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00:01 Hi, I'm Shelley Quinn,
00:02 and we're so glad you're joining us
00:04 for this Sabbath School Panel.
00:05 We are studying in the Adult Bible Study Guide
00:10 that is called Rest in Christ,
00:12 we're on lesson number three, Roots of Restlessness.
00:16 And we hope you've got your Bible, the guide,
00:19 and a pen and paper to take notes.
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00:32 Stay with us.
00:33 We've got some great Bible study coming up.
01:06 Oh, we're so glad you're with us.
01:08 And we've got a great study coming up.
01:11 I want to go ahead and introduce
01:13 the rest of your 3ABN family, my family.
01:17 Sitting here at the table, we have Pastor John Dinzey.
01:20 It's a blessing to be here.
01:21 Oh, we always enjoy it when you can join us.
01:24 And Pastor Kenny Shelton?
01:25 Always thankful for the opportunity.
01:27 And we thank you
01:29 for the time you invest in study.
01:31 And then my pastor, Pastor John Lomacang.
01:34 It's good to be in the spiritual trenches
01:36 with you.
01:37 Amen.
01:38 We'll come out alive.
01:40 Amen.
01:41 We've read the back of the book.
01:43 We know that, don't we?
01:44 And then my precious Sister Jill Morikone.
01:46 Jill, so good to have you here.
01:48 Thank you so much, Shelley,
01:49 privileged to open up the Word of God
01:50 and study with each one of you.
01:52 You know, I have to say,
01:53 and I mean this from the bottom of my heart,
01:55 sometimes I sit
01:57 and I'm listening to everybody's lesson,
01:58 I think, wow, we've got
02:00 some wonderful Bible students here.
02:03 And we hope that you are enjoying this
02:05 as much as we do.
02:07 What we'd like to do is start with a prayer.
02:10 Pastor Johnny, would you pray for us, please?
02:12 Let's go to the Lord in prayer.
02:15 Our loving Heavenly Father,
02:16 we are grateful to You for this great privilege
02:20 to be used by Your Holy Spirit,
02:22 we plea, we ask
02:24 that You will pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us,
02:26 that we may speak Your words.
02:28 And Heavenly Father,
02:30 we ask that You will also bless all those
02:32 that are listening,
02:33 so that they will understand Your message.
02:36 We thank You, Lord, for 3ABN
02:38 that can bring this message to the world.
02:40 And we pray that
02:41 You will bring fruit to Your name's honor and glory,
02:44 in Jesus' name, amen.
02:46 Amen. Amen.
02:48 Our memory text comes from James Chapter 3.
02:50 And in... Let me put this in context.
02:53 James is talking about two different kinds of wisdom,
02:56 the wisdom, the heavenly wisdom that comes from above
03:00 and the earthly wisdom,
03:03 and listen to what he talks about.
03:06 Earthly wisdom, it is tainted.
03:09 Our memory text is James 3:16,
03:12 "For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist,"
03:17 anytime you've got selfish ambition, jealousy, hypocrisy,
03:23 he says,
03:24 "there will be disorder
03:26 and every vile practice."
03:30 So these things can tribute to instability
03:35 and confusion and chaos.
03:37 This week study
03:39 we're going to discover the roots of restlessness.
03:44 And what we're talking about in restlessness
03:48 is when we don't find our rest in Christ.
03:53 The opening to this week's lesson
03:55 talks about Aspens.
03:57 Have you ever been to Colorado?
03:59 I love to listen to the Aspens,
04:01 the Aspens, they look like little silver dollars,
04:04 they're rustling in the wind.
04:06 These trees grow 45 to 90 feet tall,
04:10 which is 15 to 30 meters.
04:13 And they thrive in a cold environment
04:17 where there's sunshine.
04:18 Now they provide
04:20 great winter food for the animals
04:21 and then they have wood and matches and furniture
04:25 that are made from their trunks.
04:28 But this is interesting.
04:30 The Aspen has one of the largest root systems
04:34 of any plant in the world.
04:37 And what it does is it goes,
04:39 the roots go down deep
04:42 and it's a sucker system.
04:46 And they go really deep
04:48 and they colonize in a hurry
04:51 and they can live to 150 years old.
04:54 Well, I submit to you
04:56 that the roots of our restlessness
04:58 are like that.
05:00 Sometimes they had been passed down through generations,
05:02 but they are a sucker system,
05:04 that sucker sucks the spiritual life
05:07 right out of it.
05:09 Mercy. Yes.
05:10 Okay, Sunday's lesson, Jesus brings division.
05:13 Now, this is interesting.
05:15 In Isaiah 9:6, the Bible says,
05:19 "That a child is born unto us,
05:21 the government will be on His shoulder,
05:23 and He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor,
05:29 Everlasting Father, Mighty God,
05:33 Prince of Peace."
05:36 Now, how can the Prince of Peace
05:40 bring division?
05:43 Jesus quotes from Micah 7.
05:48 And before we read Jesus,
05:49 I want to read it to you from Micah
05:51 just because it's one of my favorite passages.
05:54 Micah 7:6-9.
05:57 Micah writes,
05:59 "Son dishonors father,
06:00 daughter rises against her mother,
06:02 daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law,
06:04 a man's enemies are the men in his own household.
06:08 Therefore I will look to the Lord,
06:10 and I will wait for the God of my salvation,
06:13 my God will hear me."
06:17 Now I have to read the next
06:18 just 'cause you got to hear this.
06:21 It doesn't, I don't know that
06:22 this is really got a lot to do with a lesson.
06:24 But the next few verses,
06:26 Micah 7:8 is one of my, and 9 are my favorite verses.
06:30 He says,
06:31 "Do not rejoice over me, my enemy,
06:33 when I fall, I will arise,
06:36 when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me.
06:41 I will bear the indignation of the Lord,
06:43 because I have sinned against Him,
06:44 until He pleads my case
06:48 and executes justice for me.
06:50 He will bring me forth to the light,
06:53 and I will see His righteousness."
06:55 Interesting contrast there.
06:57 He's talking about the division,
07:00 and how sons against father,
07:03 daughter against daughter-in-law,
07:05 and then all of a sudden
07:06 he's talking about what God can do for us.
07:10 Well, Jesus in Matthew 10:34-36
07:14 is quoting from Micah 7.
07:17 So let's look at that.
07:19 Jesus says in Matthew 10:34-36,
07:23 "Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth.
07:27 I did not come to bring peace but a sword."
07:32 Now let me stop right here, hit the pause button.
07:35 He's not talking about a literal sword.
07:39 This is symbolic.
07:40 A sword is symbolic of conflict and division.
07:46 And then he says in Matthew 10:35,
07:50 "For I have come to set,"
07:52 and here's the quote,
07:53 "to 'set' a man against his father,
07:55 a daughter against her mother,
07:57 and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law,
08:01 and a man's enemies
08:02 will be those of his own household."
08:04 What?
08:05 The Prince of Peace, our, the Mighty God,
08:09 the Everlasting Father
08:10 is bringing this kind of division.
