Three Cosmic Messages: Earth's Final Conflict

A City Called Confusion

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00:40 I'm glad you're back!
00:42 And if this is your first time joining us
00:44 for Three Cosmic Messages, a series on Bible prophecy
00:49 specifically focusing on the book of Revelation,
00:52 thank you for joining us.
00:54 During this series we have been taking a journey...
00:56 a journey through three messages in the book of Revelation
01:02 that are urgent and vital for this generation.
01:06 We've pointed out that these messages are carried
01:10 symbolically by three angels in the middle of heaven.
01:14 We've studied and explored the first of these angels'
01:18 messages, and in this presen- tation we're going to study
01:21 the second angel's message.
01:23 So let's pray. Father in heaven,
01:25 thank you so much that you have not left this world
01:29 without a message to prepare it for Your return.
01:34 And we sense that as we study these vital messages
01:39 that Your Spirit has been with us.
01:41 We ask that the Holy Spirit would come,
01:44 illuminate our minds, open our hearts,
01:48 and help us make eternal de- cisions. In Christ's name, Amen.
01:54 My title in this presentation is:
02:01 The book of Revelation is a book of contrasts.
02:05 There is the dragon and the beast. Two leaders.
02:10 There are two signs: the seal of God
02:13 and the mark of the beast.
02:15 There are two harvests: the harvest of golden grain -
02:19 the saved - and the harvest of gory grapes - the lost.
02:23 There are two cities: Jerusalem from above
02:26 and Babylon from beneath.
02:28 There are two spirits: the Holy Spirit
02:32 inspiring God's people and spirits of demons.
02:36 There are two types of miracles:
02:38 genuine, authentic miracles that come from God
02:42 and false miracles that come from Satan.
02:46 There are two times of trouble in the book of Revelation.
02:49 There is the little small time of trouble
02:53 before the close of human pro- bation when the 7 last plagues
02:58 come and then there is that great time of trouble.
03:01 So throughout the book of Revelation
03:03 there are multiple contrasts.
03:06 One of those major contrasts in the book of Revelation
03:10 is the description of two women.
03:13 We find that in Revelation 12 and Revelation 17.
03:20 First you have the woman in white.
03:23 In Revelation 12 verse 1
03:25 this woman in white is described.
03:29 "Now a great sign appeared in heaven.
03:32 A woman clothed with the sun
03:35 with the moon under her feet
03:37 and on her head a garland of twelve stars. "
03:40 Verse 2: "Then being with Child
03:42 she cried out in labor in pain to give birth. "
03:46 Now notice: this woman in white is standing
03:50 on the moon. The moon reflects the light of the sun...
03:55 representing the Old Testament.
03:57 You remember what Jesus said in John 5 verse 39?
04:01 He's speaking about the Old Testament prophecies.
04:04 He said: "These are they that testify of Me. "
04:10 So the entire Old Testament was a lesser light
04:15 like the moon shining to testify of Christ.
04:18 Now the other thing you notice about this woman
04:21 is that she has a garland of 12 stars on her head.
04:25 That is to say that she is going to be guided
04:28 by the twelve apostles.
04:30 The other thing you notice is that she's pregnant.
04:33 She's with Child.
04:35 Christ is to be born, the Messiah of the NT church.
04:40 But one of the predominant symbols here
04:43 is that she's dressed in white.
04:45 What does that represent?
04:47 AND what does a woman represent in Bible prophecy?
04:52 When you look at the Bible
04:54 going back as far as to the Old Testament
05:09 So God likens His church,
05:13 He likens His people to a beautiful woman
05:17 adorned in white
05:19 having pure true doctrine.
05:22 So do you get the picture in Revelation 12:1?
05:25 A woman is emerging
05:28 from the Old Testament era.
05:31 She is with Child.
05:33 The New Testament church is to come forth...
05:35 Christ, the Child, the Messiah of that church.
05:38 She's guided by 12 apostles.
05:41 The woman in white in Rev. 12
05:45 is described as faithful to Jesus.
05:48 She's undefiled with false doctrine.
05:52 She is clothed with the righteousness of Christ.
05:57 The Bible describes the faithful followers of Jesus,
06:01 the offspring of this woman that would appear at end-time
06:07 in Revelation 12 verse 17.
06:19 You know, in the New Testament Ephesians 5 the Bible talks
06:22 about the woman as the bride of Christ.
06:40 So down through the generations
06:43 God has always had a faithful group who followed Him.
06:48 Committed to Christ they have obeyed Christ.
06:51 So in Rev. chapter 12 you have the royal line of believers.
