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00:13 But today, we're talking about the Christian and Work.
00:16 Everybody has a work to do.
00:17 We're going to talk about the specifics of work today.
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01:36 as we walk through a lesson entitled
01:38 "The Christian and Work."
01:40 Everybody likes work I think.
01:43 We'll find out today more specifically,
01:45 whether or not you like work,
01:46 or whether or not that's something
01:48 that you might want to elude you
01:50 in the annals of life.
01:52 To my immediate left is Pastor John Dinzey.
01:54 Good to have you here today, my Brother.
01:55 It's a blessing to be here.
01:57 And it's always a blessing to see
01:58 what God is doing through His servants.
02:00 Amen. Shelley?
02:03 Excited to be here with my brothers and sister.
02:06 That's right, Miss Shelley Quinn.
02:07 I want to make sure that if somebody is tuning in,
02:10 they don't just know you as Shelley.
02:12 And Jill Morikone, our COO and Vice President of the 3ABN.
02:16 Good to have you here. Thank you, Pastor John.
02:18 Always a joy to study the Word of God.
02:20 And if you don't know who she is, she's a list lady.
02:23 That's right.
02:24 And to my far left, the singer in Israel, Ryan Day,
02:27 Pastor Ryan Day.
02:28 Good to have you here, Ryan. Amen.
02:29 It's a blessing to be here, Brother, always.
02:31 He's the evangelist personified.
02:34 He's always ready to preach, teach
02:36 and do whatever comes to the spiritual table.
02:39 We thank you for that, Ryan.
02:41 And we're going to go into the Word of God,
02:42 but we're going to ask the Lord to bless us
02:44 as we go before His throne of grace and prayer.
02:47 Pastor Dinzey?
02:49 Sure. Let's go to the Lord in prayer.
02:51 Our loving and wonderful heavenly Father,
02:53 we do thank You,
02:55 because the scriptures are able to make us
02:57 wise unto salvation.
02:59 But, Lord, it is a vain effort to seek to understand them
03:03 without the aid of Your Holy Spirit.
03:05 We ask and plead that You will bless us
03:08 with Your Holy Spirit,
03:09 that we may not only understand
03:11 but communicate the message You have for Your children.
03:14 We ask You for them as well that you will lead them
03:17 in their understanding,
03:19 and in making decisions to follow You.
03:21 In Jesus' name, amen.
03:23 Amen.
03:25 The Christian and Work.
03:27 Now let's look at our memory text,
03:29 it's in 1 Corinthians 15:58.
03:33 1 Corinthians 15:58.
03:37 And I'm going to read that and you're hearing.
03:40 And the Bible tells us the following,
03:44 "Therefore, my beloved brethren,
03:47 be steadfast, immovable,
03:51 always abounding in the work of the Lord,
03:54 knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord."
04:00 Now there's a saying that goes,
04:02 whatever we do for self will pass,
04:05 whatever we do for Christ will last.
04:08 And that's the reality of it.
04:09 Because everything in this world,
04:11 no matter how diligent you are in labor,
04:13 if it's for things that are temporary,
04:15 those things are going to pass away.
04:17 But if it's for the kingdom of God,
04:18 that's a kingdom that will never, never end.
04:21 You know, the lesson was well put together.
04:24 And what I like about this lesson,
04:25 it is very practical.
04:27 Do you notice that?
04:28 A lot of practical topics,
04:30 and work is a very practical topic.
04:32 Now we're in the midst of still solving
04:36 what we might refer to as a disease
04:38 that just showed up
04:40 and it's deciding when it's going to leave
04:41 and we're doing our part.
04:43 There's a lot of work in trying to get rid of it.
04:46 But when you think about the work of the kingdom,
04:47 work was God's idea.
04:49 The way the author of this lesson said it,
04:52 it says, "In the ideal world before sin,
04:55 God gave Adam and Eve
04:57 the task of caring for the garden."
05:00 Now it specifically talked about Adam
05:02 being in the garden.
05:03 But Eve's housework,
05:05 if you think about it was also in the garden
05:07 because they didn't have a two storey,
05:09 two car garage with the basement
05:11 and the walkout.
05:12 They didn't have that.
05:13 They had the best accommodations
05:16 with all the accoutrements of heaven.
05:18 The Master Builder gave them a garden.
05:21 They didn't need air freshener, basically,
05:23 because they had flowers that will never die.
05:25 Had a perfect setting,
05:26 they had animals that will come and go
05:29 and that, at that time,
05:30 the animals did not fear humanity.
05:32 But when sin came in,
05:34 the entire atmosphere changed drastically.
05:37 Genesis 2:15 describes the kind of work
05:41 that God gave to Adam in the unfallen setting.
05:44 He says, "Then the Lord God took the man
05:48 and put him in the Garden of Eden
05:50 to tend and keep it."
05:52 Adam was the first gardener.
05:54 I would say Adam had a green thumb.
05:57 Now, can you imagine?
05:58 I think about it this way, because you know,
05:59 ladies like flowers.
06:02 Some guys like flowers,
06:03 but mostly maybe ladies like flowers.
06:07 But can you imagine picking a flower
06:09 that just doesn't lose its pungent fragrance.
06:15 It just, is not in the dying state
06:17 because death was not a part of that environment.
06:21 It just continues to go and go.
06:23 It's like one of those potent air fresheners.
06:26 What a setting to be in.
06:27 But when sin entered the world, the work didn't end,
06:31 but another component was added to it.
06:33 Look at Genesis 3:19.
06:37 The Bible says in Genesis 3:19, "In the sweat of your face,
06:42 you shall eat bread till you return to the ground."
06:46 Notice the direction of what happens when we die
06:48 was introduced into this verse,
06:50 "For out of it, you were taken
06:52 for dust you are and to dust you shall return."
06:56 Right off the bat, the Lord made it very clear,
06:58 you're not going to heaven
06:59 because you didn't come from heaven.
07:01 You came from the dust.
07:02 When your work is done, that's where you're going,
07:04 right back to the dust.
07:06 But the wise man Solomon gives us the kind of attitude
07:09 that we should have about work.
07:10 Let's go to Ecclesiastes 9:9.
07:13 There's an attitude that comes along with work.
07:15 And it's beautiful.
07:17 You know, there are people
07:19 that are comfortable in the boardroom.
07:21 There are other people
07:23 that are comfortable in the field.
07:25 There are people that love to be on tractors.
07:28 There are people that just don't even consider
07:30 being in the outdoors when it comes to work.
07:32 But notice the attitude that Solomon tells us,
07:36 we should all possess when it comes to work.
07:38 Ecclesiastes 9:9.
07:40 You have that, Jill?
07:42 Read that for us.
07:44 "Live joyfully with the wife
07:46 whom you love all the days of your vain life
07:48 which He has given you under the sun,
07:49 all your days of vanity,
07:51 for that is your portion in life,
07:53 and in the labor which you perform
07:55 under the sun."