08:13 What He wants us to know is
08:17 sometimes a believer's life
08:20 will bring conflict in your own family.
08:24 The ultimate goal of the gospel,
08:28 our life with Christ is peace with God.
08:31 In John 14:27, Jesus said,
08:36 "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you,
08:39 not as the world gives do I give to you.
08:43 Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
08:49 So when we find our rest in Christ,
08:52 no matter what is going on around,
08:55 we're going to have peace in our heart.
08:58 In Romans 5:1-2, Paul writes,
09:03 "Having been justified by faith,
09:05 we have peace with," whom?
09:08 "With god through our Lord Jesus Christ,
09:11 through whom also we have access by faith
09:16 into this grace in which we stand,
09:19 and rejoice in hope of the glory of God."
09:24 So, yes, the ultimate goal,
09:28 the ultimate end of the gospel is peace with God,
09:31 but the immediate results
09:35 of living a Christian life
09:37 sometimes strain our family relationships.
09:41 I have a friend who comes from generations of Catholics,
09:46 and when this friend started watching 3ABN,
09:49 when this friend found Bible truth,
09:52 and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
09:55 the family will have nothing to do with it.
09:58 Nothing.
10:00 But may I say this,
10:02 he said something to me and I believe this.
10:04 He said,
10:05 "My spiritual family is more important
10:08 than my biological family."
10:11 Now, in Matthew 10:35-39,
10:16 Jesus is talking about allegiances and loyalties.
10:21 Now He's gonna use three sentences.
10:24 And each one of them begin
10:27 or include this term worthy.
10:31 First of all, I wanted to say
10:32 worthiness is not based on our high moral standards.
10:37 Worthiness isn't even based on our overcoming sin.
10:41 Worthiness is based on our relationship with Jesus.
10:46 But now listen to what He says.
10:49 He says, He in Matthew 10:37,
10:53 "He who loves father or mother more than Me
10:56 is not worthy of Me."
10:58 Then He says,
11:00 "And he who loves son or daughter more than Me
11:04 is not worthy of Me."
11:06 We know that the Ten Commandments,
11:08 commandment number five,
11:09 "Honor your father and your mother
11:11 that your days may be long upon the earth."
11:13 We're supposed to love and honor our parents,
11:16 but not more than Jesus.
11:19 We've got to put Christ above everyone else,
11:23 above mother, father,
11:24 above our spouse, our children.
11:28 And here's what He says
11:31 in Matthew 10:38.
11:38 He says,
11:39 "Anyone who does not take up his cross and follow Me
11:44 is not worthy of Me."
11:47 You know, I hear people say all the time,
11:51 and it upsets me.
11:53 They'll say, "Oh, we all have our cross to bear."
11:57 Bless her heart.
11:58 She's got that drunken no good husband.
12:00 You know what?
12:01 That's not what Jesus was talking about.
12:03 Picking up our cross
12:05 is not about burying some burden.
12:08 Everyone who, with whom He spoke,
12:11 knew what it meant in his day.
12:14 To pick up the cross meant that you were about to be crucified.
12:19 So what Jesus is saying is,
12:23 you've got to surrender yourself,
12:26 life to me.
12:27 You need to yield to Me, to crucify self,
12:30 so that I may live in you.
12:33 Then if you don't pick up your cross and follow Me,
12:37 you're not worthy of Me.
12:39 Luke 9:23, He says,
12:41 "If anyone desires to come after Me,
12:43 let him deny himself, and take up his cross."
12:48 How often? Daily.
12:50 Oh, not just on Sabbath morning.
12:54 Not just on once a year or Christmas.
12:58 We're supposed to pick up our cross daily.
13:01 This is something.
13:03 In Galatians 2:20, I love what Paul says.
13:06 He says,
13:07 "I have been crucified with Christ.
13:09 It's no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me,
13:13 and the life in which I live in the flesh
13:16 is actually by the faith,
13:19 my faith in the Son of God,
13:21 who loved me and gave Himself for me."
13:24 It is beautiful.
13:26 As Paul said in Galatians 6:14,
13:30 "God forbid that I should boast in anything
13:33 except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,
13:37 by whom the world has been crucified to me,
13:42 and I to the world."
13:44 Let me ask you.
13:46 Has the world been crucified to you?
13:49 That's good.
13:51 Jesus said in Matthew 10:39,
13:53 "He who finds his life will lose it."
13:56 What's he saying?
13:57 He who finds his physiko, his self natural life,
14:00 he who chases after the things of this earth
14:04 is going to lose his soul life,
14:07 the higher spiritual life.
14:09 But he says he who loses
14:12 his natural self life for my sake,
14:14 will find it.
14:16 Life emptied of self
14:18 and poured out in service to Jesus
14:21 brings true joy.
14:22 That's true. Thank you, Sister Shelley.
14:24 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
14:26 For Monday's lesson,
14:28 the lesson has just one word for a title,
14:31 it is Selfishness.
14:33 And so we have to ask ourselves,
14:35 what is selfishness?
14:37 It comes from the word selfish.
14:38 And if you go online, you will find
14:40 or just grab a dictionary from your library,
14:42 you will find that
14:43 selfish means lacking consideration for others,
14:46 concerned chiefly
14:48 with one's own personal profit or pleasure.
14:53 And so, this is one of those sins
14:56 that has roots
14:58 that is, they can go very deep into a person's life
15:02 and also destroy that individual,
15:05 because that person is self, self, self
15:08 and thinks nothing of others.
15:10 Now consider that God said
15:12 that you must love the Lord your God
15:13 with all your heart, with all your mind,
15:15 with all your strength, all your soul,
15:17 and your neighbor as yourself.
15:19 So selfishness is contradictory
15:22 in contrast with God's way of doing things.
15:27 When you look at the word selfish,
15:28 and you add the suffix n-e-s-s, ness,
15:33 it means that you add to an adjective,
15:37 the n-e-s, and makes that adjective to a noun,
15:42 and meaning the quality or condition
15:44 or what the adjective expresses.
15:46 In other words, a person that becomes selfish,
15:50 has selfishness has become full of self
15:53 and thinks only of self
15:55 and looks at every possibility
15:58 of getting his or her way.
16:01 And so, this is a deadly, deadly sin,
16:05 and it must be eradicated,
16:06 and only Jesus can do that.
16:09 So Jesus stands at the door and knocks.
16:13 Now I want to read something that I found in Gospel Workers
16:16 that is rather stunning.
16:18 I'm going to read it to you just part of it.
16:20 "The hateful sin of selfishness exists to a great degree,
16:26 even in some who profess to be devoted
16:30 to the work of God.
16:32 If they would compare their character
16:34 with His requirements,
16:36 especially with the great standard,
16:38 His holy, just and good law,
16:40 they would ascertain, if earnest, honest searchers,
16:45 that they are fearfully wanting.
16:47 But some are not willing
16:48 to look far enough or deep enough
16:51 to see the depravity of their own hearts."
16:55 And we must do a thorough work of examining ourselves
16:59 and asking ourselves, am I in Christ.
