Three Cosmic Messages: Earth's Final Conflict

Hope’S Grace-Filled, End-Time Message

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00:40 Welcome back to our series titled "Three Cosmic Messages,
00:45 Earth's Final Conflict."
00:47 In this series we're looking
00:48 at the prophetic Book of Revelation
00:51 unfolding the prophecies of Revelation
00:54 but specifically and distinctly Revelation Chapter 14.
00:58 In Revelation Chapter 14,
01:01 God unfolds His last day message.
01:04 He describes that message symbolically
01:07 as being carried by three angels in mid heaven.
01:11 And it's that message that we are unpacking,
01:14 that message that we're studying.
01:16 Now if you've been with us in previous presentations,
01:20 you've noted that in our first presentation,
01:22 we looked at the great controversy
01:24 between good and evil.
01:25 We studied the fact that down through the ages,
01:29 when Christ has been in conflict
01:30 with Satan,
01:32 Jesus has never lost the battle.
01:34 Jesus wins,
01:35 Satan loses and that's the great theme
01:37 of the Book of Revelation,
01:38 that Christ is predominant,
01:40 that He will be victorious over Satan
01:44 in the last days of earth's history,
01:45 because when you look at Revelation,
01:47 it talks about a mark called the mark of the beast.
01:50 It talks about a time when no man can buy or sell.
01:53 It talks about persecution and a death decree.
01:56 And if you allow those images to grip your mind
02:00 and strangle you, you'll lose your hope.
02:03 So the theme of the Book of Revelation
02:05 really is much more
02:07 than the persecution that's coming.
02:09 It's the triumph of Jesus Christ
02:11 in the last days of earth's history.
02:13 In our last presentation,
02:16 we looked at the idea of harvest
02:18 in the Book of Revelation.
02:20 That there'll be two harvests,
02:22 the harvest of golden grain and a harvest of gory grapes,
02:26 righteousness will be fully manifest,
02:28 unrighteousness will be fully manifest.
02:30 And we look there at the Book of Revelation
02:33 very, very carefully.
02:34 And we noted that in those two harvests,
02:37 there will be two eternal choices
02:40 that every human being on a planet called earth
02:43 will make an eternal choice.
02:45 In this presentation,
02:47 we are going to probe more deeply
02:48 into Revelation 14:6,
02:51 the first of those three cosmic
02:54 or three angels' messages.
02:56 So as we launch right into our topic,
02:58 let's pray.
02:59 Father in Heaven,
03:00 we thank You with all of our hearts
03:02 for the great messages
03:04 that You've given in the Book of Revelation.
03:05 We sense that these messages come from Christ.
03:08 And so as we study them more deeply,
03:10 help us to be able to understand them
03:12 more fully.
03:13 And as we understand them more fully,
03:15 may our lives more fully reflect You,
03:18 change us by Your grace, we pray in Christ's name.
03:22 Amen.
03:23 My topic in this presentation is "Hope's Grace-Filled,
03:28 End-Time Message."
03:31 Have you ever noticed
03:32 how corporations have slogans,
03:35 for example, MasterCard slogan
03:38 is "There are some things money can't buy,
03:41 for everything else there's MasterCard."
03:44 Have you noticed Nike slogan, "Just do it?"
03:48 The Nike symbol, Nike, of course, meaning victory.
03:52 Then there is the slogan of Apple computers,
03:56 "Think different."
03:58 Somebody certainly had to be thinking differently
04:01 when they developed the Apple computer.
04:04 And then you go beyond that to the New York Times,
04:07 "All the news that's fit to print."
04:08 When you read that slogan.
04:11 You, if you know anything about news media in America,
04:14 you immediately think of the New York Times.
04:18 L'Oreal,
04:19 the famous cosmetic group in Paris,
04:23 "Because you're worth it."
04:26 Throughout these various corporations,
04:28 there are slogans, these slogans are catchphrases.
04:31 Entrepreneur Magazine puts it this way.
04:35 "The slogan for these businesses
04:36 is a catchphrase or a small group of words
04:39 that are combined in a special way
04:41 to identify a product or company."
04:44 So you may not need even see the product
04:47 or know the company.
04:49 But when you hear the slogan or the catchphrase,
04:51 immediately you identify
04:53 when you see the little swish of Nike,
04:56 immediately you then identify with that product brand.
05:02 When you read MasterCard and you see their slogan,
05:06 those simple circles with red and yellow or orange,
05:10 you immediately identify with that slogan
05:15 for "Some things money can't buy
05:17 but for everything else there's MasterCard."
05:19 You know, you identify with those slogans.
05:23 Israel had a statement of faith
05:27 that identified Israel.
05:30 It set it apart
05:32 from all of the heathen nations.
05:35 Their statement of faith was found in Deuteronomy 6:4,
05:40 written in Hebrew, but translated into English,
05:43 "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord."
05:48 Children from the earliest ages in the Jewish nation
05:53 were taught by their mothers that expression,
05:56 "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord,"
06:01 mothers rocking their Jewish babies
06:04 that are three months old, six months old.
06:08 As mama was rocking the baby, mama sang to her,
06:12 this is what they called the Shema,
06:14 "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one."
06:18 Now there was an interesting experience
06:20 that occurred during the Second World War.
06:23 Mothers continued during the war
06:26 to teach their children Deuteronomy 6:4,
06:29 they did not want these Jewish children
06:31 to lose their sense of identity.
06:33 And before the children even learned to speak,
06:37 they were taught this phrase.
06:41 During the war, many Jewish parents
06:45 knowing that the holocaust was present,
06:48 knowing they would be transported
06:50 to prison camps and die,
06:53 put their children in orphanages.
06:56 Some of these orphanages
06:57 were run by Catholic priests and nuns.
07:00 The idea of the Jewish parents was,
07:02 this could save our children and after the war,
07:05 they will be reunited either with us
07:08 if we get out of the prison camp alive
07:09 or if we don't with relatives or other Jewish families.
07:13 When the war ended,
07:16 and thousands of Jews came back
07:19 from these terrible, horrific prison camps,
07:24 many of course died, over 6 million died
07:27 in these prison camps,
07:28 one of the greatest crimes against humanity
07:31 in the history of the world.
07:34 When many of them came back they looked for their children,
07:36 couldn't find them.
07:37 On one occasion,
07:39 two rabbis came to a Catholic orphanage,
07:42 and they said to the priest who was at the orphanage,
07:46 "We would like to look for Jewish children here."
07:51 He said, "There are no Jewish children
07:52 here at all.
07:54 You're mistaken.
07:55 There are no Jewish children here."
