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00:40 I'm delighted that you've joined us.
00:41 Welcome back
00:43 if you've been following this series previously,
00:47 Three Cosmic Messages: Earth's Final Conflict.
00:52 The title of our series
00:53 reflects the Book of Revelation,
00:57 and three messages that God sent to John
00:59 on the island of Patmos.
01:00 They're called the three angels' messages.
01:03 They're found in Revelation 14:6-12.
01:07 Let's summarize what we have studied
01:09 so far in this series.
01:11 This is a series of 13 separate presentations.
01:15 So far, we've discovered the fact
01:17 that all of the Book of Revelation
01:19 leads us to make eternal choices.
01:22 The Book of Revelation is about the Christ
01:25 who invites us to make these choices
01:28 in the light of eternity.
01:29 We've also studied that the gospel of God's grace
01:33 would go to the ends of the earth
01:35 before the return of Christ,
01:37 that there would be a message
01:40 that would leap across geographical boundaries,
01:43 a message that would penetrate every language group.
01:47 Here is something bigger and larger
01:50 than any of the small plans that human beings make.
01:53 And God invites us to be something,
01:55 a part of something large for Him.
01:58 Also, we've studied the fact
02:00 that this message that would go to the ends of the earth
02:03 was pictured as being carried by angels symbolically.
02:07 One of those angels says with a loud voice, "Fear God."
02:11 That word fear means respect God.
02:14 It's an attitude of obedience toward God.
02:17 Then the angel says, "Give glory to Him."
02:20 Giving glory to God is a way
02:22 in which we express our faith in Him
02:25 through our lifestyle.
02:27 We give glory to Him by what we eat, what we drink,
02:30 how we live, our attitudes.
02:31 We give glory to God
02:33 by the things we place in our minds.
02:35 Here is an urgent call
02:38 in the light of eternity's judgment
02:40 for full, complete consecration to God.
02:46 Our message says,
02:48 "I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven,
02:51 having the everlasting gospel to preach to those
02:53 that dwell on the earth,
02:55 to every nation, kindred, tribe, and people,
02:59 saying with a loud voice," for emphasis,
03:02 "Fear God, give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment, "
03:05 not will come, "but has come
03:07 and worship Him that made heaven, earth,
03:10 the sea, and the fountains of waters."
03:12 Here is a message that calls us
03:15 in an age of evolution to worship the Creator.
03:19 As we enter into our presentation,
03:22 let's pray.
03:23 Father, we hear the call of Revelation,
03:26 we hear the voice of God
03:28 through the Holy Spirit speaking to us.
03:32 And, Father, as we come to this important topic,
03:36 we pray that You would guide us by your Holy Spirit,
03:39 to see new things from Your Word.
03:41 Speak to us through Your Word,
03:44 speak to us by Your Holy Spirit.
03:47 Help us see the importance and significance of creation
03:52 in an age of evolution, we pray in Christ's name, amen.
03:57 The title of this presentation is "Creation Speaks."
04:02 Creation speaks to us of God's love.
04:05 Creation speaks to us of God's power.
04:09 Creation speaks to us of a God who restored this world
04:14 in its Edenic splendor.
04:15 Creation speaks to us of a creation in the past,
04:19 a new creation in the future,
04:21 and how God wants to newly create our lives.
04:25 Come back with me over the decades
04:27 to the 1840s,
04:30 economic, philosophic, and scientific movements
04:35 were changing the world.
04:37 It was here in the 1840s, in fact in 1844,
04:42 that Charles Darwin published his first draft
04:46 of the Origin of Species.
04:48 That book, the Origin of Species,
04:51 focusing on evolution
04:54 would change the thinking of the world.
04:57 It was in 1844 that Karl Marx was working on his manuscripts
05:03 of the Communist Manifesto,
05:05 another movement of humanism,
05:07 and of dialectic materialism that would change the world.
05:12 In the 1840s,
05:13 Samuel Morris made
05:15 the first digital transmission there Morse code.
05:20 That instant communication method
05:24 would again be part of a scientific movement
05:27 that would change the world.
05:30 By 1859, Darwin's thoughts had fully developed.
05:36 And as they did
05:37 when he published the Origin of Species,
05:40 many believers in that theory of evolution
05:45 sensed that we had come to a pivotal moment
05:49 in the history of this world.
05:51 In fact, one wrote this.
05:53 "Darwin's Origin of the Species,
05:56 published in 1859,
05:58 remains one of history's most influential
06:01 and talked about scientific papers.
06:03 It introduced the theory that populations evolve
06:07 over the course of generations
06:09 through a process of natural selection,
06:11 a theory that became
06:13 the backbone of modern biology."
06:16 On the Origin of Species
06:18 changed the way people think about the world
06:22 and the origin of the world.
06:24 The impact of evolutionary thought
06:25 on science, on philosophy,
06:28 on psychology and religion is incalculable.
06:33 The essence of evolution is this,
06:37 it is the survival of the fittest.
06:40 And if you take evolution to its logical conclusion,
06:43 there is no basis for a moral ethic.
06:46 We are simply enlarged protein molecules.
06:50 We're simply a random combination
06:54 of genes and chromosomes.
06:57 Where is there a moral ethic
06:58 if we are simply enlarged protein molecules
07:03 and a more intelligent form of the animal species?
07:08 There is no basis for moral ethic.
07:11 There is no morality on that basis.
07:13 So evolution really changed not only science,
07:18 not only philosophy and psychology,
07:20 but it totally changed
07:22 the way people think about life.
07:25 But at the same time,
07:27 Karl Marx and Frederick Engels
07:30 were writing the first draft of the Communist Manifesto.
07:34 Evolution and the Communist Manifesto
07:37 have something in common,
07:39 and that is that life revolves around the individual,
07:44 and that there is no hope for eternity,
07:47 there is nothing beyond,
07:49 the grave becomes a dark hole in the ground.
