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00:01 >> Hello, friends. Welcome to our study. Thats how the school
00:03 lesson number 3 is what we're on the day. We're looking at
00:05 the songs for the 1st quarter of 2020 for my name's James
00:08 Rafferty. And we are so glad that you've joined us. If you'd
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00:21 We've got some amazing lessons to sunny. So don't go away.
00:24 We'll be right back.
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00:55 Welcome friends. My name's faster. James Rafferty. And we
00:58 are in lesson number 3, the Lord rains. We're so excited
01:02 about the study that we have been in barking on in the
01:05 song's 1st quarter of 2020 for a great read and there's no way
01:10 we can cover all of the information here. But we are
01:12 going to give you the opportunity to get some of our
01:15 notes if you'd like to do a little bit extra study in the
01:18 song. So you've got the quarterly. You can download and
01:21 then you can e-mail us at Ssp that set a school panel ssp at
01:26 3, a B on 3 at the end door gets ssp at 3 ABN Dot org and
01:31 you get a copy of all of our notes. Now some of those notes
01:34 are going to be really tidy really clean and really for and
01:37 others are going to be just like, really what how do you
01:41 navigate all these notes? Those give you my nose, by the
01:43 way, the ones that are really hard to navigate. But
01:45 nevertheless, you get a copy of all the notes or any notice
01:48 that you like that will go along with us at a school
01:51 accordingly and give you more insight as you seek to study
01:55 and learn together with us and maybe even as you seek to teach
01:58 the class to others. All right. Let me introduce the my family,
02:02 your family or 7 school panel to my immediate left is Daniel
02:05 Parent. Thank you. Happy to be here today for week 3 and I
02:08 have Monday's lesson, which is that the Lord rains came and
02:11 glad you're here. Daniel and to your left is Jim Moore County.
02:14 >> Thank you, Pastor James. I'm happy to be here to on
02:17 Tuesday. We look at God. It's the giant.
02:19 >> A man. Glad you're here. Jail and you're left. Show you
02:21 quit. I am excited to get to do ever mindful of his COVID name
02:27 and glad you're here. Show you to your left. Pastor John the
02:31 DNC.
02:32 Yes. Thank you for the blessing of being here. And I have
02:35 Thursday, your testimonies, I very short, a man, a man.
02:39 That's a lot for us to learn in some sand. Before we jump into
02:43 this lesson for this 3rd week in 2024 0st quarter, I said
02:50 that a few times haven't I? We're going to start with the
02:52 word of prayer and I want to ask Pastor John Duns if you'd
02:54 like to pray for us showed let's go to the Lord in prayer,
02:58 our loving
03:00 and bless it. Heavenly Father, thank you, Lord, for the
03:03 opportunity to share
03:05 from your Holy Scriptures. The wonderful things we have
03:09 discovered and we pray that even now as we share your Holy
03:11 Spirit will give us words to speak. That will be for life
03:17 and for encouragement
03:18 and 4 waking up in interest into continuing to study the
03:23 holy Scriptures. We ask you for the blessing upon all we ask in
03:26 the Holy and blessed said name of Jesus. Amen. Amen.
03:31 >> Seems like we've studied a lot so far. We were talking
03:34 together about how the first week was very cerebral. Lot of
03:38 good information laying the foundation for the songs that
03:40 we talked about. How the second week was a lot more emotional.
03:43 A lot more of hearts that we found there in the psalms.
03:47 And we're just talking about that and how that that's the
03:50 way the songs are. They've got a little bit of everything.
03:52 Of course, those are just 2 aspects. But we are cerebral.
03:56 We are emotional and we need all of those elements to be
03:59 part of our Christian or religious experience. So we're
04:02 going to find more and more of this. These combinations in the
04:05 Psalms.
04:07 We're looking at this week's study. We're looking at some 8,
04:10 some 100, some 97, some 75, some 105 or 6, 7, through 10.
04:17 Les Tions 3.26. To 29 and some 25 verse 10. I will be focusing
04:21 on some 8 and comparing that with the New Testament version
04:25 of Psalm 8, which is Hebrews chapter 2 on memory. Text is
04:29 found in Psalm 93 and verse one. He's with U.S.. S the Lord
04:34 rains his road. The Majesty, the Lord is rolled the majesty
04:38 and armed with strengths. Indeed the world is established
04:42 from and secure. And as we see in this verse, this connection
04:47 between The majesty of God and the fact that he's armed with
04:51 strength and the WORLDBEAT established a firm and secure
04:55 this, there's a little bit of connection there between what
04:59 is needed to make this will from secure and God's majesty
05:02 and his strength and the fact that he's armed with majesty in
05:05 strength. And that's really where we are right now in this
05:08 world and some 8 along with people's champ. The to again,
05:11 explain that a little bit to us.
05:13 The lesson Korte says that the Psalms Unswervingly uphold the
05:17 foundational belief in God is sovereign rain. The Lord
05:21 created and sustains everything that he had Chris has created.
05:25 He is the sovereign king over the whole world and he rules
05:28 the world with justice and righteousness and his laws and
05:32 statutes are good and bring a life to those who keep them.
05:36 The Lord is a just judge who ensures that the world remains
05:39 well ordered. He does so by rewarding the righteous and
05:43 punishing the wicked
05:46 in his time, not ours. So I just want to emphasize
05:49 underline circle, exclamation mark. Those last 6 word,
05:53 but 6 words, but in his time and not ours.
05:56 So in some 8, 1, through 6, we see the ward as the creator of
06:04 this world. Some 8 verses one through 6, 0, Lord, our God.
06:08 How excellent is 09:00AM and all the Earth who is set by
06:12 Gloria above the heavens out of the mouth of babes and
06:15 sucklings has the word dean strength because of thine
06:17 enemies that thou mightest still the enemy and the
06:20 Avenger. When I consider that by heavens, the work of my
06:23 fingers, the moon, the stars which Southwest has ordained
06:27 what is man that our mindful of him and the son of man that
06:30 Thou business Tim for thou Hast made him a little low in the
06:33 Angels. You crowned with glory and honor.
