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00:01 The third quarter 3ABN Sabbath School panel is In the Crucible
00:04 With Christ. Today lesson 10 is Meekness in the Crucible.
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00:56 Hi, I'm Shelley Quinn, and we welcome you to 3ABN Sabbath
01:01 School panel. We are studying In the Crucible With Christ and
01:04 today Lesson 10 is Meekness in the Crucible. Let me introduce
01:09 you to your 3ABN family who are joining me at the table today.
01:12 Pastor John Lomacang.
01:14 Yeah, it's good to have you here Shelley and good to be here. I'm
01:17 talking about Interceding for Grace. We'll find out how
01:20 important grace is in our Christian walk.
01:22 Amen. Pastor James Rafferty.
01:24 Good to be here with you Shelley I have Tuesday's lesson which is
01:27 entitled Loving Those Who Hurt Us?
01:29 Oh, wonderful. And Pastor John Dinzey.
01:32 It's a blessing to be here. I have Wednesday's A Closed Mouth.
01:36 I thought you were having a little accident and finally
01:43 Evangelist Ryan Day.
01:44 I have Thursday's lesson entitles Our Rock and Refuge.
01:47 Praise the Lord. Ryan you want to have our opening prayer?
01:50 Absolutely. Let's pray. Our Father in heaven, Lord we
01:53 need the Holy Spirit right now to lead and guide us in this
01:57 study. We are so blessed and honored to be able to study, to
02:00 be alive at this time and to be able to represent you and for
02:03 all of us around the world and sitting on this panel to be
02:07 drawn together in the study of your word that's going to uplift
02:10 you Lord. So take over this time We give it to you and we ask you
02:13 to lead and guide us and draw us to our uplifted Savior Jesus
02:16 Christ, we ask in Jesus' holy name, Amen.
02:20 Amen and amen. Thank you. Our memory text today is
02:23 Matthew 5:5-Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the
02:30 earth. What does this word meek mean. It means gentle, mild and
02:35 humble. Meekness accepts God's will and submits to God's will.
02:42 Meekness prepares our hearts for sanctification. It fosters self
02:48 control. You know, Moses was a very strong leader, was he not?
02:54 But Numbers 12:3 says: Now the man Moses was very humble more
03:02 than all who were on the face of the earth. Some translations say
03:08 that he was very meek. You know in Micah 6:8 I love what Micah
03:13 says: You have shown us O man what is good, what does the Lord
03:20 require of us but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk
03:26 humbly with our God. When I think of meekness you know who I
03:31 think of? Jesus Christ, the man of all authority. He possessed
03:36 all the authority of heaven but in Matthew 11:29 He says: Take
03:42 my yoke upon you, learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly, meek
03:50 I am lowly in heart and if you do this you're going to find
03:54 rest in me. He gives us the perfect example of selfless
04:00 humility. To preach the good tidings to the poor, heal the
04:04 broken-hearted, proclaim liberty to the captives and He also
04:10 consoled those who mourn. He gave them beauty instead of
04:16 ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. So in Philippians
04:20 2:5-8 Paul says: Hey, let this mind be in you that was in
04:24 Christ Jesus who humbled himself to become a man and to be
04:29 obedient to the point of death. In Galatians 5:22 and 23 the
04:38 fruit of the Spirit is listed. And one of the fruit, it's one
04:42 fruit, but one portion of that fruit is meekness. So we are to
04:48 pursue gentleness is what the Bible tells us. In 1 Peter 3:4
04:54 He said a gentle and quiet spirit is acceptable in the
04:59 sight of God. It's precious in the sight of God. You know what?
05:04 Our culture doesn't celebrate meekness, do we? You know, we
05:12 want to exalt ourself. That's the way our culture is, but God
05:15 said if you exalt yourself you're going to be humbled.
05:19 Humble yourself and you'll be exalted. And the day is coming
05:23 when all the kingdoms of the universe are going to be given
05:26 to the saints. Now meekness is defined in our quarterly as
05:33 enduring injury with patience and without resentment. It says
05:38 it's one of the most powerful characteristics of Jesus and His
05:45 followers. So that gets us to Sunday's lesson and I love this
05:50 lesson. It is: Broken Bread and Poured-Out Wine. Before we
05:55 jump into the lesson I just have to add this. When I'm thinking
05:59 of broken bread and poured-out wine I think of the sacrificial
06:04 ministry of Jesus. In 1 Corinthians 11:23-25
06:09 Paul write: The Lord Jesus on the same night in which He was
06:14 betrayed, He took bread, and when He had given thanks, He broke it
06:19 and He says take, eat, this is my body which is broken for you.
06:23 Do this in remembrance of Me. And in the same manner He also
06:28 took up the cup...the wine after supper...and He said, this cup
06:32 is the New Covenant in my blood. This do as often as you drink
06:39 it in remembrance of Me. So Christ was broken bread and
06:46 poured-out wine. You know what? In Philippians 2:7 Paul said, hey:
06:51 I'm being offered as a drink offering. And it's interesting
06:56 because the drink offering we find in Numbers 15:3-4, it was
07:02 poured on top of the animal sacrifices and then as the
07:05 flames were burning the sacrifice the wine that was
07:10 poured on top of the sacrifice vaporized into the air and it
07:17 was...the only reason that Paul could be a drink offering is
07:22 because he had drunk deeply of the living water of the Holy
07:26 Spirit is what I believe. And that's the same Spirit that's
07:29 poured out on us. So our lesson brings out that Oswald Chambers
07:34 says: In the process of being made broken bread and poured-
07:38 out wine, it means that you have to be the nourishment for others
07:41 for their souls until they learn to feed on God, until they learn
07:47 to draw on the life of the Lord Jesus directly. And Oswald
07:52 Chambers says we have to learn how to be broken bread and
07:55 poured-out wine where? On the line of intercession more than
08:03 on the line of personal contact. I find that very fascinating. He
08:07 says quit praying about yourself and spend your life for the sake
08:13 of others as the bondservant of Jesus. I always say intercessory
08:18 ministry is the highest calling to ministry that there is. Why?