06:57 You have the heritage of this woman.
07:00 You have the offspring of this woman:
07:03 faithful believers committed to Christ
07:07 saved by grace
07:09 obeying Christ because they have been in love
07:13 with their Savior. The scene, though, changes.
07:22 But as time goes on
07:24 that scene changes.
07:27 And although God has always had a people faithful to Him
07:32 the devil has always been working.
07:35 The devil's been working to bring in deception.
07:37 The devil's been working to bring in false doctrine.
07:40 The devil has been working to distort the truth of God.
07:44 A contrast of two women:
07:46 the woman of Rev. 12 dressed in white;
07:50 the woman in Revelation chapter 17.
07:54 These three angels describe this conflict between
07:58 these two women... this crisis between these two women.
08:03 This has to do with the fountain of truth
08:06 and the fountain of error.
08:08 It has to do with two religious streams:
08:11 the woman dressed in white rep- resenting the true pure church
08:14 in Revelation 12; the woman in scarlet in Rev. 17
08:19 representing the fountain of error.
08:22 Revelation chapter 14 verse 8: that second angel's message,
08:26 describes this second woman dressed in scarlet
08:30 as Babylon. And it says:
08:44 Three angels fly in mid heaven.
08:47 The first angel's message: "I saw another angel
08:50 flying in the middle of heaven
08:52 having the everlasting gospel... "
08:53 The woman dressed in white: the pure, true church
08:57 preaching the gospel,
08:58 "to go to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. "
09:00 The woman dressed in white; the angel's message
09:03 saying with a loud voice to the entire world.
09:07 "Fear God. " That's obey God.
09:09 "Give glory to Him" in your lifestyle
09:11 because we're living in a unique time of earth's history.
09:14 "The hour of His judgment is come"
09:16 and "worship the Creator. " So the first angel's message
09:20 calls us to true worship, to be followers of the woman in white,
09:24 in Revelation chapter 12, and be part of those
09:28 who have faith in Christ and the faith of Christ
09:31 living in their hearts and keep the commandments of God.
09:34 The message of the second angel is to flee
09:39 from the woman in scarlet titled as the false Babylon:
09:46 a religion of confusion and humanism.
09:50 "Babylon is fallen, is fallen" is the second angel's message.
09:54 And that's a warning. Now Revelation 17
09:57 picks up on that second angel's message.
10:01 Now when you look at this term "Babylon" in the Bible
10:05 and when Revelation 14:8 says: "Babylon is fallen... "
10:09 is that possibly speaking of ancient Babylon?
10:13 Ancient Babylon ruled the world from 605 BC
10:18 to 539 BC.
10:20 The Babylonians were overtaken and overthrown by
10:24 the Medes and the Persians there in 539 BC.
10:28 When John writes he writes 600 years after that
10:33 at the end of the first century.
10:35 So Babylon has already fallen.
10:38 John is speaking not about literal Babylon
10:41 the literal city but he's speaking about a force
10:44 that would be called spiritual Babylon.
10:47 Let's unfold that.
10:49 Let's unpack that.
10:50 What is spiritual Babylon?
10:53 Revelation's prediction of the fall of Babylon
10:57 cannot possibly be referring to the ruins of the ancient
11:01 city of Babylon on the Euphrates River
11:03 in modern-day Iraq.
11:05 That had long been destroyed as I mentioned 600 years before.
11:10 In the prophecies of Revelation Babylon represents
11:15 a false religious system.
11:18 This Babylon of Rev. 14:8-
11:21 this false religious system -
11:24 would have similar character- istics in its very philosophy
11:28 and teachings to ancient Babylon.
11:32 We find this further developed
11:34 in a woman in scarlet and purple
11:38 riding on a scarlet-colored beast
11:41 in Revelation the 17th chapter.
11:44 Now this is an amazing... an absolutely amazing description.
11:49 It is an absolutely amazing revelation
11:52 to us in this generation
11:55 of truth as it stands in contrast to falsehood.
12:01 These messages called the three angels' messages
12:06 and this message of the second angel
12:08 is a message of vital absolute importance
12:12 for this generation. Let's go to Revelation 17 verse 2.
12:24 Now what are the seven bowls?
12:25 The seven bowls are the seven bowls of God's judgments
12:28 upon the world... the seven last plagues.
12:30 Before those plagues an event takes place.
12:47 Here this woman is not the faithful bride of Christ.
12:50 This is certainly not the woman of Revelation chapter 12
12:54 with the pure, undefiled garments.
12:57 She, according to Scripture, is a harlot.
13:00 She has left her true lover... Christ.