06:36 He's made him to have too many and over the works of thy hands
06:39 and you put all things under his feet. And if only we could
06:44 say that that is the present situation. That is the
06:47 president case. But this is what God ordained got ordained,
06:51 that we would have dominion over all the Earth got dame,
06:54 that this sort would be created with the glory and the splendor
06:57 of his images, righteousness. That will be no pain and no
07:00 suffering. And we know this because we see this in Genesis
07:04 Chapter one in 2. And as we move all the way through the
07:06 Bible, we see it again. Revelation chapter. 21 22,
07:10 we have this perfect birth with no pain, no sorrow, no death.
07:14 And then we have again, this perfect birth restored Inge
07:17 revelation. 21 22 and no pain, no sorrow, no cry, no death.
07:21 But between those 2 is where we presently set. And if you go to
07:24 the New Testament, he was chapter 2. You find an
07:28 explanation for what the SA must depicts and where we find
07:33 ourselves right now
07:34 in he was shifted to haul picks up with the same psalm Psalm 8.
07:39 But he adds a little something to it that we don't see in the
07:42 original context of some 8 for 6.
07:46 But one in a certain place testify saying what is man that
07:49 our mindful of him or the son of man that now this is Tim so
07:53 that we have the same a verse being quoted again in the New
07:56 Testament. Now Madest I'm a little lower in the Angels who
07:59 crown him with glory and honor. You sent him over the works,
08:01 the hands. There we go. That's exactly what the Sama says.
08:05 That was put all thing things in subjection under his feet.
08:08 4 in that he put all in subjection verse 8 of here is 2
08:12 under him. He left nothing that was not put on to him, OK?
08:15 So there we go, period. End of story. Not exactly notice the
08:20 conjecture that conjunction here, but right. But but now we
08:24 see not yet all things put under him all what happened.
08:30 But first, 9, now we see another conjunction. But but we
08:34 see Jesus who has made a little low in the Angels for the
08:37 suffering of that crowd with glory and honor that he by the
08:40 grace of God should taste death for every man. Now,
08:45 as we compare saw a with heaters to we see that the
08:49 changes taking place changes taking place in God's purposes
08:53 and his will for planet Earth. Adam actually lost his
08:57 dominion, the demeaning that was given to him at creation.
09:00 He chose to believe the whys of the prince of this world of
09:04 Lucifer, the devil. And because of that, they were deceived.
09:08 The whole world was deceived about God about what kind of
09:11 God created this world about the character of God, the
09:15 person of God of about what got us like. We states are still
09:19 under the shadow of that deception to this day.
09:22 So we have what we can to the English grammar here, calls a
09:25 conjunction and it's it's a negative conjunction, but we do
09:29 not now see all things under him, right?
09:32 But we do not now see all things under him is followed by
09:36 another conjunction another. But and this leads us to a more
09:40 positive the end because it's following its following this
09:45 one with a focus on Jesus. It brings us this positive,
09:50 but we see Jesus. We don't see everything under Adam and Eve,
09:53 but we see Jesus, right. But we see Jesus and, you know,
09:57 the devil rejoices that all things are not presently under
10:00 the Dominion of mankind in its original state
10:04 as God intended in the creation of this world. But the devil is
10:09 not happy for that second conjunction he doesn't like
10:12 that second, but he doesn't like it because that brings
10:15 Jesus and to restore this planet right to bring us back
10:19 to our first dominion and restore everything in this
10:22 planet, we're told. And in our Romans chapter 8 that the whole
10:25 Earth, Crohn's and travails and per berth Payne ready to be
10:29 delivered. And that's what we see taking place in our present
10:32 state. So when we look at our present situation is a battle
10:36 taking place between these 2 conjunctions, right? There's a
10:39 battle taking place in our own individual personal lives.
10:43 The New Testament brings us hope. We do not see all things
10:46 under him. That is mankind due to sin and suffering and said
10:50 it. But we see Jesus praise God or Jesus. The verse says that
10:56 he was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of
10:59 death. That he, by the grace of God should taste death for
11:03 every man. That's you. That's me. If you're listening today,
11:09 you are.
11:11 >> Included in every man. If you are a walkman, you are
11:15 included in every man. If you are a young warm and you are
11:18 included in every man, if you are a young man, you're
11:21 included in every man. If you are at home and you're included
11:24 every man, if you're an old one man, you're included in every
11:26 man. If you're an innocent man, an infant, one man, you're
11:30 included in every man ever read.
11:32 >> Person is included in every man. And that's the good News.
11:36 Jesus Christ stepped in and he tasted death for every man.
11:42 Some 75 says this promotion comes neither from the east
11:45 north, from the west, north, from the south. But God is
11:48 judge. He puts down one. He sets up another in the hand
11:51 of the Lord. There's a cup and the wind has read. It is full
11:54 of mixture and he pours out of the same. But the dregs there
11:58 of all, look at the airshow, wring them out and drink them.
12:01 But I will declare for ever I will sing praises to the God of
12:04 Jacob all the horns of the week. It also should I will cut
12:07 off, but the horns of the righteous will be exalted.
12:10 Jesus Christ became part of the human family and he drank this
12:15 cup. He drank the dregs of this cup. He drank this cup that is
12:20 to be run out to the wicket. He became soon for a second
12:23 Crest Beach up to 5 years. 21 says and therefore, God
12:26 remain sovereign by the let life the death and the
12:30 resurrection of Jesus Christ. So we look at this beautiful
12:34 picture. We see recovery. We see that God has redeemed
12:38 us. He's Rason vest to his son, Jesus Christ. And this is the
12:42 good news. This is the picture that the some some spring us
12:45 many of the sums point to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
12:49 They also point to the Vick told the victory of Jesus
12:52 Christ, like, for example, song, 24 the Earth is the
12:55 Lord's and the fullest there off the world. They've it well
12:59 there and why? Because God is ransom because Jesus Christ to
13:02 die for every single person
13:04 for he founded upon the seas established upon the floods.
