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00:01 The Bible tells us, "In the beginning was the Word,
00:03 and the Word was with God,
00:05 and the Word was God."
00:07 It says, "To receive with meekness
00:09 the implanted Word,
00:11 which is able to save your souls.
00:13 And to be diligent to present yourself
00:16 approved to God,
00:17 rightly dividing the Word of truth."
00:20 Join us now for the 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
00:24 Our study today is the Book of Daniel.
00:31 Hello, and welcome back to 3ABN Sabbath School Panel
00:34 for another week of powerful studies
00:37 on the Book of Daniel.
00:38 And we're just trucking along this.
00:40 We have, this is week 12, we have one more after this.
00:45 We're actually coming to the end but,
00:47 it's not too late for you to join us in this study.
00:50 If you do not have a study guide,
00:52 I want to just get that out of the way upfront,
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01:06 And, of course, we always encourage you
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01:10 where, of course, you can study with a small group
01:13 and learn even more.
01:14 And so, we're so excited.
01:16 This study on the Book of Daniel
01:17 has just been a powerful revival
01:19 in my own heart and mind
01:20 as I'm studying through the powerful life of Daniel
01:23 and seeing all of the mighty works of God
01:25 through this particular prophet,
01:27 and all the things that we've been studying.
01:28 It's just marvelous to behold,
01:30 but I want to introduce
01:31 my powerful panel with me today.
01:34 We have Miss Shelley Quinn to my left.
01:36 Look at you, I almost said Jill,
01:38 but you're not Jill.
01:39 Jill's over there. Miss Shelley, how are you?
01:41 Just, it's joy to be here. Praise the Lord.
01:44 It's good to see you. And Pastor Lomacang.
01:46 How are you, Brother? I'm doing good.
01:47 I have all my scuba gear.
01:49 This is one of those deep sea diving chapters of Daniel,
01:53 do you all agree?
01:54 Yes.
01:56 So if we need an extra oxygen tank, send me one.
01:59 Praise the Lord. Jill Morikone, how are you?
02:02 I'm doing well.
02:03 Excited to hear from each one of you
02:05 and to get into the Word of God.
02:06 Amen, praise the Lord.
02:07 And Brother Kenny down there on the end.
02:09 Amen. I'm excited about it.
02:11 I may not have scuba gear,
02:12 but I've got a pair of long boots on.
02:14 So it's gonna be good 'cause it's gonna be deep.
02:17 That's right, we are going very deep 'cause...
02:18 Word of God is absolutely good.
02:20 We're talking about Daniel Chapter 11 this week.
02:22 And, of course, this is probably
02:24 one of the most complex chapters in Bible prophecy.
02:26 But before we can even attempt to dive deep into this chapter,
02:30 we want to go to the Lord in prayer.
02:32 And I'm going to ask Pastor Lomacang,
02:33 if you don't mind to pray for us.
02:35 Sure.
02:36 Loving Father in heaven,
02:38 you are the God of all knowledge and wisdom.
02:40 We are simply the vessels
02:41 that we are now lifting up to you today,
02:43 Lord, to fill with Your Holy Spirit.
02:46 Father, it's critical that our hearts and minds
02:49 are in tune with Yours and we pray that
02:51 You'll give us wisdom now to take Your Word
02:54 which You inspired and to communicate it
02:58 in a way that the message is clear, undiluted,
03:02 but that it always gives glory and honor to the Lord.
03:04 So come now through Your Holy Spirit,
03:07 and exalt Your Word above your name.
03:10 In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
03:12 Amen.
03:13 Praise the Lord.
03:15 Lesson 12. That's where we're at.
03:17 And the title of this lesson is "From north and south,
03:21 to the beautiful land."
03:23 So we're going to be talking a lot about
03:25 the king of the north, king of the south.
03:27 But you know, as you're considering
03:28 the structure of Daniel Chapter 11,
03:30 from start to finish,
03:32 and you really consider the content
03:33 of this particular chapter.
03:35 I can't help but realize that if you are,
03:38 if you have not first studied in a responsible clear way,
03:42 Daniel Chapter 2, Daniel Chapter 7,
03:46 Daniel Chapter 8,
03:47 and as well as Daniel Chapter 9,
03:49 and in parts of 10, obviously,
03:51 you're not going to be able to understand
03:53 diving headfirst into this chapter,
03:55 what it means because it really does build
03:58 upon all of those powerful chapters before it,
04:02 because much of the content, of course,
04:04 is dealing with much of the content
04:05 from those chapters.
04:07 And so I love the little structure
04:08 that is given on Sabbath afternoons,
04:10 lesson that we see there in the study guide.
04:12 And the points that they make here,
04:14 first, Daniel 11 stands in parallel, as I just said,
04:17 overall with the previous prophetic outlines of Daniel,
04:21 and that is as in Chapters 2, 7, 8 and 9,
04:23 the prophetic message extends
04:25 from the days of the prophet on to the end time.
04:28 So we've kind of seen that theme all the way through.
04:30 Daniel goes all the way from Daniel's time
04:32 all the way to the end,
04:34 probably through 7, 8, 9 as well
04:36 and now we're in Daniel 11,
04:37 we're going to see that same theme carry through.
04:40 Number two, we see a succession of world powers that emerge,
04:44 powers that often oppress God's people.
04:46 And so we're going to see
04:48 a little bit of that in this as well.
04:49 And then number three, I love this.
04:50 This is the good news.
04:52 Third, each prophetic outline climaxes
04:54 with a happy ending.
04:56 We like a good story with a happy ending,
04:57 and well this is not just a story,
05:00 this is real stuff.
05:01 And it has a real happy ending.
05:03 And, of course, in Daniel 2
05:04 the stone obliterates the statue, and Daniel 7,
05:07 the Son of Man receives the kingdom,
05:09 and Daniel 8 and 9,
05:10 the heavenly sanctuary is cleansed
05:12 through the works of the Messiah.
05:14 And we're going to see that in this case,
05:16 Daniel 11 and 12,
05:17 as it bleeds over into chapter 12.
05:19 We're going to see Jesus comes back
05:21 with the redemptive power to deliver His people.
05:23 That's right.
05:24 And so I'm excited to get into this.
05:26 Actually, my lesson for Sunday is entitled
05:29 "Prophecies about Persia and Greece."
05:32 And, of course, from last week's lesson,
05:34 we see that while the scholars and the translators
05:38 who broke up the Bible into chapters
05:40 and verses did the best that they could.
05:42 You really don't get the full understanding
05:44 of what's happening
05:46 in the beginning verses of Chapter 11.
05:47 You got to kind of go back to the last couple of verses
05:49 of Daniel Chapter 10.
05:50 So I wanna read those again.
05:52 Just as a reminder, we're in Daniel 10:20 and 21,
05:55 of course, we're told that Daniel is speaking with
05:59 or the Angel Gabriel is speaking to Daniel.
06:02 And he says to him, verses 20 and 21 of Daniel Chapter 10.
06:05 "Then he said, 'Do you know why I have come to you?
06:08 And now, I must return to fight with the Prince of Persia.
06:13 And when I have gone forth,
06:16 indeed the prince of Greece will come.
06:19 But I will tell you
06:20 what is the noted in the Scripture of Truth.'"
06:25 And then notice this right here,
06:26 this is what I really wanted to get to
06:28 because it sets us up for Daniel,
06:29 the opening portions of Daniel Chapter 11.
