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00:01 Hello, and welcome to 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
00:02 Again, we're glad that you've joined us
00:04 then it's not to say we're thrilled that
00:05 you've joined us, why?
00:07 Because you have a lot of choices
00:08 that you could make,
00:09 but I think you made the right choice today.
00:11 We're gonna be on lesson number eight,
00:13 it's "Ministering Like Jesus,"
00:14 and I'm sure it's gonna be quite a blessing to you.
00:16 We wanna encourage you
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00:31 I know you don't wanna miss this lesson.
00:33 It was such a blessing to me.
00:34 I know it's gonna be a blessing to you.
00:36 So stay tuned right here
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01:11 Welcome back to 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
01:13 As mentioned before,
01:15 this is, to me it's really exciting lesson.
01:17 None of us wanna miss this
01:19 because we're gonna be talking about
01:20 getting lesson number eight, Ministering Like Jesus.
01:23 Now there's some really wonderful things in this lesson
01:26 that helps us to be, I wanna say soul winner,
01:29 so we don't wanna miss any part of it.
01:31 So again, welcome back to us, get everything that you need
01:33 because we're gonna dive right in to this,
01:35 but first, I wanna just introduce our panel,
01:38 no one really need an introduction,
01:40 but I think it's always good 'cause every once in a while
01:42 we change someone out or something like that,
01:44 but anyhow, you know,
01:46 I wanna go to my left, Pastor John Lomacang,
01:48 always a pleasure, always love to hear
01:50 what God's how He's doing what He's speaking through you.
01:52 Good to sit next to a veteran of the Word.
01:55 In the Lord, good. Praise God.
01:57 Yeah. Praise the Lord.
01:59 You got sitting next to you,
02:00 Sister Jill Morikone, blessings.
02:02 Thank you so much, Pastor Kenny,
02:03 privileged to be here and open up God's Word.
02:05 Yeah.
02:06 Isn't I mean, what can person really say
02:07 other than there's such a treat
02:09 and such a blessing to study the Word.
02:11 You have somebody pretty special on your left.
02:13 Don't you, your husband? I do.
02:14 Brother Greg Morikone. Good to be here.
02:16 And it's a blessing always as we're all mentioning
02:18 to study the Word of God
02:19 and to study with you at home, you know,
02:20 'cause this is participation and opening the Word of God
02:23 which is living.
02:24 It's powerful. Oh, it is. Amen.
02:26 And to your left, and we have Brother Ryan Day.
02:29 Pastor Ryan Day, always good, always a thrill.
02:31 Man, I'm excited. I'm ready to go.
02:33 Yeah, we hear you singing in between, right?
02:36 Always. Always.
02:38 And it encourages us to sing right along,
02:39 so praise God for that.
02:41 We're gonna have prayer and then we're gonna dive
02:42 right into this lesson
02:43 'cause again, to me it's exciting.
02:45 I've learned a lot
02:47 and I'm asking God to help me to,
02:48 you know, come in line with what He says in His Word.
02:51 And Brother Greg, how about you since you're here today,
02:54 would you just pray for us please?
02:55 Absolutely.
02:57 Father in heaven,
02:58 what a privilege it is to open Your Word.
03:00 Father, as we studied,
03:01 we just pray for Your Holy Spirit to...
03:05 Will just open to us the treasures
03:07 that You would have us learned for this week.
03:09 Lord, I thank You for our family
03:11 which is joining us,
03:12 Lord, be with them open their minds too
03:14 as we study and open Your Word.
03:16 And in Jesus' name we pray.
03:18 Amen. Amen.
03:19 Praise the Lord. Again, lesson number eight.
03:22 We're gonna go right to the Sabbath
03:25 or the memory text, and then to the Sabbath overview,
03:27 and then go into Sunday's lesson.
03:29 Notice what it says in Matthew 9:36,
03:32 our memory text, says,
03:34 "But when they saw the multitudes,
03:37 He was moved with compassion for them,
03:40 because they were weary and scattered,
03:43 like sheep having no shepherd."
03:47 To me, that's just, it's so powerful
03:49 and so loving when you see that Jesus,
03:53 King of kings and Lord of lords,
03:54 He looked upon the people who were tired and worn out.
03:57 He had compassion on them, and we need to learn
04:00 to have compassion and certainly
04:01 with one with another.
04:02 Sabbath afternoon you go to that part,
04:04 just a couple of thoughts
04:05 I wanna throw out there with you.
04:06 This week's lesson really focuses on,
04:09 at least to me, and brings out
04:11 how much Jesus loves each one of each one of us.
04:15 He ministers to His people, physically, mentally,
04:19 spiritually, in every way possible.
04:21 You know, He saw how much that the people needed
04:26 something that they didn't have.
04:28 And He wanted to draw close to them,
04:30 you know, and as He just,
04:32 I mean, I can picture this in my mind
04:34 as He just walked through the towns or villages,
04:37 there were something special about Jesus,
04:41 that was something that drew people
04:43 and I know was a Spirit of Living God
04:45 living in Him, and it just drew people.
04:48 And they were drawn to Him.
04:50 And I think this is good when we talk about
04:52 Ministering Like Jesus is because if you have
04:54 the Spirit of the Living God inside you coming out,
04:58 people want to listen to what you have to say.
05:02 They're drawn to that and they want to know.
05:05 Ministry of Healing, page 143, makes this comment,
05:09 Christ method.
05:10 I like this, "Christ method will give true success
05:13 in reaching the people."
05:16 Notice, and "Then He bade them, 'Follow Me.'"
05:21 In my notes here I put then, then, then.
05:26 Does that make sense to anybody else,
05:27 is that okay to do that?
05:29 Then, then, then because let's notice,
05:30 Christ's method, right?
05:33 Alone will give true success of reaching the people.
05:37 So when the people are using Christ's method,
05:40 then, then you say Jesus said, "Then follow Me."
05:45 I mean, that's wonderful thing about follow Him.
05:47 So Jesus, generally number one,
05:49 we found our lesson
05:50 He generally cares for His people.
05:51 There's no doubt about it.
05:53 He healed all manner of diseases,
05:56 raised the dead, cast out demons,
05:58 He fed the hungry,
06:00 He met the needs and cared for the needy,
06:02 every aspect He was working in behalf of mankind.
06:06 He never did seem like anything for Himself,
06:08 He is always for someone else.
06:11 And I think something good that will help us
06:13 when we're talking about Ministering Like Jesus
06:15 is that as He, maybe we could use the word mingled,
06:19 as He mingled with the people.
06:22 All of a sudden, He desired, they're good and they knew it.
06:25 They recognized it, that Jesus desired their good.
06:29 And when you're working with other people,
06:30 they need to know that you care about them.
06:33 You could give them all you want of the Bible,
06:35 give them all the truths as you say, as we want,
06:37 but unless they know you really care for them,
06:39 and that you have a love for Jesus,
06:41 they're not really interested, they're not going to accept it.
06:44 Oh, He showed sympathy, and He won their confidence,
06:48 and then He said, you know, then He said, "Follow Me."
06:51 Important point.
06:53 I got this out of the lesson,
06:54 may not get anything else out of it,
06:55 but I sure got this one I thought was really good.
06:58 Jesus recognized in this world
07:01 that there needed to be a demonstration of the gospel,
07:06 a demonstration of a gospel
07:07 as much as the gospel needed to be preached.
07:11 A demonstration, Jesus came to do what?
07:13 To demonstrate, to show us.
07:16 So a life live for others
07:19 is powerful witness to the world.
07:22 You know, we talk about the words that we speak.
07:25 So think about it, life live for others.
07:29 How's your life? How's my life today?
07:31 Is it really, we're talking about, you know,
07:32 we're living for other Sunday's lesson quickly?