13:07 He's the creator who will ascend in the Hill of Lord who
13:10 she'll stand in this Holy Place. He has clean hands and a
13:12 pure heart was not not lifted up his soul on the vanity Norse
13:16 or sworn deceitfully
13:18 and then it goes on to say here, lift up your head so you
13:21 gauge lift them up. The everlasting doors for the King
13:23 of glory shall come in. Who is this can employ the Lord of
13:27 hosts. He is the King of Glory. God has redeemed us. God has
13:33 established his covenant with us through Jesus Christ and God
13:36 has established that Everlasting covenant through
13:39 Jesus Christ for every single person on Planet Earth, every
13:42 woman, every had every child, every old person, every single
13:46 person on planet Earth is included. He got a covenant a
13:50 piece. I meant. Thank you, pastor rapper T extort and
13:53 lessen number.
13:55 >> One Sunday on Daniel parent and I have Monday's lesson,
13:59 which is the Lord rains.
14:01 Now, the title of this week's lesson is the Lord rains.
14:05 Title of Monday's lesson is the Lord Rains. And Monday's lesson
14:09 focuses on some 97, which starts with the lord rains.
14:13 So I'm just going to start this lesson off by saying the Lord
14:16 rains, he's real. He's in charge for a Christian. This
14:21 kind of goes without saying or at least it should
14:24 to rain. The definition is to possess or exercise power to
14:29 rule. There's really simple logic here that even a child
14:32 can understand. So if there any children listening out here,
14:36 I think you'll recognize this to be true.
14:38 If I made it, then I'm in charge of it
14:42 hug. I don't recommend trying this but break something that a
14:45 child made and they'll say.
14:48 >> That's why I made it.
14:51 >> This is one reason why the issue of creation is not a
14:54 sideline issue that it doesn't matter. It matters who is in
15:00 charge.
15:01 So I want to take you now to several statements about the
15:06 rain of the Lord. The lesson focuses, especially on Sol 97.
15:11 But that is a piece of a 7 block series of songs from 93
15:17 to 99 that deals with the rain of the Lord as King. It really
15:23 is in response to the end of book 3 of the Psalms were right
15:27 at the beginning of book for and book 3 ends with pleas for
15:31 mercy and particularly so 89 saying how Long o Lord and so
15:37 book 3 takes us into the reign of God and the power of God.
15:42 So especially when it appears as if God is not on the throne,
15:45 maybe spend some time reading Psalm 93 to 99. This is not an
15:51 apologetic that gives proofs for the reign of God. It really
15:55 is teaching us how to recognize and speak and act in faith.
15:59 We have got to learn how to talk faith and praise of God.
16:04 And sometimes we're not really good at it because we don't
16:07 identify the attributes of God. And so these songs here,
16:10 93 to 90 some 99, I'll take you one from each song starting in
16:14 Psalm 93,
16:16 some 93 verse to says This. Your throne is established from
16:22 old you are from everlasting. So number one, the reign of
16:28 God, the Lord Xray the Lord rains for ever some 93 verse 5
16:34 a little later there says your testimonies are very sure
16:37 holiness adorns your house O Lord for ever that I really
16:43 don't have any firsthand experience with the word for
16:46 ever. We say things like that took for ever. We don't know
16:52 what we're talking about their I live in a dog democracy where
16:56 leaders come and go, elections won. Power takes over from
17:00 another power administration changes, new philosophy emerges
17:05 and things change. And so we in our nations and governments
17:09 really don't understand what it means for God to reign forever.
17:13 He's not a reigning champion who's going to be taken down by
17:16 the next tournament leader. What does this mean for me?
17:19 Got is dependable. He's not a change from day to day. I can
17:23 trust and got it may sound trite, but it is so very true.
17:27 God is trustworthy. He's always there ahead of me. He's been
17:31 there behind me. All the law.
17:33 Number 2, some 94 0st 12
17:37 blessed is the man whom you instruct o Lord and teach out
17:42 of your law.
17:44 The lord rains fairly.
17:47 Can you imagine a creator who does not control his creation?
17:53 Absolutely. That's the God we serve. Who gives us freedom to
17:57 accept or reject. And he teaches us he gives us his law,
18:02 which is fear which he gives in detail, which he illustrates
18:06 which he he refers back to in reminds us which he presses
18:09 upon our heart to the Holy Spirit, which you rights within
18:13 us. The Lord rains fairly. He gives us he gives us the
18:18 truth.
18:20 What does this mean for me? I don't need to live in stress
18:23 or fear that that God is going to be unpredictable.
18:27 Some 93 versus 3 to 5
18:30 with the Lord for the Lord is the Great God and the Great
18:34 King above all gods. Some 95 3 to 95. 0st 3 to 5 in his hand
18:41 or the deep places of the Earth. The heights of the hills
18:44 are his also the sea is his for he made and his hands formed
18:50 the dry land.
18:52 The Lord rains with all authority. The sea is he's the
18:57 land is his everything is his above all gods. Unless we're
19:01 confused as to whether or not there are other gods. So 96,
19:04 the next chapter verse 5 says for all the gods of the people
19:08 are idols, but the Lord made the heavens when God determines
19:12 a thing to be done, there is no one to overrule it. He has a
19:17 plan of salvation that will not be derailed. There are things
19:22 that may come up against God's plan but will not be derailed
19:26 behind the scenes. God is working. What does this mean
19:29 for Maine?
19:30 I say that got rains, but how much authority to I really give
19:34 to God in my finances in the way I spend my money in the way
19:39 that I think in my relationships in the cars that
19:43 I drive the groceries by cell phone. Every single thing I
19:47 Leah God's authority.
19:50 Number 4, removing to Sol 96 verse 6
19:54 honor and majesty are before him. Strength and beauty are in
19:59 his sanctuary. The Lord Rains With Majesty and that that
20:05 memory tax for this week, the Lord rains, he is clothed With
20:09 Majesty Majesty.
20:11 What a word that nobody ever greets me like that. And
20:14 there's a reason why. Because majesty is true. Greatness and
20:20 splendor and dignity and commanding respect without
20:24 having to utter a word beauty that takes your breath away.