13:03 Who has she committed fornication with?
13:05 She "sits on many waters. " What does that mean?
13:08 It says then:
13:16 So here in this picture
13:19 symbolically there is a woman
13:23 scantily dressed in scarlet
13:26 or ornamented with jewels
13:29 riding on a scarlet-colored beast.
13:32 What does this woman represent?
13:35 Not the true church, certainly, but a fallen church system.
13:39 It says: "Then one of the seven angels who had 7 bowls
13:42 came and talked with me... " And she sits where?
13:45 We're going to see the judgment of the great harlot.
13:47 Where does she sit? "On many waters. "
13:48 In the Bible it also says: "The kings of the earth
13:51 committed fornication with her. "
13:53 What does this symbolism mean?
13:56 What's the significance of this symbolism?
13:59 Well, what about waters? Revelation 17:15:
14:10 So you have a false religious system
14:14 that dominates over multiple peoples.
14:18 We do not have to guess at the meaning of Bible prophecy.
14:23 God, who has given prophecy,
14:25 reveals that meaning. He unfolds the symbol of prophecy.
14:30 So in the Bible the harlot woman, the fallen religious
14:35 system, has left her true lover Jesus and she dominates
14:40 over many peoples of the world.
14:42 She commits fornication.
14:44 Who does she commit fornication with?
14:47 The kings of the earth.
14:48 And so that's why the Scripture says
14:51 that you have this fallen religious system,
14:54 this woman, riding upon the beast.
14:58 That beast power represents a political system.
15:02 In the Bible according to Daniel 7:17
15:07 the beast represents kings or verse 23 kingdoms.
15:11 And so you have the church riding on the state
15:15 or church and state united.
15:18 Now if history tells us anything
15:21 it tells us that when church and state unite
15:25 there is often oppression and persecution
15:29 on those who fail to go along with that church/state union.
15:34 There is the restric- tion of religious liberty.
15:37 What is fornication?
15:43 So the people of God - the church of Jesus Christ,
15:47 the bride of Christ -
15:50 is united to her true lover Jesus Christ
15:54 and gets her direction from Him.
15:57 The fallen church system
16:01 is united to the state and looks not to Jesus
16:06 for its authority or power
16:08 but looks to the state for its power.
16:15 She finds Him as her true head.
16:30 The true authority for the church comes from Jesus.
16:34 The true power for the church comes from Jesus.
16:39 The true strength of the church comes from Jesus.
16:42 But when the church - the fallen church -
16:45 looks to the state for its power
16:48 looks to government authorities for its power
16:51 it loses its spiritual power and it becomes Babylon.
16:56 It becomes a fallen church system.
17:00 Now the founders of the United States
17:03 and the founders of all democratic governments
17:07 have written into their constitution
17:10 that important doctrine of the separation of church and state.
17:17 For example, the first amendment to the Constitution
17:21 that our founders here in America recognized
17:24 was so important reads this way:
17:38 They were very very clear
17:41 that there should be no government interference
17:46 in the individual liberties to express
17:51 religious belief.
17:53 The founders of our nation were very clear on this point.
17:57 In fact, in the writings of George Washington
18:01 in one of his speeches and messages to Congress I read:
18:22 When the founders of the United States
18:26 left the Old World
18:28 one of the prime reasons they left Europe
18:31 was because church and state united.
18:35 State churches dominated Europe,
18:38 and as they did the rights of the minority
18:42 to express their religious values were curtailed
18:46 and the minorities often were persecuted.
18:49 So the founders of America
18:52 came to this nation because they longed for religious freedom.
18:57 They longed to be in a land where they could worship
19:01 in harmony with the dictates of their conscience.
19:04 And thank God for that freedom.
19:06 But Revelation predicts that a time will come
19:10 when religious liberty will erode again.
19:14 It predicts that this fallen church system
19:19 riding upon the beast power of the state
19:22 will withdraw religious liberty and that religious laws
19:27 will be passed to coerce, enforce worship again.
19:36 What did he mean by that expression?
19:39 He meant precisely this:
19:41 that the church should not superimpose its will upon the
19:47 state and legislate worship.
19:50 And the state should not superimpose its laws
19:54 upon its citizenry to enforce religious decrees.
19:59 That every human being, whether we accept what another
20:03 believes or not, should have that freedom,
20:06 that choice, that opportunity
20:09 to make decisions in harmony with their conscience.
20:13 We see in Revelation 14:8 in the second angel's message:
20:18 "Babylon is fallen! Is fallen! "
20:20 we see a description of a church/state union
20:25 that is united to enforce its religious laws.
