Three Cosmic Messages: Earth's Final Conflict

Introduction to the Three Angels’ Messages

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00:41 Welcome and thank you for joining us
00:43 for this Bible prophecy series titled
00:46 "Three Cosmic Messages, Earth's Final Conflict."
00:51 As we look around the world today,
00:53 we see uncertainty,
00:55 uncertainty in the economic markets,
00:59 political uncertainty,
01:01 uncertainty with the weather patterns,
01:03 and global warming.
01:05 We look around the world we see pandemics, epidemics,
01:09 natural disasters everywhere.
01:12 And we ask the question, what does the future hold?
01:16 Does God have a message for this generation
01:19 that is tailor-made to prepare it for that
01:23 which is coming upon the world as an overwhelming surprise?
01:26 The good news is, the Book of Revelation reveals
01:30 God's end time message for humanity.
01:33 During this series,
01:35 we will study three cosmic messages,
01:39 messages that speak to us with relevance and meaning
01:43 and purpose today.
01:46 Let's pray as we open the Word of God,
01:48 and we delve right into this first subject
01:52 in this series of Three Cosmic Messages.
01:55 Will you pray with me please?
01:57 Father in heaven, thank You so much
01:59 that You have a message for this generation,
02:02 that the world has not been left in silence,
02:06 to wander around in confusion and darkness.
02:09 Thank You that light from Your Word shines
02:13 and that messages from heaven speak to us of hope,
02:18 insecurity and meaning.
02:20 We thank You for that in Jesus' name, amen.
02:25 This first presentation looks at an introduction
02:29 to the three angels' messages.
02:32 Now that title may be familiar to you
02:34 or it may be a little confusing.
02:37 In the Book of Revelation,
02:39 God gives to us three life changing universal,
02:45 eternal dramatic messages pictured as being carried
02:49 by three angels in mid heaven.
02:52 We call them Three Cosmic Messages.
02:56 These messages deal with an intergalactic struggle.
03:00 They deal with a star wars
03:01 controversy between good and evil.
03:05 They deal with Christ's final message
03:08 for humanity.
03:09 To understand those messages in their fullest sense,
03:13 it's necessary to understand
03:15 the larger context of this controversy
03:19 between good and evil.
03:22 In this first presentation,
03:23 we're going to take a look at Revelation the 12th Chapter,
03:27 which is an introduction to Revelation Chapter 14.
03:31 The theme of this chapter in Revelation 12
03:34 is Jesus wins and Satan loses.
03:38 The Book of Revelation unravels history,
03:43 it breaks Satan's code.
03:46 Will you come with me for a few moments back in time
03:50 to the World War II?
03:53 Hitler's armies were attacking England
03:58 and the Nazi Panzer divisions
04:00 were moving very rapidly across Europe.
04:04 Just 20 miles across the English Channel,
04:07 Hitler was moving very quickly to destroy England.
04:13 The air raids were frequent almost every evening.
04:18 Winston Churchill was plotting
04:21 how to counteract the attacks of Hitler
04:25 in his underground war rooms.
04:27 You can still visit those underground war rooms
04:29 in London today.
04:31 I visited them on numerous occasions.
04:34 And there in those underground war rooms,
04:36 the war strategy was being planned.
04:40 But not too far from that up
04:41 the Thames River at Bletchley Park,
04:44 they were a group of people working
04:46 called the code-breakers.
04:48 Their great desire was to break the German Enigma code.
04:52 Recently, Simon Singh has written a book called
04:55 "The Code Book,"
04:56 the secret history of codes and code breaking.
05:01 In that book, he tells the story
05:03 of the Bletchley Park code-breakers.
05:07 Hitler had 159 million Enigma codes
05:13 that needed to be broken.
05:15 And these code-breakers studied the codes.
05:18 And there was one brilliant code-breaker
05:20 called Alan Turing.
05:22 He was a mathematical genius.
05:25 He was a intelligence officer in crypto intelligence.
05:30 And he began studying those codes,
05:32 began trying to figure out,
05:33 "How do I break the German codes?"
05:35 As he did, he came up
05:38 with a method to break the German codes.
05:40 And at times, they were able
05:43 to track the German submarines in very real time.
05:47 Other times they were able to tell the allied forces
05:51 where those German submarines were
05:52 so they could be destroyed
05:54 and where the allied forces boats
05:57 were so they could avoid those attack German submarines.
06:01 The code-breakers were largely responsible
06:05 for helping to shorten the war.
06:09 In fact, Jack Good,
06:11 one of the code-breakers said this.
06:12 "I won't say that
06:13 what Turing did made us win the war,
06:15 but I dare say we might have lost it without him."
06:19 Code-breakers were
06:22 incredibly important in the World War II
06:24 to identify where the submarines were,
06:26 to enable the allied forces to avoid them
06:29 and to destroy those German submarines.
06:32 The Book of Revelation is a code-breaker.
06:35 It breaks the code of Satan. It unmasks his plans.
06:40 And as you and I
06:41 study these prophecies in the Book of Revelation,
06:46 we will discover just
06:48 how Satan's code can be broken.
06:51 The Book of Revelation
06:52 unmasks the plans of the evil one,
06:55 it reveals the plans of God.
06:58 Revelation Chapter 12 outlines this great conflict,
07:01 this great cosmic controversy,
07:03 this intergalactic struggle between good and evil.
07:09 The theme of Revelation 12 is Jesus wins and Satan loses.
07:13 There are four great episodes
07:14 in the 12th Chapter of the Book of Revelation.
07:16 We're going to look at every one of those episodes.
07:19 And these episodes will prepare us
07:22 to understand the Three Cosmic Messages
07:25 in Revelation, the 14th Chapter.
07:27 In episode number one,
07:29 there's a battle for the throne.
07:30 Come with me.
07:32 Travel with me back over the millenniums of time,
07:36 travel with me to the very throne room of the universe,
07:40 travel with me to the epicenter of this conflict as it began.
07:45 Revelation 12:7-9 says, "And war broke out in heaven."
07:50 Now that's a strange place for war, isn't it?
07:52 War breaks out where? In heaven.
07:54 "Michael and His angels fought against the dragon
07:58 and the dragon and his angels fought
08:00 but they did not prevail," this text goes on,
08:05 "nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer,
08:08 so the great dragon was cast out,
08:10 that serpent of old called the devil and Satan,
08:14 who deceives," now notice the word deceives,
08:17 "the whole world," Satan is a deceiver,
08:19 "he was cast into the earth
08:21 and his angels were cast out with him."
