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00:01 Hello, friends, here on 3ABN's Sabbath School Panel,
00:03 we're making our way through a study of the Book of Hebrews.
00:06 The title for this quarter is In These Last Days
00:09 The Message of Hebrews.
00:11 And this week, our fifth week,
00:13 we're going to be studying Jesus,
00:15 The Giver of Rest.
00:17 Some of us need some of that rest
00:19 that we can find in Jesus Christ.
00:20 And we're going to be learning all about that
00:22 this week on 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
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01:28 Hello, friends, welcome to 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
01:30 I'm Ryan Day.
01:32 And as always, it's a blessing to have you
01:33 joining us week after week.
01:35 Right here on the panel,
01:36 as we're going through the Book of Hebrews,
01:39 we are in week number five,
01:40 and we're talking about Jesus, the giver of rest.
01:44 And so we want to be able to give
01:45 all of our panel members plenty of time
01:48 to speak and to instruct
01:49 and to teach on their lesson today.
01:51 So I'm going to go ahead and introduce this panel.
01:53 To my direct left we have Pastor John Dinzey.
01:55 How are you, Brother?
01:56 By God's grace, I am doing well.
01:58 And a lesson title, Because of Unbelief, Monday's.
02:02 Amen. Praise the Lord.
02:03 And to your left we have Miss Shelley Quinn.
02:05 You weren't with us the first three weeks,
02:07 you were with us last week for the first time.
02:08 It's good to have you back with us.
02:10 Uh, it's good to be here.
02:11 But I'm very excited.
02:13 Hebrews is one of my favorite books.
02:16 Amen. Praise the Lord.
02:17 And then to your left is Pastor John Lomacang,
02:19 always a blessing to hear your words of wisdom, Brother.
02:22 Yes, mine is Entering into His rest
02:24 and we'll find out what that's all about in just a moment.
02:26 But Hebrews is a phenomenal book.
02:29 Yes, amen.
02:30 And, of course, Sister Jill Morikone,
02:32 Vice President and COO of 3ABN,
02:36 always a blessing to have you, Sister.
02:38 And I know you got a list for us.
02:39 I think we have a list.
02:41 We're talking about the Sabbath
02:42 and A Foretaste of New Creation.
02:43 Amen. Praise the Lord.
02:45 Well, before we get right into our lesson,
02:47 I'm going to ask Miss Shelley Quinn
02:48 if you would have a prayer for us.
02:50 Absolutely.
02:51 Our gracious and loving Heavenly Father,
02:53 how we praise You for what You.
02:55 Your plan of salvation in what You have done
02:58 and are doing for us.
02:59 And we ask now for the panel
03:02 and all who are listening, send Your Holy Spirit.
03:05 Lord, teach us from Your Word.
03:08 We thank You for the revelation of who you are in Your Word,
03:13 in Jesus' name.
03:14 Amen. Amen.
03:16 Amen.
03:17 Our memory text for this week comes from Hebrews 4:9.
03:22 Very quick, very simple, little short,
03:24 but it's very powerful.
03:25 There remains there for a rest for the people of God.
03:30 And as the title implies that rest can only come
03:33 through and from Jesus Christ.
03:35 Hebrews 1 and 2, we've learned,
03:38 focused on the enthronement of Jesus as the ruler
03:41 and liberator of God's people.
03:43 Hebrews Chapter 3 and 4,
03:45 which we're going to continue in this week,
03:47 this week's lesson, introduce Jesus
03:50 as the one who will provide rest for us.
03:53 Of course, this progression makes sense
03:55 once we learn or remember
03:57 that the Davidic Covenant promised
03:59 that God would give the promised King
04:01 and his people
04:02 rest from their enemies.
04:04 And we can read that in 2 Samuel 7:10-11.
04:08 This rest is available to us now
04:10 that Jesus is seated at the right hand
04:13 of God and praise God
04:14 that Jesus has overcome
04:16 and is seated at the right hand of God.
04:17 Hebrews describes the rest
04:19 both as a rest that belongs to God,
04:22 and as a Sabbath rest.
04:23 And we're going to be reading that today in Hebrews 4:1-11.
04:28 God made this rest which was His,
04:30 available to Adam and Eve.
04:32 The first Sabbath
04:33 was the experience of perfection
04:35 with the one who made the perfection possible.
04:38 We learned that last week, right?
04:40 Jesus is perfect.
04:42 God also promises a Sabbath rest
04:44 because true Sabbath observance embodies the promise
04:48 that God will bring the perfection back.
04:51 When we keep the Sabbath,
04:53 we remember that God made perfect provision for us
04:56 when He created the world
04:57 and when He redeemed it at the Cross of Calvary.
05:01 True Sabbath observance, however, besides,
05:03 first and foremost, points us back to creation.
05:07 Offers us a foretaste in the imperfect world
05:10 of the future that God has promised.
05:13 That was a great opener for Sabbath afternoon's lesson
05:15 and that sets us up perfectly for Sunday,
05:18 and for the rest of this week.
05:19 We're going to get right into Sunday's lesson,
05:21 of course, entitled Land as a Place of Rest.
05:25 And the lesson actually starts us out
05:27 by taking us back to Genesis Chapter 15.
05:30 So we can go there, Genesis Chapter 15.
05:32 And we're going to be reminded of the promise
05:34 that God gave Abraham
05:36 because this promise,
05:37 of course, continues all the way through Scripture.
05:39 And very much, much of this promise is dependent
05:42 upon the response of the people to God.
05:44 And so notice what we find in Genesis 15:13-21.
05:49 The Bible says, "Then He said to Abram:
05:52 'Know certainly that your descendants
05:53 will be strangers in a land
05:55 that is not theirs,
05:56 and will serve them,
05:58 and they will afflict them four hundred years.
06:01 And also the nation whom they serve I will judge,
06:04 afterward they shall come out with great possessions.
06:08 Now as for you, you shall go to your fathers in peace,
06:11 you shall be buried at a good old age.
06:14 But in the fourth generation they shall return here,
06:17 for the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet complete.'"
06:21 Verse 17, "And it came to pass,
06:24 when the sun went down and it was dark,
06:26 that behold, there appeared a smoking oven
06:29 and a burning torch
06:30 that passed between those pieces.
06:33 On the same day the Lord made a covenant
06:35 with Abram, saying:
06:37 'To your descendants I have given this land,
06:41 from the river of Egypt
06:42 to the great river of the River Euphrates."
06:45 And then He goes on to list all of these different ites,
06:48 "The Kenites, and the Kenezzites,
06:51 and the Kadmonites,
06:52 and the Hittites, and the Perizzites."
06:54 And it goes on in verse 21, "The Amorites,
06:56 the Canaanites, and the Girgashites,
06:58 and, of course, the Jebusites."
07:00 All of those ites,
07:01 they were possessing, the Lamb of God says,
07:02 I'm going to give you this land.
07:04 And, of course, God's purpose in giving the land to Israel
07:07 was not simply for them to possess it.
