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00:40 Welcome to this series of prophetic presentations
00:44 focusing on the book of Revelation -
00:46 especially chapter 14 titled:
00:50 Earth's Final Conflict.
00:53 If you just joined us for the series, let me summarize
00:56 a little bit what we've done so far.
00:58 This is a series of 13 separate presentations
01:03 that focus on the great prophecies of Revelation.
01:06 In the book of Revelation God presents a universal
01:10 urgent message for all mankind
01:12 as outlined in Revelation the 14th chapter.
01:15 We've looked at the fact thus far
01:18 that this message calls all humanity to make eternal choices.
01:23 The Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, is the very center of the book
01:26 of Revelation, and He has done everything possible
01:29 to save us. There's nothing more that Jesus could have done.
01:32 He is the dying Lamb, the One that provides salvation
01:36 full and complete for us.
01:38 He is our living Priest, that delivers us not only from sin's
01:42 condemnation but from sin's power.
01:44 He is the God, also, who before the whole universe
01:48 in the judgment reveals His grace and His goodness.
01:52 In the judgment, the kingdoms of this earth crumble
01:56 and the kingdom of Christ triumphs.
01:58 In our last presentation we were focusing especially
02:02 on this subject of the judgment,
02:03 and we will develop that theme more in this presentation today
02:07 so let's pray. Father in heaven,
02:09 we thank you with all of our hearts
02:12 that we need not fear the judgment.
02:14 As we look at Christ we sense that He stands for us
02:19 both as our Judge and as our Advocate, as our Attorney
02:24 in the judgment. We are thankful that
02:27 we are not left alone. That the One that represents us
02:29 has NEVER lost a case.
02:32 So as we probe the timing of the judgment today
02:36 and sense that we're living in the urgent time of earth's
02:39 history, a very critical time,
02:41 open our eyes at the wisdom from Your Word.
02:44 In Christ's name, Amen.
02:46 The title of my presentation, today is:
02:53 About two centuries ago
02:56 a group of settlers were traveling across the United States.
03:00 The U.S. government had just opened up
03:03 new lands for homestead,
03:06 and these settlers were traveling there to develop
03:10 a new community. As they traveled, off in the distance
03:14 they saw smoke, and they knew that there was a wild
03:18 prairie fire coming toward them.
03:20 They recognized that they could not dodge, outrun,
03:24 or get away from that prairie fire.
03:26 They wondered what would happen. Would they be burned up?
03:30 Consumed in the fire?
03:31 One old man who had experience with prairie fires in the past
03:35 said this. He said: "Let's begin to burn behind us. "
03:39 Now they recognized that if they burned behind them
03:43 and burned a large swath of land
03:45 they then could get in the center of that burned land.
03:50 So they started this controlled fire behind them.
03:53 They burned a large circle of land, then put that smaller fire
03:58 out. The entire company got into the center of that fire.
04:04 One little girl spoke up and said:
04:06 "Are you sure that we're not all going to be burned up?
04:09 The fire is coming! It's coming toward us.
04:11 It's coming rapidly... it's coming quickly! "
04:14 And the old man said:
04:23 Standing in the center of God's love
04:27 we stand where the fires of hell have already been.
04:31 Because on that cross of Calvary
04:33 Jesus took all the shame, the condemnation,
04:36 the guilt of sin. I love that poem:
04:51 In earth's final judgment we have a hiding place.
04:56 We stand within the circle of His love.
05:06 He experienced all of the pain, the agony,
05:11 the suffering, of a lost human being as He
05:15 bore our guilt and bore our shame.
05:18 That's what Paul meant when he wrote in Galatians 3:13:
05:22 "Cursed is everyone that hangs upon the tree. "
05:36 In Revelation 14:6-7 the Bible says:
05:47 Now notice: this judgment is a present-tense judgment.
05:52 Not the hour of God's judgment WILL come.
05:55 The book of Revelation, though, does not give us the timing
05:59 of that judgment. It DOES give us a hint
06:01 because in Revelation 22 verses 11 and 12 it says:
06:05 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still.
06:08 He that is righteous, let him be righteous still. "
06:10 "Behold I come quickly and My reward is with Me. "
06:15 So if Jesus is coming to give out the rewards,
06:18 there must be a judgment preliminary to His return
06:21 to determine who receives what reward when He comes.
06:25 But yet although Revelation teaches us
06:28 that there is a judgment - a pre-advent judgment
06:32 previous to the coming of Christ
06:34 in which the destinies of all human beings have been settled,
06:38 in which God's name is honored before the entire universe -
06:41 Revelation does not give us the exact timing of that judgment.
06:46 Now in Scripture there are two great prophetic books
06:49 that speak of end-time events:
06:51 the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel.
06:54 In this judgment God takes us back
06:57 to the book of Daniel.
06:59 And there in the book of Daniel an angel explains
07:03 to Daniel the timing of this judgment
07:06 that would occur in the book of Revelation.
07:10 In the book of Daniel we have the rise and fall of kingdoms:
07:14 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.
07:18 The break-up of the Roman Empire. We studied this
07:21 in our last presentation.
07:23 And then we have the rise of a religious/political power.
07:27 These nations or empires have attempted to usurp
07:30 God's authority and usurp God's kingdom.
07:33 But as Daniel is looking at these empires
07:39 he looks up into heaven and he sees the great judgment.
07:42 And there in that judgment he sees the kingdom of God
07:45 restored and given to Christ.
07:47 Daniel looks at that scene in Daniel chapter 7.