08:24 Every angel had to make a choice.
08:27 The Bible says the dragon and his angels fought
08:31 and Michael and his angels fought.
08:33 So there was a conflict, an intergalactic conflict,
08:37 a star wars battle between the forces of good
08:41 and the forces of evil, between heaven's forces
08:44 and what soon became the forces of the evil one.
08:50 The issue had to be allegiance,
08:52 the issue was, who is worthy to rule.
08:56 This is a star wars controversy
08:59 far beyond anything that you and I could ever imagine.
09:03 Every angel had to make a choice.
09:05 There was no neutrality in that first conflict.
09:10 Some time ago, I read a fascinating story
09:13 that illustrates this idea
09:14 of neutrality in conflict and crisis.
09:17 There was a young college student,
09:18 and this young college student was looking at the want ads
09:22 in the newspaper, and he was studying his iPad
09:25 to try to discover a job for the summer.
09:28 He was going to a Christian college
09:29 and it costs quite a bit of money to go
09:32 and so he needed to offset his costs.
09:35 And so he studied,
09:36 "Where can I work for the summer?"
09:38 He found an ad on the iPad that indicated as he googled it,
09:44 that there was very good pay if he would go up
09:46 and cut timber in the country of Canada.
09:51 Go up, spend the summer in the forests
09:53 and cut the timber there.
09:55 As he was looking at the ads, he saw the hourly wage,
10:01 he saw what he might make for the summer, really,
10:03 was really excited about it.
10:05 So he decided to sign up
10:06 and go up to Canada to cut timber.
10:10 His friends began to counsel with him and they said,
10:13 "Look, if you go there, those rough, tough cursing,
10:19 swearing, drinking foul mouth
10:23 lumberjacks are gonna tear you apart.
10:25 You're a thin young man
10:28 who doesn't have much substance to you
10:31 and they are just gonna break you in half
10:33 once they find out you're a Christian.
10:35 They are going to ridicule you,
10:36 you're gonna have a horrible summer."
10:38 He needed the money. So he went.
10:41 When he came back after the summer,
10:42 his friend said to him,
10:44 "Well, tell us how did you do working
10:46 with those guys all summer?"
10:48 He smiled and he said, "I did great,
10:49 made a lot of money, never had one problem at all."
10:52 "You did great. But why did you do so great?"
10:56 "They never found out that I was a Christian."
11:00 Neutrality. Neutrality.
11:02 "They never found out that I was a Christian."
11:05 In that cosmic battle between good and evil,
11:09 every angel had to make a choice.
11:12 And these Three Cosmic Messages
11:14 that we are going to be studying
11:15 in earth's final conflict in these last days
11:17 of earth's history.
11:19 In these days, every human being
11:24 is gonna have to make a decision.
11:25 There will be no neutrality,
11:27 no middle ground in this conflict
11:29 between good and evil.
11:30 You see, the freedom to choose
11:32 is a fundamental principle of God's government.
11:35 God has created every one of us
11:37 with conscience, with reason, with judgment.
11:40 Every single one of us has that capacity,
11:44 that innate capacity to choose.
11:46 And in earth's final war,
11:49 the entire human race will be brought to that moment
11:53 of destiny, that choice.
11:55 In fact, Revelation ends
11:56 with Revelation 22 with the words,
11:58 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still,
12:00 he that is holy, let him be holy still,
12:02 he that is righteous, let him be righteous still,
12:04 he that is unrighteous, let him be unrighteous still."
12:07 Every human being will have to make that decision.
12:11 Has it gripped you yet?
12:12 Maybe you're a little bit neutral,
12:15 maybe you're on the fence.
12:16 You haven't fully committed to Christ.
12:18 You haven't committed your life to Him.
12:22 But yet, there's that desire
12:24 in your heart to be all out for Christ.
12:29 This is the time to make that decision.
12:32 We are living in a crisis time in earth's history.
12:35 We're living in the final moments
12:37 of earth's history.
12:38 And the freedom to choose,
12:40 God is never going to force you but the freedom to choose
12:42 is a fundamental principle of God's government.
12:46 A 19th century writer
12:50 wrote with spiritual insight in a manuscript that
12:53 she addressed in 1899, and she says this,
12:56 "Christ shows that there can be no such thing
12:59 as neutrality in His service."
13:03 No such thing as what? Neutrality.
13:06 "The soul must not be satisfied
13:08 with anything short of the entire consecration,
13:12 consecration of thought, voice,
13:15 spirit, and every organ of mind and body."
13:18 Christ is appealing to us to be totally committed to Him.
13:24 The statement goes on,
13:25 "It's not enough that the vessel be emptied,
13:27 it must be filled with the grace of Christ."
13:29 Jesus longs to fill you with His grace.
13:32 He longs to fill you with His power.
13:35 He longs to fill you with His Holy Spirit.
13:38 He longs for you to be a powerful witness for Him,
13:42 in a world of darkness shining
13:44 as a light for His eternal kingdom.
13:47 There is no neutrality in earth's final war.
13:51 Notice what the scripture says, Revelation 12:7-8,
13:54 "The dragon," that's the devil, the Bible says,
13:57 the dragon's the devil in Revelation,
13:58 "And His angels fought, but they did not," what?
14:04 "They did not," what?
14:06 "Prevail nor was a place found for them
14:08 in heaven any longer."
14:10 I love the but there, the dragon or the devil
14:15 and His angels fought but,
14:16 but, but, but they did not what?
14:18 They did not prevail in that first battle
14:21 between Christ and Satan.
14:22 Jesus wins and Satan loses.
14:25 Jesus is the Mighty Warrior.
14:28 Jesus is the Conquering General.
14:31 Jesus is the Victorious Lord.
14:34 Jesus is the Triumphant King.
14:37 Jesus has never lost a battle with Satan yet
14:40 and He will not lose a battle
14:42 for your soul either, my friend,
14:44 because He is the Triumphant King.
14:47 When one third of the angels according to Revelation,
14:50 battled against Christ in heaven,
14:53 Jesus stood up and with all His power
14:58 and might cast them out of heaven.
15:02 In episode two, Jesus wins and Satan loses.
15:06 Millenniums pass. Satan plans his next strategy.
15:11 Christ the Messiah is to come to earth.
15:15 Jesus is here to be born
15:18 on earth and Satan plans to destroy the Christ child.
15:22 The Bible says in Revelation 12:4-5,
15:26 "And the dragon stood before the woman
15:29 who was ready to give birth,
15:31 to devour her child as soon as it was born."
