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00:01 Hello, friends, welcome to 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
00:03 I'm John Lomacang.
00:04 I want to personally thank you
00:06 for taking the time each week to join us
00:08 as we walked through some amazing topics
00:11 in the Word of God.
00:13 Today, lesson number nine is about The Rhythms of Rest.
00:17 We've been focusing on rest and various aspects,
00:19 but today you'll find in our study,
00:21 there is a rhythm to rest.
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00:38 And you could sit down with brothers and sisters in Christ
00:41 and study an exciting lesson,
00:42 but right now, take the time to gather your family together,
00:46 or if you're by yourself, stay with us,
00:48 as we walk through the Word of God
00:49 in the rhythms of rest.
01:24 Hello, friends, welcome to lesson number nine,
01:26 The Rhythms of Rest.
01:28 We are thanking you once again for taking the time to join us.
01:31 I'm just one of your 3ABN family members
01:33 that are ready to talk about this beautiful rhythm
01:36 that God has built into His creation.
01:39 To my immediate left is my brother.
01:41 We share the same name.
01:43 Pastor Dinzey, good to have you here.
01:45 It's a blessing to be here, and I would encourage everyone
01:48 to pay attention because God has a blessing in store
01:51 during this hour together That's right.
01:53 And, Jill, good to have you here as always.
01:55 Thank you, Pastor John.
01:56 I just love opening up the Word of God.
01:58 I love hearing and seeing
01:59 what He has through each one of you.
02:01 That's right.
02:02 Shelley, you are in the loop of the rhythms.
02:04 What's on your heart?
02:05 Oh, I get to talk about another reason to rest
02:08 and I'm very pleased with this.
02:10 This whole quarter has been a beautiful study.
02:13 Okay.
02:15 We're so glad you're joining us.
02:17 And, Greg, we don't always have you,
02:19 but when we do, we're glad to have you today.
02:21 It's a blessing to be part of the Sabbath School Panel
02:23 and a great quarter too.
02:24 On that note, would you begin with prayer for us?
02:26 Sure. Right.
02:27 Father in heaven, Lord, we're so grateful
02:30 that we can open Your Word.
02:31 We just ask for Your Holy Spirit to be with us
02:34 and, Lord, to lead us and to guide us.
02:37 And thank You, Father, that You are the captain of the ship
02:40 and, Father, that we can follow You
02:42 and in Jesus' name we pray.
02:43 Amen. Amen.
02:46 This week's memory text is Genesis 2:3.
02:51 Genesis 2:3.
02:55 And the Word of God speaks to us in this way.
02:58 "Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified
03:04 it because in it, He rested from all His work,
03:07 which God had created and made."
03:11 It's amazing.
03:12 When you look at the rhythm in creation,
03:15 you know, you think about God's evaluation
03:17 of everything that He had done.
03:19 And you read in Genesis Chapter 1 from verse 1 to 31,
03:22 it begins by saying, in the beginning God,
03:25 and the evaluation that we find from the Word of God
03:29 about all that He had done, it says in Genesis 1:31,
03:34 "Then God saw everything that He had made.
03:38 And indeed it was?"
03:39 Very good.
03:41 "Very good.
03:42 And so the evening and the morning
03:46 were the sixth day."
03:48 I want to begin by dispelling a rumor or a fallacy
03:52 or a myth about how long creation week was.
03:55 The Bible didn't say it was just,
03:58 it was the end of the sixth day,
03:59 was the end of the fifth day, the fourth and third.
04:01 It says the evening and the morning,
04:04 two words in the Hebrew that clearly delineate
04:06 the daytime from the nighttime.
04:09 We have terminologies in our language today
04:11 that also shows us the cycles of the day.
04:14 And when we talk about the rhythms,
04:16 everything that God created, there's a rhythm built into it.
04:20 Now think about that.
04:21 When your heart is not beating right is called arrhythmia.
04:24 Why?
04:25 Because it's out of rhythm.
04:26 When you think about the mind,
04:28 the body and just to be not insensitive,
04:32 but people that have, or experience seizures
04:35 is because the rhythm in the body was broken
04:38 and the body is starving trying to fight
04:40 its way back into the rhythm.
04:42 Why? Because God created rhythm in everything.
04:44 So I've said that to say this, if you have an issue
04:49 with rhythm, all of God's creation is in rhythm.
04:51 And I understand you might be talking about an instrument,
04:54 but it's important that we stay in the cadences
04:58 and the rhythm of God's creation.
05:00 The days, the months, the weeks and the years,
05:03 the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the months,
05:06 and the cycles of the seasons,
05:08 the birds appreciate the rhythms of God's creation.
05:11 They know when to leave.
05:13 They know when to arrive.
05:14 My wife and I are privileged.
05:16 Every spring, the Canadian geese show up.
05:18 They have their children,
05:20 they have a picnic all spring and all summer on our lawn.
05:23 And then they leave and we don't see them until next year
05:25 when they decide to continue the rhythm.
05:28 The squirrels know when to go to bed and when to wake up.
05:31 We see the raccoons at night, that's their rhythm.
05:33 The squirrels during the day, that's their rhythms.
05:35 The birds eat as much food
05:37 as they can till the sun completely disappears.
05:39 That's the end of their rhythm.
05:41 And they come back the next morning.
05:42 That's God's creation, but God did something
05:45 at the end of all those rhythms cycles
05:48 that He wants us to understand
05:49 is not a part of the physical creation,
05:52 but is a part of the spiritual creation.
05:55 Let's look at Genesis Chapter 2,
05:58 I wanna show you some of these wonderful things.
06:00 After the six days of creation,
06:02 God created something multidimensional
06:06 that had no physical measurements.
06:09 Multidimensional, no physical measurements.
06:12 What did God create?
06:14 Genesis Chapter 2, let's look at verses 1-3.
06:18 And I could, I would hate to say
06:19 that because of we're speaking of the rhythmic,
06:22 rhythmic cycles, we may cover
06:23 some of the same scriptures throughout our lesson,
06:25 which has been a cadence
06:27 that we've experienced throughout this quarterly,
06:29 but Genesis 2:1-3, and the Bible says,
06:32 "Thus, the heavens and the earth
06:36 and all the hosts of them were finished.
06:39 And on the seventh day, God ended His work,
06:42 which He had done."
06:44 And he did what? Rested.
06:45 "Rested on the seventh day from all His work,
06:49 which He had done.
06:50 Then God."
06:52 together
06:53 "blessed the seventh day,
06:54 and sanctified it because in it,
06:56 He rested from all his work,
06:59 which God had created and made."
07:01 Now we know that God was not tired,
07:04 so, but God did something.
07:06 He added another rhythm.
07:09 He added another rhythm, a weekly rhythm.
07:11 And do you know that we may be able to trace the new moons,
07:17 the quarterly moons or three quarters
07:18 of the full moon in the rhythmic heavens
07:21 because they manifest themselves visibly.
07:23 We can see the seasons coming and going.
07:25 We can trace the rising and the setting of the sun,
07:27 the 24 hour period, the seasons, the cold,
07:31 the warm, the hot, the cool again,
07:34 but there's no place that we can find a seven day week
07:38 other than in the Word of God.