20:30 Now notice what Scripture says going on to describe this
20:34 Babylon, this woman of Revelation chapter 17,
20:38 dressed in purple and scarlet riding on the beast.
20:42 Notice what it says... Revelation 17:2:
20:51 In the Bible wine is a symbol of doctrine,
20:56 and wine here is a symbol of false doctrine.
21:01 In the gospels it talks about the cup of salvation.
21:05 Jesus offers freely the pure juice of the grape,
21:09 the wine of salvation.
21:12 You know, in the Bible Jesus says
21:13 "I'll not drink... " in the communion service...
21:16 "of the wine again with you... "
21:19 that's the pure juice of the grape...
21:20 in other words, representing His blood...
21:22 But here is the wine of fornication.
21:25 Here is a religious system
21:28 that challenges the very authority of Christ
21:32 and puts man in the very place of Christ.
21:36 The wine of false doctrine; the intoxication
21:40 of the teachings of Babylon...
21:43 So the teachings of ancient Babylon
21:46 where human beings are exalted above the dominion
21:50 of Christ, where the authority of man
21:53 and the opinion of man takes the place of the opinion
21:55 of Christ. And when the doctrines of man are substituted
21:59 for the teachings of Scripture.
22:01 This indeed is represented in the wine of Babylon.
22:04 The fallen church passes around her wine cup
22:08 of erroneous doctrine and the world becomes intoxicated
22:12 with false religious ideas.
22:14 On one occasion I was speaking to a group
22:18 in a large meeting outside the city of Chicago.
22:21 And as I was speaking I was talking about the wine
22:23 of Babylon, and there as I was talking about the wine
22:26 of Babylon I said: "Wine affects the
22:29 conscience... it affects the forebrain.
22:31 When you drink excessively you can't think.
22:34 You become intoxicated. "
22:36 And as I was saying that a drunk man had walked into the
22:40 meeting... and I was a young man at the time.
22:42 He's sitting in the back row and he was half asleep.
22:45 When I started talking about wine confuses the thinking
22:47 and wine distorts your process of understanding
22:53 and it defiles your conscience
22:54 the guy stands up. You know, he's half drunk.
22:56 He begins waving: "That's enough young man.
23:00 That's enough young man. "
23:02 Well, you know, it is true
23:04 that wine does affect deeply the brain.
23:07 And the wine of false doctrine
23:10 distorts our thinking so no longer does the truth
23:15 of God's Word penetrate our hearts.
23:18 You know, Jesus said in John 17 verse 17
23:21 "Sanctify them through Thy Word;
23:25 Thy Word is truth. "
23:26 It is the Word of God, the wine of the gospel,
23:31 the pure juice of God's Word
23:34 that sobers us up so that we don't become drunk
23:38 with the false doctrines indeed of Babylon.
23:57 Notice: the woman is full of names of blasphemy:
24:00 doctrines contrary to the Biblical doctrines of truth.
24:04 You see, politicians - the Bible talks about - in the last days
24:08 eager to retain their positions
24:10 yield to the influence of the majority
24:12 who have drunk the wine of Babylon's false doctrines.
24:15 Once again, there is this union of church and state.
24:18 Once again religious decrees are enforced
24:21 and superimposed upon the minority.
24:24 Once again persecution comes.
24:26 In Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown: it's an old Bible commentary
24:30 that I happened to read volume 4 on Revelation 17:3
24:33 it makes this amazing comment:
24:58 Just before the final judgment
25:00 just before the coming of Christ
25:03 there is a church ripe for judgment
25:06 because the doctrines of God's Word have been compromised.
25:09 The doctrines of the Bible have been substituted
25:12 for the traditions of man.
25:15 Human tradition has replaced the clear, plain
25:19 truth of Scripture
25:21 and the church becomes ripe for judgment.
25:24 God says: "Babylon is fallen! Is fallen!
25:27 Come out of her My people. "
25:29 God is appealing in the second angel
25:33 for His people, drunk with the wine of Babylon,
25:37 to make a step to come out of Babylon.
25:40 The woman, notice, is arrayed in purple and scarlet.
25:43 So the colors of this fallen religious system,
25:47 this system that is the mother church
25:50 that has many daughters:
25:57 She is lavish with her ornamentation.
26:01 She is dressed in purple and scarlet.
26:04 She has in her hand a golden cup full of abomination.
26:07 You know, the golden cup...
26:09 The Bible talks about the cup of salvation.
26:12 But this cup, although it appears to have salvation,
26:15 does not. It's full of abominations of false doctrine.
26:20 She's united with the state.
