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00:01 We're inviting you to the 3ABN Sabbath School Panel,
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00:05 Three Cosmic Messages is the title of this Quarterly,
00:09 we are on Lesson Number 10:
00:10 Satan's Final Deceptions.
00:12 This is a study on the three angels' messages.
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00:53 Welcome to 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
00:56 My name is John Dinzey,
00:57 and I am glad to be with you during this hour.
00:59 We have a wonderful Bible Study for you.
01:02 We're studying Lesson Number 10: Satan's Final Deceptions...
01:06 the Quarterly: Three Cosmic Messages.
01:09 It's an exciting study... a study needed for this time.
01:12 We're studying about the three angels' messages
01:15 of Revelation chapter 14.
01:17 So, we hope you have your Bible
01:19 and you're ready to start this Lesson Study.
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01:27 I like to introduce first to my left,
01:30 Pastor Daniel Perrin, welcome.
01:32 Perrin: Thank you, glad to be here.
01:34 I have Monday's Lesson: The Old Lie of Immortality.
01:37 Dinzey: Oh, a good Lesson,
01:39 we also have James... Pastor James Rafferty here,
01:42 tell us what you have.
01:43 Rafferty: Well, good to be here Johnny,
01:45 I have Tuesday's Lesson which is entitled:
01:47 Babylon: The Center of Sun Worship.
01:49 Dinzey: Oh, another wonderful Lesson.
01:51 Pastor John Lomacang, tell us what you have.
01:53 Lomacang: Mine is Wednesday: A Call to Faithfulness
01:56 and I'm looking forward to it
01:58 because I know, Pastor Mark put some good content in here.
02:02 Dinzey: Amen, amen, Sister Shelley Quinn, welcome.
02:05 Shelley: Oh, I'm so privileged to sit here with you,
02:08 we learn so much from each other actually
02:10 as we do these deep studies.
02:13 I have Thursday: Grace for Obedience
02:16 and there's no other way you can obey.
02:19 Dinzey: Amen, amen... please lead us into the prayer, please.
02:23 Shelley: Oh, absolutely.
02:25 Shelley: "Abba Father, we come before You in the name of Jesus,
02:29 thanking you Lord for all you've done to save humanity...
02:34 for all, You continue to do.
02:35 How we thank You for Revelation and specifically, Lord,
02:39 for Your precious messages
02:42 found in the three angels' message and warning to us.
02:46 So Lord, send Your Holy Spirit now... speak through us.
02:51 Let Him be the teacher.
02:53 We give You all the praise and honor and glory.
02:57 We love You, Lord and we thank You.
02:59 In Jesus' name, amen. "
03:01 Dinzey: Amen, amen.
03:03 Well, we begin our study with the portion in Saturday and Sunday
03:08 and the Memory Text is from John chapter 17 verse 17.
03:15 The Bible says, "Sanctify them by Your truth.
03:18 Your word is truth. "
03:21 For this, we study...
03:23 we're going to look at Revelation chapter 12 verse 9,
03:25 Revelation chapter 16 verses 13 and 14,
03:28 also, 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 verse 16 and 17,
03:32 and Ezekiel 8:16...
03:34 Ezekiel chapter 20 verses 1 to 20,
03:36 and Revelation chapter 18 verses 4 and 5.
03:39 And, I'd like to start by reading Revelation chapter 14
03:43 verse 8,
03:44 and it says there... this is the second angels' message,
03:46 it says, "And another angel followed saying,
03:49 'Babylon is fallen, is fallen,
03:53 that great city, because she has made
03:56 all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. ' "
04:01 This Lesson is important because we are living very close
04:06 to the times when all of the things you've seen
04:09 mentioned there in Revelation, Revelation chapter 14
04:12 beginning in verse 6... it has already begun
04:14 as you have already heard in the previous lesson.
04:17 The first angel's message
04:19 about the hour of His judgment has come.
04:21 That has already begun.
04:23 Let's go ahead and see what the lesson tells us concerning
04:25 the things that are going on in the world:
04:28 As we have seen, Revelation warns us
04:31 that the "inhabitants of the earth" will drink
04:34 a deadly potion called the "wine of Babylon. "
04:37 There are false doctrines and teachings that, in the end,
04:41 will lead only to death.
04:43 However, the world is not left without an antidote,
04:47 the protection against the spiritual poison:
04:50 is the three angels' messages... well put by Pastor Mark Finley.
04:55 Notice that the verse said that all nations
04:59 drink of the wine of the wrath of fornication of Babylon.
05:04 This means the whole world is impacted.
05:06 Likewise, the three angels' messages
05:09 is supposed to go to all the world
05:11 because the devil has done a work all around the world
05:15 the three angels' messages have to go all around the world
05:19 and please consider...
05:20 I'm sure you've been driving down the road
05:21 and you see those orange signs that are warning signs
05:25 and there are some signs that don't really tell you
05:28 what's ahead.
05:29 I've seen signs that say, "Danger Ahead. "
05:32 Have you seen that sign?
05:34 I'm sure... "Danger Ahead... "
05:35 This means that you have to be alert and be careful...
05:38 even slow down because the danger ahead
05:42 may be at risk of your life.
05:45 You may risk your life if you continue going fast...
05:47 if you continue being careless.
05:49 The same thing we want to tell you
05:51 as you look at the three angels' messages.
05:53 This is danger ahead.
05:55 So, please pay close attention as we continue this study.
05:58 In this week's lesson, we will continue looking
06:00 not only at Babylon's deception about Jesus...
06:03 the plans of Jesus to save us from the... from them
06:06 and the death that they would otherwise, bring.
06:09 Sunday's portion of the lesson is:
06:11 The Way That Seems Right in a Man's Eyes.
06:15 You know, it's interesting that as you look at the world,
06:18 I have been around for a few years
06:20 and I can tell you that some things
06:22 that in the past was considered...
06:25 considered unacceptable now seems to be acceptable.
06:29 You can... by taking a look at television,
06:31 you can see the history of television.
06:33 There was a time... I don't know if it was the 50s or 60s,
06:36 you were not even allowed to show a belly button
06:39 but today, the things have gone way out of control
06:42 and words on... on the...
06:44 on the regular home television sets that are coming out...
06:47 before it was banned
06:50 but now, they seem to be approved
06:52 and so, we are living in dangerous times.
06:55 Society now calls evil... good
06:59 and good... evil.
07:00 Right seems to be wrong
07:02 and wrong seems to be right.
07:04 And so, we are living in dangerous times
07:07 and we need to be aware of these things
07:10 and take heed because we can be carried away
07:14 by the wine of Babylon.
07:16 We can be carried away by the confusion
07:19 and immorality that has taken place...
07:22 that now seems to be acceptable.
07:23 So, let's go ahead and go to Matthew chapter 24
07:28 and verse 31.
07:29 In Matthew chapter 24 and verse 31,
07:33 the Bible tells us... gives us a message
07:37 that we need to heed.
07:39 Matthew chapter 24 verse 31...
07:42 this is what the Bible tells us.
07:46 "And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet,
07:50 and they will gather together His elect from the four winds,
07:54 from one end of heaven to the other. "
07:58 This is a message that is vitally important to understand.
08:01 Jesus will gather His elect
08:03 and when you go to Matthew 13, the lesson brings this out.
