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00:01 The Bible tells us, "In the beginning was the Word,
00:03 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
00:08 It says, "To receive with meekness
00:10 the implanted Word,
00:11 which is able to save your souls.
00:14 And to be diligent
00:15 to present yourself approved to God,
00:18 rightly dividing the Word of truth."
00:21 Join us now for the 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
00:25 Our study today is the Book of Daniel.
00:32 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn,
00:33 and we're so glad you're joining us
00:35 for today's Sabbath School panel.
00:37 We are continuing our study in Daniel,
00:40 and today we're on lesson number three.
00:43 Daniel Chapter 2, which is showing us
00:46 that the God of heaven is actually moving
00:49 human history to its grand finale.
00:52 I want to encourage you.
00:54 This is such a wonderful study and we want you to go,
00:57 if you don't have a quarterly, go to ABSG.Adventist.org,
01:03 and you can download your own copy,
01:05 or better yet go by your local Seventh-day Adventist Church,
01:08 they'd be happy to give you a copy.
01:10 And I'm sure they'd be thrilled if you join their study group.
01:14 Let me introduce our wonderful panel.
01:16 Next to me I have Pastor Ryan Day.
01:18 Pastor.
01:20 It's always good to be here. Love the Bible.
01:21 Love this panel. Amen.
01:23 And I'm excited to study.
01:24 Well, we're glad you're with us.
01:26 And then Jill Morikone, the COO of 3ABN.
01:30 Thank you, Shelley, a privilege to be here
01:31 and open up the Word of God.
01:33 We can't wait to hear
01:34 what list you're bringing us today.
01:36 There is a list.
01:37 Pastor Kenny Shelton.
01:39 Always a pleasure, love to study the Word of God,
01:42 especially the Book of Daniel.
01:44 Amen. Amen.
01:45 And then the one
01:46 who is most excited about this study
01:48 are my own pastor, Pastor John Lomacang.
01:51 I need to sound excited.
01:53 Amen for the Book of Daniel. Amen for the Book of Daniel.
01:55 And we're glad that we're going to study it together,
01:57 and we're glad that you are going to join us
01:59 in this amazing excursion of unfolding the Word of God.
02:04 Amen.
02:05 Kenny, would you please have our prayer?
02:07 Absolutely.
02:08 Loving Father in heaven,
02:10 we thank You again for Your love
02:11 that You have for us, now we invite thy Holy Spirit.
02:14 We pray that You'll come in abundance,
02:15 You'll touch our hearts,
02:17 touch our lives, touch our minds.
02:18 Help us to be ready,
02:19 Lord, with that which you have for us,
02:21 I know you have a feast in store
02:22 and we pray that Your Holy Spirit will impart
02:25 that to each and every one of us,
02:26 and we pray for the listeners and for the viewers,
02:28 may each one hearts and lives be open.
02:30 And may each one as they hear these beautiful truths,
02:32 come to the point of deciding they want to follow Jesus
02:35 all the way regardless of the cost.
02:37 Thank you, Lord, for hearing, for answering prayer.
02:39 Be with each one here in a special way,
02:40 those behind the scenes, and those who are in front,
02:42 in Jesus' name, amen.
02:44 Amen and amen.
02:45 Great story in the introduction of this lesson
02:49 in our quarterly,
02:51 and it's talking about in the waters around Greenland,
02:54 there are icebergs of every shape and size,
02:57 and the smaller icebergs are driven by the wind across,
03:00 whatever direction of the wind,
03:02 that's the direction they're going in.
03:04 But the larger icebergs are carried
03:06 by the ocean currents.
03:08 And so sometimes,
03:09 they may be going in opposite directions.
03:11 And we're looking at what is going on in history.
03:14 Sometimes it's like, no way, what's happening here?
03:19 And you know what?
03:20 Truth be known at that, we think,
03:23 maybe it is the rise and fall of nations
03:25 is happening by human whim.
03:27 Now, God is that deep undercurrent
03:32 that is moving things along and we can be sure
03:36 that everything is going to happen according
03:40 to His sovereign purpose.
03:41 All right, Sunday's lesson is the immanence of God,
03:46 and that is I-M-M-A-N-E-N-C-E.
03:51 the reason I want to spell that,
03:53 immanent and imminent, two different words.
03:56 I-M-M-I,
03:57 is talking when we talk about
03:59 the imminent return of Jesus Christ.
04:02 We are then talking about something that's very near.
04:05 But the I-M-M-A, immanence
04:09 is when you're talking about the closeness of God,
04:16 compared to His transcendence,
04:19 how high God is above everything.
04:21 So let's look at this.
04:23 When we think about this, God,
04:25 imminence means that God is present in all of creation.
04:30 But this isn't like the pantheistic belief
04:33 that He's in everything.
04:36 Imminence means that
04:37 He is distinct from His creation.
04:40 He's apart from His creation, yet He is everywhere in His,
04:47 there's nowhere that He is not present
04:48 and that He is exercising sovereign control to uphold it.
04:54 Two of God's many attributes is that He is both nearby
04:59 and far away.
05:00 So imminence means God is near us,
05:03 present within space and time.
05:06 Let's look at Colossians 1:17,
05:08 because this is a perfect example for imminence,
05:13 Colossians 1:17.
05:17 Speaking of Jesus, it says,
05:19 "He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.
05:26 He sustains all life,
05:28 He sustains the universe with His power,
05:31 and He maintains the balance necessary
05:35 for everything to exist."
05:37 Hebrews 1:3 says that, "He upholds, and propels,
05:42 and maintains everything by His mighty word of power."
05:47 So, the written word of God testifies
05:50 to His personal interest,
05:53 His personal action in our lives.
05:57 If you want to know how personal God is,
06:00 think about this.
06:01 He came to earth to become a man
06:04 and die on the cross for us.
06:06 That's right. Amen.
06:07 So, imminence is God, God with us.
06:13 Another one is Acts 17:28.
06:16 Another great example.
06:18 Acts 17:28 says,
06:19 "For in him we live and move and have our being,
06:25 as also some of your own prophets have said,
06:29 'For we are also His offspring.'"
06:33 What does that say?
06:34 None of us are independent from God.
06:37 You might think you are, you might say,
06:40 I don't even believe in God.
06:41 Let me tell you something, you don't exist apart from Him.
06:44 So transcendence is that God exists
06:50 outside of space and time.
06:53 Let's think about Isaiah 55:9.
06:55 That's the best example
06:57 I could think of for transcendence,
06:59 means he's far off, Isaiah 55:9,
07:04 "For as the heavens are higher than the earth.
07:10 The Lord says, so are my ways higher than your ways,
07:13 and my thoughts than your thoughts."
07:16 We can't fit God into some little mold
07:22 that we try to make.
07:23 He's incomprehensible. That's right.
07:25 You know, and sometimes I think we do,
07:27 I think we try to put him in a box.
07:29 He is transistent,
07:31 He exists apart from everything.
07:34 He's not subject to the limitations
07:37 of this material universe.
07:40 So God's thoughts and deeds are far above humanity.
07:44 And actually, when you think about it,
07:47 even grace is beyond human comprehension, isn't it?
07:50 God declares that He is omnipresent,
07:54 that He is, that means He's everywhere,
07:57 that He is omniscient, that He knows everything
08:01 in both an imminent close way,
08:05 and in a transcendent way.
08:08 Here's the best scripture I could think of for that.
08:11 Psalm 57:2, I love this promise.
08:16 I love this beautiful word of the Lord.
