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00:01 Hello Friends, you're on the 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
00:03 This week, we're taking on Lesson Number 8 entitled:
00:05 The Sabbath and the End
00:07 and, of course, we're studying our Lesson entitled:
00:09 The Three Cosmic Messages
00:11 and we're studying the three angels' messages
00:13 of Revelation 14.
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01:10 Ryan: Hello Friends,
01:11 you are watching the 3ABN Sabbath School Panel...
01:14 I just like to say that... it's fun to say
01:15 because this is the greatest Program in the world...
01:17 that's right,
01:19 because we're studying the Bible,
01:20 we love truth
01:21 and even more so, this Quarter we're studying the
01:23 three angels' messages...
01:24 God's end-time message for the entire world
01:27 that's being sent to every nation,
01:29 kindred, tongue and people as we've learned
01:31 and you get to participate in it with us
01:33 and so, thank you for joining us
01:34 here on the Three ABN Sabbath School Panel.
01:37 This week, we're taking on Lesson Number 8
01:39 which is entitled: The Sabbath and the End.
01:41 So, it's going to be a power-packed hour of study.
01:43 Let me introduce our Sabbath School Panel members.
01:46 To my direct left is Ms. Shelley Quinn, how are you?
01:48 Shelley: Oh, blessed and I'm going to be talking about the Sabbath
01:51 and the beginning, actually, it's going to be:
01:54 The Sabbath and Creation.
01:56 Ryan: Nice, all right, to your left is Ms. Jill Morikone.
01:59 Jill: Thank you, Ryan, I have Tuesday...
02:00 A Not-So-Subtle Deception.
02:02 Ryan: Hmmm... all right and then of course, to your left is:
02:05 Pastor James Rafferty, how are you?
02:06 Rafferty: Good to be here, Ryan,
02:08 I have Wednesday's Lesson which is entitled:
02:10 Creation, the Sabbath, and the End Time.
02:12 Ryan: All right, of course, at the end of the table
02:15 for Thursday's Lesson, Pastor John Lomacang.
02:17 Lomacang: Mine is... The Sabbath and Eternal Rest.
02:20 Ryan: All right.
02:21 Lomcang: So, I'm looking forward to it.
02:23 Ryan: Yes, yes, it's going to be...
02:24 You know, I was wondering when we were going to get
02:25 to the Sabbath because if you've noticed,
02:27 this has taken more than half of this Quarter
02:28 just to cover the first angel's message,
02:30 and rightfully so because there's just so much there
02:33 and I've said in a previous Lesson,
02:34 that... and I've stuck by this because if...
02:37 if all the world would respond positively
02:39 to the first angel's message,
02:41 there would be no need for a second
02:42 or a third angel's message
02:43 but because most of the world does reject that message,
02:46 now comes the two points which we'll get to in the future
02:49 but we're still hanging on to the last portion...
02:51 I believe, we're going to be studying the last portion
02:53 this week on the first angel's message.
02:56 Lesson Number 8: The Sabbath and the End.
02:58 I'm going to read the memory text...
03:00 then we're going to pray.
03:01 Memory Text: In Ephesians chapter 3 verse 9
03:03 is a beautiful reminder of who our Creator is.
03:06 It says, "And to all...
03:07 to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery,
03:10 which from the beginning of the ages
03:11 has been hidden in God
03:13 who created all things through Jesus Christ. "
03:17 And on that point, Ms. Jill, would you have a prayer for us?
03:20 Jill: Sure, "Holy Father, we're delighted to open up Your Word
03:23 and to see the truth You have for us.
03:25 We ask that You would speak to us...
03:27 that You would open our hearts and minds...
03:30 reveal to us what You want us to hear and learn today,
03:33 in Jesus' name, Amen. "
03:35 Panel: Amen, amen, amen. "
03:36 Panel: Amen... amen.
03:38 Ryan: Our Brother, Mark Finley has done a phenomenal job
03:41 in putting this lesson together.
03:42 I've really been blessed
03:44 and he's left no stone unturned.
03:45 Everything has just been very clear
03:47 and that he writes and puts together
03:49 on Sabbath afternoon's lesson,
03:51 he says, "The essence of humanity's dignity
03:53 is a common creation.
03:55 The fact that we are uniquely created by God
03:58 places value on every human being.
04:00 The unborn in the mother's womb,
04:03 the quadriplegic teenager,
04:05 the Down syndrome young adult,
04:07 and the Alzheimer-afflicted grandmother
04:09 all have immense value to God.
04:12 God is their Father.
04:14 They are His sons and daughters. "
04:16 And then he quotes Acts chapter 17
04:18 verses 24 through 26,
04:20 which says, "God who made the world and everything in it,
04:22 since He is Lord of heaven and earth,
04:25 does not dwell in temples made with hands.
04:27 And He has made from one blood every nation of men
04:31 to dwell on all the face of the earth. "
04:34 "Ours is a shared heritage.
04:37 We belong to the family of God.
04:39 We are brothers and sisters, fashioned, shaped, and molded
04:43 by the same God.
04:45 Creation provides a true sense of self-worth.
04:47 When the genes and chromosomes came together,
04:50 to form the unique biological structure of your personality,
04:54 God threw away the pattern.
04:56 There is no one else like you in all the universe.
05:02 You are unique, a one-of-a-kind creation. "
05:05 I love that.
05:07 "You are unique one-of-a-kind creation,
05:09 a being of such immense value
05:11 that the God who created the cosmos
05:13 took upon Himself our fleshly bodies
05:16 and offered Himself as a sacrifice for you and your sins!"
05:21 I love that as a great introduction
05:23 to this lesson this week
05:25 and, of course, Sunday's Lesson is entitled:
05:27 The Judgment, Creation, and Accountability.
05:29 We're had a few of those that's been three words
05:32 that all are linked together in some way, form, or fashion...
05:35 the judgment, creation and accountability,
05:38 and the question that is brought out in the Lesson
05:40 is... in pertaining to a few...
05:42 few passages that we're going to read at this time
05:44 but it says: What does judgment imply about issues such as
05:47 accountability and responsibility?
05:48 And how are the judgment and the commandments of God
05:52 and worship linked together?
05:54 We find the answer as we first dive into the first angel's message
05:58 that we've been studying so clearly.
06:00 Revelation chapter 14 and verse 7,
06:01 let's revisit that text again,
06:03 of course, "saying with a loud voice... "
06:07 the Greek word there: megalaphonia
06:08 which means: it's a megaphone...
06:10 it's amplified...
06:12 God wants the whole world to hear this message
06:13 and, of course, the message is to fear God
06:15 and give glory to Him
06:17 for the hour... notice...
06:19 of His judgment has come.
06:21 We're living in this judgment hour...
06:22 there's an accountability factor
06:24 and, of course, we're seeing here
06:26 that it is also tied to the worshipping...
06:29 the reference...
06:30 the recognition that we serve the Creator God
06:33 which it says, "And worship Him who made heaven and the earth,
06:36 and the sea and the springs of waters. "
06:39 Now, take that and also read Romans chapter 14
06:42 and verse 10 and what does it say?
06:44 "But why do you judge your brother?"
06:46 Oh oh...
06:48 "Or why do you show contempt for your brother?
06:51 For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. "
06:56 Well, you're not our brother's judge?
06:58 God is the main judge.
06:59 But how do the commandments of God fit into that factor?
07:02 Let's look at James chapter 2 verses 8 through 13
07:05 and we'll get a clearer understanding
07:07 of how these three are formed together or linked together.