07:56 The rabbis left,
07:58 the priest wouldn't let them come
07:59 into the orphanage to inquire and discover
08:03 whether there were Jewish children.
08:06 They came back in the evening.
08:08 And they said,
08:09 "Could you just at least
08:11 let us walk through the orphanage one time?
08:14 Can you just let us walk through the nursery,
08:17 the sleeping room?"
08:18 When the priest allowed them to do that,
08:21 the rabbi began to sing the Shema, he began to sing,
08:26 "The Lord our God is one Lord."
08:28 And he began to sing it in Hebrew.
08:30 Children woke up from their cribs,
08:33 they began to say, "Mama, mama, mama,"
08:37 they recognize that Hebrew,
08:40 they recognize that Shema, it identified them as a people.
08:44 And the rabbi said to the priests,
08:46 "That's one of mine. That's one of mine."
08:49 There was nothing the priests could do.
08:50 He had to give those Jewish children
08:52 back to their rightful place in the Jewish community.
08:57 The Shema identified them.
09:00 Is there a Shema?
09:02 Is there a point of identity for God's people today?
09:05 There is. The Book of Revelation.
09:08 The three angels' messages are our Shema.
09:12 They are our rallying point.
09:14 They identify a community of believers
09:18 that God has raised up in the divine drama of destiny
09:22 to prepare a world
09:24 for the second coming of Christ.
09:26 In the book Evangelism,
09:28 page 119, I read this statement.
09:31 "In a special sense Seventh-day Adventists
09:34 have been set in the world as watchmen and light-bearers.
09:38 To them has been entrusted the last warning
09:41 for a perishing world.
09:43 On them is shining wonderful light
09:45 from the Word of God."
09:47 Now you may be a Seventh-day Adventist
09:49 watching this broadcast, watching this DVD,
09:53 and if you are,
09:55 I want to undergird this reality
09:59 that the message of the three angels
10:02 is not simply something
10:03 that is tacked on to Adventist faith,
10:07 but it's the very foundation.
10:09 If you are not a Seventh-day Adventist,
10:11 I invite you to journey with us.
10:13 I invite you to walk with me
10:16 as we go through these messages.
10:19 And there's only one body in the world
10:23 that's preaching the three angels' messages,
10:25 and that's the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
10:27 God raised up
10:28 the Adventist Church miraculously.
10:30 Seventh-day Adventists believe that there's Christians
10:33 in every denomination.
10:35 Adventists believe that there's loving,
10:37 God fearing people in every religious communion.
10:41 But we also believe
10:42 that in the divine drama of destiny,
10:45 in the providence of God, humbly,
10:48 we believe that God has raised up
10:51 a movement to prepare a world for His soon coming,
10:54 and the identification of that movement
10:58 comes in this Revelation 14:6-12.
11:02 These are some of the most significant verses
11:04 in all the Bible,
11:05 and they clearly identify God's last day people today.
11:09 So let's walk through these verses together.
11:11 Let's study them together and discover what they say.
11:15 In this book Evangelism,
11:17 page 119, that statement goes on,
11:19 "They, Adventist,
11:20 have been given a work of the most solemn import,
11:23 the proclamation of the first, second,
11:25 and third angels' messages,
11:26 these three cosmic messages.
11:28 There is no other work of so great importance.
11:31 They are not to allow anything else
11:34 to absorb their attention,
11:36 there is well nothing else to absorb their attention.
11:40 In the blazing light of eternity,
11:42 in this cosmic battle between good and evil,
11:45 Jesus has sent
11:47 a last day message to the world.
11:50 Jesus has sent a message
11:52 in this message of the three angels.
11:56 Revelation is a grace filled book.
11:59 The Book of Revelation is filled
12:02 with the grace and love of Jesus Christ.
12:05 It's filled with the grace of God.
12:07 Revelation 1:1 says,
12:10 "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, "
12:11 whose Revelation is this?
12:13 It's the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
12:15 Where did He get it?
12:16 "Which God gave Him to show His servants things
12:19 which must shortly take place."
12:22 You know, when you read Revelation 1:1,
12:25 here is a divine chain of truth.
12:28 It says this, it says, "Revelation..."
12:33 It is the Revelation of who?
12:35 Jesus Christ.
12:36 Where did He get it? God gave it to Him.
12:38 What did Jesus do when God gave it to Him?
12:41 He sent and signified it according to Revelation 1:1,
12:45 by His angel, to whom?
12:47 To His servant John.
12:48 So God has a message
12:50 for all mankind just at end time.
12:52 He gives it to Jesus.
12:54 Jesus gives it to the angel.
12:56 The angel flies from heaven,
12:57 impresses John who's in the exile in his 90s,
13:00 on the island of Patmos and John writes it down
13:03 and you and I take that in our hands today.
13:06 This precious message from the Book of Revelation
13:09 is not a human message.
13:10 It doesn't come to us merely through human opinion,
13:14 it comes to us directly from the heart of God,
13:17 directly from the throne room of the universe.
13:20 If there is a message
13:21 that comes from the throne room of the universe,
13:23 that message must be critically important.
13:27 That's why we're spending time looking at this message
13:31 from Revelation particularly, Revelation 14:6-12.
13:34 Now notice, when Revelation 1 sets forth,
13:39 the entire tone of the book,
13:41 it sets forth who this Jesus actually is.
13:46 And it says, "He is the one that loved us
13:48 and washed us from our sins in His own blood."
13:51 So Revelation Chapter 1
13:53 sets forth this magnificent Christ.
13:57 It sets forth this grace filled hope filled book
14:00 in the context of God's love,
14:03 in the context of a God that cares for us
14:06 so deeply that He doesn't want one of us to be lost.
14:11 Revelation indeed is a grace filled book.
14:15 There are some people that have said to me
14:17 as I've studied the Bible with them,
14:19 "I'm hesitant to study the Book of Revelation
14:21 because of the fact
14:23 that I only want to study the gospels about Jesus."
14:27 They have forgotten
14:28 that according to Revelation 1:1,
14:30 this is the revelation of Jesus Christ.
14:33 Other people have said "Revelation is a closed book, "
14:36 but the very name means unfolding.
14:39 The very name means revealing.
14:42 So the Book of Revelation is an unfolding
14:45 or revealing of God's love
14:48 in the context of last day events
14:50 at the end of time.
14:52 Revelation 14:6,
14:54 we begin to study in this presentation,
14:57 this message of the three angels,
14:59 this gospel of God's grace.
15:02 "Then I saw," John says, "I saw it."
15:05 What did you see, John?
15:07 "Another angel flying in the middle of heaven
15:09 having the everlasting gospel
15:11 to preach to those who dwell on the earth,
15:14 to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people."