07:53 The end of life becomes a nightmare without a morning.
07:57 So when you look at evolution, you look at communism,
08:01 socialism in its extreme forms, dialectic, materialism,
08:06 they offer only one thing,
08:08 and that is self-gratification today,
08:11 because there is nothing beyond tomorrow.
08:14 In fact, Karl Marx said this,
08:17 "Religion is the opiate of the people."
08:20 In other words, religion is a myth.
08:22 It's a fanciful myth
08:24 according to Marx's understanding.
08:27 It is something for people
08:29 that are intellectual ignoramuses,
08:32 some people that don't have that thinking capacity.
08:35 As we look at the 1840s,
08:38 and we see the development of evolution,
08:40 we see the development of Marxism,
08:43 and with Engels and Marx
08:45 and we see the origin of the Communist Manifesto,
08:49 we have to ask a question.
08:50 And the question we ask is this,
08:52 would God leave the world without a witness?
08:57 "These two movements developing simultaneously,
09:00 evolution and communism,
09:02 produced an extremely low value on all human life
09:06 by dismissing the concept of a personal God
09:09 who is the Creator of the universe."
09:11 So if you accept communism,
09:15 if you accept its atheistic view,
09:17 if you accept evolution
09:18 and the origin of the species
09:21 and the survival of the fittest,
09:23 you dismiss the idea of the supernatural,
09:26 you do away with the first 11 chapters
09:29 of the Bible, immediately,
09:31 you dismiss the Genesis account,
09:33 and essentially, life becomes
09:36 a vain pursuit for pleasure.
09:40 God would not allow the world to be without a witness.
09:45 And so He sent a message for this hour.
09:48 And amazingly enough,
09:50 this message of the three angels
09:52 was developing at the same time of evolution and communism.
09:59 It was developing there in the 1840s,
10:02 God would send a message to this planet,
10:05 He would raise up a divine movement of destiny.
10:08 A group of Bible students began to study the Word of God.
10:12 They studied the prophecies of Daniel,
10:14 they studied the prophecies of Revelation.
10:16 And as they did, they sensed
10:18 in this message of Revelation 14:6-12,
10:23 that God had a special message,
10:25 God had a unique message.
10:27 God had a message for this generation
10:30 that is shaped that is tailor made
10:33 to meet the challenge of evolution,
10:35 to meet the challenge of atheism.
10:37 A message for us today.
10:40 That message was given to John on the island of Patmos.
10:43 John was the last of the living disciples.
10:46 He was there in his 90s.
10:48 Patmos is an amazing place.
10:50 I visited it on numerous occasions,
10:53 about nine miles long.
10:55 It's an idyllic island today.
10:58 It has about 3,000 people living there.
11:01 You come into its port called Skala.
11:04 And it was there
11:06 that John exiled on the island of Patmos,
11:09 a prisoner for the Lord,
11:11 sent there by the pagan Roman Emperor Domitian,
11:15 because John would not sacrifice
11:18 to the idols of Rome.
11:20 And there on that island, Jesus visited him.
11:23 There on that island,
11:25 John had a vision of the future.
11:28 The island was illuminated with the glory of God.
11:32 And John there saw these scenes
11:36 that we are studying in the Book of Revelation.
11:39 It's the revelation of Jesus Christ
11:43 in His last day message to the world.
11:45 Here Revelation 1:9 says,
11:47 "I, John, both your brother and companion in tribulation,"
11:51 John says, You're going through trouble,
11:52 I understand it.
11:53 I'm a prisoner.
11:55 I'm in exile on the island of Patmos.
11:56 His bones ached with pain,
11:58 his body was wracked at times
12:01 with that suffering and the pain.
12:03 He says, "I, John, your brother and companion in tribulation,
12:07 and in the kingdom and patience of Christ
12:09 was on the island of Pat which is called Patmos
12:12 for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus."
12:16 And there on that island, God broke through.
12:18 There on that island,
12:19 God moved powerfully
12:21 and gave to John the Book of Revelation.
12:23 It was Jesus who visited John.
12:26 And as He did, He unfolded the future,
12:30 and He unfolded movements
12:32 that would come down the stream of time,
12:35 and He unfolded His message
12:37 that would meet the challenge of the time.
12:40 In Revelation, we read
12:42 how the revelation of Jesus Christ,
12:44 how Jesus would unmask the plans of the devil,
12:48 how Jesus would reveal the plans of God.
12:51 Revelation is not some common book,
12:54 not some book dreamed up by a human author.
12:57 It is God's message for this generation.
13:01 Revelation 14 is that message
13:05 described as being carried by three angels in mid heaven,
13:10 three cosmic messages, we've been studying it.
13:13 "Fear God, give glory to Him,
13:15 for the hour of His judgment has come,
13:18 worship Him who made heaven, and the earth, and the sea,
13:22 and the springs of waters."
13:23 Incidentally, when you go into the place
13:26 where John purportedly and we don't know for sure,
13:30 received the vision of Revelation.
13:33 And it's a cave like structure, you go down.
13:37 The monks who are the custodians
13:40 of that particular place today,
13:42 have placed this placard and I've taken a picture of it,
13:47 which they believe to be the heart of Revelation.
13:50 And it says, "Fear God," very same verse we have here,
13:53 "and give glory to Him,
13:54 for the hour of His judgment has come,
13:56 and worship Him who made heaven, earth,
13:57 the sea and springs of water."
13:59 It's quite amazing to me
14:01 that the thousands of people who visit that cave
14:04 see this very verse,
14:06 and that even the great religious leaders
14:10 down through the centuries
14:11 have sense there's something special here,
14:15 a call to worship the creator in an age of evolution.
14:20 You know, Winston Churchill once said,
14:21 "It's not enough to have lived.
14:23 We must be determined to have lived for something."
14:27 And Fyodor Dostoyevsky said,
14:30 "The mystery of human existence
14:32 lies not in just staying alive,
14:34 but in finding something to live for."