08:25 It's the ministry of our risen and exalted Savior. He lives to
08:31 intercede for us now. Now we have various examples in our
08:36 lesson today of people who were broken bread and poured-out wine
08:42 It mentions Moses who endured waves of gossip and criticism
08:49 as he led the people to the promised land. It mentions
08:52 Joseph who was betrayed and imprisoned before he was brought
08:57 to a position of service in Egypt. And I love what our
09:03 writer, Anthony Gavin, says. He says that God permitted these
09:08 situations so that these people's lives could become
09:14 theaters of grace. Isn't' that beautiful? Theaters of grace and
09:18 care, not only for themselves but for others. But the crucible
09:23 that was endured by Ezekiel is one of our primary points in
09:26 today's lesson and here's what happened. God tells Ezekiel his
09:31 wife is going to die. Now Ezekiel was madly in love with
09:36 this wife. She was the desire of his eyes. She was precious in
09:42 his sight. It says she was his pride, his delight. But God
09:46 tells him she's going to die and you can't mourn. Don't you mourn
09:51 Can you imagine losing Angie and God said no tears, no mourning.
09:58 But God did this because He's going to use Ezekiel as a sign
10:02 and Ezekiel submits to God's will. But this was a symbolic
10:10 act. It was a heartbreaking sign to show all of the exiles that
10:19 they could not mourn publicly over the destruction of
10:25 Jerusalem for which their sins were responsible. Wow! In other
10:31 words the national sorrow would eclipse personal sorrow. Think
10:38 about that. National sorrow should eclipse personal sorrow.
10:42 So Ezekiel when he was in Babylon he remained silent for
10:48 two years until his prophecies of the destruction of Judah and
10:55 Jerusalem came true and the captives arrived. Our lesson
11:01 says Ezekiel 24:24: God says Ezekiel will be a sign to you
11:07 You will do just as he has done. When this happens you will know
11:12 that I am the Sovereign Lord. So Ezekiel in meekness accepted
11:19 God's commandment and through his example the children of
11:24 Israel were going to be convicted of the truth of who
11:29 God was, the Sovereign Lord and they then would see this truth
11:35 as they experienced the fulfillment of the prophecy that
11:38 Ezekiel's life was symbolizing. So here's the point of the
11:44 lesson. Sometimes things happen to us and the way we react
11:53 suffering has a relationship with meekness. If we learn to
12:00 be meek before the Lord, to be gentle, we can be a sign to
12:08 other people. It's like when we learn to accept, meekness can be
12:16 a strength, not a weakness because God will use us to
12:23 minister to others. You know it's easy to feel hurt or to
12:29 feel angry in certain situations but meekness is a God-given
12:35 ability, it's part of the fruit of the Spirit, to endure
12:45 suffering with patience and without resentment. So let me
12:48 read something to you from The Desire of Ages, p. 301, Ellen
12:55 White writes: The difficulties we have to encounter may be very
12:59 much lessoned by that meekness which hides itself in Christ.
13:03 If we possess the humility of our Master, we shall rise above
13:08 the slights, the rebuffs, the annoyances to which we are
13:13 exposed and they will cease to cast a gloom over the spirit.
13:17 This highest evidence of nobility in a Christian is self
13:22 control. He who will endure abuse or cruelty fails to
13:31 maintain a calm and trustful spirit robs God of His right to
13:35 reveal in him His own perfection of character. Lowliness of
13:39 heart is the strength that gives victory to the followers of
13:44 Christ. It is the token of their connection with the courts above
13:50 That's The Desire of Ages, p. 301. Meekness in the Crucible
13:56 Thank you, thank you, Shelley. Wow! Each of these lessons are
14:00 going to build on the other one and mine is about grace.
14:02 Interceding for Grace. Let's go right to Exodus 32. I'm
14:07 going to go all the way down to verse 14 but let's break them up
14:10 into two categories. (John Lomacang)
14:12 One is the sin of Israel. The second is the interposition and
14:18 intercession of Moses and how God's grace was poured through
14:23 his life at a moment when the people were deserving of
14:27 something other than grace. Exodus 32 verses 1-10: Now when
14:33 the people saw that Moses delayed coming down from the
14:34 mountain, the people gathered together to Aaron and said to
14:36 him, Come make us gods that shall go before us. For as for
14:41 this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt
14:44 we do not know what has become of him. And Aaron said to them
14:48 break off the golden earrings which are in your ears and the
14:51 ears of your wives, your sons and your daughters, and bring
14:54 them to me. Just like today. Men and women and girls wear
14:58 earrings. So all the people broke off the golden earrings
15:00 which were in their ears and brought them to Aaron and he
15:04 received the gold from their hands and he fashioned it with
15:06 the engraving tool and made a molded calf. Then they said,
15:11 This is your god O Israel that brought you out of the land of
15:15 Egypt...Hmm...today...Wow...So when Aaron saw it he built an
15:20 altar before it and Aaron made a proclamation and said, Tomorrow
15:23 is a feast to the Lord. Then they rose early on the next day,
15:29 offered burnt offerings and brought peace offerings and the
15:31 people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play. And the
15:35 Lord said to Moses. Go, get down for your people whom you brought
15:40 out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves...Notice
15:45 God's disassociations. We do that today when they're
15:47 misbehaving, go get your son. When they're doing well, Look at
15:51 my son. God fit the pattern. The people whom you brought out of
15:56 the land of Egypt...verse 9... And the Lord said to Moses I
15:59 have seen this people and indeed it is a stiff-necked people. Now
16:03 therefore, let Me alone that My wrath may burn hot against them
16:06 and I may consume them and I will make of you a great nation.