15:18 So John looked up in heaven, and in prophetic vision,
15:23 he saw an angel messenger
15:25 flying in the middle of heaven having the everlasting gospel.
15:29 Another word for everlasting is the eternal gospel.
15:33 So John saw this eternal gospel.
15:36 What is the gospel?
15:37 The gospel is the very foundation stone
15:40 of the three angel's messages.
15:43 If we study the three angel's messages
15:45 and miss the gospel,
15:47 we've missed the very foundation
15:49 of the three angel's messages.
15:51 We've missed the very foundation stone,
15:54 that is the...
15:56 that enables us to stand solidly
15:58 on everything that comes after that.
16:01 The gospel is that very heart, it's the very pulse,
16:06 it's the very foundation stone of the three angel's messages.
16:10 Now we might ask, "What is the gospel?"
16:13 The gospel has to do with the life, the death,
16:17 the resurrection, the intercession,
16:20 the gospel is a big word
16:22 if we can translate it as good news.
16:25 It's the good news of Jesus.
16:27 You know, when the thief hung on the cross,
16:30 he experienced the gospel.
16:33 And you remember when Jesus was dying,
16:35 there were three crosses on the hill that day.
16:38 There was...
16:39 Christ was in the center cross
16:41 and two thieves died on either side of Jesus.
16:44 One thief mocked Christ.
16:48 One thief said, "If you're the Christ,
16:50 come down from the cross."
16:52 But the other thief looked at Jesus
16:54 dying on that cross.
16:57 The other thief heard Christ's words,
16:59 "Father forgive them,
17:01 for they know not what they do."
17:03 That thief was impressed by the Holy Spirit.
17:07 He accepted the fact of his own guilt
17:10 that he had gone astray.
17:12 He accepted the fact of his sinfulness.
17:15 He accepted that in Christ there was forgiveness.
17:19 That Christ's righteousness could atone for his sin.
17:23 That thief that day asked for salvation.
17:27 He said, "Lord,
17:29 remember me when You come into Your kingdom."
17:32 And Jesus said, "I say unto you, today,
17:35 you will be with Me in paradise."
17:37 I say to you this day,
17:39 this day that I'm dying on the cross,
17:42 this day that it doesn't look like I can save anybody.
17:45 This day with the nails through my hands,
17:47 this day with the crown of thorns
17:49 upon my head,
17:51 this day with the blood running down my cheeks
17:54 from the thorns in my brow,
17:57 this day with the blood running down my wrists.
17:59 This day, I say to you,
18:03 you will be with Me in paradise."
18:05 Jesus while He was dying on the cross,
18:08 gave the thief the assurance
18:10 that one day he would live with Him
18:13 forever and ever and ever in the kingdom of God.
18:16 You see, what is grace?
18:19 Grace has to do
18:21 with the righteousness of God manifest in Christ.
18:27 What is grace?
18:28 It is the salvation
18:30 that God freely offers in Christ.
18:34 When Paul defines the gospel,
18:37 he defines it this way in 1 Corinthians 15:1, 3.
18:41 You know, you can look for a lot of human definitions
18:44 where people write books
18:45 on defining what they believe the gospel is.
18:48 But the Apostle Paul makes it very simple.
18:51 And God often makes simple, things that are complex.
18:54 And the Apostle Paul says this.
18:56 "Moreover, brethren,
18:57 I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you,
19:01 which also you received in which you stand."
19:05 Now notice what the text says.
19:08 Paul says, "I declare to you the gospel, "
19:10 so he's going to explain it.
19:11 He says, "He preached the gospel to them.
19:14 They received the gospel.
19:16 They stood in the gospel."
19:18 Well, what was this gospel that he preached?
19:20 What was this gospel that he received?
19:22 "For I delivered to you first, that which I received,
19:26 that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures."
19:30 So what is the gospel?
19:32 It is Christ dying for our sins,
19:35 according to the scripture.
19:36 He continues that he was buried,
19:39 that He rose again the third day,
19:41 and he was seen by Cephas or Peter,
19:43 then by the twelve."
19:44 So what is the gospel?
19:46 It is the perfect life of Christ,
19:48 atoning for our imperfect lives.
19:51 What is the gospel?
19:52 It is the death of Christ,
19:55 burying the guilt and shame of sin
19:56 on Calvary's cross in the place of our death.
20:00 We deserve to die. He gives us the life.
20:03 We deserve to wear a crown of thorns,
20:05 He gives us a crown of glory.
20:06 We deserve to hang on the cross,
20:09 He hangs on the cross and we sit upon a throne.
20:12 We deserve to wear
20:14 the robe of sinfulness and degradation,
20:18 He wears that robe for us
20:19 and gives us a robe of righteousness.
20:21 Christ enters the domain of death,
20:24 dies the second death in our behalf.
20:27 "He who knew no sin," 2 Corinthians 5:21,
20:30 "becomes sin for us.
20:32 Cursed is everyone that hangs upon the tree."
20:34 Galatians 3:13.
20:36 So Jesus takes all the shame.
20:38 He takes all the guilt,
20:40 He takes all the condemnation of sin upon Himself.
20:43 He dies the death we should have died
20:46 so that we can live the life that He should have lived.
20:48 What is the gospel?
20:50 It is more than Christ's death
20:52 because if Jesus died and never resurrected,
20:54 He's just a martyr dying for good cause.
20:57 But Christ goes into the grave,
20:58 He comes out and He's alive, and that's what Paul says.
21:02 Paul says that "Jesus died,
21:05 but Jesus rose again."
21:09 I stood there
21:12 looking at the Mausoleum of Lenin
21:16 at Lenin's tomb in Red Square.
21:18 And I stood there
21:19 thinking that the Russian scientists
21:21 have preserved Lenin,
21:23 and he's in this glass tomb
21:24 and people would come and reverence him,
21:26 they'd stand in long lines during the heyday of communism.
21:29 But Lenin was in his tomb, but thank God,
21:32 Jesus Christ is not in His tomb,
21:34 the tomb of Christ is empty.
21:36 Jesus is alive.
21:37 That's the gospel, and Jesus lives for you and me.
21:40 We can come to Him.
21:42 He gives us His strength and power to live a godly life.
21:46 Jesus delivers us from sin's penalty,
21:49 from the condemnation of sin.
21:51 He delivers us from sin's power,
21:53 and one day finally Jesus will deliver us
21:57 from sin's presence.
21:59 What is the gospel?
22:00 It is Christ delivering us from the penalty of sin,
22:02 its condemnation.
22:03 Christ delivering us from the power of sin,
22:05 the grip of sin,
22:07 and Christ delivering us from the presence of sin.