15:34 Now who's the dragon everybody?
15:36 Who is that? That's Satan.
15:38 And he's standing before the woman
15:41 who's ready to give birth
15:42 to devour her child as soon as it's born.
15:44 Who is this man child born of the woman?
15:48 None other than Jesus Christ.
15:50 The Bible says, "She bore a male Child
15:53 who was to rule all nations with the rod of iron."
15:56 So Christ was to be born,
15:58 born of a virgin in Bethlehem's manger.
16:02 Prophecy after prophecy
16:04 in the Old Testament reveal the birth of Christ.
16:08 Micah 5:2 reveals His birthplace,
16:12 He'd be born in Bethlehem.
16:14 Isaiah 7:14 reveals that He would be born of a virgin.
16:19 And the Book of Numbers reveals
16:22 that a star would lead the wise men to this Christ
16:25 and to His birth place.
16:27 His birth was predicted ahead of time.
16:30 Isaiah 61 predicts His life ahead of time,
16:33 the ministry of Christ.
16:35 Psalms 22 talks about the death of Christ
16:39 and that He would be crucified and not be stoned.
16:43 The Bible in Zachariah talks about the fact that
16:46 He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver
16:49 by a friend and not an enemy.
16:51 So Christ, this male Child born of the virgin
16:56 was the living Christ,
16:59 the divine Christ Jesus was more than a good man,
17:02 more than an ethical philosopher,
17:03 more than a religious teacher.
17:05 He indeed was the divine Son of God.
17:07 "She bore a male Child
17:08 who eventually would rule all nations
17:10 with the rod of iron."
17:11 Now this is a very interesting expression,
17:14 this expression, the rod of iron.
17:17 In the Bible, a rod is a symbol of dominion or rulership.
17:22 You remember Moses lifted the rod,
17:25 and the Red Sea opened
17:27 and Israel came through that Red Sea,
17:30 probably 20 miles across,
17:33 over 130 feet deep,
17:35 a miracle that God worked as they came through.
17:38 In the Bible, a rod is a symbol of dominion or rulership.
17:41 You remember too, Moses took his rod
17:43 and he threw it down,
17:44 and the snakes of the Egyptians were eaten up by that rod
17:50 that became a snake for Moses, right?
17:51 It's always a symbol of dominion or power.
17:54 Now what about this idea of iron,
17:55 the rod of iron?
17:57 A rod of iron is a symbol of unbreakable, all powerful,
18:01 invincible rulership.
18:03 So when Christ is born of the virgin, although,
18:07 Satan tries to destroy Him,
18:09 and Satan tries to take His life,
18:12 and at every step of Jesus' life,
18:15 Satan tried to destroy Him,
18:17 whether it was at His birth, during His life,
18:21 whether it was in the wilderness
18:23 of temptation on the cross of Calvary,
18:25 but Jesus would rule with a rod of iron.
18:28 Jesus is the unbreakable one.
18:31 Jesus is the all powerful one.
18:33 Jesus is the invincible one.
18:37 This Christ, who came and tabernacled in human flesh,
18:41 this Christ who died on Calvary's cross,
18:44 this Christ who rose from the dead,
18:47 this Christ is your Christ.
18:48 He is my Christ.
18:50 He is the Jesus of the Book of Revelation.
18:53 Jesus faced every single temptation
18:56 we faced and He came off as conqueror.
18:58 The theme of the Book of Revelation
19:00 is Jesus wins and Satan loses.
19:04 Satan failed to destroy Him as a child.
19:06 He failed to defeat Him in His life.
19:08 He failed to demolish Him in His death.
19:11 And because Christ triumphed, we can triumph.
19:14 In the crisis's that are coming upon this world
19:17 that will break upon this world is an overwhelming surprise.
19:20 We are secure in Christ.
19:22 Our life is anchored in Christ.
19:24 Our life is definitely without any possibility
19:31 of our being eternally lost in Christ.
19:34 If we are in Christ,
19:36 all of Satan's attacks cannot in any way destroy us.
19:39 The all powerful risen Christ has defeated Satan.
19:43 In episode number one,
19:46 Satan's cast out of heaven, Jesus wins, Satan loses.
19:49 In episode number two,
19:52 Satan tries to destroy Jesus as a child but again,
19:55 Jesus wins, Satan loses.
20:00 In Revelation 12:10,
20:02 "Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,"
20:04 what kind of a voice? A loud voice.
20:05 Why a loud voice?
20:07 Because God wants you to hear it.
20:08 "I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, 'Now salvation
20:11 and strength, and the kingdom of our God,
20:13 and the power of His Christ have come."
20:15 When Jesus is born, what comes?
20:17 Notice these things that come, four things,
20:20 salvation comes in Christ,
20:22 strength comes in Christ,
20:25 the kingdom of God comes in Christ,
20:28 and power comes in Christ.
20:30 So when Jesus is born, you and I have salvation,
20:35 you and I have strength,
20:37 you and I have the kingdom of God has come in Christ.
20:41 We live within the glory of that kingdom of grace,
20:44 and the power of Christ has come.
20:46 The dying Christ declares us righteous through His blood.
20:50 And the living Christ makes us
20:51 righteous through His intercession.
20:53 When Christ dies for us, salvation is ours.
20:58 It's a gift.
20:59 Grace is ours, pardon is ours, mercy is ours when Christ dies.
21:04 But Jesus is not only the dying lamb,
21:07 Jesus is the living priest.
21:09 And this Christ that is alive,
21:11 this Jesus that is alive gives to us strength
21:14 and grace and power.
21:16 Notice what the Bible says in Revelation 12:11,
21:20 about our victory in Christ.
21:23 "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
21:27 and the word of their testimony."
21:29 Now there are three things about this particular passage
21:32 we want to look at.
21:33 First they overcame him.
21:34 What does it mean to overcome him?
21:36 The second thing we want to look at the passage is
21:39 by the blood of the Lamb.
21:41 Practically, what does that mean?
21:43 And the third thing we want to look at
21:45 is the word of their testimony.
21:47 The Book of Testimonies was written, this is a book,
21:49 Testimonies is a book that was written
21:53 by Ellen White to the church.
21:56 Testimonies of grace
21:59 and testimonies of encouragement.
22:02 She wrote to a young man
22:05 who had married a woman who was very sick.
22:08 And she wrote to this young man
22:11 and said to him,
22:15 "You have become extremely depressed."