07:34 Jesus attitude toward people just exactly
07:36 what we were already talking about
07:38 here is attitude toward other.
07:40 What kind of attitude did he have?
07:42 John 8:12.
07:44 Jesus said, "I am the light of the world."
07:48 We talk about every lesson
07:49 I think is brought out somewhere along the line,
07:51 that Jesus is the light of the world.
07:53 There is no other light on the world
07:55 as far as we concerned as Christians,
07:56 Jesus is the light, the spiritual light,
07:59 "He that followeth me shall not," I like that,
08:03 "not walk in darkness,
08:04 but shall have the light of life."
08:08 Light shines bright in darkness.
08:13 You know, I really don't appreciate.
08:15 I don't appreciate.
08:16 Okay, I don't appreciate the flashlight until it's dark.
08:20 You know, you have one you'd rather just assume
08:22 as it gets dark what do you say?
08:24 The power goes out,
08:25 which it does quite often around here, right?
08:27 So as soon as it goes out,
08:28 honey, where's the flashlight, why?
08:30 Because I wanna see, because I need light
08:32 because if there's no light there,
08:33 I'm gonna stumble, I'm gonna fall,
08:34 something's going to happen.
08:36 And so, you know, we need that light
08:37 and it doesn't take a whole lot of light, right?
08:41 It takes a light to dispel the darkness.
08:43 We wanna get rid of that darkness.
08:46 And I thought was this. Light does not avoid darkness.
08:51 It's just food for thought,
08:52 light doesn't avoid darkness or separate from darkness.
08:56 Now what's the point spiritually here?
08:58 We have to be careful as Christians
09:00 that we don't avoid the dark places.
09:03 There's people who live in dark places as it were,
09:06 you know, in their heart, in their mind, in their life,
09:07 they need the light.
09:09 Why?
09:10 My Lord and Savior said in Luke 19:10, you know,
09:13 well he said what?
09:14 "He came to seek
09:16 and to save that which was lost."
09:19 He had to deal with darkness,
09:21 things that were going on in the world,
09:23 but when light comes, darkness is, just disappears.
09:28 We are to shine in this dark world,
09:30 I've learned that in this lesson.
09:32 We are to shine.
09:33 Shine like jewel, shine like a light,
09:35 shine like there's a lighthouse.
09:38 Right on the hilltop, that overlooks live sea,
09:42 so we need to be a lighthouse in this old dark world.
09:46 And simply lighthouse is the light,
09:48 we lead others to Jesus Christ is light of the world.
09:51 And Jesus says this in John 1:4, he said,
09:55 "In him was," notice, "life and," what?
09:58 "And the life was the light of men."
10:01 And many times this has been said,
10:03 certainly we talked about light
10:04 who could just pass by Psalms 119:105.
10:07 It has been said many times that
10:09 "The word is," what?
10:10 "Is a lamp unto my feet, and a," what?
10:12 "A light unto my path."
10:14 Jesus was ministering and speaking in Luke 4:18.
10:19 I wanna hit on this because I think
10:21 maybe this applies to all of us.
10:22 I think it should
10:24 because we wanna minister like Jesus,
10:26 and He knew He had a work to do.
10:28 He was sent here for a purpose. There was a reason.
10:31 Luke 4:18, he said,
10:33 "The Spirit of the Lord is," where?
10:35 Upon me.
10:36 He said, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
10:37 because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel."
10:42 So now what we all should be doing.
10:44 "To the poor, he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted,
10:49 to preach deliverance to the captives,
10:52 recover the sight," and we're talking about
10:54 spiritual more than anything else and he did both,
10:56 "sight to the blind, to set at liberty,"
10:59 notice, "them that are bruised."
11:02 Is there anyone bruise today? Has anyone been bruised?
11:06 You know, how you need special attention.
11:08 Jesus says He came to heal that,
11:10 He came to help you, and to preach
11:12 the acceptable year of the Lord.
11:15 We can turn that I think that to bring it forth
11:18 that we realize that we're in the end of time.
11:20 There's a message we need to be giving.
11:21 There is a time that Jesus is soon to come
11:24 and we need to be letting people in on that
11:26 He soon to come and we need to be
11:28 ready for that.
11:29 You know what a challenge to minister the way that
11:31 Jesus ministered as He passed
11:34 just to and fro upon His mission of mercy.
11:37 This is found in Review and Herald,
11:38 jot it down quickly.
11:40 Review and Herald 9 and 4, 1900.
11:43 "As he Jesus passed by to and fro upon his mission,"
11:47 notice this, "a mission of mercy."
11:49 How many of us really feel like
11:50 when we're doing we're a mission of mercy?
11:53 We ought to help someone.
11:55 We're out to be and I'll say, Oh, Lord, bless me,
11:57 but we're out to be a blessing to someone.
12:00 Lord, make me a blessing to someone today.
12:03 His mission was to heal the sick,
12:06 to lift up the depressed, we live in a depressed world.
12:10 We live and a lot of people
12:11 that maybe it's hard for some reason,
12:13 the millions are depressed every day of their life,
12:18 but notice this that Jesus went about to relieve mercy.
12:20 The King of kings and the Lord of lords walk this earth.
12:24 And notice this article said,
12:25 "Scarce a solitary voice
12:29 called him blessed."
12:31 The King of kings walking this earth.
12:36 He came here to bless mankind with His presence
12:39 to show us the right way, the way to heaven.
12:42 Everything He did was with somebody else in mind.
12:45 He gave His life so that you and I could make it
12:47 to the Kingdom of God.
12:49 And yet there was very few
12:50 that recognized Him as Lord and of Savior.
12:54 He was the fountain of life.
12:57 He was that fountain that we need to drink from.
13:00 I believe today, God's looking for people
13:04 who will make a difference in this dark world.
13:07 There's no doubt about it. Are you making the difference?
13:11 Are we ministering the way Jesus ministered?
13:14 People talk about wealth and the importance of wealth,
13:17 but you know what, I think that the true wealth of this world
13:20 is a committed Christian.
13:23 There's nothing more valuable, a committed Christian
13:28 who unselfishly works for the Savior,
13:32 for the service, in the service of other.
13:35 In our lesson uses,
13:36 we don't have time to go into it,
13:37 but it uses the word salt.
13:39 I like that.
13:40 What is about the salt, something using salt
13:41 is to preserve and to flavor food,
13:44 but salt is a symbol of Christ followers
13:47 used to preserve and flavor mankind.
13:52 I feel like I need to be flavored.
13:55 Me too. I need to be salted.
13:58 Jesus said, you're the salt,
13:59 but if you've lost at Matthew 5,
14:01 if you've lost that salt that way somewhat.
14:05 It says right here good. Here's a word good for nothing.
14:08 By the grace of God,
14:09 we don't wanna good for nothing.
14:11 We wanna be followers of Jesus Christ.
14:13 We wanna be the salt of the earth.
14:14 We wanna be the light
14:15 reflecting light of Jesus Christ
14:17 all over the world.
14:18 We wanna minister the way that Jesus ministered.
14:20 We wanna talk to people the way we need to talk to people.
14:23 We wanna respond to people
14:24 the way we need to respond to people.
14:27 We need to have the hunger in our heart and in our soul
14:31 to see if that person is in the kingdom of God.
14:33 Are you ministering like Jesus today?
14:36 Oh, friend, I encourage you to look at the life of Christ,
14:39 and then pattern yourself after Jesus Christ
14:42 and you will minister the way He ministered.
14:44 Amen. Amen.
14:45 Which you gave me a perfect segue,
14:47 which is "Jesus' Treatment of People."
14:50 You talked about that,
14:52 you talked about salt being flavor,
14:54 but also, salt makes people thirsty
14:58 and we should make people thirsty through Jesus,
15:02 and this lesson fits perfectly the way we treat people.