08:07 It says: In the context of the last days,
08:09 Jesus uttered a powerful warning,
08:11 "For false Christs and false prophets
08:14 will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible,
08:18 even the elect. "
08:20 So, the elect have to be aware...
08:23 they have to be sober
08:24 because you will also ah...
08:28 be tempted in a way that will lead you astray
08:32 but the elect are not led astray
08:35 even if it were possible to deceive the elect,
08:37 they are not deceived because their trust is in Jesus...
08:40 they are studying God's Word,
08:41 they are staying close to the Lord
08:43 and they will be prepared.
08:45 The deceptions in the last days will increase.
08:47 If you think you're seeing deceptions now,
08:50 greater deceptions will come.
08:52 People are claiming to be Jesus.
08:54 There are false prophets out there
08:56 unlike any other time of earth's history
08:59 and their impact seems to be greater now
09:01 because before
09:03 you can have a person that claims to be a false "Christ"
09:05 or a false prophet speak to a few people
09:08 and it would... it would just stay in that local area.
09:11 Today, these people can get on the Internet
09:13 and they can reach hundreds...
09:16 thousands and maybe millions of people
09:18 with false messages
09:20 and so, we need to be careful.
09:21 We need to study God's Word
09:23 because God's Word shows us the way, the truth, and the life.
09:27 Revelation chapter 12 verse 9,
09:30 the Bible tells us, "So the great dragon was cast out,
09:33 that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan,
09:37 who deceives the whole world;
09:39 he was cast to the earth,
09:41 and his angels were cast out with him. "
09:43 Satan has capacity to deceive.
09:46 He has been practicing for several thousand years
09:49 and we need to take heed.
09:51 We need to study God's words
09:53 so that we are ready and we are prepared
09:56 and we will be able to, by God's grace,
09:59 discern false doctrines
10:01 and discern the deception that he brings to us.
10:05 Mark Finley says in the lesson,
10:08 "Obviously, God is going to have some faithful people
10:12 in the last days,
10:13 as He has had through the ages.
10:16 However, the wording here shows just how widespread
10:19 Satan's deception really is. "
10:21 If it were possible, he would try to deceive the very elect.
10:25 Please join me in 1st Corinthians chapter 10
10:29 and we're going to start in verse 12,
10:32 1st Corinthians chapter 10...
10:33 this is what the Bible tells us,
10:35 "Therefore let him to thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. "
10:40 This is a warning for us.
10:42 "Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. "
10:46 If you think... "I've got it altogether,
10:48 I know all the doctrines... I know my Bible...
10:51 I am not going to be deceived. "
10:53 We need to be connected to the Holy Spirit
10:56 and the Holy Spirit will guide us.
10:58 Continuing on in verse 13,
11:01 "No temptation has overtaken you
11:03 except such as is common to man;
11:05 but God is faithful,
11:08 who will not allow you to be tempted
11:10 beyond what you are able,
11:12 but with the temptation will also, make the way of escape,
11:16 that you may be able to bear it. "
11:19 We can thank God that He is ready
11:21 to give us the help we need when we need it.
11:25 Proverbs 14 verse 12,
11:28 Proverbs 14:12, there's a message for us,
11:30 notice... and this is really the title for this Sunday's lesson,
11:34 "There is a way that seems right to a man,
11:38 but its end is the way of death. "
11:41 And so, the times are going to be so dangerous
11:45 that we are going to see fulfillment of things
11:49 that Jesus has mentioned.
11:50 Matthew chapter 24...
11:52 you can look in Luke chapter 23
11:54 and other places in the Bible,
11:55 Daniel... Revelation.
11:57 Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 9,
11:59 this is Scripture that we bring to your attention.
12:02 "The heart is deceitful above all things... "
12:07 what?
12:08 "The heart is deceitful above all things... "
12:11 you have a heart and so, you need to be careful
12:14 because the Bible says,
12:15 "The heart is deceitful above all things,
12:17 and desperately wicked;
12:19 who can know it?"
12:21 And this is why we should not depend on ourselves,
12:25 we need to depend on Jesus Christ.
12:28 Jeremiah 17:10,
12:30 "I, the LORD, search the heart,
12:33 I test the mind,
12:34 even to give every man according to his ways,
12:37 according to the fruit of his doings. "
12:40 So, we need to stay close to the Lord.
12:43 The Lord is our strength...
12:45 the Lord is our guide... our counselor,
12:48 and the Holy Scriptures are a lamp to our feet
12:51 and a light unto our path.
12:53 Isaiah 5:13, "Therefore my people have gone into captivity"
12:57 why?
12:58 "Because they have no knowledge. "
13:01 Why do they go into captivity?
13:03 "Because they have no knowledge;
13:05 their honorable men are famished,
13:07 and their multitude dried up with thirst. "
13:10 So, there's knowledge in the holy Scriptures
13:14 and if we take time to study... prayerfully study God's Word,
13:19 we will be protected from the deceptions
13:22 that are already all over the place.
13:25 Every wind of doctrine is blowing.
13:28 We need to... as the Bereans... go to the Bible
13:32 and see for a "thus saith the Lord. "
13:35 Panel: Amen.
13:36 Dinzey: So, are you studying the Bible daily?
13:38 Are you taking time to study...
13:40 to put yourself in the hands of the Lord
13:44 so that when deceptions come,
13:46 you have the protection of Jesus.
13:48 He is a strong tower
13:50 and our refuge and strength in time of need
13:54 and this is a time of need.
13:56 Panel: Hmmm... hmmm...
13:57 Perrin: Thank you Pastor Dinzey,
13:59 I'm Daniel Perrin and I'm sharing Monday's lesson
14:02 which is: The Old Lie of Immortality
14:05 and maybe you've heard the phrase,
14:07 "that couldn't be farther from the truth. "
14:10 That certainly applies to this lesson
14:12 and I want to share a statistic with you
14:15 that maybe you've heard and it is this,
14:17 ten out of ten people die
14:19 and virtually nobody likes it.
14:23 Maybe there are a few here and there,
14:26 but there is good news in God's Word about death
14:30 and there are people who don't know that there's good news
14:33 about death as they approach it
14:35 or as it's a part of their family.
14:37 They don't know what comes next
14:38 and they really have no hope at all
14:40 but the trouble is that wherever there is good news,
14:44 there is an old lie and an old liar hanging around
14:47 to trip you up.
14:49 So, the good news is this,
14:50 God alone has a life... eternal life in Himself.
14:55 We don't have it
14:56 and He gives that life to those who receive Him.
15:00 Those who die... they rest in the ground,
15:03 they rest in the grave
15:05 and they wait until the resurrection
15:07 when Jesus shall give them that life.
15:09 And so, this truth keeps us connected to God
15:12 because He's the source of our life.
15:14 The lie is this: you have life in your own self
15:18 that cannot be taken away from you.
15:20 Now, along with this lie comes several other lies
15:23 which I'll get to in a minute
15:25 but this lie disconnects you from God
15:27 because you have life in yourself,
15:29 you don't need it from another source.
15:32 And this lie comes from all sides
15:34 and for good reason.
15:35 We want to beat death... we're susceptible to this
15:39 and you find it in modern culture.
15:41 TV Sitcoms... you'll see it, people referencing...