07:10 James chapter 2 beginning with verse 8
07:13 and we're going to read through to verse 13,
07:16 it says, "If you really fulfill the royal law
07:18 according to the Scripture,
07:19 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself. '
07:22 you do well;
07:24 but if you show partiality, you commit sin,
07:27 and are convicted by the law as transgressors. "
07:31 It says in verse 10,
07:33 "For whoever shall keep the whole law,
07:35 and yet stumble in one point,
07:37 he is guilty of all.
07:39 For He who said, 'Do not commit adultery,'
07:42 also said, 'Do not murder. '
07:44 Now if you do not commit adultery,
07:46 but you do murder,
07:47 you have become a transgressor of the law. "
07:50 Verse 12,
07:52 "So speak and so do as those who will be... " notice,
07:56 "judged by the law of liberty.
07:58 For judgment is without mercy
08:01 to one who has shown no mercy.
08:04 Mercy triumphs over judgment. "
08:07 And, of course, the lesson brings out
08:09 that of course these messages
08:10 of the three angels flying in mid air
08:12 of Revelation chapter 14 announces
08:14 that the hour of His judgment of course has come.
08:17 We saw that...
08:18 since we are created by God
08:19 with the capacity to make moral choices...
08:22 here's the link here,
08:23 we are responsible for the decisions that we make.
08:26 If we are merely a random collection of cells,
08:29 products of our hereditary and environment only,
08:33 our actions would largely be determined by
08:36 forces over which we have no control.
08:37 In other words, we are free moral agents.
08:39 We have choices to make.
08:41 God has not created us as robots
08:43 to respond a certain way
08:44 or enforced His will in us to do a certain thing,
08:47 we are free to make those choices
08:49 and there are some Scriptures that clearly bring this out
08:51 I'm not going to read them all
08:53 but I'm just going to highlight a few here.
08:54 Galatians chapter 5 verse 13... when I read this...
08:56 now, this is a perfect example that we are free...
08:59 that God has given us the freedom of choice
09:02 for it says there...
09:03 and I'm reading from the New King James Version first,
09:05 it says, Galatians chapter 5, verse 13,
09:07 it says, "For you, brethren,
09:09 have been called to liberty;
09:10 only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh,
09:14 but through love serve one another. "
09:17 Now, the NIV... I had to pull this one out
09:19 because again that word "liberty"
09:20 many people don't use that word to express freedom,
09:22 but it goes on to say in Galatians 5:13, again,
09:25 NIV says, "You, my brothers and sisters,
09:27 were called to be free. "
09:28 Okay... "But do not use your freedom
09:31 in indulge in the flesh,
09:32 rather, serve one another humbly in love. "
09:34 So, we are free... we have the choice to make...
09:37 to either serve God or to not serve God
09:39 and in every single one of our choices,
09:42 we are either choosing the side of God
09:45 or not choosing the side of God.
09:47 John chapter 7 verse 17,
09:49 Jesus is speaking, He says, "If anyone wills to do His will,
09:52 he shall know concerning the doctrine,
09:54 whether it is from God
09:55 or whether I speak on My own authority. "
09:57 In other words, if you choose to do God's will,
10:00 you have that choice...
10:01 to choose to do God's will or not.
10:03 There's nothing that's keeping you from doing that
10:05 and, of course, Joshua chapter 24 verse 15
10:07 really nails it down which clearly tells us
10:09 to choose... choose for yourselves
10:12 this day whom you will serve.
10:15 It's a choice and you know it's interesting
10:17 that at the end of the day when you are choosing,
10:19 you have the responsibility.
10:20 In other words, that's... that's what the Lesson...
10:22 Lesson Sunday is entitled here:
10:24 The Judgment, Creation, and Accountability.
10:27 You are held accountable for the choice that you make
10:29 and Patriarchs and Prophets, page 35,
10:31 I had to bring this out because it gives us some insight
10:34 behind the very first person who ever sinned.
10:38 And often times, we would... you know, we would think,
10:40 "Well, Lucifer sinned... he just made the choice to sin"
10:42 absolutely
10:43 but it's interesting at how it's worded in this book
10:46 because it says here in
10:48 Patriarchs and Prophets, page 35,
10:49 "So long as all created beings
10:51 acknowledged the allegiance of love,
10:53 there was perfect harmony throughout the universe of God.
10:56 It was the... it was the joy of the heavenly host
10:59 to fulfill the purpose of their Creator.
11:02 They delighted in reflecting His glory
11:04 and showing forth His praise.
11:05 And while love to God was supreme,
11:08 love for one another was confiding and unselfish.
11:11 There was no note of discord to mar the celestial harmonies.
11:17 But a change came over this happy state. "
11:20 And notice how it's described as this change happens...
11:23 "There was one who perverted the freedom
11:26 that God had granted to His creatures. "
11:29 Interesting...
11:31 she could have said, "There was one who sinned...
11:32 there was one who brought about sin... there was one... "
11:34 How did that happen though?
11:36 "There was one who perverted the freedom
11:37 that God had granted to His creatures. "
11:40 Of course, we know this to be Lucifer...
11:41 Lucifer... in making that choice.
11:43 God creates us with free will
11:45 and Lucifer had that choice
11:47 and he perverted the freedom that God had given him
11:50 and, of course, we know that the lesson brings out here,
11:53 it says, "But judgment implies moral responsibility. "
11:56 We know that we have a moral responsibility.
11:58 We only highlight that and I only emphasize that
12:00 because we live in a day and age
12:02 where it seems like more and more Christians
12:04 have this idea that, "Well, you just come to Jesus...
12:07 you mentally accept that Christ is... is Savior,
12:10 and just simply say that... that, you know, sinner's prayer,
12:12 'Lord, save me... forgive me,
12:15 I'm sorry Lord for what I've done to You... '"
12:16 and then Jesus puts His stamp of approval...
12:18 He pardons you...
12:20 and then, again you hear people say,
12:21 "I got saved... now I'm saved... "
12:22 but yet, they continue to live a life of sin
12:25 and the idea behind that
12:26 is that, "Well, I can't help the choices that I make
12:28 because my environment...
12:30 my... you know my bad,
12:31 you know, horrible, sinful equipment that I was born with,
12:34 you know, the things that I got from Adam
12:36 of this bad substance that's...
12:37 you know, just pulling and tugging at my heart
12:39 and causing me to sin, I can't help it... "
12:40 so, therefore, the "choice" factor is thrown out the window.
12:43 But the Bible makes it very clear that no one...
12:46 not even Satan himself can force you to sin.
12:49 He can tempt you
12:50 but temptation is not a sin in and of itself,
12:52 because Jesus was tempted
12:54 but yet, you can be tempted
12:55 but you still have the choice to make
12:57 whether or not you are going to follow God
12:59 or follow the enemy.
13:00 And it goes on to say,
13:02 "In this crisis of our earth's history,
13:03 the judgment hour,
13:05 God calls us to make decisions in the light of eternity.
13:09 The first angel's earnest appeal
13:11 to 'worship Him who made heaven and earth,
13:13 the sea and the springs of waters'
13:15 acknowledges that the basis of all worship
13:18 is the fact that we were created by God. "
13:21 I love that.
13:22 "Meanwhile, our adherence to the seventh-day Sabbath... "
13:24 this is where it comes in... what's the title of this lesson?
13:27 The Sabbath and the End...
13:28 we're going to get a lot into the Sabbath this week.
13:30 It says, "Meanwhile,
13:31 our adherence to the seventh-day Sabbath
13:33 demonstrates our belief
13:34 that Jesus is worthy to be worshipped as our Creator.