15:04 Salt should make people thirsty for Christ.
15:07 You know somebody once said you can lead a horse to water,
15:09 but you can't make him drink it.
15:11 Well, nothing is untrue like that.
15:13 You can make him drink.
15:15 If you lead a horse to water
15:16 and just give him one lick of a ball of salt.
15:19 He will drink it. I guarantee you try it.
15:23 If people are standing in front of the water of life
15:25 and they haven't desire to drink it is
15:28 because we have not been the salt
15:30 that the Lord wants us to be.
15:31 Not only to flavor their lives
15:33 and flavor other people's lives,
15:35 but to make them thirsty for Christ.
15:37 This lesson points out the goal of Christ.
15:39 The goal of Christ
15:41 was to bring out the best in people.
15:43 Man, if we live by that principle.
15:46 What kind of world would this be if the Christian,
15:49 even if the Christian church lived with the principle
15:52 of bringing out the best in people?
15:54 How would we communicate differently
15:56 when we gather in our worship services?
15:58 Oh, yeah, wouldn't that be.
15:59 You know, I've had church members that...
16:03 I had one church member
16:04 bought a baseball bat to church.
16:06 And I wish there was a joke
16:08 but I had a person that came to church
16:10 one Sabbath morning very angry
16:12 and she said upon entering the church, not here.
16:15 Do not try to make me happy.
16:17 I'm angry and I'm going to hold on
16:19 to it all services, all service long.
16:21 And I thought to myself, I'm preaching the words of life
16:23 and she's come to church,
16:24 she entered the building determined to hold on
16:26 to her anger the whole service long.
16:29 And I thought to myself did...
16:32 If she was salt,
16:37 that's the kind of salt you throw out.
16:39 I just had to breathe to think about that one.
16:42 But the Gospel of Christ
16:44 was to bring out the best in people.
16:45 Look at Luke's example.
16:47 Luke in John the Baptist and then Jill,
16:50 we're going to bring out six principles
16:52 of how we can bring out the best in people.
16:55 Luke's gospel records the characteristics of Jesus
16:58 and how he was seen by the multitudes.
17:01 Luke 4:22.
17:03 He says, "So all bore witness to Him,
17:06 and marveled at the gracious words
17:10 which proceeded out of His mouth.
17:13 And they said, "Is this not Joseph's son?"
17:18 Oh, yeah. You know Joseph, is he his son?
17:21 Now I don't know what that says about Joseph
17:24 but maybe a good thing.
17:26 But is this not Joseph's son they wondered,
17:28 but he's just a carpenter.
17:30 How could a carpenter son be so gracious?
17:31 I think that's maybe the parallel,
17:33 because people that's working on furniture
17:35 and building things.
17:36 They probably thought,
17:38 where did he get this eloquence?
17:39 He was not only the son of Joseph,
17:40 but he was the son of God.
17:42 Not only John the Baptist, not only Christ,
17:45 but John the Baptist recognized
17:47 this quality in Jesus on how He treated people.
17:49 Look at John 1:17. John 1:17.
17:54 The Bible says, "For the law was given through Moses,
17:58 but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ."
18:02 Grace and truth.
18:04 He is long suffering, He's gracious.
18:07 He is not only the God of truth,
18:09 unwavering truth, but He's the God of grace,
18:11 who when the truth of God's Word
18:13 doesn't change your life, He still gives us grace.
18:16 Grace to me is padding.
18:18 Grace to me is that, you know,
18:20 we have some beavers right now that are determined to cut down
18:24 all the trees on our property.
18:26 And they were on the other side of the lake,
18:28 I thought, well, great cut those trees down
18:29 because I want to cut them down I can't get to them.
18:32 But they came on this side of the property
18:33 and cut down this beautiful large tree.
18:36 And I said, "How can I prevent
18:37 these beavers from cutting my trees down,
18:39 I went on the internet.
18:41 Because they said you have to build
18:42 a nice chicken wire fence around it
18:44 with some padding between the wire and the tree.
18:46 That's God's grace that keeps the world
18:49 from chewing us up.
18:51 God's grace prevents,
18:52 that wire between the world and us,
18:55 God has that padding of grace
18:58 and His approach
18:59 was also not only to treat people kindly
19:01 but to disarm people in their anger
19:03 and their prejudice.
19:05 And you'll see that all through Scripture.
19:06 But Jesus, there are two examples in the Bible.
19:09 One was a Roman centurion,
19:11 and the other one was a Jewish leader,
19:13 two most unlikely people that even
19:16 when they didn't deserve God's grace,
19:18 He showed it to them.
19:20 Look at Matthew Chapter 8.
19:22 Matthew Chapter 8, this was a centurion
19:25 that wanted his daughter to be healed.
19:29 And he was a commander,
19:32 he could tell people to do things and they'll do it.
19:35 But he said to the Lord,
19:37 He said to Jesus, in verse 8,
19:39 "Lord, I am not worthy
19:41 that You should come under my roof.
19:43 But only speak a word, and my servant will be healed."
19:46 And then Jesus commended him in verse 10.
19:49 Jesus said, "Jesus heard and marveled
19:54 and said to those who followed,
19:55 'Assuredly, I say to you,
19:57 I have not found such great faith,
19:59 not even in Israel."
20:01 He commended the man for the way he was.
20:03 And then also a scribe that
20:05 Jesus spoke to when Jesus
20:07 said love your neighbor as yourself.
20:09 The scribe recognize that
20:11 what He's saying is the words of life.
20:12 And He couldn't even get that reaction
20:14 from those who had claimed to be following Him.
20:16 And then Jesus said,
20:18 "You are not far from the kingdom of God."
20:20 He always found a way to bring out the best
20:22 in individual instead of saying,
20:24 you can get closer to the kingdom.
20:25 He said, you are not far. Notice the difference.
20:27 One person once said,
20:29 how you say things make a difference.
20:30 For example, you could say to a young lady,
20:33 you know, you remind me of a kitten,
20:36 or you could say you're just like a cat.
20:39 Now, Jill, was that different?
20:42 If you say, if you say to your wife,
20:43 you know, when I look at you, honey, time stands still.
20:46 She says, that's so nice.
20:47 Well, you could say you have a face that stops the clock.
20:51 Notice the difference.
20:52 I'm just showing you the difference.
20:54 You're saying the same thing,
20:55 but you're saying it differently.
20:56 So now let's transition to six things
20:59 that will show you how important your words are,
21:02 one, Isaiah 42:3.
21:04 Our words are instrumental.
21:06 Jesus said in Isaiah 42:3,
21:09 "A bruised reed He will not break,
21:11 a smoking flax He will not quench;
21:13 He will bring forth justice for truth."
21:15 Our words are first instrumental
21:18 don't break bruised reeds and don't pour water
21:21 with your words on a person
21:23 whose light is just about to die.
21:24 That's right.
21:25 There's some people that have no hope.
21:27 And you know, we say, that's good for you.
21:29 You deserve that.
21:30 That's pouring water on a coal that
21:33 just has no life left in it.
21:34 It's just about to whimper out.
21:36 Your words can bring life back to that individual.
21:38 And I've seen that it's important to be gracious.
21:41 Also, our words are aromatic.
21:43 Colossians 4:5 and 6.
21:45 Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside,
21:48 meaning those who are not a part of your following,
21:50 redeeming the time.
21:52 Listen to this, verse 6 of Colossians 4.
21:55 "Let your speech always be with grace,
21:58 seasoned with salt, there you go,
22:00 that you may know
22:01 how you ought to answer each one."
22:05 Be nice to people, you know,
22:06 if people were just nice to folk,
22:08 how different would the world be.
22:09 Amen to that. It is nice, just be nice.