07:09 And we know that it's not just seem not,
07:10 it's not like God was like,
07:12 "Hey, I'm going to give you this land,
07:13 just go over there and possess it."
07:15 There was a purpose to this land.
07:16 And, of course, Exodus Chapter 19:4
07:18 brings out the purpose of
07:19 which God was going to give this land to them.
07:21 For if you read Exodus 19:4, it says,
07:23 "You have seen what I did to the Egyptians,
07:26 and how I bore you on eagles' wings,
07:28 and I brought you to Myself."
07:31 The purpose of this land was for covenant relationship,
07:35 to continue that covenant relationship
07:37 with His people.
07:38 God wanted them to live in the land
07:40 where they would be able to enjoy
07:41 an intimate relationship with Him without any hindrance,
07:45 and would also be a witness to the world
07:48 of who the true God was,
07:50 and what He offered His people like the Sabbath of creation,
07:55 the land of Canaan was a framework
07:56 that made possible
07:58 an intimate relationship with the Redeemer
07:59 and the enjoyment of His goodness.
08:02 But make no mistake, my friends, this land,
08:04 of course, did not come without certain conditions.
08:08 God says, "I want to give you this land.
08:09 But first, you got to do something first."
08:11 And we read about what that something is
08:13 in Deuteronomy 12:2-4.
08:16 Notice the instruction that God gave them.
08:17 He says, "I want you to inherit this land.
08:20 But first, you must do this for me."
08:22 Deuteronomy 12:2-4.
08:25 Notice what the Bible says here.
08:27 He says, "You shall utterly destroy all the places
08:31 where the nations
08:33 which you shall dispossess serve their gods,
08:38 on the high mountains, and on the hills,
08:41 and under every green tree,
08:43 and you shall destroy their altars,
08:45 breaking their sacred pillars,
08:47 and burn their wooden images with fire,
08:50 you shall cut down the carved images
08:52 of their gods,
08:54 and destroy their names from that place,
08:57 you shall not worship the Lord your God with such things."
09:01 Now, I love this,
09:03 because what God is saying to me, say,
09:04 look, I want to give you this holy land,
09:06 but in order for Me to give you this holy land,
09:07 which is really all about relationship with God,
09:10 He says, you got to do some inventory,
09:12 you got to take some inventory in your life.
09:13 And when you go in here, I want you to also cut down
09:16 and destroy all of these false idols,
09:18 all of these false gods,
09:19 which is representative of the enemy's deceptive
09:22 plan of sin.
09:23 And we also, a lesson to be learned here
09:25 that in order for us to inherit that beautiful,
09:28 perfect land of God,
09:29 we also got to do some self-examination
09:31 and tear down any altars
09:33 that don't belong there in our heart.
09:34 And I love that because, my friends,
09:36 if we're going to inherit God's kingdom,
09:38 God says, I want your whole heart.
09:40 I want all of you, I don't want a divided you.
09:42 I want all of you My people.
09:45 We are His people.
09:46 He has called us brethren, as we learned last week,
09:48 and He's not going to have a divided servant
09:51 among His kingdom.
09:52 Now the lesson goes on to do something quite interesting.
09:56 And it goes on to highlight how the Sabbath Commandment
10:00 actually commemorates two things.
10:02 And it's going to point out what those two things are
10:04 in our reference to Sabbath rest.
10:07 So let's go to Exodus Chapter 20
10:08 and let's read verses 8 through 11.
10:10 We've read this many times,
10:11 but we're going to go on from there
10:13 and also read Deuteronomy 5:12-15.
10:16 And you're going to see
10:17 that there are two different things
10:19 that God actually commemorates.
10:22 It actually just commemorated within the Sabbath Commandment,
10:24 two different things that it brings out,
10:26 that is very important for us to highlight and understand.
10:29 So Exodus 20:8-11.
10:31 We've read it many times
10:33 but this is the Lord's Sabbath Commandment.
10:34 Notice what it says.
10:36 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
10:39 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
10:43 but the seventh day is the Sabbath
10:45 of the Lord your God.
10:46 In it, you shall do no work, you, nor your son,
10:52 nor your daughter, nor your male servant,
10:55 nor your female servant,
10:56 nor your cattle, nor your stranger,
10:58 who is within your gates.
11:00 For in six days, the Lord made the heavens and the earth,
11:03 and the sea, and all that in them is
11:05 and rested the seventh day.
11:07 Therefore the Lord blessed
11:09 the Sabbath day and hallowed it."
11:11 Now the lesson prompts us to read that
11:13 and now compare that
11:14 to Deuteronomy 5:12-15.
11:19 So notice what the Bible teaches us here.
11:20 This is Deuteronomy 5:12-15.
11:24 It says, "Observe the Sabbath day,
11:26 to keep it holy,
11:28 as the Lord your God commanded you.
11:31 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
11:36 but the seventh day is the Sabbath
11:38 of the Lord your God.
11:40 In it, you shall not do no work,
11:43 you, nor your son, nor your daughter,
11:46 nor your male servant, nor your female servant,
11:48 nor your ox, nor your donkey,
11:51 nor any of your cattle, nor your stranger,
11:53 who is within your gates,
11:55 that your male servant,
11:56 and your female servant may rest,
11:59 as well as you."
12:00 I just want to pause there and just highlight the fact
12:02 that God does not also want to give us rest.
12:05 But it also, right there within the commandment,
12:07 He wants us to give rest to others.
12:10 That's an important part, my friends,
12:11 in order for us to enter into the rest of Christ,
12:13 which we're going to build on
12:15 and learn more about in the study.
12:16 My friends, it's vitally important
12:18 that we hone in on what the commandment
12:19 is actually teaching here.
12:21 Number one is that God wants us to rest,
12:23 and number two, He wants us
12:25 to allow others to rest as well.
12:27 That's vitally important.
12:29 And then verse 15, it goes on to say,
12:31 "And remember that you are a slave
12:33 in the land of Egypt,
12:35 and that the Lord your God, that you,
12:38 notice, He brought you out from there by a mighty hand,
12:42 and by an outstretched arm,
12:44 therefore the Lord your God commanded you
12:47 to keep the Sabbath day."
12:51 The lesson brings us out the two things here,
12:53 and we see it very clearly,
12:54 if you just simply hone in on what the details
12:56 of the commandment is actually saying.
12:58 Creation and redemption
13:01 are both enshrined in the Sabbath Commandment.
13:04 Just as we did not create ourselves,
13:07 we cannot also redeem ourselves.
13:10 It is a work that only God can do.
13:13 And by resting we acknowledge our dependence upon Him,
13:16 not only for existence, but for salvation.
13:20 Sabbath keeping is a powerful expression
13:23 of salvation by faith alone.
13:26 When we are keeping God's holy day, His Sabbath,
13:29 then we are expressing our faith in Him alone,
13:32 because we recognize that we cannot save ourselves,
13:35 only Christ, the true giver of rest.
13:38 And oftentimes, when we think of Sabbath rest,
13:40 we often think of that literal, physical rest.
13:43 And absolutely as we see the details there,
13:45 when we rest, we rest physically,
13:47 literally and physically on the Sabbath day
13:49 from all of our labors.