17:03 And when we do this,
17:05 the Lord can open to us
17:07 the real necessity of our lives
17:10 that we need Jesus every moment, every moment.
17:14 Let's look into Luke 12:13-21.
17:17 Lesson brings out this aspect
17:20 of how selfishness was revealed.
17:24 In Luke Chapter 12,
17:26 beginning in verse 13,
17:28 "Then one from the crowd said to Him,
17:30 'Teacher, tell my brother
17:32 to divide the inheritance with me.'
17:35 But He said to him,
17:36 'Man, who made Me a judge
17:38 or an arbitrator over you?'
17:40 And He said to them,
17:41 'Take heed and beware of covetousness,
17:43 for one's life
17:45 does not consist in the abundance
17:47 of the things he possesses.'
17:49 Then He spoke a parable to them, saying:
17:51 'The ground of a certain rich man
17:53 yielded plentifully.
17:55 And he thought within himself, saying,
17:57 'What shall I do,
17:59 since I have no room to store my crops?'
18:02 So he said, 'I will do this:
18:03 I will pull down my barns and build greater,
18:06 and there I will store all my crops and my goods.
18:11 And I will say to my soul,
18:12 'Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years,
18:16 take your ease, eat, drink, and be merry.'
18:19 But God said to him,
18:20 'Fool! This night your soul will be required of you,
18:24 then whose will those things be which you have provided?'
18:29 'So is he who lays up treasure for himself,
18:32 and is not rich toward God.'"
18:35 So we see here that this individual,
18:37 having plenty, plenty and to spare,
18:41 instead of sharing with others, loving neighbor,
18:44 his neighbor as himself,
18:46 decided, I'm just gonna keep all this
18:47 and amass all this,
18:49 and I'm just going to take my ease
18:51 and enjoy life.
18:53 You see, the Bible points out in Matthew 6:33,
18:59 the blessing that we could have,
19:01 as it says there.
19:03 "But seek first the kingdom of God
19:05 and His righteousness,
19:07 and all these things
19:08 shall be added unto you."
19:10 There's another scripture
19:11 that I would like to bring out to you.
19:13 Wonderful.
19:14 Notice, Luke 6:38,
19:16 "Give, and it will be given to you:
19:20 good measure, pressed down, shaken together,
19:24 and running over will be put into your bosom.
19:28 For with the same measure that you use,
19:30 it will be measured back to you."
19:33 So you see, when God gives to you,
19:36 and you give to others,
19:38 you'd never run out,
19:39 because God continues to give to you.
19:42 And so, I encourage you to do things
19:45 according to God's way.
19:47 Now, this thing of selfishness must be dismissed,
19:50 must be done away with.
19:52 In Matthew 25:40,
19:55 I'm just gonna read the very last part to you,
19:57 and I believe you will understand
20:00 what I'm talking about.
20:02 "And the King will answer and say to them,
20:04 'Assuredly, I say to you,
20:06 inasmuch as you did it
20:07 to one of the least of these My brethren,
20:11 you did it to Me.'"
20:12 Now, this is the sum
20:13 of what Jesus said of those that presented,
20:16 will present themselves before Him.
20:19 Because Jesus said,
20:22 "I was hungry, and you fed Me.
20:24 I was thirsty, and you gave Me to drink.
20:26 I was naked, and you gave Me something to put on."
20:29 And, Lord, when did we see you in this condition?
20:32 When you did it to the least of these,
20:34 you did it to Me.
20:35 That's right.
20:36 And the same thing, He will say to the wicked.
20:38 "I was naked, and you didn't clothed Me.
20:40 I was hungry, you didn't feed Me.
20:42 I was thirsty,
20:43 you didn't give Me any to drink?"
20:45 He will say the same thing to them,
20:46 Lord, when did we see you?
20:47 You didn't do it to them, you didn't do it to Me.
20:50 You see, when we do things for others,
20:52 we're doing it to Jesus.
20:54 When you prefer others before you,
20:56 you are preferring Jesus before yourself.
20:59 So this is something that we can learn from Jesus.
21:03 Notice Philippians Chapter 2,
21:06 even the very fact that
21:07 Jesus came down to this world shows,
21:11 humiliation shows
21:13 the way that we should behave ourselves.
21:15 Philippians Chapter 2, I just love these scriptures.
21:19 I'm going to begin in verse 3.
21:20 Notice,
21:21 "Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit,
21:25 but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others
21:30 better than himself.
21:31 Let each of you look out not only for his own interests,
21:35 but also for the interests of others.
21:38 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,
21:44 who, being in the form of God,
21:47 did not consider it
21:48 robbery to be equal with God,"
21:50 but notice,
21:51 "but made Himself of no reputation,
21:55 taking the form of a bondservant,
21:58 and coming in the likeness of men.
22:01 And being found in appearance as a man,
22:05 He humbled Himself
22:06 and became obedient to the point of death,
22:10 even the death of the cross."
22:13 So as we consider Jesus, how He humbled Himself.
22:16 Jesus went about doing good.
22:19 Jesus went about doing good to anyone.
22:23 And He said things that today you will find shocking.
22:27 He will say, "Hey, love your enemies."
22:30 But we have a situation in the church that is...
22:36 I'm going to use the word scary, dangerous,
22:39 because the sin of selfishness is one,
22:44 unfortunately, prevailing sins of the church.
22:49 That's right. How can this be?
22:51 The reason this happens is
22:53 because people are looking to self
22:56 instead of looking to Jesus.
22:58 Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.
23:02 And if we're spending time with Jesus,
23:03 yes, as Sister Shelley said wisely
23:06 and according to the scriptures,
23:08 that if Jesus is in us,
23:12 selfishness will not be in us.
23:14 So the solution to this is
23:17 to take up our cross daily
23:20 and follow Jesus, and you crucify self.
23:24 Satan is going to work hard
23:27 to lead us into selfish acts every single day.
23:32 So there's not a day, there's not an hour,
23:36 there's not a moment,
23:37 there's really not a second
23:40 when you don't need Jesus.
23:42 So I encourage you to give yourself
23:44 to Jesus completely,
23:45 because this is the only solution
23:48 to get selfishness out.
23:50 Jesus in, selfishness out.
23:52 That's right.
23:53 Blessed be the name of the Lord.
23:55 Yeah, you know, the thing about that is
23:57 we can't even crucify ourselves.
24:00 We need the Holy Spirit and by his power,
24:04 he will work in us to will and to do his good pleasure.
24:08 Amen.
24:09 We'll be back in just a moment.
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24:52 Now we will continue in with the Roots of Restlessness
24:56 with Pastor Kenny Shelton,
24:58 who's going to talk to us about ambition.
25:01 That's the title of this, Ambition.
25:03 And so you know, I think it's something
25:04 we need to look at very closely,
25:06 maybe in our own life,
25:07 even as a Christian, profess to be a Christian.
25:10 Sometime there are some things in there
25:12 as you know, Pastor John mentioned
25:13 in the previous lesson there about selfishness.
25:17 And here we got ambition.