22:09 What is the gospel?
22:11 It is the life, death, burial,
22:14 resurrection of Christ and the promise
22:17 that the Christ that lived, the Christ that died,
22:19 the Christ that resurrected,
22:20 the Christ that's in heaven for us,
22:22 this Christ will come again and save us.
22:25 The crucified Christ
22:27 redeems us from the condemnation
22:29 and guilt of our past.
22:31 The resurrected Christ gives us power for the present,
22:36 and the returning Christ gives us hope for the future.
22:39 This is the big huge picture of the gospel of Christ
22:43 outlined in the Book of Revelation.
22:47 It is this Jesus who Paul speaks about,
22:50 this Jesus that Paul leads us to give our entire lives to,
22:55 this is the Christ of the Book of Revelation,
22:58 this is the cornerstone,
22:59 the foundation of the entire message
23:02 of the three angels.
23:04 The Apostle Paul
23:06 describes the gospel further this way,
23:07 Romans 3:24-26,
23:10 "Being justified freely by His grace
23:13 through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:
23:17 Whom God has set forth to be a propitiation."
23:21 That is a ransom.
23:22 Now notice, we're justified freely,
23:24 not justified because of what we have done,
23:28 but justified because of what He has done.
23:31 Not justified because of our goodness,
23:33 but justified because of His righteousness.
23:36 Not justified because of the fact
23:41 that we live a perfect life,
23:43 our lives are imperfect and sinful,
23:45 but He is the one that lived the perfect life.
23:47 We are justified
23:48 because we accept His perfect life
23:51 in the place of our imperfection.
23:53 We accept His death in the place of our death.
23:56 We accept His righteousness in the place of our guilt
23:59 and our shame.
24:00 We're justified. What's the next word?
24:02 You got it.
24:03 "Freely by His grace through the redemption
24:05 that is in Christ Jesus and God has set forth,
24:08 He is that propitiation,
24:09 He is the one that paid the ransom price,
24:12 "Through faith in His blood, to declare, "
24:14 whose righteousness, is it ours?
24:16 "To declare His righteousness for the remission of sins
24:19 that are passed through the forbearance of God,
24:23 to declare I say, at this time, His righteousness,
24:26 that He might be just in the justifier of him
24:29 which believes in Jesus."
24:31 When I come to Jesus,
24:33 I have absolutely nothing to give.
24:36 When I come to Jesus, I come with my sinfulness,
24:40 I come with my weakness, I come with my folly.
24:44 But I come, I come, and you can come today.
24:48 You say, "But I'm too much of a sinner."
24:50 That's why you come.
24:52 You say, "But I've fallen in the past."
24:54 That's why you come.
24:55 You say that "I'm not righteous."
24:57 That's why you come. Jesus has come unto me.
25:00 Come unto me all you who are burdened
25:02 and heavy laden,
25:04 and I will give you rest.
25:05 This is the very heart of God's last day message
25:08 for humanity.
25:09 I saw another angel John says,
25:12 flying in the middle of heaven, having the everlasting gospel,
25:16 to preach to those that dwell on the earth,
25:18 to every nation, kindred, tongue and people, the gospel,
25:22 the good news that you can come.
25:25 Come to the cross,
25:26 and let the drops of blood symbolically fall upon you.
25:30 Let that blood cover your sin and cleanse you from sin.
25:34 Knowing that as you reach out to Christ,
25:37 He's already reaching out to you,
25:39 that desire you have to know Jesus,
25:41 that desire you have to be forgiven
25:43 by Christ,
25:44 that desire you have to be free from guilt,
25:47 that desire you have to live the new life,
25:49 that desire has been implanted in your heart by Jesus,
25:52 He is drawing you to Himself.
25:54 Jesus said in John 12:32,
25:56 "And I, if I be lifted up will draw all men to me."
25:59 The cross is drawing you,
26:01 the love of God is indeed drawing you.
26:04 We are justified freely by grace.
26:06 Grace is a declaration of God's righteousness.
26:10 We are not righteous, He is, we receive that.
26:12 Through grace God justifies those who believe in Jesus.
26:16 What does it mean to be justified?
26:18 Simply saying, it means I stand before God,
26:21 clothed in the robe of righteousness,
26:23 surrounded by God's grace, filled by God's love,
26:27 just as if I had never sinned.
26:29 God accepts me, just as He accepts His own son.
26:34 Now that thought is overwhelming.
26:36 In fact, it's a mind boggling thought,
26:40 that when I come to Christ, I am accepted.
26:44 The Bible says in Ephesians 2, "In the beloved."
26:46 I'm accepted in heaven,
26:49 just as Jesus is accepted in heaven.
26:52 You see, is it that simple?
26:54 It is that simple.
26:56 Reach out by faith to His righteousness.
26:59 Reach out by faith to His goodness.
27:03 Romans 5:6-8 says,
27:05 "For when we were still without strength,"
27:07 we were without what?
27:09 Strength.
27:10 "In due time," what's that mean?
27:11 In the right time.
27:13 "Christ died for the ungodly." You and I have been ungodly.
27:16 "For scarcely for a righteous man
27:19 will one die,
27:20 yet perhaps for a good man,
27:22 someone would even dare to die.
27:24 But God demonstrates His own love toward us."
27:27 What does God demonstrate toward us?
27:29 His own what? Love.
27:31 "In that while we were still sinners,
27:33 Christ died for us."
27:35 Here we find that God in love reaches out.
27:39 When Adam and Eve sinned,
27:42 God could have pushed this universe
27:43 to the far reaches of space
27:45 and quarantined it
27:46 and let sin destroy and kill us all.
27:49 When Adam and Eve sinned,
27:50 God could have blotted them out
27:52 like some mosquito and started all over again.
27:55 But God's love was too great for that.
27:58 While we were yet sinners,
27:59 God's love reached out to us to save us,
28:01 and God's love is reaching out to you today, my friend.
28:04 God's grace is unmerited.
28:06 God's grace is undeserved.
28:08 God's grace is unearned, but it is ours in Christ,
28:12 that is the gospel.
28:14 I love the way it's put
28:15 in a book called Desire of Ages,
28:17 one of the most outstanding books
28:18 ever written in the history on the life of Christ.
28:22 It's on page 753, it says,
28:25 "Upon Christ as our substitute and surety
28:28 was laid the iniquity of us all.
28:31 He was counted a transgressor,
28:34 that He might redeem us
28:35 from the condemnation of the law.
28:37 The guilt of every descendant of Adam
28:40 was pressing upon His heart."
28:41 So when Jesus hung on Calvary's cross,
28:45 He was counted a transgressor.