07:41 Now, think about that for a moment.
07:43 Only the Bible talks about the seven day cycle,
07:46 but everyone knows about it.
07:48 Everyone knows that regardless
07:49 of what the names of the days are,
07:51 everyone knows that there's a cycle.
07:53 If somebody says, well, has time changed?
07:56 I can guarantee you with this little test,
07:58 they'll figure out what day is which.
08:00 If I said, I'll have a $10,000 check for you
08:02 on the third day of the week,
08:03 there'll be no problem about finding out what day that is.
08:06 I guarantee you.
08:08 But when God builds His rhythm, that multidimensional rhythm
08:12 He built in that has no physical dimensions
08:15 was one that God set aside for He
08:19 and I to enjoy together.
08:22 And then He added something.
08:23 Let's go to Exodus Chapter 20.
08:25 Look why God... This answers the question,
08:29 why God created that rhythm and for whom?
08:32 Exodus Chapter 20.
08:34 And I'm going to read verse 11, verse 11, all right?
08:38 "For in six days, the Lord made the heavens and the earth,
08:43 the sea, and all that is in them,"
08:45 sounds just like Genesis 2:1-3.
08:46 It does.
08:48 "And rested on the seventh day.
08:51 Therefore the Lord did," what?
08:54 "Blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.
08:57 God made it."
08:59 Why and for whom did He make it?
09:01 Now let's look and see verses 8 to 10 in Exodus Chapter 20,
09:06 he starts with the word remember.
09:08 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
09:12 Now, wait a minute.
09:13 Think about that for a moment.
09:14 What is another word for holy?
09:16 Sanctified, blessed.
09:19 God blessed one day of the week, the seventh one,
09:22 He blessed it.
09:24 He sanctified and to establish a rhythm in His creation
09:28 He rested.
09:30 He rested not because of exhaustion,
09:32 not because He needed a breather,
09:34 but He established another rhythm.
09:36 Now, let's consider that for a moment.
09:38 As we look at Exodus 20:8-10, he says,
09:42 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
09:44 Six days, you shall labor and do all your work."
09:47 Why? That's what He did.
09:49 That was His rhythm.
09:51 "But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord
09:54 Your God."
09:56 I'm not going to read the rest of it because we know that.
09:58 But notice what He says?
09:59 If God is your God, he says, you know what?
10:02 You don't have to try to pick a day.
10:03 I've already picked the day.
10:05 Now the question is not what day is the Sabbath?
10:07 The question is who is your God?
10:10 The seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord,
10:12 your God.
10:14 So, if you have the God of creation as your God,
10:16 then He has already said,
10:18 this is the rhythm I want you to fall in.
10:21 So, if the Lord was at the head of the line
10:23 and we were marching behind Him,
10:25 ask yourself the question as a Christian,
10:27 would you be out of step with God?
10:30 Would you be out of step with Jesus?
10:32 Because He made it clear that the Sabbath,
10:35 the seventh day was blessed
10:36 before there was any other nation, just Adam and Eve.
10:40 And then in the New Testament,
10:42 He reiterates the significance
10:44 of why He did what He did on the seventh day.
10:47 Let's look at Mark 2:27-28.
10:52 Notice what the Bible tells us about this rhythm.
10:54 God makes it clear as who this rhythm is for.
10:59 "And He said to them, 'The Sabbath was made for man
11:03 and not man for the Sabbath.'"
11:05 Before we go to verse 28, who did God create this rhythm for?
11:09 Man.
11:10 Now watch this, the day doesn't benefit from us,
11:13 we benefit from the day.
11:15 God said, when this day comes around,
11:17 whatever you did the last six, cease it on this day.
11:21 Not only you, you nor your son, nor your daughter,
11:24 nor your manservant, nor your maidservant,
11:26 nor your cattle, nor the stranger
11:28 that is within your gates.
11:30 And it goes right back, for in six days.
11:33 So the Lord says, this day I've set aside for you,
11:37 dive into the rhythm and we can spend this time together,
11:40 not a holy hour, not a holy moment,
11:43 but a holy day from evening to evening.
11:47 And think about that for a moment.
11:49 You know, when 12 o'clock, there was a time
11:51 that people thought the day started at 12 o'clock at night,
11:54 but it's called midnight,
11:56 which means it's the middle of the night,
11:58 just as 12 o'clock in the daytime
12:01 doesn't start the day it's midday.
12:03 And the days in the Bible has eight watches.
12:07 The first watch of the night is from 6 PM to 9 PM.
12:10 The second watch 9 PM to midnight,
12:13 the third watch midnight to 3 AM.
12:15 And the fourth watch 3 AM to 6 AM.
12:18 And when you begin to apply the scriptural watches,
12:21 you begin to understand clearly
12:22 how events took place in the Bible.
12:24 For example, when the apostles were speaking in tongues
12:28 on the day of Pentecost, somebody said
12:31 it's only the third hour of the day.
12:33 That was the ending of the first watch.
12:35 In other words, it's too early in the morning
12:37 for anybody to be that intoxicated.
12:39 And so the watches of the days, and you find that principle
12:42 all throughout Scripture.
12:44 But here's my point, God established a rhythm.
12:47 So, my challenge to you as a Christian
12:48 is don't try to follow the rhythm that man establishes
12:52 because man says, this is the rhythm
12:54 most suitable for us.
12:56 But if he answered the question, who is your God,
12:58 then it's imperative that you fall into the rhythm
13:00 of the creator of heaven and earth.
13:04 Now here's the reason why,
13:06 because this rhythm was established in creation.
13:09 Follow this, kept by the people of God before Israel,
13:14 because Abraham, Genesis 26:5, Abraham kept my commandments,
13:20 my statutes and my laws.
13:22 The rhythm was established.
13:23 Then the nation of Israel came into existence.
13:25 And as the people, they honored the Sabbath
13:27 all throughout their dwelling,
13:29 then Jesus shows up in the New Testament.
13:31 He honors the Sabbath.
13:33 Luke 4:16.
13:34 He is nailed to the cross, but the Sabbath continues.
13:36 Matthew 24:20.
13:38 Pray that your flight be not in the winter,
13:40 neither on the Sabbath day.
13:42 When Jerusalem was destroyed, he said,
13:44 make sure that it doesn't happen on the Sabbath.
13:46 The apostles kept the Sabbath.
13:48 In the Book of Acts it's mentioned time and time again.
13:51 So, watch this creation, Old Testament,
13:54 New Testament, Jesus, the apostles.
13:57 And then Isaiah 66:22-23 says,
14:01 "It will be kept throughout eternity
14:03 in the new earth and in heaven."
14:06 So here's my challenge to you.
14:07 I challenge you if you haven't done it yet
14:10 to fall into the rhythm of worship,
14:13 as you worship the Creator of heaven and earth,
14:16 who is also the Lord, your God.
14:19 Amen.
14:20 Amen.
14:22 Amen. Praise the Lord.
14:23 So as we go into Monday's lesson,
14:26 the title is The Command to Rest.
