different job.
54:08 Make no provision for the flesh.
54:11 So Paul tells us to wake up, use proper weaponry,
54:15 walk appropriately, and prepare for battle.
54:18 And I know my time is almost gone.
54:19 And I want to read one quote from 8 Volume
54:21 of the Testimonies, 253.
54:23 The Lord is soon coming.
54:26 We must be ready and waiting for His appearing.
54:29 How glorious it would be to see Him, and be welcomed
54:32 as His redeemed ones.
54:34 Long have we waited, but our hope is not to grow dim.
54:38 If we can but see the King in His beauty,
54:40 we shall be forever blessed.
54:42 I feel as if I must cry aloud: homeward bound.
54:46 Amen and Amen. Thank you, Jill.
54:49 That was beautiful.
54:50 And I always love how you bring it down to several points
54:52 at the end of practical application.
54:55 Because actually that is what Paul is doing
54:58 here today, is it not?
54:59 The first eleven chapters he's laid out the doctrine,
55:03 the theology, and now he's going from doctrine to duty.
55:08 What are God's expectations of His new covenant people?
55:12 And as we began Paul said, Therefore if you consider all
55:18 that God has done for you, he said, then present yourself
55:23 as a living sacrifice.
55:24 Let your mind be renewed by the...
55:27 Be transformed by the renewal through the Scriptures,
55:32 and through having the mind of Christ in you.
55:35 I'd like each of you just to take... Boy we are really short.
55:38 ...twenty seconds.
55:40 Give me just a summary point; a little zinger from your lesson
55:44 that you'd like to share.
55:45 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
55:50 Amen! John. And whatsoever state you're in be content.
55:57 That's right, the Christian state.
55:59 Whatsoever state you're in, be content.
56:01 And that's something that it takes a little practice to
56:04 learn to be content.
56:06 But it is a true blessing when it is.
56:09 I want to reiterate Romans 5:5, The love of God...
56:13 That love that God loves us with is also in our hearts.
56:17 It's been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.
56:20 We are filled with God's love. Amen!
56:23 And I just want to encourage you.
56:25 Jesus is coming soon.
56:27 We have the privilege and opportunity now to
56:29 spend time in His work.
56:31 Get to know Him. Accept Him as your personal Savior,
56:35 and know that we have the hope of spending eternity with Him.
56:39 Amen. I just wanted to add something to what Mollie has
56:42 said when we were taking about the love being
56:45 poured into our heart.
56:46 Listen to what Paul told the Thessalonians in
56:48 1 Thessalonians 3:12, 13.
56:51 He says, May the Lord make you increase and abound in love to
56:55 one another, and to all, just as we do to you, so that...
56:59 For the purpose of.
57:00 so that He may establish your hearts blameless in holiness
57:04 before our God, and Father, at the coming of our Lord
57:06 and Savior Jesus Christ.
57:08 If you want to be blameless in holiness, if you want to
57:11 overcome evil with good, open your heart to God.
57:14 Let Him pour out His love, because the more you are filled
57:19 with the love of God, the holier you will become.
57:22 You'll be just like Him!
57:24 Well, we just want to thank you so much for joining us.
57:27 Our prayer is that the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus
57:29 Christ, the love of the Father, and the fellowship of the
57:32 Holy Spirit will be with you always.
57:35 See you next time.


Revised 2023-11-23