07:56 Isn't that amazing how he, instead of saying, with a wife,
08:00 you love all the days of your life.
08:02 He said all days of your vain life.
08:05 Because the wise man said
08:06 when you look at the scope of humanity,
08:08 it's all vanity.
08:10 Everything.
08:11 My wife and I were sitting once on the edge of our bed
08:12 in a hotel room,
08:14 and I was putting a camera card in the camera,
08:16 those micro-SD's and it dropped on the bed.
08:19 And I picked it up and said, "Look at that.
08:20 It's amazing how small they made these things,
08:22 128 gigabytes."
08:24 And I said, "You know what, honey?
08:25 We can't even take that to heaven.
08:28 We can't even take that to heaven.
08:30 Everything we have, we can't take any of it."
08:32 And that's why the wise man said,
08:34 "It's vanity."
08:35 All the things we work for in labor for
08:37 and are diligent about,
08:40 we can't even take it with us.
08:42 But now let's go to the Christian side.
08:44 On the topic of Christian work,
08:46 I think the author is referring to that
08:48 more specifically.
08:49 One of the greatest challenges that the church faces
08:52 is Christians that don't feel the need to work.
08:56 And we know Ephesians 2:8-9 says,
08:59 "For by grace, are you saved through faith
09:01 and that not of yourselves,
09:03 it is the gift of God not of works,
09:06 lest any man should boast."
09:08 And they kind of leave it right there and say,
09:09 "Well, that's good enough for me."
09:12 But don't forget verse 10.
09:14 Look at verse 10. That's right.
09:17 "For we are His workmanship,
09:20 created in Christ Jesus for good works,
09:24 which God prepared beforehand,
09:26 that we should walk in them."
09:29 The thing that came to my mind when I read this text,
09:31 is the work of salvation belongs to God,
09:34 the work of the saved belongs to us.
09:37 The work of salvation belongs to God,
09:40 the work of the saved belongs to us.
09:42 The Lord has hired us to work in His vineyard.
09:45 And when we think about that,
09:47 we cannot sidetrack the idea
09:49 that while we don't have anything to do,
09:51 because James makes it clear.
09:52 Go to James 2:14-17.
09:57 Now the Christian that doesn't feel
09:58 the conviction to work
10:00 really doesn't have a viable commitment
10:02 to the Lord,
10:03 because that commitment is validated by work.
10:07 Notice this, verse 14-17,
10:10 "What does it profit, my brethren,
10:12 if someone says he has faith and does not have works?
10:17 Can faith save him?
10:19 If a brother or a sister is naked
10:21 and destitute of daily food,
10:23 and one of you say to them, 'Depart in peace,
10:25 be warmed and filled,'
10:27 but you do not give them the things
10:29 which are needed for the body,
10:31 what does it profit?
10:33 Thus also faith by itself,
10:36 if it does not have works is" what?
10:38 "Is dead."
10:40 So somebody might say, hey, I'm a great baseball player.
10:42 What team do you play for?
10:44 I don't play for a team.
10:45 I just like baseball.
10:46 Have you ever played before? No.
10:48 I just like baseball.
10:49 Have you ever swung a bat before?
10:51 No. I just like baseball.
10:52 I have a ton of baseball uniforms,
10:53 a lot of baseball bats, baseball gloves.
10:55 You don't play for any team.
10:57 I just like to have the paraphernalia
10:58 of the baseball team.
11:01 No baseball coach would have any use
11:03 for that kind of individual.
11:04 Do you agree, Ryan?
11:05 I mean, who wants a person that just likes the uniform?
11:09 That's the case with the Christian.
11:11 The uniform is the righteousness of Christ.
11:14 How dear we take on His uniform,
11:16 and His mission was to do the work
11:18 of the Father who sent Him.
11:20 As the Father sent Him, He says, so send I you.
11:24 I send you forth as laborers into the vineyard,
11:26 I send you forth as lambs among wolves.
11:29 The work is not easy as a Christian,
11:31 but the work is the validation of our commitment to Christ.
11:34 Without work,
11:36 you don't really have a relationship with Christ.
11:38 Let's go to Ecclesiastes 3:12-13,
11:42 you'll discover that true happiness comes
11:45 in working for the Lord.
11:47 Work is the one investment
11:50 that the Bible tells us brings true happiness.
11:52 Ecclesiastes 3:12 and 13.
11:55 Do you have that, Ryan? I do.
11:56 Read that for me.
11:58 Ecclesiastes 3:12-13,
11:59 "I know that nothing is better for them
12:02 than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives,
12:05 and also that every man should eat and drink
12:08 and enjoy the good of all his labor,
12:10 it is the gift of God."
12:12 Right, this is the gift of God.
12:14 So the joy of your labors.
12:16 If you work, hey, you'll benefit.
12:19 There's a text, I don't have it in front of me.
12:20 I'll think I'll find it for the end of the lesson.
12:22 But it was in the Book of Proverbs.
12:24 It says, "The lazy man says, 'There's a lion in the street,
12:28 and he'll devour me if I go out.'"
12:30 The lazy man says that.
12:32 Some people said, "I can't find a job."
12:34 I said, "How are you looking,
12:36 with a remote in your hand and a game controller."
12:38 I sent a couple of job applications.
12:41 I didn't get any responses.
12:42 Man, get out there and beat the pavement.
12:44 We live in a society today
12:45 that's developing people into lazy individuals
12:50 trying to find a work with a remote
12:52 and a game controller,
12:53 or some people are settled with Facebook.
12:55 That's their job.
12:57 Now, if you work for Facebook, that's a different story.
13:00 But if Facebook works you,
13:02 that's a whole another ballgame.
13:03 Ecclesiastes 9:10.
13:06 The Bible talks about the kind of attitude
13:08 we should have when it comes to work.
13:10 I love this passage,
13:12 because this is also along the line of the living
13:14 know that they will die.
13:15 Notice verse 10,
13:16 "Whatever your hand finds to do,
13:19 do it with your might.
13:21 Therefore there is no work or device
13:25 or knowledge or wisdom,
13:26 once again, in the grave where you are going."
13:30 When you die, there's no money,
13:31 no more jobs, no employment in the grave.
13:35 But the Bible does believe in work.
13:36 You know, the fourth commandment
13:38 talks about work in two contexts.
13:39 One, in Exodus 20:9, "Six days you shall labor."
13:45 So from Sunday to Friday, that's labor days.
13:50 When the Sabbath comes, verse 10,
13:52 "But the seventh day
13:54 is the Sabbath of the Lord your God,
13:57 in it you shall do no work."
13:59 So let me settle the argument.
14:01 The Sabbath is not salvation by works.
14:05 The Sabbath is when work ceases
14:07 to rest in the relationship with Christ.
14:10 So John makes it very, very clear.
14:12 "I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day,
14:15 the night is coming, when no one can work."
14:18 John 9:4. Amen.
14:20 Praise the Lord. Excellent.