15:45 spirits coming back...
15:46 reality shows...
15:47 documentary shows about ghost hunters
15:50 or haunted houses.
15:51 You can look through so many movies and you shouldn't.
15:55 Entire Star Wars franchise filled with spirits from the dead.
15:59 Lord of the Rings... lesser-known movies...
16:02 actors who talk about channeling spirits
16:05 to give them their power...
16:06 to give them knowledge and the ability to harness
16:09 the... the power of looking like and acting like someone.
16:12 Cartoons for children... Casper the Friendly Ghost...
16:15 The Lion King...
16:16 Disney Movies... Disney Parks...
16:18 there are ghost Lego's... ghost dolls...
16:21 there are toys designed like Ouija boards and others.
16:25 Books for children... whole series of them.
16:27 Harry Potter...
16:29 the immensely popular Goosebumps Series...
16:31 and then you take perfectly innocuous seeming children's book
16:35 and all of a sudden, in comes a witch or spiritualism.
16:38 Video games...
16:39 even the old classic Pac-Man, who is he chased by?
16:43 Ghosts... spirits from the dead.
16:45 "Not a big deal... " you say,
16:47 but suddenly, into our minds are drifting these concepts.
16:50 Halloween... not so subtle...
16:52 10.6 billion dollars spent in this country, the United States
16:55 last year on Halloween.
16:57 And then, classical culture...
16:59 Shakespeare... full of spirits from the dead.
17:01 Kids got to read the classics, we say,
17:03 No... kids got to know the truth.
17:05 You take Charles Dickens... A Christmas Carol...
17:08 one example out of many
17:10 and I don't mean to go much farther except to say that
17:12 it doesn't matter how far you go back
17:14 and what we read... what we write,
17:16 we see this stuff.
17:17 Music... a well-loved song, Ave Maria...
17:21 it's a prayer to a dead person.
17:23 We hear it in jokes...
17:25 somebody dies and they arrive at the gate
17:27 and Saint Peter is there to let them in.
17:30 Christian books...
17:32 lots of them... telling stories,
17:34 an immensely popular story called: The Shack...
17:36 a few years ago,
17:38 redefining what God is like
17:39 and this book then brings back spirits from the dead
17:42 to give messages from beyond the grave.
17:44 And that famous Christian prayer,
17:46 "Now I lay myself down to sleep,
17:48 I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
17:50 if I die before I wake,
17:52 I pray the Lord my soul to take. "
17:54 I'm just trying to say...
17:55 the enemy is doing everything possible
17:57 to turn you away from where life really comes from.
18:01 In Revelation 16:13 and 14,
18:04 take you there...
18:06 "I saw three unclean spirits like frogs
18:07 coming out of the mouth of the dragon,
18:10 out of the mouth of the beast,
18:11 and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
18:13 For they are spirits of demons,
18:15 performing signs. which go out to the kings of the earth
18:18 and the whole world,
18:20 to gather them for battle of that great day of God Almighty."
18:24 And we know there is and will be demonic deceptions
18:28 and those deceptions come with power and lies
18:32 and signs and cunning...
18:34 believable, desirable, powerful...
18:37 not grotesque because that would turn people away
18:40 but things that make you feel good.
18:42 Satan does not have the power to create life
18:44 but he can imitate it
18:46 and we see that back in Exodus 7 when the plagues began
18:50 and what did the Egyptian magicians do
18:52 by the power of Satan?
18:53 They imitated the counterfeit...
18:56 the power of God with their enchantments.
18:59 All right, and these enchant- ments are believed by those...
19:02 2nd Thessalonians 2:9 and 10,
19:05 it says, "According to the working of Satan,
19:07 with all power, signs, and lying wonders,
19:09 all unrighteous deception
19:11 received by those who did not love the truth. "
19:15 What is the truth?
19:16 All right, quick run-through, John 5:26,
19:20 "The Father has life in Himself,
19:21 grants it to the Son to have life in Himself. "
19:24 2nd Timothy 1:10,
19:27 "our Savior Jesus Christ,
19:29 abolishes death and brought life and immortality... "
19:32 we don't have it in ourselves.
19:34 Revelation 2:7,
19:35 "to him who overcomes
19:37 I will give the right to eat of the tree of life. "
19:39 It's not naturally yours.
19:41 1 Corinthians 15:53 and 54,
19:44 "this corruption must put on incorruption,
19:46 and the mortal put on immortality. "
19:49 Ecclesiastes 9:5,
19:50 and we could go through every book of the Bible almost,
19:53 "For the living know that they will die;
19:54 the dead know nothing. "
19:56 What's the result of "I accept this lie
19:58 that I have natural immortality... "
20:01 Number 1: If... if so, then sin does not bring death
20:04 and that's not what God promised in Genesis 2:7,
20:08 that what Paul says in Romans 6:23,
20:10 "The wages of sin is death... "
20:12 sin doesn't bring death if I don't die.
20:14 If... if I accept the idea that the soul is immortal,
20:18 then Jesus does not have the power to overcome sin and death.
20:21 And there is dualism...
20:23 some powers that are equally powerful
20:25 and God just could not destroy sin and death.
20:28 If I accept the immortal soul
20:31 and the Bible's teaching on a future judgment
20:33 and the second coming are not true.
20:35 But He appointed a day when He will judge... in the future,
20:39 that judgment doesn't happen the day I die,
20:41 it happens in the future.
20:43 And the second coming...
20:45 1st Thessalonians 4:16-18,
20:47 "the Lord comes with a... a shout from heaven,
20:50 with the voice of the archangel,
20:52 and with the trumpet call of God.
20:53 The dead in Christ rise first.
20:55 And then we who are alive and remain, rise up with them,
20:59 meet them in the air and thus... "
21:00 or "in this way we shall be with the Lord. "
21:03 Not in any other way other than when He comes.
21:06 If I accept that there is an eternal soul,
21:10 then, throughout all eternity,
21:12 God is going to be a cosmic torturer.
21:14 I'm enjoying eternal life over here
21:16 while over there, He... for the rest of all eternity,
21:19 is grotesquely torturing people
21:22 and there are formidable Atheists
21:24 like Robert Ingersoll for instance,
21:26 who traces his Atheism to this idea right here
21:29 and he was right.
21:30 Who wants a God who is going to torture of all time
21:32 because the Christian church
21:34 doesn't want to talk about hell because
21:36 it's... it's disgusting...
21:38 an eternal torture... and so they turn it into a metaphor.
21:42 You'll just have a bad life
21:43 or they ignore it and say there's no judgment
21:46 or they lean into a universal salvation
21:49 that God will save everybody regardless of who you are
21:52 because nobody wants to believe this.
21:54 And if we accept an eternal-soul doctrine,
21:56 then, we open the door for communication...
21:59 from demonic spirits
22:01 because... and all in the name of respecting loved ones,
22:05 we... we then open ourselves up to say
22:07 they... that they can come back from the dead
22:09 and if there is somebody coming back from the dead
22:12 to give us a message,
22:13 it's not going to be from God.
22:15 It might sound okay
22:17 because is the devil going to come giving outright lies?
22:20 He certainly could but he blends it...
22:23 he mixes it in with the truths of Christianity...
22:26 the truths of God's Word.