26:23 Her colors are purple and scarlet.
26:25 Do you know any religious system
26:29 whose colors are purple and scarlet
26:33 who is the great mother church?
26:37 Now friends, it's not our intent in this lecture series
26:41 to unnecessarily point fingers at
26:45 or condemn any religious organization.
26:48 In every church there are people who are committed to Christ.
26:53 But it is our responsibility under God
26:56 to open His Word, to share the truth of His Word.
27:01 And when God gives clear identifying characteristics
27:06 of a fallen church system
27:10 that becomes the great mother church of our world
27:14 and He clearly identifies that in the Bible
27:17 it becomes our responsibility whether it's popular or not,
27:23 whether it's the majority's opinion or not,
27:25 to graciously share that.
27:28 And so we do not condemn individuals...
27:32 we simply share what the Bible says.
27:35 Now there's an amazing statement made by Eusebius
27:40 on the life of Constantine.
27:42 Eusebius is one of the great historians
27:46 of the early centuries.
27:49 And as church and state united in the 4th and 5th centuries
27:55 Eusebius makes this observation.
28:12 In other words, the pagan cults
28:14 very very often... VERY often...
28:18 would use the garments, and very often purple and scarlet.
28:23 And as the result of that
28:25 these were brought into Christianity... brought into
28:30 the Roman church in the early centuries.
28:47 So what have we discovered so far?
28:49 We have discovered that Babylon is represented by the
28:54 figure of a woman. A woman represents the church.
28:58 A pure woman represents the true church;
29:01 a fallen woman represents the harlot church
29:05 or a church that's left Christ.
29:07 We've discovered that this fallen religious system
29:12 the fallen church known as Babylon
29:17 rides upon a scarlet-colored beast.
29:20 We've noticed that this fallen religious system
29:22 is united with the state.
29:25 Commits fornication; leaves her true lover.
29:27 So there's a union of church and state.
29:29 We've noticed as well that she has a wine cup
29:33 that she passes around of fallen doctrine or false doctrine.
29:38 We've noticed that her colors are purple and scarlet.
29:42 We've noticed as well now in this prediction
29:46 that her capitol would be on a city of seven hills.
29:52 There are a number of cities in the world that have 7 hills.
29:55 But if you look at every aspect of this description
30:00 there is only one that fits this particular description
30:05 in the context of Revelation chapter 17.
30:09 Prof. Ernest Martin, when he's talking about the prominence
30:13 of Rome and the Roman Empire
30:14 and he's talking about the prominence of the Roman church
30:17 makes this amazing... this incredible statement:
30:34 So Prof. Ernest Martin describing the history of Rome
30:38 and the Roman Empire talks about the fact
30:41 that there was a belief in the ancient world
30:45 that when you have your capitol on a seven-hilled city
30:50 that that in itself put that city into prominence.
30:54 He goes on. He says:
31:14 So Prof. Martin points out that the city of Rome
31:20 indeed has unusual prominence in those early years.
31:26 Now, there's something on this woman's head
31:28 that gives us the entire clue to the identification of the woman.
31:42 This great woman has
31:46 a name on her forehead.
31:48 What is that name on her forehead?
31:50 Do you see what that name is?
31:54 That is leading us back to Old Testament Babylon
31:59 so that we can understand New Testament Babylon
32:03 in Revelation. So we can understand spiritual Babylon.
32:06 We need to go back and say: "What was the essential
32:10 philosophy of Old Testament Babylon? "
32:14 What was at its heart? What was at its foundation?
32:16 So let's go back.
32:18 You know, Santayana - the historian - once said:
32:25 So we need to go back and look at Old Testament Babylon.
32:27 And an appeal to remember... remember what Old Testament
32:33 Babylon was like so you can understand
32:34 New Testament Babylon.
32:36 You remember, in ancient Babylon one thing you notice
32:38 very clearly is God gave to Daniel a great vision
32:42 of the history of the world
32:44 and an interpretation of the vision that Nebuchadnezzar had.
32:47 Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon.
32:49 Nebuchadnezzar, though, wanted to rule the world
32:51 so although God gave to Nebuchadnezzar an image
32:55 with a head of gold, breast and arms of silver,
32:57 thighs of brass, legs of iron, toes of the image of clay.
33:01 That was in Daniel the 2nd chapter
33:04 representing the great nations that would rule the world:
33:06 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.
33:09 The break-up of the Roman Empire then the coming of Christ.
33:12 But Nebuchadnezzar, contrary in an opposition
33:17 to that vision... Notice here on the screen:
33:19 he makes an image all of gold.