14:37 When you understand the bigness,
14:40 when you understand the greatness
14:42 of this message of the three angels,
14:44 it's something to live for.
14:46 It's a purpose that burns in your soul.
14:50 Because you sense
14:52 that when error flooded into this world
14:55 through creation,
14:56 when error flooded into this world
14:58 through dialectic materialism, communism and atheism,
15:01 that God had a message to go to the ends of the earth
15:04 to prepare people for His soon return.
15:06 And part of that message is a call.
15:08 It is a clarion call to men and women everywhere,
15:11 that we're not a genetic accident.
15:14 We're not simply skin covering bones.
15:16 We're not simply a chromosomal aberration.
15:19 We didn't simply evolve from the primeval slime,
15:23 but we were created
15:24 by a loving God that cares for us.
15:27 "Fear God, give glory to Him,
15:29 for the hour of His judgment has come,
15:31 worship Him who made heaven, earth,
15:35 sea and the fountains of waters."
15:37 Now who is the one who made the heaven, earth,
15:39 sea and the fountains of waters?
15:41 Who is He?
15:42 What's another name that we call this One?
15:44 He is the Creator.
15:46 So here is a call in an age of evolution
15:48 to worship the Creator of the heavens,
15:52 worship the Creator of the earth,
15:54 worship the One by whose very word
15:57 He spoke and stars came into existence.
16:00 He spoke and earth appeared.
16:03 He spoke
16:04 and this dry land was carpeted with living green.
16:07 He spoke and birds flew and fluttered
16:10 and fruit trees sprung up.
16:13 He spoke and human life came into existence,
16:17 as He formed man out of the dust of the ground,
16:20 breathed into his nostrils the breath of life,
16:22 the Creator, the all powerful One.
16:25 God spoke and this world was, came into existence.
16:28 You know, my word is a declarative word.
16:31 I can say this is a Bible.
16:34 I can say that's the screen.
16:36 I can say that's a picture.
16:38 But my word doesn't create that which it says,
16:43 God's word is so incredibly powerful,
16:47 that God, when God speaks, it is so,
16:50 even if it were never so before,
16:52 because when God speaks, He makes it so.
16:56 The audible word out of God's mouth
16:58 becomes tangible matter.
17:00 So when the all powerful Creator,
17:03 the Almighty Creator says,
17:05 "Let the sun, moon and stars appear."
17:09 The word out of His mouth carries with it creative power
17:14 that creates what He declares.
17:16 What God says is so,
17:18 even if it were never so before,
17:21 because when God says it,
17:24 it happens that the power of His word,
17:28 He is the all-powerful Creator.
17:30 Now, why does creation matter?
17:32 Why does it matter?
17:34 Whether we understand this message,
17:37 this call to worship the Creator?
17:39 What is the significance of that
17:41 in our practical lives?
17:43 When you go back to Genesis 1:1,
17:45 the Bible says,
17:47 "In the beginning God created..."
17:50 Now the word Hebrew word for created there is bara,
17:52 and bara is something that only God does.
17:55 He is the Creator,
17:56 we can make something out of something,
17:59 God can make something out of nothing.
18:01 "In the beginning,
18:03 God created the heavens and the earth."
18:05 To know that it was God that created
18:08 means that this God is all-powerful.
18:12 The sun, for example,
18:13 has a diameter of approximately 860,000 miles.
18:19 And it could hold 1 million planets,
18:21 the size of the earth.
18:23 I mean, you talk about an all-powerful God.
18:25 For Him to speak
18:27 and this sun comes into existence,
18:29 this magnificent orb of light in the sky.
18:32 It's absolutely incredible.
18:34 The sun is just one of 100 billion stars
18:38 in our galaxy.
18:39 And the Bible says,
18:40 God knows all those stars by name
18:42 and all-powerful God and all wise God.
18:45 Now take the Pistol Star, it has 10 million times,
18:49 did you get that?
18:50 I don't want to go with that too quickly.
18:52 It has 10 million times the power generated by the sun.
18:56 So when you look at these orbs in space,
19:00 you come to this conclusion, God is incredibly powerful.
19:05 The God we serve is not weak and powerless,
19:09 He is rather all-powerful.
19:11 And you look at the stars.
19:12 Somebody said, "If you could count the stars,
19:15 you'd have as many stars
19:16 as there were grains of sand in the sea."
19:19 And God knows everyone by name.
19:21 God created them.
19:23 God fashioned them by His word,
19:24 and every one of them, He knows.
19:27 He is an all-powerful God. He's an all wise God.
19:31 He's a God with supreme intelligence.
19:34 Isaiah says in Isaiah 40:26,
19:37 "Lift up your eyes on high,
19:40 and see who has created these things.
19:43 who brings out their hosts by number,
19:46 He calls them by name,
19:49 by the greatness of His might
19:51 and the strength of His power not one of them is missing."
19:56 The story is told of Napoleon
19:59 who one day was sailing on a ship with his sailors.
20:04 It was a dark night,
20:06 the stars were twinkling in the sky
20:09 and they were all standing on the deck talking.
20:12 And these sailors got into a conversation
20:14 about the existence of God.
20:17 And it's reported that Napoleon looked at them
20:19 and said, "Look up at the stars,
20:23 and tell me what you think."
20:25 And he then left them and went on to bed.
20:28 The sailors standing there looking at the stars
20:31 had that sense
20:32 in the cosmos of the universe
20:35 that God indeed was the Creator.
20:38 When we look at creation, why does it matter?
20:42 It matters because it tells us
20:44 of an all-powerful, almighty God in it.
20:47 As you look down through history,
20:49 you see how this powerful God has worked.
20:52 As Israel left Egypt,
20:54 with over a million people coming out of Egypt,
20:57 well over a million, they came to the Red Sea,
21:00 the Egyptian armies were behind them.