22:18 And this what she wrote, "Your life is now miserable,
22:22 full of evil forebodings.
22:24 Gloomy pictures loom up before you.
22:26 Dark unbelief has enclosed you.
22:29 Yet no one can help you as well as yourself.
22:32 If you want faith, talk faith,
22:35 talk hopefully, talk cheerfully."
22:38 Now remember what our text said in Revelation 12:11,
22:40 "They overcame him," what?
22:42 "By the blood of the Lamb and by," what else?
22:44 "The word of their," what? "Testimony."
22:47 So here, Ellen White,
22:49 this woman of great spiritual insight,
22:52 counsels this young man and counsels this young woman.
22:56 She says, if you want faith, what do you do?
22:58 You talk faith.
22:59 If you want faith, what do you do?
23:01 You talk hopefully and talk cheerfully.
23:03 In other words, knowing that Christ
23:05 has triumphed over the powers of hell,
23:07 knowing that Jesus has overcome the principalities
23:12 and powers of darkness,
23:13 we live in the victory of Christ.
23:16 We live in that victory,
23:19 because He has sustained it for us.
23:21 So no matter how we feel, we may feel discouraged,
23:24 we may feel disappointed, we may feel weak,
23:27 but we do not cry out in our weakness.
23:30 We cry out in faith, grasping by faith,
23:33 the living reality of Christ,
23:35 living in the crisis of this earth's history,
23:39 living in the closing hours of earth's history.
23:42 Darkness will surround us,
23:44 that situation in the world will become dire.
23:47 There'll be economic collapse.
23:49 There'll be pandemics that sweep across our world.
23:52 There will be political disasters.
23:55 There will be war and famine and pestilence.
23:58 And if we look at those things,
24:00 we will be overwhelmed and depressed,
24:02 but looking beyond what is to what we'll be,
24:05 looking beyond what is He who is,
24:08 so we do not look at what is,
24:10 we look at he who is in Jesus Christ.
24:14 The divine Son of God is all powerful.
24:17 He has overcome the evil one.
24:20 Our faith grows
24:22 as we accept Christ victory as our own.
24:26 Our faith will grow as we accept
24:30 the victory of Jesus Christ in His life, in His death,
24:35 in His resurrection in our behalf,
24:37 so we live in that victory.
24:39 Revelation 12:10 says,
24:41 "Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven."
24:43 Now remember the text we've read it,
24:45 but we're unpacking it.
24:47 "Now salvation and strength, and the kingdom of our God,
24:51 and the power of His Christ has come."
24:53 Salvation, strength, the kingdom of God,
24:55 the power of His Christ has come.
24:56 Why?
24:57 "For the accuser of our brethren,"
24:59 that's Satan, "who accused them day and night
25:01 before our God has been cast out."
25:05 So Satan defeated, cast out of heaven.
25:08 Satan was defeated in heaven.
25:09 He was defeated at the cross.
25:11 But there is still this battle that wages on earth.
25:15 There's the battle for your mind.
25:17 There's the battle for your heart.
25:19 There's the battle for your soul.
25:20 It's still wages here.
25:23 Remember what our text said?
25:26 Ephesians 6:16, says,
25:28 "We wrestle not against flesh and blood
25:30 but against principalities and powers in heavenly places."
25:33 In this cosmic struggle between good and evil
25:37 in earth's final conflict,
25:40 we are in the midst of a battle,
25:43 and Satan is not going to give up easy
25:45 if you're going through a struggle right now,
25:48 if you're going through a crisis
25:50 in your life right now,
25:51 if you're going through a battle right now,
25:54 if the forces of hell seem to be
25:57 overwhelming you right now.
26:00 We are in the middle of a cosmic conflict.
26:03 But the same Jesus that cast Satan out of heaven,
26:07 the same Jesus that defeated Satan in His life
26:10 and death and resurrection,
26:12 that all powerful Christ
26:15 as you reach out to grasp Him by faith,
26:18 as you open your heart to His love,
26:21 and you're washed by His love and grace,
26:24 Jesus will sustain you,
26:26 Jesus will deliver you,
26:28 Jesus will enable you to have the shackles
26:31 that bind you severed.
26:34 The Bible says, "They overcame him
26:37 by the blood of the lamb,
26:39 by the word of their testimony.
26:40 They lived out their lives to death."
26:42 Now we looked at that phrase,
26:43 the word of their testimony,
26:44 we speak out the victory in Christ,
26:47 whether we feel that victory or not.
26:49 But what does it mean,
26:50 they overcame him by the blood of the lamb?
26:53 Now notice it says, "They overcame him."
26:55 They were not overcome, they overcame him.
26:57 Victory is ours.
26:59 They are not overcome, they overcame.
27:02 They are not defeated, they are what?
27:04 Victorious.
27:06 They are not conquered, they are what?
27:08 Conquerors.
27:09 They did not lose the battle, they do what?
27:12 They win the battle.
27:15 Now the word overcome
27:17 is a very, very fascinating word.
27:21 It's called nikao, and that's the Greek word.
27:25 You know, the Old Testament was written in Hebrew.
27:28 The New Testament was written in Greek.
27:31 And the word nikao means to conquer, to prevail,
27:36 to triumph, to come through victoriously.
27:40 So the word overcome in the Greek language
27:43 is a very strong word.
27:45 It's not a weak word.
27:47 It has to do with conquest. It has to do with victory.
27:50 And when the Bible says they overcame him,
27:52 that's not, oh, they, they, they,
27:54 they overcame him, it's they overcame him.
27:58 It's a very strong word.
28:00 That indicates that victory is certain for the one
28:05 who is in Christ, whose faith is in Christ,
28:08 the one who has the grace
28:11 and power of Christ living in their lives.
28:14 Now throughout the Book of Revelation,
28:18 this expression the Lamb of God is used frequently.
28:23 Notice the Bible says,
28:24 "They overcame him by the blood of the lamb
28:27 and the word of their testimony
28:29 and they love not their lives to death."
28:31 The expression the Lamb of God
28:33 is used throughout the Book of Revelation.
28:34 In fact, it's used 28 times in the Book of Revelation.
28:39 Now numbers in the Book of Revelation
28:41 are very interesting, and they are code words for us.
28:47 In the Book of Revelation four represents universality.
28:52 The four winds of the compass, it has to do with completeness
28:56 or universality, every direction of the compass,
29:00 every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, that's four.
29:03 In the Book of Revelation seven indicates perfection.