06:31 There is a opening parenthetical statement
06:33 there at the end of verse 21,
06:36 which is at the very end of Chapter 10.
06:38 Notice, open parentheses and it says,
06:41 "(No one upholds me
06:42 against these except Michael, your prince."
06:45 And then now notice the beginning portion
06:47 of Daniel Chapter 11.
06:50 It says, "Also, in the first year
06:52 of Darius the Mede,
06:53 I, even I stood up to confirm the strength in him.")
06:58 And then there's the closed parentheses.
06:59 Now we believe that
07:01 this parenthetical statement is placed here,
07:03 because of the timing that is mentioned.
07:05 Notice how he mentions during the time of Darius
07:07 the Mede, but it's interesting that
07:10 the content of Daniel 11, from verse 2 onward
07:13 is during the time of Cyrus.
07:15 And so I made a note here and I actually found this note,
07:18 it's very, very good one,
07:19 Daniel 11:1 would seem to indicate that
07:22 the entire chapter should be dated
07:24 in the same year as Daniel 9,
07:26 which when Daniel received his vision in Daniel 9,
07:28 of course, that was in the year 538 AD.
07:31 This would mean that
07:32 the events of Daniel 11 transpired
07:34 before Chapter 10, right?
07:36 If you placed in that timeframe,
07:37 but we know that that's not the case.
07:39 A careful analysis of Daniel 11:1,
07:42 however, reveals that this verse contains,
07:44 obviously the parenthetical statement
07:45 I just mentioned, inserted by
07:47 Daniel between chapters 10:21 and11 and 2.
07:52 In other words, Daniel 11:1
07:54 is out of the chronological order
07:56 with what comes before and after.
07:58 And, of course, in Daniel 11:1,
08:00 Daniel is simply explaining what he also confirms,
08:03 also is confirming that he is strengthened
08:06 and strengthened derives the Mede
08:07 in the first year of his rule.
08:09 And, of course, we see that in Daniel Chapters 9 and 1.
08:12 So that parenthetical statement
08:13 there was added kind of out of chronological order,
08:17 but we know that everything that comes past
08:19 this is actually during the time of Cyrus.
08:21 So it's after the reign of King Darius.
08:24 I want to read the first opening
08:25 four verses here,
08:26 because there's not too much you have to really decipher
08:29 in these first four verses,
08:31 just because it's simply a repeat of things
08:33 that we already have studied.
08:35 But notice verses 1 through 4, Daniel Chapter 11.
08:39 He says, Also in the first year of Darius the Mede,
08:42 I, even I, stood up to confirm and strengthen him.)"
08:45 So there's the parenthetical statement.
08:47 Now here comes the new content
08:48 during the days that Cyrus reigned.
08:51 He says, "And now I will tell you the truth:
08:53 Behold, three more kings will arise in Persia,
08:58 and the fourth shall be far richer than them all,
09:01 by his strength, through his riches,
09:03 he shall stir up all against the realm of Greece.
09:08 Then a mighty king shall arise,
09:10 who shall rule with great dominion,
09:12 and do according to his will.
09:14 And when he has arisen, his kingdom shall be broken up
09:18 and divided toward the four winds of heaven,
09:20 but not among his posterity nor according to his dominion
09:25 with which he ruled,
09:26 for his kingdom shall be uprooted,
09:29 even for others besides these."
09:32 Okay.
09:33 And so we're talking about
09:34 the time during Daniel's day starting in Daniel's day,
09:38 the time after Cyrus's reign through to the time
09:42 of the reign of Greece.
09:43 And so we know that after Cyrus,
09:46 three legitimate,
09:47 successive kings exert dominion over Persia.
09:51 I'm going to list four here,
09:52 but I think I've made sense out of this
09:54 just because in the lesson it lists four,
09:58 but it mentions that there was three
09:59 and I think because the second one,
10:01 which is called False Smerdis,
10:02 he actually didn't reign for very long,
10:05 and Darius I had to take his place.
10:07 And so we see that these three kings was Cambyses,
10:11 of course, False Smerdis for a short time.
10:13 But then Darius I comes in would technically be
10:15 the second legitimate King after Cyrus.
10:18 And then, of course, the inline, the fourth king,
10:20 which would be technically the third legitimate king
10:22 would be Xerxes,
10:24 which is mentioned in the Book of Esther
10:26 as Ahasuerus.
10:28 And so, the Medo-Persian army,
10:31 this is fascinating history here.
10:32 We're told in these verses,
10:34 that there's going to be a strong king
10:37 that's going to come and he's going to
10:38 overpower the Persian armies, overpower Persia.
10:41 And we know historically, we've already studied Daniel 2,
10:44 we've already studied Daniel 7 and Daniel 8.
10:46 And those powerful books teach us
10:48 which kingdom came after the Medes and the Persians.
10:51 Greece.
10:52 Obviously, it was Greece and so the king
10:53 that he's speaking of here is none other than
10:56 Alexander the Great.
10:58 And what's powerful is if you read in history,
11:00 we know that God's hand was on at least
11:03 the fulfillment of this.
11:06 Even though we know that Satan was working
11:08 behind the destructive powers of these nations,
11:11 we know that God
11:12 sought to be fit to allow this to happen.
11:14 And it happened so powerfully that if you do your history,
11:17 you will find that when Ahasuerus met
11:22 Alexander the Great
11:23 and his armies on the battlefield,
11:25 he came with 1 million men.
11:28 But Alexander the Great only brought 40,000.
11:31 You'll do the math in your head on that
11:34 and tell me what king or what military genius
11:37 would go into a battlefield with 40,000 men
11:40 against a million, the odds are just overwhelming.
11:43 But we know that it happened
11:44 because that's exactly how God said that it would happen.
11:47 And so we're talking about Alexander the Great,
11:49 he was the great king that,
11:51 of course, would overcome the Medes and the Persians.
11:53 And we know that at age 32,
11:55 he died without leaving an heir to rule to the Empire.
11:59 And so the kingdom was divided among his four generals,
12:02 which is why you see there in Daniel Chapter 7,
12:05 this four-headed leopard.
12:06 But you know, what's interesting,
12:07 it wasn't always just four...
12:09 It didn't start with the four heads.
12:10 If you go over to Daniel Chapter 8,
12:12 what do you see in Daniel Chapter 8?
12:13 You see that this goat starts out
12:15 with one horn and then,
12:16 of course, it is plucked off in the process of battle,
12:19 and four come up in its place,
12:21 which, of course, is made mentioned here that,
12:24 of course, his four generals,
12:26 Seleucus over the kingdoms of the area of Syria
12:29 and Mesopotamia, Ptolemy over Egypt,
12:32 Lysimachus over Thrace and portions of Asia Minor,
12:35 and, of course, Cassander over Macedonia and Greece.
12:39 What these opening four verses
12:41 are setting us up for is
12:43 God is taking Daniel through this progressive
12:47 prophetic timing to further reveal to him
12:50 that what is coming.
12:52 He's trying to put us in our proper place
12:54 and revealing to us the succession of time
12:57 and exactly how things are going to play out.
12:59 So that by the time
13:00 we get to this king of the north,
13:02 and this king of the south,
13:03 we have been, we know exactly where we are, know exactly
13:06 who we're talking about.