08:19 Psalm 57:2,
08:22 "I will cry out to God Most High,"
08:26 that is the transcendent God that's above everything,
08:32 "to God, who performs all things for me."
08:38 See,
08:39 His transcendence never removes His imminence.
08:43 He may be God Most High, transcendent above everything,
08:47 but He is the God who performs His vows.
08:51 He is the God who performs all things for us.
08:54 He is our imminent God.
08:56 So now let's look at Daniel Chapter 2.
08:59 We're gonna look at a crisis, that the Hebrews were facing.
09:03 Daniel Chapter 2, and we'll start with verse 1.
09:08 Nebuchadnezzar is having dreams,
09:10 his spirit's so troubled that sleep leaves him,
09:13 he calls the magicians, the astrologers,
09:15 the sorcerers, the cult,
09:17 the Chaldeans who were a special class of soothsayers,
09:21 and to tell, he wants them to tell him his dream.
09:26 Dreams were taken very seriously
09:29 in the ancient world.
09:30 The Babylonians believed that the gods could reveal
09:34 the interpretation of the dream.
09:36 So verse 3, "The king said to them,
09:38 'I have had a dream,
09:40 and my spirit is anxious to know the dream.'"
09:45 This dream he had was foreboding,
09:49 it was giving him an anxious spirit,
09:52 he thought that perhaps there was an impending disaster.
09:57 So either he can't remember it
09:59 or he could have actually been testing his guys
10:02 to see if they're gonna give him an honest answer.
10:05 But he was anxious for the interpretation.
10:08 He didn't want deception.
10:10 So verse 4 says,
10:12 "The Chaldeans spoke to the king in Aramaic,
10:13 'O King, live forever!
10:17 Tell your servants the dream,
10:18 we will give you the interpretation.'"
10:20 "And the king answers, 'My decision is firm.
10:23 If you do not make known the dream to me
10:25 and its interpretation, you shall be," what?
10:29 Cut in pieces. "Cut in pieces.
10:31 Your houses shall be made an ash heap.
10:33 However, if you tell the dream,
10:35 its interpretation you shall receive from me gifts,
10:39 rewards and great honor."
10:41 Verse 9 says,
10:42 "If you do not make known the dream to me,
10:44 there is only one decree for you.
10:47 For you have agreed to speak, lying and corrupt words
10:52 before me till the time has changed."
10:54 So he didn't trust them obviously.
10:56 He says, "Therefore tell me the dream,
10:59 then I shall know that
11:00 you can give me its interpretation.
11:02 So the Chaldeans answered and said,
11:04 'There's not a man on earth who can tell you,
11:07 the king's matter.
11:09 Therefore no king, lord
11:13 or ruler has ever asked for such a thing
11:16 from any magician, or astrologer, or a Chaldean."
11:19 The pagan dream experts didn't know the dream.
11:23 So they couldn't come up with an interpretation
11:25 that would please the king.
11:28 This is not really an unprecedented situation.
11:34 We're going to look in just a minute.
11:36 I know that.
11:38 Well, let me go forward.
11:40 Verse 11,
11:42 "It is a difficult thing that the king requests,
11:44 there is no other who can tell it to the king,
11:47 except the gods
11:49 whose dwelling is not with flesh."
11:52 Well, they were right there.
11:53 They're just thinking of the wrong gods, right?
11:55 So despite all of their incantations,
11:59 all of their magic and their astrology,
12:02 they're not capable
12:04 of receiving a supernatural revelation.
12:07 Verse 12, "The king is angry, he's furious,
12:10 he commands to know the answer
12:15 or destroy all of the wise men of Babylon."
12:19 Darius I
12:21 had all the Magi executed because of the conspiracy.
12:25 Xerxes put to death all the engineers
12:29 who had built a bridge that collapsed,
12:32 so this isn't totally unprecedented
12:34 as far as the decree, but now it goes out,
12:38 and immediately they begin killing the wise men.
12:40 Well, guess what?
12:42 Daniel and his three buddies are on the cabinet staff.
12:46 Yes. That's right.
12:47 You know, they're going to,
12:49 they have finished their schooling,
12:52 and now they're in danger of being killed.
12:55 So what does he do?
12:57 Daniel and his friends,
12:59 actually, Daniel goes to him.
13:01 In verse 14.
13:03 It says, "With counsel and wisdom,"
13:05 when Arioch came to tell Daniel,
13:07 "Hey, off with your head."
13:09 He said, "Daniel answered Arioch,
13:12 the captain of the king's guard
13:13 who'd gone out to kill the wise men in Babylon,
13:16 saying to him,
13:17 'Why is the decree from the king, so urgent?'
13:21 And then Arioch made the decision known to Daniel.
13:24 So Daniel went in
13:25 and asked the king to give him time,
13:28 that he might tell the king the interpretation.'"
13:31 Here's the point.
13:33 Daniel trusted that God could give him
13:38 a supernatural interpretation.
13:40 Interestingly,
13:42 the king told the wise men, his astrologers,
13:48 you're just trying to buy time.
13:50 He wouldn't give them any time.
13:52 He gives Daniel the time. Amen.
13:54 Oh, wow, praise the Lord.
13:55 I love this story because it shows
13:57 just how powerful God is
14:01 in a sense of how He works with His people,
14:03 and through His people during times of hardship,
14:07 times of challenge and trial,
14:09 which is exactly what Daniel,
14:11 I'm sure felt like he was enduring
14:12 at that time, the trial of his life.
14:13 Could you imagine someone coming
14:15 and knocking on your door in the middle of the night
14:17 and saying, "Hey, I'm here to murder you."
14:19 You know, I can't imagine the fear
14:21 and the feeling that he had in that very moment.
14:24 But nonetheless,
14:25 as you just clearly brought out,
14:27 and the scripture says, he goes,
14:28 and he gets the permission from the king.
14:30 Give me more time.
14:31 And, of course, I just have to,
14:33 before I get into this text here,
14:35 because this is Monday's lesson,
14:36 Monday's lesson is entitled The Prayer.
14:38 All right.
14:40 Simple, the prayer.
14:41 And it's funny because this is the part
14:44 or the aspect of the lesson,
14:45 or the passage that most people would
14:47 just read right over and think,
14:49 you know, "Oh, let's get to the good stuff.
14:50 Let's get to the, you know, the image
14:52 and the meaning of the image and interpretation."
14:54 But all of this is based upon and starts with a prayer...
14:59 Amen.
15:00 And it's powerful to think that many times,
15:02 we, probably we as humans in our carnal mind,
15:06 I can imagine that if we were probably dished
15:09 this particular situation,
15:11 we found ourselves in a similar situation.
15:14 You know, I'd find myself in many situations
15:16 where it's my natural carnal mind
15:19 wants to start plotting and planning to figure out,
15:24 you know, the answer myself.
15:26 Instead of going to the Lord and saying,
15:27 Lord, I'm not wise enough, I'm not smart enough,
15:30 I'm not intelligent enough,
15:31 Lord, to get myself out of this situation.
15:33 But yet often times, that's exactly what we do,
15:35 as we start to plan and plot,
15:37 because we believe in ourselves,
15:39 what if I just come up with the right plan,
15:41 the right motives behind the right plan,
15:43 I just might go ahead
15:45 and dig myself out of this situation.
15:47 But we know that, that's not what Daniel had done,
15:49 because Daniel goes back to his house
15:51 and as you and I might have done,
15:52 we probably would have plotted our way
15:54 to try to escape, you know,
15:55 the wrath of the king
15:57 or try to get it get out of this situation.
16:00 Daniel takes his situation right to the Lord in prayer,
16:02 because he knows that God has all the answers.