16:12 Now Moses's interposition and intersession. Notice what he
16:16 asks for in verses 11-14. Then Moses pleaded with the Lord his
16:21 God and said, Lord why does your wrath burn hot against your
16:26 people whom you brought out of the land of Egypt with great
16:30 power and with a mighty hand. Why should the Egyptians speak
16:34 and say He brought them out to harm them to kill them in the
16:37 mountains and to consume them from the face of the earth. Turn
16:40 from your fierce wrath and relent from this harm to your
16:46 people. Remember Abraham, Isaac and Israel your servants to whom
16:51 you swore by your own self and said to them, I will multiply
16:55 your descendants as the stars of heaven and all this land that I
16:58 have spoken of I give to your descendants and they shall
17:02 inherit it forever...And here's the response of God...So the
17:07 Lord relented from the harm which He said He would do to His
17:12 people. So often we don't understand the beauty of our
17:16 intercession in behalf of those that cannot do better or are
17:19 choosing not to do better. I look at my sister for example.
17:22 So many times throughout the years, she left the church at 16
17:26 she's now 66, 50 years. And she's been in so many situations
17:30 even as an EMT at Ground Zero on September 11 back in 2001. And
17:35 she made the decision. I believe God touched her heart to make
17:39 the decision to go to work four hours later. Had she gone four
17:42 hours earlier she would have died with the compatriots when
17:45 the building came down. And all through our lives, every day, I
17:49 pray for my sister for God to sustain her. She lost so many
17:52 friends in the post 9/11 incident that died of all the
17:56 diseases, kidney failure, cancer from all the harmful toxins that
18:00 were there. She was there nine months at ground zero and lost
18:05 the use of her kidneys but she's still doing well today. Got a
18:08 new kidney that's been lasting for a long time. And I'm still
18:11 praying that God will bring her in and I believe that if we decide
18:15 to intercede in behalf of those who are not yet where God
18:18 wants them to be
18:20 we'll appreciate something that's called, not grow because
18:26 because of grace but grow in grace. Now let's look at this.
18:31 2 Peter 3 verse 17. Grow in grace is a very powerful thing.
18:35 Now I'm just going to simply read verses 17 and 18: You
18:39 therefore beloved since you know this beforehand, beware lest you
18:44 also, fall from your own steadfastness being led away
18:47 with the errors of the wicked. But grow in the grace and
18:52 knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now notice
18:55 something. Grow IN grace. The illustration I could use is a
19:00 plant doesn't grow into the pot to become a plant. It grows in
19:03 the pot because it is a plant. A fish doesn't swim into the sea
19:08 to become a fish. It swims in the sea because it is a fish.
19:11 We don't grow into God's grace. We grow IN God's grace because
19:16 that's the only place that a Christian can allow human
19:21 frailty to still reveal the glory of God. We need the grace
19:25 of God. When we get to heaven we're not going to get to heaven
19:27 because of the 28 fundamentals. We're going to get to heaven
19:29 because of God's grace. You know the Bible talks about the 12
19:32 gates to the new Jerusalem and one writer suggests that we'll
19:35 go through the gate that best describes what we overcame, but
19:39 I believe that every gate is going to be a gate of grace.
19:42 Titus 2 verse 11: For the grace of God that brings salvation
19:46 has appeared to all men. So everyone that will be saved
19:52 everyone that will not be saved will recognize that God has not
19:56 withheld His grace from anyone. But those who receive the grace
19:59 of God and grow in it, here's what we have the obligation to
20:02 do. Teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts we
20:07 should live soberly, righteously and Godly in this present age.
20:13 How can we do that? John 1 verse 14, because Jesus is the one
20:18 referred to as full of grace and truth. So when Christ is abiding
20:23 in us all that we need is revealed in and through His life
20:27 Let me also go further down in the interest of sharing with you
20:31 what I believe I can cover at this particular time. We have to
20:35 also, remember that when people are in difficulty there's a
20:38 grace that God is requiring of us to extend to those who are
20:43 not yet where they ought to be. In Galatians 6 and verse 1: It
20:48 says, brethren if a man is overtaken in a trespass...
20:54 here's the prerequisite...You who are spiritual restore such a
20:56 one in the spirit of gentleness considering yourself lest you
21:00 also be tempted. And Paul told Timothy, his protégé, in
21:05 2 Timothy 2 verses 24 and 26... Why do we need grace? Because
21:09 there are times when I'll be honest with you I think my good
21:12 friend, I won't mention his name but a pastor once said, very
21:16 well-known pastor he says, why don't God allow us to slap some
21:19 people sometimes. A very, very familiar pastor, I won't mention
21:27 his name. But sometimes we feel that we just kind of want to
21:32 just kind of grab somebody and shake them up. But listen what
21:35 the Bible says. 2 Timothy 2 verses 24-26: A servant of the
21:43 Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach,
21:48 patient, in humility, correcting those who are in opposition if
21:52 God perhaps will grant them repentance so that they may know
21:55 the truth and that they may come to their senses and escape the
21:58 snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his
22:02 will. So, yes, we need the grace of God because there are times
22:05 when our humanity tries to overwhelm the fact that we are
22:09 partakers of the divine nature and we want to appeal to our
22:13 humanity rather than to the divinity that Christ has so
22:16 freely offered to us. That's why this quotation is significant
22:20 before I pass it back to Shelley Testimonies, Vol. 2, p. 113.1
22:27 And this has helped me through the years. Since 1995 when God
22:30 revealed this to me, this has given me the blueprint of how
22:35 to be in times of difficulty. It says: Life is disciplinary.
22:39 While in the world, the Christian will meet with adverse
22:44 influences. There will be provocations to test the temper
22:47 and it is by meeting these in a right spirit that the Christian
22:52 graces are developed. If injuries and insults are meekly
22:56 borne, if insulting words are responded to by gentle answers
23:02 and oppressive acts by kindness this is evidence that the Spirit
23:08 of Christ dwells in the heart, that sap from the Living Vine is
23:14 flowing to the branches. So it's not what happens to us and I've
23:19 said this before but God has given me, this and I'm becoming
23:22 repetitious here because it's not what happens to us but it's
23:26 what happens in us that determines whether or not we are
23:30 evidenced to be connected to Christ or connected to the enemy
23:34 and displaying human flesh rather than God's abundant
23:39 grace. Why is it important for us to display God's abundant
23:42 grace? Matthew 5 and verse 9. I believe this is the cadence
23:46 for all Christians: Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall
23:50 be called the sons of God. Only as we display God's abundant
23:55 grace can we display the grace of God.