20:29 Inspiring jaw dropping. There's nothing about it that is out of
20:33 place and the Lord. Rick is a robe with majesty. The Hebrew
20:38 word here from majesty is gay. Hoof, which means rising up and
20:43 in some places of the Bible, it refers to people rising up in
20:46 pride. But for for the Lord, this rising up, This Majesty is
20:51 all his harsh falls over everybody. When his name is
20:55 honored for me, what does this mean that the Lord rains With
20:58 Majesty
21:00 it is pleasing system pleasant to worship and serve. Gotten
21:04 more than pleasant. It is the pinnacle. It is the absolute
21:08 purpose of all that I do
21:12 the next one. Number 5, Psalm 97
21:16 first is 2 to 6 in just a couple of phrases here in this
21:21 in this section and versus 67, the whole Earth,
21:25 the heavens,
21:27 all the peoples, you'll find each of those there.
21:30 The lord rains completely the enemy claims to rain and he
21:36 certainly has influence over the minds and bodies of some.
21:40 But the lord rains, this is why Jesus said to the devil when he
21:46 tried to tempt him when he claimed territorial
21:48 sovereignty. Jesus said in Matthew, 4 to 10 for it is
21:52 written, you shall worship the Lord and him only you shall
21:57 serve
21:59 because the Lord does of rain over everything even when it
22:03 looks like he doesn't. For me, what does this mean?
22:07 It means that I can thanking God and I can praise him even
22:10 before I see him back because as a a believer in God, I know
22:15 that he reigns even when all of the things that I see don't
22:19 necessarily look like it in the moment.
22:22 Number 6, 2, more to go. So 98 versus 89. So let the
22:27 rivers clap their hands. Let the hills be joyful
22:31 together. This is nature getting excited about my God
22:34 before the Lord for he is coming to judge the Earth with
22:39 a righteousness. He shall judge the world and the people's with
22:43 equity. And we find the same thought since all 94 versus 20
22:47 to 23 and in some 96 versus 10 to 13.
22:51 Now God is fair in the giving of his law. He's also fair in
22:55 the administration of his law. Justice goes way beyond our our
23:01 Human court ideals of truth, God judges based on truth.
23:05 And what this means for me is that I can leave engines in the
23:08 hands of God. I don't need to make anybody else pay God's
23:12 going to take care of that. Some 99 verse 8.
23:16 You answered them. Oh, Lord, our God. You were to them.
23:20 God who forgives the Hebrew name their forgot l NASA.
23:24 Though you took vengeance on their deeds. The Lord rains
23:28 with mercy. He's a forgiving God. It is God's prerogative to
23:34 forgive. And that is his demonstration and show of power
23:38 that he forgives Sen. And then for me, what that means is I
23:42 too can be merciful to others. I like the way problems.
23:44 1911 says it. The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger
23:49 and his glory is to overlook a transgression. So if you're
23:54 doubting whether or not God really is in charge for one
23:57 reason or another, take these 7 songs, you can read them
24:00 through and in 10 minutes and say, Lord, remind me of you are
24:04 attributes that you really are a God who reigns from top to
24:07 bottom.
24:08 Hey, man, thank you, Daniel. Thank you. We are studying
24:11 lesson. Number 3. The Lord Rains. Don't go away. We'll be
24:14 right back.
24:16 [MUSIC]
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24:42 Thank you for watching and thank you for being part of I 3
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24:50 >> Welcome back, friends. We are in Tuesday's lesson and
24:52 will pass it over to Jim Marconi.
24:54 >> Thank you so much, Pastor James and Daniel. What a great
24:56 study. What an income credible lessen the lowered rains.
25:01 I'm Joe Moore County. And on Tuesday we look at God is the
25:05 judge
25:07 specifically. We're going to study the investigative and the
25:10 executive judgment from the book of some snow you might be
25:15 saying. But that's found in Daniel. And it most certainly
25:18 is that's found in revelation. And it most certainly is.
25:21 And to be honest with you, I haven't studied it has
25:23 extensively in Psalms as I should have. So I'm excited
25:27 about this lesson. We will learn together.
25:30 First we established that God is our judge. Want to reread a
25:34 scripture. That thing you just read. This is psalm 98 verse 9
25:39 and some 98 9. He is coming to judge the earth. God is our
25:45 judge with the righteous Snus. He should judge the world and
25:49 the people's with equity. He judges fairly judges
25:54 righteously. So let's start with the investigative
25:57 judgment. And then we're going to switch gears and talk about
26:00 the executive judgment,
26:02 the investigative judgment. Of course, we know that God
26:04 investigates prior to passing judgment. We know that the
26:10 judgment eventually will be against the wicked, but in
26:13 favor of the righteous.
26:17 We find it. Of course, you find in Daniel Chapter 7, but we're
26:20 going to find it in sums. This is not an exhaustive
26:22 study, but let's look at a few principles we can glean from
26:25 songs, principle. Number one, looking down in the case
26:30 investigation. We see this in some 14 verse 2,
26:34 some 14 verse 2, the Lord. What are those words lobes down
26:40 from heaven when he's looking down? It indicates an
26:44 investigation is about ready to take place. He looks down from
26:47 heaven on the children of men to see if there are any who
26:50 understand who seek God. God is looking down. He is
26:54 investigating to see who seeks him or who follows him. Another
27:01 principle we find is that got investigates from the heavenly
27:04 Sanctuary. We see this in Psalm 102 verse 19, someone to verse
27:11 19. It starts with the same phrase for he looked down here
27:15 again. We see this investigation about ready to
27:17 take place. He looked down where from the height of his
27:21 sanctuary, the investigative judgment takes place with Jesus
27:26 in the heavenly Sanctuary from having the Lord viewed the
27:30 Earth.
27:31 The 3rd principle we see is that God investigates prior to
27:35 pronouncing judgment. In other words, the investigation takes
27:39 place first, then the judgment takes place
27:42 for this. We look at some level some 11 versus 4, 5, The Lord
27:47 is in his holy Temple. Where is he? He's in the temple and the
27:50 sanctuary. The Lord's Throne is in heaven. His eyes behold his
27:55 islands test. The sons of men, the Lord tests the righteous.