28:48 The judgment bar of God was set up on Calvary's cross,
28:51 and Christ, who had lived a perfect righteous life
28:55 was counted,
28:57 He's adjudged as a sinner.
28:59 That's why in Hebrews 2:8, 9
29:02 says "He tasted death for every man."
29:04 So He experienced the eternal death
29:07 that you and I should have died on the cross that day.
29:12 He could not see Himself coming through the tomb.
29:16 He only saw the darkness of tomb
29:18 because of the guilt of sin.
29:19 This statement goes on,
29:21 "The wrath of God," Desire of Ages, page 753,
29:24 "against sin,
29:25 the terrible manifestation of His displeasure
29:28 because of iniquity,
29:29 filled the soul of His son with consternation.
29:32 All His life
29:34 Christ had been publishing to a fallen world
29:36 the good news of the Father's mercy
29:38 and pardoning love.
29:40 Salvation for the chief of sinners
29:41 was His theme.
29:43 But now with a terrible weight of guilt He bears,
29:46 He cannot see the Father's reconciling face.
29:49 The withdrawal of the divine countenance
29:51 from the Savior in this hour of supreme anguish
29:54 pierced His heart with a sorrow
29:57 that can never be fully understood by us."
29:59 Can you imagine that?
30:01 Jesus lived with a Father
30:03 from the ceaseless ages of eternity.
30:05 Christ is the eternal Christ.
30:07 He never had a beginning and will never have an ending.
30:11 Do you have a son or a daughter?
30:13 Are you a parent?
30:14 What if you had this sense
30:16 that you would never see your son again?
30:19 You'd never see your daughter again?
30:21 What if you had this sense
30:23 that your son or daughter was going to be eternally lost
30:26 and you'd never see them again?
30:28 What if you have a wonderful relationship
30:29 with a father or mother
30:31 and you sense
30:33 that you were separated with them forever,
30:35 however much you love a son or daughter,
30:38 however much you love a father and mother,
30:40 that cannot reflect one drop in the ocean of God's love
30:44 for His Son and the Son for the Father.
30:46 Their love was unending, undying,
30:48 their love was infinite.
30:51 And as Jesus hung on the cross
30:52 bearing the guilt and shame of sin,
30:54 all He could see was that guilt and shame certainly,
30:57 He said, "You destroy this body,
30:58 in three days I'll raise it up again."
31:00 But at the point of His death on the cross,
31:02 all He saw was the darkness of sin.
31:06 And all He saw was the tomb,
31:08 and He sensed that because of sin,
31:10 He would be separated from the Father forever,
31:11 but he said, if this saves Mark Finley,
31:14 I'm willing to do it.
31:16 If this saves Tom or Harry or Mary or Jane,
31:18 I'm willing to do it.
31:19 Christ was willing to have His heart torn apart,
31:24 and to have the pain of sin
31:27 separate Him from the Father forever,
31:30 if He could save you or me,
31:31 that is a love that is incomprehensible.
31:33 Notice what it says,
31:34 "Hope did not present to His coming forth
31:37 from the grave a conqueror,
31:39 or tell Him of the Father's acceptance
31:40 of the sacrifice.
31:42 He feared." What did Jesus fear?
31:44 What was Jesus' greatest fear on the cross?
31:46 Was it the nails? Was that the greatest pain?
31:48 Was it the crown of thorns? Not at all.
31:49 "He feared that sin was so offensive to God
31:53 that their separation was to be eternal."
31:57 Christ on the cross feared
31:59 that the separation from the Father
32:02 was to be eternal.
32:04 "Christ felt the anguish that the sinner will feel
32:08 when mercy shall no longer plead
32:09 for the guilty race.
32:11 It was the sense of sin,
32:13 bringing the Father's wrath
32:14 upon Him as the sinner's substitute,
32:16 that made the cup He drank so bitter,
32:19 and broke the heart of the Son of God."
32:21 So as Christ hung there,
32:22 the guilt of sin, the shame of sin,
32:24 the condemnation of sin was so great
32:27 that He felt the anguish
32:29 that the sinner will feel when he's lost at the end.
32:35 What is the essence of hell?
32:37 The essence of hell
32:39 is the sense of abandonment by God,
32:43 the sense of no longer having the presence of God.
32:46 It is the pain and mental anguish
32:49 and agony
32:50 where there's weeping and gnashing of teeth.
32:51 Certainly, there will be physical pain in hell,
32:54 but that physical pain of the flames of hell
32:58 when the individual is consumed
32:59 and gone from God's presence forever,
33:01 that is not the deepest pain.
33:04 The deepest pain is this sense of separation from God forever.
33:09 Jesus felt that on the cross.
33:12 And He was willing to experience that forever,
33:17 because He loves you so much.
33:19 That's what this message
33:20 of the first angel was all about.
33:22 I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
33:25 having the everlasting gospel
33:27 in a generation starve for love.
33:30 The gospel presents love
33:32 beyond what we could ever imagine.
33:35 It presents a Christ that did for us
33:39 what is unimaginable,
33:41 offering His divine life on the cross.
33:45 The story of the cross is the story of boundless,
33:48 it's the story of unfathomable,
33:50 it's the story of incomprehensible,
33:52 it's the story of undying, it's the story of unending,
33:55 it's the story of infinite love of Christ,
33:58 who longs to be with us forever.
34:00 And as Jesus hung His head and died,
34:03 the Father said, "Son, the sacrifice is accepted."
34:07 And all of heaven sang, all of heaven rejoiced.
34:13 Jesus Christ died once
34:18 so that when He comes again the second time,
34:20 He could take you home.
34:22 Were you worth Christ' sacrifice?
34:24 Were you worth Christ' sacrifice?
34:25 Were you worth what Christ gave for you
34:27 that ends the life of the Son of God?
34:29 You say, "Pastor Mark, I'm not worth it."
34:32 If you are not worth
34:34 the sacrifice Christ paid for you,
34:36 Christ got cheated.
34:37 He thinks you're worth it.
34:39 You are more valuable than you can possibly imagine.
34:43 And if Christ looses you, He can never replace you.
34:48 The value of an object
34:51 is dependent on the price paid for the object.
34:56 You are valuable and Christ gave all for you.
35:01 And we give all to Him.
35:03 Sin no longer reigns in our life.
35:05 We may fail
35:07 but sin no longer has dominion
35:09 because the love of Christ breaks the bondage of sin.
35:12 Romans 8:15 says,
35:14 "For you did not receive the spirit of bondage
35:16 again to fear,
35:17 but you received the spirit of adoption
35:19 by whom we cry out, 'Abba, Father.'"
35:22 We are no longer in the bondage of sin.