22:27 God promises to give us the Holy Spirit
22:29 but the enemy can certainly send an unholy spirit.
22:33 Just because a... a thought enters our mind
22:35 or because we see something with our eyes...
22:38 if it does not go along with God's Word
22:40 exactly as God gives it to us,
22:43 then we need to close the door against it
22:44 and finally here...
22:46 "If we accept an immortal soul doctrine,
22:48 then, heaven is simply a place
22:51 where there are disembodied spirits floating around
22:53 and that has gone a long way
22:55 to discourage people from even wanting to spend an eternity
22:58 in God's presence.
23:00 Listen to what Job says,
23:01 chapter 19 verses 26 and 27,
23:03 "After my skin is destroyed, this I know,
23:07 that in my flesh I will see God.
23:10 And so, Jesus...
23:12 sorry, "in my flesh, I will see God.
23:14 And I will behold in my eyes and not another. "
23:18 All right, so we go physically, as a body...
23:21 as a person in heaven.
23:23 I come now to Jesus in John 11 verses 24 to 26,
23:28 His friend Lazarus has died and He told His disciples,
23:31 "Lazarus is sleeping... "
23:33 they say, "Then he'll wake up. "
23:35 He says, "No, he has died. "
23:36 And so, He goes down to Jerusalem,
23:39 Martha says to Him,
23:41 "I know that he will rise again in the resurrection
23:43 at the last day. "
23:44 And Jesus said to her,
23:46 "I am the resurrection and the life.
23:49 He who believes in Me,
23:50 though he may die, he shall life.
23:52 And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.
23:56 Do you believe this?"
23:57 Because all life comes through belief
24:00 through faith in Jesus through His Word.
24:03 It doesn't come because because of ourselves,
24:05 we don't have it on our own,
24:06 it comes through Jesus.
24:07 Panel: Amen.
24:09 Dinzey: Thank you so much.
24:10 We still have the study:
24:12 Babylon: The Center of Sun Worship...
24:13 A Call to Faithfulness...
24:14 and Grace for Obedience
24:16 and we will continue this study in a moment.
24:19 Music...
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24:54 Dinzey: Thank you, we are back
24:56 and we are ready to continue this study with Pastor James Rafferty.
24:59 James: I have Tuesday's Lesson
25:01 and it is entitled... Babylon: The Center of Sun Worship
25:05 and we're going to be looking at as text in the Old Testament
25:08 book of Ezekiel... Ezekiel chapter 8 and verse 16,
25:12 I don't know if you realize this
25:13 but we've been talking about the first angel's message
25:16 which calls us to worship God
25:18 and points us... directs to the creation week
25:20 and also to the commandments
25:22 and specifically highlights the seventh-day Sabbath
25:24 or Saturday
25:26 but a lot of people don't realize that sun worship
25:29 or Sunday worship is not a new phenomena.
25:32 It's as old as the Bible.
25:34 In other words, you can go back into the Word of God,
25:37 back to God's people in ancient times
25:39 and find this conflict between worshipping God on the Sabbath
25:42 and worshipping the sun is present.
25:44 We're going to see that in the book of Ezekiel.
25:46 Ezekiel chapter 8 verse 16,
25:48 Ezekiel is brought in to the inner court of the Lord's house.
25:52 He is in vision now and God is showing him things
25:55 concerning the apostasy of God's people.
25:58 "And, behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord,
26:02 between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men,
26:06 with their backs toward the temple of the LORD,
26:09 and their faces toward the east;
26:11 and they worshipped the sun toward the east. "
26:14 So, what we have here is we have God's people,
26:17 God's covenant people... God's called people
26:20 turning their back on the temple...
26:22 turning their back on the worship of God,
26:24 turning their back on the Sabbath
26:25 and worshipping the sun toward to east.
26:27 Now, when we look at this, we realize
26:29 and this is what the Quarterly brings out,
26:31 "Sun worship was prominent in Egypt,
26:33 in Assyria, in Persia, and certainly in Babylon.
26:37 In his book The Worship of Nature,
26:39 by James G. Frazer... he makes this observation that
26:42 in ancient Babylon the sun was worshipped from
26:45 immemorial antiquity. "
26:49 And that's Volume 1, page 529.
26:51 "So, it may seem surprising... "
26:53 the Quarterly goes on to say,
26:54 "but at times Babylonian sun worship
26:58 influenced the worship of God's people in the Old Testament. "
27:01 Hmmm... did you know that?
27:03 In other words, God's people were in apostasy
27:09 rejecting the commandments of God...
27:11 rejecting the faithfulness of God
27:14 before they were taken in the Babylonian captivity
27:16 and you might even say that God brought them
27:20 into Babylonian captivity
27:21 because not only of their apostasy
27:23 but because of the need that God had
27:25 to bring the light of the truth of the gospel
27:28 to the Babylonians.
27:29 God's people have failed to do this.
27:31 You might say, "Well, if they failed to do this,
27:33 why did He take them into captivity?"
27:34 Because, during that captivity,
27:36 there were those who were awakened to their need
27:39 of having a relationship with God
27:41 like Daniel, Azariah, Mishael and Hananiah,
27:46 and they were... committed themselves to the Lord
27:50 as Daniel did,
27:51 they purposed to serve God with all their heart
27:53 and God used them as evangelists.
27:55 All of them became evangelists
27:57 and they began to share the messages
27:59 of... we can call it the three angels' messages
28:02 in a sense.
28:03 They began to share the message of the everlasting gospel
28:05 with Nebuchadnezzar.
28:06 Nebuchadnezzar was the epitome of Babylon.
28:08 We were talking about the principles of Babylon,
28:11 not only in sun worship but the intoxication...
28:14 you know, Nebuchadnezzar was the first person to...
28:17 to... to act as though God had revealed things to him
28:20 that act in a manner... intoxicated
28:21 and God said, "Okay, you want to act that way,
28:23 I'm going to let you be that way for seven years. "
28:25 Nebuchadnezzar was like a mad man.
28:26 He was out there, you know, eating grass
28:28 and acting like a wild animal.
28:30 His kingdom was taken from him for seven years.
28:32 God allows us to reap the consequences of those things
28:36 that we choose to believe or to do
28:38 and that's what we see here
28:39 in the context of the three angels' messages,
28:41 but going back here...
28:42 so, you go to history past...
28:44 this is before the Christian church,
28:46 you have the church of the Hebrews...
28:48 the church of the Israelites,
28:50 and they compromised their faith
28:52 and began to worship the sun and turn their back on the Lord.
28:54 Then God brings a revival...
28:56 Jesus Christ Messiah comes...
28:57 the Holy Spirit is poured out.
28:59 Christ is sacrificed for our sins,
29:01 the early church with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
29:03 goes forth to proclaim the gospel
29:04 but as the centuries pass, guess what?
29:07 Satan comes in with his same deceptions...
29:10 that's what we're talking about here.
29:11 We're talking about Satan's final deceptions
29:13 and He decides, "You know, I was able to do it one time before,
29:18 I think I can do it again. "
29:19 And so, he begins to bring the sun worship
29:22 back into the Christian church.
29:23 How does he do it?