13:08 And I love how He sets the foundation
13:10 with something that if you have studied properly,
13:12 as the Bible says,
13:13 to study to show yourself approved,
13:14 then there should be no confusion
13:16 because we don't serve a God of confusion, right?
13:18 And that's exactly what we see.
13:19 So I'm going to pass it on to Shelley at this time,
13:21 because she's going to take us a little further in the study.
13:24 And I just want to confess that
13:26 Daniel 11 is probably the chapter in the Bible
13:30 at which I am the least authoritative.
13:33 Is that okay to say?
13:36 There are differing views, interpretation,
13:39 but what I am going to do today,
13:41 because this lesson has been written by
13:44 Dr. Elias Brasil de Souza,
13:46 who is the director of the BRI,
13:49 the Biblical Research Institute.
13:52 I'm going to stick with his notes.
13:55 All right, so let's look at, I have Daniel 11:5-14.
14:00 "Also the king of the South shall become strong,
14:03 as well as one of his princes,
14:06 he shall gain power over him and have dominion.
14:09 His dominion shall be a great dominion.
14:11 And at the end of some years they shall join forces,
14:14 for the daughter of the king of the South
14:18 shall go to the king of the North
14:20 to make an agreement."
14:22 So it sounds like
14:23 there's going to be a marriage here.
14:25 "But she shall not retain the power of her authority,
14:28 and neither he nor his authority shall stand,
14:32 but she shall be given up, with those who brought her,
14:35 and with him who begot her,
14:37 and with him who strengthened her
14:38 in those times.
14:40 But from a branch of her roots one shall arise in his place,
14:45 who shall come with an army,
14:46 enter the fortress of the king of the North,
14:49 and deal with them and prevail.
14:51 And he shall also carry their gods captive to Egypt,
14:55 with their princes
14:57 and their precious articles of silver and gold,
15:00 and he shall continue more years
15:03 than the king of the North.
15:05 Also the king of the North shall come to the kingdom
15:07 of the king of the South,
15:09 but shall return to his own land.
15:11 However his sons shall stir up strife,
15:13 and assemble a multitude of great forces,
15:15 and one shall certainly come and overwhelm
15:18 and pass through, then he shall return
15:22 to his fortress and stir up strife.
15:23 And the king of the South shall be moved with rage,
15:27 and go out and fight with him, with the king of the North,
15:30 who shall muster a great multitude,
15:33 but the multitude shall be given into the hand
15:35 of his enemy.
15:37 When he has taken away the multitude,
15:39 his heart will be lifted up,
15:40 and he will cast down tens of thousands,
15:43 but he will not prevail.
15:44 For the king of the North will return
15:46 and muster a multitude greater than the former,
15:50 and shall certainly come at the end of some years
15:53 with a great army and much equipment.
15:55 Now in those times many shall rise
15:58 against the king of the South.
16:01 Also, violent men of your people
16:04 shall exalt themselves in fulfillment of the vision,
16:08 but they shall fall."
16:10 All right, as I said, we're going to see
16:15 what our good doctor has to say here.
16:17 He's basically saying that when Alexander the Great died,
16:22 his vast Greek Empire, which was greater,
16:26 it covered much greater territory than did Babylon,
16:31 but it was divided among his four generals.
16:35 Two of them, Seleucus in Syria,
16:41 the king of the North,
16:44 and Ptolemy in Egypt, the king of the South.
16:48 They established Hellenistic dynasties that
16:52 fought each other for control of the land.
16:55 And most Bible students understand the wars
16:58 between the king of the North
17:00 and the king of the South as prophesied
17:02 here as referring to the battles
17:05 of these two dynasties.
17:07 So according to this prophecy,
17:10 these dynasties attempt to be united by marriage,
17:16 but it's a short lived as we looked at verse 6,
17:19 it's a short lived arrangement.
17:21 And historical sources tell us that
17:26 Antiochus II Theos,
17:30 who was the grandson of Seleucus,
17:34 the king of the North, married Berenice,
17:37 a daughter of the Egyptian King Ptolemy II Philadelphus
17:42 who is the king of the South.
17:45 However, that didn't last.
17:47 So the conflict that directly
17:50 involved the people of God would soon be resume.
17:54 Here's the bottom line.
17:57 Daniel 11 deals with some important events
18:00 that will touch the lives of God's people.
18:02 During the centuries after the Prophet Daniel
18:06 passes from the scene,
18:08 and the Lord reveals ahead of time
18:12 all these details about the wars,
18:15 involving these kingdoms fighting each other
18:17 for supremacy in that part of the world.
18:19 These wars affect God's people.
18:22 When you look at this, sometimes I remember
18:24 I used to read Daniel Chapter 11,
18:26 and just go shoo, who can figure this out?
18:30 But why didn't God tell us He announces it beforehand?
18:34 Because He wants His people to know the challenges
18:38 that they're going to face.
18:39 Our God is the God of history.
18:42 And as we compare the prophetic record
18:46 with the historical record,
18:48 we see that His prophetic word is fulfilled as predicted.
18:53 That's the important part.
18:56 God predicts the back and forth
18:58 of these two Hellenistic kingdoms
19:00 that are fighting each other.
19:02 And He's the God who knows the future.
19:05 He's our Creator God.
19:06 He's not some idol
19:07 that's manufactured by human hands.
19:10 He's not a wood or stone.
19:12 He's a big God.
19:14 And He directs the historical events.
19:17 And you know what?
19:18 That means He can also direct our lives
19:20 if we will give Him permission.
19:22 So what I want to take a moment to expound on
19:27 is something outside of this chapter.
19:31 In Isaiah Chapter 46, let's turn there.
19:34 I love this scripture.
19:37 Isaiah Chapter 46.
19:41 And we're going to look at verse 9 and 10.
19:45 God is speaking.
19:47 And He says,
19:48 "Remember the former things of old,
19:51 for I am God, there is no other,
19:56 I am God, and there is none like Me."
20:00 God is a God of love.
20:04 Other centered, unselfish love.
20:07 And the cross prove that, God coming down to take on
20:12 our human flesh,
20:14 what He sacrificed to become a human shows us that
20:18 there's plenty of evidence
20:20 that He alone is God and what God is saying is,
20:23 "Hey, remember what I've done for you in the past.
20:28 Remember all the providential blessings.
20:32 Remember the covenant blessings in my covenant, faithfulness,
20:38 my miraculous deliverance of you from Egypt."
20:42 Just recall His acts of the past,
20:46 the acts of great power,
20:49 and contemplate how past history
20:53 has fulfilled prophecies.
20:55 You know, we don't understand prophecies
20:58 really fully until they have been fulfilled.
21:02 Jesus said, "Hey, I'm telling you these things
21:04 so that when they happen, you will recognize.
21:09 So, then He goes on in verse 10,
21:12 after He says, "I'm God, there's none like Me.
21:15 Don't forget what I did for you in the past."
21:17 And then here's what I love.
21:20 In verse 10, Isaiah 46:10,
21:23 "Declaring the end from the beginning,
21:27 and from ancient times things
21:30 that are not yet done, saying,
21:34 'Surely, My counsel shall stand,
21:38 and I will do all of My pleasure.'"
21:43 God's knowledge is unique.
21:48 He can foretell, because He foresees,
21:52 He is omniscient, He knows all things,
21:56 but you know what I love?
21:59 Paul wrote to Timothy and he said,
22:02 "This is God's heart.