14:22 Well, we continue in Monday's lesson
14:24 which we're in, now we have the lesson entitled
14:27 "Work and Nurture," Work and Nurture.
14:30 This is Monday's part.
14:31 And this aspect of working is very important,
14:36 you already read Ecclesiastes 9:10,
14:40 in which we are encouraged that whatever we find to do,
14:43 we are supposed to do the best we can as hard as we can work.
14:47 Now I've been around a little while
14:49 and I have seen people avoid work
14:53 and some are very good at it.
14:55 As I've seen in working in different places.
15:00 But I praise the Lord
15:02 that He has given us work to do.
15:05 It is a blessing to work, and to work,
15:10 knowing that there's a goal in mind.
15:14 My father was a believer in hard work,
15:16 and he would encourage us to work.
15:19 He says, He would say,
15:22 the Bible says he who does not work
15:23 shall not eat.
15:25 He would mention that to us very much,
15:29 as well as saying that the lazy people
15:33 have to work twice as hard
15:34 because sometimes they try to do something
15:36 the easy way
15:37 and then they have to redo it because it doesn't work well.
15:40 Colossians Chapter 3
15:42 is the next verse I want to point to.
15:44 Verses 23 and 24,
15:46 "And whatever you do, do it heartily,
15:49 as to the Lord and not to men,
15:53 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward
15:56 of the inheritance,
15:57 for you serve the Lord Christ."
16:00 Now, this is something important to understand
16:03 because whatever your job is,
16:06 whether you work in a school, in a hospital,
16:08 wherever you work, we are to work heartily.
16:12 And it says, as to the Lord, yes, you have supervisors,
16:15 yes, you have a company you're working for.
16:17 And there's a purpose for working
16:19 so that you can put,
16:20 as people say, food upon your table,
16:22 but we are to work
16:24 because really the Christian that works in any atmosphere
16:28 is representing God.
16:29 And you have to consider that, Matthew Chapter 5 when it says,
16:35 "Let your light therefore so shine before men
16:38 that they may see your good works
16:39 and glorify your Father,
16:41 which is in heaven."
16:42 A Christian that works in an environment
16:44 where there are people that are not Christians
16:46 are to do their best because they are representing,
16:50 they're representing the Christians in general.
16:53 And I remember many times
16:56 hearing examples of people where they,
17:00 they asked, "Are you a Christian?"
17:04 "No." "Are you a Christian?"
17:05 "No." "Are you a Christian?" "No." "Are you a Christian?"
17:07 "Yes."
17:08 "Okay, you're going to be in charge of the money,"
17:09 because they believe Christians will not steal.
17:12 I remember when our car broke down once
17:15 and we took it here to the local,
17:16 we went to see Philip.
17:18 You guys know Philip at the local gas station.
17:21 And there was a serious problem with our vehicle.
17:23 And he has a very small shop there.
17:27 And he says, you have a serious problem
17:28 with your engine and we can't do that here.
17:31 I want to encourage you to go into Benton
17:34 and he mentioned the name of the place.
17:37 He said you see a lot of cars there,
17:39 because there are people just waiting
17:40 to get their car serviced by then
17:42 because they're Christians,
17:43 and they will not lie to you and they'll be reasonable.
17:46 I say wow, what a recommendation he gave
17:49 of this particular place
17:51 that I will not mention by name,
17:52 but Christian should have the best reputation
17:55 for good workers, honesty,
17:56 and they are representing the Lord.
17:59 Now, nature has good information for us.
18:03 Many lessons for us to learn.
18:04 Let's go to Proverbs Chapter 6.
18:07 Proverbs 6:6-11.
18:10 Notice, "Go to the ant, you sluggard."
18:14 Wow!
18:15 "Consider her ways and be wise,
18:17 which, having no captain,
18:19 overseer or ruler,
18:20 provides her supplies in the summer,
18:22 and gathers her food in the harvest.
18:25 How long will you slumber, O sluggard?
18:28 When will you rise from your sleep?
18:30 A little sleep, a little slumber,
18:32 a little folding of the hands to sleep,
18:35 so shall your poverty come on you like a prowler,
18:37 and your need like an armed man."
18:40 Proverbs 6:6-11.
18:43 So we see here that God has a message for us
18:46 that we should not be lazy,
18:48 or sluggard the way it calls here,
18:50 we are all called to put our best effort forward
18:53 to accomplish a task.
18:56 Now, the Bible also shows us that there is satisfaction
19:01 and we enjoy the things that we work for.
19:03 Let's go to Ecclesiastes Chapter 2.
19:06 Ecclesiastes 2:24,
19:09 "Nothing is better for a man that he should eat and drink
19:15 that his soul should enjoy good in his labor.
19:20 This also I saw it was from the hand of God."
19:24 God blesses our efforts.
19:26 When we do our best, He will bless our efforts,
19:30 He will supply the needs of our homes.
19:32 And so, now we want to show you something important,
19:38 very important as well in Deuteronomy 8:18.
19:42 Deuteronomy 8:18,
19:45 "And you shall remember the Lord your God,
19:47 for it is He who gives you power to get wealth,
19:51 that He may establish His covenant
19:54 which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day."
19:58 God is the one that gives us health and strength.
20:00 God is the one that gives us power to work to Him
20:04 the honor and glory.
20:06 And so with this comes the thanksgiving
20:09 that we should express
20:11 by bringing to the Lord offerings
20:13 and even tithe as He instructs us to do.
20:18 Now, there is doing work, working hard,
20:22 doing the best we can, but also there is temperance,
20:26 we need to understand that we need to take a break.
20:31 And so I pointed to Mark 6:31,
20:35 even Jesus that worked hard from early in the morning
20:38 till late at night,
20:39 He understood the necessity of taking rest.
20:43 So in Mark 6:31,
20:46 Jesus speaking to His disciples,
20:47 "And He said to them,
20:49 'Come aside by yourselves
20:50 to a deserted place and rest a while.'
20:54 For there were many coming and going,
20:56 and they did not even have time to eat.'"
21:01 And so, sometimes things are this way.
21:04 A lot of demand is placed upon you.
21:07 They didn't even have time to eat.
21:09 But there's a need to go aside, rest a while, get refreshed,
21:14 recuperate, because unfortunately,
21:17 some people are prone to become workaholic.
21:21 Isn't the Lord good? Lord is good.
21:24 If it wasn't for the blessing of work,
21:27 imagine after sin entered into the world,
21:31 how horrible things would be,
21:33 people would have basically no work to do.
21:36 Their minds would be continually trying to find
21:41 something evil to do.
21:43 But God gives us time to work.
21:46 And it is for us to take advantage
21:48 of the opportunity God gives to us.
21:51 Now, I want to read this to you,
21:54 it is from Acts of the Apostles 352,
21:59 "Work is a blessing, not a curse,"
22:01 some people look at it as a curse,
22:02 they don't want to even get up.