25:18 And I had to ask myself this question,
25:21 is it okay to have a little bit of ambition?
25:26 You know, a little bit of ambition.
25:27 Some of you say, no, it's really not or,
25:29 you know, there's a time when it comes along,
25:32 did you have too much ambition?
25:34 Is it possible that one is okay,
25:36 and is it possible one might lead to sin
25:38 and division, separation?
25:40 If you look at ambition, it's a...
25:43 Listen, the word ambition,
25:44 it's a strong desire for success.
25:50 If you say, ambitious, that person is ambitious,
25:54 you're talking about greatly, greatly desiring something.
25:58 So I kind of look at the two different words,
25:59 I'm saying, you know,
26:01 I need to greatly desire Christ,
26:03 heaven to be my home.
26:04 So I just look and kind of balance this out.
26:06 But disciples here in this lesson
26:08 had a real problem.
26:09 And I've looked at those problems,
26:11 and I've addressed them in my own life,
26:12 and I'm still praying about them.
26:13 I hope that you are too.
26:15 We're looking at the last week of Christ's ministry
26:18 on lesson here, Tuesday's lesson, Ambition.
26:22 And as I look at the last scenes,
26:24 the last few days of Christ's ministry,
26:26 I see something very important.
26:28 I still see those who were closest to Him,
26:32 haggling, discussing,
26:35 we won't say argue at all.
26:37 You know, as a Christian, we don't argue, right?
26:38 We don't argue Scripture.
26:40 But you know, discussing the Scripture
26:42 or discussing a question
26:44 that's found in Luke Chapter 22 and certainly verse 24.
26:48 And the argument or the discussion was over,
26:50 who's the greatest?
26:52 Yeah. Who's going to be the greatest?
26:53 Remember, this is occasion
26:55 just not long before Jesus is going to leave them
26:58 in the crucifixion,
26:59 and surely by now,
27:02 after these years, they've got it right.
27:04 As some of us, I've been in the church for a long time.
27:06 I've got it right.
27:08 Well, make sure you have it right.
27:09 You know, we need to make sure
27:11 because disciples thought they had it right.
27:13 Somehow the disciples got sidetracked.
27:15 In this lesson it brings out they've got sidetracked
27:18 over the issue, because they were very concerned
27:20 about who might be the, you know, the greatest,
27:25 maybe human greatness.
27:26 Some people want to be great in human,
27:28 humanistic things.
27:30 Disciples had many contest just like this,
27:33 or discussions about
27:36 who was going to be the greatest.
27:37 Where would they end up?
27:39 Even God, I think wouldn't have gotten mom involved.
27:41 You know, who's gonna be the greatest, you know.
27:42 So sometimes we won't get mom and God,
27:44 you know, involved 'cause she carries
27:45 a little bit of weight.
27:47 But remember, this was before the Spirit of the Living God
27:49 was poured out on the disciples.
27:51 When the Spirit,
27:53 the real Spirit of the Living God came,
27:54 there was some changes in their life,
27:56 they were no longer the same.
27:58 And I can say that for you or maybe for me in my own life.
28:02 When the Spirit of God gets a hold of us,
28:04 we're not the same as we used to be.
28:07 Right, old things are passed away,
28:08 behold all things that become new.
28:10 You know, I still maybe struggle with that.
28:12 Maybe you still fight some of the old battles,
28:14 but you know what you should be doing
28:16 and, you know, the powers?
28:17 There's a question,
28:19 who really openly talks about who's the greatest?
28:24 Did you get it, in the church?
28:27 Let's say in the home, husband, or wife,
28:30 or family, or at work.
28:32 You don't go to work and say, well, so and so is great.
28:34 You know, the boss might be listening,
28:36 who's the greatest?
28:37 That might be a time we need, we might have thoughts,
28:39 but we need to kind of keep them to ourselves.
28:40 And these are called silences.
28:42 You know, it's kind of golden right here this,
28:44 but the question has to be addressed,
28:45 and it was addressed in Revelation Chapter 8,
28:47 or Matthew 18:1,
28:50 where disciples were talking about this thing,
28:52 but notice, they were talking,
28:54 read all of it, if you had the opportunity to do it.
28:56 They were talking about this situation,
28:57 and I want to call it an abstract way.
29:00 They were talking about it in a...
29:02 They're gonna summarize it,
29:04 they're not going to get into big,
29:05 you know, big discussion about it right now.
29:06 They kind of thought maybe, oh, be careful.
29:08 They might fool Jesus just a little bit here,
29:10 maybe get a different answer
29:12 than what maybe they were,
29:13 you know, they were looking for an answer for sure.
29:15 But Jesus looks around and He
29:17 and right quick he grasped like he always did,
29:19 I thank God for that.
29:21 He met head-ons, what I like about it,
29:23 you know, he didn't fool around about it.
29:25 When he hit air
29:27 and when the lives were on the line,
29:29 we have to be pointed sometime in straight.
29:31 You do it naturally with love, and you're concerned about it,
29:34 or you wouldn't meet it head-on.
29:35 And so, what did he do?
29:37 Matthew 18:1, it says, it poses a question,
29:39 who's the greatest in the kingdom of heaven
29:41 is what we've been talking about.
29:43 Verse 2 said,
29:44 "Jesus called a little child to him
29:47 and set him in the midst of them,"
29:48 verse 3, and said,
29:50 'Verily, I say unto you, except you be converted,
29:55 and become as little children,
29:56 you shall not enter the kingdom of God."
29:58 These are some of the most powerful words in Scripture.
30:02 When He calls the child in there among adults,
30:04 and says you're gonna have to be become like
30:06 one of these little one, you're thinking,
30:08 oh, man, surely not like whatever.
30:11 Jesus addressed the humility issue,
30:14 the pride issue that was going on with.
30:17 He didn't address a lot of other things
30:18 that He could have, He could have went on for hours.
30:19 He didn't do that.
30:21 He addressed the situation right there
30:23 were presented before Him.
30:24 And, you know, as far as their thinking was concerned,
30:28 huh, they weren't thinking about anything
30:31 right then and there,
30:32 except they're dreaming about who's going to be the greatest,
30:34 who's going to have the most power.
30:36 And, you know, Jesus said,
30:39 you know, I'm bringing these children in here,
30:40 and I want you to pay attention to them,
30:43 you know, but there's a lot of people
30:44 who are looking for success even in the Christian world.
30:47 And someone mentioned
30:49 maybe in one of the prior lessons or whatever.
30:50 They said,
30:52 "Most of the time, we're looking for the crown."
30:54 You see, I'm looking for the finished product here.
30:56 But you know,
30:58 but sometimes I forget about the yoke,
31:00 and I forget about the cross.
31:02 I forget what's before the crown.
31:05 I want the crown, see, and so we look at the crown,
31:07 we focus on it,
31:09 but we sometimes don't talk too much
31:10 about all the stuff that goes along with that.
31:12 Jesus put a child in the midst of them,
31:14 so they might learn of this child.
31:18 Grown man beholding the child,
31:21 conceiving instructions from a child?