14:30 The Command to Rest.
14:32 And it is known by all that we all need to rest.
14:37 And this day takes us into,
14:40 uh, looking at Genesis Chapter 1,
14:43 creation was ended.
14:44 We read already in Genesis 1:31.
14:47 "Then God saw everything that He had made,
14:49 and indeed it was very good.
14:51 So the evening and the morning were the sixth day."
14:55 But creation in itself,
14:57 God created the heavens and earth in six days,
14:59 but He rested on the seventh day.
15:03 So why do we have a seven day weekly cycle?
15:09 It goes back to creation.
15:11 You see, when you calculate the month,
15:14 normally you consider the moon going around the earth.
15:19 When you calculate the year,
15:21 we consider the earth going around the sun,
15:24 but there's really no astronomical body
15:26 or anything in the sky that you can observe
15:28 to indicate a seven day week.
15:32 Where does it come from?
15:34 It exists in every nation under heaven.
15:37 It has been preserved by God's mighty hand
15:41 to stand as a commemoration of creation.
15:45 Although not acknowledged by most people in the world.
15:49 The seventh day Sabbath remains
15:52 a commemoration of the creation.
15:57 And this is why I would like to point to the fact
16:00 that, you know, some people say, well,
16:02 the Sabbath was given to the Jews.
16:04 Hold on a few moments,
16:06 and you will see that this is a great error.
16:08 Pastor Lomacang already pointed out that Abraham kept
16:12 God's commandments.
16:14 It was known before Exodus 20.
16:16 You can also read Exodus Chapter 16.
16:19 Already there's talk about the Sabbath.
16:21 God was trying to bring God His children
16:24 back to an understanding of all of His commandments.
16:28 Because going into slavery into Egypt,
16:31 they have forgotten.
16:32 They had began to worship idols,
16:36 and God sent Moses to bring them back
16:39 to His original plan.
16:42 And notice what the Bible says
16:45 in Genesis 2:3
16:48 again, we're going to look at this again.
16:50 "Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it
16:56 because in it, He rested from all His work,
16:59 which God had created and made."
17:02 Question.
17:03 Is there any other day mentioned in the Bible
17:08 that He blessed and sanctified?
17:11 The answer is no.
17:12 God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it.
17:18 In other words, He expected His children to also rest
17:24 and be blessed on that day.
17:27 Now consider God taking Adam and Eve,
17:30 showing the creation.
17:33 The very first day that Adam and Eve lived
17:37 was the Sabbath day, taking them,
17:40 this is all these things have created for you.
17:42 And it's amazing to consider that God takes time
17:47 from His busy schedule to spend with us
17:50 on the seventh day Sabbath.
17:52 You can worship God every single day,
17:55 but God has an express command
17:58 that we are to stop everything that we're doing
18:02 to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
18:06 Question, are we asked to remember
18:08 the first day to keep it holy?
18:10 The Bible does not say that.
18:12 Does the Bible say, remember the second day to keep it holy?
18:15 The Bible does not say that.
18:16 And you can go on and on until you get to the sixth day
18:19 and you still have to say did God say
18:22 to keep the sixth day holy?
18:24 No, but He said, remember the seventh day
18:27 to keep it holy.
18:28 Let's read that commandment again in Exodus 20:8-11,
18:32 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
18:35 Six days you shall labor and do all your work."
18:38 Do all your stuff on the six days.
18:41 "But the seventh day is the Sabbath
18:44 of the Lord Your God."
18:45 Notice.
18:46 "In it, you shall do no work.
18:48 You nor your son, nor your daughter,
18:51 nor your male servant, nor your female servant,
18:53 nor your cattle, nor your stranger,
18:56 who is within your gates."
18:57 Why?
18:58 "For in six days, the Lord made the heavens and the earth,
19:01 the sea, and all that is in them
19:04 and the rested the seventh day.
19:05 Therefore the Lord blessed
19:07 the Sabbath day and hallowed it."
19:09 Now, please understand
19:11 that everybody was supposed to rest.
19:14 Even the animals,
19:15 even the servants were supposed to rest.
19:17 Why? Because it is the Sabbath of the Lord.
19:21 They too need to rest to receive
19:23 the blessing of the Lord.
19:25 Talking about rhythm, yes.
19:28 When you look into circadian rhythms,
19:31 we have a 24 hour like biological clock
19:35 and there is recent studies that have been going on.
19:38 Scientists are interested in chronobiology.
19:41 They have discovered that there's also a seventh day
19:44 circaseptan cycle,
19:46 a rhythm cycle for human beings.
19:49 That's right.
19:50 It affects different aspects of your health,
19:53 including your heart.
19:54 And I have here a...
19:57 some things that I'm not able to share with you
20:00 because of time,
20:01 but I encourage you to consider it affects your blood pressure,
20:06 your body temperature, your hormone levels
20:08 and your content in your blood, red blood cells.
20:11 All of these things are in a rhythm that needs,
20:15 that has these peaks
20:16 and rest needed by the human being
20:20 every seven days.
20:22 The French people way back decided that,
20:26 hey, who said we have to rest two days a week.
20:30 Let's do a 10 week, 10 day week.
20:33 You can look at it in the history
20:34 that when they decided to abandon the Bible
20:37 and declared that there is no God.
20:39 And they named the goddess of reason was their God.
20:44 So they adopted a 10 day week work cycle.
20:48 Wow.
20:49 They lasted a few months.
20:50 People were getting sick.
20:52 People were getting headache.
20:53 People couldn't, they could not survive.
20:56 So they had to resort back to a seven day weekly cycle
21:01 and giving people the rest they needed.
21:03 God has put it in us.
21:05 Now, please consider this,
21:07 had not sin entered into the world.
21:11 Adam taught his children to remember God's Sabbath day.
21:15 Their children was supposed to remind their children,
21:18 remember the seventh day to keep it holy.
21:20 Tomorrow is the Sabbath day, will tell the truth.
21:23 Remember, the Sabbath is coming.
21:25 We are to keep it holy.
21:26 Get everything you're supposed to get done by the sixth day,
21:29 because the seventh day is God's holy day.
21:32 And this is what God tried
21:34 to bring the people of Israel too,
21:37 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
21:39 Question, what was the Lord interested only
21:43 in blessing the Jewish people?
21:45 Because some people say
21:47 the Sabbath is only for the Jews.
21:49 Did the Lord intend to only bless the Jews.
21:51 No, the Sabbath was made before any Jews existed.
21:56 It was given to Adam before any Jews existed.
22:00 It is for all humanity. That's right.
22:03 And had, I'm sorry,
22:05 Jewish people that are listening,
22:06 had the Jewish people done the work
22:08 that God called them to do
22:10 to bring God's message and His laws
22:12 to the whole world,
22:14 the whole world
22:15 would have known that God is our creator.
22:17 The whole world
22:19 would have been keeping the Sabbath day.
22:22 And because of time,
22:23 I don't have time to read to you.
22:25 One passage in Isaiah 56:1-7,
22:29 let's see if we can get through it.