22:05 Work is a blessing, not a curse,
22:06 a spirit of indolence of laziness,
22:08 that's what that means,
22:10 destroys godliness and grieves the Spirit of God.
22:13 So if you find it difficult to get up and get going,
22:17 ask the Lord to give you strength.
22:19 It continues here.
22:21 Let me go back, it says, "A stagnant pool is offensive.
22:24 But a pure flowing stream
22:26 spreads health and gladness over the land."
22:30 Paul knew that those who neglect
22:32 physical work soon became enfeebled.
22:34 He desired to teach young ministers
22:36 that by working with their hands,
22:38 by bringing into exercise their muscles and sinew
22:42 they would become strong to endure the toils
22:44 and privations
22:46 that awaited them in the gospel field.
22:48 And he realized that his own teachings
22:51 would lack vitality and force
22:53 if he did not keep all parts of the system
22:56 properly exercised.
22:58 And so that in today's world,
23:00 there are people they have
23:02 what you call mental work to do this,
23:06 they are sitting in office before a computer,
23:09 and they don't have much physical activity
23:11 unless they go out into doing something at home.
23:15 Some work at home, helping around the house,
23:17 doing yard work.
23:19 This is very important
23:20 because your body needs the exercise
23:23 to keep you in a healthy condition.
23:25 I know of a minister,
23:27 that he was a very hard-working minister.
23:31 Most of his work was studying the Bible,
23:33 getting ready for messages,
23:34 he will visit people in their homes,
23:36 but he was not exercising.
23:38 And he had a heart attack.
23:39 He was eating wonderful as well.
23:41 And he had a heart attack.
23:43 And that's what the doctors told him,
23:44 "How much exercise do you do?"
23:46 "Well, I don't."
23:47 And so that created a heart attack.
23:50 Physical activity is important.
23:51 So, if you have a work that is sedentary,
23:55 I mean, then you should look for opportunities
23:58 to get physical exercise as well.
24:00 A balance, we need to be temperate in all things.
24:03 So the scriptures give us guidance.
24:05 Even in nature, you find the example.
24:08 We already told you about the ants.
24:10 There are many others examples we find in nature,
24:13 because work is part of the necessity
24:17 of our lives,
24:18 to keep ourselves in healthy conditions
24:20 and provide for our families.
24:22 Thanks be to the Lord that gives us power to work.
24:24 Amen. Thank you, Johnny.
24:26 That was wonderful.
24:27 You know, we're talking about the Christian and Work,
24:30 and so far we have talked about two aspects of it,
24:33 but we have three more to cover.
24:35 So don't go away, we'll be right back.
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25:12 Welcome back to our Sabbath School Panel.
25:13 We go to Tuesday now "Work and excellence."
25:16 Shelley, it's yours. Okay.
25:18 You know, we might wonder,
25:20 why is a quarterly that is focused on education,
25:24 suddenly giving a whole,
25:26 devoting whole lesson to work?
25:29 Well, I want to speak to you parents
25:31 and you grandparents at home.
25:33 It's because you need to educate
25:34 your children to work.
25:36 The two most important things you can do is as a parent
25:39 or grandparent
25:41 is to teach your children
25:43 to have an intimate love relationship
25:46 with the Lord.
25:48 That's first.
25:49 But second is give them a good work ethic.
25:53 In today's world,
25:54 we are bombarded by so much information.
25:59 And so many media sources
26:01 that a lot of youth
26:03 are developing the attention span
26:05 of a hummingbird.
26:07 And you know, what's sad is that
26:10 the vast majority of people
26:13 are satisfied with a mediocre existence.
26:17 They are not striving for excellence.
26:20 But when we think about our God, our God is love.
26:25 He is holy, He is magnificent.
26:28 Excellence is rooted in His character.
26:32 And He calls us to excellence.
26:35 He created us in His image, and anything He calls us to be,
26:41 He will cause us to be.
26:44 God is looking, calling us to excellence,
26:48 not to perfectionism,
26:50 get that straight, but to excellence.
26:53 He wants to maximize our creative potential.
26:57 And there's three specific areas
26:59 of excellence He calls us to,
27:02 moral excellence, relational excellence,
27:07 and vocational excellence.
27:09 So let's quickly look at that.
27:11 Turn to 2 Peter Chapter 1.
27:15 2 Peter Chapter 1,
27:17 God calls us to moral excellence,
27:20 to be above reproach.
27:22 But guess what?
27:24 He's the one that's going to equip us,
27:26 He does.
27:27 2 Peter 1:3 said,
27:29 "His divine power has given to us," how much?
27:33 "All things
27:34 that pertain to life and godliness,
27:37 through the knowledge of Him
27:38 who called us by glory in virtue,
27:41 by which had given,
27:42 been given to us
27:44 exceedingly great and precious promises,
27:46 that through these, through these promises,
27:49 you may be partakers of the divine nature,
27:53 having escaped the corruption
27:54 that is in the world through lust."
27:59 So God equips us to have moral excellence.
28:03 It doesn't mean that we don't make an effort
28:06 because He goes on,
28:08 and He talks about to this we, because of this,
28:12 we should be diligent to add to our faith,
28:14 virtue, knowledge, self-control,
28:16 perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love.
28:22 Which brings us to the second call
28:25 to what we would say is relational excellence.
28:31 This is the basis of God's covenant.
28:35 God wants us to be loyal,
28:38 to be loving, to practice fidelity,
28:42 and interdependence with Him, and the community of faith.
28:48 God is calling us to love Him, to love our neighbors,
28:52 to be excellent as a spouse, excellent as parents, even for,
28:58 if you think about these friends,
29:01 students or an employer-employee.
29:03 Now let's get to the lesson.
29:05 God calls us to vocational excellence.
29:10 He equips us with creativity and eloquence,
29:16 and He wants our diligence.
29:18 He wants us to focus
29:21 and to pursue excellence in everything we do.
29:26 I was brought up if anything is worth doing,
29:29 it's worth doing well.
29:32 So let's look at excellence,
29:35 excellence, Exodus Chapter 25.
29:39 And we're going to read or begin with verse 8.
29:43 Exodus 25:8.
29:46 God is speaking to Moses,
29:48 "He says, 'Let them make me a sanctuary,
29:52 that I may dwell among them.'
29:55 The purpose of the covenant
29:57 and it is always been God's purpose.
30:00 I will be your God, you shall be My people.'"
30:05 But you know, this is a big deal
30:07 that He is asking Moses
30:11 to have them build Him a sanctuary
30:13 because this is something really big
30:16 in the experience of the nation's understanding
30:21 of God's transcendence here, God lives up in heaven,
30:24 but His imminence
30:26 that He is going to dwell with them.
30:30 Now then verse 9 says, "According to all,"
30:34 we're going to build a sanctuary,
30:36 "according to all that I show you,
30:39 that is the pattern of the tabernacle,
30:42 and the pattern of all of its furnishings,
30:45 just so you shall make it."