31:23 Oh, surely not.
31:24 But Jesus said, "Oh, yes."
31:26 So what did Jesus recognizes and require of us
31:29 before heaven can be our home.
31:32 It's very, very simple.
31:33 He's requiring of you, He's requiring of me,
31:34 He said, You must be converted.
31:36 Man, that to meet conversion means a change,
31:38 that means a new mind, that means a new thought
31:40 or that means everything becomes new,
31:43 the old things are passed away.
31:44 Secondly,
31:46 He said you have to be become as little children.
31:49 I need the converting grace of Jesus Christ
31:52 in my life daily.
31:53 I need it. Amen.
31:55 And I'm thankful that God is willing to,
31:57 you know, I say, when I say pass out
31:59 this grace as needed.
32:01 It's an abundant supply of it.
32:03 Now when you say that be as a little child,
32:05 people say, oh, be a little child,
32:06 I'm gonna make it, no big problem.
32:07 But you know, Jesus said not,
32:10 and I'll say this in a respectful way,
32:11 not as a foolish child,
32:12 is one who is inexperienced,
32:14 so they don't have the experience of life.
32:15 You read that in 1 Corinthians 14:20,
32:18 and not as the foolish as a child,
32:20 again uneducated, maybe just small yet.
32:22 Ephesians 4:4,
32:24 not playful as a child there in Ephesians 11:16,
32:28 but as children we must desire,
32:30 I like this, the sincere milk of the word.
32:33 It's good.
32:34 You know, how many of us really want sincere milk of the word.
32:36 I want the milk of the word.
32:38 You know, again, talking about a child here.
32:39 We must begin on the milk
32:41 when I'm talking about,
32:42 now somebody pass out the meat.
32:44 All right.
32:45 Sometime we need the meat of the word.
32:47 Those who have been in the church
32:49 ever learning never come to the knowledge
32:50 right of the truth.
32:51 Maybe they're not getting any meat of the word.
32:53 So we need that too.
32:54 But notice, real conversion to me
32:56 is the foundation for finding a true,
33:01 a true rest in Jesus Christ as these lessons bringing out.
33:04 Right, the real foundation, dig deep in the Word of God,
33:08 not surface diggers at all.
33:10 Here's some effects of it.
33:11 Quickly, I want to get this in before we close with it.
33:14 Christ's Object Lesson, page 98, 99.
33:16 I love Christ's Object Lesson, I pray that you'll love it too.
33:19 Some real lessons, we can learn there.
33:20 Effects of evidences of conversion.
33:23 Notice what it says,
33:24 "The leaven hidden in the flour works invisibly
33:28 to bring the whole mass under the leavening process,"
33:32 so the leaves of truth, notice it or the
33:34 "leaven of truth
33:35 works secretly, and silently,
33:38 notice it, steadily, to transform the soul."
33:42 The natural inclinations, here we go again,
33:44 "The natural inclinations,
33:46 notice, the new motives, new feelings are implanted.
33:50 A new standard of character,"
33:52 I love this, I need that,
33:53 "is set up the life of Christ.
33:57 The mind is changed to where we have now," what?
34:00 "The mind of Christ."
34:02 No longer I that live by, but Christ who lives in me.
34:04 See, I sense it,
34:06 I know each one of does here, and I pray that you do at home.
34:08 We have to sense that every day of our life,
34:10 I need the life of Christ. I need Him every day.
34:14 If we don't, we're going to fail.
34:15 We're going to fall short.
34:18 And sad to say after years, years, I could say that,
34:22 you know, disciples being with Jesus
34:23 and maybe you and maybe me too,
34:25 hearing and learning and watching Him
34:28 and enjoying the fellowship with Him.
34:31 He simply said to His people right then and there,
34:33 you must be born again.
34:35 Oh, that's heavy duty, you must be born again.
34:38 We must keep focused on Christ.
34:40 That must be our focus today, right?
34:43 We need His power. We need His wisdom.
34:45 We need His victories.
34:46 And make sure maybe today by God's grace today,
34:48 make sure your ambition
34:51 and my ambition is to make heaven my home.
34:55 I want nothing to come in between that.
34:57 And God said what?
34:58 He's going to prepare the way, so be ready.
35:00 Ambitious, I'm ambitious for heaven.
35:03 Wow. Amen.
35:04 That was an ambitious presentation.
35:07 Thank you so much, Pastor Kenny.
35:09 Never boring,
35:10 always got fire shut up in his bones.
35:13 Thank you for that.
35:14 Mine is on Hypocrisy. What a topic.
35:16 When I studied this,
35:18 I thought, okay, Lord, I could hear the file.
35:20 I could hear the chainsaw.
35:21 I could hear the hammer, the chisel,
35:23 'cause sometimes those things come up in us.
35:26 And we as preachers
35:28 sometimes fall into that category by default,
35:32 when we preach enthusiastically or ambitious,
35:35 and we fail to recognize,
35:37 hey, why don't you sit in the seat
35:39 and listen to yourself preach.
35:40 Oh, mercy.
35:41 And so this really opened my eyes
35:43 to some things that I said,
35:44 "Okay, Lord, help me, get me ready for the kingdom."
35:46 Let me just define hypocrisy.
35:48 Hypocrisy is some
35:49 or hypocrite is someone who play-acts,
35:53 who wants to appear to be somebody
35:55 whom he or she is not.
35:58 The term is used seven times in Matthew 23.
36:01 In a discourse in which Jesus publicly shames
36:05 the scribes and Pharisees,
36:08 the very center of Jewish religious leadership.
36:12 The gospel shows us Jesus offering grace
36:14 and forgiveness to adulterers,
36:16 tax collectors, prostitutes, and even murderers.
36:20 But He demonstrated
36:21 little compassion for hypocrites.
36:23 And I thought,
36:25 "Honey, I need to do a seminar on hypocrisy."
36:26 We see that sin will condemn you,
36:28 but hypocrisy is something
36:30 that is not even a conscious sin.
36:32 It's an amazing thing.
36:34 Matthew 23:1-13,
36:35 I'll read through that very quickly,
36:37 and I have seven takeaways.
36:38 All right.
36:40 Start in Matthew 23:1,
36:41 "Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes
36:43 and to His disciples, saying:
36:45 'The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat.
36:48 Therefore whatever they tell you to observe,
36:52 that observe and do,
36:55 but do not do according to their works,
36:57 for they say, and do not do.
37:00 For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear,
37:02 and lay them on men's shoulders,
37:04 but they themselves will not move them
37:06 with one of their fingers.
37:07 But all their works they do to be seen by men.
37:12 They make their phylacteries broad,"
37:15 that's the dressing on their arm garments,
37:19 "and they enlarge the borders of their garments.
37:22 They love the best seats or the best places at feasts,
37:26 the best seats in the synagogue,
37:29 greetings in the marketplace,
37:31 and to be called by men, 'Rabbi, Rabbi.'
37:34 But you, do not be called 'Rabbi,'
37:38 for One is your Teacher, the Christ,
37:42 and you are all brethren.