21:03 Mountains kept them
21:05 from fleeing further to their west.
21:08 There as they came to the Red Sea,
21:11 miraculously, God opened that sea divinely.
21:15 He is the God that created the world with power.
21:17 He is the God that opened the Red Sea,
21:19 where they came through some 20-25 miles.
21:22 And then this same sea at the word of God crashed down
21:26 and the Egyptian army is killing them.
21:28 He is eternal power,
21:30 still parts the troubled waters of our lives.
21:32 He still opens the way where there is no way.
21:35 Maybe you're struggling in your own life
21:37 with something that is really bothering you,
21:40 really troubling you.
21:42 Maybe you sense that you're too weak to go on.
21:44 But this God of all power,
21:47 this God that created the heavens and the earth,
21:50 this God that brought forth the sun, moon and stars,
21:53 this God that opened up the Red Sea,
21:55 He is your God, He is the all-powerful Creator.
22:00 Or think of it here,
22:02 God rains manna for 40 years
22:06 down in the wilderness to feed Israel.
22:08 He provides their need.
22:10 Philippians 4:19, says,
22:13 "My God shall supply all your need."
22:15 This all-powerful God
22:17 is still the one that opens the troubled seas of our lives.
22:21 This all-powerful God,
22:22 the Creator God
22:24 is still the one that meets our every need.
22:27 You can trust Him, we did not evolve.
22:31 We are not merely skin covering bone.
22:34 We're not simply a genetic accident.
22:37 Come with me to the ancient sanctuary.
22:40 Israel was guided by a pillar of fire by night,
22:44 and they were protected by a cloud during the day,
22:47 the all-powerful Creator took care of His people
22:51 in the wilderness and guided them.
22:53 This all-powerful Creator
22:55 will guide you in the decisions that you must make in life.
22:59 The Creator has not forgotten His creation.
23:03 God calls all the stars by name,
23:06 and He hasn't forgotten your name.
23:09 You know, there was a young boy traveling on a plane.
23:13 And he was reading his Sunday school lesson
23:16 and a professor of religion sat next to him and he thought,
23:20 "I'm going to have a little fun with that boy."
23:22 And he said, "Boy,
23:25 I noticed you're reading the Sunday school,
23:26 so you must be a Christian."
23:27 The boy said, "Yes."
23:29 He said, "Can you tell me, son, something that God can do?
23:34 Tell me one thing God can do
23:35 and I'll give you a shiny apple."
23:38 The boy said, "Mister,"
23:40 after the kid thought a little while,
23:42 "Mister, if you tell me something God can't do,
23:46 I'll give you a whole barrel of shiny apples."
23:50 You know, friend, that's the God we serve.
23:53 Not weak, but powerful.
23:56 He is the God of creation.
23:59 This Christ entered into human flesh,
24:04 faced Satan head on and overcame him.
24:07 And the all-powerful God of creation
24:11 faced Satan in human flesh,
24:15 trusting the Father overcame temptation,
24:18 and His power is available for you and for me.
24:23 God's infinite power can defeat the forces of hell
24:27 that tried to destroy us.
24:29 Maybe darkness has overcome you.
24:32 Maybe you felt discouraged and depressed.
24:35 Maybe you have fallen over temptation.
24:38 I point you to the all-powerful Creator.
24:41 I point you to the One
24:42 who in His life defeated the forces of hell
24:46 and the One indeed
24:48 who can chase back the evil shades of darkness
24:51 in your own life.
24:53 I point you to this living Christ.
24:55 He is the all-powerful Creator.
24:58 He is the Savior, the Divine Son of God.
25:01 The Bible says, 2 Corinthians 5:17,
25:04 "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation."
25:06 We can become new,
25:07 the all-powerful Creator can recreate in us love
25:11 where there was hate, kindness where there was greed,
25:15 unselfishness where there was selfishness,
25:18 purity, where there was impurity.
25:20 See, God is still in the creation business.
25:24 And as I open the Word of God, that same word,
25:29 the written word in the Bible
25:31 carries the power of the spoken word.
25:34 And as we listen to the Word of God together,
25:37 as you allow the Word of God to bore its way
25:39 into your heart and mind,
25:41 He will recreate you in His image.
25:44 "If any man is in Christ, he is a new," what?
25:46 "Creation, old things are passed away,
25:50 behold, all things are new."
25:52 Christ wants to make a new you.
25:56 Would you like to pray this prayer right now
25:59 as we proceed in our presentation?
26:02 Let's pause for a moment.
26:04 "Dear Lord, You are the Creator of this world
26:07 and everything in it.
26:09 You're the God of awesome power.
26:11 By faith, I believe that You can make of my life
26:14 a new creation.
26:16 I surrender to You anything not in harmony
26:18 with Your will,
26:20 and ask You to recreate Your image in me."
26:23 Joy to say Jesus.
26:25 I believe You can make of my life,
26:28 a new creation.
26:29 Wherever you are,
26:31 would you like to repeat that with me right now?
26:33 Dear Lord, I believe that You can make of my life,
26:39 a new creation.
26:41 The all-powerful Creator
26:44 is still in the business of recreation.
26:48 He's still in the business of inviting people
26:51 to come to Him and change their lives.
26:55 Creation speaks also of a God of intricate design
26:59 and careful planning.
27:02 When you look at creation,
27:03 everything about creation indicates design.
27:07 It does not indicate randomness,
27:10 it does not indicate chance,
27:12 it does not indicate haphazardness
27:15 when you think of it,
27:16 the planets orbit
27:18 in an orderly fashion around the sun.
27:22 These planets are not haphazard,
27:25 stuck up there someplace in the heavens,
27:28 so that they are out of orbit colliding with one another.
27:32 But an almighty God holds them in His hand
27:34 and directs them in their orbit around the sun.
27:37 Or you think about it,
27:38 every seed produces after its kind.
27:42 When you plant a seed in the ground,
27:44 the harvest is predictable.