29:24 Well, here's what the Quarterly goes on to say:
29:26 In the early part of the fourth century,
29:30 the Roman Emperor Constantine became a "Christian. "
29:34 Oh, people were so happy, they were so excited.
29:37 Constantine... this pagan Roman emperor is becoming a Christian
29:40 and as he becomes a Christian,
29:41 he has a strong affinity that he brings with him
29:44 for sun worship
29:46 and so, what he decides to do
29:47 is he decides to bring sun worship
29:50 into his new Christian faith.
29:52 His whole army is baptized through the river
29:56 and sun... sun worship becomes a day venerated
30:00 by the "Christians faith. "
30:02 It's talked about there in:
30:03 The History and Decline of the...
30:05 and the Fall of the Roman Empire
30:06 by Edward Gibbon.
30:11 He says, "The sun was universally celebrated
30:14 as the invincible guide and the protector of Constantine. "
30:17 Constantine also passed the first "Sunday law. "
30:20 This edict stated, "On the venerable day of the Sun
30:23 let Magistrates and the people residing in the cities rest,
30:27 and let all workshops be closed. "
30:29 That was the Edict of Constantine, A.D. 321,
30:33 So, when we look at what took place in Israel
30:38 with the Hebrews,
30:39 with the apostasy and the turning away from God,
30:41 it's not surprising... as successful as that was
30:44 that we see a repeat of that taking place
30:46 in the Christian church.
30:47 Satan did in the... has done...
30:50 is doing in the New Testament what he did in the Old Testament.
30:52 He's doing now what he did with his people of old.
30:55 Ezekiel chapter 8
30:56 and there are other verses that we didn't read
30:58 but I'll just give you the references...
30:59 you can study them.
31:00 2nd Kings chapter 23 verses 5 and 11
31:03 tell us that God's people apostatized
31:05 and they started worshipping the sun...
31:08 they started following the sun worship
31:10 of the pagans around them
31:12 or those who were worshipping other deities around them
31:15 and then we find the same thing taking place
31:17 in the New Testament era.
31:19 God's people eventually apostatize...
31:22 Paul talked about this in 2nd Corinthians chapter...
31:25 1st Thessalonians chapter 2, there will be an apostasy...
31:28 a falling away from the faith
31:30 and that transition would take place in this man of sin.
31:33 Constantine began that transition.
31:36 He became a "Christian... " baptized his army
31:39 and brought in this sun worship in a way that venerated
31:44 what he has always practiced as a pagan
31:46 but made it "Christian. "
31:48 Now, a lot of people don't know that.
31:49 They think, "Oh, I worship on Sunday
31:50 because that's the day Jesus rose from the grave... "
31:52 or "I worship on Sunday because, you know,
31:54 that's the day the apostles met together and broke bread. "
31:57 By the way, they broke bread on every day of the week
31:58 not just on Sunday.
32:00 "I worship on Sunday because it's a tradition. "
32:01 "I worship on Sunday because that's what our church does. "
32:04 They don't realize that... that sun worship
32:07 goes all the way back to pagan religion
32:10 and not to biblical religion.
32:12 So, we've been looking at this message...
32:13 this everlasting gospel message
32:15 and the last call to that message is to worship Him
32:17 and we can see the reason why that call is made
32:19 is because we've forgotten what God told us to remember...
32:22 what God wanted us to remember was the seventh day,
32:25 why?
32:26 Well, the Sabbath was instituted in Eden,
32:28 It's a reminder of all that God has done for us
32:31 without us.
32:33 Like the gospel, the Sabbath teaches us
32:35 to cease from our works and rest in God's works.
32:38 It's a sign of Christ's perfect work
32:40 for freedom from slavery for us.
32:43 It's a sign of God's power of sanctification...
32:46 of His power of salvation...
32:47 of His power of eternal redemption.
32:49 Ezekiel chapter 20 verse 12,
32:51 and Isaiah 66:23,
32:53 and Deuteronomy 5:15.
32:55 The Sabbath points to God's re-creative power
32:58 reminding us that... that God spoke worlds into existence
33:00 and He can speak you... into you a new creation.
33:03 It's the creative power of God to re-create in us a new heart,
33:07 2nd Corinthians 5:17 and Psalm 51 verse 10.
33:10 On the other hand, Babylon teaches that God...
33:13 well... that God did not create the world in six literal days.
33:16 It embraces a form of evolution,
33:18 therefore, casts doubt upon the power of God
33:21 and the Sabbath as a memorial of that power.
33:23 Here's a summary of what Babylon teaches regarding creation.
33:28 US News and World Report November 4, 1996:
33:30 Did God create mankind in His image as the Bible says
33:34 or did humans evolve from animals
33:36 as Darwin theorized nearly 150 years ago?
33:38 According to John Paul the Second,
33:41 evolution may be a better explanation.
33:43 In his message to a meeting of the Academy of Sciences,
33:46 which has taken the origin of life as its theme,
33:50 the statement of John Paul reflects
33:52 the church's acceptance of evolution.
33:54 The statement is unlikely to influence Catholic schools
33:56 where evolution has been taught since the 1950s.
33:59 Indeed, reading the entire Bible literally
34:02 has not been a dominant practice among Catholics
34:04 through much of the 20th century...
34:06 and that was Time Magazine, November 4, 1996.
34:08 So, two magazines reporting on the teaching
34:11 of this church
34:13 basically saying, they've embraced evolution
34:15 and what can you expect?
34:16 Because the Sabbath is not only a sign of God's power
34:19 to... to... to... to save us... to sanctify us...
34:23 to redeem us...
34:24 it's also a sign of his creation power...
34:26 that He is the Creator
34:28 and if you reject the Sabbath, you reject the Creator
34:30 and, of course, you're going to embrace evolution.
34:33 I mean, the Bible says that God spoke and it was done...
34:36 He commanded and it stood fast.
34:37 Psalm 33 verse 9.
34:39 Part of the wine of Babylon is the idea that we evolved
34:42 which suggests that we are naturally becoming
34:45 a better species.
34:46 If we believe the theory of evolution,
34:48 we don't really need a Savior, we just need time,
34:49 time in purgatory...
34:51 time to do penance...
34:52 we just need time and we can save ourselves.
34:54 The human race is evolving...
34:55 we're getting better...
34:56 salvation from sin is just a matter of time,
34:58 not faith in a Savior,
34:59 thus, evolution and the basic teaching of Babylon,
35:03 go hand in hand.
35:04 Friends, don't drink the wine of Babylon,
35:07 come out of her My people.
35:08 Lomacang: Amen, thank you, James,
35:10 wow! this lesson is concentrated
35:12 and we're going to continue on that very vein
35:14 because you might hear a passion in all of our Speakers
35:17 and Presenters,
35:18 because this is a vitally...
35:20 it's a life-saving message.
35:21 It's not a...
35:23 it's not a doctrine that the Adventist church embraces
35:25 in lieu of all the other teachings of the Bible,
35:28 it's a message that God wants the world to know.
35:31 He wants the people of the world to know
35:33 whether you are religious or not,
35:34 or whether you are Christian or secular...
35:36 whatever the category...
35:38 everyone is going to stand in judgment one day before God.
35:40 Why stand in judgment unprepared
35:43 when an opportunity for salvation
35:44 and a way out of this city of confusion...
35:48 this fallen system of Babylon is being offered by God's Word.