07:51 When we come to Daniel chapter 8
07:53 in an explanation of that judgment Daniel 8:14 says:
08:05 Now you might be asking the question:
08:08 "What does the cleansing of the sanctuary have to do
08:11 with the judgment? "
08:13 Every Jew would understand that.
08:15 Once a year on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement,
08:19 the sanctuary was cleansed.
08:21 All year as sinners confessed their sin
08:24 the guilt of that sin went into the sanctuary
08:28 through the blood of the animal
08:29 or through the priest eating the animal.
08:32 As that sin symbolically entered the sanctuary...
08:37 as it did that, once a year at the end of the Jewish year
08:42 there was a Day of Atonement or the day of the cleansing
08:45 of the sanctuary where the priest enters into the
08:48 Most Holy Place of the sanctuary with pure blood.
08:52 The priest entering in with that pure blood
08:55 cleanses the sanctuary. Comes out and places the guilt
08:58 upon the scapegoat, and the scapegoat is sent
09:02 out into the wilderness.
09:03 So that's the scene, but this Day of Atonement,
09:06 this day of the cleansing of the sanctuary,
09:08 was a day of judgment. Every Jew understood that.
09:11 Every Israelite had to gather around the sanctuary.
09:14 They had to pray; they had to seek God
09:16 or else they would be cut off or judged.
09:18 So when Daniel says:
09:24 it's as if he was saying: "Then the final day of judgment
09:28 will occur. " Now obviously this sanctuary
09:32 is not the sanctuary on earth which ceased to exist
09:36 at the end of the Jewish dispensation.
09:39 But this must be another sanctuary -
09:41 the sanctuary in heaven - that would be cleansed.
09:45 Cleansed from all of the pollution that comes as
09:49 God's people confess their sins and Christ bears them there.
09:53 Cleansed in the sense that all of the wickedness and evil
09:58 on earth would be destroyed as Christ's kingdom
10:03 was given back to Him.
10:05 Daniel 8 verse 27 as Daniel is thinking about this
10:10 cleansing of the sanctuary he doesn't understand
10:12 quite what it means. He's perplexed over it.
10:15 He doesn't understand the 2,300 days.
10:17 Daniel has been thinking about the deliverance of his people
10:21 and Daniel says:
10:25 So at the end of Daniel chapter 8, Daniel does not
10:28 understand the vision at all.
10:30 He's perplexed about it; he is confused.
10:35 In the Bible, one prophetic day equals one literal year.
10:41 So in Scripture, the 2,300 days
10:45 would actually equal 2,300 literal years.
10:51 Now you might say: "Pastor Mark, where is the
10:53 Biblical evidence of that? "
10:56 We find it in two different lines of reasoning.
11:00 In the Bible when we have prophecy in symbolic images
11:06 the time period is also symbolic.
11:10 So in Daniel chapter 8, for example, you have a ram
11:12 representing Medo-Persia; a he-goat representing Greece;
11:16 and you have symbolic animals. That indicates
11:21 that the time period be symbolic.
11:23 The other way we know is that throughout Scripture
11:26 the Bible says that: "I have given you a day for a year. "
11:30 One prophetic day equals one literal year.
11:34 There's another way we know. In Daniel 9 verse 21 it says:
11:52 Now notice what the angel says. This is critical:
11:58 Daniel doesn't understand the vision
12:01 but at the precise moment where he's perplexed
12:05 the angel returns in Daniel 9 to explain the vision to him.
12:09 The angel explains to Daniel that along the timeline
12:12 of this vision the Messiah would come.
12:16 That Christ would be baptized on time.
12:19 Christ would be crucified on time.
12:21 That the gospel would go to all humanity on time.
12:25 So this vision of Daniel 9 is a vision about Jesus:
12:29 about His baptism, about His death, about the gospel going
12:33 out to the world on time.
12:35 This prophecy, though, could not possibly have been fulfilled
12:40 back in Daniel's day.
12:42 The Messiah had not yet come.
12:44 So it must be much more than 2,300 literal days
12:48 which was simply taking us 6-1/2 or 7 years from Daniel's time.
12:54 So it points forward to the Messiah.
12:56 But there's another aspect of this prophecy.
12:59 The prophecy points not only to the first coming of Jesus
13:02 as the Messiah. It points down to the final day of judgment
13:06 and the second coming of Christ.
13:09 Now the prophecy does not give us the timing of the second
13:12 coming of Christ but it DOES point out a time of the end
13:16 which precisely could not have taken place in Daniel's time.
13:20 Daniel 8:17 when the angel was explaining it. It says:
13:29 Now there are some people that mistakenly
13:33 look at this prophecy and believe it applies
13:37 to one of the ancient rulers who attacked Jerusalem
13:41 and set up an idol in the Jewish temple
13:44 called Antiochus Epiphanes.
13:46 But the language of the prophecy
13:48 really indicates that this could not possibly have been the case.
13:53 The prophecy takes us down to the time of the end.
13:56 Antiochus never did that.
13:57 The prophecy is a large prophecy... a big prophecy.
14:00 Not talking about something that happened in a Jewish temple
14:03 but it's talking about the universal conflict between
14:06 good and evil, between Christ and Satan.
14:09 It's talking about the honor of Christ...
14:11 the kingdom being restored to Christ in the judgment.
14:14 It's talking about a time period
14:17 that talks about Christ's baptism, Christ's death,
14:20 the gospel going to the Gentiles, the time of the end.
14:23 It is a call of all humanity that no longer
14:26 business as usual, no longer pleasures as usual.
14:29 It's a call to get ready for the coming of Christ.