13:38 It reveals our acceptance of His Ten Commandment law
13:41 as divinely inspired... "
13:43 and it goes on to say,
13:45 "as divinely inspired principles for living life to the fullest.
13:50 Because the law is the foundation of God's government
13:53 and a revelation of His character,
13:56 it becomes the standard of judgment.
13:58 Our faithfulness to the Sabbath commandment is acknowledged
14:01 by our commitment to live obedient lives. "
14:04 It was a test for Israel
14:06 during the days when Moses was taking them into the wilderness
14:09 to the Promised Land
14:10 and it will be a test for us down here at the end of time.
14:13 Shelley: Woooo, thank you so much
14:15 for that beautiful introduction.
14:17 The Sabbath and the End...
14:19 actually, mine is more about the Sabbath and the beginning
14:22 on Monday, I'm Shelley Quinn...
14:24 Monday's Lesson is: The Sabbath and Creation.
14:28 Let's read Revelation 14:6 through 7 again
14:32 because I want to compare it to the Sabbath Commandment.
14:36 In Revelation 14:6, John says,
14:39 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
14:42 having the everlasting gospel... "
14:44 that's the everlasting covenant...
14:46 the good news of the everlasting covenant
14:48 of righteousness by faith.
14:50 "To preach to those who dwell on the earth...
14:53 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people... "
14:56 but the angel is proclaiming with a loud voice,
14:59 "Fear God and give glory to Him,
15:02 for the hour of His judgment has come;
15:07 and worship Him... "
15:09 worship is a central issue in the end.
15:12 "Worship Him... "
15:14 listen... "who made the heaven and the earth,
15:18 the sea and springs of water. "
15:21 Now, let's compare that to the Sabbath commandment
15:25 because that language is directly lifted
15:28 from the Sabbath commandment... the fourth commandment
15:31 of Exodus 20:8 through 11.
15:34 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
15:36 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
15:39 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD your God.
15:44 In it you shall do no work:
15:46 you, nor your son, nor your daughter,
15:49 nor your male servant,
15:50 nor your female servant,
15:51 nor your cattle,
15:53 nor your stranger who is within your gates.
15:57 For in six days... " here it comes...
16:00 "the LORD made the heavens and the earth... "
16:04 are you hearing that echoed in Revelation?
16:07 "the sea, and all that is in them... "
16:10 hmmm...
16:12 "and He rested the seventh day.
16:14 Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. "
16:20 He made it holy.
16:21 Only God can make something holy.
16:24 Panel: That's right.
16:26 Shelley: What you see in the Sabbath commandment
16:29 is the Seal of God.
16:30 When the President of the United States
16:33 uses the seal,
16:35 you see his name...
16:36 you see his title and his territory
16:38 any time you see his seal,
16:40 Right here, we see this is the Sabbath of the Lord your God
16:45 who is the Creator.
16:48 So, here's God's name...
16:49 here's His title... Creator
16:51 and then it explains everything that He made...
16:55 the heavens and the earth.
16:57 This is His territory.
16:58 So, it's confirming the territory over which He rules
17:03 as sovereign of everything that He created.
17:06 Genesis is the book of beginnings
17:08 and it's so interesting to me.
17:11 God had Moses...
17:14 He inspired Moses to write two accounts of creation.
17:19 Genesis 1 is the first account
17:22 and we see that what
17:26 God had Moses focus on...
17:28 He didn't explain His existence.
17:31 It was just... in the beginning God
17:33 and what Moses focused on in the first account
17:38 is different than the second account.
17:41 They are two distinct revelations
17:44 of God's omnipresence...
17:47 His ability to be everywhere at one time.
17:50 In the first account,
17:51 it is focused on the transcendence of God
17:56 that He is above everything that He created.
18:00 His existence is outside time and space
18:04 and it's showing the transcendence of God.
18:08 It ends with the first chapter...
18:12 God surveying everything that He made in the first six days
18:16 and it is good.
18:18 Now, the second account...
18:21 God has Moses reiterate creation
18:25 and this time, He is looking at the imminence.
18:30 That's the up close and personal presence of God
18:35 and so, what you see is now He's talking about
18:40 how He created man forming him with His own hand...
18:44 getting so up close and personal
18:46 that He breathed the spark of life...
18:49 the breath of life into his nostrils.
18:51 So, it shows God's presence
18:54 inside His created time and space.
18:57 He is nearby...
18:59 He is fully present to all of His creation
19:02 and He's involved with all of His creation.
19:05 In the second account,
19:08 it's God's personal touch on creation.
19:11 It... it fascinates me... Genesis 2...
19:14 Genesis 1... everything God created in six days.
19:18 Genesis 2... is the seventh day.
19:22 Why did... why did the translators...
19:25 there wasn't chapters and verses to begin with.
19:28 Why did they stick that in Genesis 2 account?
19:31 Because Genesis 2... let's read it... one through 3,
19:36 What happened on the seventh day is
19:40 God is establishing the weekly cycle.
19:44 The only reason we have a weekly cycle
19:47 is because God established it.
19:49 But He creates 24 hours of time for humanity's
19:54 physical and spiritual refreshment
19:56 and it says, Genesis 2:1,
19:59 "Thus the heavens and the earth,
20:00 and all the host of them, were finished.
20:03 And on the seventh day God ended His work
20:07 which He had done,
20:08 and He rested on the seventh day... "
20:11 we had the seventh day repeated twice...
20:15 that's Saturday...
20:16 "and
20:18 God blessed the seventh day... "
20:22 Panel: Hmmm... hmmm...
20:24 Shelley: Three times He's repeating...
20:25 there's no question which day this is.
20:27 "And He sanctified it. "
20:29 That means, He set it apart for holy purposes.
20:32 "Because in it He rested from all of His work
20:35 which God had created. "
20:37 In the Garden of Eden,
20:38 God created two institutions of intimacy.
20:44 Marriage and the Sabbath
20:47 and you know what?
20:48 I think, the reason translators put this at the first
20:52 the seventh day at the first...
20:54 of the second account of God's up-close and personal presence
20:59 is because this was God's crowning act
21:04 of intimacy for humanity.
21:07 God set aside a 24-hour period of time
21:11 that He didn't want them worried about the work in the garden,
21:16 He wanted His precious created beings
21:20 who were created in His image
21:22 to be able to come and focus that time on Him.
21:25 It's a temple in time...
21:27 a time that they could enjoy family relations
21:31 and all the things that we all...
21:33 that we worry about are set aside.
21:36 So, He wanted special uninterrupted time.
21:40 What a gift the Sabbath is!
21:42 So, we see that the Sabbath...
21:45 what we just read in Exodus
21:47 it's a memorial of God as our Creator.
21:50 But did you know it's also the Sabbath
21:53 is a memorial of God
21:54 that's He's the One who sanctifies us?
21:57 I remember when I first got to Exodus 31:12 and 13,
22:01 the Lord says, "Speak to the children of Israel, saying:
22:05 'Surely My Sabbaths you shall keep,
22:07 for it is a sign between Me and you
22:10 throughout your generations,
22:11 that you may know that I am the LORD who sanctifies you. ' "
22:15 When God called me to full-time ministry and told me,
22:18 "Forget what you think you know, come sit at my feet
22:20 and I will teach you. "
22:22 And you know what?
22:23 He started me on a study of the sanctuary
22:26 and I realize the Ten Commandments were still in place.
22:29 When I discovered the Sabbath,
22:32 I was a Sabbath keeper for two years
22:34 before I even started watching 3ABN
22:36 or... or know anything about Adventists, really.