22:30 "Thus says the Lord,
22:32 keep justice and do righteousness,
22:34 for my salvation is about to come
22:36 and my righteousness to be revealed.
22:38 Blessed is the man who does this
22:41 and the son of man who lays hold on it,
22:43 who keeps from defiling the Sabbath
22:46 and keep his hand from doing an evil.
22:48 Do not let the son of the foreigner
22:51 who has joined himself to the Lord speak saying
22:53 the Lord has utterly separated me from his people.
22:57 Nor let the eunuch say, here I am, a dry tree for thus,
23:01 thus saith the Lord,
23:03 to the eunuch who keep my Sabbath
23:05 and choose what pleases me
23:07 and hold fast my covenant, even to them,
23:10 I will give in my house
23:12 and within my walls, a place and the name
23:15 better than that of sons and daughters,
23:17 I will give them an everlasting name
23:19 that shall not be cut off.
23:21 Also, the sons of the foreigner
23:23 who joined themselves to the Lord to serve him
23:25 and to love the name of the Lord,
23:27 to be his servants.
23:29 Everyone who keeps from defiling the Sabbath
23:31 and hold fast my covenant.
23:34 Even them, I will bring to my holy mountain
23:36 and make them joyful in my house of prayer.
23:39 Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices
23:41 will be accepted on my altar,
23:43 for my house
23:45 shall be called a house of prayer
23:46 for all nations."
23:48 So, I bring to you
23:50 had the people of Israel done the work
23:52 that God presented to them to do,
23:55 to bring the gospel to the world.
23:58 All the world would have known the Sabbath.
24:00 All the world
24:02 would been keeping the Sabbath,
24:04 because God's house
24:05 is supposed to be a house of prayer
24:07 for all nations.
24:10 So I say to you, it is a serious mistake
24:13 and a grasping, trying to hold on to something
24:16 God has not ordained to say,
24:17 the Sabbath is made for the Jews.
24:20 No, my friend,
24:22 the Sabbath is made for you and for me,
24:23 for the whole world.
24:25 Amen.
24:26 Thank you Pastor Dinzey. Thank you so much.
24:28 We're just getting started, so don't go away.
24:30 We'll be right back.
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25:06 Thank you for joining us again.
25:09 We are back after our short break and right now,
25:11 Jill Morikone is going to take up on Tuesday's lesson.
25:15 Thank you so much, Pastor John
25:17 and Pastor Johnny, incredible open.
25:19 I'm so thankful that God gives us the gift of the Sabbath.
25:24 Those rhythms of rest, we surely need it.
25:27 On Tuesday we look at New Circumstances.
25:29 The children of Israel, they had come up from Egypt.
25:33 They came from slavery.
25:34 They came from idol worship.
25:37 They had completely lost the understanding of God's law.
25:41 They had lost the Sabbath while they were slaves in Egypt.
25:44 We know Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were given God's law
25:48 and understood His law and His commandments
25:51 and walked in obedience by faith.
25:54 In the old Testament that obedience
25:55 was still by grace through faith.
25:57 And yet the children of Israel being in bondage
26:00 had lost sight of God's law.
26:03 They were God's chosen people,
26:04 but they had lost their identity.
26:07 They didn't know who they were anymore.
26:10 God delivered them by a mighty outstretched arm
26:13 by the dry Red Sea crossing.
26:15 Remember the Egyptians were behind them
26:18 and it looked like the sea was in front
26:20 and there was nowhere that they could go?
26:22 And God parted the Red Sea.
26:24 And they walked through on dry ground.
26:27 He gave them His law on Mount Sinai.
26:30 They wandered for 40 years in the wilderness
26:34 because they refused to by faith
26:37 accept God's promise that they could, yes,
26:40 they could conquer the land of Canaan.
26:43 And they wandered for those 40 years.
26:46 A new generation grew up.
26:48 They had vague memories of Egypt,
26:50 strong memories though of their parents repeated lack of faith
26:54 and their subsequent wandering in the wilderness.
26:57 So I want to look at six gifts
27:01 that God gave to the nation of Israel
27:03 during their years of wandering.
27:06 There's probably more than six,
27:07 but these are just six
27:09 that came to mind as I studied it.
27:10 Gift number one is the gift of God's presence.
27:14 There was a pillar of cloud by day,
27:17 and there was the pillar of fire by night.
27:20 Exodus 33:14.
27:22 And he said,
27:23 "My presence, it will go with you.
27:25 And I, I will give you rest."
27:29 Do you need rest?
27:30 Do you feel like you are, for some reason,
27:32 wandering in your own wilderness experience?
27:37 God says He will give you the gift of His presence.
27:41 Greg and I have always said that we came to 3ABN
27:46 because God moved the pillar of cloud here.
27:48 Meaning we're here because God's presence was here.
27:51 God wanted us here.
27:53 And if for whatever reason, God moves that pillar of cloud
27:57 somewhere else for us, then we need to obey.
27:59 We need to follow.
28:00 We need to stay in the center of God's will.
28:04 We need to stay in the center of His presence.
28:07 So the first gift to the children of Israel
28:08 was God's presence.
28:10 The second gift to the children of Israel
28:12 was God's direction.
28:14 Do you wonder sometimes, where am I supposed to go?
28:17 What decision should I make right here?
28:21 Exodus 40:36, whenever the cloud,
28:25 that was the symbol of God's presence.
28:26 Whenever the cloud was taken up from above the tabernacle,
28:29 the children of Israel would go onward
28:32 in all of their journeys.
28:34 Now that's an easy way to know God's direction.
28:36 The clouds moving forward,
28:38 then that means I need to go forward.
28:40 They knew that was a gift.
28:41 They knew God's direction.
28:43 Gift number three, God's deliverance from sin.
28:47 The plan of salvation was revealed
28:51 in the sanctuary system
28:53 that God gave to the children of Israel.
28:56 There was the tabernacle, the confession of sins,
29:00 the lamb that was slain symbolizing,
29:03 the coming Lamb of God.
29:05 In fact, David says in Psalm 77:13,
29:07 "Your way, oh God, it's in the sanctuary.
29:10 Who is so great a God as our God?"
29:14 And then I think of John the Baptist seen Jesus
29:17 when he came to the Jordan River, what did he say?
29:20 Behold, the Lamb of God,
29:21 which takes away the sin of the world.
29:26 So God gave them this plan of salvation
29:29 where they could look forward
29:31 with great anticipation and faith
29:34 to the coming Messiah.
29:36 Gift number four was God's provision.
29:40 This is amazing to me.
29:41 In Deuteronomy 29:5, it says,
29:44 "I have led you 40 years in the wilderness,
29:47 your clothes they have not worn out on you,
29:50 your sandals, they did not wear out on your feet."
29:54 God performed a miracle
29:56 and He kept their clothes from wearing out
29:58 and He kept their shoes from wearing out.
30:02 And He gave them the gift of manna,
30:04 which we're going to see in just a moment.
30:06 So he fed them.
30:08 He clothed them.
30:09 He shoved them.
30:11 You could say, I guess, with the shoes.
30:12 And he kept that for 40 years.
30:15 God's provision for His people.