29:06 You have the seven churches,
29:08 the seven seals, the seven trumpets,
29:10 the seven Spirits of God, seventh-day Sabbath,
29:13 all of that in Revelation.
29:16 Four times seven is 28.
29:18 So in the Book of Revelation,
29:19 what you have is that Christ
29:21 is the universal Savior as the Lamb of God,
29:25 and He is the perfect Savior,
29:27 because He provides the perfect sacrifice
29:30 for the sins of humanity,
29:31 and He has perfectly overcome the powers of hell.
29:36 Now we're going to look at one of those Bible passages,
29:38 of those 28 in the Book of Revelation
29:40 that talk about Jesus as the Lamb of God.
29:43 In Revelation 5:6, it says, "And I looked, and behold,
29:47 in the midst of the throne
29:49 and of the four living creatures,
29:51 stood a lamb as it had been slain."
29:54 Now that's a very strange place for a slain lamb to be.
29:59 You look up into heaven,
30:01 and there you see this lamb that has been slain,
30:04 and all of heaven is worshipping there.
30:09 "Having seven horns and seven eyes..."
30:11 Now in the Bible horns are a symbol of power.
30:13 Seven horns a perfect power.
30:15 Eyes are a symbol of wisdom.
30:17 And so you have the Christ.
30:20 They are this slain lamb in heaven,
30:22 who is perfectly wise
30:24 in implementing the point of our salvation,
30:26 through His life and death on the cross
30:28 and through His high priestly ministry,
30:30 and who has all power to overcome Satan.
30:32 And the seven spirits, the seven spirits have to do
30:35 with the complete ministry of the Holy Spirit,
30:37 to bring the power of Christ
30:39 and the wisdom of Christ into our life.
30:41 So here you have the Lamb of God,
30:43 before the very throne of God, this slain lamb.
30:47 Now when John looks up
30:48 and sees this slain lamb in heaven,
30:51 he sees a scroll that's opened,
30:53 and that's the scroll of course of judgment.
30:55 And as he sees that, he asked,
30:57 "Who is worthy to open the scroll?"
31:00 And John sees nobody worthy to open that scroll.
31:03 And he begins to weep because
31:05 he knows that if no one can open the scroll,
31:08 then the entire universe is lost,
31:12 the entire planet earth is lost.
31:15 And then he sees the lamb step forth,
31:17 Jesus Christ.
31:18 Now you remember what John said,
31:20 when Jesus came for His baptism in John 1:29,
31:24 and he said, "Behold," that is look at,
31:26 "the Lamb of God that takes away
31:28 the sins of the world."
31:29 The original language for takes away is bears away
31:32 the sins of the world.
31:33 So Jesus takes away our sin, He takes away our guilt,
31:37 He takes away our shame,
31:38 He takes away our condemnation,
31:40 He takes away the grip of sin upon our life.
31:44 William Barclay,
31:45 a great Bible commentator puts it this way.
31:48 "The forgiveness which is in the cross
31:51 has left Satan the accuser,
31:53 no possible accusation to make."
31:57 Satan the accuser has
31:58 no possible accusation anymore, why?
32:01 Because of the blood of the lamb.
32:03 "They overcame him,"
32:05 Revelation 12:11, second episode,
32:06 "They overcame him," by what?
32:08 By what? "By the blood of the Lamb."
32:10 What does that mean?
32:11 It means in the death of Christ and Calvary's cross,
32:15 the principalities and powers of hell
32:17 were cast down.
32:18 Satan was defeated.
32:19 Forgiveness is ours, freedom from guilt is ours.
32:22 There is no condemnation, Romans 8:1,
32:25 to those that are in Christ Jesus.
32:26 I love the way Charles Wesley puts it.
32:28 "Arise, my soul, arise!
32:30 Shake off thy guilty fears,
32:33 the bleeding Sacrifice in my behalf appears.
32:36 Before thy throne, my surety stands,
32:39 my name is written on His hands."
32:43 You and I have a Christ that died for us.
32:45 We have a Christ that lived for us.
32:46 We have a Jesus that's in heaven for us.
32:48 "Arise, my soul, arise!
32:50 Shake off thy guilty fears,
32:52 the bleeding sacrifice in my behalf appears."
32:55 If you've come to Christ
32:56 and accepted His sacrifice on the cross
32:59 and are His child, your place in heaven
33:02 has already been assured through His victory.
33:04 You have a passport to heaven
33:07 through the blood of Jesus Christ.
33:09 Ephesians 2:6, says, "God raised us up with Christ
33:14 and seated us with Him
33:15 in heavenly realms in Christ Jesus."
33:17 Right now, we dwell on earth,
33:20 with these paltry bodies
33:23 that are so subject to disease and sickness.
33:26 We dwell on earth with all of its conflict
33:28 and uncertainty, but by faith,
33:30 we dwell in the heavenly realms with Christ.
33:33 And we are as really there today
33:35 by faith as if we live there,
33:38 because Jesus has guaranteed our place there.
33:44 You know, some time ago, I was travelling
33:47 from one of the Middle Eastern countries
33:49 and because I travel internationally a lot.
33:51 I typically have two passports, two American passports,
33:54 but one of my passports had run out
33:57 and I had forgotten that I had an Israeli stamp
34:00 in one of my passports
34:02 and that was a passport I was using.
34:03 So I was leaving this particular
34:04 Middle Eastern country
34:06 that has no diplomatic relationship
34:08 with Israel at all.
34:10 And if you have an Israeli passport leaving that country,
34:14 it's really problematic,
34:15 and they will detain you, they'll keep you.
34:18 So I was leaving this country and came to passport control.
34:22 And the security officer took my passport
34:26 began looking through it.
34:28 And he said, "Israel stamp."
34:30 I didn't say anything. "Israel stamp!"
34:33 And I could see he was not a friendly,
34:35 friendly guy at all.
34:38 I said, "Oh, yes, it is an Israeli stamp."
34:39 "Now wait here."
34:41 And so he walked back
34:42 and talked to some more security people,
34:43 came back, again, "Israel stamp."
34:46 "Yes, it is I travel internationally.
34:49 And I travelled to many Middle Eastern countries."
34:50 I began listing off
34:52 all the Middle Eastern countries
34:53 that I travelled to, you know, Turkey, Jordan,
34:55 you know, Egypt, et cetera.
34:57 And he said, "Israeli stamp!" I said, "Yes."
34:59 Then he went to the police
35:00 and my heart was beating a little faster.
35:02 You see, you're a pastor, you should have faith.