27:46 Apple trees produce apples, orange trees produce oranges,
27:51 corn kernels produce corn stalks
27:54 and ears of corn,
27:56 strawberry plants produce strawberries,
27:59 there's a very orderly process in the universe.
28:02 We don't see randomness. We don't see chance.
28:05 We don't see haphazardness.
28:07 Think of the intricate design of God.
28:09 You know, God must have this fantastic imagination.
28:12 Think of all the different colors
28:14 of the fish.
28:15 Think of how God places in some fish,
28:18 almost like a sonar radar.
28:20 And these fish can go to the place
28:23 where they were born.
28:25 After they have migrated
28:28 hundreds, thousands of miles from there,
28:30 after they've swam through the ocean,
28:32 they go back.
28:33 It's quite amazing when you think of the design
28:36 of all creation,
28:37 when you look at sea life
28:39 with its multi colors of orange and yellow
28:42 and blues and greens,
28:44 and you look at the way God created the birds
28:46 and all the infinite variety of the birds.
28:49 But you look at precision, you look at design,
28:52 you look at beauty, you look at order,
28:55 and where there is design, there must be a designer,
28:58 and where there is order,
29:00 there must be a creator
29:01 because order doesn't come out of chaos.
29:04 You look at God, and you see intelligent design,
29:08 and where there's intelligent design,
29:10 there must be an intelligent designer.
29:12 Creation speaks of a God of intricate design,
29:15 a God of careful planning,
29:17 a God who is the originator of life.
29:20 And because of that creation matters,
29:23 not only does He have a plan for creation,
29:25 not only does He have an intricate design
29:28 in all creation,
29:29 God's got a plan for your life.
29:31 Your life is not to be some haphazard, lackluster life
29:35 with no purpose or meaning.
29:37 God has a design for your life.
29:41 God has created you in His image.
29:44 Psalm 48:14 says,
29:46 "For this is our God, our God forever,
29:49 and He will be our guide even to death."
29:52 If God created the birds
29:53 and guides them through the air,
29:54 if God created the fish, God created you,
29:57 He fashioned you, He shaped you,
29:59 and the Scripture says He will be your guide.
30:03 David cries out in ecstasy, Psalm 139:14 and 15,
30:09 "I will praise You,
30:11 for I am fearfully and wonderfully made,
30:13 Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows well."
30:17 Think about it.
30:19 David says you're fearfully and wonderfully made.
30:21 Think of the cell and think of the mitochondria,
30:24 the little life center of the cell.
30:27 You think of the nucleus of the cell,
30:29 with its amazing, amazing center of all life
30:34 and you begin to think about how complex we are.
30:38 You think about the eye and its ability to see,
30:41 the ear and its ability to hear,
30:43 the heart as it pumps its blood,
30:45 the stomach as it digest food,
30:47 the lungs and the respiratory system.
30:51 You think of how God was so caring.
30:53 What if you didn't have fingernails?
30:57 What if there were no fingernails?
30:59 I mean, you're wiping something,
31:00 your fingers are always bloody and bruised.
31:03 What if there are no eyelashes here,
31:05 and you're constantly getting dust in your eyes?
31:06 So think about that little trachea
31:08 in your throat
31:09 that brushes out the impurities.
31:11 What if that didn't exist?
31:13 God has taken care
31:14 of every little tiny detail in creation.
31:19 He is the God
31:20 who hasn't missed one little item.
31:23 That's why David says, "I will praise You,
31:25 for I'm fearfully and wonderfully made."
31:28 "My frame was not hidden from You,
31:30 when I was made in secret,
31:32 and skillfully wrought
31:33 in the lowest parts of the earth."
31:35 David says, "My frame was not hidden from you."
31:38 In other words, God knows your name.
31:41 God knows the circumstances of your life,
31:45 and God has an immense purpose for your life.
31:49 Now creation also is the basis of all worship.
31:53 If the devil can pummel off the falsehood or a lie
31:58 or deception of evolution, there is no basis for worship.
32:04 Why do we worship God anyway?
32:06 Revelation 4:11 says, "You are worthy, O Lord,
32:10 to receive glory and honor and power,
32:12 for You created all things
32:14 and by Your will they exist and were created."
32:17 So the worthiness of Christ
32:20 to receive glory, honor, and power,
32:23 the worthiness of Christ to be worshiped
32:26 is based on the fact that He created us.
32:29 Now notice the last part of the text.
32:31 It says, "You created all things
32:32 by Your will they exist and were created."
32:35 So we've come into existence not by chance,
32:39 not by randomness, not by haphazard luck,
32:44 but by the will of God.
32:46 Has that solemn thought hit you yet?
32:49 You exist by the will of God.
32:53 You exist, because God willed you come into existence.
32:57 Why were you born
32:58 at this moment of earth's history?
33:00 Why weren't you born 1,000 years ago?
33:03 Why weren't you born five years from now?
33:06 Further than that, why are you a human being?
33:09 Why aren't you a cow?
33:11 Why aren't you a mosquito
33:13 that somebody could just simply swat?
33:15 Why are you, you?
33:17 You are you because God willed it.
33:21 When the genes and chromosomes came together
33:24 to form the unique biological structure
33:26 of your personality,
33:28 God threw away the pattern.
33:31 God shaped you, God formed you.
33:33 There's nobody like you.
33:35 And creation says
33:37 that you're more than 1 billion,
33:38 more than one of 7 billion people
33:41 calling at one another
33:42 for living space on planet earth.
33:44 But creation says
33:45 that you're special in God's sight.
33:48 "You are worthy, O Lord,
33:50 to receive glory and honor and power
33:51 because You created all things, by Your will they are created."
33:55 We came into existence by the very will of God.
33:58 That means life has purpose.
34:00 That means life has meaning.
34:02 Psalm 33:15,
34:04 "He fashions their hearts individually."
34:07 Every baby born
34:11 has been created by God.