14:32 What message does he receive from the angel?
14:43 And I would much rather listen to what the angel says
14:46 than some philosophy of some human being.
14:50 This message takes us down to the last days...
14:53 takes us down to end time.
14:56 The message in Daniel 8 begins
14:58 with the battle with this ram and he-goat
15:01 as we've mentioned. The Bible names them.
15:04 It names Greece; it names Medo-Persia.
15:09 Bible prophecy is incredibly detailed.
15:13 Bible prophecy is incredible precise.
15:16 It also talks in this prophecy
15:19 about a power that would rise out of Rome.
15:22 It calls it a "little horn" power,
15:25 and this power would think to change the very law of God.
15:29 This power would usurp the authority of God.
15:35 It would take human decrees, human traditions
15:38 and place them instead of the commandments of God.
15:43 In the cleansing of the sanctuary
15:46 at this moment of judgment
15:49 God's truth would be restored.
15:52 So there are a number of things happening
15:54 in this idea of the judgment or the cleansing of the sanctuary.
15:57 This is a HUGE idea... it's a BIG idea.
16:01 The idea is the honor of God.
16:03 The idea is the judgment of all humanity.
16:07 The idea here is the restoration of God's truth.
16:12 This is a HUGE idea. It has to do
16:15 with the finishing of God's work on earth.
16:18 Daniel goes to sleep; doesn't quite understand the vision.
16:22 He prays. In Daniel chapter 9 the angel comes back
16:26 to explain the vision to Daniel.
16:29 This vision takes us down the stream of time.
16:33 This vision enables us to walk through a journey of history.
16:37 This vision explains key events on the timetable of heaven.
16:52 Daniel's perplexed; Daniel is confused at the vision.
16:56 But as he is the angel comes and says to him:
16:59 "Daniel, you are greatly beloved. "
17:02 This expression is used throughout the book of Daniel.
17:06 And then the angel says to Daniel:
17:12 Consider what matter, Daniel?
17:15 Understand what vision, Daniel?
17:18 There is no specific vision given in Daniel chapter 9.
17:23 The word for vision there is the exact word that was used
17:26 in Daniel 8. So what the angel is saying to Daniel
17:29 is: "Understand the vision that you received
17:33 in Daniel the 8th chapter. "
17:35 "I've come now to explain that vision to you. "
17:39 "I've come now to describe the details
17:42 of that particular vision. "
17:45 Now did you notice, though, what Daniel...
17:48 the message Daniel received from the angel?
17:50 He said: "I have come and you are greatly beloved. "
17:57 Have you ever in your own life
18:00 longed to know that you are loved?
18:02 Have you ever felt rejected?
18:04 Have you ever felt lonely and alone?
18:07 The message of this angel
18:09 to Daniel at a time of judgment
18:12 is a message to you.
18:14 It's a message that you're not alone.
18:17 You're not an isolated indi- vidual on this spinning globe
18:22 of ash with 7 billion other people.
18:26 Rather you are cherished by God.
18:29 You are precious to God.
18:31 God created you... God fashioned you.
18:34 Christ redeemed you.
18:35 Jesus is preparing a place for you in heaven.
18:38 You, my friend, are greatly beloved.
18:41 The matter that Daniel was discussing,
18:44 considering, and the matter that the angel was discussing
18:47 in chapter 8 when Daniel fainted and didn't understand
18:50 was the matter of the cleansing of the sanctuary
18:52 was the matter of the 2,300 days.
18:54 So the angel comes back to explain this to Daniel.
18:59 And he says to Daniel in Daniel 9 verse 24:
19:11 Who are Daniel's people?
19:13 They are the Jewish nation.
19:15 What, indeed, is the holy city? Jerusalem.
19:19 So the first part of this prophecy
19:21 is dealing with the coming of the Messiah to His own people.
19:28 Notice: who did that? The Messiah.
19:31 Who did that? The Messiah.
19:35 Who would do that? The Messiah.
19:38 Who would do that? Jesus would ascend to heaven.
19:41 He would enter in to the sanctuary.
19:43 He would anoint the Holy and Most Holy Place
19:46 before He began His work in the Holy Place.
19:48 He would make that anointing to consecrate
19:51 the sanctuary. This is a divine timetable.
19:55 It is precise; it is minute; and it is exact.
19:59 It is an amazing timetable of history
20:03 that helps us to understand the credibility of the Bible.
20:06 The book I hold in my hands is no common book.
20:10 This book is no ordinary book.
20:13 This book is divinely inspired by God,
20:16 and the prophecy that we are studying is one of the most
20:19 magnificent prophecies in the Bible
20:21 because it takes us down the stream of time.
20:24 It enables us to understand precise dates
20:27 that have to do with the very very life and teachings
20:32 of Jesus. Daniel 9:25:
20:36 Now when the angel says "know something" it's important.
20:39 When the angel says "understand" it's important.
20:42 Know and understand. Understand what?
20:54 Daniel's people were in captivity.
20:56 They're in captivity to Babylon then captivity to Medo-Persia.
21:01 And what the angel is saying to Daniel is this:
21:03 "Know and understand: from the time of the decree
21:07 to restore and rebuild Jerusalem,
21:10 from the time that that decree goes forth
21:12 when your people can go back and rebuild the city
21:16 establish their nationhood again... establish their
21:19 worship again... when that can occur,
21:22 when that decree is passed know that that's the starting
21:26 point for this 2,300 day or 2,300 year prophecy. "
21:31 Now notice what our text says, though:
21:52 Now I want you to look at this word determined.