22:12 I mean just be nice.
22:15 Yes, be nice, just be nice.
22:19 Today just be nice to somebody, not because they deserve it
22:22 because you should represent Christ.
22:25 Be nice.
22:27 Thirdly, our words are valuable.
22:29 Our words are valuable.
22:30 They're first instrumental, aromatic,
22:32 but they are valuable.
22:33 Proverbs 25:11, "A word fitly spoken
22:37 is like apples of gold in settings of silver."
22:41 How valuable if somebody spoke to you
22:44 or if you spoke to someone,
22:46 and you walked away from someone,
22:48 would you say, "Wow, that was, I needed that."
22:51 And sometimes we could empower someone
22:55 with words that are valuable.
22:57 We could say to that individual,
22:58 I know you didn't have,
23:00 I know you didn't have a great life,
23:01 but you know what?
23:02 You mean everything to Christ.
23:04 I know that the world seems like it's on your back,
23:06 but I'm here to help you lift your burden.
23:08 Make our words valuable.
23:10 Ellen White said
23:11 when people come into our presence,
23:12 they should always leave encouraged.
23:15 Our words are valuable.
23:16 Third, fourthly, our words are decisive.
23:18 Our words are decisive. This is powerful.
23:21 Proverbs 18:21, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
23:27 and those who love it will eat its fruit."
23:29 Now, people often miss what that means.
23:31 If you use your words for death,
23:34 death is going to come upon you in your own words.
23:36 The way you cut, folk,
23:38 you're going to be cut the same way.
23:40 He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword,
23:43 and out of the mouth proceeds that sword.
23:45 So be very careful.
23:47 Fifthly, our words are decisive.
23:50 Sorry, our words are directive.
23:53 Our words are directive.
23:55 Proverbs 15:1,
23:57 "A soft answer turns away wrath,
24:00 but a harsh word stirs up strife."
24:03 You can determine which direction
24:05 that conversation is going to go
24:07 by the next thing you say, husband or wife.
24:11 And lastly, our words are meteorological.
24:15 Wow.
24:17 I tried to say that slowly, because you can make mess,
24:20 you mess your tongue up on that one.
24:22 Our words are meteorological.
24:24 Proverbs 15:23, "A man has joy
24:29 by the answer of his mouth,
24:31 and a word spoken in due season,
24:35 how good it is!"
24:36 Meteorological.
24:38 Here's the principle
24:39 that you must apply when you speak.
24:41 Let the words of my mouth, come on,
24:43 and the meditations on my heart be acceptable in Your sight.
24:47 O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.
24:50 Pastor Kenny. Praise the Lord, Pastor.
24:52 Always thrilling, isn't it to be able to hear
24:54 the Word of God
24:55 and so we're having a good time spiritually, right?
24:58 Getting into the word. I know you are too.
24:59 We're going to take a short break
25:01 and we're going to be right back.
25:02 Don't go away. Amen.
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25:38 Thank you and welcome once again
25:40 to the 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
25:41 We're glad you're still with us.
25:42 We're going to jump right into
25:44 Tuesday's lesson with Sister Jill Morikone.
25:46 She's going to be talking about a subject
25:47 I think that's going to be really exciting.
25:50 It's about Jesus. And so it's got to be exciting.
25:53 It is, absolutely.
25:54 "Jesus' Healing Ministry:
25:57 Part 1" because Greg has part 2.
25:59 So we're going to take a couple of stories here.
26:01 Thank you both so much, Pastor Kenny and Pastor John.
26:04 So I'm going to remember that
26:06 all day and hopefully all week and all year.
26:08 Be nice. Okay, moving on.
26:11 We're talking about the lesson
26:13 had this incredible statement here.
26:15 It said, Jesus ministered to people's felt needs,
26:18 so that He could ultimately meet their deepest needs.
26:23 What is the felt need?
26:24 It's an area of life where people feel like
26:26 they can't solve their own problems.
26:28 I want to quit smoking, or I want to lose weight
26:31 or exercise more or eat better
26:33 or reduce stress or get the money I need.
26:36 Or I need medical care or food or I'm having marriage problems
26:40 or sickness, disease or cancer.
26:42 Any of these are felt needs where we can meet that need
26:46 in someone else's life,
26:48 leading to the deepest need that they have.
26:51 And what is that?
26:52 We each have a God shaped hole in our heart
26:56 that can only be filled by the Lord Jesus Christ.
27:00 We have a need for assurance of salvation,
27:03 for peace with God, for forgiveness of sins,
27:06 for a relationship with our Creator God
27:09 and Redeemer.
27:11 We each need a reason for existence.
27:13 Jesus' healing ministry, He dealt with physical needs.
27:18 He dealt with mental needs.
27:19 He dealt with emotional needs,
27:21 but they always led to spiritual healing
27:24 'cause Jesus was concerned about the whole person.
27:28 In the Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke,
27:31 there's 22 accounts of healing described.
27:34 Fifteen of those 22 accounts were
27:37 by those marginalized by society.
27:40 Jesus healed women, beggars,
27:44 lepers, demoniacs,
27:46 people who were discriminated against.
27:50 Those 15 of the 22 healings in the Synoptic Gospels
27:53 were by those who were considered outcasts
27:56 or untouchable or lesser than.
27:59 And 9 of the 22 accounts involved faith
28:03 or specifically mentioned faith
28:05 in the midst of the healing process.
28:07 We know faith was involved in all of them,
28:09 but 9 of the 22 specifically mentioned faith.
28:12 So we're going to look at two different stories,
28:14 two different examples of Jesus'
28:17 healing ministry, the paralytic
28:19 and the woman with the issue of blood.
28:21 So let's start with a paralytic.
28:23 We're going to look at Matthew 9.
28:24 If you want to turn with me,
28:26 we're going to Matthew chapter 9.
28:28 I've divided the story in three sections, the setting,
28:32 the issue, and then the healing.
28:35 So let's look at the setting.
28:37 Matthew 9:1-2, "So He," that's Jesus, "got into a boat,
28:41 crossed over, and came to His own city.
28:44 Then behold, they brought to him
28:46 a paralytic lying on a bed."
28:48 Now let's stop a moment.
28:50 You noticed, it said, he came to His own city.
28:52 What city is that?
28:54 Capernaum, His own city,
28:56 likely He came to Simon Peter's house
28:58 because often he would be there in Simon Peter's house.
29:02 Now in case you're wondering His own city,
29:04 you just made up Capernaum.
29:05 The Gospel of Mark clearly says he came to Capernaum.
29:09 Mark also gives some other details to the story
29:11 that we're missing here in Matthew.
29:14 Mark explains how Jesus had just healed a leper
29:17 just a few days ago.
29:18 And He told the leper,
29:20 "Go show yourself to the priests."
29:21 Now this is important
29:22 because the priests found out about
29:26 Jesus' healing ministry.
29:28 Now He told the leper, Jesus did,
29:30 show yourself to the priests,
29:31 but don't tell other people but the leper didn't listen.
29:33 And he told this story far and wide,
29:36 so much so that Mark says
29:38 Jesus could no longer even enter a city,
29:41 because the people flocked to Him.
29:44 So He went out into like the country,
29:46 and the people would come to Him.
29:47 So at this point,
29:49 Jesus is very well known and popular.
29:51 Mark also tells us that Jesus went into the house
29:54 and there were so many people
29:55 in the house that there was no room
29:57 when the people brought the paralytic.
29:59 They had to go up on the roof and open it up.
30:02 These are his four friends,
30:04 and let him down through the roof into the room
30:08 so that he could be brought to Jesus.
30:11 I love that.
30:13 When you can't get to Jesus by yourself,
30:16 let your friends carry you.
30:20 And if you have other people
30:26 in your life, carry them to Jesus.