30:18 Gift number five is the gift of God's law.
30:21 We see that in Exodus 20, I won't take time to read that.
30:24 Pastor John and Pastor Johnny both referenced
30:26 the fourth commandment there,
30:27 but God gave them the gift of His law.
30:30 The transcript, as it were of His character.
30:34 Gift number six is where we're going to spend
30:36 the rest of our time.
30:38 And this is God's weekly Sabbath rest.
30:42 Let's look at Exodus chapter 16.
30:45 Pastor Johnny mentioned this.
30:46 I think it was Pastor Johnny.
30:48 How the law, of course, the Ten Commandments
30:50 was given on Mount Sinai in Exodus 20.
30:53 And we see, remember the Sabbath day,
30:55 but before that in Exodus Chapter 16,
30:59 we see that there is a Sabbath here
31:01 even before the law was given.
31:04 So let's look at Exodus 16:14.
31:07 "And when the layer of dew lifted,
31:09 there, on the surface of the wilderness,
31:10 was a small round substance, as fine as frost on the ground.
31:15 So when the children of Israel saw it,
31:17 they said to one another, 'What is it?'"
31:19 Which literally means manna,
31:22 "For they did not know what it was.
31:24 And Moses said to them,
31:25 'This is the bread which the Lord has given you to eat."
31:29 Can you imagine, you don't have food to eat
31:31 and you're in the wilderness
31:32 and there's no way to grow food.
31:34 And there's no way to get the water and the irrigation
31:35 for food or crops.
31:37 There's probably no animals.
31:38 So where are they going to get food?
31:40 God provided their food for 40 years in the wilderness.
31:45 Let's read verse 16.
31:47 Exodus 16:16.
31:50 "This is the thing which the Lord has commanded:
31:52 'Let every man gather according to each one's need.'"
31:55 Jump down to verse 19.
31:57 "And Moses said,
31:59 'Let no one leave any of it till morning.'
32:01 Not withstanding they did not heed Moses,
32:03 they did not obey.
32:05 Some of them left part of it until morning."
32:07 Maybe they thought I'm feeling lazy.
32:09 I don't want to go out tomorrow and gather manna.
32:13 I'm going to get a double portion today,
32:15 but what happened?
32:16 It bred worms and it stink,
32:19 and Moses became angry with them.
32:21 So they gathered it every morning.
32:22 Every man, according to his need,
32:24 when the sun became hot, it melted.
32:27 So they never got leftovers,
32:28 they gathered each day according to their need.
32:31 But here's where we see the Sabbath.
32:33 Verse 22,
32:34 "And so it was on the sixth day
32:35 that they gathered twice as much bread."
32:38 Verse 23.
32:39 Then Moses said to them,
32:41 'This is what the Lord has said:
32:42 Tomorrow is a Sabbath rest, a holy Sabbath to the Lord.
32:46 Bake what you will bake today and boil what you will boil
32:50 and lay up for yourselves
32:51 all that remains to be kept until morning.'"
32:53 So they laid it up till morning as Moses commanded
32:56 and it did not stink.
32:57 And there were no worms found in it.
33:00 So they laid, they gathered a double portion on Friday.
33:02 Now remember they had tried this before.
33:04 On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, they gathered a double portion.
33:07 The next day it had bred worms and it has stunk.
33:09 But on Friday when they gathered a double portion,
33:13 it didn't spoil and it was perfectly fresh for Sabbath.
33:18 It's amazing to me, the gift of God and the reminder
33:24 that God gave the children of Israel for 40 years
33:27 of the truth of His Sabbath.
33:29 Every Sabbath, that manna did not spoil.
33:32 And it reminded them, God worked a miracle.
33:35 It reminded them that the Sabbath was holy
33:38 and that he had, um, sanctified it
33:41 and consecrated it and blessed it.
33:44 Verse 25,
33:45 "Moses said, 'Eat that today,
33:46 for today is a Sabbath to the Lord,
33:48 today you will not find it in the field.
33:50 Six days, you shall gather it,
33:52 but on the seventh day, the Sabbath,
33:54 there will be none.
33:55 And there was none for 40 years.
33:57 It was a weekly reminder for those 40 years
34:00 of the sanctity of the Sabbath.
34:03 So what lessons do we see from this?
34:05 First God's law is perpetual.
34:07 It was in existence before
34:08 we see the Sabbath from creation.
34:10 We see the Sabbath in Exodus 16
34:12 prior to the giving of what some people say
34:14 would be the Jewish law.
34:16 We see the Sabbath in the law given in Exodus Chapter 20,
34:20 we see the Sabbath kept by Jesus
34:22 and all the way throughout the disciples and in eternity.
34:26 God's laws is perpetual.
34:27 God requires obedience.
34:31 We don't do it in our own strength.
34:33 It is only by the grace of Jesus.
34:35 When we surrender to Him that we can keep His law.
34:40 We see that God provides for His people,
34:43 food and clothes and shoes and provision and sustenance.
34:47 We see that God is trustworthy,
34:48 that He stands back of every promise
34:51 that He has ever made to you and to me,
34:53 and we see that God, He cares for His people.
34:57 He would not have provided for them if He did not care.
35:00 So whatever you are going through right now, honor,
35:04 and keep what God has asked you to do.
35:06 And He will provide for you.
35:08 Amen. Thank you, Jill.
35:10 I have Wednesday study,
35:11 which is Another Reason to Rest.
35:13 And I just want to start off by saying,
35:15 I think it's important
35:17 when we look at the Bible
35:19 to keep a timeline perspective.
35:22 We look at it through the lens of time.
35:25 For example, Genesis Chapter 1 through 11
35:29 covers 2000 years of history
35:33 in just those first 11 chapters
35:37 and then 12 through 50,
35:39 well that covers another couple hundred years
35:42 that is weighted heavily on Moses and the covenant.
35:46 But the point is, people will say,
35:48 huh, well, we don't see the commandments written
35:50 or you see in Genesis 26:5.
35:52 I mean, this is a whole such dense history,
35:55 but you see in Genesis 26:5,
35:59 that it talks about Moses keeping God's commandments.
36:02 So we need to look at that through that timeline.
36:07 And same for Deuteronomy.
36:09 Deuteronomy is a collection of Moses' sermons,
36:13 and this was sermons to the next generation.
36:18 This is after those who had wandered in the desert,
36:23 who had disobeyed,
36:24 would refuse to go to the Promised Land.
36:26 This was their children,
36:28 anybody that had been 20 or under at that time.
36:31 And it's interesting.
36:33 The Book of Deuteronomy
36:36 takes place during the period of about one month.
36:40 This is, uh, and it's all in that one same place.
36:45 They're standing on the edge of promise.
36:48 They were encamped in the Central Rift Valley
36:52 to the east of the Jordan River,
36:55 standing at the edge of Canaan and Moses is going to die.
37:00 So, he is passing all of this on,
37:02 and then Joshua would lead them in, into, uh, Egypt.
37:07 The word Deuteronomy in the Hebrew.
37:11 It's uh, like a copy of the law or in the Greek,
37:16 it's the second giving of the law.