35:52 And so many Christians are told not to read Revelation.
35:54 Well, if I were the devil, I'll say the same thing.
35:56 "Don't read Revelation
35:58 because you'll find out what I'm doing to you. "
36:00 Revelation reveals the massive depth and layers of deception
36:05 that has gripped the Christian world today.
36:08 Revelation reveals the dark sinister side
36:10 of Satan's system of falsehoods...
36:14 of deception... of lies...
36:16 lies... three unclean spirits
36:19 out of the mouth of the dragon,
36:21 the beast and the false prophet...
36:23 the dragon: Spiritualism,
36:24 the beast: Catholicism...
36:26 the false prophet: apostate Protestantism.
36:29 Those who at the beginning claim to be holding to the Bible
36:33 and the Bible only...
36:34 when Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation,
36:36 it was a call back to the Word of God
36:37 but it was not fully restored.
36:39 There were other teachings, Calvin... Zwingli...
36:41 Huss... Jerome... Wycliffe and the list goes on and on.
36:43 When the American Bible Society was established,
36:46 all the true doctrines had not yet been fully restored.
36:49 When the Adventist Church began in 1863,
36:51 coming out of the 1844 misunderstanding
36:53 of the second coming of Christ by William Miller,
36:56 the truth of all these doctrines had not been fully restored.
36:59 But we are living in a day and age
37:01 where they have been fully restored
37:02 and yet, there are those who have stopped somewhere along the way
37:05 and say, "I want to... I want to maintain this darkness
37:08 that was taught 1500 years ago or 1800 years ago
37:11 or 500 years ago,
37:13 like in 1920s when the whole ideology of speaking in tongues
37:16 was... was infiltrated into America,
37:18 there are those today that now instead of saying
37:21 the Holy Spirit's evidence is the fruit of the Spirit,
37:24 they say it's the gift of the Spirit.
37:26 The Lord never said, "By their gifts you'll know them... "
37:28 only by their fruits you'll know them.
37:30 And now they make "tongues" a test of faith
37:32 and "tongues" is not a test of faith,
37:34 your evidence is love, joy, peace, long suffering,
37:38 and gentleness, meekness, patience
37:40 and furthermore, you don't get a gift that you prefer,
37:43 the Holy Spirit gives the gift to whomsoever He desires.
37:47 Why give you the gift of tongues
37:49 when James and I can speak English?
37:50 Why would I need to speak to him
37:52 in something that's unintelligible?
37:53 Doesn't make any sense.
37:55 So, Christian churches today, that's called glossolalia.
37:57 Out of the mouth of the dragon,
37:59 the beast and the false prophet,
38:01 what comes out?
38:02 Deception.
38:04 So, you go to church wrapped in confusion
38:05 and God is not the author of confusion, 1st Corinthians 14
38:08 verse 33, so what's happening today?
38:09 Babylon is fallen.
38:11 That's why this lesson is entitled:
38:14 A Call to Faithfulness.
38:16 Now, where can we find our defense?
38:18 Psalm 91 and verse 4,
38:19 "He shall cover you with His feathers,
38:22 and under His wings you shall take refuge. "
38:24 Don't miss this.
38:26 "His truth shall be your shield and buckler. "
38:29 Or... your shield and defense.
38:31 Today, we are... the Christian Church is defenseless
38:36 on a large degree
38:37 because they have not accepted truth.
38:40 They have fought against truth.
38:41 Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy.
38:43 Preachers say, "Forget... "
38:45 Preachers say, "We have a different day. "
38:46 Preachers say, "It was just for the Jews. "
38:48 Lies... lies and more lies.
38:50 It's Scriptural... it's established by God,
38:53 watch this,
38:55 Solomon says,
38:56 "Remember the Creator in the days of your youth. "
38:57 Every Pastor says, "Young people need to know the Lord. "
39:00 Dr. Luke says, "Remember Lot's wife. "
39:03 Not a pastor on the planet will argue with that.
39:05 But God says, "Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy... "
39:09 and the devil plugs in his demonic pastors
39:13 who say, "Don't do what God says,
39:15 follow Solomon...
39:16 follow Dr. Luke...
39:17 but don't you dare follow God's 'Remember. '"
39:20 Who do you think is behind that?
39:21 Nobody but the sinister enemy that is against the truth of God.
39:25 What has happened to the church? Isaiah 4 verse 1,
39:28 "And in that day seven women... " seven churches...
39:31 "shall take hold of one man... " the Man Christ Jesus.
39:33 "Saying... " watch, this is what happened,
39:36 "We will eat our own bread... " the bread of life,
39:39 man shall not live by bread alone,
39:41 "We'll eat our own bread...
39:42 we will wear our own apparel... "
39:44 we have our own standard of righteousness...
39:47 only thing we want from you...
39:48 "Only let us be called by your name,
39:50 to take away our reproach. "
39:53 So today, Christianity is to a large degree just a name...
39:56 but for it to be more than that,
39:58 it has to be based on God's Word.
40:00 How did something that God established to be so true
40:04 gets so distorted?
40:06 Paul the Apostle gives us some answers,
40:08 Romans 16 verse 18,
40:09 "For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ,
40:14 but their own belly... "
40:16 and watch this...
40:18 "and by smooth words and flattering speech
40:21 deceive the hearts of the simple. "
40:24 There are people today that are looking to clergy for answers
40:28 but they're not getting answers.
40:29 What are they getting?
40:30 Smooth words... because these men live for their own belly.
40:35 Flattering speech... "Your ship is coming in,
40:38 God is going to give you all the blessings you need. "
40:41 Friends, don't you realize
40:43 that sometimes blessings eclipse God's presence
40:46 because if all people want from God is this divine Santa Clause,
40:50 it's just bless... bless... bless... give me... give me... give me...
40:52 they'll never understand the need for prayer.
40:54 Panel: Hmmm...
40:55 Lomacang: You don't find that in the Bible,
40:56 you don't find God pouring things in the lives of His followers.
41:00 He talked to them about denial.
41:01 "If anyone will come after Me, let him deny himself... "
41:05 but God is now seen as the... the... you don't have what...
41:08 you don't have it because you don't ask...
41:09 you don't have... because you don't have enough faith.
41:13 And today, that call to faithfulness to the Word of God,
41:16 to the very thing that Jesus used in the Garden,
41:18 "Thus saith the Lord... "
41:20 is not proclaimed any longer.
41:21 Thus saith this preacher or that preacher...
41:24 tie it back to God's Word.
41:26 If the Word of God was used by Jesus
41:29 against Satan himself,
41:30 why, today, do Christian leaders not use God's Word
41:34 to... to defend themselves
41:36 against the darkness that prevails?
41:38 But what do they do instead?
41:40 The devil has done a great job, notice what he's done.
41:42 2nd Corinthians 11 verses 13 to 15,
41:44 here's why there's so much confusion.
41:47 "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,
41:51 transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.
41:54 And no wonder!"
41:56 Or... no surprise...
41:57 "For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.
42:02 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers
42:07 also, appear... or transform themselves
42:11 into ministers of righteousness,
42:13 whose end will be according to their works? "
42:17 You might say, "Wait a minute,
42:18 they can't be deceptive, they look the part. "
42:19 No, the Lord said, "Don't look at what they look at,
42:22 listen to what they say.