30:30 You have people that are lacking in faith,
30:32 people who are paralytic, people who need Jesus.
30:35 You'd be the one to bring them to Jesus.
30:40 Now Luke also talks about the story in Luke 5.
30:42 And there's an interesting piece
30:44 that's added to this
30:45 that's missing in Matthew and Mark's version.
30:48 Luke says that the Pharisees
30:51 and the teachers of the law were present.
30:53 Now other one say that too, but in Luke 5:16, it says that,
30:55 "The Pharisees and teachers of the law
30:57 had come from every town of Galilee,
31:01 Judea and Jerusalem."
31:03 Now, I don't know but if the...
31:06 You know, Jesus healed the leper just before this.
31:08 It's possible that
31:11 when the leper went to show himself to the priests,
31:13 they kind of held a little meeting
31:14 with the leaders of the church
31:16 and all the priests and all the Pharisees
31:18 and all the scribes began to say,
31:20 "Okay, we got to keep an eye on this Jesus."
31:22 So they came from every single town.
31:25 They were there present in that home.
31:28 So what's, that's the setting. Let's look at the issue.
31:30 What is the issue?
31:31 The issue was not even really
31:33 whether Jesus could heal the paralytic,
31:35 the issue was whether Jesus had authority to forgive sins.
31:39 How is healing connected with sin?
31:42 How is healing connected with forgiveness?
31:44 How is healing connected with sin, sickness, suffering,
31:47 disease, pain and death?
31:49 We know that all sickness, all disease,
31:52 all death is the result of sin,
31:54 because the wages of sin is death.
31:56 We know that sin brought fear and guilt.
31:58 Sin brought a separation from the Father.
32:01 Now our sins specifically don't always cause that.
32:05 I want to be clear there.
32:06 There are times, say if you few smoke,
32:08 okay, their cancer can be a direct correlation,
32:11 you could say to that smoking.
32:13 There's other times like in Job
32:15 where it's just an outworking of the great controversy of sin
32:19 in general.
32:21 But if Jesus can take care of the effects of sin,
32:23 that's physical healing, surely,
32:26 He can take care of the cause
32:27 of the illness by forgiving the sin.
32:29 So forgiving sins and healing diseases
32:32 is these two sides of the coin,
32:35 but it's really the same mission of Jesus.
32:38 We see the healing here in verse 2.
32:40 They brought him the paralytic, he's on the bed.
32:42 Jesus said, "Son be of good cheer.
32:45 Your sins are forgiven you."
32:47 Now we might have sat there
32:49 and wondered how he got that way,
32:50 we might have avoided him.
32:51 We might have not associated with him
32:53 or thought he deserved this
32:55 or we might have criticized him.
32:57 But Jesus said, "Son, be of good cheer.
33:00 Your sins are forgiven you."
33:02 Jesus announced the forgiveness of the sins
33:04 before he was healed, before he went
33:06 and offered a sacrifice in the sanctuary.
33:08 Before he said anything,
33:10 it was the faith that saved him.
33:12 So then we see, all of a sudden
33:14 all these scribes and Pharisees get worked up
33:17 and they start talking amongst themselves.
33:19 This man is blaspheming.
33:22 But Jesus knowing their thoughts said,
33:23 "Why do you think evil in your hearts,
33:25 for which is easier to say your sins are forgiven
33:28 or arise and walk, but that you may know that
33:31 the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins.
33:34 Then he said to the paralytic,
33:36 "Arise, take up your bed and go to your house.
33:39 And he arose and departed to his house."
33:42 So we see Jesus saying,
33:43 "Your sins are forgiven, rise, take up your bed and walk."
33:46 And Jesus had authority and power to forgive sins.
33:50 Now, let's look just briefly at the woman
33:53 with the issue of blood.
33:54 What was her problem?
33:56 She'd had an issue for 12 years.
33:57 She'd been to physician after physician
33:59 with no cure and no hope.
34:02 In their culture, if she had this issue of blood,
34:05 she would have been considered unclean.
34:07 She would have been prohibited from entering the temple.
34:09 She could not come in contact with people or things,
34:12 it would be similar to a leper.
34:14 She was an outcast and untouchable.
34:17 And yet, when she heard about Jesus,
34:20 Matthew 5:27, Matthew 5:27,
34:24 "She came behind Him in the crowd
34:26 and touched His garment.
34:28 For she said, 'If I may only touch His clothes,
34:31 I shall be made well.'"
34:34 Now that word well is from the root word,
34:36 we get salvation.
34:37 It's the same word in Matthew 1:21
34:40 when it says Jesus will save His people
34:43 from their sins, the same word save.
34:45 So this means the woman when she's reaching out
34:47 if I may just touch His garment,
34:49 she's not just talking about physical healing,
34:51 but this is spiritual healing as well.
34:54 Her faith and courage and hope to press
34:57 through the crowd
34:59 and touch His garment is remarkable.
35:02 The revealing and Jesus said, what did He say?
35:04 "Who touched Me?" Yeah.
35:06 And the disciples thought it was rather funny.
35:07 What are you saying who touched me.
35:10 Why did He asked who touched Me?
35:13 Because it gave her an opportunity
35:16 to testify of what the Lord had done in her life.
35:22 It gave her an opportunity to witness.
35:25 It gave Him an opportunity to express that
35:27 it was not the physical touching
35:29 that had healed.
35:31 Clear up any misconception in that.
35:33 Our Lord stopped the woman also,
35:35 so other people would know.
35:36 So that now she could be looked upon as clean
35:39 and associate with others.
35:41 And He also stopped
35:42 so that the greater miracle could occur.
35:45 Jairus' daughter, remember He was on His way
35:47 to Jairus' daughter
35:49 that she wouldn't just be healed,
35:50 now she would literally be raised from the dead.
35:53 Mercy. Amen.
35:55 Thank you very much, Sweetie.
35:56 Blessing to sit next to you on Sabbath School Panel.
35:58 Sure.
35:59 I have "Jesus' Healing Ministry: Part 2."
36:03 And I wanted to start with Matthew 9:35.
36:08 I actually want to look
36:10 at a three-fold ministry of Christ
36:12 while here on this earth.
36:13 One of those being healing, Jill looked at part one,
36:16 I'm looking at part two.
36:18 Matthew 9:35 says, "Then Jesus went about
36:23 all the cities and villages,"
36:24 number one, "teaching in their synagogues,"
36:27 number two,
36:28 "preaching the gospel of the kingdom,"
36:30 and number three, "healing every sickness
36:33 and every disease among the people."
36:37 Now I was homeschooled by my mother,
36:40 so I appreciate my mother.
36:41 She was my teacher.
36:43 I have sat under many different pastors
36:46 and ministers is my growing up right now our pastor,
36:49 my pastor for probably the last 20 years
36:51 or close to that is Pastor John Lomacang,
36:53 a very powerful speaker of the Word.
36:56 I was very sick at one time and I was in a foreign country,
37:01 I couldn't even walk,
37:02 they had to carry me into the emergency room
37:05 and the doctors were able to get me better.
37:08 They healed me, but nothing against my mother.
37:11 Nothing against Pastor John Lomacang
37:13 or all the other pastors or the doctors that healed me.
37:16 Can you imagine to be under the teacher,
37:18 Jesus Christ, to be under the healer,
37:20 Jesus Christ,
37:22 or under the preacher of Jesus Christ,
37:23 as He walked on this earth had been absolutely phenomenal.
37:27 So I want to just briefly look at the three aspects of Christ.
37:30 When He came here, John 10:10, I don't want to miss this.
37:33 "Jesus came, that they may have life,
37:36 and that they may have it more abundantly."