35:24 Since guilt is gone, since condemnation is gone,
35:28 the chains that hold us are gone.
35:31 Why?
35:32 Because love has broken those chains
35:35 and love has broken that bondage.
35:39 The plan of salvation was not an afterthought.
35:42 It was not something that Christ said,
35:43 "Hey, we got an emergency, we better deal with it."
35:45 Not at all.
35:47 1 Peter 1:18-20, "For you know,"
35:50 not you think, not you guess,
35:51 not maybe, not perhaps you know,
35:53 "that it was not with perishable things
35:55 such as silver or gold that you were redeemed
35:57 from the empty way of life
36:00 handed down to you from your father's,
36:02 but with the precious blood of Jesus Christ,
36:05 a lamb without blemish or defect,
36:08 He was chosen..."
36:09 Now don't miss this. This is what we need to get.
36:11 "He was chosen
36:12 before the creation of the world
36:14 but was revealed
36:15 in these last times for your sake."
36:17 So before the world was created,
36:20 the Father and Son,
36:22 knowing that if they gave the human race,
36:24 the freedom of choice, or the capacity of choice,
36:27 that Adam and Eve could make the wrong choice,
36:29 but God did not want robot creatures,
36:32 He did not want mere puppets.
36:35 God gave the freedom of choice, knowing full well,
36:39 the situation that of Adam and Eve,
36:41 that God would come,
36:43 He would give them every reason
36:44 to make the right choice.
36:45 But the point of salvation was put into effect
36:49 even before Adam and Eve fell.
36:53 God loved the human race so much
36:55 that He wanted to ensure
36:58 the salvation of the human race
37:00 and that plan was put into action in heaven.
37:04 It is the everlasting gospel.
37:06 What is Revelation 14:6 say?
37:09 "I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven
37:10 having the," what?
37:12 "The everlasting gospel."
37:13 Why is the gospel everlasting?
37:16 It's everlasting, number one,
37:18 because it was put into motion in heaven,
37:21 in the ceaseless ages of eternity.
37:22 It's everlasting, number two,
37:24 because it speaks to every generation,
37:27 it speaks to every culture,
37:29 it speaks to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
37:32 It's everlasting, number three,
37:33 because it'll never get old.
37:35 The story of the cross, the story of Christ,
37:38 the story of His love, the story of His grace,
37:40 the story of His mercy will indeed never get old.
37:44 It is love that breaks our hearts.
37:46 It's love that changes our lives.
37:49 Forced allegiance is contrary to God's very nature.
37:52 The beast uses force.
37:54 The beast in the last days of earth's history says
37:57 that "Unless you follow me,
37:58 no man can buy, no man can sell.
38:01 You'll be imprisoned, you'll be beaten,
38:03 you'll be ridiculed, you'll be mocked,
38:04 and you'll be put to death."
38:06 That's what the beast says.
38:07 The beast tries to use forced allegiance.
38:09 But Christ appeals to us with love.
38:11 And when we see the love of God
38:13 it breaks our hearts, we were made to love,
38:16 our hearts are starved for love.
38:19 And it is God's love revealed on Calvary
38:22 that does change our lives.
38:24 In Desire of Ages, page 22, it says,
38:26 "The plan for our redemption was not," a what?
38:29 We read it in 1 Peter, didn't we?
38:31 "An afterthought,
38:32 a plan formulated after the fall of Adam.
38:35 It was a revelation of the mystery
38:38 which has been kept in silence through times eternal."
38:41 What is that mystery
38:43 that has been kept in silence from times eternal?
38:47 It is the mystery of God's love,
38:49 it is the mystery of God's grace,
38:51 and it is that mystery of His love and grace
38:54 that is to be proclaimed to the end of the earth
38:56 in a generation starved for love.
38:58 In this era, in the generation,
39:00 the earth has to be lightened with the glory of God
39:03 and what is God's glory?
39:04 It is His love, it's His character,
39:06 and that love changes people's heart.
39:09 Desire of Ages, page 22 again,
39:11 "It was the unfolding of the principles
39:13 that from eternal ages
39:14 have been the foundation of God's throne."
39:17 And what are those principles?
39:18 To love God supremely
39:20 and to love one another in relationship.
39:24 To a generation starved for genuine love,
39:27 longing for meaningful relationships,
39:30 the gospel speaks of acceptance, forgiveness,
39:32 belonging, and life changing power."
39:35 There is an old country western song
39:37 that said
39:38 "Only if somebody knew who I was.
39:41 Only if somebody loved me."
39:43 For a generation starved with love,
39:45 young people looking for love,
39:47 looking to fill that aching void within.
39:52 Husbands, wives, looking for love.
39:54 Have you ever noticed
39:56 that however much your parents love you,
39:57 you still feel love deficit
39:59 However much a husband or wife loves you,
40:02 there's still that love deficit in your life.
40:04 Have you ever noticed
40:06 that you can never get enough of love?
40:08 The reason for that
40:10 is because God has made us to love Him.
40:14 God has placed a divine vacuum within our hearts,
40:17 a divine hole, if you please,
40:19 within our hearts that can only be filled up
40:22 with His love.
40:24 And to a generation starved for love,
40:26 to a generation longing for meaningful relationships,
40:30 to a generation
40:31 that spends more time with technology
40:34 than it does with open communication
40:36 one with another,
40:38 sharing our heart needs, sharing our burdens.
40:41 Some time ago,
40:43 my wife and I were at a meeting
40:44 and we were walking
40:46 to a speaking appointment that I had,
40:47 and I saw a group of five young people
40:49 sitting on the wall, they were teenagers,
40:51 and they had their cell phones out
40:52 and they were texting and I didn't think much of it
40:54 until I stopped and said,
40:56 "Hey, that's kind of interesting.
40:59 You guys are all sitting here texting, everybody's texting.
41:01 Who you're texting? One another.
41:03 They're sitting on a wall
41:04 and they're not communicating verbally,
41:06 eye to eye, face to face, they're texting one another.
41:10 Could it be any question
41:12 why we're starved for human relationships?
41:15 Has technology actually taken the place
41:19 at times of relationships,
41:21 sharing, opening our hearts to one another?
41:24 God can fill that relationship void
41:26 in your heart.
41:27 He can fill your heart with love,
41:29 so that you can reach out in love and kindness
41:31 to others around you.
41:33 And one day when Jesus Christ comes
41:35 and He returns,
41:36 we are ushered into eternity to see Him face to face
41:39 and experience the joy of His love
41:41 forever and ever and ever.
41:43 The Christ that died on the cross
41:45 is coming again to take us home.
41:48 Now some time ago,
41:50 Ellen White was asked the question
41:53 "Is this message of the three angels
41:56 the message of justification by faith
41:59 that you've been talking about?