22:04 He wants all men to be saved." That's right.
22:08 Yes, yes. All men.
22:10 So when you think of God trying to fulfill His purpose,
22:16 His power, He's going to carry out His purposes
22:20 and He comes before you today,
22:22 this God who knows the end from the beginning.
22:26 Everything that He does for you is for your eternal benefit.
22:31 That's right.
22:32 Anything that He allows to happen in your life
22:35 is for your eternal benefit,
22:37 because God wants to conform you
22:40 to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ.
22:44 And so, what He foretells when God speaks, it happens.
22:50 Amen. Thank you, Shelley.
22:52 Amen. Amen.
22:53 Thank you so much, Shelley,
22:54 for your thoughts on that lesson.
22:56 That was powerful.
22:57 We're going to take a short break
22:58 and we'll be right back.
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23:36 Amen. Welcome back.
23:38 It's good to have you back
23:39 here at 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
23:40 We're going to pass it on to Pastor John Lomacang
23:42 on Tuesday's lesson.
23:43 Amen.
23:45 And Tuesday is entitled
23:46 "Rome and the Prince of the Covenant."
23:47 You know I really deeply appreciate
23:49 the approach that the writer of this lesson took,
23:52 Dr. De Souza?
23:55 And it's an amazing.
23:58 The way he used Daniel 11:16-28,
24:02 to help us see that Rome had a significant role
24:06 to play in the life of Christ and His ministry,
24:11 in the covenant that Jill is going to talk about that,
24:14 in the plan of salvation.
24:15 And when you read Daniel 11:16-28,
24:18 which I'm going to do in your hearing,
24:20 then we're going to break it down incrementally.
24:23 Now, what I like to also say is Daniel 11
24:25 has an expanded view, because the fulfillment
24:30 here is what we're going to be talking about.
24:33 But its application is amazing when you look at the parallel
24:36 because Rome was not just a kingdom contemporary
24:39 to Christ's day, but was a kingdom
24:41 that came into play before Christ's day
24:44 and a kingdom that's still in play today.
24:46 And so as it affected the prince of the covenant,
24:49 it still affects the covenant of God today,
24:52 as it is drawn up as one of the key players
24:58 in the coalition of symbolic Babylon.
25:02 So all these pictures
25:03 we've been putting together Babylon,
25:05 Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome,
25:06 you find in Revelation Chapter 13.
25:08 When the beast of Revelation Chapter 13
25:12 comes up out of the water,
25:13 it has the description of all of the kingdoms
25:16 that came before it.
25:18 Lion, bear, leopard, it has all the descriptions
25:21 because Rome is the kingdom
25:23 that consumed all of the powers prior to it,
25:26 but retained various components.
25:29 Let me give you an example.
25:31 Crucifixion was not something
25:32 that was brought into existence by Rome.
25:35 Crucifixion was started by the Medes and the Persians.
25:37 But the Romans studied it scientifically to extract
25:41 the most excruciating pain from its victims.
25:44 They called it the torture stake.
25:46 But let's look very briefly,
25:48 and I'm going to go through this as quickly
25:49 as I can in reading the verses,
25:50 and then we'll see them as we break them down.
25:53 And then I'll transition over to Jill.
25:55 Verse 16, and it starts by...
25:58 Shelley, I appreciate you said the king of the North,
26:00 king of the South.
26:01 We find that these nations
26:02 that surrounded the glorious land,
26:04 Israel had to contend with a lot of its neighbors,
26:07 a lot of its powers.
26:08 When Israel came out of Egypt, though they were nations
26:10 that the Lord told Egypt,
26:11 told Israel not to attack like Edom and Moab.
26:15 He said, "Don't attack those nations.
26:17 They're not significant
26:18 when it relates to the advancement
26:19 of My cause in your favor.
26:21 I will hold them back.
26:23 And that's why you don't find them
26:24 dealing with them very much.
26:26 You find them dealing with the Amalekites,
26:27 the Hittites, the Jebusites,
26:28 the Perizzites, but not Edom and Moab.
26:30 The Lord kept them back.
26:31 But look at the picture here that's drawn in verse 16 to 28.
26:35 "But he who comes against him shall do according
26:39 to his own will,
26:40 and no one shall stand against him.
26:42 And he shall stand in the Glorious Land
26:44 with destruction in his power.
26:46 He shall also set his face
26:48 to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom,
26:52 and upright ones with him, thus shall he do.
26:56 And he shall give him
26:59 the daughter of women to destroy it,
27:01 but she shall stand with him, or be for him."
27:06 Quite symbolic and we'll see it in a moment.
27:08 "After this he shall turn his face
27:10 to the coastlands, and shall take many.
27:12 But a ruler shall bring the reproach
27:14 against them to an end, and with the reproach removed,
27:19 he shall turn back on him.
27:21 Then he shall turn his face
27:22 toward the fortress of his own land,
27:24 but he shall stumble and fall, and not be found.
27:28 There shall arise in his place one who imposes taxes
27:31 on the glorious kingdom,
27:33 but within a few days he shall be destroyed,
27:37 but not in anger or in battle.
27:39 And in his place shall arise a vile person,
27:42 to whom they will not give the honor of royalty,
27:45 but he shall come in peaceably,
27:47 and seize the kingdom by intrigue.
27:49 With the force of a flood they shall be swept away
27:53 from before him and be broken,
27:55 and also the prince of the covenant.
27:58 And after the league is made with him
28:01 he shall act deceitfully, for he shall come up
28:04 and become strong with a small number of people."
28:06 That means he's not going to be
28:08 supported by a large multitude,
28:10 but I'll break it down here.
28:11 "He shall enter peaceably,
28:13 even into the richest places of the province,
28:18 and he shall do what his fathers have not done,
28:22 nor his forefathers:
28:23 he shall disperse among them the plunder, spoil, and riches,
28:27 and he shall devise his plans against the strongholds,
28:30 but only for a time.
28:32 He shall stir up his power
28:34 and his courage against the king of the South
28:36 with a great army.
28:38 And the king of the South shall be stirred up to battle
28:40 with a very great and mighty army,
28:43 but he shall not stand,
28:44 for they shall devise plans against him.
28:46 Yes, those who eat of the portion
28:49 of his delicacies shall destroy him,
28:51 his army shall be swept away,
28:53 and many shall fall down slain.
28:55 Both these kings' hearts shall be bent on evil,
28:59 and they shall speak lies at the same table,
29:02 but it shall not prosper,
29:04 for the end will still be at the appointed time.
29:07 While returning to his land with great riches,
29:09 his heart shall be moved against the holy covenant,
29:13 so he shall do damage and return to his own land."
29:19 You can take a breath.
29:21 The focal point of this is the glorious land
29:24 and the covenant, and the prince of the covenant.
29:28 You'll find that
29:29 what is being talked about here,
29:31 the clues of the biblical text reinforces,
29:33 for example, one who imposes taxes.
29:36 When you read the New Testament script,
29:39 you find that the one who imposes taxes
29:41 was Caesar Augustus.
29:44 He imposed taxes,
29:45 and he did that during the reign,
29:47 during the time that Jesus was to be born.
29:50 Mary and Joseph are traveling to Jerusalem for census
29:53 and this imposing of taxes made it sure that
29:56 everybody was in their place,
29:58 so that a census could be taken.