35:03 Yeah, I had faith but I still had a heart too.
35:05 And so I just prayed, "Lord, please, please."
35:09 And he came back and I said,
35:10 "Well, here I go to the police."
35:12 He just gave me my passport back and he said,
35:14 "You go now!"
35:15 And I tell you,
35:17 he didn't have to tell me twice.
35:18 I took off.
35:19 You know, and so,
35:21 but when I had the wrong stamp on my passport,
35:22 now, I had a quite different experience.
35:24 When I came back to the United States,
35:27 I handed my American passport
35:30 to the passport control security officer.
35:33 He took my passport,
35:34 he smiled and said, "Welcome home."
35:35 What was the difference?
35:37 I was a citizen of the United States.
35:40 I had a passport to enter.
35:43 Through Jesus Christ and His blood,
35:45 you have a passport for eternity.
35:47 And Jesus says to you, "Welcome home, My child."
35:51 You belong here in Christ
35:53 and by Christ, and through Christ,
35:55 and because of Christ, you belong here.
35:58 We're no longer foreigners or aliens,
36:02 but we are citizens of the kingdom through Christ.
36:05 Satan's charge against God
36:07 in heaven was that God was a dictator,
36:09 a tyrant who did not have
36:11 the best interest of His creatures in view.
36:15 But in the cross of Calvary,
36:17 in the life and death and resurrection of Christ,
36:20 Satan's charges have been answered.
36:23 We have a Savior who has provided for us
36:28 an open door into heaven.
36:31 On the cross, love triumphs over hate, righteousness
36:35 triumphs over unrighteousness, goodness triumphs over evil.
36:41 Napoleon once said this
36:43 to his soldiers, "Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne,
36:47 and myself founded great empires,
36:50 but upon what did the creations of our genius depend?
36:54 Upon force.
36:55 Jesus alone founded His empire upon love,
37:00 and to this very day, millions would die for Him."
37:04 There is a kingdom that's out of this world,
37:07 founded on the grace of Christ and the love of Christ.
37:10 And the Book of Revelation invites you into that kingdom
37:14 to experience that grace, to experience that love.
37:17 And Jesus says to you and to me today, Matthew 28:20,
37:22 "Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world."
37:25 Christ walks with us through the darkness of this world,
37:29 in the cosmic conflict, in earth's final conflict
37:34 Three Cosmic Messages speak to our hearts.
37:37 They say to us that Christ is with us.
37:40 Christ is revealing Himself to us
37:42 in His love and grace, and goodness and mercy.
37:45 Episode number one, there's a battle in heaven.
37:49 Satan is cast out of heaven.
37:51 He does not prevail.
37:52 Episode number two,
37:53 Satan focuses attention upon Christ on earth
37:58 and he tries to destroy Jesus.
38:01 And in that second episode, Jesus wins and Satan loses.
38:04 Christ dies, but He's resurrected.
38:05 He lives in heaven for us.
38:07 Episode number three,
38:08 Satan attacks God's people in the Middle Ages.
38:11 Centuries pass, and there in the Middle Ages
38:15 there is this long period known as the period of darkness.
38:20 Revelation 12:6,
38:22 the Bible says, "Then the woman,"
38:25 who's the woman in Bible prophecy?
38:27 It's the church.
38:28 "Fled into the wilderness,
38:31 where she has a place prepared by God,
38:33 that they should feed her there
38:36 one thousand two hundred and sixty days."
38:39 Now the thing that I want you to notice here is this,
38:43 that for every attack of Satan,
38:46 there is a place prepared by God.
38:51 For every time Satan attacks you,
38:53 every time Satan tries to destroy your life,
38:56 God has prepared a place of refuge for you.
38:58 God has prepared a place of security for you.
39:01 Jesus has already defeated Satan.
39:05 The theme of Revelation 12,
39:07 in the entire Book of Revelation,
39:09 Jesus wins, Satan loses.
39:12 Back to our text, "The woman,"
39:13 the church, "flees into the wilderness,
39:15 where she has a place prepared by God
39:16 that they should feed her
39:17 there one thousand two hundred and sixty days."
39:21 In verse 13, it says, of Revelation 12,
39:23 "Now when the dragon saw that
39:25 he had been cast to the earth,
39:26 he persecuted the woman," so who is the woman?
39:29 The church.
39:30 "Who gave birth to the male child..."
39:32 Who's the male child? Jesus.
39:33 And so Satan tried to destroy Christ in heaven.
39:36 He was cast out.
39:38 Tried to destroy Christ
39:39 when He was born, could not accomplish that.
39:41 But the woman, that is the church, eventually,
39:43 "was given two wings of a great eagle,
39:45 that she might fly
39:47 into the wilderness to her place
39:48 where she's nourished for a time,
39:50 times and a half a time from the face of the serpent."
39:53 The sixth verse talks about the 1,260 years,
39:55 this talks about a time,
39:57 times and half the time, they're both the same period.
39:59 But now notice what happens
40:01 to the church in the wilderness.
40:02 She is what?
40:03 Nourished every time the devil tries to attack you,
40:06 every time the devil tries to destroy you,
40:09 every time you walk through your wilderness of darkness,
40:12 God has prepared a place for you.
40:14 But not only has He prepared
40:16 a place of security and assurance,
40:17 He's going to nourish you there.
40:19 You are going to grow spiritually in your darkness.
40:21 You may be going through
40:22 the trauma of a divorce right now.
40:25 You may feel lonely, defeated, and discouraged.
40:29 You may have lost a job
40:31 and you're facing an economic challenge in your life.
40:35 You may be going through a very hard time
40:37 where you've struggled with habits
40:39 and you feel discouraged by that.
40:42 The Christ of Revelation speaks to you right now.
40:46 Whoever you are, wherever you are,
40:49 Jesus is saying to you, in the wilderness of your life,
40:53 in the darkness of your life, I'm going to nourish your soul.
40:56 I have never lost a battle with Satan before
40:59 and I'm not going to lose the battle in your life.
41:01 Now notice what about this, 1,260 years?
41:03 The Bible prophecy often uses code languages.
41:07 And just like those code-breakers in Bletchley Park
41:10 with Alan Turing,
41:11 who had to break the code of the German Enigma codes,
41:15 so God uses code language in the Book of Revelation.
41:18 He talks about beasts
41:19 or kingdoms that rise up out of the sea.
41:21 And we'll be studying those in this series.
41:25 That's why you don't want to miss
41:26 one of these presentations.