16:04 And so I'm gonna start reading
16:06 in Daniel Chapter 2 beginning with verse 17,
16:08 and we're going to read through verse 23.
16:10 And so it says, "Then Daniel went to his house,
16:13 and made the decision known to Hananiah,
16:16 Meshael and Azariah, his companions."
16:19 And I just have to pause there,
16:20 notice how Daniel didn't just take this
16:21 to the Lord in prayer by himself.
16:24 Good.
16:25 He said, brothers, we got to pray.
16:27 You know, we're counseled in the Word of God,
16:28 that we take the, in a multitude of people,
16:31 Got hears His people's prayers.
16:32 And so we can learn something from Daniel
16:35 and his companions here.
16:36 It goes on in verse 18, to say,
16:37 "That they might seek the mercies
16:39 from the God of heaven, concerning this secret
16:42 so that Daniel and his companions
16:44 might not perish
16:45 with the rest of the wise men of Babylon.
16:48 Then, the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision.
16:51 So Daniel blessed the God of heaven."
16:53 So I just want to pause there.
16:55 I had to tell a quick story because,
16:57 when you read this, this is powerful,
16:59 Daniel and his companions, they pray.
17:01 And then, of course, there's, Daniel goes to sleep.
17:05 So you and I wouldn't probably be able to go to sleep,
17:08 you know, that weighing on our minds, you know,
17:09 there's a chance that I'm going to die
17:11 if the Lord chooses not to answer this prayer,
17:13 but Daniel's like, I'm gonna go to sleep.
17:15 So in a night vision, of course,
17:17 as I'm sure he was asleep, God gives him the answer.
17:19 He answers his prayer.
17:21 And, you know, I'll never forget this
17:23 because this was just, actually,
17:25 just recently, I'm on my way.
17:27 I'm on my way to an evangelistic series.
17:30 And this particular part that I was driving through,
17:32 just before I arrived to my destination,
17:34 I was driving through a horrible thick fog.
17:37 And there was a storm
17:39 that had come up at that same time,
17:40 and it was raining so hard, I couldn't see anything.
17:44 And, you know, here I am, really,
17:46 you know, trying to white knuckle this,
17:48 the steering wheel and really trying to pay close attention
17:50 as I'm driving in this very harsh,
17:53 you know, environment.
17:54 And then it hits me, you know,
17:55 I've never really said a prayer
17:57 in the sense to ask Jesus to do something
17:59 so drastically before, you know,
18:01 some of you, you hear these prayers all the time,
18:03 well, I asked the Lord to deliver me
18:04 and He came through,
18:05 and I asked the Lord to, you know, stop the rain
18:07 and it stopped, you know, and so I thought,
18:09 you know, I'm gonna try this.
18:10 So I called out to the Lord, I said,
18:11 "Lord,
18:13 I want to make it to my destination safely.
18:16 And I don't want to die tonight, Lord."
18:17 This is, it was getting very rough.
18:19 And so I prayed, Lord, if you see fit,
18:22 please make this rain stop or diminish,"
18:25 so that I can see to make my way,
18:28 you know, to my destination.
18:29 And I promise you, not even with three seconds from that,
18:32 from the moment I said amen.
18:33 It was like this rain went...
18:36 drip, drip, drip.
18:37 That's it. Amen.
18:38 And at that very moment, I kind of had, I was by myself,
18:41 I had one of those like, amazing like,
18:42 aha moments like, wow,
18:44 you know, and I found myself the natural response is that,
18:49 I had 30 miles to go, and I promise you,
18:51 for the next 30 miles
18:52 all I could think of was praise you, God.
18:54 Amen.
18:56 Thank you, Lord, because it really happened so swift.
18:57 It was clear that God had intervened at that moment.
19:00 Notice Daniel's response.
19:02 Notice how he just doesn't wake up and go,
19:04 "Oh, King, you know, got your answer."
19:07 Notice his response beginning in verse 20.
19:09 "Daniel answered and said:
19:11 'Blessed be the name of God forever and ever
19:14 for wisdom and might are His.'"
19:16 So he's praising God,
19:18 instead of taking the answer immediately to the king,
19:20 which he's going to do.
19:21 He stops for a moment to say,
19:23 Lord, You've humbly answered my prayer.
19:26 I want to give you praises.
19:28 He goes on in verse 21,
19:29 "And he changes the times and the seasons.
19:31 He removes kings and raises up kings,
19:33 He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge
19:35 to those who have understanding,
19:37 He reveals deep and secret things,
19:38 He knows what is in the darkness,
19:40 and light dwells with Him.
19:42 I thank You and Praise You, O God of my fathers,
19:46 You have given me wisdom and might
19:48 and have now made known to me,
19:50 what we asked of you," and you, notice,
19:53 "for You have made known to us the king's demand."
19:56 So he stops and he gives God praise.
19:58 Amen. Amen.
20:00 And I just want to ask a question here,
20:02 simple but profound.
20:03 Does God consider it important
20:06 that we respond to Him in praise?
20:09 In moments like these how many times do we stop
20:11 and pause to say, you know,
20:13 I didn't get this job on my own.
20:15 It's because of the Lord.
20:17 You know, I didn't get the answer
20:19 to my question by myself.
20:21 It's because of God. That's right.
20:22 I wasn't able to pay that bill on my own.
20:24 It was because the Lord provided.
20:26 How many times do we consider the trials
20:29 and the tribulations, and the things
20:30 that when the challenges in life,
20:32 we're able to overcome them and move past them
20:34 because God sees us through them.
20:36 And the answer to the question, you know,
20:38 does God consider it important to respond to Him with praise?
20:41 The answer is yes, He does.
20:43 You know, I consider the passage
20:44 in Luke Chapter 17.
20:46 That's the story came to mind.
20:47 And, of course, it's referenced also in the lesson,
20:50 Luke 17:14-19.
20:53 It says, "So when he saw them,"
20:54 this is when Jesus heals the 10 lepers, okay?
20:57 Now notice it, it's powerful.
20:58 "So when he saw them, he said to them,
21:00 go show yourselves to the priest.
21:02 And so it was as they went, they were cleansed."
21:05 Okay, so Jesus heals them, right?
21:08 And then notice verse 15.
21:10 "And one of them,
21:11 when he saw that he was healed, returned,
21:13 and with a loud voice, glorified God.
21:16 And fell down on his face at His feet,
21:19 giving Him thanks.
21:20 And he was a Samaritan."
21:22 And then verse 17, "So Jesus had said to him,
21:24 'Were there not ten cleansed?
21:26 But where are the nine?
21:28 Were there not any found
21:29 who returned to give glory to God
21:32 except for this foreigner?'
21:34 And he said to them, 'Arise,
21:35 go your way for your faith has made you well.'"
21:37 This one man out of the nine returns to say,
21:39 God, "Thank you.
21:41 Praise be to you, Jesus,
21:42 because I wouldn't have this healing.
21:44 I wouldn't be where I am without you."
21:46 And so in this time of trial,
21:49 Daniel is faced with him losing his life,
21:51 and he doesn't know where else to go
21:53 but said, "Lord,
21:54 I'm asking for You to intervene.
21:56 And when he does, he doesn't just burst
21:58 into the king's courts immediately,
22:01 he stops and he says, "Lord, praise be to you.
22:03 Praise be to You, Lord, because you are worthy."
22:06 I also think of, we're going to read this in Daniel Chapter 6.
22:08 But notice this,
22:09 in the face of one of the largest trials again,
22:11 in which Daniel is faced to lose his life.