21:55 The word determined is a very very fascinating word
21:59 in the Hebrew language.
22:02 Let's look at this year/day principle
22:05 and then look at this word determined.
22:08 Now remember: "70 weeks are determined for your people. "
22:12 When it's obvious the symbols are symbolic
22:15 then the time periods are symbolic as we've mentioned.
22:24 Now remember: according to the book of Ezekiel
22:27 and according to the book of Numbers
22:30 one prophetic day equals one literal year.
22:33 So 70 weeks would be 7 times 70:
22:38 7 days in a week. And that would be 490 days
22:42 or 490 literal years
22:44 that would be determined upon God's people.
22:54 Now remember: we looked at that word determined.
22:57 It's an interesting Hebrew word: chathak
23:00 and it means cut off or separate from.
23:03 So the 490 years
23:06 are cut off or separate from the 2,300 years.
23:12 They contain the first portion of those 2,300 years.
23:19 They are a smaller section of those 2,300 years.
23:25 Let's go back to Daniel's prophecy in Daniel 9:25.
23:38 So 69 of the 70 weeks
23:42 of the first part of the prophecy
23:44 would take us down to the Messiah.
23:47 And then the Bible says in Daniel 9:25:
23:56 So at the beginning of this period of time -
23:59 the beginning of the 69 weeks -
24:01 God would pass a decree
24:04 to allow Israel to go back and rebuild the wall of Jerusalem,
24:08 establish their worship, be established again as a nation.
24:11 At the end of that 69 weeks the Messiah would come.
24:15 Since there is one prophetic day and it equals a literal year...
24:20 69 weeks... what would that be?
24:22 It would be 7 times 69.
24:24 Seven times 9 are what? 63!
24:27 You got it... you're a good math student.
24:28 Seven times 6 are 42.
24:30 We carry our 6... 483 prophetic years.
24:33 Now follow me closely,
24:34 From the year that the decree would go forth to restore
24:38 and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah
24:41 would be 69 prophetic weeks,
24:44 483 prophetic days or 483 literal years.
24:49 That would take us down to the Messiah's coming.
24:53 Well, when did that decree go forth to restore
24:56 and to build Jerusalem?
24:58 In actual fact there were three decrees:
25:01 one by Cyrus; one by Darius; and one by Artaxerxes.
25:06 Which decree do we choose and why?
25:09 And when did those decrees go out?
25:11 The first of those decrees by Cyrus
25:14 was in 538 BC or 537 BC.
25:18 The second decree by Darius to let the Jews go back
25:22 was not long after that but we don't have a clear historical
25:26 specific date. The third decree by Artaxerxes
25:31 in 457 BC. is a very clear date.
25:35 That's a solid date in history.
25:37 In fact, the Bible talks about it this way in Ezra 7 verse 13.
25:50 The decree of Artaxerxes is significant
25:53 for multiple reasons.
25:55 One of those reasons is the priests and Levites
25:57 go to restore worship.
26:00 Another reason is that Artaxerxes
26:03 provides finances or money for them to go
26:06 to rebuild their city and re-establish their nation.
26:09 Another reason is is that this date
26:12 that the majority of Jews that went left and went with
26:16 the Jewish pilgrims that went back to their city.
26:20 So it is the 457 BC date that's really significant
26:23 because it establishes worship and it establishes
26:27 again the ability to build the entire city.
26:30 So now let's look at the timeline of history.
26:32 Remember 483 prophetic days equals what?
26:36 You're good students! 483 years.
26:39 So if the decree goes forth in 457 BC,
26:43 we have to go forward on the timeline
26:46 483 years. Now to make this simple
26:50 let's suppose we were going forward on the timeline
26:53 457 years. Let's just suppose that.
26:58 And let's suppose we're taking steps, and each year
27:01 is a step. If we take 457 steps, it would take us
27:05 down to zero. But there is no zero year
27:10 in history so what would that take us down to?
27:12 Well... if history goes from 1 BC
27:16 to 1 AD and there's no zero here,
27:18 it would take us down to AD 1... right?
27:21 But we're not going 457 years on the timeline.
27:25 How many do we have to go?
27:27 "Know therefore and understand from the going forth of the
27:29 command to restore and build Jerusalem... " 457 BC...
27:32 "to Messiah the Prince shall be... " What?
27:35 69 weeks. Seven weeks and 62 weeks,
27:38 483 years. So we're not going 457
27:43 which would take us to 1, we're going 483.
27:45 Well, what is 457 from 483?
27:49 That leaves us with another 26 additional years
27:55 that are needed to complete the 483 years.
27:58 We have to go 26 more steps forward on this timeline.
28:02 So 457 BC... and if you go forward
28:06 483 years on the timeline
28:10 or you go 457 to 1 and 26 more
28:13 it takes you to the year 27 AD.
28:17 What would that take us to?
28:18 What event? Daniel 9 verse 25:
28:26 When was that again? 457 BC.
28:30 Who is the Messiah?
28:32 What does the word Messiah mean?
28:33 Does anybody know what the word Messiah means?
28:36 What's that word Messiah mean?
28:38 It means the anointed one, doesn't it?
28:40 So from 457 BC
28:44 483 years forward... This is incredible!
28:47 This is amazing. The decree in 457 BC
28:50 went forward in the fall. So 483 years
28:53 from the fall of 457 BC would take us to the
28:55 fall of 27 AD.
28:58 What happened in the fall of 27 AD?
29:00 Precisely Jesus Christ was baptized
29:04 and the word Messiah means the anointed one.