34:15 Although we live in a world of sickness and suffering,
34:19 where there are deformities that take place
34:21 because we live in a broken world.
34:24 That child is still God's child.
34:28 That child is still one that God has purpose
34:32 and meaning for in their life.
34:35 And no matter how much that little one
34:36 may suffer in this life,
34:39 because of the brokenness of sin
34:41 and the heartache of our world,
34:43 God still has an ultimate plan
34:46 and one day they will be whole again.
34:49 Jeremiah 1:5 says,
34:51 "Before I formed you in the womb,
34:53 I knew you,
34:54 before you were born, I sanctified you,
34:56 and I ordained you a prophet to the nations."
34:59 So it is not simply
35:00 that life takes place after one is born,
35:05 but rather when one is conceived
35:07 there is life there,
35:09 before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.
35:13 God knew Jeremiah even in the womb.
35:15 So what does this message of Revelation 14:6 and 7 say?
35:20 It says that we're created by God,
35:22 that human life is sacred.
35:25 That is why
35:26 the taking of the life of the unborn,
35:29 that is why the taking of the life
35:31 of those who do not,
35:34 who are not able to speak up for themselves
35:36 is a violation of the commandments of God.
35:40 That is why the taking of the elderly life
35:43 when they can no longer make a contribution to society.
35:48 That is why, that is not in harmony
35:51 in any way with God's will.
35:53 Why?
35:55 Because creation says every life matters.
35:57 The life of the unborn,
35:59 the life of the those who have physical deformities,
36:02 their life matters.
36:04 The life of those who are mentally retarded,
36:07 that life matters.
36:09 The life of those who are elderly and dying,
36:12 but can't contribute to society, that life matters.
36:16 Every life in this broken, shattered world matters to God.
36:21 And God speaks words of hope and encouragement
36:25 to every human being.
36:26 He has a purpose for our life.
36:28 The call to worship the Creator
36:30 is a call to understand and appreciate
36:33 the value of every single human being.
36:37 Every child has value in His sight.
36:39 Every teenager has value in His sight.
36:42 Every adult has value in His sight.
36:45 Every senior citizen has value in His sight.
36:47 Rich and poor, ignorant and wise,
36:51 all have value in the sight of God.
36:54 Evolution is dehumanizing,
36:56 because it says
36:57 we're simply an enlarged protein molecule
36:59 of the animal creation.
37:01 Creation matters.
37:03 Creation speaks of a God longing for personal fellowship
37:06 and intimate relationship.
37:08 Where there is design, there must be a designer.
37:12 Where there is intelligent design,
37:13 there must be an intelligent designer.
37:16 And where there is love in the universe,
37:19 there must be one who is the origin,
37:23 the heart of all love.
37:25 And the fact that we have the capacity to love,
37:28 the fact that we have the ability to love
37:31 indicates the reality of an intelligent designer
37:35 who we call the Creator God,
37:37 who the Bible calls the Creator,
37:39 who has placed that love within our hearts.
37:42 So the call of creation
37:44 is a call to respond to His love,
37:48 and enter into intimate relationship
37:50 with Him.
37:52 The Christ that created us, the Christ that died for us,
37:56 longs to have a relationship with us.
37:59 The Sabbath, set aside at the beginning of time,
38:04 is that appeal by God
38:07 for His desire for relationship.
38:10 In Genesis 2:1-3, the Bible says,
38:13 "Thus the heavens and the earth
38:15 and all the host of them were finished.
38:17 And on the seventh day God ended His work
38:21 which He had done,
38:22 and He rested on the seventh day
38:24 from all His work which He had done.
38:26 Then God blessed the seventh day
38:28 and He sanctified it,
38:30 because in it He rested from all His work
38:33 which God created and made."
38:35 Now notice, God did three things
38:36 on the seventh day.
38:38 He rested, why?
38:39 Did He rest because He was tired?
38:41 No, He rested, knowing that we would be tired.
38:44 And He rested in fulfillment, in completion of His creation.
38:50 He sanctified that day,
38:52 He set it apart as a special day
38:54 for us to have fellowship with Him.
38:57 He blessed that day,
38:59 He put a special blessing in the seventh day Sabbath,
39:03 a blessing that's not in any other day,
39:05 a blessing of intimate fellowship with Him
39:10 as the Creator,
39:11 and He established the Sabbath as a memorial of creation.
39:16 Now, don't misunderstand me.
39:17 We can get a blessing from God, any day we worship on.
39:22 But if we want the Sabbath blessing,
39:24 the special blessing
39:26 that the Creator has placed in a day,
39:28 the Bible doesn't say
39:30 He put the blessing in the first, second, third,
39:31 fourth, fifth day,
39:32 He placed that blessing in the seventh day.
39:34 Why is creation important?
39:36 Because it calls us to fellowship.
39:38 God's set aside the seventh day Sabbath
39:42 as a palace in time,
39:45 as a day for us
39:47 to step out of the normal routine of life,
39:52 the hectic pace of life, the pressures of life,
39:57 and to have fellowship with Him.
39:59 No, it is true.
40:01 As I've mentioned
40:03 that every day we're to have fellowship with God.
40:05 But life presses in on us.
40:08 There are normal and natural responsibilities.
40:11 But on Sabbath,
40:13 every week we are called from the mundane.
40:17 We're called from the common things of life.
40:20 We're called to have intimate fellowship
40:22 with our Creator.
40:24 Jesus wants to have fellowship with you.
40:29 You know, in Isaiah 43:21.
40:36 The Bible puts it this way.
40:38 Jesus says, "This people I have formed for Myself,
40:42 they shall declare My praise."
40:44 This people I have formed for Myself.
40:47 And you know, in Isaiah 43:4,
40:52 it talks about how precious we are to God.
40:54 It says, "Since you are precious
40:57 in My sight,
40:58 and you have been honored, and I have loved you."