23:58 Amen and grace is most needed when it's least deserved.
24:03 I love that.
24:06 Oh please stay tuned. We'll be right back.
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24:42 Now as we continue we're going to invite Pastor James Rafferty
24:46 to do Tuesday's lesson.
24:48 (James Rafferty) I have Tuesday's lesson which is
24:50 entitled Loving Those Who Hurt Us. It's based in Matthew
24:53 chapter 5 verses 43-48. And the author calls us to read these
24:58 verses. We're going to take a look at Matthew chapter 5 verses
25:02 43-48. It's basically a summary of a sermon that Jesus is
25:07 sharing with a group of people on the mount of Beatitudes and
25:12 as He summarizes His thoughts here beginning in verse 43 He
25:17 literally shocks the people that are listening to Him. Now these
25:20 people are religious people. A lot of them are Jews. Some of
25:22 them are Pharisees and He has taken them to a whole new level,
25:26 a whole new standard of belief in Christianity in what it means
25:29 to be a believer in God. And He summarizes here in these verses
25:33 beginning in verse 43: You have heard it has been said...this is
25:36 something that's used all through the sermon...Thou shalt
25:39 love thy neighbor and hate thine enemies, but I say unto you love
25:45 your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that
25:50 hate you, pray for them that despitefully use you and
25:53 persecute you, that you may be the children of your Father
25:57 which is in heaven. Stop right there. Now this is shocking to
26:01 those who are listening. They're overwhelmed, as we are today
26:04 probably, overwhelmed with this idea. But then He adds something
26:08 kind of like you know the cherry on the top. Something that goes
26:12 even further to astound them if you will. He says: Not only that
26:17 you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven...but
26:19 He says: For He, for He makes His sun to rise on the evil and
26:29 on the good and He sends rain on the just and the unjust. Now
26:33 it's one thing for God to be calling the people there to this
26:37 standard that is maybe higher than them, but for Jesus to add
26:40 to that that God actually has that standard before you do.
26:43 And, of course, this is the basis of our Christian
26:46 experience. God is calling us not to do something that He
26:49 doesn't already do. God is calling us to step into the
26:51 reality of who He is. God is calling us to step into His very
26:55 own experience. He's sending sun He's sending rain on the just,
27:00 on the unjust, on the good and on the evil. You don't see this
27:03 phenomenon unless of course you're right at a point where
27:06 the rain is no longer falling. Sometimes I've been driving down
27:08 the road when a rain storm and all of a sudden we get to a
27:11 certain point on the road and there's no more rain. But most
27:14 of the time when it's raining it's raining on the houses of
27:17 the Christians and it's also raining on the houses of those
27:20 who aren't Christians. You know when you see the sunshine
27:22 and it's shining on all the houses of the Christians and
27:25 it's also shining on the houses that aren't Christians. This is
27:28 God's what we call grace, unmerited favor to the whole
27:36 world. And Jesus is bringing this up in the context of this
27:40 new sermon, if you will, this cutting edge sermon to the
27:43 people there on the mount of Beatitudes. He goes on here and
27:46 He says, verse, where did we leave off, verse 46 yeah.
27:54 For if you love them which love you what reward have ye for do
28:00 not even publicans the same... And publicans would be tax
28:03 collectors, IRS, right, government workers, whatever
28:05 you want to apply them to in our day...And if you salute your
28:09 brethren only what do you more than others, do not even
28:13 publicans so?... Here it comes. Here's the conclusion, verse 48:
28:17 Be you therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven
28:21 is perfect. Now how many times have we taken that last verse
28:24 completely out of context and we've applied that to everything
28:28 and anything but what Christ was applying it to. In fact,
28:31 we've applied it to the very things that He was rebuking here
28:34 We've applied it to a lower standard, we've applied it to
28:36 our outward appearance and the things that we eat and the
28:39 things that we believe and you know the fundamentals. We're
28:41 not applying it to relationships that have gone awry,
28:45 relationships that are difficult for us to navigate,
28:48 relationships with people who despitefully use us and
28:51 persecute us, relationships with people that we find difficulty
28:55 navigating. And that's what Jesus is doing here because He's
28:58 taking us right to the crux of the issue and the crux of the
29:01 issue is you can look good but you are not good and you need a
29:07 heart transformation and God is going to allow us to come in
29:10 contact with situations and difficulties in the guise of
29:13 people just like with Job and his friends that bring out the
29:16 need that we have which is a heart transformation. Don't be
29:20 upset, don't even question whether or not you are a
29:24 believer or a Christian or a follower of God because these
29:27 things come out, but praise the Lord, praise the Lord that they
29:30 come out because God is seeking to get you to turn to Him and a
29:34 revelation of who He is that can bring you to that higher plane
29:38 the higher standard. You know the words of that hymn, I'm
29:42 walking on the onward way, new heights I'm gaining every day.
29:45 I'm pressing on the upward way. New heights I'm gaining every
29:46 day. God is bringing us to new heights every day. And He
29:50 doesn't bring it to us all at once. You know, because it would
29:53 overwhelm us. It would overwhelm us. So next week and then the
29:57 next month and the next year and then you know I've been at
29:59 this for 38 years now plus and all of a sudden I'm starting to
30:02 see things that I never saw before. When I was a single guy
30:04 man I was just on the straight and narrow. I had all my ducks
30:09 in a row. I had every T crossed and ever I dotted and then I got
30:14 married. And it had nothing to do with my wife. I started
30:17 seeing things in myself that I hadn't noticed before, right?
30:21 You notice things about yourself when you're around other people.
30:23 And then we got some pets and then we got kids. In other words
30:30 right, God is showing us more and more of ourselves. Great
30:33 peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend
30:36 them. And when things offend and when things are coming in and
30:39 rubbing us it's a call for us to come into that peace, that grace
30:44 that God has for us. And so God is revealing this to the people
30:48 through Christ. You can just imagine what they're thinking.