42:24 If they speak not according to this Word,
42:26 Isaiah 8 verse 20,
42:27 'To the law and to the testimony:
42:29 if they speak not according to this word,
42:32 it is because there is no light in them. '"
42:35 1st John 2 verses 3 and 4,
42:37 "He who says, 'I know Him... '"
42:39 let me just start with verse 3,
42:41 "And hereby we do know that we know Him,
42:43 if we keep His commandments. "
42:45 Verse 4, "He who saith, 'I know Him'
42:48 and keepeth, not his commandments is a liar,
42:50 and the truth is not in him. "
42:52 Why don't Christians desire to be safe?
42:55 Don't take the word of man...
42:57 don't even take our word,
42:58 search the Scriptures for yourselves.
43:01 We keep the Sabbath because God says so
43:03 not because it's a tenet of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
43:05 it's the tenet of the Lord Himself
43:07 established at the mouth and the end of creation.
43:11 Why would Jesus say, "Sanctify them by Your truth,
43:14 Your word is truth... " in John 17:17
43:16 if truth didn't matter?
43:17 Pilate says, "What is truth?"
43:19 So many Christians today,
43:20 take the word of Pilate over the word of Jesus.
43:22 What is truth?
43:23 The Agrippa's... "Paul, you almost persuaded me,
43:27 I'll call you at a convenient time. "
43:29 As... as was said to Paul, there's no convenient time,
43:34 the best time is right now
43:35 and so, you find today as James was saying,
43:38 there's an established sign, God is looking for the sign.
43:41 If the Lord came to the earth today,
43:43 could He find the sign in you?
43:44 He says in Ezekiel 20 and verse 12,
43:46 "I gave them my Sabbaths,
43:48 to be a sign between me and them,
43:50 that they might know that I am the Lord who sanctifies them. "
43:53 Now, let's follow that for a moment,
43:54 Christian churches today... and Shelley you know this,
43:57 they teach pretty much just justification.
43:59 That's it.
44:01 One saved... always saved.
44:02 Why don't they get the Sabbath message?
44:05 Because they don't teach sanctification.
44:08 The Sabbath is a sign of sanctification.
44:10 It is evidence that you know the Lord is sanctifying you,
44:14 but the reason you never get that is because
44:16 once saved always saved is just a message of justification.
44:19 Unsaved... sanctified... filled with the Holy Ghost,
44:21 I'm going to heaven no matter what...
44:23 that's not Scriptural.
44:25 That's why when... when Ahab was going after Elijah
44:31 and he was trying to condemn Elijah for stirring up the...
44:34 the corrupt minds of those who had departed from God,
44:37 Elijah had to say to him clearly,
44:40 "Don't blame me... " 1st Kings 18:18,
44:42 "I have not troubled Israel,
44:45 but you and your father's house have,
44:47 in that... " and this is not even new,
44:49 this is old had...
44:50 "in that you and your fathers
44:52 have forsaken the commandments of God
44:54 and have followed the Baals. "
44:56 Friends, today, Baal worship is alive and well
45:00 that's why the only way to be distinguished from worshipping
45:03 the false gods... the false days...
45:05 the false doctrines...
45:06 is in Revelation 14 verse 12.
45:09 "Here is the patience of the saints;
45:11 here are they who keep the commandments of God
45:14 and the faith of Jesus. "
45:16 You can be faithful if you simply follow God and His Word.
45:19 Shelley: Amen... thank you all so much,
45:22 I enjoyed each one of your lessons.
45:25 My name if Shelley Quinn
45:26 and I will be speaking about my favorite topic: Grace.
45:31 Thursday's Lesson is: Grace for Obedience
45:36 and so, hold on because first what I want to do is
45:39 kind of encapsulate or assimilate
45:42 everything they've said.
45:43 You know, we started off this Quarterly
45:46 with eight programs on righteousness by faith
45:51 and the first angel's message.
45:53 Now, we're into a heavy warning on the second angel's message
45:57 who's saying Babylon is fallen?
45:59 Babylon the great
46:01 is a system of apostates
46:04 that have become united.
46:07 We know it's the Papal System...
46:10 it is apostate Protestantism
46:14 and spiritualism.
46:16 And you know, what people don't realize
46:19 is that when Christian churches began keeping Sunday,
46:26 what we actually did is create a bond with the Roman Papacy
46:32 because the Catholic Church readily admits,
46:37 "Hey, we changed the Sabbath to Sunday... "
46:41 and they'll say, "There is not a single Scripture in the Bible
46:46 and you Protestants... "
46:47 they laugh at Protestants who keep Sunday
46:51 because they said, "Hey, you're actually...
46:54 it's like you're little child running away
46:56 with a picture of your mother close to your heart... "
47:00 so, what we've got to realize is that they're passing around...
47:06 we see in Revelation this woman dressed in scarlet
47:10 and purple
47:12 and she's riding on the scarlet-colored beast
47:16 and she's got this wine... this false doctrine
47:20 of a Sunday sacredness in place of God's seventh-day Sabbath.
47:27 She's got the immortality of the soul
47:31 which, guess what?
47:33 That lays the foundation for Spiritualism.
47:36 As you said, 1st Timothy 6:16 makes it clear,
47:40 God lives in unapproachable light.
47:43 He alone is immortal
47:47 but He will gift His children with immortality...
47:52 1st Corinthians 15:53 and 54 says,
47:56 at that last trumpet hallelujah.
47:59 Panel: That's right.
48:01 Shelley: So, what we're seeing
48:02 and I think James, you're the one that touched on this
48:05 more than anyone
48:07 is that... I think to me the worst apostasy
48:11 is the teaching that we can save ourselves
48:15 and that we can somehow earn salvation by works.
48:21 That flies completely
48:25 in the face of the everlasting covenant of God.
48:31 Righteousness by faith is the only answer
48:35 and if you think... I don't care what church you go to,
48:39 you may be wonderful Seventh-day Adventist
48:41 who thinks that you... because you're a vegan...
48:46 because you dress in a certain way,
48:49 because you keep your face scrubbed and no make-up on,
48:53 you think you're earning your salvation.
48:55 I actually met somebody who said,
48:58 "I'm ready to be translated... I'm a vegan...
49:02 I tithe...
49:03 I go to church and keep the Sabbath... "
49:05 and it is like never mentioning Jesus Christ.
49:09 So, I just want to make sure you understand that
49:13 when we're talking about Babylon,
49:16 we are talking about an apostate religious system
49:21 and the religious leaders...
49:24 God has a faithful people in every church,
49:28 please don't think... we are not bashing anybody
49:31 in any other Protestant denomination
49:34 or in the Catholic Church,
49:36 God has a faithful people
49:38 and He makes an appeal to these multitudes
49:42 who are still in the fallen organizations
49:46 and listen to His heart.
49:49 You know He says in Ezekiel 33:11,
49:52 "Oh... " He doesn't want anyone to die.
49:55 He says, "Turn, turn from your wicked way!
49:58 why should you die?"
49:59 And Revelation 18 verses 4 and 5,
50:03 He sends another message, here's what John says?
50:08 "I heard another voice from heaven saying,
50:11 'Come out of her, my people,
50:14 come out of Babylon...