13:50 But make no mistake about it, my friends,
13:52 the Sabbath was given for the purpose
13:54 of communion with God.
13:56 It was given for a relationship purpose.
13:58 It's not that God is saying,
14:00 "I just want you to work all this time,
14:01 and then rest physically."
14:02 Of course, that's an added bonus,
14:04 but more importantly, to spend time with Him,
14:06 to commune with Him
14:08 as our God so that we can take time
14:10 to grow and to learn of His goodwill,
14:13 to learn of His plan of redemption,
14:15 to learn of His grace,
14:16 so that we might also bask in that grace
14:19 and be able to say,
14:20 "You are our God."
14:22 And so, my friends, it's important
14:23 that through today's lesson,
14:24 through Sunday's lesson,
14:26 the land was not just given
14:27 just so that they would have a place to possess,
14:29 but it was given so that we might also have
14:32 a deeper covenant relationship
14:34 with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
14:36 Amen. Amen.
14:37 Amen.
14:38 Well, my name is John Dinzey,
14:40 we continue with Monday's portion
14:41 of the lesson.
14:43 And this takes us to the title, Because of Unbelief,
14:47 Because of Unbelief.
14:49 The lesson focuses in on Hebrews 3:12-19.
14:54 In it, it tells us about an experience that happened
14:58 in the Book of Numbers Chapter 13 and Chapter 14.
15:03 And I'm going to, for sake of time,
15:05 I'm not able to read all this,
15:06 but I'm going to give you a little background
15:08 then read a few verses.
15:09 In Numbers Chapter 13,
15:11 they were very close to the Promised Land.
15:13 And the idea of sending spies into the land
15:18 was presented and rulers of the people,
15:21 these were leaders of the people that
15:23 were chosen to go spy the land
15:25 and see what kind of land that is,
15:28 what kind of people live there,
15:29 how fortified is the land,
15:33 how big of a challenge is this for us?
15:35 Now let's go to Numbers 13, beginning of verse 17.
15:39 "Then Moses sent them to spy out the land of Canaan,
15:43 and said to them, 'Go up this way into the South,
15:46 and go up to the mountains and see what the land is like:
15:50 whether the people who dwell in it are strong or weak,
15:53 few or many, whether the land they dwell in is good or bad,
15:58 whether the cities they inhabit are like camps or strongholds,
16:02 whether the land is rich or poor,
16:04 and whether there are forest there or not."
16:07 And notice, "Be of good courage
16:09 and bring some of the fruit of the land.
16:11 Now the time was the season of the first ripe grapes."
16:15 And so they went into the land,
16:17 and went spying out of the whole land
16:20 to see what kind of land was like.
16:22 And 12 of them went.
16:25 And now we go to Numbers Chapter 14.
16:31 Yes, Numbers 14, and beginning in verse 7 and 9.
16:37 They came back to with an evil report,
16:39 actually in the end of Chapter 13,
16:42 they came back with the report,
16:43 the land is wonderful, it flows with milk and honey,
16:46 and they brought some of the fruit
16:48 and it was wonderful fruit.
16:51 But then they started to say,
16:52 "Oh, the people of Anak are there,
16:55 and the Jebusites,
16:57 the Amalekites dwell on the land of South,
16:59 the Hittites, the Jebusites,
17:01 and the Amorites dwell in the mountains,
17:02 and the Canaanites dwell by the sea
17:04 along the banks of the Jordan."
17:06 And verse 30 says of Chapter 13,
17:08 "Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said,
17:11 'Let us go up at once and take possession,
17:14 for we are well able to overcome it.'
17:18 But the men who had gone up with him said,
17:20 'We are not able to go up against the people,
17:23 for they are stronger than we.
17:26 And they gave children of Israel
17:28 a bad report of the land
17:29 which they had spied out, saying,
17:31 'The land through which we have gone
17:33 as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants,
17:36 and all the people whom we saw in it
17:38 are men of great stature.'"
17:40 Everybody became afraid.
17:41 Everybody started to weep and say,
17:44 "Oh, man, this is horrible.
17:47 Let's go back to Egypt."
17:48 And so they wanted to pick leaders
17:50 and go back to Egypt.
17:51 In Numbers, Chapter 14,
17:53 as I mentioned before, 7 through 9,
17:54 "And they spake all the congregation
17:56 of the children of Israel, saying:
17:58 'The land we passed through to spy out
18:00 is an exceedingly good land.
18:02 If the Lord delights in us,
18:04 then He will bring us into this land
18:06 and give it to us.'"
18:07 This is Caleb and Joshua speaking,
18:09 "A land which flows with milk and honey.
18:11 Only do not rebel against the Lord,
18:14 nor fear the people of the land,
18:16 for they are our bread,
18:20 their protection has departed from them,
18:22 and the Lord is with us.
18:24 Do not fear them."
18:25 See, these people of the land that God promised them.
18:29 They have been given time to repent.
18:32 And if you go to the Book of Genesis,
18:33 you notice that Abraham was promised
18:36 that his seed will take over all this land.
18:39 They were given over 400 years
18:41 to give their hearts to the Lord,
18:44 to live according to the Lord's ways.
18:47 But these people had departed from the Lord,
18:49 and this is why Caleb and Joshua say
18:52 their defense has departed from them.
18:54 And now the Lord was going to give this land
18:56 to the people of Israel.
18:58 Unfortunately, the people of Israel
19:01 did not listen to Caleb and Joshua.
19:03 And in Numbers 14:10, it says,
19:06 "And all the congregation said to stone them with stones.
19:10 Now the glory of the Lord
19:11 appeared in the tabernacle of the meeting
19:13 before all the people of Israel."
19:15 So this became a point for the people of Israel
19:20 that determined what was going to happen to them.
19:22 In fact, the Lord was angry with them,
19:25 because these people had over and over again
19:28 showed unbelief.
19:29 They did not believe in God,
19:30 even though God had done great miracles among them,
19:34 they did not believe.
19:36 Now, in this particular Chapter 14,
19:40 we see how the Lord speaks.
19:43 Moses appealed to God to forgive the people
19:45 and not to destroy them
19:47 because they were deserving of that.
19:49 In Numbers 14:20 and onward, it says, "Then the Lord said:
19:53 'I have pardoned, according to your word,
19:55 but truly, as I live,
19:57 all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord
20:01 because all these men who have seen My glory
20:04 and the signs which I did in Egypt
20:06 and in the wilderness,
20:07 and have put Me to the test now these ten times,
20:10 and have not heeded My voice,
20:13 they certainly shall not see the land
20:15 of which I swore to their fathers,
20:17 nor shall any of those who rejected Me see it."
20:20 And as you see, the Lord promises
20:22 that only Caleb and Joshua
20:24 will enter into this Promised Land.
20:27 And Hebrews 3:12, and onward, notice what the Bible says
20:32 concerning this situation that happened in Kadesh Barnea.
20:38 "Take heed, brethren..." Now He's talking.