37:44 Do not call anyone on earth your father,"
37:46 and that's the context of it,
37:49 "for one is your Father, He who is in heaven.
37:52 And do not be called teachers,
37:54 for one is your Teacher, the Christ.
37:56 But he who is greatest among you
37:57 shall be your servants.
37:59 And whoever exalts himself will be humbled,
38:01 and he who humbles himself will be exalted.
38:04 But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
38:07 For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men,
38:10 for you neither go in yourselves,
38:13 nor do you allow those who are entering to go in. '"
38:16 Wow!
38:18 Well, I looked at Pharisees in the lesson,
38:20 the lesson, right?
38:21 I need to say this ahead of time.
38:22 The writers in the lesson
38:24 pointed out the Pharisees and Sadducees.
38:25 And they identified,
38:27 here's their definition of Pharisees.
38:29 They said, "The Pharisees represents
38:30 the conservative religious right."
38:33 That's in the lesson.
38:35 They said, it represents
38:36 the conservative religious right.
38:38 They were interested in the written and oral law,
38:41 and emphasize ritual purity.
38:43 And here's what they pointed out
38:44 in harmony with that.
38:46 Matthew 5:20,
38:47 "For I say to you,
38:49 that unless your righteousness exceeds
38:50 the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees,
38:53 you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven."
38:55 And they pointed out four things
38:57 that were very prominent in the life of the Pharisee.
39:00 Pharisees tell you what to do,
39:03 that they're not willing to do.
39:05 They make religion difficult for you,
39:07 but easy for themselves.
39:09 They boast about their works
39:10 for all, for all to take notice.
39:13 They lavish themselves with religious garments,
39:16 but not holy lives.
39:18 Those are the Pharisees pointed out in the lesson.
39:21 And they said the Sadducees represent the liberal left.
39:23 It's amazing.
39:25 They put them both in categories.
39:26 A group of mostly wealthy leaders
39:28 often associated with elite priestly class.
39:31 They were highly Hellenized,
39:34 they spoke Greek
39:35 and were at home in Greek philosophy,
39:37 and did not believe in a judgment
39:39 or an afterlife.
39:41 And then they said in Acts 23:8,
39:44 "For Sadducees say that there is no resurrection,
39:47 and no angel or spirit,
39:49 but the Pharisees confess both."
39:51 And you may remember
39:52 when Paul was in a predicament once,
39:54 he used the Pharisees against the Sadducees
39:56 to get himself off the hook.
39:57 You got to know how to do that.
39:59 That's very classic, classic element.
40:01 Let's go ahead and look at the remedies of hypocrisy.
40:03 First one, Matthew 6:3-4,
40:06 don't boast about what you do for others.
40:10 Matthew 6:3,
40:12 "But when you do a charitable deed,
40:13 do not let your left hand know
40:15 what your right hand is doing,
40:17 that your charitable deed may be in secret,
40:20 and your Father who sees in secret
40:22 will Himself reward you openly."
40:24 Don't tell everybody what you did
40:26 for this person and that person
40:27 because the Lord says, you already got your reward.
40:29 I don't have to give you anything.
40:31 Don't boast about what you do for others.
40:33 Number two, don't pray for self exaltation.
40:36 Some people pray,
40:38 their introduction is nine minutes long,
40:39 and their prayer is one minute.
40:41 I've seen people recite the Bible.
40:43 If Peter had done that, he'd have drowned.
40:45 Get to the point sometimes.
40:48 Matthew 6:5-6,
40:50 "And when you pray,
40:51 you shall not be like the hypocrites.
40:53 For they love to pray standing in the synagogues
40:55 and on the corners of the streets,
40:57 that they may be seen by men.
40:58 Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward.
41:01 But you, when you pray, go into your room,
41:03 and when you have shut the door,
41:05 pray to your Father who is in the secret place,
41:07 and your Father who sees in secret
41:09 will reward you," how?
41:11 "Openly." Yes.
41:12 Don't pray for self exaltation.
41:15 Number three,
41:16 don't make salvation seem impossible for others.
41:18 It's good.
41:20 I cannot stand these ministries
41:21 that all they have is a negative message.
41:24 They go, they side 3ABN and Hope Channel,
41:27 and Doug Batchelor and all these other leaders,
41:29 and all they do is put their sermons
41:30 and tear them down.
41:32 And I say, "Who would want to join a movement like that?"
41:35 And sadly enough,
41:36 a lot of people pay for that kind of thing.
41:38 Don't make salvation seem impossible for others.
41:41 Matthew 23:13,
41:43 " But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
41:45 For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men,
41:47 for you neither go in yourselves,
41:50 nor do you allow those
41:53 who are entering to go in."
41:56 They'll give you all the reasons
41:57 why you shouldn't listen to 3ABN.
41:59 That's right.
42:01 And Christ will never be uplifted in their sermons.
42:03 If you're not uplifting Christ, don't even open your mouth,
42:06 because nobody will be drawn to a saving relationship
42:10 when you are negative.
42:12 That was number what?
42:13 That was number... Three or four.
42:15 Number four.
42:16 Don't praise your obligation to God
42:17 while ignoring the more important things.
42:20 Matthew 23:23,
42:22 " Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
42:24 For you pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin,
42:28 and have neglected
42:29 the weightier matters of the law:
42:31 justice and mercy and faith."
42:32 Now watch this.
42:33 "These you ought to have done,
42:36 without leaving the others undone."
42:38 Justice and mercy
42:39 does not get rid of the obligation
42:41 of paying tithes and offering,
42:43 but don't make that your boast
42:44 and you be unmerciful and unjust to people
42:47 that need the mercy and justice of Christ.
42:50 Number five, don't minimize others faults.
42:55 Don't maximize others faults, while minimizing yours.
42:58 That's good.
43:00 Matthew 23:24,
43:01 "Blind guides, "
43:03 that's another way of saying hypocrites,
43:04 "you strain out a gnat and," what else?
43:07 "Swallow a camel."
43:10 I had to pull somebody aside once and say
43:12 you know, you're a Christian.
43:13 More specifically,
43:14 you're a Seventh-day Adventist Christian,
43:16 not that the Christian obligation
43:17 is different for you than other Christians.
43:19 But if you can't say anything positive
43:21 about people in church,
43:22 don't say anything at all.
43:23 That's good.
43:25 Because there's some people that all you have to do is
43:26 just whisper one word.
43:28 And if a fire starts, before you know it,
43:30 that person is burned to the ground,
43:32 you see there are ashes everywhere,
43:33 and they have no idea
43:35 that they are the subject of somebody's of criticism.
43:38 Brethren, criticism should never be named
43:41 among those who named the name of Christ.
43:43 Because the thing that you criticize the most,
43:45 the Bible says,
43:46 it's a plank in your eye
43:48 and a splinter in your other brother's eye.
43:50 Mercy.
43:51 So don't maximize others faults and minimize your own.
43:54 Number six, focus on your internal condition,
43:57 not just on your external appearance.
43:59 Matthew 23:25,
44:02 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, and hypocrites!