22:13 Notice Daniel 6:10.
22:16 It says, "Now when Daniel knew that the writing with signed,"
22:19 speaking of the decree that King Darius had made
22:23 to send anyone to the lions' den
22:25 who prayed to their God other than him,
22:27 for 30 days.
22:29 Notice what it says,
22:30 "When Daniel knew the writing was signed,
22:31 he went home, and in his upper room,
22:34 with his windows open towards Jerusalem,
22:36 he knelt down on his knees, three times a day,"
22:39 and notice "and he prayed and gave thanks before God,
22:42 as it was his custom since early days."
22:45 This is powerful, because,
22:47 you know, how many times do we find ourselves
22:49 on our knees in prayer thanking God?
22:51 You know, this is a powerful lesson to learn
22:53 and as I reflect and consider
22:55 what is written here, you know,
22:57 Daniel in the face of adversity and the greatest challenges.
23:01 He had so much faith that he was able to kneel,
23:04 and he was able to stop for a moment in time,
23:07 not knowing if the Lord was going to deliver him.
23:09 I think he had faith.
23:10 I know he had faith that the Lord could deliver him.
23:12 But you know what, Lord,
23:14 if You choose to do it,
23:15 or if You don't choose to do it,
23:16 praise be to you.
23:18 Notice how God had not delivered him
23:19 from the lions' den yet,
23:21 but he's still giving thanks to God
23:22 knowing exactly what doom lies ahead of him.
23:25 And that's a lesson that we all can learn,
23:27 that in times of trial and times of tribulation
23:31 and challenges in our life.
23:33 I want to make an appeal.
23:34 You know, we need to learn to be a praying people.
23:37 We need to learn to not just go to God
23:39 with an open hand and say, Lord,
23:40 give me, give me, give me,
23:42 I need you to come through, because guess what?
23:43 He will, He's promised us that He will come through
23:46 if we're faithful to Him.
23:47 But then a follow up would be, Lord,
23:49 praise be to You, because You deserve it.
23:51 You are mighty, You are wonderful.
23:53 You, Lord, deserve all glory and honor.
23:55 And I just praise God that He is the God of love
23:59 that He is a God that answers prayers,
24:01 and hears His people
24:02 and comes through in the perfect timing.
24:05 Ryan, there's only one thing wrong with you.
24:07 You don't have any enthusiasm.
24:11 I think, praise the Lord that God brought you here
24:14 and we are going to take a quick break.
24:17 We'll be right back. Amen.
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24:55 Now we'll continue in our study with Jill Morikone
24:58 who will bring Tuesday's lesson,
25:00 The Image, part one.
25:02 Thank you both so much,
25:04 what an incredible foundation laid.
25:06 I love the Book of Daniel.
25:09 And to me as we're getting in Chapter 1, Chapter 2,
25:11 we get to see more of Daniel's character.
25:14 We get to see more of his walk and relationship with God.
25:17 But most importantly,
25:19 we get to see the God that Daniel served.
25:22 And I love this set up that God did,
25:25 with this whole chapter to me, it was just a set up.
25:28 Nebuchadnezzar had the dream,
25:30 which Shelley had talked about that he couldn't remember.
25:33 And I think that was the hand of God,
25:35 Pastor Kenny,
25:36 because it showed the humaneness
25:38 of his advisors,
25:40 and his magicians, astrologers, sorcerers
25:43 that they could not reveal the dream,
25:45 and it also showed the frailty and the humaneness
25:48 of the gods that they served
25:51 because they couldn't help the matter either.
25:54 Only someone divine could answer.
25:57 Only God Himself could reveal the dream
26:00 and the interpretation.
26:02 In fact the Chaldean said that in Daniel 2:11,
26:05 which we already read,
26:06 "It is a difficult thing that the king requests,
26:09 there is no other who can tell it to the king
26:11 except the gods whose dwelling is not with flesh."
26:14 And we know which God that is.
26:16 That is the Lord Jesus Christ, Jehovah God.
26:20 God showed up and provided the answer.
26:23 So it was unmistakable that He is God.
26:28 So the Image part 1,
26:30 we're going to look at six verses,
26:32 we're going to look at verses 24 through 30.
26:35 This is Daniel 2:24-30.
26:38 And here come the lessons
26:40 that I have gleaned from these six verses.
26:43 There are six lessons actually.
26:45 Lesson number one,
26:46 a true Christian cares about others.
26:49 He even cares about those who have hurt him.
26:54 Let's read verse 24.
26:55 "Therefore, Daniel went to Arioch,
26:57 whom the king had appointed
26:58 to destroy the wise men of Babylon,
27:01 he went and said thus to him,
27:03 'Do not destroy the wise men of Babylon,
27:05 take me before the king,
27:07 and I will tell the king the interpretation.'"
27:09 So remember, the Lord, Ryan, had this portion,
27:12 the Lord revealed to Daniel in a vision, a night vision,
27:16 what the dream was and the interpretation.
27:20 So Daniel could have just run straight to the king.
27:22 But instead he paused,
27:24 as Ryan pointed out so beautifully,
27:26 and praised the Lord,
27:28 gave thanks for what God had done in his life,
27:31 and how God had revealed it.
27:32 Now I'm saying that
27:34 Daniel could have run to the king
27:35 after he praised and said,
27:36 "Okay, King, we're coming with this."
27:39 And then that's, I don't want to die
27:41 and my three friends don't want to die either.
27:43 And that's all he cared about.
27:44 No, a true Christian cares about others.
27:48 He even cares about those who have hurt him.
27:50 Daniel didn't just care about saving his own life.
27:53 He cared about the heathen, those lost and alone,
27:56 and even those who nearly got him killed
27:58 because he almost died
28:00 because of these people, the Chaldeans,
28:03 and the magicians, and all those people
28:04 who could not interpret the dream
28:07 and reveal the dream.
28:08 You know, as a side note,
28:09 I think there are three levels of forgiveness.
28:12 We often only talk about one level of forgiveness.
28:15 That would be, Lord, I want you to forgive me.
28:18 And that's a beautiful level.
28:19 And that is an important level.
28:21 1 John1:9, "If we confess our sins,
28:23 He's faithful and just to forgive us our sins,
28:26 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
28:29 Second level is asking God to grant His forgiveness,
28:34 put it in my heart, to extend to someone else.
28:37 This'll be the people who have hurt us,
28:39 and we ask God,
28:41 "Would you give me Your forgiveness
28:43 so that I can extend it to my brothers and sisters."
28:47 Colossians 3:13, "Bear with one another,
28:50 and forgive one another,
28:52 even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do."
28:55 And I think many Christians, we stop there.
28:58 God would you forgive me and if someone else hurts me,
29:00 "Okay, would you give me
29:02 Your forgiveness for this person over here?"
29:04 But God asks us to also ask forgiveness
29:08 for other people's sins,
29:10 not because they've hurt us,
29:14 but because we're called to intercede
29:17 on behalf of brothers and sisters.
29:18 Think of Stephen, being stoned to death.
29:20 He didn't say, Okay, father, would you?
29:23 Oh, I'm struggling to forgive them
29:24 because I'm feeling angst against them.
29:26 They're about ready to kill me.
29:27 No, he said,
29:29 "Father, do not lay this into their charge,"
29:31 because he cared about their eternal salvation.
29:35 That was Moses after the golden calf experience,
29:38 pleading, "Father,
29:40 block me out from your book,
29:43 but forgive and accept these people,"
29:45 intercession for others.
29:48 So a true Christian cares about others.
29:50 Number two,
29:51 a true Christian will be known among men.