42:00 Is it that message of justification by faith
42:02 in the Bible?"
42:04 In the Review and Herald, April 1, 1890, she wrote,
42:06 "Several have written to me,
42:08 inquiring if the message of justification by faith
42:11 is the third angel's message,
42:13 and I have answered,
42:14 'It's the third angel's message in verity.'"
42:17 Let me summarize that very, very quickly for you.
42:20 The gospel is the message
42:23 that righteousness is in Christ,
42:24 not in ourselves.
42:26 That's the first angel's message.
42:28 First angel's message leads us to open our hearts to Christ,
42:33 to commit our lives to Christ,
42:34 to accept Christ as the only one
42:36 who can stand for us in the judgment.
42:38 Second angel's message,
42:39 which we'll study more deeply in another presentation,
42:41 is Babylon is fallen is fallen.
42:43 What's Babylon all about?
42:44 It's self-centered,
42:46 self-inflated importance
42:48 that substitutes human opinion and human ideas
42:51 for the grace of Christ.
42:53 It substitutes human traditions
42:55 and teachings for the Word of Christ.
42:57 It is human centered.
42:59 What about the message on the mark of the beast?
43:00 What is that?
43:02 The essence of the mark of the beast is egotistical,
43:05 man's thinking he has the authority
43:08 to change the very Word of God.
43:10 So what is righteousness by faith?
43:12 Righteousness by faith
43:13 is trusting Jesus for my salvation.
43:15 Righteousness by faith is trusting Jesus' power
43:18 so that I can live a godly life.
43:20 Righteousness by faith is accepting Christ' Word
43:23 as He has spoken it.
43:25 Righteousness by faith
43:26 is putting my confidence in Jesus, in His Word,
43:29 and living in harmony with that.
43:31 Jesus saves us not because we are good
43:34 but because He is good.
43:36 All of our good works are motivated by His love
43:39 and empowered by His grace.
43:41 We come to Christ just as we are,
43:44 but we do not remain as we are,
43:46 we are changed by His grace.
43:48 Righteousness by faith is God's unending love.
43:51 It's His abounding grace
43:53 there at the very heart of these three angels' messages
43:56 that we're studying
43:57 that we're going to unfold
43:59 more and more and more
44:00 each presentation in this series.
44:04 2 Corinthians 5:14 tells us
44:07 that if we're motivated by Christ's love,
44:10 changed by Christ's love,
44:11 that the love of Christ compels us.
44:14 What is it that causes men and women
44:17 to go to the ends of the earth,
44:19 leave family and friends, leave for missions,
44:22 it is because they've been charmed
44:24 by His love, changed by His grace,
44:26 redeemed by His power.
44:29 The three angels' message
44:30 according to Revelation 14:6 is to go to all the world.
44:36 The message of the three angels leads us
44:39 from the preoccupation with our own self-interest
44:42 to a passion for Christ' service.
44:45 You cannot come to the cross and remain silent.
44:48 The cross changes you, the cross makes you over again.
44:52 Matthew 19:20 says,
44:54 "All authority has been given to me
44:56 in heaven and on earth.
44:57 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."
45:00 Jesus' last words were
45:02 "Go, go to the ends of the earth
45:04 and make disciples to all nations."
45:06 Revelation 14:6 says
45:08 "I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven
45:10 with the everlasting gospel to preach," to who?
45:14 "To every nation, tribe, tongue, and people."
45:17 This message will not die out in some whimper.
45:20 This message will not go out like some candle in the wind
45:24 blown out into insignificance.
45:26 This message of the three angels
45:28 will rise to its destiny.
45:30 It will leap across geographical boundaries,
45:33 it will go, penetrate language groups,
45:36 the message of Jesus Christ, people, men and women,
45:41 boys and girls, committed to Christ,
45:44 changed by Christ
45:46 will go to the ends of the earth
45:47 proclaiming His message
45:49 in the last day of earth's history.
45:51 There's an interesting book called The Quest for More,
45:54 Living for Something Bigger Than You by Paul David Tripp
45:57 that has a statement that really stunned me
46:00 when I read it.
46:01 "Human beings were created to be part of something bigger
46:04 than their own lives.
46:05 Sin causes us to shrink our lives
46:07 down to the size of our lives.
46:10 The grace of Christ is given to rescue us
46:14 from the claustrophobic confines
46:17 of our own little self-focused kingdom
46:20 and frees us to live for the eternal purposes
46:23 and satisfying delights of the Kingdom of God.
46:26 We live in a culture
46:28 that has institutionalized self-focus
46:31 and personal entitlement.
46:33 If you look around,
46:34 it's very clear that we need to be rescued
46:36 from ourselves.
46:38 Things like debt, addiction, obesity, divorce,
46:42 are the fruits of a culture of self-focus,
46:44 where we look for meaning where meaning cannot be found.
46:48 There is freedom to be found in living
46:51 for something bigger than yourself...
46:53 Ultimately it means living for the glory of God
46:56 and the success of His agenda for the world He made."
46:59 If you want to be part of something big for God,
47:02 you want to be a part of something great for God,
47:04 you're a young person
47:05 looking for meaning in your life.
47:07 You have been maybe playing church,
47:09 you are an adult
47:11 and you've been simply coming and sitting in the pew,
47:13 there's something bigger and grander
47:15 than the self-occupation and self-focus.
47:19 That is a life committed to sharing His love.
47:22 A life committed to taking the Word of God.
47:26 Dear friends and neighbors,
47:27 this message of the three angels,
47:29 this message of God's grace
47:31 is to go to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
47:34 God is inviting you to something big and grand
47:37 and large to be part of something
47:40 that is spanning the earth and lightening it
47:42 with His very glory.
47:45 God is inviting you
47:46 not simply to take a stand for Christ
47:49 and sit in the pew,
47:51 God is inviting you
47:52 to something big, something grand,
47:54 something great for His eternal kingdom.
47:57 This gospel of the kingdom," Matthew 24:14,
48:01 "shall be preached," not it might be preached,
48:03 "in all the world as a witness to all nations
48:05 then shall the end come."
48:06 You can be part of something big for God,
48:08 you can be part of something grand for God,
48:11 you can be part of something that is much larger,
48:13 it will go to the world as a witness to all nations,
48:17 not going to die out in a whimper, not at all.
48:20 Abraham La Rue was a shepherd, a wood cutter from California.
48:27 He became a Christian,
48:29 and a committed Adventist Christian.
48:31 When he was in his 60s,
48:34 he was 65 years old
48:35 and the Lord laid a burden on his heart.
48:38 Take the gospel message to China.