30:00 But you also find that when it says after him,
30:03 somebody that's vile shall rise,
30:06 while the one that rose after Augustus,
30:09 he was succeeded by Tiberius Caesar,
30:12 the adoptive son of Augustus.
30:14 He's known to be one of the most eccentric
30:17 and vile persons of the Roman Empire.
30:20 Matter of fact, you find it here in verse 21 of Daniel 11.
30:25 "And in his place shall arise a vile person,
30:27 in Augustus's place,
30:29 this vile person shall arise
30:30 to whom they will not give the honor of royalty,
30:33 but he shall come in peaceably,
30:35 and seize the kingdom by intrigue."
30:37 Not only was he a vile person,
30:38 but he was a corrupt individual.
30:40 The kind of honor that Augustus had, he did not have.
30:44 He took it to the next level, because it was under his reign
30:47 that something very significant happened.
30:49 And it talked about the prince of the covenant.
30:52 It was during this time, according to Daniel 9,
30:55 that the prince of the covenant who is Christ.
30:59 The anointing of Christ took place
31:01 during the reign of Tiberius Caesar.
31:03 That's right.
31:04 And then Jesus' ministry began
31:05 during the reign of Tiberius Caesar.
31:07 And to prevent the ministry of Christ,
31:10 somebody had to be in place
31:11 under this ruthless king of the South.
31:14 Somebody had to be in place.
31:16 So Tiberius Caesar was in place.
31:19 And he was the one through the Roman government,
31:21 in league with the Jews that rejected Christ
31:24 that led to His crucifixion.
31:26 Let's look at this very carefully.
31:28 In Daniel 11: 22.
31:31 And I'll go ahead, I'm going to just digress
31:33 for a brief moment in Daniel 9:25,
31:37 because they talked about that,
31:39 in the middle of that time frame
31:41 of the three and a half years,
31:43 something's going to happen, Jesus,
31:45 the Messiah will be cut off but not for Himself,
31:47 and the people of the prince
31:49 that come will destroy the city.
31:50 So you find under the reign of Tiberius Caesar,
31:53 a lot of ruthless behavior took place.
31:56 But here's the point I want to make,
31:57 because what's amazing about this whole passage,
32:00 it brings the focus right back to Christ.
32:02 Right.
32:03 So while the king of the South and the king of the North
32:06 are doing their exploits,
32:09 the king or the prince of the covenant,
32:11 which is in fact the true king is only wounded temporarily.
32:16 And, but the covenant that he made,
32:19 although it seemed to be attacked,
32:21 and the covenant of salvation was in fact attacked,
32:24 but that wounding was just temporary.
32:27 On the other side of that,
32:28 the covenant that the prince made,
32:30 which is in fact Christ continued to prevail.
32:34 Let's look at this very quickly.
32:35 In Daniel 11:22, it says, With the force of a flood
32:40 they shall be swept away from before him and be broken,
32:44 and also the prince of the covenant."
32:46 So two things happen here, which is very significant.
32:49 Tiberius Caesar, who was in rulership
32:53 when Christ was crucified.
32:56 While his enactments led to the crucifixion of Christ,
33:01 the only one that came back to the surface,
33:04 came back to the forefront after the reign of Tiberius
33:09 was the prince of the covenant.
33:11 Jesus survived the attacks of Tiberius.
33:14 He survived the attacks of the Jews that rejected Him.
33:18 He survived the ruthless behavior
33:20 of the Roman Empire,
33:21 because anything that the Lord does shall stand forever.
33:26 So what we're going to do is we're going to transition
33:28 to this particular point, the covenant,
33:30 the prince of the covenant is still enforced today.
33:33 He is the one that's still interceding in our behalf.
33:36 Now, I wish I had about 10 more minutes
33:38 to tell you the parallel of end-time events,
33:40 how the king of the South and king of the North
33:42 plays a role with Rome at the center.
33:44 But right now I have to give the time to Jill.
33:47 Thank you so much, Pastor.
33:49 What an incredible study as we look at pagan Rome there
33:54 and especially Christ,
33:55 the prince of the covenant there.
33:57 Thank you for that.
33:58 I have Wednesday which is the next power.
34:01 And as everyone has said,
34:03 I think all of us would be in agreement,
34:05 we prayed special before this lesson.
34:08 And Daniel 11, as Ryan mentioned
34:10 at the beginning is one of the most
34:12 difficult prophetic chapters to interpret.
34:15 And there are many different interpretations
34:18 even within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
34:20 And if I'm being honest with you,
34:22 I feel a bit unqualified for this section
34:26 of the Word of God.
34:27 But we're grateful for the lesson.
34:29 And we're going to follow along with that.
34:32 We see, I want to read verse 29.
34:35 We're in Daniel 11.
34:36 We're going to read verses 29 through 39 but first,
34:38 we just need to set the stage as Pastor John said,
34:41 we're transitioning in the phase
34:43 of power right now.
34:45 Verse 29, "At the appointed time
34:48 he shall return and go toward the south,
34:50 but it shall not be like the former or the latter."
34:54 Remember when we discussed in Daniel Chapter 8,
34:56 we talked about the little horn power.
34:59 He had a horizontal phase
35:01 where he spread south and east, west, he spread outward.
35:05 That's the pagan form, pagan Rome.
35:08 Then the little horn power started to go vertical,
35:11 Pastor Kenny, and it went against God and His sanctuary.
35:16 And when we saw that, that was the transition
35:18 from pagan Rome to papal Rome.
35:20 So here in my section, we're transitioning,
35:23 this power inherits obviously characteristics
35:26 from pagan Rome,
35:28 but it is different in some aspects.
35:30 It acts as a religious power,
35:32 and it will attack God and His people.
35:36 You know, you see many similarities
35:38 between Daniel 7,
35:40 the little horn power, Daniel 8,
35:42 the little horn power again,
35:44 and then this king of the North in Daniel Chapter 11,
35:47 in this section that we're going to study.
35:50 Daniel 8 and Daniel 11,
35:52 they both have the daily and we'll discuss that.
35:55 We see persecution in Daniel 7,
35:57 the little horn power persecutes the saints.
36:00 We see the same persecution in Daniel Chapter 8.
36:03 We see the same persecution in Daniel Chapter 11.
36:07 We see an exaltation against God
36:09 or a self exaltation.
36:11 We see speaking blasphemy in Daniel 7 and 8
36:15 and again in Chapter 11.
36:17 So the lesson asks a great question,
36:19 who or what does this power attack?
36:23 And we're going to look in our time together
36:24 at four attacks that this papal system makes.
36:29 First attack is the attack against God's plan of salvation
36:32 and Pastor John set this up so beautifully,
36:35 with the Christ being the prince of the covenant.
36:39 Daniel 11:30, "For ships from Cyprus
36:41 shall come against him, therefore he shall be grieved,
36:45 and return in rage against the holy covenant,
36:47 and do damage.
36:49 So he shall return and show regard for those
36:51 who forsake the holy covenant."
36:53 And we see the Roman church
36:56 attacked God's plan of salvation.
37:00 And they substituted, we're saved, Ephesians 2:8,
37:04 by grace through faith and not of ourselves.
37:08 It is the gift of God, not of works
37:11 lest anyone should boast,
37:12 but they substituted and put human works in place
37:17 of that grace and justification by faith.
37:21 The second attack we see is the attack on the ministry
37:24 in the heavenly sanctuary.
37:26 Let's read verse 31.