30:50 You know, it's interesting.
30:52 The primary focus of worship was in this design.
30:56 I mean, as I've said before this,
30:58 this was theology in physical form.
31:01 God gives a very detailed blueprint
31:07 for the tabernacle.
31:08 There's 150 points of things, point by point,
31:12 what they need to do,
31:13 even just for Moses to follow to build a temple,
31:19 there was a seven, I mean, a table,
31:21 it was a seven step procedure.
31:25 And, you know, the origin of the tabernacle,
31:30 if you look at Hebrews 8:5,
31:32 the origin of the tabernacle was found in God
31:37 and delivered to Moses by special revelation.
31:41 Hebrews 8:5
31:44 is talking about the tabernacle of that Moses built,
31:47 but it says,
31:49 "It serves as the copy and shadow
31:53 of the heavenly things,
31:55 as Moses was divinely instructed,
31:59 when he was about to make the tabernacle, for he said,
32:03 "See that you make all things,
32:06 according to the pattern shown you on the mountain."
32:11 God had the muse.
32:13 I mean, it's an impeccable design,
32:15 they use the best materials.
32:17 But then God provided the artisans
32:21 and the craftsman
32:23 with the ability to accomplish it.
32:26 He filled them with the Holy Spirit,
32:28 we're not going to take time to read that.
32:30 But you can read Exodus 31:1-6,
32:34 Exodus 35:30 through Exodus 36:1.
32:39 He gave them the ability.
32:44 Now, our lesson says,
32:47 and this is a quote from the quarterly,
32:49 "Thus being fallen sinful humanity,
32:53 or humans is not a valid excuse
32:56 for treating any task
32:58 with anything less than utmost dedication.
33:01 God expects us to perform at our best,
33:06 putting our talents, our skills,
33:08 our time and education to good use for great causes."
33:14 How can we pursue excellence?
33:18 I'm going to give you 4 P's.
33:20 We pray for the Holy Spirit, purify our thoughts,
33:25 practice what you learn, and press on.
33:30 We pray for the Holy Spirit.
33:32 And that's the most important thing
33:34 you can do every morning
33:36 is pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
33:38 That's something that God wants to do.
33:41 You look at Luke 11, purify our thoughts,
33:45 and practice what you learn.
33:48 Philippians 4:8-9 covers both of those.
33:51 It says, "Brethren, whatever is true,
33:54 whatever is worthy of reverence,
33:57 honorable and seemly, whatever is just and pure,
34:00 whatever is lovely and lovable,
34:03 whatever is kind and winsome and gracious,
34:07 if there is any virtue and excellence,
34:10 if there's anything worthy of praise,
34:13 think on."
34:15 And obviously, I'm reading from the Amplified,
34:17 "And weigh and take account of these things."
34:20 Fix your mind, on these good things.
34:24 Purify your thoughts.
34:26 But look at verse 9.
34:27 "Practice what you have learned and received
34:31 and heard and seen in me,
34:33 model your way of living on it
34:35 and the God of peace will be with you."
34:39 So the fourth P is press on.
34:41 Philippians 3:12-14 again from the Amplified.
34:47 Paul says, "Not that I have now attained this ideal
34:51 or have already been made perfect,
34:52 but I press on to hold,
34:55 take hold and make my own
34:57 that for which Jesus Christ the Messiah
35:00 has laid hold of me.
35:03 I do not consider brethren that I've captured
35:06 and made it my own yet
35:08 but one thing I do my one aspiration,
35:12 forgetting what lies behind in straining forward
35:15 to what lies ahead."
35:17 I press on toward the goal,
35:19 to win the prize to which God in Christ Jesus
35:23 is calling us upward.
35:24 Amen.
35:25 Thank you so much, Shelley, each one of you.
35:27 I love that work and excellence.
35:30 Work is a gift. Yes, it is.
35:32 Given by God Himself to Adam and Eve
35:34 in the Garden before sin.
35:36 Pastor John, as you talked about,
35:38 I love that.
35:39 Wednesday, we have "Work and Spirituality,"
35:42 bringing spirituality into everything you do.
35:47 There's this concept
35:49 of compartmentalization and integration.
35:53 We won't even get into that.
35:55 The only thing I want to reference that
35:57 is that some people compartmentalize
35:59 their spiritual life.
36:01 In other words, they say,
36:02 I'm a Christian on Sabbath when I go to church,
36:04 or maybe you go to church on Sunday,
36:06 whatever day you go to church,
36:07 I'm a Christian when I go to church,
36:09 the rest of the week, I'm not a Christian,
36:12 or I don't bring spirituality
36:16 and religion into my life.
36:20 However, God calls us to be 24/7 Christians.
36:25 Christianity,
36:27 Jesus should pervade every aspect of our lives.
36:32 Following Jesus is not something I put on
36:34 when certain people are around.
36:36 It's not something I wear at certain times,
36:37 and then take off.
36:39 It's not something I only do at church
36:41 or with certain people.
36:44 Following Jesus should impact how I speak, how I think,
36:49 who I am, and how I work.
36:53 That's what we look at here on Wednesday's lesson
36:55 is integrating spirituality into everything we do.
37:00 Paul tells us 1 Corinthians 10:31.
37:03 "Therefore, whether you eat or drink,
37:05 or whatever you do,
37:06 do all to the glory of God."
37:10 Everything we do should be done
37:12 for the glory of God.
37:14 So how do you manifest spirituality
37:16 in the day-to-day tasks of everyday life?
37:19 That's just a practical question.
37:20 How are you even supposed to do that?
37:22 The lesson talks about the fruit of the Spirit
37:25 and we're going there.
37:27 I'm calling it four steps
37:30 to bring spirituality into my life,
37:33 into all of my life, not just when I go to church,
37:36 Sabbath morning.
37:38 Step number one is to abide in Him.
37:41 This is the condition for fruitfulness
37:43 is that we abide in Him.
37:46 John 15, before we go to Galatians,
37:48 we're going to John 15.
37:50 John 15:1 says, "I am the true vine
37:53 and My father is the vinedresser."
37:55 Jump down to verse 4, "Abide in me and I in you,
37:59 as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself
38:02 unless it abides in the vine,
38:04 neither can you unless you abide in Me.
38:07 I am the vine, you are the branches.
38:09 He who abides in Me and I in him bears much fruit,
38:12 for without Me you can do" just a few things.
38:16 "No, nothing."
38:18 Without Jesus we can do nothing.
38:19 So He, we are the branches
38:22 and we receive life giving power,
38:25 to be fruitful,
38:27 to walk in Him to bring that spirituality
38:30 into our life
38:31 that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.
38:34 Number two, choose whom you serve.
38:39 Now we're going to Galatians.
38:41 Galatians 5:17.
38:45 This talks about the war
38:47 between the flesh and the spirit.
38:50 "For the flesh lusts against the spirit
38:52 and the spirit against the flesh.
38:54 And these are contrary to one another,
38:57 so that you do not do the things that you wish."