44:04 For you cleanse the outside of the cup and the dish,
44:07 but inside they are full of extortion
44:09 and self-indulgence.
44:11 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
44:13 For you are like whitewashed tombs
44:15 which indeed appear beautiful outwardly,
44:17 but inside are full of dead men's bones
44:19 and all uncleanness."
44:22 What a rebuke of hypocrisy Jesus put down.
44:24 Number seven,
44:26 don't sound religious while ignoring obedience.
44:29 Don't sound religious while ignoring obedience.
44:31 Matthew 15:7-9,
44:33 "Hypocrites!
44:35 Well did Isaiah prophesy about you, saying:
44:38 'These people draw near to Me with their mouth,
44:40 honor Me with their lips,
44:42 but their hearts are far from Me.
44:44 In vain they worship Me,
44:45 teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.'"
44:49 Don't put aside God's requirements
44:52 by and just sound religious,
44:54 that's popular in this generation.
44:56 So I end with the remedy for hypocrisy.
44:59 2 Corinthians 13:5,
45:01 "Examine yourselves
45:03 as to whether you are in the faith.
45:05 Test yourselves.
45:07 Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?
45:10 Unless indeed you are disqualified."
45:12 Jill? Amen.
45:14 Thank you, Pastor John.
45:16 We could go another 10 minutes
45:17 and we could morph this into a sermon.
45:19 That was powerful. That was really good, Pastor.
45:22 On Thursday, we have Uprooting Restlessness.
45:26 How do we uproot restlessness?
45:28 How do we uproot selfishness, and pride, and ambition,
45:31 and jealousy, and hypocrisy?
45:33 Each one of these pastors have already shared
45:36 the keys and ways to uproot restlessness,
45:39 their particular sin that they were addressing,
45:42 but we're going to look at six keys, Pastor John.
45:44 Okay. And how we find rest?
45:46 How do we uproot that restlessness?
45:49 And the bottom line key is Jesus.
45:52 Amen.
45:53 John 14:1-6,
45:55 "Let not your heart be troubled,
45:57 you believe in God, believe also in Me.
45:59 In My Father's house are many mansions,
46:01 if it were not so, I would have told you.
46:04 I go to prepare a place for you.
46:06 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
46:08 I will come again
46:10 and receive you to Myself,
46:12 that where I am, there you may be also.
46:15 And where I go you know, and the way you know.
46:18 Thomas said to Him,
46:19 'Lord, we do not know where You are going,
46:22 how can we know the way?'
46:24 Jesus said,
46:25 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.
46:29 No one comes to the Father except through Me.'"
46:34 Are you restless? Find rest in your Redeemer.
46:39 You feel like a failure?
46:40 Find faith in your Father and in His Word.
46:45 Are you discouraged or downhearted?
46:47 Find delight in your Deliverer.
46:50 Do you feel haughty?
46:52 Find humility through His Spirit.
46:56 Are you lonely or lost?
46:58 Find love in your Lord.
47:00 Are you burdened with sin?
47:03 Find a solace in your Savior.
47:06 So the six keys to uprooting restlessness,
47:09 they all start with R,
47:11 it is recognize, repent, receive,
47:14 respond, reexamine and realize, so let's look at them.
47:17 Key number one.
47:19 Recognize that He, that's Jesus,
47:21 is the only solution.
47:22 He's the only hope, the only option.
47:24 We just read this scripture.
47:26 John 14:6, Jesus said,
47:28 "I'm the way, the truth, the life.
47:31 No one comes to the Father except through Me."
47:34 Our only option is Jesus.
47:37 The sooner you and I stop trying
47:39 to uproot restlessness,
47:41 the sooner we stop trying to be ambitious,
47:44 the sooner we stop trying
47:45 in our own strength not to be hypocritical,
47:48 not to be selfish,
47:49 not to be prideful or arrogant,
47:52 the sooner we have victory.
47:54 Because we don't look at ourselves,
47:57 we focus our attention on Jesus.
48:00 Recognize that we cannot uproot anything.
48:03 We can't pull sin out of our lives.
48:06 Jesus is the only one
48:07 who can uproot sin from our lives.
48:10 Recognize He's the only solution,
48:12 He's the only way out.
48:13 Key number two.
48:15 Repent and ask for forgiveness and cleansing.
48:19 You see, we don't even recognize our...
48:21 We don't, we can't repent
48:23 without first recognizing that He's our Savior.
48:26 He is the solution, then we repent.
48:29 1 John 1:9.
48:31 It reminds me of Molly Sue.
48:33 She always would quote that on Sabbath School Panel.
48:36 "If we confess our sins,
48:39 He is faithful
48:40 and just to forgive us our sins,
48:42 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
48:46 So it's the two part, I love that.
48:48 He forgives, but He doesn't just leave us there.
48:50 He cleanses us from all unrighteousness.
48:54 Key number three.
48:56 Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
48:59 You want victory in your life.
49:01 Do you want to uproot selfishness, and pride,
49:03 and ambition, and hypocrisy, and jealousy,
49:07 and all of those evil things, unforgiveness and bitterness?
49:10 Do you want to uproot that from your life?
49:12 Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
49:15 Luke 11:13.
49:17 Jesus says,
49:19 "If you then, being evil,
49:20 know how to give good gifts to your children,
49:23 how much more will your heavenly Father
49:26 give the Holy Spirit to those who ask!"
49:29 So the spirit is freely given, all you have to do is ask.
49:32 Come before Jesus and say,
49:34 "I want, I need,
49:36 I covet the gift of the Holy Spirit.
49:39 Would you give me the gift of the Holy Spirit?
49:42 And you know what? He will.
49:44 The Holy Spirit gives us power for evangelism.
49:47 I think of Acts 1:8,
49:49 " You shall receive power
49:51 when the Holy Spirit has come upon you,
49:53 and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem,
49:56 and in Judea and in Samaria,
49:58 and to the uttermost parts of the earth."
50:01 The Holy Spirit gives us power for evangelism.
50:04 The Holy Spirit gives us power to obey.
50:08 Ezekiel 36:27, I love this passage,
50:11 all about the new heart.
50:13 Ezekiel 36:27, he says,
50:15 "I will put My Spirit on you
50:17 and cause you to walk in My statutes,
50:21 and you will keep My judgments and do them."
50:23 How do we walk in His statutes?
50:24 How do we keep His judgments?
50:26 How do we walk in obedience to the law of God?
50:30 It is through the power of the Holy Spirit
50:32 that God gives us, it is a gift.
50:35 The Spirit gives us power over our fleshly nature.
50:40 Romans 8:13,
50:42 "If you live according to the flesh
50:43 you're gonna die,
50:45 but if by the power of the spirit
50:48 you put to death the deeds of the body,
50:50 you will live."
50:52 Do you want victory over the fleshly nature?
50:55 The Holy Spirit will give you power over that.
50:58 The Holy Spirit enables us
51:00 to receive even the love of God.
51:03 Romans 5:5,
51:04 "Hope does not disappoint,
51:05 because the love of God has been shed abroad
51:08 or poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit
51:11 who was given to us."