29:56 Verse 25,
29:57 "Then Arioch quickly brought Daniel
29:59 before the king and said thus to him,
30:01 I have found a man of the captives of Judah,
30:04 who will make known to the king the interpretation."
30:07 Now, I think there's two reasons
30:09 that a Christian is known among men.
30:11 First reason is due to hard work,
30:14 diligence, honesty, integrity.
30:18 Proverbs 22:29 says,
30:20 "Do you see a man who excels in his work?
30:23 He will stand before kings,
30:25 he will not stand before unknown men.
30:29 But the second reason
30:31 is because God in His divine sovereignty
30:35 and providence brings His children
30:39 before kings, before rulers
30:41 as a witness to who He is."
30:46 Matthew 10:18-20,
30:48 "You will be brought before governors
30:49 and kings for my sake,
30:52 as a testimony to them into the Gentiles.
30:55 But when they deliver you up,
30:56 don't worry about how or what you should speak.
30:59 For it will be given you in
31:00 that hour what you should speak.
31:02 It is not you who speak,
31:03 but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you."
31:06 So, many times God brings a Christian
31:09 to prominence or to be known among men as it were,
31:14 because He wants to witness
31:16 to those people of His love and His law.
31:19 Amen.
31:21 Lesson number three,
31:22 a true Christian always tells the truth.
31:25 Verses 26 and 27,
31:28 "The King answered and said to Daniel,
31:29 whose name was Belteshazzar,
31:31 'Are you able to make known to me the dream
31:33 which I have seen in its interpretation?'
31:36 Daniel answered in the presence of the king and said,
31:38 'The secret which the king has demanded,
31:40 the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians,
31:42 and the soothsayers cannot declare to the king."
31:46 So Daniel could not tell the king
31:47 the dream or the interpretation,
31:49 the king's advisors couldn't tell the king
31:51 the dream or the interpretation either.
31:53 Now Daniel could have shaded the truth,
31:55 and he could have definitely evaded the answer
31:58 that he gave and just,
31:59 well, I'm coming to you right now with an answer,
32:03 and he could have just evaded it.
32:05 But he was honest as it were to a fault.
32:08 Speaking the truth deals with what he said.
32:10 Would you say that's true? Absolutely.
32:12 What we say deals with speaking the truth.
32:16 But it also deals with what is unsaid.
32:18 The truth is not just what we say.
32:21 The truth is what we don't say.
32:22 And the truth is also how we say it.
32:26 That's right. Yes.
32:28 Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
32:31 Amen. John 14:6.
32:33 True Christians cannot lie.
32:36 Proverbs 12:22,
32:38 "Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord.
32:40 But those who deal truthfully are His delight."
32:44 Ephesians 4:25,
32:45 "Put away lying,
32:48 let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor,
32:51 for members of one another."
32:53 1 John 3:18, "My little children
32:55 let us not love in word or tongue,
32:57 but in deed and in truth."
32:59 So this means that we can lie even by our actions.
33:04 So, the true Christian cares about others,
33:06 will be known among men, tells the truth.
33:08 Number four, a true Christian never takes credit
33:11 for what God has done.
33:13 Amen. That's a good one.
33:15 Verse 28,
33:16 "There is a God in heaven,"
33:17 this is Daniel speaking, "who revealed secrets.
33:20 And he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar
33:22 what will be in the latter days,
33:24 your dream and the visions of your head
33:25 upon your bed were these."
33:28 So give credit where credit is due.
33:30 Don't you hate it, Pastor Kenny,
33:31 when someone else gets the credit
33:33 for the work that you did?
33:36 And yet they didn't even contribute to the project,
33:38 and yet they claim all the credit.
33:40 Jeremiah 9:23-24,
33:43 "Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom,
33:46 let not the mighty man glory in his might,
33:49 or the rich man in his riches,
33:51 but let him who glories glory in this,
33:54 that he understands and knows me,
33:56 that I am the Lord exercising loving kindness,
33:59 judgment and righteousness in the earth.
34:01 For in these things I delight, says the Lord."
34:04 Number five,
34:06 a true Christian never misses an opportunity to witness.
34:10 Verse 29,
34:12 Daniel says, "As for you, O king,
34:14 thoughts came to your mind while on your bed,
34:19 about what would come to pass after this
34:21 and He who reveals secrets has made known to you
34:24 what will be."
34:26 Now in these six verses, Daniel says three times
34:29 that it was God who revealed the dream.
34:32 There's an old marketing adage
34:34 that's called the rule of seven.
34:35 It says, someone needs to hear it seven times,
34:38 before they finally buy in,
34:40 take action and buy from you.
34:42 You might say, I already told my neighbor that.
34:44 Tell them again.
34:46 You might say, I already witnessed to my co-worker,
34:48 I already talked to my family member.
34:50 Witness, every time,
34:52 take every opportunity
34:55 you can to witness for the Lord.
34:57 And finally number six,
34:59 a true Christian walks in humility.
35:03 Verse 30, Daniel says, "As for me,
35:05 the secret is not revealed to me
35:07 because I have more wisdom than anyone living,
35:09 but for our sakes
35:11 who make known the interpretation to the king,
35:13 that you may know the thoughts of your heart."
35:15 So a true Christian walks in humility.
35:18 Pastor Kenny, you have the Image.
35:19 Praise the Lord.
35:21 Yeah, well, you know,
35:22 this is one of the most familiar,
35:24 probably, as those who study prophecy,
35:25 Daniel Chapter 2.
35:26 So since it is, and there's a lot of reading there.
35:28 I'd like to just go over
35:29 and just hit the high points of it,
35:31 then try to get into some things
35:32 that might be of help to us.
35:35 As this dream was, you know,
35:37 given as Nebuchadnezzar had the dream and then,
35:40 of course, the Holy Spirit God came in
35:42 and gave Daniel the interpretation thereof.
35:44 Then He came back and he just simply said,
35:46 like you say, he could have got out of it.
35:48 He could have dished it off somewhere else,
35:49 he could have stopped after this first time,
35:51 said, you're the head of gold, but he didn't.
35:53 He went on because he,
35:54 as you mentioned, he was truthful.
35:56 He's a man of God.
35:57 So the head of gold represents Babylon,
35:58 as we well know.
36:00 It goes to the second one, the chest and arms of silver.
36:02 This is what we're going to do, just go down,
36:03 leave you some homework and study for you to do.
36:06 It stands for Medo-Persia.
36:07 Then the next power that came up wasn't it brass,
36:10 we look at was, was a belly of thighs,
36:12 and brass symbolizes Greece, and then legs of iron.
36:15 And then it breaks down to the toes of iron and clay,
36:18 which is really church and state getting together.
36:20 We see that happening even in the day
36:21 in which we're living right now.
36:22 So, we need to be studying those things
36:24 to see whether they'd be so.
36:26 But to me as I looked at those and studied and again,
36:29 it's always good, I realized there's new people
36:30 and they've never studied it,
36:31 and should take time to do this thing.
36:33 But I want to encourage you,
36:35 because the question is asked in this lesson,
36:36 Image, part two,
36:38 what does this teach us
36:39 about God's foreknowledge of world history?
36:42 You know, does this really teach us something?
36:44 Is there's something we need to really be looking at,
36:45 so I've tried to look at that question and say,
36:48 you know, what does?
36:49 What does the Word of God teach us
36:51 about God's foreknowledge in history of the world or,
36:54 you know, anything goes on,
36:56 is God aware of everything that goes on.
36:57 I think the panel's made it very clear,
36:59 even in our previous lessons.