37:38 So Christ's mission on this earth,
37:40 of course, was for salvation, but to seek
37:42 and to save that which was lost,
37:44 teaching Christ as our teacher.
37:46 Basically, when you look at the Greek word,
37:48 it means to literally teach,
37:49 to impart knowledge, to disseminate information.
37:52 There's about 45 times in the scriptures
37:54 that Christ is referred to as the teacher.
37:58 So I just wrote down some different,
38:00 I know time it just always seemed like
38:01 we're trying to cram so much in these 10 minutes.
38:03 But Jesus taught with power.
38:06 You can look these up, Matthew 4:23 and 24.
38:10 Jesus teaching was unique, or he amazed others.
38:14 They were astonished at His teaching.
38:17 Matthew 7:28.
38:20 Jesus taught at various places to various people.
38:23 He went about many different villages,
38:25 many different towns and cities.
38:27 But He also talked to the scholars,
38:29 and he talked to the little children,
38:30 I think that's just beautiful.
38:32 Jesus taught with compassion, Mark 6:34.
38:36 I just want to read this scripture,
38:38 because to me, it's just,
38:39 it's just a beautiful passage in the Word of God.
38:41 Mark 6:34 says, "And Jesus went,
38:44 and when he came out, saw many people,
38:47 and he was moved with compassion toward them,
38:51 because they were a sheep not having a shepherd.
38:54 And he began to teach them many things."
38:57 Number five, like I just mentioned
38:59 a little bit ago is He could talk to scholars
39:02 were just astonished that the people who said,
39:04 He didn't go to our schools.
39:06 How is this possible, Pastor Kenny,
39:08 that you can just dumbfound us?
39:10 We don't even have answers. He asks us a question.
39:12 We're not sure how to even answer these questions
39:14 so He could communicate with the elite,
39:17 so to speak of His time.
39:18 Jesus taught by placing other people first.
39:23 Luke 13:10-17.
39:25 This is the woman
39:26 with the infirmary for 18 years.
39:28 And how Jesus healed her on the Sabbath day.
39:30 He was criticized, wasn't He?
39:32 Why are You healing her on the Sabbath day?
39:33 And then He says, "Well,
39:35 wouldn't you pull your ox out of the ditch,
39:37 why wouldn't I heal this woman?"
39:39 So again, He puts the scholar's kind of like,
39:41 wow, what do we say now?
39:42 But He taught people or He placed people first.
39:46 Number seven, He taught with authority and power.
39:50 He again talked to the scribes and the elders,
39:51 I have Luke 20:1-8.
39:54 And then Jesus taught His disciples how to pray,
39:57 and I think that's a beautiful part too.
39:59 Luke 11:1 says, "And it came to pass,
40:01 that, as he was praying in a certain place,
40:04 when he stopped,
40:06 one of his disciples said unto him,
40:08 Lord, teach us to pray,
40:10 as John also taught his disciples."
40:13 So we're looking at Christ as teacher,
40:15 Christ is preaching, or as a pastor,
40:17 it's interesting to think of that.
40:19 The Greek word means to preach,
40:21 to announce a message publicly
40:23 and I like this, with conviction
40:25 and with persuasion.
40:28 There's about 13 times in the Bible
40:29 where Christ is referred to as preaching.
40:32 And I just have three points here.
40:34 Jesus applied the scriptures to the lives of His hearers.
40:40 I think that's beautiful,
40:41 He made it very relevant to them,
40:43 especially in the parables and the things that
40:45 He said they could understand
40:47 what He was saying, so He applied it to them.
40:50 This is Luke 4:16-20.
40:54 And during this passage, Christ mentions Isaiah
40:59 and is referring to Isaiah Chapter 61.
41:03 And the part here it says, "And he came to Nazareth,"
41:06 verse 16, "where he had been brought up.
41:09 And as His custom was, He went into the synagogue
41:11 on the Sabbath day and stood up for to read.
41:14 And there was delivered unto Him
41:16 the book of the Prophet Isaiah.
41:18 And when He had opened the book,
41:20 He found the place where it was written."
41:22 Verse 18, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me."
41:24 This goes back to your scripture,
41:26 Pastor Kenny, "Because he hath anointed me
41:29 to preach the gospel to the poor.
41:32 He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted,
41:36 to preach deliverance to the captives,
41:39 and recovering of sight to the blind,
41:42 and to set at liberty those that are bruised."
41:46 Again, Christ applied the scriptures to His hearers,
41:50 but He also, I think this is just powerful.
41:52 He spoke directly to the human condition,
41:55 so He was mentioning a lot of points
41:57 you're brokenhearted, captives, bruised.
42:00 And I think that's just the Lord
42:02 and God that we serve cares about us
42:05 on an intimate level.
42:07 And the third point is He shared His mission,
42:09 we can again go right back to this passage here,
42:12 Luke 4:18, where He shared His mission
42:15 and that was to preach to the poor,
42:18 to heal, to deliver, to give eyesight,
42:23 and to set free those that are in bondage.
42:25 I mean, that's just beautiful.
42:26 So Christ, as the preacher, Christ as our healer.
42:30 And that is to,
42:31 the Greek means to physically restore
42:34 to from someone
42:35 from their illness or infirmity.
42:37 There's 22 stories, as Jill mentioned,
42:39 in the Synoptic Gospels of Christ's healing.
42:43 And Mark 1:32-39.
42:47 This is from the lesson and I won't read all of that
42:50 but going down to basically
42:53 what's happening here is Jesus has been preaching
42:56 and then that evening which is interesting to me,
42:59 there are people that are coming to be healed,
43:01 so after sundown, Christ heals many people.
43:05 Then He goes to sleep somewhere in that time period,
43:07 because then it says He gets up a great
43:09 while before daybreak.
43:10 So He's healing people to who knows what hour.
43:13 Then He gets up and He goes to pray.
43:15 And His disciples come to Him and say,
43:17 "There's lots of people already coming,
43:18 they want to be healed."
43:19 And Jesus says to them, "Let us go into the next towns
43:23 that I may preach there, also for therefore,
43:26 that's why I came.
43:27 And He preached in the synagogues
43:29 throughout all Galilee and cast out devils.
43:32 So yeah, Christ, definitely busy,
43:34 but He cared for others, and He physically healed them,
43:36 but His main purpose and this comes
43:38 from the lesson if you have your quarterly
43:40 with you can see this quote.
43:42 It says, "Jesus was not merely
43:44 some spectacular miracle worker.
43:47 He was the divine Son of God,
43:49 who came in a redemptive mission.
43:51 His mission was to bring eternal life to others."
43:55 And again, Luke 19:10 says,
43:57 "For the Son of Man has come to seek
43:58 and to save that which was lost."
44:01 Again another quote from the lesson,
44:03 "Each act of healing was an opportunity
44:05 to reveal God's character,
44:08 relieve suffering and provide an opportunity
44:11 for eternal life.
44:14 "You know, I think of Christ's healing ministry on this earth,
44:19 I think of a Savior that cares for me.
44:23 I think of a Savior
44:25 that's concerned with my worries,
44:28 my concerns, what's going on in my life,
44:30 the necessities, the things that I need on a daily basis.
44:34 And you know, Jesus is our example, right?
44:36 He's that perfect example for us.
44:38 So we're to emulate
44:40 that example here on this earth.
44:42 There is an old children's song that probably all of us,
44:46 probably you at home have sung as well.
44:48 And it's called a sermon in shoes and it says,
44:51 "Do you know O Christian, you're a sermon in shoes.
44:56 Do you know, O Christian, you're a sermon in shoes."
45:00 Jesus calls upon you to spread the gospel news.
45:04 So walk it, and talk it, live it and give it,
45:09 teach it and preach it, know it and show it,
45:14 a sermon in shoes.