22:39 But... it was like... when the Sabbath rolled in...
22:43 all my life, I had worked so hard to be a good girl,
22:46 to please God
22:48 and I never felt like I can please Him
22:51 but when I realized it was God who was going to sanctify me,
22:55 I entered into His rest
22:58 and I would just... oooooh... breathe in the Sabbath,
23:02 I didn't have to worry about anything,
23:05 and I entered into His rest
23:07 praising Him for righteousness by faith...
23:09 praising Him
23:10 that He was the God who not just paid my penalty for sin
23:14 but that He was the God who was going to deliver me
23:19 from the power of sin... sanctify me from sin.
23:22 And then, when you get into Deuteronomy,
23:25 Deuteronomy is the second giving of the law for Israel...
23:29 the constitutional law that is the Old Covenant...
23:34 the civil, social, and... and ceremonial
23:37 but... requirements.
23:39 In Deuteronomy 15:12 through 15,
23:42 as Moses is giving the law a second time,
23:46 he says, Deuteronomy 15, let me give you verse 15,
23:50 "Remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt,
23:55 and the LORD your God brought you out from there
23:58 by a mighty hand...
24:00 by an outstretched arm.
24:01 Therefore, the LORD your God
24:03 commanded you to keep the Sabbath day. "
24:06 He's saying, "God is your Redeemer...
24:09 remember that. "
24:10 So, the Sabbath is the eternal rest in Him.
24:14 It is not a legalistic requirement...
24:18 it reveals true righteousness that is found in Him.
24:22 The Sabbath speaks of things that God has achieved for us
24:26 that we could never achieve for ourselves
24:29 it's a special sign of loyalty to Him.
24:32 It's rest... not works...
24:34 it's grace... not legalism...
24:37 it's assurance... not condemnation...
24:39 it's depending totally on Him
24:42 and that's His plan.
24:43 Panel: Amen... amen.
24:45 Ryan: Thank you Shelley so much.
24:46 My Friends, we're just getting started,
24:48 don't go anywhere,
24:49 we're going to take a short break...
24:50 we'll be right back.
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25:27 Ryan: Hello Friends,
25:29 welcome back to 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
25:31 We're going to pass it to Ms. Jill Morikone
25:33 for Tuesday's Lesson.
25:34 Jill: Thank you so much Pastor Ryan and Shelley,
25:36 I love your energy and enthusiasm
25:38 and the subject matter that we're studying:
25:41 The Sabbath and the End... thank you so much.
25:43 I'm Jill Morikone as Ryan just mentioned,
25:45 on Tuesday, we discuss a not-so-subtle deception
25:50 and we're actually...
25:52 the entire lesson is focused on the six days of creation
25:56 and that they're literal 24-hour period
26:01 no eons of time.
26:03 Now, as we get into it,
26:05 we might seem like we're taking a round about trip to get there
26:08 but hopefully by the end, you're going to see where we're going.
26:11 Many Seventh-day Adventists
26:14 and many Protestants and other Christian denominations
26:17 believe in creation.
26:18 They don't believe in evolution.
26:20 They don't believe that say four...
26:23 four and a half billion years ago,
26:25 the first molecules occurred as evolutionists believe.
26:29 They don't believe that later
26:32 cells began living together more efficiently
26:35 or to gain protection from something bigger
26:39 and these cells eventually morphed into sponges
26:43 as evolution teaches...
26:45 that was 800 million years ago.
26:47 Evolution teaches 370 million years ago
26:52 certain fish... shimmied landwards
26:55 as primitive lizard-like animals known as Tetrapod's
26:59 and then 220 million years ago,
27:03 we don't believe this... I'm being clear...
27:04 this is evolutionary theory,
27:06 the first dinosaurs and mammals occurred
27:09 or maybe 200,000 years ago,
27:11 homo sapiens...
27:12 humans as we know and understand them today emerged.
27:16 Instead, we hold to the Biblical account of creation...
27:20 let's look at that...
27:22 Genesis 1 verse 1,
27:23 "In the beginning God created... "
27:27 that word we talked about before... "bara"
27:29 it means God made something from nothing
27:32 and it's always used when God is the subject.
27:36 He created the heavens and the earth.
27:38 Verse 2, "The earth was without form, and void;
27:41 darkness was on the face of the deep.
27:44 And the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
27:48 Then God said, 'Let there be light';
27:50 and there was light.
27:51 And God saw the light, that it was good;
27:54 and God divided the light from the darkness.
27:56 God called the light Day,
27:58 and the darkness He called Night.
28:01 So the evening and the morning were the first day. "
28:06 Now, if you have read Genesis chapter 1,
28:09 you know the creation account...
28:11 what happens on day one... is light.
28:13 Day two... is air.
28:15 Day three... is the dry land and the vegetation.
28:19 Day four... God begins to fill what He created before.
28:22 In other words, Day four is the sun, moon and stars
28:26 that fills Day one which was the light.
28:28 Day five is the fish and birds that fills Day two
28:33 which was the air and the seas.
28:35 Day six... is the animals and man
28:38 that fills what God made on Day three
28:41 which is the dry land and the vegetation.
28:43 Of course, Day seven which Shelley talked about...
28:46 so beautiful...
28:48 God set aside a 24-hour period that was sanctified...
28:53 made holy...
28:54 set apart for you and I to worship God.
28:58 This is where things become interesting.
29:01 Not only in the Christian world,
29:04 but within the Seventh-day Adventist church.
29:06 We believe in creation
29:09 but there are many people who believe in what is called:
29:13 Old Earth Creationism.
29:15 This is an umbrella of theological views.
29:18 Day-Age Creationism...
29:20 Gap Creationism...
29:22 Progressive Creationism...
29:25 even Theistic evolution all fall under this umbrella
29:30 of Old Earth Creationism.
29:32 An Old Earth Creationist is someone who does not see
29:36 an inherent conflict between Scripture and Evolution.
29:40 Panel: Hmmm...
29:41 Jill: Namely, they do not believe
29:44 in the literal six-day creation week.
29:46 In fact, many age... Old Earth Creationists
29:50 believe that this earth that we live on
29:52 is maybe four billion years old.
29:55 That each day of creation took a long time...
29:58 eons of time.
30:01 We lose the power of God to speak and it be done.
30:04 We lost the biblical interpretation
30:06 of the 24-hour period.
30:08 We lose the seventh-day cycle at the end of the weekly period.
30:14 Why do I bring this up?
30:16 Of course, it's in the lesson
30:17 but in addition, the last General Conference Session,
30:20 I had the privilege and opportunity
30:22 of serving as a delegate
30:23 there in the decisions made by the Seventh-day Adventist Church
30:27 and I was on the floor and present when people...
30:29 now these are people in the fringes of the church...
30:32 these are people who were elected as representatives
30:35 for their church
30:37 said... there is no literal six-day creation week.
30:40 When God created the world,
30:42 it was not in six days.
30:44 These are solid people within our own church.
30:49 It is so vitally important that we understand
30:54 the reasons why we believe in a literal six-day creation week.
30:59 So, I want to give you seven reasons
31:02 that I believe in the literal six-day creation week.
31:06 Reason Number 1 is the usage of the word "Day. "
31:09 If you look in the Hebrew at the word for "Day" which is "Yom"
31:14 it's used over 2,000 times in the Old Testament
31:17 and it's translated "day"
31:19 and other times it means a longer period of time.