30:52 Probably the same thing we're thinking but even more so because
30:54 they hate the Romans. Ah we just hate the Romans. And God saying
30:58 hey, I love the Romans. You know I send rain, I send sunshine on
31:01 the Romans. I love the Romans. In fact, God loves all people.
31:04 You know, the Bible says in John 3:16 God so loved the...(world)
31:08 world that He gave his only begotten Son. And that's an
31:11 unconditional gift that God has given to us. Now why did He give
31:15 us that unconditional gift? So that whosoever will would
31:18 believe, right? God loves us unconditionally in order for us
31:22 to be saved. He knows that the power of salvation comes through
31:27 a manifestation of this unconditional love. That's why
31:30 we're told in John chapter 1 verse 9 that Jesus Christ is the
31:34 light that lights all those who come into the world, right?
31:38 Every single person is lighted by Jesus Christ. We're told in
31:43 Acts chapter 17, Paul is hanging out there in Athens Mars Hill
31:46 and he says you know To the Unknown God. In Him you live and
31:51 move and have your being. All people have life and breath and
31:55 all things through Jesus Christ. And then we're told in Romans
32:01 chapter 10 and of course Hebrews chapter 12 verse 1 but Romans
32:04 chapter 10, no not Romans chapter 10, Romans chapter 14
32:08 God has given a measure of faith to all people. He's the author
32:13 of our faith. So God give us His love, He gives us His life, He
32:17 gives us light, He gives us faith. Titus 2 verse 11: The
32:21 grace of God has appeared unto all. He's bathed us with this
32:26 atmosphere of grace. The sun and the rain remind us of the
32:29 atmosphere of grace in which we are bathed. God draws all people
32:32 Jesus says in John chapter 12:32 I, if I be lifted up...on the
32:37 cross of Calvary...will draw all...not just the Christians,
32:40 not just the believers, not just those who have potential. I'm
32:42 going to draw everyone to me. I'm even going to draw the
32:45 fallen angels to me, not that they can be saved. I'm going to
32:49 draw them because they're going to see something that this
32:51 universe needs to see and that is my unconditional love for the
32:55 the world, my self-sacrificing, others-centered love for the
32:58 world. And it's going to answer the great controversy. And
33:01 that's what we're told in Revelation chapter 12. I always
33:03 go back to Revelation; you know that. John chapter 12: The
33:06 prince of this world is cast out That's what Jesus says in
33:08 Revelation chapter 12 Now is come salvation and strength
33:11 we're told in Revelation chapter 12. He died for all. Hebrews
33:16 chapter 2 verse 9 tells us. He mediates for all, right Shelley?
33:19 Jesus Christ is the mediator for all men. He is the Savior of all
33:24 men. In 1 Timothy 4 and verse 10 He's the mediator of all men. He
33:27 gives love to all, He gives life to all men, He gives faith to
33:29 all men, He gives grace to all men and so Jesus Christ has
33:32 come to reveal the Father. This is what the Father is like. This
33:36 what the Father looks like. If you've seen me you've seen the
33:39 Father. And of course these words are going to come out of
33:41 His mouth. What else would come out of His mouth? Be ye
33:44 therefore perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. But in
33:50 we have a little bit different ending to the sermon on the
33:53 mount. Luke chapter 6 and verse 36 gives a little bit of a
33:56 different slant to the sermon on the mount and I really think
33:59 that perhaps because of our misunderstanding of the word
34:02 perfect that perhaps Luke gives us a better ending that helps us
34:08 to understand what Jesus is really talking about. He goes
34:11 through all of the same points and he ends in Luke 6:36 and he
34:15 says: Be ye therefore merciful as your Father in heaven is
34:19 merciful. In other words, perfection is being merciful.
34:23 Mercy and perfection are one and the same thing. And of course
34:29 mercy implies the imperfection of the object upon which it is
34:33 bestowed. Unfallen angels don't need mercy. But human beings
34:36 need mercy and God is saying listen, I have poured out upon
34:39 you every good thing. I have saturated you with my grace.
34:45 Now what I want you to do to those Romans, what I want
34:47 you to do to those republicans and those democrats, what I want
34:51 to do to those people that you have such a hard time with is I
34:54 want you to be merciful as your Father in heaven has been
34:57 merciful to you.
34:58 Amen, amen. Praise the Lord. What a blessing so far we have
35:01 received and I hope you have been blessed so far. We are now
35:06 on Wednesday's portion of the lesson. My name is John Dinzey.
35:08 and the lesson is entitled, creative title, A Closed Mouth.
35:14 Why is it give this title? It is because sometimes we have to
35:20 endure things as Christians and keep our mouths shut. So the
35:25 most powerful example the lesson says of meekness in the crucible
35:29 comes from Jesus. When He said to come and learn of me for I am
35:35 meek and lowly in heart. Matthew 11:29. This is interesting
35:40 because Jesus, when you consider Him, He is worthy of all praise
35:44 The very presence of Jesus commands respect and you want
35:47 to bow before Him but He says come and learn of me for I am
35:50 meek and lowly of heart. What an example we have in Jesus. He
35:56 says in the lesson He meant it in ways we probably
36:00 can't imagine.
36:02 I also want to read this from the lesson. It says: It is
36:05 terrible watch someone else treat another unjustly and it is
36:09 extremely painful when we are at the receiving end of such
36:16 treatment. So this is because, it says here, we normally have a
36:21 strong sense of justice. When injustice occurs our instincts
36:25 are to put things right while carrying out what we believe to
36:29 be a righteous and just anger. I remember when I was I think it
36:33 was the second grade something happened by where we were
36:37 sitting, it was in a public school. And the guy sitting
36:42 across from me, he made a mess and everybody was giggling about
36:45 it in that area and the teacher said, What's going on back there
36:48 And the teacher walked over to where we were and he asked who
36:51 made this mess. And he looked at both of us because apparently he
36:56 thought one of us did it. And the guy next to me he says, I
37:01 swear by the Virgin Mary it wasn't me. And so the teacher
37:06 automatically, Come here! I was in trouble. I didn't swear by
37:08 the Virgin Mary so he thought I must be guilty. So he made an
37:12 example of me and put me in front of the class and he says
37:14 For anybody else that makes a mess like this, this is what's
37:17 going to happen to you. And I was there sad, upset. And I was
37:22 like, Why in the world did that make him automatically innocent?