28:00 Now, what's that word
28:02 test and the Hebrew. It means investigating. The lard
28:07 investigates the righteous, but the wicked and the one who
28:11 loves violence. His soul hate. It's the same. Hebrew word we
28:15 find and sums one. 39. 23 24 search me o God and know my
28:21 heart. Try me. That's the same word. Investigate me and no my
28:26 anxieties and see if there's any wicked way in me and make
28:29 me in the way everlasting. It's the same word used in
28:32 Jeremiah 17 verse 10. I the Lord searched the heart.
28:37 I test. There's our word I and investigate the mind even to
28:43 give to every man, according to his ways, according to the
28:47 fruit of his doing here again, got investigates. He tests or
28:51 he investigates prior to passing judgment and that prior
28:56 to bringing according to their fruit,
28:59 it's the same principle we see actually at the Tower of Mabel
29:03 Genesis Chapter 11. Remember, God came down. There's our
29:06 phrase again when come when God comes down or looks down.
29:10 He's investigating Genesis 11, 5, the Lord came down
29:14 to investigate to see the city and the tower which the sons of
29:18 men has billed and before the legal verdict was given,
29:24 he investigated to see the work that the people were doing.
29:27 Princeton principle, number 4,
29:30 some judgment determines guilt. So first got investigates and
29:35 then the judgment comes in. We'll see this in some 53
29:38 versus 2 in 3. God looks down here again. He's investigating
29:42 from heaven on the children of men to see if there are any
29:45 people understand who see caught. Every one of them has
29:48 turned aside. They have together become corrupt.
29:52 There is not on who does good. No, not one. In this case.
29:56 The investigation determined our guilt. Wow, we're guilty
30:00 before gone. But the judgment can also bring joy. I love
30:06 this. 76 89. You cause judgment to be heard from heaven and the
30:11 earth feared and was still when daughter rose to judgment.
30:14 What happened to deliver all the up pressed of the earth and
30:20 this case, God investigated, then here rose to judgment and
30:25 what happened? It was in favor of the Saints. It was the
30:28 deliver the oppressed. Now, let's look at the end of
30:33 executive phase of the judgment. This is the final
30:37 phase of the judgment. First as the investigation, our God's
30:40 people covered by his blood. Are they clothe and his
30:44 righteousness have they confessed and for sake and
30:47 every known Sen are they walking in outright open
30:51 rebellion to him? We see in revelation 20, of course,
30:54 the description of the executive judgment or the great
30:57 white throne judgment. This is the final destruction of the
31:01 weekend. The second death as it were that final annihilation.
31:05 But let's look at it from some 75 and we'll see this executive
31:09 judgment take place. Some 75 with a couple principles here.
31:13 Principle. One executive judgment is intense
31:16 and it's destructive. Some 75 verse 8, the first portion of
31:21 the first and the handler. There is a cop Pastor James
31:24 reference and send the wine is red. It is fully mixed and he
31:28 pours it out. You know, to remind me of the 3rd Angels
31:31 message revelation, chapter 14 verse 10:00PM Softshell drink
31:35 the wine of the wrath of the couple got which is poured out
31:39 full strength into the cause of his indignation. He should be
31:43 tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of
31:46 the Holy Angels, the presence of the land. We see that the
31:50 executive judgment is intense, but it's also destructive.
31:53 Second principle, we see executive judgment is for the
31:57 weekend. If you keep reading in some 75 who finished Evers we
32:01 already talked about in the Lord's hand is the cop. The
32:03 wine is red. It's fully mixed. He pours it out. Surely it's
32:07 drag show who all the wit good of the earth, the drain and
32:12 drank down the executive judgment. This final judgment.
32:17 As for the week, 3rd principle we see is that the executive
32:21 judgment is final and irreversible.
32:25 We're still in some 75
32:28 that's diverse. 4, I said to the boastful do not deal both
32:31 fully into the weekend. Do not lift up the horn first 5 to not
32:35 lift up your horn. Hi. Do not speak with a stiff neck.
32:39 Just how diverse 10, all the horns of the week kid. I will
32:44 also cut off
32:47 cutting off the horns of the weekend shows the end of their
32:49 power. This is the end of their Dominion. It final. It's
32:53 irreversible. We say the same principle and some 97. 0st 3
32:58 fire goes before him. Why to burn up his enemies round about
33:05 reminds me of revelation Chapter 20. We're the wicked
33:07 were judged and what happened. They were cast into the Lake of
33:11 Fire and it says in verse 14, this is the second death.
33:15 Its final. It's dear reversible. The wicked do not
33:19 have another chance. They're not coming back for another
33:22 opportunity for repentance. It's final. They are
33:26 extinguished as it were for ever.
33:29 The forefront of what we see is that the righteous are
33:31 delivered from the wicked and they are sealed and safe.
33:36 We're in some 75 verse 10. We read the first part already.
33:39 The horns of the weekend will be cut off. This is that final
33:42 irreversible destruction of the weekend, but it doesn't stop
33:46 there. It says the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.
33:51 We see the same principle in some 97. 0st 10, you who love
33:55 the Lord hate evil. He preserves the soles of his
33:59 sayings. He delivers them out of the hand of the weekend.
34:05 It reminds me again revelation 20 where the righteous are in
34:08 the new Jerusalem. They are sealed and they are safe.
34:12 This final executive judgment does not fall on them.
34:17 The final principle we find here in some 75 principle
34:21 number 5 is that there is an appointed time for judgment.
34:26 Some 75 verse 2 when I choose the proper time in the N I V it
34:33 says when I choose the a point to time, I will judge
34:38 Uprightly. We see that all our times our days are in the hand
34:44 of God and he has an appointed time not only for the
34:47 investigative judgment, but for the final executive judgment.
34:51 And the beautiful thing is you and I don't have to be afraid
34:54 of that judgment because the judgment is in favor of
34:58 constant people make a choice and follow him today
35:02 and that it too.
35:04 >> Who knew that there was so much to all and G if the songs?