45:16 So I just want to encourage you today
45:19 to be the hands and the feet of Christ.
45:23 He had His healing ministry here on this earth is teaching
45:25 and preaching, you may not be able to heal
45:27 as Jesus did.
45:29 But you can still go and touch somebody for Him.
45:32 So I want to encourage
45:33 you today to be that sermon in shoes
45:35 by our affections, our attitudes,
45:38 and our actions.
45:40 Amen. Thank you so much, Brother.
45:42 Wow, that was powerful, the healing ministry of Jesus,
45:45 where would we be without it? That's right.
45:47 In bottomless pit, in fact,
45:49 we've made this point many times,
45:50 as you guys clearly alluded to the fact that you know,
45:54 much of the gospel records Jesus healing
45:56 more than He actually preached
45:58 and so we can see there clearly not only
46:00 does He care about our physical well-being,
46:02 but as you guys brought out our spiritual
46:04 well-being as well, which sets us up wonderfully
46:06 for Thursday's lesson
46:08 which is entitled, "What Matters to Jesus."
46:12 What matters to Jesus,
46:13 I suspect that there's a lot that matters to Jesus.
46:17 But I love how Pastor Mark Finley
46:20 lines out this particular lesson
46:21 because he brings it
46:23 from the perspective of three parables
46:25 that Jesus told in His last week
46:28 before He would go to the cross.
46:30 In fact, to kind of set this up,
46:32 we're talking about the Olivet Discourse.
46:35 We're talking about Jesus coming
46:36 had just come out of the temple,
46:38 in the latter parts of Matthew 23.
46:40 So we see there
46:42 in the opening verses of Matthew 24,
46:44 the disciples and Jesus are coming out
46:45 of the temple and they say to Jesus,
46:47 Lord, you know, look at the temple,
46:49 look how beautiful it is because Jesus just had
46:50 a showdown in the temple, right?
46:52 He just turned over the tables.
46:53 He's let them know you have defiled My Father's house,
46:57 and I'm not going to stand for this.
46:58 And so, Jesus expressed a righteous indignant anger
47:02 against the defiling of His temple.
47:04 And so that you can imagine that the disciples
47:06 are just kind of trying to calm Him down,
47:07 Oh, Jesus, look at the beautiful temple
47:09 and the buildings.
47:10 And it's so magnificent, isn't it?
47:12 And then Jesus says to them, you know, there's coming a time
47:14 when there will not be one stone left upon another.
47:18 And the Bible says that He and the disciples
47:20 went away privately atop the Mount of Olives.
47:22 And He began to unfold to them,
47:24 the things that would happen in the last days.
47:26 And we see that clearly in the signs of the times,
47:29 the latter events that will happen there
47:31 as recorded in Matthew 24.
47:33 But many people don't consider that
47:34 Matthew 25 is an extension of that discourse.
47:37 And I wanted to start with the opening parable
47:40 here in the opening verses of Matthew 25.
47:43 It's one that we are often familiar with,
47:45 it is the parable of the ten virgins, and again,
47:48 we're talking about what matters to Jesus.
47:50 And I can tell you no other parable
47:52 that would clearly communicate
47:53 if we had three of these parables here,
47:55 if you would, we're going to talk about one
47:57 that would really clearly show what it is that we must have,
48:01 what it is that we must experience
48:03 in these last days in order to prepare
48:04 for the kingdom of God.
48:06 I believe the answer is found within this parable.
48:08 So we're going to do our best with the time given
48:09 to address these three parables.
48:11 But I want to start with verse 1 Matthew Chapter 25.
48:15 Here it is, it says, "Jesus is the kingdom of heaven
48:17 shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps
48:20 and went out to meet the bridegroom."
48:23 Now, just to kind of give you a heads up
48:24 for those of you who might not be
48:25 familiar with this parable.
48:27 This is a parable.
48:28 Obviously, Jesus is using a short story
48:30 to teach a moral lesson here.
48:32 But obviously, this is a highly symbolic,
48:35 prophetic parable as well.
48:37 We're going to deal with some symbols here.
48:38 So we see right in the opening sentence here,
48:40 the opening verse, these ten virgins,
48:42 these are obviously ten women, and He's liking them
48:45 unto the kingdom of God.
48:47 And it's interesting that in the Bible,
48:49 we're told that a woman represents what?
48:52 Church.
48:53 The church, so we're dealing with God's people, His church,
48:56 in this particular parable, and then notice verse 2.
48:59 It says, "Now five of them were wise,
49:02 and five were foolish."
49:04 Now I want to kind of back up again
49:05 to verse 1 and extend into verse 2 here.
49:07 It says, "They took their lamps
49:09 and they went out to meet the bridegroom."
49:10 So we know that we have God's Church,
49:12 these women, they have their lamps.
49:14 And we've learned in our study
49:15 so far, that the Word of God according to Psalms119:105,
49:21 "Remember thy word is a lamp unto my feet
49:23 and a light unto my path."
49:24 So they have their lamps, they have their lamps,
49:27 they put their trust in God's Word,
49:29 in the promises of God's Word that the bridegroom
49:32 and we know this bridegroom,
49:33 none other represents Jesus Christ,
49:35 the bridegroom, they have put their trust
49:38 in the power of this lamp,
49:40 which promises them that Jesus will return.
49:42 So they've went out, they're expressing faith
49:45 in the Word of God, all ten of these virgins.
49:47 They go out to meet the bridegroom.
49:49 But it reminds us here in verse 2 that
49:51 five are wise and five are foolish,
49:53 and we'll see why that is the case here.
49:54 Those who are foolish took their lamps
49:57 and took no oil with them.
50:01 But the wise took oil
50:02 in their vessels with their lamps.
50:04 Okay, so obviously if you do an in-depth study
50:06 of God's Word,
50:07 oil in the Bible is a representation
50:10 of the Spirit of God.
50:11 And that goes to show us, my friends,
50:13 that you can have your lamps,
50:15 you can know this word, you can be smart, intelligent,
50:18 you can have the verses memorized,
50:20 you can know it from cover to cover,
50:22 you can know it front to back.
50:23 But if you do not have the power
50:25 that activates the light of this lamp in you,
50:28 dwelling in you and through you and working through you,
50:31 the oil of the Holy Spirit, then it is of no avail to us.
50:34 It does not serve its purpose.
50:36 And so these five foolish
50:38 while they're going out to meet Christ,
50:40 while they put their trust in God's Word,
50:42 they don't have the Holy Spirit in their life.
50:44 They need the Holy Spirit so that they can press forward
50:47 to get through the times
50:49 that they are about to endure before the bridegroom
50:51 but before the bridegroom comes and retrieves them.
50:54 And so we go on to read here very quickly.
50:56 Then all those virgins arose and trim their lamps, okay.
50:59 Actually go back to verse 6.
51:00 I actually I skipped a couple of verses here.
51:03 Verse 5.
51:04 "While the bridegroom delayed, they all slumbered and slept."
51:07 And I think we've experienced
51:08 a little bit of that in these last days.
51:09 It seems like the church has been a little stagnant,
51:11 maybe a little bit complacent in their work,
51:13 but you know what?
51:14 God still has people.
51:16 God still has people
51:17 and even while those five wives were sleeping,
51:20 notice verse 6, at midnight, a cry was heard,
51:23 "Behold, the bridegroom is coming, go out to meet him.
51:26 Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps.
51:30 And the foolish said to the wise,
51:31 give us some of your oil,
51:32 for our lamps are going out.
51:35 But the wise answered and said,
51:36 "No less, there should not be enough for you and us,
51:38 but go rather to those who sell and buy for yourselves."
51:42 Now, this is vitally important.
51:44 They don't have enough oil.
51:46 They look to the human sources to supply their oil needs.