31:22 So you say, "Ah ha, I got you. "
31:24 So, when it says... if you read Genesis 1 verse 5,
31:27 it says, "So the evening and the morning were the first day... "
31:30 and they say, "Well if day can mean literal 24 hours
31:32 or day can also mean an age or an eon of time,
31:35 how am I supposed to know?
31:37 Well, in the Bible,
31:39 every time the word "day" "yom" is used,
31:42 with a numeral as the adjective,
31:46 it always refers to a literal 24-hour period.
31:50 When it says, "The first day... "
31:52 there's your adjective... the numeral...
31:54 it means first day... literal 24-hour period
31:57 or second day or a third period.
31:59 Third day... it always refers to...
32:01 and Pastor Mark Finley brought that out beautifully
32:03 in the lesson, to a 24-hour period.
32:06 Reason Number 2:
32:07 To believe in the literal six-day creation week
32:10 is the usage of time.
32:11 What do I mean by that?
32:12 The same passage in Genesis 1:5
32:15 says the evening and the morning were the first day.
32:19 The evening comes from the word "sunset. "
32:21 Now, can you imagine the sunset lasting eons of time?
32:24 Of course not.
32:25 It's a literal sunset
32:27 and the morning... a literal sunrise were the first day.
32:32 Reason Number 3 is the usage of logic...
32:35 what I mean by that is
32:37 what if vegetation created on the third day
32:40 and we had a 100,000 years
32:42 until the sun, moon and stars were created?
32:44 How in the world is photosynthesis
32:46 supposed to happen?
32:47 How in the world is life supposed to happen?
32:50 How is warmth supposed to happen?
32:52 We learn about an earlier lesson
32:54 about the importance of the sun and what that does
32:57 so, it is the use of logic.
32:58 Reason Number 4 is the use of God's words.
33:01 You look at the word of God.
33:02 Psalm 33:6, how did creation happen?
33:05 "By the word of the Lord the heavens were made;
33:08 and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth.
33:10 He spoke and it was done
33:11 and He commanded and it stood fast.
33:13 Creation happened with just a word of God.
33:17 No amoebas changing life forms...
33:19 no eons of time.
33:21 God spoke and it was done.
33:23 Now, that's Old Testament
33:25 but in the New Testament in Hebrews 11 verse 3,
33:28 it says, "By faith we understand that the worlds were framed
33:31 by the word of God,
33:32 so that the things that are seen
33:35 were not made of things which are visible. "
33:37 Reason Number 5 is the usage of the seventh-day Sabbath.
33:42 Shelley read Genesis 2 verses 1 through 3,
33:46 "Thus the heavens and the earth,
33:47 and the host of them, were finished.
33:48 And on the seventh day... "
33:51 there we have the word "yom" for day,
33:53 but it's seventh day... literal 24-hour period,
33:56 "God ended His work which He had done,
33:58 and He rested on the seventh day... "
34:00 We have the literal six-day week
34:03 and at the final end of that,
34:06 we have the seventh-day Sabbath.
34:08 You see, we lose the sanctity of the seventh-day Sabbath
34:12 if we lose the literal six-day creation week.
34:16 Reason Number 7: we're going to skip six for now,
34:21 you can ask me about it later.
34:22 Reason Number 7 is the usage of the Spirit of Prophecy.
34:26 There's a great quote in Patriarchs and Prophets page 111.
34:30 Sister White quotes from the... the fourth commandment...
34:33 "In six days the LORD made heaven and earth,
34:35 the sea, and all that is in them,
34:37 and rested the seventh day.
34:39 The Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. "
34:40 This reason appears beautiful and forcible
34:44 and we understand the days of creation to be literal.
34:47 the first six days of each week are given to man for labor
34:50 because God employed the same period of the first week
34:53 in the world of creation.
34:55 On the seventh day, man is to refrain from labor
34:58 in commemoration of the Creator's rest.
35:00 But the assumption that the events of the first week
35:03 require thousands upon thousands of years
35:05 strikes directly
35:07 at the foundation of the fourth commandment.
35:09 It represents the Creator as commanding men
35:11 to observe the week of literal days
35:13 in commemoration of vast indefinite periods.
35:17 This is unlike His method of dealing with His creatures.
35:20 It makes indefinite and obscure
35:22 that which He made very plain.
35:25 It is infidelity in its most insidious form...
35:30 its real character is so disguised
35:34 that it is held and taught
35:36 by many who profess to believe the Bible.
35:39 It is a serious deception
35:41 when we believe that creation took eons of time.
35:44 We need to stand on the Word of God
35:47 that He created this world in six literal days.
35:50 Panel: Amen... amen.
35:51 Rafferty: Thank you, Jill...
35:53 thank you, Shelley... thank you, Ryan.
35:54 I've learned that I can choose
35:56 to enter into the justifying sanctifying rest of God
36:01 at the end of seven literal days.
36:03 Panel: Laughter of agreement.
36:05 My name is James Rafferty
36:07 and we are looking at Wednesday's Lesson
36:10 which is very close to the title for this week...
36:13 it's... it adds to the word "creation. "
36:15 Creation, the Sabbath, and the End
36:17 and I'm so thankful that I was given this particular day
36:22 because this is just a beautiful, powerful message
36:25 that God has given us in the three angels' messages.
36:28 It focuses on the very last warning that God gives us
36:32 as the Lesson Quarterly brings out Revelation chapter 14
36:35 verses 7, 9, and 12.
36:36 Those are the three verses that we're going to focus in on,
36:39 in Revelation 14:7, 9, and 12.
36:41 Read those verses and summarize each verse
36:45 in the sentences below is what the Quarterly asks us to do.
36:48 Revelation 14:7... summary: it's a call to worship God.
36:52 Revelation 14:9...
36:54 Summary: it's a strong appeal not to worship the earthly rulers
37:00 instead of God.
37:01 Panel: Hmmm...
37:02 Rafferty: And Revelation 14:12 describes a people
37:05 who have patience... who keep God's commandments
37:07 and have the faith of Jesus.
37:10 You know, many times we're asked as Seventh-day Adventists
37:13 why we harp so much on the seventh-day Sabbath.
37:17 Why are we always talking about the seventh-day Sabbath,
37:19 "You guys, are always talking about the seventh-day Sabbath. "
37:20 I don't know if anyone has ever said that to you.
37:22 It seems like from time to time
37:24 someone will just complain about that.
37:26 And my... my immediate response says,
37:28 "Well, really, it's not really us,
37:30 it's actually... it's God that does that.
37:32 You know, God's the One that actually puts a lot of emphasis
37:35 especially when you get to Revelation chapter 14
37:37 because the book of Revelation is summarizing, if you will,
37:40 the entire Bible.
37:42 Panel: That's right.
37:43 Rafferty: The everlasting gospel is not some new idea.
37:44 You know, it's synonymous with the everlasting covenant...
37:47 with everlasting salvation is found through the entire Bible
37:50 and God is kind of bringing it all together in Revelation
37:53 and there in this last message, when we say, "Last Message"
37:56 we mean, when this message is given...
37:58 Babylon falls and Jesus returns,
37:59 Revelation 14 verses 14 through 20,
38:02 so, we have, in Revelation chapter 14,
38:05 God's last appeal to the world
38:06 and He highlights... He emphasizes...
38:09 He focuses on the final issue
38:11 and that issue is worship
38:12 and worship to God... again, quoting from Shelley
38:15 going all the way back to Exodus 20,
38:17 is directly connected to the fourth commandment.
38:20 It's a direct quotation from the fourth commandment
38:23 that we read in Revelation 14 and verse 7,
38:26 to worship Him who made heaven, and earth,
38:27 and the seas, and the fountains of waters.