35:10 I mean, it's beautiful. I'm sure like when my lesson is
35:15 when state ever mindful of his covenant 10, I I would like to
35:19 retire. And for mindful of his ever lasting covenant. You
35:25 referenced several times, Daniel 7.22. where the ancient
35:29 of days is seen. He's making it judgment in favor of the
35:34 Saints. So let's look at some 94 because the theme of God's
35:40 judgment
35:42 is is something that some people feel. But in north to
35:46 give, if you're a person of God, if your company
35:49 appreciation ship with the light, it should bring you
35:52 peace and assurance of salvation. Let's look at some
35:55 94. We'll begin with the first 8. Well, actually, 8 to 15,
36:02 it's just God's judgment or given to the people to turn the
36:06 people to righteousness and to demonstrate that God cares for
36:11 them. But now look at versed. Wealth
36:14 lesson is the man whom you instruct o Lord and teach out
36:18 of here the law that you may give him rest from the days bid
36:23 for city who wants wrist the decades of adversity and until
36:28 the pit is dug for, the wicked for the Lord will not castoff.
36:33 He's people nor will he force a case inheritance but judgment
36:40 will return to write to snus. That's the purpose of God's
36:45 judgment is to restore righteousness and all the
36:49 upright and Hart will follow it. Okay. Turn to Psalm 105,
36:55 as a whole. This song shows the Lords faithfulness to his
36:59 covenant in Israel's history. But we see that no matter what
37:04 happened, good and the bad God was there.
37:08 So someone 0, 5, 0st 7
37:13 through 10.
37:14 He is the Lord, our God. His judgments are in the Earth
37:20 for safe.
37:21 He remembers his covenant forever but Cup and it this
37:26 isn't it. The covenant at Mount Side? I with all the civil and
37:31 and social in ceremonial loss.
37:34 This is the Everlasting Covenant and it's proven in
37:37 context. Let's look. He remembers his cabinet for ever
37:42 the word which he commanded 1000 generations. The covenant
37:47 which he made with Abraham and his post to Isaac and concerned
37:55 it to take it for statute to is true as an everlasting
38:00 covenant.
38:02 That's people our history should inheritance.
38:07 He established his everlasting covenant if righteousness by
38:11 Faith.
38:12 Grace was given to us in Christ who says before time be can't
38:16 revelation. 13, 8, he's a landslide from the foundation
38:21 of the Hebrews. 13, 20 Christ's blood is the love of the
38:26 Everlasting Covenant and the goal a fright use despite a
38:31 goal of the Everlasting Covenant of got
38:35 its second Corinthians 5.21. He made him who knew no sand to
38:41 be soon for us. Well, that we might become the righteousness
38:44 of God in Christ.
38:46 >> So what someone 0, 5, is pointing to is his covenant.
38:50 God remembers forever. It's the cabinet he announced in the
38:54 court and defeat the Genesis 3.15, when he talked about the
38:58 seed that was coming. That would be that deliver.
39:02 It's in Genesis, 15, 6 Abraham believed God. It was credited
39:08 or imputed to him. It's righteousness and we see that
39:12 he was gratified to this cover net of salvation by Grace.
39:18 Unrighteousness by faith in Tunis is 15 when he put Abraham
39:23 in a deep sleep.
39:26 But then I got to point this out. He renewed the have and
39:31 the everlasting covenant with Abrahams son. I say
39:39 why listen to this
39:41 to this is 26 for through 5.
39:45 God says to ICE, I will make you to send its multiplies the
39:50 stars of the heaven. I will get to use it. It's all the slams
39:54 and in your seat. All the nations of the year shall be
39:57 blessed. Why that is verbatim what he said to Abraham.
40:02 So it's redoing the company here. But look at verse 5
40:08 got says I'm going to renew this covenant with you because
40:13 Abraham obeyed my voice. Can I charge my commandments by
40:17 statute? And mine was God has all race from the very
40:24 beginning. God had
40:27 the moral code of love,
40:29 the 10 Commandments. And if you follow it through, you can find
40:32 them all into this is. But then he read news. This Abraham was
40:38 beat him and that's why God chose him. Actually, he knew he
40:42 would teaches children so that he bring new sit with Jake up
40:47 as well.
40:49 You know,
40:51 one of my favorite verses is Isaiah 40 to their 6. God is
40:56 speaking. This is one of the servant songs. It's a prophecy
41:00 about the Messiah. God is speaking in prophetic words to
41:05 them aside.
41:06 I think Lord called Unit Righteousness. I will hold your
41:10 hand. I will keep keep you. And if you as a Kevin it to the
41:16 people as a light to the June test to open up like guys bring
41:20 out prisoners from the press does who sit in darkness from
41:26 the Prison-house
41:28 Jesus Christ. Is this even as a brand? That's what we find in
41:32 Galatians 3.16, heat is the one who ratified the new covenant
41:38 with his spot. And
41:41 I wish we had time for this. We don't have time for it all.
41:43 But collation Steph Curry, 6 to 9,
41:49 Paul says just to save or ham leave God.
41:53 He was a counted to as fried to snus.
41:56 Those who are of sate our sunset. Perhaps we get the same
42:01 promise and it's so precious that Paul says in verse 20 says
42:06 let's look at the galatians 3.26. To 29.
42:11 >> For you are all sons of God. That is a covenant term sons
42:17 off.
42:18 >> God, whether you're a man or woman, this rip this is Newt or
42:21 ginger, if you will,
42:23 your sons of God through faith in Christ, you're a child of
42:27 God. John. One 12 says as many as receive can too, did the
42:31 cape right to become a child with got
42:35 so through your faith in Christ, Jesus for as many as
42:38 were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There's neither
42:42 chewed are great for slave or free. There's no mail, no
42:47 female, all one in Christ. Jesus. If you are Christ your
42:51 Abrahams unseen, it airs according to the promise you
42:56 why am I bringing this and God's got this everlasting
42:59 covenant? We see it in the Psalms and God is for ever
43:04 faithful to his Cabinet.
43:06 Did you know
43:08 these people who wrote the songs by the inspiration of the
43:11 Holy Spirit, If you're in Christ there your heirs,
43:14 they are not your their ear and sister and sister's. Thank you.