51:51 And there's a lot of people today
51:53 that are looking unto man, and they're saying,
51:55 you know, share with us your experience,
51:57 are looking into man to lead them
51:58 and to guide them when really they need to be
52:00 going to Him who is selling.
52:02 And in this case,
52:03 it's interesting that in Revelation 3,
52:04 we see Jesus, Jesus Christ, He's selling, He says,
52:07 "I counsel you to buy from me," right?
52:10 Jesus wants to give us His righteousness.
52:12 He wants to give us the oil of the spirit.
52:14 But, of course, right here, they go to other agents.
52:17 And that's why in 1 John 4:1,
52:20 it says, beloved, believe not every spirit
52:23 but test the spirits,
52:24 whether they are of God or not,
52:26 because they go and they find oil.
52:28 They go away and they find their oil.
52:29 They go and find their source because they come back later,
52:32 as you continue to read, and they knock on that door
52:34 thinking that they're going to get in
52:36 after the bridegroom has already come,
52:38 and they are turned away by the most haunting words
52:41 that a person could possibly
52:42 ever hear coming out of the mouth of their Savior.
52:45 "I do not know you."
52:48 My friends, what does this parable teach us?
52:50 I know I wanted to go through it all and read it all.
52:51 We just don't have time.
52:53 But the parable of the ten virgins
52:54 emphasizes the importance of a genuine,
52:58 authentic spirit filled life.
53:01 What matters to Christ most?
53:02 A genuine, authentic, spirit filled life.
53:07 You can know about Jesus,
53:08 you can be a cheerleader
53:10 on the sidelines cheering Jesus on.
53:12 But if you're not engaged in the work with Christ,
53:15 if you're not actually following Him,
53:17 and being led by the Spirit of God,
53:18 my friends, we are in a dangerous spot.
53:21 And He continues to communicate
53:23 this same need for Christ in a spirit filled life
53:27 when He goes on to tell us the next parable,
53:29 which I'm not going to spend a lot of time in,
53:30 but it's the parable of the talents.
53:32 We've already referenced this parable of the talents.
53:34 Of course, it says there in verse 15,
53:36 that he gave five talents to one, another two
53:39 and of course, he gave one to another,
53:40 and of course, the one that gets
53:42 the one talent, you know,
53:44 and I love Jill, how you brought that out
53:46 in a previous lesson.
53:47 You talked about these talents
53:48 and how we often sometimes
53:50 we become kind of
53:51 tunnel visioned on other people.
53:54 You know, we're looking at the horizontal,
53:55 we're not focused on the vertical
53:56 and we're looking at each other
53:58 and we're comparing ourselves to each other.
54:00 Why does that brother or sister have more than me, Lord?
54:02 Why is that You're blessing that person more than me?
54:04 Why did you equip that person more than me,
54:06 you know, I would love to be able to preach the gospel
54:08 like Pastor John Lomacang.
54:10 But that still don't change the fact
54:11 that while God may have given Him,
54:13 let's say, five talents and me one,
54:15 He still looks at Ryan and says,
54:17 you know what,
54:18 "I've given you the one, do something with the ones.
54:19 Stop focus on the brother that I've given five to,
54:22 because when I come back, I want to see that you've taken
54:24 what I've given you
54:25 and you've used it for My kingdom."
54:27 The parable of the ten talents underlines
54:29 the importance of faithfully using the gifts
54:32 that God has given to each one of us.
54:34 And, of course,
54:35 last and the minute I have left here,
54:37 our last parable, which I'm not going to be
54:39 able to go in detail,
54:40 but it's the parable of the sheep and the goats.
54:42 And we see there that God says, "Look, at the end of time,
54:45 I'm going to have my sheep on my right side.
54:47 I'm going to have the goats on my left,"
54:49 much like the parable of the wheat and the tares
54:50 we see in Matthew 13.
54:52 He says, "Look, I'm coming back and guess what?
54:53 There's going to be some wheat,
54:55 there's going to be some tares."
54:56 And let me tell you something, my brothers and sisters,
54:58 Jesus is coming back for a Holy church,
55:01 He's not coming back to this process, refine,
55:04 he wants us to be spirit filled and transform
55:07 from the inside out.
55:09 And so what we're seeing
55:10 in this separation of the sheeps and the goats,
55:12 you can't hide anything from God.
55:14 He knows if you are a genuine Christian
55:16 or if you are not.
55:18 And so what does this parable teach us?
55:19 The parable of the sheep and the goats reveals
55:21 that genuine Christianity truly ministers
55:24 to the needs of those God brings
55:26 into our lives each day.
55:28 These sheep are the ones
55:29 who go out and they feed the needy,
55:31 they clothed the needy,
55:33 they go and visit those and they preach in the gospel.
55:36 They're not only meeting the physical needs,
55:38 but they're also meeting
55:39 the spiritual needs of those as well.
55:41 My friends, as I said,
55:43 He's coming back for a Holy church.
55:45 Are you in that fold?
55:46 Are you going to be a part of that sheep?
55:48 That He is going to say, "Well done, welcome,
55:51 My good and faithful servant."
55:53 Amen. Praise the Lord.
55:55 You talk about wrapping it up. Praise God.
55:57 Thank you for all of those thoughts
55:59 from everyone of you and, you know,
56:01 as we always do at the end,
56:03 we go around and ask some thoughts.
56:05 And sometimes people say that's not important.
56:07 But I believe that Holy Spirit puts things
56:08 on each of your heart and your life
56:10 that He could use.
56:11 So, Pastor John, through this lesson,
56:12 what did God lay on your heart?
56:14 Now I gave six points of what our words are.
56:16 And the seventh one,
56:17 our words are also determinative,
56:19 determinative.
56:21 Matthew 12:37, "For by your words,
56:25 you will be judged, and by your words,
56:28 you will be condemned.
56:30 Our words are determinative."
56:32 Amen. Absolutely.
56:33 I talked about the healing ministry of Jesus,
56:35 the second healing example
56:36 we talked about the woman with the issue of blood.
56:39 I want to read the final verse from that, that's Mark 5:34.
56:43 "And Jesus said to her,
56:45 'Daughter, your faith has made you well, go in peace,
56:49 and be healed of your affliction."
56:51 And that's what Jesus says to you today.
56:53 Your faith has made you whole.
56:55 Yes. Amen.
56:57 You know, Pastor Kenny, at the beginning
56:59 of this lesson you mentioned this
57:00 and I like this a lot.
57:01 Jesus came to demonstrate the gospel.
57:04 So I just pray that in my own life
57:06 and hopefully yours as well
57:08 that we would demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ
57:11 and the love that He has for us that
57:12 we would put that out and demonstrate that to others.
57:14 Amen.
57:16 Beautiful quote from Pastor Mark Finley
57:17 here in the Thursday's lesson,
57:19 in reference to the sheep and the goat's parable.
57:21 And he says in the parable, "Those who give their lives
57:24 for something more than themselves
57:27 are commended by their Lord and welcomed into eternity."
57:30 And so with the Spirit of the Lord transforming us,
57:33 we can indeed have the promise
57:34 that we will be welcomed into eternity.
57:37 Amen, I've just really thoroughly enjoyed
57:39 this lesson ministering the way
57:41 that Jesus wants us to minister.
57:43 So a lot of good points
57:44 and we pray that's been a blessing to you.
57:46 And we want to make sure that you tune in next week
57:48 because we be on lesson number nine
57:50 is talking about developing a winning attitude.
57:53 That's right.
57:54 All of us like to be on winning side,
57:56 get on the side of Christ,
57:57 and you're going to be on that winning side.
57:59 Again, we've enjoyed spending this time with you.
58:01 We look forward to spending with you next week.
58:03 May God bless you and we'll see you then.


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