38:29 So, there's a connection there
38:32 that we can't avoid talking about.
38:33 In fact, the word "remember" means
38:35 among other things,
38:36 to mention...
38:38 the word "remember" the Sabbath day...
38:39 that word "remember" means to mention.
38:41 So, God is actually asking us to mention this to you
38:44 so that's what we do... we're mentioning it to you
38:47 but one of the things that I find so vital about the Sabbath
38:51 and a misunderstanding of the Sabbath...
38:53 I hope we can clear up right here
38:55 and that is the idea that keeping the Sabbath is
38:58 legalism.
39:00 That it's a legalistic thing... the Old Testament...
39:02 the Old Covenant...
39:04 we're in the New Covenant now,
39:05 we're under grace
39:06 and I really think that's a misunderstanding.
39:08 I think Satan has a lot to do with that...
39:10 you know, confusing us...
39:12 Babylon just confuses us about the gospel.
39:14 The... the... the call to worship God
39:17 comes under the title of the everlasting gospel.
39:20 Panel: Amen.
39:21 James: So, it' can't be legalism.
39:22 There's got to be something more to it than that
39:24 and that's why I love this phrase,
39:26 "Creation... the Sabbath... and the End... "
39:28 because it connects Genesis with Revelation
39:31 and puts it all together in the Sabbath.
39:34 Now, in order to understand that
39:36 we just have to go back to creation.
39:37 We have to recognize that when God created the world,
39:41 we weren't there.
39:43 Not the first day...
39:45 not the second day...
39:46 not the third day...
39:47 not the fourth day... not the...
39:49 we weren't created until after God created the animals
39:51 on the sixth day.
39:52 We were the last ones to be created... human beings
39:54 and the first thing that God asked us to do
39:59 after we were created... was rest
40:03 but were we tired?
40:05 I don't think so.
40:07 There was something significant here...
40:09 or there is something significant here that I just absolutely love
40:11 and that is the fact that God created everything for us.
40:16 He gave us dominion over the... the earth
40:20 and everything that was in it.
40:21 He created everything for us without us.
40:23 There was nothing that we could point to and say,
40:26 "Hey, you see that tree over there...
40:27 God did the trunk... I did the branches...
40:29 He did the leaves... I did the fruit. "
40:31 None of it was done by us...
40:34 we didn't participate in creation.
40:36 The only thing God asked us to do after He created
40:39 was to rest... Sabbath rest...
40:41 to rest in everything He created for us
40:44 without us.
40:46 Panel: That's right.
40:47 Now, when you look at the plan of salvation,
40:50 and I want us to look at a Bible verse here
40:53 that's really significant,
40:54 it's 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 17.
40:57 When you look at the plan of salvation,
41:00 you're going to find that the plan of salvation
41:02 is a plan of re-creation.
41:05 Re-creation.
41:07 In 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17, Paul says,
41:11 "Therefore if any man is in Christ,
41:14 he is a new creature... "
41:16 King James says,
41:17 or a new creation...
41:19 "old things are passed away;
41:20 behold, all things are become new. "
41:22 There's a time coming when this earth...
41:24 this old earth is going to pass away
41:26 and all things are going to become new... in the earth.
41:28 He said He's going to make a new heavens and a new earth.
41:30 Before God does that,
41:32 He makes a new creation within us.
41:34 We become a new creation.
41:36 Now, this is really significant
41:38 because as we go back to creation week
41:41 and we recognize that God is the only Creator
41:43 and that He creates by the power of His Word
41:46 and that we are to rest in everything that He did for us
41:49 without us,
41:51 that's how we were created...
41:52 that's when we were perfect,
41:54 we see a parallel to His new creation.
41:56 And here's the parallel.
41:58 Jesus Christ came to this earth as the second Adam.
42:02 That's what we're told in 1st Corinthians chapter 15.
42:05 The first Adam is of the earth...
42:07 second Adam was the Lord of heaven.
42:09 He came as the second Adam
42:10 and as the second Head of the human race... the second Adam,
42:14 Jesus Christ accomplished everything that was necessary
42:18 for our re-creation
42:20 just like He did in creation week,
42:22 He repeated that in re-creating the human race in Himself.
42:27 He was obedient... He was without blemish...
42:30 without spot...
42:31 He lived a perfect sinless life.
42:33 That's what we needed.
42:34 He also died our death... He took our penalty...
42:37 He stepped into our place...
42:38 He took our punishment as our substitute.
42:40 that's what we needed.
42:42 He also defeated death... He resurrected on the third day
42:44 and now sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven.
42:47 Panel: That's right.
42:49 Rafferty: Everything God accomplished in Jesus Christ
42:51 was the work of re-creation.
42:53 In fact, in the work of Creation,
42:55 God came to the sixth day... He created human kind
42:59 and He said, "It is finished. "
43:02 Panel: Hmmm... hmmm...
43:03 In the work of re-creation,
43:05 Jesus Christ hung on the cross on the sixth day
43:08 and just before He committed His... His...
43:11 His life into the Father's hands,
43:13 He said, "It is finished. "
43:17 What was finished?
43:18 The work of re-creation was finished.
43:20 That's why we as Seventh-day Adventists
43:22 keep the seventh-day Sabbath
43:23 because the seventh-day Sabbath reminds us
43:26 of everything Jesus Christ has done for us
43:29 without us
43:30 and it calls us to rest in His completed work
43:34 in such a way that that rest bring us
43:39 to keeping the Sabbath and all of the commandments
43:42 because really... Sabbath keeping is the core power
43:45 of obedience to all the other commandments.
43:47 Why so?
43:48 Well, we'll talk about it a little bit later
43:50 but just a little nugget here,
43:51 when we entered in the rest with...
43:53 we were just talking about this on the Set,
43:54 when we enter into rest with God on a weekly basis...
43:57 on a regular basis,
43:59 day after... week after week...
44:00 month after month... year after year,
44:01 sometimes, we kind of forget it is the Sabbath
44:03 and we start living the sanctified life
44:05 every day of the week,
44:07 it's like it just draws you close to God.
44:10 So, we... we... we remember the Sabbath
44:13 because we remember that He, Jesus Christ,
44:15 trod the winepress alone of the people...
44:17 there were none with Him.
44:19 And when He went down on Friday,
44:21 down into that darkness... He rested on the seventh day.
44:25 His disciples rested on the seventh day
44:27 and then, of course, He resurrected
44:29 on that third day... on that Sunday morning
44:32 and now sits at the right hand of the Father.
44:34 So, God is calling us in relationship to the Sabbath,
44:38 He's calling us to enter into the finished work of creation
44:43 which Jesus Christ has accomplished for us
44:45 and we do that by keeping...
44:47 or remembering the Sabbath day...
44:48 by mentioning the Sabbath day...
44:49 by marking the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
44:51 In fact, the word "remember" also means "mark... "
44:54 and we're going to find
44:55 as we look at the big picture in Revelation chapters 13 and 14,
44:58 that there are those who mark the number of earthly powers...
45:02 the "beasts" they're identified as symbolically
45:05 and those who remember or mark the day that God has set aside
45:09 to worship Him.
45:11 And the contrast is going to be made clearer and more distinct
45:13 as we get closer and closer to the end of time.
45:16 But the contract is going to be made manifest
45:19 not simply in going to church on a certain day...
45:23 it's going to be made manifest
45:25 in the character of those who keep God's commandments
45:28 versus the character of those who follow the powers of this earth.
45:32 The character of those who keep God's commandments
45:36 is going to be sanctified and holy.