41:28 But here, and he talks about this 1,260 days,
41:32 he's using code language again, a prophetic period.
41:36 Now some scholars,
41:38 even non-Christian scholars
41:40 talk about a period of the Dark Ages.
41:42 And here in this 1,260 day period,
41:47 there's code language.
41:48 What are these literal days?
41:50 What does the Bible say?
41:51 Numbers 14:3, says,
41:53 "According to the number of days
41:55 in which you spied out the land,
41:57 forty days, for each day
41:59 you shall bear your guilt one year,
42:01 namely forty years."
42:02 You remember the story, Israel spied out the land.
42:05 They spied it out for 40 days.
42:10 And God predicted they would wander
42:12 the wilderness for 40 years.
42:15 It's in the Bible we call this the day-year principle.
42:19 In other words, one prophetic day
42:20 equals one literal year.
42:22 Now every time in the Bible,
42:24 the Bible used the word day that does not mean year.
42:28 A day is a day in the Bible.
42:30 But when you see
42:31 the prophetic symbolism of beasts,
42:32 when you have symbolic chapter,
42:35 that day-year principle applies.
42:37 Ezekiel 4:6, again, you have that same principle.
42:40 "I've laid on you a day for a," what?
42:42 "A year."
42:43 So throughout the Book of Revelation
42:44 and the Book of Daniel,
42:46 we have great empires that rise Babylon, Medo-Persia,
42:49 Greece, and Rome.
42:50 Some of you have studied that before.
42:51 We have the divisions of the Roman Empire.
42:53 Then we have this long period known as the Dark Ages.
42:56 That period of Dark Ages began
42:58 when the Roman Church and State united,
43:01 the Roman Church had driven out
43:04 the last of the barbarian tribes defeated them,
43:07 the Ostrogoths, from Rome at the time.
43:10 And most scholars look at this 1,260 prophetic days or years
43:15 as beginning in 538 AD.
43:18 That would take us to 1798.
43:21 What indeed would happen at that period of time?
43:24 You know, during that Dark Ages,
43:25 the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 4:8-9,
43:28 "We are hard pressed on every side
43:30 but we're not crushed,
43:31 we are perplexed, but not in despair,
43:34 we are persecuted, not forsaken,
43:35 was struck down but not destroyed."
43:38 During those 1,260 years, church and state had united.
43:41 And when church and state united
43:43 during that period of time,
43:44 God's people were persecuted, they were oppressed.
43:48 The mighty power of the church
43:50 persecuted those that did not go along.
43:52 But as the Bible says, they were hard pressed.
43:55 God's people were hard pressed but they were not crushed.
43:57 They were perplexed, but they were not in despair.
44:00 They were persecuted, but not forsaken.
44:01 They're struck down, but not destroyed.
44:03 God preserved His people during that period of time.
44:06 At the end of that 1,260 years,
44:08 Napoleon sent his General Berthier to south.
44:12 They captured the Pope of Rome Pius VI on November 20, 1798,
44:17 and he died in captivity.
44:19 During that long period of persecution,
44:23 what happened?
44:24 God's people were victorious!
44:27 The light of truth was not totally snuffed out.
44:31 Four episodes in Revelation Chapter 12
44:33 that sets the tone
44:34 for these Three Cosmic Messages.
44:36 Episode number one, Christ win, Satan loses.
44:39 Evil angels are cast out of heaven.
44:41 They do not prevail.
44:42 Episode number two, Jesus comes,
44:44 He's born as a babe in Bethlehem's manger.
44:47 Satan focuses the forces of hell
44:49 and tries to destroy Him.
44:51 Jesus wins, Satan loses. Christ dies.
44:55 Salvation is yours, it's mine.
44:57 The kingdom of God has come.
45:00 Jesus is resurrected from the dead.
45:04 He lives as our great high priest.
45:07 In that episode number one, Jesus win, Satan loses.
45:09 Episode number three,
45:11 long period of darkness, church, state unite,
45:13 people of God persecuted,
45:15 but the light of truth is not snuffed out.
45:18 God's people are not ultimately completely destroyed.
45:22 They win in this period of darkness.
45:25 Throughout the Middle Ages
45:27 God has always been with His people.
45:30 He's never left them.
45:31 But we come now,
45:33 and notice this wonderful statement in a book
45:35 on the life of Christ
45:37 called Desire of Ages, page 679,
45:39 "Christ rejoiced that
45:40 He could do more for His followers
45:42 than they could ask or think.
45:43 He spoke with assurance, knowing that an almighty decree
45:47 had been given before the world was made.
45:49 He knew that truth,
45:51 armed with the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit,
45:53 would conquer in the contest with evil.
45:55 And that the bloodstained banner
45:58 would wave triumphantly over His followers.
46:01 He knew that the life of His trusting disciples
46:04 would be like His,
46:06 a series of uninterrupted victories,
46:08 not seen to be such here,
46:10 but recognized as such in the great hereafter."
46:13 A series of what?
46:15 Uninterrupted victories.
46:19 Your life can be one of victory.
46:21 You are on the winning side.
46:24 Episode number four,
46:25 Satan is going to viciously attack God's last day people
46:29 and that's what this series is going to focus on,
46:31 particularly in the three angels' messages.
46:33 But we've studied it historically.
46:35 In this presentation,
46:37 Satan's gonna viciously attack the remnant,
46:39 but Jesus is going to win, Satan's going to lose.
46:41 Look, Revelation 12:17,
46:43 "The dragon was enraged with a woman,"
46:45 what's enrage mean?
46:47 Angry. Who's the dragon?
46:48 Satan. "And he goes to make war."
46:50 Satan made war in heaven,
46:51 he's made war down through the centuries,
46:53 and he will make war with God's last day people.
46:56 He'll make war with God's remnant church.
46:59 "He went to make war with the rest of her offspring,
47:02 who keep the commandments of God
47:05 and have the testimony of Jesus."
47:07 In the last days of earth's history,
47:09 God will have a people, a divine movement of destiny,
47:13 a people that are committed to Christ,
47:15 a people that are sold out to Christ,
47:17 people that love Christ more than anything else,
47:20 and they because of their love will respond
47:23 obediently and keep His commandments.
47:25 The question in the great controversy
47:28 between good and evil is who has our loyalty?
47:33 Who is your loyalty right now?
47:36 Are you totally sold out to Christ?
47:39 Are you on the winning side?
47:42 Down through the ages,
47:43 Jesus has never lost a battle with Satan.