37:26 He was the guilty one, but he used, I swear by the Virgin Mary
37:30 and he got away with it. And so sometimes we suffer unjustly. I
37:34 didn't like being up there in the front, being an example to
37:37 the whole class. Oh, he's guilty, he's the one that did this mess.
37:42 And so we suffer and sometimes we have to understand the best
37:48 witness that can be is for us to be silent. I'm going to read
37:54 this also from the lesson: It is not easy to live like this. It
37:58 is perhaps impossible unless we embrace one critical truth that
38:03 in all unjust situations, we must believe that our Father in
38:08 heaven is in control and that He will act on our behalf when it
38:11 is according to His will. In the lesson we are called to read
38:16 from 1 Peter chapter 2 verses 18-25. I'm going to back up a
38:20 little bit to give a background so I'm going to 1 Peter chapter
38:23 1 verses 15 and 16. Notice: But as he who called you is holy,
38:30 you also be holy in all your conduct because it is written
38:34 be holy, for I am holy. In 1 Peter chapter 1 verse 17
38:39 And if you call on the Father who without partiality judges
38:44 according to each one's work, conduct yourselves throughout
38:48 the time of your stay here... that's right, for us here...in
38:53 fear knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things
38:57 like silver or gold from your aimless conduct received by
39:01 tradition from your fathers but with the precious blood of
39:06 Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot. This
39:11 is who we have been redeemed by, Jesus Christ as a lamb without
39:17 spot or without blemish. So now we go into 1 Peter chapter 2
39:22 verses 18-25. Notice he's making a special focus on servants
39:28 because they are in a situation that could be out of their
39:31 control. It says: Servants, be submissive to your masters with
39:36 all fear, not only to the good and gentle but also to the harsh
39:43 What? Paul don't you understand how hard I have it, this guy
39:47 this is horrible. He's harsh, they're harsh on me. But he says
39:51 to be submissive. Why? Continuing on, he says: For this
40:00 is commendable. If because of conscience toward God one
40:04 endures grief, suffering wrongfully. This is commendable.
40:08 This is worthy of honor. God is honoring us with the privilege
40:12 of demonstrating before people the character of God. Why?
40:19 because it is a witness to people reminding us that in
40:22 Matthew chapter 5 it says: Let your light so shine before men
40:26 that they may see your good works and glorify your Father
40:30 which is in heaven. There is a similar passage in Colossians
40:32 chapter 3 verse 22-24. Notice what it says here: Bondservants
40:37 obey in all things your masters according to the flesh not with
40:42 eye service as men pleasers but in sincerity of heart fearing
40:49 God. So we should do it with sincerity of heart. For this we
40:53 have to be surrendered to the Lord. It's not putting on an act
40:56 Oh I have to do this because I have to do it. No, with
40:59 sincerity of heart allowing the Lord to work through you. And
41:02 notice what it says in verse 23. In whatever you do, do it
41:06 heartily as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the
41:11 Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance for you serve
41:15 the Lord Christ. So in the situations that we are whatever
41:19 our situation is, whether it is at home, school, or work, and we
41:23 have to deal with harsh people we should serve doing it
41:29 heartily as serving the Lord and not men. So moving on to verse
41:34 For what credit is it if when you are beaten for your
41:39 faults you take it patiently, but when you do good and suffer
41:43 if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God. This
41:48 maybe a message to them to help them make a decision to follow
41:53 the Lord Jesus Christ. It is very interesting in the book The
41:56 Great Controversy there is a quote here that is very, very
41:59 powerful. I want you to consider it. It says: The gospel
42:02 continued to spread. I'm reading from Great Controversy, p. 41.
42:08 The gospel continued to spread and the number of the adherents
42:11 to increase. It penetrated into regions that were inaccessible
42:15 even to the eagles of Rome. Said a Christian, expostulating with
42:20 the heathen rulers who were urging forward the persecution.
42:24 You may kill us, torture us, condemn us. Your injustice is
42:29 proof that we are innocent. Nor does your cruelty avail you. It
42:35 was but a stronger invitation to bring others to their persuasion
42:39 The oftener we are mown down by you the more in number we grow.
42:44 The blood of Christians is seed. This is quoted also in
42:48 Tertullian Apology, paragraph 50 So here we have an example even
42:55 they in those times the way Christians suffered was a
43:01 message to others and hearts were touched and lives were
43:04 converted. Recently a few months ago I read in a magazine, I
43:07 think it was the ASI magazine, a story. A modern story. It's a
43:11 real story of a place in a Muslim country and this Muslim
43:16 man, his story was being told, his picture was there and his
43:19 face was darkened so you do not see who he is. He used to be
43:23 part of a gang. And as a Muslim his job was to find Christians,
43:27 beat them and torture them and if necessary, kill them. And he
43:32 said, I was so impressed by the way these Christians suffered
43:37 that I said, there's something about what they believe in.
43:38 There's something about this Jesus, they believe in. So he
43:41 decided to look into it and the story was telling his testimony
43:45 that because of the way these Christians suffered, He was led
43:50 to follow Jesus and he was converted. Powerful, powerful
43:56 testimony. And so I encourage you if you are in a situation
44:00 and if you are called to suffer for Christ and if it's your part
44:05 to be quiet, be quiet. Let that be...Sometimes silence is
44:10 eloquence, I've heard and this is a time when silence can be
44:14 eloquence in favor of the gospel 1 Peter chapter 2 verse 21: For
44:19 this you were called because Christ also suffered for us
44:23 leaving us an example that you should follow His steps. Christ
44:28 suffered and He was beaten and abused, tortured and he suffered
44:35 quietly. He suffered and that was a testimony that we should
44:41 imitate. Verse 22: Who committed no sin nor was deceit found in
44:45 His mouth. And so we have here that Christ has left us an
44:51 example to follow and if need be if the Lord wants us to speak
44:55 He will give us the words to speak. But they will be spoken
44:58 in love and demonstration of the Spirit of Christ.