37:00 I want to just go over a few of those things right now,
37:02 history of God's knowledge.
37:04 I jotted this down, I thought it was interesting.
37:05 Israel's future or the history of Israel
37:08 was shown to Moses.
37:10 That must have really been a handful for Daniel,
37:13 to be given to him, the history.
37:14 So God knew the history and He laid it out there.
37:17 Also the history of this world is marked out,
37:19 link by link in prophecy,
37:22 if we'll get in and study the Word of God.
37:25 Most of ancient history is found in Scripture.
37:27 I thought this is not what, God is revealing history to,
37:30 God is revealing things that we need to know
37:33 in this hour of earth's history.
37:34 And the most interesting and instructive history
37:37 is found in the Bible.
37:39 You know, this is where, we go to school, right?
37:41 And you take history, you know,
37:43 well, somebody needs to get the Bible out,
37:45 isn't that right?
37:46 Because the most important historical things
37:47 are found in the Word of God
37:49 and that's one thing they tried to remove.
37:51 So we need to go back to that for sure.
37:53 History of the world is written,
37:54 we know under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
37:56 It's all laid out there for us, we understand.
37:59 God knows all of our plans.
38:01 He knows them from the very beginning.
38:03 He's talking about it here.
38:04 How does this, what does it teach us about
38:06 world history and the knowledge of God?
38:07 He knows everything.
38:09 He knows our plans,
38:10 from the beginning to the end.
38:12 Every act of man's life, this is like blows your mind,
38:15 you think about God in His mind,
38:17 He knows every act, every thought,
38:19 every word, every deed, every action.
38:21 Everything that happens in any part of the universe,
38:24 God knows.
38:25 That's right.
38:27 The universe is pretty big, I assume.
38:28 Way bigger than I can understand.
38:30 But God knows every little thing
38:31 that's going on there.
38:33 So every government, the kings, presidents,
38:36 leaders, rulers, nations,
38:38 what we need to remember
38:40 that they are under God, God's not under them.
38:43 And yet under God is the thing that we try to take out.
38:47 You notice that, things under God,
38:49 we try to take it out, all this is subject to God.
38:52 It's all written out.
38:54 It's going to come to pass just exactly like
38:55 He says it's going to.
38:57 If we didn't have time to say anymore,
38:59 I thought it was very interesting
39:00 in Daniel 2:47 and 49,
39:04 it really tells me something about.
39:06 You started about the King Nebuchadnezzar,
39:08 because King Nebuchadnezzar,
39:09 you know, this is what he had to say to Daniel,
39:13 after he met God.
39:15 You know what we say about God before we really meet Him,
39:19 you know, in personal, in our life is different
39:21 than after we meet him.
39:24 You know, Nebuchadnezzar was a pagan,
39:26 Daniel was a man who loved God.
39:28 But you notice there, after Nebuchadnezzar met God,
39:32 he began to say, "Wow,
39:34 He certainly is the God of God, right?
39:36 He's the one that sits upon the throne."
39:39 So I'm just encouraging you that once you meet God,
39:42 once you have relationship with God,
39:44 your attitude's going to change,
39:46 your life's going to change,
39:47 your thoughts are going to change.
39:48 It's all going to be very, very different.
39:51 And so that was his response to the heathen king.
39:54 He said, "He was touched by the power of God
39:56 in a very special way.
39:58 So, and again outline Chapter 2 as we go through there,
40:01 that will also help us in Daniel Chapter 7,
40:04 Daniel Chapter 8 and 11.
40:07 So it's good to get that all in, you know,
40:09 and focus, so that we can go on and study the prophecy.
40:13 I like this, a Fundamental of Education,
40:15 page 411-412 says this,
40:17 "The Lord was working in the Babylonian kingdom,
40:20 giving light to the four Hebrew captives."
40:23 God was working and had to come back,
40:25 we have to say, why would God do that?
40:27 These are all that turned their back on God,
40:29 they were worshiping other gods,
40:31 but again, merciful God,
40:32 still working up on them, He was working with them, why?
40:35 So He could reveal to them that He had power over,
40:40 notice, kingdoms of the world.
40:42 He set them up that you read, and He takes them down,
40:45 kingdoms and kings.
40:46 God was speaking to the king.
40:48 He was speaking to his mind, speaking we say to his heart,
40:51 simply trying to, as He's doing today,
40:53 in my opinion, trying to wake us up,
40:55 trying to wake us up in the hour in which we live.
40:57 Probation's closing, Jesus is coming.
40:59 There's a day that doors going to be shut,
41:01 there're decisions that we have to make.
41:03 And God is bringing out information right now
41:05 that I think will be so valuable
41:07 if we just, you know,
41:09 get our mind and heart into the book and say,
41:11 God is showing Himself to be God.
41:13 He was doing that to King Nebuchadnezzar,
41:15 say, "I'll show you who is God,
41:16 I'm gonna show you the right God to worship here."
41:19 Here God shows Himself superior to any other god,
41:23 and their gods that they had.
41:25 Praise God for that.
41:26 Because He was challenged with the most educated as it were,
41:31 He was challenged with those who were talented,
41:33 and all the men in Babylon
41:35 and then God is still superior to all of these,
41:37 we call them brains.
41:38 He was superior to all of them.
41:40 God was revealing that He's a God,
41:42 the Bible said, of heaven.
41:44 He's the God of heaven and earth,
41:46 He reveal us secrets.
41:48 That's right. And only God can do that.
41:49 God was revealing what?
41:51 Historic events.
41:53 God was revealing that, you know,
41:55 things related to the kings
41:57 and the kingdoms that were yet to come.
41:59 He was doing that before it ever happened.
42:01 So it's important for him or Nebuchadnezzar
42:04 to remember what he had dreamed and yet he forgot.
42:07 That's right.
42:08 He forgot, you know, if you ever do that,
42:10 have something very, very important,
42:11 you say, I'm going to, I've got to remember this,
42:13 I'm going to put this up and put in a certain spot,
42:14 because I want to remember where it's at.
42:16 And then you forget the spot.
42:17 You know, it's important,
42:19 you don't quite do the right thing,
42:20 maybe write it down and maybe pin it
42:22 or put it on your nose or something.
42:23 Because you know, we forget, you know,
42:26 you think about it,
42:27 he could not remember this dream.
42:30 And you'll say, well, why? Why?
42:32 Why couldn't he remember this dream?
42:33 Why? Why?
42:34 Because all the wise men were all drug into this thing.
42:38 What would they have done with this information?
42:40 You know, if they knew what it was,
42:42 what my interpretation might they have put on it?
42:44 It certainly would have been false
42:46 and would it not?
42:47 We know these lessons are given to us by God.
42:50 There's no doubt, for those who live
42:51 we say it over and over.
42:53 I think we should say it from lesson one till we end,
42:55 that this is for our day.
42:57 We need this book.
42:59 We need to be studying these things.
43:02 Even today we find out here how closely it resembles
43:05 the wise men of today.
43:07 They're supposedly wise men of today.
43:09 But you know, it just takes a simple thing
43:10 to stump them sometime,
43:12 because they have not the Spirit of the Living God.
43:13 That's right. Spiritual things are what?
43:15 Spiritually discerned.
43:17 And sometime we know we're not in tune
43:18 where they have no discernment, they have no learning,
43:20 they really have no knowledge apart from God.
43:24 They're not able to understand the prophecies
43:26 that are so important for our day,
43:28 which we need with all of our heart.
43:30 If we're not studying and listening
43:31 and watching and praying right now,
43:33 it could be possible
43:34 that we're really not God's people here
43:36 in these last days.