33:24 Totally absolutely of gold.
33:28 And he passes a decree
33:30 that everybody must worship that image.
33:34 So if we learned anything from Babylon,
33:36 we learned that in ancient Babylon
33:39 church and state united.
33:42 In ancient Babylon decrees were enforced
33:48 to lead men and women - the followers of Christ -
33:51 contrary to the Word of God to bow down to that image
33:55 in violation of the second commandment.
33:58 We learned that. We also learned
34:00 that human beings and their opinions
34:04 as leaders were exalted above God.
34:07 There's an appeal that God gives us.
34:16 And as we'll see as we continue our studies
34:20 here in Revelation chapter 14
34:23 when we come to two studies on the mark of the beast
34:25 that once again a death decree will be enforced.
34:29 But let's go back to ancient Babylon, and try to discover
34:32 what is at its very heart.
34:34 Remember in Revelation 17:5
34:38 that there is something written on the forehead
34:42 of this fallen church system:
34:49 A fallen church system whose doctrines would go to the world.
34:53 A fallen church system
34:56 that would have many daughter churches as well.
35:00 Revelation reveals the past. It leads us back to ancient
35:05 Babylon so we can understand something about this
35:09 second angel's message: "Babylon is falling"
35:12 so we can flee Babylon, leave the intoxication
35:17 of the wine of Babylon, and come to the truth of God's Word.
35:22 What does it mean MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT?
35:25 Let's go back to ancient Babylon and see in this presentation
35:28 if we can learn a little about ancient Babylon.
35:31 Literal Babylon had fallen;
35:33 spiritual Babylon rises.
35:35 But we learned some great lessons.
35:37 What are some of Babylon's falsehoods in ancient Babylon
35:42 that we can then understand would be super imported
35:47 into the Christian church today?
35:53 That's the real central issue.
35:55 In ancient Babylon human opinion was exalted above God's Word.
36:00 Remember in Genesis 11:19 we have the origin
36:04 of Babylon. It says:
36:12 So right after the flood
36:15 human beings in disobedience to God,
36:19 human beings in disbelief of God's Word,
36:22 human beings in defiance of God's Word
36:26 built a temple... a temple that rose to heaven
36:31 because they thought "If there's another flood coming
36:33 we don't want to be destroyed. "
36:35 So this tower of Babel was the very foundation
36:39 of the city of Babylon.
36:42 This tower of Babel was a monument to humanism.
36:45 It was a monument to human ideas.
36:48 It was a monument to human teachings.
36:50 It was a monument to human philosophy.
37:00 So in the last days of earth's history
37:03 church and state unite.
37:04 They say: "You cannot buy or sell unless you follow
37:07 the beast power. " Babylon, the woman with her false
37:12 doctrine, unites with the state.
37:14 But here there are a group of people that say:
37:17 "We believe in the Word of Christ.
37:20 The Word of Christ is predominant in our lives.
37:22 We will live by God's Word
37:24 and we believe in the promise of His protection.
37:27 We turn from human plans and ideas. "
37:31 You know, notice the first four letters
37:33 of the word Babylon. What are they?
37:35 B - A - B - Y.
37:38 Baby. Why do you call baby a baby?
37:41 You call a baby a baby because it has what?
37:44 Confused speech.
37:45 So Babylon has confused values.
37:49 When you think of Babylon think of confusion.
37:53 When religion becomes confused truth becomes distorted
37:58 and human opinions are elevated above God's Word.
38:02 When that happens it's nothing more than babbling or Babylon.
38:07 So in Babylon there is the distortion of truth.
38:11 In Babylon, human opinion is exalted above God's Word.
38:16 When somebody says: "Well I know that's what God's Word
38:20 teaches but that's not what I think. "
38:23 "I know what God's Word teaches
38:24 but that's not what my pastor says. "
38:27 "I know what God's Word teaches
38:28 but that's not what my church teaches. "
38:30 When we go for human opinion...
38:33 And look, let me take that a step further.
38:36 When in the name of scholarship even -
38:41 and I thank God for godly scholars -
38:43 but when in the name of scholarship
38:46 we superimpose our will upon the teaching
38:50 of God's Word we become confused in our understanding.
38:55 That creates more confusion than it does light.
38:58 God speaks in His Word. What is Babylon?
39:18 And here a wise man puts it this way:
39:23 Proverbs chapter 23 and verse 23.
39:30 And the wise man speaks to this generation
39:34 and his words come echoing and re-echoing
39:37 down the centuries of time.
39:39 Proverbs 23:23 he says:
39:42 "Buy the truth and sell it not.