45:38 They're going to be Christ-like
45:39 because they're going to be following the Lamb
45:41 whithersoever He goes.
45:43 Panel: Amen.
45:44 Lomacang: Wow! thank you, James,
45:45 thank you everyone for laying all that.
45:47 It's so beautiful...
45:48 we look at the Sabbath from so many different dimensions.
45:50 The Sabbath is dimensional... multi-dimensional.
45:53 Well, mine is: The Sabbath and Eternal Rest
45:55 but I want to begin... you know, you've covered so much
45:58 you know, the deficit of being down here
46:00 is so much of what I wanted to say has already been said.
46:02 However, I planned for that.
46:04 I want to come back to the Sabbath
46:05 from a different perspective
46:07 and I made this statement recently...
46:08 the sermon I did called: The Sabbath...
46:10 Jesus... the Sabbath and the Jews...
46:12 and I want to encourage you to look at that.
46:14 Jesus... the Sabbath and the Jews...
46:16 addressing issues that often cite it as
46:19 the reason why we shouldn't keep the Sabbath.
46:21 It's amazing to me that the Jews are often used
46:23 to delegitimize Christ rather than the other way around
46:27 and what Jesus did is often challenged by the Jews
46:30 and even still today,
46:31 many clergy use the Jews to try to make it appear
46:34 as though Jesus even violated the Sabbath.
46:36 How sad that is because if He did... we're all lost.
46:40 We cannot be saved by a Redeemer who fell into transgression.
46:44 So, let me bring out a few things.
46:46 You know... and I made this statement,
46:48 I want to say it here again today
46:49 as we talk about the Sabbath.
46:50 Deception never solidifies overnight.
46:53 It takes time for lies to turn to concrete
46:58 and Satan has taken 6,000 years
47:01 to put together a multiple list of lies
47:04 that are now concrete today
47:06 so that while we're talking about the Sabbath,
47:08 some of you... at the mention of the word...
47:10 there's something that happens in you,
47:12 there's like a clock that just skips a beat...
47:14 there's like a feeling that comes over many of you when you hear
47:17 the Sabbath for a number of reasons.
47:19 You don't keep it and secondly,
47:21 immediately all the things you've been taught in your mind
47:24 just come to the surface
47:26 and you find every possible reason
47:28 why the Sabbath should not be honored.
47:31 When in fact, if you think about creation,
47:34 there would be no reason for us to have a seven-day week today
47:38 if the Sabbath was not a part of that last day.
47:41 The Bible makes it very clear, creation took only six days.
47:44 Why give us a seven-day week?
47:46 I... I use this experiment on an Atheist up in Washington State,
47:50 I mentioned we had a Program on 3ABN
47:52 where there was an Atheist on the Set...
47:53 we didn't know about it until after the Program.
47:56 But he was there helping in a missionary project
47:58 and I met him again at ASI...
47:59 sat him down for a couple of days
48:01 and I talked about this particular thing
48:03 and I asked him a question, I said,
48:04 "How many days are there in a week?"
48:05 He said, "Seven days. "
48:07 I said, "What evidence do we have
48:08 that there's a seven-day week?
48:10 Can we find that in the stars?"
48:11 He says, "No... "
48:12 "Can we find it in the sun going up
48:14 and the sun coming down?"
48:15 And he said, "No. "
48:16 "Can we find that in the cycles of the moon
48:18 during the month of the 30 days?"
48:19 He says, "No... "
48:21 "Can we find that in the four seasons of the year...
48:22 anything astronomical?"
48:24 He says, "No. "
48:25 I said, "Where's the only place we can find the seven-day week?"
48:28 He thought about it and he thought about it...
48:29 he said... he says, "I don't know. "
48:31 I said, "The Bible. "
48:33 Panel: Hmmm... that's right.
48:34 Lomacang: "So, if you believe in the seven-day week,
48:36 why don't you believe in God?"
48:38 And that threw him for a loop.
48:39 Panel: Hmmm...
48:41 pause...
48:42 Lomacang: "You believe in the seven-day week?"
48:44 "I do... "
48:45 The only place it's mentioned is in the Bible.
48:47 And after two days discussing,
48:49 at the end of that was at ASI, he says...
48:51 "You know, for the first time in my adult life,
48:54 I think there's a possibility that God can exist. "
48:56 We never met again but that seed was planted.
48:59 You see, the only two institutions that blessed at creation,
49:02 are the very two institutions as Shelley pointed out,
49:05 and I think it was mentioned again,
49:06 that Satan has sought to cast an aspersion on...
49:09 the Sabbath and marriage
49:12 and I want to just point out something very quickly
49:14 because in both cases,
49:15 the Sabbath and marriage are distorted today in this society
49:19 but it's not happened recently, it's just become more apparent
49:22 because we are a people of the modern generation.
49:24 Let's talk about the Sabbath distortion.
49:26 Instead of keep God's seventh day holy as He asked us to,
49:30 countless Christians say, here watch the "excuse... "
49:33 "As long as we love the Lord, that's all that matters... "
49:37 and they pick the day they prefer.
49:39 But look at the diabolical nature here,
49:42 the same thing is said about the distortion of marriage.
49:45 You see, God...
49:47 the Bible marriage is man to woman.
49:49 But men marry men and woman marry women
49:52 and they use the same excuse,
49:54 "As long as we love each other, that's all that matters. "
49:57 And then, they pick the gender they prefer.
50:01 Look at the devil...
50:02 people that say they love God pick the day they prefer
50:06 and people that love each other, pick the gender they prefer
50:10 and both cases, the Sabbath and marriage are distorted.
50:13 Panel: Hmmm... hmmm... Yeah...
50:15 Lomacang: So, isn't that amazing,
50:16 it's classic how Satan leads "professed Christians"
50:18 to pick the day they prefer
50:19 and people of the world... to pick the gender they prefer.
50:23 And... and in both cases they say,
50:25 "As long as we love... "
50:26 Well, Friends, love is not a license for disobedience.
50:29 You can't put a love coin in the disobedient machine
50:32 and say that God accepts what we do.
50:34 Real love... "If you love Me... "
50:36 Panel: "Keep My commandments. "
50:38 Lomacang: Say it again, "If you love me... "
50:40 Panel: "Keep My commandments. "
50:41 Lomacang: That's a fact... that's not a suggestion.
50:43 So, true love for God doesn't say,
50:45 "I believe in the God of creation...
50:47 but I don't believe what God created. "
50:49 How ironic that is that people that worship God...
50:53 so, today the issue is not worship,
50:55 Brother James, we're Sons of Thunder...
50:57 the issue is not worship...
50:58 the issue is true worship.
51:00 Revelation 14 calls us not back to worship
51:04 but to true worship.
51:06 That's why it says,
51:07 "Worship Him who made the heavens and the earth. "
51:10 And the Israelites were not the first ones to do that.
51:13 Exodus... Genesis 26 and verse 5,
51:15 "Abraham kept My commandments, My statutes, and My laws. "
51:18 He was not a Jew.
51:20 It was not till Abraham had Isaac
51:21 and Isaac had Jacob
51:22 and Jacob was then transformed by overcoming...
51:25 wrestling with Christ that he was named Israel
51:28 and then on, the Israelites came forth...
51:31 they went into Egypt as Hebrews, came out as Israelites...
51:33 the "called-out" ones.
51:34 Even before they got to Sinai, Exodus 5 and verse 5,
51:38 Pharaoh was upset because Moses gave them a day to rest.
51:41 The word there in rest is: Shabbat...