50:17 lest you share in her sins,
50:19 lest you receive her plagues.
50:22 For her sins have reached to heaven,
50:26 and God has remembered her iniquities. '"
50:30 The Bible defines sin in 1st John 3:4,
50:34 it says, "Whoever commits sin
50:37 also commits lawlessness,
50:41 for sin is
50:43 lawlessness. "
50:44 It's to ignore God's law.
50:47 It's to transgress or break God's law.
50:52 1st John 2:4, as you said,
50:55 says, "anyone who says, 'I know Him'
50:57 and does not keep His commandments,
51:00 is a liar. "
51:01 Panel: Hmmm...
51:03 Shelley: If you say, "I know Jesus,
51:05 He's my Savior... "
51:06 but you're not keeping His commandments,
51:09 the Apostle John says,
51:11 "You are a liar and the truth is not in you. "
51:15 1st John 2:4.
51:17 Romans 14:23 adds an element to the...
51:22 to the definition of sin.
51:24 "Whatever does not originate and proceed from faith, is sin. "
51:29 We've got to have a faith... it's in the Word of God
51:34 and we've got to have a conviction
51:37 that God has approved it or it's sinful.
51:40 God's everlasting covenant of righteousness by faith...
51:45 two aspects...
51:46 the first is: Jesus' life and death.
51:52 When He died as a substitute on the cross for us,
51:55 He justified us.
51:57 If you accept Christ as your Savior,
51:59 you are accepting that He paid your penalty for sin...
52:04 that's to be justified... to be declared innocent...
52:09 that you are acquitted
52:11 because His righteousness is credited to you
52:15 but the second aspect of righteousness by faith
52:20 is sanctification.
52:22 God's not just going to deliver us from the penalty of sin,
52:27 He came to destroy the works of the devil,
52:30 He is going to deliver us from the power of sin
52:34 and He... you know, Psalm 85:10
52:38 says that mercy and truth met together...
52:42 that righteousness and peace kissed...
52:45 this happened at the cross
52:47 and it goes on in verse 13 of Psalm 85,
52:51 that says righteousness goes before Him
52:54 and makes His footsteps our pathway.
52:57 Here's the deal, we are saved by grace through faith.
53:00 Do you know what grace is?
53:03 The unearned... undeserved gifts of God.
53:06 Do you know what the three greatest gifts of grace are?
53:09 You've got to understand the gifts of grace
53:12 to understand the effects of grace.
53:14 Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of grace
53:17 that God ever gave to the world.
53:19 "For God so loved the world
53:21 that He gave His one and only begotten covenant Son. "
53:24 Then, we've got the Holy Spirit...
53:28 the... the power from on high...
53:31 that's the second-greatest gift of grace and the Word.
53:36 So, let's look... the Word gives us grace for obedience.
53:41 We've got to have faith in God's Word.
53:43 Romans 10:17 says,
53:45 "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word. "
53:48 And in Romans 12:2, Paul says,
53:51 "Don't be conformed to this world,
53:53 but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. "
53:57 How is your mind going to be renewed
54:00 so that as he puts it, you could prove
54:02 what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God?
54:06 Right here in the Word.
54:08 That's why Jesus said in John 17:17,
54:11 "Sanctify them... set them apart from evil... "
54:14 "By your word... your truth, your word is truth. "
54:17 The Holy Spirit gives us grace for obedience.
54:22 He's given to all who accept Christ as their Savior.
54:26 He teaches us... He empowers us...
54:29 the Bible tells us in Philippians 2:13
54:31 that God works in us to will and to do His good pleasure.
54:37 So, how is God working in us?
54:39 Oh, I love what Paul said in Ephesians 3:16,
54:44 he's praying and he says,
54:45 "O, I pray that God would grant you
54:47 according to the riches of His glory,
54:49 to be strengthened with might... with dynamite...
54:53 Dunamis power through His Spirit in your inner man. "
54:57 And then he goes on and he says,
54:59 "that... so that Christ can dwell in your heart
55:02 through faith. "
55:03 See, when the Holy Spirit is in you,
55:05 Christ is dwelling in your heart through faith.
55:09 Then you understand the love of God
55:12 and Jesus is grace for obedience...
55:15 He came to save us from our sins.
55:18 I've got to say this, Hebrews 7:22,
55:20 "He is the surety of the covenant. "
55:23 He's the surety from God to us.
55:25 He guarantees from God to us
55:26 because 2nd Corinthians 1:20 says all of God's promises
55:30 are "yes" and "amen" in Christ
55:32 and we've already looked at Philippians 2:13,
55:36 He's the surety from us to God that He's going to work in us
55:40 to will and to do His good pleasure.
55:43 You can only obey by grace.
55:47 Panel: Amen... amen.
55:48 Dinzey: Amen, what a blessing it has been
55:50 to hear each and every one of you
55:52 and we'd like you give each a moment
55:53 to give a final thought for our brothers and sisters here.
55:57 Perrin: Yes, for every lie has to be exposed
56:01 no matter how slight...
56:02 no matter how insignificant it might seem,
56:05 because heaven is all truth,
56:07 God is all truth
56:09 and God loves you enough,
56:10 God loves me enough...
56:12 each of us enough to say,
56:13 "I'm going to send these messages through angels...
56:16 through people to expose what is not true
56:18 and lead you to the truth.
56:19 Rafferty: Amen... Satan's final deceptions
56:22 are the same as they always have been,
56:24 you know, he is the center of any kind of worship
56:27 that is outside the Word of God.
56:28 Our only safety... Revelation 14 and verse 4,
56:32 follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
56:34 Panel: Amen.
56:35 Lomacang: That's right and the Bible makes it clear
56:36 in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 and verse 11,
56:39 there will be those who receive strong delusions
56:42 not because God wants to delude them,
56:44 but because they do not receive a love of the truth
56:47 that they might be saved.
56:48 It's not enough to even know the truth.
56:50 We have to fall in love with Christ and His truth
56:54 to be shielded from deception.
56:56 Shelley: Ephesians 2...
56:58 it tells us that we are saved by grace through faith.
57:01 I want to encourage you...
57:04 if you're in a church that's not following the Word
57:07 or if you're not sure,
57:08 you've got to get into the Word for yourself
57:11 to find out... but step out in faith.
57:13 God... by His grace...
57:15 by the power of Jesus Christ living in you...
57:18 by the Holy Spirit dwelling within you,
57:21 and by the Word of God,
57:22 you can walk in obedience and please God.
57:27 Dinzey: Amen... amen...
57:28 well, we thank Sister Shelley Quinn...
57:30 Pastor John Lomacang...
57:32 Pastor James Rafferty
57:33 and Pastor Daniel Perrin
57:34 and we want to thank you for joining us.
57:36 I would like to leave you with the words of Jesus
57:37 found in John chapter 16 and it says in verses 1 and 2,
57:42 "These things I have spoken to you,
57:45 that you should not be made to stumble.
57:47 They will put you out of the synagogues;
57:49 yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you
57:52 will think that he offers God service. "
57:55 This is going to happen again
57:56 so I encourage you to stay close to the Lord,
57:58 follow Him with all of your heart.
58:00 Next Lesson is Number 11:
58:02 The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast, Part 1,
58:05 we'll see you then.


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