51:13 We can't even receive the love of God
51:16 without the gift of the Holy Spirit.
51:19 Key number one, we recognize that
51:21 He, Jesus is the only solution.
51:23 Number two, we repent
51:24 and ask for forgiveness and cleansing.
51:26 Number three,
51:27 we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
51:30 Number four, we respond in faith.
51:34 1 John 5:4,
51:36 "This is the victory that has overcome the world,
51:40 even our faith."
51:42 You see, faith reaches out and claims God's promises.
51:46 Faith reaches out and claims God's power.
51:49 Faith enables you and I to walk in victory.
51:53 We can have the gift of the Holy Spirit.
51:54 We can be looking at Jesus,
51:56 we can have repented of those sins.
51:58 But if we don't reach out by faith,
52:01 and lay hold of the promises in His Word,
52:04 lay hold of that promise
52:05 that He will grant us the Holy Spirit.
52:07 It means nothing.
52:09 You and I need to reach out and respond by faith.
52:11 And you might say,
52:12 "But, Jill, I don't have any faith."
52:14 To each man is given a measure of faith.
52:16 We all have one little itsy bitsy
52:19 mustard seed of faith.
52:22 And faith, it grows by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
52:25 So spend time in the Word
52:26 and your faith will begin to grow.
52:28 Key number five,
52:30 Pastor John already alluded to this
52:32 and read this verse,
52:34 but we're going to read it again,
52:35 is reexamine your own heart.
52:39 Key number five, reexamine your own heart.
52:41 2 Corinthians 13:5,
52:43 "Examine yourselves
52:44 as to whether you are in the faith.
52:47 Test or prove yourselves.
52:49 Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?
52:52 Unless indeed you are disqualified."
52:55 You see, we're called to examine ourselves.
52:57 I'm not called to examine Pastor John.
52:59 I'm not called to examine Pastor Kenny
53:00 or Pastor Johnny or you at home.
53:03 I am called to examine myself.
53:07 Our walk with Jesus is personal and intimate.
53:12 And us in Jesus,
53:13 it's not between us and someone else.
53:15 It's between us and Jesus.
53:17 Psalm 139:23-24.
53:19 It says, "Search me, O God,"
53:21 that word in Hebrew means intimately examine.
53:25 God, would You examine the recesses of my heart?
53:28 "Know my heart, try me, and know my thoughts,
53:30 and see if there is any wicked way in me,
53:33 and lead me in the way everlasting."
53:35 I always pray God,
53:37 not see is there any wicked way because I know it's there.
53:39 I just say, God revealed to me
53:42 those areas in my heart
53:44 that you want to clean up.
53:45 And you know what? He's going to do that.
53:47 Key number six.
53:48 Rely on Jesus
53:51 to finish and perfect the work He began in your life.
53:55 Philippians 1:6,
53:56 "Being confident of this very thing,
53:59 that He who begun a good work in you
54:01 will carry it forward to completion
54:03 until the day of Jesus Christ."
54:06 Let him finish the work He began in your life.
54:09 Don't begin with Him
54:11 and then pull yourself out of His arms
54:12 and say, I got it now.
54:14 I'm going to do it my own way.
54:16 Let Him finish the work He began.
54:19 I want to close with a quote actually from Ellen White.
54:21 This is from Early Writings.
54:23 I love this,
54:24 especially we're talking about uprooting restlessness.
54:27 It's Early Writings, page 119.
54:30 "In dealing with issues between church members,
54:33 conversation has been protracted for hours
54:36 between the parties concerned,
54:38 and not only has their time been wasted,
54:40 but the servants of God are held to listen to them,
54:43 when the hearts of both parties are unsubdued by grace."
54:47 This next sentence is the key.
54:50 "If pride and selfishness were laid aside,
54:55 five minutes would remove most difficulties."
54:59 Do you have odd with a brother and sister?
55:02 Do you see restlessness, pride, ambition, selfishness,
55:06 all of that in someone else's heart in life
55:08 and you have angst with them?
55:10 Five minutes,
55:11 if the Lord, you'll allow the Lord
55:13 to remove the pride and selfishness
55:14 from your heart and the other person,
55:16 five minutes would remove most difficulties.
55:18 Praise God. Amen.
55:20 Praise the Lord. I love that quote.
55:22 And I love this lesson.
55:24 Thank you each one of you.
55:26 Let's just take a moment
55:27 and you'll each just give us a little,
55:30 a thought from your day.
55:31 Thank you very much.
55:33 Selfishness, Monday's part.
55:35 I like to read this
55:36 from Christ's Object Lessons, page. 259 which says,
55:39 "To live for self is to perish.
55:42 Covetousness, the desire of benefit for self's sake,
55:46 cuts the soul off from life.
55:49 It is the spirit of Satan to get, to draw to self.
55:52 It is the spirit of Christ
55:54 to give, and to sacrifice self for the good of others."
55:58 Amen.
55:59 I'm looking at selfishness and vain glory,
56:02 ambition and things that we've talked about.
56:04 I want to say, it's the counterfeit rock
56:07 that's dashed many a souls.
56:09 It cripples the church,
56:11 it cripples our own personal experience.
56:13 And we find that those who are least connected to God
56:17 are the ones who were most earnestly
56:20 seeking for the highest position.
56:24 And mine on hypocrisy, Galatians 6:4,
56:27 comes back to examination.
56:29 "But let each one examine his own work,
56:33 and then he will have rejoicing in himself alone,
56:37 and not in another."
56:39 It's important that you examine your life,
56:42 the things you do, the things you say,
56:43 the works of your own life,
56:45 because when you see that
56:46 what you've done brings glory to God,
56:47 only then can there be any rejoicing.
56:51 And by the way, the rejoicing is not for your glory.
56:54 Never forget, the rejoicing is for the glory of Christ.
56:56 Amen.
56:57 On Thursday we looked up uprooting restlessness.
57:00 And Paul tells us in Hebrews 12:1-2,
57:03 that we're to lay aside every weight,
57:05 and the sin that so easily besets us.
57:07 And we're to look unto Jesus,
57:10 the author and finisher of our faith."
57:13 Fix your eyes on Jesus,
57:15 and He will uproot that sin from your life.
57:17 Amen.
57:19 Well, I guess that we could say that
57:22 the root of restlessness is to be self focused,
57:27 to be exalting self.
57:30 And when you spell sin, s-i-n, what's in the middle?
57:33 I. I.
57:35 Anytime you've got I,
57:36 it's like Satan did in Isaiah 14.
57:39 You know, you've got a problem,
57:41 so here's the thing
57:42 that I want to leave you with.
57:45 When we are emptied of self
57:47 and we can't even do that of ourselves,
57:49 but we're praying, I say,
57:50 "Lord, empty me of self
57:52 and fill me with Your Holy Spirit."
57:54 But you can only be filled
57:56 with the spirit to the degree you're emptied of self.
57:59 Join us next week.
58:01 We're going to talk about the Cost of Rest.
58:05 Amen. Amen.


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