45:02 (Amen.) Amen, amen. Thank you so much. I'm Ryan Day. I have
45:06 Thursday's lesson entitled Our Rock and Refuge. And man this
45:13 lesson who this lesson really spoke to me. And I know that
45:16 much of what we're going to study in this lesson, many of
45:19 you can understand it, you can relate to it and I know many of
45:22 us here on this panel. I tried to avoid just reading big
45:26 sections of the lesson because I know you at home are going to
45:28 do that and around the world at your churches, but sometimes
45:32 it's worded just so well you just got to read it. And I love
45:34 the intro to this lesson because it really sets us up for the
45:37 content that we're going to be covering and so it brings out,
45:40 it says: So often the most proud people, the most arrogant and
45:43 pushy are those who suffer from low self-esteem. Their arrogance
45:48 and pride and total lack of meekness or humility exist as a
45:54 cover perhaps even unconsciously for something lacking inside.
45:58 What they need is something we all need, a sense of security
46:03 of worthiness, of acceptance, especially in times of distress
46:08 and suffering. We can find it only through the Lord in...it
46:15 says we can only find that through the Lord. And then it
46:17 says, In short meekness and humility, far from being
46:21 attributes of weakness are often the most powerful manifestation
46:25 of a soul firmly grounded on the Rock. That one right there is a
46:31 little bit of a conviction to myself, because the Lord is...
46:35 we're all growing, right? And that's the one thing. I've kind
46:38 have been open about my lack of patience and sometimes meekness.
46:41 The Lord is working on me, so pray for me brothers and sisters
46:43 But I love that last line there. That in short meekness and
46:48 humility, far from being attributes of weakness, are
46:51 often the most powerful manifestation of a soul firmly
46:54 grounded on the Rock. And then it brings us to Psalm chapter 61
47:00 verses 1-8. So we're going to go there, Psalm 61 and we're
47:03 going to read verses 1-8 and the lesson basically brings out, it
47:07 says what can we learn from this great passage and ah man as I
47:10 was reading it, it's just powerful. I've read it many
47:13 times but the fact that it's brought within the context of
47:16 this lesson you know Christ, or God, our refuge and our Rock.
47:20 our Rock and refuge. It's a powerful message. So Psalm 61
47:24 we're going to start with verse 1 and read through verse 8.
47:26 It says: Truly my soul silently waits for God. From Him comes my
47:32 salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation. He is my
47:39 defense. I shall not be greatly moved. How long will you attack
47:46 a man. You shall be slain all of you like a leaning wall and a
47:51 tottering fence. They only consult to cast him down from
47:55 his high position. They delight in lies. They bless with their
48:00 mouth but they curse inwardly. Selah it says. My soul waits
48:06 silently for God alone for my expectation is from Him. He only
48:11 is my rock and my salvation. He is my defense. I shall not be
48:17 moved. In God is my salvation and my glory; the rock of my
48:22 strength and my refuge is in God Trust in Him at all times you
48:29 people. Pour out your heart before Him. God is a refuge for
48:35 us. Selah. (Reference for that again?) Psalm 61 verses 1-8.
48:40 Sixty-two Psalm 62.
48:41 Oh is it Psalm 62? Oh okay. Well thank you for that correction.
48:45 So let's just correct that, Psalm 62 verses 1-8 is what I
48:48 was just reading, just for those who might want to go back and
48:51 read that again. But it's a powerful passage. It's just
48:56 highlighting the humility of the writer here who's pouring out
48:58 his heart and saying you know what, God is my refuge, God is
49:01 my strength. I don't have to go out and open myself up and
49:05 exhaust myself and my energies to fight my battles or to come
49:10 against my enemies. God is the one who does that for me. And
49:14 you know, there's an Ellen White quote here in the Upward Look,
49:17 p. 177 that man when I read this thing it was just like I have
49:22 been here I understand this part here because I think all of us
49:26 many times in our life we experience aspects in our
49:30 relationship with God, in our walk with God, where the enemy
49:33 will try to use others, within the ministry context, I'll just
49:36 say sometimes the devil will use others in ministry or within
49:40 your ministry sphere of influence to sometimes bring you
49:45 down or to try to discourage you or to try to attack you in a way
49:49 that will cause contentions. And it's interesting because in
49:53 this quote here...this is the Upward Look, p.177. Listen to
49:57 this. Powerful words. It says: Without cause, men will become
50:01 our enemies. The motives of the people of God will be
50:05 misinterpreted, not only by the world but by their own brethren.
50:11 The Lord's servants will be put in hard places, a mountain will
50:16 be made of a molehill to justify men in pursuing a
50:21 selfish, unrighteous course. By misrepresentation these men
50:25 will be clothed in the dark vestments of dishonesty because
50:30 circumstances beyond their control made their work
50:34 perplexing. They will be pointed to as men that cannot be trusted
50:40 and this will be done by the members of the church. God's
50:46 servants must arm themselves with the mind of Christ. They
50:51 must expect to escape insult and misjudgment. Excuse me let me
50:56 read that again. They must NOT let me clarify, they must not
51:00 expect to escape insult and misjudgment. They will be called
51:05 enthusiasts and fanatics. But let them not become discouraged.