39:02 It's interesting the contrast
39:04 between the flesh and the spirit,
39:05 between self-centered living,
39:08 or I call it flesh filled living,
39:11 and I've been there and done that many times.
39:14 On the other side, we have Christ centered living,
39:18 or spirit filled living.
39:22 Self-centered is controlled by passion.
39:25 Christ centered is controlled by the Holy Spirit.
39:27 Self-centered is a slave to sin.
39:31 Christ centered dies to self and sin.
39:34 Self-centered shows the fruit of sin.
39:38 Christ centered shows the fruit of the Spirit.
39:40 Self centered walks in lust, Christ centered walks in love,
39:46 that self-sacrificing love.
39:48 Self centered is an idolater.
39:50 They live for themselves.
39:52 Christ centered lives for other people.
39:55 So we need to make a choice,
39:57 "Who are we going to serve, the flesh or the spirit?
40:00 Romans 6:16 says,
40:02 "Do you not know
40:03 that to whom you present yourself slaves to obey,
40:06 you are that one slaves whom you obey,
40:08 whether of sin leading to death
40:10 or of obedience leading to righteousness."
40:14 So every morning when we get up,
40:16 we want to connect again to the vine,
40:18 that's the Lord Jesus Christ and say,
40:20 "God, I give You my life,
40:22 I choose to follow You today."
40:25 Because if we don't do that,
40:27 and don't submit throughout the day,
40:30 turning back to Jesus and asking Him into our hearts,
40:33 choosing Him, when we face those decisions,
40:35 or when the flesh tends to rise up,
40:38 turn back to Him.
40:39 If we don't do that, we're going, leading to sin,
40:43 and that leads to death.
40:44 We want that path of obedience leading to righteousness,
40:47 and that comes about as a result of whom we serve.
40:52 Number three, walk in the Spirit.
40:54 Now we get the fruit of the Spirit.
40:56 Galatians 5:16, I say, "Then walk in the Spirit,
40:59 and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh."
41:03 Now let's read the fruit of the Spirit.
41:05 Those nine fruit, verse 22 and 23.
41:09 "But the fruit of the Spirit
41:10 is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness,
41:13 goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
41:17 Against such there is no law."
41:21 I always coupled the fruit of the Spirit
41:23 in three sections, you have the first three,
41:25 love, joy and peace toward God.
41:28 You have the second three, patience, kindness and goodness
41:31 that's fruit exhibited
41:32 toward your brothers and sisters.
41:34 Then you have the final three,
41:35 faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
41:38 I would think of it as fruit turned inward,
41:40 meaning it's how I deal with myself.
41:43 The first three, love, joy and peace.
41:45 What is that love?
41:46 That love is agape love, self-sacrificing love.
41:51 Of course, we don't have that love.
41:52 We ask God for His love.
41:55 We accept it by faith,
41:57 knowing that He can give it to us.
41:59 And we actively reach out in loving ways to other people.
42:03 What about the second fruit, the joy?
42:06 Happiness is earthly
42:08 because happiness is dependent on circumstances.
42:12 But joy, true joy that comes from the Lord
42:15 is not dependent on what goes on around you.
42:19 Psalm 16:11,
42:20 "You will show me the path of life,
42:22 in your presence is fullness of joy,
42:26 at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."
42:28 What does that mean?
42:30 When we are in His presence, we walk in joy.
42:33 Third fruit, peace.
42:35 Peace comes from being justified with God.
42:38 That's Romans 5:1.
42:39 Peace comes from Jesus in our hearts.
42:42 That's Romans 15:13.
42:44 Peace comes from keeping my mind,
42:46 my thoughts stayed upon Him.
42:49 That's Isaiah 26:3.
42:52 What about the next three fruit,
42:53 turn toward others, we have patience.
42:56 Ooh, accepting God's will and timing,
43:00 endurance, contentment, flexibility.
43:04 We have kindness.
43:05 I always think of kindness, Pastor Ryan,
43:07 as being about my attitude,
43:09 and then we have goodness
43:10 and I always think of goodness as being about my actions.
43:13 So kindness is my attitude.
43:16 Goodness, my actions.
43:17 We have the last three, faithfulness,
43:19 the character of one who can be relied on.
43:22 Gentleness or humility.
43:25 Meekness is not weakness.
43:28 Gentleness is not without power.
43:30 It just chooses to defer to others.
43:33 It forgives others,
43:35 corrects with kindness and lives in tranquility.
43:38 And the final fruit, self-control.
43:41 True self-control is not about bringing myself
43:45 under my own control,
43:47 but about being under the power of Christ.
43:49 So I always renamed that fruit instead of self-control,
43:52 I call it Christ control,
43:54 meaning I submit to Him
43:56 and He's the one who does that work in me.
43:59 The fourth step and final step is to crucify the flesh,
44:03 we're to walk in the fruit of the Spirit,
44:05 but we are called to crucify the flesh.
44:09 Galatians 5:24.
44:11 "And those who are of Christ
44:13 have crucified the flesh with its passions and lust.
44:17 When we crucified the flesh,
44:18 that power is destroyed utterly.
44:21 Then what follows a list of the works of the flesh.
44:27 We won't read them all
44:28 and it is not an exhaustive list
44:29 because there's a lot of works of the flesh,
44:31 but it's an illustrative list.
44:33 The first four
44:34 deal with sensuality and immorality.
44:37 That's in verse 19, the works of the flesh,
44:39 adultery, fornication, uncleanness,
44:41 which is impurity,
44:43 lewdness, which is unbridled lust.
44:46 Then we have next idolatry.
44:48 We have sorcery or witchcraft,
44:50 and then the next nine are all selfishness,
44:53 hatred, contention, jealousies, outbursts of wrath,
44:56 envy, murders, dissensions, heresies.
44:59 The last two deal with intemperance,
45:01 drunkenness and revelries.
45:03 The point of all of this, I don't know about you,
45:06 but I have walked
45:08 in some of those works of the flesh,
45:09 but God by the power of His Spirit says,
45:11 I can change you.
45:12 Connect to Me as the vine,
45:15 choose every moment of every day to follow Me,
45:18 and I will work in you the fruit of the Spirit.
45:22 Praise the Lord.
45:24 Thank you all so much, that was such a blessing.
45:27 I have Thursday's lesson
45:28 entitled "Work and Stewardship."
45:31 And, you know, I'm going to focus a little...
45:33 I'm gonna take a little bit of a more of an emphasis
45:36 on the stewardship area.
45:37 But I'm going to fold it into the work
45:39 because you guys have just been work, work, work, work
45:40 up to this point,
45:42 which is the purpose of this lesson.
45:44 But I'm going to emphasize a little bit more
45:46 towards the stewardship
45:47 because stewardship is a work in ministry,
45:51 it's a work in our relationship with the Lord.
45:53 And so, I just want to highlight or identify
45:55 what it is that stewardship is,
45:57 and this is a very simple definition.