51:44 the Sabbath was restored in Egypt
51:46 before the Israelites even left.
51:47 That's why in Genesis... Exodus chapter 16...
51:51 before they got to Sinai,
51:52 the Lord tested them every day with manna.
51:54 He says... notice what He said,
51:56 a time question...
51:57 "How long do you refuse to keep my commandments...
52:00 my statutes and my laws?"
52:02 How long... why ask me how long
52:03 when I didn't just... I just got the Sabbath.
52:06 Friends, we're reminded, that was two weeks...
52:08 that was two weeks before they got to Sinai
52:11 that the Lord asked them,
52:12 "How long do they refuse to keep His commandments. "
52:14 Why would you ask me how long?
52:16 We haven't even gotten to commandments yet,
52:17 we haven't even gotten to Sinai for You to write them down.
52:20 So, here's my point.
52:22 Sinai was not the inception of the Sabbath...
52:26 the end of creation week was.
52:28 It's the only day God blessed...
52:31 sanctified... hallowed and rested on.
52:34 So, to ask us to honor the Sabbath...
52:36 today, the issue is not worship, the issue is true worship.
52:40 John 4 verses 23 and 24,
52:42 "But the hour is coming, and now is,
52:44 when the true worshipers... "
52:46 you see, the three angels' messages as we point out...
52:48 one of the reasons why you don't hear that in other churches
52:50 because they have ignored true worship
52:52 and they have settled for worship.
52:54 Panel: That's right... hmmm...
52:55 Lomacang: So, worship... music...
52:56 without... without true worship is not acceptable by God.
52:59 How do I know that?
53:00 That's the very question that was asked.
53:03 Titus talks about this, Titus 1 verse 6,
53:05 You know, let me finish John 4 verses 23 and 24,
53:08 Verse 23 says, "But the hour is coming,
53:10 and now is, when the true worshipers must worship...
53:13 or will worship the Father in spirit and in truth... "
53:16 why? Look at this,
53:18 "for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. "
53:21 He's not looking for worshippers,
53:23 He's looking for true worshippers.
53:25 Verse 24, "God is Spirit,
53:27 and those who worship Him... should worship?
53:30 Panel: Must...
53:31 Lomacang: "must worship in spirit and in truth. "
53:34 Notice, the Bible doesn't separate the two...
53:37 so, to say that the Holy Spirit hasn't impressed me for truth...
53:40 that's false... I mean... I got to be very candid with you,
53:43 that's false piety
53:45 because the Holy Spirit never convinces you to ignore truth
53:48 and then settle for worship that you prefer.
53:51 You don't pick a day you prefer,
53:53 you don't pick a gender you prefer,
53:54 you don't pick a Sabbath you prefer.
53:56 Even when people say, "Saturday is your Sabbath
53:59 and Sunday is my Sabbath... "
54:00 even that is a Satanic lie
54:02 because there is no day other than the day God blessed
54:04 that's the Sabbath.
54:05 You can't make a day holy.
54:07 What God blesses is blessed forever.
54:09 You can't change... nothing can be added to it,
54:11 nothing can be taken from it.
54:13 So, the Lord is not looking for people that want to worship Him,
54:15 even those who scoff...
54:17 notice what they said in 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 4,
54:20 they even noticed that God hasn't changed...
54:23 they said, "All things continue as they were
54:27 from the beginning of creation. "
54:29 Notice that statement,
54:30 even though they scoff at the coming of the Lord,
54:32 they said, "Nothing has changed,
54:33 all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation. "
54:36 Meaning, God didn't change the Sabbath,
54:38 kept it... blessed in Genesis...
54:41 honored throughout the Old Testament...
54:42 by Abraham... before the Jews...
54:45 by the Jews... because they were the expositors of God's truth,
54:48 by Jesus... by the disciples...
54:52 by the apostles...
54:53 attacked during the Dark Ages,
54:56 the Church of Rome substituted that...
54:59 they even admitted...
55:00 so, Sunday Christian... what foundation on which...
55:03 what do you stand on?
55:05 Panel: Hmmm...
55:06 Lomacang: Be honest and say, you follow the dictates of Rome.
55:08 Don't say, the Bible gives you a license
55:11 to honor the first day of the week.
55:12 It's not there.
55:14 59 times, the Sabbath is mentioned in the New Testament.
55:17 12... it's mentioned the first day of the week
55:19 and Shelley knows.
55:21 Not a single one of them gives us a new day of worship.
55:23 eight of them refers to the... to the resurrection...
55:26 four of them refer to other instances...
55:28 the collection on the first day of the week...
55:29 the Jews... the disciples hiding for fear of the Jews
55:32 and breaking of bread on the first day of the week.
55:34 But they broke bread every day
55:36 and there's only one other one that you have
55:37 and that one doesn't give you license to honor a new day.
55:40 So, here's my point.
55:41 If you love the Lord...
55:42 if you truly love the Lord, you will do what He said
55:45 and I like what James says,
55:46 "Why do we keep saying...
55:48 why do we keep talking about the Sabbath?"
55:49 Because if you love the Lord, here's what I say to you,
55:52 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. "
55:56 Jill: Amen.
55:57 Ryan: Ooooh... amen... praise the Lord!
56:00 Some truth has been preached today.
56:03 Anyways, wow! let's get some final thoughts...
56:07 that's powerful.
56:08 Shelley: The Sabbath is the eternal link between perfection
56:13 of the past of Eden
56:16 and the eternal glory of the new heavens and the new earth.
56:19 Isaiah 66 verse 23 says,
56:23 when God has created the new heavens and the new earth,
56:27 "It shall come to pass
56:28 from one Sabbath to another,
56:31 all flesh shall come
56:33 to worship before Me. "
56:36 Jill: Amen, we think maybe it doesn't matter,
56:39 I can believe that creation... I still believe in creation
56:42 but it could have taken a long period of time.
56:44 It does matter.
56:45 Number 1... it's biblical,
56:46 Number 2... we lose the Seventh-day Sabbath
56:48 in the weekly cycle if we don't believe that.
56:51 Rafferty: Hmmm... hmmm...
56:52 Satan is trying to usurp the seventh-day Sabbath.
56:55 He's trying to change it because
56:56 it is linked together with the everlasting gospel.
56:59 Panel: Yes.
57:01 Rafferty: God has laid out the plan of salvation
57:03 in resting in Him on the seventh-day Sabbath.
57:05 Lomacang: And Titus 1 verse 16,
57:07 "Don't profess to know God, and deny Him by your works. "
57:10 He said, "They profess to know God,
57:12 but in works they deny Him. "
57:14 What works?
57:15 Ceasing from your works
57:17 and entering into the Sabbath rest
57:19 is evidence that you profess and confess
57:23 and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
57:25 Don't follow something man established,
57:27 follow what God established.
57:29 Ryan: Amen, praise the Lord.
57:31 You know, I...
57:32 I remember my own experience years ago
57:34 when I was not a Sabbath keeper.
57:36 I had to come to grips with what the Word of God actually taught
57:39 and I can tell you, my Friends,
57:41 it's been one of the greatest decisions I've ever made
57:43 to follow the truth of God's Word to be a true worshipper.
57:46 Well, we have made our way
57:47 through the first angel's message
57:49 and next week, Lesson Number 9 entitled:
57:51 A City Called Confusion.
57:53 You're not going to want to miss next week
57:55 because we're going to be diving into
57:56 the second angel's message of Revelation chapter 14.
57:59 Until next week, my Friends, God bless you all.
58:01 See you right back here.


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