29:06 And according to Acts chapter 10
29:09 Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit
29:12 at His baptism. Years in advance
29:15 the book of Daniel records that Jesus, the Messiah,
29:19 would be baptized precisely in the fall of 27 AD
29:24 exactly at the age of 30 years old.
29:27 Jesus, the carpenter of Nazareth left the carpenter shop at 30
29:30 and there He was baptized in 27 AD... exactly
29:35 like the Bible predicts.
29:37 Now the Bible says that 3-1/2 years after the fall of 27 AD
29:42 that the Messiah would be cut off. That He would be
29:46 crucified... but not for Himself.
29:48 If you go 3-1/2 years from 27 AD
29:52 that would take you from the fall of 27 AD
29:56 to the spring of 31 AD.
29:58 Let me make it simple for you. If it's 3-1/2 years -
30:00 and I'll show you from the Bible how this calculates out -
30:03 but 3 years from the fall of 27 AD
30:06 would take you to the fall of 30 AD.
30:07 Six months later would take you to the spring of 31 AD.
30:10 What Jewish feast was taking place in the spring?
30:14 The Passover. And what do you know about Jesus?
30:17 Paul says: "Jesus, our Passover Lamb, was sacrificed for us. "
30:21 Christ: that great Passover Lamb.
30:23 Let's look at this in Daniel's prophecy.
30:26 Daniel 9 verse 26:
30:36 His death was not for Himself.
30:39 His death was for you and for me.
30:42 The Christ that hung on that cross with those nails through
30:45 His hands and that crown of thorns upon His head...
30:48 That Jesus that hung there dying and said: "My God!
30:51 My God! Why have You forsaken Me? "
30:53 bore the sin of all humanity.
30:57 He bore our guilt; He bore our shame.
31:00 That prediction in Daniel chapter 9 points forward
31:04 to the baptism of Christ,
31:06 points forward to the crucifixion of Christ.
31:08 It is precise and it is amazing.
31:11 Notice Daniel 9:26:
31:17 Eventually Titus and the Roman armies
31:19 would come down and destroy Jerusalem.
31:30 Now there are some people that think
31:33 that this prophecy talks about the antichrist confirming the
31:36 covenant in a Jewish temple.
31:38 But look: in the Bible
31:41 there is only one whoever makes a covenant
31:44 and that is God making a covenant with His people.
31:46 There's only one whose blood ever can ratify the eternal
31:50 everlasting covenant... that's Christ. Throughout this prophecy
31:54 it talks about Jesus' baptism,
31:56 it talks about Jesus' crucifixion.
31:58 Isn't it just like the devil to take this prophecy
32:03 and turn it around from relating to Christ
32:05 to relate to the antichrist power?
32:08 The Bible is very clear.
32:09 He, the Messiah... He, Jesus Christ...
32:12 He, the Savior of all mankind...
32:14 "shall confirm the covenant with many for one week. "
32:18 And then notice what the prophecy actually says.
32:35 There is one prophetic week that is cut off from the 2,300 days
32:41 or years. One prophetic week
32:44 of those 490 prophetic days or 69 weeks that are left.
32:49 The week that remains of 7 years can be divided into two
32:53 3-1/2 year periods:
32:55 27 AD to 31 AD; 31 AD to 34 AD.
32:59 Here is a divine timetable.
33:03 The first portion of the prophecy - 69 weeks - runs out
33:07 in AD 27. The next 3-1/2 years run out in AD 31.
33:13 Notice what takes place in that year: Christ, the Messiah,
33:17 is crucified. Daniel predicted the timing
33:21 of Christ's death precisely,
33:24 exactly. You say: "How so? "
33:26 Here it is: there is one week that remains.
33:29 Look what the Bible says.
33:30 At the end of that week, at the end of that 7 years,
33:33 at the end of the 490 years
33:35 the gospel would go to all:
33:42 But in the middle of that last week
33:45 before the gospel goes to the Gentiles
33:48 what does the Bible say?
33:50 It says that Christ would be crucified in 31 AD.
33:54 Gospel would go to the Gentiles in 34 AD.
33:56 Then the rest of the prophecy takes us down when?
33:59 To the very time of the end.
34:00 The first 490 years of the prophecy
34:04 were designated for the Jewish nation.
34:13 That has to do with the second coming of Jesus Christ.
34:16 Notice Daniel 8 verse 14:
34:26 At the end of this 2,300-year prophecy
34:31 the sanctuary would be cleansed,
34:33 the judgment would strike the hour.
34:35 Now notice very carefully here:
34:50 Those 490 years would apply to whom?
34:54 Apply to the Jewish race.
34:56 You subtract 490 from 2,300
34:58 and what does that give you?
35:00 It gives you 1,810 prophetic days left.
35:03 So the 490 years have to do with the coming of the Messiah:
35:07 the coming of Jesus.
35:09 But look: if we take 1,810 more steps
35:13 on the timeline from 34 AD
35:16 when the 490 ran out, where does that take us?
35:19 It takes us down to the year 1844.
35:23 So you say: "What indeed is the significance of 1844? "
35:29 "What is that significance? "
35:32 It is this: that in 1844
35:35 the clock struck the prophetic hour.
35:38 In 1844, the destinies of all humanity
35:42 were to be settled. In 1844, the truth of God's
35:47 message would be restored to the world.
35:50 In 1844 God's judgment would begin.
35:54 And during that process, remember what we read
35:57 in Daniel chapter 7. "Thousands, thousands
36:00 ministered unto Him; ten thousand times ten thousand
36:03 stood before Him. The judgment was set...