37:29 "And forces shall be mustered by him
37:31 and they should defile the sanctuary fortress,
37:34 then they should take away the daily sacrifices,
37:37 and place there the abomination of desolation."
37:41 So what is taken away? The daily sacrifices.
37:44 We studied this a few weeks ago in Daniel Chapter 11.
37:47 We know the word sacrifices is not in the original Hebrew.
37:51 It literally says, he shall take away the daily.
37:56 In Daniel 8:11, it said,
37:57 "He, the little horn exalted himself
37:59 as high as the prince of the host."
38:02 And we know that Jesus Christ is the prince of the host,
38:05 and by Him the daily was taken away.
38:08 The word daily means continual.
38:11 It refers to the sacrifices that took place
38:14 in the earthly sanctuary by those sacrifices.
38:17 Sinners were forgiven and sins were dealt
38:19 within the tabernacle.
38:21 The earthly sanctuary system we know represents
38:25 the symbol it's made after what is in the heavenlies,
38:29 the heavenly sanctuary, this little horn power,
38:32 this power here in Daniel Chapter 11
38:34 exchanges the intercession of Christ
38:38 for the intercession of priests.
38:41 So not only does this power take away
38:44 the right understanding of salvation, next,
38:48 it puts in place a fault system that we need to go through
38:53 priest instead of going directly to God
38:56 because we have an advocate right now
38:59 Christ Jesus in Hebrews Chapter 7
39:02 is our heavenly high priest and we can go directly to Him.
39:07 Verse 22, Hebrews 7:22.
39:10 "By so much more,
39:11 Jesus has become a surety of a better covenant.
39:14 There were many priests because they were prevented
39:16 by death from continuing,
39:18 but He because He continues forever
39:20 has an unchangeable priesthood."
39:23 Let's go on, Daniel 11:31,
39:26 "And forces shall be mustered by him
39:27 and they shall defile the sanctuary fortress."
39:31 This refers to the 1,260 years of papal dominion.
39:35 We know that is from 538 to 1798.
39:39 When the mediation of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary
39:42 was obscured by this human system
39:45 of mediation.
39:46 Only Christ can forgive sins. Only Christ died for us.
39:50 Only Christ is the mediator between us and God.
39:54 Only Christ allows us direct access to the Father,
39:57 Only Christ and His Word is to be obeyed.
40:00 Not any human requirement or tradition.
40:03 Let's look at the third attack,
40:04 the attack against the people of God.
40:06 And this is where we're going to see
40:07 persecution come in.
40:09 Verses 32-35. Those who do wickedly...
40:12 We're in Daniel 11:32-35.
40:15 "Those who do wickedly against the covenant,
40:17 he shall corrupt with flattery,
40:19 but the people who know their God should be strong,
40:22 and carry out great exploits.
40:24 And those of the people who understand
40:26 shall instruct many, yet for many days
40:29 they shall fall by sword and flame
40:31 by captivity and plundering."
40:32 This is the persecution taking place
40:34 during the Dark Ages.
40:36 "When they fall, they should be aided with a little help,
40:38 but many should join with them by intrigue,
40:41 and some of those of understanding
40:42 shall fall to refine them,
40:45 purify them and make them white
40:48 until the time of the end
40:49 because it is still for the appointed time."
40:52 Now we see this persecution, we saw in Daniel 7
40:55 where the hosts of heaven,
40:56 God saints were cast down and trampled.
40:59 We saw it, where Daniel 7:25,
41:02 the persecution of the saints of the Most High.
41:05 We see this again in Revelation 13,
41:07 sea beast power with the persecution
41:10 of God's people.
41:12 But there's something new here to me in this section.
41:14 In verse 35, we know there's
41:16 the persecution against God's people.
41:18 But do you notice
41:19 this persecution does something.
41:20 It refines them, it purifies them,
41:24 and it makes them white.
41:26 1 Peter 1:7, "The genuineness of your faith,
41:30 being much more precious than gold that perishes,
41:33 though it is tested by fire
41:35 maybe found a praise, honor and glory
41:36 at the revelation of Jesus Christ."
41:39 Isaiah 48:10, God says, "I have refined you,
41:43 but not with silver,
41:44 I have tested you in the furnace of affliction."
41:49 Of course, we know God did not cause the persecution,
41:51 that was from the Satan.
41:54 Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.
41:56 But in the midst of that persecution,
41:59 God was refining and purifying His people.
42:03 The fourth attack is against God,
42:05 involving blasphemy against God
42:08 and we see this self exaltation taking place.
42:12 Verses 36-39, "Then the king should do
42:15 according to his own will,
42:16 he shall exalt and magnify himself against above
42:19 every God shall speak blasphemies
42:23 against the God of gods,
42:25 and shall prosper till the wrath
42:26 has been accomplished,
42:28 for what has been determined shall be done.
42:29 He shall regard neither the God of his fathers
42:32 nor the desire of woman, nor regard any god,
42:34 for he shall exalt himself above them all."
42:37 It reminds me of Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14,
42:40 Satan trying to exalt himself above God.
42:45 39, "Thus he shall act against the strongest fortress
42:50 with a foreign God which he shall acknowledge
42:52 and advance its glory and he shall cause them
42:54 to rule over many and divide the land for gain."
42:57 We see the same power and the little horn power
43:00 and in the sea beast power speaking blasphemy against God
43:04 and seeking to put itself even against
43:07 the authority of God and the Word of God.
43:11 Now I want to close with how we see Jesus
43:15 throughout the entire Book of Daniel.
43:18 Daniel 2, we see him
43:19 as the stone cut out without hands.
43:21 Daniel 3, He's the Son of God in the burning fiery furnace.
43:25 Daniel 7, He's the Son of man in the judgment scene.
43:28 Daniel 8, He is the Prince of the host
43:31 and the Prince of princes in the heavenly sanctuary.
43:34 Daniel 9, He is Messiah the Prince.
43:37 Daniel 10, He's the Man who comes to Daniel,
43:39 the Man with the linen clothes.
43:42 Daniel 11, He is the Prince of the covenant.
43:45 And Daniel 12, we see Him as Michael who stands up
43:48 and delivers His people.
43:49 Amen. Amen.
43:51 Praise the Lord.
43:52 Oh, that's beautiful when you think about it, right?
43:54 He's in charge. He's all powerful.
43:56 And I like it because the whole Book of Daniel
43:58 we've seen here that He's always on time.
44:01 We're going to be looking at Thursday's lesson.
44:03 And each one of you contributed beautifully to it.
44:05 But it says final events.
44:08 So to me, final events, may I just throw this out,
44:11 end-time events, some people say end-times,
44:14 I think maybe there's a difference.
44:16 End-time things happening and then final events.
44:20 So we're coming down to the end of Chapter 11
44:23 in the Book of Daniel.
44:24 We're getting down to the nitty-gritty.
44:27 There's not very many places for us to go,
44:29 that this power, this great controversy,
44:31 the work has been going on
44:32 that the enemy started in the beginning,
44:34 all the way down to the end of time,
44:35 is coming to an end here
44:37 in these verses that I'm going to read.
44:39 And that does give me a little encouragement
44:41 and hope to see the final results in the end.
44:44 And let's read those verses shall we,
44:46 you're there, I'm sure in Daniel 11.
44:48 And then we'll go back and talk about it
44:50 for the time that we have.
44:51 Starting with verse 40.