47:46 He's not going to lose the battle
47:47 in the final conflict.
47:48 You and I can be on the winning side.
47:52 Although we might find oppression, persecution,
47:56 difficulty, challenges, Christ will never leave us.
48:00 Christ will never forsake us.
48:01 I think of the story of Dan Crawford.
48:03 He was called by the Africans,
48:05 Konga Vantu, means, the gather of the people.
48:08 He was one of the followers
48:12 or protegees of David Livingston.
48:15 Born in December 7, 1870, he died in June 23, 1926.
48:20 Dan Crawford was a mighty witness for Christ.
48:24 He travelled to the ends of the earth,
48:26 went into the jungles and primitive areas
48:29 in Africa and shared Jesus.
48:32 On one occasion he was sleeping and as he yawned,
48:35 he hit a table, terrible gash in his arm.
48:39 He wrote about it this way in his diary.
48:42 "This week I suffer under a grave disability.
48:44 My left arm is poisoned.
48:46 This poising is knifing me very hard.
48:49 So we are in God's hand, and all this well.
48:52 It is harrowing and might have been avoided,
48:54 only I was sleeping
48:56 in my little den in a deep sleep.
48:57 This made me forget the iodine,
49:00 which is the panacea of my life.
49:03 To say that it is harrowing is only to remind you
49:07 that it is the harrow that produces
49:09 the smiling lands of corn, and this explains that,
49:13 'we glory in tribulation,' verse, but do we?
49:17 Goodbye dear friends.
49:19 We will meet at the appearing in excellent glory.'"
49:25 Dan Crawford died there in Africa.
49:28 His body is buried not far from Lake Mweru.
49:34 It is there in the Democratic Congo,
49:37 buried with other missionaries.
49:40 And as he died, he wrote something just
49:44 before his death in the flyleaf of his Bible.
49:48 I have written it in the flyleaf of my Bible.
49:51 It shows that we may go through challenges,
49:54 we may go through difficulties,
49:56 we may go through heartaches,
49:58 but we are on the winning side.
50:01 Notice what he wrote, "I cannot do it alone.
50:05 The waves dash fast and high.
50:08 The fog and mist set in. The light goes out in the sky.
50:13 But I know in the end,
50:15 we too shall win, Jesus and I.
50:20 A coward, wayward and weak,
50:24 I change with the changing sky.
50:27 Today I'm so strong and brave,
50:30 but tomorrow, I'm too weak to try.
50:34 But he never gives up,
50:36 and in the end,
50:38 we too shall win, Jesus and I."
50:44 Jesus reaches out to you right now.
50:50 The Book of Revelation invite you
50:54 to come to the Lamb of God,
50:57 to let Him wash you with His grace,
51:00 to let Him fill you with His love,
51:04 to let Him change you by His spirit.
51:07 He has never lost a battle with the evil one yet.
51:12 Will you reach out right now as Charles sings,
51:15 Precious Lord, take my hand.
51:18 Lead me on and help me stand through the dark
51:23 and through the night.
51:25 Lead me on to the light.
51:27 Listen as Charles comes to sing.
51:40 Precious Lord
51:45 Take my hand
51:48 Lead me on
51:53 Help me stand
51:57 I am tired
52:00 And I'm weak
52:04 I'm lone
52:10 Through the storm
52:15 Through the night
52:19 Lead me on
52:22 To your light
52:26 Take my hand,
52:29 Precious Lord
52:35 Lead me home
52:44 When my way
52:48 Grows drear
52:52 Precious Lord,
52:55 Just linger near
52:59 When my light
53:03 Is almost gone
53:13 Hear my cry
53:17 Hear my call
53:21 Hold my hand lest
53:26 I fall
53:29 Take my hand,
53:32 Precious Lord
53:37 Lead me home
53:43 Take my hand,
53:47 Precious Lord
53:51 Lead
54:00 Me home
54:11 This world is headed for a tremendous crisis,
54:16 a crisis of epidemic proportions that you
54:21 and I can hardly realize.
54:24 Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.
54:28 The institutions that we have once had confidence
54:32 in will crumble.
54:34 Before the coming of Jesus, there is only one thing
54:38 that will get you through.
54:40 And that is trust and confidence in Him.
54:44 And not only will we go through
54:46 a crisis at the time of the end,
54:48 but many of us are facing crisis today,
54:52 crisis's that we ourselves
54:54 are incapable of handling.
54:58 Right now, Jesus says to you,
55:00 "My child, I have never lost
55:03 a battle with Satan yet.
55:07 I've never lost one conflict with the evil one.
55:12 And I'm with you.
55:14 I will never leave you.
55:16 I'll never forsake you.
55:18 I am there for you."
55:21 Will you right now reach out to Him?
55:25 Will you right now open your heart to Him?
55:29 Will you say Jesus, "I am yours"?
55:34 I don't want to play games.
55:35 Every angel in heaven had to make a choice.
55:38 In the days of Jesus,
55:39 men and women had to make a choice.
55:41 In the Middle Ages, they had to make a choice.
55:44 And in the last days of earth's history,
55:47 every human being will be led to that choice.
55:50 As we pray right now, would you like to say,
55:53 "Jesus, I am yours totally,
55:58 completely, absolutely yours?"
56:00 Let's pray.
56:02 Father in heaven,
56:03 thank You so much for the Living Christ.
56:08 Thank You that we are on the winning side.
56:11 Thank You that You defeated Satan in heaven,
56:17 that You defeated Satan on earth in the days of Christ.
56:19 You defeated him in the Middle Ages.
56:21 You defeated him in every age of earth's history,
56:24 Thank You, Jesus
56:26 that You are the victorious Lord
56:28 and be victorious in our lives.
56:29 We give our lives to You now.
56:31 Do for us what we cannot do for ourselves
56:34 and may we through Christ and by Christ
56:36 because of Christ be overcomers,
56:38 in Jesus' name, amen.
56:41 God bless you, my friend.
56:43 I look forward to seeing you next time
56:46 as we probe even more deeply these messages,
56:51 Earth's Final Conflict, Three Cosmic Messages.
56:55 You don't want to miss one of these presentations.
56:58 Next time, we'll go into Revelation,
57:01 the 14th Chapter.
57:02 And there, we'll begin to look at
57:06 the theme of Earth's Final Harvest.
57:10 Stay with us.
57:12 Invite friends to watch this series with you.
57:16 And today, leave with the assurance
57:20 that your hand is in the hand of the Living Christ.
57:24 Amen.


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