46:00 But steward is a person
46:01 entrusted with the management of another person's property.
46:05 In this case, all belongs to God.
46:08 Everything belongs to God.
46:10 In fact, there's only one thing that we own in this lifetime,
46:13 and that's our sin.
46:14 And Jesus wants that too.
46:16 Jesus died for that
46:17 and He wants us to turn that over to Him too.
46:19 But He allows us to own that if we want it.
46:22 And I had a friend who said something to me
46:23 one time very simple, but very profound.
46:25 He said, "Why in the world would you want to die
46:27 for your sins
46:28 when Jesus has already died for them, right?"
46:31 Jesus owns everything.
46:32 And we are just here, we are stewards,
46:33 we are managers of His property.
46:36 And you know, it kind of, I really related to this,
46:38 because, you know, I'm still relatively young man.
46:43 But I've been in ministry now praise God for a few years,
46:46 but before I was in ministry,
46:48 I had the wonderful privilege of being in the workforce
46:51 and in the work field in a non-ministry setting.
46:54 And much of that was management,
46:56 I was in management.
46:57 And when you're in management, you have a big responsibility.
47:00 It's a very, very important work.
47:03 And essentially,
47:04 what you're doing is you're managing
47:05 and you're a steward,
47:07 when you're a manager of anything,
47:08 no matter what type of workforce or job
47:11 or whatever you're involved in,
47:13 you are a steward,
47:14 you are managing another person's property
47:17 or managing another person's business
47:19 or affairs.
47:21 And so in this case, God has entrusted us,
47:24 He's given us a special work, and He's calling us,
47:27 He's saying, "Hey, this is mine.
47:28 I want to freely give it to you.
47:30 But can I count you faithful?
47:32 Can I trust you?"
47:34 When thinking of stewardship though,
47:36 many people automatically go to tithing,
47:39 right?
47:40 Because you think of money, right?
47:42 Then while tithing
47:43 is a very important aspect of stewardship,
47:45 there is much more to being a good steward
47:47 than just the money side of things.
47:48 And that's what we're gonna kind of go in right now.
47:50 God has given us all special gifts.
47:53 And we must accept and trust in Him
47:57 as the Lord of our lives with these special gifts.
48:00 And Peter kind of gives us some insight
48:01 as to how God views us.
48:03 We're not just people,
48:06 we're not just these little tiny ants
48:07 running around,
48:08 you know, in some big giant God up there.
48:10 God is a personal God.
48:12 And in this case, He views us
48:13 as a very, very special people to His heart.
48:16 In fact, notice 1 Peter.
48:18 I want to go to 1 Peter Chapter 2,
48:19 just read a couple of texts here
48:20 just to kind of set the foundation here.
48:22 1 Peter Chapter 2,
48:23 I'm going to start reading in verse 5.
48:25 And he says here very clearly, "You also as living stones,
48:29 are being built up a spiritual house,
48:33 a holy priesthood.
48:35 How does He see us?
48:37 He sees us as a holy priesthood to offer up,
48:40 notice this, spiritual sacrifices,
48:43 acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
48:46 Now jump down to verse 9.
48:47 This is that famous one that that I love this verse,
48:50 it's one of my favorite verses.
48:51 He says, "But you, this is personal, all of us.
48:54 You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood,
48:58 a holy nation, His own special people,
49:01 that you may proclaim the praises of Him,
49:03 Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.
49:07 God is so good to us.
49:08 And He takes all that He has, He says, it's all mine,
49:11 all that cattle out there.
49:12 I own all the cattle on a thousand hills,
49:14 it's all mine.
49:15 But you know what? I'm going to give it to you.
49:16 I'm going to make you a manager over my stuff.
49:18 And what's mine is yours.
49:21 The truth is, the question is,
49:23 can we be faithful as stewards
49:25 in the work that God has given us?
49:27 Stewardship and work is a multi-dimensional aspect
49:30 of the Christian life
49:31 that includes us putting to proper use
49:34 what God has entrusted us to manage.
49:37 And so I wanna kind of look at just many different ways
49:39 that we can be a good steward.
49:40 First of all the time that God gives us.
49:43 It's not our time.
49:45 We're on borrowed time. We're on God's time.
49:47 We are stewards of the time that God has given us.
49:50 I love Psalm 90:12.
49:52 The Bible says so teach us to number our days,
49:56 that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
49:59 Another one, Ecclesiastes 7:17.
50:01 You know what, many of us were kind of misusing
50:04 and abusing the time that God has given us.
50:06 And we have a special counsel here from the wisest man
50:09 to ever live other than Jesus.
50:10 He says here,
50:12 "Do not be overly wicked nor be foolish
50:13 for why should you die before your time."
50:17 We also have James 4:14,
50:19 which is another special text
50:21 that highlights the importance of the time
50:23 that we have here that God has entrusted to us
50:25 as His faithful servants.
50:27 It says in verse 14,
50:28 "Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow,
50:31 for what is your life,
50:32 it is even a vapor that appears for a time
50:34 and then vanishes away.
50:37 So we are the stewards of the time
50:39 that God has given us,
50:40 we're also stewards of the talents
50:42 that God has given us.
50:43 And that, you know, every time I say this,
50:45 when I would preach this on the road,
50:46 I had people come up to me say, you know, you know,
50:48 you've got all these talents, I don't have any talent.
50:51 No, everyone's got talents.
50:52 Everyone has a special gift,
50:54 an ability that God has given just you
50:57 for you to use for His glory.
50:59 And I love Exodus Chapter 35, we were talking about,
51:01 I love Shelley, how you brought up the temple,
51:03 the building of the sanctuary, and how God said,
51:04 "Let them make me a sanctuary,
51:06 that I may dwell among them.
51:08 "Even God made, God made His people,
51:10 these, these, these people,
51:12 controlling managers over building His own house.
51:16 And so I love this text here, Exodus 35,
51:18 in reference to of the building of His house,
51:20 he said all, this is Exodus 35:10,
51:23 "All who are gifted artisans,
51:25 among you shall come and make
51:27 all that the Lord has commanded."
51:29 He bestowed that special responsibility
51:32 upon those to build His house,
51:33 He made them a steward over His house,
51:35 that's awesome.
51:37 And they were to exercise the talents
51:39 and the gifts that He gave them to do so.
51:41 1 Peter 4:10-11.
51:43 This is another one where we're going,
51:44 we're going rapid fire here.
51:46 So here we go.
51:47 It says, "As each one has received a gift,
51:50 minister it to one another,
51:52 as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.
51:56 If anyone speaks,
51:57 let him speak as the oracles of God.
52:00 If anyone ministers let him do it,
52:02 as with the ability, which God supplies."
52:05 And notice how the emphasis is on God.
52:06 God gives it, God supplies it, it's coming by God's grace,
52:10 that in all things, I love this,
52:12 God may be glorified through Jesus Christ
52:14 to whom belong the glory
52:17 and the dominion forever and ever.