48:41 Abraham La Rue wrote a letter and he wrote it
48:44 to the Seventh-day Adventists headquarters.
48:46 And he said, "God has laid a burden on my heart
48:48 to take the gospel to China."
48:49 Now remind you, he didn't know Chinese,
48:51 remind you, he didn't have any money.
48:53 He was 65 at the time,
48:55 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
48:56 wrote back and they said
48:58 "Brother, La Rue,
48:59 you're a little old for this assignment.
49:02 You know, there are no believers
49:03 that we have in China
49:05 and we don't have the money to send you.
49:06 But you know what?
49:08 Hawaii, that's out in the Pacific someplace
49:10 if you could happen to get there
49:12 and maybe you could sell Christian literature."
49:15 So La Rue got a lot of books together,
49:17 Christian books, and he raised this money,
49:21 went out to Hawaii.
49:23 But then after he sold a few books there,
49:25 the next boat, he could find,
49:28 La Rue on his own money went to China,
49:32 and there began selling books.
49:34 And there this man now in his late 60s,
49:38 labored year after year after year,
49:41 and after years of labor, there were six people baptized.
49:45 But today, because of the roots,
49:48 that the seeds that man sowed,
49:50 and the roots that sprouted up and the fruits,
49:53 today, there are hundreds of thousands
49:56 of Adventist Christians all over China.
49:59 Who would have thought
50:00 that God could use a 65 year old layperson
50:05 to open the doors for the gospel to go to China?
50:09 He got a sense of the bigness, the grandness,
50:13 the greatness of this message called the three angels.
50:17 And here he caught
50:18 the significance of Revelation 14:6,
50:21 "I saw another agent fly in the midst of heaven,
50:23 having the everlasting gospel of God's grace
50:25 to preach to them that dwell on the earth,
50:27 and to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people."
50:29 God is calling you into your neighborhood.
50:31 God is calling you into your community.
50:33 God maybe lay a burden on you for mission service.
50:36 The everlasting gospel
50:38 is to go to the ends of the earth.
50:41 Great Controversy, page 612 says,
50:43 "Servants of God,
50:45 with their faces lighted up
50:46 and shining with holy consecration,
50:49 will hasten from place to place
50:50 to proclaim the message from heaven.
50:53 By thousands of voices, all over the earth,
50:56 the warning will be given."
50:57 The earth is going to be lightened
50:59 with the glory of God.
51:00 The message of the three angels
51:01 is going to go to the ends of the earth,
51:03 the message of the gospel of Christ
51:05 is going to be carried.
51:06 You can be part of something big for God.
51:09 It is almost time for the Lord to come.
51:12 Do you sense the moving of God's Spirit?
51:14 Do you sense in the conditions of our world,
51:17 that it's time to move out for Christ?
51:20 It's time to make a decision for Christ.
51:23 It's time to share the Word of God with others.
51:26 It's time to give Bible studies,
51:28 it's time to pass out literature.
51:30 Time to invite people
51:31 to watch godly television programs.
51:33 It's time to get involved for Christ
51:36 and be part of something big and grand for God.
51:38 It's almost time for the Lord to come.
51:39 Do you believe it?
51:41 Listen as Charles sings,
51:42 catch the spirit of this Advent movement
51:46 of every nation, kindred, tongue,
51:47 and people proclaiming God's grace,
51:49 Charles.
51:54 Tis almost time for the Lord To come
51:59 I hear the people say
52:04 The stars of heaven Are growing dim
52:10 It must be The breaking of the day
52:15 O it must be The breaking of the day
52:19 O it must be The breaking of the day
52:25 The night is almost gone The day is coming on
52:31 O it must be The breaking of the day
52:36 The signs foretold In the sun and moon
52:41 And earth and sea and sky
52:45 Aloud proclaim to all mankind
52:51 The coming Of the Master draweth nigh
52:56 O it must be The breaking of the day
53:01 O it must be The breaking of the day
53:06 The night is almost gone The day is coming on
53:12 O it must be The breaking of the day
53:17 O it must be time For the waiting church
53:22 To cast her pride away
53:27 With girded loins And burning lamps
53:33 To look For the breaking of the day
53:38 O it must be The breaking of the day
53:42 O it must be The breaking of the day
53:48 The night is almost gone The day is coming on
53:54 O it must be The breaking of the day
53:58 So go quickly out In the streets and the lanes
54:04 And in the broad highway
54:08 And call the maimed The halt,
54:12 And the blind
54:14 To be ready For the breaking of the day
54:19 O it must be The breaking of the day
54:24 O it must be The breaking of the day
54:30 The night is almost gone The day is coming on
54:36 O it must be The breaking of the day
54:41 O it must be
54:43 The breaking
54:46 Of the day.
54:58 God is leading you
55:02 to know Him more deeply,
55:04 to trust Him more fully,
55:08 to be committed to Him
55:12 in a way that you've never been committed before.
55:16 We're living on the knife edge of eternity.
55:20 We're living in a crisis hour of this earth's history.
55:24 We're living with uncertainty all around us.
55:29 We sense it in our hearts.
55:32 We feel it deep within.
55:35 And God is leading each one of us
55:39 to step out from comfortable convenience.
55:44 As the song says, go out into the lanes,
55:48 the highways,
55:50 go knock on your neighbor's door,
55:52 develop a loving relationship with them and share Christ.
55:56 Share Christ with the people in your workplace.
56:00 Share Christ there in your community.
56:06 Share Christ
56:08 as He opens doors of opportunity for you.
56:13 Would you like to make a commitment right now
56:15 as I pray,
56:17 that for you it's no more business as usual,
56:20 no more pleasures as usual, no more life as usual,
56:25 that you have a great desire,
56:27 as God opens doors of opportunity
56:29 to share His love with others,
56:31 to share this great message of Bible truth,
56:34 the message of the three angels.
56:36 Let's pray, Father in heaven,
56:38 we thank You with all of our hearts,
56:40 that we can live
56:41 for something bigger than ourselves,
56:43 something greater than self-focus,
56:45 something greater than the preoccupation
56:48 with our own needs and desires.
56:50 The gospel breaks our hearts,
56:52 the love of Christ sends us out into the world,
56:55 and that love leads us to be committed
56:58 to share Your love with others.
57:00 Thank You, in Jesus name, amen.
57:02 Friend of mine, Jesus Himself is calling you.
57:07 Stay with us through this entire series.
57:11 Next presentation
57:14 we're going to talk about Revelation 14:7
57:17 and the judgment bar of God.
57:20 What is the judgment?
57:22 And how can you have confidence
57:23 to pass the judgment?
57:25 And God bless you in this room.


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