41:02 See, in Christ, we are precious, precious.
41:06 Some time ago, I read the story of a diver
41:10 who is diving in the Pacific,
41:14 off one of the very remote islands.
41:17 And he came across something
41:19 that he thought was simply an old shell.
41:24 It was large, he struggled to get it up.
41:27 He worked again and again in the sand, in the mud,
41:30 the muck to get it up
41:31 and finally get this old shell up,
41:33 large about this large
41:35 and didn't know what to do with it.
41:37 And he brought it home,
41:38 he dried it out, it was stinking.
41:40 And finally he put it in some backroom in his house.
41:44 A little later, he began to have a sense,
41:48 maybe this shell is something special,
41:51 as they called in specialists in deep sea
41:56 diving in particularly pearls,
41:58 they discovered up until that time in that house,
42:02 the largest single pearl in the world,
42:06 worth multiplied millions.
42:08 He had no idea
42:10 how precious that discovery was.
42:13 Have you sensed how precious you are to God?
42:17 If God loses you,
42:18 there's no way He can replace you.
42:20 And that's what the Sabbath is all about.
42:22 It's about the God that created you.
42:24 It's about the God that formed you.
42:27 It's about the God that shaped you.
42:28 It's about relationship
42:30 entering into a relationship with this God.
42:33 The Sabbath
42:35 has an open armed Christ, the Creator,
42:38 this all-powerful Christ, this completely wise Christ,
42:43 this all-intelligent Christ,
42:45 this Christ who cares
42:46 for the intimate details of creation
42:49 and cares for our life.
42:51 You know, Matthew says
42:53 every one of the hairs of your head are numbered.
42:54 In other words, He knows every intimate detail.
42:57 Matthew says in Matthew's Gospel,
43:00 He doesn't overlook the sparrow that falls.
43:05 God is concerned.
43:08 The Sabbath is a perpetual reminder
43:12 of the God that cares for us.
43:16 The Sabbath reminds us
43:18 of the one who has provided
43:20 all the good things of life for us.
43:23 You know, in Psalm 84:11, it says,
43:26 "No good thing will He withhold
43:29 from those that walk up rightfully."
43:31 In a world of brokenness,
43:33 in a world of chaos and confusion,
43:36 in a world of fear, in a world of sickness,
43:39 suffering and death,
43:41 in a world of hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves
43:44 and natural disasters,
43:46 the Sabbath invites us
43:49 to intimate fellowship with our Creator,
43:52 to trust in His love, to rest in His care.
43:57 The Sabbath is that oasis in the desert of this world.
44:03 Sabbath is the eternal symbol of rest in Him.
44:06 The world may be in chaos, but we can rest in Christ.
44:10 The world may be facing natural disasters,
44:13 but we can rest in the arms of our loving Creator.
44:17 The world may be plagued with sickness
44:19 and pestilences and violence,
44:22 but we can rest in the arms of the One that cares for us.
44:27 In a book called Selected Messages,
44:31 on page 372,
44:34 the author describes
44:36 the preciousness of the promises of God.
44:40 "The exceeding great and precious promises
44:43 given us in the Holy Scriptures
44:45 have been lost sight of to a great extent,"
44:48 evolution has undermined scripture,
44:52 atheistic communism has undermined scripture,
44:55 "just as the enemy of all righteousness
44:58 designed that they should be.
45:00 He has cast his own dark shadow between us and God."
45:04 See that's the Sabbath is calling us
45:06 back to relationship with God,
45:08 so this dark shadow can be removed,
45:11 that we may not see the true character of God.
45:14 So Sabbath is a representation that we're resting in Christ,
45:18 resting in His love, resting in His care,
45:20 resting in His goodness.
45:21 "The Lord has proclaimed Himself
45:23 to be "merciful and gracious,
45:24 long-suffering, and abundance in goodness and truth."
45:28 Then, the writer says, "Several have written to me,
45:32 inquiring if the message of justification by faith
45:36 is the Third Angel's Message, and I've answered,
45:39 'It is the third angel's message,
45:40 in verity.' "
45:42 What does that mean?
45:43 It means this,
45:45 that as we rest
45:46 in the loving arms of our Creator,
45:49 we are resting from our works,
45:52 trusting Him for salvation.
45:55 So Sabbath is a symbol, not of righteousness by works,
46:00 not of legalism, but it's a symbol of rest,
46:04 resting from our labors and trusting in His works,
46:08 resting from any goodness that we may have,
46:12 trusting in His goodness,
46:14 resting from all anxiety about salvation,
46:18 and trusting in His peace
46:20 that floods our hearts and floods our souls.
46:24 The Bible says in Genesis 2:3,
46:27 "In it, the Sabbath,
46:28 He rested from all His work which God created and made."
46:32 Just as God rested on the Sabbath from His work,
46:38 we rest from all vain attempts to achieve our salvation.
46:43 We rest in His love, rest in His care.
46:46 That's what Sabbath is all about.
46:48 And that's why the devil hates the Sabbath.
46:50 That's one of the reasons
46:51 he's introduced evolution to this world,
46:54 to undermine the Creator God,
46:56 so we would not sense our rest that comes only in Him.
47:02 Hebrews 4:9 and 10 says,
47:05 "There remains therefore a rest for the people of God."
47:08 What is this rest?
47:09 "For he who has entered his rest,"
47:11 that's Christ rest,
47:13 "has himself also cease from his works
47:15 as God did from His."
47:17 On the seventh day of the week,
47:19 God ceased from His works and rested.
47:24 We rest every seventh day,
47:27 not because we believe
47:29 keeping the commandments of God saves us,
47:32 but we rest in His love,
47:35 we rest in the assurance of salvation He gives us,
47:38 we rest in the security of the cross,
47:42 we rest in the confidence of the Christ,
47:46 who descended from heaven to earth,
47:48 to live in human flesh,
47:50 to meet Satan head on and to die in our behalf.