52:18 Amen. So the emphasis is on God.
52:20 Why does God give us these gifts?
52:21 So that we can bring glory to Him.
52:23 And many of us have all these talents,
52:25 we have these special gifts,
52:27 and some of us are out there wasting it on the world,
52:29 wasting it on the devil.
52:30 My friends, if you're at home,
52:32 and God has given you a special gift,
52:33 and you're watching this program right now,
52:35 use it for Jesus, use it for the glory of God,
52:37 because that's why He gave it to you.
52:38 He gave it
52:40 so that He might receive the glory.
52:41 We are stewards over all of God's property,
52:44 get this even including ourselves, our bodies.
52:48 1 Corinthians 6:19-20,
52:51 "Or do you not know
52:52 that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
52:54 who is in you whom you have from God,
52:56 and you are not your own, for you were bought at a price.
53:00 Therefore glorify God in your body
53:02 and in your spirits, which are God."
53:05 So God gives us this body, He says,
53:06 "Look, I created you for My glory.
53:08 I've purchased it with My blood on a cross."
53:11 And what we put into it,
53:12 what we put on it
53:14 inside and out matters, my friends.
53:16 You know, I see people, I know we live in a generation
53:18 where some people don't know better,
53:20 but you have others out there
53:21 that are just very careless with God's property.
53:23 And they just put anything and everything on it.
53:26 You know, markings and tattoos and etchings and, my friends,
53:29 you are damaging God's property.
53:31 Pray that the Lord will give you victory over that
53:33 and to open your eyes to see
53:35 that we are all servants of the Lord.
53:36 And this is His property.
53:38 Here's an important one.
53:39 We are stewards of the people in the family
53:42 that God blesses us with.
53:45 1 Timothy 5:8,
53:47 "But if anyone does not provide for his own,
53:50 and especially for those of his household,
53:52 he has denied the faith
53:54 and is worse than an unbeliever."
53:55 That's strong.
53:57 God blesses men and women and people with family,
54:00 with the people
54:01 that He has blessed you with Him.
54:03 It is, we are stewards, we are managers of that family.
54:05 That's why it's important.
54:06 I'm just giving this as an example,
54:08 for a father to lead his home in the Lord,
54:11 to lead his family in the Lord and to provide for their needs.
54:15 This next one I want to bring out God,
54:17 and of course, this is the one you knew was coming.
54:19 We are stewards of God's money, God's resources.
54:23 And again, this list that I'm giving is,
54:24 it's, I recognize it could be much more complex than this.
54:27 But for the time giving,
54:28 we'll just bring this out and emphasize it.
54:31 Malachi 3:10, this is the one that comes to mind
54:34 anytime you're thinking of returning to God.
54:36 I don't really like saying paying tithes,
54:38 I don't pay tithe.
54:39 You don't pay tithe.
54:41 You know, you're not paying God anything.
54:42 You're returning to God what's already His.
54:44 Malachi 3:10.
54:46 "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse,
54:48 that there may be food in my house."
54:49 And he says, test me on this, try me,
54:51 says the Lord,
54:53 "If I will not open the windows of heaven
54:54 and pour out such a blessing
54:55 that there will not be room enough to receive it."
54:58 That's why I love the story in Luke 21:1-4
55:01 of the little widow.
55:03 Jesus is observing all these people
55:05 bringing the tithe into the treasury.
55:07 And He sees all these people putting their money in,
55:09 you know, the rich people and the wealthy people.
55:11 And here comes this little widow
55:12 with her two mites.
55:14 That's all she had. And she put it in there.
55:15 And there's a powerful lesson to learn here.
55:16 I just want to say this in the closing moment.
55:18 There's someone out there that's going to say,
55:19 Well, I don't return tithe
55:21 because I don't trust the wicked people who,
55:22 you know, manage this or whatever,
55:24 I don't pay to the conference.
55:25 I don't do this.
55:26 At the end of the day, my friends,
55:28 we have to be reminded
55:29 that, you know, Jesus could have stopped
55:31 that little widow and said,
55:32 "Hey, don't give your money to these foolish Pharisees.
55:34 They're all wicked.
55:35 They're going to crucify me in three years.
55:36 They're going to do all this
55:38 and are going to do all of that."
55:39 But because it was a responsibility,
55:41 not just for Him, but for her and everyone
55:42 to return what is God's.
55:44 We are stewards of God's property.
55:46 He has given us the ability to manage it.
55:48 Let's be faithful in all things and work and be a good steward.
55:52 Amen. Okay.
55:53 Pastor Dinzey, Give me an overview
55:56 of what you covered?
55:58 Well, the blessing of work,
56:01 work is a blessing that God has given us,
56:02 but whatever your work is in this life,
56:05 take Jesus with you, and let Him shine through you.
56:09 Amen and amen.
56:10 My day was Work and Excellence.
56:13 Just remember that God calls us and equips us
56:17 for moral excellence, relational excellence,
56:21 and vocational excellence.
56:23 And you can pursue that by praying for the Holy Spirit,
56:27 purifying your thoughts,
56:29 putting into practice what you learn
56:31 and pressing onward.
56:33 Amen.
56:34 Wednesday Work and Spirituality.
56:36 John 15:16, "You did not choose me,
56:38 but I chose you, and ordained you
56:40 that you should go and bear fruit."
56:42 We are called to bear fruit for His glory.
56:46 1 Corinthians 10:31,
56:48 "Therefore whatever you eat, or drink,
56:50 or whatsoever you do,
56:52 do all for the glory of God."
56:54 It is our job to make sure
56:55 that whatever we do in stewardship,
56:58 to be faithful to the Lord,
56:59 that we do it all to God's glory, not our own.
57:01 That's right.
57:03 Thank you all for covering that.
57:04 You know, we all are called to work for the kingdom of God.
57:08 And there are a couple of passages
57:09 I wanted to add in the beginning,
57:10 but I'll add them before we close.
57:13 Matthew 25:21.
57:14 This is what all of us,
57:16 every one of us wants to hear when Jesus returns.
57:19 "And the Lord said to him,
57:21 'Well done, good and faithful servant.
57:25 You were faithful over a few things,
57:27 I will make you ruler over many things,
57:30 enter into the joy of the Lord.'"
57:32 And then Revelation 22:12,
57:34 "Behold, I am coming quickly and my reward is with me
57:38 to give to everyone according to his work."
57:41 So as the song says, to him work,
57:44 for the night is coming.
57:46 That's what God has called us to do.
57:48 We must pray that we respond
57:50 to the voice of the vinedresser,
57:53 the voice of the one who owns the harvest fields,
57:56 and go forth as laborers into the field.
57:59 Join us for the next lesson, lesson number 12 Sabbath,
58:02 experiencing and living the character of God.
58:06 Until then, may you work,
58:08 only to be the one to give glory to God.
58:11 See you next time.
58:12 Amen.


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