37:18 And what happens,
37:20 what was the first giving of the old covenant?
37:25 It was written in the Book of the Covenant,
37:28 not the Ten Commandments that God wrote,
37:30 but when Moses went up before God,
37:34 even God had spoken the Ten Commandments,
37:37 Moses goes up for 40 days, comes back,
37:41 tells them everything that God says,
37:43 God says, write it in a book.
37:45 He writes it in.
37:46 What's called the Book of the Covenant,
37:48 builds the altar, has a sacrifice.
37:51 He ratifies the covenant.
37:53 Then Moses goes back up for another 40 days
37:57 and gets the Ten Commandments written on the stone.
38:01 So the Book of the Covenant
38:04 contained the Ten Commandments.
38:07 It was the heart of the old covenant,
38:10 but the Ten Commandments are not the old covenant.
38:12 So what happened is in the Book of Deuteronomy,
38:17 Moses is taking that Book of the Covenant,
38:19 which was the civil laws, ceremonial laws,
38:23 and the Ten Commandments.
38:25 And now he's giving it to them in much greater detail,
38:29 just as he expanded the ceremonial law
38:31 in Leviticus, telling all the details
38:33 of what the priest would do in the feasts.
38:36 But now this is more detailed and God tells him,
38:40 write it out in a book,
38:42 and it's called the book of the law.
38:44 And God tells him to take this book of the law.
38:49 This is Deuteronomy 31:26-27.
38:54 God tells him, take this book of the law
38:59 and put it beside the Ark of the Covenant
39:03 of the Lord Your God,
39:05 that it may be there as a witness against you.
39:10 Now isn't this interesting.
39:12 Where did God have Moses put the two tablets of stone?
39:18 Inside the ark.
39:19 The ark represented the throne of God.
39:23 And God told him, you put inside the ark
39:26 under the mercy seat, you put these two stone tablets,
39:32 that shows written on stone inside the ark,
39:36 inside the Most Holy Place, God's mercy seat over it.
39:40 It shows permanence.
39:41 But this book of the law, this old covenant,
39:44 think of it as the constitution for the nation of Israel.
39:48 And what God did is had Moses write it out.
39:52 The book of the law rolled it up
39:53 and put it in a side pocket.
39:56 It was temporary.
39:57 And you know what?
39:59 It shows when Moses explaining all of this,
40:03 it shows God's high standards for His covenant people.
40:08 It explained the relationship of love
40:12 that God had with His people,
40:14 but He expected them to reflect His love to them
40:19 by returning that love to Him and obedience
40:23 was to be a response of love and faith.
40:28 In this book of the law,
40:32 there were blessings for obedience
40:34 and there were certainly strong words,
40:36 there were curses for disobedience.
40:38 So, that's why God said it would stand there
40:40 as a witness against you.
40:43 Now, interestingly in Deuteronomy 5,
40:46 Moses gives the Sabbath commandment
40:49 differently than it did in Exodus 20:8-11.
40:53 Remember in Exodus 20:8-11, God begins,
40:56 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy,
40:59 for in six days, the Lord your God created
41:04 the heavens and the earth and the sea
41:05 and everything that was in it,
41:07 and He hallowed the seventh day when He rested on it.
41:12 But now listen to Deuteronomy 5.
41:16 This is when Moses is re-giving this.
41:19 Deuteronomy 5:12,
41:22 "Observe the Sabbath day to keep it holy,
41:24 as the Lord your God commanded you.
41:26 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
41:28 but the seventh day is the Sabbath
41:30 of the Lord your God.
41:32 In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son,
41:35 nor your daughter, nor your male servant,
41:36 nor your female servant, nor your ox,
41:38 nor your donkey, nor any of your cattle,
41:41 nor your stranger who is within your gates."
41:44 And remember... Yes.
41:47 Yeah.
41:48 Get this. Yeah.
41:50 Remember what?
41:51 That you were a slave
41:53 in the land of Egypt
41:57 and the Lord Your God brought you out from there
42:00 by a mighty hand.
42:02 By an outstretched arm,
42:04 therefore the Lord, your God
42:06 commanded you to keep the Sabbath day.
42:09 The Sabbath is a memorial.
42:11 Exodus 20 shows us, it is a memorial
42:15 that we're remembering.
42:17 God is our creator.
42:19 In six literal days He created this earth,
42:23 and He's the one who recreates us
42:24 in the image of Jesus.
42:26 According to Exodus 31:13, the Sabbath is a memorial.
42:30 God says, hey, remember that?
42:32 It's to show you.
42:34 It's a sign
42:35 that I am the Lord who sanctifies you,
42:37 who sets you apart from evil.
42:40 But now in addition to that,
42:43 Moses in reviewing this Decalogue
42:46 shows that the observance of the Sabbath
42:50 is that we're celebrating God as our redeemer,
42:53 as our liberator.
42:55 He brought the people out of Egypt,
42:57 and that is a, uh, a symbolic thing
43:00 is we think of being in Egypt is being in sin.
43:04 Yes.
43:05 Now, I have to say this, people sometime miss this idea.
43:10 It's already been expressed in Exodus,
43:12 and I want to go real quickly to Exodus 19:4-6.
43:17 God is speaking to Israel and He says,
43:21 this is before He's even spoken the Ten Commandments.
43:24 This is when he's calling them.
43:26 He's about to come down on the mountain.
43:29 And you know what he says?
43:30 You have seen what I did to the Egyptians,
43:33 how I bore you on eagle's wings and brought you to myself.
43:39 This is covenant love language.
43:42 This is God saying, hey, I've already redeemed you.
43:47 I brought you out of Egypt.
43:49 I've saved you.
43:51 Now, therefore He says in verse 5,
43:53 "If you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant."
43:57 God keeps covenant with those who keep covenant with Him.
43:59 That's right.
44:01 Then you shall be a special treasure to me
44:02 above all the earth for all the earth is mine.
44:05 And you shall be to me a kingdom of priests
44:07 and a holy nation.
44:09 These are the words he's telling Moses,
44:13 that you shall speak to the children of Israel.
44:18 And then the preamble to the Ten Commandments itself.
44:22 We always start off with,
44:24 you shall have no other God before me,
44:25 but how the Ten Commandments actually begin.
44:28 Exodus 21, God comes down
44:32 with all these pyro techniques in a display of His glory.
44:38 And He says, He speaks all these words saying
44:43 this is where He begins the Ten Commandments.
44:45 I am the Lord Your God,
44:48 who brought you out of the land of Egypt,
44:52 out of the house of bondage.
44:56 Oh, the Sabbath is a wonderful reason to rest.
45:01 God's our creator.
45:02 God is the one who sanctifies us and God,
45:06 we can celebrate Him as our redeemer, our liberator.
45:11 Amen. Amen. Wow.
45:12 Thank you so much, Shelley, fantastic lessons.
45:14 Great to open the Word of God, isn't it?
45:15 I enjoy studying the God's Word and we know you do.
45:18 As well today, I have Thursday
45:21 and it's called Keeping The Sabbath.
45:23 Now Exodus 20:8-11 has been referenced.