43:19 So
43:20 here's what the and sisters believed. I believed that God
43:25 actively works to secure his people in them. Listen. Song 1,
43:30 0, 3, 2, through 5. Just the Lord. My Soul. Forget not all
43:34 his 55th. Who forgives all of your mic. Quick tease. Who
43:38 heals all of that seizes her routine. Sure. Life from
43:44 destruction. Who crowds? You're loving. I'm if you with
43:48 loving kindness and tender mercies.
43:51 Some 29 to 11.
43:54 The Lord gives strength to his people. The Lord will bless his
43:58 people with peace and that some 25 8 through 10.
44:05 This is look this without some 25 8 through 2. This is so
44:11 important for us to say because it is repeated throughout the
44:15 old and the New Testament.
44:17 Good in a pride is the Lord. Therefore, he teaches centers
44:23 in the way
44:24 the humble
44:26 those who depend upon him. He guides in justice and the
44:31 humble.
44:33 He teaches his sway. Those who will yield to him all the pass
44:39 of the Lord. I'm mercy and truth to who
44:44 2, such as keep his Kevin and his testimonies.
44:53 First, John, Chapter 3, 7, to 8,
44:57 John says don't let anyone to see only he who practice is try
45:02 to since is righteous Psalm. 85 13 says righteousness.
45:09 It goes before the messiah and is his pathway to follow.
45:15 God is faithful to his everlasting Cup in it if we
45:20 will be faithful to him.
45:22 >> One man, a man, a man. What a blessing has been to
45:24 listen to each and every one of you. We're not done. We still
45:27 have Thursday. My name is John. Didn't see the title for
45:30 Thursday is your testimonies are very sure.
45:34 And we're going to take a look at some 19, 7, some 93 5,
45:38 someone, 19, one 65
45:41 someone to in 6, some 18, 30
45:44 and a few others. So hang in there.
45:47 >> Let's go first to some 19 7. The law of the Lord is.
45:53 >> Perfect.
45:54 What does it do? Comforting the so the testimony of the Lord is
45:58 sure making wise that simple.
46:03 I would love to post there and tell you more about that.
46:06 But let's go to some 93 0st 5 year testimonies. I.
46:11 >> Very sure. Holiness adorns your house O Lord for ever
46:19 Psalm one.
46:21 >> Verse 2. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in
46:24 his law, he meditates day and night. So we see we're looking
46:29 here at the testimonies of the Lord and the law of the Lord.
46:34 Vast someone
46:35 verse excess for the Lord knows the way of the right, just but
46:38 the way of the young Godly show parish. So the righteous.
46:43 >> Keep God's law. But the wicked will perish because they
46:48 do not keep God's law.
46:51 Notice some 25% all the paths of the Lord. Our.
46:54 >> Mercy and truth to such ask keep his comment. And his
47:00 testimonies,
47:02 someone 9165 another wonderful scripture. Great piece. Have
47:08 they
47:09 who love your law and nothing show caused him to stumble.
47:15 The scriptures are worth worthy of your meditation. The lesson
47:20 brings this out. And I like to read to you the Lord supremacy
47:23 in the world as the sovereign creator,
47:26 King and judge has theological implications for the
47:30 reliability of his testimonies. The testimonies Hebrew adieu to
47:36 the Kree or law referred to the body of laws
47:41 and ordinances which the Lord rig of earns the religious and
47:45 social life of his people. You can see Exodus 30 to 15
47:50 and I'm going to read. Exit is 30 to 15 16 assists and most is
47:53 turned and went down from the mount and the 2 tables of that
47:58 testimony. We're in his hands. The tables were written,
48:02 both their site
48:04 on the one side and on the other. Were they written not
48:08 who wrote them and the tables were the work of God. And
48:13 writing was the writing of God grave in upon the tables.
48:19 This, of course, shows prominence written on stones.
48:25 Stone. I'm not paper. Not the pair is so Popeye ERs. However,
48:31 you say it.
48:32 It was indication of permanence. Now we read several
48:38 verses like some 93 5 assists that that D I'm very sure.
48:43 And this according to the essence, reflecting the
48:45 stability and permanence of God's throne
48:49 and the world they got created and sustains as you can see in
48:53 some 93 verse one, too.
48:55 The Hebrew word translated asked sure
48:58 conveys the notion of reliability, faithfulness and
49:03 firmness. God's law calls are unchangeable and
49:07 indestructible. Why? Because
49:10 God's law, it's perfect. It's interesting. Have access
49:14 to a dictionary that shows ancient Hebrew and it shows
49:18 something very interesting. Picked a graph showing a seed
49:23 going down to the ground, but showing also water reflection
49:28 of they could be water or blood and seed. The show's
49:32 continuance and the seat, of course, bears fruit
49:36 in a heated issue. Nary, as we said, come from stuff, a
49:41 fullness come from Saudi stability and permanence.
49:47 And so I go back to some one, 19, 152 concerning testimonies.
49:52 I have known doubled that you have founded them
49:55 for ever. God's law is for ever.
49:59 It's unchangeable.
50:01 It's written in Stone written by God's own finger of all the
50:05 things in the Holy Scriptures.
50:08 He wrote the 10 Commandments with this whole thing.
50:11 This is important and worthy of your consideration. Some 18,
50:15 this quarter's 3 I will call upon the Lord was worthy to be
50:20 praised. Socialite be saved from my enemies. The pangs of
50:25 deaths around to me and the floods of Ungodliness made me
50:30 afraid. So here's the lesson is focusing in the God shows
50:34 righteousness and shows justice. But in the world that
50:39 does not obey God's law. We have on godliness. We have
50:44 wickedness and David says they they are like a flawed
50:49 and because of the weakness in the world, he's afraid even
50:52 today we look in society. We hear
50:55 a horrible stories of crime sometimes, you know, used to
51:00 live in Chicago and sometimes a hit and killed 50 people or
51:04 more in just one weekend fall gun fire, a gun violence and
51:08 all kinds of violence. This is a terrible world. We live in
51:12 notice a psalm 18 verse 6 in my distress. I called upon the
51:15 Lord and cried out to my God. He heard my voice from his
51:19 temple and my cry came before him even to his ears.