20:40 Now this is appealing to the people
20:41 that are reading the Book of Hebrews,
20:43 and that includes you and I.
20:44 "Take heed brethren,
20:46 lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief,
20:50 in departing from the living God."
20:52 And notice how it says, "But exhort one another daily,
20:56 while it is called today,
20:57 lest any of you be hardened
20:59 through the deceitfulness of sin."
21:02 Now I want to focus in on this verse 12
21:05 for a moment.
21:06 It says, "Exhort one another daily."
21:07 As brothers and sisters,
21:09 we should be exhorting one another
21:11 and it says here daily.
21:12 We should be encouraging one another
21:14 to trust and believe in the Lord
21:16 and follow the Lord
21:17 and not to let the world sway us and lead us astray.
21:22 Notice verse 14,
21:23 "For we are made partakers of Christ
21:26 if we hold the beginning of our confidence
21:30 steadfast unto the end."
21:32 We are made partakers of Christ and all the promises
21:36 that God has in the Holy Scriptures
21:38 will be given to us.
21:40 And now, verse 15, "While it is said: 'Today,
21:43 if you hear His voice, hardened not your heart,
21:46 as in the day of provocation."
21:49 Verse 14 and 15, speak to us
21:53 about the opportunities that are before us.
21:56 And, but going back to verse 13,
21:58 I want to say something
21:59 because something is brought out very interesting.
22:00 It says here, "Lest any of you be hardened
22:04 through the deceitfulness of sin."
22:07 Sin hardens our hearts towards God.
22:10 And this is why we are encouraged, admonished,
22:15 to put away sin and follow the Lord.
22:19 Notice verse 16, " For some, when they had heard,
22:22 did provoke:
22:24 howbeit not all that came out of Egypt by Moses."
22:27 Caleb and Joshua,
22:29 Moses and Aaron followed the Lord into the land.
22:33 Moses, by the way, did not because of his sin
22:35 that he did sometime later,
22:37 but he was able to see it from afar.
22:39 And the Lord did something marvelous for Moses,
22:41 he was resurrected,
22:43 and he went to see the better land
22:45 that we have not seen,
22:47 but we will see if we stay steadfast
22:49 until the end.
22:51 Notice verse 17, "But with whom Moses,
22:52 but with whom was he grieved forty years?
22:54 Was it not with them that had sinned,
22:56 whose carcasses fell in the wilderness?
22:58 And to whom sware he that
23:00 they should not enter into his rest,
23:04 but to them that believed not?
23:08 So we see that they could not enter in
23:10 because of unbelief."
23:12 Because of unbelief,
23:13 the people of Israel
23:15 were not able to go into the land.
23:17 They forfeited the right, the privilege,
23:19 it was their children
23:21 that were able to enter into the land.
23:24 Now I have something to share with you
23:26 from the book Evangelism,
23:27 page 696, which focuses in on you and me.
23:32 "For 40 years did unbelief,
23:35 murmuring and rebellion shut out ancient Israel
23:39 from the land of Canaan.
23:41 The same sins have delayed the entrance of modern Israel
23:46 into heavenly Canaan.
23:48 In neither case were the promises
23:50 of God at fault.
23:52 It is the unbelief,
23:53 the worldliness on consecration and strife
23:57 among the Lord's professed people
23:59 that have kept us in this world of sin
24:02 and sorrow for so many years."
24:06 Evangelism, 696.
24:08 And I encourage you to let go the unbelief,
24:12 let go of the worldliness
24:14 because this is what's keeping God's people here,
24:16 and there's strife among God's people.
24:19 Let us unite ourselves with the Lord
24:22 so that these things don't hinder us
24:24 from accomplishing the work that God has set before us,
24:27 because the Lord has a land
24:30 that is much better than anything upon this earth
24:32 that He promises to those that are faithful.
24:34 And I encourage you to trust in the Lord
24:37 and follow the Lord with all of your heart.
24:39 Amen. Thank you, Pastor Dinzey.
24:43 Well, my friends, don't go anywhere,
24:44 we're going to take a short break,
24:46 and we'll be right back in just a moment.
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25:22 Hello, friends, and welcome back to 3ABN
25:24 Sabbath School Panel.
25:26 We're going to kick it over to Miss Shelley Quinn
25:28 for Tuesday's lesson.
25:29 Oh, I love Tuesday's lesson.
25:32 And it is entitled, Today, If You Hear His Voice.
25:36 Let's read Hebrews 4:4.
25:39 "For He, speaking of God,
25:41 has spoken in a certain place
25:43 of the seventh day in this way.
25:47 And God rested on the seventh day
25:50 from all of His works."
25:53 That's Genesis 2:2 that it's quoting.
25:57 You know, Isaiah 40:28 says
26:01 our Creator God neither faints nor grow weary.
26:06 God wasn't tired when He rested.
26:10 He rested from the work of creation
26:13 so that He could begin this covenant relationship
26:17 with man and the woman
26:19 that He had created on the sixth day.
26:22 So everything is complete.
26:25 God has everything in order.
26:27 And He ceased His work as an example for us.
26:31 But God is still working today.
26:34 Some people think God created and stepped away.
26:37 No, no, no.
26:38 Jesus said in John 5:17,
26:40 "My Father has been working until now,
26:45 and I have been working."
26:48 So now if we look at Hebrews 4:5,
26:51 when it says, we're following up that
26:53 God rested on the seventh day from all His work,
26:56 but then again, in this place,
27:01 now Hebrews 4:5
27:02 quotes something from the Psalms.
27:05 It says, "They shall not enter my rest."
27:08 You see, all day long,
27:10 God had been stretching out His hand
27:12 to this rebellious nation in the wilderness.
27:17 And He performed miracle after miracle,
27:20 and they resisted Him and rejected Him 10 times.
27:24 And finally, He says, "Fine,
27:26 I sent the spies in for 40 days,
27:29 you're going to have to wander in the wilderness for 40 years
27:33 till this first generation of unbelievers falls off."
27:38 One day for year, I mean, a year for each day.
27:41 "And the second generation
27:43 is the one that's going to go in."
27:46 So they had hardened their hearts,
27:48 they would not obey,
27:50 and, you know, we don't understand
27:54 obedience is the highest expression
27:57 of worship there is.
27:59 If you love God,
28:01 you will not harden your heart,
28:04 but you will submit to Him.
28:06 So what was the result
28:09 of Israel's hardened heart,
28:12 and the result of their rejection?
28:15 They didn't get to have to enjoy the promises of God.
28:19 The Promised Land was withdrawn from them.
28:22 And Joshua led the second generation
28:24 into the Promised Land.
28:26 But even then, the people were still,
28:29 they entered a physical rest,
28:32 they got to a place
28:33 where they didn't have the wandering,
28:35 but they refused the spiritual rest.
28:40 See, God offered them rest in several ways.
28:43 It said to find rest, a life in the Promised Land,
28:48 a life through the transformation
28:50 of character,
28:52 by walking in obedience to Him,
28:54 and a life with purpose.
28:56 They were to be the light to the world
28:59 to explain God's ways.