44:53 Says, "At that time of the end, notice that,
44:56 shall the king of the South push at him,
44:58 the king of the North shall come against him
45:01 like a whirlwind, chariots,
45:03 and with horsemen, and with many ships,
45:06 and he shall enter into the countries
45:08 and shall overflow and pass over.
45:10 41, "He shall enter also into the Glorious Land,
45:14 many countries shall he overthrow,
45:17 but these shall," notice this,
45:18 "but these shall escape out of his hand,
45:21 even Edom and Moab
45:22 and this chief of the children of Ammon."
45:25 Verse 42, "He shall stretch forth his hand
45:29 also upon the countries
45:30 and the land of Egypt shall not escape."
45:34 43, "But he shall have his power
45:37 over the treasures of gold and silver
45:39 and over all the precious things of Egypt,
45:42 and the Libyans and Ethiopians shall be at his steps."
45:44 44, "The tidings out of the East
45:46 and out of the North shall trouble him,
45:48 therefore he shall go forth with great fury
45:51 and destroy and utterly make a way."
45:54 Notice this, "Oh, what's this? "Utterly to make a way many."
45:58 45, "And he shall plant
46:01 the tabernacle of his palace upon the seas
46:03 in the glorious holy mountain
46:05 yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him."
46:10 We call that the bottom line.
46:12 And he shall come to his end,
46:14 because we're looking at the final events here.
46:18 I would venture to say here till verses 40.
46:21 All of Daniel 11, especially verses 40 to 45,
46:26 is there's so much wind of doctrine
46:28 that goes around with these teachings here,
46:30 that we don't want to become confused.
46:32 We need to follow what we have learned
46:34 through the Book of Daniel that we have studied.
46:36 And we have learned throughout
46:37 because it always follows through,
46:40 you know, 'cause God starts and He follows it through,
46:42 then He goes back and He repeats it
46:43 and He goes back and He repeats it again,
46:44 because He wants us to know.
46:46 We read these verses, we want to understand them,
46:49 because again, the winds of doctrine
46:51 blowing every which way?
46:52 There's many people who actually throw up
46:55 their hands and they just walk off
46:56 and say, "We can't understand this
46:58 and so they maybe leave the church or whatever.
47:00 But you know, we need to look here.
47:02 And I'm just going to say this on these verses
47:04 that you've read and I've read, counsel is good.
47:08 And so if counsel is given to us,
47:09 we must wait till the scroll unrolls
47:13 in some of these things.
47:15 Not to be so dogmatic about our position
47:18 and our stance that we...
47:20 I'll say at night, that we have to eat crow.
47:24 We have to back up as many have done
47:26 because they've made predictions
47:27 and then we come back as the scroll unrolls.
47:29 There's nothing wrong with that because
47:31 God unrolls it when it needs to be unrolled.
47:34 We need to understand
47:35 that God gives it to us, you know,
47:37 as He did with Daniel, ain't right?
47:39 These things are for the time of the end.
47:41 And I think probably to look at the verses you read there,
47:44 Sister Jill, in verses 36 through 39,
47:47 would almost have to be brought
47:48 into what I'm talking about here,
47:50 but I don't want to go back
47:51 and read them because of time,
47:52 because I really believe they fit in to the verses
47:55 from 40 to 45.
47:57 And might I add, so I don't get carried away
47:59 and don't bring, I know I won't bring it up
48:00 a little later on the time, I want to do it now.
48:02 Verse 45, we need to look at very, very closely
48:07 because to me, it's still future prophecy.
48:11 It's not all been fulfilled yet.
48:13 Do you agree with that?
48:14 There's still that 45 we need to be very careful
48:16 how we approach this,
48:18 but we're thankful that God is saying here,
48:20 He's going to take control of things.
48:22 Now I understand Daniel, we realized the expression
48:24 he uses time of the end.
48:26 When I see final events, end-time events,
48:30 I get excited about them
48:31 because I first automatically been thinking about
48:33 if there are not signs and times
48:35 and events that are going on in the world today
48:37 that would help us to understand where we're at,
48:40 praise God, there are,
48:41 but here we're studying in the Book of Daniel
48:43 and Daniel is certainly giving us
48:45 through the power of the Holy Spirit,
48:47 these things that we can incorporate
48:49 and that we can certainly understand.
48:50 In fact, he uses what is five times,
48:53 time of the end.
48:54 There's some urgency about the time of the end here
48:58 and we have, had we not figured out.
49:00 By the grace of God through the Book of Daniel here
49:02 that the time of end was to be after 1798.
49:06 It would be after the deadly wound,
49:08 it would be after the 42 months,
49:10 it would be after the time,
49:12 the times and dividing of times.
49:13 It would be after that 1,260 years, would it not be?
49:17 This is what God is saying it,
49:18 this is going to be the end of time here.
49:20 Daniel says, it's going to be the end
49:22 and we're talking about the very end of time.
49:25 This is where to me the Book of Daniel really comes alive.
49:29 Is that where?
49:30 At the time of the end because what?
49:32 What did God say to Daniel?
49:34 Do you remember he said, you know, Daniel,
49:35 you're not gonna be able to understand this.
49:37 You're going to have to what? You're gonna have to rest.
49:39 You're gonna have to stand in your lot, ain't that right?
49:41 But he said, you will speak, come on somebody help me.
49:45 You will speak and what?
49:47 You will speak in the last days.
49:49 Tell me that the Book of Daniel
49:51 is not speaking here in these last days to us
49:53 as God's people.
49:55 Speaking louder than it did to him
49:57 or the people that were alive in his day.
49:59 Last day people it speaks, it says last day people,
50:02 the end-time people.
50:03 Daniel 12:3 on there.
50:05 So the expression, I'm going to end in the case,
50:08 Daniel's prophecies are going to come alive for us.
50:11 And it says there 1798,
50:13 we said, it goes right on to the end,
50:15 that the resurrection of the dead
50:17 to the second coming of Jesus Christ.
50:20 Daniel 12:2, someone read 1 Thessalonians 4:16
50:24 sometime was it Sister Shelley?
50:26 My favorite passage, you know, you know,
50:28 it's talking about the dead you know,
50:30 in Christ rise first, we which alive remains,
50:32 it talks about there's gonna be in His time,
50:34 all the way to the end till Jesus shall come.
50:37 Notice we have the king of the North.
50:40 Now this where it gets in pretty heavy duty,
50:42 and you have the king of the South.
50:43 There's battles that are going on.
50:46 If you read verses 40 and 45 of Daniel Chapter 11.
50:51 You look in there,
50:52 some people will point their finger
50:53 and say this was what?
50:55 This is Turkey.
50:56 They'll go and say, well, this is time of Turkey.
50:58 Others will say, if you read verses 36 and 39,
51:01 you're looking at it, you're gonna say,
51:03 "Well, my, this has to do with the French Revolution."
51:06 These are things that happen there.
51:07 And others who read verses 36 to 39,
51:10 they will say "My, my, that is the papacy."
51:13 And notice and the coming of the end of the papacy,
51:17 till we see the power that's in control,
51:19 what's going on here is going to come to what?
51:22 It's going to come to the end.
51:23 Let me just that I wanna make something
51:25 at least clear in my mind here.
51:27 We think about locations.
51:29 We're always saying, "We're coming from the North,
51:30 coming from the South."
51:31 Well, that's all good within itself.