39:46 Also wisdom and instruction and understanding. "
39:49 "Buy the truth and sell it not. "
39:52 What is the fundamental problem with Babylon?
39:56 Babylon has sold out truth for popularity.
40:01 It sold out truth for convenience.
40:04 Its teachings have amalgamated the teachings
40:09 of paganism and brought them subtly into the church.
40:15 The books of Daniel and Revelation are complementary
40:19 books, and when Daniel talks about Babylon
40:24 he is providing lessons and a foundation
40:27 to understand Revelation. You go back to Daniel 4:30.
40:32 What's the heart of Babylon?
40:44 So Babylon is a system of truth that unites church and state.
40:51 I said a system of truth. They THINK it is truth.
40:56 It's really a system of error
40:58 where the true church is based on the teachings of God's Word
41:04 on the authority of Jesus Christ.
41:19 On the other hand, Jesus said in Matthew 16:18:
41:30 Thank God Jesus has a church
41:35 as described in Revelation chapter 12 verses 1 and 2.
41:39 The woman in white: pure, undefiled doctrine.
41:43 As described in Revelation 12:17 the dragon is wroth,
41:46 angry with the woman - the true church.
41:48 Goes to make war; passes a death decree.
41:52 Under the fallen church system church and state unite.
41:55 No man can buy or sell.
41:57 But there God's people stand firm.
41:59 The dragon - Satan - is angry with the true church,
42:01 goes to make war with the remnant of her seed...
42:04 the rest of her offspring
42:05 that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus.
42:08 Saved by grace, charmed by His love, redeemed by the cross
42:13 they live obedient lives and they keep the very commandments
42:17 of God. The church built by Jesus will triumph at the end.
42:21 And so the choice really is will we live in harmony
42:24 with Jesus' instructions... His commands?
42:28 Will we be part of the church built by Jesus
42:32 or part of a man-made system of religion
42:35 that has confused religious values?
42:49 There are some people today who have the idea
42:52 "Well, I don't want anything to do with authority. "
42:55 "Sure... I don't want to be part of the false system
42:58 but I want nothing to do with authority. "
43:00 "I don't want to be part of any man-made system, the church. "
43:03 The truth of the matter is Jesus doesn't want you to be
43:05 part of any man-made system.
43:07 But the church of Christ on earth is not a man-made system
43:11 because according to Matthew chapter 16 verse 18
43:14 Jesus says: "I'll build My church! "
43:16 And according to Colossians 1
43:18 Christ is the Head of the church.
43:20 So the alternative is not leav- ing Babylon and being out here
43:25 wandering in some kind of nether nether world.
43:27 It is rather accepting Christ's appeal,
43:30 being part of the body of Christ,
43:32 and being part of the church that He has established.
43:51 The question is: will I follow a human leader
43:55 or human leaders or will I accept Jesus Christ
43:59 as my only Leader?
44:01 Jesus Christ, as the divine Head of His church.
44:05 You know, in Daniel chapter 3 verses 4 and 5
44:10 when Nebuchadnezzar set up that golden image
44:13 and I mentioned it a little bit earlier but I want to
44:15 develop that thought he said:
44:20 Notice: not "to you it is suggested. "
44:25 There was a human command.
44:35 Notice the issue that took place in Daniel chapter 3.
44:41 The issue was the union of church and state under Babylon.
44:46 The issue that took place in Daniel chapter 3
44:50 was a king who created an image
44:53 that was a counterfeit to the image of Daniel chapter 2.
44:58 The issue in Daniel chapter 3
45:01 very clearly in this image
45:04 was one of worship.
45:07 A church/state union under Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon
45:12 passed a decree contrary to the second commandment
45:16 that says: "Thou shalt not make of thee any graven image. "
45:19 "Thou shalt not bow down thy- self to them or worship them. "
45:23 This decree was passed to command false worship.
45:28 So in the last days of earth's history
45:31 based on Revelation 14
45:35 based on Revelation 17
45:37 based on Revelation 13
45:39 there'll be something very precisely the same.
45:43 Church and state again will unite.
45:46 The fallen church will pass around the wine cup
45:50 of its false doctrine.
45:52 The world will be enamored and intoxicated
45:55 with those false doctrines.
45:57 In a time of economic, political, and social chaos
46:01 there'll be an attempt to bring the world together.
46:05 There'll be a forced religious decree
46:08 and decrees that forbid man to buy or sell,
46:12 ultimately a death decree under the auspices
46:15 of this false union known as the antichrist.
46:18 When that indeed takes place
46:21 there will be compelled worship.