29:02 But when they refused
29:06 this covenant relationship,
29:09 we still, we know that because years later,
29:13 we see that in the days of David,
29:17 this was several centuries later,
29:20 God's still inviting them into His spiritual rest.
29:24 Now, Hebrews 4:6-7, continuing on,
29:30 this is what the Bible says,
29:32 "Since therefore,
29:34 it remains that some must enter it.
29:37 And those to whom it was first preached
29:40 did not enter because of disobedience."
29:44 I'm going to pause.
29:46 Grace is not a license to sin.
29:50 Some people think that salvation
29:52 by grace through faith
29:53 means you can do whatever you want
29:56 and still go to heaven.
29:57 Right here it says that first generation
30:00 did not enter because of sin.
30:04 And then verse 7 says, "Since because of this,
30:08 again, He designates a certain day,
30:12 saying in David, today,
30:16 after such a long time, as it has been said,
30:20 'Today, if you will hear His voice,
30:25 do not harden your hearts.'"
30:27 Boy, there's some urgency in that.
30:29 Don't wait, today.
30:31 And He says in Exodus 34:6,
30:36 let me just read this
30:37 because ancient Israel
30:41 refused God's promise.
30:43 They wouldn't enter in.
30:46 But Exodus 34:6 says, "God is merciful,
30:49 gracious, long suffering, abundant in goodness."
30:54 That's who our God is.
30:56 2 Peter 3:9, says,
31:00 "That He is not willing that any should perish,
31:04 but that all should come to repentance."
31:07 So He's still calling out,
31:10 you know, the day of salvation began
31:14 when Adam fell.
31:16 And it's going to end at the close of probation.
31:19 But you don't know when the day of salvation
31:21 will pass you by
31:23 because nobody is promised tomorrow.
31:26 So, you know, I think
31:28 of Luke 16:14-26.
31:33 Remember the repeated invitation
31:35 to the banquet,
31:37 we're not going to turn there.
31:39 But God is inviting people, and if those reject,
31:45 He's going to invite others, He's going to...
31:47 He's inviting everyone.
31:49 So verse 8, in Psalm 95:7-8,
31:54 when it was talking to David saying,
31:55 today if you hear His voice,
31:57 don't harden your hearts.
32:01 Hebrews 4:8, says, "If Joshua,
32:06 who led that generation into the Promised Land,
32:10 had given them rest,
32:13 then God would not afterward have spoken
32:17 of another day."
32:19 The eternal purpose of God is for us
32:21 to enter a spiritual rest
32:23 in which we quit trying to save ourselves.
32:27 You know, I'm telling you,
32:29 I, for the first 50 years of my life,
32:33 I would do my best to save myself,
32:36 because I didn't understand grace.
32:38 I didn't understand that God would empower me
32:41 to walk in obedience,
32:43 I didn't understand God's plan.
32:45 And there is no rest.
32:48 You strive hard, you feel guilty,
32:50 you kind of distance yourself from God,
32:52 you strive, just strive distance.
32:56 Joshua only lead the people into the physical rest,
32:59 the spiritual rest is found only in Jesus Christ,
33:04 He alone.
33:06 Now, when you think about this,
33:10 Christ said that Abraham saw My day,
33:13 and he was glad.
33:14 Abraham knew
33:16 that Jesus was going to be sacrificed for us.
33:19 And all of the Jews were that was passed on.
33:25 They all understood God's plan.
33:27 So they were saved through
33:32 the sacrificial system that pointed to Christ,
33:35 it was everything looking forward,
33:37 they were forgiven.
33:39 We're offered the same spiritual rest
33:43 by looking back at Christ's crucifixion.
33:47 His ministry is superior,
33:50 it is God incarnated in the person of Jesus Christ
33:56 now sits as a new representative
33:58 of mankind at the right hand of the throne of the Father.
34:02 As our High Priest, He is faithful,
34:07 He is faithful, and He's calling out to you.
34:12 Listen, Jesus says to you, "Today,
34:16 if you hear My voice,
34:18 do not harden your heart, don't disobey,
34:21 walk in obedience and come to Me,"
34:24 because salvation has been available
34:28 to every generation by grace through faith,
34:33 but it required obedience.
34:35 We must strive by the power of the Holy Spirit
34:39 given to us to walk in obedience,
34:42 because that's our,
34:45 it should be motivated by love.
34:47 It should be something that
34:49 we want this covenant relationship.
34:52 We're the children, He's the father.
34:54 He provides everything,
34:56 but we're saying, "Lord, we love You."
34:59 And as Jesus said, "In the volume of your book,
35:02 it is written, 'Lo, I have come to do Your will.'"
35:07 So we're to submit, and do God's will.
35:11 You know, when we celebrate the seventh day,
35:15 I like what you said.
35:17 It's a testimony of our faith to God as our Creator,
35:22 it is a testimony of our faith to God as our Redeemer,
35:27 and as the one who will,
35:31 who has the power to sanctify us and qualify us
35:35 to enter into that spiritual rest.
35:37 Jesus said in Matthew 11:28,
35:42 "Come to Me all you who are weary,
35:43 are heavy laden, I will give you rest.
35:47 Lay your burdens, take My yoke, give me your burdens,
35:52 and he says My yoke is easy."
35:55 God's promise is today, it's not too late.
36:00 Won't you hear His call to you?
36:02 Amen. Amen.
36:03 Thank you so much, Shelley.
36:05 And now entering into the...
36:07 Entering into His rest is Wednesday,
36:11 Entering into His Rest.
36:13 I think about rest.
36:15 And, you know, we have a hectic schedule here at 3ABN.
36:17 And rest is something that
36:19 you don't really get till you leave town.
36:21 You don't stay in town to get rest.
36:24 But there's only one thing worse
36:25 than physical exhaustion,
36:28 the spiritual exhaustion.
36:30 The only thing worse than being physically tired,
36:33 is being spiritually tired.
36:34 Now I've been physically tired before,
36:36 but thank the Lord
36:37 I've never been spiritually tired.
36:39 Being physically tired
36:41 could affect your spiritual life.
36:42 Being physically tired
36:44 could affect your spiritual life.
36:45 That's why in our home, my wife and me,
36:47 we don't have any children.
36:49 But when I'm tired,
36:50 when I'm tired of even doing the work of the Lord,
36:53 and we go to our evening devotions,
36:55 or morning devotions,
36:57 if she's tired, I lead out and vice versa.
37:01 But something happens,
37:02 when she lights that spiritual candle,
37:06 I lose my physical exhaustion.
37:08 And in the evening is sometime a detriment.
37:10 She says, "I need to go to bed.
37:14 We just had a nice short devotion,
37:16 now you want this long Bible study."
37:18 Because the Word of God is so alive.
37:20 Yes. It's a never tired...
37:22 It's a never tired book.
37:24 The Word of God is living and powerful.
37:26 So if you want to deal with your physical
37:28 and spiritual exhaustion,
37:29 I would recommend making the Word of God
37:32 a staple in your home.
37:34 Amen.