51:25 This is the background to Psalm 18 7.
51:29 Then the Earth shook and trembled the foundation.
51:32 So the hills also quake and were shaken because he was
51:36 angry. God is angry with the evildoers and the time is
51:41 coming when he will take vengeance every evil act.
51:45 Avery, evil word. He will take vengeance and the weekend will
51:49 have to repay.
51:52 You may look at yourself when I'm like it on the center.
51:55 The Lord offers forgiveness for all those who com come to him
52:00 and he who comes to him. He will not cast out.
52:02 He is extending his hand in mercy, offering you salvation
52:07 through Jesus Christ.
52:10 Some 94 burst 1, 2, 3, 0, Lord got to home. Vengeance belongs
52:16 God to home. Vengeance belongs, shine forth.
52:20 Notice rice up judge of the Earth render punishment to the
52:24 proud
52:26 Lord. How long will the wicked? How long will the week a
52:30 triumph?
52:31 This is saw David pouring off his heart. How long I the
52:34 wicked going to continue to do wickedness when O Lord you
52:39 coming to take vengeance.
52:41 Romans 12. It was brought out. We're repeating it again
52:45 verse 19
52:47 and 20
52:48 beloved, not avenge yourselves but rather give place to RAF 4.
52:53 It is written then just as mine. I will repay, says the
52:56 Lord and the Lord knows when to take vengeance and went to
53:00 repay.
53:01 Therefore, if your enemy is hungry, feed him.
53:04 If he is thirsty, give him a drink for so doing you will
53:09 heap Kohl's a fire on his head.
53:12 So we are invited to love our enemies and feed our the the
53:17 hungry that our enemy. But going back to God's law.
53:21 We read again some 19 7. The law of the Lord is perfect.
53:25 Converting the Sol the testimony of the lorry. Sure.
53:28 Making wise to simple the status of the Lord are right.
53:32 Rejoicing. The heart, the commandment of the Lord East.
53:35 Pure enlightening. The eyes. The fear of the Lord is clean
53:39 enduring for ever. The judgments of the Lord are true
53:42 and righteous altogether. More to be desired. I day then
53:46 Goldie, a then much Feingold sweeter also in honey and the
53:51 honey comb. Moreover, by them is thy servant warned. And in
53:54 keeping of then there is
53:57 great reward. Yes, friends keeping God's commandment.
54:02 There is great reward.
54:04 But of course, we have to remember that in Romans 3.20,
54:08 therefore, by the Dees of the law, they're showing off.
54:11 Let's be justified in his side for by the law is the knowledge
54:14 of Sen.
54:15 But Jesus also shows is that it is important to keep the
54:18 Commandments will try to get to that. It's on the scan.
54:22 Romans 3.31. Do we then make void the law to faith? God
54:27 forbid, Ye Week establish the law
54:30 Roman 7.10, and the commandment which was to bring life I find
54:35 I found to bring death to why this commandment bring death.
54:39 And it was posted before like because Paul has sent from in
54:43 6.23. For the wages of sine is death, but the gift of God is
54:47 eternal life in Christ. Jesus,
54:49 I have one more scripted. Want to share with you. That's
54:52 psalm 119, 105. Notice thy word is a lamp onto my feet and the
55:00 light on to my path. Wow, that's God's word. You know,
55:05 the 10 Commandments
55:06 are also God's word. They are a lamp on to defeat an ally to
55:11 your path and the Lord Jesus Christ is asking us to keep
55:15 them.
55:16 I go back to someone 91 65 with which we began. Great piece.
55:21 Have those who love your law and nothing causes them to
55:26 stumble. So we encourage you to keep got slaw because you love
55:31 the Lord with all your heart
55:33 and in keeping them, there is great reward. Thanks be to the
55:37 Lord for that.
55:38 >> And then a man we've got just a few minutes for some
55:41 closing thoughts. We'll start with Daniel.
55:43 I like to leave you with some words that you've already
55:46 heard. But we need to hear him again, the Lord rains. And
55:50 that's a statement about God. But it's an invitation to you
55:52 to do what's all 95, 6, 7, says o come, let us worship and bow
55:59 down. Let us meal before the Lord, our God, our maker for he
56:04 is our God and we are the sheep of his pasture and the shape of
56:08 his hands.
56:10 >> 3 men as we look at our God rains, I'm reminded of the
56:14 investigative in the executive judgment. And when we study
56:16 that we discovered that our God is overall that our God is
56:20 sovereign, that our God sees and knows everything and then
56:24 our God loved you. And I so much that he gave chase so that
56:27 we had opportunity to have judgment in our favor and spend
56:32 eternity with him. The man when I think about God's everlasting
56:37 covenant, do you realize that
56:39 from from the garden from before the Carton, God's path
56:44 way to salvation to restoration of her? I just miss has always
56:49 been the right distance by faith
56:52 from the Messiah.
56:54 Those people were in the entrance. They were saved,
56:58 looking forward to Christ were say looking back, but only 2,
57:03 such as keep his covenant and his testimonies. Will you find
57:08 those pass a verse and truth and then?
57:12 >> A perfect God of love gave us a perfect law because he
57:16 loves us and he's far benefits. 19, 7. The law of the Lord is
57:20 perfect. Converting the Sol. The testimony of the Lord is
57:23 sure making Weiss the simple give this deep thought.
57:28 >> A man, a man, some great stuff there. God is our
57:31 creator. He investigates he executes because he's given us
57:35 the Everlasting Covenant in Jesus Christ and his law is
57:38 permanent. It's the standard. And so God wants us to keep
57:42 what he's given us. He wants us to keep that come in and he's
57:44 given us in Jesus Christ because the Lord rains. Well,
57:49 that was a great lesson for this week. We're going to be
57:51 looking forward to our next lesson week. Number 4, which is
57:55 the Lord hears and the Lord delivers will continue to study
57:58 the book of Psalms. And we look forward to our next study
58:01 together until then Cup last year.
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