46:24 But once again God will have a group of people
46:27 that are strengthened by His Spirit,
46:31 that are empowered by His Spirit,
46:33 that stand for Him.
46:36 They stand for the One who hung on the cross for them.
46:42 Filled with His grace, empowered by His Spirit
46:46 they keep His commandments.
46:48 Just as the second commandment was a test question
46:52 in the days of ancient Babylon
46:54 in these last days the issue will be over worshiping
46:59 the Creator or worshiping the beast.
47:02 We're going to unpack this more in future presentations.
47:14 ... and they have the authority to pass decrees
47:18 and to compel men and women to follow those decrees.
47:23 Now let me give you some examples. I'm going to go back
47:26 to some Roman Catholic sources
47:30 and look at the authority
47:33 that the papal power claims that it has.
47:46 Notice this one:
48:02 Or notice this one:
48:15 Or notice this one:
48:43 Notice this statement says that the Pope of Rome
48:47 has the authority to command and compel doctrine.
49:04 So here you have it: Revelation predicts
49:07 union of church and state. It predicts
49:10 that a church power will usurp the authority of Christ.
49:15 And here the church - the Roman church - by its own
49:19 acknowledgement it claims that it has that authority.
49:42 In other words, any earthly power
49:45 that usurps the authority of Christ
49:48 claiming that it can pronounce doctrinal truth
49:53 that power becomes an antichrist power.
49:56 The Westminster Confession originally published in 1647
50:01 states this:
50:25 You see, spiritual Babylon is a power
50:30 that has an earthly head that speaks for God
50:34 in the place of God.
50:36 The image was set up in the plains of Babylon
50:40 and these 3 Hebrew worthies were compelled to bow down
50:43 to the image.
50:55 Spiritual Babylon is a system with a human head.
50:59 Introduces human teaching.
51:01 Brings in idols for its worship services.
51:14 Exactly like took place in ancient Babylon.
51:18 God is calling us back to His Word.
51:21 God is calling us back to the truths of His Word.
51:52 Jesus calls us to worship Him directly...
51:55 not through counterfeit images.
51:57 Not through idols that have hands and feet
52:02 but they do not feel or talk.
52:05 Edwin Goodenough puts it this way. He spoke about religious
52:10 tradition and myth from Harvard University. He says:
52:29 You see what happened? This great historian at Harvard
52:32 says that the fallen church system
52:35 brought into its system, into its religious belief,
52:39 pagan images. But they just changed the names
52:43 to the names of the saints.
53:03 Wow! Absolutely amazing!
53:07 Historian Harvard says images would come into the church
53:12 and they would replace Christ.
53:24 He is the One we worship!
53:27 Jesus invites us to be done with all the traditions
53:32 of men. He invites us to step out from the majority
53:37 and follow Him completely.
53:39 To have nothing between our soul and our Savior.
53:44 Is that the decision you would like to make today?
53:47 Nothing between my soul and my Savior.
53:51 Not of this world's delusive dream. Listen as Charles sings.
54:04 Nothing between
54:08 my soul and my Savior,
54:13 not of this world's
54:16 delusive dream.
54:21 I have renounced
54:24 all sinful pleasure.
54:29 Jesus is mine!
54:32 There's nothing between.
54:36 Nothing between
54:40 my soul and my Savior
54:45 so that His blessed
54:49 face may be seen.
54:53 Nothing preventing
54:57 the least of His favor.
55:01 Keep the way clear!
55:05 Let nothing between.
55:16 There's nothing between
55:20 like worldly pleasure,
55:25 habits of life
55:28 though harmless they seem.
55:32 Must not my heart
55:36 from Him ever sever...
55:40 He is my all!
55:44 There's nothing between.
55:48 Nothing between
55:51 my soul and my Savior
55:56 so that His blessed
56:00 face may be seen.
56:04 Nothing preventing
56:07 the least of His favor.
56:11 Keep the way clear!
56:15 There's nothing between!
56:21 Jesus is appealing to you right now.
56:26 His appeal to you is to step out from all the tradition
56:32 to anchor your life in His Word.
56:36 His appeal to you is to make Christ
56:42 number one in your life.
56:45 As we pray to say: "Jesus, I want nothing between us. "
56:50 Dear Lord, the desire of our hearts
56:53 is to have nothing between us and Christ
56:55 although at times it's challenging and other times
56:58 it's difficult to step out from the majority.
57:01 Deep within our hearts we ask You for that strength
57:05 to follow You now and forever.
57:08 In Christ's name, Amen.
57:12 May Jesus enable you
57:15 to follow Him today and always.


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