37:35 Hebrews 3:11,
37:37 we're going to start with this declaration
37:39 the Lord made and as you know,
37:41 the journey of the children of Israel
37:42 is very much like our journey.
37:44 "All those things that happened to them
37:46 happened as examples to us,
37:47 upon whom the end of the worlds have come."
37:49 1 Corinthians Chapter 10.
37:51 So Paul recorded those things to let us look back
37:54 on what they didn't do.
37:56 The writer of Hebrews records it.
37:58 We can actually go to the record as it unfolds
38:00 in the first five books of the Bible,
38:03 and understand how their journeys were.
38:05 We have a record, we could see how it didn't work for them,
38:09 so we don't have to go down that very same path.
38:12 We don't have to lust
38:13 after evil things as they also lusted.
38:15 We don't have to take God's name
38:17 and not take His character.
38:20 And so as the Lord saw the... What could I say?
38:24 The crumbling, the denigration of the Israelites,
38:28 He made the statement in Hebrews 3:11.
38:31 "So I swore in my wrath, they shall not enter My rest."
38:37 So the question I ask you today
38:39 before I go to unfold about how the blessing
38:41 of God comes and the rest we find in Him,
38:46 is your spiritual life beginning to crumble?
38:50 Is your spiritual life something that
38:52 you just reserve for the weekend?
38:54 Is your spiritual life something that
38:56 gets your attention intermittently?
38:59 Because if that's the case,
39:01 I want you to know there's only one thing
39:02 worse than physical exhaustion,
39:04 the spiritual exhaustion.
39:06 Meaning, let's do the comparison,
39:08 if you don't eat,
39:10 you're going to get physically tired.
39:11 Oh, yeah.
39:13 The same is true about studying God's Word.
39:14 If you don't study God's Word,
39:16 you're going to become spiritually exhausted.
39:18 And people that are physically tired,
39:21 the things that they can carry become less and less.
39:24 They don't have the strength to do it.
39:27 Such is the case in spiritual exhaustion.
39:29 When you don't feed yourself spiritually,
39:31 you're going to find that
39:32 you are not able to bear the burdens
39:34 and the challenges of life.
39:35 So let me encourage you before I go any further,
39:38 don't allow yourself
39:39 to become spiritually exhausted,
39:41 because it impacts your physical life
39:43 and your relationship with a Christ
39:45 who is the one wanting
39:47 and desiring to give you that rest.
39:49 Hebrews 4 and you read a lot of it.
39:52 Hebrews 4 focuses a lot on the Sabbath.
39:54 I'm going to let Jill deal with that
39:56 because your lesson is pretty much
39:57 about the Sabbath.
39:58 It's about the Sabbath.
40:00 So I'm not going to take a lot of time there.
40:01 But I'm going to go to Exodus 33:14.
40:05 Ryan talked about the Sabbath some,
40:06 Shelley talked about it some,
40:08 but it's Jill's full concentration.
40:09 Talk about it all you want.
40:11 So there's always things we could bring out.
40:14 But the presence of God, and the rest
40:17 that we find in the Lord is not only...
40:20 Well, let me read the text,
40:21 and I'll give you the explanation.
40:23 Exodus 33:14.
40:25 And He said, "My presence will go with you,
40:29 and I will give you rest."
40:30 The next application I want to make,
40:32 take the Lord with you everywhere you go.
40:35 Now, why do I say that?
40:36 I know, as a pastor, I've had people in my church,
40:40 not necessarily this one, sort of set up,
40:42 one on vacation, and I asked them,
40:44 "Well, where did you go to church?"
40:46 "Oh, I didn't go to church, I just stayed home and slept."
40:49 You know, my wife and I throughout
40:51 our entire life on vacations,
40:53 everywhere we go on vacation, we find a church.
40:57 Because while we're getting physical rest,
41:00 we don't want to ignore our spiritual needs.
41:04 The congregation may be ever so small or ever so large,
41:07 we have to come to that table of grace
41:09 because the Sabbath to me
41:11 is an appointment with divinity.
41:13 It's not a time that I could say, well,
41:15 you know, we would, I remember going down,
41:18 we tried that once.
41:19 We were living in California, in Northern California,
41:23 and close to the ocean,
41:25 our church for pastors' appreciation,
41:27 they gave us a weekend away.
41:29 They said, "You need some rest, Pastor, you worked too hard."
41:31 So they gave us a weekend away.
41:32 So we said, "Well, let's go to church."
41:33 And we went to a church not too far away.
41:35 And it so happened, the Lord led us to a church
41:37 where the pastor was out of town for that day.
41:40 And they were going to show a video.
41:42 Well, what happened when we walked in?
41:44 They said, "The Lord answered our prayer.
41:47 Could you do the sermon today?"
41:49 Even though I was on vacation,
41:51 I said, this was God's appointment.
41:53 And I ended up being the speaker for that day,
41:55 on the weekend that I was getting physical rest.
41:57 You see, God has appointments
41:59 with this spiritual relationship
42:00 He made to us with us,
42:02 that when we are invited to enter His rest,
42:06 let us do all we can to enter into that rest.
42:10 Let's go to the Book of Hebrews Chapter 4,
42:12 look at verse 10 and 11.
42:15 Look at why He admonishes us not to just enter into rest
42:19 but to pursue rest,
42:21 that spiritual rest with Him.
42:23 For He said, Hebrews 4:10,
42:27 "For He who has entered His rest,
42:30 has himself also ceased from his work,
42:33 as God did from His.
42:35 Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest,
42:39 lest anyone fall according to the same example
42:43 of disobedience."
42:45 Now what example are they talking about?
42:47 When the Israelites were in the wilderness,
42:49 and the Lord said to them,
42:51 "Gather manna every day,
42:52 but don't go out on the Sabbath looking for any,
42:54 there's not going to be any."
42:56 Some of you guys that want to go to restaurants
42:57 on Sabbath...
43:00 Amen.
43:01 Don't go on Sabbath,
43:03 make the preparation on the preparation day.
43:05 Make twice as much.
43:07 If you need to warm it up,
43:09 let us not take the inconvenience,
43:11 let us not take the Sabbath,
43:13 and make it an inconvenience for others.
43:15 Did you not miss what Ryan said?
43:17 It is not only an opportunity for you to rest,
43:20 but for you to give your neighbors,
43:22 those within your gates,
43:23 the stranger, an opportunity to rest.
43:26 By your example, they discover your God.
43:30 So He said, "Let us not fall
43:33 according to the same example of disobedience."
43:37 So you find that the Lord continues
43:40 to remind us of the beauty of entering into His rest.
43:43 Let's go to Hebrews Chapter 4.
43:45 And I'm going to jump through some verses here
43:47 that would show you how,
43:49 and then I'm going to let it segue to Jill,
43:52 so she could bring the Sabbath,
43:54 the special focus of the Sabbath in.
43:57 Let's look at Hebrews Chapter 4,
43:59 I'm going to go from verse 1 to 3, to 5, then 8 to 10.