36:07 the books were opened. "
36:10 490 years reveal earthly events
36:16 that have to do with the Jews.
36:18 Sixty-nine weeks takes you down to the baptism of Christ.
36:21 That's something we can see that's verifiable in history:
36:25 AD 27.
36:26 3-1/2 years later remember the Bible says
36:30 "He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week.
36:32 But in the middle of the week... " the middle of that
36:35 last prophetic week... "He shall cause the sacrifices
36:38 to cease. " 3-1/2 years from 27 AD
36:41 takes you down to the spring of 31 AD.
36:44 That's a verifiable event... it's something you can see.
36:47 It's tangible... it's a historical event.
36:50 3-1/2 years later - 34 AD -
36:52 the Messiah reaches out now beyond the Jewish race.
36:57 The gospel goes to the Gentiles.
37:00 The disciples in the book of Acts
37:02 preach the living Word of God to the ends of the earth.
37:06 Remember what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 28
37:10 verses 19 and 20: "Go ye therefore and teach... " What?
37:13 "all nations. " ALL nations!
37:16 "teaching them whatsoever I have commanded you. "
37:19 "Go, make disciples of all nations.
37:21 I am with you to the ends of the earth. "
37:23 So after 34 AD
37:25 the gospel of God's grace, the gospel of God's goodness
37:28 was to go to all the world.
37:31 490 years. The prophecy concludes in 34 AD.
37:36 Those are verifiable historical events,
37:39 but God ties a heavenly event
37:43 that we cannot see tangibly with our eyes
37:47 to earthly events that are anchored in history
37:52 so we can have the assurance,
37:53 so we can have the confidence, so we can have the absolute
37:57 certainty that what God said would take place
38:00 in heaven at the end of the 2,300 years
38:03 indeed is a reality.
38:06 This is no figment of our imaginations.
38:08 This is no pipe dream.
38:11 This is no magic formula, some rabbit pulled out of a hat,
38:17 someplace in fanciful in- terpretation of Bible prophecy.
38:21 This is anchored in history... anchored in earthly events.
38:26 There is a divine timetable
38:29 that has been filled through- out the history of our world.
38:33 27 AD... AD 31... AD 34.
38:37 Now the time of the end in 1844.
38:40 No longer business as usual.
38:42 No longer pleasures as usual.
38:44 We are living at a unique time of earth's history.
38:48 These events are the culmination
38:51 of the great controversy between good and evil.
38:55 From the time that Adam and Eve sinned,
38:59 from the time that Adam and Eve left the garden,
39:03 they looked forward to the coming of the Messiah.
39:06 Every slain lamb pointed forward to the coming
39:10 of Jesus Christ... and He came!
39:12 Tabernacled in human flesh.
39:14 Lived the life we should have lived,
39:17 faced every temptation that Satan could have thrown at Him.
39:20 The Bible says: "He was tempted... "
39:23 Hebrews chapter 4... "in all points like we are
39:25 yet without sin. "
39:26 Jesus gained the victory in His life.
39:29 And even in His death, Satan could not destroy Him.
39:33 On that cross He triumphed according to Colossians 2:14-16
39:39 "over the principalities and powers of hell. "
39:41 This resurrected Christ has ascended to heaven.
39:44 This resurrected Christ reaches out to you and me today.
39:48 But this resurrected Christ will come again.
39:52 He will stream down the corridor of the sky.
39:55 The heavens will be illuminated with the glory
39:57 of God. He will come... but before He comes
40:01 the great judgment takes place.
40:04 Before a waiting world, before a watching universe
40:07 Jesus Himself reveals His majesty, reveals His love.
40:13 When names come up in judgment
40:16 before the whole universe Jesus steps forth.
40:20 He says: "Could I have done anything else to save
40:22 Mark Finley? "
40:24 "Could I have done anything else to save Harry or John
40:27 or Mary or Sally? "
40:29 "I've done everything I could. I sent My Holy Spirit
40:33 to draw them to Me. " The Bible says
40:36 in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 that "God puts eternity
40:40 in our hearts. " The Bible says in John chapter 1
40:44 that Christ is "the light that lights every man
40:47 that comes into the world. "
40:48 Every person born into this world
40:50 has the light of the Holy Spirit in their hearts
40:54 that's drawing them to Jesus.
40:55 Before the judgment bar of God, before the universe,
40:58 Jesus said: "Could I have done anything else? "
41:00 "I sent My Holy Spirit to draw them to Me. "
41:02 "I arranged providences in their life
41:05 so that they would understand My love. "
41:08 Jesus says: "I left heaven
41:11 and I descended into the realms of earth.
41:15 I tabernacled in human flesh.
41:19 I lived as a human being. I faced every temptation
41:22 common with man. Could I have done anything else? "
41:25 And the whole universe says: "Just and righteous
41:29 are Your ways, O Lord!
41:31 You've done everything You possibly could do. "
41:33 One of the things that the judgment will reveal
41:37 is that any human being that is lost
41:40 is not lost because they did not have the opportunity.
41:45 Revelation's judgment
41:47 reveals that men and women are lost not because
41:51 they didn't have the opportunity
41:53 but because they did not take advantage of the opportunities
41:58 that they had. You're not watching
42:00 this broadcast on Three Cosmic Messages:
42:03 Earth's Final Conflict by accident.
42:07 I am convinced that we are living
42:10 in the final hours of earth's history
42:13 and I am convinced that we are living in the judgment hour.
42:16 That the destinies of all humanity will soon be settled
42:20 and that Christ is appealing to you right now.