45:26 It seems like by everyone here on the Sabbath School Panel.
45:29 And if I want to just touch on the very beginning
45:31 of Exodus 20:8-11 and in verse 8, it says,
45:35 remember the Sabbath day to what?
45:38 To keep it holy.
45:41 Now the dictionary has some interesting definitions.
45:44 And I like, I like most of them.
45:46 It says here keeping the action of owning,
45:50 okay, maintaining or protecting something.
45:53 I like that, protecting something.
45:55 So we're talking about keeping the Sabbath,
45:57 similar words or synonyms for the word keeping is care,
46:01 custody, charge, possession, trust, protection.
46:06 And I like this word safeguard.
46:08 So we can say, remember the Sabbath day
46:10 to safe guard it.
46:15 There was an appointment I think about the Sabbath
46:18 and keeping the Sabbath is an appointment with God.
46:20 That's how I like to think about the Sabbath day.
46:22 So I had a really important appointment
46:25 almost 19 years ago.
46:27 Now that day was our wedding day.
46:30 My wife is sitting right over here and that day
46:33 had been circled on my calendar, of course.
46:36 And as I was preparing for that day, of course
46:38 I was getting everything ready.
46:39 Right. So the day arrives and September 22nd, 2002.
46:44 And as there in the morning, and I want you to know that,
46:48 as I got ready and looked in the mirror
46:50 and I made sure my tie looked a little straighter,
46:53 I don't know if it's straight right now,
46:54 but you can help me out there at home.
46:56 And then I made sure that my shirt had been ironed
46:59 and my suit was pressed nice.
47:01 Then my shoes were polished and that most of my hair
47:04 wasn't sticking up.
47:06 Right? And an important thing too.
47:07 I was wearing deodorant, right?
47:09 You know, all of those things right there,
47:10 as I'm preparing for this important day.
47:13 I'm standing on the stage and at the church
47:15 and in walks Jill.
47:16 And of course my heart nearly goes away from me.
47:18 She looks so beautiful there, an important day.
47:21 As we go throughout the day, right?
47:22 You have the reception and things.
47:24 I want you to know that on that important day,
47:27 I wasn't there in the middle of the ceremony saying,
47:29 oh, ho hold on a minute.
47:31 Ah, I gotta take this phone call.
47:33 Just everyone, just hold a minute.
47:34 Or the reception, you know what, babe,
47:36 this day has been long already.
47:38 I think I'm gonna go to work right now.
47:39 I got some things I need to do.
47:41 Or what if that beginning of that morning,
47:44 oh, I decide to do some lay activities
47:46 and just rest in bed 'cause I was tired.
47:49 I didn't really feel like meeting that appointment.
47:52 You know, let's think about the Sabbath, right?
47:54 We have an important, important appointment
47:57 and that's with the savior of the world.
47:59 So as I think about keeping the Sabbath,
48:01 I'm thinking about an appointment.
48:03 Now we have our anniversary every year,
48:04 right babe?
48:06 Yeah. You look forward to that.
48:07 That's on our calendar, but the Sabbath
48:09 is an appointment with God every single week.
48:12 Now, one of the things we talk about, pastor,
48:14 talking about hours and minutes and seconds,
48:16 while those seconds are flying by quickly.
48:17 So let's go along here in our study real quick.
48:20 We'll touch on keeping the Sabbath, Psalm 92.
48:23 Now, this was new for me.
48:24 A lot of you Bible scholars probably knew this already,
48:26 but Psalm 92, the commentary says
48:29 this is a hymn of praise to God
48:32 dedicated to the celebration of the Sabbath day,
48:35 which is about God and a loving relationship with humans.
48:38 It is the only Psalm devoted to that purpose.
48:40 The poem contains seven times the holy name Yahweh,
48:44 the Lord, the only other Psalm doing so is Psalm 19.
48:48 So I wanted to just touch on a few verses here
48:50 as we talk about the Sabbath and keeping the Sabbath day.
48:53 Psalm 92:4-5 says,
48:55 "For you, Lord have made me glad
48:58 through your work.
48:59 I will triumph in the works of your hands.
49:01 O Lord, how great are your works!
49:03 Your thoughts are very deep here."
49:05 Here we're looking at the Sabbath and creation.
49:07 So on the Sabbath day,
49:09 we can remember the works of God's hands.
49:11 He is our creator.
49:13 That is phenomenal to me.
49:15 Going down a little bit further, verses 7 through 12.
49:17 This is talking about the Sabbath and redemption.
49:21 Praise the Lord for redemption.
49:22 And it says in verse 7,
49:24 "When the wicked spring up like grass,
49:26 and when all the workers of iniquity flourish,
49:29 it is that they may be destroyed forever.
49:31 But You, Lord, are on high forevermore.
49:34 For behold, Your enemies, O Lord, for behold,
49:37 Your enemies shall perish,
49:39 all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered.
49:42 But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox,
49:45 I have been anointed with fresh oil.
49:49 My eye also has seen my desire on my enemies,
49:52 my ears hear my desire on the wicked
49:54 who rise up against me.
49:55 The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree,
49:57 he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon."
50:00 So on the Sabbath day, we can look at and remember
50:02 that God is our redeemer.
50:04 And also in these verses, I see here that God is our defender.
50:09 Few verses down, starting with verse 13,
50:11 or actually next verse, verse 13 through 15 of Psalm 92.
50:16 We're looking at the Sabbath, and the new earth.
50:19 "Those who are planted in the house of the Lord
50:21 shall flourish in the courts of our God.
50:23 They shall still bear forth fruit in old age,
50:27 they shall be fresh and flourishing,
50:29 to declare that the Lord is upright,
50:31 He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him."
50:36 So, on the Sabbath day, we can also remember
50:38 that God will make all things new
50:41 one day and we believe very soon, right?
50:43 No more sickness, no more death, no more pain.
50:46 Praise the Lord.
50:47 Hallelujah for that.
50:48 And on the Sabbath day,
50:50 we can remember that we can depend on God.
50:52 You know, so I also think about the Sabbath.
50:54 I remember as a kid, sometimes I look at the Sabbath and say,
50:57 oh, the Sabbath is coming.
50:59 I can't do this and I can't do that.
51:02 And it's just a whole bunch of do's and don'ts.
51:04 You know what?
51:05 It was all about myself.
51:06 I was thinking about myself, right?
51:08 We need to think about the Sabbath as a delight,
51:11 Isaiah 58:13.
51:14 And let's look at 14.
51:16 "If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath,
51:18 from doing your pleasure on My holy day,
51:21 and call the Sabbath," what?
51:22 "A delight, the holy day of the Lord honorable,
51:25 and shall honor Him, not doing your own ways,
51:27 nor finding your own pleasure, nor speaking your own words."
51:30 Verse 14,
51:32 "Then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord,
51:34 and I will cause thee to ride upon the high hills
51:37 of the earth, and so,
51:39 and the heritage of Jacob thy father,
51:41 for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it."
51:43 So, you know, oftentimes when I think about
51:45 maybe the drudgery of the Sabbath,
51:47 it's all about my approach to the Sabbath day.