44:02 Verse 1, "Therefore, since a promise remains
44:07 of entering His rest,"
44:09 look at this, "let us fear,
44:13 lest any of you seem to have come short of it."
44:16 Notice what He's saying.
44:17 The Sabbath is a day of spiritual rest.
44:20 He said you ought to be afraid not to enter that rest.
44:22 That's what He's saying.
44:24 He's not saying you ought to just not think about.
44:26 He says, you ought to be fearful
44:28 not to enter that rest.
44:31 Let us fear lest any of you seem
44:33 to have come short of it.
44:35 4:3, "For we who have believed, do enter that rest."
44:41 Watch this.
44:42 When you observe the Sabbath, you believe.
44:45 It's an exercise of belief.
44:47 It's not an exercise of just a day of worship.
44:49 It's an exercise of belief.
44:51 You're following the examples of Christ.
44:53 We've often said,
44:55 what's the purpose of the Sabbath?
44:56 Well, we're following the example of Christ,
44:59 but it's just deeper than the example of Christ.
45:01 We also believe, why we follow the example of Christ.
45:05 He says, "For we who have believed
45:08 do enter that rest, as He said:
45:11 'I swore in My wrath,
45:12 they shall not enter My rest, '
45:14 although the works were finished
45:17 from the foundation of the world,
45:18 and again, in this place, they shall not enter my rest.
45:22 For if Joshua, Yeshua Christ had given them,"
45:26 Joshua and Christ was synonymous
45:27 in the leading of the Israelites,
45:29 "had given them rest, then He would not
45:32 after would have spoken of another day.
45:35 There remains
45:38 therefore a rest for the people of God,
45:42 for He who has entered His rest,
45:44 that's the rest of Christ,
45:46 has himself also ceased from his work
45:49 as God did from His."
45:51 So when we enter the Sabbath rest,
45:53 we enter a spiritual rest.
45:55 When we enter the rest of Christ,
45:57 we have a daily rest,
45:59 and therefore our physical life
46:01 will not be more important than our spiritual life.
46:04 Amen.
46:06 Thank you so much each one of you.
46:07 What an incredible study.
46:09 I love Hebrews Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.
46:12 You know, when we look at Hebrews 3,
46:13 we see that God has built us a better home,
46:16 a better family,
46:17 a better community.
46:19 It's a home family community
46:20 that's free from condemnation and guilt.
46:24 When we look at Hebrews Chapter 4,
46:26 we see that having accepted that better home,
46:29 we enter a better rest,
46:32 which is our spiritual salvation
46:34 in Jesus Christ.
46:35 And the Sabbath is the door
46:38 into that spiritual salvation rest.
46:41 Thursday's lesson I have
46:43 which is Foretaste of New Creation.
46:46 I have too much material.
46:48 So we'll get through what we can here.
46:50 We're looking at what does the Sabbath
46:52 serve as a reminder of?
46:55 Ryan referenced to those.
46:56 The Sabbath serves us a reminder,
46:59 every Sabbath that Jesus is my Creator.
47:01 Jesus is my Redeemer.
47:04 Shelley talked about Jesus is my Sanctifier.
47:09 But the four areas that we're going to look at
47:11 and focus today is Jesus is my Creator,
47:14 Jesus is my Redeemer, Jesus is my rest,
47:18 and Jesus is my soon coming King.
47:22 We're going to look at those four areas,
47:24 in the focus of past, present, and future.
47:29 So let's go, Jesus is my Creator.
47:31 This is area number one.
47:33 If we look at that, in the focus of the past,
47:35 this is what Ryan read.
47:36 This is the Fourth Commandment from Exodus 20:8-11.
47:41 The heart of that Fourth Commandment
47:43 reminds us that in six days,
47:46 God made the heavens and the earth.
47:48 Every Sabbath is reminder, He created me, I am valued,
47:52 I am loved.
47:54 Every Sabbath is also a reminder
47:55 that He created others,
47:58 they are made in His image.
48:00 They are to be my brothers and sisters.
48:04 Every Sabbath is also a reminder,
48:06 He created this world and everything that is in it.
48:10 I am to be a steward of His creation.
48:13 Now that's the past, the reminder of the past.
48:15 What about the present?
48:17 This is one of my favorites.
48:18 Every Sabbath is a reminder that He can recreate in me
48:24 the image of Jesus.
48:26 2 Corinthians 5:17, "If anyone is in Christ,
48:29 he or she is a new creation.
48:32 Old things are passed away,
48:34 behold, all things have become new."
48:37 Every Sabbath is a reminder
48:40 that He's my recreator.
48:42 Where did I come from?
48:43 I don't know about you, but I came from a place,
48:45 Ephesians 1 talks about it, dead in trespasses and sins.
48:50 That's where I came from.
48:52 Every Sabbath, God reminds me that He can recreate in me
48:57 the image of Jesus.
48:59 What does He recreate?
49:00 He recreates my heart and my purity.
49:03 Psalm 51:10, David says, "Create in me a clean heart,
49:07 oh God, and renew a right spirit within me."
49:09 That word create is bara.
49:11 It's the same word in Genesis 1:1,
49:14 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
49:18 It's used of God's ability
49:21 to create something from nothing.
49:24 In other words, in the beginning,
49:26 God created the heavens and earth,
49:27 there was nothing and God created something.
49:31 So when this says, create in me a clean heart,
49:33 oh God, bara in me a clean heart,
49:36 oh God, what are we saying?
49:38 God, my heart is dirty, God, there is nothing pure,
49:41 God, there is nothing holy.
49:43 Would you create something out of nothing?
49:47 Every Sabbath is a reminder
49:49 that God can recreate our heart and our purity.
49:52 Every Sabbath is a reminder
49:54 that God can recreate my character
49:57 and openness to God.
49:58 Ezekiel 36, I love this passage.
50:01 Ezekiel 36:26, "I will give you a new heart
50:05 and put a new spirit within you."
50:07 Every Sabbath is a reminder
50:09 that God recreates in us His heart and spirit.
50:13 It's also a reminder that He enables us
50:15 to walk in obedience.
50:18 Ezekiel 11:19-20, I will give them one heart.
50:22 I will put a new spirit," there's that word new,
50:26 "a new spirit within them,
50:28 takes a stony heart out of their flesh
50:30 and give them a heart of flesh,
50:31 that they may walk in My statutes,
50:35 and keep My judgments and do them.
50:37 They will be my people and I will be their God."
50:42 Now let's look at future.
50:43 We looked at the Sabbath reminder
50:45 that God made us and created us.
50:46 God created other people, God created this world.
50:49 It's also a reminder
50:50 that God can recreate in us the image of Jesus.
50:55 The Sabbath is also a reminder, this is for future.
50:58 Isaiah 65:17, "For behold,
51:02 I create new heavens and a new earth,
51:05 and the former shall not be remembered
51:07 or come to mind."
51:08 Every Sabbath is a reminder
51:10 that this world does not last forever,
51:12 and that God will recreate this world
51:15 as it was made in its Edenic beauty.
51:17 Let's go to the second point.
51:19 This is, Jesus is my Redeemer.