42:24 He is giving you that oppor- tunity as you view this program
42:29 to make an eternal decision.
42:31 Three cosmic messages.
42:34 Three angels flying in the middle of heaven.
42:37 "I saw another angel... " that first angel's message
42:40 that we are studying... "flying in the midst of heaven
42:42 having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell
42:45 on the earth... to every nation, kindred,
42:48 tongue, and people. Saying with a loud voice:
42:50 'Fear God... ' " We'll study that in our next presentation.
42:54 What does that mean?
42:55 "Give glory to God. " What does that mean?
42:57 "For the hour of His judgment IS come. "
43:01 In 1844 the clock struck the hour.
43:06 Jesus has entered in to the
43:08 Most Holy Place
43:09 of the heavenly sanctuary.
43:11 God is making His final appeal to mankind right now.
43:17 This is no time to be playing around on the edges
43:21 of safe. This is no time to be playing around
43:25 on the periphery of religion.
43:28 THIS is no time to be playing games;
43:31 this is a time to get serious about our faith;
43:34 a time to be on our knees repenting before God;
43:37 a time to open our hearts to His grace, His love, and His mercy.
43:42 This indeed is God's judgment hour.
43:46 Soon the great controversy between good and evil
43:50 will be ended.
43:51 Soon Christ will say: "Ladies and gentlemen,
43:55 it's closing time. The kingdoms of this earth
43:59 have reigned temporarily. "
44:02 When you look back at the history of Daniel
44:05 and Revelation, we find there in Daniel and Revelation
44:09 Babylon rises and falls. It reigns from 605 BC
44:14 to 539 BC.
44:15 Medo-Persia rises and falls. It reigns from
44:19 539 BC to 331 BC.
44:22 Greece rises and falls. It reigns from
44:25 331 BC to 168 BC.
44:28 Rome rises and falls
44:30 and it reigns from 168 BC to about 351 AD.
44:37 Rome falls apart. These ten divisions in Daniel...
44:40 these are great cosmic periods.
44:43 And Rome falls apart. Ten divisions of Rome
44:47 and then multiple other divisions from about
44:50 351 AD to 476 AD.
44:53 A religious/political power rises.
44:56 In all of these powers the devil attempts to usurp God's
45:00 authority. But Daniel looks at the judgment
45:03 and as he does he looks from earth to heaven
45:06 and there he sees the divine sitting of the court of the
45:10 universe. There he sees Jesus
45:14 come to the Father and there he sees the kingdom
45:17 being given to Christ. And the book of Revelation
45:20 describes these final events of earth's history.
45:23 It describes the final conflict in earth's history.
45:26 It describes powers rising.
45:29 It describes amazingly the rise of a religious
45:33 political power out of Rome.
45:35 It describes a period of persecution.
45:37 Revelation that we'll be studying describes
45:40 the rise of America in Bible prophecy.
45:43 It describes troublous times
45:46 called the Time of Trouble.
45:47 But it describes this final judgment!
45:49 It describes Jesus receiving
45:51 the kingdom. It describes the triumph
45:53 of Christ in the last days of earth's history.
46:02 Daniel 8:14: "Unto 2,300 days
46:07 then the SANCTUARY will be cleansed. "
46:10 Then truth will be restored.
46:12 You know, it's interesting.
46:14 Another word for cleansed there
46:17 is restored. "Unto 2,300 days
46:20 then shall the sanctuary be restored. "
46:23 What's that all about?
46:24 Since 1844, God would raise up
46:28 honor in harmony with His final work in heaven
46:32 where He is cleansing heaven's sanctuary.
46:35 Where He is declaring the righteousness
46:40 of Christ sufficient to forgive,
46:44 to cleanse, to change His people.
46:46 In harmony with that, Jesus would raise up a movement
46:51 on earth... a divine movement of destiny.
46:53 "Unto 2,300 days then the sanctuary would be cleansed
46:56 or restored. "
46:58 This divine movement would restore the truth about Jesus.
47:01 The truth that we need not have the earthly sacrifice
47:05 of human masses. That we need not have
47:08 earthly priests but that Jesus is the one
47:11 Mediator between God and man.
47:13 That Christ's sacrifice is complete.
47:16 Christ's sacrifice is enough.
47:17 Christ's blood is enough!
47:19 The cross is enough to save all humanity.
47:22 He would raise up a movement
47:24 that would point to Jesus as our dying Lamb
47:26 but Jesus is our living Priest.
47:28 That through His love, power, and grace
47:30 our lives could be changed. Through His love, power,
47:33 and grace we could be made over again.
47:36 He would provide in that message of the restoration
47:40 of the sanctuary the truth about the living priesthood
47:43 of Christ. Jesus says... Hebrews 7:25:
47:47 "He ever lives to make intercession for us. "
47:50 He is there in the sanctuary for us!
47:52 We need not an earthly temple.
47:56 We need not an earthly sanctuary.
47:58 We need not earthly sacrifices.
48:00 We need not earthly priests.
48:03 We have a High Priest: Jesus!
48:05 We have a heavenly sanctuary that we can look to.
48:08 You see, the evangelical world -
48:13 and I say it humbly -
48:15 most of the evangelical world
48:17 is making a significant mistake.
48:20 They're looking to an earthly temple.
48:22 They're looking for an anti- christ to enter that earthly
48:26 temple. They are looking for an earthly solution.
48:32 Jesus is in the heavenly tabernacle.
48:35 Jesus' eyes are to focus us on His heavenly tabernacle...
48:40 Our Roman Catholic friends make a similar mistake.