43:37 I mean, is it possible?
43:38 You know, I'd like to think about this
43:40 and keep in our mind.
43:43 I think somebody brought this up,
43:45 that the Hebrews,
43:47 and we are talking about the four of them here.
43:48 You know, they were not interested
43:50 in receiving any credit,
43:53 for what God had used them to do.
43:55 You know, I mean, that's brought out
43:57 very clear in here and why?
43:58 Because they weren't worried about being lifted up.
44:01 They saw God in everything
44:03 that was going on like we should.
44:05 They rejoiced that God was being elevated
44:08 and lifted up rather than mankind.
44:11 Above all the earth,
44:12 it was God that receiving praise
44:14 and honor and glory and not man.
44:18 I like it because this quickly with Daniel,
44:22 he was elevated, man,
44:24 to the high part, right?
44:25 But notice this, somebody mentioned in passing,
44:28 that He did not forget those who labored with him.
44:32 That's right. He did not forget them.
44:34 In fact, he said, when the king said,
44:36 I'll give you whatever, he said what?
44:38 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
44:39 my friends, I want them to be up here too.
44:42 See, sometimes we go along,
44:43 and sometimes we forget those
44:45 who helped us in where we are at today.
44:47 By the grace of God, we know God does everything,
44:49 but we need to not forget them.
44:52 And if God sees fit to elevate as it were,
44:55 where we can help to bring them up,
44:57 bring them up.
44:58 Don't forget, pray with them, work with them
45:00 and we'd see what God said.
45:02 Let's learn the lesson,
45:03 just keep it in mind right here,
45:05 they learned the lesson of Jesus Christ.
45:08 We must learn the lesson of Jesus Christ.
45:11 This is the true science of the Bible
45:15 is learn the science of Jesus Christ.
45:16 "Blessed are the pure in heart,"
45:18 Matthew 5:8, "for they shall," what?
45:20 See God. "They shall see God."
45:23 Thank you all.
45:25 I've listened and I've gleaned.
45:27 You know, the only good thing
45:28 about being the last is kind of like a cherry picker.
45:32 You know, they spit out the seeds
45:33 and we pick them up to find value in them.
45:35 Mine is Thursday, The Stone, The Stone.
45:41 I want to begin by reading Daniel 2:34-35.
45:46 This is talking about the fact that God is always in charge.
45:51 Amen.
45:52 All the kingdoms that were pictured by Daniel
45:55 or given to Nebuchadnezzar in the dream,
45:59 Daniel interpreted every one of them
46:00 as a temporary kingdom, but notice,
46:03 God's kingdom is the only eternal kingdom.
46:07 Verse 34,
46:09 "You watched while a stone was cut out without hands,
46:14 which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay
46:16 and broke them in pieces.
46:18 Then the iron, the clay, the bronze,
46:20 the silver and the gold were crushed together
46:23 and became like chaff
46:24 from the summer threshing floors.
46:27 The wind carried them away
46:29 so that no trace of them was found.
46:32 And the stone that struck the image
46:35 became a great mountain and filled the whole earth."
46:40 The stone, Christ establishes kingdom on Himself.
46:43 That's right. The stone that fills the earth.
46:45 So I want to point out 10 aspects,
46:48 Jill, of the stone,
46:51 because the entire book brings out one aspect
46:53 or the other of Christ.
46:55 Let's go to Genesis 28:11.
46:57 We're going to move real quickly here.
46:59 Genesis 28:11
47:01 and the Bible, from the very beginning
47:03 to the very end of the Bible,
47:04 you find that Jesus is revealed.
47:07 Speaking about Jacob,
47:09 "So he came to a certain place
47:10 and stayed there all night,"
47:12 you know, he's running from Esau,
47:14 "because the sun had set.
47:15 And he took one of the stones of that place
47:19 and put it at his head,
47:21 and he laid down in that place to sleep."
47:25 I saw Jesus says, the peaceful stone,
47:29 the peaceful stone.
47:31 Isaiah 26:3,
47:32 notice where He put the stone, He put His head on the stone,
47:36 when notice how Isaiah interprets that,
47:39 "You will keep him in perfect peace,
47:41 whose mind is stayed on you,
47:43 because He trusts in you."
47:46 What's in the head?
47:47 The mind. That's right.
47:49 He put His head on the stone where his Mind is.
47:52 When our minds are on Christ, we will have perfect peace.
47:57 Not only that,
47:59 let's go to Acts 10:38.
48:04 This is, Jesus is first the peaceful stone
48:06 then he is...
48:08 Let's read Acts 10:38,
48:11 "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth
48:13 with the Holy Spirit and with power,
48:15 who went about doing good
48:16 and healing all who are oppressed by the devil,
48:19 for God was with Him."
48:21 Jesus is also the anointed stone.
48:25 Now, anointing is a form of endorsement.
48:29 Jesus is not only the anointed stone,
48:30 but the endorsed stone.
48:32 Look at another example in John 12:3,
48:35 how once again all through the Bible,
48:37 you see that anointing,
48:38 that endorsement of His divinity.
48:39 "Then Mary took a pound
48:41 of very costly oil of spikenard,
48:42 anointed the feet of Jesus
48:44 and wiped His feet with her hair.
48:46 And the house was filled with a fragrance of the oil."
48:48 The fragrance of the oil was released on the person
48:52 who is the stone...
48:54 That's right. Christ Jesus.
48:55 Third one, the worshipped stone.
48:58 Genesis 28:22,
49:00 "And this stone which I have set as a pillar
49:02 shall be God's house."
49:04 Jesus is the stone of worship.
49:06 He is our form of worship.
49:08 He is the only one worthy of worship.
49:10 He's referred to here as the pillar
49:12 that shall be the house of God.
49:14 The church is built on the stone.
49:17 Christ is that stone.
49:19 Now we go to Ephesians 2:20,
49:21 the exclusive Savior.
49:23 We'll find out what kind of stone He is.
49:26 "Having been built on the foundation
49:28 of the apostles and prophets,
49:30 Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone."
49:34 He's the cornerstone, so you can see
49:37 why Daniel said that that stone has enough in him
49:41 to decapitate and erase every kingdom
49:44 ever built by man regardless of his grandeur.
49:47 And it says, "For no other foundation
49:49 can anyone lay
49:51 that which is laid which is Christ Jesus,"
49:53 1 Corinthians 3:11.
49:54 That's the only foundation that could survive,
49:56 because He is the stone.
49:58 There is no other foundation but Him.
50:00 That's right.
50:01 And then the Bible also points out Revelation 21:19,
50:04 "Every one of the foundations under our feet,
50:07 he is also the precious stone.
50:10 Let's go to Acts 4:11,
50:14 "This is the stone
50:15 which was rejected by you builders,
50:18 which has become the chief cornerstone."
50:21 This is the sad part of the story.
50:24 There are so many people
50:25 whose lives could be more stable
50:26 if they builded on the stone that they rejected.
50:30 The rejected stone,
50:32 or I refer to Him as the ignored stone.
50:35 He is despised and rejected of men,
50:38 the Bible pointed that about Jesus.
50:40 Now, Exodus 24:12, I'm moving quickly
50:42 because Jill knows what it's like with all these lists.
50:46 Exodus 24:12.
50:47 "Then the Lord said to Moses,
50:49 'Come up to me on the mountain and be there
50:51 and I will give you tablets of stones
50:54 and the law and the commandments
50:56 which I have written, that you may teach them.'"
50:59 Jesus is the moral stone,
51:02 unmovable,
51:03 showing the consistency of that stone,
51:06 the moral stone.