51:09 God's hands are on the wheel of His providence guiding His work
51:15 to the glory of His name. Wow! Wow! That is so true. And as I
51:20 was reading through that also taking in consideration what we
51:23 read in Psalm 62 just a moment ago at the beginning portion of
51:27 this lesson. As I was going through this lesson, I thought of
51:29 Daniel. Daniel was a righteous man. In fact, while we know that
51:35 he was a sinner because the Bible says that all have sinned
51:37 there's nothing negative recorded about Daniel the
51:39 Prophet as there are of other major Bible characters. But it's
51:42 interesting that if you read Daniel chapter 6 verses 1-5 it
51:46 gives us a glimpse of just what we just read, that in times
51:51 where the enemy has a plan to even possibly use members of our
51:54 church, brethren within our influence or our sphere or close
51:58 by us sometimes we have to as we just learned close our mouths and
52:04 recognize that the Lord is leading us, that the Lord is
52:06 guiding in the situation, that He will take over and He will
52:08 bring us out of this dark situation that we may be in.
52:12 Daniel chapter 6 verses 1-5. It's quite interesting. I love this
52:16 story because it says: It pleased Darius to set over the
52:20 kingdom 120 satraps and being over the whole kingdom and over
52:24 these three governors of whom Daniel was one and the satraps
52:28 might give account to them so that the king would suffer no
52:31 loss. This this Daniel distinguished himself above the
52:35 governors and satraps because an excellent spirit was in him
52:39 and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm
52:43 So the governors and satraps sought to find some charge
52:48 against Daniel concerning the kingdom but they could find no
52:52 charge or fault because he was faithful nor was there any error
52:56 or fault found in him. Then these men said we shall not find
53:02 any charge against this Daniel unless we find it against him
53:05 concerning the law of his God. Notice where they're going. You
53:09 know we're not going to find any fault with this brother but we
53:12 can find some type of fault in the law of his God and you know
53:14 the rest of the story. They go on to conspire against Daniel
53:17 and to basically deceive the king into passing this law of
53:21 the Medes and the Persians that says Daniel can't pray or anyone
53:24 in the kingdom can't pray to anyone or praise anyone other
53:27 than the king of the Medes and the Persians. And it's quite
53:30 interesting because Daniel 6 verse 10, it says: Now when
53:33 Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went home and in his
53:37 upper room with his windows open toward Jerusalem, he knelt down
53:39 on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks
53:42 before his God as it was his custom since early days. This
53:46 brother went to that window, he opened one, he opened the second
53:49 one, he kneeled down right there so the world could see him
53:51 and he was praising God and he was praying to his God because
53:55 there was no one or anything that was going to keep him from
53:58 being the righteous man that he was. And so in this case my
54:01 friends, I just have to ask the question, can you be bold for
54:05 God? Can we be bold for God? Can you and us, can all of us be
54:09 radical for God among the culture, among the people,
54:11 among the society that scoffs at the thought of true, genuine
54:16 Christianity? We have to come to a point where we allow God to be
54:20 our refuge, that we stake our faith in Him and know that He
54:23 will fight out battles. I think of Matthew chapter 7 verses
54:26 24-27. It says: Therefore whoever hears these sayings
54:29 of mine and does them, I will liken unto a wise man who built
54:32 his house upon a rock, and the rains descended, the floods came
54:35 the winds blew and beat on that house and it did not fall for
54:38 it was founded on the rock...But in contrast, Jesus says...But
54:43 everyone who hears these sayings of mine and does not do them
54:46 will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand and
54:50 the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew
54:52 and beat on the house and it fell and great was its fall. My
54:56 friends, get out of the sand. Leave that sand alone. Put your
55:01 life, stake your faith and ground yourself on the rock of
55:04 Jesus Christ today.
55:07 Amen. Glory to God! What a wonderful lesson. We're really
55:11 enjoying this quarterly and I know you are as well. We have
55:14 just a couple of moments for some closing comments.
55:17 Pastor John.
55:18 Yes, Romans 3 verse 23 and 24. You know, I love the fact that
55:23 there's only one thing higher than God's law. It is His grace.
55:27 It's His mercy. The mercy seat is above the law of God. Romans
55:33 3:23: For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
55:36 Verse 24: Being justified freely by His grace through the
55:41 redemption that is in Christ Jesus.
55:44 (Amen) That's grace.
55:45 Amen, amen. 1 Corinthians chapter 13 verse 7 says: Love
55:49 hopes all things bears all things and endures all things.
55:52 God isn't necessarily calling us to like other people or like
55:57 what other people but he's calling us to love them, that is
55:59 to hope the best for them, to bear with them, to pray for them
56:02 to intercede for them. That is the principle of love.
56:07 Amen, amen. Sometimes we have to suffer for things that we
56:10 have not done. In other words, suffer wrongfully. But by the
56:15 grace of the Lord we can suffer for things we have not done
56:19 with grace and dignity. Jesus said in John 16:33: These things
56:24 I have spoken to you that in me you may have peace. In the world
56:29 you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have
56:31 overcome the world.
56:33 Amen. I love what Jesus says to the Pharisees in Matthew 21
56:36 verses 42 and 44. He says: Have you never read in the scriptures
56:39 the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief
56:43 cornerstone, that this is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous
56:45 in our eyes. And then verse 44. He says: And whoever falls on
56:49 this stone will be broken but on whomever it falls it will grind
56:54 him to powder. And I can't help but every time I read that text
56:57 to fall on this stone, whoever falls on the stone will be
57:02 broken, I think of that song ♪ Lean on me when you're not
57:06 strong, I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on, Lean on
57:12 me ♪ Lean on Jesus. Make Him your rock and refuge today.
57:18 Oh thank you so much, Ryan, Johnny, James, and John. And we
57:21 just have to remember what Jesus said in Matthew 5:5 Blessed are
57:27 the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Meekness is to be
57:31 mild, to be gentle, to be humble like our Savior Jesus Christ who
57:36 said I am meek and lowly in heart...And His ministry of self
57:42 sacrificing love made him broken bread and poured-out wine for
57:50 all and what you can do to do that is start interceding, be
57:54 like Jesus. Hebrews 7:25 says: He's able to save to the
57:59 uttermost who come to God through Him because he always
58:04 lives to make intercession for them. Join us next week and we
58:09 will be talking about Waiting in the Crucible.
58:13 ♪ ♪


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