48:43 They look at earthly priests.
48:46 They look at an earthly priesthood, an earthly sacrifice
48:50 of the mass. But the key events in earth's history right now,
48:55 the key events that will settle this controversy
48:59 between good and evil in the universe,
49:01 is God restoring the truth about the heavenly sanctuary.
49:06 God restoring the truth about His sacrifice.
49:09 God restoring the truth about His heavenly priesthood.
49:13 God restoring the truth about His law
49:15 that has been violated, desecrated by human beings.
49:19 God is pointing us to the heavenly sanctuary
49:22 where the law is the very foundation of His government.
49:26 And God invites us to come on our knees to seek Him.
49:30 He is the One that longs to present our case
49:35 before the very throne of God.
49:37 But you say: "1844!
49:40 We are living now in the 21st century.
49:44 Think about how long that has been
49:47 since that even took place... since the judgment began! "
49:52 May I remind you
49:54 that in the days of Noah
49:57 Noah preached the coming judgment.
50:00 He preached the coming of the flood waters
50:04 for 120 years.
50:07 Think about the largeness of the population since Noah's time.
50:13 Why did God have Noah preach for 120 years?
50:17 Oh, you say: "To build the ark! It took him 120 years. "
50:20 Don't you think that God could have built that ark
50:23 a lot quicker than 120 years?
50:25 See, God's intent was to give everybody a chance.
50:28 God's intent was to give everybody an opportunity.
50:31 So Noah preached the coming flood, the coming judgment,
50:34 for 120 years. The population of this world
50:38 is a lot larger than Noah's day.
50:40 And so the message that's going out is a message
50:43 of the time of the end.
50:45 That you and I are living in the judgment hour.
50:48 That you and I are living at the time of the end.
50:55 In Noah's day, very few people recognized
50:59 what was going on, and in our day
51:01 very few people recognize what is going on.
51:04 But God has a message - an eternal message -
51:07 and His eternal message is circling the globe right now.
51:13 And although we do not know the exact hour of Christ's returning
51:17 we DO KNOW that time is running out.
51:21 We DO KNOW that we're living at the time of the end.
51:23 We DO KNOW that God is making a final appeal
51:28 to mankind. It may be at morn; it may be at midnight.
51:33 We do not know the exact hour.
51:36 But we DO KNOW that THIS is decision time!
51:40 THIS is the time of the judgment.
51:43 THIS is the time to make an eternal choice for Christ.
51:46 Why not make that choice right now
51:48 as Charles comes and sings?
51:55 It may be at morn,
51:59 when the day is awaking,
52:05 When sunlight through darkness
52:09 and shadow is breaking,
52:15 That Jesus will come
52:19 in the fullness of glory
52:25 to receive from this world
52:29 His own.
52:33 O Lord Jesus how long,
52:39 how long?
52:41 Ere we shout the glad song:
52:45 "Christ returneth! Hallelujah!
52:49 Hallelujah, Amen!
52:53 Hallelujah, Amen! "
53:00 It may be at mid-day, it may be
53:06 at twilight,
53:09 It may be perchance,
53:13 that the blackness of midnight
53:19 Will burst into light
53:23 in the blaze of His glory
53:29 when Jesus receives
53:34 "His own. "
53:38 O Lord Jesus
53:42 how long,
53:44 how long?
53:47 Ere we shout a glad song:
53:51 "Christ returneth!
53:53 Hallelujah!
53:55 Hallelujah, Amen!
53:59 Hallelujah, Amen! "
54:05 While hosts cry Hosanna,
54:09 from heaven descending,
54:15 With glorified saints
54:18 and the angels attending,
54:24 With grace on His brow
54:28 like a halo of glory
54:34 When Jesus receives
54:38 "His own. "
54:42 O Lord Jesus,
54:45 how long,
54:47 how long?
54:49 Ere we shout the glad song:
54:53 "Christ returneth!
54:55 Hallelujah!
54:57 Hallelujah, Amen!
55:01 Hallelujah, Amen! "
55:06 "Hallelujah...
55:09 Amen! "
55:21 There is nothing more that Jesus wants
55:25 than for you to be with Him in heaven.
55:29 There in the judgment of God
55:33 before the judgment bar of God
55:36 Jesus is there... He's there for you.
55:40 He's there representing you.
55:43 He's there pleading for you.
55:46 He's there interceding for you.
55:50 The desire of His heart
55:52 is that you be with Him for all eternity.
55:56 The longing of His mind...
56:00 He has one thought on His mind, and that's you.
56:04 He knows your name.
56:06 He knows the challenges that you go through.
56:10 He's there to strengthen you, to encourage you right now.
56:14 Will you open your heart to Him at this moment?
56:19 Will you say: "Jesus, I am Yours" as we pray?
56:23 Father in heaven, the judgment could be incredibly fearful
56:28 if we had to stand in the judgment alone.
56:32 We sense anew today afresh
56:35 that we are living just before Your return.
56:40 We sense anew that the clock has struck the hour.
56:44 We confess our sins.
56:48 We open our hearts to the grace of Christ.
56:52 We thank you and praise you
56:54 that You are standing in the judgment for us
56:57 and that in Christ we will be victorious.
57:00 In Jesus' name, Amen.
57:02 Be sure to join us for each of these presentations.
57:07 In our next presentation
57:10 I'll be looking at that first angel's message again:
57:15 Revelation 14 and verse 7
57:18 and we'll be talking about what does it mean to fear God.
57:21 What does it mean to give glory to God.
57:24 Be sure to join us... God bless you.


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