47:54 The Sabbath is a symbol of rest, not works.
47:59 It is a symbol
48:00 of our trust relationship with Jesus.
48:04 Now there is this sense of the Sabbath
48:07 as an eternal link.
48:09 Now, you may ask the question,
48:11 how is the Sabbath an eternal link,
48:14 and what is the Sabbath an eternal link of?
48:16 When you look at our world today,
48:19 it's a broken world.
48:20 It's a shattered world.
48:22 It's a world filled with sickness,
48:24 suffering and disease.
48:26 The Sabbath is a link in a golden chain,
48:30 it leads us back to creation.
48:33 And there at creation, we sense that God created us,
48:38 He fashioned us,
48:40 we sense that He's the God of integrate design.
48:44 That He is the God of vast intelligence
48:46 and the God of all power.
48:49 The Sabbath leads us back to a perfect world in Eden.
48:53 The Sabbath also leads us
48:55 to rest in Christ for our salvation.
48:58 But the Sabbath points us forward.
49:01 It points us forward to beyond what is to what will be.
49:05 It points us forward to eternity,
49:08 rather than our being locked in the time of this world.
49:12 When we come to Sabbath,
49:15 we look forward to that eternal Sabbath,
49:19 where one day,
49:21 we will rest with Christ in eternity.
49:24 And one day, every week,
49:27 we will come to worship Him
49:30 with the men and women
49:32 who are redeemed from all the ages.
49:36 Can you imagine this?
49:37 They come from the north and south.
49:40 They come from the east and the west,
49:42 as Isaiah says in Isaiah, the 65th Chapter,
49:47 "From one Sabbath to another
49:50 all flesh will come to worship before Me, says the Lord."
49:55 We come from the east and the west,
49:56 we come from the north and south.
49:58 We come to sing praises to the one that created us.
50:01 We come to sing praises to the One that redeemed us.
50:04 We come to worship Him forever and ever on Sabbath
50:09 through the ceaseless ages of eternity.
50:11 Why does creation matter?
50:13 Because it points us
50:14 to an all-powerful, all-intelligent God.
50:17 Why does creation matter?
50:18 Because it points us to a God that has purpose for our lives.
50:22 Why does creation matter?
50:24 Because it points us to a God that has this world
50:27 in His hands.
50:28 It points us to the God that created us,
50:32 the Christ that redeemed us
50:34 and the Jesus that is coming again for us.
50:37 This divine Creator can recreate your heart,
50:43 He can recreate your life.
50:46 Would you like to say, "Lord, You're the mighty Creator,
50:50 pass me not O gentle Savior.
50:54 While on others you are calling,
50:58 do not pass me by."
51:02 Would you like to say, "Jesus, I accept You as my Creator.
51:09 I accept You as the One that can recreate my heart
51:15 and make me new again."
51:17 Would you like to say, "Lord, don't pass me by."
51:21 And He has never passed by one that's come to Him.
51:25 Jesus said, "Come unto me."
51:28 Jesus said, "He that comes to me
51:29 I'll never cast out."
51:31 Listen as Charles sings
51:33 and make your eternal decision for Him right now.
51:45 Pass me not, O gentle Savior
51:50 Savior, hear my humble cry
51:57 While on others Thou art calling
52:03 Do not pass me by
52:08 Savior, Savior
52:14 Hear my humble cry
52:20 While on others Thou art calling
52:26 Do not pass me by
52:31 Let me at Thy throne of mercy
52:37 Find a sweet relief
52:43 Kneeling there In deep contrition
52:49 Help my unbelief
52:54 Savior, Savior
53:00 Hear my humble cry
53:06 While on others Thou art calling
53:12 Do not pass me by
53:17 Trusting only in Thy merit
53:24 Would I seek Thy face
53:29 Heal my wounded, broken spirit
53:35 Save me by Thy grace
53:41 Savior, Savior
53:47 Hear my humble cry
53:52 While on others Thou art calling
53:58 Do not pass me by
54:04 Thou the spring Of all my comfort
54:10 More than life to me
54:15 Whom have I on earth Beside Thee
54:21 Whom in heav'n but Thee
54:27 Savior, Savior
54:33 Hear my humble cry
54:39 While on others Thou art calling
54:44 Do not pass me by
54:50 Do not pass me by
54:56 Do not pass me by.
55:06 And the good news is,
55:09 He will not pass you by.
55:13 He created you,
55:16 not simply to live
55:19 50, 60, 70, 80 years, wherever that is,
55:24 He created you not simply to live in this life,
55:28 and to die, and to go into the grave,
55:32 and have worms eat your body and be gone forever.
55:37 God created you with a purpose,
55:41 to know Him, to follow Him,
55:44 to love Him, to serve Him,
55:48 to live with Him for all eternity.
55:52 You have a destiny with Christ.
55:57 Your destiny is eternity.
56:00 And that's what creation is all about.
56:03 He created you
56:05 because He wants you with Him forever.
56:08 He redeemed you on the cross of Calvary
56:11 because He wants you with Him forever.
56:14 He's coming back to take you home
56:17 because He wants you with Him forever.
56:20 There's nothing more important to Jesus
56:23 than your being with Him forever.
56:25 That's what
56:26 these three cosmic messages are all about.
56:29 It's about a God that loves you so much
56:32 that He wants you with Him in eternity.
56:36 Let's pray together.
56:37 Father in heaven, we thank You for a God
56:42 that longs to be with us.
56:45 A God that considers us precious in His sight,
56:49 a God that's created us unique,
56:51 that we have a special place in your heart
56:54 that only we can feel.
56:56 And so, Lord, we long on this earth
56:58 to have that friendship with you.
57:00 We hear the call of Christ
57:04 through these messages of the three angels
57:08 to worship the Creator.
57:10 And, Lord, we desire with all of our hearts
57:14 to worship you now and forever.
57:16 In Christ's name, amen.


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