51:33 But it would include a lot of things here
51:35 because he's talked about it.
51:36 It's got to include pagan Rome, it's got to include papal Rome,
51:39 it's got to include the enemies of God,
51:42 there's no doubt about it as everyone's read part
51:44 in Chapter 11 here.
51:46 It's got to do with the counterfeits,
51:48 with Egypt, with Turkey, with atheism.
51:51 I mean, it just goes on that these are the things that
51:53 the enemy has used as he not to try to destroy you.
51:56 You were talking about the truths
51:58 that God has given us in the sanctuary
52:00 and trying to destroy the Messiah
52:01 and the credibility of our Lord and our Savior.
52:04 King of the North, we understand graphically
52:06 would point to this time in period as Seleucid Dynasty.
52:09 That's going along with our lesson,
52:11 we understand that,
52:12 which refers to pagan Rome and then to what?
52:15 Papal Rome, it goes right on.
52:17 And remember, this is not so much about location.
52:21 Many time we put a lot of information, you know,
52:23 and thought on this location as it is in exposing
52:28 the enemies of God.
52:31 This to me, this is what it's all about, is not?
52:33 This was here, this here.
52:34 It doesn't do us maybe a lot of good today to say,
52:36 "Well, this is where it was way back then
52:38 and some names have changed."
52:39 But identifying the enemies of God's people right now.
52:42 It's identifying the man of sin, right?
52:46 At the end of time,
52:47 which we're supposed to do in 1 Thessalonians 2, isn't it?
52:50 What the Bible says, verses 3 and 4,
52:53 it says, he's going to be revealed.
52:56 And I'm praying that God will raise men and women,
52:58 children, whoever it might be,
53:00 that will have the courage and the faith
53:02 and the love of Jesus in their heart,
53:04 they will do what God has called them to do
53:07 is really to expose the man of sin.
53:10 Just exactly I believe what's been going through
53:12 the studies of Daniel, in the whole book of Daniel,
53:16 because we try to expose what's been going on,
53:19 how the enemy has tried to use things of this world,
53:22 how he's tried to use the false doctrines
53:23 and so on to destroy the real pure truth.
53:26 And the last day message
53:28 called the three angels' message
53:29 to give to the world.
53:30 May God help us not just to give the first,
53:33 not just to give the second,
53:34 but to give the third angels' message,
53:36 be warned about the mark of the beast,
53:38 and the papacy and the false church,
53:40 and present the true church as it is in Jesus Christ.
53:43 This to me is what Daniel just boils down to.
53:46 It starts with it, and it ends with it.
53:48 And I want to end with that to say,
53:50 "I believe that it's going to happen just like God
53:52 said in His Word."
53:54 Oh, absolutely. Praise the Lord.
53:55 Thank you, Pastor Kenny.
53:57 That was a powerful unpacking of those last five verses
54:00 which, you know, again, there's so many different
54:02 interpretations of this passage.
54:05 It's just so deepened, but just one thing I,
54:08 you know, as I'm hearing
54:09 everyone talk about this passage
54:10 and I'm unpacking all the symbolism
54:12 and one thing that comes to my mind is the fact
54:16 that you know the enemy, he's working both sides.
54:19 He's working the side of the North,
54:21 he's working the side of the South.
54:23 He wants to create this division,
54:25 and we see it even in the history of Israel
54:27 with the division he worked on Israel,
54:30 so much brought them
54:32 into apostasy that the kingdom divided.
54:34 And we see this spirit of the North and the South
54:37 in the history of Israel.
54:38 And I'll tell you, we can see very clearly that
54:40 the Devil is attacking God's people,
54:41 His spiritual Israel in the last days.
54:43 There is nothing else that he would probably
54:45 want to see than the spirit of division
54:48 brought in right here into God's Church, God's people,
54:52 but we know that we have Michael to stand for us, right?
54:55 I'm gonna go back through the panel.
54:57 Let everyone give some final thoughts.
54:59 I guess my final thought would be this.
55:00 If that God is the God
55:02 who knows the end from the beginning.
55:04 And what He has declared is that you are a new creation
55:08 in Christ Jesus.
55:10 You can get into the Word of God,
55:13 even, you know, I can't wait to do more study
55:16 on this than I have done in the past,
55:18 but you can get into the Word of God.
55:20 Find out who you are in Christ, and know that when God speaks,
55:25 just like in prophecy, it's gonna happen.
55:28 Well, all of God's promises are yes
55:30 and amen in Christ Jesus.
55:32 So you can count on that as well.
55:34 Amen. Thank you.
55:35 The pictures of the king of the North
55:36 and the king of the South, as Daniel has given to us,
55:40 parallels a lot of the activity of the...
55:42 As it relates to Revelation
55:44 because the king of the North denotes
55:47 where Babylon existed and the head of spiritual
55:51 Babylon in the last days
55:52 is that coalition of the papacy,
55:54 which tries to exert and take the place of God on earth.
55:59 The king of the South as Daniel described,
56:01 it is Egypt.
56:02 And Egypt doesn't really care about taking the place of God,
56:05 but as you...
56:06 It's amazing how in Revelation 11,
56:08 Egypt is referred to as the place
56:10 where our Lord was crucified.
56:12 Egypt and Sodom are brought out there
56:14 very carefully in the Bible.
56:17 But we find regardless of the king of the North,
56:20 or the king of the South,
56:22 the King of kings ultimately prevails.
56:25 So that's where I placed my hope and my trust.
56:29 North and South, it's wonderful,
56:31 but the King of kings, who is the King of the East
56:34 is where our victory comes from.
56:36 Amen. Thank you, Pastor John.
56:37 I love the next verse.
56:39 We finished with Daniel 11,
56:40 but the first verse of Daniel Chapter 12.
56:42 "At that time, Michael shall stand up.
56:46 And then God's people," if you go down,
56:49 "will be delivered."
56:51 I love that because we know the back of the book says,
56:54 God wins.
56:55 Amen. That's right.
56:57 What comes to my mind quickly, Psalms 53:4 says,
56:58 "Our God shall come, and shall not keep silent,
57:01 a fire devour before him,
57:04 and it shall be very tempestuous round about Him.
57:07 He shall call to the heavens and from above into the earth,
57:11 that He may judge His people."
57:14 Amen. Praise the Lord.
57:16 You know, as I'm going through the Book of Daniel,
57:19 through these lessons, you know, we're in lesson 12.
57:22 And next week is the last lesson.
57:23 I find my own heart,
57:25 just yearning within me as Christ is,
57:27 is calling me to revival
57:29 because you see what Daniel goes through.
57:31 And you see how God used Daniel
57:33 to preach and teach the gospel
57:35 so that we all can be prepared for the soon coming of Jesus.
57:38 And, you know, I just want to invite you
57:40 to continue to stick it out with us.
57:41 We have one more week left, so don't go anywhere.
57:44 But come back again next week and join us
57:46 because next week's lesson,
57:47 we're going to jump into the last chapter
57:49 of the Book of Daniel, Chapter 12.
57:51 And it is entitled, "From Dust to Stars."
57:55 And as Jill brought out,
57:56 we're going to be seeing how Jesus,
57:57 Michael is going to stand for His people.
58:00 Thank you so much again for joining us this week.
58:02 We shall see you next week right here
58:04 on 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
58:06 God bless. Amen.
58:08 Amen.


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