51:22 Ryan already referenced this.
51:24 This is the reference to the past
51:25 when we look at the past.
51:27 Deuteronomy 5,
51:28 the second giving of the Ten Commandments.
51:31 We see right at the heart of the Fourth Commandment,
51:34 the Israelites are reminded, remember that you were a slave,
51:38 and that God brought you out from Egypt
51:40 and He redeemed you.
51:43 Every Sabbath is a reminder, Pastor John,
51:45 that God set me free from the penalty of sin.
51:48 I love that.
51:50 1 Corinthians 6 is this whole list of sins,
51:53 incredible sins and horrible sins.
51:56 And you get to the end of that, 1 Corinthians 6:11,
51:59 and it says, "Such were some of you,
52:01 but you were washed,
52:02 but you were sanctified,
52:04 but you were justified in the name of our Lord Jesus
52:07 and by the spirit of our God."
52:08 So every Sabbath we are reminded,
52:10 Jesus sets us free from the penalty of sin.
52:13 That's the past.
52:15 Let's look at the present.
52:16 John 8:36, "If the Son makes you free,
52:19 you shall be free indeed."
52:21 Every Sabbath is a reminder
52:23 that He sets me free from the power of sin.
52:27 Romans 6, what do we see in Romans Chapter 6?
52:31 The old man of sin,
52:32 the old woman of sin is done away with.
52:35 That the body of sin might be done away with,
52:37 we would no longer be slaves to sin.
52:39 You see, not only are we freed from the penalty of sin,
52:42 not only are we justified,
52:44 not only are we cleansed with the blood of Jesus,
52:47 we are set free from the power of sin,
52:49 and every Sabbath is a reminder
52:50 that you and I can walk in sanctification.
52:54 You and I can walk in purity.
52:57 You and I can walk in holiness, but that's the present.
53:00 What about the future?
53:02 Revelation 21:27,
53:05 "There shall by no means
53:06 enter into it anything that defiles
53:09 or causes an abomination or a lie,
53:12 only those who are written in the Lamb's Book of Life."
53:16 Every Sabbath is a reminder
53:17 that He will one day set me free
53:20 from the presence of sin.
53:23 One day, this world that we live in of sin
53:26 and sickness and suffering will be over
53:29 and will be forever with our Savior Jesus.
53:32 Number three, the Sabbath is a reminder,
53:35 every Sabbath of my rest,
53:37 the rest that we can experience in Jesus.
53:41 Let's look at the past.
53:42 Jesus rested after the creation week
53:44 and we talked about that.
53:45 He rested on the Sabbath,
53:47 it signified a completion of that work.
53:50 Every Sabbath is a reminder that He's a Creator,
53:53 not me, He's the Redeemer,
53:55 not me, He's my Savior, not me.
54:00 If we look at the present, Ephesians 2:8-10,
54:04 "By grace you have been saved through faith,
54:07 not of yourselves.
54:08 It is the gift of God.
54:09 Not of works, lest anyone should boast.
54:12 We are His workmanship,
54:15 created in Christ Jesus for good works
54:17 which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."
54:21 You see, grace is a gift, faith is a gift,
54:24 salvation is a gift and yes,
54:26 even the work that we do are a gift.
54:29 Every Sabbath is a reminder
54:31 that you and I don't save ourselves,
54:32 you and I don't change ourselves,
54:34 you and I don't correct ourselves,
54:37 we are changed, we can rest in salvation rest
54:41 that Shelley brought out so beautifully.
54:44 You know, apples, if you go to an apple tree
54:46 and you see the apples on it,
54:47 that doesn't make it an apple tree.
54:49 Does it?
54:50 No, the tree was already an apple tree
54:52 before the fruit was there.
54:54 The fruit just confirms that it is an apple tree.
54:58 The true Christian does not keep the Sabbath
55:00 or the other nine Commandments to become righteous.
55:03 Rather, it is the natural fruitage
55:06 of the righteousness of Christ
55:08 at work in the life of a Christian.
55:12 Let's look at the future that rest.
55:14 Israel failed to experience the rest in Christ.
55:17 The Jews of Jesus' day failed to experience it too.
55:19 You know what?
55:20 Many Christians today fail to experience
55:22 true salvation rest in Christ.
55:25 Pastor John read Hebrews 4:9,
55:28 "There remains therefore a rest for the people of God."
55:33 We're invited today and throughout eternity
55:35 to experience God's rest of salvation
55:37 by grace through faith.
55:38 And finally number four, the Sabbath is a reminder that
55:42 Jesus is my soon coming King.
55:44 Amen. I love that.
55:46 Hebrews 9:28 our last verse,
55:48 "Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many.
55:50 To those who eagerly wait for Him,
55:53 He will appear a second time,
55:55 apart from sin for salvation."
55:57 So the beautiful thing about the Sabbath is every Sabbath,
56:00 you can remember Jesus is your Creator,
56:03 your Redeemer, your rest, and your soon coming King.
56:07 Amen. Great lesson.
56:09 Amen.
56:10 This study has been such a blessing to help us
56:12 see the Sabbath in such a deeper,
56:13 clearer light from the perspective of Hebrews.
56:16 So praise the Lord for that.
56:17 Let's get some final thoughts.
56:19 Well, for Monday's portion,
56:21 I would like to say that somehow someway,
56:23 God has placed a Joshua and a Caleb in your life,
56:26 to help you understand to walk in the ways of the Lord
56:29 and not in disobedience.
56:31 So take heed and follow the Lord.
56:33 Amen.
56:35 In Hebrews 4:7,
56:37 I just want to quote that to you that
56:41 God is calling out to you today.
56:44 He says, "Today, if you hear My voice,
56:47 don't harden your heart."
56:49 Turn toward Him, and He will change your life.
56:53 And finally, don't allow your physical rest
56:57 to rob you off the spiritual rest
56:59 found in the fellowship.
57:00 Hebrews 10:25,
57:02 "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together,
57:05 as is the matter of some but exhorting one another
57:09 and so much the more
57:10 as you see the day approaching."
57:13 Amen.
57:14 Every Sabbath is a reminder
57:15 of what God has done in your life and in mine,
57:18 and it's a reminder of what He wants to do,
57:21 and how He wants to save us and take us home with Him.
57:24 Amen.
57:25 This has been such a blessing.
57:27 We should be praising God
57:28 for the Sabbath rest that we find in Him.
57:31 But more than that, as we learn this spiritual rest
57:34 that we find only in Christ Jesus,
57:36 our Lord Jesus, the giver of rest,
57:39 that was the title of this week's lesson,
57:41 it was such a blessing.
57:42 My friends, as always, we want to thank you again
57:44 for joining us here
57:45 on the 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
57:47 And we want you to join us next week
57:49 because next week,
57:50 we're going to be jumping into lesson number six,
57:53 which is entitled Jesus, the Faithful Priest.
57:57 I knew it was going to get to this
57:58 because we got to talk about Jesus
57:59 as High Priest at some point.
58:01 We're going to do that next week.
58:02 We'll see you right back here. God bless.


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