51:52 Now I think for us, or at least for myself,
51:55 I don't want to include you in this, but for me,
51:57 it's how I plan for the Sabbath, right?
51:59 I was going back to my wedding day.
52:01 If that morning I've also woken up, said, oh no, I think,
52:04 I need a suit and I need a white shirt
52:05 and what time am I supposed to wear?
52:07 I was planning for that appointment, right?
52:10 So we plan for the appointment of the Sabbath.
52:13 To me, you should start on Sunday, right?
52:15 And all the way up to the preparation day
52:17 on Friday, I think about, we plan for holidays, don't we?
52:21 We plan for birthdays.
52:22 We plan for all kinds of things.
52:24 Why can't we plan for the Sabbath?
52:26 To me, it's a no-brainer.
52:28 The Sabbath is all about the family as well.
52:30 Spending time with family, I'm running out of time,
52:33 but Leviticus 19:3 talks about every one of you
52:36 basically honoring your father and your mother
52:38 and keeping God's Sabbaths.
52:41 And that to me is a time of fellowship.
52:42 You may not have biological family that you can spend time
52:45 with, but think about, Pastor, church family, right?
52:47 True.
52:48 I mean, that's your family as well.
52:50 And I know we here at 3ABN want to be your family
52:52 if you don't have family at home
52:54 that you can spend time with.
52:55 And I think about also nurturing relationships,
52:58 you know, that's an important aspect of the Sabbath as well.
53:01 Then we have to go down to, um, let's look at Luke 4:16
53:06 and it talks about Jesus went into the synagogue
53:09 on the Sabbath day.
53:11 So, we don't want to forsake the assembling of ourselves
53:13 together with brothers and sisters of like faith
53:15 that can be found in Hebrews 10:25.
53:18 I know I'm going through these scriptures really quick,
53:20 but I've heard this excuse before pastor
53:25 about people saying, you know what?
53:26 I don't want to go to church
53:28 because there's a whole bunch of hypocrites
53:29 in the church, right?
53:30 So, you know, I'm just going to stay home and watch 3ABN.
53:33 Well, we appreciate you watching 3ABN,
53:35 but if you can attend church, we encourage you to do so.
53:38 But I want to tell you this,
53:39 that Jesus went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day.
53:41 Well, who was in the synagogue?
53:42 You have the Pharisees and the Sadducees.
53:44 Well, they were hypocrites, right?
53:46 So Jesus went to church on the Sabbath day too
53:49 and He participated in church.
53:51 So I want to encourage you as well
53:53 as you keep the Sabbath day to participate
53:56 in Sabbath School.
53:57 As I grew up, that was a big thing.
53:58 We went to Sabbath School and we went to church.
54:01 And then I think about Christ on this earth.
54:04 He went around doing good.
54:05 He was ministering to others.
54:07 And that's one thing
54:09 that I want to encourage you to do as well.
54:11 Take Christ as your example,
54:12 and think about what He did on the Sabbath day.
54:14 He went around doing good.
54:15 As a young child, we would go to the nursing homes.
54:19 So we go to Sabbath School and Church.
54:20 We'd put some little things together,
54:22 maybe write a little card out, we'd go to the nursing home.
54:24 We pass them out,
54:26 seeing and talk to the residents there.
54:28 I think about also in nature, we would go out
54:30 as kids and go out into nature,
54:31 which I believe is God's another second book.
54:34 We can learn so much about God, our creator.
54:37 We would go out with walks as my family,
54:39 Jill and I now go out in nature.
54:41 We get so much encouragement and gained so much
54:44 of observing what God has done.
54:46 I also want to encourage you too,
54:47 because you may say, okay, I can't go on a walk.
54:49 I can't go to church, but you know what?
54:51 If you're home bound,
54:52 you can also pick up the telephone
54:55 and call someone and encourage them
54:56 and pray with them.
54:58 These are all ways of keeping the Sabbath.
55:01 And I want to leave this thought with you
55:04 that the Sabbath
55:05 is a special appointment with God.
55:07 And as we remember this,
55:08 this helps us in how we keep the Sabbath day holy.
55:12 Amen.
55:14 Well, thank you, Greg, Shelley, and Jill, Pastor Dinzey.
55:17 I'll give you an opportunity
55:18 to summarize the day that you covered.
55:21 Well, I think I'm just going to say that
55:23 after a little over 60 years of keeping the Sabbath,
55:26 it has been a blessing to me.
55:28 I am.
55:29 I delight in it and I love the opportunity
55:32 to spend more time with Jesus
55:33 away from the distractions of the world.
55:36 I just want to encourage you at home.
55:37 If you've never tried the Sabbath,
55:39 I want to encourage you to try it.
55:41 What an incredible gift and blessing,
55:44 the gift of the Sabbath is?
55:46 Greg and I love it.
55:48 And just want to encourage you
55:49 to taste and see that the Lord is good.
55:53 Amen and amen.
55:54 And the reason we celebrate the Sabbath is
55:57 because we were remembering God as our creator.
56:01 We're remembering God as the one who sanctifies us.
56:06 And according to Deuteronomy 5:15,
56:08 we're remembering God as the one
56:11 who liberated us from sin,
56:14 who redeemed us.
56:15 Amen.
56:17 You know, and I love the quarterly cover.
56:19 And it says, gentleman that's there holding the Bible
56:21 and he's in prayer.
56:23 But one thing that I noticed is his lips are not moving.
56:26 So, I want to encourage you on the Sabbath day to listen.
56:29 You know, God has things to tell you as well.
56:31 Oftentimes I want to just flap my jaw
56:33 and talk to all kinds of people and do this and that.
56:35 But you know, remember to be still
56:37 and to listen to God
56:38 because He wants to speak to you on His special day too.
56:40 Oh, well, thank you so much.
56:42 You know, we're just getting started.
56:44 And this entire quarter we've been talking
56:45 about rest in Christ.
56:47 And you cannot have rest in Christ
56:49 by ignoring the day of rest.
56:51 The apex of the evidence of your rest in Christ
56:54 is honoring the very day that He set aside
56:58 the spiritual health spa,
57:00 if I could use that terminology.
57:02 The canopy of rest that God can sequester you
57:06 in with just he and you.
57:07 A time of refreshment to turn the world off.
57:10 And to spend that time with Jesus.
57:12 As Greg said about he and Jill.
57:14 My wife and I, we celebrate our times together,
57:17 our anniversaries, our birthdays.
57:19 How disappointing it would be to say to his wife, Greg,
57:22 you know, honey, I love you,
57:24 but I'm not celebrating our anniversary.
57:25 I'm not really into that.
57:27 That's not my, that's not my thing.
57:29 Well, on a weekly basis, when we ignore God's Sabbath,
57:31 we're saying the same thing.
57:33 The Apostle John says in 1 John 2:6,
57:37 "He who says he abides in Him
57:39 ought himself also to walk as He walked.
57:43 "Honor, the Sabbath,
57:45 walk as Jesus walked
57:47 and also walk with Christ.
57:48 Join us next time for the Sabbath rest.


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