51:08 Then we go to Isaiah 28:16,
51:10 "Therefore thus says the Lord God,
51:13 'Behold, I lay in Zion a stone for a foundation.'"
51:16 What kind of stone?
51:17 A tried stone.
51:19 Jesus is reliable.
51:20 If you're going through trials, don't try anybody else.
51:23 Try Jesus, He's the only tried stone that there is,
51:27 a reliable stone, a tried stone.
51:30 Let's go on, 1 Samuel 17:40,
51:33 "Then he took his staff in his hand,"
51:35 this is David,
51:36 "and he chose for himself five smooth stones
51:39 from the brook and put them in the shepherd's bag
51:41 in a pouch which he had and his sling within his hand,
51:44 and he drew near to the Philistine."
51:46 "So, David prevailed," verse 50,
51:49 "over the Philistine with a sling and a stone,
51:53 Jesus is the victorious stone."
51:56 The victorious stone.
51:57 So He is all throughout the Bible
51:59 from the beginning to the very end.
52:01 David could not win by his ability,
52:04 but he won by his availability.
52:06 When you make yourself available to Christ,
52:10 he may seem small and insignificant,
52:12 but there's no giant in your life
52:13 that could stand before this tried stone.
52:16 Regardless of the big things that you're troubled by,
52:19 regardless of the large habits you are challenged by,
52:21 regardless of the large sins that are holding you down,
52:24 just sling the stone toward any of those,
52:27 and you'll find victory in Christ.
52:29 He is the victorious stone.
52:31 Not only that, let's go to Exodus 28:16.
52:35 This is an amazing one because it taught...
52:36 I'm in Ezekiel 28:16.
52:38 This is talking about the place that Lucifer forfeited.
52:41 What was the place he forfeited?
52:43 Notice what the Bible says in verse 16
52:45 of Exodus Chapter 28.
52:47 Ezekiel? Ezekiel 28.
52:49 I get my, it's hard to mix them up,
52:52 but easy not to mix them up.
52:54 You figure that out.
52:56 "By the abundance of your trading,"
52:58 that is about Lucifer,
53:00 "you became filled with violence within
53:02 and you sinned.
53:03 Therefore I cast you as a profane thing
53:06 out of the mountain of God.
53:08 And I destroyed you, O covering cherub,
53:11 from the midst of the fiery stones."
53:14 Our God is a consuming fire.
53:16 The stones were fiery,
53:18 because Christ is a consuming fire.
53:21 There's no stone that could be in the presence of Christ
53:23 that will not be a stone that is lit on fire.
53:26 If you want your life to be on fire,
53:28 walk back and forth
53:29 in the midst of the presence of God.
53:31 Amen.
53:32 And finally, this is my favorite.
53:33 They're all my favorite, but this is my favorite,
53:35 because I know what this means to me.
53:37 Revelation 2:17,
53:40 "He who has an ear,
53:42 let him hear what the Spirit says
53:44 to the churches, to him who overcomes
53:46 I will give some of the hidden manna to eat,
53:49 and I will give him a white stone
53:52 and on the stone a new name,
53:54 which no one knows except him who receives it."
53:56 I got to spend a minute on this.
53:58 In the Roman court
54:00 when the jury was hung,
54:03 it was up to the accused to decide his fate.
54:07 And so they, it was a terrible process.
54:10 They put a stone,
54:12 two stones in a leather bag,
54:14 kind of like on, let's make it, you peel,
54:15 put out one of the two, red one, you win,
54:19 black one, yeah, whatever.
54:21 There was a white stone and a black stone.
54:23 If he pulled out the black stone,
54:25 he could lose his life.
54:28 If he pulled out the white stone,
54:29 he would be exonerated,
54:31 and he will get a new name.
54:33 He will be put into the community
54:34 and they'll not know him by the name
54:36 he was known for as an accused criminal.
54:39 But follow this.
54:40 It's not just that he would pull out the stone.
54:42 But our lawyer, Jesus Christ said,
54:45 you know, the court is always in favor of the saints.
54:51 If you let me be your lawyer,
54:53 you don't have to put your hand in the bag.
54:55 I'll give you a white stone.
54:57 Did you get that? That's right, Brother.
54:59 You don't have to decide your fate.
55:01 I've already decided your fate.
55:03 You have told me everything I need to know about your life.
55:06 I know everything about your sin.
55:08 If you just simply put your life in my hand,
55:11 I'll put my life in your hand.
55:14 Jesus Christ gave him a white stone.
55:17 He put his hand in that bag,
55:18 knowing that he would be vindicated.
55:20 My friends, the God that wins for Daniel
55:23 is the God that will win for you.
55:25 Make Him the stone of your life.
55:27 Amen. Amen.
55:29 What a wonderful study.
55:31 Thank you so much, each and every one of you,
55:33 and we had just a couple of minutes left.
55:36 I'd like to give everyone an opportunity
55:39 for a final thought.
55:40 Absolutely.
55:42 You know, as the pastor was talking about the stone,
55:44 a particular passage came to my mind.
55:46 Jesus speaking in Matthew Chapter 21.
55:48 He says the stone which the builders rejected,
55:51 has become the chief cornerstone.
55:52 This was the Lord's doing
55:53 and it is marvelous in our eyes.
55:55 But verse 44 is what really sticks out to me.
55:58 It says, "And whomever falls on this stone..."
56:02 It's good.
56:03 "Whoever falls on this stone, will be broken in a good way."
56:05 Yeah. That's right.
56:06 But then notice, "But on whomever it falls,
56:09 it will grind him to powder."
56:11 I just pray that the Lord will allow me
56:14 and help me and lead me to lean on Him,
56:16 to follow Him and allowed Christ
56:18 to shape us and mould us today
56:20 as His special vessels of honor.
56:21 Amen. Amen.
56:23 What an incredible study.
56:24 I've taken notes, Pastor, I was so blessed by that,
56:27 who God is and who Jesus is in our lives.
56:31 I just want to leave you with John 6:37,
56:34 one of my favorite scriptures, Jesus says,
56:35 "Whoever comes to me, I will never cast aside."
56:40 So just open up your heart right now to the Lord Jesus.
56:44 Say, "I want You to come in.
56:45 I want You to be Lord of my life."
56:47 Amen. Praise the Lord.
56:49 My Life Today, page 310 says this.
56:51 "You may be a living representative of Christ.
56:54 God would have you filled with the Holy Ghost,
56:57 notice, endowed with power from on high."
57:00 Notice this.
57:01 "Labor not to become great men,
57:04 but labor rather to become good and perfect men,
57:08 showing forth the praises of Him
57:11 that hath called you."
57:12 Amen. Wow.
57:13 And I left one last for my final comment.
57:17 When you come to the tried stone,
57:20 the precious stone, the corner stone.
57:23 1 Peter 2:4 says,
57:24 "Coming to him as to a living stone."
57:28 He is the living stone.
57:30 If you want life, come to the living stone.
57:32 He will make your life
57:34 everything that He knows it can be,
57:36 by His residing power in your life.
57:39 Praise the Lord. Amen.
57:41 What an incredible study.
57:43 Thank you so much.
57:44 And we want to thank each one of you
57:46 at home for joining us.
57:48 This, to know our God as Daniel knew our God
57:52 is a special thing.
57:54 So we're glad you're joining us,
57:55 and we hope you'll tune in next time.
57:57 Lesson four, will be
57:59 "From the Furnace to the Palace."
58:02 May God bless you. And we'll see you next time.
58:05 Bye-bye.


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